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171821: FITZPATRICK B.M. - Irish Sport and Sportsmen
176573: URBAN Otto M. - Mysterious Distances Symbolism and Art in the Bohemian Lands 1880-1914
53507: KAUFFMANN C. M. - John Varley 1778 - 1842
172655: ALEXANDER G.M. - The Prelude to the Truman Doctrine British Policy in Greece 1944-1947
155194: ROWE C.M. - Salisbury's Local Coinage (Seventeenth Century Trade Tokens)
112833: THRALL Robert M., TORNHEIM Leonard - Vector Spaces and Matrices
160828: WOLFE Kenneth M. - The Churches and the British Broadcasting Corporation 1922-1956 the Politics of Broadcast Religion
151197: AUSTIN M.M., VIDAL-NAQUET P. - Economic and Social History of Ancient Greece an Introduction
171124: FOGELSON Robert M. - Working-Class Utopias a History of Cooperative Housing in New York City
179205: VAN LIESHOUT H.H.M. - The Making of Pierre Bayle's Dictionaire Historique Et Critique with a Cd-Rom Containing the Dictionaire's Library and Reference between Articles
178387: WALLACE-HADRILL J.M. - The Frankish Church (Oxford History of the Christian Church)
99012: ROBINSON David M. - World of Relations the Achievement of Peter Taylor
86254: THOMAS Emory M. - Travels to Hallowed Ground a Historian's Journey to the American CIVIL War
161658: JEPSON J.M. - Life Being a Salami Sandwich
173050: BUTLER David M. - The Quaker Meeting Houses of Great Britain Volume I [&] Volume II
167897: FORBES James M. - Protestant Liberty Religion and the Making of Canadian Liberalism 1828-1878 (Mcgill-Queen's Studies in the History of Religion)
129673: BARRIE J.M., BEDFORD F.D. - Peter Pan
110009: CARROW Milton M., CORDES Joseph J., CHURCHILL Robert Paul - Democracy Social Values and Public Policy
50956: TAKAHASHI M. - Romanized English-Japanese Dictionary
154170: ARKIN William M., CAUCHI E.D. - The Generals Have No Clothes the Untold Story of Our Endless Wars
111731: FIELD D.M. - Rembrandt
107525: KAUFFMAN C. M. - Catalogue of Paintings in the Wellington Museum
175549: LEHMANN R.P.M., LEHMANN W.P. - An Introduction of Old Irish
177744: ZIMMERMAN James M. - The Peking Express the Bandits Who Stole a Train Stunned the West and Broke the Republic of China
177778: TAYLOR H.M., TAYLOR Joan - Anglo-Saxon Architecture Volume I [&] Volume II
172480: FRANCETTA Sister M. et al. - The Art of Chinese Cooking by the Benedictine Sisters of Peking
158791: BUMSTED J.M. - Interpreting Canada's Past Volume 1 Pre-Confederation
85186: IMMLER M. - Generative Syntax Generative Semantik Darstellung Und Kritik
178373: BOLTON Claire M. - The Fifteenth-Century Printing Practices of Johann Zainer Ulm 1473-1478
176088: GELBER Lionel M. - The Rise of Anglo-American Friendship a Study in World Politics 1898-1906
178161: SKUES G.E.M., BARBELLION P. [Translator] - La Truite Et la Mouche (the Way of a Trout)
174896: CHARLES-EDWARDS T.M. - Early Christian Ireland
158193: NECKER M. - Memoires Sur la Vie Privee de Mon Pere Par Mme la Baronne de StaëL-Holstein Suivis Des Melanges de M. Necker
162325: WHEELER R.E.M. - Prehistoric & Roman Wales
172727: RICCI David M. - The Transformation of American Politics the New Washington and the Rise of Think Tanks
179989: GOODMAN Steven M., JUNGERS William L. - Extinct Madagascar Picturing the Island's Past
155948: YONGE Charlotte M. - Cameos from English History Reformation Times
178523: NICHOLSON E.M. - Birds and Men the Bird Life of British Towns Villages Gardens and Farmland New Naturalist No. 17
179890: HODGSON Geoffrey M. - The Wealth of a Nation Institutional Foundations of English Capitalism
157032: LUTHI Lorenz M. - Cold Wars Asia the Middle East Europe
119071: HECKSTALL-SMITH M. et al. - The Yachting Monthly Number 228 April 1925 Volume XXXXVIII
152453: MAIN D.M. - A Course in Nuclear Physics
142682: BALLANTYNE R.M. - Ungava a Tale of Esquimau Land
115919: ELLIOT Henry M., BEAMES John - Memoirs on the History Folk-Lore and Distribution of the Races of the North Western Provinces of India Being an Amplified Edition of the Original Supplemental Glossary of Indian Terms Edited Revised and Re-Arranged in Two Volumes
177101: COFFEY Thomas M. - Lion by the Tail the Story of the Italian-Ethiopian War
137604: GRESSLEY Gene M. - The Teepee Book a Monthly Periodical Part I Vol. 1 Number 1 (January 1915) to Volume 2 Number 3 (March 1916)
176737: AHMED Maaheen - The Cambridge Companion to Comics (Cambridge Companions to Literature)
142675: CONSTANDUROS Mabel - Shreds and Patches
116650: PRENDERGAST Mabel - The Little Yellow Duckling
124948: TREVELYAN George Macaulay - Garibaldi and the Thousand
115305: PLAUTUS Titus Maccius, WAGNER Wilhelm - T. Macci Plauti Trinummus with Notes Critical and Exegetical
99094: BORASTON John MacClair - Birds by Land and Sea the Record of a Year's Work with Field Glass and Camera
170360: FRASER George Macdonald - Quartered Safe out Here a Recollection of the War in Burma
173462: FRASER George Macdonald - Flashman at the Charge
176509: FRASER George Macdonald - Flashman and the Angel of the Lord
179304: PERCIVAL MacIver - Decor Interieur Et Meubles de la Maison Anglaise 1660-1800
178072: WALLACE D. Mackenzie - Russia Volume I [&] Volume II
179604: COOLEY Mackenzie - The Perfection of Nature Animals Breeding and Race in the Renaissance
146229: MacMAHON Bernard, McGOURTY Allison, et al. - American Epic 2 Volumes
132102: ROTH Ann Macy, DER MANUELIAN Peter; SIMPSON William Kelly - A Cemetery of Palace Attendants Including G 2084-2099 G 2230+2231 and G 2240 Giza Mastabas Volume 6
159107: COSTA Fernanda Madalena, JARDIM Maria Estela - 100 Anos de Fotografia Cientifica Em Portugal (1839-1939)
73381: SINGH Madanjeet - Arte Himalayana Affreschi E Sculture Del Ladakh Lahaul E Spiti Delle Catene Del Siwalik Del Nepal Del Sikkim E Del Bhutan
154196: BUNTING Madeleine - Ceremony of Innocence
176943: BURNSIDE Madeleine, ROBOTHAM Rosemarie - Spirits of the Passage the Transatlantic Slave Trade in the Seventeenth Century
119277: NIGHTINGALE Madeleine - Nursery Lays of Nursery Days
161206: EMBSER-HERBERT Mael, FRAM Bree - With Honor and Integrity Transgender Troops in Their Own Words
161749: ARMILLAS-TISEYRA Magali - The Dictator Novel Writers and Politics in the Global South
175999: Slanted Magazine - Slanted Magazine Typography & Graphic Design Spring Summer 2016 No. 27 Portugal
173488: Bankers' Magazine - George Peabody & Co, J.S. Morgan & Co, Morgan Grenfell & Co 1838-1928
177410: TETER Magda - Christian Supremacy Reckoning with the Roots of Antisemitism and Racism
117331: DENES Magda - Castles Burning
176272: CZUBINSKA Magdalena - Polski Plakat Secesyjny Ze Zbiorów Muzeum Narodowego W Krakowie Poster of Polish Art Nouveau from the Collections of the National Museum Cracow
178229: BUDZINSKIEJ Magdaleny, SZNAJDERMAN Moniki - Jako Dowod I Wyraz Przyjazni Reportaze O Palacu Kultury
103011: WAHBA Magdi, CLIFFORD James L., GREENE Donald J. - Johnsonian Studies Including a Bibliography of Johnsonian Studies 1950-1960
176410: LINKLATER Magnus, HESKETH Christian - For King and Conscience John Graham Claverhouse Viscount Dundee (1648-1689)
147457: ENZENSBERGER Hans Magnus - Money Money Money a Short Lesson in Economics
144827: SEELOW Atli Magnus - Die Moderne Architektur in Island in Der Ersten Halfte Des 20. Jahrhunderts Transferprozesse Zwischen Adaption Und Eigenstandigkeit
162428: ABEDIN Mahan - Iran Resurgent the Rise and Rise of the Shia State
173146: DAYAL Maheshwar - Rediscovering Delhi
161306: WEINSTOCK Maia - Carbon Queen the Remarkable Life of Nanoscience Pioneer Mildred Dresselhaus
149962: WETZEL Maike - Elly
165688: FAVARO Maiko - Interpreting and Judging Petrarch's Canzoniere in Early Modern Italy
145308: SALGADO Felipe Maillo - Acerca de la Conquista Arabe de Hispania Impreciones Equivocos Y Patranas
177271: O CADHAIN Mairtin, MAC CON IOMAIRE Liam, ROBINSON Tim - Graveyard Clay Cré Na Cille a Narrative in Ten Interludes
159112: NAVARRO SEGURA Maisa, MEDINA ESTUPIÑAN Gemma - Canarias Arquitecturas Desde El Siglo XXI
135548: HAVLOVA Maja - Krajinar Ferdinand Runk (1764-1834)
166777: LUNDE Maja - The Last Wild Horses
171726: MAJUPURIAS - Religons in Nepal
86763: PETER Makai - Diszletek Es Jelmezek
128364: THACKERAY William Makepeace - The Newcomes Memoirs of a Most Respectable Family Edited by Arthur Pendennis Esq Harry Furniss Centenary Edition
123163: THACKERAY William Makepeace - The Works of William Makepeace Thackeray in Twenty-Two Volumes
178714: THACKERAY William Makepeace - Vanity Fair
128366: THACKERAY William Makepeace - Lovel the Widower and Other Stories and Sketches Harry Furniss Centenary Edition
128365: THACKERAY William Makepeace - The Paris Sketch Book of Mr M.A. Titmarsh and the Irish Sketch Book Harry Furniss Centenary Edition
178133: THACKERAY William Makepeace - The History of Henry Esmond Colonel in the Service of Her Majesty Queen Anne
104980: THACKERAY William Makepiece, SAINTSBURY George - Catherine a Shabby Genteel Story the Second Funeral of Napoleon and Miscellanies 1840 -1
174741: KASUYA Makoto - Coping with Crisis International Financial Institutions in the Interwar Period
165813: TALLACK Malachy - Illuminated by Water Nature Memory and the Delights of a Fishing Life
173277: RUSSELL John Malcolm - From Nineveh to New York the Strange Story of the Assyrian Reliefs in the Metropolitan Museum and the Hidden Masterpiece at Canford School
95665: BARNES Malcolm - The Mountain World 1964 - 65
160201: GASKILL Malcolm - Between Two Worlds How the English Became Americans
178787: DAVIES Malcolm, KATHIRITHAMBY Jeyaraney - Greek Insects
161913: GASKILL Malcolm - Between Two Worlds How the English Became Americans
136763: BRADBURY Malcolm - Doctor Criminale
180396: GASKILL Malcolm - The Ruin of All Witches Life and Death in the New World
151544: MEINTJIES Malcolm - The Suggestive Flyfisher
156061: SAVILLE Malcolm - Good Dog Dandy
152058: SAVILLE Malcolm - The Dagger the Flame
173547: MURFETT Malcolm - Fool-Proof Relations the Search for Anglo-American Naval Cooperation During the Chamberlain Years, 1937-1940
179469: SEN Malcolm, WENG Julie McCormick - Race in Irish Literature and Culture (Cambridge Themes in Irish Literature and Culture)
171596: CAMPBELL Malcolm - A Greek Prose Reading Course for Post-Beginners Unit 4 Historiographythucydides Events at Pylos and Sphacteria
180191: BARBER Malcolm - The Trial of the Templars
141672: MITCHELL Malcolm - Sopwith Aviation Company
152059: SAVILLE Malcolm - The Fourth Key
180303: BARBER Malcolm - The Crusader States
178522: SMITH Malcolm - The British Amphibians and Reptiles New Naturalist No. 20
180471: WOOLLCOMBE Malcolm - George Eliot an Anthology
178940: ANDREW Malcolm, WALDRON Ronald - The Poems of the Pearl Manuscript [York Medieval Texts Second Series]
172485: LAVOIE Malcolm - Trade and Commerce Canada's Economic Constitution (Carleton Library Series 261)
180302: BARBER Malcolm - Crusaders and Heretics 12th-14th Centuries Variorum Collected Studies Series
160959: HEATH Malcolm - The Poetics of Greek Tragedy
161990: THOMSON George Malcolm - Vote of Censure
96283: BRADBURY Malcolm - Cuts
164286: Musée d'art moderne André Malraux - Claire Roudenko-Bertin Glossaire
164287: Musée d'art moderne André Malraux - Claire Roudenko-Bertin Contre-Televisions
155780: HERWIG Malte - Meister Der Dammerung Peter Handke Eine Biographie
176771: KAPOOR Manan - A Map of Longings the Life and Works of Agha Shahid Ali
159320: SRIWANICHPOOM Manit - Bangkok in Technicolor
177605: HOWARD Helen Manley - Safely Through the World
174370: MALGONKAR Manohar - A Bend in the Ganges a Novel
116401: DE Alba Manu, MAZA Julio, WIGRAM Michael - Enrique Ponce Historia de Una Temporada
171117: DUBOÉ Manuel, SIRIO Ezequiel Martinez - Toys 107
176938: BARCIA Manuel - West African Warfare in Bahia and Cuba Soldier Slaves in the Atlantic World 1807-1844
141775: AZEVEDO E SILVA José Manuel - A Madeira E a Construção Do Mundo Atlântico Séculos XV-XVII Volume I.
135535: SILVA Libório Manuel, OLIVEIRA Eduardo Pires de - Braga de/by André Soares
104509: ROSSI Manuela - IL Ticino Nella Pittura Europea
47928: Royal Comission On Historical Manuscripts - Papers of British Cabinet Ministers 1782 - 1900
156578: LEMPERT Manya - Tragedy and the Modernist Novel
179681: HAMELEERS Marc - Gedetailleerde Kaarten Van Amsterdam Deel III Productie En Gebruik Van Grootschalige Topografische Kaarten
167388: ELIOT Marc - To the Limit the Untold Story of the Eagles
176042: GAGNON Francois-Marc, SENIOR Nancy, OUELLET Real - The Codex Canadensis and the Writings of Louis Nicolas the Natural History of the New World
172612: BLOCH Marc, ANDERSON J.E. - Feudal Society Volume 1 the Growth of Ties of Dependence [&] Volume 2 Social Classes and Political Organisation
150093: ELLISON Marc, KASSAÏ Didier - A House without Windows
176913: JOAN Marc - The Cartoon Life and Loves of a Stupid Man
170307: CHAGALL Marc, SORLIER Charles - The Ceramics and Sculptures of Chagall
147448: DUDLEY Marc - Understanding James Baldwin
146216: MORICEAU Jean-Marc - L'Homme Contre le Loup Une Guerre de Deux Mille Ans
136543: ATALLAH Marc, JACCAUD Frédéric, VALÉRY Francis - Souvenirs Du Futur Les Miroirs de la Maison D'Ailleurs
95045: KURZ Marcel - The Mountain World 1954
178520: PROUST Marcel, KOLB Philip [Editor] - Marcel Proust Correspondance Tome XX 1921
158502: GAUCHET Marcel - La Droite Et la Gauche Histoire Et Destin
136162: THEROUX Marcel - A Stranger in the Earth
143178: FOURNIER Marcel, MACEY David - Emile Durkheim a Biography
144645: MAEYER Marcel - Marcel Maeyer a la Recherche Du Temps Perdu Biografie
141629: PREVOST Marcel, BOCCHINO Vincent - Lea Les Vierges Fortes
141631: PREVOST Marcel, TAPISSIER E. - Cousine Laura
150468: KURZ Marcel - Chronique Himalayenne L'Age D'or 1940-1955
178519: PROUST Marcel, KOLB Philip [Editor] - Marcel Proust Correspondance Tome XVII 1918
179346: KNÖCHELMANN Marcel - Authorship and Publishing in the Humanities (Elements in Publishing and Book Culture)
174943: PROUST Marcel, STURROCK John [Translator] - Sodom and Gomorrah in Search of Lost Time Volume 4
178518: PROUST Marcel, KOLB Philip [Editor] - Marcel Proust Correspondance Tome XVI 1917
158625: PROUST Marcel - A la Recherche Du Temps Perdu Tome Septieme (Volume Deux) le Temps Retrouve
173128: ECHEVERRI Marcela, SORIANO Cristina - The Cambridge Companion to Latin American Independence (Cambridge Companions to History)
147791: IACUB Marcela, LE BRAS Hervé, WILLIAMS Russell - Fourier Kafka Houellebecq Trois Théories Sur L'Enfer Conjugal
141889: COST March - Invitation from Minerva
180249: FARRELL Marchelle - Uprooting from the Caribbean to the Countryside Finding Home in an English Country Garden
113114: WILLETT Marcia - Postcards from the Past
155661: MISSIROLI Marco - Fidelity
154822: WAN Marco - Film and Constitutional Controversy Visualizing Hong Kong Identity in the Age of One Country Two Systems
130860: PALLIS Marco - Peaks and Lamas
72962: VALSECCHI Marco - Tesori in Lombardia Avori E Oreficerie
172546: FAINI Marco - Standing at the Crossroads Stories of Doubt in Renaissance Italy
146755: IOLOVITCH Marcos, BLOCKER Merrie - On a Clear April Morning a Jewish Journey
169448: BANKS Marcus, MORPHY Howard - Rethinking Visual Anthropology
180313: BULL Marcus - Knightly Piety and the Lay Response to the First Crusade the Limousin and Gascony C. 970-C. 1130
155328: DUNSKY Marda - Stories from Palestine Narratives of Resilience
178246: KOHN Marek - The Stories Old Towns Tell a Journey Through Cities at the Heart of Europe
148235: PARTON Margaret - The Leaf and the Flame an Indian Diary
102425: BARTON Margaret - Garrick
163907: SCANLAN Margaret - Traces of Another Time History and Politics in Postwar British Fiction
165069: CROSLAND Margaret - Sade's Wife the Woman Behind the Marquis
174433: CHOWNING Margaret - Catholic Women and Mexican Politics 1750-1940
149815: LAURENCE Margaret, STOVEL Nora Foster (Editor) - Recognition and Revelation Short Nonfiction Writings (Carleton Library Series)
176302: LANE Margaret - Edgar Wallace the Biography of a Phenomenon
90444: SACKVILLE Margaret - Country Scenes and Country Verse
179803: MEAD Margaret - Male and Female a Study of the Sexes in a Changing World
143433: CASTRO Anne Margaret - The Sacred Act of Reading Spirituality Performance and Power in Afro-Diasporic Literature
179040: GIBSON Margaret - Boethius His Life Thought and Influence
178256: STEWART Margaret - The Architectural Landscape and Constitutional Plans of the Earl of Mar 1700-32
169924: BAKER Margaret and Mary - Lady Arabella's Birthday
71191: ARMSTRONG Margaret - Trelawny a Man's Life
63377: MEAD Margaret - New Lives for Old Cultural Transformation Manus 1928 - 1953
144299: CAMERON Margaret - The Shining Glory a Story of the Zulu War
179239: FULLER Margaret - West Country Friendly Societies an Account of Village Benefit Clubs and Their Brass Pole Heads
173543: BARNETT L. Margaret - British Food Policy During the First World War
154085: DRABBLE Margaret - The Ice Age
167171: IVERSEN Margaret - Beyond Pleasure Freud Lacan Barthes
173287: WILLES Margaret - In the Shadow of St Paul's Cathedral the Churchyard That Shaped London
173428: DEANESLY Margaret - The Pre-Conquest Church in England
116251: DEANESLY Margaret - The Lollard Bible and Other Medieval Biblical Version
95559: MURPHY Margaret - Goodnight My Angel
83954: STEPHENS Margaret - Cry of Millions and Other Poems
178516: HAZLITT Margaret, MOYNE Ernest J. [Editor] - The Journal of Margaret Hazlitt Recollections of England Ireland and America
173874: RICHARDSON Margaret; STEVENS MaryAnne - John Soane Architect Master of Space and Light
124895: GILMOUR Margaret, GOVEY Lilian A. - The Seven Little Spillikins
98008: DRABBLE Margaret - The Middle Ground
177695: GALLYON Margaret - The Early Church in Wessex and Mercia
180110: REDFERN Margaret - Plant Galls New Naturalist No. 117
160298: ADAMS Margarethe - Steppe Dreams Time Mediation and Postsocialist Celebrations in Kazakhstan
149117: TUPITSYN Margarita - Margins of Soviet Art
179978: CORSON Margeret - Variety in Lowestoft Porcelain the Illustrated Catalogue of a Collection
179253: ALLINGHAM Margery - Margery Allingham Uniform Edition 5 Volumes Police at the Funeral, the Fashion in Shrouds, Death of a Ghost, Mr Campion and Others, Sweet Danger
180610: ALLINGHAM Margery - The Tiger in the Smoke
166798: ORFORD Margie - The Eye of the Beholder
103553: DIETRICH Margot, HOFFMANN Detlef - Skatspiel Geschichte Bilder Regeln
148053: BURBIDGE Margot - Outdoor Cookery
174942: EGGERTSDOTTIR Margret - Icelandic Baroque Poetic Art and Erudition in the Works of Hallgrimur Petursson (Islandica LVI)
135214: YOURCENAR Marguerite, ASCHER Maria Louise [Translator] - Dear Departed
176957: FEITLOWITZ Marguerite - A Lexicon of Terror Argentina and the Legacies of Torture
112708: STEEN Marguerite - A Pride of Terrys
115286: STEEN Marguerite - A Pride of Terrys Family Saga
138566: MUTT Jose A. Mari, BELLINGER Peter F. - A Catalog of the Neotropical Collembola
145587: FAIRWEATHER Maria - The Pilgrim Princess a Life of Princess Zinaida Volkonsky
154617: STAFFORD Barbara Maria - Body Criticism Imaging the Unseen in Enlightenment Art and Medicine
175639: WILLIAMS Helen Maria - A Narrative of the Events Which Have Taken Place in France from the Landing of Napoleon Bonaparte on the 1st of March 1815 Till the Restoration of Louis XVIII.
180612: PERRY Maria - Elizabeth I the Word of a Prince
136108: KAMPMANN Rudiger Maria, ZADEMACK Siegfried - Siegfried Zademack Die Verlockungen Der Schwerkraft Oder Der Schlaf Der Vernunft
176899: SCHOFIELD Maria - Decorative Art and Modern Interiors Volume 67 1978
179659: REMARQUE Erich Maria - All Quiet on the Western Front
177714: MADI Maria, OBERLY James W. - Budapest Blackout a Holocaust Diary
128516: PERRY Maria - Sisters to the King
168132: Museu Santa Maria - As Ilhas de Gaspar Frutuoso Uma Viagem No Século XXI
148172: REMARQUE Erich Maria, STERN James - Spark of Life
173991: HERMAN Ana-Maria - Reconfiguring the Museum the Politics of Digital Display
176900: SCHOFIELD Maria - Decorative Art and Modern Interiors Volume 68 Themes in Nature
179689: FAH Rosa Maria - Gottlieb Feurer 1875-1912 Toggenburger Bauernmaler Der Schönen Kühe
146416: LAGUNA Ana Maria, BEUSTERIEN John - Goodbye Eros Recasting Forms and Norms of Love in the Age of Cervantes
146191: EDGEWORTH Maria - Comic Dramas in Three Acts
136884: EDGEWORTH Maria - Ormonde
165173: WILLIAMS Helen Maria - Memoirs of the Reign of Robespierre
171462: EDGEWORTH Maria - Frank Frank a Sequel to Frank in Early Lessons in Three Volumes
137627: CHAPMAN Eva Maria - Sasha and Olga
137677: SEDGWICK Catharine Maria - Clarence a Tale of Our Times in Three Volumes
88561: BEHNAM Mariam - Zelzelah a Woman Before Her Time
147530: FOWLER Marian - Below the Peacock Fan First Ladies of the Raj
146735: EIDE Marian - Terrible Beauty the Violent Aesthetic and Twentieth-Century Literature
169536: WENZEL Marian - Nubian House Decoration
174635: MITHUN Marianne - The Languages of Native North America (Cambridge Language Surveys)
146798: PREGER-SIMON Marianne - Dancing with Merce Cunningham
137680: BAILLIE Marianne - Lisbon in the Years 1821 1822 and 1823 in Two Volumes
179093: PIETROPAOLO Mariapia - The Grotesque in Roman Love Elegy
136437: GÓMEZ Maricarmen - Historia de la Música En España E Hispanoamérica Vol 2 de Los Reyes Católicos a Felipe II
17853: FATAYI-WILLIAMS Marie - For the Love of Anthony: A Mother's Search for Truth After the London Bombings
147245: SLAUGHTER Anne-Marie - A New World Order
163288: KROLLER Eva-Marie - The Cambridge Companion to Canadian Literature (Cambridge Companions to Literature)
172991: LU Marie - Stars and Smoke
143087: TAYLOR Christin Marie - Labor Pains New Deal Fictions of Race Work and Sex in the South
177426: HAY Marie - Madame Dame Dianne de Poytiers la Grande Seneschale de Normandie Duchesse de Valentinois a Monograph
141823: KLIMEÅ OVÁ Marie - Roky Ve Dnech
156476: CLAASSEN Jo-Marie - Displaced Persons the Literature of Exile from Cicero to Boethius
147203: LASKAS Jeanne Marie - To Obama with Love Joy Hate and Despair
139640: KLIMESOVA Marie, ROUS Jan - Jiri Balcar
146670: NDIAYE Marie - The Cheffe a Culinary Novel
140885: VASI Marien - Itinéraire Instructif de Rome a Naples Ou Description Générale Des Monumens Anciens Et Modernes Et Des Ouvrages Les Plus Remarqables En Peinture Scuplture Et Architecture. .
116147: KERS Marijke, KERS Martin - Martin Kers Hollandbook Photographic Impressions of Holland
177260: KUPER Marijke, TRUNISSEN Monique - Piet Klaarhamer Architect En Meubelontwerper
179674: EVERAARTS Marijn, DEPOORTER Matthias - Face to Face with Hugo Van Der Goes Old Master New Interpretation
32583: COBBOLD Marika - Frozen Music
179098: PAPANDREOU Marilu - Aristotle's Ontology of Artefacts
155568: WALLACE Marilyn - A Single Stone
137482: KUSHNER Marilyn, ORCUTT Kimberly - The Armory Show at 100 Modernism and Revolution
154261: LAU Jamie Marina - Gunk Baby
133823: TSVETAEVA Marina, KING J. Marin - A Captive Spirit Selected Prose [Ardis Russian Literature Series]
158083: WARNER Marina - Phantasmagoria Spirit Visions Mataphors and Media Into the Twenty-First Century
171292: TSVETAEVA Marina, LIVINGSTONE Angela - Art in the Light of Conscience Eight Essays on Poetry by Marina Tsvetaeva
111784: SALMI Mario - L'Architettura Romanica in Toscana
153410: MORETTI Mario - Collemaggio
141772: RUFFINI Mario - Luigi Dallapiccola E le Arti Figurative
175782: ESPOSITO Mario - Latin Learning in Mediaeval Ireland
97067: TUCKER Samuel Marion - Verse Satire in England Before the Renaissance
106583: OPITZ Marion - Gozzoli
166162: WHYBROW Marion - Borlase Smart St Ives Artist Man of Vision
164099: GAUGHAN Marise - Trouble a Memoir
149387: VANDENBERG Maritz - The State of Britain an a-Z
108737: VACHON Marius - Puvis de Chavannes
146692: D'ASSIGNY Marius - The History of the Earls and Earldom of Flanders from the First Establishment of That Sovereignty to the Death of the Late King Charles II of Spain. .
145382: KARPOWICZ Mariusz - Architekt Krolewski Isidoro Affaitati (1622-1684)
36426: MARIVAUX - Theatre
144843: VALENTINOVNA Nikolaeva Mariya - Sankt-Peterburg Petra 1 Istoriya Dvorovladeniy Zastroyka I Zastroyschiki
159230: BROUWER Marjan, EKKART Rudi - Pjutten En Beukers Friese Kinderportretten 1550-1800
151501: WRIGHT Marjorie - The Rise and Fall of a la Scala Diva
145446: PERLOFF Marjorie, BAYOT David Jonathan - Circling the Canon the Selected Book Reviews of Marjorie Perloff Volume I 1969-1994 Volume II 1995-2017
148532: GARBER Marjorie - Patronizing the Arts
172605: MORGAN Marjorie - National Identities and Travel in Victorian Britain (Studies in Modern History)
156285: WATTS Marjorie - Mrs Sappho the Life of C.A. Dawson Scott Mother of International P.E. N.
161995: VILLIERS Marjorie - The Grand Whiggery
166955: CLEVES Marjorie - The Merryfield Mystery
147622: BULL Marjorie - Abraham de Smidt 1829-1908 Artist and Surveyor-General of the Cape Colony
79727: EPSTEIN Daniel Mark - The Traveler's Calendar
140565: TULLY Mark - India's Unending Journey Finding Balance in a Time of Change
126573: RICHARD Mark - When Truth Gives out
132035: KURZEM Mark - The Mascot the Extraordinary Story of a Jewish Boy and an Ss Extermination Squad
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131856: WILLIAMS Miller - A Roman Collection Stories, Poems and Other Good Pieces by the Writing Residents of the the American Academy in Rome
119197: TODD William Mills - The Familiar Letter As a Literary Genre in the Age of Pushkin
165172: WHITHAM J. Mills - A Biographical History of the French Revolution
140445: STANKOVIC Milos - Trusted Mole a Soldier's Journey Into Bosnia's Heart of Darkness
140395: URBAN Milos, TURNER Gerald - Lord Mord
154038: SHULMAN Milton - Defeat in the West
170225: DANK Milton - The Glider Gang an Eyewitness History of World War II Glider Combat
129857: DANK Milton - The French Against the French
179883: LEE James Zee-Min - Chinese Potpourri
175150: MIZUMURA Minae, YOSHIHARA Mari, CARPENTER Juliet Winters - The Fall of Language in the Age of English
169117: CHANG K-Ming - Gods of Want Stories
173942: QI XIN Minhui - Qi Xinmin [Album]
180410: DUBIN Minna - Mum Rage the Everyday Crisis of Modern Motherhood
145404: GUINNESS Mirabel, PYM Roland - Biddesden Cookery
127449: SEYMOUR Miranda - Noble Endeavours the Life of Two Countries England and Germany
145938: FATU Mihai, MUSAT Mircea et al. - Horthyist-Fascist Terror in Northwestern Romania September 1940-October 1944
151350: GUNGA DIN Ali Mirdrekvand, HEMMING John - No Heaven for Gunga Din
176383: FREIXA Mireia, LLORDES Teresa - Lluis Muncunill (1868-1931) Arquitecte
136284: BRANCA Mirella, RAPINO Daniele - Architettura E Decorazioni Dell'Ex Cinema Arlecchino Nella Firenze Degli Anni Cinquanta
179897: KIENLE Miriam - Queer Networks Ray Johnson's Correspondence Art
180171: ROTHSCHILD Miriam, CLAY Theresa - Fleas Flukes and Cuckoos a Study of Bird Parasites New Naturalist Monograph No. 7
149787: JACOBSON Miriam, PARK Julie - Organic Supplements Bodies and Things of the Natural World 1580-1790
134059: VERNER Miroslav, ZEMINA Milan - Forgotten Pharaohs Lost Pyramids Abusir
122640: VOLF Miroslav - Allah a Christian Response
145119: KINDL Miroslav - A Royal Marriage Elisabeth Premyslid and John of Luxembourg 1310
76999: ANDRLIK Mischa, BAYER Isabell, LUEGER Karl - Sinai Reflexionen Aus Der Stille Reflections of Silence
136990: KOZLICIC Mithad - Regiones Flumina Unnae Et Sanae in Veteribus Tabulis Geographicis Unsko-Sansko Podrucje Na Starim Geografskim Kartama. (Izbor Karata, Planova I Veduta U Kontekstu Historije Unsko-Sanskog Podrucja Od Kraja 15. Do Pocetka 18. Stoljeca)
147222: NEW Mitya - Switzerland Unwrapped Exposing the Myths
140667: M*** Mme - Crimes Et Mystère Ou Les Grands Coupables Roman Historique
151186: HALLER Mme, LABAUME Antoine-Gilbert Griffet de - Les Souffrances Maternelles Ou Histoire de Mme Haller écrite Par Elle-Même Traduite de L'Allemand Par le Traducteur D'Evélina
147260: YAN Mo, GOLDBLATT Howard - Pow
149456: MERCHANT Moelwyn - Triple Heritage
178034: SAID Hakim Mohammed, KHAN Ansar Zahid - Al-Biruni His Times Life and Works
167959: COSTANDI Moheb - Body Am I the New Science of Self-Consciousness
177531: FOWLEY Moira - Eyes Guts Throat Bones
148673: MOLCANOVA M.L., et al. - V Avangarde Vremeni Malaja Scena Moskva 1917-1932
147454: MOLIERE, MALANDAIN Pierre - Moliere Theatre Complet 1
179525: MOLIERE, BAKER H., MILLER J. [Translators] - Tartuffe and the Would-Be Gentleman
164012: FOIX Vicente Molina - Enemigos de Lo Real (Escritos Sobre Escritores)
135567: CHAPPELL Mollie - Cat with No Fiddle
171508: CHAPPELL Mollie - Rhodesian Adventure
177880: BUTLER Mollie - A Rabanthology Chosen by Mollie
163347: MASON Herbert Molly - The Great Pursuit
145625: LEFEBURE Molly - Cumberland Heritage
70792: MOME - The Off-Wheeler Ballads and Other Verses
178224: AWAD Mona - Rouge
177470: MAZIGH Monia - Gendered Islamophobia
156530: REDLICH Monica - Everyday England
180577: SHORTEN Monica - Squirrels New Naturalist Monograph No. 12
120958: ALI Monica - Alentejo Blue
175238: MAXWELL SCOTT Mary Monica - Abbotsford the Personal Relics and Antiquarian Treasures of Sir Walter Scott
124100: STIRLING Monica - A Pride of Lions

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