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171709: HELFER Monika, DAVIDSON Gillian (Translator) - Last House Before the Mountain
53268: LANGE Monique - The Bathing Huts
149431: BEUDERT Monique, RAINBIRD Sean - Contemporary Art Janet Wolfson de Botton Gift
96541: GIBGON Monk - The Velvet Bow & Other Poems
117433: BLACKER Monkey - The Story of Workboy
134404: WEEKLEY Montague - Thomas Bewick
177723: PETER THE VENERABLE [Blessed Peter of Montboissier], CONSTABLE Giles - The Letters of Peter the Venerable Edited with an Introduction and Notes Volume I [&] Volume II
145963: HYDE H. Montgomery - Londonderry House and Its Pictures
144907: DAVIS Magda Montiel - Kissing Fidel a Memoir of Cuban American Terrorism in the United States
75172: Royal Commission on Historical Monuments - Monuments Threatened or Destroyed a Select List 1956 - 1962
179893: WILSON Jean Moorcroft - Charles Hamilton Sorley a Biography
171304: WILSON Jean Moorcroft - Siegfried Sassoon the Making of a War Poet a Biography 1886-1918
149573: CREAGH O'Moore, HUMPHRIS E.M. - The Distinguished Service Order 1886-1923 a Complete Record of the Recipients of the Distinguished Service Order 1886-1923 with Citations Services and Other Biographical and Related Details
169588: NEWLANDS Moray - Role for Concrete in Global Development Proceedings of the International Conference Held at the University of Dundee on 10 July 2008
113655: CROOK J. Mordaunt - The Architect's Secret Victorian Critics and the Image of Gravity
170030: KURZ Mordecai - The Market Power of Technology Understanding the Second Gilded Age
114855: TAMARKIN Mordechai - Cecil Rhodes and the Cape Afrikaners the Imperial Colossus and the Colonial Parish Pump
161906: ELIAV Mordechai - Britain and the Holy Land Selected Documents from the British Consulate in Jerusalem
158384: RODRIGUEZ Eva Moreda - Music Criticism and Music Critics in Early Francoist Spain
170880: CROFTON Morgan, ROYNON Gavin - Massacre of the Innocents the Crofton Diaries Ypres 1914-1915
117058: PHILIPS-RICE Morgan, ROSE Tania - Dispatches from the Revolution Russia 1916-18
167997: AUDIC Morgan - Good Reasons to Die
179669: GRASSELLI Margaret Morgan, JACKALL Yuriko - Hubert Robert
103909: YUZO Mori - Umezaki Unrei
105576: BUSCH Moritz - Bismarck Some Secret Pages of His History in Three Volumes
104311: SCHAFF Morris - The Sunset of the Confederacy
132976: BIERBRIER Morris - The Tomb-Builders of the Pharaohs
61869: MORRIS, GOSCINNY R. - Calamity Jane Lucky Luke 30
61870: MORRIS, GOSCINNY R. - Lucky Luke le Pied-Tendre
180476: CARTER Morris - Isabella Stewart Gardner and Fenway Court
179160: EARLE Alice Morse - Costume of Colonial Times
122027: BATTEN H. Mortimer - Inland Birds Northern Observations by a Sportsman
173896: BATTEN H. Mortimer - Inland Birds Northern Observations by a Sportsman
162324: WHEELER R. E. Mortimer - Segontium and the Roman Occupation of Wales
126071: KELLER Morton - America's Three Regimes a New Political History
156137: CARNER Mosco - Alban Berg the Man and the Work
156990: CHARLTON Moyra, EDWARDS Lionel - Echoing Horn
36984: ALEC TWEEDIE Mrs - Mexico from Diaz to the Kaiser
103855: OLIPHANT Mrs - Sheridan English Men of Letters
130702: JAMESON Mrs - Legends of the Monastic Orders As Represented in the Fine Arts
69897: MOLESWORTH Mrs, BROOKE L. Leslie - My New Home
173402: CHERNOV Mstyslav - The Dreamtime
144717: BAZDULJ Muharem, COX John K. - Byron and the Beauty a Turkish Tale
152823: MacCALLUM Sir Mungo - Shakespeare's Roman Plays and Their Background
179386: IDRIS Murad - War for Peace Genealogies of a Violent Ideal in Western and Islamic Thought
160346: SPARK Muriel - Mary Shelley
40473: McCARTHY Muriel and SIMMONS Ann - Land of Silk and Sages Books on in Marsh's Library
179270: LEVY Muriel - Fireworks the Adventures of Wonk
40472: McCARTHY Muriel and SHERWOOD-SMITH Caroline - Echoes of Splendour an Exhibition of Music Manuscripts and Early Printed Music Books in Marsh's Library
173550: SPARK Muriel - A Far Cry from Kensington Virago Modern Classics
165584: COX Murray, TEILGAARD Alice - Mutative Metaphors in Psychotherapy the Aeolian Mode
165583: COX Murray - Structuring the Theraeutic Process Compromise with Chaos
178488: LYELL Mrs Katharine Murray - Life Letters and Journals of Sir Charles Lyell in Two Volumes
175429: JONES Peter Murray - Medieval Medical Miniatures
174837: COHEN Murray - Sensible Words Linguistic Practice in England, 1640-1785
170262: KENDALL Paul Murray - Warwick the Kingmaker
113767: John Murray - Murray's Handbook for Devon and Cornwall (1859)
148764: COGNACQ-JAY Musee - Porte-Bouquets
160216: HOPPAS Tuomas, HAAPALA Pertti, VAPRIIKKI Museokeskus et al. - Tampere 1918
136160: THE BROOKLYN MUSEUM - The American Renaissance 1876-1917
164281: Newport Museum and Art Gallery - Beyond Loup-Garou Au-Dela Du Loup-Garou an Exhibition of Paintings Drawings and Prints of William Brown.
89051: Hunterian Museum - Descriptive Catalogue of the Physiological Series in the Hunterian Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons of England Part I Surviving Hunterian Specimens Demonstrating Those Organs in Plants and Animals for the Special Purposes of the Individual
167224: AKYOL Mustafa - Reopening Muslim Minds a Return to Reason Freedom and Tolerance
175527: DILLON Myles - Early Irish Literature
128472: HILDYARD Myles - It Is Bliss Here Letters Home 1939 - 1945
179778: BUTTLE Myra - The Bitches' Brew or the Plot Against Bertrand Russell
177807: ANISSIMOV Myriam - Primo Levi Tragedy of an Optimist
180000: MUDRAK Myroslava, RUDENKO Tetiana - Staging the Ukrainian Avant-Garde in the 1910s and 1920s
170562: HASLUCK Paul N. - Mounting and Framing Pictures (Work Handbook Series)
99620: SCOTT Robert N. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume XXII Part I Reports
170842: ZWICKER Steven N. - The Cambridge Companion to John Dryden
161572: COHEN Morton N., WAKELING Edward - Lewis Carroll and His Illustrators Collaborations and Correspondence 1865-1898
104887: SHORROCKS D.M.N. - Bishop Still's Visitation 1594 and the Smale Booke of the Clerk of the Peace for Somerset 1593-5
143010: CANT J. Paul N. - Chomsky Structuralism and the Subverting of Science
99619: SCOTT Robert N. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume XVI Part II Correspondence
168714: AFRIAT S.N. - The Ring of Linked Rings
126556: LIGHTSTONE Jack N. - The Commerce of the Sacred Mediation of the Divine Among Jews in the Graeco-Roman Diaspora
136426: GOLDTHORPE Ian N., SUMNER Margaret - Architecture of the Victorian Era of Kingston Upon Hull 1830-1914 Being a Study of the Principal Buildings Erected in Hull
99617: SCOTT Robert N. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume XV
99627: SCOTT Robert N. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume XXXIV Part I Reports
178411: SWANSON R.N. - Catholic England Faith Religion and Observance Before the Reformation (Manchester Medieval Studies)
152972: WORTH R.N. - Calendar of Plymouth Municipal Records
143269: ZINOVEV A.N. - Stalinskoe Metro Istoricheskii Putevoditel
124784: FLING Paul N., PUTERBAUGH Donald L. - Basic Manual of Fly Tying Fundamentals of Imitation
176930: OPIE John N. - A Rebel Cavalryman with Lee Stuart and Jackson
151567: CONSTANTINE Learie N. - Cricket in the Sun
180532: MAJERUS Michael E.N. - Ladybirds New Naturalist No. 81
168510: WATSON J.N. - Angling with the Fly Flies and Anglers of Derbyshire and Staffordshire
172490: CRABTREE Mari N. - My Soul Is a Witness the Traumatic Afterlife of Lynching (New Directions in Narrative History)
99628: SCOTT Robert N. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume XXXIV Part II Correspondence
160799: PATRICIOUS Nicholas N. - Kefallinia and Ithaki a Historical and Architectural Odyssey
154681: PONSFORD Clive N. - Shipbuilding on the Exe the Memoranda Book of Daniel Bishop Davy (1799-1874) of Topsham Devon
119622: RAMAMURTHY N. - Sree Chakra an Esoteric Approach: Mathematical Construction to Draw Sree Chakra
51648: ZADOKS A.N., JITTA Josephus - Antieke Cultuur in Beeld
179373: SPENGLER Robert N. - Fruit from the Sands the Silk Road Origins of the Foods We Eat
180146: PAGE Christopher N. - Ferns Their Habitats in the British and Irish Landscape New Naturalist No. 74
180188: WEBB A.N. - An Edition of the Cartulary of Burscough Priory Chetham Society Third Series Volume XVIII
131959: REEVES C.N. - After Tutankhamun Research and Excavation in the Royal Necropolis at Thebes Studies in Egyptology
174378: MEDLICOTT W.N. - The Economic Blockade Volume I [&] Volume II (History of the Second World War United Kingdom CIVIL Series)
176110: MEDLICOTT W.N. - The Congress of Berlin and After a Diplomatic History of the Near Eastern Settlement 1878-1880
131696: HASLUCK Paul N. - Portfolio Containing Twenty-Four Plates to Accompany Volume on House Decoration
109210: WADIA D.N. - Geology of India
112278: PUGIN A.W.N. - The Present State of Ecclesiastical Architecture in Engand and Some Remarks Relative to Ecclesiastical Architecture and Decoration
73818: MYGIND N., CLARK T.J.H. - Topical Steroid Treatment for Asthma and Rhinitis
169727: KATO N., THEAKER Harry G., VREDENBURG E. - Children's Stories from Japanese Fairy Tales and Legends
177951: TOLSTOI Count Lyof N., DILLON E.J., DOLE Nathan Haskell, HAPGOOD Isabel F., SMITH Huntington [Translators] - Leo Tolstoy 20 Volumes Childhood Boyhood Youth Cossacks Fruits of Enlightenment Invaders Ivan Ilyitch Kingdom of God Is Within You Kreutzer Sonata Life Long Exile My Confession My Religion Physiology of War Russian Proprietor Sevastopol War and Peace
158715: BASILOV Vladimir N. - Nomads of Eurasia
158257: MACLEAN James M.N. - Reward Is Secondary the Life of a Political Adventurer Ans Inquiry Into the Mystery of 'Junius'
176986: MUKHERJEE S.N. - Sir William Jones a Study in Eighteenth Century British Attitudes to India
169948: JAMES Derek N. - Schneider Trophy Aircraft 1913-1931
161824: WRIGHT G.N. - Scenes in North Wales with Historical Illustrations Legends and Biographical Notices
172377: BAILEY Richard N., CAMBRIDGE Eric, BRIGGS H. Denis - Dowsing and Church Archaeology
175213: BROOKE Z.N. - The English Church and the Papacy from the Conquest to the Reign of John
148852: WILLIAMSON C.N., WILLIAMSON A.M. - A Soldier of the Legion
171554: BEACH D.N. - Mapondera Heroism and History in Northern Zimbabwe 1840-1904
134111: WINDSOR F. N. - Indian Toxicology
175882: JARDINE N., SECORD J.A., SPARY E.C. - Cultures of Natural History
99609: SCOTT Robert N. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume III
99608: SCOTT Robert N. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume II
169041: DYMOND J.N., FRASER P.A., GANTLETT S.J.M. - Rare Birds in Britain and Ireland
179745: WILSON A.N. - The Potter's Hand
119885: ROBINSON Daniel N. - An Intellectual History of Psychology
151262: SWANSON R.N. - Continuity and Change in Christian Worship Studies in Church History Voume 35
178202: ANDREWS Henry N. - The Fossil Hunters in Search of Ancient Plants
152960: WORTH R.N. - History of Plymouth from the Earliest Period to the Present Time
173707: VAN DER SLEEN W.G.N., HOPER M.W. [Translator] - Four Months' Camping in the Himalayas
84683: WILSON A.N. - Gentlemen in England
99612: SCOTT Robert N. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume VII
99616: SCOTT Robert N. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume XI Part III Correspondence
99611: SCOTT Robert N. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume VI
99610: SCOTT Robert N. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume IV
99618: SCOTT Robert N. - The War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Series I Volume XVI Part I Reports
176494: PEARSON Michael N. - Port Cities and Intruders the Swahili Coast India and Portugal in the Early Modern Era
179618: KADHEM Nader, AL-AZRAKI Amir - Africanism Blacks in the Medieval Arab Imaginary
135300: GORDIMER Nadine, CLIGMAN Stephen [Editor] - The Essential Gesture Writing Politics and Places
139473: GORDIMER Nadine - My Son's Story
171196: SERPELL Namwali - The Furrows
111744: HATHAWAY Nancy - The Unicorn
173306: MITFORD Nancy, WAUGH Evelyn, MOSLEY Charlotte - The Letters of Nancy Mitford and Evelyn Waugh
177376: LINDISFARNE Nancy, NEALE Jonathan - Why Men a Human History of Violence and Inequality
165257: GOLDSTONE Nancy - Joanna the Notorious Queen of Naples Jerusalem and Sicily
147440: GOLDSTEIN Nancy - Jackie Ormes the First African American Woman Cartoonist
171360: SCHOENBERGER Nancy - Wayne and Ford the Films the Friendship and the Forging of an American Hero
141241: SHERMAN Nancy - The Untold War Inside the Hearts Minds and Souls of Our Soldiers
173996: KOESTER Nancy - We Will Be Free the Life and Faith of Sojourner Truth
133016: JENKINS Nancy - The Boat Beneath the Pyramid King Cheop's Royal Ship
140013: GOLDSTONE Nancy - The Lady Queen the Notorious Reign of Joanna I Queen of Naples Jerusalem and Sicily
161937: LOPATIN-LUMMIS Nancy, PARTRIDGE Michael - Lives of Victorian Political Figures Volume I Lord Palmerston, Volume II Benjamin Disraeli Part I, Volume III Benjamin Disraeli Part II & William Ewart Gladstone Part I, Volume 4 William Ewart Gladstone Part II
169505: McDOWELL Nancy - The Mundugumor from the Field Notes of Margaret Mead and Reo Fortune
166749: FONER Nancy - One Quarter of the Nation Immigration and the Transformation of America
179857: BHATTACHARYA Nandini - Disparate Remedies Making Medicines in Modern India
145083: KRISHNA Nanditha - Sacred Animals of India
147480: MAKUMBI Jennifer Nansubuga - The First Woman
163225: SAKAI Naoki - The End of Pax Americana the Loss of Empire and Hikikomori Nationalism
112425: JACOB Naomi - Me and the Mediterranean
157957: JACOB Naomi - The Gollantz Saga Volume Two Comprising Four Generations, Private Gollantz, Gollantz (London, Paris, Milan)
161101: KRUPITSKY Naomi - The Family
166182: BOOTH Naomi - Swoon a Poetics of Passing out
73495: JACOB Naomi - Mary of Delight
151045: KLEIN Naomi - On Fire the Burning Case for a Green New Deal
127178: FOYLE Naomi - Grace of the Gamblers a Chantilly Chambray
168108: LEWIS Naphtali - Life in Egypt Under Roman Rule
54283: NAPHY W.G., BELTRAN Cristina Borreguero, et al. - War in History Volume 5 Number 4 1998
143400: OLLER Narcis, SUTTLE Douglas - The Madness
177112: OVID Publius Ovidius Naso, MITCHIE James - Ovid the Art of Love
169446: ASKARI Nasreen, ARTHUR Liz - Uncut Cloth Saris Shawls and Sashes
175772: ALCOCK Nat, CARSON Cary - West Country Farms House and Estate Surveys 1598-1764
177774: ALCOCK Nat, MILES Dan - The Medieval Peasant House in Midland England
165245: DOWER Natalie, REGO Paula, WILLIAMS Evelyn - Cynthia Pell 1933-1977 the Bexley Hospital Drawings
177856: KONONENKO Natalie - Ukrainian Ritual on the Prairies Growing a Ukrainian Canadian Identity
165952: DOWER Natalie, WILLIAMS Evelyn - Cynthia Pell 1933-1977
167196: PULLEY Natasha - The Kingdoms
11493: COOPER Natasha - Keep Me Alive
178231: CALDER Natasha - Whether Violent or Natural
167277: WARIKOO Natasha - Race at the Top Asian Americans and Whites in Pursuit of the American Dream in Suburban Schools
172823: HOLT Nathalia - Wise Gals the Spies Who Built the Cia and Changed the Future of Espionage
179585: BARDET Nathalie, HOUSSAYE Alexandra, JOUVE Stephane, VINCENT Peggy, BENETEAU Alain - Ocean Life in the Time of Dinosaurs
158046: SARRAUTE Nathalie, JOLAS Maria - The Planetarium
167847: HEINICH Nathalie - La Valeur Des Personnes Preuves Et épreuves de la Grandeur
87105: ZIMELMAN Nathan, CARRICK Donald - Walls Are to Be Walked
172558: ARRINGTON Nathan - Athens at the Margins Pottery and People in the Early Mediterranean World
158194: HOOKE Nathaniel - The Roman History from the Building of Rome to the Ruin of Commonwealth New Edition in Eleven Volumes
169699: HAWTHORNE Nathaniel - The Complete Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne Riverside Edition 11 Volumes
178134: HAWTHORNE Nathaniel - The Scarlet Letter
171326: WRAXALL Nathaniel - A Tour Through Some of the Northern Parts of Europe Particularly Copenhagen Stockholm and Petersburgh in a Series of Letters
180179: CAINE Nathaniel - History of the Royal Rock Beagle Hunt Issued by Subscription in the Jubilee Year of the Hunt
169072: WOLLOCH Nathaniel - Macaulay and the Enlightenment
155553: TARN Nathaniel - Old Savage Young City
171490: COTTON Nathaniel, MOORE Edward, PARK Thomas - The Poetical Works of Nathaniel Cotton Collated with the Best Editions [&]the Poetical Works of Edward Moore Collated with the Best Editions
177882: PHILBRICK Nathaniel - Mayflower a Voyage to War
31819: STEPHENSON Nathaniel, DUNN Waldo Hilary - George Washington Volume One 1732-1777
140911: CHAWLA Navin - Mother Teresa
146417: LAJEVARDI Nazita - Outsiders at Home the Politics of American Islamophobia
132860: FOX Neal, GREENE Robert, BRAGG Bill, APPLETON Matthew, WRIGHT Alex - Le Gun 1
166595: HALLEY Ned - Sandeman Two Hundred Years of Port and Sherry
178324: WARD Ned, FENWICK Kenneth [Editor] - The London Spy
171364: SINYARD Neil, TURNER Adrian - Journey Down Sunset Boulevard the Films of Billy Wilder
128631: McEACHARN Neil - Catalogue of the Plants in the Gardens of the Villa Taranto at Pallanza Lago Maggiore (Italy)
178956: CHRISTIE Neil, STAMPER Paul - Medieval Rural Settlement Britain and Ireland Ad 800-1600
161274: PITTS Neil - Postmodernity and the Creation of the Anthropocene How Our Current Period Evolved out of History and Where It Is Going
171129: GAIMAN Neil, McKEAN Dave - The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish
171250: POTTER Neil, FROST Jack - The Mary the Inevitable Ship
109878: POWELL Neil - Amis & Son Two Literary Generations
165294: SENTANCE Neil, GIBBS Jonathan - Water and Sky Voices from the Riverside
108978: BRENNAN Neil - Anthony Powell Twaynes English Authors Series
142586: SINYARD Neil - Jack Clayton (British Film Makers)
157645: CORCORAN Neil - Do You Mr Jones? Bob Dylan with the Poets
175296: MacGREGOR Neil - Germany Memories of a Nation
129876: HANSON Neil - First Blitz the Secret German Plan to Raze London to the Ground in 1918
27212: SMITH Neil - Bang Crunch
171128: GAIMAN Neil, McKEAN Dave - Signal to Noise
173204: POWELL Neil - George Crabbe an English Life 1754-1832
154660: GRAESSER Neil - The Finer Points of Fly Fishing for Salmon
94001: BELL Neil - The Story of Leon Barentz
167757: STEINBERG Neil - Every Goddamn Day a Highly Selective Definitely Opinionated and Alternatingly Humorous and Heartbreaking Historical Tour of Chicago
179990: LEVINE Neil - The Urbanism of Frank Lloyd Wright
147788: HARRIS Neil - The Chicagoan a Lost Magazine of the Jazz Age
176711: RAYMOND E. Neill - Victorian Viceroy the Life of Robert the First Earl of Lytton
180266: LOCHERY Neill - Cashing out the Flight of Nazi Treasure 1945-1948
130079: NEILLANDS, Robin - Attrition the Great War on the Western Front - 1916
179973: DECHMANN Nele - Up Up Stories of Johannesburg's Highrises
173246: FUCCARO Nelida - The Other Kurds Yazidis in Colonial Iraq
161315: ZINK Nell - Doxology
96270: TEDESCHI Nereo, CENNI Nino - Verona in Pictures
147814: NERVAL, Gérard de, MARCHAL Bertrand - Les Filles Du Feu Les Chimčres
166887: GORDON Neta - Bearers of Risk Writing Masculinity in Contemporary English-Canadian Short Story Cycles
156561: ZAGAGI Netta - The Comedy of Menander Convention Variation & Originality
171143: International Designers Network - Idn Magazine 10th Anniversary Issue My Favourite
175526: DE VAGVAR Carol L. Neuman - The Northumbrian Renaissance a Study in the Transmission of Style
145439: SHUTE Nevil - Trustee from the Toolroom
170375: SHUTE Nevil - Pied Piper
170377: SHUTE Nevil - Round the Bend
157004: WILKINSON Nevile - Grey Fairy and Titania's Palace
174311: WOOD Neville - British Song Birds Being Popular Descriptions and Anecdotes of the Choristers of the Groves
160734: BILLINGTON Richard Newman, BROWNBILL John - St Peter's Lancaster a History
179880: GANJAVI Nezami, DAVIS Dick - Khosrow & Shirin
155084: ADICHIE Chimamanda Ngozi - The Thing Around Your Neck
177851: DOCHARTAIGH Kerri ni - Cacophony of Bone
168781: RUDD Niall - Horace 2000 a Celebration Essays for the Bimillenium
172872: FERGUSON Niall - The Pity of War
156252: RUDD Niall - Themes in Roman Satire
177373: KISHTAINY Niall - The Infinite City Utopian Dreams on the Streets of London
163462: ROTHNIE Niall - The Baedecker Blitz Hitler's Attack on Britain's Historic Cities
151188: MACHIAVELLI Niccolo - Opere Di Niccolo Machiavelli Coll'Aggiunta Delle Inedite
150284: MACHIAVELLI Niccolo - Opere Di Niccolo Machiavelli Cittadino Et Segretario Fiorentino... Nuova Edizione [with Richard Brinsley Sheridan's Inscription and Bookplates]
154467: MONSARRAT Nicholas - Three Corvettes Comprising Hm Corvette, East Coast Corvette, Corvette Command
164559: SALAMAN Nicholas - The Garden of Earthly Delights
154883: GARLAND Nicholas - Travels with My Sketchbook a Journey Through the Soviet Union Poland Czechoslovakia and Hungary
153180: MORGAN Nicholas - Lancashire Quakers and the Establishment 1660-1730
173760: BLACK Nicholas - The British Naval Staff in the First World War
131741: MASCIE-TAYLOR C. G. Nicholas - Biosocial Aspects of Social Class
117914: MURRAY Nicholas - The Red Sweet Wine of Youth the Brave and Brief Lives of the War Poets British Poets of the First World War
114687: BENNETT Nicholas - The Registers of Henry Burghersh 1320-1342 II Institutions to Benefices in the Archdeaconries of Northampton Oxford, Bedford Buckingham
104452: FRASER Nicholas - The Voice of Modern Hatred Encounters with Europe's New Right
156434: DELBANCO Nicholas - Group Portrait Joseph Conrad Stephen Crane Ford Madox Ford Henry James and H.G. Wells
168997: KALDOR Nicholas - Reports on Taxation II Papers Relating to Foreign Governments Collected Economic Essays Volume 8
113438: BENNETT Nicholas, HOLLES Gervase, COLE R.E.G. - Wonderful to Behold a Centenary History of the Lincoln Record Society 1910-2010 [&] Lincolnshire Church Notes Publications of the Lincoln Record Society
147334: MURRAY Nicholas - The Yellow Wheelbarrow
169371: ANDERSON Nicholas - Baroque Music from Monteverdi to Handel
164101: ORME Nicholas - English Schools in the Middle Ages
175721: OSTLER Nicholas - Empires of the Word a Language History of the World
166027: HAGGER Nicholas - Collected Prefaces Nicholas Hagger's Prefaces to 55 of His Literary and Universalist Works
154140: SINCLAIR Nicholas - Kyffin Williams
179398: DOBSON Nicholas - The Regal Throne Power Politics and Ribaldry a Guide to Shakespeare's Richard II Henry IV Parts 1 and 2 and Henry V.
176124: ROOSEVELT Nicholas - America and England
171770: MANSERGH Nicholas - The Commonwealth Experience
133305: MOSLEY Nicholas - Natalie Natalia
170344: EVANS Nicholas - Nicholas Evans 3 Volumes the Horse Whisperer, the Loop, the Smoke Jumper
156193: KALDOR Nicholas - Further Essays on Economic Theory and Policy
172855: HAGGER Nicholas - Fool's Gold the Voyage of a Ship of Fools Seeking Gold a Mock-Heroic Poem on Brexit and English Exceptionalism
100427: BAGNALL Nicholas - A Little Overmatter
161361: KILMER Nicholas - Poems of Pierre de Ronsard
133039: REEVES Nicholas, WILKINSON Richard H. - The Complete Valley of the Kings Tombs and Treasures of Egypt's Greatest Pharaohs
136473: SARKOZY Nicholas, HARNEIS Robert [Translator] - Testimony English Version of Temoignage
151308: GORDON LENNOX Nicholas - The Tiddly Quid and After a Memoir of Places and People Met Along the Way
160703: ROBINSON Nicholas - Edmund Burke a Life in Caricature
162401: MOSLEY Nicholas - Julian Grenfell His Life and Times of His Death 1888-1915
175386: HAMMOND Nicholas - Creative Tensions an Introduction to Seventeenth-Century French Literature
133942: MOSLEY Nicholas - Julian Grenfell His Life and Times of His Death 1888-1915
169530: THOMAS Nicholas - In Oceania Visions Artifacts Histories
64510: FALLON Nicholas - Middle East Oil Money and Its Future Expenditure
146618: ALFREY Nicholas - Trentside
155348: COBB Jasmine Nichole, FAGAN Benjamin, ZACKODNIK Teresa, GARDNER Eric, MOODY-TURNER Shirley - African American Literature in Transition 5 Volumes Volume 1 1800-1830, Volume 2 1830-1850, Volume 3 1850-1865, Volume 4 1865-1880, Volume 5 1900-1910
176840: HUNT Nick - Red Smoking Mirror
170882: DRAKE Nick, DRAKE Gabrielle - Nick Drake Remembered for a While
170785: BUNKER Nick - An Empire on the Edge How Britain Came to Fight America
27247: TAUSSIG Nick - Gorilla Guerrilla
177580: McDOWELL Nick - The Wrong Girl
177581: McDOWELL Nick - Four in the Morning
178785: FISHER Nick, VAN WEES Hans - Archaic Greece New Approches and New Evidence
163833: HOLDSTOCK Nick - Quarantine
89414: CORBLE Nick - Golden Daze
172567: RIEMER Nick - Boycott Theory and the Struggle for Palestine Universities Intellectualism and Liberation
165959: TIMOTHY Nick - Remaking One Nation the Future of Conservatism
109994: PAPPAS Nickolas - Plato and the Republic
149714: CARPENTER Anne Nicodemus - Winter Viewing and Other Poems
169070: ROLLOCK Nicola - The Racial Code Tales of Resistance and Survival
151206: FIGGIS Nicola - Irish Architectural and Decorative Studies Volume VI 2003 the Journal of the Irish Georgian Society
136188: ARICO Nicola - Architettura Del Tardo Rinascimento in Sicilia Giovannangelo Montorsoli a Messina (1547-1557)
171873: ARGENTI Nicolas - The Intestines of the State Youth Violence and Belated Histories in the Cameroon Grassfields
177489: DE WARREN Nicolas - German Philosophy and the First World War
137762: LANDRY Nicolas - Plaisance (Terre-Neuve) 1650-1713 Une Colonie Francaise En Amerique
170292: DELALANDE Nicolas, ROBERTS Anthony (Translator) - Struggle and Mutual Aid the Age of Worker Solidarity
160043: GARNIER-PELLE Nicole - Andre le Notre (1613-1700) Et Les Jardins de Chantilly
94922: THORNTON Nicole - Poiret
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176236: KIRKEBY Per, SHIELD Peter [Translator] - Isolation of the Parts
173665: GRAVES Richard Perceval - Robert Graves the Assault Heroic 1895-1926
126801: GRAVES RIchard Perceval - The Brothers Powys
158214: SPEAR Percival - Twilight of the Mughuls Studies in Late Mughul Delhi
75638: MUIR Percy - English Children's Books 1600 to 1900
179226: MACQUOID Percy - A History of English Furniture Volume I the Age of Oak and the Age of Walnut
150898: BURTON Percy, THOMAS Lowell - Adventures Among Immortals
178196: SYKES Brigadier-General Sir Percy - A History of Persia with Maps and Illustrations in Two Volumes
147634: CRADOCK Percy - In Pursuit of British Interests Reflections on Foreign Policy Under Margaret Thatcher and John Major
177401: SHELDON Myrna Perez, RAGAB Ahmed, KEEL Terence - Critical Approaches to Science and Religion
146701: ANDERSON Perry - Brazil Apart 1964-2019
176174: ZURN Perry, BASSETT Dani S. - Curious Minds the Power of Connection
170553: NILSSON Martin Persson, FIELDEN F.J. [Translator] - A History of Greek Religion
141375: MUSHARRAF Pervez - In the Line of Fire a Memoir
70898: GRAY Peter - Respiratory Disease
174737: JACKSON Peter, SIEGEL Jennifer - Intelligence and Statecraft the Use and Limits of Intelligence in International Society
180033: MUNZ Peter - Frederick Barbarossa a Study in Medieval Politics
176972: KOLCHIN Peter - Unfree Labor American Slavery and Russian Serfdom
172041: McLAUGHLIN Peter - Ragtime Soldiers the Rhodesian Experience in the First World War
178069: BENNET Peter, SCOTT Rosemary, STAGG Dave, CAWS Ian, CURRY Neil, DICKINSON Patric, DOWNIE Freda, FULLER John, SZIRTES George, GOHORRY John, GRIGSON Geoffrey - Mandeville Press 8 Volumes First Impressions, Village Under the Sea, between Root & Sky, Winter Hostages, Man Dancing with the Moon, the January Divan, the Coast of Bohemia, Twists of the Way
158196: MANSEAU Peter - The Jefferson Bible a Biography
91485: NICHOLS Peter - A Piece of My Mind
125678: MACKENZIE-PHILPS Peter - Successful Modern Salmon Flies
160587: CUNICH Peter et al. - A History of Magdalene College Cambridge
160585: LIPPMAN Peter - Surviving the Peace the Struggle for Postwar Recovery in Bosnia-Herzegovina
77544: COSS Peter - The Lady in Medieval England 1000 - 1500
167956: PAPATHANASIOU Peter - The Invisible
134440: HAPPE Peter - The Tide Tarrieth No Man 1576 the Malone Society Reprints Volume 179
126092: QUENNELL Peter - The Sign of the Fish
170627: CARRICK Peter - Great Motor-Cycle Riders
176517: CHEYNEY Peter - I'LL Say She Does
117234: WHITFIELD Peter - Landmarks in Western Science from Prehistory to the Atomic Age
165057: BURLEY Peter - Witness to the Revolution British and American Despatches from France 1788- 94
161460: HUMFREY Peter, LUCCO Mauro - Dosso Dossi Pittore Di Corte a Ferrara Nel Rinascimento
142224: JONES Peter - The French Revolution in Social and Political Perspective
180331: FERGUSSON Peter - Canterbury Cathedral Priory in the Age of Becket
170914: MANDLER Peter - The Fall and Rise of the Stately Home
176516: CHEYNEY Peter - Dark Hero
110785: STANSKY Peter, ABRAHAMS William - London's Burning Life Death and Art in the Second World War
172694: JONES Peter - America and the British Labour Party the Special Relationship at Work
179724: FLEMING Peter - The Fate of Admiral Kolchak
162909: THORNTON Peter - Authentic Decor the Domestic Interior 1620-1920
154444: LINEHAN Peter - St John's College Cambridge a History
169086: BECKFORD Peter - Thoughts on Fox and Hare Hunting in a Series of Letters to a Friend
179967: ACKROYD Peter - The Collection
119048: MARREN Peter - England's National Nature Reserves
180507: LOCK Peter - The Franks in the Aegean 1204-1500
180509: POYNTZ WRIGHT Peter - The Parish Church Towers of Somerset Their Construction Craftsmanship and Chronology 1350-1550
180538: MARREN Peter - Mushrooms the Natural and Human World of British Fungi British Wildlife Collection Volume 1
180582: WHITFIELD Peter - Mapping the World
180578: MARREN Peter, GILLMOR Robert - Art of the New Naturalists Forms from Nature
180593: CHILD Peter - The Craftsman Woodturner
180082: MARSHALL Peter, SCOTT Geoffrey - Catholic Gentry in English Society the Throckmortons of Coughton from Reformation to Emancipation (Catholic Christendom 1300-1700)
180085: WILLEY Peter - Eagle's Nest Ismaili Castles in Iran and Syria
160544: KILDUFF Peter - The Illustrated Red Baron the Life and Times of Manfred Von Richthofen
165451: GERRARD Peter, DOYLE Danny - A Pocket Handbook for the Commodore 64
156915: ACKROYD Peter - The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein
171366: COZZENS Peter - The Warrior and the Prophet the Shawnee Brothers Who Defied a Nation
151943: HINCHLIFFE Peter - Schnaufer Ace of Diamonds the Biography of Heinz Wolgang Schnaufer : Germany's Top-Scoring Night Fighter of World War II
165446: GERRARD Peter - Exploring Adventures on the Spectrum 48k

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