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42358: OVENDEN Keith - Quick Bright Things
81444: HARRISON Keith - Points on a Journey and Other Poems
171801: HAMILTON Keith, LANGHORNE Richard - The Practice of Diplomacy Its Evolution Theory and Administration
156175: HAYWARD Keith - The World Aerospace Industry Competition and Collaboration
46043: ROBBINS Keith - Eclipse of a Great Power Modern Britain 1870 - 1975
171246: NEAL W. Keith, BACK D.H.L. - The Mantons Gunmakers
170181: ROLLO W. Keith - Fly Fishing Practical Hints on the Sport and Choice of Tackle and Water
169214: WILSON Keith - Forging the Collective Memory Government and International Historians Through Two World Wars
171298: HOPWOOD Keith - Organised Crime in Antiquity
168067: THOMAS Keith - Religion and the Decline of Magic Studies in Popular Beliefs in Sixteenth and Seventeenth-Century England
160083: VINCENT J. Keith - Nailsea Glass
161973: SAINSBURY Keith - Churchill and Roosevelt the War They Fought and the Peace They Hoped to Make
161970: ROBBINS Keith - Politicians Diplomacy and War in Modern British History
132492: SIMPSON William Kelly - The Offering Chapel of Kayemnofret in the Museum of Fine Arts Boston
118406: GYATSO Geshe Kelsang - Heart Jewelthe Essential Practices of Kadampa Buddhism
118414: GYATSO Geshe Kelsang - Universal Compassion a Commentary to Bodhisattva Chekhowa's Training the Mind in Seven Points
118407: GYATSO Geshe Kelsang - Heart of Wisdom Essential Wisdom Teachings of Buddha
159031: GELDER Ken - Reading the Vampire
169187: QUALMANN Ken, SCOBIE Graham, ZANT John - Excavations at Hyde Abbey Winchester 1972-1999
55111: INGLIS Ken - Australian Colonists an Exploration of Social History 1788 - 1870
154780: MACMILLAN Ken - Death and Disorder a History of Early Modern England 1485-1690
162985: LIGHT Ken - Course of the Empire
147143: AULETTA Ken - Frenemies the Epic Disruption of the Advertising Industry (and Why This Matters)
154561: KESEY Ken, BABBS Ken - Last Go Round
172026: FLOWER Ken - Serving Secretly Rhodesia's Cio Chief on Record
150063: DELVE Ken - The Military Airfields of Britain Scotland and Northern Ireland
138338: MACLEOD Ken - The Stone Canal
154052: WAKEFIELD Ken - Pfadfinder Luftwaffe Pathfinder Operations over Britain 1940-44
159033: GLAZIER Ken - The Last Years of the General London Buses 1930-1933
149767: ESHLEMAN Kendra - The Social World of Intellectuals in the Roman Empire Sophists, Philosophers, and Christians
164509: McINTOSH Marjorie Keniston - Controlling Misbehavior in England 1370-1600
164707: HEUER Kenneth - Men of Other Planets
140052: PATCHEN Kenneth - The Memoirs of a Shy Pornographer
51867: MUGFORD Kenneth - Halsbury's Laws of England Cumulative Supplement 1989 Part 2 Volumes 19 - 52
167220: WARD Kenneth - The World of William Wickham the Biography and Photography of a Remarkable Victorian
141669: MUNSON Kenneth - Bombers 1914-19 Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft [&] Fighters 1914-19 Attack and Training Aircraft the Pocket Encyclopaedia of World Aircraft in Colour
120891: MUGFORD Kenneth, HEATHFIELD Elizabeth - Halsbury's Laws of England Annual Abridgment 1999
138877: QUICKENDEN Kenneth, BAGGOTT Sally, DICK Malcolm - Matthew Boulton Enterprising Industrialist of the Enlightenment
96698: SMITH Kenneth - Of Hares and Hounds a Collection of Verse
38227: MUGFORD Kenneth and HEATHFIELD Elizabeth [Editors] et al. - Halsbury's Laws of England Annual Abridgement 1981 - 1990
151837: COOK Kenneth - The Man Underground
143361: MACKSEY Kenneth - Military Errors of World War Two
142797: GRAHAM Kenneth, KOLENTSIS Alysia - Shakespeare on Stage and Off
167311: DEWHURST Kenneth - Dr Thomas Sydenham 1624-1689 His Life and Original Writings
165901: BOURNE Kenneth - The Foreign Policy of Victorian England 1830-1902
135428: SHEARWOOD Kenneth - Whistle the Wind
123510: ROBSON Kenneth - Robson's Guide Stillwater Trout Flies an Alphabetical Survey in Colour
126070: INGHAM Kenneth - A History of East Africa
115954: DYSON Kenneth - European Detente Case Studies of the Politics of East-West Relations
50607: TWTCHETT Kenneth - Europe and the World the External Relations of the Common Market
172012: BRADLEY Kenneth - The Diary of a District Officer
51866: MUGFORD Kenneth - Halsbury's Laws of England Cumulative Supplement 1989 Part 1 Volumes 1 - 18
166543: CLARK Kenneth - Leonardo Da Vinci
51828: MUGFORD Kenneth, HEATHFIELD Elizabeth - Halsbury's Laws of England Annual Abridgment 1987
162200: ELLIOTT Kenneth - Musica Scotica Editions of Early Scottish Music Volume I the Complete Works of Robert Carver and Two Anonymous Masses [&] Volume II Sixteenth Century Scots Songs for Voice and Lute
136372: BALLHATCHET Kenneth - Caste Class Catholicism in India 1789-1914 (London Studies on South Asia)
170897: HARRISON Kenneth - The Windows of King's College Chapel Notes on Their History and Design
171807: GRAHAME Kenneth, LYNCH James [Illustrator] - The Wind in the Willows
164337: MORGAN Kenneth, MORGAN Jane - Portrait of a Progressive the Political Career of Christopher Viscount Addison
171499: YOUNG Kenneth - Rhodesia and Independence a Study in British Colonial Policy
170277: DAWSON Kenneth - Just an Ordinary Shoot
51868: MUGFORD Kenneth - Halsbury's Laws of England Cumulative Supplement 1988 Part 1 Volumes 1 - 18
135046: ADAMS Kenneth - Healing in Hell the Memoirs of a Far Eastern Pow Medic
171012: CLARK Kenneth, SAUMAREZ SMITH Charles - The Nude a Study in Ideal Form
157178: MACKSEY Kenneth - Battle Normandy 1944 Life and Death in the Heat of Combat
144161: MACKSEY Kenneth - Without Enigma the Ultra and Fellgiebel Riddles
134826: GRAHAME Kenneth - Dream Days
170642: DAY Kenneth - Alvis the Story of the Red Triangle
145577: CURRY Kenneth - Southey [Routledge Author Guides]
151842: COOK Kenneth - Piper in the Market-Place
151841: COOK Kenneth - Bloodhouse
151839: COOK Kenneth - Tuna
153880: CLARK Kenneth - Civilisation a Personal View
126138: HOPKINS Kenneth - The Powys Brothers a Biographical Appreciation
133737: POWELL Kenneth - New London Architecture
51825: MUGFORD Kenneth, HEATHFIELD Elizabeth - Halsbury's Laws of England Annual Abridgment 1986
128610: HUGHES Mary Kent - Matilda Waltzes with the Tommies
160802: RASMUSSEN R. Kent - Dear Mark Twain Letters from His Readers
167550: PUCKETT Kent - The Electoral Imagination Literature Legitimacy and Other Rigged Systems
57807: DALLETT Kent - Problems of Psychology
86750: DEZSO Keresztury - Ezer Ev Mestermuvei a Magyar Muveszet Kepeskonyve
144909: EDWARDS-STOUT Kergan - Never Turn Your Back on the Tide (or How I Married a Lying Psychopathic Wannabe Murderer and Kinda Lived to Tell)
159135: HULME Keri - The Bone People
169983: DOWNES Kerry - Sir John Vanbrugh
163307: POWELL Kerry - The Cambridge Companion to Victorian and Edwardian Theatre (Cambridge Companions to Literature)
139907: FLUDE Kevin - Divorced Beheaded Died the History of Britain's Kings and Queens in Bite-Sized Chunks
149736: TOOLIS Kevin - Nine Rules to Conquer Death
170436: BIRMINGHAM Kevin - The Most Dangerous Book the Battle for James Joyce's Ulysses
155202: SHARPE Kevin, ZWICKER Steven N. - Refiguring Revolutions Aesthetics and Politics from the English Revolution to the Romantic Revolution
156254: INGRAM Kevin - Rebel the Short Life of Esmond Romilly
142757: McALEER Kevin - Berlin Tango
165455: BERGIN Kevin - VIC Games
162283: IVISON Kevin - Red One a Bomb Disposal Expert on the Front Line
161661: LANE Kevin - The Inca Lost Civilizations
165754: McCAIN Kevin - Understanding How Science Explains the World
133004: GREENE Kevin - Archaeology an Introduction the History Principles and Methods of Modern Archaeology
157677: CUMMINS Kevin - While We Were Getting High Britpop and the '90s
169589: PAINE Kevin - Harnessing Fibres for Concrete Construction Proceedings of the International Conference Dundee July 2008
165456: BERGIN Kevin - Commodore 64 Games
165295: SHARPE Kevin - Selling the Tudor Monarchy Authority and Image in Sixteenth-Century England
144899: HUTCHINGS Kevin - Transatlantic Upper Canada Portraits in Literature Land and British-Indigenous Relations
167741: BOYLAN Kevin, OLIVIER Luc - Valley of the Shadow the Siege of Dien Bien Phu
136129: CROSSLEY-HOLLAND Kevin - Storm and Other Old English Riddles
141317: BIN SULTAN Khaled, SEALE Patrick - Desert Warrior a Personal View of the Gulf War by the Joint Forces Commander
146020: SINGH Khushwant - My Bleeding Punjab
163499: KIDD Charles Kidd, WILLIAMSON David - Debrett's Peerage and Baronetage 1995
169604: BASHAM Kim - Infrastructure New Materials and Methods of Repair Proceedings of the Third Materials Engineering Conference Held in San Diego California November 13-16 1994
170062: SAMUEL Kim - On Belonging Finding Connection in an Age of Isolation
171722: JAE-UN Kim - The Koreans Their Mind and Behavior
160037: DIRCKINCK-HOLMFELD Kim et al. - Faerosk Arkitektur Architecture on the Faroe Islands
159330: KARLSSON Kim, MURCK Alfreda, MATTEINI Michele - The Eccentric Visions the Worlds of Luo Ping (1733-1799)
36356: KING, Betty - White Unicorn
36357: KING, Betty - We Are Tomorrow's Past
36393: KING, Betty - Flight of the Merlin
36351: KING, Betty - The Captive James
36347: KING, Betty - Claybourn
36346: KING, Betty - Emma Hamilton
36352: KING, Betty - Margaret of Anjou
36353: KING, Betty - Boadicea
125627: AMIS Kinglsey - Ending Up
154391: AMIS Kingsley - I Want It Now
154356: AMIS Kingsley - The Anti-Death League
139437: AMIS Kingsley - I Want It Now
112583: HART Kingsley - The Letters of Dorothy Osborne to Sir William Temple 1652 - 54
154392: AMIS Kingsley - A Case of Samples Poems 1946-1956
154393: AMIS Kingsley - Girl 20
171497: FAIRBRIDGE Kingsley - The Story of Kingsley Fairbridge by Himself
154394: AMIS Kingsley - I Want It Now
153285: AMIS Kingsley - Lucky Jim
131604: DE BARRI Kinsman - The Bucks and Bawds of London Town
168492: VAN DEUSEN Kira - Tigers and the Internet Story Shamans History
92758: DESAI Kiran - Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard
167913: MANKODI Kirit - To What God Shall We Render Homage in the Temple at Modhera and Other Writings
66017: LAKE Kirsopp - The Earlier Epistles of St Paul
167229: CHEN Kirstin - Counterfeit
159097: WEDD Kit, PELTZ Lucy, ROSS Cathy - Creative Quarters the Art World in London 1700-2000
110690: WILLIAMS Kit - Untitled the Bee Book
147639: DENTON Kit - The Breaker
65098: BARNE Kitty, WHEELER D.W. - To-Morrow
168961: SLATER Kitty - The Hunt Country of America
141848: NISHIKAWA Kiyoshi, MARUANI Jean, BRANDAS Erkki J. - Quantum Systems in Chemistry and Physics Progress in Methods and Applications (Progress in Theoretical Chemistry and Physics)
159234: BENESOVSKA Klara, HLOBIL Ivo - Peter Parler and St Vitus's Cathedral 1356-1399
143147: BENESOVSKA Klara - Kralovsky Snatek Eliska Premyslovna a Jan Lucembursky 1310
144151: LARRES Klaus - Churchill's Cold War the Power of Personal Diplomacy
171926: EPSTEIN Klaus - Matthias Erzberger and the Dilemma of German Democracy
169168: KLEMP Klaus, WAGNER Matthias K. - Alles Neu 100 Jahre Neue Typografie Und Neue Grafik in Frankfurt Am Main
166067: DOERNER Klaus - Madmen and the Bourgeoisie a Social History of Insanity and Psychiatry
157743: PATEL Kiran Klaus - Project Europe a History
171163: MAI Klaus, KM7 - See
50623: WEIGELT Klaus - Patriotismus in Europa Festgabe Für Professor Dr Bruno Hack Zum 70 Geburtstag
159215: ERTZ Klaus - Jan Breughel the Younger (1601-1678) the Paintings with Oeuvre Catalogue Flemish Painters in the Circle of the Great Masters Volume 1
159213: EISELE Klaus - Jan Wijnants (1631/32-1684) Ein Niederländischer Maler Der Ideallandschaft IM Goldenen Jahrhundert Mit Umfassendem Oeuvrekatalog
159332: ERTZ Klaus - Jan Brueghel Der ältere (1568-1625) Die Gemälde Mit Kritischem Ouevrekatalog
169000: RANDSBORG Klavs - The Viking Age in Denmark the Formation of a State
168814: KNEBWORTH Viscount, et al. - Winter Sports Lonsdale Library Vol VIII
95916: KNIGHT, G. Wilson - The Golden Labyrinth
167234: FARR Cecilia Konchar - Open at the Close Literary Essays on Harry Potter
158855: KONIG David Thomas, et al. - Devising Liberty Preserving and Creating Freedom in the New American Republic
145089: ZEGERS Peter Kort, DRUICK Douglas - Windows on the War Soviet Tass Posters at Home and Abroad 1941-1945
150677: VLASSOPOULOS Kostas - Unthinking the Greek Polis Ancient Greek History Beyond Eurocentrism
151039: KALIMTZIS Kostas - An Inquiry Into the Philosophical Concept of Schole Leisure As a Political End
168887: KALUND Kr, HANSEN Olaf - Sturlunga Saga I Dansk OversæTtelse
117135: Anthony Kraff - Architecture Formes Fonctions; Architektur Form Funktion; Architecture Forms Functions; Arquitectura Formas Edition 1967 13e Annee Revue Internationale Annuelle
158458: ARNETT Kristen - With Teeth
169835: SWEET Kristi - Kant on Freedom Nature and Judgment the Territory of the Third Critique
160458: NOURIL Ksenia, GLANC Tomas - Dialogues Ilya Kabakov and Vikor Pivovarov Stories About Ourselves
157301: BANDYOPADHYAY Premansu Kumar - Tulsi Leaves and the Ganges Water the Slogan of the First Sepoy Mutiny at Barrackpore 1824
154119: DUTT Nripendra Kumar - Origin and Growth of Caste in India Volume II Castes in Bengal
139843: MOOKERJI Radha Kumud - The Gupta Empire
169462: CHANDRUANG Kumut - My Boyhood in Siam
140153: Shunsuke Kurakata - Modern Building Tokyo
102712: SCHUBERT Kurt, HEYN Hans, LOHMANN Michael, HELTAY Hilary - Der Chiemsee
140907: SINGER Kurt - Gentlemen Spies
70881: GANZL Kurt - The Complete Aspects of Love
25690: SINGER Kurt - Gentlemen Spies
159237: WETTENGL Kurt - Georg Flegel 1566-1638 Stilleben
133260: DYSON Ketaki Kushari - A Various Universe a Study of the Journals and Memoirs of British Men and Women in the Indian Subcontinent 1765 - 1856
154135: WILLIAMS Kyffin - The Land and the Sea
149995: BIRD Kym - Blowing Up the Skirt of History Recovered and Reanimated Plays by Early Canadian Women Dramatists 1876-1920
165285: McSHINE Kynaston - Joseph Cornell
124888: KOUTSOMALLIS Kyriakos - Ancient Greece and Masson
165086: GANSHOF F. L. - Feudalism
165575: BOMBGARDNER D.L. - The Story of the Roman Amphitheatre
81659: WOODS Margaret L. - Poems Old and New
69909: HOLT Alan L. - The Dying Fox the Sad Little Faithful Dog the Stag That Got Away and Other Poems
171900: BEISNER Robert L. - Dean Acheson a Life in the Cold War
163823: GECKLE George L. - Measure for Measure Shakespeare the Critical Tradition Volume 6
129616: TARASSUK L., DRAPKIN R. - Antique European and American Firearms at the Hermitage Museum
97358: STADIE L. - Deutsche Geschichte Band I [&] Band II
166340: AHRONS E.L. - The British Steam Railway Locomotive from 1825 to 1925
102553: EDWARDS David L. - The Cathedrals of Britain
156424: HUMPHREYS Arthur L. - Somersetshire Parishes a Handbook of Historical Reference to All Places in the County in 8 Parts
126567: LYKE Larry L. - King David with the Wise Woman of Tekoa the Resonance of Tradition in Parabolic Narrative
164648: PIKE David L. - Subterranean Cities the World Beneath Paris and London 1800-1945
163904: GALE Robert L. - A Nathaniel Hawthorne Encyclopedia
108904: MACKAY Alan L, EBISON Maurice - The Harvest of a Quiet Eye a Selection of Scientific Quotations
170450: DOCTOROW E.L. - The March
170856: ARROWSMITH R.L., HILL B.J.W. - The History of I Zingari
157618: CRONIN Gloria L, HALL Blaine H. - Saul Bellow an Annotated Bibliography (Garland Reference Library of the Humanities)
51663: SMITH R.A.L. - Collected Papers
171438: SAYERS Dorothy L. - Strong Poison
110761: GRAVES Charles L., SAMBOURNE Linley - The Green Above the Red More Blarney Ballads
144708: ARMITT M.L. - The Church of Grasmere a History
170729: NORRIS-NEWMAN C.L. - With the Boers in the Transvaal and Orange Free State in 1880-81 (Africana Reprint Library Volume 6)
138215: MOGG R.P.L. - For This Alone & Other Poems
163618: KNAPP Bettina L. - Walt Whitman
162590: DOCTOROW E.L. - Welcome to Hard Times
164978: HEILBRON J.L. - The Ghost of Galileo in a Forgotten Painting from the English CIVIL War
157538: BALMER J.L. - British and Irish Regimental and Volunteer Medals 1745-1895 Volume I Regular Army
146968: PITTS William L. - The Reception of Rauschenbusch the Responses of His Earliest Readers
158476: CASERIO Robert L. - The Cambridge Companion to the Twentieth-Century Engligh Novel
55007: WEBBER John L., DELL Simon - Dartmoor's Policeman Poet the Verses of Constable John L. Webber of Widecombe-in-the-Moor 1863 - 1891
167883: GIBSON L. - Freedom Reread
137862: OWEN A. L. - The Famous Druids a Survey of Three Centuries of English Literature on the Druids [Oxford University Press Academic Monograph Reprints]
171391: BOURNE Hope L. - Living on Exmoor
44775: GOMME George L. - The Gentleman's Magazine Library Volume 3 Popular Superstitions
168455: NATHAN N.M.L. - A Map of Selves Beyond Philosophy of Mind (Routledge Studies in Metaphysics)
149455: ROWSE A.L. - The Expansion of Elizabethan England
128893: PATTERSON J.L. - Rome and Italy a Letter to His Grace the Duke of Norfolk E.M. By the Right Rev. Monsignor J.L. Patterson
145168: COFFEY Mary L., VERSTEEG Margot - Imagined Truths Realism in Modern Spanish Literature and Culture
163652: ROWSE A.L. - All Souls and Appeasement a Contribution to Contemporary History
153955: CALDWELL Donald L. - The Jg 26 War Diary Volume One 1939-1942 [&] Volume Two 1943-1945
168623: KENNEDY A. L. - All the Rage
166625: McGRATH Robert L. - Gods in Granite the Art of the White Mountains of New Hampshire
167361: MACKIE R.L. - Scotland an Account of Her Triumphs and Defeats Her Manners Institutions and Achievements in Art and Literature from Earliest Times to the Death of Scott
167384: HEDREN Paul L. - Rosebud June 17 1876 Prelude to the Little Big Horn
169376: BEIER A.L. - Masterless Men the Vagrancy Problem in England 1560 - 1640
157133: GRANATSTEIN J.L. - The Generals the Canadian Army's Senior Commanders in the Second World War
160414: SCHMIDT L. - Jugendstil
169508: MOORE Henrietta L. - A Passion for Difference Essays in Anthropology and Gender
152806: ALLEN John L. - Cardinal Ratzinger the Vatican's Enforcer of the Faith
168780: ROWSE A.L. - All Souls in My Time
85812: MENCKEN H.L. - Treatise on the Gods
85813: MENCKEN H.L. - Treatise on Right and Wrong
96219: SIMON Andre L. - In the Twilight
122573: SIMMONS J.L. - Shakespeare's Pagan World the Roman Tragedies
75049: IDRIESS Ion L. - Lasseter's Last Ride an Epic of Central Australian Gold Discovery
146295: BEYNON W.G.L. - With Kelly to Chitral
170486: SAYERS Dorothy L. - In the Teeth of the Evidence and Other Stories
171237: BLACKMORE Howard L. - British Military Firearms 1650-1850
171172: MOSSE George L., STEINHOFF Anthony J. - The Culture of Western Europe the Nneteenth and Twentieth Centuries
148620: THOMPSON F.M.L. - Gentrification and the Enterprise Culture Britain 1780-1980
144343: HANSON Kenneth L. - Whose Holy Land? Archaeology Meets Geopolitics in Today's Middle East
115180: ESPOSITO John L. - Islam in Asia Religion Politics and Society
162174: RUBINSTEIN Hilary L. - The Durham Papers Selections from the Papers of Admiral Sir Philip Charles Henderson Calderwood Durham G.C. B. (1763-1845) (Navy Records Society Publications Volume 166)
164525: STINCHCOMBE Arthur L. - Sugar Island Slavery in the Age of Enlightenment the Political Economy of the Caribbean World
164530: WHITE David L. - Competition and Collaboration Parsi Merchants and the English East India Company in 18th Century India
168996: SMYTH R.L. - Essays in Modern Economic Development
72889: BURTON T.L. - Sidrak and Bokkus Volume Two Books III-IV Commentary Appendices Glossary Index
121269: HAYES Samuel L. - Wall Street and Regulation
168743: HOWELL G.C.L, MOLESWORTH Colonel, PRATER S.H., BELL T.R. - The Making of a Himalayan Trout Water [with] Trout Culture on the Nilgiris, the Whale Shark Rhineodon Typus Smith in Indian Coastal Waters,the Common Butterflies of the Plains of India, Etc. .
140589: DAY A.C.L. - Outline of Monetary Economics
122235: SYMONDS Craig L. - Confederate Admiral the Life and Wars of Franklin Buchanan
101067: BLACKBURN Bob L. - The Chronicles of Oklahoma Volume LXXIV Number Three Fall 1996
57669: HENDERSON James L. - A Bridge Across Time the Role of Myths in History
169523: SCHIEFFELIN Edward L, CRITTENDEN Robert - Like People You See in a Dream First Contact in Six Papuan Societies
162569: WEINBERG Gerhard L. - Germany Hitler and World War II Essays in Modern German and World History
170903: JACK J.L., TERRAINE John - General Jack's Diary 1914-1918 the Trench Diary of Brigadier-General J.L. Jack D.S. O.
125348: ESPOSITO John L. - The Islamic World Past and Present 3 Volumes
128157: SATTIN D.L. - Barge Building and Barge Builders of the Swale
168071: BIERBRIER M.L. - Portraits and Masks Burial Customs in Roman Egypt
158795: CARSTEN F.L. - Essays in German History
155772: HAINES Aubrey L. - The Battle of the Big Hole the Story of the Landmark Battle of the 1877 Nez Perce War
170217: KENNEDY A. L. - Day
166141: KEARLEY B.L. - Let's Go Hunting
171478: MILLER Donald L. - Eighth Airforce the American Bomber Crews in Britain
171481: MYERS J.N.L. - The English Settlements Oxford History of England
171532: SHIRER William L. - The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich a History of Nazi Germany
157625: M.T.W. & E.B.L. - The Journal of a Rabbit Founded on Fact
159429: CLEARY Richard L. - The Place Royale and Urban Design in the Ancien Regime
158455: TOMLINS Christopher L. - Law Labor and Ideology in the Early American Republic
159431: CROCKER Richard L. - An Introduction to Gregorian Chant
165925: CROSBY Travis L. - The Two Mr Gladstones a Study in Psychology and History
149058: GRANT WATSON E.L., TUNNICLIFFE C.F. - The Leaves Return
170757: TONGUE R.L., BRIGGS K.M. - Somerset Folklore County Folklore Volume VIII
157537: KIPLING Arthur L., KING Hugh L. - Head-Dress Badges of the British Army Volume One Up to the End of the Great War [&] Volume II from the End of the Great War to the Present Day
165163: STOREY R.L. - The End of the House of Lancaster
165166: TAYLOR Robert L. - The Deceptive Brain Blame, Punishment, and the Illusion of Choice
171546: COLEMAN Francis L. - The Northen Rhodesia Copperbelt 1899-1962 Technological Development Up to the End of the Central African Federation
150203: SAYERS Dorothy L. - The Nine Tailors Changes Rung on an Old Theme in Two Short Touches and Two Full Peals
113794: JACKSON James L. - From Arms to Alms the Memoirs of Boy from Essex or As Some Might Say an 'Essex Boy'
126175: CAMPBELL J.L. - Canna the Story of a Hebridean Island
134350: TAYLOR J.L. - The Cricket Club Year Book 1950-1951 West Country Edition
117309: APPERSON G.L. - Gleanings After Time Chapters in Social and Domestic History
142249: STENI L. - Orchard of the Furies
160859: KANTOR Roanne L. - South Asian Writers Latin American Literature and the Rise of Global English (Cambridge Studies in World Literature)
170065: EINBINDER Susan L. - Writing Plague Jewish Responses to the Great Italian Plague (Jewish Culture and Contexts)
133665: DUNK John L. - Hyperacoustics Division II Successive Tonality
128647: PARSONS Martin L. - I'LL Take That One Dispelling the Myths of Civilian Evacuation 1939-45
163451: MURRAY K.L. - Beloved Marian the Social History of Mr and Mrs Warren Hastings
110760: GRAVES Charles L., HALKETT G.R. - The Blarney Ballads
162000: WOODWARD E.L. - Three Studies in European Conservatism Mettenich Guizot the Catholic Church in the Nineteenth Century
89850: ROWSE A.L. - Matthew Arnold Poet and Prophet
86770: GREAVES Richard L., ZALLER Robert, CANNISTRARO Philip V., MURPHY Rhoads - Civilizations of the World the Human Adventure Volume B from 1300 to 1800
164257: ASHWELL-WOOD L., GIFFORD Denis - The Eagle Book of Cutaways
159661: LA BRANCHE George M.L. - The Dry Fly and Fast Water Fishing with the Floating Fly on American Trout Streams Together with Some Observations on Fy Fishing in General
158849: KAGAN Richard L. - Lucrecia's Dreams Politics and Prophecy in Sixteenth-Century Spain
145905: BATALOV Andrej .L., BELIAEV Leonid.A. - Sakralnoe Prostranstvo Srednevekovoy Moskvy (Sacred Space of Medieval Moscow)
131807: BARRON S.L., ROBERTS D.F. - Issues in Fetal Medicine Proceedings of the Twenty-Ninth Annual Symposium of the Galton Institute London 1992
123493: LUPTON Harry L. - Lays of the Chase and Odds and Ends
158866: MAUSS Armand L. - All Abraham's Children Changing Mormon Conceptions of Race and Lineage
142648: VOSTRETSOVA L., KARASIK I., GUSHVITSKAIA E. - Iskusstvo V Zhizn 1918-1925 (Art Translated Into Life 1918-1925)
141383: PENNELL T. L. - Among the Wild Tribes of the Afghan Frontier a Record of Sixteen Years Close Intercourse with the Natives of the Indian Marches
114692: BLACK E.L., WOOD E.R. - Fifth Year English
166995: HORWITZ Sylvia L. - The Find of a Lifetime: Sir Arthur Evans and the Discovery of Knossos
142798: SMITH Sherry L. - Bohemians West an Intimate Story of Free Love Family and Radicals in Twentieth Century America
131960: SHINNIE P.L. - Ancient Nubia Studies in Egyptology
89909: WILDER F.L. - English Sporting Prints
145407: TCHOUGREEFF Andrei L. - Hybrid Methods of Molecular Modeling (Progress in Theoretical Chemistry and Physics)
129480: STOATE T.L. - All Saints Selworthy Parish Registers and CIVIL Papers Part 1 Parish Registers [&] Part 2 CIVIL Papers
138932: CAROSELLI Susan L. - The Painted Enamels of Limoges
139388: GRANT WATSON E.L., TUNNICLIFFE C.F. - Profitable Wonders Some Problems of Plant and Animal Life
142978: BAKER Carolyn L. - An Unintentional Accomplice a Personal Perspective on White Responsibility
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159706: WRIGHT Leonard M. - Neversink One Angler's Intense Exploration of a Trout River
123200: MITCHELL Ralph M. - The 101st Airborne Division's Defense of Bastogne
170906: KENNEDY W.M. - The Interpretations of the Bishops and Their Influence on Elizabethan Episcopal Policy (Alcuin Club Tracts Volume VIII)
56041: HALFORD Frederic M. - Making a Fishery the Halford Dry-Fly Series Volume III
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153665: NEWMAN Barclay M., NIDA Eugene A. - A Translator's Handbook on Paul's Letter to the Romans
18887: MOREL J.M. - Theorie Des Jardins
148813: LASKI Philip M. - The Trial and Execution of Madame Du Barry
165158: SHAPIRO Barry M. - Revolutionary Justice in Paris 1789-1790
168001: PRENTICE Michael M. - Supercorporate Distinction and Participation in Post-Hierarchy South Korea
158727: ALMEDINGEN E.M. - The Emperor Alexander I.
48297: WILLIAMS Michael M. - The Last of the English
154411: SKUES G.E.M. - Nymph Fishing for Chalk Stream Trout
166554: ABSHIRE David M., SAMUELS Michael A. - Portuguese Africa a Handbook
125475: SOUTHGATE W.M. - John Jewel and the Problem of Doctrinal Authority
169650: KAYE M.M. - The Sun in the Morning Being the First Part of Share of Summer the Autobiography of M.M. Kaye
163793: ASHER Frederick M. - Sarnath a Critical History of the Place Where Buddhism Began
132990: FAGAN Brian M. - Archaeology a Brief Introduction
138421: SMITH Gilbert M. - Cryptogamic Botany Volume II Biophytes and Pteridophytes
100986: ALEXANDER Eveline M., MYRES Sandra L. - Cavalry Wife the Diary of Eveline M Alexander 1866 - 1867
166470: SEDGWICK Noel M. - The Young Shot
108883: DALESKI H. M. - Dickens and the Art of Analogy
101039: HILLEARY William M., NELSON Herbert B., ONSTAD Preston E. - A Webfoot Volunteer the Diary of William M. Hilleary 1864-1866
118972: BORRAS F.M. - Maxim Gorky the Writer an Interpretation
168378: BEATTY David M. - Faith Force and Reason an Armchair History of the Rule of Law
171821: FITZPATRICK B.M. - Irish Sport and Sportsmen
147635: CRASTER J.M. - Fifteen Rounds a Minute the Grenadiers at War August to December 1914 Edited from the Diaries and Letters of Major 'Ma' Jeffreys and Others
167481: HOLT P.M., LAMBTON Ann K.S., LEWIS Bernard - The Cambridge History of Islam 2b Islamic Society and Civilization
150311: BROUGHAM Eleanor M. - Corn from Olde Fieldes an Anthology of English Poems from the XIV to the XVII Century with Biographical Notes
171401: TALBOT Mary M., TALBOT Bryan - The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia
164040: LUNDBERG James M. - Horace Greeley Print Politics and the Failure of American Nationhood
101769: DUVERNAY J.M., ROMAGNESI H., ROLLINAT Madeleine - Fleurs Des Jardins Et Des Serres Tome I.
168773: KAYE M.M. - Shadow of the Moon
54818: YOUNG Percy M. - Tragic Muse the Life and Works of Robert Schumann
119071: HECKSTALL-SMITH M. et al. - The Yachting Monthly Number 228 April 1925 Volume XXXXVIII
167882: WADDELL Peter M. - Broken Gospel? Christianity and the Holocaust
167965: KAZIC B.M. - International Championship Chess a Complete Record of Fide Events
109716: SIMISTER J. M. - Neuroleptics and Schizophrenia Proceedings of an International Symposium Held in Cambridge March 29th 1978
157354: CRAIG David M. - Robert Southey and Romantic Apostasy Political Argument in Britain 1780-1840
162649: THOM Valerie M. - Birds in Scotland
167703: NICHOLSON E.M. - Birds and Men the Bird Life of British Towns Villages Gardens and Farmland New Naturalist No. 17
116257: BURNS Robert M. - Philosophies of History from Enlightenment to Post-Modernity
50390: ROBERTS J.M. - Europe in the 20th Century Readings in 20th Century History Volume I 1900 - 14 [&] Volume II 1914 - 25
157105: DAVSON H.M. - The History of the 35th Division in the Great War
127617: BARRIE J.M., HOLE William - A Window in Thrums
150101: CLARE Mary M. - Full Ecology
147043: GASHO R.M., LISOVSKIY V.G. - Nikolay Vasilev Ot Moderna K Modernizmu
134144: ROGERS J.M., WARD R.M. - Suleyman the Magnificent
155205: SMITH Richard M. - Land Kinship and Life-Cycle
154535: FRIEND John M., THAYER Bradley A. - How China Sees the World Han-Centrism and the Balance of Power in International Politics
57763: MITCHELL-WITHERS M., HOYLAND Henry - Enter Clowns
118031: BLUM Clara M. - Old World Lace or a Guide for the Lace Lover
166147: PEEL Hazel M., MONEY Keith - Pilot the Hunter
166157: BURNS Ian M. - The Rnas and the Birth of the Aircraft Carrier 1914-1918
145114: WHITE Julia M. - Repentant Monk Illusion and Disillusion in the Art of Chen Hongshou
171523: STIRLING W.G.M., HOUSE J.A. - They Served Africa with Wings
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162889: SCOTT H.M. - The European Nobilities in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries Volume One Western Europe [&] Volume Two Northern Central and Eastern Europe
146184: CLERY M. - Journal de Ce Qui Passe a la Tour Du Temple Pendant la Captivite de Louis XVI Roi de France Nouvelle édition
158791: BUMSTED J.M. - Interpreting Canada's Past Volume 1 Pre-Confederation
85105: AUSBÜTTEL Frank M. - Germanische Herrscher Von Arminius Bis Theoderich
109589: SALMON J.H.M. - Cardinal de Retz the Anatomy of a Conspirator
125567: BAILEY Lieutenant Colonel F.M. - Mission to Tashkent
170145: SWEAT Margaret J. M. - Ethel's Love-Life and Other Writings (the Queer American Nineteenth Century)
141450: KENNY Peter M., BRETTER Frances F., BROWN Michael K.,THURLOW Matthew A. - Duncan Phyfe Master Cabinetmaker in New York
165148: ROBERTSON H.M. - Aspects of the Rise of Economic Individualism a Criticism of Max Weber and His School (Cambridge Studies in Economic History)
171547: GREENFIELD J.M. - Testimony of a Rhodesian Federal

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