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166220: KILDUFF Peter - Hermnn Goring Fighter Ace the World War I Career of Germany's Most Infamous Airman
91485: NICHOLS Peter - A Piece of My Mind
170121: GREENHALGH Peter - Pompey the Republican Prince
162909: THORNTON Peter - Authentic Decor the Domestic Interior 1620-1920
169086: BECKFORD Peter - Thoughts on Fox and Hare Hunting in a Series of Letters to a Friend
167956: PAPATHANASIOU Peter - The Invisible
162105: WEIERMAIR Peter - Oliviero Rainaldi Caduti
165442: GERRARD Peter, BERGIN Kevin - The Complete VIC Rom Disassembly
160585: LIPPMAN Peter - Surviving the Peace the Struggle for Postwar Recovery in Bosnia-Herzegovina
126092: QUENNELL Peter - The Sign of the Fish
170627: CARRICK Peter - Great Motor-Cycle Riders
170634: CLIFFORD Peter - The Art and Science of Motor Cycle Racing
117234: WHITFIELD Peter - Landmarks in Western Science from Prehistory to the Atomic Age
165057: BURLEY Peter - Witness to the Revolution British and American Despatches from France 1788- 94
135077: JACKSON Peter - Sacrifice Captivity and Escape the Remarkable Memoirs of a Japanese Pow
171322: STAHL Hans-Peter - Vergil's Aeneid Augustan Epic and Political Context
172008: BAXTER Peter - Rhodesia Last Outpost of the British Empire 1890-1980
168869: JONES Peter - Ove Arup Master Builder of the Twentieth Century
166038: BARHAM Peter - Schizophrenia and Human Value
104597: DENNIS Peter, PRESTON Adrian - Soldiers and Statesmen
142222: ELMER Peter, GRELL Ole Peter - Health Disease and Society in Europe 1500-1800 a Source Book
161380: REX Peter - Harold II the Doomed Saxon King
158590: TSCHMUCK Peter - The Economics of Music
141363: LEVI Peter - In the Light Garden of the Angel King
166867: YOUNG Peter - Edgehill 1642 the Campaign and the Battle
156939: ACKROYD Peter - The Clerkenwell Tales
154444: LINEHAN Peter - St John's College Cambridge a History
170319: THOMPSON Peter - The Battle for Singapore the True Story of Britain's Greatest Military Disaster
151943: HINCHLIFFE Peter - Schnaufer Ace of Diamonds the Biography of Heinz Wolgang Schnaufer : Germany's Top-Scoring Night Fighter of World War II
150729: KROPOTKIN Peter, WARD Colin - Memoirs of a Revolutionist
161460: HUMFREY Peter, LUCCO Mauro - Dosso Dossi Pittore Di Corte a Ferrara Nel Rinascimento
170646: GARNIER Peter, HEALEY Brian - Donald Healey My World of Cars
155161: LAKE Peter, QUESTLER Michael - The Trials of Margaret Clitherow Persecution Martyrdom and the Politics of Sanctity in Elizabethan England
106534: DAY Peter, CATLOW C. R. A. - Proceedings of the Royal Institution 65
152882: CHRISTIE Peter - North Devon History [&] More North Devon History
167865: EMERSON Peter - The Punters Guide to Democracy What It Is Sadly and What It Could Be Gladly
102389: GOESSEL Peter, LEUTHAEUSER Gabriele - Frank Lloyd Wright
163305: HULME Peter, YOUNGS Tim - The Cambridge Companion to Travel Writing (Cambridge Companions to Literature)
171040: STANSKY Peter - Sassoon the Worlds of Philip and Sybil
170703: GODWIN Peter, HANCOCK Ian - Rhodesians Never Die the Impact of War and Political Change on White Rhodesia C. 1970-1980
170956: WEST Peter - Denis Compton Cricketing Genius
165444: GERRARD Peter - Using the 64
165446: GERRARD Peter - Exploring Adventures on the Spectrum 48k
165448: GERRARD Peter - Exploring Adventures on the Dragon
140824: MAAS Peter - Killer Spy the Inside Story of the Fbi's Pursuit and Capture of Aldrich Ames America's Deadliest Spy
158278: BALDWIN Peter - Command and Persuade Crime Law and the State Across History
160763: GIBIAN Peter - Oliver Wendell Holmes and the Culture of Conversation
169286: HORE Peter - The Habit of Victory the Story of the Royal Navy 1545 to 1945
128523: ROEBUCK Peter - Yorkshire Baronets 1640-1760 Families Estates and Fortunes
169281: O'REILLY Peter - Trout and Salmon Loughs of Ireland a Fisherman's Guide
139613: EARLE Peter - The Wreck of the Almiranta Sir William Phips and the Hispaniola Treasure
143992: FINCH Peter - The Machineries of Joy
137259: DERIABIN Peter - Watchdogs of Terror Russian Bodyguards from the Tsars to the Commissars
147159: STUPPLES Peter, COLLINS Roger - John Clark Hoyte Early New Zealand Landscapes
125678: MACKENZIE-PHILPS Peter - Successful Modern Salmon Flies
128660: QUILLER Peter, DAVIS Courtney - Merlin Awakes Revelations and Truths for a New Age
159784: ALEXANDER Peter, GILL Roger - Utopias
156025: LETHBRIDGE Peter - The Beresfords in Tarndale
167556: LORGE Peter - Sun Tzu in the West the Anglo-American Art of War
159766: MUDFORD Peter - Memory and Desire Representations of Passion in the Novella
153382: JAMES Peter - Centuries of Darkness a Challenge to the Conventional Chronology of Old World Archaeology
120636: CAREY Peter - His Illegal Self
156369: CAREY Peter - The Fat Man in History
171366: COZZENS Peter - The Warrior and the Prophet the Shawnee Brothers Who Defied a Nation
121205: PHILLIPS Peter - The Diaries of Bishop William Poynter V.A. 1815-1824
163231: STAMM Peter, HOFMAN Michael - It's Getting Dark Stories
110805: ACKROYD Peter - The Collection
112144: SPAFFORD Peter - Interference the Story of Czechoslovakia in the Words of Its Writers
159775: GERRARD Peter - Using the Commodore 16
113214: POYNTZ WRIGHT Peter - The Parish Church Towers of Somerset Their Construction Craftsmanship and Chronology 1350 - 1550
171353: ACKROYD Peter - Venice Pure City
149695: COLLIER Peter - Things in Glocca Morra
164224: HOPKIRK Peter - On Secret Service East of Constantinople the Plot to Bring Down the British Empire
165443: GERRARD Peter - Exploring Adventures on the Oric 48k
170576: BRANDON Peter - The South Saxons
141230: PINDAR Peter, ZALL P.M. - Peter Pindar's Poems
169839: BOKODY Peter - The Imagery and Politics of Sexual Violence in Early Renaissance Italy
163314: SABOR Peter - The Cambridge Companion to Frances Burney (Cambridge Companions to Literature)
167699: MARREN Peter - Nature Conservation a Review of the Conservation of Wildlife in Britain 1950-2001 New Naturalist No. 91
140559: DE LA BILLIERE Peter - Storm Command a Personal Account of the Gulf War
80066: JUPP Peter - British and Irish Elections 1784 - 1831
155196: SACKS Peter - Promised Lands
156774: PYE Peter - The Peter Pye Omnibus Red Mains'l, the Sea Is for Sailing, a Sail in the Forest, Backdoor to Brazil
150612: MACKRIDGE Peter, RICKS David - The British Council and Anglo-Greek Literary Interactions 1945-1955
137940: GWYNN-JONES Peter - The Coati Sable the Story of a Herald
146611: JENKINS Peter - Two Five Nine Reminiscences from a Garden Off Jalan Ampang
170075: SHAFFER Peter - Equus a Play
87058: HART Peter - The Somme
157511: LANE Peter - The Catenian Association 1908-1983 a Microcosm of the Development of the Catholic Middle Class
165929: GORDON Peter - The Political Diaries of the Fourth Earl of Carnarvon 1857-1890 Colonial Secretary and Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland
156906: GORDON Peter - A World in My Kitchen
120004: STOWELL H. Peter - Literary Impressionism James and Chekhov
171850: WATSON Peter - The French Mind 400 Years of Romance Revolution and Renewal
80547: REID Peter - By Fire and Sword the Rise and Fall of English Supremacy at Arms 1314 - 1485
167957: SNOW Peter, MACMILLAN Ann - Kings and Queens the Real Lives of the English Monarchs
133684: BOND Peter - The Continuing Story of the International Space Station
172030: GIBBS Peter - The History of the British South Africa Police Bsap Volume One the First Line of Defence 1899-1903 [&] Volume Two the Right of the Line 1903-1939
172031: GIBBS Peter, PHILLIPS Hugh - The History of the British South Africa Police 1889-1980
172032: GIBBS Peter, PHILLIPS Hugh, RUSSELL Nick - Blue and Old Gold the History of the South Africa Police 1889-1980
115793: KNEEN Peter - Soviet Scientists and the State an Examination of the Social and Political Aspects of Science in the Ussr Studies in Russian and East European History and Society
170909: KNATCHBULL-HUGESSEN Peter - Meanderings a Collection of Short Stories
158941: CAREY Peter - The Chemistry of Tears
168749: FLEMING Peter - News from Tartary a Journey from Peking to Kashmir
100143: ELSTOB Peter, EILOART Arnold - The Flight of the Small World
141917: LANHAM Peter - The Road Awaits
132768: THOROLD Peter - The British in France Visitors and Residents Since the Revolution
143348: DAY Peter - Klop Britain's Most Ingenious Spy
158878: NEVILLE Peter - Tomas Masaryk and Eduard Benes Czechoslovakia the Peace Conferences of 1919-23 and Their Aftermath
169749: STANIER Peter - Somerset in the Age of Steam
165450: GERRARD Peter, BERGIN Kevin - The Complete Commodore 64 Rom Disassembly
171771: HENNESSY Peter - The Prime Minister the Office and Its Holders Since 1945
143581: NEVILLE Peter - Hitler and Appeasement the British Attempt to Prevent the Second World War
163287: RABY Peter - The Cambridge Companion to Harold Pinter (Cambridge Companions to Literature)
164829: GERRARD Peter - Exploring Adventures on the Commodore 64
127939: PHILLIPS Peter - Lingard Remembered Essays to Mark the Sesquicententenary of John Lingard's Death
163278: BONDANELLA Peter, CICCARELLI Andrea - The Cambridge Companion to the Italian Novel (Cambridge Companions to Literature)
163280: BOXALL Peter - The Cambridge Companion to British Fiction 1980-2018 (Cambridge Companions to Literature)
77227: MULLEN Peter - A Grain of Mustard Seed a Novel
160587: CUNICH Peter et al. - A History of Magdalene College Cambridge
50541: CHRISTOFF Peter, STRECK Charlotte - International Affairs Volume 82 Number 5 September 2006
109679: BRENT Peter - Far Arabia Exploreres of the Myth
75343: PUGH Peter, NICKALLS Guy - Great Enterprise a History of Harrisons and Crosfield
170162: LUDLOW Peter - Disciples of Antigonish Catholics in Nova Scotia 1880-1960 (Mcgill-Queen's Studies in the History of Religion)
166119: STANFORD Peter - C. Day-Lewis a Life
169142: CAREY Peter - A Long Way from Home
171509: ARMSTRONG Peter - Operation Zambezi the Raid Into Zambia
171517: BECKER Peter - Path of Blood the Rise and Conquest of Mzilikazi Founder of the Matabele Tribe of Southern Africa
165531: PADFIELD Peter - War Beneath the Sea Submarine Conflict 1939-1945
147430: CARPENTER Peter - Catch
157216: SIMKINS Peter - Kitchener's Army the Raising of the New Armies 1914-16
167948: GEYE Peter - The Ski Jumpers a Novel
49754: TRUSCOTT Peter - European Defence Meeting the Strategic Challenge
36916: GUNN Peter - Napoleon's Little Pest the Duchess of Abrantes 1784 - 1838
168059: FRIEDERICI Peter - Beyond Climate Breakdown Envisioning New Stories of Radical Hope
164860: BECKFORD Peter, PAGET J. Otho - Thoughts on Hunting
164220: SLADE Peter - Beryl Cook 1926-2008 Intimate Relations
149780: HAYDEN Peter - Leaving Europe
156915: ACKROYD Peter - The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein
149578: DICKINSON Peter - Marigold the Music of Billy Mayerl
148851: WILLIAMS Peter - The Story of the Wellcome Trust Unlocking Sir Henry's Legacy to Medical Research
165135: PAPATHANASIOU Peter - The Stoning
157023: MAXWELL DAVIES Peter, JONES Nicholas - Peter Maxwell Davies Selected Writings (Music Since 1900)
156164: GARNSEY Peter, SALLER Richard - The Roman Empire Economy Society and Culture
110687: HADLEY Peter - Epic to Epigram an Anthology of Classical Verse
164784: BAGLEY Peter - Making Silver Jewellery
129142: BUITENHUIS Peter - The Great War of Words Literature As Propaganda 1914-18 and After
94686: BOWLER Peter - The Superior Person's Boxed Set
110785: STANSKY Peter, ABRAHAMS William - London's Burning Life Death and Art in the Second World War
162177: GOODWIN Peter - Nelson's Ships a History of the Vessels in Which He Served 1771-1805
145385: COSS Peter, LANCASTER LEWIS Joan C., ALCOCK Nat - Coventry Priory Register with Coventry in 1411 and Indexes
160196: DOYLE Peter - Mitres & Missions in Lancashire the Roman Catholic Diocese of Liverpool 1850-2000
139098: CANNON-BROOKES Peter - Painted Word British History Painting 1750-1830
161738: JACKSON Peter, MORGAN David - The Mission of Friar William Rubruck His Journey to the Court of the Great Khan Mongke 1253-1255
146671: DICKINSON Peter - My Vancouver Dance History Story Movement Community
170914: MANDLER Peter - The Fall and Rise of the Stately Home
123177: BURNESS Peter - The Nek the Tragic Charge of the Light Horse at Gallipoli
80844: DAVISON Peter - Contemporary Drama and the Popular Dramatic Tradition in England
112876: GALLOWAY Peter - The Order of the British Empire
133566: STJERNSTROM Peter - Young Man Turns 300 About Linnaeus 2007 the Anniversary That Looked to the Future
155032: BECKFORD Peter, ARMOUR George Denholm [Illustrator] - Thoughts on Hunting in a Series of Familiar Letters by Peter Beckford Esq
58151: SUMMER Peter - Hatchments in Britain 1 Northamptonshire Warwickshire and Worcestershire
169903: SMALLEY Peter - Peter Smalley 6 Volumes Hms Expedient, Port Royal, Barbary Coast, the Hawk, the Gathering Storm, the Pursuit
142224: JONES Peter - The French Revolution in Social and Political Perspective
147532: FUNNELL Peter, WARNER Malcolm, FLINT Kate, MATTHEW H.C.G., ORMOND Leonee - Millais Portraits
167037: ACKROYD Peter - Albion the Origins of the English Imagination
162517: STOTHARD Peter - The Senecans Four Men and Margaret Thatcher
149690: GILLIES Peter - Quantum
134440: HAPPE Peter - The Tide Tarrieth No Man 1576 the Malone Society Reprints Volume 179
92594: HARRIS Peter - What Became of Alex Bretherton
92237: PUGH Peter - The Magic of a Name the Rolls-Royce Story Part Two the Power Behind the Jets 1945 - 1987
89763: LANSLEY Peter - Running with Wolves
87107: WHIGHAM Peter - Letter to Juvenal 101 Epigrams from Martial
85027: HOPKIRK Peter - Foreign Devils on the Silk Road
83109: LOCK Peter - An Exmoor Scolding in the Propriety and Decency of the Exmoor Dialect between Two Sisters Wilmot Moreman and Thomasia Moreman As They Were Spinning Also an Exmoor Courtship
139189: RUSSELL Peter - Prince Henry the Navigator a Life
143514: MEECH Peter - Billy (the Kid)
97666: BROWN Peter - The Chathamites a Study in the Relationship between Personalities and Ideas in the Second Half of the Eighteenth Century
160862: TRUDGILL Peter - European Language Matters English in Its European Context
123341: CLARKE Peter - Mr Churchill's Profession Statesman Orator Writer
131761: DIGGORY Peter, POTTS Malcolm, TEPER Sue - Natural Human Fertility Social and Biological Determinants
170432: ACKROYD Peter - Blake
170526: STANSKY Peter - Redesigning the World William Morris the 1880s and the Arts and Crafts
160242: STONELEY Peter, WEINSTEIN Cindy - A Concise Companion to American Fiction 1900-1950
110078: DAWLISH Peter - Aztec Gold
155892: GERRARD Peter, DOYLE Danny - A Pocket Handbook for the Commodore VIC
162654: LACK Peter - The Atlas of Wintering Birds in Britain and Ireland
155641: GERRARD Peter - Exploring Adventures on the VIC
155743: CONRAD Peter - Verdi and/or Wagner Two Men Two Worlds Two Centuries
72091: THOMPSON Peter - Global Warming the Debate
113427: CLARK Peter, CLARK Jennifer - The Boston Assembly Minutes 1545-1575 Publications of the Lincoln Record Society
121146: DOYLE Peter - The Correspondence of Alexander Goss Bishop of Liverpool 1856-1872
165461: GERRARD Peter, SKINNER Bryan - Mr Chips Comes Home Micros and Home Education
160528: HOPKIRK Peter - Trespassers on the Roof of the World the Race for Lhasa
147247: STOTHARD Peter - The Senecans Four Men and Margaret Thatcher
171206: THILLY Peter - The Opium Business a History of Crime and Capitalism in Maritime China
159974: HOLMES Peter - Caroline Casuistry the Cases of Conscience of Fr Thomas Southwell Sj (Catholic Record Society: Records Series)
153003: CARNLEY Peter - The Structure of Resurrection Belief
156629: HALDEN Peter - Family Power Kinship War and Political Orders in Eurasia 500-2018
94391: URE Peter - Yeats the Playwright a Commentary on Character and Design in the Major Plays
140865: SNOW Peter - Hussein a Biography
160544: KILDUFF Peter - The Illustrated Red Baron the Life and Times of Manfred Von Richthofen
168963: WEBB Peter - Hunting in West Kent 1617-1999 an Anthology
165451: GERRARD Peter, DOYLE Danny - A Pocket Handbook for the Commodore 64
165452: GERRARD Peter, DOYLE Danny - A Pocket Handbook for the Dragon
131946: LACOVARA Peter - The New Kingdom Royal City Studies in Egyptology
165484: HOEG Peter - Tales of the Night
119048: MARREN Peter - England's National Nature Reserves
160425: STUART Peter - The Black Book of Falling
167151: DOYLE Peter - Westminster Cathedral 1895-1995
165357: ALEXANDER Peter, GILL Roger - Utopias
169585: MORRIS Peter - First Aid to the Battleffront Life and Letters of Sir Vincent Kennett-Barrington (1844-1903)
169476: GOW Peter - An Amazonian Myth and Its History (Oxford Studies in Social & Cultural Anthropology)
77544: COSS Peter - The Lady in Medieval England 1000 - 1500
171241: BADCOCK Peter - Faces of War
163662: MARSH Peter - The Discipline of Popular Government Lord Salisbury's Domestic Statecraft 1881-1902
163482: TAYLOR Peter - Popular Politics in Early Industrial Britain Bolton 1825-1850
163495: FENDI Peter - Peter Fendi 40 Erotic Watercolours
165917: CORBETT David Peters - The Modernity of English Art 1914-1930
163090: [House of Lords Petition] - Earldom of Oxford Case of the Right Hon. John James Hugh Henry Stewart-Murray Duke of Atholl Together with Pedigrees Appendices and Documents Relating to the Preliminary Proceedings... In 3 Volumes
163129: [House of Lords Petition] - Barony of Vaux of Harrowden Case on Behalf of Grace Mary Eleanor Gilby Senior Co-Heir 1937 [&] Proceedings and Evidence Taken Before the Committee for Privileges
155507: KAVAN Petr, PATON Derek - Questions Are Answers Sculptures Wood Stone Bronze
167760: HARDT Petra, WAGNER Laura - Loving at a Distance
159247: PETRARCA Francesco, ALIGHIERI Dante, PULCI Luigi, BERNI Francesco, et al. - Parnaso Italiano Ovvero Raccolta de'Poeti Classici Italiani 15 Volumes
126090: PETRONIUS, MITCHELL J. M. - The Satyricon
157524: DUMITRIU Petru, DENNY Norman - Incognito
149581: DUMITRIU Petru, DENNY Norman - Incognito
155474: DUMITRIU Petru, HYAMS Edward - Family Jewels
165011: PEYTON-JONES Julia, BRACEWELL Michael, et al. - Wolgang Tillmans
170031: RINPOCHE Phakchok - Awakening Dignity a Guide to Living a Life of Deep Fulfillment
152816: DAVIS Nuel Pharr - Lawrence and Oppenheimer
170675: READ Phil, WRIGHT Graeme - Phil Read the Real Story
164909: BAKER Phil - The Devil Is a Gentleman the Life and Times of Dennis Wheatley
164747: BAKER Phil, CLAYTON Anthony - Lord of Strange Deaths the Fiendish World of Sax Rohmer
98917: PILLEY Phil, JACKLIN Tony - Golfing Art
171081: BEDDARD Phil - Nocturnal Global Highflyers
171254: MASSON Charles Francois Philibert - Secret Memoirs of the Court of Petersburg Particularly Towards the End of the Reign of Catharine II and the Commencement of That of Paul I Forming a Description of the Manners of Petersburg at the Close of the Eighteenth Century. .
60856: HENDERSON Philip - Samuel Butler the Incarnate Bachelor
137050: THICKNESSE Philip - A Year's Journey Through France and Part of Spain
150222: YORDAN Philip - Man of the West
149525: KERR Philip - A German Requiem
125942: SIDNEY Philip, NICHOLS J.G. - The Poetry of Sir Philip Sidney an Interpretation in the Context of His Life and Times English Texts & Studies
165305: VANN Philip, WULLSCHLAGER Jackie - Joash Woodrow Landscapes
161228: HOARE Philip - Albert and the Whale
139282: FARMER Jose Philip - The Magic Labyrinth
153981: FREEMAN Philip - Julius Casear
169980: WARNER Philip - A Cavalryman in the Crimea the Letters of Temple Godman 5th Dragoon Guards
152301: HOFER Philip - Edward Lear As a Landscape Draughtsman
164607: JENKINS Philip - The Great and Holy War How World War I Changed Religion for Ever
171063: AUGUR Philip, WINSTONE Keely - Agent Twister John Stonehouse and the Scandal That Gripped the Nation
119378: BURROWS Philip - Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles Kennel Club Stud Book 1971
145423: HOGGAN Philip, BRANDAS Erkki J., MARUANI Jean - Advances in the Theory of Quantum Systems in Chemistry and Physics (Progress in Theoretical Chemistry and Physics)
166273: SCHAFF Philip, WACE Henry - The Ante-Nicene Fathers Second Series Volume IX Translations of the Writings of the Fathers Down to A.D. 325 St Hilary of Poitiers, John of Damascus
168333: CARAMAN Philip - Saint Angela the Life of Angela Merici Foundress of the Ursulines (1474-1540)
156367: BALL Philip - The Beauty of Chemistry Art Wonder and Science
127315: JENKINS Philip - Hidden Gospels How the Search for Jesus Lost Its Way
162099: THODY Philip - Roland Barthes a Conservative Estimate
170013: BOWRING Philip - The Making of the Modern Philippines Pieces of a Jigsaw State
118703: BURROWS Philip - Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles Kennel Club Stud Book 1961
118701: BURROWS Philip - Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles Kennel Club Stud Book 1967
162465: WARNER Philip - The Vital Link the Story of the Royal Signals 1945-1985
158226: MASON Philip - A Matter of Honour an Account of the Indian Army Its Officers and Men
119380: BURROWS Philip - Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles Kennel Club Stud Book 1972
119394: BURROWS Philip - Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles Kennel Club Stud Book 1970
119395: BURROWS Philip - Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles Kennel Club Stud Book 1969
119379: BURROWS Philip - Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles Kennel Club Stud Book 1973
157237: WRIGHT Philip - For Distinguished Conduct Warrant Officers Non Commissioned Officers and Men of the Grenadier Guards Awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal in the Great War 1914-1918
155612: BALL Philip - Universe of Stone Chartres Cathedral and the Triumph of the Medieval Mind
170283: BACK Philip - From Terrier Boy to Field Master
118705: BURROWS Philip - Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles Kennel Club Stud Book 1963
169040: PALMER Philip - First for Britain and Ireland a Historical Account of Birds New to Britain and Ireland 1600-1999
166662: HOOK Philip - Art of the Extreme 1905-1914 the European Art World
146257: MARSDEN Philip - The Spirit-Wrestlers a Russian Journey
152679: LONG Philip, CUMMING Elizabeth - The Scottish Colourists 1900-1930 F.C. B. Cadell, J.D. Ferguson, G.L. Hunter, S.J. Peploe
167463: HUGHES Philip - The Reformation in England Revised Edition Three Volumes in One
166252: SCHAFF Philip, WACE Henry [Eds] - The Ante-Nicene Fathers Second Series Volume VII Translations of the Writings of the Fathers Down to A.D. 325 S. Cyril of Jerusalem, S. Gregory Nazianzen
118702: BURROWS Philip - Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles Kennel Club Stud Book 1968
141403: WARNER Philip - Auchinleck the Lonely Soldier
165568: LARKIN Philip - The North Ship Poems
156178: HOARE Philip - Wilde's Last Stand Decadence Conspiracy and the First World War
170269: EVERED Philip - Staghunting with the Devon and Somerset 1887-1901 an Account of the Chase of the Wild Red Deer on Exmoor
160999: MANSEL Philip - Sultans in Splendour the Last Years of the Ottoman World
108649: METCALFE Philip - 1933
161149: TSANG Philip - The Obsolete Empire Untimely Belonging in Twentieth-Century British Literature
149669: WARNER Philip - The Zeebrugge Raid
96425: LORAINE Philip - Sea-Change
163836: JENKINS Philip - Fertility and Faith the Demographic Revolution and the Transformation of World Religions
118706: BURROWS Philip - Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles Kennel Club Stud Book 1964
118704: BURROWS Philip - Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles Kennel Club Stud Book 1962
92499: GLAZEBROOK Philip - The Burr Wood
114809: MORITZ Carl Philip, NETTEL Reginald (trans) - Journeys of a German in England a Walking-Tour of England in 1782
164165: GUEDALLA Philip - The Uniform Edition of the Works of Philip Guedalla 3 Volumes the Duke, Palmerston, the Second Empire
117355: LAURITZEN Philip - Highlights of an Arctic Revolution the First 120 Months of Greenlandic Home Rule
156841: HOY Philip - Donald Justice in Conversation with Philip Hoy (between the Lines)
133301: MAGNUS Philip - Kitchener Portrait of an Imperialist
129115: KELLEY Philip, COLEY Betty A. - The Browning Collections a Reconstruction with Other Memorabilia
129186: HOARE Philip - Wilde's Last Stand Decadence Comspiracy and the First World War
121950: GRIME J. Philip, LLOYD Philip S. - An Ecological Atlas of Grassland Plants
166089: KAPLAN Philip, CURRIE Jack - Round the Clock the Experience of the Allied Bomber Crews Who Flew by Day and by Night from England in the Second World War
161476: ZIEGLER Philip - Rupert Hart-Davis Man of Letters
149634: McDERMOTT Philip - For Distinguished Conduct in the Field the Register of the Distinguished Conduct Medal, 1920-1992
161835: YORKE Philip, WILLIAMS Richard - The Royal Tribes of Wales to Which Is Added an Account of the Fifteen Tribes of North Wales with Numerous Additions and Notes Preface and Index
169899: NORMAN Philip - Shout the True Story of the Beatles
127683: LARKIN Philip - The Less Deceived
166254: SCHAFF Philip, WACE Henry [Eds] - The Ante-Nicene Fathers Second Series Volume XII Translations of the Writings of the Fathers Down to A.D. 325 Leo the Great, Gregory the Great
147641: EADE Philip - Sylvia Queen of the Headhunters an Outrageous Englishwoman and Her Lost Kingdom
162022: BARFORD Philip - The Keyboard Music of C.P. E. Bach Considered in Relation to His Musical Aesthetic and the Rise of the Sonata Principle
166251: SCHAFF Philip, WACE Henry [Eds] - The Ante-Nicene Fathers Second Series Volume IV Translations of the Writings of the Fathers Down to A.D. 325 Athanasius Select Works and Letters
88198: MAYER Philip - Black Villagers in an Industrial Society Anthropological Perspectives on Labour Migration in South Africa
150246: FRANCIS Sir Philip - Junius Stat Nominis Umbra Volume I [&] Volume II
71411: SABIN V. Philip - A Catalogue of Naval Prints English Colonial and Foreign Views
96108: GLAZEBROOK Philip - Captain Vinegar's Commission
126057: DODD Philip - The Reverend Guppy's Aquarium from Joseph P Frisbie to Roy Jacuzzi How Everyday Items Were Named for Extraordinary People
171019: LARKIN Philip, THWAITE Anthony - Philip Larkin Letters to Monica
37823: GEEVES Philip - The Best of Geeves Nostalgic Cameos from Australia's Past
142973: HENSHER Philip - A Small Revolution in Germany
164533: ZIEGLER Philip - The Sixth Great Power Barings 1762-1929
136537: HENSHER Philip - Pleasured
158626: PULLMAN Philip - The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ
137697: FRANCIS Sir Philip - Junius Stat Nominis Umbra Volume I [&] Volume II
162561: CARAMAN Philip - Ignatius Loyola
159226: MEUSER Philipp - Galina Balaschowa Architektin Des Sowjetischen Raumfahrtprogramms
145095: MEUSER Philipp - Architectural and Cultural Guide Pyongyang
162222: PEARCE Philippa, JAQUES Faith - What the Neighbours Did and Other Stories
114315: MORGAN Philippa - Chaucer and the Legend of Good Women
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161822: FENTON Richard, FISHER John - Tours in Wales (1804-1813)
136908: WIDMORE Richard - Enquiry Into the Time of the First Foundation of Westminster Abbey... [&] an History of the Church of St Peter Westminster Commonly Called Westminster Abbey. .
119123: FREEBORN Richard - Russian Roulette
119122: FREEBORN Richard - American Alice
119126: FREEBORN Richard, GRAYSON Jane - Ideology in Russian Literature
121371: LESLIE Richard - The Fire of Spring
118714: FREEBORN Richard - The Emigration of Sergey Ivanovich
157910: CARLINE Richard - Stanley Spencer at War
171283: SORABJI Richard - Philoponus and the Rejection of Aristotelian Science
154418: WADDINGTON Richard - Fly Fishing for Salmon a Modern Technique
145535: MASLAND Richard - We Know It When We See It What the Neurobiology of Vision Tells Us About How We Think
126692: BACH Richard - Out of My Mind
167634: ADAMS Richard, BAYLEY Nicola - The Tyger Voyage
171296: PEACE Richard - Dostoevsky an Examination of the Major Novels
166975: ORMOND Richard, BLACKETT-ORD Carol - Franz Xaver Winterhalter and the Courts of Europe 1830-70
170851: CLAPHAM Richard - Foxes Foxhounds and Fox-Hunting
115830: OWEN Richard - Crisis in the Kremlin Soviet Aggression and the Rise of Gorbachov
135710: CHURCH Richard - News from the Mountain
117608: REECE Richard - The Medical Guide for the Use of the Clergy Heads of Families and Practitioners in Medicine and Surgery Comprising a Practical Dispensatory and Treatise on the Symptoms Causes Prevention and Cure of the Diseases Incident to the Human Frame
170363: HOLMES Richard - Redcoat the British Soldier in the Age of Horse and Musket
117196: MORRIS Richard - Achilles in the Quantum Universe the Definitive History of Infinity
161907: FABER Richard - Young England
147796: ROGNET Richard - Elégies Pour le Temps de Vivre Dans Les Méandres Des Saisons
160489: COGGINS Richard, PHILLIPS Anthony, KNIBB Michael - Israel's Prophetic Tradition Essays in Honour of Peter R. Ackroyd
140675: RICHARD - Promenades Dans le Nord de L'Europe
167014: BRITNELL Richard - Winchester Pipe Rolls and Medieval English Society
138433: VINEN Richard - The Unfree French Life Under the Occupation
168657: BROOK Richard - Manchester Modern
123326: BAGOT Richard - Casting of Nets in Two Volumes
154192: BRETT-SMITH Richard - The 11th Hussars (Prince Albert's Own)
110563: CLUTTERBUCK Richard - International Crisis and Conflict
170977: GREEN Richard - A History of the Old Berks Hunt 1905-2011
164295: BRADFORD Richard - The Life of a Long Distance Writer the Biography of Alan Sillitoe
170012: BRADFORD Richard - Tough Guy the Life of Norman Mailer
154024: OSBORNE Richard - Music and Musicians of Eton
152427: MARIUS Richard - Luther
132337: MULLER Hans Richard - Berge Der Welt Das Buch Der Forscher Und Bergsteiger
170972: CLAPHAM Richard - Foxhunting on the Lakeland Fells
123973: MARKS Richard, MORGAN Nigel - The Golden Age of English Manuscript Painting 1200 - 1500
96760: DREWETT Richard, REDHEAD Mark - The Trial of Richard III
95791: GREENE Richard - Graham Greene a Life in Letters
95085: PARKINSON Richard, EVANS John - The Old Church Clock with a Biographical Sketch of the Author
93176: GWYN Richard - Nationalism without Walls
81499: BAUM Richard - Bombay MIX
102483: LOCKE Richard - The Customs of the Manor of Taunton and Taunton Deane Agreeable to the Ancient Court Rolls and Customaries of the Said Manor
159472: PANKHURST Richard - The Ethiopians the Peoples of Africa
56702: GORDON Richard - Local Authority Powers the Practical Legal Framework
145960: HOLMES Richard - Dr Johnson & Mr Savage
147581: RHODES Richard - Hedy's Folly the Life and Breakthrough Inventions of Hedy Lamarr the Most Beautiful Woman in the World
134818: CONDON Richard - Some Angry Angel
148794: GODDARD Richard - Masters' Badges of the City of London Livery Companies
155644: FRANCIS Richard - Negotiating Rapture Transform the Power of Art to Transform Lives
164858: BALL Richard, ARMOUR G.D. - Broncho
110319: FABER Richard - Beaconsfield and Bolingbroke
156180: HODGES Richard, WHITEHOUSE David - Mohammed Charlemagne and the Origins of Europe Archaeology and the Pirenne Thesis
135301: GORER Richard - Hardy Foliage Plants
164457: ORMOND Richard, RISHEL Joseph, HAMLYN Robin - Sir Edwin Landseer
155016: READ Richard - Art and Its Discontents the Early Life of Adrian Stokes
154104: ADAMS Richard - Shardik
163641: DAWKINS Richard - The Greatest Show on Earth the Evidence for Evolution
165328: SORABJI Richard - Philoponus and the Rejection of Aristotelian Science
161140: SHORTEN Richard - The Ideology of Political Reactionaries (Routledge Innovations in Political Theory)
148003: LE GALLIENNE Richard - The Magic Seas a Romance
134785: JOHNSON Richard, FELLOWS Jennifer - The Seven Champions of Christendom 1596/7 (Non-Canonical Early Modern Popular Texts)
163639: MULLEN Richard - Birds of Passage Five Englishwomen in Search of America
171407: CROMPTON Richmal - William's Bad Resolution
167789: ELLIS Robert Richmond - Bibliophiles Murderous Bookmen and Mad Librarians the Story of Books in Modern Spain
146805: RYLANCE Rick - Literature and the Public Good
135119: HAGGARD H. Rider - The Classic Adventures Ayesha the Return of She Benita an African Romance
144445: JORDAN Rieke - Work in Progress Curatorial Labor in Twenty-First- Century American Fiction
159035: GRAHAM Rigby, YORKE Malcolm - A Lifetime of Drawing Rigby Graham Sketchbook Drawings
142762: JUNDI Rik - The People's Republic of Mancunia
171147: ASKEW Rilla - Prize for the Fire
153084: HOOJA Rima - Prince Patriot Parliamentarian the Biography of Dr Karni Singh Maharaja of Bikaner
158915: TAYLOR Rinaldo Rinaldini, CAUGHEY John Walton - Seeingthe Elephant Letters of R.R. Taylor Forty-Niner
134040: HEARN Gordon Risley - The Seven Cities of Delhi
137405: COTTIN Sophie Ristaud - Mathilde Ou Memoires Tires de L'Histoire Des Croisades
138007: COTTIN Marie-Sophie Risteau - Amelie Mansfield
148257: CALDER Ritchie - Two-Way Passage a Study of the Give-and-Take of International Aid
81958: CALDER Ritchie, JELLIS Rosemary - Man and His Environment
81026: OVENDALE Ritchie - The Longman Companion to the Middle East Since 1914
168525: DAHL Roald, BISSON Julien - Contes de L'Inattendu Nouvelles, Roman, Récits
56223: COX J. Roalfe - Horses in Accident and Disease Notes and Sketches
169544: HAUGLID Roar - Norwegian Stave Churches
137275: HAUGLID Roar - Old Art and Monumental Buildings in Norway Restored During the Last Fifty Years
142723: TURNER Rob - Counterfeit Culture Truth and Authenticity in the American Prose Epic Since 1960 (Cambridge Studies in American Literature and Culture)

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