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18013: SOCIETY OF ST JOHN - Evangelist
79: ALLEN John - Spiritual exposition of the Old and New Testament or the Christian's Gospel-treasure wherein each chapter is summed up in its contents and the sacred text inserted at large with notes, spiritual, practical and 2 volumes [Postage on request]
44797: ST JOHN'S ABBEY - Novena to St. Benedict
80052: JOHNSON C - Memling (born about 1458: died 1494): with an introduction and notes by Charles Johnson (The Faber Gallery)
42362: JOHNSON H - Soviet strength: its source and challenge
35886: JOHNSON S K - Talking with God: prayers and activities based on the Lord's Prayer (Pull-out game inside)
66427: JOHNSON M D - New Proclamation: Year C 2000-2001: the essential lectionary preaching aid in a reader-friendly format
42547: JOHNSON A R - Vitality of the individual in the thought of ancient Israel
37996: JOHNSON C - Hugh the Chantor: the history of the Church of York 1066-1127, in English & Latin text on facing pages
44238: JOHNSON W, LEITH J & STROUP G - Reformed reader: a source book in Christian theology, Volume 1: Classical Beginnings 1519 - 1799, Volume 2: Contemporary Trajectories 1799 - Present [2 volume set]
10384: JOHNSON P - Wake Up Britain!: a latter-day pamphlet
10393: JOHNSON S - Theology of the Gospels (Studies in Theology 56)
10395: JOHNSON S E - Jesus in his own times
10378: JOHNSON L T - Writings of the New Testament an interpretation
10372: JOHNSON L - Legends of Israel: essays in interpretation of some famous stories from the O T
10362: JOHNSON A C - Viscount Halifax: a biography (tp signed by author)
10365: JOHNSON A R - One and the many in the Israelite conception of God
43311: JOHNSON L T - The real Jesus: the misguided quest for the historical Jesus and the truth of the traditional gospels
17978: SNOW M & JOHNSON M - Conversation on a Friday evening: poems
27704: JOHNSON H - Determining cost of capital: the key to firm value (Corporate Finance Manual) includes decision-support software
82333: JOHNSON E A - She who is: the mystery of God in feminist theological discourse
82517: JOHNSON L T - Creed: what Christians believe and why it matters
81090: HARKER R D & JOHNSON J B - Rooted and grounded: essays on land and Christian discipleship
82484: JOHNSON A F - 1 Corinthians (IVP New Testament Commentary Series 7)
48916: JOHNSON M D - Making sense of the Bible: literary type as an approach to understanding
80650: JOHNSON L T - 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus (Knox Preaching Guides)
83306: JOHNSON R J A - Jonah (Little books of the kindly light - second series No. 26)
80123: JOHNSON S E - Commentary on the Gospel According to St. Mark (Black's New Testament Commentary)
81667: JOHNSON B C - British Museum legend: the extraordinary death of Henry Symons, sometime Deputy Superintendent of the Reading Room
51153: JOHNSON M D - Apostles' creed: a user's guide
39246: GUNDRY S N & JOHNSON A F - Tensions in contemporary theology
10380: JOHNSON P - History of Christianity
786: JOHNSON M D - Evolution of Christianity: twelve crises that shaped the church
60166: JOHNSON M D - New proclamation: Year A 2002: the essential lectionary preaching aid in a reader-friendly format
59583: JOHNSON D M - Dr Williams's Library London. Catalogue of accessions 1900 - 1950 being a catalogue of books published and added to the library during that period
55089: JOHNSTON W - Christian mysticism today
10417: JOHNSTON W - Wounded Stag
59372: JOHNSTON G - Ephesians Philippians Colossians and Philemon (Century Bible new edition based on the Revised Standard Version)
66513: JOHNSTON O R - Who needs the family: a survey and a Christian assessment
42553: JOHNSTON A - Presbyterians awake: an expatriate looks across the border
48576: JOHNSTON D - Brief history of theology: from the New Testament to feminist theology
81606: JOHNSTON J O - Life and Letters of Henry Parry Liddon: Canon of St Paul's Cathedral, and sometime Ireland professor of Exegesis in the University of Oxford
47617: JOHNSTON M - Gays under grace: a gay christian's response to homosexuality
41854: JOHNSTONE V - Learning to pray with the church
10418: JOHNSTONE W - Exodus (OTG)
58871: JOHNSTONE R - First Epistle of Peter: revised text with introduction and commentary
56016: JOINES S et al - Performance analysis for Java websites
33629: JOLLIFFE G - Christmas already again yet
35907: JONES N - Vestments (Church Needlework 4)
81103: JONES L E - Enjoying historic churches
43522: JONES K - Adam's dream: human longings and the love of God
26159: JONES N - Contemporary stories
57250: JONES P - Glory to God Choir/Organ: for assembly, SATB choir, descant, cantor and organ [St Thomas More Choral Series]
82638: JONES G H - Nathan narratives (JSOTS 80)
45915: LLOYD-JONES D M - Romans: an exposition of chapter 8:5-17: the sons of God
52040: BALLARD P H & JONES D H - This land and people: a symposium on Christian and Welsh National identity
80237: BENCE-JONES M - Catholic families
81683: JONES G - Critical theology: questions of truth and method
50499: JONES C A - Saints of the Prayer Book: outlines of the lives of the saints in the calendar
41952: JONES A - Living the truth
42565: JONES E S - Conversion: what is conversion? how does it happen?
29646: HORROX R & JONES S R - Pragmatic utopias: ideals and communities, 1200-1630
10434: JONES C - Study of Liturgy
30659: JONES A - Thousand years of the English parish: medieval patterns and modern interpretations
30461: JONES D R - Jeremiah based on the NRSV (New Century Bible Commentary)
3021: BURTON-JONES J - Caring for carers
29515: JONES R G - Groundwork of worship and preaching
56410: JONES E R - Selected English speeches from Burke to Gladstone
29065: JONES J L - But which bible?
26508: JONES D et al - Guidelines on baptism
24011: JONES D R - Isaiah 56-66 and Joel: introduction and commentary (TBC)
11946: LLEWELLYN-JONES D - People populating
54303: JONES G - Blackwell companion to modern theology
10476: JONES J - Servant
10461: JONES E S - Christian Maturity
10466: JONES G H - 1 and 2 Kings (2 volume set) (NCBC)
10467: JONES H - Browning as a Philosophical and Religious Teacher
10469: JONES H K - Towards a Christian understanding of the homosexual
10472: JONES I H - Prayers: to use with young people
10441: JONES C P M - Manual for Holy Week essays by J G Davies, J D Crichton, Basil Minchin, David M Paton et al
10444: JONES D - Outline Sketch of the history of the Jews: in relation to foreign powers & the influence of the Prophets from the disruption of the kingdom to the reign of Herod B.C.930...
10431: JONES A L - Problem of the adolescent
57975: CUNLIFFE-JONES H - Technology community and church
25290: MERRICKS P & JONES P - Management of catering operations: an innovative approach to food and beverage management
6049: DUNCAN-JONES A S - Struggle for religious freedom in Germany
24653: JONES A - Passion for pilgrimage: notes for the journey home: meditations on the Easter mystery
55343: JONES O W - Saint Michael's College Llandaff 1892 - 1992
59371: JONES D A - Christianity: an introduction to the Catholic faith
29970: LLOYD-JONES D M - Cross: the vindication of God
54678: JONES C E - Way of the cross for children
6052: DUNCAN-JONES C M - Story of Christendom: in 3 parts bound as one
21892: JONES H - Browning as a Philosophical and Religious Teacher
10429: JONES A - Soul making: the desert way of spirituality
32429: JONES C - Study of Spirituality
39843: JONES T D - Images of Christ: religious iconography in twentieth century British art. An exhibition to mark the centenary of St Matthew's Church, Northampton...
27785: JONES F A - Emergence of gastroenterology: (The Harveian Oration of 1980)
52988: JONES W - Course of lectures on the figurative language of the Holy Scripture and the interpretation of it from the scripture itself delivered in the parish church of Nayland in Suffolk in the year 1786
51438: TUDOR JONES R - Great reformation
5110: CUNLIFFE-JONES - Jeremiah (TBC)
59370: JONES D M - Charles Wesley: a study
82180: JONES F S - Ancient Jewish Christian source on the history of Christianity: Pseudo-Clementine 'Recognitions' 1.27-71 (Society of Biblical Literature Texts and Translations 37/Christian Apocrypha Series 2)
27411: LOCKWOOD A & JONES P - People and the hotel and catering industry
28727: JONES D - Wee guide to the Picts (Pocket Scottish History)
10433: JONES B R - Industrial relations in contemporary society (Arthur Rank lecture 11th June 1975 at Luton Industrial College)
51384: JONES R M - Church the gospel and war
66552: JONES H D - Brother Mack the frontier preacher
47704: JONES C - African tales for Canterbury
10493: JONES S - Catholic reunion
10496: JONES W S H - Priest and the siren: and other literary studies
80122: JONES F W - Life and living
42563: JONES M - Epistle of St. Paul to the Colossians: four lectures
81668: JONES C P M - Christ and Christianity: a study in origins in the light of St Paul (Bampton lectures 1970) edited by Canon Frank Hawkins
43704: JONES M - One God, one plan, one family...: Living the message
80649: JONES D G - Teilhard de Chardin: an analysis and assessment
43285: WATKIN-JONES H - Holy Spirit in the Mediaeval church: a study of Christian teaching concerning the Holy Spirit and his place in the trinity from the post-patristic age to counter-reformation
82182: JONES B A - Formation of the Book of the Twelve: a study in text and canon (Society of Biblical Literature Dissertation Series Number 149)
82181: JONES B C - Howling over Moab: irony and rhetoric in Isaiah 15-16 (Society of Biblical Literature: Dissertation series Number 157)
10485: JONES R - From Pharoah to Freedom: a drama (to accompany musical)
10436: JONES C - Study of Spirituality
45914: LLOYD-JONES D M - Romans: an exposition of chapter 8:17-39: the final perseverance of the Saints
26643: JONES D G et al - Respect for life: a symposium
58822: DE JONG J A - As the waters cover the sea: millennial expectations in the rise of Anglo-American missions 1640 -1810
47474: VAN GOGH V & JONG C de - Vincent van Gogh paintings and drawing: a selection from the collection of the Vincent van Gogh Foundation
82628: JONGE M de - Outside the Old Testament (Cambridge commentaries on writings of the Jewish and Christian world 200BC to AD200 4)
44531: JONGE M de - God's final envoy: early Christology and Jesus' own view of his mission
48569: JOPLIN B - Next train's gone: comic icons in British cinema 1930 to 1953
41321: JORDAN F - In den Tagen des Tammuz: Altbabylonische Mythen: Mit 18 Abbildungen
11600: LEECH K & JORDAN B - Drugs for young people: their use & misuse
25619: JORDAN T - Cyberpower: the culture and politics of cyberspace and the internet
42567: JORDAN C - Cotton patch version of Paul's epistles
10502: JORGENSEN J - St. Francis of Assisi: a biography
61560: BROUCKER Jose de - SUENENS DOSSIER: the case for collegiality
52287: JOSEPH A - Through the devil's gateway: women religion and taboo
48795: JOSEPH J - Muslim-Christian Relations and Inter-Christian Rivalries in the Middle East: the case of the Jacobites in an age of transition
60815: BAX Josephine - TIME TO REBUILD: a study in the Book of Nehemiah for today's church
42030: JOSEPHUS F - Works: translated by William Whiston
35606: JOSEPHUS (Whiston) - Works of Flavius Josephus in two volumes translated by William Whiston with fifty two pictorial illustrations
82919: JOSEPHUS F [Marcus] - Works volume VII Jewish Antiquities, Books XII-XIV [volume 7 ONLY of 9 volumes] (Loeb Classical Library with an English translation by Ralph Marcus [Greek/English on facing pages]
10504: JOSEPHUS (Thackeray) - Selections trans by H St J Thackeray (TED-II-Hellenistic-Jewish texts)
10510: JOSEPHUS F (Whiston) - Works of... trans W. Whiston
61610: JOSHUA - Book of Joshua: the revised version edited for the use of schools
28874: JOSHUA A - Maths challenge: graded problems for 9-12 year olds
66591: JOSLIN R - URBAN HARVEST [Biblical perspectives on Christian mission in the inner cities]
64350: GEFFRE C & JOSSUA J-P - True and false universality of Christianity (Concilium 135)
57661: GEFFRE C & JOSSUA J-P - Nietzsche and Christianity (Concilium 145)
10513: JOSSUA J P - Condition of the Witness
56409: JOULIN M - Petite vie de Jean-Marie Vianney, Cure d'Ars
41134: JOURJON M - Ambroise de Milan (Eglise d'hier et d'aujourd'hui)
57459: JOURNAL [NORTH G] - Journal of Christian reconstruction: Vol V, Winter 1978 - 79, No. 2: Symposium on puritanism and law
53156: OTHER JOURNAL - Evil (The other journal): an intersection of theology and culture
10523: JOURNAL - Legal Studies Volume 17 No.3 November 1997 (Journal of the Society of Public Teachers of Law)
10524: JOURNAL - Linguistic Abstracts Volume 13 No.4 1997
10521: JOURNAL - Journal of Development Studies Vol 33 No.6 August 1997
10520: JOURNAL - Journal of Development Studies Vol 33 No.3 February 1997
69402: JOURNAL [NORTH G] - Journal of Christian reconstruction: Vol 2, Winter 1975, No. 2: Symposium: Biblical law
81051: JOUSSE M - Memory, memorization, and memories: the Galilean oral-style tradition and its traditionists (Biblical performance criticism volume 15)
26183: BON JOVI - Crossroad [words and music for guitar]: authentic transcriptions with notes & tabulature trans by Andy Robyns
10534: JOWETT J H - Passion for souls
37721: JOWETT B - Select passages from the theological writings of Benjamin Jowett edited by Lewis Campbell
10535: JOWITT R L P - Salisbury (British Cities)
35128: JOY E T - English furniture 1800-1851
24131: JOYCE P - Law, order & the judiciary (Access to politics)
10538: JOYCE F W - Diocesan synods: essential to the full organization of the Church, a paper
22862: JOYCE B et al - New structure of school improvement: inquiring schools and achieving students
82314: RUPP Joyce - Praying our Goodbyes (Exploring prayer series)
54818: JUDD A - Ford Madox Ford
58444: JUDD A - Life of Thomas Bekynton: secretary to King Henry VI and Bishop of Bath and Wells 1443 - 1465
83373: ERSKINE A & JUDD D - Imaginative body (Psychodynamic therapy in health care)
47745: JUDE W H - Christian World. Album of sacred songs
47731: JUDE W H - Christian World. Album of sacred and standard compositions for the pianoforte
10547: JUEL D - Luke - Acts
10546: JUEL D - Introduction to the New Testament Literature
54825: JUKES A - Law of the offerings
37718: JULIAN H - Road to Emmaus (Companions for the journey through Lent)
83026: JULIAN J - Dictionary of Hymnology: setting forth the origin and history of Christian hymns of all ages and nations 2 VOLUME SET (unabridged & unaltered reprint of 1907 edition)
10558: JULIAN, of Norwich - Revelations of Divine Love: trans by E Spearing with an introduction and notes by A C Spearing
10552: JULIAN, of Norwich - Showings (CWS)
66610: JULICHER A - An introduction to the New Testament
83419: FRAIGNE-JULIEN B - Les sens spirituels et la vision de Dieu selon Symeon le nouveau theologien (Theologie Historique 67)
52015: PETIT DE JULLEVILLE L [tr Davenport] - Joan of Arc
83257: JUNG C G - Modern man in search of a soul
35637: JUNG C G - Answer to Job
82649: JUNG C G - Modern man in search of a soul
10585: JUNGMANN J A - Early Liturgy to the time of Gregory the Great
45861: JUNGMANN J A - Mass of the Roman rite: its origins and development (Missarum Sollemnia) [Volume Two only]
40533: JUNGMANN J A - Eucharistic prayer: a study of the Canon Missae
10587: JUNGMANN J A - Public Worship
55086: JUNGMANN J A - Christian prayer through the centuries (Alcuin Club Collections 83)
66615: JUNGMANN J A - EARLY LITURGY to the time of Gregory the Great
41792: JUNIUS [Sir Philip Francis] - Stat nominis umbra in 2 vols
71569: SCHULTZ Hans Jurgen - CONVERSION TO THE WORLD: perspectives for church of tomorrow
66620: JURIDICUS - Great physician: or Miracles of the Gospel narrative: Curative and cardinal
23209: JUSS S S - Judicial discretion and the right to property
37540: JUSTICE B - Different kind of health: finding well-being despite illness (personal inscription but the author on front epp)
29084: COMMISSION ON SOCIAL JUSTICE - Social justice: strategies for national renewal
82316: TOMKINS Justin - Better people or enhanced humans? what it might mean to be fully alive in the context of human enhancement
45692: JUSTINIAN [MOYLE J B] - Imperatoris Iustiniani Institutionum: libri quattor
51599: JUVENAL [ed DUFF] - Fourteen satires of Juvenal (D. IVNII IVVENALIS SATVRAE XIV)
10590: JUVENAL - Thirteen satires of Juvenal
35477: VAN KAAM A - Music of eternity: everyday sounds of fidelity
66634: KAAM A van et al - Emergent self
82179: KAAN F - The only earth we know: hymn texts
56745: KAARIAINEN K et al - Religion in Finland: decline change and transformation of Finnish religiosity (Publication 54)
56746: KAARIAINEN K et al - Facing diversity: the Evangelical Lutheran Church from 2004 to 2007 (Publication 60)
40647: KABISCH R - Vierte buch Esra: auf seine Quellen untersucht
66635: KAC A W - Rebirth of the state of Israel: is it of God or of Men?
52454: KADAS S - Mount Athos: an illustrated guide to the monasteries and their history
39346: KADEL A - Matrology: a bibliography of writings by Christian women from the first to the fifteenth centuries
33453: KAFKA F - Amerika: Roman. Herausgegeben von Max Brod
26760: BJORNSTAD D J & KAHN J R - Contingent valuation of environmental resources: methodological issues and research needs
19214: THOMPSON S & KAHN J H - Group process as a helping technique: textbook for social workers, psychologists, doctors, teachers and other workers in community services
25761: KAHN M N - Technical analysis plain and simple: charting the markets in your language
32926: KAISER O - Isaiah 1-12: a commentary (Old Testament Library)
44704: KAISER O - Isaiah 1 - 12: a commentary (OTL)
10602: KAISER O - Isaiah 13-39: a commentary (OTL)
58079: KAISER W C - Biblical approach to personal suffering
58018: KAISER W C - Toward an exegetical theology: biblical exegesis for preaching and teaching
66639: KAISER R - Inside the council: the story of Vatican II
41046: KAISER O - Prophet Jesaia [Jesaja]: kapitel 1-12 (Das Alte Testament Deutsch 17)
38028: WURTHWEIN E & KAISER O - Tradition und situation: studien zur alttestamentlichen Prophetie - Artur Weiser zum 70. Geburtstag...
36858: KAISER C - Creation and the history of science (The history of Christian theology, volume 3)
44703: KAISER O - Isaiah 13 - 39: a commentary (OTL)
50771: KALAS J E - Parables from the back side: bible stories with a twist
66640: KALDOR P & S et al - Where the river flows: sharing the Gospel in contemporary Australia
10605: KALLAS J - Significance of the synoptic miracles
80459: ROUBICZEK P & KALMER J - Warror of God: the life and death of John Hus
82178: KALUGILA L - The wise king: studies in Royal Wisdom as Divine Revelation in the Old Testament and its environment
58611: KAMEN H - Spanish Inquisition: a historical revision
10608: KAMENKA E - Marxism and ethics (New studies in ethics)
38578: KAMIL J - Sakkara: a guide to the Necropolis and the Site of Memphis
58969: KAMINSKY H - History of the Hussite revolution
10609: KAMM J - Hebrew people: a history of the Jews from Biblical times to the present day
10610: KAMMER C L - Ethics and liberation: an introduction
82177: KAMPEN J - Hasideans and the origin of Pharisaism: a study in 1 and 2 Maccabees (Society of Biblical Literature Septuagint and Cognate Studies Number 24)
66645: KAMPHAUS F - Gospels for preachers and teachers
43572: KANDIAH K & M - Square mile: four weeks of daily Bible studies for personal use
35212: KANE T A - Happy are you who affirm: a book of reflections
66651: KANG Y W - Light in my heart
41981: KANNENGIESSER C - Early Christian spirituality: [Sources of early Christian thought]
30834: KANT [Beck] - Selections: edited with intro, notes, and bibliography by Lewis White Beck (Great Philsophers)
10614: KANT I - Fundamental principles of the metaphysic of ethics: trans by TK Abbott
82236: KANT I [Treash G] - One possible basis for a demonstration of the existence of God (Der einzig mogliche Beweisgrund) translation and introduction by Gordon Treash
31514: KANTRA R A - All things vain: religious satirists and their art
58102: KANTZER K - Evangelical roots: a tribute to Wilbur Smith
35863: KAPASHI V J - Hinduism: the first step
45863: KAPELRUD A S - Central ideas in Amos
25246: KARIHALOO B L et al - Advances in fracture research: proceedings of 9th International Conference on Fracture Apr 1977, Sydney: Vol 3 Fatigue of metallic & non-metallic materials & structures
25245: KARIHALOO B L et al - Advances in fracture research: proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Fracture 1-5 Apr 1977, Sydney (5 volumes of a 6-volume set, volume 2 missing)
66660: KARRER O - Kingdom of God today
46823: CULLMANN O & KARRER O - Einheit in Christus: evangelische und katholische bekenntnisse
57901: KARRIS R J - Collegeville Bible commentary based on the New American Bible: New Testament
57931: BERGANT D & KARRIS R J - Collegeville Bible Commentary based on the New American Bible with revised New Testament
26173: KARSA D R - New products and applications in surfactant technology
66662: KASAPOR M M - Wondrous cross
58136: KASDORF H - Christian conversion in context
29739: KASEMANN E - Exegetische Versuche und Besinnungen
10625: KASEMANN E - Commentary on Romans
46186: KASEMANN E - Paulinische perspektiven: 2., durchgesehene Auflage
67136: KUNG H & KASPER W - Christians and Jews (Concilium 98)
55341: KASPER W - That they may all be one: the call to unity
82855: KASPER W - Jesus the Christ
83279: KASPER W - Jesus the Christ
83280: KASPER W - God of Jesus Christ [new edition]
10630: KASPER W - God of Jesus Christ
66667: KASPER W - Jesus the Christ
42074: KASTER J J - Youth ministry
34193: DUCK R C & WILSON-KASTNER P - Praising God: the Trinity in Christian worship
60909: BENCE Kathy - TURN OFF THE TV: let's have fun instead
10636: KATZ E D - High Performance Liquid Chromatography principles and methods in Biotechnology
35943: KATZ L D - Evolutionary origins of morality: cross-disciplinary perspectives
36859: KATZ D S - God's last words: reading the English Bible from the Reformation to fundamentalism
10637: KATZ R - Preludes to growth: an experiential approach
66672: KAUFFMAN P E - Piecing together the China puzzle: the government, the church, the people...
29511: KAUFMAN G D - Systematic theology: a historicist perspective
10641: KAUFMAN P I - Redeeming politics
56741: KAUFMANN W - Critique of religion and philosophy
56408: KAVANAGH P F - Popular history of the insurrection of 1798
66675: KAVANAGH M - Dante's mystic love: a study of the Vita Nuova, Odes, etc. from the Allegorical standpoint
82287: KAVANAGH A - Elements of rite: a handbook of liturgical style
24438: KAVANAUGH J F - Word engaged: meditations on the Sunday scriptures Cycle C
66679: KAWAI S - God gave the increase: the story of CLC in Japan
10650: KAY W - Moral development: a psychological study of moral growth from childhood to adolescence
66681: KAY W K - Prophecy!
41977: KAYE J - Some account of the writings and opinions of Justin Martyr by John, Bishop of Lincoln
31789: KAYE E - Tantur journal
10653: KAYE J - Some account of the writings and opinions of Clement of Alexandria
82232: KAYE E - C J Cadoux: theologian, scholar and pacifist
19151: KAZANTZAKIS N - Feedom and death
83322: KAZANTZAKIS N - Report to Greco
54498: KAZIMIERCZUK E [BALL Peter E] - Icons of the invisible God: selected sculptures of Peter Eugene Ball in cathedrals churches chapels and private collections
10592: KB - Benendon Angel and other fables: illus by Penelope Cox
10591: KB - Beneden Angel and other fables: illus by Penelope Cox
54131: KEABLE R - Perpetual sacrifice: meditations on the death of God the Son
66684: KEABLE R - This same Jesus: meditations on the manifestations of Christ today
56405: KEAST H - Our Lady in England: a panorama of Marian culture and devotion in England from Anglo-Saxon times down to the present
66690: KEATING T - Crisis of faith
29260: KEATING H R F - Good detective [large print]
66689: KEATING J - Retreat notes
41984: KEATINGE J - Priest: his character and work
80120: KEATS J - Odes of John Keats
10668: KEBBEL T E - Life of George Crabbe
41985: KEBLE J - Sermons on the Litany: the Church one, Catholic, Apostolic and Holy and the communion of saints
54368: KEBLE J - Sermons for Advent to Christmas Eve
54367: KEBLE J - Sermons for Ascension Day to Trinity Sunday
29744: KEBLE J - Christian year: thoughts in verse for the Sundays and holydays through the year (Complete poetical works volume 1- red illuminated initial letters, illustrations in text)
54353: KEBLE J - Sermons for Easter to Ascension Day
54369: KEBLE J - Sermons for Septugesima to Ash Wednesday with sermons for confirmation and on the litany (Sermons for the Christian Year Volume III)
10687: KEBLE J - Speaking life: John Keble and the Anglican Tradition of Ministry and Art edited by Charles R Henery
10686: KEBLE J - Sermons, occasional and parochial (sermon titles neatly hand-written against sermon numbers throughout contents list)
10676: KEBLE J - On eucharistical adoration: with considerations suggested by a late Pastoral Letter (1858) on the doctrine of the most holy Eucharist
10678: KEBLE J - Letters of spiritual counsel and guidance: edited by R F Wilson [122 letters]
10670: KEBLE J - Christian Year: thoughts in verse for the Sundays and Holydays throughout the year
10671: KEBLE J - Christian Year: thoughts in verse for the Sundays and Holydays throughout the year
66694: KEBLE J - Christian Year: thoughts in verse for the Sundays and Holydays throughout the year with a memoir of the author by W Temple
54358: KEBLE J - National apostasy: considered in a sermon preached at St Mary's Oxford before His Majesty's Judges of Assize on Sunday July 14th 1833
56605: KEBLE J - Christian Year: thoughts in verse for the Sundays and Holydays throughout the year with a memoir of the author by W Temple
56739: KEBLE J - Keble autograph birthday book
54354: KEBLE J - Sermons for Advent to Christmas Eve
33451: KEBLE J - Assize sermon on 'National apostasy' preached.. July 14 1833 (reprinted with report of the service and historical intro by R J E Boggis)
45870: KEBLE J - Christian year: thoughts in verse for the Sundays and Holydays throughout the year
45623: KEBLE J - Christian year: thoughts in verse for Sundays and Holydays throughout the year
82545: KEBLE J - Primitive tradition recognised in Holy Scripture: a sermon preached in the Cathedral Church of Winchester at the visitation of...William Dealtry...September 27, 1836 - fourth edition with a postscript...Catena Patrum being no lxxviii of 'The Tracts for the Times'
45625: KEBLE J - Christian year: thoughts in verse for Sundays and Holydays throughout the year
24012: KECK L E - Paul and his letters (Proclamation Comm)
66698: KECK L E - Taking the bible seriously
82917: KECK L E - Bible in the pulpit: the renewal of biblical preaching
10690: KECK L E - Future for the historical Jesus: the place of Jesus in preaching & theology
50954: KEDDIE K M G - Action with the elderly: a handbook for relatives and friends
48647: KEDWARD H R - Resistance in Vichy France: a study of ideas and motivation in the southern zone 1940 - 1942
59368: KEE A - Reader in political theology
33450: KEE H C - Origins of Christianity: sources and documents
10701: KEE H C - Good news to the end of the earth: the theology of Acts
66711: KEE H C - Who are the people of God?: Early Christian models of community
83139: KEE H C - Who are the people of God?: Early Christian models of community
54366: KEE H C - Who are the people of God?: Early Christian models of community
50241: KEE H C - Beginnings of Christianity: an introduction to the New Testament
59365: KEEBLE S E - Ideal of the material life and other social addresses
59363: KEEBLE S E - Social teaching of the Bible
82228: KEEBLE N H - 'Loving and free converse': Richard Baxter in his letters (Friends of Dr Williams's Library forty-fifth lecture)
59367: KEEBLE S E - Christian responsibility for social order
45872: KEEBLE N H - Literary culture of nonconformity in later seventeenth-century England
55950: KEECH D - Gaudentius of Brescia on baptism and the eucharist (Joint Liturgical Studies 76)
26237: O'KEEFE T - Self-hypnosis for life: mind, body and spiritual excellence
58733: O'KEEFFE B - Faith culture and the dual system: a comparative study of church and county schools
28305: KEEGAN W - 2066 - and all that illustrations by Trog
10704: KEEGAN J - Face of battle
57854: KEEL O - Song of Songs: a Continental Commentary
82204: KEEL Othmar, SHUVAL Menakhem & UEHLINGER Christoph - Studien zu den Stempelsiegeln aus Palastina/Israel: Band III die fruhe Eisenzeit ein Workshop (Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis 100)
38478: KEELER M F - Bibliography of British history, Stuart period, 1603-1714 issued under the direction of the American Historical Association and the Royal Historical Society of Great Britain
10708: KEELING M - What is right?
82203: KEELING M - Foundations of Christian ethics
53207: KEEN C - Transgression of the integrity of God: essays and addresses
82696: KEENAN J P - Gospel of Mark: a Mahayana reading (Faith meets faith series)
25693: KEENAN D - Smith and Keenan's company law for students
29256: KEENE R - Times winning chess
40437: KEET C C - Liturgical study of the psalter: a consideration of some liturgical and ceremonial aspects of Jewish worship exhibited in the Book of Psalms
66725: KEIDEL L - Stop treating me like God!!
41986: KEIFER R A - To give thanks and praise: general instruction of the Roman Missal: with commentary for musicians and priests
55443: KEIR T H - Word in worship: preaching and its setting in common worship
80562: KEITH A - Evidence of the truth of the Christian religion derived from the literal fulfilment of prophecy; particularly as illustrated by the history of the Jews and by the discoveries of recent travellers
66732: KELLER H - Heart of Mary
81066: KELLER D G R - Lord teach us to pray: one hundred daily reflections on Jesus' Life of Prayer
80119: KELLER G - Romeo und Julia auf dem dorfe: erzahlung
10732: KELLETT E E - Short history of religions
34717: KELLETT E E - Religion and life in the early Victorian age
10734: KELLETT E E - Short History of the Jews: down to the Roman Period
51325: KELLEY P H et al - Handbook to biblical Hebrew: an introductory grammar
35214: KELLEY K E - Guilt: issues of emotional living in an age of stress for clergy and religious. Contributors: Agudo, Bush, Sammon, Bilotta III, Hart, Franasiak (Fifth Psychotheological Symposium)
50001: KELLOGG J - Dark prophets of hope
39475: KELLY J - Belling the cats: selected speeches and articles of John Kelly edited by John Fanagan
58126: KELLY J N D - Commentary on the Pastoral Epistles: I Timothy, II Timothy, Titus
51291: KELLY K B - Grains of wheat
10744: KELLY H - Continuation of study
10749: KELLY J N D - Aspects of the Passion
10740: KELLY G - Guidance for Religious
10742: KELLY H - Aim and methods of theological study second edition revised
30115: KELLY J N D - Early Christian Doctrines
22468: KELLY A D - Cultus of the sacramental presence in the eucharist and in the reserved sacrament
66759: KELLY J C - Drink freely of love: a study of Christian life and prayer
22310: DOWNEY M & KELLY A V - Theory and practice of education: an introduction
52773: KELLY K T - Life and love: towards a Christian dialogue on bioethical questions
41912: KELLY H - History of the Church of Christ: [Vol I & Vol II]
46956: KELLY W - Epistles of Peter [Vol 1 & 2 combined]
66748: KELLY G A (ed) - Catholic ministries in our time
29179: HUNTER P & KELLY P - Minimum wage handbook: a guide to the UK's legislation that explains how low paid workers can exercise their rights
66745: KELLY B J - Thy kingdom come: the principles and practices of the spiritual life
8548: HAMERTON-KELLY R G - Pre-existence, wisdom and son of man: a study of the idea of pre-existence in the NT (SNTS 21)
26188: MUELLER G G & KELLY L - Introductory financial accounting (rev edition of A New Introduction to Financial Accounting)
83018: KELLY J N D - Early Christian Doctrines
48783: KELLY J N D - Early Christian doctrines
41915: KELLY B - Sacraments in daily life
10736: KELLY A D - Claims of spirituality: can they be harmonized with science, morals and religion?
10737: KELLY A D - Values of the Christian Life: preface by Rt Revd William Temple
82659: KELLY J N D - Early Christian Creeds
10763: KELMAN J - Faith of Robert Louis Stevenson
29062: KELMAN J H - Stories from the life of Christ selected for the children with ictures by F D Bedford
41885: KELMAN J - Whyte of St George's: a sermon delivered in Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church New York City Sunday January 16 1921
10770: KELSEY M T - Sacrament of sexuality
10771: KELSEY M T - Through defeat to victory: stories and meditations of spiritual rebirth
10773: KELSEY M T - Transcend: guide to the Spiritual Quest
48283: KELSEY M T - Speaking with tongues: an experiment in spiritual experience
42048: KEMBLE J - Idols and invalids
10784: KEMP E W - Man: fallen & free: Oxford essays on the condition of man
54016: KEMP E W - Life and letters of Kenneth Escott Kirk (Bishop of Oxford 1937 - 1954)
66770: KEMP C F - Preaching Pastor
13228: KEMP G - Sermons
51616: KEMPE J E - Classic preachers of the English church: lectures delivered at St James's Church in 1877
19125: THOMAS A KEMPIS - Of the Imitation of Christ
41911: KEMPSON F C - Future life and modern difficulties
10792: KEN T - Prose works of Thomas Ken: now first collected & edited with a biographical notice by W Benham (AMLTL)
34995: KENDAL E - Bible: the book for to-day
66784: KENDALL E L - Gospel is good news
10793: KENDALL A - Medieval Pilgrims
10799: KENDALL E L - Watchmen upon thy Walls: European Masters of the Spiritual Life
10796: KENDALL E L - City not forsaken: English masters of the spiritual life
10797: KENDALL E L - Living sacrifice: a study of reparation (Library of history and doctrine)
58869: KENDALL R T - Jonah: sermons preached at Westminster Chapel London
59360: KENDALL H B - Origin and history of the primitive Methodist Church (2 volumes) No additional UK postage. For overseas please aks for a quote.
26517: KENDALL E L - Faith today (FP 42)
10794: KENDALL E - End of an Era: Africa and the Missionary
51767: KENDALL L - Mind in the heart: Michael Ramsey: theologian and man of prayer
82288: KENDALL C & KENDALL H - Youth Bible study guide: Peer Pressure
33448: KENDRICK R A - Setting the foundations: a guide to the study of the life and teaching of Jesus Christ as presented in the first three Gospels
46595: KENEALLY T - Memoirs from a young republic
10803: KENNABY N M - To Start You Praying: everyman's guide to intercession for the world wide church
34296: KENNEALLY C - Stations of the cross
74660: KENNEDY M - Eyes on the cross: a guide for contemplation
50722: KENNEDY H A A - Philo's contribution to religion
24906: KENNEDY A L - Salisbury 1830-1903: portrait of a statesman
10808: KENNEDY H A A - Theology of the Epistles
10805: KENNEDY E - On becoming a counsellor: a basic guide for non-professional counsellors
10806: KENNEDY E - On becoming a counsellor: a basic guide for non-professional counsellors
53397: KENNEDY P - Catholic Church in England and Wales 1500 - 2000
18580: STUDDERT KENNEDY H - Visitor: an inspiring book about love and truth
18575: STUDDERT KENNEDY G A - Warrior the Woman and the Christ: a study in the leadership of Christ
21974: CLARK-KENNEDY A E - Man, medicine and morality
10810: KENNEDY J - Towards a theocracy
81295: STUDDERT KENNEDY G A [WOODBINE WILLIE] - After war is faith possible? an anthology edited with an introduction by Kerry Walters
39266: KENNEDY E - Crisis counselling: the essential guide for nonprofessional counsellors
82229: KEARON Kenneth - Medical ethics: an introduction
41908: KENNETT R H - Servant of the Lord
10821: KENNETT J - Rise of Communist China: with a brief history of Japan
10824: KENNETT R H - Old Testament Essays
10822: KENNETT R H - Ancient Hebrew social life and custom as indicated in law narrative and metaphor (Schweich lectures 1931)
10823: KENNETT R H - Composition of the book of Isaiah: in the light of history and archaeology (The Schweich Lectures 1909)
82843: KENNY V C - Country-House ethos in English Literature 1688-1750: themes of personal retreat and national expansion
26681: KENNY N - Proficiency passkey Workbook
54728: STACPOOLE KENNY L M - Francis de Sales: a study of the gentle saint
20169: KENNY A - Thomas More (Past masters)
66809: KENNY J P - Roman Catholicism, Christianity and anonymous Christianity: [Theology Today Series No 44] the role of the Christian today
66810: KENNY J & M - Happy parenting!: from infancy to young adulthood: practical answers to questions about kids
41945: KENT C F - Songs, hymns, and prayers of the Old Testament
24942: KENT C F - Origin and permanent value of the Old Testament
66816: KENT J - From Darwin to Blatchford: the role of Darwinism in Christian apologetic 1875 - 1910 [Friends of Dr. Williams's Library 20th lecture]
22055: KENT J - William Temple: church, state and society in Britain, 1880-1950
81605: KENT J - Holding the fort: studies in Victorian Revivalism
52704: KENT C F - History of the Hebrew people from the division of the kingdom to the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC
81957: KENT J - Unacceptable face: the modern church in the eyes of the historian
58316: KENT J - Jabez Bunting: the last Wesleyan
48412: KENT J T - Lectures on homoeopathic materia medica [incorporating the materia medica of the new drugs from the author's New Remedies] (Indian edition)
39702: KENT C F - Sermons, epistles and apocalypses of Israel's prophets: from the beginning of the Assyrian period to the end of the Maccabean struggle
41939: KENT C F - Narratives of the beginnings of Hebrew history: from the creation to the establishment of the Hebrew kingdom
41944: KENT C J - Israel's laws and legal precedents
41942: KENT C F - Growth and contents of the Old Testament
41943: KENT C F - Israel's historical and biographical narratives
10830: KENT H H - Architect Preaches
10833: KENT J H S - End of the line?: the development of Christian theology in the last two centuries
66820: KENWRICK J - Religious quest: a study in the development of the religious sentiment
10840: KENYON F G - Text of the Greek Bible: a student's handbook
32919: KENYON R - Catholic faith and the industrial order
24804: KENYON F G - Bible and modern scholarship
10838: KENYON F G - Our Bible and the ancient manuscripts [being a history of the text and its translations, with 26 facsimiles]
25755: KENYON M - Whole hog (Black Dagger Crime)
10834: KENYON F W - Reading of the Bible as history, as literature and as religion
10837: KENYON F G - Handbook to the textual criticism of the New Testament
34243: KENYON F G - Recent developments in the textual criticism of the Greek bible (Schweich lectures of the British Academy 1932)
10843: KENYON K M - Archaeology in the Holy Land
48913: KENYON K M - Bible and recent archaeology
38070: KENYON E C - Centenary life of Wesley
46753: KER W P - English Literature Medieval
33422: KERCAL P - Messenger
66832: KERKHOFS J - Horizon of kindly light: a spirituality for those with questions
24641: ALTER R & KERMODE F - Literary guide to the Bible
28203: KERR F - Theology after Wittgenstein
50984: KERR J - Shakespeare's flowers (illustrated by Anne Ophelia Dowden)
10163: JARRETT-KERR M - African pulse: scenes from an African hospital window
34718: KERR H T - Positive Protestantism: an interpretation of the gospel
22907: KERRY T - Mastering deputy headship: acquiring the skills for future leadership
54855: AMBROSE G & KERSHAW S - Come to the feast: a companion to Common Worship Holy Communion
66843: KERSTEN L L - Lutheran ethic: the impact of religion on laymen and clergy
80990: KESARI G - Atonement creating unions: an exploration in inter-religious theology
24687: KESICH V - First day of the new creation: the resurrection and the Christian faith
82302: KESSLER E - Good Samaritan: secrets of the Parables - 1 (People's Bible studies)
83004: KESSLER M - Voices from Amsterdam: a modern tradition of reading biblical narrative selected, translated and edited by Martin Kessler (Society of Biblical Literature Semeia Studies)
66846: KESSLER D (ed) - Together on the way: official report of the eigth assembly of the World Council of Churches
29888: KETTLE P - Staying sane under stress (GPS31)
53203: KETTLE D J - Western culture in Gospel context: towards the conversion of the West: theological bearings for mission and spirituality
35686: KETTLE E - That they might live
49837: KEW R - Brave new church: what the future holds
10860: KEW C W - Salvation Army (Christian denominations)
47237: KEYES F P - I the king
66861: KHAN H I - Mysticism of sound and music: Vol 2: a Sufi message of spiritual liberty
23330: KHATIB H - Financial and economic evaluation of projects in the electricity supply industry
22536: KHAYYAM O - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam rendered into English verse by Edward Fitzgerald and Persian Miniatures (ISBN 0 517 282844)
51723: KHAYYAM O - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam done into English by Edward Fitzgerald, original illustrations by Marjorie Anderson, intro by Laurence Housman
49206: KHAYYAM O [FITZGERALD] - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam: translated into English verse by Edward Fitzgerald
24285: KIBBLE D G - Moral education in a secular school (GE22)
27275: KIBBY G - Mushrooms and Toadstools: illus by S Milne a field guide
10871: KIDD J - After marriage: a new look at love and marriage
10867: KIDD B J - History of the Church to AD 461 - complete 3 Volume set
42590: KIDD B J - History of the Church to AD 461 in 3 volumes: Volume III A.D. 408-461 ONLY
10869: KIDD B J - Roman Primacy to AD 461
10868: KIDD B J - Later Mediaeval doctrine of the eucharistic sacrifice (Church Historical Society XLVI)
26492: KIDD B J - Counter-Reformation 1550-1600
35008: KIDDLE M - Revelation of St John (Moffatt NT Commentary)
82841: KIECKHEFER R - Unquiet souls: fourteenth-century saints and their religious milieu
24183: ARMISTEAD C & KIELY J - Effective organizations: looking to the future
10882: KIERKEGAARD S - Either/or: volume 1 and volume 2 [vol 1 trans by DF & LM Swenson vol 2 trans by W Lowrie with revisions and foreword by HA Johnson]
31883: KIERKEGAARD S - Fear and trembling (trans with an introduction by Alastair Hannay)
59385: KIERKEGAARD S [Lowrie] - Training in Christianity and the Edifying discourse which 'accompanied' it translated with an introduction and notes by W Lowrie
10891: KIERKEGAARD S - Present age and of the difference between a genius and an apostle: trans with intro by A Dru
10887: KIERKEGAARD S - Journals of Soren Kierkegaard: a selection edited and translated byAlexander Dru
10890: KIERKEGAARD S [Climacus] - Philosophical fragments or a fragment of philosophy: by Johannes Climacus, translated by David F Swenson
53199: KIERKEGAARD S [PATTISON & JENSEN] - Kierkegaard's pastoral dialogues (adapted by G Pattison and H M Jensen)
59400: KIERKEGAARD S [Mcdonald] - Prefaces: light reading for certain classes as the occasion may require by Nicolaus Notabene translated and with an introduction by William McDonald
59401: KIERKEGAARD S [Haecker] - Am Fusse des Altars: Christliche reden - ubertragung und vorwort von Theodor Haecker
57978: KIERKEGAARD S - Christian discourses and the lilies of the field and the birds of the air and three discourses at the communion on Fridays: translated with an introduction by W Lowrie
57979: KIERKEGAARD S - Training in Christianity and the Edifying discourse which 'accompanied' it trans with intro & notes by W Lowrie
753: KIERKEGAARD - [Selections] intro by W H Auden
52632: KIERKEGAARD S - Edifying discourses
54433: KIGHTLY C - Traveller's guide to places of worship (with photographs by Michael Cyprien)
26380: KILBERY L - Skilful: an integrated skills course (Teracher's Book 2)
26665: KILBEY L - Skilful: an integrated skills course - Teacher's Book 1
52383: BALL-KILBOURNE G L - Get acquainted with your Bible
52384: BALL-KILBOURNE G L - Get acquainted with your Bible: Leader's guide
40027: GEDEN A S & KILGOUR R - Introduction to the Ginsburg edition of the Hebrew Old Testament [Bible House Paper No. XIII]
10896: KILLGALLON - Becoming Catholic even if you happen to be one
51156: KILLICK J - Talking with past hours: the Victorian diary of William Fletcher of Bridgnorth
81891: KILLINGER J - You are what you believe: Apostles creed for today
10897: KILLINGER J - Fundamentals of preaching
52039: KILMISTER C A A - Good church guide: a church-goers companion
82602: KILNER J F et al - Genetic ethics: do the ends justify the genes?
43445: KILNER J F - Bioethics and the future of medicine: a christian appraisal
10902: KILPATRICK G D - Origins of the Gospel according to St Matthew
10901: KILPATRICK - Jesus in the Gospels and the early church: Drawbridge Memorial lecture 1971
40219: CARTEY W & KILSON M - Africa Reader: Colonial Africa
23386: KIM J Y - Cost of capital, Q model of investment and capital accumulation: tax reform, cost of capital and capital accumulation
66891: KIM H-D - Type of ministry for Church growth
45616: KIMBALL R - Lives of the mind: the use and abuse of intelligence from Hegel to Wodehouse
82981: KIMBROUGH S T - Israelite religion in sociological perspective: the work of Antonin Causse (Studies in Oriental Religions volume 4)
59070: KIMBROUGH S T - Charles Wesley: poet and theologian
10109: KINAST R - Let ministry teach
35876: KINCAID M - How to improve learning in RE
26638: HARRIS-DOUGLAS J & KINDRED M - To play and pray: twenty ideas for teachers
19384: TODD N & KINDRED M - Four celebrations: a teaching course on the eucharist within the eucharist
80658: HODGSON P C & KING R H - Christian theology: an introduction to its traditions and tasks
10922: KING E - Spiritual Letters: ed BW Randolph
83427: KING K L - Gospel of Mary of Magdala: Jesus and the first woman apostle
47069: KING R - Song of paradise (piano solo)
47385: KING S - Es [German text]
10936: KING S A - Dr Barnes and the Lord's supper
10939: KING U - Towards a new mysticism: Teilhard de Chardin and Eastern Religions
10934: KING R H - Meaning of God (LPT)
10935: KING S - My daily walk with Jesus
10924: KING E G - Early religious poetry of the Hebrews
10917: KING E - Easter Sermons: preached in Lincoln Cathedral, ed BW Randolph
73561: KING J - Leading worship in schools: an open door for Christians
57810: KING J C - Evangelicals
66898: KING H C - Ethics of Jesus: being the William Belden Noble lectures for 1909
66895: KING E - LOVE AND WISDOM OF GOD: being a collection of sermons
21823: HODGSON P C & KING R H - Readings in Christian theology:
13742: MORGAN C T & KING R A - Introduction to psychology
54512: PAGELS E & KING K L - Reading Judas: the gospel of Judas and the shaping of Christianity
56732: KING H C - Chancel and the altar (The Arts of the Church) with a preface by Percy Dearmer
40559: KING J E - Inventory of parochial documents in the Diocese of Bath and Wells and the County of Somerset: Book I: 1938 (Somerset County Council, County Records Committee)
40340: KING U - Seeing the divine in Hinduism and Christianity: Lambeth interfaith lecture (CSRS pamphlet library no. 11)
82322: KING T G - Readers: a pioneer ministry
82507: KING P - Western monasticism: a history of the Monastic Movement in the Latin Church (Cistercian Studies Series 185)
81073: KING S L - The 1857 Hamilton Ontario revival: an exploration of the origins of the Layman's Revival and the Second Great Awakening
26411: KING A - Guide to languages and careers: how to continue your languages into further and higher education
10932: KING M L - Works of Martin Luther King: with introductions and notes (vol 2)
38623: KINGDON H T - Fasting communion historically investigated from the Canons and Fathers, and shown to be not binding in England
52714: KINGLSEY C - Poems
43528: KINGS G - Signs and seasons: a guide for your Christian journey
45876: KINGSBURY T L - Spiritual sacrifice and Holy Communion: seven sermons preached during the Lent of 1867, at the Church of St. Mary Magdalen, St. Leonard's on Sea
10942: KINGSBURY J D - Matthew: structure, christology, kingdom
82985: KINGSBURY J D - Parables of Jesus in Matthew 13: study in redaction critcism
10941: KINGSBURY J D - Matthew: proclamation commentaries
41906: KINGSLEY C - Works of Charles Kingsley: Vol XII: The Hermits
41905: KINGSLEY C - Sermons on national subjects: preached in a village church
56402: KINGSLEY C - Village sermons and town and country sermons
56731: KINGSLEY C - From death to life: fragments of teaching to a village congregation with letters on the life after death
10944: KINGSLEY C - Charles Kingsley: his letters and memories of his life: edited by his wife (in 2 vols)
10945: KINGSLEY C - Charles Kingsley: his letters and memories of his life (in 2 vols) edited by his wife
42068: KINGSLEY A - Golden hours of favourite piano solos (Book 5):
56403: KINGSLEY C - Westminster sermons
48595: KINGSLEY C - Heroes: Greek fairy tales for my children
59355: KINGSLEY C - Charles Kingsley: his letters and memories of his life edited by his wife
41054: KINGTON M - Steaming through Britain Photography by Alain le Garsmeur
41861: KINNAMON M - Towards visible unity: commission on faith and order, lima 1982: Volume II: study papers and reports
62758: CRAWFORD J & KINNAMON M - IN GOD'S IMAGE: reflections on identity, human wholeness and the authority of scripture
28343: KINSERDAL A - Financial accounting: an international perspective
27670: KIPLING R - Seven seas
10954: KIPLING R - Seven seas
10956: KIPLING R - Twenty poems from Rudyard Kipling
33670: KIPLING R - Kipling (Giants of literature)
10957: KIRBY G W - Jehovah's Witnesses
54129: KIRCHNER H - Luther and the Peasants' War (Historical Series 22)
10963: KIRK K E - Coherence of Christian Doctrine: a lectures delivered on the Charles Gore Memorial Foundation on 9 November 1949 in Westminster Abbey
10969: KIRK K E - Marriage discipline in the C of E (reprinted with some additions from the Oxford Diocesan Magazine April-August 1947)
59354: KIRK P T R - Worship: its social significance
10979: KIRK P - One army strong?
10975: KIRK K E - Vision of God: the Christian doctrine of the Summum Bonum (Bampton Lectures for 1928) - FULL VERSION NOT ABRIDGED
49757: KIRK J A - Loosing the chains: religion as opium and liberation
41922: KIRKALDY D - Theological education in the Anglican Church of Australia
48530: RUBIN I & KIRKENDALL L A - Sex in the adolescent years: new directions in guidign and teaching youth
52985: LINZEY A & KIRKER R - Gays and the future of anglicanism: responses to the Windsor report
26773: KIRKPATRICH C et al - Handbook on development policy and management
80981: KIRKPATRICK D - Monergism or Synergism: is salvation cooperative or the work of God alone?
10981: KIRKPATRICK A F - Divine Library of the Old Testament: its origin preservation inspiration and permanent value, five lectures
10982: KIRKPATRICK A F - Doctrine of the prophets (Warburtonian lectures for 1886-1890)
10985: KIRKUP T - Progress and the Fiscal Problem
10988: KISSANE E J - Book of Psalms: translated from a critically revised Hebrew Text with a commentary Volume I and II
83001: KISSANE E J - Book of Psalms: translated from a critically revised Hebrew Text with a commentary Volume I and II
83002: KISSANE E J - Book of Job: translated from a critically revised Hebrew Text with a commentary Volume I and II
43635: KITCHEN M et al - Word among us: insights into the Scripture readings for Sundays and major Holy Days Year A
32921: KITCHEN M et al - Word in our time: insights into the scripture readings for Sundays and Holy Days - Year C
39173: KITCHEN M et al - Word of truth: a commentary on the lectionary readings for the principal service on Sundays and major Holy Days
29556: KITCHEN G M - Your tax forms made easy 1999
66949: KITCHEN J H - Holy fields: an introduction to the Historical Geography of the Holy Lands
46561: KITCHEN M - Europe between the wars: a political history
10994: KITCHENER M - Victory of Hope: a journey from Good Friday to Easter
82053: KITCHER P - Abusing science: the case against creationism
41925: KITE R - Evil and suffering
41926: KITS A - Pastor is een vrouw
10996: KITSON M - Infant Praise
28563: DALIN P & KITSON K - School development: theories and strategies, an international handbook (School Development)
41713: KITSON C H - Prelude on ""Irish"": Cramer's library of organ music by British composers edited by Martin Shaw
44393: KITTEL B et al - Biblical Hebrew: a text and workbook
82052: KITTEL B P - Hymns of Qumran: translation and commentary (SBL Dissertation Series 50)
35002: KITTS E J - In the days of the Councils: a sketch of the life and times of Baldassare Cossa (afterwards Pope John the Twenty-Third)
25894: KIVINEN M - Kalamari union: middle class in East and West
25861: KIZILYALLI H - Economics of transition: a new methodology for transforming a socialist economy to a market-led economy and sketches of a workable macroeconomic theory
53204: KLASSEN J D - Paradox of hope: theology and the problem of Nihilism
58965: KLASSEN W - Love of enemies: the way of peace
58966: KLASSEN W - Covenant and community: the life and wiritngs of Pilgram Marpeck
82982: KLASSEN W - Religion and the gift of peace (Occasional papers series: Ecumenical Institute, Jerusalem)
82216: KOCH Klaus - Imago Dei – Die Würde des Menschen im biblischen Text [German text]: vorgelegt in der Sitzung vom 7, Juli 2000
82217: KOCH Klaus - Spuren des hebraischen Denkens [German text]: Beitrage zur alttestamentlichen Theologie - Gesammelte Aufsatze Band 1
51334: KLAVER R - Our sanctification in Christ
11017: KLEIN V - Feminine character: history of an ideology (ILSSR)
30119: KLEIN W W et al - Introduction to biblical interpretation
11029: KLEIN V - Feminine character: history of an ideology (ILSSR)
25057: KLEIN G - Education towards race equality (Introduction to Education)
45879: KLEINCLAUSZ A - Pays d'art la Bourgogne
11019: KLEINKNECHT H et al - Wrath: (Bible key Words)
11021: KLEISER G - World's Great Sermons vols I, III & V
45667: KLEIST H VON - Prinz Friedrich von Homburg
33162: KLEMKE E D - Meaning of life
41916: KLIJN A F J - Introduction to the New Testament
11025: KLINEBERG O - Social psychology
82050: KLINGBEIL M - Yahweh fighting from heaven: God as warrior and God of Heaven in the Hebrew Psalter and Ancient Near Eastern Iconography (Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis 169)
11027: KLINK J - Still small voice
56795: KLOPPENBORG J - Formation of Q: trajectories in Ancient Wisdom Collections (Studies in Antiquity and Christianity)
57156: KLOPSTOCK - Messiah: translated from the German of Mr Klopstock
11032: KLOSTERMAIER K - Hindu and Christian in Vrindaban
11033: KLOSTERMAIER K - Hindu and Christian in Vrindaban
82227: KLOSTERMANN E - Markusevangelium: [Handbuch zum Neuen Testament 3]
41917: KLOSTERMANN E - Markusevangelium: [Handbuch zum Neuen Testament 3]
11034: KLUG B - Reflections in Rhyme
46125: KNACKFUSS H - Raphael: (Monographs on artists) with 128 illustrations from pictures and drawings
48236: KNELLER K A - Christianity and the leaders of modern science: contribution to the history of culture during the nineteenth century with an introductory essay by Stanley L Jaki
54982: KNETSCH R L - Darkened reading: a reception history of the Book of Isaiah in a divided church
82226: KNIBB M A - Ethiopic Book of Enoch in recent research (Friends of Dr Williams's Library 58th lecture)
45880: KNIBB M A - Qumran community [Cambridge commentaries on writings of the Jewish and Christian world 200BC to AD200 2]
11043: KNICKERBOCKER C H - Hide and seek: the effect of mind body and emotion on personality and behaviour in ourselves and others
11048: KNIGHT G A F - Esther, Song of Songs, Lamentations: introduction and commentary (TBC)
47753: GILBERT J G & KNIGHT R - Last waltz of the evening
11062: KNIGHT M - William James: a selection from his writings on psychology
11058: KNIGHT G A F - Psalms: Vol 2
11051: KNIGHT G A F - Law and grace:
11049: KNIGHT G A F - Hosea (TBC)
66976: KNIGHT D - Why Jesus?: basic questions and answers on Jesus' life and teachings
41919: KNIGHT W - Easter anthology: collected, arranged and edited by William Knight
57692: KNIGHT F - Nineteenth-century church and English Society
37485: KNIGHT H T - Structure of the 1928 liturgy (with fold-out chart)
52701: KNIGHT G A F - Hosea (Torch Bible Commentary)
23677: KNIGHT P T - Masterclass: learning teaching and curriculum in taught Master's degrees
80644: KNIGHT G A F - Jews and Christians: preparation for dialogue
82220: KNIGHT G A F - Christian Theology of the Old Testament
82221: KNIGHT G A F - Law and grace
82222: KNIGHT G A F - Biblical approach to the doctrine of the trinity (Scottish Journal of Theology Occasional papers no 1)
51797: KNIGHT G W - Pastoral epistles: a commentary on the Greek text (New International Greek Testament Commentary)
36262: KNIGHT C - London (set of 6 volumes) with illustrations on steel and wood
80645: KNIGHT D H - Eschatological economy: time and the hospitality of god
41921: KNIGHT S - Life of Dr John Colet: Dean of St Paul's in the reigns of Henry VII and Henry VIII and founder of St Paul's school with an appendix containing soem account of the masters and more eminent scholars of that foundation and several original papers relating to the said life
41918: KNIGHT H J C - Temptation of our Lord: considered as related to the ministry and as a revelation of his person
35224: KNIGHT D M - Lift up your eyes to the mountain: as guide to the spiritual life
27342: KNIGHTS L C - Further explorations: essays in criticism
43280: KNITTER P F - Jesus and the other names: Christian mission and global responsibility
82048: KNOPPERS G N - Two nations under God: the deuteronomistic history of Solomon and the dual monarchies [vol 1 and 2] (Harvard Semitic Monograph Numbers 52/53)
66987: KNOTT P - Living in grace
44057: KNOTT J R - Encouraging word: renewed hearts, renewed church
28629: KNOWLES D J - Escape from catastrophe: 1940 Dunkirk
11069: KNOWLES D - Christian Centuries vol 2: The Middle Ages
11067: KNOWLES D - Bare ruined choirs: the dissolution of the English Monasteries (abridges edition of The Religious Orders in England III: the Tudor age)
82874: KNOWLES D - Religious Orders in England: The end of the Middle Ages (Volume II ONLY of 3 volume set)
11094: KNOX J - Philemon: among the letters of Paul
11096: KNOX M - Action (Muirhead lib of philosophy)
11100: KNOX R A - Enthusiasm: a chapter in the history of religion with special reference to the XVII and XVIII centuries [heavy book no extra postage for UK/please ask for overseas cost]
11111: KNOX R A - Retreat for Lay People
11082: KNOX E A - Reminiscences of an Octogenarian 1874-1934: with 24 illustrations
11081: KNOX A A - Green bough: and other poems
67016: KNOX W H - Gospel of John: Talks to young people of any age
58964: KNOX E A - Robert Leighton Archbishop of Glasgow: a study of his life, times & writings
11085: KNOX J - Church and the reality of Christ
11088: KNOX J - Ethic of Jesus in the teaching of the church: its authority and its relevance
11084: KNOX J - Church and the reality of Christ
33070: KNOX I - 100 instant faith sharing talks [practical hints and outlines for all occasions]
82219: KNOX J - Chapters in a life of Paul
45881: KNOX R - Essays in Satire
23349: KNUDSEN H - Employee participation in Europe
67017: KNUDSON A C - Doctrine of God
54004: KNYFF M-G de - Helpers of the Holy Souls
57704: HORGAN M P & KOBELSKI P J - To touch the text: biblical and related studies in honor of Joseph A Fitzmyer
80507: KOBO K - After Mandela? The road ahead
11125: KOCH H-G - Abolition of God: materialistic Atheism and Christian religion
11127: KOCH K - Book of Books: the growth of the bible [this copy SCM Press 0334001331 identical to Westminster Press edition]
11131: KOCH K - Rediscovery of apocalyptic (SBT2:22)
82214: KOCH K - Prophets in two volumes: Vol 1: The Assyrian period, Vol 2: The Babylonian and Persian periods
82215: KOCH K - Rediscovery of apocalyptic (Same text as SBT2:22 but series not noted)
11126: KOCH H-G - Abolition of God: materialistic Atheism and Christian religion
44432: KOCHAN L - Jews, idols and messiahs: the challenge from history
56517: KOENIG J - Rediscovering New Testament prayer: boldness and blessing in the name of Jesus
11135: KOENIGSBERGER H G - Europe in the Sixteenth Century
48234: KOERTGE N - House built on sand: exposing postmodernist myths about science
53393: KOESTER H - Introduction to the New Testament volume 1 History culture and religion of the Hellenistic age and Volume 2 History and literature of early Christianity
11137: KOESTER H - Introduction to the New Testament: Volume one: History culture and religion of the Hellenistic Age
81793: KOESTER H - Introduction to the New Testament: Volume two: History and literature of early Christianity
11140: KOESTLER A - Arrival and Departure
7758: GOODRICK E W & KOHLENBERGER JR - NIV complete concordance: the complete English concordance to the NIV Anglicised ed
40014: JOLLY J & KOHLER E - Gay letters
11144: KOHLER L - Hebrew Man: lectures delivered at the invitation of the University of Tubingen December 1-16, 1952 with an appendix on Justice in the Gate
81792: KOHLER L - Theologie des Alten Testaments: dritte, uberarbeitete Auflage (Neue Theologische Grundrisse)
81791: KOHLER L - Old Testament Theology
25865: BARKER T & KOHLER J - International competitiveness and environmental policies (International studies in environmental policy making)
27637: KOHMOTO K et al - Pathogenesis and host specificity in plant diseases: histopathological, biochemical, genetic and molecular bases (3 volume set)
52238: KOKKINOU S - Greek mythology
37556: KOLBELL E - Were you there?: finding ourselves at the foot of the cross
11147: KOLLAR R - Return of the Benedictines to London: a history of Ealing abbey from 1896 to Independence
81794: KOMONCHAK J A et al - New dictionary of theology
51006: STEINBICHLER H & KONIG S - Deutschen Alpen und ihr Vorland (Les Alpes allemandes) (The German Alps)
81795: KONIG E - Exiles Book of Consolation contained in Isaiah XL-LXVI: a critical and exegetical study
45673: KONIGS W - Erlauterungen zu Goethes Iphigenie auf Tauris
82815: KOOK A I - Lights of penitence, Lights of holiness, Moral principles, Essays, Letters, and Poems (Classics of Western Spirituality)
44062: KOONTZ T - Godward: personal stories of grace
11155: KOOPMAN L - Guide to ecclesiastical: illustrated by Jack Wiens
11160: KORAN, English - Essential Koran, the heart of Islam: introductory selection of readings from the Qur'an trans by T Cleary
58876: KORAN [PALMER] - Koran: translated by E H Palmer with an introduction by R A Nicholson (World's Classics 328)
23678: KORNAI J - Struggle and hope: essays on stabilization and reform in a post-socialist economy
41991: KORNFELD W - Studien zum Heiligkeitsgesetz
56399: KOROLEVSKY C - Living languages in Catholic worship: an historical enquiry
48128: RIMSKY-KORSAKOV N - Hymn to the sun (chant du soleil) from the opera Le Coq D'or [piano solo]
48129: RIMSKY-KORSAKOV N - Hymn to the sun (chant du soleil) from the opera Le Coq D'or [soprano in F]
82650: KORT W A - Story, text, and scripture: literary interests in Biblical narrative
38008: KOSMALA H - Hebraer - Essener - Christen: Studien zur Vorgeschichte der frühchristlichen Verkündigung (Studia Post-Biblica 1)
58970: KOSNIK S et al - Peregrinus Cracoviensis Number 3. 1996: Jasna Gora - the world centre of pilgrimage
49854: KOSTENBERGER A J - Da Vinci code: is Christianity true?
40546: KOSTLIN J - Life of Luther: with illustrations from authentic sources
44631: KOSZUL A - Was Bishop William Barlow Friar Jerome Barlow? a propos of 'Rede me and be not wroth' and other early Protestant dialogues (Reprinted from 'Review of English Studies, vol iv no. 13. Jan 1928)
11173: KOVEL J - Complete guide to therapy: from psychoanalysis to behaviour modification
49607: KOWIT S - In the palm of your hand: the poet's portable workshop
11175: KOYAMA K - Waterbuffalo theology
81796: KOYAMA K - No handle on the cross: an Asian meditation on the crucified mind
55011: KOYZIS D T - We answer to another: authority office and the image of God
39087: KRAELING E G - Bible atlas
11178: KRAELING E G - Old Testament since the Reformation
11177: KRAELING E G - Four Gospels: the clarified New Testament Vol 1
11185: KRAEMER H - World Cultures and World Religions: the coming dialogue based on the Stone lectures, Princeton 1958
58951: KRAFT M G - Worldview and the communication of the Gospel: a Nigerian case study
58963: KRAHN C - Dutch anabaptism: origin, spread, life and thought (1450 - 1600)
44842: KRAILSHEIMER A J - Three sixteenth-century conteurs
49577: KRAMER K P - Death dreams: unveiling mysteries of the unconscious mind
25816: KRAMER W - Christ, Lord, Son of God (Studies in Biblical Theology 50)
83428: KRAMER S R - Sin, interiority, and selfhood in the twelfth-century west [together with photocopied review from JEH]
12474: MAGEE J & KRAMER J - Concurrency State Models and Java Programs
67070: KRAMNICK I - Essays in the history of political thought
11189: KRAMP W - Prophecy (RBC 89)
58901: KRATZ R G - Composition of the narrative books of the Old Testanent
81797: KRAUS H J - Worship in Israel: a cultic history of the Old Testament
40434: KRAUS H-J - Gottesdienst in Israel: studien zur geschichte des laubhuttenfestes (Beitrage zur evangelischen theologie 19)
11191: KRAUS H-J - Gottesdienst in Israel: Grundriss einer Geschichte des alttestamentlichen Gottesdienstes
57856: KRAUS H-J - Psalms 1-59 a commentary: Psalms 60-150 a commentary [2 volume set]
53202: KRAUS C N - On being human: sexual orientation and the image of God
58137: KRAUS C N - Authentic witness
58962: KRAUS C N - Evangelicalism and anabaptism
72215: SPENCER L & KRAUZE A - Introducing Hegel:
58030: SHAW J & KREIDER A - Culture and the nonconformist tradition
32553: KREITZER L J - Pauline images in fiction and film: on reversing the hermeneutical flow (Biblical seminar 61)
36863: KREITZER L J - Epistle to the Ephesians
11198: KRENTZ E - Historical-critical method
43718: KRIEGER D J - New Universalism: foundations for a global theology (Faith meets faith series)
27185: KRISTEN C - Local ghost trails
44686: KRITZINGER J D W - Qehal Jahwe; wat dit is en wie daaraan mag behoort
83429: KRIVICHEINE B - Dans la lumiere du Christ: Saint Symeon, le nouveau Theologien 949-1022 Vie - Spiritualite - Doctrine
11201: KRIVOCHEINE B - In the Light of Christ: Saint Symeon the New Theologian (949-1022) Life-Spirituality-Doctrine trans by A P Gythiel
59011: KRODEL G A - Acts
49576: KROLL U - Lament for a lost enemy
22729: KROLL U - Lament for a lost enemy
11205: KROLL U - Flesh of my flesh
11207: KROLL U - Trees of life: the prayer of intercession and its cost illustrated by Rebecca Abrey
40366: KRONHAUSEN P & E - Sexual response in women
46479: KROPF R W - Faith security and risk: dynamics of spiritual growth
40515: KRUGER P - Hellenismus und Judentum im neutestamentlichen Zeitalter
58875: KRUMMACHER F W - Elisha
80643: KRUSE C G - Paul, the law and justification
82367: KRUSE C G - Letters of John (Pillar New Testament Commentary)
35168: KRUSE R J - To the ends of the earth: Christ here and now
53389: KUBO S - Reader's Greek-English lexicon of the New Testament and a beginner's guide for the translation of New Testament Greek
59018: KUGLER R A - From Patriarch to Priest: the Levi-Priestly tradition from 'Aramaic Levi' to 'Testament of Levi'
11214: KUHL C - Old Testament: its origins & composition
55716: KUHLMANN B - Der heilige Bonifatius: Apostel der Deutschen
29498: KUHRT G - Introduction to Christian ministry: following your vocation in the Church of England
51318: KUHRT W - Interpreting the Bible
11225: KUITERT H M - I have my doubts: how to become a Christain without being a fundamentalist
39954: KUITERT H M - Jesus: the legacy of Christianity
82218: KULANDRAN S - Bible and the people of other faiths: a reply to Mr Wesley Ariarajah
23335: BREDOW W V JAGER T & KUMMEL G - European security
11227: KUMMEL W G - Introduction to the New Testament
11231: KUMMEL W G - Theology of the New Testament: according to its major witnesses Jesus Paul & John
52765: KUMMEL W G - New Testament: the history of the investigation of its problems (NTL)
56111: KUN J - Exodus: God to the rescue: a guided discovery for groups and individuals
43278: KUNG H - Eternal life?
32930: KUNG H - Art and the question of meaning
11232: KUNG H - Christianity & the world religions: paths of dialogue with Islam, Hinduism, & Buddhism
45887: KUNG H - Theologian and the church [Theological meditations 1]
11248: KUNG H - Truthfulness: the future of the church
11238: KUNG H - Eternal life?
11233: KUNG H - Church
81524: KUNG H - Justification: the doctrine of Karl Barth and a Catholic reflection with a new introductory chapter by the author and the original response of Karl Barth
81522: KUNG H - Justification: the doctrine of Karl Barth and a Catholic reflection with a letter from Karl Barth
11249: KUNG H - What must remain in the church
33674: KUPFERBERG H - Opera
22309: KUPFERMANN J - When the crying's done: journey through widowhood
67141: KURICHIANIL J - Before Thee face to face: a study on prayer in the Bible
11255: KURTZ I - Loneliness
81067: KURUVILLA A - Judges: a theological commentary for Preachers
50490: KUSCHEL K-J - Poet as mirror: human nature, God and Jesus in twentieth century literature
29575: HARING H & KUSCHEL K-J - Hans Kung. Weg und Werk: chronik, essays, bibliographie
29495: KUSCHEL K-J - Born before all time?: the dispute over Christ's origin
11256: KUSCHEL K-J - Laughter: a theological essay
11257: KUSHNER H - Who needs God
58874: KUYPER A - Revelation of St John
81868: KVANVIG J L - Problem of Hell
38923: KWATERA M - Liturgical ministry of deacons
81076: KYLE R G - God's Watchman: John Knox's faith and vocation
81867: KYSAR R - I, II, III John (Augsburg commentary on the New Testament)
50488: LAAN R V - Early church discovery guide
57958: LABORDE E D - Western Europe
23210: PARK S H & LABYS W C - Industrial development and environmental degradation: source book on the origins of global pollution
11266: LACE O J - Understanding the New Testament (Cambridge Bible Commentary on the New English Bible)
11265: LACE J - Ordination of Women to the Historic Ministry of the Church: considered in the light of scripture
47816: LACEY T A - Historic Christ
68303: MAY G Lacey - WINGS OF AN EAGLE: an anthology of Caroline Preachers with 60 extracts from their sermons
47817: LACEY T A - Elements of Christian doctrine
11276: LACEY T A - Marriage in church and State
11269: LACEY T A - Authority in the Church: a study of principles
11279: LACHMAN B - Journal of Hildegard of Bingen: a novel
11280: LACK D - Evolutionary theory and Christian belief: the unresolved conflict
11281: LACOCQUE A - Book of Daniel: trans by D Pellauer
82047: LACOCQUE A - The feminine unconventional: four subversive figures in Israel's tradition (Overtures to Biblical theology)
67148: LACROIX J - Meaning of modern atheism
35284: LACY M - Woman wants God
61281: BOROS Ladislaus - HIDDEN GOD
61279: BOROS Ladislaus - WE ARE FUTURE
32255: GREGORY Lady - Voyages of St Brendan the navigator and stories of the Saints of Ireland forming a book of saints and wonders
58950: LAETSCH T - Bible commentary: Jeremiah
59402: RANCOUR-LAFERRIERE D - Signs of the flesh: an essay on the evolution of hominid sexuality
67151: LAFERRIERE P M - New and Eternal Testament
56728: LAFLEUR W R - Liquid life: abortion and Buddhism in Japan
43661: LAFON M - 15 days of prayer with Saint Jeanne Jugan
83430: LAFONT G - God, time, and being [originally published as ""Dieu, le Temps et l'etre 1856]
80182: DUBOIS J & LAGANE R - Dictionnaire de la langue francaise classique
34705: LAGARDE A - Latin Church in the Middle Ages (International Theological Library)
39338: LAGARDE P de - Librorum Veteris Testamenti Canonicorum: pars prior I, Graece (Greek)
49522: LAIDLER D - Fabricating the Keynesian Revolution: studies of the inter-war literature on money the cycle and unemployment
52310: LAINATI C A - Saint Clare of Assisi
28980: MASON P & LAING R - Sathya Sai Baba: the embodiment of love
67161: LAIRD J - Our minds and their bodies: (World's manuals)
67162: LAISHLEYA L - Stained glass of York
34722: LAKE K - Earlier Epistles of St Paul: their motive and origin
11306: LAKE F - Clinical theology: a theological and psychiatric basis to clinical pastoral care with figures and charts prepared by ER Swain
56725: LAKE F et al - We must love one another or die: lecture on love, sex and morality given in Great St Mary's Church, Cambridge
6974: FOAKES JACKSON F J & LAKE K - Beginnings of Christianity: Acts of the Apostles matching set of 5 volumes [weight 4.5kg before packing, please provide despatch address for postage quotation]
25212: LAKE F - With respect: a doctor's response to a healing Pope
31429: LAKELAND P - Postmodernity: Christian identity in a fragmented age (Guides to theological inquiry)
67167: LAKELAND P - Freedom in Christ: an introduction to political theology
52258: LALVANI K T - Guru Nanak: poet, philosopher, singer, saint
45767: DALAI LAMA - Ancient wisdom, modern world: ethics for the new millennium
48653: LAMARTINE A de - Jocelyn
11316: LAMB J W - Archbishopric of Canterbury: the early years
11317: LAMB P J - Bible below belief
11312: LAMB C & LAMB M - Tales from Shakespeare: with numerous illustrations
11313: LAMB C & M - Tales from Shakespeare
50998: LAMB C & M - Charles and Mary Lamb: the Augustan books of English poetry (second series, number sixteen)
49406: LAMB C - Mixed-faith marriage: a case for care
40339: LAMB C A - Jesus through other eyes: Christology in multi-faith context (Latimer Studies 14)
9494: HOOKER R & LAMB C - Love the stranger: ministry in multi-faith areas (NLPC)
82046: LAMB J A - Psalms in Christian worship
67173: LAMB P J - Drama of the Bible
82044: LAMBERT W G - Background of Jewish Apocalyptic (Ethel M Wood lecture University of London 22 February 1977)
43745: LAMBERT T - Resurrection of the Chinese church
11319: LAMBERT J - Scientific humanism
34707: LAMBERT J - Science and sanctity
57099: LAMBERT W G - Babylonian Wisdom Literature
50654: LAMBERTS E - Christian democracy in the European Union {1945/1995]: proceesdings of the Leuven Colloquium 15 - 18 November 1995
52077: LAMBETH J R - Prayer with Saint John
11346: LAMDIN K - Monday Matters: a study guide looking at faith and life (Faithworks 1)
82280: LAMDIN K - Supporting new ministers in the local church
41866: LAMERTON R - Care of the dying: [The Care and welfare library]
67187: LAMIRANDE E - What is the Communion of Saints?: [faith and fact book 26]
54515: LAMONT R - God who leads us on: story meditations on salvation
37541: LAMONT G & R - Children aloud! (some pages photocopiable)
34709: LAMONT C - Philosophy of humanism (Human bookshelf)
45014: LAMONT W - Puritanism and the origins of the English civil war
82045: LAMPARD J - Theology in ashes how the churches have gone wrong over cremation
50487: LAMPARD J - Such a feast: spiritual nourishment and the churches
82043: LAMPE G W H - God as spirit (Bampton Lectures 1976)
26519: LAMPE G - Holy Spirit: the text of a paper read in July 1974 at the York Conference of Anglican Religious Communities (FP 41)
11359: LAMPE G W H - Reconciliaton in Christ (Maurice Lectures 1955)
11360: LAMPE G W H - Seal of the spirit: study in the doctrine of baptism and confirmation in the New Testament and the fathers
11354: LAMPE G W H - I believe
11357: LAMPE G W H - Reconciliation in Christ (Maurice Lectures 1955)
11358: LAMPE G W H - Reconciliaton in Christ (Maurice Lectures 1955)
29058: LAMPE G W H - God as spirit: Bampton Lectures 1976
11361: LAMPE G W H - Some aspects of the New Testament ministry
11259: KWOK Pui-lan - Discovering the Bible in the non-biblical world (Bible and liberation series)
67192: LANCASHIRE A - Journeys of faith
53383: LANCE H D - Old Testament and the archaeologist
83027: LANCELOT J B - Francis James Chavasse: Bishop of Liverpool
82042: LANDA J - Torah and science
11372: LANDAU R - Letter to Andrew
11373: LANDAU R - The wing: confessions of a R.A.F. officer
49518: LANDER J R - Conflict and stability in fifteenth-century England
45614: LANDOR W S - Hellenics and Gebir: (Temple classics)
11378: LANDY F - Hosea
82040: LANDY F - Hosea (Readings: a new Biblical Commentary)
37692: LANE G E - What is this Calvinism?
81237: LANE K A - Developing ocular motor and visual skills: an activity workbook
45889: LANE B C - Landscapes of the sacred: geography and narrative in American Spirituality
11380: LANE C A - Illustrated notes on English Church History Vol 1: from the earliest times to the dawn of the reformation
74634: LANE D A - Reality of Jesus
23266: LANE J-E - Public sector reform: rationale, trends and problems
36998: LANE J I - Story of Bernadette (B384)
39770: LANE C A - Descriptive lantern lectures on English church history
8385: GUSTAFSON J M & LANEY J T - On being responsible: issues in personal ethics
11384: LANEY J C - Concise Bible Atlas: comprehensive geographical survey of the Bible Lands
67208: LANG J M - Gideon and the Judges: a study, practical and historical
11386: LANG A - Politics of Aristotle: introductory essays
11387: LANG B - Anthropological Approaches to the Old Testament (IRT8)
82211: LANG B - Monotheism and the prophetic minority: an essay in biblical history and sociology (Social World of Biblical Antiquity Series 1)
35829: LANGFORD M J - Good and the true: an introduction to Christian ethics
44690: ABERNETHY G L & LANGFORD T A - Philosophy of religion; a book of readings
58301: LANGFORD T A - Methodist theology (Exploring Methodism)
11398: LANGFORD M J - Unblind faith
52463: LANGFORD M J - Unblind faith: a new approach for the twenty-first century
24288: LANGLEY M - Ethical dialogue with other religions (GE27)
45153: PARIS G & LANGLOIS E - Chrestomathie du moyen age: extraits publies avec des traductions, des notes, une introduction grammaticale et des notices litteraires
11403: LANGRIDGE D W - Politics of the Kingdom: a study of the Lord's Prayer
54381: LANGTON E - History of the Moravian church: the story of the first international protestant church
82039: LANIAK T S - Shame and honor in the Book of Esther (SBL Dissertation series number 145)
36064: LANKSHEAR W - Preparing for inspection in a church school
39547: LANKSHEAR D W - Churches serving schools
67220: LANKSHEAR D W - Churches serving schools: helping churches to support their local schools
53382: LANTRY J - Saint Teresa on prayer (Living Flame Series Volume Fourteen)
42663: LAPIDE C A - Great commentary of Cornelius A Lapide: II. Corinthians and Galatians translated and edited by W F Cobb
52764: LAPIDUS I M - History of Islamic societies
4661: COLLINS L & LAPIERRE D - Fifth Horseman
11410: LAPLACE J - Direction of Conscience
11411: LAPORTA D G - La Liturgie au college: ensignment ou education?
54380: LAPPENBERG J M - History of England under the Anglo-Saxon Kings (2 volume set) [overseas will require extra postage]
67224: LAPSANSKI D V - First Franciscans and the Gospel
49808: LAPSLEY M - Priest and Partisan: a South African journey with foreword by Nelson Mandela
29893: LAPWOOD R - When babies die (GPS36)
83431: LARCHET J-C - Dieu ne veut pas la souffrance des hommes
55713: LARKIN E E et al - Spiritual renewal of the American priesthood
23474: LARKIN M - Religion, politics & preferment in France since 1890: La Belle Epoque and its legacy
11415: LAROS M - Confirmation in the modern world
55921: LAROUSSE - Petit Larousse illustre 2005
33153: LARRIMORE M - Problem of evil: a reader
28213: LARSEN H H - Cases in marketing
11418: LARSON M - Why can't we talk? (Prayers for parents and teenagers)
54086: UNGER M F & LARSON G N - Hodder Bible handbook (based on the New International Version)

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