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67424: LEVASTI A - My servant Catherine
49404: HALL T & LEVENSON D - In celebration of the Queen's visit to Canada
81851: LEVENSON J D - Death and resurrection of the Beloved Son: the transformation of child sacrifice in Judaism and Christianity
28519: LEVER C - Resistant materials: teachers' guide (GCSE Design & Technology)
27609: LEVER R - West in her eye: poems by women
80956: KALANTZIS G & LEVERING M - Christian dying: witnesses from the tradition
57623: LEVERING M - Ezra and Nehemiah
58960: LEVI P - Frontiers of paradise: a study of monks and monasteries
81848: LEVI I - Hebrew text of the Book of Ecclesiasticus edited with brief notes and a selected glossary (Semitic study series no. III)
27043: LEVICKI C - Strategy workout: journey to the heart of your business
27887: LEVIEN M - Cree Journals: the voyages of Edward H Cree, Surgeon RN as related in his private journals, 1837-1856
81855: LEVINE R S - Cambridge companion to Herman Melville
11686: LEVINE D H - Popular voices in Latin American Catholicism
81854: LEVINE L I - Judaism and Hellenism in Antiquity: conflict or confluence?
81853: LEVINE E - Heaven and earth, law and love: studies in Biblical thought
83387: LEVINE S K - Poiesis: the language of psychology and the speech of the soulvv
81856: LEVINSON B M - Deuteronomy and the hermeneutics of legal innovation
28694: LEVISON F - God to glorify: notes on being a parish minister
81857: LEVISON F - Christian and Jew: Leon Levison 1881-1936
49054: MCCALL T & LEVITT Z - Israel and tomorrow's temple
29544: LEVY S et al - Oxford and Cambridge May anthologies short stories 2000 selected and edited by Paul Muldoon
11692: LEVY R - Deutero-Isaiah: a commentary together with a preliminary essay on Deutero-Isaiah's influence on Jewish thought
10055: LEVY T E - Archaeology of society in the Holy Land
23211: LEVY R - Implementing European Union public policy (New horizons in public policy)
81847: LEVY P - Moore: G. E. Moore and the Cambridge Apostles
11694: LEWINSKI R - Guide for sponsors (Christian initiation of adults series)
67479: LEWIS E - Philosophy of the Christian revelation
28136: LEWIS N D - Choice and the legal order: rising above politics
11705: LEWIS C S - Christian reflections
34057: LEWIS A - Life of Saint Teilo: an imaginative biography
31069: LEWIS B - Power driving: swing on the right track (Play better golf)
52322: PLATTEN S & LEWIS C - Dreaming spires: cathedrals in a new age
11749: LEWIS H D - Morals and the new theology
11748: LEWIS H D - Jesus in the faith of Christians
11746: LEWIS H - Life as service: some chapters on being Christianly useful
11742: LEWIS F W - Jesus of Galilee
11697: LEWIS B - Arabs in history
26771: PETERSON J & LEWIS M - Elgar companion to feminist economics
53374: LEWIS J P - English Bible from KJV to NIV: a history and evaluation (second edition with new chapters on the NKJV, REB and NRSV)
67481: LEWIS F W - Jesus, saviour of men
22260: LEWIS H D - Self and immortality (Philosophy of religion series)
21410: WREN-LEWIS J - Religion in the scientific age being the 11th Vaughan Memorial Lecture given in Doncaster Grammar School on 18th June 1963)
34697: LEWIS H D - Morals and revelation
52514: LEWIS E R - Johannine writings and the other epistles (Book VI New Testament)
11757: LEWIS J - Old Testament in the Twentieth Century
80110: LEWIS P - British wild flowers (Kew Series)
11740: LEWIS D - Saint Teresa
40080: LEWIS J R - Law in action
11752: LEWIS H D - Persons and life after death
11695: LEWIS A E - Motherhood of God
82186: LEWIS I M - Ecstatic religion: an anthropological study of spirit possession and shamanism
67478: LEWIS E R - Some things Jesus did: an introduction to the history of Jesus
80159: HEBREW-ENGLISH LEXICON - Hebrew-English Lexicon containing all the Hebrew and Chaldee words in the Old Testament scriptures with their meanings in English
35392: MIDDLETON H & LEYSER H - Invasion and integration (Presenting the past: Book 1)
11768: LIBBEY H C - Eight deadlier sins
51380: LIBERMAN S - On firmer shores
22890: LIBRARIES - Libraries in the UK and the Republic of Ireland 1999
565: ANTE-NICENE CHRISTIAN LIBRARY - Vol XX Writings of Gregory Thaumaturgus, Dionysius of Alexandria, and Archelaus
566: ANTE-NICENE CHRISTIAN LIBRARY - Vol XXI Works of Lactantius, in two volumes, Vol I
55743: OXFORD LIBRARY - Oxford Library of English usage Vol I Grammar: Vol II Spelling: Vol III Usage
562: ANTE-NICENE CHRISTIAN LIBRARY - Vol XVIII Writings of Tertullian Vol III with the extant works of Victorinus and Commodianus
547: ANTE-NICENE CHRISTIAN LIBRARY - Vol XI Writings of Tertullian Vol I
538: ANTE-NICENE CHRISTIAN LIBRARY - Vol IX Irenaeus Vol II - Hippolytus Vol II - Fragments of Third Century
551: ANTE-NICENE CHRISTIAN LIBRARY - Vol XIV Writings of Methodius, Alexander of Lycopolos, Peter of Alexandria and several fragments
550: ANTE-NICENE CHRISTIAN LIBRARY - Vol XIII Writings of Cyprian Vol II: containing the remainder of the Treatises, together with the Writings of Novatian, Minucius Felix, etc
57167: BRITISH LIBRARY [Panizzi] - British Library Journal: Volume 23 Number 2 Autumn 1997 Panizzi Bicentenary Issue
536: ANTE-NICENE CHRISTIAN LIBRARY - Vol IV Writings of Clement of Alexandria Vol I
568: ANTE-NICENE CHRISTIAN LIBRARY - Vol XXII Works of Lactantius, in two volumes, Vol II, together with the Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs and Fragments of the Second & Third centuries
24629: BRITISH LIBRARY - Catalogue of additions to the manuscripts new series 1976-1980 Part I & Part II
553: ANTE-NICENE CHRISTIAN LIBRARY - Vol XIX Seven Books of Arnobius Adversus Gentes
548: ANTE-NICENE CHRISTIAN LIBRARY - Vol XII Writings of Clement of Alexandria, Vol II:
559: ANTE-NICENE CHRISTIAN LIBRARY - Vol XVI Apocryphal Gospels, Acts, and Revelations
556: ANTE-NICENE CHRISTIAN LIBRARY - Vol XV Writings of Tertullian Vol II
27643: ANTE-NICENE CHRISTIAN LIBRARY - Vol XIII Writings of Cyprian Vol II: containing the remainder of the Treatises, together with the Writings of Novatian, Minucius Felix, etc
563: ANTE-NICENE CHRISTIAN LIBRARY - Vol XVIII Writings of Tertullian Vol III with the extant works of Victorinus and Commodianus
45878: JEWISH NATIONAL & UNIVERSITY LIBRARY - Index of articles on Jewish studies No. 22 1982 (with additions to 1966-1981) compiled and edited by the editorial board of Kiryat Sefer bibliographical quarterly of the Jewish National and University Library
48487: BRITISH LIBRARY - Report of the British Library ad hoc working party on union catalogues
571: ANTE-NICENE CHRISTIAN LIBRARY - Vol XXIV Early Liturgies and Other Documents
545: ANTE-NICENE CHRISTIAN LIBRARY - Vol VIII Writings of Cyprian Vol I containing the Epistles and some of the Treatises containing the Epistles and some of the Treatises
83497: ANTE-NICENE CHRISTIAN LIBRARY - Vol VII Five books of Quintus Sept. Flor. Tertullianus against Marcion
38734: LAMBETH PALACE LIBRARY - Successors of Augustine: the Archbishops of Canterbury at Lambeth Palace from 1197
40153: JEWISH NATIONAL LIBRARY - Index of articles on Jewish studies: (and the study of Eretz Israel): compiled and edited in ""Kiryat Sefer"", the Jewish National and University Library [Volume 29 / 1987]
82112: ANTE-NICENE CHRISTIAN LIBRARY - Vol IX Irenaeus Vol II - Hippolytus Vol II - Fragments of Third Century
82113: ANTE-NICENE CHRISTIAN LIBRARY - Vol IX Irenaeus Vol II - Hippolytus Vol II - Fragments of Third Century
11791: LICHFIELD - Annual Record of the Theological College Lichfield Staffs No.6
37842: LICHTENSTEIN A - Henry More: the rational theology of a Cambridge Platonist
56385: LIDDELL A C - C. Iulii Caesaris de bello Gallico: liber primus (Bell's Illustrated Classics))
11800: LIDDON H P - Advent in St. Paul's: sermons chiefly on the two comings of our Lord
11814: LIDDON H P - Sermons Preached before the University of Oxford: second series
11815: LIDDON H P - Sermons Preached before the University of Oxford: first series
11817: LIDDON H P - Some Elements of Religion: Lent Lectures 1870
11810: LIDDON H P - Life of Edward Bouverie Pusey (Volume IV only): Doctor of Divinity Canon of Christ, Regius Professor of hebrew in the University of Oxford
11805: LIDDON H P - Easter in St Pauls: Sermons bearing chiefly on the resurrection of Our Lord in 2 vols
11806: LIDDON H P - Explanatory analysis of St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans
11808: LIDDON H P - First Five Minutes after Death and the future Crown (Oxford Booklets No.19)
11804: LIDDON H P - Easter in St Pauls: Sermons bearing chiefly on the resurrection of Our Lord in 2 vols
42735: LIDDON H P - Sermons on some words of St. Paul
52684: LIDDON H P - Sermons on some words of Christ
67513: LIDDON H P - Sermons
38666: LIDDON H P - Forty-one sermons on various subjects, preached in the Cathedral Church of St Paul, London, including two lectures on St Paul
41832: LIDDON H P - Sermons on Old Testament subjects
82184: LIDDON H P - Life of Edward Bouverie Pusey Volume III only: Doctor of Divinity Canon of Christ, Regius Professor of hebrew in the University of Oxford
11802: LIDDON H P - Divinity of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ: (Bampton lectures 1866)
54692: LIDDY P - Dublin be proud: a celebration of Dublin's millennium year 1988
83258: LIDGETT J S - The Cross seen from five standpoints
14393: LIDGETT J S - Fatherhood of God in Christian truth and life
59342: LIDGETT J S - God and the world: essays in Christian theism
59341: LIDGETT J S - Idea of God and social ideals (Beckly Social Service Lecture 1938)
67514: LIDGETT J S - SALVATION: as proclaimed by Prophets, Apostles and by our Lord Jesus Christ
81861: LIDONNICI L R - Epidaurian miracle inscriptions: text, translation and commentary (Texts and Translations 36/Graeco-Roman Religion Series 11)
5993: DUCHROW U & LIEDKE G - Shalom: biblical perspectives on creation, justice and peace
51404: VAN LIERDE P C - Holy See at work: how the Catholic Church is governed
11824: LIESCH B - People in the presence of God
49232: LIETZMANN H - Symbols of the ancient church
80340: LIETZMANN H - History of the early Church (Volume II): Founding of the Church universal
11825: LIETZMANN H - Beginnings of the Christian Church translated by Bertram Lee Woolf
47681: LIETZMANN H - History of the early Church [containing Volumes I, II, III, & IV bound as two paperbacks
53015: LIETZMANN H - History of the early Church [containing Volumes I, II, III, & IV bound as two paperbacks
42738: LIETZMANN H - An die Korinther I/II (Handbuch zum Neuen Testament 9)
38781: LIETZMANN H - Klementinische liturgie aus den Constitutiones Apostolorum VIII nebst Anhangen (Liturgische Texte VI)
38783: LIETZMANN H - Sachsische agende im Auszug (Liturgische Texte VIII)
26446: LIETZMANN H - Apocryphal writings - 13 bound pamphlets: Clemen - Assumptio Mosis, Teaching of the twelve apostles, Klostermann - Apocrypha I, II, III, Harnack - Apocrypha IV, Lietzmann - Symbols of the Ancient Church, Lietzmann - Muratorisch fragment, Meinhold - Amos, Lietzmann - Three oldest martyrologies, Lietzmann -
58105: LIETZMANN H - History of the early Church [containing Volumes III & IV] Volume III From Constantine to Julian; Volume IV The era of the Church Fathers
57989: LIEU J - Second and Third Epistles of John: history and background
81871: LIEU J - Theology of the Johannine Epistles (New Testament Theology)
50191: RELIGIOUS LIFE - Vocation: being the English version of Le discernement des vocations de religieuses (Religious Life II)
56078: MOUNT CARMEL: a review of the spiritual life - Spiritual direction issue: Vol 59 1 No January-March 2011: a quarterly review by Teresian Carmelites of the Anglo-Irish Province
50171: RELIGIOUS LIFE - Poverty: being the English version of La Pauvrete in Problemes de la Religieuse d'aujourd'hui (Religious Life IV)
11829: LIFE - Life of Christ: by Chinese artists
24971: LIFE - Life of Bishop Patteson
6508: EUCHARISTIC LIFE: - addresses by Oxford Mission Brothers of the Epiphany at the Students' Conference of Syrian Christian Church at Kottayam May 1916
50194: RELIGIOUS LIFE - Doctrinal instruction of religious sisters: being the English version of Formation doctrinale des religieuses (Religious Life VI)
50192: RELIGIOUS LIFE - Chastity: being the English version of La chastete in Problemes de la religieuse d'aujourd'hui (Religious Life V)
50193: RELIGIOUS LIFE - Direction of nuns: being the English version of Directoire des pretres charges des religieuses (Religious Life VII)
82167: LIGHTFOOT J B - Saint Paul's Epistle to the Colossians and to Philemon: a revised text with introduction, notes and dissertations
82166: LIGHTFOOT J B - Saint Paul's Epistle to the Philippians: a revised text with introduction, notes, and dissertations
52760: LIGHTFOOT R H - Gospel message of St Mark
11834: LIGHTFOOT J B - Cambridge Sermons
11836: LIGHTFOOT J B - Historical essays
11841: LIGHTFOOT J B - Sermons preached in St Paul's Cathedral
11845: LIGHTFOOT J B - St Paul's Epistle to the Galatians a revised text with intro, notes and dissertations
11849: LIGHTFOOT R H - Locality and Doctrine in the Gospels
58943: LIGHTFOOT J B - Notes on the Epistles of St Paul: I and II Thessalonians, I Corinthians, Romans 1 - 7, and Ephesians 1:1 - 14 based on the Greek text
58261: LIGHTFOOT R H - Gospel message of St Mark
43298: LIGHTFOOT J B - Commentary of the Epistles of Saint Paul
39877: LIGHTFOOT J B - Sermons preached on special occasions
82255: LIGHTFOOT J B - Saint Paul's Epistle to the Galatians: a revised text with introduction, notes and dissertations [armourial stamp embossed on front cover]
57983: HELMSTADTER R J & LIGHTMAN B - Victorian faith in crisis: essays on continuity and change in nineteenth-century religious belief
81872: LIGHTSTONE J N - Commerce of the sacred: mediation of the divine among Jews in the Graeco-Roman diaspora (Brown Judaic Studies 59)
44027: LIGHTWOOD J T - Hymn-tunes and their story
11855: LILIENTHAL H - Some Actors in Our Lord's Passion: sermons for Lent and Easter
42743: LILLEY A L - Religion and revelation: a study of some moments in the effort of Christian Theology to define their relations
47834: LILLEY A L - Sacraments: a study of some moments in the attempt to define their meaning for Christian worship
28105: LIMB A et al - Road to incorporation
57701: LIMBURG J - Psalms
41877: LIMBURG J - Jonah (Old Testament Library)
39316: LIMOURIS G - Justice, peace and the integrity of creation: insights from orthodoxy
81083: LIN J W-B - Nature of environmental stewardship: understanding creation care solutions to environmental problems
30886: LINCOLN F - First Christmas: extracts from the Authorized (King James) Bible text & illus Frances Lincoln from paintings in the National Gallery London
53194: LINCOLN A T et al - Bible and spirituality: exploratory essays in reading scripture spiritually
57063: LINCOLN A T - Hebrews: a guide
50478: LINCOLN F - Message of St Francis: with frescoes from the Basilica of St Francis at Assisi
81874: LINDARS B - Deborah's song: women in the Old Testament
22421: LINDARS B - Theology of the letter to Hebrews (New Testament Theology)
59466: BROOKE G J & LINDARS B - Septuagint, scrolls and cognate writings: papers presented to the International Symposium on the Septuagint and its relations to the Dead Sea Scrolls and other writings (Manchester 1990)
81878: LINDARS B - Law and religion: essays on the place of law in Israel and early Christianity by members if the Ehrhardt Seminar of Manchester University
81877: LINDARS B - John (New Testament Guide)
81876: LINDARS B, EDWARDS R B & COURT J M - Johannine literature with an introduction by R Alan Culpepper
81875: LINDARS B - Jesus son of man: a fresh examination of the Son of Man sayings in the Gospels in the light of modern research
80637: LINDBECK G A - Nature of doctrine: religion and theology in a post liberal age
44252: LINDBECK G A - Church in a postliberal age: [Radical Traditions]
25831: LINDBLAD J T - Foreign investment in Southeast Asia in the twentieth century
81870: LINDBLOM J - Prophecy in Ancient Israel
81880: LINDBOE I M - Women in the New Testament: a select bibliography
44321: LINDECK J - Mysterious ways
56293: LINDEMANN A - Sayings source Q and the historical Jesus (Bibliotheca Ephermeridum Theologicarum Lovaniensium CLVIII)
82312: LINDEN I - Liberation theology: coming of age?
38748: LINDEN G - Jigsaw [a novel about one homosexual, and a novel about us]
81882: LINDEN N ter - In the middle of Winter
11880: LINDLEY J - Seeking and finding: life of Emile Cammaerts
82065: LINDLEY G - Michael Ramsey 14 November 1904 - 23 April 1988, Joan Ramsey 16 September 1909 - 13 February 1995
11887: LINDSAY T M - History of the Reformation in two volumes
42748: LINDSAY T M - Church and the ministry in the early centuries: the eighteenth series of the Cunningham lectures
81881: LINDSAY A D - Religion science and society in the modern world
42416: LINDSAY T M - History of the Reformation in two volumes [COMPLETE] (International Theological library)
74300: LINDSLEY J E - Church Club of New York: the first hundred years
34699: LINDSTROM H - Wesley and sanctification: a study in the doctrine of salvation
81883: LINDSTROM F - Suffering and Sin: Interpretations of Illness in the Individual Complaint Psalms (Coniectanea Biblica Old Testament Series 37)
41841: LINER A C - Hope for the hopeless
33556: LINGS G - New ground in church planting: a personal commentary on 'Breaking new ground', the report commissioned by the House of Bishops on church planting (GEv27)
56103: LINK M - In the stillness is the dancing
35236: LINK M - Psalms for today: praying an old book in a new way
11895: LINNELL C - Some East Anglican Clergy
21852: LINNELL C - Some East Anglican Clergy
11897: LINNEMANN E - Parables of Jesus: introduction and exposition
67570: LINSKY L - Referring: international library of philosophy and scientific method
81884: LINSTEAD H - Crime and sin: a paper read before the Richmond Council of Churches on October 19th 1959
40161: LINTON O - Synopsis historiae universalis: om en middelalderlig skoletraditions forudsaetninger I bibelsk-jodisk, graesk-hellenistisk og oldkirkelig tradition
55598: LINZEY A - Has Anglicanism a future: a response to the Windsor Report
83006: LINZEY A - Animal gospel: Christian faith as though animals mattered
11912: LIONEL F - Revolution in consciousness
30596: LIPMAN M - You can read me like a book (signed by author)
53966: LIPMAN V D - History of the Jews in Britain since 1858
47964: LIPSON I - Twelve words Jesus knew
45909: LIPSON E - Economic history of England Volume 1: Middle Ages
81885: LIPTON D - Revisions of the night: politics and promises in the patriarchal dreams of Genesis (Journal for the Study of the Old Testament Supplement Series 288)
80635: LISCHER R - End of words: the language of reconciliation in a culture of violence
48442: LISCHER R - Theology of preaching
35146: THERESE OF LISIEUX - By love alone: dailing readings with St Therese of Lisieux (Enfolded in love)
30881: THERESE OF LISIEUX - By love alone: dailing readings with St Therese of Lisieux (Enfolded in love)
57216: THERESE OF LISIEUX [TAYLOR] - Little white flower: the story of St Therese of Lisieux: a translation of her autobiography by the Right Rev Mgr Thomas N Canon Taylor 1873 - 1963, witness before the tribunal of her canonisation
41062: THERESE of Lisieux - Story of a Soul: the autobiography...a new translation from the original manuscripts by John Clarke
41383: THERESE of Lisieux - Soeur Thérèse of Lisieux, the little flower of Jesus: a new and complete translation of 'L'histoire d'une ame', with an account of some favours attributed to the intercession of Soeur Thérèse
36012: THERESE of LISIEUX [BACKHOUSE] - Autobiograhy of Therese de Lisieux edited by Robert Backhouse (Spiritual lives)
80482: THERESE DE LISIEUX - Voie toute nouvelle
11916: LISTON A - Choice is yours; a book of sermons
11917: LITERATURE - Literature for the Anglican Communion: survey of the need & opportunities for the printed word in the world mission of the church
30254: CHRISTIAN LITERATURE - Christian literature: evidences, consisting of articles by Watson, Paley, Jenyns, Leslie, Chandler, Lyttleton, Campbell, Sherlock & West with prefatory memoirs by Memes
81354: SOCIETY OF BIBLICAL LITERATURE [MacRae] - 1975 Seminar papers Volume 1: one hundred eleventh annual meeting Chicago
81356: SOCIETY OF BIBLICAL LITERATURE [MacRae] - 1998 Seminar papers Part One and Part Two: one hundred thirty-fourth annual meeting (Society of Biblical Literature Seminar papers 37) (Additional postage required for overseas addresses)
11918: LITHERLAND J - Clown ministry handbook
39696: LITHGOW R M - Parabolic Gospel: or Christ's parables, a sequence and synthesis
39704: LITTLE J K - Conflict of ideals in the Church of England
67595: LITTLE C E - 10,000 topical illustrations from the Bible: a valuable resource for speakers, writers and preachers
41880: LITTLE B [KERSTING A F] - Portrait of Cambridge: a selection of photographs by A F Kersting
67594: LITTLE A - Christ unconquered
31555: LITTLEDALE R F - Offices from the service-books of the Holy Eastern Church with translation, notes and glossary
11930: LITTLEDALE R F - Plain reasons against joining the Church of Rome
11929: LITTLEDALE - Holy Eastern Church: a popular outline of its history, doctrines, liturgies, and vestments by a priest of the English Church
28496: LITTLEJOHN A - Company to company: a communicative approach to business correspondence in English (Teacher's Book)
37642: LITTLETON C J - Office and work of a priest
67599: LITTLETON C J - Handmaid of the Lord
39253: LITTLETON A - Latin dictionary complete in one volume containing I: English-Latin, II: Latin-Classical, III: Latin-Proper, IV: Latin-Barbarous
46884: STUDIA LITURGICA - Studia liturgica Vol IV Nos 1-4 1965, Vol V Nos 1-4 1966, Vol 7 Nos 1-4, Vol 8 Nos 1-4 1971/1972 International ecumenical quarterly for liturgical research and renewal
58616: JEWISH LITURGY [DAVIS & ADLER] - Service of the Synagogue (6 volume set): Passover; New Year; Tabernacles, Pentecost, Day of Atonement I & 2: a new edition of the festival prayers with an English translation in prose and verse No additional UK postage. Please ask for a quote for overseas postage.
71699: JEWISH LITURGY [DAVIS & ADLER] - Service of the Synagogue: Passover: a new edition of the festival prayers with an English translation in prose and verse
71697: JEWISH LITURGY [DAVIS & ADLER] - Service of the Synagogue: Day of Atonement in 2 vols: a new edition of the festival prayers with an English translation in prose and verse: Vol 1: Evening Server, Vol 2: morning, additional, afternoon and concluding services
12973: LITVINOFF S - Relate guide to better relationships: practical ways to make your love last from the experts in marriage guidance
53187: LITWA M D - Becoming divine: an introduction to Deification in Western Culture
26191: LIVERMORE A - Scenes from Spanish life c.1930 with a memoir by Harold Livermore
45457: LIVERMORE H - History of Spain
54007: LIVERSIDGE J - Britain in the Roman Empire
11935: LIVERSIDGE J - Everyday life in the Roman Empire drawings by Eva Wilson
83816: LIVES - Lives of the Holy Apostles Saints Peter, Paul, Andrew, James, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, James, Jude, Simon, Matthias, Mark, Luke and James.. from the 'Mennology of st Dimitri of Rostov' in Russian and 'The Great Synaxaristes of the Orthodox Church' in Greek
11936: LIVES - Lives of the Saints: the voyage of St Brendan Bede, Life of Cuthbert Eddius Stephanus, Life of Wilfrid
23844: LIVES - Lives of the British Reformers from Wickliff to Foxe
11939: LIVING: - Liturgical style (Risk Vol 5 No 1)
83637: LIVING - Living God: in 2 vols a catechism of the Christian Faith translated from the French by Olga Dunlop
67604: LIVINGSTON P H - This blessed mess: finding hope amidst life's chaos
11945: LIVINGSTONE W P - Mary Slessor of Calabar: pioneer missionary
51625: LIVY [ed Stout & Collins] - Livy: Book II Chaps 1 - 50: text and notes
46287: LIVY [ed Masom W F] - Livy: Book III [Latin/English text with English notes]
81862: LJUNG I - Silence or Suppression: attitudes towards women in the Old Testament
54494: LLEWELLYN W - Worship in song (Full music edition)
10779: LLEWELLYN R - Cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Paul [Washington] photography by Robert Llewellyn introduction by John Chancellor
32894: LLEWELYN R - Memories and reflections
11952: LLEWELYN R - Love bade me welcome
22983: LLEWELYN R - Circles of silence: explorations in prayer with Julian Meetings
80465: LLEWELYN R - Prayer and contemplation [and] Distractions are for learning
27542: LLOYD H A - Collector's dictionary of clocks
67624: LLOYD T - Twelve apostles [Vine Series 1]
29880: LLOYD T et al - Introducing Promise of His Glory (GW116)
11973: LLOYD R B - Christianity, History and Civilization
11971: LLOYD R - Revolutionary religion: Christianity Fascism and Communism
11961: LLOYD R - Beloved community
23412: LLOYD C - Discourses of antiracism in France
55952: LLOYD T - Rites surrounding death: the Palermo Statement of the International Anglican Liturgical Consultation 2007 (Joint Liturgical Studies 74)
8241: LLOYD T - Institutions and inductions (GBMW15)
81860: LLOYD R H - Services for betweenagers: acts of worship for assemblies and other occasions
34702: LLOYD S - Notes on the corrected English New Testament: a revision of the ""Authorised"" Version by Nestle's Resultant Greek Testament. Origin, history & features of the work, with illustrative passages
11968: LLOYD R - Letters from the Early Church
8215: LLOYD T - Evangelicals, obedience and change: a comment on NEAC (Nottingham 1977) and its statement (GMW 50)
31291: LLOYD T - Ceremonial in worship (GM&W75)
11972: LLOYD R B - Christianity history and civilization
81863: LOADER J A - Tale of two cities: Sodom and Gomorrah in the Old Testament, early Jewish and early Christian traditions
46089: LOADER L - In the diary of my mind/X, Whose Son was He?/When darkness came/For our grandchildren? More of the same?
52186: LOADES A - Spiritual classics from the late twentieth century [an anthology]: Helen Oppenheimer, Janet Soskice, Margaret Spufford, Carlo-Maria Martini, Jacques Pohier, Kenneth Leech
59546: LOADES J - Monastic studies (2 volumes)
22726: LOANE M L - Crown of thorns
11999: LOANE M L - Pioneers of the Reformation in England
11995: LOANE M L - Amazing Grace: some aspects & insights in the life of the apostle Paul
11996: LOANE M L - Archbishop Mowll: the biography of HWK Mowll Archbishop of Sydney and Primate of Australia
11994: LOANE M - Voice of the Psalms: studies in one hundred of the Psalms of David
58050: LOANE M L - Mary of Bethany
48532: LOBB K M - Drama in school and church: a short survey
26915: LOCHHEAD D - Dialogical imperative: a Christian reflection on interfaith encounter
12003: LOCHMAN J M - Encountering Marx: bonds and barriers between Christians and Marxists
81864: LOCHMAN J M - Faith we confess: an ecumenical dogmatics
12006: LOCK W - John Keble: a biography
40849: LOCKARD W D - Unheard Billy Graham
27741: SAVILL S & LOCKE E - Pears encyclopaedia of myths and legends: the Ancient Near and Middle East; Classical Greece and Rome
33740: LOCKE J - Essay concerning human understanding: abridged and edited by John W Yolton
27671: LOCKER F - London lyrics
58044: LOCKERBIE D B - Liberating word: art and the mystery of the Gospel
67657: LOCKHART D - ST. COLUMBA'S COMPANION to the Scottish Liturgy
12011: LOCKHART J G - Cosmo Gordon Lang
12018: LODGE R - History of Modern Europe: from the capture of constantinople 1453 to the treaty of Berlin 1878
12016: LODGE O - Substance of Faith Allied with Science: a catechism for parents and teachers
45141: LODGE D - Practice of writing: essays, lectures, reviews and a diary
12022: LOEHR M - History of Religion in the Old Testament
12023: LOEN A E - Secularization: science without God?
39694: LOENERTZ R J - Apocalypse of Saint John: authorised translation by Hilary J Carpenter
42356: LOEW M R - Mission to the poorest with introduction and epilogue by Maisie Ward
14647: OESTERLEY W O E & LOEWE H (ed) - Judaism and Christianity Volumes 1 & 2 Vol 1 Age of Transition, Vol 2 The Contact of Pharisaism With Other Cultures
38742: LOEWE H - Mosaic revelation: presidential address to the Society for Old Testament Study (Lectio No 5)
12024: LOEWE R - Position of Women in Judaism
39762: LOEWENICH W von - Modern Catholicism translated by Reginald H Fuller
39693: LOEWENICH W von - Paul: his life and work
22144: LOFTHOUSE J - Thousand miles from a Post Office, or Twenty years' life and travel in the Hudson's Bay regions
12027: LOFTHOUSE W F - Early translations of the Bible
35276: LOGAN K - To God be the glory: the vision for North-East Lancashire
46454: LOH I - African songs of worship
12035: LOHFINK N - Great themes from the Old Testament
81869: LOHFINK N F - Option for the poor: the basic principle of Liberation theology in the light of the Bible
29785: LOHMENER E - Kritisch exegetischer Kommentar uber das Neue Testament Neunte Abteilung, 2 Halfte - 8. Auflage: Die Briefe and die Kilosser und an Philemon
12036: LOHMEYER E - Evangelium des Markus: Erste Abteilung, 2. Band, 3 Auslage (Kritisch-exegetischer Kommentar uber das Neue Testament)
81973: LOHMEYER E - Evangelium des Markus Erste Abteilung, 2. Band, 17. Auslage (Kritisch-exegetischer Kommentar uber das Neue Testament)
44259: MARKHAM I S & LOHR C - World religions reader
12039: LOHSE E - Geschichte des Leidens und Sterbens Jesu Christi
38085: LOHSE B - Die Passa-Homilie des Bischofs Meliton von Sardes (Textus Minores Vol XXIV)
81866: LOHSE B - Martin Luther's theology: its historical and systematic development
41999: LOISY A - Consolation d'Israel: traduction nouvelle avec introduction et notes
51216: FITZGERALD-LOMBARD C - Downside Abbey: a guide to the church of St Gregory the Great
82122: LONERGAN B [Croken and Doren] - Philosophical and theological papers 1965-1980 (Collected works of Bernard Lonergan Volume 17)
82121: LONG V P - Reign and rejection of King Saul: a case for literary and theological coherence (SBL Dissertation Series 118)
33421: LONG E L - Survey of Christian ethics
12056: LONG B O - Images of Man & God: Old Testament short stories in literary focus
58931: LONG A J - Fifty years of theology 1928 - 1978: the vindication of liberalism (Essex Hall lecture for 1978)
59023: COATS G W & LONG B O - Canon and authority: essays in Old Testament religion and authority
23466: LONG T G - Preaching and the literary forms of the Bible
80631: LONG B O - 1 Kings with an introduction to historical literature (Volume IX Forms of the Old Testament Literature)
44070: LONG G D C - Passion and reason: womenviews of Christian life
82124: LONGENECKER R N - Patterns of discipleship in the New Testament
27888: LONGFORD E - Wellington: pillar of state
12067: LONGFORD F P - Life of Jesus Christ
26021: LONGHURST J W S - Air pollution VIII: Air pollution 2000 Eight international conference on air pollution organised by Wessex Institute of Technology UK
27605: LONGLEY D - Health care constitutions
12073: LONGRIDGE W H - Normal Development of Ordinary Mental Prayer
38741: LONGUS S - DAPHNIS and CHLOE: translated out of the Greek by George Thornley, with an introduction by George Sainsbury (Abbey Classicss XIII)
16659: ROBSON J & LONSDALE D - Can Spirituality be Taught?: exploratory essays
41894: LONYAY C - Rudolf: the tragedy of Mayerling
56382: VAN LOO G - Victorian parson: the life and times of Thomas Prankerd Phelps, Ridley, Kent, Rector 1840 - 1893
44913: CAMPBELL H A & LOOY H - Science and religion primer
29116: VAN LOOY B et al - Services management: an intergrated approach
22311: LOPEZ B - About this life: journeys on the threshold of memory
29773: HARLECH Lord - Illustrated regional guides to ancient monuments in the ownership or guardianship of the Ministry of Works, Volume V: North Wales
12082: LORD E - Look into life [youth groups probe some problems]
12087: LORD'S - The Lord's my shepherd: hymn anthem based on 'Crimond' arranged for S.A.T.B. by O Janes
54969: LORD A - Transforming renewal: Charismatic renewal meets Thomas Merton
21608: ZUCKERMAN Lord - Europe & America and the nuclear shadow
9945: ROSEBERY Lord - Miscellanies literary and historical edited by John Buchan in 2 volumes
75: ACTON Lord - Essays on Church and state
42082: LOREN J - Shifting shadows of supernatural power
34695: LORENTZEN H C - Hovedlinjer af anglikansk hymnodi: Parts I & II bound together (Saertryk af Dansk teologisk tidsskrift)
56088: LORENZEN T - Resurrection and discipleship: interpretive models, biblical reflections, theological consequences
40140: LORENZETTI G - Ca'Rezzonico
40131: LOSCH R R - Many faces of faith: a guide to world religions and christian traditions
82589: LOSSKY V - Theologie negative et connaissance de Dieu chez Maitre Eckhart (Etudes de Philosophie Medievale XLVIII)
12094: LOSSKY V - Mystical theology of the Eastern Church
48692: LOTI P - Ramuntcho (French text)
50477: LOTT D B - Conflict management in congregations
52469: LOTZ A G - Pursuing more of Jesus
51305: LOTZ J B - Problem of loneliness
67697: LOUDEN S H - Chaplains in conflict: the role of Army Chaplains since 1914
82922: FLETCHER-LOUIS C H T - Revelation of the Sacral Son of Man: genre, history of religions context and the meaning of the transfiguration [pp 247-298 reprint from Auferstehung - Resurrection: the fourth Durham-Tubingen research symposium: resurrection, transfiguration aand exaltation in Old Testament, ancient Judaism and early Christianity (Tubingen September 1999)]
26516: LOUKES H - Christian convincement: Quakers and the Creeds
34704: LOUKES H - Discovery of Quakerism
53984: LOVAT L - Maurice Baring: a postscript with some letters and verse
57942: LOVAT A - Life of Saint Teresa: taken from the French of a Carmelite Nun
26361: LOVEGROVE A - Bank rehabilitation in Croatia: interim report & conclusions...successful use of process approach...multilateral structural adjustment...
12122: LOVELL K - Educational psychology: and children
12119: LOVELL G - Church and community development: an introduction
54389: LOVELOCK D - While I remember: Christmas Island, Customs and Excise and the Church Commissioners
52611: LOVELOCK R T - Job: a study of the book and its message
33696: DYSON A E & LOVELOCK J - Masterful images: English poetry from metaphysicals to romantics
82997: LOVESTAM E - Jesus and 'this generation': a New Testament study (Coniectanea Biblica - New Testament Series 25)
80079: LOVETT R - History of the London Missionary Society 1795 - 1895 (2 volume set)
80080: LOVRENOVIC I - Bosnia: a cultural history
27795: LAYNE C E & LOWE C - Study guide to cxc mathematics general proficiency paper 11
12127: LOWE J - Lord's Prayer
67709: LOWE K - Opening eyes and ears: new connections for Christian communication
52672: LOWE M - People land and state of Israel: jewish and christian perspectives
33462: LOWE M - Church without walls: the local church - world facing and world affirming (GP63)
12128: LOWE J - Saint Peter
12130: LOWELL J R - Poetical works of James Russell Lowell: including the Biglow papers with prefatory memoir, notes, glossary, etc
42772: LOWNDES G A N - Silent social revolution: an account of the expansion of public education in England and Wales 1895-1935
71676: SELBY-LOWNDES J - HEAR MY PRAYER [Children's book]
12132: LOWRY C W - Trinity and Christian Devotion (Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent Book 1946)
52138: LOWRY C W - First theologians
58550: LOYER K M - God's love through the spirit: the Holy Spirit in Thomas Aquinas and John Wesley
10465: IGNATIUS St of Loyola [Fleming D L] - Modern Spiritual Exercises [previously published as 'A contemporary reading of The Spiritual Exercises'
30302: IGNATIUS OF LOYOLA [Longridge] - Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola trans from the Spanish with a commentary & translation of the Directorium in Exercitia by W H Longridge
81996: SANGUINE FINE ART LTD - Paul Brown Exhibition catalogue May 2007
54620: STACY-MARKS LTD - Exhibition of nineteenth century and contemporary paintings at the Carlton Hotel Bournemouth
81998: SOUTHERN TELEVISION LTD - For all to see: enthronement of the 100th Archbishop of Canterbury [Revd. Dr A Michael Ramsey]
80085: LUBAC H de - Blondel et Teilhard de Chardin: correspondence commentee
80084: LUBAC H de - Priere du Pere Teilhard de Chardin
43639: LUBICH C - God loves you immensely
51128: LUBICH C - Living dialogue: Chiara Lubich on Christian unity
12144: LUBICH C - Why Have you Forsaken Me: the key to unity
12142: LUBICH C - Manifesto
12140: LUBICH C - Christian eye
12141: LUBICH C - Life for Unity
55942: LUBICH C - Art of loving
81674: SIORVANES Lucas - Proclus: Neo-Platonic philosophy and science
56257: LUCAS B - Conversations with Christ: a biographical study
67721: LUCAS J - Elijah: anointed and stressed [Character and Charisma series]
38083: LUCAS E - Science and the New Age challenge
59338: LUCCOCK H E - Christian faith and economic change
51603: LUCIAN - Lucian (Volume V Loeb Classical Library): English translation by AM Harmon
51637: LUCIAN [tr S T Irwin] - Six dialogues of Lucian
67729: LUCK G C - Second Corinthians
1674: BERGER P L & LUCKMAN T - Social construction of reality: a treatise in the sociology of knowledge
54387: LUCRETIUS [Winspear] - De rerum natura: set in English verse by Alban Dewes Winspear
12158: LUDEMANN G - Great deception and what Jesus really said and did
12157: LUDEMANN G - Early Christianity according to the Traditions in Acts: a commentary
67740: LUEBERING C - To comfort all who mourn: a parish handbook for ministry to the grieving
12162: LUFF P - Simple guide to Maastricht
29375: LUFFMAN G et al - Business policy: an analytical introduction
57853: LUHRMANN D - Galations: a Continental Commentary
80082: LUIBL H J et al - Unterwegs nach Europa; perspektiven evangelischer Kirchen: En route towards Europe; perspectives of Protestant Churches
36299: LUKE C - Celtic treasury: the art and history of the Celts
56300: LULL D J - Spirit in Galatia: Paul's interpretation of 'pneuma' as divine power (Society of Biblical Literature Dissertation Series 49)
82804: LULL D J - Spirit in Galatia: Paul's interpretation of 'pneuma' as divine power (Society of Biblical Literature Dissertation Series 49)
67745: LUMB, Winifred - LATER JUDAISM: text book of Jewish History 200 BC to AD 70
16482: RINGEL E & VAN LUN W - Priest and the unconscious
81061: LUNDBOM J R - Jeremiah: prophet like Moses
81062: LUNDBOM J R - Deuteronomy: law and covenant
25746: LUNDHOLM K O et al - North Scandinavian history
51082: LUNDIN R et al - Responsibility of hermeneutics
16899: RUMMERY G & LUNDY D - Growing into Faith
24888: LUNN B - Martin Luther: the man and his God
12175: LUNN A - John Wesley
38010: LUNN H S - Review of the churches: a constructive quarterly, Volume II, new series, 1925
36949: LUNN P - BEGINNING NOW: Part Two: Peacemaking in practice - a handbook for individuals, families and small groups
34512: MARCETTI A & LUNN S - Place of growth: counselling and pastoral care of people with AIDS
67749: LUNN A - And yet so new
38883: LUNNY W J - Sociology of the resurrection
45916: LUNNY J - Spirit of the Yukon
38024: LUNNY W J - Jesus option
28867: LUNTLEY M - Real thing: produced by Broadcasting Support Services to accompany the Channel 4 series
82996: LUSCOMBE P - Groundwork of science and religion
54707: LUSSERT A - Sur le chemin de Noel [French text]
57729: BREKELMANS C & LUST J - Pentateuchal and Deuteronomistic studies: papers read at the XIIIth IOSOT Congress Leuven 1989
57728: VERVENNE M & LUST J - Deuteronomy and Deuteronomic literature: festschrift C H W Brekelmans
12185: LUSTIGER J-M - Le Choix de Dieu: entretiens avec Jean-Louis Missika et Dominique Wolton
12183: LUSTIGER J M - Mass
59336: LUSTY F C - Heroes of the faith: founders of Methodism and makers of modern Baptist history
67754: LUTHARDT C E - Apologetic lectures on the moral truths of Christianity
34698: LUTHARDT C E - History of Christian ethics: Vol I - Before the Reformation, trans from the German by W Hastie
35888: LUTHER D M - Von der Freiheit eines Christenmenschen 1520
42786: LUTHER M [MIDDLETON] - Commentary on Saint Paul's Epistle to the Galatians: to which are prefixed the life of the author and a complete and impartial history of the times in which he lived by Erasmus Middleton
12188: LUTHER M - Compend of Luther's theology edited by HT Kerr
59335: LUTHER M [RUPP & DREWERY] - Martin Luther (Documents of modern history)
34987: LUTHER M - Primary works together with his shorter and larger catechisms, trans into English & edited with theological and historical essays, by Henry Wace & C A Buchheim
82259: LUTHER M - Bondage of the will
81836: ANGLICAN-LUTHERAN - Anglican-Lutheran relations: Report of the joint working group...28 November - 3 December 1983
27909: ANGLICAN-LUTHERAN - INTERNATIONAL CONTINUATION COMMITTEE Niagara Report: report of the Anglican-Lutheran Consultation on Episcopate, Niagara Falls 1987
12193: LUTHI W - Letter to the Romans: an exposition
12194: LUTHI W - Lord's Prayer: an exposition
12196: LUTHULI A - Let My People Go
12198: LUTYENS W E - Will to Love
55688: LUTZER W - Last temptation of Christ: its deception and what you should do about it
56313: LUZ U - Matthew in history: interpretation, influence, and effects
82995: LUZ U - Matthew 1-7: a commentary
27575: SPITZ LW - Reformation: material or spiritual?
42763: LYALL L T - Come wind, come weather: the present experience of the Church in China
24027: LYDDON, E - Door through darkness: St John of the Cross and mysticism in every day life
11063: LYKE L L - King David with the wise woman of Tekoa: resonance of tradition in parabolic narrative (JSOTSS 255)
33969: LYMAN R - Early Church traditions
12203: LYNCH P - Is there a way through suffering
67774: LYNCH P - Knights of God: stories of the Irish Saints illustrated by Alfred E Kerr
67775: LYNCH W A - Catholic marriage: a handbook
22765: LYNCH M - Interregnum 1649-60 [Access to History]
23575: LYNCH J J - Corporate compassion: succeeding with care
34051: LYNE P - Edith Stein discovered: a personal portrait
27528: LYNEBORG L - Moths in colour
12204: LYNTON R P - Tide of Learning: the Aloka Experience
58477: LYON B - Tale of two villages: Hedge End and Botley
33142: LYON D - Postmodernity (Concepts in social thought)
49531: LYONS J S et al - Reflections on the cliometrics revolution: conversations with economic historians
24127: LYONS A - Government and the economy (Access to politics)
67785: LYONS J W - Steps into light: a prayerbook of Christian belief
67783: LYONS A - Come O Holy Ghost
23716: LYONS G - Perdita's passion: a large print romance
12207: LYONS J - Chomsky (Modern Masters)
12206: LYONS C - Organ transplants: the moral issues
12208: LYRA - Lyra Germanica: Hymns for the Sundays and chief festivals of the Christian year translated by Catherine Winkworth with illus by John Leighton & others
12210: LYRA - Lyra Innocentium: thoughts in verse on Christian children, their ways and their privileges
7688: GODET F & LYTTELTON W H - Studies on the New Testament
12211: LYTTELTON E - Mind and Character of Henry Scott Holland
12212: LYTTON, The Earl of - Web of Life: little stories for my Grandchildren
13016: MAYESKI MA - Women: models of liberation
82508: MA W - Until the spirit comes: the spirit of God in the Book of Isaiah (JSOTSS 271)
80628: MAAG K - Melanchthon in Europe: his work and influence beyond Wittenberg
32547: MAARSINGH B - Numbers: a practical commentary (Text and interpretation)
29157: MAAS R W - Tolley's taxation of employments
32389: MABBOTT J D - Introduction to ethics
82808: MABEY C, SALAMAN G & STOREY J - Human resource management: a strategic introduction
19656: MABLE N - Twenty-third psalm: (Short Anthem Series no.58)
12217: MABRY J R - God as nature sees God: a christian reading of the Tao Te Ching illus by Jim Hardesty
23667: MACADAM M et al - Balancing the act: the impact of the Children Act 1989 on family link services for children with disabilities
36082: MACARIUS - Russian letters of direction
33109: MACARTHUR J - Power of suffering: strengthening your faith in the refiner's fire (MacArthur study series)
12231: MACARTHUR J - Saved without a doubt
81046: MACATANGAY F M - When I die, bury me well: death, burial, almsgiving, and restoration in the Book of Tobit
42802: MACAULAY - Critical and historical essays contributed to the Edinburgh review
54593: MACAULAY - Life and works of Lord Macaulay (Volume VI only)
54594: MACAULAY - Life and works of Lord Macaulay (Volume V only)
54592: MACAULAY - Life and works of Lord Macaulay (Volume VII only)
42803: MACAULAY - Life and works of Lord Macaulay (Volume X only)
42800: MACAULAY - Essays on English history
54591: MACAULAY - Life and works of Lord Macaulay (Volume IX only)
12238: MACAULAY T B - History of England: Volumes 1 - 3 only
12237: MACAULAY T B - Historical Essays Contributed to the Edinburgh Review
34603: MACBEATH A - Experiments in living: a study of the nature and foundation of ethics or morals inthe light of recent work in social anthropology (Gifford Lectures 1948-49)
42804: MACBRIDE J D - Lectures explanatory of the Diatessaron (2 volumes bound as one): or the history of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ collected from the four gospels in the form of a continuous narrative
42806: MACBRIDE J D - Lectures explanatory of the Diatessaron: or the history of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ collected from the four gospels in the form of a continuous narrative
82990: MACCOBY H - Ritual and morality: the ritual purity system and its place in Judaism
38621: MACCOLL M - Royal Commission and the Ornaments Rubric
38196: MACCOLL M - Lawlessness, sacerdotalism, and ritualism discussed in six letters addressed, by his permission, to the Right Hon Lord Selborne
34689: MACCOLL M - Reformation Settlement examined in the light of history and law, with an introductory letter to William Vernon Harcourt
80081: MACCOLL M - Damnatory clauses of the Athanasian Creed rationally explained in a letter to the Right Hon W E Gladstone M.P.
58568: MACCULLOCH D - Silence: a Christian story
46373: MACCULLOCH J A - Celtic and Scandinavian regions
12248: MACCULLOCH D - Groundwork of Christian History
12251: MACDIARMID H - Hugh MacDiarmid Anthology: poems in Scots and English edited by Michael Grieve and Alexander Scott
12263: MACDONALD M E - Call To Obey
12252: MACDONALD A J - Hildebrand: a life of Gregory VII
55140: MACDONALD G - Gospel women
28452: MACDONALD M et al - Theories and methods (Access to Sociology)
61440: MACDONALD A et al - STREET THEATRE: performing outdoors for any occasion
58957: MACDONALD I - Saint Brendan
12264: MACDONALD M Y - Pauline Churches: a socio-historical study of institutionalization in the Pauline and Deutero-Pauline writings
12266: MACDONALD S - Jesus of Nazareth (Kingdom People)
80086: MACDONALD F W - Life of William Morley Punshon
67800: MACDONALD L O - In good company: women in the ministry
37056: MACDONALD A J - Evangelical doctrine of Holy Communion
45010: MACDONALD J R M - History of France (3 volumes)
83049: MACDONNELL J C - Life and correspondence of William Connor Magee, Archbishop of York... in 2 volumes [additional postage for overseas orders - weight of 2 books]
29659: MACDONNELL J C - Life and correspondence of William Connor Magee, Archbishop of York... in 2 volumes [additional postage for overseas orders - weight of 2 books]
49336: MACDOWELL E - Not a sound all around: (to a wild rose) mixed voices SATB (Ascherberg series of part songs No 540)
83042: MACDUFF J R - Memories of Patmos: or, Some of the great words and visions of the Apocalypse
12269: MACE D R - Whom God hath joined: a book of Christian marriage
26609: MACE D & V - Sacred fire: Christian marriage through the ages
81946: MACE D R - Hebrew Marriage: a sociological study
48238: MACER D R J - Shaping genes: ethics, law and science of using genetic technology in medicine and agriculture
42820: MACEWEN A R - History of the Church in Scotland: Vol I: 397-1546
41127: MACFALL H [Hare] - Boucher: illustrated with eight reproductions in colour (Masterpieces in colour)
55434: MACFIE R C - Body: an introduction to physiology
34684: MACGREGOR G H C - New Testament basis of pacifism
55729: MACGREGOR M - Story of Saint Christopher and the story of Saint Cuthbert (illustrated by Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale)
22487: MACGREGOR A J - Fire and light in the Western Triduum: their use at Tenebrae and at the Paschal Vigil (ACC 71)
31584: MACGREGOR G - Aesthetic experience in religion
67814: MACGREGOR W M - Jesus Christ the Son of God: sermons and interpretations
12277: MACGREGOR G - Introduction to religious philosophy
12275: MACGREGOR G - Coming Reformation
12282: MACGREGOR M - Training your children to handle money
12273: MACGREGOR G - Bible in the making
12274: MACGREGOR G - Christian Doubt
12280: MACGREGOR G H C - Relevance of the impossible: a reply to Reinhold Niebuhr
67816: MACHAR J - Cross of death, tree of life: a sacred reading of the story of redemption
34094: JEFFERY-MACHIN I - Book of my confirmation
82036: MACINTYRE A - Short history of ethics
45923: MACK B L - Lost Gospel: Book of Q and Christian origins
12300: MACK B L - Lost Gospel: Book of Q and Christian origins
42828: MACKAIL J W - Select epigrams from the Greek anthology: [Greek text followed by English Text]
42830: MACKAY B S - Freedom of the Christian: galatians and romans (Bible Guides No. 16)
67830: MACKAY W M - Goodly fellowship of the prophets: a homiletic study of the prophetic literature of the Old Testament
12308: MACKAY H F B - Religion of the Englishman: six addresses at All Saints', Margaret Street
67829: MACKAY M G - More than coincidence?
12316: MACKEN J - Autonomy theme in the Church Dogmatics: Karl Barth and his critics
34599: MACKENNAL A - Story of the English Separatists, written to commemorate the Tercentenary of the Martyrdom of Greenwood, Barrowe & Penry in 1593
32144: MACKENZIE I M - Cathedrals now: their use and place in society (essays by R Jeffery, D Shearlock, R Lewis, H Dickenson, J Moses, J Arnold)
12328: MACKENZIE K - Union of Christendom
12330: MACKENZIE K D - Confusion of the Churches: a survey of the problem of reunion
82231: KAYE E & MACKENZIE R - W E Orchard: a study in Christian exploration
12326: MACKENZIE K - Liturgy: papers read at the Priests Convention, Tewkesbury May 1938
80355: MACKENZIE J S - Outlines of metaphysics
12324: MACKENZIE J S - Manual of ethics
8219: MACKESY P - Coward of Minden: the affair of Lord George Sackville
80350: MACKEY J P - Moral law and authority
12333: MACKEY J P - Jesus the man and the myth: a contemporary Christology
38606: MACKEY J P - Modern theology: a sense of direction
44097: MACKEY J P - Introduction to Celtic Christianity
42833: MACKIE S G - Can churches be compared?: reflections on fifteen study projects (Research Pamphlet No 17)
80352: MACKIE G M - Bible manners and customs
29324: HUNTER A G & MACKIE S G - National church in a multi-racial Scotland
12341: MACKINLAY J B - Saint Edmund: King and Martyr a history of his life and times from original MSS
42835: MACKINNON J - Historic Jesus
11363: LAMPE G W H & MACKINNON D M - Resurrection: a dialogue arising from broadcasts by Lampe and MacKinnon
11364: LAMPE G W H & MACKINNON D M - Resurrection: a dialogue arising from broadcasts by
39620: MACKINNON J - Gospel in the early church: a study of the early development of Christian thought
11365: LAMPE G W H & MACKINNON D M - Resurrection: a dialogue arising from broadcasts by
80549: MACKINNON A G - Rome of the medieval church (earlier section)
81681: MACKINTOSH C R - Some designs: catalogue to coincide with the exhibition of work at the Architectural Association, London from 4 March to 28 March 1981
80353: MACKINTOSH C H - Notes on the Book of Deuteronomy (Volume II Chapters VII - XXXIV): a devotional and practical exposition dealing with obedience to the revealed will of God
12355: MACKINTOSH H R - Christian experience of forgiveness
81980: MACKINTOSH H R - Person of Jesus Christ
80357: MACKINTOSH H R - Highway of God
81001: MACKINTOSH H R - God in experience: essays of Hugh Ross Mackintosh
12353: MACKINTOSH H R - Christian apprehension of God (James Sprunt lectures)
49195: MACKLIN A E - Greuze: illustrated with 8 reproductions in colour (Masterpieces in Colour)
59325: MACLACHLAN L - Faith of friendship
12364: MACLACHLAN L - Teaching of Jesus on prayer
12367: MACLAGAN W G - Theological frontier of ethics: an essay (MLP) (based on Edward Cadbury lectures 1955-56)
80361: MACLAREN A A - Religion and social class: the disruption years in Aberdeen (Scottish Series)
11065: KNIPE H & MACLAY G - Dominant man: the mystique of personality and prestige
12372: MACLEAN D J H - Optical Line Systems: transmission aspects
28578: MACLEAN R M - European Union Law: revision workbook
12537: MACLEAN A J - Recent discoveries illustrating early Christian life and worship: three lectures delivered in the Chapter House of St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh
12371: MACLEAN A J - Ancient church orders
39398: MACLEAN A J - Ancient church orders
80364: MACLEANE D - Famous sermons by English preachers
12373: MACLEANE D - Lancelot Andrews: and the reaction
12379: MACLENNAN W G D - Christian obedience (1945 Kerr lecture)
80370: MACLEOD D - Spirit of promise
80371: MACLEOD D - Rome and Canterbury: a view from Geneva
50079: MACLEOD D - Word and sacrament: a preface to preaching and worship
10008: MACLEOD G F - Whole earth shall cry glory: Iona prayers
12380: MACLEOD G - Daily readings ed by Ron Ferguson
12386: MACLEOD J - Rambles with young folk
42838: MACLEOD N - Old Lieutenant and his son: with 6 illustrations
44320: MACLEOD M - Discovering holiness: a book of insights
12390: MACMILLAN D - John Knox a biography
12391: MACMILLAN H - Life-work of George Frederick Watts
12387: MACMILLAN A T - Legal aspects of marriage
12388: MACMILLAN A T - Marriage Divorce and the Church: chaos or reform - which?
12389: MACMILLAN A T - What is Christian marriage?: an examination of the present teaching and practice of the C of E, in relation to the teaching of the Universal Church...
33826: MACMURRAY J - Interpreting the universe
31815: MACMURRAY J - Self as agent (first volume of Gifford lectures 1953 'Form of the personal')
59319: MACMURRAY J - Philosophy of communism
12404: MACMURRAY J - Structure of religious experience
12399: MACMURRAY J - Freedom in the modern world: broadcast talks on modern problems
12402: MACMURRAY J - Reason and Emotion
29022: MACNAIR I - Discovering New Testament Greek: a user friendly language course
83392: PATERSON J & MACNAUGHTON E G - Approach to Latin - second part only
80388: MACNAUGHTON - Beatitudes and their relevance today
26069: MACNICOL N - Living religions of the Indian people (Wilde lectures Oxford 1932-34)
42841: MACNUTT F B - Advent certainties: the throne, the cross and the spirit
42400: MACNUTT F B - Preparation for confirmation: a manual for candidates
42842: MACPHAIL J R - Bright cloud: the bible in the light of the transfiguration
21716: MACPHERSON I - Bible sermon outlines
80391: MACPHERSON A C - St Paul's Epistle to the Romans (Little Books on Religion No 193)
12414: MACQUARRIE J - Christian hope
81675: MACQUARRIE J - Reconciliation of a penitent (GS Misc 258)
12447: MACQUARRIE J - Twentieth-century religious thought: the frontiers of philosophy and theology 1900-1960
12436: MACQUARRIE J - Paths in spirituality
12435: MACQUARRIE J - Mediators: nine stars in the Human sky
29640: MACQUARRIE J - Church and the ministry: ministerial functions (Tracts for the Eighties 1)
22273: MACQUARRIE J - Three issues in ethics
21805: MACQUARRIE J - Jesus Christ in modern thought
12443: MACQUARRIE J - Starting from scratch: nature of Christian faith
46152: MACQUARRIE J - Twentieth-century religious thought [5th edition with extensive new section on postmodernism]
12446: MACQUARRIE J - Thinking about God
52535: MACQUARRIE J - Paths in spirituality
81991: MACQUARRIE J - Concept of peace (Firth lectures 1972)
32497: MACQUARRIE J - Church and the ministry: ministerial character (Tracts for the Eighties 2)
12448: MACQUARRIE J - Twentieth-century religious thought: the frontiers of philosophy and theology 1900-1970
57763: MACQUARRIE J - Christology revisited
12415: MACQUARRIE J - Christian unity and Christian diversity
12427: MACQUARRIE J - God-talk: an examination of the language and logic of theology
12432: MACQUARRIE J - In search of deity: an essay in dialectical theism (Gifford lectures 1983-4)
46181: MACQUARRIE J - On being a theologian: reflections at eighty edited by John H Morgan
12445: MACQUARRIE J - Theology, church and ministry
82064: MACQUARRIE J - God and Secularity (New Directions in Theology Today Vol III)
12440: MACQUARRIE J - Problem of God Today: Drawbridge Memorial lecture 1972
12450: MACQUEEN J G - Babylon
82793: MACQUEEN J - Humanism in Renaissance Scotland
82711: EPP E J & MACRAE G W - New Testament and its modern interpreters
45932: MACRAE A - Talents and temperaments: the psychology of vocational guidance
12451: MACRAY W D - Calendar of Charters and Documents relating to the possessions of Selborne and its Priory preserved in the Muniment Room of Magdalen College, Oxford (Hants Record Society)
14363: LOADES A & MACSWAIN R - Truth seeking heart: Austin Farrer and his writings
28172: MACSWEEN A - Wee guide to prehistoric Scotland (the pocket Scottish history series)
49010: MACY S B - Prince of peace
24453: MACY G - Theology and the new histories (College Theology Society Annual Volume 44 1998)
54815: MADARIAGA S DE - Corazon de piedra verde I
45231: MADAUSS M - Jesus - a portrait of love: a meditation on Matthias Gruenewald's Isenheim altar
39401: MADBIG J N - Syntax of the Greek Language: especially of the Attic dialect for the use of schools
35213: MADDEN J P - Loneliness: issues of emotional living in an age of stress for clergy and religious. Contributors: Anna Polcion, Joseph L Hart, Bernard J Bush, Richard Gilmartin (Second Boston Psychotheological Symposium)
82135: MADDIX T - Running scared: the call of pilgrimage
33598: MADDOX R - Purpose of Luke-Acts
38740: MADDOX B - Marrying kind: homosexuality and marriage
44639: MADGE F T - Hampshire inductions edited by Canon F T Madge with an introduction by the Archdeacon of Winchester
12463: MADGE V - Children in search of meaning: study of religious & scientific thought & enquiry arising from experience in the primary school years
33027: MAERTENS T - Assembly for Christ: from biblical theology to pastoral theology in the twentieth century
80395: MAERTENS T - Bible themes: a source book (2 volume set)
80396: MAERTENS T - Bible themes: a source book (Volume 1)
12467: MAETERLINCK M - Treasure of the Humble: translated by Alfred Sutro
42846: MAETERLINCK M - Wisdom and destiny
46828: TRACT MAGAZINE - Tract Magazine and Christian Miscellany January 1870 - December 1872 [12 issues per year 36 issues in all]
55282: HORIZON MAGAZINE - Shakespeare's England
12631: MARGARET MAGDALEN Sr - Furnace of the heart
56454: O'DWYER J & LE MAGE R - Glossary of art terms
12470: MAGEE B - Funeral Rites and readings
80398: MAGEE J - Reality and prayer: a guide to the meaning and practice of prayer
12476: MAGEE W - Discourses and Dissertations on the Spiritual Doctrines of Atonement & Sacrifice...with an appendix containing some strictures on Mr Belshams account of the Unitarian scheme in his review of Mr Wilberforces...
12477: MAGEE W C - Growth in Grace: and other sermons
80143: MAGIE D - Scriptores Historiae Augustae (Volume I) (Loeb Classical Library)
53917: MAGNUS L - Jews in the Christian era: from the first to the eighteenth century and their contribution to its civilisation
80400: MAGNUS - Outlines of Jewish history: completely revised and brought up to 1948
58956: MAGNUSON N - Salvation in the slums: evangelical social work 1865 - 1920
43410: MAGONET J - From Autumn to Summer
2098: BLUE L & MAGONET J - Kindred spirits a year of readings
80474: MAGUIRE J J - Beckoning lands
51330: MAHER T P - Self: a measureless sea
12490: MAHER M - Recent evidence for the authenticity of the gospels: Tatian's diatessaron
83639: MAHONEY J - Ways of wisdom: an inaugural lecture in the Frederick Denison Maurice Chair of Moral and Social Theology May 7, 1987 King's College, London
34203: MAHONEY J - Moral context of pastoral care (Contact Pastoral Monograph 10)
58675: O'MAHONY A - Palestinian Christians: religion, politics and society in the Holy Land
83677: O'MAHONY K J - Pauline persuasion: a sounding in 2 Corinthians 8-9 (JSNTSS 199)
42848: MAIDMENT J - Scot(t)ish ballads and songs: historical and traditionary (Volume II only)
40414: MAIDMENT A - Under Salisbury spire: memories from the late twenties to the first year of World War II
80473: MAIER P L - First Christmas: the true and unfamiliar story in words and pictures
29019: MAIER P L - First Easter: the true and unfamiliar story in words and pictures
31327: MAIER P L - First Christians: Pentecost and the spread of Christianity
83640: MAIER J - Temple scroll: an introduction, translation and commentary (JSOTSS340
81287: STRECKER G & MAIER J - Neues Testament - antikes Judentum
57711: MAIER C T - Crusade propaganda and ideology: model sermons for the preaching of the cross
32247: MAIER J - Temple scroll: an introduction, translation and commentary (JSOTSS340
49389: MAIGNE D'ARNIS W H - Lexicon manuale ad scriptores mediae et infimae latinatis ex glossarus Caroli Dufresne D Ducagnii, D P Carpentarii, Adelungh at aliorum in compendium accuratissime redactum ou recueil de mots de la basse latinite dresse pour servir a l'intelligence des auteurs soit sacres soit profanes du moyen age. Please ask for a quote for overseas postage.
80158: MOSES BEN MAIMON [KLEIN] - Code of Maimonides: Book Seven - The Book of Agriculture translated from the Hebrew by Isaac Klein
30467: MAINARDI P - Husbands, wives, and lovers: marriage and its discontents in nineteenth-century France
34022: MAINS K - Open heart, open home: how to find joy through sharing your home with others
83641: MAIR L - Introduction to Social Anthropology
80472: MAIRET P - Christian essays in psychiatry
80471: MAIRS N - Plain text
55945: STREET MAISIE - Selected stories
56370: MAITLAND S R - Reformation in England
27381: MAITLAND I - How to plan press advertising
23177: MAITLAND S - Angel and me: short stories for Holy week
80470: MAITLAND C - Dr Leslie Weatherhead of the City Temple (Red Lion Lives Series)
28365: MAJARO S - Essence of marketing
34631: MAJOR H D A et al - Mission and message of Jesus: an exposition of the gospels in the light of modern research [Heavy book will require additional postage]
37073: MAJOR H D A - Civilisation and religious values (Hibbert lectures)
49550: MAJUMDAR T - Measurement of utility
83048: MAKRAKIS A - Paramount doctrines of Orthodoxy [3 books bound as single volume and translated out of the original Greek by d Cummings] Part I Tricompositeness of Man...Part II Apology of A Makrakis and Refutation of Nestorides Part III Trial of Apostolos Makrakis on Charges of Heresy... [additional shipping required]
83044: MAKRAKIS A - Orthodox-Protestant dialogue, translated from the Greek by Denver Cummings
33830: MALATESTA E - Christian anthropology (Religious experience series Vol 2)
83642: MALBON E S - In the company of Jesus: characters in Mark's Gospel
56368: MALCOLM J L - Struggle for Sovereignty (Volume 2 only): seventeenth century English political tracts
82859: MALCOLM N - Aspects of Hobbes (heavy volume, please ask for postal cost before ordering)
28763: MALCOLMSON A - Miracle plays: seven medieval plays for modern players
39487: MALDONATI J - Commentarii in Quatuor Evangelistas: ad optimorum librorum fidem accuratissime recudi curavit Conradus Martin: Tomus I: Qui complectitur Evangelium Matthaei et Marci integrum Tomus II: Qui complectitur Evangelium Lucae et Joannis integrum
12515: MALET W W - On church extension: or an enquiry, what should the state do or what can the church do, unless her rights are restored, and her efficiency upheld
12516: MALEVEZ L - Christian message and myth: the theology of Rudolf Bultmann (Library of Philosophy and Theology)
83663: MALHERBE A J - Paul and the Thessalonians: the philosophic tradition of pastoral care
83643: MALHERBE A J - Paul and the popular philosophers
22885: MALIN N et al - Community care for nurses and the caring professions
56321: MALINA B J - Social Gospel of Jesus: the kingdom of God in Mediterranean perspective
80404: MALINSKI M - Faith to move mountains: reflections on the Gospels of the lectionary (ABC)
12525: MALLABY S - After apartheid
56062: O'MALLEY B - Wesh pilgrim's manual: cydymaith y pererin
12529: MALLISON J - Christian lifestyle: discovery through small groups
12530: MALLISON J - Creative ideas: for small groups in the Christian community: (No 2 in the Abridged Small Group series)
80405: MALLOY J I - Catechism for inquireres
83350: WILLIAM OF MALMESBURY [PREEST D] - Deeds of the Bishops of England: Gesta Pontificum Anglorum) translated by David Preest
59316: MALMGREEN G - Religion in the lives of English women 1760 - 1930
80407: MALONE P - Same as Jesus Christ: Gospel and type
80406: MALONE P - Discovering an Australian theology
80618: MALONEY E C - Jesus' urgent message for today: the Kingdom of God in Mark's Gospel
12532: MALONEY G A - On the road to perfection: Christian humility in modern society
54169: MALONEY G A - Jesus set me free: inner freedom through contemplation
51306: MALONEY G A - Silence of surrendering love: body soul spirit integration
35552: MALONEY G A - Mary: the womb of God
80800: MALONEY R P - Seasons in spirituality: reflections on Vincentian spirituality in today's world
56488: MALRAUX A - Antimemoirs (English text)
52110: MALTBY W R - Meaning of the resurrection (Manuals of Fellowship No 13)
58186: MALTBY W R - Meaning of the cross (Manuals of fellowship No 10)
55325: MALTBY J - Prayer book and people in Elizabethan and early Stuart England (Cambridge Studies in Early Modern British History)
51048: MALTBY W R - Christ and his cross
15321: MALTBY W R [JAMES F B] - Obiter Scripta: selected and arranged by Francis B James with an appreciation by J Alexander Findlay
80797: MALY E H - Word alive: reflections and commentaries on the Sunday readings (Cycles A B C)
80798: MALY E H - Romans (New Testament Message 9)
80796: MAN - Man and his nature: broadcast talks in religion and philosophy
80795: MANASSES - Go in peace
57918: MANCINO G - Francesco Denza: meteorologo ed astronomo
72617: SUGANA Gabriele Mandel - LIFE AND TIMES OF BUDDHA
23601: MANDEL O - Fundamentals of the art of poetry
42435: MANDELKERN S - Veteris Testamenti Concordantiae: [in 2 vols] Hebraicae atque chaldaicae...editio altera locupletissime aucta et emendata cura F. Margolin [text primarily Hebrew, but little Latin]
82611: MANDONNET P - St Dominic and his work
80793: MANGAN C - 1 - 2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah (Old Testament Message Vol 13)
42073: MANGAN C - Can we still call God ""Father""?: a woman looks at the Lord's Prayer today
80792: MANHATTAN A - Vatican's holocaust: the sensational account of the most horrifying religious massacre of the 20th century
43548: EVANS C S & MANIS R Z - Philosophy of religion: thinking about faith
80791: MANKTELOW M - John Moorman: Anglican, Franciscan, Independent
80790: MANLEY G T - Book of the law: studies on the date of Deuteronomy
12544: MANN W - Unquenched flame: short history of the South American Missionary Society
29874: KENNEDY D & MANN D - Sunday evening worship (GW109)
32386: MANN T - Die Erzahlungen - Band I
83645: MANN T W - Deuteronomy (Westminster Bible companion)
39389: MANN T W - Divine presence and guidance in Israelite traditions: the typology of exaltation
173: ALBRIGHT W F & MANN C S - Matthew: introduction, translation and notes (AB)
8942: MANNING B - Stranger to self hatred; a glimpse of Jesus
51689: MANNING B L - Making of modern English religion: an historical impression of certain religious forces in modern English history
39774: MANNING H E - Grounds of faith: four lectures
45939: MANNING B - Protestant dissenting deputies:
12551: MANNING B L - More sermons of a layman
39789: MANNING H E - Glories of the sacred heart
43468: MANNION G - Church and religious other: (Ecclesiological Investigations)
56700: MANOR G - Gospel according to dance: choreography and the Bible from ballet to modern
33327: MANSBRIDGE A - Edward Stuart Talbot and Charles Gore: witnesses to and interpreters of the Christian faith in church and state
58296: MANSEL H L - Limits of religious thought examined in eight lectures preached before the University of Oxford in the year MDCCCLVIII on the foundation of the late Rev John Bampton M. A. (2 volumes)
54128: MANSER M - Lion Bible quotation collection
80617: MANSFIELD M R - Spirit and Gospel in Mark
22932: MANSFIELD N - Joy of X: an overview of the X window system
41758: MANSFIELD O A - Voluntaries for public occasions
12571: MANSFIELD O A - Forty-five anthems for use throughout the Christian Year
12572: MANSFIELD P - Arabs
38787: MANSON T W - John the Baptist (reprinted from the Bulletin of the John Rylands Library, Vol 36, No 2, March 1954)
12589: MANSON W - Jesus the Messiah: synoptic tradition of the revelation of God in Christ with special reference to form-criticism (MNTC)
12590: MANSON W - Son of Man and History
28606: MANSON K - Law for building practitioners
12588: MANSON W - Gospel of Luke (Moffat New Testament commentary)
12581: MANSON T W - On Paul and John (SBT38)
58351: MANSOOR M - Thanksgiving hymns (Volume III Studies on the Texts of the Desert of Judah)
44247: MANSOOR M - Biblical Hebrew: step by step 2 volume set
53177: MANSUETO A E - Death of secular messianism: religion and politics in an age of civilizational crisis (Theopolitical visions)
53175: MANSUETO A - Ultimate meaningfulness of the universe (Knowing God Volume Two)
26780: MANSUR Y M - Fuzzy sets and economics: applications of fuzzy mathematics to non-cooperative oligopoly
44013: MANT R - Sermons for parochial and domestic use (Volume I): designed to illustrate and enforce in a connected view the most important articles of Christian faith and practice
80815: MANTON J - Story of Albert Schweitzer
5109: MANTZARIDIS G I - Deification of man: St Gregory Palamas and the Orthodox Tradition
29671: NEW MANUAL - New manual of devotions in three parts
39203: MANUAL - Manual of missionary prayer
12598: MANUAL - Manual of intercession and thanksgiving for the work of the church in the Colonies and mission field by two priests of the Diocese of Ely
42850: MANUAL - Manual for ministers
48865: MANUEL F E - Broken staff: Judaism through Christian eyes
12601: MAPLE E - Magic, Medicine and Quackery
53974: MARANON G - Antonio Perez: Spanish traitor
59478: MARBURY E - Obadiah and Habakkuk
39500: MARCEL G - Men against humanity
12610: MARCEL G - Mystery of being Vol I Reflection & Mystery (Gifford lectures 1949/1950)
80814: MARCEL G - Du refus a l'invocation
55717: MARCELLINI - Rerum gestarum libri qui supersunt (Liber XIIII)
36247: MARCH R - Heinrich von Kleist (Studies in modern European literature & thought)
83646: MARCH W E - Israel and the politics of land: a theological case study (foreword by Walter Brueggemann)
80813: MARCH W W S - Comfortable words: a pastoral and theological commentary
44987: STEPHENSON C & MARCHAM F G - Sources of English constitutional history: selection of documents from A.D. 600 to the present
37493: MARCHANT J - Spirit of man, being essays from ""The Times"" second series selected and arranged by James Marchant
80812: MARCHANT J - British preachers (Second Series)
49043: MARCHANT J - Madonna: an anthology
34832: VAN DER MARCK W H M - Toward a Christian ethic: renewal in moral theology
12627: MARCUSE L - Soldier of the Church: A Life of Ignatius Loyola
54685: DE LA MARE W [Bloomfield] - Come hither: a collection of rhymes and poems for the young of all ages Volume I & Volume II wood-engravings by Diana Bloomfield
59146: MARES D R - Latin America and the illusion of peace
39544: MARET H L C - Concile général et de la paix religieuse: premiere partie la constitution de l'église et la périodicité des conciles généraux en deux tomes
39540: MARGOLIOUTH M - Lord's prayer: no adaptation of existing Jewish petitions explained by the light of the day of the Lord in a series of six essays to which are added three more, in the form of appendices on the first two prophecies, and on the cherubim
83046: MARIA, Mother - Introduction to the Divine Liturgy (Library of Orthodox Thinking pamphlet no 2)
83045: MARIA, Mother - Evil in the New Testament
12639: MARIAN - Our lady speaks to her beloved priests (Supplement to the 8th English edition)
12642: MARIES A - Using the Bible in music
32376: MARINEAU R - Truths that endure: programme of meditation for Lent
81086: MARINELLO T J - New Brethren in Flanders: the origins and development of the Evangelische Christengemeenten Vlaanderen 1971-2008 978-1620321898
64352: GEISINGER Marion - HOUSE OF GOD: places of worship express the permanence and variety of religious faith around the world
68069: MARITAIN J - Twilight of civilisation
12646: MARITAIN J - Redeeming the time
36255: MARITAIN J - Christianity and democracy
12651: MARIUS R - Thomas More
73240: TULLY Mark - GOD, JEW, REBEL, THE HIDDEN JESUS: an investigation into the lives of Jesus
56074: EDWARDS Mark - John
42086: MARK A & MARK V H - Pied pipers of sex
82468: GOODACRE Mark S - Goulder and the Gospels: an examination of a new paradigm (Journal for the study of the New Testament No 133)
12653: MARKALL G - Best years of their lives: schooling, work & unemployment in Oldfield (OP 3)
2579: MARKHAM I - Truth and the reality of God: an essay in natural theology
59315: MARKHAM I S - Plurality and Christian Ethics (New studies in Christian ethics)
58245: MARKHAM I S - Plurality and Christian Ethics (New studies in Christian ethics)
57910: MARKLAND J H - Remarks on English churches and on the expediency of rendering sepulchral memorials subservient to pious and Christian uses
80995: MARKO J S - Measuring the destance between Locke and Toland: reason, revelation, and rejection during the Locke-Stillingleet debate
44560: MARKSCHIES C - Between two worlds: structures of early Christianity
39955: MARKUS G - Radical tradition: revolutionary saints in the battle for justice and human rights
12657: MARLIN B - From East to West: awakening to a spiritual search
27329: MARLOW J - Actresses' audition speeches
45665: MARLOWE C [TANCOCK] - Edward the second
45698: MARLOWE [ed H Osborne] - Tragical history of Doctor Faustus
32385: MARMUR D - Genuine search: God - Torah Israel - a Reform perspective: essays in memory of Ignaz Maybaum
32384: MARMUR D - Reform Judaism: essays on Reform Judaism in Britain dedicated to Rabbi Werner Van Der Zyl
34553: MARQUARDT M - John Wesley's social ethics: praxis and principles
80051: LORNE Marquis of - V.R.I. Her life and empire
12665: MARRIAGE A - Life-giving spirit: responding to the feminine in God
12666: MARRIAGE A - People of God: a Royal Priesthood
51986: MARRIOTT W B - Vestments of the Church: an illustrated lecture
28586: MARRIOTT D - Effective school governor: a practical guide to assessing and improving your personal effectiveness
39849: MARRIOTT W B - Vestiarium Christianum: the origin and gradual development of the dress of holy ministry in the church
57466: MARSDEN G M - The evangelical mind and the new school Presbyterian experience: a case study of thought and theology in nineteenth-century America
12674: MARSDEN J B - Dictionary of Christian Churches and Sects: from the earliest ages of Christianity
34999: MARSDEN J B - History of the Later Puritans: from the opening of the Civil War in 1642, to the ejection of the Non-Conforming clergy in 1662
12680: MARSH J - Theme with variations: an address delivered from the chair of the Congregational Union of England and Wales 13th May 1963
80841: MARSH J - Year with the Bible
24013: MARSH J - Amos and Micah (TBC)
54302: MARSH C - Strange glory: the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
12675: MARSH H G - Origin and significance of the New Testament Baptism
80819: MARSH H - Rebel King: the Roman Imperial background to the New Testament
80835: MARSHALL K & MARSH R - Millennium challenges for development and faith institutions
45951: MARSHALL B - Nuggets: poems
12688: MARSHALL C D - Faith as a theme in Mark's Narrative (SNTSMS 64)
80837: MARSHALL F - Second Book of Samuel
80838: MARSHALL F - Old Testament Haggai
80527: MARSHALL I H - Aspects of the atonement: cross and resurrection in the reconciling of god and humanity
40577: MARSHALL M - Burning bush: worship and Christian living [a Lent course]
3160: CALDER-MARSHALL A - Enthusiast: an enquiry into the life beliefs and character of the Rev J L Lyne alias Fr Ignatius
26387: MARSHALL M - Restless heart: the life and influence of St Augustine
55518: MARSHALL D - English people in the eighteenth century
39502: MARSHALL W M - George Hooper 1640-1727: Bishop of Bath and Wells
68138: MARSHALL R - NEVER THE SAME AGAIN: a journey through women's ordination with the Bishop of London
56367: MARSHALL L H - Challenge of New Testament ethics
56150: EVE K & MARSHALL D - Who can heal us?
32509: ZOHAR D & MARSHALL I - Quantum society: mind, physics and a new social vision
12713: MARSHALL N - Penitential Discipline of the Primitive Church for the first four hundred years after Christ together with its Declension from the Fifth Century downwards to its present state (Library of Anglo-Catholic theology)
12706: MARSHALL M - Church at the Crossroads: Lambeth 1988
34171: MARSHALL M - Flame in the mind: a journey of spiritual passion
12703: MARSHALL L H - Challenge of New Testament ethics
21507: MARSHALL M - Free to worship
80833: MARSHALL H S - Pastoralia for women: a book for women by women
12707: MARSHALL M - Creation: Risen Life in Christ Catholic Renewal Loughborough Conference
44389: MARSHALL C B - Guide through the Old Testament
59314: MARSHALL D - John Wesley
83647: MARSHALL J W - Israel and the Book of the Covenant: an anthropological approach to bibical law (SBL Dissertation series 140)
12701: MARSHALL J - Ethics of medical practice
44064: MARSHALL C B - Guide through the New Testament
57909: MARSON C L - Hugh Bishop of Lincoln: a short story of one of the makers of mediaeval England
12720: MARSON C L - Psalms at work: being the English Church Psalter with a few short notes on the use of the Psalms gathered together
34618: MARSTIN R - Beyond our tribal gods: the maturing of faith
42853: MARSTON C - Bible comes alive
12721: MARSTON C - New knowledge about the O T
80834: MARTEAU L - Words of counsel and the paradox of life
51452: MARTENE E - Tractatus de antiqua ecclesiae disciplina in divinis celebrandis officiis: Varios diverfarum Eccesiarum ritus & usus exhibens, Italiae, Germaniae, Hispaniae, Angliae & maxime Galliae
83648: MARTENS E A - Old Testament theology (IBR bibliographies No 13)
59313: MARTENSEN H - Christian Ethics (3 volume set): General, Individual and Social (Clark's Foreign Theological Library) No additional UK postage. As books weigh over 2 kilos please ask for a quote for overseas postage.
42854: MARTENSEN H - Christian dogmatics: a compendium of the doctrines of christianity (Clark's foreign theological library vol XII)
57917: MARTI C - Carcassonne au coeur
12725: MARTI K - Religion of the O T: its place among the religions of the nearer East (CTL 19)
12762: MARTIN H - Morality on trial
12766: MARTIN J A - New Dialogue between Philosophy and Theology
12767: MARTIN J D - Book of Judges (Cambridge Bible Commentary on the New English Bible)
51927: MARTIN H - Claims of Christ: a study of his self-portraiture
33396: MARTIN R P - Ephesians, Colossians, and Philemon (Interpretation: a Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching)
80842: MARTIN W J - Stylistic criteria and the analysis of the Pentateuch
49989: MARTIN R P - New Testament foundations: a guide for Christian students: Vol 1 The four Gospels Vol 2 Acts - Revelation
80845: MARTIN R - Unless the Lord build the house: the Church and the New Pentecost
40049: HOMAN R & MARTIN D - Theological colleges and the Book of Common Prayer: a survey
26161: MARTIN J F - Reorienting a nation: consultants and Australian public policy
35188: MARTIN F - Notes on the Four Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles
31564: MARTIN B - Sociology of contemporary cultural change
31540: MARTIN D - Dilemmas of contemporary religion
31542: MARTIN D - Tracts against the times
30891: BRAIN J & MARTIN M D - Examination guide for nursery nurses: volume 2
32474: MARTIN D - Does Christianity cause war?
24933: MARTIN D V - Anxiety - the challenge to the church (Spiritual Healing Booklets 7)
53349: MARTIN R P - Colossians and Philemon (New century bible based on the RSV)
23141: BRAIN J & MARTIN M D - Examination guide for nursery nurses
12769: MARTIN J T - Christ our Passover: the liturgical observance of Holy Week (Studies in Ministry and Worship)
45961: MARTIN W R - Kingdom of the cults: analysis of the major cult systems in the present Christian era
12735: MARTIN B - John Henry Newman: his life and work
80843: MARTIN V - Salvations: scenes from the life of St Francis
20795: WHITELEY D E H & MARTIN R - Sociology, theology and conflict
55165: MARTIN H - Lord's prayer
42858: MARTIN H - Christian social reformers of the nineteenth century
42856: MARTIN A D - Prophet Jonah: the book and the sign
51934: MARTIN C - Discuss and discover: a book of group discussion material
51935: MARTIN B - Healing ministry of the church
51928: MARTIN F - Persuasions
51930: MARTIN D - Shining tomorrow
51931: MARTIN H - Treasury of Christian verse
51932: MARTIN D et al - Sociology and theology: alliance and conflict
51933: MARTIN C P - Decline of religion
37372: MARTIN J - Beatitudes and the Lord's Prayer
32496: MARTIN D - 50 key words: sociology
42857: MARTIN D - Divinity in a grain of bread
40348: MARTIN H H - Royal way: a souvenir of the King's Jubilee
31706: MARTIN D - Breaking of the image: a sociology of Christian theory and practice
82035: MARTIN R B - Gerard Manley Hopkins: a very private life
12777: MARTIN R G - Sons of Freemen
36101: MARTIN R - Reconciliation: study of Paul's theology
42391: PATON D M & MARTIN J T - Paragraphs for Sundays and Holy Days
72070: SMITH Martin L - LIVING IN HOPE: a rule of life for today. The Society of St John the Evangelist, North American Congregation
49047: MARTIN N - Prayers through the centuries
12736: MARTIN B - Paul Tillich's doctrine of Man
12738: MARTIN C - Don't be afraid to say you're lonely
12739: MARTIN D - Is anyone there?: finding meaning in a confusing world
12775: MARTIN R - Hungry for God: practical help in personal prayer
12750: MARTIN G - Parish renewal: a charismatic approach
12753: MARTIN H - Christian Reunion: a plea for action
12756: MARTIN H - Great Christian books
12751: MARTIN H - According to St Luke: studies in the person and teaching of Jesus Christ
82411: SCHNETZ Martina - Healing flow: artistic expression in therapy - creative arts and the process of healing: an image/word approach inquiry
80851: MARTINDALE C C - Gospel according to Saint Luke (Stonyhurst Scripture Manuals)
53347: MARTINDALE C C - Difficult commandment: notes on self control especially for young men
80853: MARTINDALE C C - Spirit of God
80855: MARTINDALE C C - Bernard Vaughan S.J.
12788: MARTINDALE C C - Our blessed lady: sermons
12785: MARTINDALE C C - Creative words of Christ
35149: FRANCIS L J & MARTINEAU J - Rural praise: a parish workbook for worship in the country church
12799: MARTINEAU R - Preaching through the Christian Year 9: sermon outlines for the church seasons and other occasions
12795: MARTINEAU J - Study of Religion: its sources and contents 2 vol set
12794: MARTINEAU J - Study of Religion: its sources and contents 2 vol set
12792: MARTINEAU A - What can I tell my child about God? (Enquirer's Library)

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