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80829: MAO TSE-TUNG - On the U.S. white paper
80825: MAO TSE-TUNG - Reform our study
80826: MAO TSE-TUNG - For the mobilization of all the nation's forces for victory in the war of resistance
80824: MAO TSE-TUNG - On some important problems of the party's present policy
80822: MAO TSE-TUNG - On strengthening the party committee system
19620: TUPPER E F - Theology of Wolfhart Pannenberg
81248: TURBERFIELD A - John Scott Lidgett: Archbishop of British Methodism?
19622: TURBERVILLE A S - Mediaeval heresy and the inquisition
53120: TURNBULL N - Radical orthodoxy: annual review 4
37829: TURNER R - Jewish living: drawings by Freda Miller, edited by Meir Persoff
27359: TURNER C - Financial freedom: the principles of networking: the right and wrong way
44417: TURNER N - Christian words
58478: TURNER B C - History of Winchester
28264: TURNER D - Information Technology: (GNVQ core skills level 3 core text)
10645: TURNER G - That other voice: in search of a God who speaks
55191: TURNER C H - History and use of creeds and anathemas in the early centuries of the Church
73246: TURNER G A - NEW AND LIVING WAY: a fresh exposition of the Epistle to the Hebrews
22808: ROBERTSON R & TURNER B S - Talcott Parsons: theorist of modernity
18623: TURNER E - Sun of my soul: anthem for eventide (No 15)
40494: TURNER J - Thy neighbour's wife: twelve original variations on a theme by DV Baker, R Blythe, J Bratby, R Duncan, E Hyams, D Lessing, J Pudney, F Raphael, J Stubbs, R Timperley, F Urquhart, W Woods
53927: TURNER E S - Court of St James's
73243: TURNER C H - CATHOLIC AND APOSTOLIC: collected papers edited with a memoir by Herbert Newell Bate
48537: TURNER E - Young man's companion or friendly adviser to educatioanl knowledge, worldly council and gentlemanley deportment
49850: TURNER H E W - Historicity and the Gospels
37833: TURNER E H - Studies in early church history
81251: TURNER J M - Queen's essays: Queen's College 1828-1970, Handsworth College 1880-1970, Queen's College as an Ecumenical Institution inaugurated 1970
81252: TURNER L A - Genesis (Readings: a new biblical commentary)
34111: TURNER T J - Welcoming the baptized: Anglican hospitality within the ecumenical enterprise (Joint Liturgical Studies 34)
58926: TURNER P W - This is the word and the word made flesh
19644: TURNER N - Handbook for biblical studies
19641: TURNER J E - Revelation of deity
19642: TURNER J M - Conflict and reconciliation: studies in methodism and ecumenism in England 1740-1982
19637: TURNER H E W - Why Bishops? their origin functions and traditions
19639: TURNER H J M - Ordination and vocation, yesterday and today: current questions about ministries in the light of theology and history
19633: TURNER H E W - Jesus master and Lord: a study in the historical truth of the Gospels
53951: EUROSEMINAR '2000 VELIKO TURNOVO - Role of Christian ethics in the Armed Forces: a collection from Euroseminar '2000 ""Agape-Bulgaria"" in cooperation with AMCF, Veliko Turnovo diocese and the Bulgarian Army Academy
73254: TURPIN J - CATHOLIC TREASURES NEW AND OLD: traditions, customs and practices
57554: TURRETTIN F - Atonement of Christ
19651: TUTU D - Rainbow people of God
57007: TVEIT O F - Mutual accountability as ecumenical attitude: a study in Ecumenical Ecclesiology based on faith and order texts 1948 - 1998
80545: SPANGLER A & TVERBERG L - Sitting at the feet of Rabbi Jesus: how the jewishness of Jesus can transform your faith
23363: TWINCH C - Poultry: a guide to management
73255: TWINING A G - CHILDREN'S CREED being a simple explanation of the Apostles' Creed
40964: TWINING L - Symbols and emblems of early and Medieval Christian art
81759: TWISLETON J - Baptism: some questions answered
81760: TWISLETON J - Confession: some questions answered
45027: TWYMAN J F - Prayer of St Francis
29675: TYACK G S - Cross in ritual architecture and Art
39505: TYACK G S - Historic dress of the clergy
19660: TYACK G S - Cross in ritual architecture and Art
56238: TYACKE N - England's long reformation 1500 - 1800
14583: TYE C - O Come, ye servants of the Lord:
59092: TYERMAN L - Life and times of John Wesley (Volume III)
59093: TYERMAN L - Life and times of John Wesley (Volume I)
33086: TYLER J - Shade of his hand [48 short poems on characters & situations in the bible] inscribed by author
51088: TYMMS T V - Christian idea of atonement: lectures delivered at Regent's Park College, London in 1903
38799: TYRELL F - Swansea: a story of the city over one thousand years (illustrations by the author)
29820: TYRRELL G - Hard sayings: a selection of meditations and studies
29210: TYRRELL G - Much-abused letter
29211: TYRRELL G - Medievalism: a reply to Cardinal Mercier
29213: TYRRELL G - External religion: its use and abuse
19670: TYRRELL G - Lex Orandi: or prayer and creed
19668: TYRRELL G - Christianity at the cross-roads
53777: TYRRELL S - Once upon a town: Susan Tyrrell about Stavanger
51608: TYRRELL G - Faith of the millions (Second Series)
19669: TYRRELL G - Lex Credendi: a sequel to Lex Orandi
59091: TYSON J R - Charles Wesley: a reader
30501: TYSSEN A D - Sermons on natural religion pen notes on front flyleaf
29537: DENYER-GREEN B & UBHI N - Planning law reports 1997
29466: DENYER-GREEN B & UBHI N - Planning law reports 1999: Volume 2
24542: UCKO H - People of God, peoples of God a Jewish-Christian conversation in Asia
24541: UCKO H - Common roots new horizons: learning about Christian faith from dialogue with Jews (Risk book 61)
81019: UDE J - You shall not kill
41115: UDO D E - King of love and justice: an account of the life and contribution of Martin Luther King Jr, and the state of race relations in Britain
56718: ULANOV B - Death: a book of preparation and consolation
80479: ULANOV B - Prayers of St Augustine
73290: ULEYN A - RECOGNITION OF GUILT: a study in pastoral psychology
24578: ULLMANN W - Short history of the papacy in the Middle Ages
43774: ULTERINO G - Walking with wisdom's daughters: twelve celebrations and stories of women of passion and faith
45510: UNAIDS - Report of a theological workshop focusing on HIV- and AIDS-related stigma
37826: UNDERHILL F - Christian life in the modern world
19724: UNDERHILL F - Saint Peter
37716: UNDERHILL E - Worship
43467: UNDERHILL E - Worship
19716: UNDERHILL F - Aids to the life of prayer
19717: UNDERHILL F - Art of Intercession
27601: UNDERHILL E - Given to God: daily readings selected and arranged by Delroy Oberg
19718: UNDERHILL F - Can we enjoy religion?
19720: UNDERHILL F - Liberty
19698: UNDERHILL E - Life of the Spirit and the life of today (Library of Anglican Spirituality)
19699: UNDERHILL E - Life of the Spirit and The Life of Today
53823: UNDERHILL E - Feed my sheep
2043: UNDERHILL E - Heaven a dance: an Evelyn Underhill anthology compiled by Brenda & Stuart Blanch
19683: UNDERHILL E - Anthology of the Love of God: edited by the Right Rev. Lumsden Barkway & Lucy Menzies
37715: UNDERHILL E - Worship
32225: UNDERHILL E - Mysticism: a study in the nature and development of man's spiritual consciousness
80538: UNDY H - Somewhere to start: prayers by Harry Undy
40638: UNGNAD A - Altesten Volkerwanderungen Vorderasiens: ein Beitrag zur Gechichte und Kultur der Semiten, Arier, Hethiter und Subaraer
4370: CHURCH UNION - Interim statement on the report 'Marriage divorce and the Church'
56082: MOTHERS UNION - Time to pray: aselection of prayers and meditations contributed by the members of the Mothers' Union in the deaneries of the Salisbury Diocese
70762: JOINT COMMISSION CHURCH UNION - Church: its nature, function and ordering and proposed basis of union: the second report... presented to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Australia, Sept 1964
7219: FREE CHURCH CHOIR UNION - Book of music for the 46th Annual Festival Concert: to be held at The Alexandra Palace Saturday, June 24th 1939 at 6.15 p.m.
52542: MODERN CHURCHPEOPLES UNION - Modern Believing: Volume 50:3 July 2009
51736: MOTHERS UNION - More time to pray: a further selection of prayers and meditations contributed by the members of the Mothers' Union in the deaneries of the Salisbury Diocese
41243: CHRISTIAN DEMOCRACTIC UNION - Christians and the Church in the German Democratic Republic
4369: CHURCH UNION - Church Marriage and Divorce: some comments on the report of the joint committee of convocations on marriage
19734: UNITY - Unity Book of Prayers
81754: TOWARDS VISIBLE UNITY - Towards visible unity: proposals for a covenant: the report of the Churches' Council for Covenanting
14742: ORDER OF CHRISTIAN UNITY - Children & contraception: failure of a policy
14743: ORDER OF CHRISTIAN UNITY - Test tube babies: papers from the conference’ In Vitro Fertilisation & the quality of life’ 1983
46838: OXFORD UNIVERSITY - Excerpta e statutis: titulus XIV de vestitu et habitu scholastico; titulus XV de moribus conformandis; titlulus XXII of women students
56986: MEMBERS OF OXFORD UNIVERSITY - Studia Biblica et Ecclesiatica Volume III with facsimiles: essays chiefly in biblical and patristic criticism
23258: UNITED NATIONS UNIVERSITY - Restructuring the global military sector: Volume II The end of military Fordism edited by M Kaldor et al
56984: MEMBERS OF OXFORD UNIVERSITY - Studia Biblica et Ecclesiatica Volume II: essays chiefly in biblical and patristic criticism
56985: MEMBERS OF OXFORD UNIVERSITY - Studia Biblica et Ecclesiatica Volume IV: essays chiefly in biblical and patristic criticism
48467: OXFORD UNIVERSITY - Annual report for the curators of the Bodleian Library for 1966-7: supplement No 4 to the University Gazette vol xcviii (March 1968)
40063: OXFORD UNIVERSITY - Report of the Committee on University Libraries
19807: VAN UNNIK W C - New Testament: its history and message
37816: UNTERMAN A - Jews: their religious beliefs and practices
37817: UNTERMANN A - Jews: their religious beliefs and practices
19736: UNWIN F O - These things are worth believing
11401: UNWIN G G - Humorists of the eighteenth century: selections ed G G Unwin [Swift, Fielding, Smollett, Sterne, Goldsmith, Austen]
51545: UNWIN R - Defeat of John Hawkins
25560: UPHAM M - Tempered - not quenched: the history of ISTC 1951-1997
19740: UPJOHN S - In search of Julian of Norwich
19741: UPPSALA - Uppsala Arkesate 800 AR: the see of Uppsala 800th Anniversary 1164-1964
73315: UPRICHARD H - SON IS PROMISED: Christ in the Psalms
27377: FERGUSON J & UPSDELL M - Key advances in the effective management of contraception
35265: UPSDELL J - Baptism that unites: a key to Christian unity
81747: UPTON W P - Reservation: unscriptural, uncatholic, unlawful - the 'Anglo-Catholic' case examined
38346: UPTON R - Reaching those affected by prison (GEv62)
34825: UPTON C B - Dr Martineau's philosophy: a survey
53776: URANTIA - Urantia Book: Part I The central and superuniverses, Part II The local universe, Part III The history of Urantia, Part IV The life and teachings of Jesus
19742: URBAN W M - Fundamentals of ethics: an introduction to moral philosophy
52191: URBEL J P de - Saint Paul: the Apostle of the Gentiles
42389: URCH E - Be still my soul
27390: URDANG L - Timetables of American history
52859: URO R - Sheep among the wolves: a study on the mission instructions of Q
66911: KING Ursula - CHRIST IN ALL THINGS: exploring sprituality with Teilhard de Chardin
59086: URWIN E C - Religion in planned society (The Social Service Lecture 1942)
53724: URWIN D R - Western Europe since 1945: a short political history
51627: EPISCOPAL CHURCH IN THE USA - Book of Common Prayer: [DESK/CHANCEL EDITION] and administration of the sacraments and other rites and ceremonies of the church
34190: EPISCOPAL CHURCH IN THE USA - Proper for the lesser feasts and fasts together with the fixed Holy Days
51629: EPISCOPAL CHURCH IN THE USA - Proposed Book of Common Prayer: and administration of the sacraments and other rites and ceremonies of the church
19730: UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH USA - Relation of Christian Faith to health: adopted by the 172nd General Assembly May 1960
6471: EPISCOPAL CHURCH IN THE USA - Services for trial use: authorized alternatives to Prayer Book Services
82535: SARUM USE - Compline after Sarum Use arranged by Philip Baxter celebrating the ninth centenary of the Sarum Use
19753: UTTON A G - Christmas Story: a dramatic presentation in the words of Holy Scripture arranged in three episodes
58382: VAIDYA A - Mills and millers of Hampshire: Volume 1- Central including the rivers Itchen, Hamble and Meon a Compendium of current and historical information about the Watermills and their Occupants over the ages
29135: VALE E - Churches illus by John Mansbridge (Junior Heritage Books)
19760: VALENTINE C H - Modern psychology and the validity of Christian experience
19763: VALENTINE C W - Normal child and some of his abnormalities
19765: VALENTINE F - Apostolate of Chastity: a treatise for religious sisters
43564: VALENTINE J - Follow me: becoming a liberated disciple
19766: VALENTINE F - Art of Preaching: a practical guide
73337: VALENTINE F - WHATSOEVER HE SHALL SAY: the first Theophila Correspondence
19767: VALENTINE F - All for the King's Delight: a treatise on Christian Chastity, principally for Religious sisters
19768: VALID R - Nonlinear theory of shells through variational principles from elementary algebra to differential geometry
55482: VALLELY P - Pope Francis: untying the knots
81142: VALLER S - Women and womanhood in the Talmud (Brown Judaic Studies number 321)
43542: VALLER P - Get a life: winning choices for working people
55703: VALLES C G - Art of choosing
82297: VALLES C G - Unencumbered by Baggage: Anthony de Mello - A Prophet for Our Times
19769: VALLES C - Mastering Sadhana: on retreat with Anthony de Mello
48056: VALLINS G H - Wesleys and the English language: four essays
40587: VALSECCHI M - Caravaggio (Astra - Arengarium, painters)
36060: VANDANA - Gurus Ashrams and Christians
53533: GALLAGHER C A & VANDENBERG T L - Celibacy myth: loving for life
19821: VANDERKAM J C - Dead Sea Scrolls today
81164: VANDERKAM J C - 'No one spoke ill of her': essays on Judith (SBL Early Judaism and its literature number 02)
83005: KESSLER R & VANDERMEERSCH P - God, Biblical Stories and Psychoanalytic Understanding
50840: VANDERWAAL C - Search the scriptures 6: Hosea - Malachi
47439: VANDERWILT J - Communion with non-Catholic Christians: risks, challenges and opportunities
48668: SNOWDON B & VANE H R - Encyclopedia of macroeconomics
25178: SNOWDON B & VANE H R - Reflections on the development of modern macroeconomics
44361: VANGEMEREN W - Progress of redemption: from creation to the New Jerusalem
83328: VANHOOZER K J - Cambridge companion to postmodern theology
57903: MEIER A & VANKATWYK P - Challenge of forgiveness (Saint Paul University Research Series: Pastoral Counselling)
73366: VANN G - OF HIS FULLNESS: a Christian Review
19845: VANN G - Two Trees
19837: VANN G - Eagle's word: presentation of the Gospel according to St John
19843: VANN G - Son's course
58669: VANNOY J R - Covenant renewal at Gilgal: a study of I Samuel 11:14-12:25
56709: GRIGOROVICH Y & VANSLOW V V - Authorized Bolshoi Ballet book of Spartacus: illustrated with 60 live action color photographs taken at the Bolshoi in Moscow
47453: VANTAGGI R - Siena suburbs and province: every useful information for the tourist
57396: VAPORIS N M - Orthodox Christians and Muslims
73379: VARDEY L - BELONGING: a questioning Catholic comes to terms with the church
81562: VARDY P - Kierkegaard (Fount Christian thinkers)
49315: VARENDONCK J - Evolution of the conscious faculties
73385: VARILLON F - ANNOUNCING CHRIST: through scripture to the church
51916: VARILLON F - Chretien devant les grandes religions (texte etabli et presente par Charles Ehlinger
4582: COEURET-VARIN C E J - Cathechisme du Diocese d'Agen
81166: VARLEY E A - Last of the Prince Bishops: the episcopate of William Van Mildert (1826-1836 (Durham Cathedral lecture 1986)
8207: VASEY M et al - Family festivals: an approach to worship in the home (GW73)
19860: VASEY M - Strangers and friends: a new exploration of homosexuality and the Bible
8292: VASEY M - Intercessions in worship (GW77)
32211: VASEY M et al - Introducing the New Lectionary: getting the bible into worship (GW141)
81176: VASSADY B - Limping along...:confessions of a pilgrim theologian
57395: VASSILIADIS P - Eucharist and witness: Orthodox perspectives on the unity and mission of the Church
73397: VASWANI J P - WAY OF ABHYASA: meditation in practice
7345: FULLER J & VAUGHAN P - Working for the kingdom: the story of the ministers in secular employment
49311: VAUGHAN C J - Lectures on the Revelation of St John
54644: VAUGHAN C J - Sundays in the Temple
49312: VAUGHAN C J - Epistle to the Hebrews (with notes)
57356: VAUGHAN C J - Last words in the parish church of Doncaster
19865: VAUGHAN P H - Training for diversity of ministry: a symposium to mark the tenth anniversary of East Midlands Ministry Training Course (Nottingham working papers in the education of adults)
73398: VAUGHAN B N Y - STRUCTURES FOR RENEWAL: a search for the renewal of Church's mission of the world
49314: VAUGHAN E T - Calvinistic clergy defended and the doctrines of Calvin maintained in a letter to the Rev James Beresford occasioned by his sermon preached in St Martin's Church at...last visitation... [bound with] Vaughan E T 'Baptism: the basis of Christian education' sermon preached in Parish Church of St Mary, Leicester Easter Day April 19, 1829 published Combe & Son 1830 35pp
34826: VAUGHAN R - English Nonconformity
80369: DE VAUX, R - Early history of Israel complete in 2 volumes
30221: VAWTER B - Job and Jonah: questioning the hidden God
19874: VAWTER B - This man Jesus: essay toward a New Testament Christology
19871: VAWTER B - Conscience of Israel: pre-exilic prophets and prophecy
19873: VAWTER B - On Genesis: a new reading (NOT ""A path through Genesis"")
5075: CRYER N S & VAYHINGER J M - Casebook in pastoral counseling
27069: ROSKA T & RODRIGUEZ-VAZQUEZ A - Towards the visual microprocessor: VLSI design and the use of cellular neural network universal machines
39145: VEEN H-J - Arguements for Peace and Freedom: incls articles by Wolfhart Pannenberg, Walter Schmithals (Research Report 25)
35472: VEKEN J van der - God en wereld: basisteksten uit de proces-theologie/gekozen, vertaald en toegelicht (Sleutelteksten in godsdienst en theologie, Dee 7)
24600: MARIA VELA - Third mystic: the self revelation of Maria Vela, a sixteenth-century Spanish nun (trans FP Keyes)
57391: VELIMIROVICH N - Serbian people as a servant of God [A Treasury of Serbian Orthodox Spirituality]
19878: VENABLES E - Counselling: National Marriage Guidance Council
36710: ACTA DERMATO-VENEREOLOGICA - Symposium: the Langerhan's Cell and Contact Dermatitis GIMO 1-2 October 1977 (ACTA Dermato-Venereologica Vol 58 Supplementum 79)
28220: VENN C - Occidentalism: modernity and subjectivity (Theory culture & society)
53774: VENN H - Complete duty of man: or a system of doctrinal and practical Christianity to which are added forms of prayer and offices of devotion for the various circumstances of life
49458: VENN J - Caius college (University of Cambridge college histories)
58666: VENN H - Life and a selection from the letters of the late Rev Henry Venn M. A.: the memoir of his life drawn up by the late Rev John Venn M. A.
58465: VENNIS - Lifetime in education: Philip Vennis - from pupil to principal in post-war Britain
55982: VERCORS - Marche a l'etoile
41025: VERDI G - Othello: a lyrical drama in four acts. Libretto by Arrigo Boito. Orchestra score
63931: VERDON T - Art, faith, history: a guide to Christian Florence
73407: VERENE D P - MAN AND CULTURE: a philosophical anthology
53721: VERGIL - Opera
56511: VERHALEN P A - Expansive prayer: reflections for all seasons
36441: VERHEECKE M - Dieu et l'homme dialogue et combat (Collection Cerfaux-Lefort 6)
54299: VERHEY A - Remembering Jesus
59606: VERHEYDEN A L E - Anabaptism in Flanders 1530 - 1650: a century of struggle (Studies in Anabaptist and Mennonite History)
58141: VERKUYL J - Contemporary missiology: an introduction
51915: VERLINDE J M - Christianisme au defi des nouvelles religiosites (Conferences Notre-Dame de Paris 2002)
19895: VERMES G - Jesus and the World of Judaism
19892: VERMES G - Dead Sea Scrolls in English
57607: VERMES G - Introduction to the complete Dead Sea Scrolls
81178: VERMES G - Dead Sea Scrolls in English
39392: VERMES G - Manuscrits du desert de Juda
32636: VERMES G - Gospel of Jesus the Jew (The Riddell Memorial Lectures 48th series, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1981)
82086: VERMES G - Dead Sea Scrolls: Qumran in perspective
19890: VERMES G - Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English
19891: VERMES G - Dead Sea Scrolls in English
82087: VERMES G - Dead Sea Scrolls: Qumran in perspective
81210: VERMES G - Dead Sea Scrolls in English
81594: CALDUCH-BENAGES N & VERMEYLAN J - Treasures of Wisdom: studies in Ben Sira and the Book of Wisdom (Bibliotheca ephemeridum theologicarum Lovaniensium CXLIII Festschrift M Gilbert
59523: VERNEY U - Rifle Brigade chronicle for 1965 (seventy-sixth year)
73420: VERNIER P - WITH THE MASTER: short devotional studies
19910: VERNON Fr - Self expression: seven studies in prayer
19909: VERNON, Fr - Happiness
73422: VERRYN T D - VANISHING CLERGYMAN: a sociological study of the priestly role in South Africa
44675: VERRYN T D - Penance and discipline; a reassessment
38453: BOOK OF MODERN VERSE - Book of modern verse [WB Yeates, W de la Mere, DH Lawrence, S Sassoon, TS Eliot, WD Auden, D Thomas et al)
73424: VERTEUIL M de - LET ALL THE PEOPLES PRAISE HIM: Lectio Divina and the psalms
52296: VERTEUIL M de - Celebrating Advent Year C
37893: VERTEUIL M de - Catholic theology in the Caribbean today 8: Caribbean personhood II - the challenge of violence
36258: VESEY S - New Christmas activity book illustrated by Paul Granger
81744: VESSEY D W T - Trial and execution of Mary, Queen of Scots in contemporary literature
54541: VEST D C - Why stress keeps returning: a spiritual response
19917: VEST N - Preferring Christ: a devotional commentary & workbook on the Rule of St. Benedict
37172: VESTMENTS [SKILBECK] - Vestments: what they are and what they mean with fourteen illustrations drawn by C O Skilbeck
41998: VETTER D - Seherspruch und segensschilderung: ausdrucksabsichten und sprachliche Verwirklichungen in den Bileam-Spruchen von Numeri 23 und 24
52415: DUCHESNEAU C & VEUTHEY M - Music and liturgy: a Universa Laus document and commentary
41313: BEHEL M & VEYSSEYRE P - Guide des collections: Musée Archéologique Saint-Roman-en-Gal Vienne
29629: VIA D O - Kerygma and comedy in the New Testament: a structuralist approach to hermeneutic
53908: VIANEY J - Saint Cure d'Ars (1786 - 1859) [French text]
41509: THEOLOGIA VIATORUM - Theologia Viatorum IX: jahrbuch der Kirchlichen Hochschule Berlin
83345: VIAU M - La nouvelle theologie pratique
81212: VIBERG A - Symbols of law: a contextual analysis of legal symbolic acts in the Old Testament (Coniectanea Biblical Old Testament Series 34)
81746: VIBERT S - Job and the problem of suffering
54613: VICKERS J - History of independent methodism: sketches of worthies origins of circuits expositions of principles and polity
59084: VICKERS J A - Charles Wesley
53773: VICKERS J A - Religious census of Hampshire 1851
81262: VICKERS J A - In lighter vein: occasional writings
81261: VICKERS J A - Dictionary of Methodism in Britain and Ireland
48956: VICKERS H - We want the Queen: the authorized account of how the capital celebrated the Queen's Silver Jubilee
43815: VIDAL K S - Moon under her feet: women of the apocalypse (originally published Pilgrim Press USA)
32631: VIDAL G - Thirsty evil: seven short stories
26324: VIDLER A R - Church in an Age of Revolution: 1789 to the present day (Pelican history of the church 5)
19945: VIDLER A R - Orb and the cross: a normative study in the relations of church and state with reference to Gladstone's early writings
19944: VIDLER A R - Good News for Mankind: a course of addresses delivered during the mission to Cambridge University Jan 25th - Feb 2 1947
19943: VIDLER A R - God's demand and man's response: a course of addresses delivered during the Mission to Oxford University January 29th-February 7th 1938
23933: VIDLER A R - Christ's strange work:
52724: VIDLER A R - Century of Social Catholicism 1820-1920
19955: VIDLER A R - Witness to the light: F.D.Maurice's message for to-day (English title ""Theology of F.D.Maurice"")
81263: VIDLER A R - Scenes from a clerical life: an autobiography
19956: VIDON H - Pilgrim's guide to Rome: discovering links with past English-speaking pilgrims and residents
55405: VIEYRA M - Assyriens
48453: VIGNI G - Tiepolo
19961: VILLAIN M - Unity: a history and some reflections
19962: VILLARD O G - Inside Germany: with an epilogue ""England at War""
19963: VILLARI P - History of Girolamo Savonarola and of his time: translated from the Italian by Leonard Horner Vol 1 of a 2 vol set
41086: GAUTHIER-VILLARS H [Willy] - Tournee du Petit Duc
46918: Vilmar A F C - Nibelungenlied
82346: ROWLAND C & VINCENT J - Liberation Theology UK (British liberation theology 1)
19967: VINCENT J J - Alternative Church
25432: VINCENT A - How to choose your GCSEs: essential information about Key Stage 4 courses and examinations
61299: BOUCHER D & VINCENT A - RADICAL HEGELIAN: the political and social philosophy of Henry Jones
36556: VINCENT J J - Gospel in the 90's: a theological disputation (and contributions by William R Davies, Howard Mellor, Stephen Mosedale & Thomas Stuckey)
36555: VINCENT J J - Discipleship in the 90's [What kind of people does the New World need?]
82327: VINCENT J J - Radical Jesus: the way of Jesus then and now
82348: ROWLAND C & VINCENT J - Liberation spirituality (British liberation theology 3)
82347: ROWLAND C & VINCENT J - Gospel from the city (British liberation theology 2)
26500: VINCENT J J - Stirrings: essays Christian and radical
33034: RIEGER J & VINCENT J J - Methodist and radical: rejuvenating a tradition
34831: VINCENT M R - History of the textual criticism of the New Testament
82349: ROWLAND C & VINCENT J - Bible and practice (British liberation theology 4)
19973: VINE W E - Expository Dictionary of New Testament words with their precise meanings for English readers 4 volumes bound as one with individual pagination
38929: VINJE P M - Praying with Catherine of Siena (Companions for the journey)
48538: VINOGRADOFF P - Common-sense in law
26225: VINTCENT C - Be your own stockbroker: the secrets of managing your own investments
30802: VIPONT E - Some Christian festivals to which is appended a brief glossary of Christian terminology
19977: VIPONT E - High way: an anthology
47846: PIERRE QUI VIRE - Pierre qui vire [French text]
19981: VIRGIL - Georgics trans by C Day Lewis
18550: VIRGIL P [VERGILI] - Opera: recognovit brevique adnotatione critica instruxit F A Hirtzel
47440: COMMUNITY ST MARY THE VIRGIN - Order of Compline throughout the year:
48053: COMMUNITY OF S MARY THE VIRGIN - Solemn modulations of magnificat (set of 8 copies)
73463: VIRGO T - PRAYING THE LORD'S PRAYER (How to.... study series)
81264: VIRGO L - First aid in pastoral care
19982: VIRKLER H - Hermeneutics: principles and processes of biblical interpretation
40656: VISCHER W - Immanuel-Botschaft im Rahmen des koniglichen Zionsfestes (Theologische Studien 45)
17087: SAMUEL D H 3rd Viscount - Century's changes of outlook
36548: VISSER M - Geometry of love: space, time, mystery and meaning in an ordinary church
49968: QUAST K & VISSERS J - Studies in Canadian evangelical renewal: essays in honour of Ian S Rennie
48166: VITRY P - Frere Yves, une oeuvre en priere
19984: VITZ P C - Sigmund Freud's Christian unconscious
69523: OLESEN Jorgen Vium - SONGS FROM DEEP WATERS: selections from the Psalms with prayer meditations
69524: OLESEN Jorgen Vium - SONGS FROM HEAVEN AND EARTH: selections from the Psalms with prayer meditations
47054: VIVALDI A - Magnificat: Vocal score (latin and english text)
19987: VLASIC T, Fr & BARBARIC S, Fr - Abandon yourself to me: meditations from January to June 1985
19986: VLASIC T - Open your hearts to Mary Queen of peace: meditations
25871: VLEDDER E-J - Conflict in the miracle stories: a socio-exegetical study of Matthew 8 and 9 (JSNTSS 152)
49222: PAX VOBISCUM - Pax vobiscum: an address
34155: VOGEL A A - Jesus prayer for today
19989: VOGEL A A - I know God better than I know myself
73470: VOGEL H - CONSIDER YOUR CALLING: introduction to theological study in the light of the fundamemntal questions it raises for ministers and divinity students
53477: VOGEL A A - Theology in Anglicanism (Anglican Study Series)
28526: VOGEL A A - Radical Christianity and the flesh of Jesus: the roots of Eucharistic living
252: ALLEN J & VOGES R - Synthesis and applications of isotopically labelled compounds 1994: proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium, Strasbourg, France, 20-24 June 1994
25151: VOGLER L - Stora - ackordboken for keyboard: over 500 ackord med tydliga diagram och fotografier
25833: RUSSELL A & VOGLER J - International politics of biotechnology: investigating global futures
51748: VOGUE A de - Community and Abbot in the Rule of Saint Benedict Volume Two ONLY
56419: GOLDSMITH M & VOIGT F - Hindenburg: the man and the legend
73477: VOILLAUME R - TRUTH WILL MAKE YOU FREE: letters to the Little Brothers
30196: VOILLAUME R - Source of life: the eucharist and Christian living
19993: VOILLAUME R - Follow me: the call to the religious life today
48460: VOLAVKOVA H - Guide to the Jewish Museum of Prague: Part II Museum of Jewish Towm in Prague
83329: VOLF M - Allah: a Christian response
21629: VOLF M - After our likeness: the Church as the image of the Trinity
56510: VOLF M - Free of charge: giving and forgiving in a culture stripped of grace
36960: VOLLEBREGT G N - Bible on marriage
40038: VOLPE C - Baroque and Rococo in Italy: illustrated catalogue
19998: VOLTAIRE A M De - Letters de Quelques Juifs: Portugalis, Allemands et Polonais par M L'Abbe Guenee in 3 vols
36598: VOLTAIRE - 16 artikel aus dem philosophischen taschenworterbuch
81745: VOLZ P - Das Damonische in Jahwe
20021: VONIER A - Key to the Doctrine of the Eucharist
53741: VONIER A - Angels
36587: VONSEGGEN D & L - Puppets: ministry magic [How your youth group can reach out with puppets]
53484: VORGRIMLER H - Karl Rahner: his life thought and work
82038: LATEGAN B C & VORSTER W S - Text and reality: aspects of reference in Biblical texts
73485: VOS H F - GENESIS
27385: VOSE R H - Glass (Connoisseur illustrated guides)
36501: VOSMAN F J H - Denken naar God toe: Piet Schoonenberg e.a. over lijden, schuld, rechtvaardigheid, schepping en laatste oordeel
58932: VOTAW C W - Gospels and contemporary biographies in the greco-roman world
53772: VOYSEY C - Theism or the religion of common sense
80501: VOYSEY S - Unseen footprints: encountering the divine along the journey of kife
36547: VREDEVELT P - Empty arms [Emotional support for those who have suffered miscarriage or stillbirth]
5509: DE VRIES S J - 1 and 2 Chronicles: (Forms of the Old Testament literature Volume XI)
5508: DE VRIES E - Man in rapid social change
82756: DE VRIES S J - Achievements of biblical religion: a prolegomenon to Old Testament theology
20027: VRIEZEN T C - Religion of Ancient Israel
20025: VRIEZEN T C - Outline of Old Testament theology
40142: VRIEZEN T C - Theologie des Alten Testaments in Grundzugen
36502: VROOM F W - First six centuries: sketches from early church history
73489: VULLIAMY C E - OUR PREHISTORIC FORERUNNERS with thirty-three illustrations
20029: VULLIAMY C E - John Wesley
27080: VUOLA E - Limits of liberation: feminist theology and the ethics of poverty and reproduction
27081: VUOLA E - Limits of liberation: feminist theology and the ethics of poverty and reproduction
5512: DE WAAL E - Life-giving way: a commentary on the Rule of St Benedict
59000: DE WAAL E - Celtic vision: prayers and blessings from the outer hebrides
34264: DE WAAL E - Lost in wonder: rediscovering the spiritual art of attentiveness
20032: WACE H - Confessions and absolution: report of a conference held at Fulham Palace on Dec 30 and 31 1901 and Jan 1 1902
57170: SMITH W & WACE H - Dictionary of Christian Biography (Volume IV N - Z): literature sects and doctrines during the first eight centuries being a continuation of 'The Dictionary of the Bible' No additional UK postage. For overseas postage please ask for a quote
57169: SMITH W & WACE H - Dictionary of Christian Biography (Volume II Eaba - Hermocrates): literature sects and doctrines during the first eight centuries being a continuation of 'The Dictionary of the Bible' No additional UK postage. For overseas postage please ask for a quote
17940: SMITH W & WACE H - Dictionary of Christian Biography (4 volumes): literature sects and doctrines during the first eight centuries being a continuation of 'The Dictionary of the Bible' No additional UK postage. Very heavy set. Please ask for a quote for overseas postage
57168: SMITH W & WACE H - Dictionary of Christian Biography (Volume III Hermogenes - Myensis): literature sects and doctrines during the first eight centuries being a continuation of 'The Dictionary of the Bible' No additional UK postage. For overseas postage please ask for a quote
37483: WACE H - Appeal to the first six centuries: containing an address on variations in doctrine and practice, a report of a deputation to the Archbishop of Canterbury, and a treatise by Bishop Cosin on the 'Catholic religion of the Realm of England'
50839: WACHOB W H - Voice of Jesus in the social rhetoric of James (SNTSMS 106)
52850: WACHOLDER B Z - The Dawn of Qumran: the sectarian Torah and the teacher of righteousness
36504: WADDAMS H M - Swedish church
20041: WADDELL H - Stories from Holy Writ
20046: WADE G W - New Testament History: with 10 maps & plans
30443: WADE G W - Book of the Prophet Isaiah with introduction and notes (WC)
70757: WADSWORTH M - WITH YOU IN SPIRIT? Cardinal Hume's Advisory Group on the pon the Catholic Church's commitment to the Black Community
22233: WAESBERGHE J S van - Gregorian chant and its place in the Catholic liturgy
81016: WAGENFUHR G P - Plundering Egypt: a subversive Christian ethic of economy
54803: WAGER C E - Thoughts of a country parson: articles for the parish magazine and an essay on Jesus of Nazareth Charles Edward Wager Rector of Little Gaddesden 1933 - 1953
20048: WAGGETT P N - Holy Eucharist: with other occasional papers
20049: WAGGETT P N - Religion and science: some suggestions for the study of the relations between them
36506: WAGGETT P N - Is there a religion of nature?: lectures given in St Paul's Cathedral January 1902
40588: WAGNER R - Ein Ende in Paris
73534: WAGNER C P - PRAYER SHIELD: how to intercede for pastors, Christian leaders and others on the spiritual frontlines
47039: WAGNER R - Tannhauser (edited for the pianoforte)
73529: WAGNER C P - CHURCH GROWTH AND THE WHOLE GOSPEL: a biblical mandate
81265: WAGNER G - Barnardo
57825: HARE J MORRIN J WAIGHT S - Victorian History of Hampshire: Mapledurwell (Victoria County History)
80363: WAINWRIGHT G - Doxology: the praise of god in worship, doctrine and life: a systematic theology
20052: WAINWRIGHT A W - Beyond Biblical Criticism: encountering Jesus in scripture
20058: WAINWRIGHT G - Keeping the faith: essays to mark the centenary of ""Lux Mundi""
39707: WAINWRIGHT G - Christian Initiation: ecumenical studies in history
21680: WAITE T - Footfalls in memory: relections from solitude
25971: WAITLEY D - Empires of the mind: lessons to lead and succeed in a knowledge-based world
36800: WAKEFIELD G S - On the edge of the mystery: meditations on passages from the communion service
32555: WAKEFIELD G S - Dictionary of Christian Spirituality
59083: WAKEFIELD G S - John Wesley
29892: WAKEFIELD G - Where are the men?: a study of an endangered species (GPS34)
20066: WAKEFIELD G S - Methodist Spirituality (Exploring Methodism)
20061: WAKEFIELD G S - Dictionary of Christian Spirituality
20062: WAKEFIELD G S - Kindly light: meditations on Newman's poem
20063: WAKEFIELD G S - Life of the spirit in the world today [an examination of the practices of prayer and worship in our present intellectual and cultural climate]
21796: WAKEFIELD G S - Outline of Christian worship
20064: WAKEFIELD G S - Liturgy of St John
37786: THORNTON-WAKEFIELD D - If fish is all you want [meditations on God's word and God's creation]
36508: WAKEFIELD G S - Methodist devotion: the spiritual life in the Methodist tradition 1791-1945
40692: WAKEFIELD G S - My providential way
35277: MCDOWELL J & WAKEFIELD N - Dad difference: creating an environment for your child's sexual wholeness
36332: WAKEFIELD G S - Puritan devotion: its place in the development of Christian piety (Fernley-Hartley lecture 1957)
20070: WAKEMAN H O - Royal Supremacy in England (CHS23)
20068: WAKEMAN H O - Europe: 1598-1715 Period V
20067: WAKEMAN H O - Church and the puritans 1570-1660
36510: WAKEMAN H O - Introduction to the history of the Church of England from the earliest times to the present day, revised with an additional chapter by S L Ollard
42087: DIGIACOMO J J & WAKIN E - Understanding teenagers: a guide for parents
83372: WAKLEY G - Sexual abuse and the Primary are Doctor (Psychosexual Medicine Series 3)
73551: WAKSLER F C - LITTLE TRIALS OF CHILDHOOD and children's strategies for dealing with them
51401: WALASKAY P W - And so we came to Rome: the political perspective of St Luke (SNTSMS 49)
61712: BUHLMANN Walbert - FORWARD, CHURCH!: essays in ecclesial spirituality
48750: WALDEGRAVE J [CLARK J C D] - Memoirs and speeches of James, 2nd Earl Waldegrave, 1742-1763 edited with an introduction by J C D Clark
43636: WALDRON R - 15 days of prayer with Henri Houwen
23726: FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION OF WALES - Official yearbook and supporters' guide 2000-2001
26190: CHURCH IN WALES - Book of Common Prayer for use in the Church in Wales: Order for Morning and Evening prayer, Welsh and English on facing pages
53715: WALEY D - Later medieval Europe: from Saint Louis to Luther
21948: HUIZING P & WALF K - Electing our own Bishops (Concilium 137)
39412: WALKER A - Different Gospels: Christian orthodoxy and modern theologies
20079: WALKER A - God is Where You Are: preaching for today
73568: WALKER P L - MINISTRY OF WORSHIP: an exposition of selected Psalms
43683: WALKER P - Jesus way: the essential Christian starter kit
51824: WALKER W, NORRIS R A, LOTZ D W, & HANDY R T - History of the Christian Church [4th edition]
81242: WALLACE G & WALKER A D M - Definition of morality (University Paperbacks)
20085: WALKER G - Book of my baptism
20089: WALKER K - Human Physiology
20090: WALKER K - Physiology of sex
20092: WALKER L J - Problem of Reunion: discussed historically in seven essays
20094: WALKER S - Sheila: a healing through dying
31275: WALKER T - Open to God: a parish in renewal (GM&W38)
28467: WALKER A - Golf for the girls compiled from a series of articles originally pub in Golf Monthly illus by Joe McKeough
37746: WALKER T - Occult web
27689: WALKER D - Digby: a novel
20078: WALKER A - Different gospels
20076: WALKER A - Breakthrough: rediscovering the Holy Spirit
20101: WALKER W - History of the Christian Church
56857: CHAPMAN S & WALKER W - Minster people: eminent men and women connected with Southwell Minster over the centuries (published to commemorate nine centuries since the present buildign was inaugurated in 1109)
55470: WALKER A - Prayer for everyday living
81021: SHAW L & WALKER J M - Ambition: essays by members of the Chrysostom Society
25480: WALKER J A et al - Statistics: a first course
4597: WALKER K - Images or idols? place of sacred art in churches today
36565: WALKER T - Jewish views of Jesus: an introduction and an appreciation
2832: WALKER A - Restoring the kingdom: radical christianity of the House Church Movement
36559: WALKER W L - Christ's Gospel of the eternal and the divine manifestation in Christ
36560: WALKER W L - Cross and the kingdom as viewed by Christ Himself and in the light of evolution
27267: WALKER B - Armada
33097: VAN DIJK S J P & WALKER J H - Myth of the aumbry: notes on medieval reservation practice and eucharistic devotion with special reference to the findings of Gregory Dix
34782: WALKER W L - Christian theism and a spiritual Monism: God, freedom, and immortality in view of Monistic evolution
37358: WALKER M - God of our journey
51764: WALKER S - Year A resource: contemporary reflections for praying and preaching
73577: WALKER T - SMALL STREAMS BIG RIVERS: developing spiritual gifts in small groups and the church
73562: WALKER G - IDEALISM OF CHRISTIAN ETHICS being the Baird Lecture for 1928
48316: DUES G & WALKLEY B - Called to parish ministry: identity, challenges and spirituality of lay ministers
48078: WALL W - Brief critical notes especially on the various readings of the New Testament books: with a preface concerning the texts cited therein from the Old Testament as also concerning the use of the Septuagint translation
58305: WALL W - History of infant baptism in two parts: the first being an impartial collection of all such passages in the writers of the four first centuries as do make for or against it; the second containing several things that do help illustrate the said history
45488: WALL B - Italian art life and landscape
81619: WALLACE M - Healing encounters in the city: insights from an urban perspective (GPS30)
81241: WALLACE R S - Readings in 2 Kings: an interpretation arranged for personal group bible studies with questions and notes
29889: WALLACE M - Healing encounters in the city: insights from an urban perspective (GPS30)
20110: WALLACE W - Life of St. Edmund of Canterbury from original sources
20106: WALLACE L - Ben-Hur: a tale of the Christ
73586: WALLACE J - THERE'S A TIME AND A PLACE: prayers for the Christian Year
73587: WALLACE M - LITTLE BOOK OF CELTIC SAINTS illustrated by Ann MacDuff
80949: WALLACE C M - Confronting religious denial of gay marriage: Christian humanism and the moral imagination
36546: WALLACE R S - Gospel miracles: studies in Matthew, Mark, and Luke
24749: WALLACE M - Silent twins
80973: WALLACE C M - Confrontational wit of Jesus: Christian humanism and the moral imagination
80971: WALLACE C M - Confronting religious absolutism: Christian humanism and the moral imagination
58674: WALLACE R S - Ten commandments: a study of ethical freedom
81012: WALLACE C M - Confronting religious violence Christian humanism and the moral imagination
44080: WALLACE M I - Fragments of the Spirit: nature violence and the renewal of creation
83389: DAVIS M & WALLBRIDGE D - Boundary and space: an introduction to the work of D. W. Winnicott
73597: WALLIS P - MEN BEHAVING BOLDLY: getting to grips with spirituality
36153: WALLIS J - Rise of Christian conscience (The 1986 CMS annual sermon)
58016: WALLIS J - On God's side: what religion forgets and politics hasn't learned about serving the common good
20116: WALLIS J - Come Into His Presence
51204: WALLIS P - Be thou my breastplate: forty days of giving your life to God the Celtic way
44884: WALLIS J - Seven ways to change the world: reviving faith and politics
82480: WALLIS I G - Faith of Jesus Christ in early Christian traditions (SNTS Monograph Series 84)
58483: WALLWORK M - Singing with the saints: hymns for the festivals and lesser festivals of the Church of England (Words only)
23111: WALMSLEY J - Brit-think Ameri-think: a transatlantic survival guide
20119: WALPOLE G H S - Vital religion or the personal knowledge of Christ
73601: WALPOLE G H S - PERSONALITY AND POWER or the secret of real influence
83347: WALPOLE A S - Early Latin Hymns with introduction and notes by A S Walpole
37697: WALSH M - Universe book of saints
20120: WALSH B - Father Spencer: remarkable story of a young aristocrat who abandoned family and friends to become a missionary priest
20122: WALSH C - Stop looking and listen: an invitation to the Christian life (RBC 66)
20123: WALSH G - Biopharmaceuticals: biochemistry and biotechnology
20126: WALSH K - Sometimes I Weep: prayers & meditations
35788: WALSH M - Dictionary of Christian biography
73614: WALSH M - CONCLAVE: a sometimes secret and occasionally bloody history of papal elections
23316: WALSH M - Irish tax treaties 2000
34726: PAKENHAM-WALSH H - Lights and shades of Christendom to AD 1000
73611: WALSH M - JOHN PAUL II: a biography
37418: MIDDLETON J R & WALSH B J - Truth is stranger than it used to be: biblical faith in a postmodern age
82414: WALSH S - Kierkegaard thinking Christianity in an existential mode: (Christian theology in context)
35683: HANSEN B L & WALSOE F - In the beginning: the story of creation as told in the book of Genesis (colour photography throughout)
82766: WALTER T - Revival of death
73619: WALTER J A - HUMAN HOME: the myth of the sacred environment
262: RALEIGH Walter - Letters of Sir Walter Raleigh 1879 - 1922 edited by Lady Raleigh, preface by D N Smith
73622: WALTERS C J - TO SERVE AS JESUS SERVED: a guide to servanthood
36148: WALTERS G - Science and religion: the re-opening dialogue [Papers presented to a Conference of Anglican & Methodist clergy, Bath, 6-7 May 1969]
1144: BARNARD T & WALTERS D - Man, society and redemption: a workbook prepared for the lay ministerial training scheme
73623: WALTERS L S - THERE'S A NEW FAMILY IN MY HOUSE!: blending stepfamilies together
37696: WALTON R C - Gospel for martyrs: Saint Mark's Gospel (Modern Bible Textbooks)
20140: WALTON I - Lives of John Donne, Sir Henry Wotton, Richard Hooker, George Herbert and Robert Sanderson (WC)
20141: WALTON J - Six Reformers (Wilberforce, Peel, Fry, Shaftesbury, Nightingale & Barnado)
73626: WALTON C - SING A SONG OF CHRISTMAS [ A collection of over 210 poems by Christian writers]
59603: WALTON J R - Art and worship: a vital connection
56959: CONFORTI M & WALTON G - Royal Trasures of Sweden 1550 - 1700
26602: WALTON R C - Basic introduction to the Old Testament
40682: WALTON I - Herbert's poems: with the life of the author
73633: WALVOORD J F - MAJOR BIBLE PROPHECIES: 37 crucial prophecies that affect you today
26114: WALZENBACH G P E - Co-ordination in context: institutional choices to promote exports
20187: WAND W - Letters on Preaching
20185: WAND J W C - White of Carpentaria
20186: WAND W - Christianity: a historical religion?
20180: WAND J W C - Spirit of Church History
20155: WAND J W C - Church its nature structure and function
20151: WAND J W C - Atonement
20152: WAND J W C - Authority of the Scriptures
20150: WAND J W C - Anglicanism in history and today
22545: WAND J W C - Seven steps to Heaven
24920: WAND J W C - Temptation of Jesus
20177: WAND J W C - Second Reform
20183: WAND J W C - What the church stands for: a guide to its authority in the twentieth century
20184: WAND J W C - White of Carpentaria
20182: WAND J W C - What St Paul Said: or the teaching of St Paul
73652: WAND J W C - RECOVERY STARTS WITHIN: the book of the Mission to London, 1949
20164: WAND J W C - Golden String: a short introduction to Christian Practice
20165: WAND J W C - Greek Doctors
20171: WAND J W C - Latin Doctors
20173: WAND J W C - Minds behind the New Theology: Kierkegaard, Barth, Bultmann Tillich and Bonhoeffer
20158: WAND J W C - Doctors and councils [includes 'Latin Doctors' 'Greek Doctors' and 'Four Councils']
20157: WAND J W C - Development of Sacramentalism
4715: WAND J W C et al - Confirmation book: for members of the Anglican Communion
58553: WANDEL L P - Eucharist in the reformation: incarnation and liturgy
31969: WANG A - Christ Church, Ware: history 1858-1985
73657: WANG S - LONG ROAD TO FREEDOM: the story of Wang Mingdao
24630: CHENG F Y & WANG Y Y - Post-earthquake rehabilitation and reconstruction
61446: FREYNE S & WANSBROUGH - MARK AND MATTHEW (Scripture discussion commentary 7)
73659: WANSBROUGH N - COMMIT YOURSELF: where there's a will there's a way [based on 14 interviews with committee Christians, including Rupert Davies, Trevor Beeson, Donald Coggan, Leslie Houlden, Richard Coggins]
20188: WANSBROUGH H - Bendictines in Oxford
24785: WANSEY C - Clockwork church: reform in the Church of England at worm's eye level
24905: WANSEY C - New Testament word finder: a handy reference book to all NT passages common to all translations
48054: WANTLAND W C - Foundations of the faith
53770: WARBURTON W - Warburton lectures delivered at Lincoln's Inn 1995 - 2005
53771: WARBURTON W - Warburton lectures delivered at Lincoln's Inn 1985 - 1994 (includes lectures by Enoch Powell and Bishop John Baker)
73696: WARD P - GOD OF WELCOMES: for those who have almost given up
73699: WARD R H - PRODIGAL SON: some comments on the Parable
73701: WARD R A - ROYAL SACRAMENT: the preacher and his message
36154: WARD W - Last lectures by Wilfred Ward being the Lowell Lectures 1914 and three lectures delivered at the Royal Institution, 1915
32609: WARD K - God: a guide for the perplexed
32619: WARD K - Ethics and Christianity (Muirhead Library of Philosophy)
81131: WARD G - Theology and contemporary critical theory (Studies in literature and religion)
44489: WARD W R - Faith and faction [essays]
47241: WARD A - Dickens: English men of letters
49134: WARD K - Word of God: the Bible after modern scholarship
34460: WARD J - Mixed nuts: 23 plays and sketches
29016: WARD K - Concept of God
81741: WARD W R - Baptists and the transformation of the Church 1780-1830
24205: WARD J - Study of Kant
31723: WARD J M - Thus says the Lord: the message of the Prophets
29829: WARD H - Celebrating women
58349: WARD B - In company with Christ: through Lent, Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter to Pentecost
28266: WARD J et al - Leisure and tourism: (GNVQ advanced)
25259: WARD G - Catering questions and answers: food hygiene
59082: WARD A M - Outlines of Christian doctrine (2 volume set)
20231: WARD R S - Selectivity in organic synthesis
20237: WARD R S - Guide for Spiritual Directors: by the author of 'The Way' [Reginald Somerset Ward]
20245: WARD W - Life of John Henry Cardinal Newman (2 volumes): based on his private journals and correspondence
20247: WARD W - William George Ward and the Catholic Revival
56778: WARD T H - Men of the time: a dictionary of contemporaries containing biographical notes of eminent characters of both sexes
20210: WARD J S M - Brasses including fold-outs
20211: WARD J W - Letters of the Earl of Dudley to the Bishop of Llandaff
20218: WARD K - Images of eternity: concepts of God in five religious traditions
20220: WARD K - Promise
20222: WARD K - Rule of love: reflections on the sermon on the mount
20223: WARD K - Turn of the tide: Christian belief in Britain today
20225: WARD K - Vision to pursue: beyond the crisis of Christianity
20226: WARD M - France Pagan? the mission of Abbe Godin
22249: WARD S - Getting ready for the Pensions Act: a Trustees' guide
50331: WARD B - Miracles and the medieval mind
59081: WARD W R - Early Victorian Methodism: the correspondence of Jacob Bunting 1830 - 1858
20230: WARD M - Young Mr. Newman
20201: WARD J M - Prophets (IBT)
20192: WARD B - Progress for a small planet
52718: WARD R S - To Jerusalem: devotional studies in mystical religion edited with introduction by Susan Howatch (Library of Anglican spirituality)
32519: WARD K - Battle for the soul: an affirmation of human dignity and value
48069: WARD P - Worship and youth culture: a guide to alternative worship
24310: WARD K - Rational theology and the creativity of God
52273: WARD M - Assemblies A-Z
83348: WARD G - Unbelievable: why we believe and why we don't
19082: WARD K - What the Bible really teaches: challenge for funamentalists
82240: GRAHAM E WALTON H & WARD F - Theological reflection methods
44205: WARD K - Images of eternity: concepts of God in five religious traditions
49938: WARD R A - Pattern of our salvation: a study of New Testament unity
29918: WARD H - Giving your self away (GS26)
34781: WARD J - Realm of ends or pluralism and theism (Gifford lectures 1907-10)
42413: WARD M - Early church portrait gallery
48994: WARD K - God: a guide for the perplexed
48075: WARD A W - Counter-reformation (Epochs of church history)
44163: WARD K - Is religion dangerous?
82655: WARD G - Barth, Derrida and the language of theology
46486: ABERCROMBIE N & WARDE A et al - Contemporary British society
26005: WARDE A - Consumption, food and taste: culinary antinomies and commodity culture
58682: WARDLAW J S - Posthumous works of the Rev Ralph Wardlaw D. D. Vol I Lectures on the Book of Proverbs
33614: WARDLAW R - Sermons
34459: WAREHAM J - Conducting of retreats
21707: WAREHAM J - Know thyself: an aid to self-examination
20260: WAREHAM J - Christian attitude: simple considerations & devotions for use in retreat
20261: WAREHAM J - First book about living the Christian life
20262: WAREHAM J - Parochial clergy and retreats for the people (A.P.R Handbooks 2)
20263: WAREHAM J - Priest and his people
20264: WARFIELD B B - Miracles: yesterday and today true and false
27078: HASSAN G & WARHURST C - Tomorrow's Scotland
55472: WARING P F - Pray always
73711: WARKE R - ON BEING A BISHOP: reminiscences and reflections
20266: WARNE A - Church and society in eighteenth-century Devon
36195: WARNECK D J - Paulus im Lichte der heutigen Heidenmission
81130: WARNER M - Bible as rhetoric: studies in biblical persuasion and credibility
20271: WARNER M - Alone of all her sex: the myth and the cult of the Virgin Mary
20269: WARNER H C - Start of a family: the story of reproduction for boys
33459: WARNER P - Women's icons of ministry: images from scripture (GP60)
50937: WARNER W L et al - Yankee City (One volume abridged edition)
73717: WARNER R - BAPTISM AND YOU [A personal guide to believers' baptism]
81129: WARNOCK G J - Contemporary moral philosophy (New studies in ethics)
36734: WARREN R - Launching a missionary congregation: a way forward for the local church
20293: WARREN M A C - Strange victory: a study of the Holy Communion Service
20294: WARREN M A C - Truth of vision: study in the nature of the Christian hope
20296: WARREN M A C - Gospel of Victory: a study of the relevance of the Epistle to the Galatians for the Christian mission today (RBC105)
20297: WARREN R - Building missionary congregations: towards a post-modern way of being church (BMO Paper 4) GSMisc 446
20284: WARREN M A C - Christian Mission
20286: WARREN M A C - Day of the Preacher
20287: WARREN M A C - I believe in the Great Commission
20288: WARREN M A C - Interpreting the cross
49456: WARREN M - Seeing through the media: a religious view of communications and cultural analysis
30029: WARREN R - In the crucible: the testing and growth of a local church
23367: WARREN C H - Great men of Essex
20277: WARREN A - Church for the Nation?: essays on the future of Anglicanism
49181: PERRY M & WARREN N - Wedding book: with the marriage service ASB 1980
20290: WARREN M A C - Master of Time: an experience of the Lordship of Christ
20292: WARREN M A C - Partnership: the study of an idea being the Merrick Lectures at Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio March 1955
20280: WARREN C R - Concept of the chosen people
20283: WARREN M A C - Christian imperative: being the Kellogg lectures at the Episcopal Theological School, Cambridge, Massachusetts Feb 1955
36562: WARREN H C - Buddhism in translations: passages selected from the Buddhist Sacred Books and translated from the original Pali into English
20285: WARREN M A C - Crowded Canvas: some experiences of a life-time
29815: WARREN R - Living well
26548: WARREN M A C - Perspective in mission
26551: WARREN M A C - Social history and Christian mission
22058: WARREN F E - Leofric missal as used in the Cathedral of Exeter during the episcopate of its first bishop AD1050-1072 together with some account of the Red Book of Derby, Missal of Robert of Jumieges, & few other early manuscript Service books of the English Church
82289: WARREN Y - Cracked pot: the state of today's Anglican parish clergy
73729: WARREN M - SIMEON: an essay on Charles Simeon M.A. 1759-1836, Fellow of King's College and Vicar of Holy Trinity Church, Cambridge
43656: WARRIER G - Varaha: the secret of evolution
28460: WALSHE J G & WARRIER S - Dates and meanings of religious and other festivals with a calendar for 1997-2001
73739: WARRY J G - GREEK AESTHETIC THEORY: a study of callistic and aesthetic concepts inthe works of Plato and Aristotle (UNCORRECTED PROOF COPY)
48807: WARWICK C - Royal princes: the young men who will ensure the future of the Royal House of Windsor
30449: WASHINGTON H C et al - Escaping Eden: new feminist perspectives on the Bible (Biblical Seminar 65)
20304: WASS C - Zealot: a play for Easter
26747: SCHEEL D & WASTERNACK C - Plant signal transduction
20306: WATERFIELD R - Prophet: The Life & Times of Kahlil Gibran
20310: WATERHOUSE E S - What is salvation?
20307: WATERHOUSE E S - Philosophical approach to religion
34778: WATERHOUSE E S - Philosophy of religious experience: thesis approved for the Degree of Doctor of Divinity in the University of London
26055: WATERHOUSE P - Tutoring (Teaching and Learning)
48072: WATERLAND D - Scripture vindicated Part I II III in answer to a book intituled Christianity as old as the creation a charge; Charge delivered to the clergy of Middlesex at the primary visitation held May 19, 1731; Christianity vindicated against infidelity; Doctrinal use of the Christian sacraments considered in a charge delivered to the Middlesex clergy May 12, 1736; Critica Sacra or a short introduction to Hebrew criticism [all bound together]
20315: WATERS W E - Matters of life and death: an inaugural lecture delivered at the University of Southampton 12 May 1977
49823: WATERSON A P - Christian and the scientific method
20316: WATHERSTON P - Different kind of church: the Mayflower Family Centre story
81124: WATKIN J - KIERKEGAARD (Outstanding Christian thinkers)
73751: WATKIN J - KIERKEGAARD (Outstanding Christian thinkers)
34776: WATKIN E I - Balance of truth
73753: WATKINS E - GODSEARCH: a young person's exploration of faith
73754: WATKINS E - SURVIVAL HANDBOOK FOR FIRST-TIME PARENTS: an A - Z guide for when your first baby arrives
25279: WATKINS C - Marketing, sales and customer services: understanding the theory and practice of selling through service
55562: WATKINS P - Selection of secondary heads: suggestions for good practice (SHA discussion document 1983 Occasional Paper 2)
73756: WATKINS E - GODFOUND: discovering the searching God
46450: WATSON N - Second Epistle to the Corinthians [Epworth Commentaries]
36158: WATSON F - Defenders of the faith; or, the Christian Apologists of the second and third centuries
81127: WATSON J R - Pitying tenderness and tenderest pity: the hymns of Charles Wesley and the writings of St Luke (A S Peake memorial lecture - the Methodist Conference 2005)
51085: WATSON J - Mind of the master
73768: WATSON D - RENEWAL FOR LIFE [Thirty readings and spiritual exercises] (20 minutes with God series)
51735: HULMES E & WATSON B - Religious studies and public examinations: report on the Farmingotn Conference held at Keble College Oxford 2nd - 6th January 1979
73790: WATSON N - Striking Home interpreting and proclaiming the New Testament
31437: WATSON J - Doctrines of grace
20331: WATSON D - Is Anyone There?
29900: WATSON J - Guide to the New Age for confused Christians (GPS47)
28251: WATSON J R - English hymn: a critical and historical study
59079: WATSON P S - Message of the Wesleys: a reader of instruction and devotion
59080: WATSON J T - Daily prayers for the Methodist Church
20351: WATSON R - Anecdotes of the life of Richard Watson, Bishop of Landaff written by himself at different intervals, and revised in 1814
20354: WATSON T - Ten Commandments
20344: WATSON G - In tune: a guide to everything (from sex and evolution to philosophy and ecology) for young and old
20338: WATSON E W - Church of England (HUL)
20340: WATSON F - Guide to the New Testament
20342: WATSON F - Paul Judaism and the Gentiles: a sociological approach (SNTSMS 56)
82737: WATSON J R - Awake my soul: relections on thirty hymns
34747: WATSON P S - Let God be God: an interpretation of the theology of Martin Luther
57762: WATSON W G E - Classical Hebrew poetry: a guide to its techniques (JSOT Supplement Series 26)
73762: WATSON A - JESUS AND THE JEWS: the Pharisaic Tradition in John
36795: WATSON A - Godparents: guidelines for parents and Godparents
36796: WATSON J - Bosshardt: a biography [The story of a Christian missionary caught up in Mao's Long March]
51205: WATSON D - Living faith: lessons form Abraham
36835: PITT-WATSON I - Kind of folley: toward a practical theology of preaching (Warrack Lectures 1972-1975)
82694: WATSON W G E - Classical Hebrew poetry: a guide to its techniques (JSOT Supplement Series 26)
82428: WATSON H M - Towards a relevant Christology in India today an appraisal of the Christologies of John Hick, Jurgen Moltmann and Jon Sobrino (European University Studies)
81740: WATSON G - Litany for George Bell, Bishop of Chichester Friday 27 February 2004 (cover title: Bell of Chichester 1883-1958: a prophetic bishop)
37366: WATSON T - Body of divinity: contained in sermons upon the Westminster Assembly's Catechism
81125: WATT W M - Companion to the Qur'an: based on the Arberry translation
44437: WATT W M - Companion to the Qur'an: based on the Arberry translation
73802: WATT W M - CURE FOR HUMAN TROUBLES: a statement of the Christian message in modern terms
73800: WATT J - WHAT IS WRONG WITH CHRISTIAN HEALING? foreword by HRH the Prince of Wales
23171: WATT D A - Programming language concepts and paradigms
20355: WATT M H - History of the Parson's Wife
23708: WATT A - Diamond dogs: a post-modern thriller
81098: WATTLES J - Living in truth beauty and goodness
73818: WATTS R - PEOPLE ARE NEVER THE PROBLEM: a new paradigm for relating to others
30179: WATTS A J - Teach your child about God
28298: WATTS F, NYE R & SAVAGE S - Psychology for Christian ministry (with cartoons by Sean)
31587: WATTS F - Science meets faith [Contributors include: J Polkinghorne, J Bowker D W Hardy]
26966: WATTS A W - This is Zen and other essays on Zen and spiritual experience
24735: WATTS J W - Reading law: rhetorical shaping of the Pentateuch (Biblical Seminar 59)
20357: WATTS A J - Ask me another: a further handbook for teachers based on the revised catechism and agreed syllabus
20364: WATTS J D W - List of words occuring frequently in the Hebrew Bible: Hebrew-English edition (Seminary edition)
20366: WATTS M - Life of Christ
43384: WATTS I - Guide to Prayer: abridged and edited by Harry Escott
48406: WATTS C A H - Depression: understanding a common problem: care and welfare (Teach Yourself Books)
33864: WATTS A J - No new thing: a handbook of Religious Education with suggestions for visual aids and activities
33111: WATTS J - God's business: preparing the church for dramatic growth
45541: WATTS G - Rembrandt
23402: WAUGH A - Crash the ash: some joy for the beleaguered smoker
20374: WAUGH E - Life of the Right Reverend Ronald Knox: fellow of Trinity College, Oxford and Protonotary Apostolic to his Holiness Pope Pius XII compiled from the original sources
82865: WAUGH E [Amory] - Letters of Evelyn Waugh (heavy volume, please ask postal cost before ordering)
30686: WAUGH E - Handful of dust
81197: WAUGH E - Peace as seen in the Qur'an (Occasional papers No 3 Ecumenical Institute, Jerusalem)
9464: HOOFT WAV't - Genesis & formation of the World Council of Churches
35016: WAY - Way Supplement No 58 (Spring 1987): the spiritual exercises: weeks three and four
36492: WAY - Way Volume 33 Nos 1-3 (1993) [Titles: Everyday God: Boundaries: New Age spirituality]
20375: WAY - Way Supplement No 67 (Spring 1990): spirituality and liturgy
20376: WAY - Way Supplement No 25 God and Mary
20377: WAY - Way Supplement No 47 Spirituality and the priesthood
20388: WAY - Way Vol 28 No 3 (July 1988) Sexuality & Spirituality
20398: WAY - Way Volume 31 No. 1 (January 1991) Europe and Beyond
20399: WAY - Way Volume 31 No. 2 (April 1991) Media and Communication
20401: WAY - Way Volume 31 No. 4 (October 1991) Renew your Whole Creation
20406: WAY P - John A.T. Robinson Bishop of Woolwich and author of Honest to God about keeping in touch with theology
52911: WAY - Way Supplement No. 77 (Summer 1993) Celibacy
52912: WAY - Way Supplement No 52 (Spring 1985): Aspects of the second week
52914: WAY - Way Volume 44 No. 2 (April 2005) Ministering God's word
52916: WAY - Way Supplement No 54 (Autumn 1985): Approaches to spiritual direction
52917: WAY - Way Volume 33 No. 4 (April 1993) Boundaries
82318: WAY R - Garden of the Beloved illustrations by Laszlo Kubinyi
82850: WAY [Balthasar] - Spirituality tradition and beauty ( a special number in honour of Hans Urs von Balthasar 1905 - 1988) The Way Volume 44 No. 4 (October 2005)
34934: WAY - Way Supplement No 76 (Spring 1993): Person and society in the Ignatian exercises
34936: WAY - Way Supplement No 68 (Summer 1990): Ignatian spirituality in ecumenical context
36488: WAY - Way Supplement No 46 (Spring 1983): some helps in giving the Exercises
20409: WAYNE R P - Chemistry of atmospheres: intro to the chemistry of the atmospheres of earth, the planets, and their satellites
28151: WEARMOUTH J - Special educational provision: meeting the challenges in schools
21922: WEATHERHEAD L D - Salute to a sufferer: an attempt to offer the plain man a Christian philosophy of suffering (AS Peake memorial lecture No 7)
20470: WEATHERHEAD L D - Psychology in service of the soul
20480: WEATHERHEAD L D - Transforming Friendship: a book about Jesus and ourselves
20482: WEATHERHEAD L D - Why do men suffer?
58295: WEAVER M J - New Catholic women: a contemporary challenge to traditional religious authority
55027: WEAVER J D - John Howard Yoder: radical theologian
81042: WEAVER D J - Irony of power: the politics of God within Matthew's narrative (Studies in peace and scriptures - Institute of Mennonite studies)
48891: CHARLESWORTH J H & WEAVER W P - Old and the New Testaments: their relationship and intertestamental literature (Faith and scholarship colloquies)
20484: WEAVINGS - Weavings Poverty of Spirit (Vol. XV: I Jan/Feb 2000) (Journal of the Christian Spiritual Life)
36217: WEBB A - 1001 illustrations for pulpit and platform (author inscription of front end paper)
36216: WEBB C C J - Religious experience: a public lecture delivered in Oriel College...19 May 1944 by CCJ Webb, together with a bibliography of his published writings...on occasion of his eightieth birthday 25 June 1945
80390: WEBB W J - Returning Home: new covenant and sacred exodus as the context for 2 Corinthians 6.14-7.1 (Journal for the Study of the New Testament Supplement Series 85)
54404: WEBB R L - John the Baptizer and Prophet: a socio-historical study
25936: WEBB K - Introduction to problems in the philosophy of social sciences
53764: WEBB E A - Book of the foundation of the church of St Bartholomew London: rendered into modern English from the original Latin version preserved in the British Museum numbered Vespasian B IX...
20490: WEBB P - Salvation today
20489: WEBB P - Candles for Advent
36557: WEBB M - Spring of joy: a little book of healing
29030: WEBB W P - Behind the Creed: a plain man's rationale of faith
25964: WEBB G A - Annual reports on NMR spectroscopy: Volume 37
58571: WEBB D - Medieval European pilgrimage c.700 - c.1500
51459: WEBB C C J - Contribution of Christianity to ethics: Stephanos Nirmalendu Ghosh Lectures 1930 - 31
73872: WEBBER R - PRYMER: the Prayer Book of the Mediaeval era adapted for contemporary use
73871: WEBBER D - WILLIAM CAREY AND THE MISSIONARY VISION: a lecture first prepared for te Carey Conference for Ministers held at Swanwick on 8-10th January 1992
14197: NEILL S C & WEBER H-R - Layman in Christian History: a project of the Department on the Laity of the WCC
36214: WEBER D O - Versammelte Gemeinde: Beitrage zum Gesprach uber Kirche und Gottesdienst printed in Gothic script
36826: WEBER D C - Discerning images: the media and theological education. Resources for theological educators
73876: WEBER H R - LIVING IN THE IMAGE OF CHRIST the laity in ministry
20500: WEBER H R - On a Friday Noon: meditations under the cross
20502: WEBER H R - Way of the Lamb: Christ in the Apocalypse: Lenten meditations (Risk series 36)
20505: WEBER M - Protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism:
20506: WEBER O - Ground plan of the Bible
20494: WEBER H R - Asia and the ecumenical movement 1895-1961
20495: WEBER H R - Cross: tradition and interpretation
20497: WEBER H R - Experiments with Bible Study
34757: WEBER L M - On marriage, sex and virginity (Quaestiones Disputatae 16)
27587: WEBER H R - Power: focus for a biblical theology
81095: WEBER T R - War peace and reconciliation: a theological inquiry
80381: WEBER O - Foundations of dogmatics Volume 1 and Volume 2
81195: WEBER M - Theory of social and economic organization
36544: WEBSTER R - Prayer: creative ways of praying together in all-age worship (God's people at worship)
81742: WEBSTER D - Christian faith and world religions part of a lecture given in Canterbury Cathedral
24233: WEBSTER D - Not ashamed: studies in mision and ministry (Moorhouse Lectures Melbourne 1969)
20514: WEBSTER D - Unchanging mission: biblical & contemporary
20515: WEBSTER D - What is evangelism?
20511: WEBSTER D - In debt to Christ: a study in the meaning of the cross
20513: WEBSTER D - Pentecostalism and speaking with tongues
20509: WEBSTER A R - Found wanting: women, Christianity and sexuality
20510: WEBSTER D - And Who is my neighbour?: five Bible readings in search of an answer
20516: WEBSTER D - What is spiritual healing?
20518: WEBSTER D - Yes to mission
24776: WEBSTER J C B - Dalit Christians: a history
24777: WEBSTER J C B et al - From role to identity: Dalit Christian women in transition
55466: WEBSTER D - Disturbed solitude
27389: MERRIAM-WEBSTER A - Webster's collegiate thesaurus
48060: WEBSTER A - Reaching for reality: sketches from the life of the Church
20507: WEBSTER A - Broken bones may joy: studies in reconciliation and resurrection
73889: WEBSTER J - FINGERNAIL MOON: the true story of a mother's journey to protect her daughter
26347: WEBSTER D - GCSE Physical education
53709: WECHS T - Friede ist moglich: biographien und initiativen aus zwei Jahrtausenden
46658: GASNER-WECHS T - Allgauer Luftle
39409: WEDDERBURN A J M - Paul and Jesus: collected essays (JSNTS 37)
30394: WEDDERBURN A J M - Beyond resurrection
50921: WEDDERBURN A J M - Baptism and resurrection: studies in Pauline theology against its Graeco-Roman background (Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament: 44)
36928: LUZ U & WEDER H - Mitte des Neuen Testaments: Einheit und Vielfalt Neutestamentlicher Theologie: Festschrift fur Eduard Schweizer zum siebzigsten Geburtstag
30665: WEDGWOOD J - Nineteenth century teachers and other essays
20525: WEDGWOOD C V - King's Peace 1637-1641
52694: WEDGWOOD C V - Strafford (Bedford Historical Series)
54896: HOLY WEEK - About Holy Week
36660: HOLY WEEK - Holy Week: People's edition
57440: WEEKLEY E - The romance of words
9548: WEELKES T - Hosanna to the son of David: full anthem for six voices music by T Weelkes (Tudor Church Music no.9 revised)
20533: WEIDMAN J L - Christian feminism: visions of a new humanity
83349: WEIGHTMAN S C R - Mysticism and the metaphor of energies (24th Louis Jordan lectures in comparative religion June 2000)
73896: WEIGLE L A - INTRODUCTION TO THE REVISED STANDARD VERSION OF THE OLD TESTAMENT by Members of the Revision Committee Chairman L A Weigle
82448: WEIL S - Waiting on God
20538: WEIL S - Gateway to God
81193: WEINBERG W - History of Hebrew Plene Spelling
38674: WEINGREEN J - From Bible to Mishna: the continuity of tradition
1650: BEN-YEHUDA E & WEINSTEIN D - Pocket English-Hebrew, Hebrew-English Dictionary
30406: WEIPPERT M - Settlement of the Israelite tribes in Palestine: a critical survey of recent scholarly debate (SBT SS21)
3074: BUTTERWORTH E & WEIR D - Social problems of modern Britain
58927: WEIR J E - Bible and Marx: a discustion of the hermeneutics of liberation theology (Scot. Journ. of Theol. Vol34 pp337-350)
47447: WEIS O & [ tr SCHAFER I] - Passionsspiele oberammergau 2010 edited and expanded Christian Stuckl and Otto Huber
20553: WEISER A - Introduction to the Old Testament the Canon, the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha
41044: WEISER A - Einleitung in das Alte Testament
81325: WEISER A - Psalms: a commentary (Old Testament Library)
81326: WEISER A - Psalms: a commentary (OTL)
40664: WEISER A - Das Buch Hiob: ubersetzt und erklart
73904: WEISS B - BIBLICAL THEOLOGY OF THE NEW TESTAMENT translated from the third revised edition by David Eaton (2 volume set)
29588: WEISS H - Earliest Christianity: a history of the period AD 30-150, in two volumes
50082: WELCH C - Protestant thought in the Nineteenth Century: Volume 2 1870-1914
81151: WELCH D D - Law and morality
39172: WELCH F G - Training for the ministry in East Africa
53760: WELCH E - Dissenter's meeting houses in Plymouth to 1852 (reprinted from Volume XCIV (1962) of the Devonshire Association's transactions)
20561: WELCH A C - Kings and Prophets of Israel: edited by N W Porteous with a memoir by G S Gunn
20562: WELCH A C - Post-Exilic Judaism (Baird Lecture for 1934)
20564: WELCH A C - Religion of Israel under the kingdom (Kerr lectures 1911-12 in United Free Church College Glasgow)
20566: WELCH A C - Work of the Chronicler: its purpose and its date (Schweich Lectures of the British Academy 1938)
20567: WELCH C - Protestant thought in the Nineteenth Century: Volume 1 1799-1870
20568: WELCH C - Trinity in contemporary theology
82799: WELCH C - God and Incarnation in Mid-Nineteenth Century German Theology: G Thomasius, I A Dorner, A E Biedermann (Library of Protestant Thought
51982: WELCH A C - Anselm and his work
81150: WELCH A C - Psalter in life, worship and history
36563: WELDON B - Pax: chronological notes...rise, growth & present state of the English congregation of the Order of St Benedict, drawn from Douay, Dieulwart & Lambspring, where are preserved the authentic acts & original deeds AN: 1709
20569: WELDON T D - States and morals: study in political conflicts
34769: WELDON T D - States and morals: study in political conflicts
20570: WELFORD A T - Society: problems and methods of study
20571: WELLDON J E C - Recollections and Reflections
34775: WELLDON J E C - Hope of immortality: an essay incorporating the lectures... upon the foundation of John Hulse... 1897)
28878: KANE R & WELLINGS K - Reducing the rate of teenage conceptions, an international international review of the evidence: data from Europe
32525: WELLS S - Transforming fate into destiny: the theological ethics of Stanley Hauerwas
59192: EDEN M & WELLS D F - Gospel in the modern world: a tribute to John Stott
64190: FROEHLICH A & WELLS P - What to do when you don't know what to say
20582: WELLS U - Prophets of Judah: Isaiah to Jonah
20577: WELLS J - Short history of Rome to the death of Augustus with 3 maps & 4 plans
1329: BATH & WELLS - Working together: a report of the teams and groups working party
24826: GISSING G & WELLS H G - George Gissing and H G Wells: their friendship and correspondence ed with an inttro by Royal A Gettmann
43673: WELLS N - Too much, too soon: the government's plans for your child's sex education
80435: WELLS D F - Losing our virtue: why the church must recover its moral vision
81152: WELLS P R - James Barr and the Bible: critique of a new liberalism
27576: WELLS R G - Woman of her time and ours: Mary Magdalen Taylor SMG
81932: WELSBY P A - Saint John Fisher: Bishop of Rochester
20588: WELSBY P A - Let us go forward: Anglican-Methodist Unity
20589: WELSBY P A - Looking to the future: reflections on the Morley Report
44638: WELSBY P A - George Abbot: the unwanted Archbishop 1562-1633
20584: WELSBY P A - Bond of church and state
20585: WELSBY P A - History of the Church of England 1945-1980
53742: WELSFORD A E - Life in the early church AD 33 to 313
3357: CARPENTER S & WELSFORD E - Christmas mystery: a carol service for church choirs
20592: WELSH P - Single person (FP 71)
40433: MOLTMANN-WENDEL E - I am my body: new ways of embodiment
39959: MOLTMANN J & MOLTMANN-WENDEL E - Passion for God: theology in two voices
34161: MOLTMANN-WENDEL E - Land flowing with milk and honey: perspectives on feminist theology
36138: WENDLAND D H-D - Die kirche in der modernen gesellschaft: entscheidungsfragen fur das kirchlighe handeln im zeitalter der massenwelt
81153: WENDLAND E R - Cultural factor in Bible translation: a study of communicating the word of God in a Central African cultural context (UBS monograph series No.2)
73936: WENDT H H - GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ST. JOHN: an inquiry into its genesis and historical value
73464: VIRGO Wendy - MAINLY FOR MOTHERS: a practical discipleship course
80441: WENGERT T J - Law and gospel: Philip Melanchthon's debate with John Agricola of Eisleben over 'Poenitentia' (Texts and studies in Reformation and Post-Reformation thought)
20599: WENGST K - Humility: solidarity of the humiliated - the transformation of an attitude and its social relevance in Graeco-Roman Old Testament-Jewish and early Christian tradition
20605: WENHAM J - Renewal of unity of the Church in England: some thoughts of an Evangelical
80156: HESS R S & WENHAM G J - Zion city of our God
48906: HESS R S & WENHAM G J - Make the Old Testament live: from curriculum to classroom
32383: WENSLEY D - Celebration Book 3: Lent to Ascension including Easter edited by Brian Frost and Derek Wensley
32381: WENSLEY D - Celebration Book 1: Pentecost to All Saints with Harvest and Remembrance edited by Brian Frost and Derek Wensley
32382: WENSLEY D - Celebration Book 2: Advent to Epiphany including Christmas edited by Brian Frost and Derek Wensley
55683: WENTZ R E - When your nephew joins the Moonies and other letters to the Christians of St Woebegone's
36137: WERKMAN L - Recht doen aan vrouwen in de kerken: de feministische discussie over rechtvaardigheid en zorgzaamheld als bijdrage aan een visie op kerk-zijn...
81138: WERLINE R A - Penitential prayer in Second Temple Judaism: the development of a religious institution (Early Judaism and its leterature number 13)
81139: WERNLE P - Sources of our knowledge of the life of Jesus
20615: WERTHEIMER M - Brief history of psychology
82277: STAFFORD Wes - Too small to ignore: why the least of these matters most
58490: WESLEY J - Explanatory notes upon the New Testament (2 volume set): Volume I Matthew to Acts; Volume II Romans to Revelation
73948: WESLEY J [Parker] - JOURNAL OF JOHN WESLEY [selections] intro by H P Hughes, appreciation by A Birrell, edited by Percy Livingstone Parker
20629: WESLEY J - Selections from the Journal of John Wesley
20630: WESLEY J - Sermons on several occasions, in two volumes,
59068: WESLEY J - Collection of hymns for the use of the people called Methodists [WORDS ONLY]
20627: WESLEY J - Notes on Wesleys Forty Four Semons: by John Lawson
59071: WESLEY C - Unpublished poetry of Charles Wesley (Volume 1)
59072: WESLEY C - Unpublished poetry of Charles Wesley (Volume 2): Hymns and poems on Holy Scripture
59073: WESLEY C - Journal of Charles Wesley (2 volume set): Vol 1 March 9 1736 to December 28 1747; Vol 2 January 15 1748 to November 5 1756
58671: WESLEY J - Journal of the Rev John Wesley A. M. (Volume 3 only): from May 6 1760 to September 12 1773 (Everyman's Library)
59069: WESLEY J & WESLEY C - John and Charles Wesley: selected prayers, hymns, journal notes, sermons, letters and treatises (Classics of Western Spirituality)
59067: WESLEY J - Marrow of Methodism: twelve sermons by the Rev John Wesley
59065: WESLEY J [Gill] - Through the year with Wesley
59066: WESLEY C [NEWPORT] - Sermons of Charles Wesley: a critical edition with introduction and notes
21925: WESLEY J - Sermons on several occasions 1st series (spine title Forty-four sermons)
59075: WESLEY C - Fifty hymns by Charles Wesley: selected by J Alan Kay
20619: WESLEY J - Explanatory notes upon the New Testament
20621: WESLEY J - Sermons on several occasions 1st series (spine title Forty-Four Sermons)
58482: WESLEY J - Primitive physic or an easy and natural method of curing most diseases: to which is added the general receipt book containing upwards of four hundred of the most useful and valuable receipts

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