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18509: STRAWSON W - Jesus and the future of life: a study in the synoptic gospels
81283: STRAWSON J - Church and theology: reflections on ministry: essays in honour of William Strawson
81285: STRAWSON W - Christ died for our sins: the absorption theory of the atonement
81286: STRAWSON W - Mystery of life and death: Christian belief in a future life
38677: STREANE A W - Ecclesiastes or the preacher
41890: STREATFEILD F - State prayers: and other variations in the Book of Common prayer
82103: STREATFIELD N - Confirmation and after
18513: STRECKER G - Bergpredigt: exegetischer Kommentar - Zweite Auflage
81288: STRECKER G - Theologie im 20.Jahrhundert
81289: STRECKER G - Sermon on the Mount: an exegetical commentary
51056: STREET A D - But the pain is still there: guidelines and testimonies for hospital visitors
38931: STREET D W - Book of play hours Music arranged by Carey Bonner
18514: STREET H - Freedom the individual & the law
18526: STREETER B H et al - Foundations: a statement of Christian belief in terms of modern thought by seven Oxford men
18522: STREETER B H - Restatement & reunion: a study in first principles
18519: STREETER B H - Primitive Church: Studied with special reference to the origins of the Christian Ministry
18518: STREETER B H - Immortality: an essay in discovery co-ordinating scientific psychical and Biblical research
81290: STREIFF P - Reluctant Saint? a theological biography of Fletcher of Madeley
18527: STRETCH L - Engineering: mechanical or moral science?
18528: STRETCH L - Engineering: mechanical or moral science?
56235: COPE W H & STRETTON H - Visitatio infirmorum: Or, Offices for the Clergy in Praying With, Directing, and Comforting the Sick, Infirm and Afflicted
82772: STRINGER M D - Sociological history of Christian worship
54566: STRINGFELLOW W [KELLERMAN] - Keeper of the word: selected writings of William Stringfellow edited with an introduction by Bill Wylie Kellermann
21864: STRAHM D & STROBEL R - Vom Verlangen nach heilwerden: Christologie in feministisch-theologischer Sicht
21865: STRAHM D & STROBEL R - Vom Verlangen nach heilwerden: Christologie in feministisch-theologischer Sicht
18530: STROEBE W - European review of social psychology Volume 10
44157: PECK J & STROHMER C - Uncommon sense: God's wisdom for our complex and changing world
81294: STROKER W D - Extracanonical sayings of Jesus (SBL Resources for biblical study 18)
42323: STROM K M - Helping women in crisis: a handbook for people-helpers
80578: STROM M - Reframing Paul: conversations in grace and community
16487: RINGGREN H & STROM A V - Die Religionen Der Volker: grundriss der allgemeinen religionsgeschichte
72569: STROMMEN M P - Innovative church: seven steps to positive change in your congregation
72580: STRONG, Patience - GOD'S IN HIS HEAVEN: [a lay person's reply to the Bishop of Woolwich]
18534: STRONG E L - Rule of O.M.S.E.: Lectures on the priciples of the rule of the Oxford Mission Sisterhood of the Epiphany
18536: STRONG L A G - Flying Angel: the story of the missions to Seamen
81179: WOGAMAN J P & STRONG D M - Readings in Christian ethics: a historical sourcebook (Companion text to Wogaman's Christian Ethics)
18545: STRONG T B - Religion, philosophy & history: four lectures
18540: STRONG T B - Christian ethics: Bampton lectures 1895
18539: STRONG T B - Authority in the Church
38617: STRONG T B - Doctrine of the real presence
18541: STRONG T B - God and the individual
18543: STRONG T B - Place of scripture in the church in ancient & modern times
82151: STRONG J - New Strong's exhaustive concordance of the Bible with Main Concordance, Appendix to the main concordance, Topial index to the Bible, Dictionary to the Hebrew Bible, Dictionary of the Greek Testament
49699: STRONSTAD R - Charismatic theology of St Luke
42164: STRUB E M - Ignatius, the spiritual exercises and Cornelia: a retreat by all means
18548: STRUVE N - Christians in Contemporary Russia
82842: GREENSLADE M W & STUART D G - History of Staffordshire (Darwen County History Series)
72962: THOMAS Stuart - KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY: resources for all age worship
53342: MAXWELL-STUART P G - Archbishops of Canterbury
59616: STUART E - Just good friends: towards a lesbian and gay theology of relationships
13601: STUART J E [MONAHAN M] - Life and Letters of Janet Erskine Stuart: Superior General of the Society of the Sacred Heart 1857-1914
52558: STUART A - Across the rim of chaos: Thomas Merton's prophetic vision:papers presented at the 5th general conferenc of the Thomas Merton Society of Great Britain and Ireland Birmingham 2004
33069: STUART E - Through brokenness: how God saves humanity through grace and the sacraments
30609: STUBBINGS L - Mercury's mate
30751: STUBBINGTON R - Memories in poetry
38448: STUBBS W - Seventeen lectures on the study of Medieval and modern history and kindred subjects, delivered at Oxford... 1867-1884
27113: STUBBS A - Enviromental law for the construction industry: (Mason's guide)
53628: STUBBS W - Constitutional history of England in it's origin and development in 3 volumes WORKING SET ONLY need rebinding matching set in tan coloured cloth, worth rebinding
21866: STUBBS W - Letters of William Stubbs: bishop of Oxford 1825-1901 ed by WH Hutton
18562: STUBBS W - Visitation charges: delivered to the clergy and churchwardens of the Diocese of Chester and Oxford
18561: STUBBS W - Registrum Sacrum Anglicanum: an attempt to exhibit the course of episcopal succession in England from the records & chronicles of the Church
18560: STUBBS W - Ordination Addresses: edited by E.E.Holmes
18557: STUBBS W - Biblical criticism [reprinted... from a Charge delivered in 1893, & from Ordination Addresses of the Bishop]
41178: STUBBS W - Charge delivered to the clergy and churchwardens of the diocese: April and May 1893
40695: STUBBS T - WYSIWYG [what you see if what you get] Christianity: young people and faith in the 21st century
57622: STUBBS D L - Numbers
8438: HADDAN A W & STUBBS W - Councils and Ecclesiatical Documents relating to Great Britain and Ireland Vol II Part I ONLY
60580: STUBER S J - Illustrated bible and church handbook
18564: STUCHLY M A - Modern Radio Science 1999 (Oxford Science Publications)
50360: STUCKEY T - Beyond the box: mission challenges from John's Gospel
82299: STUCKEY T - Into the far country: a theology of mission for an age of violence
55493: STUCKEY T - On the edge of Pentecost: a theological journey of transformation
23318: STUDENT - Student law review: 1996 Yearbook Complete reference edition of all case notes & articles from issues of 1996
14825: OUDTESTAMENTISCHE STUDIEN - Oudtestametische Studien - Deel V Uitgegeven Door: by P.A.H. De Boer
14831: OUDTESTAMENTISCHE STUDIEN - Oudtestamentische Studien - Deel XII Studies on the Book of Genesis: by B Gemser, J Hoftijzer, A R Hulst, T Jansma et al
14826: OUDTESTAMENTISCHE STUDIEN - Oudtestamentische Studien - Deel VI Uitgegeven Door: by P.A.H. De Boer
14827: OUDTESTAMENTISCHE STUDIEN - Oudtestamentische Studien - Deel VII Uitgegeven Door: by P.A.H. De Boer
14837: OUDTESTAMENTISCHE STUDIEN - Oudtestamentische Studien - Deel XVII Witness tradition: papers read at the joint British-Dutch Old Testament Conference, Woudschoten 1970 by M A Beek et al
14835: OUDTESTAMENTISCHE STUDIEN - Oudtestamentische Studien - Deel XV Priestly Code and Seven Other Studies: by J G Vink, J H C Lebrah, et al
14830: OUDTESTAMENTISCHE STUDIEN - Oudtestamentische Studien - Deel XI Second-Isaiah's Message: by P.A.H. De Boer
14829: OUDTESTAMENTISCHE STUDIEN - Oudtestmentische Studien - Deel X Uitgegeven Door: by P.A.H. De Boer
14824: OUDTESTAMENTISCHE STUDIEN - Oudtestamentische Studien - Deel IX Uitgegeven Door: by P.A.H. De Boer
14828: OUDTESTAMENTISCHE STUDIEN - Oudtestamentishe Studien - Deel VIII Uitgegeven Door: by P.A.H. De Boer
56921: AUGUSTINIAN STUDIES - Augustinian studies (Volume 22 1991)
56920: AUGUSTINIAN STUDIES - Augustinian studies (Volume 23 1992)
6513: EUROPEAN SECURITY STUDY - Strengthening conventional deterents in Europe
81300: STUHLMUELLER C - New paths through the Old Testament: how to get the most our of reading the first part of the Bible
81297: STUMME W - Christians and the many faces of Marxism
82084: STUMMVOLL A A - Living tradition: catholic social doctrine and Holy See diplomacy
80964: STUMMVOLL A A - Living tradition: catholic social doctrine and Holy See diplomacy
18588: STURDY P - Extracts from Weston Zoyland Registers (Monmouth Rebellion 1685)
18589: STURGE M C - Christianity and Christian Science a contrast
18590: STURGE M C - Truth and error of Christian Science
26434: STURKIE J - Listening with love: true stories from peer counseling
31976: STURT H - Idea of a free church
22861: WORTH-STYLIANOU V - Cassell guide to literature in French articles also by Colin Davis, Toby Garfitt, Angelica Goodden, Anne Green, Christina Howells, Belinda Jack & Karen Pratt
52900: SUCH W A - Abomination of desolation in the Gospel of Mark: its historical reference in Mark 13:14 and its impact in the Gospel
74517: AIKEN N & SUDWORTH T - At the cutting edge: ways 2 pray and what 2 say
32714: RAMSEY M & SUENENS L-J - Come Holy Spirit with sermons by J M Allin and R Terwilliger
18601: SUENENS L-J - Ways of the Spirit: the spirituality of Cardinal Suenens drawn from his writings ed with intro by E Hamilton
72610: SUENENS L-J - YOUR GOD?: The Oxford University Mission 1977
72600: SUENENS L-J - ECUMENISM AND CHARISMATIC RENEWAL: theological and pastoral orientations. Malines Document 2
72609: SUENENS L-J - NATURE AND GRACE: a vital unity
34127: SUENENS L J - Love and control: the contemporary problem
39777: PLAS M van der & SUER H - Those Dutch Catholics
18603: SUFFLING E R - English Church Brasses from the 13th to the 17th Century: manual for Antiquaries Archaeologists and Collectors
82622: SUFFLING E R - English Church Brasses from the 13th to the 17th Century
17089: SAMUEL V & SUGDEN C - Lambeth: a view from the Two Thirds World
33313: SUGDEN C - Christ's exclusive claims and inter-faith dialogue (GP22)
54684: PENNYCUICK K & SUGDEN P - Camp cooking
81936: SUGG J - Saint for Birmingham [John Henry Newman]
42083: SUGGIT J - Simplicity of God: God as Trinity
39123: SUHARD - Rise or decline of the Church [New Life special]
81055: KIM YUNG SUK - Messiah in weakness: a portrait of Jesus from the perspective of the dispossessed
55289: KIM Yung Suk - Resurrecting Jesus: the renewal of New Testament theology
51908: SULIVAN J - Matinales: itineraire spirituel
83294: O'SULLIVAN E - In his presence: a book on liturgy and prayer
30977: SULLIVAN E - Book of Kells: described by Sir Edward Sullivan and illustrated with twenty-four plates in colour
83310: O'SULLIVAN R - Spirit of the Common Law: a representative collection of the papers of Richard O'Sullivan selected and edited by B A Wortley
53799: SULLIVAN M C - Friendship of Florence Nightingale and Mary Clare Moore
72625: SULLIVAN F P - CREDO and other poems
83309: O'SULLIVAN K - Living parables
35405: GILBERT W S & SULLIVAN A - Mikado, or, The town of Titipu Vocal score
35407: GILBERT W S & SULLIVAN A - Yeomen of the Guard, or, The merryman and his maid Vocal score
72627: SULLIVAN K E - PRE-RAPHAELITES: the life, times and work of the world's greatest artists (Discovering Art)
44331: SUMMERS W H - Memories of Jordans and the Chalfonts, and the early friends in the Chiltern hundreds
44249: SUMMERS W H - History of the Congregational Churches in the Berks, South Oxon and South Bucks Association with notes on the earlier nonconformist history of the district with map and numerous illustrations
60775: SUMMERTON N et al - DON'T MUZZLE THE OX: full-time ministry in local churches
18618: SUMMERTON N - Noble task: eldership and ministry in the local church
18619: SUMNER G H - Life of Charles Richard Sumner, Bishop of Winchester ...during a forty years' episcopate, with a portrait
48089: SUMNER J B [Bp of Chester] - Series of sermons on the Christian faith and character
72632: SUMRALL L - TIME BOMB IN THE MIDDLE EAST: countdown to Armageddon
18629: SUNDKLER B - World of mission (Foundations of mission series)
51176: SUNSHINE - Fill your hole: self help, spirituality, reorientation, reality: a practical guide
39813: SUPPLEMENT - Supplement 96 (full music)
26718: SHENFIELD F & SUREAU C - Ethical dilemmas in reproduction
31401: SURIN K - Christ, ethics and tragedy: essays in honour of Donald MacKinnon
21861: SURIN K - Theology and the problem of evil
56584: SURLES E - St Therese Couderc: foundress of the Cenacle 1805 - 1885 canonized May 10 1970
18633: SURLIS P - Faith: its nature & meaning (Papers of the Maynooth Union Summer School 1970)
18634: SURMAN C E - Pastoral ministry of the church
17998: SOCIAL SURVEYS (GALLUP POLL) - Television and religion
40040: ANTIQUITY AND SURVIVAL - Holy Land: new light on the prehistory and early history of Israel [Antiquity and Survival Vol. II: 2-3]
60957: BERGMAN Susan - CLOUD OF WITNESSES: 20th century martyrs
66630: VAN KAAM Adrian & MUTO Susan - TELL ME WHO I AM: questions & answers on Christian spirituality
82395: ELLIOTT Susan - Cutting too close for comfort: Paul's Letter to the Galatians in its Anatolian Cultic context (JSNTS 248)
34172: SUTCLIFFE T - Tracts for our times: 1833-1983 Contributors include U Simon, E Mascall, C L Wood et al
82170: SUTHERLAND J - Mrs Humphry Ward: eminent Victorian, pre-eminent Edwardian
72643: SUTHERLAND H - CONTROL OF LIFE: with two chapters by Henry P. Newsholme (signed by author)
80988: SUTTON G W - House divided: sexuality, morality and Christian cultures
28785: SUURMOND J-J - Word and spirit at play: towards a charismatic theology
82300: FINCH Suzanne - Quaker testimony to the earth? Is there a new Quaker testimony evolving to creation and all life? a book of Quaker witness, questions and materials for meetings
23431: SZMYD J S & SUZUKI K - Modelling of transport phenomena in crystal growth
7798: SWAIM J C - Bible: questions and answers
30711: SWAIN S J - Sermon slot: ideas for all-age worship (Year 1)
38098: SWAIN S - New sermon slot: all-age ideas for the Common Worship Lectionary (Year B)
82290: SWAIN S - New sermon slot: all age ideas for the Common Worship Lectionary Year C
39227: SWAIN S J - Sermon slot: ideas for all-age worship (Year 2)
37545: SWAINSON C A - Nicene and Apostles' Creeds: their literary history, together with an account of the growth and reception of the sermon on the faith, commonly called ""The creed of St Athanasius""
42342: SWAN W T - Journals of two poor dissenters 1786-1880 [William Swan and William Thomas Swan] preface by G Swan, introduction by J Holloway
18651: SWAN T - Seeds of the harvest: selection of religious poetry
73617: VAN DER WALT B & SWANEPOEL R - SIGNPOSTS OF GOD'S LIBERATING KINGDOM: perspective for the 21st century, VOLUME 2 only
18652: SWANN D - Benedictus: S.A.T.B. accompanied (edited by Paul Steinitz)
18653: SWANN D - Economics of the Common Market
54373: SWANSON R N - Catholic England: faith religion and observance before the reformation
23991: SWARTLEY W M - Slavery sabbath war and women
72657: SWAYNE S - SACRAMENTS: a pastoral directory
18657: SWAYNE W S - St Paul and his Gospel
53545: WILLIAM of Sweden - This land of Sweden
21773: SWEDENBORG E - Universal human and sould-body interaction (Classics of Western Spirituality)
18685: SWEDENBORG E - Small Theological Works and letters of Emanuel Swedenborg
18686: SWEDENBORG E - Summaries of the internal sense of the prophets and psalms: also of Genesis chapters I-XVI a posthumous work
18680: SWEDENBORG E - Miraculis et quod hodie circa finem saeculi nulla exspectanda (Miracles they are not to be expected at this time when the end of the age is near. Latin-English Version
18671: SWEDENBORG E - God Providence Creation
18679: SWEDENBORG E - Living thoughts of Swedenborg: presented by Eric A Sutton
18666: SWEDENBORG E - Doctrine of the New Jerusalem concerning the Lord
59562: SWEENEY M A - Twelve Prophets [Volume one and Volume two] (Berit Olam: Studies in Hebrew Narrative and Poetry) no extra UK postage: overseas please ask for quotation
25848: SWEENEY G - Innovation economic progress and the quality of life
51017: SWEENEY J - New religious order: the passionists and the option for the poor
52899: SWEET J - Revelation
37469: SWEETAPPLE H D S - Soldier statesman of Israel
25374: SWEETMAN J - Curriculum Confidential 9
35113: SWETE H B - Patristic study (Handbooks for the clergy)
39871: SWETE H B - Last discourse and prayer of Our Lord: a study of St John XIV-XVII
55338: SWETE H B - Psalms of Solomon with the Greek fragments of the Book of Enoch edited for the syndics of the [Cambridge] University Press
22489: SWETE H B - Church services and service-books: before the reformation
81649: SWETE H B [OTTLEY] - Introduction to the Old Testament in Greek: with an appendix containing the letter of Aristeas edited by H St J Thackeray
52350: SWETE H R - Risen body and eternal life (Little Books on Religion No 150)
82679: SWETE H B - Old Testament in Greek according to the Septuagint: Vol II I Chronicles - Tobit ONLY
82678: SWETE H B - Old Testament in Greek according to the Septuagint (3 volume set): Vol I Genesis- IV Kings, Vol II I Chronicles - Tobit, Vol III Hosea - 4 Maccabees Psalms of Solomon, Enoch, the Odes vol 1 1887, vol 2 1891, vol 3 1894 [No additional UK postage/Overseas quotation available]
37475: SWETE H B - Appearances of Our Lord after the Passion: a study in the earliest Christian tradition
18716: SWETE H B - Life of the World to come: six addresses
18712: SWETE H B - Holy Catholic Church: the communion of Saints a study in the Apostles Creed
18705: SWETE H B [Maclean] - Church services and service-books before the Reformation new edition revised by A J Maclean
18703: SWETE H B - Apostles Creed: its relation to primitive Christianity
22616: SWIDLER L - Bursting the bonds? Jewish-Christian dialogue on Jesus and Paul (Faith meets faith)
34333: SWIDLER L et al - Death or dialogue?: from the age of monologue to the age of dialogue (Contributors: L Swidler, J B Cobb Jr, P F Knitter, M K Hellwig)
39488: SWIFT D F - Sociology of education abstracts: report on first stage of project
23432: SWIFT K A D - Flavours and fragrances
18723: SWIFT J M - Jehovah's Witnesses: a brief account of the history beliefs and methods of a strange and widespread organization
47568: SWIFT J - Gulliver's travels and selected writings in prose and verse
18722: SWIFT J M - Jehovah's witness: a brief account of the history, beliefs, and methods of a strange and widespread organization
18720: SWIFT G - Ever after
37292: SWILHART A - Luther and the Lutheran Church 1483-1960
31496: SWINBURNE R - Faith and reason
34185: SWINBURNE R - Faith and reason
32711: SWINBURNE R - Evolution of the soul
72665: SWINDOLL C - DAY BY DAY: based on the classic devotional 'The Finishing Touch'
44788: SWINDOLL C R - Quest for character
72714: SWINDOLL, Charles R - STRONG REPROOFS FOR A SCANDLOUS CHURCH & PRACTICAL HELPS FOR A HURTING CHURCH: study of 1 Corinthians 1:1-6:11 & 6:12-11:34
53584: SWING W E - Swing with a crosier: sermons addresses and letters of the Rt Rev William E Swing Bishop of California
37116: SWINGLEHURST E - Family life in Britain 1900-1950 in black & white photographs
25911: SWINNEN J F M et al - Agricultural privatisation, land reform and farm restructuring in Central and Eastern Europe
49326: RATCLIFFE D & SWINYARD L - God's seasons: a harvest service for reader, narrator, choir and organ
72719: SWITZER D K - BREAKING POINT and how the Chrisitan ministry can help
39624: SYCE A H - Early history of the Hebrews
56094: PARK M Sydney - Submission within the Godhead and the Church in the Epistle to the Philippians: an exegetical and theological examination of the concept of submission in Philippians 2 and 3
48095: SMITH Sydney - Sermons preached at St Paul's Cathedral, the Foundling Hospital and several churches in London together with others addressed to a country congregation
46306: SYKES N - Study of ecclesiatical history: inaugural lecture given at Emmanuel College, Cambridge 17 May 1945
24186: SYKES N - Church of England and non-episcopal churches in sixteenth and seventeenth centuries: an essay towards an historical interpretation of Anglican tradition from Whitgift to Wake (Theology Occ Pap NS No 11)
59614: SYKES A H - Portraits of Josephine Butler
22177: CHATURVEDI B & SYKES M - Charles Freer Andrews: a narrative (Foreword by MK Gandhi)
32978: SYKES S - Identity of Christianity: theologians and the essence of Christianity from Schleiermacher to Barth
82889: SYKES N - William Wake Archbishop of Canterbury 1657-1737 volume one of a two volume set
82661: SYKES N - William Wake Archbishop of Canterbury 1657-1737 complete in 2 volumes [heavy set, additional postage may be required - pls ask]
18753: SYKES S W - Sacrifice and Redemption Durham Essays in Theology
18747: SYKES S W - Authority in the Anglican Communion: essays presented to Bishop John Howe
18741: SYKES S - Identity of Christianity: theologians and the essence of Christianity from Schleiermacher to Barth
18739: SYKES N - Man as churchman (Wiles lectures 1959)
18736: SYKES N - Crisis of the Reformation
18733: SYKES M - Bible Reading Fellowship Story
57746: SYLVA D - Psalms and the transformation of stress: poetic-communal interpretation and the family (Louvain Theological and Pastoral Monographs 16)
18758: SYMANOWSKI H - Christian witness: in an industrial society
56262: SYMONDS J A - Renaissance in Italy: the Catholic reaction Part I
45671: SYMONDS J A - Sketches in Italy: selected from 'Sketches in Italy and Greece' and 'Sketches and studies in Italy
64644: GOULD A E & SYMONDS V - Into the valley
72734: SYMONDS R - ALTERNATIVE SAINTS: post-Reformation British people commemorated by the church of England
28876: SYMONS R et al - En direct de la France: French reading materials from authentic sources
18766: SYMS R - Ferris Wheel: searching for an adult faith
58634: SYNAN E A - The Popes and the Jews in the Middle Ages [an intense exploration of Judaeo-Christian relationships in the medieval world]
47433: SYNGE L - Mallett's great English furniture
18770: SYNGE F C - Philippians and Colossians: intro & comm (TBC)
18769: SYNGE F C - Philippians and Colossians: intro & comm (TBC)
18768: SYNGE F C - Hebrews and the scriptures
57339: EPHREM THE SYRIAN - Rhythms of St Ephrem the Syrian (Library of Fathers...)
73034: RELIGIOUS SYSTEMS - RELIGIOUS SYSTEMS OF THE WORLD: a contribution to the study of comparative religion. A collection of c50 contributors, now the authors together with some others specially written for this volume
83346: SZKREDKA S - Sinners and Sinfulness in Luke: a study of direct and indirect references in the initial episodes of Jesus` activity (Wiss. Untersuchungen z. Neuen Testament - 2. Reihe (WUNT II); Bd. 434)
18772: SZONYI D M - Holocaust: an annotated bibliography and resource guide
53112: SZUKALSKI J A - Tormented in Hades: the rich man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31) and other Lucan parables for persuading the rich to repentance
9449: HOLNICKI-SZULC J - Structural analysis, design and control by the virtual distortion method
48775: TABOR F - Between the wars and afterwards
59135: TABRAHAM B W - Brother Charles (Exploring Methodism)
44851: TACITUS - Histories Book I translated by F G Plaistowe and H J Maidment
72746: TADA J E - ALL GOD'S CHILDREN: ministry to the disabled
72745: TADA J E - SECRET STRENGTH [with four text paintings by author]
38710: TADA J E - Seeking God: my journey of prayer and praise
18780: TAFFINDER P - Big Change: a route map for corporate transformation
59134: TAGGART N W - Gideon Ouseley (More people called Methodists No 4)
47428: TAILLANDIER Y - Rodin
82736: TAIT M - Jesus, the divine bridegroom in Mark 2:18-22: Mark's christology upgraded
53794: TAIZE - Praise in all our days: Common prayer at Taize, liturgies for the entire year in modern English
59613: TAIZE - Eucharist at Taize: with an introductory essay by Max Thurian
82101: ROGER OF TAIZE - Life from within: prayers by Brother Roger of Taize icons from the Church of Reconciliation in Taize
18787: TAIZE - Praise in all our days: common prayer at Taize, liturgies for the entire year in modern English
18786: TAIZE - Pilgrimage of trust on earth
60914: BENEDICTINES OF TALACRE - ST. PAULA: adapted from the tenth edition of the French of Mgr. F Lagrange
81107: TALBERT C H - What is a gospel? the genre of the Canonical Gospels
81106: TALBERT C H - Perspectives on Luke-Acts (Perspectives in Religious Studies)
37459: TALBOT C - Studying at a distance: guide for students
18801: TALBOT N S - Thoughts on unity
18800: TALBOT N S - Returning tide of faith
18796: TALBOT E S - Some Aspects of Christian Truth: Sermons preached by Edward Stuart Talbot D.D. Bishop of Rochester
18795: TALBOT E S - Sermons preached in the Leeds Parish Church 1889-1895
18793: TALBOT E K [MENZIES] - Retreat addresses of Edward Keble Talbot: edited with an introduction by Lucy Menzies
18791: TALBOT E - My people of the plains
51917: TALEC P - Annonce du bonheur: vie et beatitudes
30564: TALLEY T J - Worship: reforming tradition
29753: TALLEY T J - Origins of the liturgical year
51189: TALLEY T J - Kingdom of Priests: liturgical formation of the people of God papers read at the International Anglican Liturgical Consultation Brixen, North Italy 24-25 August 1987 (Alcuin/Grow Liturgical Study 5/Liturgical Study 53)
50783: TALLIS (BARNBY) - Preses and responses with litany according to Tallis arranged for four voices by Joseph Barnby
81109: TALMON S - Eschatology and history in biblical Judaism (Occasional papers No 2)
81110: TALSHIR Z - Alternative story of the division of the kingdom (3 kingdoms 12:24 A-Z) (Jerusalem Biblical Studies 6)
81111: TALSHIR Z - I Esdras from origin to translation (SBL Septuagint and Cognate studies series 47)
81108: TAMBASCO A J - Blessed are the peacemakers: biblical perspectives on peace and its social foundations
44576: FORSTER M & TAMBLING C - Singing dancing carpenter: a musical
28292: JORDAN B & MORGAN-TAMOSUNAS R - Contemporary Spanish cinema
25891: LU D & TANG Z - State intervention and business in China: the role of preferential policies
18812: TANGERMAN E J - Carving Religious Motifs in Wood
18813: TANNEHILL R C - Sword of his mouth (Semeia supplement no 1)
49883: TANNER G - Perils of getting up
49884: TANNER G - Panic stations
28588: VINCE M & TANNER J - Top Teen ingles 9 ano nivel 5 (Teacher's Book)
18816: TANNER M - Christian Feminism: a challenge to the Churches (Loughborough University and Colleges Anglican Chaplaincy)
56261: TANQUERAY A - Synopsis Theologiae Dogmaticae Ad Mentem S. Thomae Aquinatis; [3 Volumes] Fundamentalis: de vera religione, de Ecclesia & Specialis, Pars prima & secunda: I: De Fide, De Deo Uno Et Trino, De Deo Creante Et Elevanta, De Verbo Incarnato. II: De Deo Sanctificante Et Remuneratore Seu De Gratia, De Sacramentis Et De Novissimis.
29676: TANQUEREY A - Synopsis theologiae dogmaticae: Vol III De Deo sanctificante et remuneratore seu de gratia, de sacramentis et de novissimis
31458: TAPIA M D C - Beyond the threshold: a life in Opus Dei
25170: TAPP A - Principles of direct and database marketing
41308: TARSOULI G - Mystras Sparta
80950: TARVAINEN O - Faith and love in Ignatius of Antioch
35880: TASKER J G - Spiritual religion: a study of the relation of facts to faith, being the thirty-first Fernley Lecture 1901
29524: TASKER B - Prophecies for Church & State
18827: TASKER R V G - Narrow Way
18831: TASTARD T - Spark in the soul: spirituality & social justice
72773: TATHAM J D - BOOK OF JEREMIAH: a study in hypocrisy
22107: TATHAM C - Yardstick
9805: TATHAM P - Being and seeing (Guild of Pastoral Psychology Lecture 291)
60571: TATLOCK R - Passion of Christ: a devotional service of nine lessons and hymns (or chorales) based on the St Matthew Passion narrative
41564: TATLOCK R - Indices to the Book of Common Prayer for the use of clergy, readers, and teachers in Day and Sunday Schools in the preparation of sermons, lessons and occasional services
18838: TATLOW T - Story of the Student Christian Movement of Great Britain and Ireland
51939: TATUM W B - In quest of Jesus: a guidebook
21172: TAULER J [Winkworth] - History and life of the Reverend Doctor John Tauler with twenty-five of his sermons, trans... Susannah Winkworth, preface by Charles Kingsley
57130: TAULER J - Nachfolgung des armen Lebens Christi
10084: TAUNT H W - Blenheim, Woodstock, &c: their story and some of the scenes round them illustrated with portraits and photographs
22125: SMITH D E & TAUSSIG H E - Many tables: the eucharist in the New Testament and liturgy today
51938: TAVARD G H - Two centuries of ecumenism
34466: TAVARD G H - Two centuries of ecumenism: the search for unity
72781: TAVARD G H - PROTESTANTISM (Faith & Fact Book 137)
34812: TAVARD G H - Church tomorrow
72783: TAVARD G H - MEDITATION ON THE WORD: perspectives for a renewed theology
26283: TAVINOR M - Tewkesbury illus Terry Hamaton (Pilgrim Guide)
28317: TAVISTOCK - Tavistock handbook and directory of business centres and managed workspace 1998
40554: TAWNEY R H - Sickness of an acquistive society
53792: TAYLER C B - Facts in a clergyman's life
81105: TAYLOR C - Sayings of the Jewish Fathers, comprising Pirqe Aboth in Hebrew and English with notes and excursuses
81112: TAYLOR B A - Lucianic manuscripts of 1 reigns Volume 1 Majority text (Harvard Semitic Monographs number 50)
81113: TAYLOR D B - Job: a rational exposition
32699: TAYLOR V - Gospel according to St Mark: the Greek text with introduction notes and indexes
47055: BRAHE M H & TAYLOR H - Song pictures: five songs
52368: TAYLOR R B - Ancient Hebrew literature (Vol 4): wisdom literature, homiletic narratives and apocalypses [Everyman's Library 256]
34464: TAYLOR D J - Explorations in assembly with children: suggestions for assembly in the junior school
4507: CLIFTON-TAYLOR A - Cathedrals of England: photos by Martin Hurlimann and others 203 plates 4 in colour
48000: CLATWORTHY J & TAYLOR D - Windsor report: a liberal response
27767: MACDONALD-TAYLOR M - Dictionary of marks: metalwork, furniture, ceramics
43813: TAYLOR M K - Remembering Esperanza: cultural-political theology for North American praxis
48048: TAYLOR B - River goes on
72802: TAYLOR J P - CHRISTIANITY IS BORN: a creative approach to the Acts of the Apostles
29475: TAYLOR T - European security and the former Soviet Union: dangers, opportunities and gambles
29233: TAYLOR N - More family walks in the White Peak
21901: TAYLOR V - Life and ministry of Jesus
59263: TAYLOR S - From Cranmer to Davidson: a miscellany (Church of England Record Society volume 7)
54545: TAYLOR S - From Cranmer to Davidson: a miscellany (Church of England Record Society 7)
25132: ARNOULD-TAYLOR W - Textbook of holistic aromatherapy (First pub 1981 as Aromatherapy for the whole person)
72907: TAYLOR J V - Uncancelled mandate: four bible studies on Christian mission for the approaching millennium
55490: TAYLOR A - Sharing: a book of readings and prayers for guides
56953: TAYLOR D E - In His Presence. A prayer book and guide to confirmation, communion and church teaching
23151: TAYLOR J - Pioneers' progress: 'West-Africa calling'
55551: TAYLOR A J P - English history 1914 - 1945 (Oxford History of England)
53732: TAYLOR A J P - Struggle for mastery in Europe 1848 - 1918
54288: TAYLOR K - Hans Urs Von Balthasar and the question of tragedy in the novels of Thomas Hardy
59476: TAYLOR T - Exposition of Titus
23579: CLORE J & TAYLOR C - Civil litigation
35451: TAYLOR H O - Ancient ideals, in two volumes: a study of intellectual and spiritual growth from early times to the establishment of Christianity
35452: TAYLOR C - Witness of Hermas to the Four Gospels
35453: TAYLOR C - Sayings of the Jewish Fathers, comprising Pirqe Aboth and Pereq R Meir in Hebrew & English with notes, & specimen pages of Cambridge University Mss of the Mishnah 'Jerushalmith'
81219: TAYLOR M H - Sermon on the Mount (Preach and study)
81220: TAYLOR J - As it was written: an introduction to the Bible
72821: TAYLOR M - POVERTY AND CHRISTIANITY: reflections at the interface between faith and experience (Bernard Gilpin pastoral theology lectures for 2000, University of Durham)
72800: TAYLOR H - UNION AND COMMUNION: meditations on the Song of Solomon
49066: TAYLOR K - Living story of Christ and his church
81729: TAYLOR D E - Serving at the altar: a Server's handbook with compline
52361: TAYLOR T S - For parsons only: a study in the cure of souls
23468: TAYLOR B B - Preaching life
25882: TAYLOR L - Citizenship, participation and democracy: changing dynamics in Chile and Argentina
23430: TAYLOR B - Society & economy in early modern Europe 1450-1789: a bibliography of post-war research
50356: TAYLOR S - Out of bounds church: learning to create a community of faith in a culture of change
82328: TAYLOR J B - Telling good stories and other stories
27443: TAYLOR J B - Going on: guidelines for the newly confirmed
82574: TAYLOR J R - God loves like that: the theology of James Denney (Preacher's Library)
81692: TAYLOR J - Rule and exercises of Holy Living...together with Prayers containing the Whole Duty of a Christian...[and]...Holy Dying...Rules for the Visitation of the Sick [lacks title page so no publisher or date]
72806: TAYLOR J V et al - FACE TO FACE: essays on inter-faith dialogue
82354: TAYLOR J V - Go-between God: the holy spirit and the Christian Mission
72826: TAYLOR M - TELL IT AGAIN!: Helping children to discover and delight in the world through story (Family growth series)
50357: TAYLOR J V - Incarnate God
69171: TAYLOR B C - Setting the gospel free: experiential faith and contemplative practice
48086: TAYLOR T F - J Armitage Robinson
48088: TAYLOR N - For services rendered: an anthology in thanksgiving for the Book of Common Prayer
57579: ESLINGER L & TAYLOR G - Ascribe to the Lord: biblical and other studies in memory of Peter C Craigie (JSOT Supplement series 67)
41387: TAYLOR V - Personne due Christ dans le Nouveau Testament: (Lectio Divina 57)
44920: TAYLOR S R - Destiny or chance: our solar system and its place in the cosmos
44827: TAYLOR H - Toolbox for small churches: a spiritual and practical guide to small church life
35207: TAYLOR M S - Sharing prayer: simple formats for small groups
18924: TAYLOR V - Formation of the Gospel Tradition: eight lectures
18933: TAYLOR V - New Testament essays
18923: TAYLOR V - Forgiveness and reconciliation: a study in New Testament theology
18920: TAYLOR V - Apostolic Gospel: our message for 1953 being a paper read at the Ministerial Session of the Methodist Conference at Preston 23rd July 1952
18921: TAYLOR V - Atonement in the New Testament teaching
18918: TAYLOR R O P - Does science leave room for God?
18917: TAYLOR R - Christians in an industrial society (RBC 142)
18915: TAYLOR N - William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar (Penguin passnotes)
18913: TAYLOR M H - Christians and the future of social democracy [essays out of Consultation at Manchester March 1980]
18912: TAYLOR J W - Coming of the Saints: imaginations and studies in early church history and tradition
18911: TAYLOR J V - Sciences in search of a queen: an address given in the University, Southampton on Commemoration Day 1975
18908: TAYLOR J V - Kingdom come
18896: TAYLOR J B - Thinking about Islam
18900: TAYLOR J R S & TAYLOR F J - Baptism in the Church
18866: TAYLOR E J - Problems of Christian living
18865: TAYLOR E - Upon the types of the O T: edited by CW Mignon 2 vol set
18857: TAYLOR A E - Problem of evil: affirmations, God in the Modern World
18864: TAYLOR D E - Confirmation training: a handbook for those preparing candidates for confirmation
18855: TAYLOR A E - Human mind and will (Congress Books 22)
18853: TAYLOR A E - Faith of a moralist in one volume: (Gifford lectures 1926-1928) Series 1 The Theological Implications of Morality, Series 2 Natural Theology and the Positive Religions
18851: TAYLOR A E - Aristotle
55989: TCHAIKOVSKY P - Eugene Onegin [English version by Edward J Dent]
57760: TCHERIKOVER V - Hellenistic civilisation and the Jews
30894: SOCIETY OF PUBLIC TEACHERS - OF LAW Directory of members 1999
18937: TEACHING [Romestin] - Teaching of the twelve apostles: Greek text with intro trans notes and illustrative passages
22972: TEARE R et al - New directions in hospitality & tourism: a worldwide review
27917: TEARE R et al - Teamworking and quality improvement: lessons from British and North American organizations
25313: TEARE R - Managing and marketing services in the 1990s
18939: TEARE R et al - Virtual university: an action paradigm and process for workplace learning
81075: TEASDALE M R - Methodist evangelism, American salvation: the home missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church 1860-1920
82283: ENDACOTT Ted - Learning on the run: active Christian learning experiences for teenagers and adults
72841: TEELING W - POPE IN POLITICS: the life and work of Pope Pius XI
67337: LEE BEE TEIK - Building a love house...: is hard work
31616: DOWNIE R S & TELFER E - Caring and curing: a philosophy of medicine and social work
18942: TELFER W - Forgiveness of sins: an essay in the history of Christian doctrine and practice
41384: TELFORD M - Let's make models!: simple overseas models. Drawings by Leslie Dahl
59110: TELFORD J - Life of the Rev Charles Wesley M.A. (Revised and enlarged edition)
59112: TELFORD J - Wesley's chapel and Wesley's house
57765: TELFORD W R - Interpretation of Mark (Studies in New Testament Interpretation)
57766: TELFORD W R - Gospel of Mark (New Testament Theology)
59580: TELFORD J - Life of John Wesley
34853: TELFORD J - New Methodist hymn-book illustrated in history and experience
41385: TELFORD J - Methodist Hymn-book illustrated: in history and experience
58100: TELLENBACH G - Church in Western Europe from the tenth to the early twelfth century (Cambridge Medieval Textbooks)
18950: TELLENBACH G - Church state and christian society: at the time of the investiture contest translated by RF Bennett
18951: TELLENBACH G - Church state and christian society: at the time of the investiture contest translated by RF Bennett
18953: TEMPERLEY H N V - Scientist who believes in God
19002: TEMPLE W - Some Lambeth Letters 1942-1944: edited by FS Temple
19003: TEMPLE W - Some Lambeth Letters 1942-1944: edited by FS Temple
19001: TEMPLE W - Social witness and evangelism (The Social Service lecture 1943)
19000: TEMPLE W - Resources and influence of English Literature: introduction by Dr A Mansbridge
47836: TEMPLE W - Christianity as an interpretation of history [William Ainslie Memorial Lecture]; delivered at St. Martin-in-the-Fields on 6th June 1944
81245: TEMPLE W - Christianity and social order
18988: TEMPLE W - Issues of faith: a course of lectures
72876: TEMPLE W - Preacher's theme to-day: four lectures delivered at the College of Preachers, Washington
25257: TEMPLE P - Traded options - a private investigator's guide: how to invest more profitably
29923: TEMPLE B - Exclusive language - a hindrance to evangelism among women (GEv3)
72885: TEMPLE W - KINGDOM OF GOD a course of four lectures delivered at Cambridge during the Lent Term, 1912
72864: TEMPLE S - SERPENT IN EDEN and other stories from The Book
18972: TEMPLE W - Christ's revelation of God: three lectures
18971: TEMPLE W - Christianity in thought and practice
18969: TEMPLE W - Christianity and social order
18964: TEMPLE W - About Christ: the Archbishop's lectures in 1921 & 1925 on 'Universality of Christ' & 'Christ's revelation of God'
18961: TEMPLE F - Thoughts on the Divine Love
18963: TEMPLE S - Core of the Fourth Gospel
19008: TEMPLE W - William Temple and his Message: selections from his writings arranged by AE Baker
18973: TEMPLE W - Christus Veritas: an essay
19007: TEMPLE W - Universality of Christ
18993: TEMPLE W - Palm Sunday to Easter a series of addresses broadcast during Holy Week and Easter 1942
19004: TEMPLE W - Studies in the spirit and truth of Christianity: being University and School Sermons
49189: TEMPLE A - Hymns we love: stories of the hundred most popular hymns
18992: TEMPLE W - Nature man and God: being the Gifford lectures delivered in the University of Glasgow in the Academical Years 1932-1933 and 1933-1934
41369: TEMPLE L - Shining brother, and the sequel, Francis speaks again
41370: TEMPLE W - Basic convictions
47548: TEMPLE W - Christian faith and life [Library of Anglican Spirituality]
21964: TEMPLE W - Christian faith and life
18958: TEMPLE F - Sermons Preached in Rugby School Chapel in 1858, 1859, 1860
30854: TEMPLETON J H - Christianity and the challenge of humansim (Sophie Taylor Prize Essay 1970)
37467: TENEBRAE - Tenebrae being Mattins of the last three days of Holy Week
72886: TENNANT F R - NATURE OF BELIEF (Christian Challenge series)
19015: TENNANT F R - Sources of the Doctrines of the Fall and Original Sin
45115: TENNANT E - Felony: the private history of the Aspern papers
19021: TENNYSON A - Poems of Tennyson: (Oxford edition) including 'The Princess', 'In Memoriam', 'Maud', 'Idylls of the King' etc
19029: TERESA, Mother - Jesus, the word to be spoken: prayers and meditations for every day of the year compiled by Bro A Devananda
19026: TERESA, Mother - Best gift is love: meditations
82433: WEBBER Teresa - Scribes and scholars at Salisbury Cathedral c.1075-c1125 (Oxford Historical Monographs)
45748: TERRIEN S - Till the heart sings: biblical theology of manhood and womanhood
47257: TERRIEN S - Psalms and their meaning for today
31869: TERRILL R - R H Tawney and his times: Socialism as fellowship
38881: TERTULLIAN [Souter] - Tertullian against Praxeas by A Souter (Translations of Christian literature, series II, Latin texts)
57331: TERTULLIAN - Apologetic and practical treatises translated by Rev. C Dodgson (Library of Fathers...)
45992: TERTULLIAN - Q. Septimi Florentis Tertulliani Apologeticus the text of Oehler annotated, with an introduction by John E B Mayor with a translation by Alex. Souter
80045: TERTULLIAN [BINDLEY] - Apologeticus adversus gentes pro christianis: edited with introduction and notes by T Herbert Bindley
40109: TERTULLIAN [LUPTON J M] - Q. Septimi Florentis Tertulliani de Baptismo Greek text edited with intro and notes [in English] by J M Lupton (Cambridge Patristic Texts)
19055: TESELLE S M [MCFAGUE S M] - Speaking in parables: a study in metaphor and theology by Sallie McFague TeSelle
59118: TESFAI Y - Liberation and orthodoxy: the promise and failures of Interconfessional dialogue
52847: TESSORE D - Fasting
53210: JOURNAL FOR THE EVANGELICAL STUDY OF THE OLD TESTAMENT - Journal for the evangelical study of the Old Testament (Volume 3 Issue 1)
53211: JOURNAL FOR THE EVANGELICAL STUDY OF THE OLD TESTAMENT - Journal for the evangelical study of the Old Testament (Volume 2 Issue 1)
58798: STUDENT'S ANALYTICAL GREEK TESTAMENT - Student's analytical Greek Testament: presenting at one view the text of Scholz and a grammatical analysis of the verbs
81733: JOURNAL FOR THE EVANGELICAL STUDY OF THE OLD TESTAMENT - Journal for the evangelical study of the Old Testament (Volume 5 Issue 2)
19922: VETUS TESTAMENTUM (Supplement) - Vetus Testamentum Volume XIII Numerical Sayings in the O T: a form-critical study
19919: VETUS TESTAMENTUM (Supplement) - Volume VIII Das problem der altorientalischen Konigs-Ideologie im Alten Testament unter besonderer berucksichtigung der geschichte der psalmenexegese...
19057: TETLEY J - Sunday by Sunday: ASB year 2
29558: TEXTBRIDGE - Textbridge pro 98: user's guide, turns your paper into pc documents without retyping
47953: LATIN TEXTS - Hints on translation from Latin into English (Helps for students of history 20) [Souter]; Tome of Pope Leo the Great (Texts for Students 29) [Blakeney]; Selections from the Vulgate (Texts for students 6) [White]; God and his works (No 40) [Hebert]
36719: THACKER H - Instant art for teaching Christianity (copyright free for schools and churches)
57020: THACKERAY W M - Newcomes: memoirs of a most respectable family [Volume III of The works of William Makepeace Thackeray]
32697: THATCHER A - Daily Telegraph guide to Christian marriage and to getting married in church
28247: FRANCIS L & THATCHER A - Christian perspectives for education: a reader in the theology of education
54723: STUART E & THATCHER A - People of passion: what the churches teach about sex
58289: THATCHER A - Spirituality and the curriculum (Theology in Dialogue Series)
21837: THATCHER A - Marriage after modernity: Christian marriage in postmodern time (Studies in theology and sexuality 3)
52348: FRANCIS L & THATCHER A - Christian perspectives for education: a reader in the theology of education
19061: THATCHER A - Truly a person truly God: a post-mythical view of Jesus
56044: THEKLA, Mother - George Herbert: idea and image - a study of 'The Temple'
25115: GLORIOUS THEMES - Glorious themes (208 hymns, words only) J Smith & G Fyffe
4523: CLINICAL THEOLOGY - News Letter no.10 October 1967 (Clinical Theological Training & Care)
54491: FEMINIST THEOLOGY - Feminist Theology: set of 56 issues (Volume 1 September 1992 - Volume 19 (2) January 2011) No additional postage will be charged
82920: STUDIES IN BIBLICAL THEOLOGY - 21 books bound into 6 hardback volumes titles of each available on request
4517: CLINICAL THEOLOGY - Clinical Pastoral Care in Depression First Year Syllabus (Clinical Theology Training and Care 1)
4516: CLINICAL THEOLOGY - Assessment of Clinical Theological Training by Brian Lake & Leslie W Harman
53938: SAINT THERESA - History of her foundations
72917: THEW J - RADIANT HOPE: a memorial volume of sermons
81216: THEXTON S C - Isaiah 40-66
35901: THIEDE C - Emmaus mystery: discovering evidence for the risen Christ
19090: THIEDE C P - Jesus papyrus
35796: THIEDE C - Jesus life or legend
40146: THIEL H - Im Spiegel der Kirchen: ein Bilderbuch evangelischer Dorfkirchen in Bayern
19091: THIELE E R - Pekah to Hezekiah (reprinted from Vetus Testamentum Vol XVI, No.1)
58647: THIELE E R - Mysterious numbers of the Hebrew kings: a reconstruction of the chronology of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah
19098: THIELICKE H - Theological ethics: Vol 1 Foundations
58554: THIELICKE H - Evangelical faith (Volumes 1 & 2 only): Vol 1 Prolegomena; the relation of theology to modern forms of thought: Vol 2 The doctrine of God and of Christ
19099: THIELICKE H - Waiting Father: sermons on the parables of Jesus
37320: THIELICKE H - Theological ethics: Vol 2 Politics
19092: THIELICKE H - Between heaven and earth; conversations with American Christians
72921: THIELICKE H - AFRICAN DIARY: my search for understanding
81218: THIELMAN F - Law and the New Testament: the question of continuity (Companions to the New Testament)
41352: THIERING B - Created second?: aspects of women's liberation in Australia
22155: THIERRY A - Recits des temps Merovingiens (edition Lutetia)
50354: THIESSEN G - Signs of life: sermons and meditations
35692: THIESSEN G - Gospels in context: social and political history in the synoptic tradition
22106: THIESSEN G - Traces of light: sermons & bible studies
21704: THIESSEN G - Shadow of the Galilean: the quest of the historical Jesus in narrative form
19066: THIESSEN - On having critical faith
19069: THIESSEN G - Social Reality and the Early Christians: theology, ethics and the world of the New Testament
46074: THIESSEN G - First followers of Jesus: sociological analysis of the earliest Christianity
19067: THIESSEN G - Open door: variations on biblical themes
81215: THIESSEN G - Studien zur Soziologie des Urchchristentums (Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament 19)
1372: THILS G - Diocesan Priest: the nature and spirituality of the diocesan clergy
55727: THIMAN E H - Christmas carol sequence: five songs for SATB and piano or string orchestra [Same postal cost for up to 21 copies]
8766: HART T A & THIMELL D P - Christ in our place: the humanity of God in Christ for the reconciliation of the world, essays presented to Prof James Torrance (Princeton Theological Monograph Series)
56251: THIRLWALL C - Letters literary and theological: with annotations and preliminary memoirs by the Rev. Louis Stokes
48670: THIRLWALL A P - Keynes as a policy adviser: the fifth Keynes Seminar held at the University of Kent at Canterbury 1980
56249: THIRLWALL C - Letters to a friend
56252: THIRLWALL C - Remains literary and theological of Connop Thirlwall: Vol II Essays, speeches, sermons
52723: THISELTON A C - Interpreting God and the postmodern self: on meaning, manipulation and promise (SJT: Current issued in theology)
21774: THISTLETHWAITE S B - Sex, race, and God: Christian feminism in black and white
25266: THODY A - Leadership of schools: chief executives in education (Management & Leadership ibn Education)
43146: THOLE S J - Ministry of parents to teen-agers
72942: THOMAS D - HELP FOR HURTING CHRISTIANS: reflections on the Psalms
19155: THOMAS D W - Archaeology and Old Testament Study Jubilee volume of Society of Old Testament Study 1917-1967
57802: THOMAS W - Mill (Past Masters)
39048: THOMAS T - How to study religion, bound with, Hinduism in the village setting [A228 Units 1A and 1B2 of Open University Arts: A second level course. The religious quest]
50429: SMITH Thomas [DEWAR Mary] - De Republica Anglorum
37542: THOMAS S - Come to the feast, Book 1: all-age services for the church year based on the Revised Common Lectionary
80214: THOMAS R M - Teaching ethics: Volume One Government ethics (Cambridg Conference Proceedings 1989 - 1993)
81755: THOMAS R - Daniel Williams ""Presbyterian Bishop"" (Friends of Dr William's Library sixteenth lecture 1962)
42002: AP-THOMAS D R - Primer of Old Testament text criticism
49385: THOMAS T - Religion of the Sikhs [A228 Units 8-9]
58806: AP-THOMAS D R - Society for Old Testament Study: a short history 1917-1967
2896: BULMER-THOMAS I - St Paul: teacher and traveller
28873: THOMAS R - Word perfect 6 (Step-by-step guides)
43652: THOMAS G - Pure pleasure: why do Christians feel so bad about feeling good?
28521: THOMAS R - Microsoft works for windows (Version 3) (Step by Step Guide)
27853: THOMAS D - Cardigan: a life of Lord Cardigan of Balaclava
7359: FULLER Thomas - Church History of Britain from the Birth of Jesus Christ until the year MDCXLVIII [1648] 3 vol set
72951: THOMAS J - HERALD OF THE KINGDOM AND AGE TO COME: a periodical devoted to the interpretation of the ""Law and the testimony"", and to the defence of the ""Faith once delivered to the saints""
53131: THOMAS J H - Legacy of Kierkegaard
52846: THOMAS R S - Later poems: 1972 - 1982
72963: THOMAS V - SECOND CHOICE: embracing life as it is
19166: THOMAS K - Religion and the decline of magic: studies in popular beliefs in sixteenth and seventeenth century England
35425: THOMAS D - Face of Christ
45466: GRAY Thomas [Collins] - Poems of Thomas Gray edited by A J F Collins
19168: THOMAS O C - William Temple's philosophy of religion
19175: THOMAS W H T - Work of the ministry
19108: THOMAS A - Life of Christ: twenty-four paintings
19159: THOMAS E E - Political aspect of religious development
58475: STAPLETON B & THOMAS J H - Portsmouth region
25885: TOBIAS J S & THOMAS P R M - Current radiation oncology Volume 3
51987: THOMAS R S - Later poems: 1972 - 1982
45254: AP-THOMAS D R - Primer of Old Testament text criticism
9626: HOWELL-THOMAS D - Mutual Understanding: social services and Christian Belief
38798: THOMAS N L - Story of Swansea's districts and villages
81787: DALE Thomas - Pocket edition of the Companion to the Altar with preparatory considerations addressed to those who are about to communicate and prayers suitable to be used during the solemnity
72964: THOMAS V - FUTURE LEADER: spirituality, mentors, context and style for leaders of the future
40542: THOMAS S - Christian services for schools
9625: HOWELL-THOMAS D - Mutual Understanding: social services and Christian Belief
43657: SHILSON-THOMAS A - Live simply: a CAFOD resource for living simply, sustainably and in solidarity
72937: THOMAS A - PAGANISM AND CHRISTIANITY or the victory of the cross
80048: THOMAS D W - Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia: Liber Jesaiae
81256: THOMAS F - Christina Rossetti
82556: THOMAS M M - Acknowledged Christ of the Indian Renaissance
9157: THOMAS A - New Paganism: and other present-day perils and problems
25179: THOMAS D - Flexible learning strategies in Higher and Further Education
82660: THOMAS G - William Cowper and the eighteenth century
48671: THOMAS S E - Banking and exchange
71310: SALAMAN G & THOMPSON K - Control and ideology in organizations
36022: BOCKMUEHL & THOMPSON - Vision for the church: studies in early Christian ecclesiology in honour of J P M Sweet
81260: THOMPSON M E W - Situation and theology: Old Testament interpretations of the Syro-Ephraimite war
81258: THOMPSON M E W - I have heard your prayer: the Old Testament and prayer
81259: THOMPSON M - Isaiah 40-66
36840: THOMPSON J - Horse-drawn farm implements: Part IV - Harvesting
19194: THOMPSON J A - Bible and archaeology
82493: THOMPSON J - SCM studyguide to theological reflection
32692: THOMPSON D - Readings chosen and edited by Denys Thompson
43596: COLLINS D & THOMPSON D - Trust unwrapped: a story of ethics, integrity and chocolate
34052: THOMPSON T L - Origin tradition of Ancient Israel: literary tradition of Ancient Israel I The literary formation of Genesis and Exodus 1-23 (JSOTSS 55)
50022: THOMPSON G B - How to get along with your church: creating cultural capital for doing ministry
19180: THOMPSON D - Priest and Pioneer: A memoir of Father Osmund Victor CR of South Africa
19184: THOMPSON F - Saint Ignatius Loyola with 100 illustrations
37740: THOMPSON J - Reflecting: complete assemblies for secondary schools
22854: THOMPSON R - Industrial inorganic chemicals: production and uses
19203: THOMPSON M - Cancer and the God of Love
54720: THOMPSON R - Is there an Anglican way? Scripture church and reason: new approaches to an old triad (Affirming Catholicism)
30503: THOMPSON J - Good morning: a decade of thoughts for the day
30040: THOMPSON J A - Book of Jeremiah (NICOT)
28765: THOMPSON A H - Cathedral churches of England
43650: THOMPSON G - What's it all about?: an overview of the Bible
28202: LACY-THOMPSON T - INFORMIX-SQL: a tutorial and reference
53128: THOMPSON P M - Returning to reality: Thomas Merton's wisdom for a technological world
57783: CRYER F H & THOMPSON T L - Qumran between the Old and New Testaments (JSOT Supplement Series 290 - Copenhagen International Seminar 6)
19177: THOMPSON B - Chance to change: women and men in the church
44589: THOMPSON D - Loose Canon: portrait of Brian Brindley
19187: THOMPSON H P - Worship in Other Lands: a study of racial characteristics in Christian worship
19192: THOMPSON J - Praise for creatures great and small
19185: THOMPSON F - Works of Francis Thompson: Poems Volume 1 & 2, Prose Volume 3
38626: THOMPSON A H - English clergy and their organization in the Later Middle Ages (Ford lectures for 1933)
81038: THOMPSON M E W - Greatly to be praised: the Old Testament and worship
19198: THOMPSON J M - Synoptic Gospels: arranged in parallel columns
38615: CARGILL THOMPSON W D J - Studies in the Reformation: Luther to Hooker
72968: THOMPSON D W - DICTIONARY OF BIBLE PLACES (Illustrations by William Duncan)
48523: THOMPSON F - Selected poems of Francis Thompson: edited with an introduction by Paul Beard
19213: THOMPSON R H T - Church's understanding of itself: a study of four Birmingham parishes (SMW)
19206: THOMPSON N - John Wesley Child of Fire: a musical drama
19204: THOMPSON M J - Soul feast: an invitation to the Christian spiritual life
81253: THOMPSON D W - Mountain Road: an autobiography
34819: THOMPSON P - Direction in prayer: studies in ascetic method edited by Patrick Thompson for the Society of Retreat Conductors
39330: THOMPSON J A - Hirten, Handler und Propheten: die lebendige Welt der Bibel
36838: THOMPSON J - Horse-drawn farm implements: Part II - Preparing the soil
46305: THOMPSON F - Poems of Francis Thompson
50950: THOMPSON K - Beliefs and ideology
39110: THOMPSON J D - God's redemption of man, being the report of the Birmingham Diocesan Convention for the deepending of the spiritual life, held in Birmingham, 1908...
19228: THOMSON W M - Land and the Book
19224: THOMSON J S - Hope of the gospel (Alexander Robertson lectures 1954)
19223: THOMSON J A - What is man?
19218: THOMSON D P - Beginning with the ministry (New approach to evangelism-1)
48524: THOMSON J - Complete poetical works of James Thomson: edited with notes by J Logie Robertson
51631: THOMSON P D - Parish and the parish church: their place and influence in history (being the Baird lecture for 1935)
22090: THOMSON J A - Wonder of life
19215: THOMSON A - New Movements - Reform: Rationalism: Revolution 1500-1800 (TEFSG14)
41884: THOMSON D P - David Inglis Cowan: man and minister: 1892 - 1950
82323: THOMSON J B - Doxa: a discipleship course
25502: LOTZE M T & THOMSON A W - Dendritic cells: biology and clinical applications
57890: THORBURN A - Thorburn's birds
23652: THORN E A - Effective bookstall
26660: THORNBURY S - Highlight Beginner Workbook (Without Key edition)
19235: THORNE N - Repossession (Large print novel)
48672: THORNEYCROFT P et al - Not unanimous: a rival verdict to Radcliffe's on money
19255: THORNTON M - Pastoral Theology: a reorientation
19253: THORNTON M - Joyful heart: Lenten meditations
19247: THORNTON M - English Spirituality: an outline of ascetical theology according to the English pastoral tradition
19239: THORNTON L S - Conduct and the supernatural: being the Norrisian Prize Essay for the Year 1913
35178: THORNTON M - Do we have free will? (Mind matters)
73007: THORNTON M - PRAYER: a new encounter
52949: THORNTON L S - Doctrine of the atonement (The Christian Challenge Series)
48703: THORNYCROFT L B - Story of the Doones: in fact, fiction and photo
19263: THOROGOOD B - Looking at leisure: a European view (a sketchbook)
19262: THOROGOOD B - Guide to the Book of Amos (TEF Study Guide 4) with theme discussions on Judgement, Social Justice & Priest and Prophet
35495: THOROGOOD B - Judging Caesar
73014: THOROGOOD B - FLAG AND THE CROSS: national limits and church universal
36758: THOROLD H - Collins guide to cathedrals, abbeys and priories of England and Wales. Photographs by Peter Butron
24879: THOROLD A L - Life of Henry Labouchere
36517: THORP E - Swelling of Jordan (Nigeria)
33568: THORPE K - Doing things differently: changing the heart of the church (GEv40)
55556: THORPE W - Equipping the saints: the moderation of reader training 1999 -2003
26274: ROWE D & THORPE T - Implementing the law Citizenship for Key Stage 4: Law in education project (Understanding the Law 2)
19267: THORTON M - Essays in Pastoral Reconstruction
19270: THOULESS R H - Control of the mind: a handbook of applied psychology for the ordinary man
19268: THOULESS R H - Authority and freedom: some psychological problems of religious belief (Hulsean lectures 1952)
29340: THOULESS R H - Experimental physical research
83032: THREE - Three stages of Unitarian theology and other essays
19279: THROCKMORTON B H - Gospel Parallels: comparison of the Synoptic Gospels with alternative readings from manuscripts and noncanonical parallels text used is the New Revised Standard Version, 1989
81116: THROCKMORTON B H - Jesus Christ: the message of the gospels, the hope of the church
19280: THROCKMORTON B H - Gospel Parallels: a synopsis of the first three gospels...based on the RSV arrangement follows the Huck-Lietzmann synopsis
39219: THROCKMORTON B H - Gospel Parallels: based on the RSV arrangement follows the Huck-Lietzmann synopsis
24778: THUMMA A - Voices of the victims: movements and models of people's theology
24779: THUMMA A - Wisdom of the weak: foundations of people's theology
51902: THURIAN M - Sacerdoce et ministere: recherche oecumenique
74011: THURIAN M - Churches respond to BEM (Volume III) (F&O135) official responses to the ""Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry"" text
73138: THURIAN M - Churches respond to BEM (Volume IV)(F&O137): official responses to the ""Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry"" text
60246: THURIAN M - Churches respond to BEM (Volume V) (F&O143): official responses to the ""Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry"" text
22599: THURIAN M - Confession (SMW)
51903: THURIAN M - Joie du ciel sur la terre: introduction a la vie liturgique
51904: THURIAN M - Homme moderne et la vie spirituelle
51905: THURIAN M - Confirmation: consecrations des laics
19292: THURIAN M - Mystery of the Eucharist: an ecumenical approach
19287: THURIAN M - Confession (SMW)
19289: THURIAN M - Marriage and celibacy (Studies in Ministry and Worship)
19291: THURIAN M - Modern Man and Spiritual Life (WCB No 46)
19295: THURLOW G - All Colour Book of Biblical Myths & Mysteries DISCARD
29678: THURSTON H - No popery: chapters on anti-papal prejudice
19302: TIBBENHAM D C - Apart with Jesus: short sermons for Lent and Easter
35648: TIBILETTI G - Monumenti e Cimeli Dell'Ateneo Pavese (black/white illustrations throughout)
49061: TIDBALL D - Reality is Christ: the message of Colossians for today
59103: TIDBALL D - Social context of the New Testament: a sociological analysis
24551: TIEDE D - Jesus and the future (Understanding Jesus Today)
56372: AMSTERDAMS SOCIOLOGISCH TIJDSCHRIFT - Amsterdams sociologisch tijdschrift: Dilemma's in vrouwenlevens - de sociologie van emoties [Jaargang 15, nr. 2, oktober 1988]
54445: TILBY A - Little office book
19938: TILBY A - Science and the soul: new cosmology. the self and God
24839: TILBY A W - Lord John Russell: a study in civil and religious liberty
19308: TILBY A - Let There Be Light: praying with Genesis
37735: TILBY A - He made the stars also... the Eighth Eric Symes Abbott Memorial Lecture delivered at Westminster Abbey on 24 May 1993
30281: TILESTON M W - Great Souls at Prayer
82479: TILESTON M W - Great souls at prayer: fourteen centuries of prayer, praise and aspiration, from St Augustine to Christina Rossetti and Robert Louis Stevenson
19310: TILESTON M W - Great Souls at Prayer
19312: TILL B - Change and exchange: mutual responsibility and the C of E
19313: TILL B - Churches search for unity
73042: TILLAPAUGH F R - UNLEASHING THE CHURCH: getting people out of the fortress and into ministry
19314: TILLARD J M R - Bishop of Rome
31267: TILLER J - Modern liturgical bibliography (GM&W23)
8303: TILLER J - Tiller ten years on: changing prospects for the Church's ministry (GP 55)
19347: TILLICH P - Theology of Culture
30932: TILLICH P - Systematic Theology: volume 3
19334: TILLICH P - Eucharist and institution narrative:
19320: TILLICH P - Biblical Religion and the Search for Ultimate Reality
21818: TILLICH P - Systematic Theology: three volumes combined as one
51453: TILLICH P - Future of religions
59033: BOYCE-TILLMAN J - Unconventional wisdom
58514: BOYCE-TILLMAN J - Reflecting praise (Music edition)
58148: BOYCE-TILLMAN J - In praise of all-encircling love: inclusive language hymns and songs
44304: TILSLEY V - Holy night
54900: TIGER TIM - Tiger Tim's annual 1941
6838: FINANCIAL TIMES - Financial Times energy yearbook: Mining 1999
6837: FINANCIAL TIMES - Financial times energy yearbook: Who's Who in world oil and gas 1999
19351: TIMES, The - Living nobly: through the Christian year from the pages of The Times 1946-47
27580: TIMMERMAN J J - Through a glass lightly
30746: HOLDRIGHT D & TIMMIS A - Key advances in the effective management of Myocardial Infarction
19354: TIMMS N - Talking about welfare: readings in philosophy and social policy (International Lib of Welfare & Philosophy)
82246: JONES Timothy K - Mentor and friend: building friendships that point to God
73067: TIMPSON G F - JAMAICAN INTERLUDE 1821-1941 [an heroic episode from Colonial history]
39727: TIMUR M - Theory of morals
57015: DAL TIN M - Melodie tradizioanli patriarchine di Venezia
19356: TINDALE W - William Tindale a biography: being a contribution to the Early History of the English Bible by R Demaus
19359: TINDALL F C - Music in Theological Colleges on addresses given to the Church Music Society (fifty-eighth annual report 1963)
19358: TINDALL F C - Christian Initiation: Anglican principles & practice a paper read at the Friends of Reunion Conference at High Leigh on December 13th 1950 (rptd from Church Quartley Review April-June 1951)
19360: TINGLE R - Another gospel?: an account of the growing involvement of the Anglican Church in secular politics
19361: TINKER D - Message from the Falklands: the life and gallant death from his letters and poems compiled by Hugh Tinker
73070: TINKER M - RESTORING THE VISION: Anglican Evangelicals speak out
29978: TINSLEY E J - Karl Barth 1886-1968 (Modern theology 1)
29979: TINSLEY E J - Rudolf Bultmann 1884- (Modern theology, Volume 2)
53824: TINSLEY E J - Paul Tillich 1886 - 1965 (Modern theology, Volume 3)
19370: TISCHENDORF C D - Synopsis Evangelica
34840: TISCHENDORF C - Evangelia Apocrypha: adhibitis plurimis codicibus Graecis et Latinis maximam partem nunc primum consultis atque ineditorum copia insignibus
82332: TISDALE L T - Preaching as local theology and folk art
23262: KAY J W & TITTERINGTON D M - Statistics and neural networks: advances at the interface
19372: TITTERTON C H - Five great non-Christian Religions: an introduction to Mohammedanism-Hinduism-Buddhism-Confucianism and Shintoism
19373: TITTLE E F - Lord's Prayer
73074: TITUS P J - UNTIL ALL HAVE HEARD: the Primacy of Proclamation in Missions
19376: TIZARD L J - More excellent way
19377: TIZARD L J - Preaching: the art of communication
19379: TO - To find God
73076: TOAL M F - PATRISTIC HOMILIES ON THE GOSPELS: Volume 1 from the first Sunday of Advent to Quinquagesima, translated and edited by M F Toal
31016: FACING TODAY - Facing today, volume 1 [5 study resources for home groups]
62291: BIBLE TODAY - Bible today: historical, social, and literary aspects of the Old and New Testaments described by Christian Scholars
49139: TODD J M - Martin Luther: a biographical study
53783: TODD J M - Work: an enquiry into Christian thought and practice
73079: TODD J - RACE FOR THE WORLD [The first person to visit every country in the world]
29120: TODD N - Thing called Aston: an experiment in reflective learning
34810: TODD J M - John Wesley and the Catholic church
993: BALLARD Todhunter - Roundup (large print western)
81118: TOEWS W I - Monarchy and religious institution in Israel under Jeroboam I (Society of Biblical Literature Monograph series 47)
53125: TOEWS J E - Story of original sin
39543: CHURCHES TOGETHER - Who is my neighbour?: the report of an ecumenical visit to the Middle East March 2001
42075: DU TOIT C W - Nature, God and humanity: proceedings of the third seminar of the South African Science and Religion Forum of the Research Institute for Theology and Religion held at Unisa on 1 & 2 June 1995
44911: TOLHURST J - Church - a communion: in the preaching and thought of John Henry Newman
19390: TOLHURST J et al - Man woman and priesthood contributors include Graham Leonardm Mary Kenny, Andrew McGowan, Roman Cholij, J I Packer, and Joyce Little
54290: TOLIVER H - George Herbert's Christian narrative
46779: TOLLER T N - Outlines of the history of the English language
25214: TOLLEY'S - Tolley's international handbook of financial reporting ed by Yvonne Goodhead
26412: TOLLEY - Tolley's taper relief 2000-01: a tax practitioner's guide to the principles of taper relief for capital gains tax purposes ed by F Michael Cochrane
22779: TOLLEY'S - Tolley's employment handbook by EA Slade Thirteenth edition supplement
46165: TOLLIVER D L - Handbook of contamination control in microelectronics: principles, applications and technology
19398: TOMKINS O - Guarded by faith
44940: TOMKINS O S - Church in the purpose of God: introduction to the work of the Commission on faith and order of the World Council of Churches
34441: TOMKINSON R - Come to me: a resource for weary Christians and those who care about them
36895: TOMKINSON R - God's Advent people: contemplating God in a busy life - reflections for group use
48594: TOMLIN J - Hollyhocks from the Holy Land
49363: SPENCER N & TOMLIN G - Responsive church: listening to our world: listening to God
81761: TOMLINSON J T - Misprinted Catechism or the definition of ""This word Sacrament"" as now substituted by 'privileded' printers for that of the Church of England
81762: TOMLINSON J T - Misprinted Catechism Part II being a reply to Mr Dimock's strictures in the ""Churchman""
73090: TONDEUR K - YOUR MONEY AND YOUR LIFE: learning how to handle money God's way
49664: TONER J J - Studies in the spirituality of Jesuits: A method for communal discernment of God's will (Vol III September 1971 No 4)
19404: TONGUE A S - Investigations: essays on Church and Society
53515: DICKENS A G & TONKIN J - Reformation in historical thought
60825: BAYFIELD Tony et al - HE KISSED HIM AND THEY WEPT: towards a theology of Jewish-Catholic partnership
44910: TOOLE D - Waiting for Godot in Sarajevo: theological reflections on nihilism, tragedy and apocalypse
26337: TOOLE G & S - A Level biology (Letts study guide)
73091: TOOLEY R - WE CANNOT BUT TELL: a practical guide to heart to heart evangelism
73092: TOOLEY W - NEW DIRECTIONS IN WORSHIP: an account of developments in all-age worship and education
26753: TING-TOOMEY S - Communicating across cultures
48831: TOON P - Emergence of Hyper-Calvanism in English Nonconformity 1689-1765
42080: TOON P - Anglican way: Evangelical and Catholic
20069: TOON P - Guidebook to the spiritual life
73101: TOON P & V - ISAIAH 1 - 39 (Kingsway bible studies)
19411: TOON P - What's the difference? what are the doctrines of the Catholic and Protestant churches, do they matter?
73100: TOON P & V - LETTERS OF JOHN (Kingsway bible studies)
19409: TOON P - John Charles Ryle: evangelical bishop
81158: VAN DER TOORN K - From her cradle to her grave: the role of religion in the life of the Israelite and Babylonian woman
19412: TOPPING F - God bless you - Spoonbill: letters to a young minister
19415: TOPPING F - Lord of the evening: illus by Noeline Kelly
73108: TOPPING F - HERE I STAND: anthology of of opinions and moral dilemmas
23576: WOLFENDALE S &TOPPING K - Family involvement in literacy: effective partnerships in education
47588: TOPPING A - Least thing: anthology of Christian writings
35539: TOPPING F - Lord of life illus by Noeline Kelly and Alexander S Grenfell
35281: TOPPING F - Pause for thought including Lord of the morning, Lord of my days, Lord of the evening
19416: TOPPING F - Lord of the morning: illus by Noeline Kelly
19417: TOPPING F - Lord of time illus by Carol MacMahon
37855: TORELTSCH E - Protestantism and progress: a historical study of the relation of Protestantism to the modern world
32687: TORRANCE T F - Belief in science and in Christian life: the relevance of Michael Polanyi
29584: TORRANCE T F - Ground and grammar of theology
27593: TORRANCE T F - Christian theology and scientific culture: comprising the theological lectures at the Queen's University Belfast for 1980
58646: TORRANCE T F - Theology in reconciliation: essays towards Evangelical and Catholic unity in East and West
73118: TORRE E de la - TOUCHING GROUND, TAKING ROOT: theological and political reflections on the Philippine struggle
73123: TORREY R A - HOW TO FIND FULNESS OF POWER in Christian life and service
28235: TOSSELL D - Inside the caring services
41377: TOSTI L - Saint Benedict: an historical discourse on his life translated by W R Woods with prefact by J C Hedley
26099: TOTON S C - World hunger: the responsibility of Christian education
46157: TOUR J M - Molecular electronics: Commercial insights, chemistry, devices, architecture and programming
19455: TOURNIER P - Secrets (A doctor reflects)
19459: TOURNIER P - What's in a name?
52845: TOURVILLE H de - STREAMS OF GRACE: a new selection from the letters of Abbe de Tourville with a biographical introduction by Robin Waterfield
53729: TOUT T F - Empire and the Papacy 918 - 1273 (Period II)
40193: TOUZARD J - Grammaire Hebraique: abregee: nouvelle edition refondue pa A. Robert
81275: TOV E - Textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible
55947: TOVEY P - Eighteenth-century Anglican confirmation: Renewing the covenant of grace (Joint Liturgical Studies 79)
29921: TOVEY P - Praying to God as Mother (GS38)
59099: TOVEY P - Theory and practice of extended communion
34106: TOVEY P - Communion outside the Eucharist (Joint Liturgical Studies 26)
81276: TOVEY D F - Companion to Beethoven's pianoforte sonatas (Bar-to-bar analysis)
8235: TOVEY P - Inculturation: the eucharist in Africa (Alcuin/Grow Liturgical Study 7) (Grove Liturgical Study 55)
46856: LLOYD T & TOVEY P - Celebrating forgiveness: an original text drafted by Michael Vasey (Joint Liturgical Studies 58)
37293: TOVEY P - Inculturation of Christian worship: exploring the eucharist (Liturgy, worship and society)
82934: CRESSWELL A S & TOW M G - Dr Franz Hildebrandt: Mr Valiant-for-truth
19464: TOWARDS - Towards a united church 1913-1947: by JJ Willis, JW Arthur, SC Neill, GW Broomfield & RK Orchard
19467: TOWARDS - Towards reunion: being contributions to mutual understanding by C of E & Free Church writers
19468: TOWARDS - Towards a Christian order: by Bishop of Chelmsford SJ Marriot, AE Baker et al
19469: TOWER B - Devotion and doctrine: or preparation of the Heart and Intellect for Confirmation and Holy Communion
73164: TOWER H B - PREPARING FOR HOLY COMMUNION: preparations and thanksgivings for the Sundays and feast days of the church's year
52024: TOWERS B - Concerning Teilhard and other writings on science and religion
19472: TOWLE E A - John Mason Neale: a memoir with portraits and other illustrations
41344: TOWLER R - Homo religiosus: sociological problems in the study of religion (Sociology and social welfare series)
19475: TOWNER W S - Daniel (Interpretation: a bible commentary for teaching and preaching)
48271: TOWNROE J - Christian spirituality and the future of man (S.S.J.E. centenary lecture Friday 6 May 1966)
2364: BOWLEY A H & TOWNROE M - Spiritual development of the child
32674: TOWNSEND R - Faith, prayer and devotion (Faith and the future)
73169: TOWNSEND A - DEAR DIARY: my daughter's pregnant
36551: TOWNSEND M J - Worship (Thinking things through: 2)
36550: TOWNSEND M J - Story: a way of preaching in all-age worship (God's people at worship)
19476: TOWNSEND A J - Adolescence: a survival guide for parents
34808: TOWNSEND H - Claims of the Free Churches
19478: TOWNSEND S - Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 3/4
19481: TOY J - Jesus man for God: contemporary issues in Theology
54489: TOY J - What are apocryphal writings?
81279: TOYNBEE P - Christians: then and now (1979 Essex Hall lecture)
19485: TOYNBEE A J - Christianity among the Religions of the World
19486: TOYNBEE A J - Christianity and Civilization: being the Burge Memorial Lecture for the Year 1940 delivered in the Sheldonian Theatre Oxford, 23 May
55036: TOYOHIKO K - Cosmic purpose
29362: TOZER R - At the double: supporting families with two or more severely disabled children
57656: ELIADE M & TRACY D - What is religion? an enquiry for Christian theology (Concilium 136)
23538: TRAEGER J et al - Navigator: men's development workbook
34236: TRAHERNE T - Poems, centuries and three thanksgivings edited by Anne Ridler
73184: TRAIN K - TRAIN ON CHURCHES: a study of fifty-four churches within reach of Nottingham
18728: TRANT B [Arr] - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot: (Choral Songs W.34SSA)
19512: TRAPP M A - Yesterday today and forever
19513: TRASLER G - Shaping of social behaviour: an inaugural lecture delivered at the University on the 6th December 1966
50349: TRASLER G et al - Northumbria Christian pilgrimage
73185: TRAUT E - TRUTH ABOUT PROPHECY: (1) The Biblical facts of prophecy
19514: TRAVELL J - Doctor of Souls: Leslie Dixon Weatherhead 1893-1976
19516: TRAVIS S H - Getting to know the New Testament
49717: TRAVIS D - Healing power voice activated
49724: Travis S et al - All things to all people: mission beyond 2000
14169: NEIL W & TRAVIS S H - More difficult sayings of Jesus
73192: TREANOR O - THIS IS MY BELOVED SON: aspects of the Passion
19517: TREASURE C - Walking on glass: women Deacons speak out
56384: LITTLE TREASURY - Little treasury of religious verse
30613: CHRISTIAN TREASURY - Christian treasury: a selection of standard treatises... containing articles by Magee, Witherspoon, Boston, Stuart, Guild & Less, edited by T S Memes
25249: TREBY A - Introduction to information technology
19519: TREE M - Those weaker glories
58877: TREGELLES S P - Heads of Hebrew grammar: containing all the principles needed by a learner
28392: GREGORY L & TREISSMAN G - Handbook of the aura
27782: TRELAWNY E J - Records of Shelley, Byron, and the author edited by David Wright
81277: TREMBATH K R - Evangelical theories of biblical inspiration: a review and proposal
19528: TRENCH R C - Notes on the Miracles of Our Lord
19524: TRENCH R C - Commentary on the Epistles to the Seven Churches in Asia: Revelation II . III
21898: TRENCH R C - Notes on the Parables of Our Lord enq
38969: TRENCH R C - Synonyms of the New Testament with some etymological notes by A L Mayhew
3555: GAFFNEY C & TRENCHARD J - Illustrated Catechism: Catholic belief in words and pictures
81272: TRENCHARD W C - Ben Sira's view of women: a literary analysis (Brown Judaic Studies 38)
39748: TREPP L - Eternal faith, eternal people: a journey into Judaism
37922: TREPP L - Judaism: development and life
19538: TREVELYAN G - Vision of the Aquarian age: the emerging spiritual World view
57399: TREVELYAN G P - Meditations on the Revelation of St John: otherwise called the Apocalypse
36318: TREVELYAN W B - Sunday (OLPT)
19546: TREVELYAN G M - Garibaldi and the making of Italy
19547: TREVELYAN G M - Garibaldi and the thousand May 1860
58615: POWELL E & TREVELYAN G M - Peasants' rising and the Lollards: a collection of unpublished documents forming an appendix to 'England in the age of Wycliffe
19550: TREVELYAN G M - Poetry and philosophy of George Meredith
46375: TREVELYAN G - Magic moments: use of poetry in the expanding of consciousness
19554: TREVETT C - Womens speaking justified and other seventeenth-century writings about women
31629: MARINS J & TREVISAN T M - Base ecclesial communities: the church on a small scale
73206: TREVOR M - PROPHETS AND GUARDIANS: renewal and tradition in the Church
19555: TREVOR C - Rough Hewing: a marriage and a ministry
19561: TRIAL - Trial of Beyers Naude: Christian witness and the rule of law, edited by the International Commission of Jurists, Geneva preface by Lord Ramsey of Canterbury
19562: TRIBE R - Christian Social Tradition
30743: TRICKETT J - Prevention of food poisoning [including 1995 food hygiene regulations]
19565: TRICKETT J - Christian faith in the secondary school: a scheme of work for schools
33893: WATSON R & TRICKETT K - Companion to Hymns and Psalms
49422: TRICKEY M - Your marriage
28591: TRIGG R - Reason and commitment
44580: TRIGG R - Rationality and religion: does faith need a reason?
81273: TRIGG R - Shaping of man: philosophical aspects of sociobiology
80570: TRIGG J D - Baptism in the theology of Martin Luther
81919: TRIGG M - Introduction to Western Rite Orthodoxy
21947: ELIZABETH OF THE TRINITY - Always believe in love selected spiritual writings edited by Marian T Murphy
43534: TRIPP P D - Shelter in the time of storm: meditations on God and trouble
34112: TRIPP D K - Daily prayer in the Reformed tradition: an initial survey (Joint Liturgical Studies 35)
81923: TRISTRAM H - Cardinal Newman and the Church of the Birmingham Oratory: a history and a guide
29012: TRITON A N - Living and loving
35112: TRITTON A S - Islam: belief and practices
46011: MEYER-WILMES H & TROCH L - Over hoeren taarten en vrouwen die voorbijgaan
37930: TROCH L - Wie alleen gaat, raakt de weg kwijt: vrouwen ontmoeten vrouwen in Azie, Latijns Amerika en Afrika (Serie Op Reis)
19570: TROCHU F - Saint Jeanne Antide Thouret (1765-1826): Foundress of Sister of Charity under St Vincent de Paul
19571: TROCME E - Formation of the Gospel according to Mark
29976: TROCQUER R Le - What is man? (Faith and Fact Books 31)
59095: TROELTSCH E - Protestantism and progress: a historical study of the relation of protestantism to the modern world
82897: JOHNSON P & TROIANO E M - Roads from Bethlehem: Christmas literature from writers ancient and modern
37856: TROLLER A - Law and order: an introduction to thinking about the nature of law
47997: TROLLOPE A - Barchester Towers
4919: TROLLOPE A - Clergymen of the Church of England with an introduction by Ruth apRoberts (Victorian library)
51433: TROMMIUS A - Concordantiae Graecae versionis vulgo dictae LXX interpretum, cujus voces secundum ordinem elementorum sermonis Graeci digestae recensentur, contra atque in opere Kircheriano factum fuerat (Tomus I & II) Leguntur hic praeterea voces Graecae pro Hebraicis redditae ab antiquis omnibus Veteris Testamenti interpretibus, quorum nonnisi fragmenta extant, Aquila, Symmacho, Theodotione & aliis quorum maximam partem nuper in lucem edidit Bernardus de Montfaucon
19585: TROUT J M - Kagawa Japanese Prophet: his witness in life and word (World Christian Books 30)
82757: DE TROYER K - End of the Alpha text of Esther: translation and narrative technique in Mt 8:1-17, LXX 8:1-17, and AT 7:14-41
73225: TRUCHSES D D - FROM FEAR TO FREEDOM: choosing high self-esteem
81274: TRUDGIAN R F - Francis Tregian 1548-1608: Elizabethan recusant, a truly Catholic Cornishman
19588: TRUEBLOOD E - Signs of hope: in a century of despair (RBC 79)
19589: TRUEBLOOD E - Yoke of Christ: and other sermons
82872: DICKEN E W Trueman - Crucible of Love: a study of the mysticism of St Teresa of Jesus & St John of the Cross
19590: TRUEMAN A E - Geology and Scenery in England and Wales
61949: CANON LAW SOCIETY TRUST - CHURCH'S MATRIMONIAL JURISPRUDENCE: a statement on the current position
31981: TRUSTED J - Physics and metaphysics: theories of space and time
56657: TSCHAIKOWSKY P - Symphony 4 F minor Opus 36 (Pocket score)
47061: TSCHAIKOWSKY P - Concerto No 1 in B flat minor Op23: edition for two pianoforte
53780: TSCHUY T - Ethnic conflict and religion: challenge to the churches
57397: TSIRINTANES A N - Discourses on faith and life Vols 1 - 5: Vol 1 Faith in our times, Living as a Christian, Inner life; Vol 2 Perfect man, Sincerity, Moral rule; Vol 3 Love, Inner peace and joy, Prayer; Vol 4 Self criticism, Turning inwards; Vol 5 Value of the holy... in human life, Constellation of virtues
57398: TSIRINTANES A N - Modern times in the light of Christianity: essays and articles
82901: HESS R S & TSUMURA D T - ""I studied inscriptions from before the flood"": Ancient Near Eastern, literary, and linguistic approaches to Genesis 1-11 (Sources for Biblical and Theological Study - Volume 4)
48675: TSUTSUI W M - Banking policy in Japan: American efforts at reform during the occupation
19594: TUBBS N - South India Church Union (Reprint from The Church of England Newspaper)
53779: TUCK R C - Gothic dreams: the architecture of William Critchlow Harris 1854 - 1913
80961: TUCKER J B - Reading 1 Corinthians
19596: TUCKER G M - Form criticism of the O T (OTS)
44849: TUCKER R - Philosophy and myth in Karl Marx
23310: TUCKER J T - Example stories: perspectives on four parables in the Gospel of Luke (JSNTSS 162)
44148: MILLER J M & TUCKER G M - Book of Joshua (Cambridge Bible Commentary on the New English Bible)
55096: TUCKETT C M - Reading the New Testament: methods of interpretation
54400: TUCKETT C M - Revival of the Griesbach hypothesis: an analysis and appraisal (SNTS monograph series 44)
82603: TUCKETT C M - Nag Hammadi and the Gospel Tradition: synoptic tradition in the Nag Hammadi Library (Studies of the Old Testament and its world
8238: TUDGE P - Initiating Adults: lessons from the Roman Catholic Rite (GMW102)
19611: TUGWELL S - Way of the preacher
19610: TUGWELL S - Reflections on the Beatitudes: soundings in Christian traditions
19608: TUGWELL S - Human Immortality and the Redemption of Death
34818: TUKER M A R - Past and future of ethics
34984: TULLOCH J - Rational theology and Christian philosophy in England in the seventeenth century, in two volumes (originally from the library of J W Rowntree & signed by him)
59094: TULLOCH J - Movements of religious thought in Britain during the nineteenth century (Victorian library)
19615: TULLOCH J - Some Facts of Religion and of Life: sermons preached before Her Majesty the Queen in Scotland 1866-76
52509: TULLOCK J H - Old Testament story
57008: VLCKOVA S V & TUMA M - Biblical landscapes [Biblicke Krajiny]
56997: TUMANOVSKY V - Kizhi
27817: TELE TUNES - Tele tunes music reference book: January to September 1999 (supplement update to tele-tunes 1999 book)
26671: TELE TUNES - Tele Tunes January to September 1997: supplement update to Tele-Tunes 1997 main book
80827: MAO TSE-TUNG - Talk with the American correspondent Anna Louise Strong

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