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800A13: Nick Harkaway - The Gone-Away World
800F32: Nick Harkaway - The Gone-Away World
844G16: John Harland; T. T. Wilkinson (Ed.) - Ballads and Songs of Lancashire, Ancient and Modern, Collected, Compiled, and Edited, with Notes
GEN27-D-19: John Harland - Ballads and Songs of Lancashire - Ancient and Modern
756R33: Marion Harland - Breakfast, Luncheon and Tea
833A43: Henry Harland - The Cardinal&Apos;S Snuff-Box
756R31: Marion Harland - Common Sense in the Household: A Manual of Practical Housewifery
840M21: Henry Harland - My Friend Prospero
841B41: Marion Harland - Some Colonial Homesteads and Their Stories and More Colonial Homesteads and Their Stories
779P54: Robert Harling - The Endless Colonnade
832J12: Thomas T. Harman - Showell&Apos;S Dictionary of Birmingham
FGN10-C-1: J. F. La Harpe - Lycee, Ou Cours de Litterature Ancienne Et Moderne.
788R20: Malcolm McLachlan Harper - Rambles in Galloway
854P43: Charles George Harper - Charles George Harper&Apos;S Original Sketchbook
821B35: Charles G. Harper - The Cambridge Ely and King&Apos;S Lynn Road the Great Fenland Highway
631P27: Charles G. Harper - The Manchester and Glasgow Road This Way to Gretna Green
831A69: Henry A. Harper - Illustrated Letters to My Children from the Holy Land: Eastern Manners and Customs Depicted in a Series of Sketches from Life
842M7: Charles G. Harper - The Brighton Road
GEN33-F-16: Charles G. Harper - Rural Nooks Round London (Middlesex and Surrey)
854T53: Charles G. Harper - The Great North Road: The Old Mail Road to Scotland
643C17: Charles G. Harper - The Manchester and Glasgow Road This Way to Gretna Green
843G44: Charles G. Harper - Haunted Houses: Tales of the Supernatural, with Some Account of Hereditary Curses and Family Legends
841A56: Beatrice Harraden - Ships That Pass in the Night
673H26: Jane Harri - The Observations
MOD2-D-6: Alan Harrington - The Revelations of Dr. Modesto
619L12: James Harrington; John Toland - The Oceana and Other Works of James Harrington Esq Collected Methodiz&Apos;D and Review&Apos;D with an Exact Account of His Life Prefix&Apos;S by John Toland
GEN19-C-7: Elizabeth Still Harrington - The Storks the False Prince
835J4: John Harriott - Struggles Through Life, Exemplified in the Various Travels and Adventures in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America
800F45: Thomas Harris - The Silence of the Lambs
840T95: Thomas Harris - The Silence of the Lambs
750P6: James Harris - Three Treatises. The First Concerning Art. The Second Concerning Music, Painting, and Poetry. The Third Concerning Happiness.
837F19: C. J. Harris - Otters, a Study of the Recent Lutrinae
728P44: George F. Harris - Catalogue of Tertiary Mollusca in the Department of Geology British Museum (Natural History)
LTH13-E-11: Stanley Harris - Old Coaching Days
792F30: Joel Chandler Harris - Uncle Remus or, Mr. Fox, Mr. Rabbit, and Mr. Terrapin
842A84: Alys Clare [Elizabeth Harris] - The Tavern in the Morning; the Chatter of the Maidens
GEN24-I-2: William T. Harris - Hegel&Apos;S Doctrine of Reflection
816D34: Thomas Harris - The Silence of the Lambs
LTH3-C-4: William Harris - An Historical and Critical Account of the Life and Writings of James I
835F26: Major W. Cornwallis Harris - The Highlands of Aethiopia
779A60: John Harris - Shakespeare&Apos;S Shrine, an Indian Story, Essays, and Poems
852B26: W. T. Harris - Webster&Apos;S New International Dictionary of the English Language
835A43: Joel Chandler Harris - Nights with Uncle Remus
853N4: Alys Clare [Elizabeth Harris] - Fortune Like the Moon; the Tavern in the Morning; the Chatter of the Maidens
838M17: Frank Harris - My Life and Loves
GEN33-I-10: Thomas Maxwell Harris - British Rhaetic Flora
789A70: Joel Chandler Harris - Uncle Remus or the Story of Mr Fox and Brer Rabbit
805P10: James Harris; Earl of Malmesbury - The Works of James Harris
MOD3-D-2: Joanne Harris - Holy Fools
MOD11-G-14: Hyde Harris - Kyd for Hire a Crime Novel
GEN34-E-13: Frank Harris - Montes the Matador
675P2: Joanne Harris - Blackberry Wine
820F214: Joel Chandler Harris - Uncle Remus and His Legends of the Old Plantation
805P17: Stanley Harris - Old Coaching Days
778R13: H. G. Harris and S. P. Borella - All About Gateaux and Dessert Cakes
837W2: The Earl of Malmesbury [James Howard Harris] - A Series of Letters of the First Earl of Malmesbury His Family and Friends from 1745 to 1820 in Two Volumes
843P3: James Harris - Hermes, or, a Philosophical Inquiry Concerning Universal Grammer Three Treatises
SET33-A-1: Robert Boyle, Dr. Bentley, Dr. Harris et al - A Defence of Natural and Revealed Religion: Being a Collection of the Sermons Preached at the Lecture Founded by the Honourable Robert Boyle, Esq; (from the Year 1691 to the Year 1732. )
776P3: Edwin Harris - Gad&Apos;S Hill Place and Charles Dickens
703L6: Walter Kilroy Harris - Outback in Australia
620L10: James Harris - Miscellanies by James Harris Vol I: Three Treatises Vol II: Hermes Vol III: Philosophical Arrangements Vol IV and V: Philological Inquiries
791F45: Frank Harris - My Life
GEN39-F-16: Frank Harris - Elder Conklin and Other Stories
839P1: W. T. Harris; F. Sturges Allen - Webster&Apos;S New International Dictionary of the English Language
842W47: Walter B. Harris - The Land of an African Sultan, Travels in Morocco 1887, 1888, and 1889
GEN20-C-21: Richard Harris - Nine Little Poems
FIN1-D-12: Stanley Harris - Old Coaching Days
809D25: John Harris - A Garden Alphabet
800J30: Richard Harris - The Reminiscences of Sir Henry Hawkins
792F16: William Harris - Clentine Rambles
835A42: Joel Chandler Harris - Uncle Remus and His Legends of the Old Plantation
819A39: G. Edward Harris - Contributions Towards a Bibliography of the Taylors of Ongar and Stanford Rivers
785L7: Joseph Harris - The Description and Use of the Globes and the Orrery
816D6: Ada Harrison; Bernardino of Siena - Examples of San Bernardino of Siena
GEN25-C-8: Rev. Frederick Harrison - The Main Stream of European History
842F9: W. H. Harrison - The Humourist, a Companion for the Christmas Fireside
LTH1-F-9: Gabriel Harrison - Edwin Forrest: The Actor and the Man. Critical and Reminiscent
731K6: Cora Harrison - My Lady Judge
GEN30-I-14: W. Randle Harrison. - Suggestions for Illuminating.
841G21: James A. Harrison - Life and Letters of Edgar Allan Poe
GEN10-B-14: Brian Harrison - South-East Asia a Short History
649P26: E. Alberton Harrison - Armorial Registry of the Sovereigns and Knights of the Most Noble Order of the Garter Their Names, Titles, Election, Instalment, and Demise. Giving the Armorial Insignia of All the Knights of the Order from the Foundation A.D. 1343.
655P29: Sarah Harrison - The House-Keeper&Apos;S Pocket-Book, and Compleat Family Cook: Containing Above Twelve Hundred Curious and Uncommon Receipts in Cookery, Pastry, Preserving, Pickling, Candying, Collaring, &C. With Plain and Early Instructions for Preparing and Dressing Every Thing Suitable for an Elegant Entertainment, from Two Dishes to Five or Ten, &C. Also a Copious and Useful Bill of Fare, of All Manner of Provisions in Season, for Every Month in the Year. Together with Directions for Making All Sorts of Wine, Mead, Cyder, Shrub, Distilling Strong-Waters, &C. For Brewing Ale and Smail-Beer, in a Cleanly, Frugal Manner: And for Managing and Breeding Poultry to Advantage. Likewise Several Useful Family Receipts for Taking out Stains, Preserving Furniture, Cleaning Plate, Taking Iron-Moulds out of Linen, &C. As Also Easy Tables, of Sums Reading Cast Up, from One Farthing to One Pound, for the Use of Those Not Conversant in Arithmetic: And Tables Shewing the Interest of Money from 3, 3 1/2, 4 and 5 Per Cent, from O
651C1: [A. P. Harrison] - Roll of King Richard II. , Containing the Armorial Ensigns of the Barons and Knights of England, Commencing A.D. 1377, Collated and Emblazoned from the Original M. Ss. Roll, by Messrs. A.R. Harrison and Sons.
816A40: Frederic Harrison - Memories and Thoughts: Men-Books-Cities-Art
624P51: F. Harrison - Is It All Right? a Tale
849W20: Harry Harrison; Edmund Cooper; Richard Cowper; Bob Shaw - Five Works from the Science Fiction Book Club
769A13: Martin Harrison - Appearances: Fashion Photography Since 1945
MOD3-B-7: G. B. Harrison; A. Jones - De Maisse a Journal of All That Was Accomplished by Monsieur de Maisse Ambassador in England from King Henri IV to Queen Elizabeth Anno Domini 1597
848W23: Frederick Harrison; James Sharp North - Old Brighton Old Preston Old Hove
844B6: Sunter Harrison - Works by Sunter Harrison
805D10: T. H. Harrisson - Letter to Oxford
803A26: Tom H. Harrisson - Letter to Oxford
830B71: J. G. Harrod - J.G. Harrod & Co&Apos;S Royal Despatch and Special Directory of England
822A68: H. H. Harrod - Nine Little Fairy Tales
634C61: J. Scott Harston - From the Limbo of the Past. Famous Fights for English Liberty
748P18: Laura Hart; Joanna Hooi - An Comann Under the Microscope
762R62: L. H. Hart - Venus Died at Dawn
669H8: Evelyn Hart - The Green Fields Beyond
832A14: Ernest Hart - Hypnotism, Mesmerism, and the New Witchcraft
788P74: W. C. Hart - Confessions of an Anarchist
MOD6-B-14: Ellen Hart - A Small Sacrifice
GEN23-H-4: Colonel H. G. Hart - The New Army List; Exhibiting the Rank, Standing, and Various Services of Every Regimental Officer in the Army Serving on Full Pay
828B51: Vaughan Hart - Nicholas Hawksmoor Rebuilding Ancient Wonders
GEN9-F-14: Bret Harte - Condensed Novels
GEN28-D-11: Bret Harte - A Protegee of Jack Hamlin&Apos;S
SET9-E-1: Bret Harte - The Complete Works of Bret Harte
791A86: Bret Harte - The Complete Works of Bret Harte Collected and Revised by the Author
GEN15-F-10: Bret Harte - Poems
830F34: Walter Harte - Essays on Husbandry. Essay I. Essay II.
725K7: Aidan Harte - Irenicon
832A39: Bret Harte - Sensation Novels, Condensed
LTH31-C-10: Bret Harte - The Select Works of Bret Harte in Prose and Poetry
792A50: Bret Harte - The Writings of Bret Harte
GEN40-C-4: John P Harthan - Bookbindings
774R33: James Edmund Harting - The Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne
674P41: Michael Hartland - Down Among the Dead Men
GEN21-F-8: Harold Hartley - Eighty-Eight Not out: A Record of Happy Memories
826B17: Dorothy Hartley; Margaret M. Elliot - Life and Work of the People of England a Pictorial Record from Contemporary Sources the Eleventh to Thirteenth Centuries
GEN15-F-7: Rudolf Hartmann - Richard Strauss the Staging of His Operas and Ballets
GEN27-B-10: A. P. Hartnell - Shop Planning and Design
GEN9-E-28: Henry Hartopp - Leicestershire Marriage Licences Being Abstracts of the Bonds and Allegations for Marriage Licences, Preserved in the Leicester Archdeaconry Registry 1570-1729
835B43: Charles Henry Hartshorne - Illustrations of Alnwick, Prudhoe and Warkworth
LTH26-G-9: Charles Henry Hartshorne - Salopia Antiqua, or an Enquiry from Personal Survey Into the "Druidical", Military, and Other Early Remains in Shropshire and the North Welsh Borders
GEN25-C-11: Rev. Charles Henry Hartshorne - Ancient Metrical Tales: Printed Chiefly from Original Sources
823B39: Dr. G. Hartwig - Wild Animal of the Tropics
760L16: G Hartwig - The Sea and Its Living Wonders
769P27: Henry Hartwright - The Story of the House of Lancaster
848W31: John Harvey - Dublin a Study in Environment
798P9: Gideon Harvey - The Third Edition of the Vanities of Philosophy and Physick
812J48: J.R. Harvey - Victorian Novelists and Their Illustrations
MOD1-H-16: John Harvey - Wasted Years
SET35-I-1: William Harvey - The Life and Posthumous Writings of William Cowper. In Four Volumes
GEN21-F-14: W J Harvey - The Art of George Eliot
GEN31-I-1: Sir Paul Harvey - The Oxford Companion to English Literature
650P6: William Harvey; William Camden; Edward Bysshe - Visitations of Berkshire 1565, 1623, 1664
EXP2-D-5: Gideon Harvey - The City Remembrancer Being Historical Narratives of the Great Plague at London 1665 Great Fire 1666 and Great Storm 1703
652P7: Mrs Harvey; [Annie Jane Harvey] - Our Cruise in the Claymore with a Visit to Damascus and the Lebanon
849W14: John Harvey - The Perpendicular Style 1330-1485
761L17: William Fryer Harvey - Midnight Tales
614K24: William Harvey - Models of Buildings How to Make & Use Them
848A60: L. A. Harvey; D. St. Leger-Gordon - Dartmoor
845B10: F. J. Harvey - The Fighting Gladiators or the Games and Combats of the Greeks and Romans
824B49: John Harvey - Conservation of Buildings
849B66: John Harvey; J. W. Franklin - The Cathedrals of Spain and Italy
775L12: Joseph C Harvie - The History of the Convict Hulk Success and Success Prisoners
848W68: John Harwood - A Christmas Manger
GEN23-C-7: Gina Harwood - Haphazard
728L1: Arnold L Haskell - Ballet to Poland
GEN1-D-30: Daniel C. Haskell - A Tentative Check-List of Early European Railway Literature 1831 - 1848
793P59: Arnold Haskell - Australia
655L18: Priscilla Haslehurst - The Family Friend, and Young Woman&Apos;S Companion; or Housekeeper&Apos;S Instructor: Containing a Very Complete Collection of Original and Approved Receipts in Every Branch of Cookery, Confectionery, &C
652M1: P. W. Hasler - The History of Parliament
837J8: Charles Hasler - The Royal Arms: Its Graphic and Decorative Development
GEN33-C-18: P. L. Haslope - Practical Sea-Fishing: A Handbook for Sea Anglers
850B9: Paul N. Hasluck - Tinplate Work
836P13: Henning Haslund - Tents in Mongolia (Yabonah) Adventures and Experiences Among the Nomads of Central Asia
703P7: Arthur Hassall - Christ Church Oxford an Anthology in Prose and Verse
769A37: Christopher Hassall - The Timeless Quest: Stephen Haggard
808F45: Arthur Hassall - The Life of Napoleon
790J33: Arthur Hassall - Christ Church in Oxford, an Anthology in Prose and Verse
GEN33-F-5: W. O. Hassall - Cartulary of St. Mary Clerkenwell
807F13: John Hassell - Memoirs of the Life of the Late George Morland
GEN17-A-4: Scott Hastie and David Spain - A Hertfordshire Valley
MOD9-H-7: Macdonald Hastings - Cork on the Water
SET36-F-2: George W. Hastings - Transactions of the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science in Three Volumes
839W52: Michael Hastings - Death Across the Tamagash
SET51-E-1: George W. Hastings; C. W. Ryalls; Edwin Pears - Transactions of the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science in Ten Volumes
841g44: Charles Haynes Haswell - Reminiscences of an Octogenarian of the City of New York (1816 to 1860)
845B74: James M. Haswell - The Man of His Time Part 1 the Story of the Life of Napoleon III Part II the Same Story As Told by Popular Caricaturists
831M8: Henry Hatcher - The History of Old Sarum, from the Earliest Period; the Removal of the Cathedral to the Present Site; and the History of the City of Salisbury, Clarendon, Etc.
779F31: [William Hatchett] - The Fall of Mortimer. An Historical Play. Reviv"D from Mountfort, with Alterations. As It Is Now Acted at the New Theatre in the Hay-Market.
GEN37-B-21: Edmund Hatfield - The Legend of Saint Ursula and the Virgin Martyrs of Cologne
FGN24-C-1: Eugene Hatin - Histoire Politique Et Litteraire de la Presse En France
FGN25-C-8: Eugene Hatin - Histoire Politique Et Litteraire de la Presse En France
SET17-F-2: John Hatsell - Precedents of Proceedings in the House of Commons; Under Separate Titles. With Observations.
829W6: Chas. W. Hattersley - An English Boy&Apos;S Life and Adventures in Uganda
848A45: Richard G Hatton - A Text-Book of Elementary Design
846A76: Richard G Hatton - Design: An Exposition of the Principles and Practice of the Making of Patterns
829W20: Minnie Ferris Hauenstein - Songs from the Silence
841T29: W. Hauff - Longnose the Dwarf and Other Fairy Tales
839B60: Madame Du Hausset; Hippolyte Fournier - Memoires de Mme Du Hausset
FGN1-A-5: Louis Hautecoeur - Sculpture DCorative
797P7: H. L. Havell - Stories from Greek Tragedy
FIN2-F-10: Henry Havelock; Grand Duke Nicholas - Scenes of Russian Court Life Being the Correspondence of Alexander I with His Sister Catherine
GEN30-H-17: Frances Ridley Havergal - Life Mosaic the Ministry of Song Under the Surface
675P34: Frances Ridley Havergal - Life Mosaic the Ministry of Song and Under the Surface
FGN20-G-2: Ernest Havet - Le Christianisme Et Ses Origines
LTH11-F-12: Maud D Haviland - The Wood People and Others
776R24: Maud de Havilland - Wild Life on the Wing
703P8: Jules Havrez; R. F. Martin - On Recent Improvements in Winding Machinery
LTH31-F-10: H R Haweis - Current Coin
834F10: Barbara Hawes - Tales of the North American Indians
GEN1-D-11: Lord Hawke (Martin Hawke) - Recollections and Reminiscences
852F9: Col. Peter Hawker - Instructions to Young Sportsmen in All That Relates to Guns and Shooting
842N17: George Hawker - 1909 the Life of George Grenfell Congo Missionary and Explorer
632K14: Lt Col P. Hawker - Instructions to Young Sportsmen in All That Relates to Guns and Shooting
790P30: Reverend Robert S. Hawker - Echoes from Old Cornwall
844A28: Lt. Col. P. Hawker - Instructions to Young Sportsmen in All That Related to Guns and Shooting
852P32: P. Hawker; Captain Lacy - Instructions to Young Sportsmen in All That Related to Guns and Shooting the Modern Shooter: Containing Practical Instructions and Directions for Every Description of Inland and Coast Shooting
838T8: George Hawker - An Englishwoman&Apos;S Twenty-Five Years in Tropical Africa: Being the Biography of Gwen Elen Lewis, Missionary to the Cameroons and the Congo
811A17: Lt. Col. P. Hawker; Eric Parker [ed.] - Instructions to Young Sportsmen in All That Relates to Guns and Shooting
844M7: Colonel Hawker; Eric Parker [ed.] - Colonel Hawker&Apos;S Shooting Diaries Edited with an Introduction by Eric Parker
852P10: Peter Hawker; Sir Ralph Payne-Gallwey - The Diary of Colonel Peter Hawker
GEN35-C-8: Francis Lister Hawkes. - Uncle Philip&Apos;S Conversations with Children About the Habits and Mechanical Employments of Inferior Animal
LTH10-F-25: John Hawkesworth - Classic Tales: Serious and Lively, Collected by Leigh Hunt
841P8: John Hawkesworth; Samuel Johnson; Various - The Adventurer
817F27: Dr. John Hawkesworth - Almoran and Hamet, an Oriental Tale
764L11: Anthony Hope Hawkins - The Prisoner of Zenda
706P30: Edward Hawkins; Augustus W. Franks; Herbert A. Grueber - Medallic Illustrations of the History of Great Britain and Ireland to the Death of George II
835J6: Laetitia-Matilda Hawkins - Heraline; or, Opposite Proceedings
759P1: F. W. Hawkins - The Life of Edmund Kean
763P30: Sir John Hawkins; [Richard Tickell] - Probationary Odes for the Laureatship
844P37: Sir John Hawkins - The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL. D.
807D25: Alis Hawkins - Testament
804J25: Daisy Waterhouse Hawkins - Old Point Lace and How to Imitate It
GEN20-G-16: Sir John Hawkins and Joseph Richardson - Political Miscellanies
837A15: Paula Hawkins - The Girl on the Train
798F47: Walter A. Hawley - Oriental Rugs, Antique and Modern
749R45: Mike Hawthorn - Challenge Me to the Race
LTH25-F-6: Nathaniel Hawthorne - Transformation or the Romance of Monte Beni
821A68: Nathaniel Hawthorne - The House of the Seven Gables
802F22: Nathaniel Hawthorne - Passages from the American Note-Books of Nathaniel Hawthorne
SET45-D-3: Nathaniel Hawthorne - The Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne
814A6: Nathaniel Hawthorne - A Wonder Book
758A28: Nathaniel Hawthorne - Wonder Book for Girls and Boys
790P44: Nathaniel Hawthorne - The Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne
LTH7-E-2: Nathaniel Hawthorne - The House of the Seven Gables: A Romance
802F21: Nathaniel Hawthorne - Nathaniel Hawthorne&Apos;S Works
638M6: Nathaniel Hawthorne - Transformation: Or, the Romance of Monte Beni Volume I Volume II New Italian Sketches Donovan: A Modern Englishman. Volume I Volume II Darkness and Dawn, or, Scenes in the Days of Nero. An Historic Tale. Volume I Volume II Volume III
770R16: Nathaniel Hawthorne - Transformation: Or, the Romance of Monte Beni
LTH1-C-4: Marie Hay - A German Pompadour Being the Extraordinary History of Wilhelmine Von Gravenitz
LTH10-F-1: Marie Hay - A German Pompadour Being the Extraordinary History of Wilhelmine Von Gravenitz
847B10: Ian Hay - The Lighter Side of School Life
835P15: Major Leith Hay - A Narrative of the Peninsular War
781A14: Ian Hay - The Ship of Remembrance: Gallipoli-Salonika
762R32: Ian Hay - Housemaster, a Novel
LTH16-C-25: Rev Dr George Hay and Rev John Murdoch - The Devout Christian Instructed in the Law and Faith of Christ
640P53: Colonel George Jackson Hay - An Epitomized History of the Militia (the &Apos;Constitutional Force&Apos;) Together with the Origin, Periods of Embodied Service, and Special Services (Including South Africa, 1899-1902), of Militia Units Existing October 31, 1905
772P13: E. W. A. Hay - A Letter to the Committee of the Essex and Colchester General Hospital Upon the Recent
839W32: Marie Hay - Madame Dame Dianne de Poytiers la Grande Senseschale de Normandie
794P29: Marie Hay - A German Pompadour Being the Extraordinary History of Wilhelmine Von Gravenitz
829B37: Arthur Hayden - Spode and His Successors a History of the Pottery Stoke-on-Trent 1765-1865
788A1: J. F. Blacker; Mrs Lowes; Arthur Hayden; et al. - Chats on Oriental China; Old Lace and Needlework; English China; Autographs; Old Jewellery & Trinkets; English Earthenware; Cottage and Farmhouse Furniture; Old Clocks; Old Silver; Old Furniture
761A10: Mo Hayder - Tokyo
LTH27-F-6: Joseph Haydn - Dictionary of Dates and Universal Reference Relating to All Ages and Nations
LTH17-D-22: Joseph Haydn - Beatson&Apos;S Political Index Modernised the Book of Dignities Containing Rolls of the Official Personages of the British Empire
LTH31-F-9: Joseph Haydn - Dictionary of Dates and Universal Reference, Relating to All Ages and Nations.
785R31: Richard Haydn - The Journal of Edwin Carp
GEN20-I-1: Joseph Haydn - Dictionary of Dates, and Universal Reference: Relating to All Ages and Nations
814A8: A. L. Haydon - The Empire Annual for Girls
828B58: J. Gordon Hayes - The Conquest of the South Pole Antarctic Exploration 1906-1931
LTH1-C-9: Richard Hayes - Interest at One View, Calculated to a Farthing
850A27: Joseph Hayes - The Hours After Midnight
712P4: Thomas J. Hayes - Elements of Ordnance a Textbook for Use of Cadets of the United States Military Academy
814C10: M. Horace Hayes - Riding and Hunting
790F23: M. Horace Hayes - Points of the Horse, a Familiar Treatise on Equine Conformation
MOD4-G-10: Joseph Hayes - The Desperate Hours
632M37: Isaac I. Hayes - An Arctic Boat-Journey in the Autumn of 1854
729L7: M Horace Hayes - Stable Management and Exercise
796A16: M. Horace Hayes - Riding and Hunting
833A49: Alfred Hayes - David Westren
833A47: Alfred Hayes - The March of Man and Other Poems
663P4: Arthur Haygarth - Marylebone Club Cricket Scores and Biographies from 1855 to 1875, Being a Continuation of Frederick Lillywhite&Apos;S Scores and Biographies from 1772 to 1854
694L17: William Hayley - The Triumphs of Temper a Poem in Six Cantos
743P49: William Hayley - The Triumphs of Temper
694L6: William Hayley - Ode Inscribed to John Howard Esq. F.R. S Author of &Apos;the State of English and Foreign Prisons&Apos;
787L20: William Hayley; William Cowper - The Life, and Posthumous Writings, of William Cowper. With an Introductory Letter to (the Right Honourable) Earl Cowper
694L29: William Hayley - The Triumphs of Temper a Poem in Six Cantos
694L30: William Hayley - The Triumphs of Temper a Poem in Six Cantos
690L12: William Hayley - A Philosophical Historical and Moral Essay on Old Maids
694L41: William Hayley - An Essay on Painting in a Poetical Epistle to an Eminent Painter with Notes
694L32: William Hayley - Poems and Plays
689P7: [William Hayley] - Epistle to a Friend on the Death of John Thornton
814F2: William Hayley; William Cowper - The Life, and Posthumous Writings, of William Cowper
LTH10-F-6: William Hayley - Plays of Three Acts; Written for a Private Theatre
846J3: [William Hayley] - A Philosophical, Historical and Moral Essay on Old Maids
828G3: William Hayley; Rev. T. S. Grimshawe (ed.) - The Works of William Cowper, His Life and Letters
694L15: William Hayley - The Triumphs of Temper a Poem in Six Cantos
694L16: William Hayley - The Triumphs of Temper a Poem in Six Cantos
843W67: John Haylock - Uneasy Relations
728L25: William Haynes - Dyes Made in America 1915-1940
813D18: Thomas Haynes - An Essay on the Soils and Composts
852A60: Mary Hays; A. F. Wedd [ed.] - The Love-Letters of Mary Hays (1779-1780)
MOD11-E-2: Sparkle Hayter - The Chelsea Girl Murders
MOD8-H-3: Sparkle Hayter - The Chelsea Girl Murders
793L44: Charles H Hayward - English Rooms and Their Decoration at a Glance
830B70: Richard Hayward - In Praise of Ulster
818J4: Richard Hayward - The Corrib Country
758P35: Arthur L. Hayward - Lives of the Most Remarkable Criminals
840T81: Abraham Hayward - Biographical and Critical Essays Reprinted from Reviews with Additions and Corrections & Sketches of Eminent Statesmen and Writers, with Other Essays.
845A43: Abraham Hayward - Biographical and Critical Essays Reprinted from Reviews
GEN31-B-23: John Hayward - English Poetry an Illustrated Catalogue
GEN16-C-21: Abel Haywood and Son - New Map of Manchester and District
GEN17-C-10: Aristyllus Hazel - Carmen Rusticanum: An Essay on the Condition of the Peasantry
841T81: Walter Crane Hazelford - Walter Crane Hazelford Sketch Book 1862-1869
852W30: William Hazlitt; Oliver Goldsmith; Laurence Sterne; Francis Bacon; Richard Sheridan; Izaak Walton; Thomas Carlyle; Thomas Malory; James Boswell; Thomas de Quincey; Henry Fielding - Library of English Classics Sixteen Volumes
GEN14-F-20: W. Carew Hazlitt - Bibliographical Collections and Notes on Early English Literature 1474 - 1700
845G18: William Hazlitt - Conversations of James Northcote, Esq. , R.A.
GEN25-C-24: William Carew Hazlitt - The Confessions of a Collector
780R26: William Hazlitt - Table-Talk; or, Original Essays
779A59: William Hazlitt - Table-Talk; or, Original Essays
LTH23-B-7: W. Carew Hazlitt - Mary and Charles Lamb: Poems, Letters and Remains
774P8: William Hazlitt - Lectures on the English Comic Writers
613C1: W. Carew Hazlitt - Shakespear Himself and His Works a Biographical Study
809J8: William Hazlitt; Louis Antoine Fauvelet de Bourrienne - The Life of Napoleon
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657P3: James Hogg - Winter Evening Tales, Collected Among the Cottagers in the South of Scotland
753R66: Ian B. Stoughton Holbourn - The Isle of Foula
LTH29-C-2: Thomas Holcroft - Memoirs of the Late Thomas Holcroft, Written by Himself; and Continued to the Time of His Death, from His Diary, Notes, and Other Papers
LTH20-C-3: Luther Holden - Human Osteology Comprising a Description of the Bones with Delineations of the Attachements of the Muscles the General and Microscopic Structure of Bone and Its Development to Which Is Added a Brief Notice of the Unity of Type in the Construction of the Vertebrate Skeleton
649P15: William Holden - Holden&Apos;S Annual London and Country Directory 1811
849T24: R. W. Holder - Taunton Cider and Langdons: A West Somerset Story of Industrial Development
GEN17-B-8: William Holdford and H. Myles Wright - Cambridge Planning Proposals
848W59: Benjamin Holdich - The History of Crowland Abbey
844W21: Thomas Hiram Holding - Cycle and Camp
669H29: Robert Holdstock - Earthwind
669L4: Robert Holdstock - Eye Among the Blind
808F54: Robert Holdstock - The Bone Forest
795R16: Edmund W. H. Holdsworth - Deep-Sea Fishing and Fishing Boats
850B10: W. A. Holdsworth - The New Reform Act
613K9: Philip J. Holdsworth - Station Hunting on the Warrego: Australia: At the Valley of the Popran and Other Poems
854N8: W. A. Holdsworth - The Corrupt and Illegal Practices Prevention Act, 1883
798R40: S. Reynolds Hole - Our Gardens
824W23: Samuel Reynolds Hole - Our Gardens
794R33: William Hole - Quasi Cursores: Portraits of the High Officers and Professors of the University of Edinburgh
835P6: Reverend S. Reynolds Hole - A Little Tour in America
834M31: S. Reynolds Hole - A Little Tour in Ireland Being a Visit to Dublin, Galway, Connamara, Killarney, Etc. By an Oxonian. With Illustrations by John Leech.
824A63: S. Reynolds Hole - Our Gardens
832J26: W.G. Hole - Listenings-in, a Poem Sequence
833F22: W. B. Hole - Twenty Etchings Illustrating the Poems of Burns
824W26: Samuel Reynolds Hole - A Book About a Garden and the Gardener
SET23-B-1: Raphael Holinshed et al. - The Holinshed Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland in Six Volumes, Grafton&Apos;S Chronicles in Two Volumes and Monstrelet&Apos;S Chronicles in Five Volumes
843T63: John Holland - Memorials of Sir Francis Chantrey, Sculptor, in Hallamshire and Elsewhere
LTH1-E-1: Henry Holland, M.D F.R.S. &c. - Medical Notes and Reflections
LTH30-F-17: Lady Holland; Mrs Austin - A Memoir of the Reverend Sydney Smith with a Selection from His Letters Edited by Mrs Austin
LTH11-C-3: Lady Holland; Sydney Smith; Mrs Austin - A Memoir of the Reverend Sydney Smith by His Daughter, Lady Holland. With a Selection from His Letters.
GEN19-F-10: Professor T. E. Holland - The Laws and Customs of War on Land, As Defined by the Hague Convention of 1899
648M13: Clive Holland - Warwickshire
846T38: John Holland - Sermons on Various Subjects
GEN34-D-4: Clive Holland - Things Seen in the Channel Islands
GEN27-F-8: Thomas Erskine Holland - Letters to, "the Times" Upon War and Neutrality (1881-1909) with Some Commentary
783R32: Clive Holland - Wessex
849N23: John Holland - Memorials of Sir Francis Chantrey, R.A. Sculptor, in Hallamshire and Elsewhere
655P36: Mrs. Mary Holland - The Complete Economical Cook, and Frugal Housewife; an Entirely New System of Domestic Cookery, Containing Approved Directions for Purchasing, Preserving, and Cooking, Also, Preparing Soups, Gravies, Sauces, Made Dishes, with Directions for Pastry and Confectionery
655P41: Henry Holland - Medical Notes and Reflections
LTH26-F-18: Philip Holland; Joseph Dawson; William Turner; William Wood - A Sermon Delivered at Pudsey in Yorkshire Sep 25 1782 by Philip Holland an Address on the Nature and Propriety of Ordination with Questions and Answers a Prayer and a Charge
LTH14-E-7: Lady Holland, Mrs Austin (ed) - A Memoir of the Reverend Sydney Smith with a Selection of His Letters
824W5: John Holland - Song of a Boy
837G3: Lady Holland, Mrs. Austin (ed.) - A Memoir of the Reverend Sydney Smith with a Selection from His Letters
784A3: Mrs. Mary Holland - The Complete Economical Cook, and Frugal Housewife; an Entire New System of Domestic Cookery; Containing Approved Directions for Purchasing, Preserving, and Cooking Also, Trussing and Carving; Preparing Soups, Gravies, Sauces, Made Dishes, Potting, Pickling, &C. With Directions for Pastry and Confectionary Likewise the Art of Making British Wines, Brewing, Baking, Gardening &C.
640L17: Clive Holland - Warwickshire
851B56: Clive Holland - Warwickshire
840B49: M. Hollebecque - IL Y a Avait Une Fois... Histoires Pour Les Enfants
694P29: Thomas Pelham-Holles - The Duke of Newcastle&Apos;S Letter, by His Majesty&Apos;S Order, to Monsieur Michell, the King of Prussia&Apos;S Secretary of the Embassy, in Answer to the Memorial, and Other Papers, Deliver&Apos;D, by Monsieur Michell, to the Duke of Newcastle, on the 23d of November, and 13th of December Last
GEN37-G-2: Marietta Holley - Samantha in Europe
LTH26-I-7: Mrs. Laetitia Hollier - Catalogue of Books, Pictures, Prints, Etc.
825W4: Alan Hollinghurst - The Line of Beauty
830B2: Alan Hollinghurst - The Line of Beauty
799F38: Alan Hollinghurst - The Line of Beauty
MOD7-H-6: Mark Hollingsworth; Nick Fielding - Defending the Realm Mi5 and the Shayler Affair
793J13: Gertrude Hollis - A Scholar of Lindisfarne, a Tale of the Time of S. Aidan
GEN30-G-12: Anselm Hollo - The Coherences
852P21: James Holloway - The Free and Voluntary Confession and Narrative of James Holloway (Addressed to His Majesty) Written with His Own Hand, and Delivered by Himself to Mr. Secretary Jenkins; As Also the Proceedings Against the Said James Holloway in His Majesties Kings-Bench Court, Westminster; and His Petition to His Majesty. Together with a Particular Account of the Discourse As Passed between the Sheriffs of London and the Said James Holloway at the Time of His Execution for High-Treason at Tyburn, April 30. 1684. With His Prayer Immediately Before, and the True Copy of the Paper Delivered Them at the Same Time and Place
852P23: James Holloway - The Free and Voluntary Confession and Narrative of James Holloway (Addressed to His Majesty) Written with His Own Hand, and Delivered by Himself to Mr. Secretary Jenkins; As Also the Proceedings Against the Said James Holloway in His Majesties Kings-Bench Court, Westminster; and His Petition to His Majesty. Together with a Particular Account of the Discourse As Passed between the Sheriffs of London and the Said James Holloway at the Time of His Execution for High-Treason at Tyburn, April 30. 1684. With His Prayer Immediately Before, and the True Copy of the Paper Delivered Them at the Same Time and Place
840W86: Claudius Hollyband; Peter Erondell; M. St. Clare Byrne (ed.) - The Elizabethan Home Discovered in 2 Dialogues
717L3: Lajla Holm - Konfirmasionstelegrammer Lajla Holm
675P52: Nora Holm - The Runner&Apos;S Bible Compiled and Annotate for the Reading of Him Who Runs
819A35: Paul Holman - Tara Morgana
SET19-A-3: Charles Holme - English Water-Colour with Reproductions of Drawings by Eminent Painters.
768P15: Geoffrey Holme - &Apos;the Studio&Apos; Year-Book of Decorative Art
768P17: C. G. Holme - Decorative Art
835J14: Warwick Holme - Maggie Bell or the Lost Sister
GEN24-B-12: Charles Holme - The Gardens of England in the Midland and Eastern Counties and the Gardens of England in the Southern and Western Counties
692P1: Charles Holme; Various - The Studio
768P20: C. G. Holme - Decorative Art
623M9: Charles Holme; Frederick Wedmore - English Water- Colour with Reproductions of Drawings by Eminent Painters
GEN37-B-14: Rathbone Holme and Kathleen M. Forst - Decorative Art
GEN38-A-2: Charles Holme - Peasant Art in Sweden, Lapland and Iceland.
GEN23-G-5: Geoffrey Holme - Early English Water-Colour Drawings by the Great Masters
768A14: C Geoffrey Holme; Shirley B Wainwright - The Studio" Year-Book of Decorative Art
802A23: Oliver Wendell Holmes - The Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes
807F4: Oliver Wendell Holmes - The Autocrat at the Breakfast-Table; the Professor at the Breakfast-Table; the Poet at the Breakfast-Table
850A29: Oliver Wendell Holmes - The Professor at the Breakfast-Table What He Said, What He Heard, and What He Saw
786A52: W. H. Holmes; et al. - Twenty-Fifth Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution 1904-04
755P26: Oliver Wendell Holmes - Dorothy Q Together with a Ballad of the Boston Tea Party & Grandmother&Apos;S Story of Bunker Hill Battle
LTH13-F-16: Oliver Wendell Holmes - The Poet at the Breakfast-Table
LTH7-C-6: Oliver Wendell Holmes - The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table
FIN1-B-12: Oliver Wendell-Holmes - The Poet at the Breakfast Table
SET25-D-1: Oliver Wendell Holmes - The Writings of Oliver Wendell Holmes. In Thirteen Volumes
796F47: T. Scott Holmes - A Report to the Convocation of the Province of Canterbury on the Ecclesiastical Records of the Diocese of Bath and Wells to Which Is Attached a Short Account of the Church Plate Now in the Custody of the Dean and Chapter of Wells and of the Parochial.
GEN17-D-3: Mary Jane Holmes - Lena Rivers
FIN1-A-8: Oliver Wendell Holmes - The Poet at the Breakfast Table
SET29-D-8: Oliver Wendell Holmes - Breakfast Table Series the Autocrat at the Breakfast Table, the Poet at the Breakfast Table, the Professor at the Breakfast Table
828J6: Sir Richard Rivington Holmes - Windsor
794P32: Richard R. Holmes - Queen Victoria
850B67: Oliver Wendell Holmes - Elise Venner a Romance of Destiny
834B25: Nancy Holmes - The Dream Boats the Beautiful People on Their Beautiful Yachts
SET17-F-3: Oliver Wendell Holmes - The Poet at the Breakfast Table; the Professor at the Breakfast Table; the Autocrat of the Breakfast Table
847A28: T Rice Holmes - A History of the Indian Mutiny and of the Disturbances Which Accompanied It Among the CIVIL Population

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