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002319: MICHELL, JOHN - Eccentric Lives and Peculiar Notions
020766: MICHELLE LOVRIC - Oriental Love Poems
004613: MICHELLE HARRISON, JOHN RENNER-CONSULTANTS - The Women's Book of Home Remedies
017099: MICHELLE MERCER - Will You Take Me as I am - Joni Mitchell's Blue Period
019488: MICHELLE RUBERG, EDITOR - Writer's Digest Handbook of Magazine Article Writing
020628: MICHELLE SIM - My Son, My Gift - Living with Autistic Spectrum Disorder
010457: MICHENER, JAMES A. - Journey
013089: MICHENER, JAMES A. - My Lost Mexico: The Making of a Novel
013353: MICHENER, JAMES A. - Journey
013812: MICHENER, JAMES A. - The World Is My Home: A Memoir
012198: MICHENER, JAMES A. - Legacy
020502: MICHIO KAKU - Visions: How Science Will Revolutionize the 21st Century
016432: MICK ROCK - Classic Queen
014803: MICK CONEFREY - The Adventurer's Handbook - Life Lessons from History's Great Explorers
019957: MIDAS DEKKERS - The Way of All Flesh: The Romance of Ruins
000021: MIDDLETON, NICK - Last Disco in Outer Mongolia
010614: MIDDLETON, MICHAEL - Man Made the Town - a Shell Book
011280: MIDDLETON, L. J. - Roads to Nowhere
017650: MIDGETTE, ANNE;BRESLIN, HERBERT H. - The King and I: The Uncensored Tale of Luciano Pavarotti's Rise to Fame By His Manager, Friend, and Sometme Adversary
000103: MIDORAG BELJAKOVIC - Kosovo: Principal Destabilizing Factor in Yugoslavia
004643: MIEDZIAN, MYRIAM; MALINOVICH, ALISA - Generations: a Century of Women Speak About Their Lives
004085: MIELZYNSKI-ZYCHLINSKI, PETER G. - The Story of Hillebran
020052: MIGUEL COVARRUBIAS - The Eagle, the Jaguar, and the Serpent.
014610: MIGUEL LEON-PORTILLA, EDITOR - The Broken Spears : The Aztec Account of the Conquest of Mexico
011702: MIGUEL DE CERVANTES - Don Quixote of the Mancha - the First Part of the Delightful History of the Most Ingenious Knight
001630: MIHALYI, VICTORIA - Tribe of Star Bear
016457: MIKAELIAN, A. - Women Who Mean Business: Success Stories of Women over Forty
016787: MIKE HARDING - A Little Book of Tombs & Monuments
019167: MIKE CONDUFF, ET AL - The Ontarget Board Member - 8 Indisputable Behaviors
000040: MIKE JANSON & JULIANA KEMBALL-WILLIAMS - The Complete Book of Horse & Pony Care
015669: MIKE BARA - The Choice - Using Conscious Thought and physics of the Mind to Reshape the World
018816: MIKE BARNES - The Lily Pond - a Memoir of Madness, Memory, Myth and Metamorphosis
020489: MIKE MIGNOLA ET AL - Baltimore: Chapel of Bones: Volume Four
015975: MIKE SPICK - The Illustrated Directory of Fighters
002123: MIKKELSEN, GLEN - Never Holler Whoa! : the Cowboys of Chuckwagon Racing
000507: MILANI, L. - Robert Gourlay, Gadfly: Forerunner of the Rebellion in Upper Canada, 1837
004361: MILDRED CORELL LUCKHARDT - Thanksgiving Feast and Festival
006494: MILES, ROSALIND - The Knight of the Sacred Lake
001973: MILES, JIM - The Storm Tide: a History and Tour Guide of the War in the East, From Fredericksburg to Mine Run, 1862 to 1863
009167: MILES, ANGELA R.;FINN, GERALDINE - Feminism in Canada: From Pressure to Politics
019030: MILES, CHARLES - Indian and Eskimo Artifacts of North America
015242: MILES, BARRY - Ginsberg: A Biography
017583: MILES, BERNARD; SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Five Tales from Shakespeare
007374: MILL, JOHN STUART - On Liberty
003374: MILLER, NEIL - Out in the World: Gay and Lesbian Life From Buenos Aires to Bangkok
004626: MILLER, PAUL C.; GORMAN, TOM - Big League Business Thinking: the Heavy Hitter's Guide to Top Managerial Performance
004778: MILLER, JEFFREY - In Touch: the Letters of Paul Bowles
005795: MILLER, C.; MILLER, D. M. O. - Modern Naval Combat
006225: MILLER, ERNEST J. - The Final Battle
013654: MILLER AND MARGARET STEWART - Bright World Around Us
006301: MILLER, JEFFREY - Ardor in the Court: Sex and the Law
000045: MILLER, ALDEN H.; STEBBINS, ROBERT C. - The Lives of Desert Animals in Joshua Tree National Monument
006744: MILLER, EVELYN - Fox Terriers
018934: MILLER, MARTIN;MILLER, JUDITH - Miller's World Encyclopedia of Antiques
001638: MILLER, JOHN, EDITOR - New Orleans Stories: Great Writers on the City
008177: MILLER, RUTH - Saul Bellow: A Biography of the Imagination
001951: MILLER, LYNN H. - Global Order: Values and Power in International Politics
009289: MILLER, SUE - While I Was Gone : A Novel
009320: MILLER, EVELYN - Fox Terriers
017928: MILLER, SHERRILL - The Pilgrim's Guide to the Sacred Earth
011816: MILLER, MURIEL - Bliss Carman: Quest & Revolt
014166: MILLER, MARY ELLEN - The Art of Mesoamerica from Olmec to Aztec
011764: MILLER, JAMES - Flowers in the Dustbin - the Rise of Rock and Roll 1947-1977
018601: MILLER, JOHN, EDITOR - Peter Ustinov : The Gift of Laughter - The Authorised Biography
010908: MILLER, JANE - Women Writing About Men
013907: MILLER, CALVIN - The Singer
016850: MILLER, JOHN JR. - Peter Ustinov: The Gift of Laughter
016216: MILLER'S - Complete Book of Antiques & Collectibles: Millers
015641: MILLIGAN, SPIKE - Robin Hood According to Spike Milligan
011121: MILLMAN, DANIEL - No Ordinary Moments: A Peaceful Warrior's Guide to Daily Life
013338: MILLMAN, DANIEL - Way of the Peaceful Warrior
001937: MILLS, JUDITH - The Strange Voyage of the Raconteur
018538: MILLS, JUDITH CHRISTINE - The Stonehook Schooner
012569: MILNE, A. A. - Now We Are Six
001328: MILNE, LORUS JOHNSON; MILNE, MARGERY - The Cougar Doesn't Live Here Any More
012566: MILNE, A. A.;SHEPARD, ERNEST - The House at Pooh Corner
012563: MILNE, A. A. - Winnie-The-pooh
017579: MILNE, A. A. - The World of Pooh - the Complete Winnie the Pooh and the House at Pooh Corner
011732: MILO HASTINGS, RASMUS ALSAKER, CHARLES CLINTON, WILLIAM HOWARD HAY, JOHN MAXWELL, AND DR. MAX ROSENFELD - High Blood Pressure - The Menance to Life That Begins at Forth - a Symposium
001331: MILORAD PAVIC - Dictionary of the Khazars-a Lexicon Novel
017373: MILTON C. WORK - Contract Bridge for All
016761: MILTON CROSS - EDITED BY KARL KOHRS - The New Complete Stories of the Great Operas
011110: MILTON MAYER WITH A CENTER DISCUSSION - On Liberty: Man v. The State
016699: MILTON, STEVE - Skate Talk : Figure Skating in the Words of the Stars
013102: MILTON, GILES - Samurai William : The Adventurer Who Unlocked Japan
015474: MILTON, GILES - Nathaniel's Nutmeg : How One Man's Courage Changed the Course of History
008710: MINCHOT, PIA - Madrid
005359: MINDELL, EARL - Earl Mindell's Vitamin Bible
009710: MINISTER OF EDUCATION, ONTARIO - Life and Literature Book Two Grade 8
009370: MINNIE GOODNOW - Outlines of Nursing History
000593: MINNS, ERIC G. - Island Boy
007834: MINTON, SANDRA C.;HUMAN KINETICS - Choreography: A Basic Approach Using Improvisation
009135: MINTON, SANDRA C. - Choreography: A Basic Approach Using Improvisation
019798: MIRANDA J. GREEN - The World of the Druids
000306: MIRCEA DEAC - Jean Al. Steriadi
002385: MIRRA GINSBURG, EDITOR AND TRANSLATOR - Last Door to Aiya-a Selection of the Best New Science Fiction From the Soviet Union
006346: MISHIMA, YUKIO - Temple of Dawn
019746: MISHRA, PANKAJ - Temptations of the West: How to Be Modern in India, Pakistan, Tibet, and Beyond
006964: MISNER, IVAN R. PH.D. - The World's Best Known Marketing Secret: Building Your Business With Word-of-Mouth Marketing
005181: MISTRY, ROHINTON - Family Matters
002309: MISTRY, ROHINTON - Such a Long Journey
004372: MISTRY, ROHINTON - A Fine Balance: a Novel
005244: MITCHAM, ALLISON - Northern Imagination: a Study of Northern Canadian Literature
008820: MITCHAM, ALLISON - Northern Imagination: A Study of Northern Canadian Literature
019399: MITCHAM, ALLISON - The Northern Imagination: A Study of Northern Canadian Literature
015647: MITCHELL, JOHN HANSON - Walking Towards Walden: A Pilgrimage in Search of Place
006558: MITCHELL, KEN; CURRIE, ROBERT - Ken Mitchell Country
004167: MITCHELL, RICHARD WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY THOMAS H. MIDDLETON - The Leaning Tower of Babel and Other Affronts By the Underground Grammarian
002941: MITCHELL, HENRY - The Essential Earthman
001920: MITCHELL, W. O. - An Evening With W.O. Mitchell-a Collection of the Author's Best Loved Performance Pieces
002000: MITCHELL, JOHN H. - A Field Guide to Your Own Back Yard
010222: MITCHELL, W. O. - Ladybug Ladybug
019550: MITCHELL, DONALD D. - Resource Units in Hawaiian Culture
018413: MITCHELL, ALANNA - Dancing At The Dead Sea: Tracking The World's Environmental Hotspots
011984: MITCHELL, ANN LINDSAY;HOUSE, SYD - David Douglas: Explorer and Botanist
018016: MITCHELL, DAVID - The Overlook Martial Arts Handbook
011104: MITCHELL, BARBARA;MITCHELL, ORMOND - W.O: The Life of W.O. Mitchell Beginnings to Who Has Seen the Wind 1914-1947
014081: MITCHELL, R. B. - Castaway Kid: One Man's Search for Hope and Home
011460: MITCHELL, JOHN HANSON - Walking Towards Walden: A Pilgrimage in Search of Place
019844: MITCHELL, ROBERT T.; ZIM, HERBERT S. - Butterflies and Moths (A Golden Guide from St. Martin's Press)
019501: 'MARY RUSSELL MITFORD' - Our Village
017402: MITFORD, JESSICA - Decca: The Letters of Jessica Mitford
011803: MIYAMOTO, MUSASHI - A Book of Five Rings - the Classic Guide to Strategy
016040: MLODINOW, LEONARD - Euclid's Window: The Story of Geometry from Parallel Lines to Hyperspace
014901: MOCHE, DINAH L. - Astronomy Today: Planets, Stars, Space Exploration
010342: MODESITT, L.E. - Colors of Chaos
002700: MODZELEWSKI, MICHAEL - Inside Passage: Living With Killer Whales, Bald Eagles, and Kwakiutl Indians
016846: MOHR, RICHARD D. - Gays/Justice: A Study of Ethics, Society, and Law
020211: MOIRA YOUNG - Blood Red Road
009017: MOLIERE;WOOD, JOHN;COWARD, DAVID - Misanthrope and Other Plays
016766: MOLONY, JOHN N. - The Penguin Bicentennial History of Australia: The Story of 200 Years
018237: MOLSON, KAREN;BUIST, HILBERT;MOLSON, JOHN H. R. - On His Way in the World: The Voyages and Travels of John H.R. Molson, 1841
014366: MOMADAY, N. SCOTT - The Ancient Child
016497: MOMADAY, N. SCOTT - The Names: A Memoir
017812: MONACO, RICHARD - Parsival: Or, a Knight's Tale
008159: MONAGHAN, KELLY - Air Courier Bargains: How to Travel World-Wide for Next to Nothing
019960: MONALDI & SORTI - Imprimatur
006612: MONETTE, PAUL - Sanctuary: a Tale of Life in the Woods
018152: MONEY, ANTON;EAST, BEN - This Was the North
008518: MONEYMAKER, CHRIS - Moneymaker : How an Amateur Poker Player Turned $40 into $2. 5 Million at the World Series of Poker
020669: MONIA MAZIGH - Hope & Despair - My Struggle to Free My Husband, Maher Arar
002735: MONICA R. HANULA, CHIEF EDITOR ET AL - The Discoverers, a 50 Year History of the Prospectors and Developers Association, Some Famous Prospectors and Their Discoveries
018020: MONICA WILSON - Good Company - a Study of Nyakyusa Age-Villages
020510: MONICA DICKENS - Kate & Emma
020224: MONICA FERRIS - And Then You Dye - a Needlecraft Mystery
014967: MONICA HUGHES - Little Fingerling : A Japanese Folk Tale
001579: MONIQUE BORGERHOFF MULDER AND WENDY LOGSDON - I'Ve Been Gone Far Too Long: Field Study Fiascoes and Expedition Disasters
018574: MONK, CARL;KNAP, JEROME J. - A Complete Guide to Canoeing: A Manual on Technique and Equipment and the Best Canoeing Routes in North America
014361: MONKS OF NEW SKETE - How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend: A Training Manual for Dog Owners
006587: MONNON, MARY ANN - Miracles and Mysteries: the Halifax Explosion December 6 1917
002043: MONROE, DOUGLAS - 21 Lessons of Merlyn: a Study in Druid Magic and Lore
018496: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The Master Mariner Book 1 - Running Proud
009340: MONTAIGNE, FEN - Reeling in Russia
009821: MONTAIGNE, MICHEL DE;FRAME, DONALD MURDOCH - Selections from the Essays of Montaigne
005292: MONTE AND MARJORIE FLORMAN - How to Clean Practically Anything
004839: MONTE HUMMEL, GENERAL EDITOR - Endangered Spaces: the Future for Canada's Wilderness
017121: MONTESERI, PEPE - Azucar
014569: MONTGOMERY, L. M. - My Dear Mr. M : Letters to G. B. MacMillan from L. M. Montgomery
005326: MONTGOMERY, RUTH - A World Beyond
006039: MONTGOMERY, LUCY MAUD - The Anne of Green Gables Storybook
016755: MONTGOMERY, RUTH SHICK - Ruth Montgomery: Herald of the New Age
009083: MONTGOMERY, R. A. - Space and Beyond - Choose Your Own Adventure
013457: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Anne of Avonlea
019226: MONTGOMERY, L. M. - The Alpine path: The story of my career
013427: MONTGOMERY, L.M.;CLAUS, M.A. - Anne of Green Gables
013191: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Pat of Silver Bush
015490: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Pat of Silver Bush
018381: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Anne of Green Gables
006615: MONTREAL HEALTH PRESS STAFF - Menopause: a Well Woman Book
012926: MONTZ, FREDRICK J.;BRISTOW, ROBERT E.;ANASTASIA-DAVIS, - A Guide To Survivorship For Women With Ovarian Cancer
006263: MOODIE, SUSANNA - Roughing It in the Bush: Or Forest Life in Canada
008389: MOODY, SKYE KATHLEEN - K Falls
010088: MOODY, JO - Beads - Easy to Make Projects to Give and Treasure
015936: MOODY, RICK - Purple America
001447: MOORE, BRIAN - The Magician's Wife
006154: MOORE, MICHAEL - Dude, Where's My Country?
006201: MOORE, MICHAEL - Stupid White Men: and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation!
003516: MOORE, TOM - The Plains of Madness
003959: MOORE, PETE - Super Bugs: Rogue Diseases of the Twenty-First Century
008413: MOORE, PETER - Vroom with a View : In Search of Italy's Dolce Vita on a '61 Vespa
017073: MOORE, KATHLEEN DEAN - Holdfast: At Home in the Natural World
010880: MOORE, TIM - French Revolutions : Cycling the Tour de France
015019: MOORE, THOMAS - Care of the Soul: A Guide to Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life
012504: MOORE, COLIN - Outdoors in New Zealand
014530: MOORE, JIM - Swan: The Second Voyage
019361: MOOREHEAD, ALAN - Fatal Impact
015594: MOOREHEAD, ALAN - Darwin and the Beagle
015839: MOOREHEAD, ALAN - The Fatal Impact: The Invasion of the South Pacific, 1767-1840
015127: MOORMAN, MARY, EDITOR - Journals of Dorothy Wordsworth: The Alfoxden Journal, 1798; The Grasmere Journals, 1800-1803
004918: MOOSEWOOD COLLECTIVE - Sundays at Moosewood Restaurant
009528: MORAES, DOM F. - Indira Gandhi
005006: MORAN, RICHARD - Doomsday: End-of-the-World Scenarios
006479: MORAN, LINDSAY - Blowing My Cover: My Life as a Cia Spy
012242: MORANTZ, ALAN - Where Is Here: Canada's Maps and the Stories They Tell
001346: MORAVEC, IVO - Tightrope Passage: Along the Refugee Route to Canada
018166: MORCK, IRENE - Apples and Angel Ladders: A Collection of Pioneer Christmas Stories
005580: MORDECAI RICHLER, EDITOR - Canadian Writing Today
013998: MORDECAI SIEGAL, EDITOR - Simon and Schuster's Guide to Cats
019070: MORDECAI RICHLER - Mordecai Richler Was Here - Selected Writings
006136: MORDEN LAZARUS - Years of Hard Labour-Trade Unions and the Working Man in Canada
004081: MORE, THOMAS; ADAMS, ROBERT MARTIN - Utopia-a Norton Critical Edition
020483: MOREY HOLZMAN; JOSEPH NIEFORTH - Deceptions and Doublecross: How the NHL Conquered Hockey
015932: MORGAN, BERNICE - Random Passage
007542: MORGAN, ROBIN - The Demon Lover: the Roots of Terrorism
003568: MORGAN, MARLO - Message From Forever
013014: MORGAN, ELAINE - The Descent of Woman
010455: MORGAN, MARLO - Mutant Message Down Under
016307: MORGAN, BERNICE - Random Passage
014661: MORGAN, BERNICE - Waiting for Time
008618: MORGAN, BERNICE - Random Passage
011766: MORGAN, EDMUND SEARS - The Puritan Dilemma: The Story Of John Winthrop
016308: MORGAN, BERNICE - Waiting for Time
016506: MORGAN, BERNICE - The Topography of Love - Stories
000750: MORI, KYOKO - Polite Lies: on Being a Woman Caught Between Cultures
000042: MORIE MORRISON - Here's How in Golf
015513: MORIYAMA, YUKIKO AND THE EDITORS OF JOIE INC. - Favourite Japanese Dishes
004290: MORLEY, JOHN - Pictures From the Water Trade-an Englishman in Japan
005017: MORLEY, PATRICIA - Selected Stories of Ernest Thompson Seton
004814: MORLEY, JOHN DAVID - Pictures From the Water Trade: Adventures of a Westerner in Japan
010117: MORLEY CALLAGHAN - A Passion in Rome
011486: MORLEY CALLAGHAN - Our Lady of the Snows
017429: MORLEY, SHERIDAN - John Gielgud: The Authorized Biography
007741: MORPURGO, MICHAEL - Kensuke's Kingdom
010668: MORRELL, DAVID - Assumed Identity
004409: MORRIS, MARY MCGARRY - Songs in Ordinary Time
001831: MORRIS, MARY - House Arrest
005943: MORRIS, MARY - Nothing to Declare: Memoirs of a Woman Traveling Alone
006759: MORRIS, JAN - Hong Kong
003988: MORRIS, JAN - Destinations: Essays From Rolling Stone
004739: MORRIS, DESMOND - Catwatching-Why Cats Purr and Everything Else You Ever Wanted to Know
003347: MORRIS BISHOP - A Survey of French Literature the Middle Ages to 1800
007358: MORRIS, JAN - The Matter of Wales-Epic Views of a Small Country
003602: MORRIS, THOMAS V.; MORRIS, TOM PH.D. - If Aristotle Ran General Motors: the New Soul of Business
003360: MORRIS, JAN - City to City-Canada Through the Eyes of the Greatest Travel Writer of Our Day
004889: MORRIS, JAN - A Writer's House in Wales
008351: MORRIS, MARY, EDITOR - Maiden Voyages: Writings of Women Travelers
002056: MORRIS, JAN - Destinations: Essays From Rolling Stone
013185: MORRIS, DOUG - From the Flight Deck: Plane Talk and Sky Science
018434: MORRIS, JACKIE - Can You See a Little Bear?
014074: MORRIS, JAN - Fifty Years of Europe: An Album
013408: MORRIS, MARY - Nothing to Declare: Memoirs of a Woman Traveling Alone
003274: MORRIS, KENNETH - The Chalchiuhite Dragon: a Tale of Toltec Times
019235: MORRIS, CAROLL - A Suzuki Parent's Diary, or How I Survived My First 10,000 Twinkles (Suzuki Method International S)
017199: MORRIS, ROGER - Partners in Power: The Clintons and Their America
002246: MORRISON, TONI - Jazz
002410: MORRISON, TONI - Beloved
005246: MORRISON, SARAH LYDDON - The Modern Witch's Book of Herbs and Healing
006496: MORRISON, TONI - The Bluest Eye
007137: MORRISON, BLAKE - The Justification of Johann Gutenberg
018958: MORRISON, AMANDA;MATTHEWS, CALLY - Simple Handmade Furniture: 23 Step-By-Step Weekend Projects
008959: MORRISON, C., HUGHES, PHILIP - Professional Engineering Practice: Ethical Aspects
009015: MORRISON, C. F. P. - Professional Engineering Practice : Ethical Aspects
015675: MORRISON, BLAKE - The Justification of Johann Gutenberg
013397: MORROW, LANCE - Evil: an Investigation
003713: MORROW, P - Beyond Everest
012354: MORROW, JAMES - The Last Witchfinder : A Novel
012120: MORROW, PATRICK ET AL - Adventures in Photography
012969: MORROW, JAMES - This Is the Way the World Ends
002322: MORSE, ERIC - Freshwater Saga: Memoirs of a Lifetime of Wilderness Canoeing in Canada
002238: MORTIMER, PETER - Broke Through Britain: One Man's Penniless Odyssey
008398: MORTIMER, JOHN - The Summer of a Dormouse
011476: MORTIMER, MONTY - Competition Training for Horse and Rider
015648: MORTON, DESMOND - A Short History of Canada
004370: MORTON, ANDREW - Madonna
004733: MORTON, W. L.; HANNON, LESLIE F. - This Land, These People: an Illustrated History of Canada
007565: MORTON, MARK; NOBLE, GAIL - The End: Closing Words for a Millennium
004439: MORTON, DESMOND - A Short History of Canada
011716: MORTON KELLER, EDITOR - The New Deal, What Was it?
009534: MORTON, DESMOND - Working People - an Illustrated History of the Canadian Labour Movement
010564: MORTON, FREDERIC - A Nervous Splendor : Vienna, 1888-1889
013354: MORTON, MARK STEVEN;MORTON, MARK;NOBLE, GAIL - The End: Closing Words for a Millennium
011000: MORTON SHULMAN - The Billion Dollar Windfall
012300: MORTON, DESMOND - A Short History of Canada
013587: MORTON, DESMOND - A Short History of Canada
015727: MORTON, DESMOND - A Short History of Canada
020754: MORTON PATERSON - Walking the Canary - life Stories Dedicated to My Grandchildren
016305: MOSES, BARBARA PH.D. - Career Intelligence: Mastering the New Work and Personal Realities
004632: MOSHER, STEVEN W. - Broken Earth: the Rural Chinese
009851: MOSLEY, LEONARD - Lindbergh: A Biography
016085: MOSS, CYNTHIA AND MARTYN COLBECK - Echo of the Elephants: The Story of an Elephant Family
016727: MOSS, JOHN GEORGE - Invisible Among the Ruins: Field Notes of a Canadian in Ireland
011042: MOSS, LINDA - SCOTT READE - Wolf Song Visions - the Earthwalk of Lela and Kahla Remembered
000247: MOSS, JOHN - Invisible Among the Ruins: Field Notes of a Canadian in Ireland
017329: MOTLAGH, HUSHIDAR HUGH - One God, Many Faiths, One Garden, Many Flowers
007158: MOWAT, CLAIRE - The French Isles
004183: MOWAT, FARLEY - Born Naked
005021: MOWAT, FARLEY - A Whale for the Killing
008961: MOWAT, FARLEY - The World of Farley Mowat - a Selection from His Works
004378: MOWAT, FARLEY - My Discovery of America
013326: MOWAT, FARLEY - Born Naked: The Early Adventures of the Author of Never Cry Wolf
013085: MOWAT, FARLEY - Aftermath: Travels in a Post-War World
014103: MOWAT, FARLEY - The World of Farley Mowat - a Selection from His Works
016608: MOWAT, FARLEY - A Whale for the Killing
016610: MOWAT, FARLEY - Aftermath: Travels in a Post-War World
019038: MOWAT, FARLEY - The Snow Walker
007035: MOWLL, JOSHUA - Operation Red Jericho
006932: MOWLL, JOSHUA - Operation Typhoon Shore Bk. 2: the Guild of Specialists Book 2
013624: MOYER, NANCY - Escape from the Killing Fields: One Girl Who Survived the Cambodian Holocaust
017265: MOYNAHAN, JOHN K. - 50 Years at the Game: A Sports Traveler's Journey
005119: MOYNIHAN, DANIEL - Came the Revolution: Argument in the Reagan Era
007415: MOYNIHAN, DANIEL P. - Ethnicity: Theory and Experience
008244: MOYNIHAN, RUTH B.;ARMITAGE, SUSAN - So Much to Be Done: Women Settlers on the Mining and Ranching Frontier
001385: MOYSES VELLINHO - Brazil South: Its Conquest and Settlement
020033: MR. P.N.N. SYNNOTT - Kilkea Castle: A History
005453: MRS. HUMPHRY WARD - England's Effort-Letters to an American Friend
016518: MRS. NORMAN VINCENT PEALE - The Adventure of Being a Wife
009931: MRS. MARY J. HOLMES (1825-1907) - The Rector of St. Mark's
013996: MRS. ROBERT HENREY - A Month in Paris
011244: MRS. G. R. HARDING WOOD - What Shall I tell Them? - A New Series of Talks to Women
009236: MSGR. GEORGE A. KELLY, EDITOR - Church and state in America:Catholic Questions
020378: MUHAMMAD YUNUS - Banker to the Poor - Micro-Lending and the Battle Against World Poverty
006025: MUIR, JOHN - The Wilderness World of John Muir
005886: MUIR, JOHN - Travels in Alaska
008281: MUIR, RICHARD - The Villages of England
003906: MUIR, JOHN - Story of My Boyhood and Youth, the
003968: MUIR, JOHN; BADE, WILLIAM FREDERIC - The Cruise of the Corwin: Journal of the Arctic Expedition of 1881 in Search of De Long and the Jeannette
011015: MUIR, KATE - Left Bank
003630: MUISE, D.A. - A Reader's Guide to Canadian History-1: Beginnings to Confederation
009608: MUISE, D.A. - A Reader's Guide to Canadian History Vol. 1 & 2
012931: MUJICA, BARBARA - Frida
020816: MUKHERJEE BHARATI - The Holder Of The World
020174: MUKHTAR MAI - In the Name of Honor
015190: MULDER, NIELS - Inside Indonesian Society: Cultural Change in Java
003359: MULHALLEN, KAREN - Views From the North-an Anthology of Travel Writing
008944: MULLAN, BOB - In Search of Love
000933: MULLEN, ROBERT - Americas
015469: MULLEN, TOM - Rivers Of Change - Trailing the Waterways of Lewis & Clark
001620: MULLIGAN, JOHN - Shopping Cart Soldiers
003023: MULLINS, EUSTACE - Ezra Pound, This Difficult Individual
011629: MULLINS, JOSEPH G. - Hawaiian Journey
010160: MUMEY, JACK - Sex and Sobriety: Facing the Fear and Building a New Sexual Life
011405: MUMFORD, CLIVE - Portrait of the Isles of Scilly
018325: MUMM, DEBBIE - Debbie Mumm's New Expressions
000516: MUNAH RACY, ILLUSTRATED BY BY THE AUTHOR - The Blue Bead-a Story of Lebanese Love and Emigration
017298: MUNDAY, JOHN - Naval Cannon
013829: MUNESHIGE NARAZAKI - Studies in Nature:Hokusai-Hiroshige
004666: MUNRO, ALICE - The Progress of Love
019997: MUNRO, ALICE - Runaway
012994: MUNRO, ELEANOR - On Glory Roads: A Pilgrim's Book About Pilgrimage
010570: MUNRO, ALICE - The View from Castle Rock
019383: MUNRO, ALICE - Selected Stories Of Alice Munro
010300: MUNSEY, TERENCE - The Flight of the Stoneman's Son
010830: MUNSEY, TERENCE - The Keeper of Three - Book 2 The Stoneman Series
011127: MURAKAMI, HARUKI - A Wild Sheep Chase: A Novel
018427: MURASAKI SHIKIBU - The Tale of Genji
003422: MURDOCH, IRIS - Severed Head
018510: MURIEL WHITAKER, EDITOR - Great Canadian Animal Stories
004601: MURIEL E. MORLEY - Cleft Palate and Speech
001601: MURIEL WHITAKER-EDITOR - Great Canadian Animal Stories: Sixteen Stories By Sixteen Masters
016316: MURIEL SIBELL WOLLE - The Bonanza Trail - Ghost Towns and Mining camps of the West
016803: MURIEL BARBERY - The Elegance of the Hedgehog
019416: MURIEL E. NEWTON-WHITE - November - Rabbit Tails
011319: MURIEL P. TUROFF - How to make Pottery and Other Ceramic Ware
015300: MURIEL BRECKENRIDGE - Lap Quilting - how to Make Beautiful Quilted Projects large and Small
000894: MURPHY, DEBORAH ANN WITH BEVERLEY ZADIKOFF - Samplers for the Nursery and Children's Rooms
014499: MURPHY, JOHN - Traditional Irish Recipes
004077: MURPHY, SARAH - The Measure of Miranda
000388: MURPHY, SARAH - The Forgotten Voices of Jane Dark
002036: MURPHY, MAUREEN O'ROURKE; MACKILLOP, JAMES - Irish Literature: a Reader
002195: MURPHY, DERVLA - South From the Limpopo: Travels Through South Africa
008428: MURPHY, ROBERT F. - The Body Silent
019533: MURPHY, DERVLA - In Cameron With Egbert
010817: MURPHY, SHIRLEY R. - The Ring of Fire
014216: MURPHY, JOSEPH E. - South to the Pole by Ski/Nine Men and Two Women Pioneer a New Route to the South Pole
016959: MURPHY, PHILIP - Summer Island
019171: MURPHY, JIM - The Great Fire
000048: MURRAY, GEORGE - Carousel: a Book of Second Thoughts
007436: MURRAY, JOHN - A Few Short Notes on Tropical Butterflies: Stories
008742: MURRAY, WILLIAM - The Last Italian: Portrait of a People
019947: MURRAY, KEN - The Golden Days of San Simeon
009229: MURRAY, GEORGE - The Cottage Builder's Letter
009379: MURRAY, BILL;PEPER, GEORGE - Cinderella Story: My Life in Golf
020624: MURRAY SUID - Demonic Mnemonics: 800 Spelling Tricks for 800 Tricky Words (Fearon teacher-aid books)
015996: MURRAY, PEARL - Sometimes on Saturday
017769: MURRAY, AMELIA JANE - A Regency Lady's Faery Bower
016814: MURRAY, PAT - The Charlton Standard Catalogue of Wade: General Issues Vol. 1
018209: MURRAY, GIL - Nothing on but the Radio
009730: MUSE, KENNETH - Photo One : Basic Photo Text
018610: MUSEUM NEWS - THE TOLEDO MUSEUM OF ART VOL. 21 NO. 3 - The Cloister
006924: MUSGRAVE, SUSAN - Cocktails at the Mausoleum
001695: MUSGRAVE, SUSAN - Cargo of Orchids
004741: MUSKE-DUKES, CAROL - Married to the Icepick Killer: a Poet in Hollywood
020004: MUSSIO, RUSSELL; MUSSIO, WESLEY - Backroad Mapbook: Kamloops/Okanagan Region
004111: MUSTAFA, SOPHIA - In the Shadow of Kirinyaga: Novel
007215: MYERHOFF, BARBARA G. - Peyote Hunt: the Sacred Journey of the Huichol Indians
013720: MYERS, ROBERT H. - Self-Governance and Cooperation
012469: MYERS, JAY - The Great Canadian Road: A History of Yonge Street
015463: MYERS, WALTER DEAN - Antarctica: Journeys to the South Pole
010761: MYRACLE, LAUREN - Ttyl
006121: MYRIAM KAYE - An Illustrated Guide to Bombay and Goa
000599: MYRNA KATZ FROMMER AND HARVEY FROMMER - Growing Up Jewish in America: an Oral History
000749: MYRTLE JEANNE BROLEY - Eagle Man
020427: MYRTLE SIEBERT - From Fjord to Floathouse: One Family's Journey from the Farmlands of Norway to the Coast of British Columbia
004639: MYSS, CAROLINE - Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential
019521: MYSS, CAROLINE - Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential
010877: N. TINBERGEN - Social Behaviour in Animals - with Special reference to Vertebrates
011353: N.C. STEPANOFF - Say it in Russian
018933: N.E. THING ENTERPRISES - Magic Eye: A New Way of Looking at the World
007571: NABAR, VRINDA - Caste as Woman
009838: NACHTIGALL, LILA;HEILMAN, JOAN RATTNER - Estrogen - the Facts Can Change Your Life
011979: NADEL, BARBARA - Dance with Death
017961: NADEL, IRA - Various Positions - a Life of Leonard Cohen
013058: NADINE DAJANI - Fashionably Lake - What Happens in Cuba Stays in Cuba
012027: NAFISA HAJI - The Writing on My Forehead
005574: NAFISI, AZAR - Reading Lolita in Tehran: a Memoir in Books
004403: NAGLER, ALOIS M. - Source Book in Theatrical History
019458: NAIPAUL, V.S. - Vintage Naipaul
012782: NAIPAUL, V.S. - A Bend in the River
003353: NAIPAUL, SHIVA - Unfinished Journey
013043: NAIPAUL, V. S. - The Writer and the World : Essays
018727: NAIPAUL, V.S. - India: A Million Mutinies Now
008349: NAIPAUL, V. S. - Literary Occasions : Essays
013039: NAIPAUL, V.S. - India: A Wounded Civilization
013025: NAIPAUL, V. S. - Magic Seeds
011095: NAIPAUL, V. S. - A Bend in the River
014406: NAIPAUL, V.S. - In a Free State
012959: NAIPAUL, V. S. - Half a Life
013383: NAIPAUL, V. S. - Literary Occasions : Essays
018715: NAIPAUL, V. S. - Among the Believers : An Islamic Journey
018700: NAIPAUL, V. S. - India : A Wounded Civilization
004067: NAISBITT, JOHN - Megatrends Asia: Eight Asian Megatrends That Are Reshaping Our World
016527: NAISBITT, JOHN - Megatrends: Ten New Directions Transforming Our Lives
018327: NAKHJAVANI, BAHIYYIH - The Saddlebag
019358: NALTY, BERNARD C. - The Pacific War: The Story of the Bitter Struggle in the Pacific Theatre of World War II (Classic Conflicts)
018576: NAN SHIPLEY - The James Evans Story
013399: NANCY SOUTHAM, EDITOR - Pierre: Colleagues and Friends Talk About the Trudeau They Knew
014092: NANCY, TED L. - Letters from a Nut
005673: NANCY FRIDAY - Men in Love-Men's Sexual Fantasies: the Triumph of Love Over Rage
003540: NANCY EDMONDS HANSON - How You Can Make $25, 000 a Year Writing (No Matter Where You Live)
009101: NANCY DRAPER AND MARGARET F. ATKINSON - Ballet for Beginners
005005: NANCY PHELAN & MICHAEL VOLIN - Yoga Over Forty
018315: NANCY MILLAR - The Unmentionable History of the West
015039: NANCY PHELAN & MICHAEL VOLIN - Yoga Over Forty
017482: NANCY HOUSTON - Fault Lines
011789: NANDAN NILEKANI - Imagining India - Ideas For the New Century
009457: NANDOR FODOR - Between Two Worlds
004309: NAOMI WOLF - The Beauty Myth
012426: NAOMI WOLF - The Beauty Myth
020569: NAPOLEON A. COMEAU - Life and Sport on the North Shore of the Lower St.. Lawrence and Gulf
016825: NARAYAN, R.K.;KAMPAR RAMAYANAM;KAMPAR - Ramayana: A Shortened Prose Version of the Indian Epic
018045: NASAR, SYLVIA - A Beautiful Mind: A Biography of John Forbes Nash, Jr., Winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, 1994
005924: NASH, EDWARD L. - Database Marketing: the Ultimate Marketing Tool
018931: NASH-MARSHALL, SIOBHAN - Joan of Arc: A Spiritual Biography
015994: NASH, BRUCE M.;NASH, BRUCE;ZULLO, ALLAN;WHITE, GEORGE - The Golf Nut's Book of Amazing Feats & Records
018982: NASH, RONALD J. - The Arctic Small Tool Tradition in Manitoba
019876: NASON, JIM - Fist of Remembering, The
015347: NATALIA BELTING - The Earth is on a Fish's Back - Tales of Beginnings
019875: NATALIE ZEMON DAVIS - The Return of Martin Guerre
005057: NATHAN, LEONARD; NATHAN, LENOARD - Diary of a Left-Handed Birdwatcher
017637: NATHAN, JOAN - Jewish Cooking in America
006520: NATHANIEL PHILBRICK - Revenge of the Whale-the True Story of the Whaleship Essex
004539: NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR LAW PLACEMENT STAFF - Beyond L. a. Law: Stories of People Who'Ve Done Fascinating Things With a Law Degree
000883: NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL - Aging Population in the Twenty-First Century: Statistics for Health Policy
009917: NATIONAL KIDNEY FOUNDATION - Primer On Kidney Diseases
012706: NATSUO KIRINO - Real World
013686: NATTRASS, BRIAN;ALTOMARE, MARY - Dancing With the Tiger: Learning Sustainability Step by Natural Step
013782: NAVA, MICHAEL;DAWIDOFF, ROBERT - Created Equal: Why Gay Rights Matter to America
012809: NAVARRA, FERNAND - Noah's Ark:I Touched It: I Touched It
008514: NAVARRA, TOVA ET AL - Therapeutic Communication
014712: NAYAN CHANDA - Bound Together - how Traders, preachers, Adventurers, and Warriors Shaped Globalization
013086: NAYRA ATIYA - Khul-Khaal - Five Egyptian Women Tell their Stories
019873: NAZANIN AFSHIN-JAM & SUSAN MCCLELLAND - The Tale of Two Mazanins - a Memoir
004523: NEAL, CONNIE - The Gospel According to Harry Potter: Spirituality in the Stories of the World's Most Famous Seeker
020793: NEALE DONALD WALSCH - Conversations With God : An Uncommon Dialogue (Book 2)
020670: NEALE DONALD WALSCH - Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue, Book 1
019069: NECHIPORENKO, OLEG M.COL. - Passport to Assassination: The Never-Before-Told Story of Lee Harvey Oswald by the KGB Colonel Who Knew Him
006234: NED V. SCHIMIZZI - Mastering the Metric System
020733: NED E. HOOPES AND RICHARD PECK - Edge of Awareness
018112: NEDJMA - C. JANE HUNTER - The Almond - the Sexual Awakening of a Muslim Woman
007320: NEEDHAM, JOSEPH - Within the Four Seas: the Dialogue of East and West
004094: NEEDLES, DAN - With Axe and Flask: the History of Persephone Township From Pre-Cambrian Times to the Present Day
014761: NEELY, LOIS - Come up to This Mountain: The Miracle of Clarence W. Jones & HCJB
008061: NEERING, ROSEMARY; MCCRIMMON, MARILYN - Facing Changes, Finding Freedom : Canadian Women at Midlife
002938: NEERING, ROSEMARY - Wild West Women: Travellers, Adventurers and Rebels
011364: NEHRING, JAMES - Why Do We Gotta Do This Stuff, Mr. Nehring?: Notes from a Teacher's Day in School
004164: NEIDJIE, BILL; STEPHEN DAVIS, ALLAN FOX - Australia's Kakadu Man: Bill Neidjie
005195: NEIL SHEEHAN - A Bright Shining Lie-John Paul Vann and America in Vietnam
009039: NEIL JACOBY, JAMES HOWELL - European Economics - East and West
018412: NEIL PASRICHA - The Book of Awesome
020138: NEIL TUROK - The Universe Within - from Quantum to Cosmos
020262: NEIL YOUNG - Special Deluxe
017609: NEIL BISSOONDATH - The Worlds Within Her -a Novel
020179: NEIL GAIMAN - Trigger Warning - Short Fictins and Disturbances
016848: NEIL BARTLETT - Ready to Catch Him Should he Fall - a Novel
000028: NEILL, KENNETH - An Illustrated History of the Irish People
007918: NEITA-CHEN, DENISE - Journey
001360: NELSON C. NYE - Your Western Horse-His Ways and His Rider
006195: NELSON, JIM - Bear Encounters-Tales From the Wild Side
007188: NELSON, SARA - So Many Books, So Little Time: a Year of Passionate Reading
001252: NELSON H. H. GRABURN - Eskimos Without Igloos-Social and Economic Development in Sugluk
014301: NELSON, WILLIE;PIPKIN, TURK - The Tao of Willie: A Guide to the Happiness in Your Heart
012015: NELSON, JAMES B. - Sexuality and the Sacred: Sources for Theological Reflection
014605: NELSON, WILLIE;BLAKELY, MIKE - A Tale Out of Luck - a Novel
012303: NELSON, RICHARD K. - The Island Within
016738: NELSON, STEPHEN L. - Field Guide to Microsoft Excel 5 for Windows
011157: NEMAT, MARINA - Prisoner of Tehran : One Woman's Story of Survival Inside an Iranian Prison
010384: NEMECEK, LARRY - The Star Trek, the Next Generation - Companion
018384: NERUDA, PABLO;MERWIN, W.S. - Isla Negra: A Notebook - Bilingual Edition
016292: NESBIT, E. - The Railway Children
000558: NESTA ROBERTS - Companion Guide to Normandy
009038: NETT, EMILY M. - Canadian Families: Past and Present
002082: NETTL, BRUNO - Reference Materials in Ethnomusicology-a Bibliographic Essay
007321: NEUSNER, JACOB COMP - The Life of Torah; Readings in the Jewish Religious Experience
003850: NEUSNER, JACOB - There We Sat Down: Talmudic Judaism in the Making: Talmudic Judaism in the Making
011605: NEVIL SHUTE - The Rainbow and The Rose
011183: NEVIL SHUTE - The Chequer Board
011184: NEVIL SHUTE - The Rainbow and the Rose
002223: NEVILLE, GILES; - Incidents in the Life of Joseph Grimaldi
005862: NEVILLE BRAYBROOKE - London in Color
017910: NEVILLE, GILES - Incidents in the Life of Joseph Grimaldi
011209: NEVILLE, JILL - Swimming the Channel
004728: NEW YORK TIMES COMPANY WOMEN'S MAGAZINES STAFF - The Hunter Douglas Guide to Window Decorating: the Complete Reference for Designing Beautiful Window Treatments
000584: NEW, W. H. - A History of Canadian Literature
010066: NEWALL, R. S. - Stonehenge
010554: NEWBORN, BARBARA - Return to Ithaca: A Woman's Triumph over the Disabilities of a Severe Stroke
004928: NEWBY, ERIC - A Book of Travellers' Tales
003066: NEWBY, ERIC - What the Traveller Saw
019217: NEWBY, ERIC - The Big Red Train Ride
010067: NEWHORN, PAULA - Primal Sensuality; New Horizons and Explorations for Lovers
016332: NEWHOUSE, MIRIAM AND PETER MESSASLINE - The Actor's Survival Kit
006123: NEWLANDS, ANNE; CARR, EMILY - Emily Carr: an Introduction to Her Life and Art
002815: NEWLOVE, DONALD - Invented Voices: Inspired Dialogue for Writers and Readers
012576: NEWMAN, PETER CHARLES - True North, Not Strong and Free: Defending the Peaceable Kingdom in the Nuclear Age
009445: NEWMAN, PETER CHARLES - The Canadian Revolution, 1985-1995: From Deference to Defiance
020372: NEWMAN, KENNETH - Birds of Southern Africa 1: Kruger National Park
005281: NEWMAN, MILDRED - How to Be Your Own Best Friend: a Conversation With Two Psychoanalysts
005378: NEWMAN, PETER C. - The Secret Mulroney Tapes: Unguarded Confessions of a Prime Minister
008786: NEWMAN, RICHARD;SAWYER, MARCIA - Everybody Say Freedom: Everything You Need to Know About African-American History
009026: NEWMAN, FRAN;LANDSBERG, MICHELE - Children in Crisis: Support for Teachers and Parents
013257: NEWMAN, PETER CHARLES - The Canadian Revolution, 1985-1995: From Deference to Defiance
015940: NEWMAN, PETER C. - The Canadian Revolution : From Deference to Defiance
020041: NEWMAN, PETER C. - Caesars of the Wilderness
001826: NEWTON-WHITE, MURIEL E. - Backhouses of the North
010799: NEWTON-WHITE, MURIEL E. - Rabbit Tales in Temiskaming
014393: NEWTON, JOHN;COLLINS, JUDY - Amazing Grace
009220: NGAIO MARSH - New Zealand
018335: NI, HUA-CHING - Entering the Tao: Master Ni's Guidance for Self-Cultivation
014414: NIALL FERGUSON, EDITOR - Virtual History: Alternatives and Counterfactuals
018552: NIALL FERGUSON - Civilization - The West and the Rest
015633: NICHOL, JOHN - Bites and Stings: The World of Venomous Animals
014609: NICHOL, BARBARA - Tales of Don Quixote: Book II
015152: NICHOLAS MONSARRAT - The Master Mariner Book I - Running Proud
007914: NICHOLAS BENNETT - Zigzag to Timbuktu
020519: NICHOLAS PASHLEY - Cheers! An Intemperate History of Beer in Canada
009095: NICHOLAS, ANNA KATHERINE - French Bulldogs
019654: NICHOLAS RUDDOCK - The Parabolist
010508: NICHOLAS, MARGARET - The World's Greatest Psychics and Mystics
008882: NICHOLL, DESMOND S. T. - An Introduction to Genetic Engineering
019663: NICHOLS, PETER - Evolution's Captain: The Dark Fate of the Man Who Sailed Charles Darwin Around the World
004229: NICHOLS, RUTH - The Left-Handed Spirit
002171: NICHOLS, BARBARA; HANSEN, PATTY - Out of the Blue: Delight Comes Into Our Lives
013662: NICHOLS, RUTH - The Left-Handed Spirit
018671: NICHOLS, ROSS - The Book of Druidry - History, Sites and Wisdom
014570: NICHOLSON, SHIRLEY - A Victorian Household
010340: NICHOLSON J. EASTMAN, M.D. & KEITH P. RUSSELL, M.D. - Expectant Motherhood
011373: NICHOLSON, GEOFF - Day Trips to the Desert: A Sort of Travel Book
019335: NICHOLSON BAKER - The Way the World Works
005153: NICK AND HELMA MIKA - Mosaic of Canada on Postage Stamps
015499: NICK JOHNSTONE - Johnny Depp - The Illustrated Biography
020606: NICK AUF DER MAUR - Nick: A Montreal Life: Nick Auf Der Maur
014072: NICK HORNBY - Slam - a Novel
020482: NICK MIKA - Railways of Canada;: A pictorial history
020612: NICK BANTOCK - The Golden Mean: In Which the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin & Sabine Concludes
003327: NICKERSON, SHEILA - Disappearance: a Map a Meditation on Death and Loss in the High Latitudes
004248: NICKERSON, SHEILA - Midnight to the North: the Untold Story of the Woman Who Saved the Polaris Expedition
018540: NICKERSON, WILLIAM - How I Turned $1,000 into Five Million in Real Estate in My Spare Time
012717: NICOL, JOHN;FLANNERY, TIM F. - The Life and Adventures of John Nicol, Mariner
000189: NICOLAS SLONIMSKY - Music of Latin America
014309: NICOLAS BOUVIER - The Way of the World
020824: NICOLE BROSSARD - Mauve Desert
000039: NICOLSON, ADAM - On Foot: Guided Walks in England, France, and the United States
017664: NICOLSON, ADAM - God's Secretaries: The Making of the King James Bible
006313: NIELSEN, ROBERT F. - Athlete's Foot, Or, How I Failed at Sports
001968: NIELSEN, JERRI; VOLLERS, MARYANNE - Ice Bound: a Doctor's Incredible Battle for Survival at the South Pole
009594: NIELSEN, JOYCE MCCARL - Sex and Gender in Society: Perspectives on Stratification
010291: NIERENBERG, GERARD - The Art of Negotiating
000806: NIESEWAND, NONIE - Bedrooms and Bathrooms
006731: NIETZSCHE, FRIEDRICH; KAUFMANN, WALTER; HOLLINGDALE, R.J. - On the Genealogy of Morals/Ecce Homo
019864: NIGEL BLUNDELL - A Pictorial History of Joseph Stalin
019268: NIGEL CAWTHORNE - Stalin - the Murderous Career of the Red Tsar
006835: NIGEL CAWTHORNE - 100 Catastrophic Disasters
006836: NIGEL, MARSH - Fat, Forty and Fired
008489: NIGEL CAWTHORNE - Witch Hunt - History of a Persecution
018242: NIGEL CAWTHORNE - Pirates - an Illustrated History
016147: NIGEL CAWTHORNE - A History of Pirates - Blood and Thunder on the High Seas
000246: NIKOLAI VORONOV - The Crest of the Summer
004437: NILA REYNOLDS - Dream of Excellence-Haliburton Highlands Guild of Fine Arts
010343: NILES, DOUGLAS - Darkenheight - Book Two of the Watershed Trilogy
008504: NIN, ANAIS - The Diary of Anais Nin Vol. VII 1966-1974
016296: NIN, ANAIS - A Spy in the House of Love
012575: NINA HART - Crosses to Bear Love to Share - a Dedication to Single Mothers
020287: NINA MACLAUGHLIN - Hammer Head - the Making of a Carpenter
017314: NINO RICCI - The Origin of Species - a Novel
003732: NIXON, RICHARD - No More Vietnams
009027: NIXON, HERSHELL H.;NIXON, JOAN LOWERY - Land Under the Sea
016163: NOAKES, VIVIEN - Edward Lear: The Life of a Wanderer
020660: NOAM CHOMSKY - Hegemony or Survival: America's Quest for Global Dominance (American Empire Project)
020516: NOAM CHOMSKY - The Chomsky Reader
003004: NOBLE, CHRISTINA - Over the High Passes: the True Story of One Woman's Year in the Mimalayas
005787: NOBLET, MARTINE; WALKER, MAUREEN; BRUYCKER, DANIEL DE - Tibet-Tintin's Travel Diaries
008011: NOE, JOHN - Peak Performance Principles for High Achievers
009783: NOEL LANGLEY - HUGH LYNN CAYCE - Edgar Cayce on Reincarnation
019923: NOEL RILEY FITCH - Sylvia Beach and the Lost Generation
011328: NOEL BARR - The Wise Robin
011329: NOEL BARR - Mick The Disobedient Puppy
011330: NOEL BARR - Tiptoes The Mischievous Kitten
007085: NOER, DAVID M. - Healing the Wounds: Overcoming the Trauma of Layoffs and Revitalizing Downsized Organizations
011913: NOLAN, CHRISTOPHER - Under the Eye of the Clock: The Life Story of Christopher Nolan
006262: NOLEN, STEPHANIE - Shakespeare's Face: is This the Face of a Genius?
004546: NOLLMAN, JIM - Man Who Talks to Whales, the: the Art of Interspecies Communication
016211: NOLLMAN, JIM - The Beluga Cafe : My Strange Adventure with Art, Music, and Whales in the Far North
016128: NOONAN, PEGGY - When Character Was King: A Story of Ronald Reagan
003166: NOONE, PETER - John Dum: a Frolic
012319: NORA EPHRON - I Feel Bad About My Neck and Other Thoughts on Being a Woman
017686: NORA EPHRON - I Feel Bad About My Neck and Other Thoughts on Being a Woman
020677: NORA EPHRON - I Remember Nothing and Other Reflections
019413: NORA ARCHIBALD SMITH - Boys & Girls Of Bookland
010719: NORCLIFFE, G. B. - Inferential Statistics for Geographers: An Introduction
014212: NORDEGG, MARTIN - To the Town That Bears Your Name - a Woman's Journey to Nordegg in 1912
001992: NORFOLK, LAWRENCE - In the Shape of a Boar
005312: NORMA LORIMER - By the Waters of Carthage
011647: NORMA S. DE CASTRO, PH.D - My Dog My Other Self - Why Owners Have tics and Dogs Have Spasms
007240: NORMA SLUMAN - Blackfoot Crossing-an Early Novel of Alberta
007638: NORMA ALLOWAY - Listening: Friendly Thoughts From the Seashore
019496: NORMA WEST LINDER - No Common Thread - the Selected Short Fiction of...
004919: NORMAN LEWIS - Goddess in the Stones-Travels in India
005537: NORMAN HILLSON - Alexander of Tunis-Biographical Portrait of a Distinguished Soldier Statesman
004384: NORMAN LEVINE, EDITOR - Canadian Winter Tales
007004: NORMAN DAVIES - Europe East & West
020751: NORMAN MAILER - Barbary Shore
000910: NORMAN KIELL, EDITOR - Blood Brothers: Siblings as Writers
001876: NORMAN, HOWARD - My Famous Evening: Nova Scotia Sojourns, Diaries, & Preoccupations
010606: NORMAN SPARNON - The Beauty of Australia's Wildflowers - Creative Ideas for Japanese Flower Arrangements
020021: NORMAN VINCENT PEALE - The Power of Positive Thinking
020711: NORMAN ROCKWELL - Norman Rockwell: My Adventures As an Illustrator
015733: NORMAN VINCENT PEALE - The Power of Positive Thinking
018233: NORMAN READER - A Summer in Vaxjo
011433: NORMAN BEASLEY - Mary Baker Eddy - A Biography
018377: NORMAN ROSE - Churchill - an Unruly Life
000331: NORR, RITA; TUMBARELLO, AUDREY - The Literate Puzzler
006602: NORRIS, KATHLEEN - The Cloister Walk
013316: NORRIS, KATHLEEN - The Cloister Walk
018253: NORRIS, KEN - In the House of No
014151: NORTH, GERALD; - Observing the Moon: The Modern Astronomer's Guide
018917: NORTH OGDEN HISTORICAL MUSEUM - North Ogden - Images of America
017280: NORTH BAY AREA MUSEUM STAFF - Reflections of Our Past : North Bay, from Frontier Town to Gateway of the North, 1880's to 1940's
013275: NORTHEY, MARGOT - Making Sense in the Social Science: Students Guide to Research, Writing, and Style
016659: NORTHEY, MARGOT - Impact : Guide to Business Communication
001167: NORTHEY, MARGOT - Making Sense: a Student's Guide to Research, Writing, and Style
008939: NORTHEY, MARGOT; TIMNEY, BRIAN - Making Sense in Psychology and the Life Sciences
009830: NORTHEY, MARGOT; TIMNEY, BRIAN - Making Sense in Psychology and the Life Sciences
013610: NORTHEY, MARGOT - Making Sense : A Student's Guide to Research, Writing, and Style
005004: NORTHROP FRYE - The Educated Imagination
008558: NORTHROP FRYE - The Modern Century - The Whidden Lectures 1967
004967: NORTHROP FRYE - The Modern Century-the Whidden Lectures 1967
012841: NORTHROP FRYE - Words With Power - Being a Second Study of the Bible and Literature
008257: NORTON, NATASCHA - Guatemala
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003337: NOVAS, HIMILCE - Everything You Need to Know About Latino History
019134: NOVICK, PETER - That Noble Dream: The "Objectivity Question" and the American Historical Profession
017079: NOZICK, ROBERT - The Examined Life: Philosophical Meditations
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012526: NUNES, JULIA;SIMMIE, SCOTT - Beyond Crazy: Journeys Through Mental Illness
001735: NUNN, BRUCE - More History With a Twist: True Stories From Mr. Nova Scotia Know-It-All
009010: NURSE'S REFERENCE LIBRARY - Definitions: Adapted from Mosby's Medical and Nursing Dictionary
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013930: O'CONNOR, GEOFFREY - Amazon Journal: Dispatches from a Vanishing Frontier
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016319: OFRA AYALON - Rescue! C.O.P.E. Handbook Helping Children Cope with Stress. Guided group Activities.
005675: OG MANDINO AND BUDDY KAYE - The Gift of Acabar-a Warm and Shining Message of Inspiration
003889: OGDEN, FRANK - The Last Book You'Ll Ever Read and Other Lessons From the Future
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003837: OLIVER L. AUSTIN, JR - Water and Marsh Birds of the World
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018169: ONDAATJE, CHRISTOPHER - Journey to the Source of the Nile : An Extraordinary Quest to Solve the Riddle of the World's Longest River
014534: ONDAATJE, CHRISTOPHER - Journey to the Source of the Nile
019464: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Collected Works of Billy the Kid
012615: ONTARIO SENIOR CITIZENS - Are you Listening?
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000041: OPPEL, FRANK & TONY MEISEL - Tales of Old Florida
001974: OPPEL, FRANK & TONY MEISEL - Why Do We Say It: the Stories Behind the Words, Expressions and Cliches We Use
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018332: ORENT, WENDY - Plague: The Mysterious Past and Terrifying Future of the World's Most Dangerous Disease
000906: ORGEL, JOSEPH RANDOLPH - Undying Passion: a Book of Anecdotes About Men, Women, Love, Sex, and the Literary Life
017045: ORHAN PAMUK - Istanbul - Memories and the City
018073: ORIAH MOUNTAIN DREAMER - The Invitation
011053: ORIAH MOUNTAIN DREAMER - The Call - Discovering Why You are Here
017129: ORIAH MOUNTAIN DREAMER - What We Ache For: Creativity and the Unfolding of Your soul
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011061: OSBERT SITWELL - Left Hand - Right hand! An Autobiography Vol.I - The Cruel Month
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005539: OSCAR WILDE - The Birthday of the Infanta
018811: OSHO - The Book of Understanding: Creating Your Own Path to Freedom
016862: OSTER, PATRICK - The Mexicans: A Personal Portrait of a People
011393: OSTER, MAGGIE - 35 Garden Blueprints: Beautiful Possibilities for Designing Your Garden
000197: OSWALD JACOBY - Point Count Bidding in Bridge
020367: OTTELYN ADDISON - Tom Thomson : The Algonquin Years
008192: OTTO, WHITNEY - A Collection of Beauties at the Height of Their Popularity: A Novel
000335: OTTO SWOBODA - Lebendiges Brauchtum
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016469: O'SULLIVAN, TIM, ET AL - Key Concepts in Communication and Cultural Studies
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011201: OUTDOOR LIFE - Freshwater Fishing Yearbook
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003475: OWENS, DELIA; OWENS, MARK - The Eye of the Elephant: an Epic Adventure in the African Wilderness
012780: OYEYEMI, HELEN - The Icarus Girl : A Novel
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019381: P.F. CAMPBELL - An Outline of Barbados History
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013735: P.D. JAMES - Talking About Detective Fiction
014438: P.A. TOMORY - Foundations of European Art
014635: PACKARD, WILLIAM - The Art of the Playwright: Creating the Magic of Theatre
020495: PADRAIC COLUM - The Golden Fleece: And the Heroes Who Lived Before Achilles
010703: PADRAIC COLUM - the Stone of Victory and Other tales of Padraic Colum
019343: PAGDEN, A. R. - Peoples and Empires: Europeans and the Rest of the World, from Antiquity to the Present (Universal History)
008700: PAGE, P. K. - Hand Luggage : A Memoir in Verse
018272: PAGE, MARTIN - The Lost Pleasures of the Great Trains
018687: PAGELS, ELAINE - Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas
012007: PAGELS, ELAINE - The Gnostic Gospels
008896: PAGER, SEAN;APPLEBAUM, JULIE - Hawaii Off the Beaten Path: Off the Beaten Path - a Guide to Unique Places
015724: PAGET, LOU - How to Be a Great Lover: Girlfriend-To-Girlfriend Totally Explicit Techniques That Will Blow His Mind
007951: PAGLIA, CAMILLE - Vamps and Tramps: New Essays
015233: PAIGE, ANTHONY - Rocking the Goddess: Campus Wicca for the Student Practitioner
013957: PALDEN GYATSO - The Autobiography of a Tibetan Monk
004100: PALIN, MICHAEL - Sahara
008612: PALMER, MICHAEL A. - Lee Moves North - Robert E. Lee on the Offensive
009314: PALMER, BRUCE JR. GENERAL - The 25-Year War: America's Military Role in Vietnam
009644: PALMER, WILLIAM J. - The Detective and Mr. Dickens: Being an Account of the Macbeth Murders and the Strange Events Surrounding Them
016264: PALTINS, JAN - A Small Boat- an Unfinished Dream
009592: PALYS, TED - Research Decisions : Quantitive and Qualitative Methods
005230: PAMELA HARRISON - The First Original Authentic Unexpurgated Great Canadian Quiz Book
006786: PAMELA BALL - The Essence of Tao
008712: PAMELA BALL - Lucid Dreaming and the Art of Dreaming Creatively
000673: PAMELA HANSFORD JOHNSON - An Error of Judgement
012420: PAMUK, ORHAN - Snow
004215: PANZER, MARTIN - How to Develop a Winning Personality
007042: PAOLINI, CHRISTOPHER - Eragon-Inheritance Book One
013618: PAOLINI, CHRISTOPHER - Eragon - Inheritance Book One
012516: PAPPAS, THEONI;MONROE, ELVIRA - Greek Cooking for Everyone
011815: PARFIT, MICHAEL - Chasing the Glory: Travels Across America
000779: PARIS, ERNA - Garden and the Gun-a Journey Inside Israle
006391: PARK, PAUL - The Gospel of Corax: a Novel
006955: PARK, ROBERT L. - Voodoo Science: the Road From Foolishness to Fraud
012452: PARK, RICHARD LEONARD - India's Political System
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006137: PARKER, MICHAEL ST JOHN - Charles Dickens
008603: PARKER, JOHN - Discovery: Developing Views of the Earth from Ancient Times to the Voyages of Captain Cook
010019: PARKER, JOHN - King of Fools
016421: PARKER, ROBERT B. - Perchance to Dream
013433: PARKER, COURTNEY - How to Eat Like a Southerner and Live to Tell the Tale
015885: PARKER, ALAN - The Sucker's Kiss
016374: PARKIN, TOM;HORWOOD, DENNIS - Islands for Discovery: An Outdoors Guide to B.C's Queen Charlotte Islands
019048: PARKIN, JEANNE;BOYLE, WILLIAM J. S. - Art in Architecture: Art for the Built Environment in the Province of Ontario
008891: PARKINSON, CLAYTON - Study Guide and Workbook to Accompany Understanding Pathophysiology
015552: PARKMAN, FRANCIS - Montcalm and Wolfe
015256: PARKS CANADA - National Historic Sites - Ontario Region
005059: PARODY, ANTAL - Shite's Unoriginal Miscellany
002313: PARODY, A. - Eats, Shites & Leaves: Crap English and How to Use It
006732: PARRIS, MATTHEW - Great Parliamentary Scandals: Four Centuries of Calumny, Smear and Innuendo
018502: PARRISH, ROBERT - Growing Up in Hollywood
003700: PARRY, RICHARD - Trial By Ice: the True Story of Murder and Survival on the 1871 Polaris Expedition
006334: PARSONS, ROBERT - Survive the Savage Sea-Tales From Our Ocean Heritage
013381: PARSONS, ROBERT - Survive the Savage Sea - Short Tales from our Ocean Heritage
006076: PARTRIDGE, ERIC - Origins: a Short Etymological Dictionary of Modern English
010331: PASCAL - Selections from the Thoughts
011509: PASCALE, RICHARD T. - Art of Japanese Management - Applications for American Executives
011036: PASCOE, JUDY - Our Father Who Art in a Tree
011293: PASHLEY, NICHOLAS - Notes on a Beermat : Drinking and Why It's Necessary
000033: PASQUIER, ROGER F. - Watching Birds: an Introduction to Ornithology
005198: PAT BIRD - Of Dust and Time and Dreams and Agonies-a Short History of Canadian People
016670: PAT MATTAINI MESTERN - Rachael's Legacy
020090: PAT CAPPONI - Dispatches from the Poverty Line
020347: PAT KRAMER - Totem Poles
001875: PATERNITI, MICHAEL - Driving Mr. Albert: a Trip Across America With Einstein's Brain
006876: PATERSON, ALLEN - Designing a Garden: a Guide to Planning and Planting Through the Seasons
008952: PATERSON, GEORGE W. - The Cardiac Patient- (Religion & Medicine)
019973: PATERSON, MICHAEL - Winston Churchill: Personal Accounts of the Great Leader at War
018796: PATERSON, KATHERINE - The Tale of the Mandarin Ducks
007258: PATIENCE STRONG - The House of Dreams
004723: PATON, ALAN - Ah But Your Land is Beautiful
003517: PATON, ALAN - Journey Continued: an Autobiography
010201: PATON, ALAN - Cry, the Beloved Country
005513: PATRICIA KENDALL - Come With Me to India-a Quest for Truth Among Peoples and Problems
003050: PATRICIA H. JOHNSON - Meet the Horse
010280: PATRICIA HIGHSMITH, ET AL - Alfred Hitchcock's Tales to Send Chills Down your Spine
015213: PATRICIA FARA - Newton - the Making of Genius
018481: PATRICIA DEMERS, EDITOR - From Instruction to Delight
020266: PATRICIA ALDANA, EDITOR - Under the Spell of the Moon: Art for Children from the World's Great Illustrators
016974: PATRICIA W. HART - Pioneering in North York - a history of the Township - Township to Borough
012894: PATRICK MOORE - Legends of the Stars
014565: PATRICK HENRY, EDITOR - Benedict's Dharma: Buddhists Reflect on the Rule of Saint Benedict
013375: PATRICK PORTER - Awaken the Genius: Mind Technology for the 21st Century
008363: PATRICK LENCIONI - The Three Signs of a Miserable Job - a Fable for managers and Their Employees
011226: PATRICK DENNIS - Around the world with Auntie Mame
020259: PATRICK SMITH - A Land Remembered
016924: PATRICK O'BRIAN - The Final Unfinished Voyage of Jack Aubry
019799: PATRICK LANE - Red Dog Red Dog - a Novel
015220: PATRICK K. O'DONNELL - The Brenner Assignment - the Untold Story of the Most Daring Spy Mission of WWII
020600: PATRICK & NANCY PENNY FOLKES - Cassocks, doublets, and deerskins: Religious and secular costume on the mission frontier of New France in the first half of the seventeenth Century
014782: PATRICK LEIGH FERMOR - The Traveller's Tree - a Journey Through the Caribbean Islands
016849: PATRICK MERLA, EDITOR - Boys Like Us: Gay Writers Tell Their Coming Out Stories
018631: PATRICK SWAYZE & LISA NIEMI - The Time of My Life
001803: PATTERSON, NANCY-LOU - The Tramp Room
005498: PATTERSON, FREEMAN - Photography of Natural Things
013597: PATTERSON, KEVIN - The Water in Between : A Journey at Sea
018419: PATTERSON, GEOFFREY - The Lion and the Gypsy
016291: PATTERSON, KEVIN - The Water in Between: A Journey at Sea
017994: PATTI SMITH - Auguries of Innocence - Poems
004231: PATTON, JAMES R.; POLLOWAY, EDWARD A. - Strategies for Teaching Learners With Special Needs
012999: PATTON, JANICE - The Sinking of the "I'm Alone'' - Stories from the Pierre Berton Show
008818: PAUC, DR. ROBIN - The Learning Disability Myth: Understanding and Overcoming Your Child's Diagnosis of Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, Tourette's Syndrome of Childhood, ADD, ADHD and OCD
003079: PAUKA, KIRSTIN - Theater and Martial Arts in West Sumatra: Randai and Silek of the Minangkabau
000313: PAUKER, JOE - The Cool Guide to Amsterdam
015132: PAUL KRAMER, EDITOR - The Last Manchu: The Autobiography of Henry Pu Yi, Last Emperor of China
014885: PAUL DUNCAN - Beautiful People
000130: PAUL BERNIER - Pere Laval
003262: PAUL CROMPTON - Tai Chi
005523: PAUL BOWLES - Without Stopping-an Autobiography
005532: PAUL COHEN-PORTHEIM - England the Unknown Isle
005560: PAUL M. ANGLE, EDITOR - The Lincoln Reader
006214: PAUL AND DOROTHY GOBLE - Red Hawk's Account of Custer's Last Battle
020325: PAUL THEROUX - Deep South - Four Seasons on Back Roads
012790: PAUL MACKENDRICK - The Greek Stones Speak - the Story of Archaeology in Greek Lands
003029: PAUL BALOR - Manual of the Mercentary Soldier-a Guide to Mercenary, War, Money and Adventure
007196: PAUL HORGAN - Citizen of New Salem
019900: PAUL HAWKEN - Blessed Unrest
007495: PAUL WYETH AND TOM HORABIN - How to Paint in Oils
019116: PAUL ROMANUK - Hockey Superstars 2009-2010
007629: PAUL CARUS - The History of the Devil and the Idea of Evil From the Earliest Times to the Present Day
007847: PAUL, DIANE B. - Living Left-Handed - All You Need to Know About Left-Handness
007689: PAUL LAZARIDES - Santorini-the Monastery of Prophet Elias
017028: PAUL MARTIN - Hell or High Water - My Life in and Out of Politics
003450: PAUL FORDHAM - The Geography of African Affairs
019948: PAUL WATSON - Where War Lives
001903: PAUL CLAUDEL - Poetic Art
008275: PAUL GALLICO - The Steadfast Man - a Life of St. Patrick
000403: PAUL BAILEY - London-the Oxford Book of
012789: PAUL ELEK - This Other London
014139: PAUL F. GRENDLER, EDITOR - An Italian Renaissance Reader
012272: PAUL GUINARD, EDITOR - El Greco
003021: PAUL ENGLE - Images of China-Poems Written in China April-June 1980
014521: PAUL QUARRINGTON - King Leary
019502: PAUL-GORDON CHANDLER - Pilgrims of Christ on the Muslim Road - Exploring a New Path Between Faiths
020696: PAUL LITT - Ontario's heritage: A celebration of conservation
010552: PAUL MULLER - Collins Concise Encyclopedia of Astronomy
010818: PAUL GALLICO - Trial By Error
020659: PAUL S. BERNSEN - The North American Waterflower
011232: PAUL THEROUX - The Elephand Suite
012974: PAUL H. KOCHER - master of the Middle-Earth - the Fiction of J. R. Tolkien
016629: PAUL CHIASSON - The Island of Seven Cities - where the Chinese Settled when they Discovered America
019702: PAUL THAGARD - Mind Readings: Introductory Selections on Cognitive Science
018952: PAUL GALLICO - Ludmila - a Legend of Liechtenstein
018071: PAUL COELHO - The Winner Stands Alone

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