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011586: V.I. Lenin - Imperialism the Highest Stage of Capitalism - A Popular Outline
023333: Eleonora De Lennart - The Biochemical Machine: Empowering Your Body Chemistry
012889: Van Lennep, Jane - First Foal
021262: Robert Lenzner - The Great Getty: The Life and Loves of J. Paul Getty - Richest Man in the World
017177: Jennifer L. Leo, Editor - Whose Panties Are These? : More Misadventures from Funny Women on the Road
017178: Leo, Jennifer L. - What Color Is Your Jockstrap?: Funny Men And Women Write from the Road!
012633: Jennifer L. Leo, Editor - Sand in My Bra and Other Misadventures : Funny Women Write from the Road
001631: Leon, Vicki; - Uppity Women of Ancient Times
023567: Leonard, George Burr - Walking on the Edge of the World
027581: Christopher Leonard - Kochland the Secret History of Koch Industries and Corporate Power in America
020859: Mike Leonetti - Wendel and the Great One
009043: Biela Lepkin - Creative Drama in the Hebrew School
009540: Lerner, Harriet Goldhor - Women in Therapy
026488: Lerner, Harriet Goldhor - The Dance of Deception: A Guide to Authenticity and Truth-Telling in Women's Relationships
025087: Lerner, Harriet Goldhor - The Dance of Intimacy: A Woman's Guide to Courageous Acts of Change in Key Relationships
013471: Lerner, Harriet Goldhor - The Dance of Intimacy: A Woman's Guide to Courageous Acts of Change in Key Relationships
022390: J.E. LeRossignol - From Marx to Stalin
026174: Austin C Lescarboura, Managing Editor Scientific American - Radio for Everybody
025500: Leslie, Diane - Fleur De Leigh's Life of Crime: A Novel
007430: R.F. Leslie - The Age of Transformation-the History of Europe 1789-1871
003418: Leslie, Anita - Francis Chichester: a Biography
009156: Charles M. Leslie - Now We are Civilized - a Study of the World View of the Zapotec Indians of Mitla, Oaxaca
0283968: Louis A Leslle - Gregg Dictation
0283668: Roy Lessin & Heather Solum - The Hope of Prayer and Reflection Inspiration from the Front Porch
004861: Lessing, Doris May - The Good Terrorist
007732: Lessing, Doris May - Particularly Cats.and Rufus
018892: Lessing, Doris - The Grandmothers: Four Short Novels
007949: Lessing, Doris - African Laughter : Four Visits to Zimbabwe
017990: Doris Lessing - Time Bites - Views and Reviews
009351: Lessing, Doris May - Mara and Dann: An Adventure
017349: Lessing, Doris - The Fifth Child
011271: Lessing, Doris - Prisons We Choose to Live Inside
011272: Gotthold Ephraim Lessing - Nathan the Wise: a Dramatic Poem in 5 Acts
021720: Doris Lessing - The Cleft
003178: Lessing, Doris - Das Fünfte Kind
011067: Doris Lessing - The Habit of Loving
023071: Lester, Julius - On Writing for Children & Other People
024363: Julius Lester - To be a Slave
018305: Lethbridge, H.J. - All About Shanghai: A Standard Guidebook - 1934-
027037: T C Lethbridge - The Legend of the Sons of God
026366: Letson, Douglas Richard; Higgins, Michael W. - The Jesuit Mystique
004907: Levant, Ezra - Fight Kyoto: the Plan to Protect Our Economy
006831: Levay, Simon - The Sexual Brain
004339: Levene, D. S. - The Other Side-Rastaman Vibrations
022764: Steven Levenkron - Anatomy of Anorexia
0283689: Miriam Levering - Zen Inspirations Essential Meditations and Texts
026323: Levesque, John - Waiting for Aquarius
010498: Levesque, Rene - Memoirs
019471: Gregory Levey - How to Make Peace in the Middle East in Six Months or Less Without Leaving Your Apartment
018475: Levi, Steven C. - Cowboys of the Sky: The Story of Alaska's Bush Pilots
020713: Jack LeVien and John Lord - Winston Churchill:The Valiant Years
025485: Betty Levin - A Griffon's Nest
015822: Rhoda F. Levin - Heartmates - a Survival Guide for the Cardiac Spouse
006420: Levin, Ira - Son of Rosemary: the Sequel to Rosemary's Baby
027172: Arnold J Levine - Viruses
022215: Karen Levine - Hana's Suitcase: A True Story
0283650: Stephen Levine - A Gradual Awakening
027081: Allan Levine - King William Lyon Mackenzie King a Life Guided By the Hand of Destiny
016691: Levine, Robert - Guide to Opera and Dance on Videocassette
003076: Levine, Seymour - Cyclists Guide to Overnight Stops: Eastern States
011152: Levine, Saul - Phoenix from the Ashes : Rebuilding Shattered Lives
0283969: Sara Ann Levinsky - A Bridge of Dreams The Story of Paramananda a Modern Mystic and His Ideal of All-Conquering Love
284907: Jay Conrad Levinson - Quit your Job! Making the Decision Making the Break Making it Work
026676: Levinson, Jay Conrad; Brandt-Sarif, Theo - Guerrilla Travel Tactics: Hundreds of Simple Strategies Guaranteed to Save Road Warriors Time and Money
011346: Irving J. Levinson - Introduction to Mechnics
024981: David Levithan - Every Day
024982: David Levithan - Another Day
285212: Steven D Levitt & Stephen J Dubner - Think Like A Freak
285345: Gregg Levoy - Callings Finding and Following an Authentic Life
009746: Jacques Levron - History of France - Concise History of Great Nations Series
025903: Marc Levy - All Those Things We Never Said
025872: Levy, Alan - Treasures of the Vatican Collections
027868: Faye Levy - Faye Levy's International Jewish Cookbook - Over 250 Recipes
020789: Ariel Levy, Editor - The Best American Essays - 2015
000112: Akashambatwa Mbikusita-Lewanika - For the Seeds in Our Blood
000858: Krys Val Lewicki - Verdigris
015697: Lewin, Ester;Lewin, Albert E. - The Thesaurus of Slang
0283503: Beverly Lewis - Curing Common Faults Remedy Those Costly Shots Play Better Golf
0283527: Beverly Lewis - Perfecting Your Short Game Saving Shots Around the Green
004919: Norman Lewis - Goddess in the Stones-Travels in India
005887: Lewis, David L. - When Harlem Was in Vogue
020097: Lewis, Bernard - What Went Wrong?: Western Impact and Middle Eastern Response
025394: Lewis, Gregg - The Power of a Promise Kept: Life Stories
025926: Beverly Lewis - Curing Hooks and Slices : Straighten the Curving Shots
005142: Lewis, Norman - Thirty Days to Better English
285901: Kim Lewis - The Last Train
023365: Michael Lewis - Boomerang - Travels in the New Third World
019195: Lewis, Ronald J. - Murder in Mackinac : A Novel
024628: Lewis, Catherine M.; Yates, Charlie; Lewis, Catherine - Considerable Passions: Golf, the Masters and the Legacy of Bobby Jones
011359: Edward Lewis, Editor - A Treasury of Mark Twain
0284250: Meagan Lewis - Put Your Stamp on it Stationery, Aprons, Totes And More
0283899: David Lewis, Editor - Watercolor Painting Techniques
285097: Bernrd Lewis - The Muslim Discovery of Europe
023077: Alfred Lewis - The New World of Petroleum
018032: Lewis, Oscar - Tepoztlan Village in Mexico
017663: Lewis, Bernard - What Went Wrong?: The Clash Between Islam and Modernity in the Middle East
016851: Lewis, Alfred Allan - Ladies and Not-So- Gentle Women
016661: Stephen Lewis - Race Against Time - Searching for Hope in AIDS Ravaged Africa
015250: Brenda Ralph Lewis, Editor - Great Civilizations
012237: Stephen Lewis - Race Against Time - Searching for Hope in AIDS Ravaged Africa
011566: Lewis, Alfred Allan - Ladies and Not-So- Gentle Women
007388: Benjamin Lewis - Riding
020253: J. Patrick Lewis & Valorie Fisher - The Fantastic 5&10c Store - a Rebus Adventure
016379: Cecil Houston & Joseph Leydon, Editors - Ireland : The Haunted Ark
023558: Leyner, Mark - Et Tu, Babe
024578: Modern Library - Love: Classics from the Modern Library
009010: Nurse's Reference Library - Definitions: Adapted from Mosby's Medical and Nursing Dictionary
0284409: Allan J Lichtman - The Case for Impeachmen
006037: Ken E. Liddell - This is Alberta
005582: David Lidman - The New York Times Guide to Collecting Stamps
012923: Ronald Lidorio - Unafraid of the Sacred Forest - the Birth of a Church in an African Tribe
001070: Lieberman, Gerald F. - 3, 500 Good Quotes for Speakers
014470: Liebowitz, Sol - Argentina
015797: Lief, Michael S.;Caldwell, Harry M.;Caldwell, H. Mitchell;Bycel, Benjamin - Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury: Greatest Closing Arguments in Modern Law
001841: Liehu, R. - Cubisms
025653: Thomas L. Masson of Life, Editor - The Best Stories in the World
285622: The Editors of Life - Sixty Years A 60th Anniversary Celebration 1936-1996 LIFE
027742: Editors of Time-life - Mystic Places - Mysteries of the Unknown
026396: The Editors of Time Life - The First Americans (American Indians)
011201: Outdoor Life - Freshwater Fishing Yearbook
007532: Liftin, Hilary; Montgomery, Kate - Dear Exile: the True Story of Two Friends Separated (for a Year) By an Ocean
008690: Light, Joanne - Coastal Nova Scotia: Outdoor Adventure Guide
007299: Lightman, Alan - The Diagnosis
026820: Ligouri, Ann - A Passion for Golf: Celebrity Musings About the Game
001517: Liliuokalani - Hawaii's Story By Hawaii's Queen
025890: Karsten Lilleheim - Alesund - Norway
028161: Wayne Lilley - Magna Cum Laude How Frank Stronach Became Canada's Best Paid Man
026053: Lisa Lillien - The Hungry Girl Diet
028311: John C Lilly - The Center of the Cyclone an Autobiography of Inner Space
027746: John Lilly, M.D.and antonietta Lilly - The Dyadic Cyclone - the Autobiography of a Couple
027094: John C Lilly - Lilly on Dolphins Humans of the Sea
027384: John C Lilly, M.D. - Simulations of God - the Science of Belief
027129: David Limbaugh - Guilty By Reason of Insanity why the Democrats Must Not Win
024450: Mrs. Lincoln et al - 365 Breakfast Dishes - a Breakfast Dish for every Day of The Year
023005: Victoria Lincoln - A Private Disgrace - Lizzie Borden By Daylight
011189: Joseph C. Lincoln - Galusha The Magnificient
026431: Goyette Linda - Second opinion
002429: Lindberg, Richard - Chicago Ragtime: Another Look at Chicago, 1880-1920
0284532: Anne Morrow Lindbergh - Gift from the Sea
027043: Anne Morrow Lindbergh - The Unicorn and Other Poems 1935-1955
023492: Charles A. Lindbergh - Of Flight and Life
012445: Anne Morrow Lindbergh - Hour of Gold, Hour of Lead - Diaries and Letters of Anne Morrow Lindbergh 1929-1932
011231: Lindbergh, Anne Morrow - Gift from the Sea
010361: Linden, Eugene - The Future in Plain Sight: Nine Clues to the Coming Instability
006172: Linden, Eugene - Apes, Men, and Language
285109: Leslie Linder - A History of the Writings of Beatrix Potter including unpublished work
024279: Norma West Linder - The Lemon Tree
019496: Norma West Linder - No Common Thread - the Selected Short Fiction of.
008941: Linder, Staffan B. - The Pacific Century: Economic and Political Consequences of Asian Pacific Dynamism
019761: Amanda Lindhout & Sara Corbett - A House in the Sky
019624: Lindsay, Jack - Thomas Gainsborough: His life and art
025623: Hal Lindsey - The Liberation of Panet Earth
024958: Hal Lindsey with C.C. Carlson - Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth
024959: Hal Lindsey - The Liberation of Planet Earth
024960: Hal Lindsey - The Promise
024961: Lindsey, Hal - There's A New world Coming: "A Prophetic Odyssey."
024962: HAL LINDSEY WITH C C CARLSON - Hope for The Terminal Generation
027008: Hal Lindsey - The Final Battle
026528: Terry Lindvall, Ph.D - Surprised By Laughter - the Comic World of C. S. Lewis
002117: Eric Linklater - Ripeness is All
002116: Eric Linklater - The Impregnable Women
010111: Art Linkletter - The Secret World of Kids - How to Enjoy Your Children - in spite of Them
004088: Linnea, Ann - Deep Water Passage: a Spiritual Journey at Midlife
022288: Charles De Lint - Memory and Dream
008530: Linton, Marilyn - Taking Charge by Taking Care : A Canadian Woman's Health Guide
0283593: Tom Regan & Andrew Linzey, Editors - Other Nations Animals in Modern Literature
010748: Rosina Lippi - Tied to the Tracks
026022: Walter Lippmann - Drift and Mastery - an Attempt to Diagnose the Current Unrest
027153: Seymour Martin Lipset - Agrarian Socialism - the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation in Saskatchewan. a Study in Political Sociology
002787: Lipton, Lenny - Independent Filmmaking
027784: William Lishman - Father Goose the Adventures of a Wildlife Hero
006072: Gene Lisitzky - Four Ways of Being Human-an Introduction to Anthropology
022952: Laurie Lisle - Without Child
015043: Lisle, Laurie - Portrait of an Artist - a Biography of Georgia O'Keeffe
024922: Robert Liston - The Dangerous World of Spie and Spying
028226: John Lithgow - Dumpty the Age of Trump in Verse
020696: Paul Litt - Ontario's heritage: A celebration of conservation
007546: Little, B. - Companion Planting in Australia
025494: Arthur Little and K. A. Mitchell - Tablet Making
016595: Little, Linda - Strong Hollow: A Novel
022065: Benilde Little - The Itch
006373: W.L. Little - Staffordshire Blue-Underglaze Blue Transfer-Printed Earthenware
013572: Clyde Francis Little - Leaves of Gold - an anthology of Prayers, Memorable Phrases, Inspirational Verse and Prose
013118: Robert D. Little - Random Rhymes
0283791: Brenda Little - The "Green" Gardner Working with Nature Not Against it
025606: Littlefield, Bill - Champions: Stories of Ten Remarkable Athletes
027228: Bill Littlefield - Baseball Days from the Sandlots to the Show
018632: Sol Littman - The Rauca Case
021093: Eric Liu - The Accidental Asian : Notes of a Native Speaker
007297: Lively, Penelope - Moon Tiger
004927: H. M. Livens - E. V. Lucas's London-Being a Wanderer in London and London Revisited in One Volume Rearranged With New Matter and New Pictures
024020: Lord Russell of Liverpool - The Knights of Bushido - a Short History of Japanese War Crimes/illustrated
022411: Dorothy Liversay - Journey With My Selves a Memoir 1909 1963
026443: Robert Livesey - Faces of Myth
005196: Livingston, John A - One Cosmic Instant: a Natural History of Human Arrogance
285138: John A Livingston - Rogue Primate An exploration of human domestication
009923: David Livingstone - Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa
0284606: Robina and Kathleen MacFarlane Lizars - In the Days of the Canada Company the Story of the Settlement of the Huron Tract and a View of the Social Life of the Period 1825-1850
026661: Kathleen MacFarlane Lizars - The Valley of the Humber 1615-1913
014137: Rosemary Llaurey & J.C. Wilder - Parodox II
025873: Richard Llewellyn - A Few Flowers for Shiner
010936: Lloyd, Trevor Owen - Empire to Welfare State: English History, 1906-1976
024405: Lloyd, Ann - Great Classics Silver Screen
028105: Suzanne Lloyd - Harold Lloyd's Hollywood Nudes in 3-D!
009111: Lloyd, Roseann;Fossum, Merle - True Selves: Twelve-Step Recovery from Codependency
022596: Morgan Llywelyn - Strongbow: The Story of Richard and Aoife : A Biographical Novel
027482: Morgan Llywelyn - Lion of Ireland
012230: Llywelyn, Morgan - The Greener Shore : A Novel of the Druids of Hibernia
027369: Charles E Van Loan - Taking the Count Prize Ring Stories
027370: Charles E Van Loan - Fore!
027372: Charles E Van Loan - Old Man Curry - Race Track Stories
019066: Lochhaas, Tom - Treacherous Waters: Stories of Sailors in the Clutch of the Sea
022145: Ward Lock & Co - Looe and South Cornwall - Illustrated Guide Book
018243: Locker, Thomas - Sailing With the Wind
0283558: Kenneth A Lockridge - A New England Town the First Hundred Years Dedham, Massachusetts 1636-1736
007154: Lockwood, Douglas - I, the Aboriginal
017031: Lockwood, Mark;Freeman, Brush - The Tos Handbook of Texas Birds
010000: Lockyer, Roger - Tudor and Stuart Britain, 1471-1714
017745: Jacques Loeb - The Mechanistic Conception of Life
013278: Kennedy-Loewen, Susan - The Canadian Small Business Handbook
023381: Lofland, Lyn H. - A World of Strangers: Order and Action in Urban Public Space
025627: Hugh Lofting - Doctor Dolittle in the Moon
008215: Loftus, Simon - A Pike in the Basement - Tales of a hungry Traveller
023704: Olive Logan - Get Thee Behind Me, Satan! - a Home-born Book of Home-Truths
023196: Col.Arthur L. Logan - Increase Your Memory - the Book You'll Never Forget!
020562: Gene Logsdon - Organic Orcharding: A Grove of Trees to Live In
008487: Logue, Victoria;Logue, Frank - The Best of the Appalachian Trail: Day Hikes
026104: Mark Logue and Peter Conradi - The King's Speech - How One Man Saved the British Monarchy
006737: Loh, Vyvyane - Breaking the Tongue
001396: Loh, C.Y.; Ong, Mr. I.K., Editors - Skoob Pacifica Anthology No 2: the Pen is Mightier Than the Sword
014104: Loh, Vyvyane - Breaking the Tongue
010634: Lohff, David C. - The Dream Directory: The Comprehensive Guide to Analysis and Interpretation, With Explanations for More Than 350 Symbols and Theories
026110: Carl Lohren with Al Barkow - Getting Set for Golf: How to Master the "Preswing" and Shave Strokes off Your Game
007150: Lionel Lokos - Houses Divided-the Life and Legacy of Martin Luther King
014022: Lomax, Judy - Women of the Air - the Remarkable Story of the Women who pioneered the Skies from Balloons to Voyager
024604: Lombardi, Vince - What It Takes To Be Number 1: Vince Lombardi on Leadership
022423: Vince Lombardi - Vince Lombardi on Football Vol. 1 & 2
025286: London, Jack - The sea wolf
024107: Jack London - Call Of The Wild (Portland House Illustrated Classics)
007688: London, Barbara - A Short Course in Photography: an Introduction to Black and White Photographic Technique
017369: London, Jack - Tales of the North
014073: London, Jack - Tales of the North: The Complete Novels of White Fang, the Sea-Wolf, the Call of the Wild, the Cruise of the Dazzler Plus Fifteen Short Stories Including Son of the Wolf,
007018: London, Joan - Gilgamesh: Library Edition
0283929: Jack London - White Fang
001729: Long, Max Freedom - The Secret Science Behind Miracles
001825: Long, Charles - Life After the City: a Harrowsmith Guide to Rural Living
019486: Gina Mollicone-Long - The Secret of Successful Failing
014613: Long, Kim - Frogs: A Wildlife Handbook
011564: Long, Charles K. - The Backyard Stonebuilder: Stonebuilding Projects for the Weekend Mason
028325: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - Selected Poems - Library of Classic Poets
285132: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - Evangeline A Tale of Acadie
012907: Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth - Evangeline
285110: Lynn Philip Hodgson Alan Paul Longfield - Ajax Arsenal of Democracy
005138: Longford - The Queen: a Penguin Special
004834: Elizabeth Longford, Editor - The Oxford Book of Royal Anecdotes
026548: Elizabeth Longford, Editor - Wellington: Pillar of State
023475: J. Paul Loomis - Trail of the Pinto to Oregon
022637: Hendrik Van Loon - America
003241: Van Loon, Karel; Garrett, Sam - A Father's Affair
017976: Hendrik Willem Van Loon - ships and How They Sailed the Seven Seas (5000 B.C. - A.D. 1935)
008251: Anita Loos - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
001362: Jesus Bermudez Lopez - The Alhambra and Generalife
004458: Lopez, Barry - Lessons From the Wolverine
021172: Erika Lopez - Flaming Iguanas: An Illustrated All-Girl Road Novel Thing (Mad Dog Rodriguez Trilogy)
002166: Lopez, Barry Holstun - Crossing Open Ground
027412: Roger Vaughan Foreword by Nancy Lopez - Golf the Woman's Game
026833: Lopez, Enrique Hank - Conversations With Katherine Anne Porter: Refugee from Indian Creek
021680: Dalai Lama; Donald S. Lopez Jr. - The Joy of Living and Dying in Peace: Core Teachings of Tibetan Buddhism (Library of Tibet Series)
000791: Lopez, Barry - Field Notes: Stories
0283828: Philip Loraine - The Break In the Circle
009005: Lord, W. - Time to Stand - the Epic of the Alamo
020892: Bette Bao Lord - Legacies a Chinese Mosaic
006679: Bette Bao Lord - Spring Moon-a Novel of China
0284120: Sophia Loren - Women & Beauty
023700: Manuel Lorente - The Prado: Madrid Vol. 1 - Great Galleries Series
0284693: Nora Loreto - Spin Doctors
008070: Francesco Loriggio, Editor - Social Pluralism and Literary History: The Literature of the Italian Immigration
005312: Norma Lorimer - By the Waters of Carthage
012992: Losier, Michael - Law of Attraction: The Science Of Attracting More Of What You Want And Less Of What You Don't
0284617: Celia Barker Lottridge, a Bantu Tale Retold Hy - The Name of the Tree
026254: Lotz, Jim - Canadians at War
024607: Lotz, Jim - History of Canada
002698: Louden, Jennifer - Woman's Retreat Book, the
026686: W. J. Lougheed and J. G. Workman - Geometry for High School
003522: Lourie, Peter - Sweat of the Sun, Tears of the Moon: a Chronicle of an Incan Treasure
014647: Robert Love - The Great Oom - the Improbable Birth of yoga in America
026564: Love, Gilly - Making Most of Outdoor Spaces
285160: Mrs. Malcolm Love - Commemorating the United Empire Loyalist Settlement of Prince Edward County 1784-1984
025068: Jennifer LoveGrove - Watch How We Talk - a Novel
004367: Lovell, Mary S. - Straight on Till Morning-the Life of Beryl Markham
006678: Lovell, Mary S. - Straight on Till Morning: a Biography of Beryl Markham
0283793: Mary S Lovell - The Churchills in Love and War
015356: Lovelock, J.E. - Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth
009401: Loven, Deborah - The Great New York Dog Book: The Indispensable Canine Resource Guide for New York City Dogs and Their Owners
022064: Helga V Loverseed - Brampton: An illustrated history
013811: Loverseed, Helga V. - Burlington, an Illustrated History
020683: Charlie Lovett - The Bookman's Tale - a Novel of Obsession
025894: Lovin, Bill C and Emery Reber Casstevens - Coaching, learning, and action,
001386: Lovric, Michelle; Balia, Mimma - Ruskin's Rose: a Venetian Love Story
025899: Frank Lowe - I Beg to Differ - a Collection
023590: Lowe, Janet - Bill Gates Speaks: Insight from the World's Greatest Entrepreneur
0283534: Robert Lowell - Lord Weary's Castle
021735: Tom Lowenstein - The Vision of the Buddha: Buddhismi-The Path to Spiritual Enlightenment
015492: Lowenstein, Tom - Haiku Inspirations : Poems and Meditations on Nature and Beauty
015957: Lower, J. Arthur - Canada An Outline History
013991: Lower, J. Arthur - A Nation Developing: A Brief History of Canada
003417: Lownie, Andrew - John Buchan
285634: Andrew Lownie - Stalin's Englishman
009880: Lowrance, William - Modern Science and Human Values
0284551: Arnold Lowrey, Wendy Jelbert, Geoff Kersey & Barry Herniman - Watercolor Tips & Techniques
011459: Albert J. Lowry - How You Can Become Financially Independent By Investing in Real Estate
009913: Lowry, Brian;Carter, Chris;Stegall, Sarah - The Truth Is Out There: The Official Guide to the X-Files
019408: Edith B. Lowry - Confidences - Talks with a Young Girl
011780: Mark Lowry - Live long and Die Laughing 1958-
004297: Loyd, Sam - Sam Loyd's Picture Puzzles With Answers (Classic Reprint Ser. )
008956: Lozansky, Edward - For Tatiana: When Loved Triumphed over the Kremlin
026965: Lee Lozowick - Beyond Release
026122: The Chemical Division of Shell Oil Company of Canada Ltd - The Canadian Petrochemical Industry
0283765: Henry C Lu - Chinese System of Food Cures Prevention & Remedies
025463: Henri De Lubac - The Eternal Feminine - a Study Onn the Text of Teilhard De Chardin
0284021: R A Schwaller De Lubicz - The Egyptian Miracle an Introduction to the Wisdom of the Temple
0284337: Chris Lubkemann - The Little Book of Whittling
0284428: Max Lucado - It's Not About Me Life Priorities Program Guidebook
0283669: Max Lucado - Becoming a Student of God's Word & CD
017126: Max Lucado - En Manos De La Gracia - Nada Nos Puede Desprender De Su Amor
285832: E V Lucas - More Wanderings in London - illustrated
0284465: Richard Lucas - The Magic of Herbs in Daily Living
024164: Jane Lucas - Mother Nature's Babies - garden and Meadow Babies Water Babies birds in the Nursery Babies in the Open Country
027338: Peter J. Lucas, Editor - John Capgrave's Abbreuiacion of Cronicles - the Early English Text Society No. 285
0284444: Gay Gaer Luce - Biological Rhythms in Human & Animal Physiology
021741: Patrick Luciani - ECONOMIC MYTHS - Making Sense of Canadian Policy Issues
003357: Luckey, Carl F. - Hummel Figurines and Plates: a Collectors Identification and Value Guide
003358: Luckey, Carl F. - Hummel Figurines & Plates: a Collectors Identification and Value Guide
025950: Roger H. Lueck, Director - The Canned Food Reference Manual
005608: Luepnitz, Deborah Anna - The Family Interpreted: Feminist Theory in Clinical Practice
023586: Luft, Lorna - Me And My Shadows: A Family Memoir
017853: Lukacs, John - Five Days in London, May 1940
020997: Pearl Luke - Madame Zee
009857: Lukens, Rebecca J. - A Critical Handbook of Children's Literature
026000: Lukowich, Ed; Ramsfield, Eigil, Somerville, Bud - The Joy of Curling: A Celebration
025922: Lukyanenko, Sergei - The Night Watch (Watch, Book 1)
027322: Brian Lumley - Khai of Ancient Khem
021266: Ian Lumsden - Machos Maricones & Gays: Cuba and Homosexuality
019336: Lundy, Derek - The Way of a Ship A Square-Rigger Voyage in the Last Days of Sail
002697: Luoma, Jon R. - Troubled Skies, Troubled Waters: the Story of Acid Rain
025486: Lurie, Alison - The Last Resort: A Novel
0284027: Manfred Lurker - The Gods and Symbols of Ancient Egypt an Illustsrated Dictionary
024130: Lüsebrink, Hans-Jürgen; Reichardt, Rolf - The Bastille: A History of a Symbol of Despotism and Freedom (Bicentennial Reflections on the French Revolution)
019317: Luther, Eric; Henken, Ted - Che Guevara (Critical Lives) - the Life and Work of
007442: Lutz, Tim - The Gem Hunter's Kit
014314: Lutz, Giles A. - Vengeance Ghost and Gun Rich
009565: Luxton, Meg - Feminism and Families: Critical Policies and Changing Practices
021016: Susan Gordon Lydon - The Knitting Sutra: Craft as a Spiritual Practice
005772: Lyle, Jane - The Complete Handbook of Astrology
020121: Lynch, Michael P. - True to Life: Why Truth Matters (Bradford Books)
025728: Gerald Levin; David Rampton; Gerald Lynch - Prose Models Second Canadian Edition
024773: Lynch, Gerald - Exotic dancers: A novel
017104: Lynch, Zack;Laursen, Byron - The Neuro Revolution: How Brain Science Is Changing Our World
009884: Lynch, Charles T. - A Funny Way to Run a Country: Further Memoirs of a Political Voyeur
026657: Jack Lynch - The Lexicographer's Dilemma
027279: H H Lynde - The Adversary
005204: Lyon, David G. - The Xyz's of Business Writing: Sophisticated Concepts Made Simple
009971: Hugh Lyon - An Illustrated Guide to Modern Warships
017206: Lyon, Peter - Eisenhower:Portrait of the Hero: Portrait of the Hero
026899: Ariel Lyons - Petrolia - a Victorian Oil Town Colouring Book
285539: A C Lyons - Invitation to Boston
023872: Lyttle, Richard B. - Basic Hockey Strategy: An Introduction for Young Players
011554: Edward Bulwer Lytton - Alice; or, The Mysteries
003435: Demetrio Sodi M - The Mayas-Life, Culture and Art Through the Experiences of a Man of the Time
001952: Maalouf, Amin - Balthasar's Odyssey
007981: Rozena Maart - The Writing Circle
028102: R J Cunningham/K R Mabee - Tall Ships and Master Mariners
0283666: John MacArthur - Lord, Teach Me to Pray an Invitation to Intimate Prayer
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016050: MacGregor, Geddes - Scotland: An Intimate Portrait
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026004: Marchessault, Jovette - Lesbian Triptych
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006493: Martel, Yann - Self
016062: Yann Martel - beatrice & virgil
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012239: Martel, Yann - The Facts Behind The Helsinki Roccamatios
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021041: Marvin , Editor; selections by Card, Orson Scott; Moon, Elizabeth; Lee, Tanith; Lackey, Mercedes; Swanwick, Michael Kaye - Dragon Quintet - Book Club Edition
021745: Patricia Marx - Starting from Happy
023949: Marx, Samuel - A Gaudy Spree: Literary Hollywood in the 1930s When the West Was Fun
025827: Marx, Karl - Capital a Readable Introduction to Volume One
025570: John Masefield - Jim Davis
026132: Robert Masello - The Medusa Amulet
010610: James Maskalyk - Six Months in Sudan - a Young Doctor in a war-torn Village
025313: Maslow, Abraham H. - The Farther Reaches of Human Nature (An Esalen Book)
0284032: A H Maslow - Religions Values and Peak Experiences
010287: Richard Mason - The Fever Tree
010355: F. Van Wyck Mason - Harpoon in Eden
005998: Herbert Mason - Gilgamesh-a Verse Narrative
004607: Mason, Ted; Sutkamp, Jerry M.D. - How to Help Your Man Lose Weight: a Guide for the Concerned Woman
027992: Mary Willan Mason - The Consummate Canadian a Biography of Samuel Weir Q.C.
017667: Mason, Daniel - The Piano Tuner
015126: Mason, Matt - The Pirate's Dilemma: How Youth Culture Reinvented Capitalism
027484: Keith Mason - Radionics and Progressive Energies
019623: Adrienne Mason - Long Beach Wild - a Celebration of People and Place on Canada's Rugged Western Shore
000275: John & Anne Mason - Transit's Guide to Europe
010530: Burford-Mason, Roger - Travels in the Shining Island: The Life and Work of James Evans
011218: F. Van Wyck Mason - Blue Hurricane
027540: Aldo Massa - The World of Pompeii
027541: Aldo Massa - The World of the Etruscans
025479: Masselos, Jim - Indian Nationalism: A History
027690: Vincent Massey - Speaking of Canada - Addresses By The Right Hon.1952-1959
010513: Vincent Massey - Confederation on the March - Views on Major Canadian Issues During the Sixties
026682: Massey, Raymond - A hundred different lives: An autobiography
285745: Robert K Massie - Dreadnought Britain, Germany, and the Coming of the Great War
001523: Masson, Jeffrey Moussaieff - Dogs Never Lie About Love: Reflections on the Emotional World of Dogs
005176: Masson, J. Moussaieff; Masson, Jeffrey Moussaieff - The Emperor's Embrace: Reflections on Animal Families and Fatherhood
025634: Thomas L Masson - Best Short Stories
023957: Masson, Jeffrey Moussaieff - LOST PRINCE: The Unsolved Mystery of Kaspar Hauser
004055: Masson, Jeffrey Moussaieff - Final Analysis: the Making and Unmaking of a Psychoanalyst
027114: Robert E Massy - Alive to the Universe - Handbook for Supersensitive Living - a Layman's Handbook of Supersensonics
005404: John Masters - Coromandel!
017196: M. Smith-Masters - The Knights of Compassion
285375: Gabor Mate - Scattered Minds The Origins
016433: Mather, Robert; Edwards, Brian - Brave Warrior : A Japanese Legend
014459: Berkely Mather - The Pass Beyond Kashmir
027099: S L MacGregor Mathers, Translator - The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage
025829: Dawn Matheson And Rosemary Anderson (edited By) - Guelph: Perspectives on a century of change, 1900-2000
024458: George Matheson - The Representative Men of the New Testament
005460: Basil Mathews - Livingstone-the Pathfinder
001000: Mathien, Thomas - Bibliographie De La Philosophie Au Canada: Une [Sic] Guide a Recherche = Bibliography of Philosophy in Canada a Research Guide
011535: Franklin K. Mathiews - Chief Scout Librarian Boys Scouts of America - Laugh, Boy, Laugh! - A Book of Humorous Stories for Boys
026950: Mathison, Richard R - His Weird and Wanton Ways : The Secret Life of Howard Hughes
001191: Mathur, Ashok - Once Upon an Elephant: a Down to Earth Tale of Ganesh and What Happens When Worlds Collide
024442: Maurice Matloff, General Editor - The Civil War: A concise military history of the War between the States, 1861-1865
022108: Brad Matsen - Descent: The Heroic Discovery of the Abyss
025283: Matsen, Jonn; Dewey, Nelson - Eating Alive: Prevention Thru Good Digestion
002868: Matsubara, Hisako - Samurai
021597: Jordan Matter - Dancers Among Us - a Celebration of Joy in the Everyday Life
013391: John Matteson - Eden's Outcasts - The Story of Louisa May Alcott and Her Father
013853: Matthaei, Gay;Grutman, Jewel H. - Sketchbook of Thomas Blue Eagle
011667: Jim Matthews - A Salute to Jacqueline Kennedy the Bravest Woman in the World - the Highlights and Shadows in Her Life from Inauguration to Arlington
001741: Brinley E. Matthews - The Swansea Story-a History of the Swansea Rugby Football Club 1874-1968
023741: Matthews, Greg - The Further Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
023310: Matthews, Rupert O. - Canada's Lakes & Mountains
023311: Ruper O Matthews - Canadian Reflections
023312: Matthews, Rupert O. - Canada the Majestic Land
023313: Matthews, Rupert O. - Canada The Great Outdoors
000346: Peter Matthiessen & Eliot Porter - The Tree Where Man Was Born/the African Experience
002847: Matthiessen, Peter - The Tree Where Man Was Born
013611: Matthiessen, Peter - Sand Rivers
019564: Mattingly, Garrett - The Defeat Of The Spanish Armada
012640: Matton, Sylvie;Black, Tamsin - Rembrandt's Whore
021440: Erling Matz - Vasa 1628
001366: Matzen, Robert D. - Research Made Easy: a Guide for Students and Writers
011584: Maududi, A.A.;Ahmad, Khurshid;Maududi, Abul A. - Towards Understanding Islam
025785: W Somerset Maugham - The Complete Short Stories Vols. 1,2,3
022150: W. Somerset Maugham - The Complete Short Stories: Vol. 1 - East and West Vol. 2 The World Over
005652: Maugham, W. Somerset - Christmas Holiday
018637: Maugham, W. Somerset - A Traveller in Romance: Uncollected Writings, 1901-1964
026644: W. Somerset Maugham - The Complete Short Stories of W. Someret Maugham Vol. 1 & 2 in Slipcase
0284692: Robert Maunder and Jonathan Hunter - Damaged
025557: Guy De Maupassant - Short Stories of the Tragedy and Comedy of Life - Odalisque of Senichou Etc. Vol. IV
285412: Guy De Maupassant - Selected Tales of Guy De Maupassant
015934: Guy De Maupassant - The Best Short Stories
010051: Maupin, Armistead - Tales of the City - Volume 1
008885: Maupin, Armistead - More Tales of the City
020003: Robert Maurer, Ph.D. - The Kaizen Way: One Small Step Can Change Your Life
0284248: Diane Vogel Maurer with Paul Maurer - Marbling a Complete Guide to Creating Beautiful Patterned Papers and Fabrics
021473: Edward Beaucle Maurice - Last of the Gentlemen Adventurers~Edward Beauclerk Maurice
010890: Daphne Du Maurier - The Infernal World of Branwell Bronte
016031: Daphne du Maurier - The Loving Spirit
011711: Andre Maurois - Disraeli - A Picture of the Victorian Age
011193: Andre Maurois - Ariel - A Shelley Romance
005259: Maw, J. - Year of the Jaguar
000559: June Knox-Mawer, Illustrated By Pearl Binder - A South Sea Spell
022491: John C Maxwell - Make Today Count - the Secret of Your Success is Determined By Your daily Agenda
025520: James A. Maxwell - America's Fascinating Indian Heritage: The First Americans: Their Customs, Art, History and How They Lived
025434: Maxwell, John C. - The Success Journey: The Process of Living Your Dreams
027745: Rollo May - The Courage to Create
021554: Peter May - Extraordinary People
023598: May, John - The book of beasts
020524: John R. May and Michael Bird - Religion In Film
285626: Robin May - The Wild West Fact Finders
016666: Karl May - In the Desert
010414: May, John - Poe & Fanny
027827: Herbert G May, Editor - Oxford Bible Atlas
025801: Karola Maya - Old Shatterhand I Winnetow
011587: George Mayberry - A Concise Dictionary of Abbreviations
011583: Maychick, Diana - Audrey Hepburn: An Intimate Portrait
015336: Maychick, Diana - Audrey Hepburn: An Intimate Portrait
023628: Mayer, Martin - About Television
000497: S.L. Mayer - World War II
011110: Milton Mayer with a Center Discussion - On Liberty: Man v. The State
015572: Mayernik, David - Timeless Cities: An Architect's Reflections on Renaissance Italy
016169: Frances Mayes - A year in the World - Journeys of a Passionate Traveller
015820: Mayes, Frances - Swan
014198: Mayes, Frances - A Year in the World: Journeys of a Passionate Traveler
017552: Mayhew, Henry; Quennell, Peter - London's Underworld
002828: Mayle, Peter - Toujours Provence
004289: Mayle, Peter - Year in Provence
019580: Peter Mayle - The Marseille Caper - a Novel
002619: Mayle, Peter - French Lessons: Adventures With Knife, Fork, and Corkscrew
023970: Mayle, Peter - Encore Provence - New Adventures in the South of France
028182: Peter Mayle - A Dog's Life
017352: Mayle, Peter - Hotel Pastis: A Novel of Provence
016535: Mayle, Peter - Hotel Pastis: A Novel of Provence
006801: Mayle, Peter - Anything Considered
010190: Mayle, Peter - A Year in Provence
022179: Joyce Maynard - At Home in the World
016715: Crosby Maynard - Flight Plan for Tomorrow - The Douglas Story - A Condensed History
025207: Margaret Mayo - Our Fate & the Zodiac - an Astrologoical Autograph Book
003107: Mayo, Gretchen Will - Earthmaker's Tales: North American Indian Stories About Earth Happenings
016723: Eileen Mayo - The Story of Living Things and their Evolution
005535: Drayton Mayrant - A Sword From Galway
025868: Mays, John Bentley - Power in the Blood: Land, Memory and a Southern Family
000722: Mays, John Bentley - Power in the Blood: Land, Memory and a Southern Family
018025: Mays, Marianne - The Proper Care of Hamsters
017756: Mays, Buddy - Indian Villages of the Southwest: A Practical Guide to the Pueblo Indian Villages of New Mexico and Arizona
003146: Mays, John Bentley - Arrivals: Stories From the History of Ontario
007748: Mayson, Barry; Marco, Tony - Fallen Angel: Hell's Angel to Heaven's Saint
000265: Frank Feather & Rashmi Mayur, Eds - Optimistic Outlooks
020669: Monia Mazigh - Hope & Despair - My Struggle to Free My Husband, Maher Arar
0284694: Tilar J Mazzeo - Sisters in Resistance
017319: Annalena McAfee - The Spoiler
023209: Ian McAllister - The Last Wild Wolves - Ghosts of the Great Bear Rainforest
026205: Tom McArthur, Editor - The Oxford Companion to the English Language
017610: Michael R. McAteer & Michael G. Steinhauser - The Man in the Scarlett Robe - Two Thousand Years of Searching for Jesus
004136: Mcauley, Mary - Politics and the Soviet Union
0284071: Catherine McAuley - Praying in the Spirit of Catherine McAuley
016255: Jason McBride & Alana Wilcox - Utopia: Towards a New Toronto
011980: McBride, Joseph - Steven Spielberg: A Biography
011654: Richard P. McBrien - Church the Continuing Quest
023391: Charles R. McCabe, Editor - Damned Old Crank - America's Most Unconventional Newspaper Giant Tells His Story with Unparalleled Frankness and Gusto
022995: Joseph McCabe - Haeckel's Critics Answered
010022: McCabe, Patrick - The Butcher Boy
025794: McCaffrey, Anne - Lyon's Pride
025795: Anne McCaffrey - Damia's Children
028189: Anne McCaffrey - No One Noticed the Cat
021958: Anne McCaffrey - Pegasus in Flight
004469: McCall, Fiona; Howard, Paul - All in the Same Boat: Family Cruising Around the Atlantic
023813: McCallum, John Dennis - The world heavyweight boxing championship;: A History
012461: Mary McCallum, Text - Greece - History-Art Folklore-Routes
020457: Bryan McCann - Hello, Hello Brazil: Popular Music in the Making of Modern Brazil
025177: Samuel W. McCart - Trial By Jury - a Complete Guide to the Jury System
026486: McCarthy, Mike - Porsche
006439: Cormac McCarthy - The Road
001884: McCarthy, Scott - Creation Liturgy: an Earth Centered Theology of Worship
027128: Andrew C McCarthy - Ball of Collusion - the Plot to Rig an Election and Destroy a Presidency
285241: Gary McCarthy - The Derby Man - a Double D Western
015430: McCarthy, Peter - McCarthy's Bar : A Journey of Discovery in the West of Ireland
004675: McCarthy, Peter - McCarthy's Bar: a Journey of Discovery in the West of Ireland
0284612: Kevin W McCarthy - The On-Purpose Person Making Your Life Make Sense a Modern Parable
013756: McCartney, Linda - Wide Open: Photographs
012578: Jennifer McCartney - Afloat
011407: McCarver, Tim;Robinson, Ray - Oh, Baby, I Love It!: Baseball Summers, Hot Pennant Races, Grand Salamis, Jellylegs, El Swervos, Dingers and Dunkers, Etc, Etc, Etc
012774: Lucy McCauley - Traveler's Tales Women in the Wild: True Stories of Adventure and Conneciton
026208: J OSTER M IVESON J MCCLAY - Literary Experiences Vol. 1 & 2
017923: Kathryn McCleary and Beverly Dixon Mallette - What's Worth Dying for - a Historical Mystery Novel Set in Simcoe County at the Time of Confederation
015965: McClellan, Edwin - Woman in the Crested Kimono: The Life of Shibue Io and Her Family Drawn from Mori Ogai's Shibue Chusai
022914: Captain McClintock - In the Arctic Seas - a Narrative of the Discovery of the Fate of Sir John Franklin and His Companions
018544: McCloskey, Robert - Make Way for Ducklings
022058: Shelby T. McCloy - The Negro in the French West Indies
0284486: Nellie L McClung - In Times Like These
014532: McClure, Vimala Schneider - Infant Massage: A Handbook for Loving Parents
026901: McColm, Bruce - Where Have They Gone?: Rock'N'Roll Stars
004743: McConkey, James - Stories From My Life With the Other Animals
023029: McCord, Gary - Just a Range Ball in a Box of Titleists
023367: McCormack, Mark H. - On Negotiating
007760: Louisa McCormack - Six Weeks to Toxic
008221: Thomas McCormack, Editor - Afterwords: Novelists on Their Novels
001762: Jack McCormick - The Living Forest
015925: McCormick, Patricia - Sold
001703: McCormmach, Russell K. - Night Thoughts of a Classical Physicist
006102: Edward A. McCourt - The Canadian West in Fiction
026539: McCourt, Malachy - Claddagh Ring
003390: McCourt, Malachy - A Monk Swimming: a Memoir
013484: McCourt, Malachy - A Monk Swimming: A Memoir
012808: McCourt, Frank - Angela's Ashes: A Memoir
0284673: Edward A. McCourt - The Yukon and Northwest Territories
005982: Edward McCourt - Saskatchewan-the Traveller's Canada
011056: McCourt, Frank - Teacher Man: A Memoir
009596: McCourt, Malachy - Singing My Him Song
012567: Frank McCourt - Angela's Ashes: A Memoir
024433: Bob McCown - The 100 Greatest Hockey Arguments
003363: McCoy, J. J. - The Plight of the Whales
024906: Alf McCreary - Tried by Fire: Finding Hope Out of Suffering in Northern Ireland
285657: Robert McCrum - Mainland
015345: McCrum, Robert;Cran, William;MacNeil, Robert - Story of English
027628: Sharyn McCrumb - The Songcatcher
019571: John McCuaig - The Return of Robert Burns
005331: Carson McCullers - The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
026078: McCullers, Carson - The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter
015546: Carson McCullers - The Ballad of Sad Cafe and other Stories
022343: Mary E. McCullough - The Sky Was My Friend - Songs of the Ottawa Valley
015900: McCullough, H. B., Editor - Political Ideologies and Political Philosophies
004035: McCully, Patrick - Silenced Rivers: the Ecology and Politics of Large Dams-Enlarged and Updated Edition
010439: McCurdy, Fitzgerald Joan - The Serpent's Egg
012627: McDaniel, Judith - Sanctuary, a Journey
012174: John W. McDermott - How to Get Lost & Found in Fiji
019670: McDermott, Catherine - Essential Design
027620: Lanny McDonald with Steve Simmons - Lanny
025943: McDonald, Frank - Provenance
022069: Trevor McDonald - Viv Richards, the authorised biography
008523: J. Lorne McDougall - Canadian Pacific - A Brief History
025038: McDowell, Bart - Inside the Vatican
020547: Susan Chernak McElroy - Heart in the Wild: A Journey of Self-Discovery with Animals of the Wilderness
006750: William Mcelwee - The Battle of D Day
026944: J P McEvoy - A Brief History of the Universe from Ancient Babylon to the Big Bang
026332: Ian McEwan - On Chesil Beach
027979: Ian McEwan - Black Dogs
028127: Ian McEwan - The Children Act
006942: McEwan, Ian - Atonement
027017: David W McFadden - An Innocent in Newfoundland - Even More Rambles and Singular Encounters
009685: Dennis McFarland - The Music Room
000509: J.A. McFarlane, Warren Clements - The Globe and Mail Style Book
022585: Brian McFarlane - One Hundred Years of Hockey
021191: Brian McFarlane - The story of the National Hockey League;: An intimate history of hockey's most dramatic half century
0284593: Brian McFarlane - Team Canada 1972 Where are They Now? 30th Anniversary Edition
026468: J.A. Sandy McFarlane and Warren Clements - 1995 Globe and Mail Style Book : A Guide to Langua
024930: Leslie McFarlane - Fire in the North - a Play for Radio
015821: McFarlane, Evelyn;Saywell, James - How Far Will You Go?: Questions to Test Your Limits
021947: Brian McFarlane - More it Happened in Hockey - More Weird & Wonderful Stories from Canada's Greatest Game
024413: Brian McFarlane - The Leafs - True Hockey Stories
016135: McFeely, William S. - Proximity to Death
009573: McGarey, William and McGarey, Gladys - There Will Your Heart Be Also - Edgar Cayce's Readings About Home and Marriage
003852: McGhee, Alison - All Rivers Flow to the Sea
002325: McGillis, Ian - A Tourist's Guide to Glengarry
285008: Phyllois McGinley - Times Three
000996: McGinnis, James B. - Bread and Justice: Teacher's Manual-Toward a New International Economic Order
021435: Jill McGivering - The Last Kestrel
025443: McGivern, William P - Caprifoil
026051: Ken McGoogan - 50 Canadians Who Changed the World
006933: McGrath, Patrick - Ghost Town: Tales of Manhattan Then and Now
285145: Robin McGrath - A Heritage Guide to Portugal Cove-St. Philip's
027165: Alister McGrath - A Theory of Everything (that matters)
000647: McGrath, Robin - Escaped Domestics

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