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006214: PAUL AND DOROTHY GOBLE - Red Hawk's Account of Custer's Last Battle
020325: PAUL THEROUX - Deep South - Four Seasons on Back Roads
012790: PAUL MACKENDRICK - The Greek Stones Speak - the Story of Archaeology in Greek Lands
003029: PAUL BALOR - Manual of the Mercentary Soldier-a Guide to Mercenary, War, Money and Adventure
007196: PAUL HORGAN - Citizen of New Salem
019900: PAUL HAWKEN - Blessed Unrest
007495: PAUL WYETH AND TOM HORABIN - How to Paint in Oils
019116: PAUL ROMANUK - Hockey Superstars 2009-2010
007629: PAUL CARUS - The History of the Devil and the Idea of Evil From the Earliest Times to the Present Day
007847: PAUL, DIANE B. - Living Left-Handed - All You Need to Know About Left-Handness
007689: PAUL LAZARIDES - Santorini-the Monastery of Prophet Elias
017028: PAUL MARTIN - Hell or High Water - My Life in and Out of Politics
003450: PAUL FORDHAM - The Geography of African Affairs
019948: PAUL WATSON - Where War Lives
001903: PAUL CLAUDEL - Poetic Art
008275: PAUL GALLICO - The Steadfast Man - a Life of St. Patrick
000403: PAUL BAILEY - London-the Oxford Book of
012789: PAUL ELEK - This Other London
014139: PAUL F. GRENDLER, EDITOR - An Italian Renaissance Reader
012272: PAUL GUINARD, EDITOR - El Greco
003021: PAUL ENGLE - Images of China-Poems Written in China April-June 1980
020419: PAUL WHITE - Owen Sound: The Port City
014521: PAUL QUARRINGTON - King Leary
019502: PAUL-GORDON CHANDLER - Pilgrims of Christ on the Muslim Road - Exploring a New Path Between Faiths
010552: PAUL MULLER - Collins Concise Encyclopedia of Astronomy
010818: PAUL GALLICO - Trial By Error
011232: PAUL THEROUX - The Elephand Suite
012974: PAUL H. KOCHER - master of the Middle-Earth - the Fiction of J. R. Tolkien
016629: PAUL CHIASSON - The Island of Seven Cities - where the Chinese Settled when they Discovered America
019702: PAUL THAGARD - Mind Readings: Introductory Selections on Cognitive Science
018952: PAUL GALLICO - Ludmila - a Legend of Liechtenstein
018071: PAUL COELHO - The Winner Stands Alone
018774: PAUL BRICKHILL - Escape or Die - Authentic Stories of the R.A.F. Escaping Society
003162: PAULA GUNN ALLEN - Grandmothers of the Light-a Medicine Woman's Sourcebook
018791: PAULO COELHO - Aleph
020057: PAULO COELHO - Brida
017187: PAULO COELHO - The Devil and Miss Prym - A Novel of Temptation
002844: PAULOS, MARTHA - Doggerel: Great Poets on Remarkable Dogs
008937: PAULOS, JOHN ALLEN - Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences
004288: PAULSEN, GARY - Woodsong
014242: PAULSEN, GARY - Brian's Winter
001170: PAUSON, MARIAN L. - Jung the Philosopher: Essays in Jungian Thought
013111: PAWLOWSKI, GARETH - How They Became the Beatles: A Definitive History of the Early Years, 1960-1964
011706: PAX, SALAM - Salam Pax: The Clandestine Diary of an Ordinary Iraqi
002670: PAXMAN, JEREMY - The English: a Portrait of a People
001894: PAXSON, DIANA L. - Ancestors of Avalon-a Novel of Atlantis and the Ancient British Isles
005076: PAYNE, ALISON - Upon a White Horse
017185: PAYNE, EDWARD - The Apricot Blooms In The Desert
019174: PAYZANT, JOAN M. - Halifax: Cornerstone of Canada
002420: PAZ, OCTAVIO - Selected Poems
004705: PAZ, OCTAVIO - The Labyrinth of Solitude: the Other Mexico, Return to the Labrinth of Solitude, Mexico and the United States, the Philanthropic Orge
016262: PEACH, JACK - Days Gone By : Jack Peach on Calgary's Past
016338: PEACHEY, GORDON;WISE, NANCY - The Okanagan: Winery Tours, Road Trips, Sunday Walks, Nature, History, Other Tours
006897: PEACOCK, JAMES L. - The Anthropological Lens: Harsh Light, Soft Focus
007393: PEACOCK, MOLLY - Cornucopia: New and Selected Poems 1975-2002
004192: PEACOCK, MOLLY - Paradise, Piece By Piece
004749: PEACOCKE, JOHN - The Tibetan Way of Life, Death and Rebirth: the Illustrated Guide to Tibetan Wisdom
019138: PEALE, NORMAN VINCENT - The Power of Positive Thinking
006239: PEARL S. BUCK - Portrait of a Marriage/the Promise-a House Divided/ the Patriot/Dragon Seed (4 Books-(1935-1945))
005827: PEARL S. BUCK - Hearts Come Home and Other Stories
002877: PEARL, RICHARD M. - How to Know the Minerals and Rocks
005217: PEARL S. BUCK - Mandala-a Novel of India
012093: PEARL S.BUCK - Death in the Castle
010642: PEARL S BUCK - The Three Daughters of Madame Liang - A Novel of China Today
010696: PEARL S BUCK - Fighting Angel - Portrait of a Soul
011065: PEARL S BUCK - The Good Earth
011066: PEARL S BUCK - Dragon Seed
005820: PEARL S. BUCK - The Long Love
011300: PEARL S BUCK - The Living Seed
017052: PEARL S BUCK - The Beech Tree
008989: PEARS, NIGEL - Basic Biogeography
009013: PEARSALL, MARILYN - Women and Values: Readings in Recent Feminist Philosophy
012690: PEARSON, KIT - Awake and Dreaming
012221: PEARSON, KIT - Handful of Time
008475: PEARSON, CAROL S. - The Hero Within: Six Archetypes We Live by
011563: PEARSON, PATRICIA - When She Was Bad: Violent Women & the Myth of Innocence
019916: PEARSON, DAVID - The New Natural House Book: Creating a Healthy, Harmonious, and Ecologically Sound Home
017675: PEARSON, KIT - The Daring Game
018289: PEARSON, CAROL S. - The Hero Within: Six Archetypes We Live by
019187: PECK, M. SCOTT - Golf and the Spirit: Lessons for the Journey
003413: PECK, M. SCOTT - In Search of Stones: a Pilgrimage of Faith, Reason, and Discovery
012610: PECK, M. SCOTT - The Road Less Traveled & Beyond: Spiritual Growth in an Age of Anxiety
008979: PECK, MORGAN SCOTT - A Bed by the Window: A Novel of Mystery and Redemption
011118: PECK, M. SCOTT - Denial of the Soul: Spiritual and Medical Perspectives on Euthanasia and Mortality
012025: PECK, M. SCOTT - The Road Less Traveled & Beyond: Spiritual Growth in an Age of Anxiety
017221: PECK, MORGAN SCOTT - The Road Less Traveled: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth
018699: PECK, MORGAN SCOTT - People of the Lie: The Hope for Healing Human Evil
006211: PECKHAM, STEWART; PECK, MARY - From This Earth: the Ancient Art of Pueblo Pottery
017216: PEDEN, MURRAY - Fall of an Arrow
018657: PEGGY SHEPPARD - Andersonville, Georgia USA
006664: PEGGY LARSON - The Deserts of the Southwest-a Sierra Club Naturalist's Guide
008035: PEGGY PITTENGER - How to Raise a Foal
003555: PEI, MEG - Salaryman
016991: "PEK" GUNN - POET LAUREATE OF TENNESSEE - Tumblin' Creek Tales - Southern Folklore in Humorous Verse
008311: PELTIER, LEONARD - Prison Writings: My Life Is My Sun Dance
002694: PELTON, ROBERT YOUNG - The Adventurist: My Life in Dangerous Places
008928: PELZER, DAVID J. - A Man Named Dave: A Story of Triumph and Forgiveness
020554: PEMA CHODRON - The Places that Scare You: A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times (Shambhala Classics)
010854: PEMBERTON, J. E. - How to Find Out in Mathematics - a Guide to sources of Information
012730: PENDERGAST, REGINALD - Close to the Heart : Stories and Ballads of Prince Edward Island
016289: PENDERGRAST, MARK - For God, Country, and Coca Cola: The Definitive History of the Great American Soft Drink and the Company That Makes It
000657: PENELOPE TURING - Your Guide to Sicily
017869: PENNAC, DANIEL - Better Than Life
002026: PENNEY, ALEXANDRA - How to Make Love to a Man
017368: PENNIE, ROSS - The Unforgiving Tides: The True Story Of A Young Doctor's Encounters With Mud, Medicine And Magic On A Remote South Pacific Island
006311: PENNINGTON, D. - Seventeenth Century Europe-a General History of Europe
007036: PENNINGTON, D.H. - Europe in the Seventeenth Century
005493: PENNY, LAURA - Your Call is Important to Us: the Truth About Bullshit
015807: PENNY, LAURA - Your Call Is Important to Us : The Truth about Bullshit
018155: PENNY PETRONE, EDITOR - Native Literature in Canada: From the Oral Tradition to the Present
013966: PENNY PETRONE, EDITOR - Northern Voices: Inuit Writing in English
009774: PEPPERS, DON;ROGERS, MARTHA - The One to One Future: Building Relationships One Customer at a Time
006210: PEPPIN, ANTHEA - The Usborne Story of Painting: Cave Painting to Modern Art
000531: PERCY, H. R. - The Mother Tongue
017757: PERI PHILLIPS MCQUAY - The View from Foley Mountain
001190: PERKINS, JOHN - Psychonavigation: Techniques for Travel Beyond Time
003612: PERKINS, MICHAEL C.; PERKINS, ANTHONY B. - The Internet Bubble: Inside the Overvalued World of High-Tech Stocks--and What You Need to Know to Avoid the Coming Shakeout
006233: PERN, STEPHEN - The Beach of Morning: a Walk in West Africa
016994: PERRAULT, CHARLES;JOHNSON, A. E. - Perrault's Fairy Tales
008119: PERRIN, NOEL - Solo: Life With an Electric Car
012612: PERRONE, BOBETTE;STOCKEL, H. HENRIETTA;KRUEGER, VICTORIA - Medicine Women, Curanderas, and Women Doctors
015230: PERROTTET, TONY - The Naked Olympics: The True Story of the Ancient Games
007324: PERRY, SUSAN; O'HANLAN, KATHERINE A. M.D. - Natural Menopause: the Complete Guide to a Women's Most Misunderstood Passage
009256: PERRY M. ROGERS - Aspects of Western Civilization: Problems and Sources in History - Vol. II
008493: PERSON, ETHEL SPECTOR - Dreams of Love and Fateful Encounters: The Power of Romantic Passion
014091: PESMAN, CURTIS - What She Wants: A Man's Guide to Women
003943: PETE GOSS - Close to the Wind-an Extraordinary Story of Triumph Over Adversity
016056: PETER C NEWMAN - The Distemper of Our Times
004947: PETER FARB - Man's Rise to Civilization-as Shown By the Indians of North America From Primeval Times to the Coming of the Industrial State
015118: PETER SCOTT - The Coloured Key to the Wildfowl of the World
005397: PETER DESBARATS - What They Used to Tell About-Indian Legends From Labrador
006128: PETER GOWLAND - How to Photograph Women
006200: PETER PHILLIPS AND ANDREW ROTH WITH PROJECT CENSORED - Censored 2008-the Top 25 Censored Stories of 2006-07
006370: PETER MATTHIESSEN - Oomingmak-the Expedition to the Musk Ox Island in the Bering Sea
006754: PETER HOWARD - Frank Buchman's Secret
020371: PETER BOURNE - The Golden Road
020244: PETER BEAUMONT - The secret life of War - Journeys Through Modern Conflict
003648: PETER ADAMS - The American Sign Language Directory
003052: PETER A. STARK - Introduction to Numerical Methods
018283: PETER KULCHYSKI - The Red Indians
003876: PETER NEARY, EDITOR - White Tie and Decorations: Sir John and Lady Hope Simpson in Newfoundland, 1934-1936
007792: PETER KERSHAW - A Beginners guide to Auctions
002687: PETER GREEN - Betting and Gambling
019184: PETER C. NEWMAN - The Acquisitors (The Canadian Establishment, Vol. 2)
019580: PETER MAYLE - The Marseille Caper - a Novel
001767: PETER QUENNELL - Four Portraits
012671: PETER PICKOW & JASON A SHULMAN - How to Play the Pocket Harmonica
000293: PETER LATHAM - U.S.S.R.
000346: PETER MATTHIESSEN & ELIOT PORTER - The Tree Where Man Was Born/the African Experience
018598: PETER FLEMING - Bayonets to Lhasa
002224: PETER C. NEWMAN - Promise of the Pipeline
002227: PETER HAINING EDITOR - A Pictorial History of Horror Stories-Two Hundred Years of Illustrations From the Pulp Magazines
008418: PETER MORRIS - The Disgruntled Employee
008913: PETER STURSBERG - Diefenbaker:Leadership Gained 1956-62
017480: PETER ROBINSON - The Hanging Valley - an Inspector Banks Novel
020062: PETER MANSBRIDGE - One on One - Favorite Conversations and the Stories Behind Them
020381: PETER FARB - Face of North America
009926: PETER FARB - Face of North America - The Natural History of a Continent
013022: PETER BEHRENS - The Law of Dreams
020528: PETER MANSBRIDGE - One on One:favorite Conversations and the Stories Behind Them
008432: PETER REID - A Brief history of Medieval Warfare - the Rise and Fall of English Supremacy at Arms, 1314-1485
010484: PETER HAINING, EDITOR - Frankenstein Omnibus
005700: PETER FREUCHEN WITH DAVID LOTH - Book of the Seven Seas
020404: PETER BERRESFORD ELLIS - Eyewitness to Irish History
019446: PETER BALLINGALL - The Pocket Guide to Golf - Practice Drills
019558: PETER FREUCHEN & FINN SALOMONSEN - The Artic Year - a Month By Month Account of Life in the Artic Zone
012136: PETER K. BURIAN - Mastering Digital Photography and Imaging
015449: PETER HAINING - The Secret History of Cults - Bizarre Rituals and Murderous Practices Revealed
014299: PETER FRASER - The Feud at Franklyn House
019897: PETER BROWN; STEVEN GAINES - The Love You Make: An Insider's Story of the Beatles
010897: PETER RYHINER - The Wildest Game
019453: PETER HANSON - The Joy of Stress - How to Make Stress Work for You
011178: PETER DE POLNAY - The Shriek of the Gull
006628: PETER SCOTT - A Coloured Key to the Wildfowl of the World
012199: PETER SAMMARTINO AND RENE GUASTALLA - Survey of French Literature
011395: PETER KIDSON - Iceland in a Nutshell - Complete Reference Guide
013148: PETER HAINING, EDITOR - The Dracula Scrapbook
015304: PETER STANYER, EDITOR - Anatomy for the Artist : The Dynamics of the Human Form
020505: PETER C. NEWMAN - Mavericks - Canadian Rebels, Renegades and Anti-Heroes
014556: PETER GRAY - Drawing Manga
018588: PETER WHALLEY, REVISITED BY - Broom Brush & Bucket - the Good Old Days of Mrs. Beeton's Housewifery
015993: PETER HAINING, EDITOR - The Frankenstein Omnibus
018231: PETER SILVER - Our Savage Neighbours - How Indian War Transfosrmed Early America
016318: PETER BEADLE - Queenstown
001667: PETERS, SHEILA - Tending the Remnant Damage
009643: PETERS, THOMAS J.;AUSTIN, NANCY - A Passion for Excellence: The Leadership Difference
011418: PETERS, TOM - Thriving on Chaos: Handbook for a Management Revolution
012914: PETERSON, PETER G. - Running on Empty: How the Democratic and Republican Parties Are Bankrupting Our Future and What Americans Can Do About It
005588: PETERSON, ROGER TORY - A Field Guide to Wildflowers of Northeastern and North-Central North America
014356: PETERSON, ROGER T. - A Field Guide to Western Birds
007378: PETERSON, DALE - Deluge and the Ark: a Journey Into Primate Worlds
000748: PETERSON, BRENDA - Singing to the Sound: Visions of Nature, Animals & Spirit
014254: PETERSON, M. JEANNE - Family, Love, and Work in the Lives of Victorian Gentlewomen
009588: PETERSON, PETER G. - Facing Up: Paying Our Nation's Debt and Saving Our Children's Future
015198: PETERSON, IVARS - The Mathematical Tourist: Snapshots of Modern Mathematics
017253: PETHICK, DEREK - Vancouver Recalled: A Pictorial History to 1887
020535: PETRA & TOYO KOBAYASHI - T'ai Chi Ch'uan - becoming One with Tao
007904: PETRIE, FRANK - As Far As Ever the Puffin Flew
008445: PETRIE, W. M. FLINDERS - The Arts and Crafts of Ancient Egypt
018870: PETRIE, FRANCIS J. - Roll Out the Barrel: The Story of Niagara's Daredevils
019334: PETROSKI, HENRY - Remaking the World: Adventures in Engineering
010150: PH CANADA STAFF - Media and Communication Anthology
013082: PHAM, ANDREW X. - Catfish and Mandala: A Two-Wheeled Voyage Through the Landscape and Memory of Vietnam
003697: PHILBIN, TOM - The Encyclopedia of Hardware
016122: PHILBRICK, NATHANIEL - Sea of Glory
007348: PHILIP PINKUS, EDITOR - Jonathan Swift-a Selection of His Works
009163: PHILIP STRAX, M.D. - Early Detection - Breast Cancer is Curable
019047: PHILIP SHACKLETON - The Furniture of Old Ontario
017236: PHILIP BURTON - Birds of Prey
011361: PHILIP VAIL - The Magnificient Adventures of Alexander Mackenzie
013701: PHILIP STRATFORD - Stories from Quebec
011472: PHILIP H. PETTIT - Equity and the Law of Trusts
017046: PHILIP P. PAN - Out of Mao's Shadow - the Struggle for the Soul of a New China
013225: PHILIP H. GODSELL - Arctic Trader - the Account of Twenty Years with The Hudson's Bay Company - Illustrated
018737: PHILIP SLAYTON - Mighty Judgment - How the Supreme Court of Canada Runs Your Life
014333: PHILIP KETCHUM - The Cougar Basin War
016780: PHILIP P. PAN - Out of Mao's Shadow - The Struggle For the Soul of a New China
015912: PHILLIPS, RODERICK - Untying the Knot: A Short History of Divorce
019769: PHILLIPS, SHELLEY - Beyond the Myths: Mother-Daughter Relationships in Psychology, History, Literature and Everyday Life
005962: PHILLIPS, JENNY - Cottage Flowers: a Scented Photograph Album
018653: PHILLIPS, DAVID - The Day Niagara Falls Ran Dry - Canadian Weather Facts and Trivia
008881: PHILLIPS, PAUL ARTHUR;PHILLIPS, ERIN - Women and Work: Inequality in the Canadian Labour Market
009582: PHILLIPS, ROBERT H. - Coping With Osteoarthritis
018360: PHILLIPS, CHRISTOPHER - Six Questions Of Socrates: A Modern-Day Journey Of Discovery Through World Philosophy
013776: PHILLIPS, DONALD T. - Lincoln on Leadership: Executive Strategies for Tough Times
019553: PHILPOP THE WEARY - The Book of Mystic Wisdom
000321: PHYLIS BOWMAN - Whistling Through the West
001720: PHYLLIS HOBE, EDITOR - Travels With Our Fellow Creatures
017849: PHYLLIS RUTH BLAKELEY AND MYRA C. VERNON - The Story of Prince Edward Island
003944: PIAZZA, TOM - My Cold War: a Novel
004621: PICARD, PHILIPPE, ET AL - Canadian Guide to Homeopathic Self-Medication
015557: PICARD, LYNNE - The Elephant's Rope and the Untethered Spirit: A Remarkable, True Story of Healing and Hope
011558: PICKENS, T BOONE, JR. - Boone
015292: PICKERING, DAVID - Dictionary of Superstitions
003577: PICKOVER, CLIFFORD - Computers and the Imagination: Visual Adventures Beyond the Edge
014263: PICKOVER, CLIFFORD A. - Black Holes: A Traveler's Guide
015405: PICO IYER - The Open Road - The Global Journey of the Fourteenth Dalai Lama
012290: PICO IYER, KAREN CONNELLY, ET AL - Lonely Planet Brief Encounters: Stories of Love, Sex & Travel
014285: PICO IYER - The Open Road - The Global Journey of the Fourteenth Dali Lama
008306: PICOULT, JODI - The Tenth Circle : A Novel
012550: PIERO VERNI - Tibet - Places and History
004990: PIERRE BERTON - Just Add Water and Stir
005173: PIERRE BERTON - The Golden Trail-the Story of the Klondike Rush
017504: PIERRE DANINOS - Major Thompson and I,
012273: PIERRE GASSIER - Goya
011938: PIERRE BERTON, ET AL - Why the Sea Is Boiling Hot - a Symposium on the Church and the World
017836: PIERRE BAYARD - How to Talk About Books You Haven't Read
020183: PIERRE BERTON - Marching As to War: Canada's Turbulent Years 1899-1953
019977: PIERS BRENDON - Winston Churchill: An Authentic Hero
007376: PIERSON, RUTH - Canadian Women's Issues: Vol II-Bold Visions
010213: PIGOTT, PETER - On Canadian Wings : A Century of Flight
005052: PIKE, FREDRICK B. - Spanish America, 1900-1970: Tradition and Social Innovation: Tradition and Social Innovation
015979: PIKOMOKU - Miles to Go Before I Sleep : Poems & Whimsies in Celebration of Love, Life and Death
012367: PILGRIM, EARL B. - The Captain and the Girl - based on a true Story
020123: PIN YATHAY - Stay Alive, My Son
020300: PINCKNEY, ROGER - Blue Roots: African-American Folk Magic of the Gullah People
015613: PINDER, JOHN;PINDER, JOHN - The Building of the European Union
004565: PINK, THOMAS - Free Will: a Very Short Introduction
016540: PINKER, STEVEN - How the Mind Works
015359: PINKER, STEVEN - The Language Instinct: How the Mind Creates Language
018118: PINSKER, MARLEE - In the Days of Sand And Stars
017275: PINTO, CONSTANCIO;JARDINE, MATTHEW - East Timor's Unfinished Struggle: Inside the Timorese Resistance
013580: PIPER, DON;MURPHEY, CECIL - 90 Minutes in Heaven: A True Story of Death & Life
002122: PIPHER, MARY BRAY; PIPHER, MARY - Another Country: Navigating the Emotional Terrain of Our Elders
012506: PITTMAN, FRANK S. - Private Lies: Infidelity and the Betrayal of Intimacy
007417: PIVEN, JOSHUA; BORGENICHT, DAVID; PIVEN, JOSH - Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: How to Escape From Quicksand, Wrestle an Alligator, Break Down a Door, Land a Plane.
009895: PLATO - Republic and Other Works
006183: PLIMPTON, GEORGE - Ernest Shackleton
015031: PLOTNIK, ARTHUR - The Elements of Editing: A Modern Guide for Editors and Journalists
002248: PLOTNIK, ARTHUR - The Elements of Editing: a Modern Guide for Editors and Journalists
012328: PLUMB, DONALD C. - Veterinary Drug Handbook
009142: PLUMB, JOHN H. - England in the Eighteenth Century
020185: PLUNKETT, HAZEL - Nicaragua In Focus: a Guide to the People, Politics and Culture (In Focus Guides)
008790: PLUYMEN, BERT - The Thinking Person's Guide to Sobriety
010847: POE, EDGAR ALLAN - Tales of Mystery & Imagination
003812: POEN, MONTE E. - Strictly Personal and Confidential: the Letters That Harry Truman Never Mailed
001125: POEY, DELIA AND VIRGIL SUREZ-EDITORS - Iguana Dreams: New Latino Fiction
011540: POHL, FREDERIK - The Science Fiction Roll of Honor
006080: POITIER, SIDNEY - The Measure of a Man: a Spiritual Autobiography
014246: POLK, GORDON - Poison Pill
016519: POLK, WILLIAM R. - Understanding Iraq: The Whole Sweep of Iraqi History, From Genghis Khan's Mongols To The Ottoman Turks To The British Mandate To The American Occupation
006774: POLLACK, NEAL - The Neal Pollack Anthology of American Literature
007807: POLLAN, STEPHEN M.;LEVINE, MARK - Die Broke: A Radical, Four-Part Financial Plan
012508: POLLAN, STEPHEN M.;LEVINE, MARK - Lifescripts: What to Say to Get What You Want in 101 of Life's Toughest Situations
013874: POLLITZER, ANITA - A Woman on Paper: Georgia O'Keeffe
007740: POLLOCK, J. C. - Hudson Taylor and Maria: Pioneers in China
013641: POLLOCK, SHARON - Blood Relations: And Other Plays
019765: POLLUTION PROBE - Additive Alert- What Have they Done to Our Food?
005766: POLO, MARCO - The Travels of Marco Polo
020145: POLO, MARCO - Travels (Konemann Classics)
002351: POLONI, PHILIPPE; HOMEL, DAVID - Olivo Oliva
006143: POND, BARBARA - A Sampler of Wayside Herbs-Rediscovering Old Uses for Familiar Wild Plants
001315: POOL, DANIEL - Dickens' Fur Coat and Charlotte's Unanswered Letters: the Rows and Romances of England's Great Victorian Novelists
009318: POOL, JOHN CHARLES;LAROE, ROSS M. - The Instant Economist
017267: POOL, JOHN CHARLES;LAROE, ROSS M. - Lid Off a Daffodil - a Book of Palindromes
004701: POOLE, CYRIL F. - In Search of the Newfoundland Soul
005384: POOLE, ROBERT - Explorers House: National Geographic and the World It Made
018245: POORTVLIET, RIEN - The Book of the Sandman and the Alphabet of Sleep
009527: POPCORN, FAITH - The Popcorn Report : Faith Popcorn on the Future of Your Company, Your World, Your Life
008302: POPKIN, JEREMY D. - A Short History of the French Revolution
006963: POPPER, KARL R. - Conjectures and Refutations: the Growth of Scientific Knowledge
002613: POPPLEWELL, SEAN - Exploring Museums Ireland
009863: PORTER, PATRICK K.;PURE LIGHT PUBNS - Awaken the Genius: Mind Technology for the 21st Century
002543: PORTER, ANNA - The Storyteller: Memory, Secrets, Magic and Lies
016331: PORTER, LINDSEY - The Peak District: Pictures from the Past
010757: PORTER, ELEANOR H. - Pollyanna: Library Edition
019321: PORTIA DE ROSSI - Unbearable Lightness - A Story of Loss And Gain
012040: PORTIA IVERSEN - Strange Son -two mothers, Two Sons and the Quest to Unlock the Hidden World of Autism
018548: POSEN, DAVID - Staying Afloat When the Water Gets Rough: How to Live in a Rapidly Changing World
004010: POSLUNS, MICHAEL - Voices From the Odeyak
012617: POSNER, MICHAEL - The Last Honest Man - Mordecai Richler - an Oral Biography
005020: POTOK, CHAIM - I Am the Clay
017490: POTOK, CHAIM - The Gates of November: Chronicles of the Slepak Family
006878: POTTER, BEATRIX - Jeremie Peche-a-La-Ligne
006880: POTTER, BEATRIX - Madame Trotte-Menu
006881: POTTER, BEATRIX - Panache Petitgris
006882: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Peter Rabbit
006883: POTTER, BEATRIX - Tale of Benjamin Bunny
006884: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse
006885: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Mr. Tod
006886: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Pigling Bland
006888: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of the Pie and the Patty Pan
006889: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Ginger and Pickles
006890: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Story of a Fierce Bad Rabbit
006893: POTTER, BEATRIX - Appley Dapply's Nursery Rhymes
008632: POTTER, BEATRIX - Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit Tales
010998: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Complete Adventures of Peter Rabbit
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004987: PRATHER, HUGH - Notes to Myself-My Struggle to Become a Person
006064: PRATHER, HUGH - Notes to Each Other
005920: PRATHER, HUGH - There is a Place Where You Are Not Alone
019894: PRATHER, HUGH - Notes on Love and Courage
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013881: PRUITT, WILLIAM OBADIAH, JR. - Wild Harmony: The Cycle of Life in the Northern Forest
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014625: QUARRINGTON, PAUL - Fishing With My Old Guy
004784: QUAYLE, DAN - Standing Firm
019969: QUEEN, WILLIAM - Under and Alone: The True Story of the Undercover Agent Who Infiltrated America's Most Violent Outlaw Motorcycle Gang
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018504: R.K. NARAYAN - Swami and Friends
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017529: RABAN, JONATHAN - Passage to Juneau: A Sea and Its Meanings
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020151: RAIN, MARY SUMMER - Phoenix Rising: No-Eyes' Vision of the Changes to Come
018695: RAKOFF, DAVID - Don't Get Too Comfortable : The Indignities of Coach Class, the Torments of Low Thread Count, the Never-Ending Quest for Artisanal Olive Oil, and Other First World Problems
009688: RAKOVSKI, MARC - Towards an East European Marxism
018961: RALPH CONNOR - The Girl from Glengarry
019123: RALPH AND TERRY KOVEL - Know Your Antiques
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017058: RALPH CONNOR - The Runner - a Romance of the Niagaras
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020373: RANDY BACHMAN - Randy Bachman's Vinyl Tap Stories
010579: RANDY PAUSCH WITH JEFF ZASLOW - The Last Lecture
013759: RANDY PAUSCH WITH JEFF ZASLOW - The Last Lecture
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010928: RASKY, HARRY - Tennessee Williams: A Portrait in Laughter and Lamentation
018281: RASKY, HARRY - The Song of Leonard Cohen: Portrait of a Poet, a Friendship and a Film - Including the Bob Dylan Diaries
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018168: RATTI, OSCAR;WESTBROOK, ADELE - Secrets of the Samurai: A Survey of the Martial Arts of Feudal Japan
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010506: RAUSCH, DAVID A. - Building Bridges: Understanding Jews and Judaism
016503: RAVITCH, DIANE - The Language Police: How Pressure Groups Restrict What Students Learn
013567: RAVVIN, NORMAN - Hidden Canada: An Intimate Travelogue
001583: RAVVIN, NORMAN - Hidden Canada: an Intimate Travelogue
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011576: RAY, CYRIL - The Wines of Italy
004970: RAY, ARTHUR J. - I Have Lived Here Since the World Began: an Illustrated History of Canada's Native People
003556: RAY, MICHELE - The Two Shores of Hell-the Astonishing Experiences of a Girl Travelling Alone in Vietnam
008986: RAY HENSON, EDITOR - Landmarks of Law
014320: RAY HOGAN/LEE E. WELLS - Track the Man down/Savage Range
014321: RAY HOGAN/KYLE HOLLINGSHEAD - Trouble at Tenkiller/The Franklin Road
015189: RAY, ROBIN - Robin Ray's Music Quiz
015746: RAYBURN, ALAN - Naming Canada: Stories About Place Names from Canadian Geographic
005790: RAYMOND BLACKMAN - The Modern World Book of Ships
006660: RAYMOND SPOTTISWOODE - A Grammar of the Film
006818: RAYMOND BRIDGE - America's Backpacking Book-a Comprehensive Illustrated Guide
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003249: RAYMOND HUANG - English Pronunciation Explained With Diagrams
010649: RAYMOND BAYLESS WITH A FOREWORD BY SUSY SMITH - The Enigma of the Poltergeist
017081: RAYMOND PLANTE - Jacques Plante - Behind the Mask
020382: RAYMOND LEE - Fit for the Chase - Cars and the Movies
012732: RAYMOND DAWSON - The Chinese Experience - History of Civilization
020112: RAYMOND T. CHODZINSKI - Bullying: A crisis in our schools and our communities
005688: RAYMONDE DE GANS - Tutankhamen
020251: RAYNA GREEN, EDITOR - That's What She Said: Contemporary Poetry and Fiction by Native American Women (A Midland Book)
006416: RAYNER, JAY - Eating Crow
002338: REA, ROBERT R. - The Earth, the Stars, and Whisper
015252: REA, ROBERT R. - The Earth, the Stars, and Whisper
015048: REA, ROBERT R. - A View to the North
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010516: READ, SIR HERBERT EDWARD - A Concise History of Modern Painting
011760: READ, PIERS PAUL - Alive - The Story of the Andes Survivors
018956: READER'S DIGEST EDITORS - Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal : An A-Z Guide to Safe and Healthy Eating
012937: READER'S DIGEST EDITORS - Reader's Digest Crime Files 26 True Life crime Stories from the World's Best Read Magazine
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016232: REAGAN, RONALD - Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation
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019542: REBECCA NEWBERGER GOLDSTEIN - 36 Arguments For the Existence of God - a Work of Fiction
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003618: RECHTSCHAFFEN, STEPHAN M.D. - Time Shifting: Creating More Time to Enjoy Your Life
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014001: REDFIELD, JAMES - The Celestine Prophecy: An Adventure
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005781: REDFIELD, JAMES - The Celestine Prophecy: an Adventure With the Experiential Guide (Two Books)
013583: REDFIELD, JAMES;ADRIENNE, CAROL - The Celestine Prophecy: An Experiential Guide
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016314: REED, A.W. - Maori Legends
011615: REED, MORT - Coinology
004827: REEKIE, JENNIE - Everything Raw: the No-Cooking Cookbook
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019529: REES, ALWYN - Celtic Heritage
010198: REES, RONALD - New and Naked Land: Making the Prairies Home
010845: REESE, TERENCE - Bridge for Bright Beginners
009443: REEVE, CHRISTOPHER - Still Me : A Life
007435: REEVES, RICHARD - American Journey: Traveling With Tocqueville in Search of Democracy in America
017203: REEVES, RICHARD - President Reagan: The Triumph of Imagination
006034: REGINALD ARKELL - Green Fingers-Quips and Tips for a Good Gardener
002759: REGINALD EYRE WATTERS, EDITOR IN CHIEF - British Columbia: a Centennial Anthology
006277: REGUSH, NICHOLAS - The Virus Within: the Coming Epidemic
003597: REICH, ROBERT B. - The Work of Nations: Preparing Ourselves for 21st-Century Capitalism
009867: REICH, RONALD - The Next American Frontier
004186: REICHS, KATHY - Grave Secrets
011227: REICHS, KATHY - Death du Jour
015825: REICHS, KATHY - Bones to Ashes
018865: REID, STRUAN; FARA, PATRICIA; CONLIN, STEPHEN; DENNIS, PETER - Scientists from Archimedes to Einstein
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007341: REID, ANGUS - Shakedown: How the New Economy is Changing Our Lives
018864: REID, STRUAN; FARA, PATRICIA; WATTON, ROSS - Inventors from Da Vinci to Biro
008903: REID, VAN - Peter Loon: A Novel
009116: REID, ALASTAIR - Weathering: Poems and Translations
009882: REID, ANGUS - Shakedown: How the New Economy Is Changing Our Lives
019776: REID, GRANT - Landscape Graphics: From Concept Sketch to Presentation Rendering
010950: REID, RICHARD - The Book of Buildings : The Architecture of Europe and North America
011212: REID, T. R. - Confucius Lives Next Door: What Living in the East Teaches Us About Living in the West
017222: REID, JOHN G. - Six Crucial Decades - Times of Change in the History of the Maritimes
018257: REID, BILL;BRINGHURST, ROBERT - The Raven Steals the Light
001886: REIMAN, JEFFREY - The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Prison: Ideology, Class, and Criminal Justice
001671: REIMER, DOLORES - Ladies and Escorts
007857: REINFELD, FRED - The Complete Chessplayer
019156: REINHOLD, MEYER - Past and Present: The Continuity of Classical Myth
015904: REISS, UZZI;REISS, YFAT M.;REISS, YFAT - How to Make a New Mother Happy: A Doctor's Guide to Solving Her Most Common Problems-Quickly and Effectively
017635: REISS, TOM - The Orientalist: Solving The Mystery Of A Strange And Dangerous Life
001799: REKAI, KATI, - The Adventures of Mickey Taggy Puppo and Cica and How They Discover the Netherlands
001591: REKAI, KATI, KANE, ELISE (ILLUSTRATOR) - The Adventures of Mickey, Taggy, Puppo and Cica and How They Discover Italy and the Voyage of Christopher Columbus to the New World
002495: REKDAL, PAISLEY - The Night My Mother Met Bruce Lee: Observations on Not Fitting in
020257: REKSTEN, TERRY - The Dunsmuir Saga
018608: REKSTEN, TERRY - More English than the English: A Very Social History of Victoria
019754: REMARQUE, ERICH MARIA - The Road Back: A Novel
019869: REMBERT W. PATRICK AND ALLEN MORRIS - Florida Under Five Flags
001649: REMEN, RACHEL NAOMI - Kitchen Table Wisdom: Stories That Heal
003096: REMINGTON, FREDERIC; PITZ, HENRY CLARENCE - Frederic Remington: 173 Drawings and Illustrations
013656: RENE J. MARIN - Admissibility of Statements
004414: RENE J. MARIN - Admissibility of Statements
011624: RENE BABINEAU - Brief History of Acadie 1604-1984
016626: RENEAU, SUSAN C. - The Adventures of Moccasin Joe: True Life Story of Sgt. George S. Howard, 1850-1877
014340: RENEE HULAN, EDITOR - Native North America: Critical and Cultural Perspectives
008738: RENFREW, COLIN - Archaeology and Language: The Puzzle of Indo-european Origins
003875: RENO, BILL; HAMPTON, HOWARD - Public Power: the Fight for Publicly Owned Electricity
006710: RENSHAW, JEAN R. - Kimono in the Boardroom: the Invisible Evolution of Japanese Women Managers
001775: RESECK, JOHN, JR - Scuba Safe and Simple
001633: RESNICK, MIKE - Kirinyaga: a Fable of Utopia
003395: RESNIK, PHILLIP - Letters to a Quebecois Friend
005447: REV. JOHN HENRY BARROWS, D.D. - The World's Parliament of Religions-the Columbian Exposition of 1893 Vol. 1
002636: REV. JOHN MURRAY - The History of the Presbyterian Church in Cape Breton
014305: REVD. GEORGE M. GRANT - Ocean to Ocean - Sanford Fleming's Expediton Through Canada in 1872
003307: REVKIN, ANDREW - The Burning Season: the Murder of Chico Mendes and the Fight for the Amazon Rain Forest
011650: REX E. MABE - Gardening with Bonsai
011544: REX BEACH - The Barrier
016027: REX WARNER - The Greek Philosophers
005222: REYNOLDS, SHERI - Rapture of Canaan
004828: REYNOLDS, DAVID - Even in Summer the Ice Doesn't Melt
010745: REYNOLDS, DAVID K.,PH.D - Water Bears No Scars: Japanese Lifeways for Personal Growth
015291: REYNOLDS, JOHN LAWRENCE - The Naked Investor : Why Almost Everybody but You Gets Rich on Your RRSP
013273: REZEN, SUSAN V;HAUSMAN, CARL - Coping With Hearing Loss: A Guide for Adults and Their Families
004849: RHEIN, MICHAEL J. - Lighthouse Spotter's Guide
015822: RHODA F. LEVIN - Heartmates - a Survival Guide for the Cardiac Spouse
012289: RHODES, JEWELL PARKER - Voodoo Dreams - A Novel of Marie Laveau
001607: RHYNE, NANCY - Plantation Tales
001151: RIAL, HORACIO VAZQUEZ - Triste's History
005782: RICCI, NINO - Lives of the Saints
014524: RICCI, NINO - Testament
004495: RICCI, NINO - Lives of the Saints
010560: RICCI, NINO - Where She Has Gone
011025: RICCI, NINO - In a Glass House
014061: RICCI, NINO - Testament
016522: RICE, JONATHAN - Curiosities of Politics
004493: RICE, ANNE - The Mummy Or Ramses the Damned
008414: RICE, BRUCE - The Illustrated Statue of Liberty
009112: RICE, EUGENE F. JR. - The Foundations of Early Modern Europe 1460-1559
017549: RICE, DAVID - Shattered Vows : Exodus from the Priesthood
015713: RICE, ANNE - Servant of the Bones - Novel
014397: RICH, ADRIENNE CECILE - The Fact of a Doorframe - Poems Selected and New 1950-1984
002139: RICH, ADRIENNE - On Lies, Secrets and Silence: Selected Prose 1966-1978
008934: RICH, ADRIENNE CECILE;GELPI, ALBERT;GELPI, BARBARA CHARLESWORTH - Adrienne Rich's Poetry: Texts of the Poems the Poet on Her Work Reviews and Criticism
016818: RICHARD J. DAIGLE & FREDERICK R. LAPIDES - The Mentor Dictionary of Mythology & the Bible
012000: RICHARD M. WAINWRIGHT - Closer Than We Imagine
020306: RICHARD DAWKINS - The Magic of Reality - How We Really Know What's Really True
019320: RICHARD J. RIVELE - Chilton's repair & tune-up guide, Firebird 1982-1983, all Models
004960: RICHARD HARDING DAVIS - The Rulers of the Mediterranean
005519: RICHARD THRUELSEN AND JOHN KOBLER, EDITORS - Adventures of the Mind-From the Saturday Evening Post
005695: RICHARD HALLIBURTON - The Royal Road to Romance
005696: RICHARD HALLIBURTON - Seven League Boots
006237: RICHARD VROOM & PETER HOPWOOD - Ottawa-a Pictorial Salute
006767: RICHARD, BRYAN - A Field Guide to the Wildlife of North America
006738: RICHARD B. WRIGHT - October
007421: RICHARD BERNSTEIN - From the Center of the Earth-the Search for the Truth About China
014940: RICHARD STERLING, EDITOR - The Adventure of Food: True Stories of Eating Everything
003471: RICHARD BALLANTINE, INTRODUCTION - Yachting: the Photography of Beken of Cowes
013093: RICHARD J. ANOBILE, EDITOR - Buster Keaton's - The General
008199: RICHARD CLEWES - Finding Lily - a Memoir
017855: RICHARD BRAUTIGAN - Trout Fishing in America
011654: RICHARD P. MCBRIEN - Church the Continuing Quest
000550: RICHARD SNAILHAM - Sangay Survived-the Story of the Ecuador Volcano Disaster
003869: RICHARD WILEY - Soldiers in Hiding
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010341: RICHARD ROHMER - John A.'s Crusade: A Novel
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010562: RICHARD BACH - Jonathan Livingston Seagull - a Story
010567: RICHARD H. HELFANT, MD, FACC - Courageous Confrontations
016336: RICHARD BELFIELD - The Secret History of Assassination - the Killers and Their Paymasters Revealed
018780: RICHARD BACH - Jonathan Livingston Seagull
011989: RICHARD EVANS - Tales from the Tennis Court: An Anthology of Tennis Writings
020424: RICHARD CARLSON, PH.D. - Don't Sweat the small Stuff with Your Family
020425: RICHARD CARLSON, PH.D. - Don't Sweat the Small Stuff and Its All Small Stuff
011115: RICHARD TODD - The Thing Itself - On the Search for Authenticity
020354: RICHARD BRAUTIGAN - The Tokyo-Montana Express
011174: RICHARD HALLIBURTON - New Worlds to Conquer
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019952: RICHARD DOETSCH - The thieves of Darkness - a Thriller
017996: RICHARD POPLAK - The Sheikh's Batmobile - in Pursuit of Ameraican Pop Culture in the Muslim World
011679: RICHARD HENDERSON WITH BARTLESS S. DUNBAR - Sail and Power - A Manual of Seamanship
015555: RICHARD BARBER, EDITOR - The Pastons - A Family in the Wars of Roses
020468: RICHARD WAGAMESE - Keeper'n Me
020587: RICHARD BLODGETT - Photographs: a Collector's Guide
017209: RICHARD HEINZL - FOUNDER OF MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERES/DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS - Cambodia Calling - a Memoir From the Frontlines of Humanitarian Aid
017762: RICHARD GARRIGUE - The birds of Costa Rica - a Field Guide
005643: RICHARD BRAUTIGAN - Trout Fishing in America
017571: RICHARD PAUL EVANS - The Christmas Candle
016067: RICHARD M. KAIN - Fabulous Voyager - a Study of James Joyce's Ulysses
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020247: RICHARD FLORIDA - Who's Your City?
017306: RICHARD J. BUSBY - Beginner's Guide to Brass Rubbing
018372: RICHARD ROHMER - Patton's Gap - an Account of the Battle of Normandy 1944
019209: RICHARD WOODMAN - A Brief History of Mutiny - Furious, Savage and Bloody:400 Years of Rebellion
006607: RICHARDS, DAVID ADAMS - Hope in the Desperate Hour
007216: RICHARDS, ALUN - The Penguin Book of Welsh Short Stories
004623: RICHARDS, DAVID ADAMS - Hope in the Desperate Hour
010178: RICHARDS, DAVID ADAMS - The Friends of Meager Fortune
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015129: RICHARDSON WRIGHT - The Story of Gardening -from the Hanging gardens of Babylon to the Hanging gardens of New York
016194: RICHARDSON, SYLVIA D. - Holiday House Inn : Memoirs of a Muskoka Innkeeper
004454: RICHARDSON, BILL - Scorned & Beloved: Dead of Winter Meetings With Canadian Eccentrics
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013187: RICHARDSON, DON - Peace Child
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013561: RICHLER, MORDECAI - The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz
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006434: RICHTER, GISELA M.A. - A Handbook of Greek Art/a Survey of the Visual Arts of Ancient Greece
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020165: RICK GEARY - J. Edgar Hoover - a Graphic Biography
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013181: RIDGEWAY, RICK - Below Another Sky: A Mountain Adventure in Search of a Lost Father
013341: RIDGEWAY, RICK - Below Another Sky: A Mountain Adventure in Search of a Lost Father
010749: RIDGEWAY, RICK - Below Another Sky: A Mountain Adventure in Search of a Lost Father
019052: RIDGWAY, JUDY - The Wine-Tasting Class, the Wine-Tasting Class Notebook: Expertise in 12 Tastings
007718: RIDING, ALAN - Distant Neighbors: a Portrait of the Mexicans
020135: RIDINGTON, ROBIN - Trail to Heaven
012942: RIDLEY, JASPER - Brief History of Tudor Age
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013509: RIEKEHOF, LOTTIE L. - The Joy of Signing: The New Illustrated Guide for Mastering Sign Language and the Manual Alphabet
000099: RIFA'I, AMAL; AINBINDE, ODELIA; TEMPEL, SYLKE - We Just Want to Live Here: an Unlikely Friendship Between a Palestinian and an Israeli Teenager
018003: RIFKIN, JEREMY;HOWARD, TED - Entropy: Into the Greenhouse World
011322: RIGGS, MARIBETH - The Scented Woman: Create Your Own Signature Perfume
001146: RIIS, JACOB A. - How the Other Half Lives: Studies Among the Tenements of New York
009704: RILEY, TIM - Madonna - Illustrated
013718: RILEY, SUSAN L. - Political Wives - Wifestyles of the Rich And Infamous
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011942: RILKE, R.M. - Lay of the Love and Death of Cornet Christopher Rilk
015447: RINEHART, JAMES W. - The Tyranny of Work : Alienation and the Labour Process
020019: RINGGOLD, FAITH - Dinner at Aunt Connie's House
018153: RINPOCHE, KHANDRO - This Precious Life: Tibetan Buddhist Teachings on the Path to Enlightenment
008138: RIOTTE, LOUISE - Roses Love Garlic - Secrets of Companion Planting With Flowers
002063: RIOTTE, LOUIS - Sleeping With a Sunflower
019763: RIOTTE, LOUISE - Roses Love Garlic: Companion Planting and Other Secrets of Flowers
012796: RITA BALDUCCI - Barbie on Skates!
019002: RITCHIE CALDER - Men Against the Frozen North
016489: RITCHIE, ROBERT C. - Orphans of Winter
010881: RITCHIE, CHARLES - An Appetite for Life: The Education of a Young Diarist, 1924-1927
016627: RITCHIE, CHARLES - An Appetite for Life: The Education of a Young Diarist, 1924-1927
017143: RITCHIES AUCTIONEERS AND APPRAISERS - Decorative Arts Auction June 15-16, 2004 7 P.m.
019265: RITTENHOUSE, JACK D. - A Guide Book to Highway 66
009237: RIUS - Marx for Beginners
008092: RIVERS, ISABEL - Classical and Christian Ideas in English Renaissance Poetry - A Student's Guide
011728: RIVKIN, STEVE;SUTHERLAND, FRASER - The Making of a Name: The Inside Story of the Brands We Buy
003978: RIZZETTO, DIANE ENSHIN - Waking Up to What You Do: a Zen Practice for Meeting Every Situation
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013609: ROALD DAHL - The Witches
020215: ROB STIMPSON AND CRAIG THOMPSON - An Artist's and Photographers Guide to Wild Ontario
017049: ROBB, BRIAN J. - Ewan McGregor: From Junkie to Jedi
009345: ROBB, BRIAN J. - The Leonardo Dicaprio Album
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018835: ROBBINS, TOM - Wild Ducks Flying Backward: The Short Writings
001716: ROBBINS ELLIOT, EDITOR - Fifty Years on
018135: ROBBINS, TOM - Villa Incognito
003532: ROBBINS, TOM - Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas
015943: ROBBINS, ANTHONY - Unlimited Power
015058: ROBBINS, STEPHEN P. - Essentials of Organizational Behavior
014553: ROBBINS, TOM - Skinny Legs and All
015208: ROBBINS, CHANDLER S. - Birds of North America
013272: ROBERT CUTTING, LOUIS QUILDON - spelling and Writing Connections 8
020517: ROBERT T. KIYOSAKI; SHARON L. LECHTER - Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids about Money - That the Poor and the Middle Class Do Not!
020446: ROBERT KROETSCH - Gone Indian
019385: ROBERT KROETSCH - The Man from the Creeks
020591: ROBERT M. PIRSIG - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - an Inquiry Into Values
003434: ROBERT W. WINSLOW VIRGINIA WINSLOW - Deviant Reality-Alternative World Views
005152: ROBERT ARDREY - The Territorial Imperative
002850: ROBERT, HENRY M. - Robert's Rules of Order
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005320: ROBERT W. SERVICE - Ballads of a Cheechako
005335: ROBERT R. BONIS - Windswept
020003: ROBERT MAURER, PH.D. - The Kaizen Way: One Small Step Can Change Your Life
005852: ROBERT HOFSINDE (GRAY-WOLF) - Indian Beadwork
017503: ROBERT S. LEMMON & CHARLES C. JOHNSON - Wildflowers of North America in Full Color
006113: ROBERT E. WALL - Blackrobe-the Canadians-Book One
006176: ROBERT J. KASTENBAUM - Death, Society, and Human Experience-Custom Edition for McMaster University
018600: ROBERT H. PHILLIPS, PH.D - Coping with Diabetes
006554: ROBERT ROSS, EDITOR - Australia: a Traveler's Literary Companion
014396: ROBERT BROCKWAY - Everything is Going to kill Everybody - the terrifying real Ways the World Wants You Dead
006911: ROBERT REDFIELD - The Primitive World and Its Transformations
006936: ROBERT GRAVES - Myths of Ancient Greece-Retold for Young People
007327: ROBERT PENN WARREN - Selected Essays
007338: ROBERT BALDICK - Pages From the Goncourt Journal
007391: ROBERT F. LEGGET - Railroads of Canada
007408: ROBERT BELL - By Road Across the U.S.A.
007458: ROBERT LEMMON - All About Monkeys
007359: ROBERT D. TOMASEK, EDITOR - Latin American Politics
015419: ROBERT R. BAREFOOT - Death By Diet
007971: ROBERT WYNDHAM - Chinese Mother Goose Rhymes
004069: ROBERT M KRAUSE, R. H. WAGENBERG - Introductory Readings in Canadian Government & Politics
003246: ROBERT SERVICE - Songs of a Sourdough
013454: ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - A Child's Garden of Verses
001918: ROBERT CLUETT - The Gold of Troy-an Inquiry Into Family Mythology and Personal History
002239: ROBERT R. BONIS - A History of Scarborough
000581: ROBERT BURTON - The Book of the Year: a Natural History of Britain Through the Seasons
000663: ROBERT MOON - I Found Canada Abroad
001899: ROBERT E. SPILLER - The Cycle of American Literature-an Essay in Historical Criticism
003538: ROBERT PAYNE - Schweitzer Hero of Africa
018017: ROBERT THURMAN - Why the Dalai Lama Matters - His Act of Truth as the Solution for China, Tibet and the World
008371: ROBERT FULFORD ET AL - The Walter Gordon Series in Public Policy - 6th-8th & 9th Lectures
008387: ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and other Stories
015584: ROBERT D. SAN SOUCI - The Enchanted Tapestry
011526: ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - Treasure Island
013132: ROBERT GRAVES - I, Claudius
008640: ROBERT SERVICE - Rhymes of the Midnight Sun - a robert Service Treasury
020402: ROBERT SCHARFF - Canada's Mountain National Parks
008796: ROBERT H. MCNEAL - The Bolshevik Tradition
009055: ROBERT, HENRY M. - Robert's Rules of Order: The Classic Manual of Parliamentary Procedure
009105: ROBERT CHOMIAK ET AL - A Tapestry of Cultures - Voices from Burnaby's Ethnic Communities
011518: ROBERT BENCHLEY - Chips off the Old Benchley
009353: ROBERT MILLER - Calc I - Calc for the Clueless
009802: ROBERT E. DICLERICO - ALLAN S. HAMMOCK - Points of View - Readings in American Government and Politics
010139: ROBERT SILVERBERG, EDITOR - The New Atlantis and Other novellas of Science Fiction
014964: ROBERT REDFIELD & ALFONSO VILLA ROJAS - Chan Kom - A Maya Village - Abridged Edition
010296: ROBERT MOLLOY - Pound Foolish
010462: ROBERT SERVICE - The Best of Robert Service
010507: ROBERT L. HESS - Ethiopia - The Modernization of Autocracy
018421: ROBERT ROSEN - A Short History of Charleston
011925: ROBERT, MARC - Managing Conflict from the Inside Out
014812: ROBERT KNOX DENTAN - The Semai - a Nonviolent People of Malaya
020585: ROBERT LYONS DANLY - In the Shade of Spring Leaves: Life and Writings of Higuchi Ichiyo, a Woman of Letters in Meiji Japan
020109: ROBERT L. ROY - Cordwood Masonry Houses: A Practical Guide for the Owner-Builder
015423: ROBERT R. BAREFOOT - Barefoot on Coral Calcium
013627: ROBERT BOYERS, EDITOR - Salmagundi - No. 54
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020101: ROBERT B. THISTLE - The Purdy Mill Tales and Other Poems on Lindsay 125 Birthday 1857-1982
020268: ROBERT WILSON, EDITOR - A Certain Somewhere: Writers on the Places They Remember
002134: ROBERT W. MARKS - The New Mathematics Dictionary and Handbook
011221: ROBERT LOUIS STEPHENSON - Virginibus Puerisque and Other Papers
017793: ROBERT F. MACK - Leeds City Tramways - a Pictorial Souvenir
016641: ROBERT BOYERS, EDITOR - Laing and Anti-Psychiatry
015420: ROBERT R. BAREFOOT - If it Glitters - The Story of Gold
015421: ROBERT R. BAREFOOT - Let's Cure Humanity - The Bob Barefoot Story
015422: ROBERT R. BAREFOOT - The Calcium Factor
013118: ROBERT D. LITTLE - Random Rhymes
012822: ROBERT LEGGET - Ottawa Waterway - Gateway to a Continent
011263: ROBERT APPEL - Car Kung Fu
011350: ROBERT HOOKEY, ET AL, EDITORS - Contest Essays by Canadian Students
011362: ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - The Black Arrow - a tale of the Two Roses
017681: ROBERT K. MASSIE - Nicholas and Alexandra - an Intimate Account of the Last of the Romanovs and the Fall the Imperial Russia
019566: ROBERT VAUVAL & ADRIAN GILBERT - The Orion Mystery
011823: ROBERT THOMAS DIXON - Be a Teacher - a History of the ontario English Catholic Teacher's Association 1944-1994
014723: ROBERT M. MACINTOSH - Earliest Toronto
011504: ROBERT DREWE, EDITOR - The Picador Book of the Beach
012054: ROBERT HOLDEN - Happiness Now! Timeless Wisdom for Feeling Good Fast
014647: ROBERT LOVE - The Great Oom - the Improbable Birth of yoga in America
018167: ROBERT A. BRACE ET AL - Fetus and Neonate: Physiology and Clinical Applications: Vol 4: Body Fluids and Kidney Function
016300: ROBERT BURNHAM, JR. - Burnham's Celestial Handbook - An Observer's Guide to the Universe Beyond the Solar System - 3 Volumes
015709: ROBERT PORTER ALLEN - Birds of the Caribbean
018015: ROBERT W. SEARS, M.D., FAAP - The Autism Book
015977: ROBERT W. MARKS - Great Ideas in Psychology
019927: ROBERT M. GIGNAC, MICHAEL J. TOWNSHEND - Rich is a state of Mind - Building Wealth and Happiness -a Blueprint
016586: ROBERT MUNSCH - The Sandcastle Contest
019010: ROBERT DE LA CROIX - They Flew the Atlantic
009658: ROBERTA CHARLESWORTH, ET AL - Nineteenth Mooon - Unicorn, Grade 6
003748: ROBERTS, JOHN MORRIS - The French Revolution
001491: ROBERTS, DAVID - A Newer World: Kit Carson, John C. Fremont, and the Claiming of the American West
008750: ROBERTS, WESS - Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun
009887: ROBERTS, MERVIN - All About Chameleons and Anoles
011125: ROBERTS, DARRYL;DORMAN, STEWART - X Rated Wines: The Wine-X Magazine Guide to Wine
018469: ROBERTS, PAUL WILLIAM - River in the Desert: A Modern Traveller in Ancient Egypt
017412: ROBERTSON DAVIES - Murther & Walking Spirits
005710: ROBERTSON DAVIES - The Diary of Samuel Marchbanks
008228: ROBERTSON DAVIES - A Voice from the Attic
015580: ROBERTSON, GORDON - Memoirs of a Very Civil Servant: Mackenzie King to Pierre Trudeau
008638: ROBERTSON, MARION - The Chestnut Pipe: Folklore of Shelburne County
020576: ROBERTSON DAVIES - The Table Talk of Samuel Marchbanks
020074: ROBERTSON, JILL - MAC Robertson: The Chocolate King
016041: ROBERTSON, ELLISON - Cape Breton Island Sketchbook
012583: ROBILLARD, LEO BRENT - Leaving Wyoming
005811: ROBIN FOX - Kinship and Marriage
018581: ROBIN FEDDEN - Churchhill and Chartwell
020546: ROBIN MULLER - Angel Tree
008461: ROBIN WASSERMAN - Hacking Harvard: A Novel
020164: ROBIN SHARMA - The Greatness Guide
009335: ROBINS, STEVEN - Readings for Composition: A Writer's Anthology
013954: ROBINS, GAY - Women in Ancient Egypt
019682: ROBINSON, CAREY - The Iron Thorn: The Defeat of the British by the Jamaican Maroons
007366: ROBINSON, EDEN - Monkey Beach
019626: ROBINSON, EDEN - Blood Sports
008132: ROBINSON, ADAM - The Princeton Review: Word Smart Building an Educated Vocabulary
009215: ROBINSON, CHARLES ALEXANDER - An Anthology of Greek Drama - First Series
013020: ROBINSON, FANNY - The Country Flower's of a Victorian Lady
014614: ROBINSON, HARRY;WICKWIRE, WENDY C. - Nature Power: In the Spirit of an Okanagan Storyteller
018914: ROBINSON, BART - Banff Springs: The Story of a Hotel
016534: ROBINSON, JANCIS - Jancis Robinson's Food and Wine Adventures
013938: ROBINSON, HARRY - COMPILED AND EDITED BY WENDY WICKWIRE - Write It on Your Heart: The Epic World of an Okanagan Storyteller
014044: ROBINSON, JAMES M. - The Secrets of Judas: The Story of the Misunderstood Disciple and His Lost Gospel
010426: ROBINSON, JAMES M. - The Secrets of Judas: The Story of the Misunderstood Disciple and His Lost Gospel
015976: ROBINSON, FANNY - Country Flowers of a Victorian Lady
011555: ROBSWOOD COOKE, EDITOR - Alturlie
016658: ROCHE, DOUGLAS - Bread Not Bombs: A Political Agenda for Social Justice
018554: ROCHE, T. W. E. - Samuel Cunard and the North Atlantic
014128: ROCHESTER, JUNIUS - Little St. Simons Island on the Coast of Georgia
007049: ROCK; LAYDEN, JOE - The Rock Says: the Most Electrifying Man in Sports-Entertainment
009929: ROCKWELL, MOLLIE - Norman Rockwell's Christmas Book
018274: ROCKWELL, NORMAN - Special Days Come to Life
017840: ROCKY LANDON WITH DAVID MACDONALD - A Native American Thought of it - Amazing Inventions and Innovations
011883: ROD MCKUEN - Listen to the Warm
005663: ROD SERLING - Twilight Zone Revisited-a New Collection of Startling Explorations Into the Realm of the Supernatural
006894: ROD W HORTON & HERBERT W. EDWARDS - Backgrounds of American Literary Thought
008421: ROD CEDARO, COMPILER - Triathlon: Achieving Your Personal Best
013251: ROD MCKUEN - Listen to the Warm
019627: ROD MCQUEEN - Blackberry - the Inside Story
011952: ROD PHILLIPS & VIC HARRADINE - The 500 Best-Value Wines in the LCBO - 2008
019962: ROD MCQUEEN - Fantasy in Florence - Leaving Home and Loving it
006205: RODDY DOYLE - Wilderness
020608: RODDY DOYLE - Her Mother's Face
009490: RODEL J. RAMOS - In Search of a Future - the Struggle of Immigrants
007048: RODMAN, ANICKA; SCOTT, ALEXANDER - Worse Than He Says He is: White Girls Don't Bounce
001071: RODNEY BOLT - Amsterdam
016525: RODNEY DALE, COMPILER AND EDITOR - The Book of What? : A Thesaurus of Things Everyday and Esoteric
007362: ROE, CAROLINE - Consolation for an Exile
014998: ROEMER, WILLIAM F. - The Enforcer: Spilotro-The Chicago Mob's Man over Las Vegas
006153: ROESCH, ROBERTA - Smart Talk: the Art of Savvy Business Conversation
004456: ROGAL, STANLEY - Bafflegab
001387: ROGER, NASH, EDITOR - Northern Prospects: an Anthology of Northeastern Ontario Poetry
019988: ROGER TORY PETERSON - Favorite Audubon Birds of America
004542: ROGER T. HUGHES, Q. C. - Trade Secrets
008755: ROGER PENROSE - The Road to Reality - a Complete Guide to the Laws of the Universe
013006: ROGER CALVERLEY - The Language of Crystals
010711: ROGER KAHN, EDITOR - WALT KELLY, PREFACE - The World of John Lardner
015704: ROGER TORY PETERSON - A Field Guide to the Birds - Giving Field Marks of All Species Found East of the Rockies
020537: ROGER RAPOPORT AND MARGUERITA CASTANERA, EDITORS - I Should Have Stayed Home: The Worst Trips of Great Writers (Travel Literature Series)
014403: ROGER ROSENBLATT - Making Toast - A Family Story
000177: ROGERS, BARBARA R.; ROGERS, STILLMAN - Exploring Europe By Boat: a Practical Guide to Water Travel in Europe
005236: ROGERS, E. S. - Forgotten Peoples: a Reference
005489: ROGERS, JIM - Investment Biker: Around the World With Jim Rogers
014762: ROGERS, DALE EVANS - Cool It or Lose It!: Dale Evans Rogers Raps with Youth
005631: ROGERS, HENRY C. - Rogers' Rules for Businesswomen: How to Start a Career and Move Up the Ladder
000802: ROGERS, KATHERINE - The Sternberg Fossil Hunters: a Dinosaur Dynasty
008291: ROGERS, JIM - Adventure Capitalist : The Ultimate Road Trip
010096: ROGERS, KATHERINE - Meridian Classic Book of Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century British Drama
002880: ROHINI - To Do Something Beautiful
004969: ROHMER, RICHARD - Red Arctic
004477: ROHMER, RICHARD H. - Exodus, Uk
012414: ROIPHE, ANNE RICHARDSON;ROIPHE, ANNE - For Rabbit, With Love and Squalor: An American Read
008546: ROIPHE, KATIE - The Morning After: Sex, Fear, and Feminism
017032: ROLAND H. SHERWOOD - Atlantic Harbors - People, places, Events
019786: ROLF DOBELLI - The Art of Thinking Clearly
001609: ROLL, BOB - The Tour De France Companion: a Nuts, Bolts & Spokes Guide to the Greatest Race in the World
006845: ROLL, BOB; KOEPPEL, DAN - The Tour De France: Companion 2005
020218: ROLLING STONE - Michael Jackson 1958-2009
007596: ROLLINS, PRENTIS - The Making of a Graphic Novel: Featuring the First-Time Publication of the Original Science Fiction Graphic Novel the Resonator
004974: ROLLYSON, CARL - Lillian Hellman: Her Legend and Her Legacy
007107: ROLLYSON, CARL EDMUND - The Lives of Norman Mailer: a Biography
015905: ROMAINE, DEBORAH S.;MARKS, JENNIFER B. M.D. - Syndrome X: Managing Insulin Resistance
017048: ROMERO, JOSE LEOPOLDO - Betty Crocker's Mexican Cookbook
005097: RON LATHAM - The Travels of Marco Polo
017096: RON BROWN - Ghost Towns of Ontario
004066: RON MARKEN, DON GILLMOR - The Easterners' Guide to Western Canada
003603: RON HEAGY WITH DONITA DYER - Life is an Adventure (a Tragedy Turns to Triumph)
001752: RON MOSSOP - Sundreamer's Flight
003953: RON TIESSEN - The Vine Dressers-a History of Grape Farming and Wineries on Pelee Island
017841: RON TOZER AND DAN STRICKLAND - A Pictorial History of Algonquin Provincial Park
007156: RON BROWN - Ghost Towns of Ontario
016411: RON VERZUH - Under Ground Times - Canada's Flower-Child Revolutionaries
020337: RON SPILLMAN, JACK RAMSAY, PAUL DEHN - Kittens on the Keys
009143: RONA, ZOLTAN P. - The Joy of Health : A Doctor's Guide to Nutrition and Alternative Medicine
020369: RONALD WRIGHT - What is America? A Short History of The New World Order
012923: RONALD LIDORIO - Unafraid of the Sacred Forest - the Birth of a Church in an African Tribe
007784: RONALD ROOD - The Loon in My Bathtub
008273: RONALD FRASER - The Pueblo - a Mountain Village on the Costa Del Sol
014140: RONALD TAKAKI - A Different Mirror - a History of Multicultural America
012649: RONALD WRIGHT - What is America? A Short History of the New World Order
020336: RONALD APILLMAN/PAUL DEHN - Cat's Whiskers

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