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007369: BEHRENDT, GREG; TUCCILLO, LIZ - He's Just Not That Into You: the No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys
018035: BEIDELMAN, T. O. - The Kaguru, a Matrilineal People of East Africa
001105: BELAND, PIERRE - Beluga: a Farewell to Whales
008490: BELFORD, BARBARA - Bram Stoker: A Biography of the Author of Dracula
016560: BELINDA HURMENCE, EDITOR - My Folks Don't Want Me to Talk about Slavery : Twenty-one Oral Histories of Former North Carolina Slaves
004685: BELL, JAMES SCOTT - The Darwin Conspiracy
002349: BELL, HANNAH RACHEL - Men's Business, Women's Business: the Spiritual Role of Gender in the World's Oldest Culture
007167: BELL, WILLIAM - Alma
001240: BELL, WILLIAM - No Signature
008091: BELL, WADE - A Destroyer of Compasses
018296: BELL, WILLLIAM - The Golden Disk -SIGNED-
010626: BELL, GEORGE;ELLIOT, BOB - Hardball
017284: BELL, JOHN - Invaders from the North: How Canada Conquered the Comic Book Universe
005180: BELL, DIANE - Daughters of the Dreaming
011077: BELL, P.M.H. - The Origins of the Second World War in Europe
013221: BELLINGER, JANET - Teacher on the Run
010270: BELLOW, SAUL - Theft: A Novella
013279: BEMROSE, JOHN - The Island Walkers
002317: BEMROSE, JOHN - The Island Walkers
013681: BEN WICKS - The Day they Took the Children - Illustrated Personal Memories of Britain's 3,500,000 Evacuees
003302: BEN ARTZI-PELOSSOF, NOA - In the Name of Sorrow and Hope
013721: BEN HILLS - Princess Masako - Princess of the Chrysanthemum Throne - the tragic true Story of Japan's Crown Princess
016645: BENDER, SHEILA;KILLIEN, CHRISTI - Writing in a New Convertible With the Top Down: A Unique Guide for Writers
011112: BENDER, SUE - Everyday Sacred: A Women's Journey Home
012086: BENDER, SUE - Stretching Lessons: The Daring That Starts from Within
008109: BENERIA, LOURDES;ROLDAN, MARTHA - The Crossroads of Class and Gender: Industrial Homework, Subcontracting, and Household Dynamics in Mexico City
019568: BENGOUGH, JOHN WILSON - A caricature history of Canadian politics: Events from the union of 1841, as illustrated by cartoons from "Grip" and various other sources
007124: BENGT DANIELSSON - Forgotten Islands of the South Seas
011840: BENIDIR, OMAR; BEAM, KAREN - The Inner Global Village - A Character Building Journey
015042: BENIDIR, OMAR; BEAM, KAREN - The Inner Global Village
007388: BENJAMIN LEWIS - Riding
004054: BENJAMIN, DANIEL; MILLER, ROGER LEROY - Economics of Macro Issues, the
004060: BENJAMIN, DANIEL K.; NORTH, DOUGLASS C.; MILLER, ROGER LEROY - The Economics of Public Issues
018622: BENJAMIN F. SCHEMMER - The Raid
016100: BENJAMIN, ZOE - Disney's 102 Dalmatians: A Read-Loud Storybook
003719: BENNETT, EDNA - Nature Photography Simplified-a Modern Photo Guide
008027: BENNETT, JENNIFER - Lilies of the Hearth: The Historical Relationship Between Women & Plants
008059: BENNETT, WILLIAM J. - The Death of Outrage: Bill Clinton and the Assault on American Ideals
019473: BENNETT, TONY - The Good Life: The Autobiography Of Tony Bennett
014510: BENNETT, HOLLY - The Warrior's Daughter
003063: BENOIT J COLLIN - Using the English Language
007507: BENTLEY, NICOLAS; NELKI, ANDRA - Edwardian Album: a Photographic Excursion Into a Lost Age of Innocence
009071: BENTON, M. J. - Dinosaur Encyclopedia
001356: BENTSEN, CHERYL - Maasai Days
017458: BENYAMIN COHEN - My Jesus Year - A Rabbi' Son Wanders the Bible Belt in Search of His Own Faith
010026: BERDAN, FRANCES F. - The Aztecs
004526: BERENDT, JOHN - The City of Falling Angels
013220: BERENDT, JOHN - Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil: A Savannah Story -LIMITED EDITION 899/2500
006861: BERESFORD-HOWE, CONSTANCE - Prospero's Daughter
012321: BERG, A. SCOTT - Kate Remembered
006413: BERG, A. SCOTT - Kate Remembered
008917: BERG, BRUCE L. - Qualitative Research Methods for the Social Sciences
010075: BERG, DANIEL;BERG, DENISE - Tropical Shipwrecks: A Vacationing Diver's Guide to the Bahamas and Caribbean
018733: BERG, ELIZABETH - What We Keep
016690: BERGAN, RONALD - Sports in the Movies
006150: BERGEN, DAVID - The Time in Between
006466: BERGEN, DAVID - See the Child: a Novel
002288: BERGER, LEON - Globo Sapiens: Fiction for a Business Class Lounge
004472: BERGER, THOMAS R. - Village Journey: the Report of the Alaska Native Review Commission
008907: BERGER, JOHN - Corker's Freedom
018417: BERGER, THOMAS R. - A Long and Terrible Shadow: White Values, Native Rights in the Americas, 1492-1992
003949: BERGMAN, CHARLES - Wild Echoes: Encounters With the Most Endangered Animals in North America
007055: BERK, BONNIE - Motherwell Maternity Fitness Plan
014459: BERKELY MATHER - The Pass Beyond Kashmir
016988: BERKHOFER, ROBERT F. - The White Man's Indian: Images of the American Indian, from Columbus to the Present
016231: BERKI, ROBERT NANDOR - The History of Political Thought : A Short Introduction
015791: BERKOFF, FRANCES G.;TALBOT, YVES;LAUER, BARBARA J. - Power Eating: How to Play Hard and Eat Smart for the Time of Your Life
017876: BERLIN, EDWARD A. - King of Ragtime: Scott Joplin and His Era
000665: BERLITZ EDITORS STAFF - Portuguese Phrase Book
015510: BERLITZ, CHARLES - Spanish Step by Step
001477: BERMAN, ELEANOR - Traveling Solo: Advice and Ideas for More Than 250 Great Vacations
005544: BERNARD NEWMAN - American Journey
012427: BERNARD SHAW - The Apple Cart:A Political Extravaganza
007861: BERNARD O'GRADY - Richard Blake Martin - an Irish Novel
016615: BERNARD BAILYN - The people of British North America - an Introduction
012467: BERNARD BERENSON - The Passionate Sightseer - from the Diaries 1947-1956
020617: BERNARD LEWIS - The Assassins: A Radical Sect in Islam
009967: BERNARD GREBANIER & SEYMOUR REITER - A Practical Guide to Rhetoric
010037: BERNARD SHAW - Saint Joan:a Chronicle play in Six Scenes and an Epilogue.
015652: BERNARD O'DONOGHUE - Oxford Irish Quotations
008410: BERNARDO, JOSE RAUL - The Wise Women of Havana
008680: BERNHARD SCHULTZ - H.W. Janson - History of Art - Study Guide
006862: BERNICE NOBLITT - Silver Thoughts Golden Words and a Nicket Worth of Stories
018894: BERNICE MORGAN - Cloud of Bone
003215: BERNIE HOWGATE - Newfie Or Bust
003217: BERNIE HOWGATE - Lazy Days in Summer
003218: BERNIE HOWGATE - Tales of a Travelling Man
013978: BERNIE HOWGATE - Around the Rock in a Bad Mood
014706: BERNS, GREGORY - Satisfaction: The Science of Finding True Fulfillment
006362: BERNSTEIN, LEONARD - Getting Published: the Writer in the Combat Zone
009317: BERNSTEIN, BURTON - Thurber: A Biography
002352: BERRY, CARMEN RENEE; TRAEDER, TAMARA - Girlfriends Talk About Men: Sharing Secrets for a Great Relationship
009384: BERRY FLEMING - Colonel Effingham's Raid
014229: BERRY, WENDELL - Life Is a Miracle: An Essay Against Modern Superstition
012030: BERRYMAN, RICHARD - Burning Bush and Broken Bread: Implications of a Communicating God
008601: BERTHIER, MARC P.G.;ASCHERL, JOSEPH P. - The Art of Knots: A Sailor's Handbook
014501: BERTMAN, STEPHEN - Erotic Love Poems Of Greece And Rome: A Collection of New Translations
006363: BERTON, PIERRE - Flames Across the Border: 1813-1814
017068: BERTON, PIERRE - Niagara, A History of the Falls
008212: BERTON, PIERRE - Farewell to the Twentieth Century : A Compendium of the Absurd
012947: BERTON, PIERRE - Prisoners of the North
008390: BERTON, PIERRE - Worth Repeating : A Literary Resurrection
019938: BERTON, PIERRE - Drifting Home: A Family's Voyage of Discovery Down the Wild Yukon River
020000: BERTON, PIERRE - The Great Lakes
009530: BERTON, PIERRE - My Country : The Remarkable Past
009732: BERTON, PIERRE - The Capture of Detroit - Adventures in Canadian History
019999: BERTON, PIERRE - Seacoasts of Canada
000370: BERTON, PIERRE - Why We Act Like Canadians
010469: BERTON, PIERRE - Drifting Home
011097: BERTON, PIERRE - Drifting Home
014065: BERTON, PIERRE - Starting Out, 1920-1947
015201: BERTON, PIERRE - Starting Out, 1920-1947
015200: BERTON, PIERRE - My Times: Living with History 1947-1995
011307: BERTON, PIERRE - The Great Railway, Illustrated
002425: BERTON, PIERRE - Drifting Home: a Family's Voyage of Discover Down the Wild Yukon River
011391: BERTON, PIERRE - The Remarkable Past: Tales from My Country and the Wild Frontier
014573: BERTON, PIERRE - Great Depression 1929 1939
018100: BERTON, PIERRE - Drifting Home
011909: BERTON, PIERRE - The Mysterious North : Encounters with the Canadian Frontier, 1947-1954
008715: BERTRAM C.A. WINDLE - Prehistoric Age in England : Archaeological Remains from the Stone Age to the Iron Age
001186: BERYL BAINBRIDGE - English Journey Or the Road to Milton Keynes
020527: BERYL MARKHAM - West With The Night
015876: BERYL BEARE - Dreams and Destinies - the Mysteries of Your Dreams Explained
009021: BEST, JOEL;LUCKENBILL, DAVID F. - Organizing Deviance
017600: BEST, GEOFFREY - Mid-Victorian Britain 1851-75
010681: BETANCOURT, INGRID - Until Death Do Us Part: My Struggle To Reclaim Colombia
001709: BETH BENATOVICH, EDITOR - What We Know So Far: Wisdom Among Women
019930: BETSY ISRAEL - Bachelor Girl - 100 Years of Breaking the Rules --
019720: BETSY CONNOR BOWEN - Spring Bear - a Novella
006679: BETTE BAO LORD - Spring Moon-a Novel of China
017088: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS - Wildflowers and Special Gardens
018746: BETTINA HURLIMANN - Picture-Book World
020394: BETTY CROCKER - Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book
020396: BETTY CROCKER - Betty Crocker's International Cookbook
011853: BETTY NICKERSON - How the World Grows Its Food
007302: BETTY LEE SUNG - The Story of the Chinese in America
007303: BETTY LAMBERT - Crossings
013499: BETTY RADICE, TRANSLATOR - The Letters of Abelard and Heloise
004641: BETTY SULLIVAN, COMPILER - Dreams (Keepsake Series)
000629: BETTY JAMES, ILLUSTRATED BY JOHN COOPER - London on Sunday-a Sort of Guide Book
002038: BETTY ASKWITH - Keats
020611: BETTY CROCKER - Betty Crocker's Step by Step Picture Cookbook
017938: BETTY KELLER - Pauline Johnson - First Aboriginal Voice of Canada
017043: BETTY CROCKER - Betty Crocker's Buffets
011622: BETTY PRICE - Adventuring in Nature
016475: BETTYANN HOLTZMANN KEVLES - Naked to the Bone: Medical Imaging in the Twentieth Century
011713: BEULAH POYNTER - Gay Caprice - A Love Story
012249: BEULAH HOMAN - A Place called the Ridge
006516: BEVAN, WALTER, EDITED BY JAMES STRECKER - Dead Leaves and Other Flowers
006985: BEVERLY GRAY - Counting Cats in Zanzibar
020343: BEVERLY CLEARY - Henry and Beezus
011295: BEZRUCHKA, STEPHEN - A Guide to Trekking in Nepal
005363: BHAKTIVEDANTA - Bhagavad Gita as It is
007606: BHOOMA BHAYANA, ET AL - Diva: a Quarterly Journal of South Asian Women
005043: BHUTTO, BENAZIR - Daughter of Destiny: an Autobiography
007822: BIBB, ELIZABETH - In the Japanese Garden
010992: BIBISH - Dancer from Khiva: One Muslim Woman's Quest for Freedom
004681: BIDDLECOMBE, PETER - Nice Time Being Had By All
018387: BIDINI, DAVE - The Best Game You Can Name
018349: BIDINI, DAVE - On a Cold Road
018666: BIDINI, DAVE - Tropic of Hockey: My Search for the Game in Unlikely Places
009043: BIELA LEPKIN - Creative Drama in the Hebrew School
012458: BIERCE, AMBROSE - Civil War Stories
002041: BIERHORST, JOHN - The Way of the Earth: Native America and the Environment
008300: BIERLEIN, J.F. - Parallel Myths
018493: BILAAL RAJAN - Making Change: Tips from an Underage Achiever
000395: BILBROUGH, WALTER H. - The Unplanned and Unexpected
020460: BILL BRYSON - One Summer: America 1927
020642: BILL CORBETT - Day Trips from Calgary - Best of Alberta
020767: BILL BRAMAH - Bill Bramahs Ontario Stories of Interesting People & Places as Seen By Globall Tv's Roving Reporter
003806: BILL BROWER - The Complete Traveling Salesman's Joke Book
014938: BILL BRYSON, EDITOR - The Best American Travel Writing 2000
005071: BILL TYRRELL - Early Sydney Postcards-Book 2 & 3
003332: BILL OCHS - The Clarke Tin Whistle Since 1843
002963: BILL ADLER, EDITOR - The Kennedy Wit
020557: BILL IVY - A LITTLE WILDERNESS. The Natural History of Toronto
010098: BILL GUNSTUN - Fighter Aircraft in Color
020190: BILL CLINTON - Back to Work - Why We Need Smart Government for a Strong Economy
020686: BILL YENNE, GENERAL EDITOR - The Romance & Folklore of North America's Railroads
020755: BILL BRYSON - The Mother Tongue - English and How it Got That Way
019419: BILL & MARNIE BREHM - Doors
018301: BILL BEATTY - A Treasury of Australian Folk Tales and Traditions
003634: BILL BEATTY - Unique to Australia
018132: BILL RICHARDSON - Old Father William's Well-Ordered Universe
012454: BILLARD CONGRESS OF AMERICA - Billiards: The Official Rules and Records Book 2000
009908: BINGHAM, HIRAM - Lost City of the Incas - The story of Machu Picchu and Its Builders
001418: BINYON, MICHAEL - Life in Russia
018528: BIRABIRO, METI - Blue Daughter of the Red Sea: A Memoir
018839: BIRCHALL, ANN; CORBETT, PETER EDGAR - Greek Gods & Heroes
003265: BIRD, ANTHONY - Antique Automobiles
007218: BIRD, ISABELLA L. - A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains
013846: BIRD, LYDIA - Sonnet: One Woman's Voyage from Maryland to Greece
006508: BIRDSELL, S - Two Headed Calf
003885: BIRDSELL, SANDRA - Children of the Day
010968: BIRDSELL, SANDRA - Chrome Suite
007722: BIRMINGHAM, STEPHEN - Real Lace: America's Irish Rich: America's Irish Rich
015712: BIRMINGHAM, STEPHEN - Rothman Scandal: A Novel
008656: BIRREN, FABER - Color & Human Response: Aspects of Light and Color Bearing on the Reactions of Living Things and the Welfare of Human Beings
012511: BIRT, HAZEL - Flikka and the Prince Edward Island Mystery
002449: BIRTLES, DORA - North-West By North: a Journal of a Voyage
013465: BISHOP, WILLIAM ARTHUR - True Canadian Heroes at Sea
007967: BISHOP, TED - Riding with Rilke : Reflections on Motorcycles and Books
010591: BISHOP, WILLIAM ARTHUR - Courage at Sea - Canada's Military Heritage Vol. III
018947: BISHOP, CAROL - Book of Home Remedies and Herbal Cures
019789: BISKIND, PETER - Easy Riders Raging Bulls: How the Sex-Drugs-And Rock 'N Roll Generation Saved Hollywood
019781: BISNAUTH, DALE - History of Religions in the Caribbean
018462: BISSELL, TOM - Chasing the Sea: Being a Narrative of a Journey Through Uzbekistan, Including Descriptions of Life Therein, Culminating With an Arrival at the Aral Sea, the World's
008614: BISSELL, CLAUDE THOMAS - Halfway up Parnassus: A Personal Account of the University of Toronto, 1932-1971
008545: BISSONNETTE, LISE;FISCHMAN, SHEILA - Cruelties: Stories
004349: BISSOONDATH, NEIL - On the Eve of Uncertain Tomorrows
004434: BISSOONDATH, NEIL - A Casual Brutality
000727: BISSOONDATH, NEIL - Digging Up the Mountains
008747: BISSOONDATH, NEIL - Innocence of Age
013621: BISSOONDATH, NEIL - Digging Up the Mountains
011374: BISSOONDATH, NEIL - Doing the Heart Good
001495: BITAR, WALID - Maps With Moving Paris
012614: BIZOT, FRANCOIS - The Gate
018120: BJORK, CHRISTINA - LENA ANDERSON - The Other Alice: The Story of Alice Liddell and Alice in Wonderland
020400: BJORN LARSSON - Long John Silver: The True and Eventful History of My Life of Liberty and Adventure as a Gentleman of Fortune & Enemy to Mankind
008809: BJORN, BYRON - Salamanders and Newts: A Complete Introduction
001160: BJRNVIG, THORKILD - The Pact: My Friendship With Isak Dinesen
019586: BLACK, JEREMY - The British Seaborne Empire
012494: BLACK, MARTHA LOUISE-EDITED AND UPDATED BY FLO WHYARD - Martha Black: Her Story from the Dawson Gold Fields to the Halls of Parliament
002960: BLACK DOG & LEVENTHAL PUBLISHERS - The Little Treasury of Golf
001724: BLACK, CLINTON V. - Tales of Old Jamaica
008834: BLACK, A. - That Old Black Magic
019861: BLACK, HOLLY; DITERLIZZI, TONY - Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You (The Spiderwick Chronicles)
009976: BLACK, NAOMI - Dude Ranches of the American West
010611: BLACK, CLINTON VANE DE BROSSE - Jamaica Guide
010911: BLACKBURN, BOB - Words Fail Us: Good English and Other Lost Causes
007399: BLACKMAN, W. HADEN - The Field Guide to North American Hauntings: Everything You Need to Know About Encountering Over 100 Ghosts, Phantoms, and Spectral Entities
000548: BLACKWOOD, YVONNE - Into Africa: a Personal Journey
016900: BLAINE - Cartoons By Blaine - Hamilton Spectator Canada
017865: BLAINE - Blaine's Award Winning Cartoon's from "The Spectator" 1971
020200: BLAIR FRASER - The Search for Identity - Canada:Postwar to Present 1945-1967
015959: BLAIR FRASER - The Search for Identity - Canada: Postwar to Present
003211: BLAISE, CLARK - Time Lord: the Remarkable Canadian Who Missed His Train and Changed the World
008788: BLAKE, WILLIAM - Works of William Blake
018556: BLAKE, ROBERT - Disraeli's Grand Tour: Benjamin Disraeli and the Holy Land, 1830-31
013766: BLANCHARD, KENNETH;PEALE, NORMAN VINCENT - The Power of Ethical Management
009591: BLANCHARD, JAMES J. - Behind the Embassy Door: Canada, Clinton & Quebec
019760: BLANCHARD, KEN; SHULA, DON - The Little Book of Coaching: Motivating People to Be Winners
016339: BLANCHARD, MELINDA;BLANCHARD, ROBERT - A Trip to the Beach: Living on Island Time in the Caribbean
016219: BLANCHARD, KEN;BOWLES, SHELDON - Gung Ho!: Turn on the People in Any Organization
007641: BLANCHARD, MELINDA; BLANCHARD, ROBERT - A Trip to the Beach: Living on Island Time in the Caribbean
012288: BLANCHE HOWARD & ALLISON HOWARD, EDITORS - A Memoir of Friendship - The Letters Between Carol Shields & Blanche Howard
017380: BLANDFORD, PERCY W - The Master Handbook of Fine Woodworking Techniques & Projects
012798: BLANPIED, PAMELA - Dragons: The Modern Infestation
003698: BLASHFORD-SNELL, JOHN; SNAILHAM, RICHARD - Kota Mama: Retracing the Lost Trade Routes of Ancient South American Peoples
015520: BLECHER, LONE THYGESEN - Swedish Folktales and Legends
014376: BLEDSOE, THOMAS - Brown Bear Summer: Life Among Alaska's Giants
007729: BLODGETT, HARRIET - Centuries of Female Days: Englishwomen's Private Diaries
017378: BLOOM, HAROLD - The Western Canon: The Books and School of the Ages
019714: BLOOM, HAROLD - Omens of Millennium: The Gnosis of Angels, Dreams, and Resurrection
013521: BLOOM, WILLIAM - Soulution: The Holistic Manifesto - How Today's Spirituality Changes Everything
010627: BLOTNICK, SRULLY - The Corporate Steeplechase: Predictable Crises in a Business Career
004897: BLUM, HOWARD - The Gold of Exodus: the Discovery of the True Mount Sinai
020233: BLY, ROBERT W. - Iron John: A Book About Men
007600: BLY, JOHN - Discovering Hall Marks on English Silver
007693: BLY, JOHN - Is It Genuine: How to Recognize an Authentic Antique
007771: BLY, ROBERT W. - American Poetry: Wildness and Domesticity
013767: BLYTH, JOHN A. - The Canadian Social Inheritance
015188: BLYTON, ENID - The Night the Toys Came to Life - a Christmas Story
018567: BOB DYLAN - Chronicles - Volume One
001914: BOB KINFORD - Cowboy Romance-(of Horsesweat and Hornflies)
015312: BOB FENSTER - They Did What!? The funny, weird, Wonderful, Outrageous and stupid Things Famous People Have Done.
009946: BOB FARMER - How to Play Cricket - How to Play Series
020797: BOB HOFFMAN - Weight Lifting
012371: BOB PRESS - Bob Press's Field guide to the Wild Flowers of Britain and Europe
020232: BOBBY ORR - Orr: My Story
019395: BOBBY ATKINSON - Quebec Mon Amour
019933: BOBBY ORR - Orr - My Story
019753: BOCKSTOCE, JOHN R. - Arctic Passages: A Unique Small-Boat Journey Through the Great Northern Waterway
019097: BODE, BARBARA - No Bells to Toll: Destruction and Creation in the Andes
008697: BODGER, JOAN - The Forest Family
006224: BODO, MURRAY - Francis: the Journey and the Dream
007875: BOESHAAR;HAYDEN;ANDREA;HAYDEN, SUSANNAH;SUSANNAH - Great Lakes: Love Stretches Her Hand Across Rough Waters in Three Historical Novellas
016449: BOGARDE, DIRK - Great Meadow - An Evocation
019837: BOGART, JO ELLEN - Emily Carr: At the Edge of the World
000822: BOHANNAN, PAUL; CURTIN, PHILIP D. - Africa and Africans
004430: BOHJALIAN, CHRIS - Midwives
018230: BOHM, WERNER - Chakras: Roots of Power
017077: BOISSONNEAU, ALICE - A Sudden Brightness
005276: BOISVERT, M. - Healthy.Naturally-a Guide to Homeopathy
007396: BOJANOWSKI, MARC - The Dog Fighter
020208: BOLEN, JEAN SHINODA - Crossing to Avalon
006716: BOLEN, JEAN SHINODA - Close to the Bone: Life-Threatening Illness and the Search for Meaning
016928: BOLEN, JEAN M.D. - Crossing to Avalon - A Woman's Midlife Pilgrimage
013589: BOLEN, JEAN SHINODA - Goddesses in Everywoman: A New Psychology of Women
013774: BOLEN, JEAN SHINODA - Crossing to Avalon a woman's midlife Pilgrimage
016250: BOLEN, JEAN M.D. - The Tao Of Psychology: Synchronicity and the Self
019149: BOLGER, FRANCIS W. P. - The Years Before Anne
008044: BOM, PHILIP C. - Trudeau's Canada: Truth and Consequences
001694: BOMBAY, CAL R - A Man Worth Knowing
009107: BOMBAY, CAL R. - Let My People Go: The True Story of Present-Day Persecution and Slavery
010404: BOMBAY, R. CAL - A Man Worth Knowing
013355: BOMBAY, R. CAL - A Man Worth Knowing
013705: BONANNI, F. - Antique Musical Instruments and Their Players
010453: BONANNO, MARGARET WANDER - Probe - Star Trek
005024: BOND, MARYBETH; MICHAEL, PAMELA - A Woman's Passion for Travel: More True Stories From a Woman's World
018228: BONE, ROBERT M. - The Geography of the Canadian North: Issues and Challenges
013503: BONEHAM, SHEILA WEBSTER - The Parson and Jack Russell Terriers
008200: BONHAM, VALERIE - Sisters of the Raj - The Clewer Sisters in India
015511: BONINGTON, CHRIS; CLARKE, CHARLES - Tibets Secret Mountain : The Triumph of Sepu Kangri
019705: BONINGTON, CHRIS; CLARKE, CHARLES - Tibet's Secret Mountain: The Triumph of Sepu Kangri
014598: BONJEAN, HUGO - In the Eyes of Anahita - An Adventure in Search of Humanity
019322: BONJEAN, HUGO - In the Eyes of Anahita: An Adventure in Search of Humanity
016795: BONJEAN, HUGO - In The Eyes Of Anahita: An Adventure In Search Of Humanity
010186: BONVICINI, CANDIDO - The Tenor's Son: My Days With Pavarotti
018662: BOOKBINDER, ALAN; LICHTENSTEIN, OLIVIA; DENTON, RICHARD - Comrades - Portraits of Soviet Life
012811: BOORSTIN, DANIEL JOSEPH - The Discoverers: A History of Man's Search to Know His World and Himself
008118: BOORSTIN, DANIEL J. - The Seekers: The Story of Man's Continuing Quest to Understand His World
012241: BOORSTIN, DANIEL JOSEPH - The Discoverers - A history of Man's Search to Know His World and Himself
016819: BOORSTIN, DANIEL J. - The Discoverers: A History of Man's Search to Know His World and Himself
019783: BOOTH, DAVID - 'Til All the Stars Have Fallen: Canadian Poems for Children
008806: BOOTH, JOHN - Literary Lovers: The Private and Public Passions of Famous Writers
005634: BORANG, KASJA KRISHNI - Thorsons Principles of Reiki
002198: BORDEWICH, FERGUS M. - Cathay: a Journey in Search of Old China
004932: BORGENICHT, DAVID; PIVEN, JOSHUA; PIVEN, JOSH - The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Travel
007246: BORGES, JORGE LUIS; HURLEY, ANDREW - Collected Fictions
020134: BORGES, JORGE LUIS - The Book of Imaginary Beings (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition)
014008: BORGMAN, C.F. - River Road
015659: BORNANCIN, B - Arranging Your Collection: Wake Up to the World of Science
018418: BORNOFF, NICHOLAS - Pink Samurai: Love, Marriage & Sex in Contemporary Japan
011725: BORNSTEIN, HARRY;MILLER, RALPH R. - Signing: Signed English A Basic Guide
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010785: BOULTON, MARSHA - More Letters from the Country
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009877: BRZECZEK, RICHARD;DE VITA, SHARON;BRZECAEK, ELIZABETH - Addicted to Adultery: How We Saved Our Marriage and How You Can Save Yours
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015814: BURTON GOLDBERG, ET AL - Heart Disease : Alternative Medicine Guide
018530: BURTON, ROBERT - North American Birdfeeder Handbook - National Audubon Society
007959: BURUMA, IAN - Inventing Japan: 1853-1964
001237: BURUMA, IAN - God's Dust: a Modern Asian Journey
010609: BUSBY, BRIAN;BUSBY, BRIAN JOHN - Character Parts
003501: BUSCAGLIA, LEO F.; SHORT, STEVEN - Living, Loving and Learning
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003498: BUSCAGLIA, LEO F. - Seven Stories of Christmas Love
010963: BUSCAGLIA, LEO F. - The Way of the Bull: [a Voyage]
012043: BUSCAGLIA, LEO F. - Loving Each Other: The Challenge of Human Relationships
016784: BUSCAGLIA, LEO F. - Born for Love: Reflections on Loving
009385: BUSH, CATHERINE - The Rules of Engagement
006987: BUSHNELL, CANDACE - Sex and the City
008278: BUTALA, SHARON - Lilac Moon : Dreaming of the Real West
010176: BUTALA, SHARON - The Perfection of the Morning: An Apprenticeship in Nature
012834: BUTALA, SHARON - Wild Stone Heart : An Apprentice in the Fields
001898: BUTALA, SHARON - The Perfection of the Morning: an Apprenticeship in Nature
014121: BUTALA, SHARON - The Perfection of the Morning: An Apprenticeship in Nature
006609: BUTLER, ROBERT OLEN - Had a Good Time: Stories From American Postcards
007208: BUTLER, RON - Dancing Alone in Mexico: From the Border to Baja and Beyond
014398: BUTLER, SUSAN - The Dinkum Dictionary : The Origins of Australian Words
008197: BUTLER, ROBERT OLEN - A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain: Stories
010115: BUTLER, ELAINE - Attracting Birds
014111: BUTLER, ELAINE - Attracting Birds
004031: BUTT, GERALD - Arab World-a Personal View
018429: BUTTERFIELD, HERBERT - THE REDE LECTURE 1971 - The Discontinuities between the Generations in History:Their Effect on the Transmission of Political Experience: Their Effect on the Transmission of Political Experience
003283: BUTTERWORTH, EMMA MACALIK - The Complete Book of Calligraphy
002896: BUTTERWORTH, EMMA MACALIK - The Complete Book of Calligraphy
009653: BYATT, A. S. - The Djinn in the Nightingale's Eye : Five Fairy Stories
012042: BYATT, A. S. - Possession : A Romance
015715: BYATT, A. S. - The Matisse Stories
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016441: BYERS, MARY AND MCBURNEY, MARGARET;MCBURNEY, MARGARET - Governor's Road: Early Buildings and Families from Mississauga to London
019307: BYFIELD, GRAHAM - GRETCHEN LIU - Singapore Sketchbook:The Restoration of A City
011478: BYRGE, DUANE;AMERICAN FILM INSTITUTE - Private Screenings: Insiders Share a Century of Great Movie Moments
017232: BYRNE, ROBERT - The Third and Possibly the Best 637 Best Things Anybody Ever Said
000050: BYRON DALRYMPLE - Survival in the Outdoors
012151: C.W. WRIGHT - How to Speak in Public
000158: C.P. FRIEDLANDER - Heathland Ecology
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006090: C. RAJAGOPALACHARI - Ramayana
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001488: C & A WILLIAMS-ELLIS - The Pleasures of Architecture
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009942: C.S. FORESTER - The Ship
012539: C.G. POWER, INTRODUCTION - The R.C.A.F. Overseas - The First Four Years
010658: C.E.M. HANSEL - INTRODUCTION BY EDWIN G. BORING - ESP - A Scientific Evaluation
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020694: C. P. STACEY - A Date with History : Memories of a Canadian Historian
002237: CABLE, MARY - Black Odyssey: the Case of the Slave Ship Amistad
004807: CABOT, LAURIE - Celebrate the Earth: a Year of Holidays in the Pagan Tradition
009364: CABOT, MEG;CABOT, MEGGIN - The Boy Next Door
009365: CABOT, MEG;CABOT, MEGGIN - Teen Idol
008652: CADBURY, DEBORAH - The Dinosaur Hunters: A True Story of Scientific Rivalry and the Discovery of the Prehistoric World
004871: CADUTO, MICHAEL J. TOLD BY JOSEPH BRUCHAC - Native Stories From Keepers of the Animals
011861: CAGA, TAYFUN - Turkish in a Week
002442: CAHILL, TIM - Pass the Butterworms: Remote Journeys Oddly Rendered
006058: CAHILL, TIM - A Wolverine is Eating My Leg
002472: CAHILL, TIM - Jaguars Ripped My Flesh: Adventure is a Risky Business
013076: CAHILL, TIM - Hold the Enlightenment: More Travel, Less Bliss
010600: CAHILL, THOMAS - The Gifts of the Jews: How a Tribe of Desert Nomads Changed the Way Everyone Thinks and Feels
012259: CAHILL, TIM - Pass the Butterworms: Remote Journeys Oddly Rendered
017862: CAHILL, THOMAS - The Gifts of the Jews: How a Tribe of Desert Nomads Changed the Way Everyone Thinks and Feels
018980: CAHILL, THOMAS - How the Irish Saved Civilization: The Untold Story of Ireland's Heroic Role from the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Medieval Europe
007400: CAILLIET, RENE; GROSS, LEONARD - Rejuvenation Strategy: a Medically Approved Fitness Program to Reverse the Aging Process
018537: CAINER, JONATHAN - Cosmic Ordering : How to Make Your Dreams Come True
001865: CAITLIN THOMAS WITH GEORGE TREMLETT - Caitlin-Life With Dylan Thomas
013677: CALDER, JULIAN; GARRETT, JOHN - The 35mm Photographer's Handbook
018557: CALDER, ROBERT - A Richer Dust : Family, Memory and the Second World War
000171: CALDERON DE LA BARCA, FRANCES - Life in Mexico
017848: CALDWELL, ZOE - I Will Be Cleopatra: An Actress's Journey
019904: CALI RESSLER AND JODY THOMPSON - Why Work Sucks and How to Fix it - the Results-only Revolution
015308: CALLAGHAN, MORLEY - The Man with the Coat
008692: CALLAGHAN, BARRY - Raise You Five : Essays and Encounters 1964-2004 Vol. One
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020175: CALLAN, KEVIN - Up the Creek: A Paddler's Guide to Ontario
016013: CALLISON, BRIAN - A Ship Is Dying
009468: CALNAN, JANICE - Shift: Secrets of Positive Change for Organizations and Their Leaders
007133: CALVIN TRILLIN - About Alice
007168: CALVIN, WILLIAM H. - How the Shaman Stole the Moon: in Search of Ancient Prophet-Scientists From Stonehenge to the Grand Canyon
007239: CALVIN RUTSTRUM - The Wilderness Life
010358: CALVIN B. HANSON - A Gentile . With the Heart of a Jew - G. Douglas Young
013358: CALVIN TRILLIN - About Alice
018254: CALVINO, ITALO - Mr. Palomar
006220: CAME, RICHARD - Silver
006536: CAMERON, JULIA - The Vein of Gold: a Journey to Your Creative Heart
004997: CAMERON, SILVER DONALD - Seasons in the Rain: an Expatriate's Notes on British Columbia
007862: CAMERON, ANNE - Tales of the Cairds
005816: CAMERON, KATE - Orenda: a Novel of the Iroquois Nation
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013467: CAMERON, ANNE - Daughters of Copper Woman
003575: CAMERON, JULIA - Supplies: a Pilot's Guide to Creative Flight
016092: CAMERON, ANNE - How Raven Freed the Moon
003074: CAMERON, ANNE - Wedding Cakes, Rats and Rodeo Queens
009961: CAMERON, JULIA - Prayers from a Non-Believer: A Story of Faith
020313: CAMERON, JULIA - The Right to Write: An Invitation and Initiation into the Writing Life
010179: CAMERON, ANNE - Sarah's Children
010180: CAMERON, ANNE - The Journey
010181: CAMERON, ANNE - The Whole Fam Damily or Round and Round and Round She Goes and if She'll Stop Nobody Knows
010182: CAMERON, ANNE - Deejay & Betty
010671: CAMERON, ANNE - Wedding Cakes, Rats and Rodeo Queens
015441: CAMERON, CHARLES W. - Scottish Witches
020017: CAMERON, ELSPETH - No Previous Experience - a Memoir of Love and Change
019301: CAMERON, JULIA - The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity
017892: CAMERON, SILVER D. - Once upon a Schooner : A Foreign Voyage in Bluenose II
015258: CAMERON, JULIA - The Vein of Gold: A Journey to Your Creative Heart
016093: CAMERON, ANNE - How the Loon Lost Her Voice
002098: CAMERON, ANNE - Daughters of Copper Woman
017842: CAMERON, ANNE - Orca's Song
020555: CAMILLA GIBB - The Beauty of Humanity Movement - a Novel
020724: CAMILLA GIBB - This is Happy - a Memoir
020221: CAMILLA GIBB - The Beauty of Humanity Movement
020390: CAMILLA GIBB - The Penguin Book of Memoir
019006: CAMILLA GIBB - The Beauty of Humanity Movement
017244: CAMILLE CUSUMANO, EDITOR - France - A Love Story - Women Write About the French Experience
007091: CAMP, DALTON - Whose Country is This Anyway
017435: CAMP, DALTON - Whose Country Is This Anyway
001283: CAMPBELL STEVEN - North Coast Odyssey Inside Passage From Port
008155: CAMPBELL, STU - Let It Rot! the Gardener's Guide to Composting
008310: CAMPBELL, SANDRA - Getting to Normal
008344: CAMPBELL, SHELDON - Lifeboats to Ararat
000063: CAMPBELL, MARJORIE WILKINS, DELAINEY, JAMES (ILLUSTRATOR) - The Savage River: Seventy-One Days With Simon Fraser
000160: CAMPBELL STEVEN - Enjoying Scotland
001956: CAMPBELL, ANNE - Men, Women, and Aggression
009431: CAMPBELL, DONALD E. - Resource Allocation Mechanisms
009634: CAMPBELL, GIRAUD W. - A Doctor's Proven New Home Cure for Arthritis
018400: CAMPBELL, JOSEPH - Transformations of Myth Through Time
012314: CAMPBELL, BERNARD GRANT - Human Ecology: The Story of Our Place in Nature from Prehistory to the Present
016876: CAMPBELL, JOSEPH;TOMS, MICHAEL;BRIGGS, DENNIE;MAHER, JOHN M. - An Open Life: Joseph Campbell in Conversation With Michael Toms
014484: CAMPBELL, JOHN - In Darwin's Wake: Revisiting Beagle's South American Anchorages
016521: CAMPBELL, JOSEPH, EDITOR - Myths, Dreams, and Religion
011813: CAMPISI, JACK - The Mashpee Indians: Tribe on Trial
011248: CAMUS, ALBERT - The Plague
005854: CANADA; TUNGAVIK FEDERATION OF NUNAVUT - Agreement Between the Inuit of the Nunavut Settlement Area and Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada
003687: CANADA; CANADIAN HYDROGRAPHIC SERVICE - Small Craft Guide, Georgian Bay: East and North Shore Routes
020421: CANADA;CANADIAN HYDROGRAPHIC SERVICE - Small Craft Guide, Georgian Bay: East and North Shore Routes
017069: CANADIAN MUSEUM OF CIVILIZATION;RUDDELL, NANCY J. - Raven's Village: The Myths, Arts & Traditions of Native People from the Pacific Northwest Coast
011973: CANADIAN HOSTELLING ASSOCIATION - Fifty Years of Canadian Hostelling
012736: CANADIAN ESKIMO ARTS COUNCIL - Sculpture of the Inuit - Mastersworks of the Canadian Arctic
015736: CANADIAN CITIZENSHIP BRANCH - The Canadian Scene
019327: CANCIAN, ANITA - Classic Hikes of the Lower Left-hand Side of B.C. (Altitude Superguides)
020292: CANDELARIA & HERMAN ZAPP - Spark Your Dream
013053: CANE, WILLIAM - The Art Of Kissing
015184: CANGELOSI, DON;CARPINI, JOSEPH DELLI - Italian Without Words
016138: CANNADINE, DAVID - Pleasures of the Past
007580: CANNING, JOHN, EDITOR - 100 Great Nineteenth-Century Lives
017540: CANNON, MARGARET - China Tide : The Revealing Story of the Hong Kong Exodus to Canada
018953: CANTALUPO, JOSEPH;RENNER, THOMAS C. - Body Mike: An Unsparing Expose by the Mafia Insider Who Turned on the Mob
002093: CANTIN, PAUL - Alanis Morissette: You Oughta Know
020237: CAPLAN, RONALD (EDITOR) - Down North, The Book of Cape Breton's Magazine
019344: CAPPONI, PAT - Bound by duty: Walking the beat with Canada's cops
019530: CAPRA, FRITJOF - The Tao of Physics: An Exploration of the Parallels between Modern Physics and Eastern Mysticism (25th Anniversary Edition)
019552: CAPTAIN JOSHUA SLOCUM - Sailing Alone Around the World
009456: CAPUTO, PHILIP - Exiles: Three Short Novels
014864: CARCATERRA, LORENZO - Sleepers
001412: CARELLIN BROOKS, EDITOR - Bad Jobs: My Last Shift at Albert Wong's Pagoda and Other Ugly Tales of the Workplace
010354: CAREY, DIANE - Stark Trek: Ship of the Line
013051: CAREY, PETER - 30 Days in Sydney : A Wildly Distorted Account
003689: CAREY, PETER - Wrong About Japan: a Father's Journey With His Son
006722: CARIOU, WARREN - Lake of the Prairies: a Story of Belonging
016360: CARL LOTUS BECKER - Beginnings of the American People
014584: CARL HIAASEN - The Downhill Lie - a Hacker's Return to a ruinous Sport
003636: CARL W DREPPERD AND LURELLE VAN ARSDALE GUILD - New Geography of American Antiques
015686: CARL CARMER - The Hudson - The Rivers of America Series
010135: CARL VAN DOREN - The Great Rehearsal - the Story of the Making and Ratifying of the Constitution of the United States
020662: CARL DORESE - All About the Mayas - Yucatan's Famed Civilization
018410: CARL OLSON, EDITOR - Book of the Goddess Past and Present: An Introduction to Her Religion
013672: CARL FRANZ - the People's guide to Mexico: Wherever You go. There You are
011606: CARL ZIGROSSER AND CHRISTA M. GAEHDE - A Guide to the Collecting and care of Original Prints
015472: CARL JAPIKSE, EDITOR - Fart Proudly - Writings of Benjamin Franklin You Never Read in School
002875: CARLINE, JAN; LENTZ, MARTY; MACDONALD, STEVEN - Mountaineering First Aid: a Guide to Accident Response and First Aid Care
019688: CARLO COLLODI - Pinocchio
015209: CARLO COLLODI - Pinocchio - in a New Edition, complete and Unabridged, illustrated in Full Color
006591: CARLOS FUENTES - The Eagle's Throne
005205: CARLSON, RICHARD - Don't Sweat the Small Stuff.and It's All Small Stuff: Simple Ways to Keep the Little Things From Taking Over Your Life
016614: CARLSON, VADA - Broken Pattern Sunlight and Shadows of Hopi History
019642: CARLSON, LAURIE - More Than Moccasins: A Kid's Activity Guide to Traditional North American Indian Life (Hands-On History)
015528: CARLSON, RICHARD - You Can Be Happy No Matter What: Five Principles Your Therapist Never Told You
015828: CARLSON, RICHARD;CARLSON, KRISTINE - Don't Sweat the Small Stuff in Love: Simple Ways to Nurture and Strengthen Your Relationships While Avoiding the Habits That Break Down Your Loving Connectin
018207: CARLSTEIN, ANDRES - Odyssey to Ushuaia: A Motorcycling Adventure from New York to Tierra Del Fuego
005616: CARLTON, RICHARD R. - My Bicycle Adventure
018356: CARMICHAEL, PETER;WILLIAMS, WINSTON - Florida's Fabulous Reptiles and Amphibians
010199: CARMODY, DENISE - Women and World Religions
017276: CARNAHAN, PETER - Schooner Master: A Portrait of David Stevens
015093: CARO, ROBERT A. - Master of the Senate: The Years of Lyndon Johnson
019628: CAROL BERGMAN - Another Day in Paradise: International Humanitarian Workers Tell Their Stories
003440: CAROL F JOPLING EDITOR - Art and Aesthetics in Primitive Societies: a Critical Anthology
003824: CAROL BECKER, EDITOR - Subversive Imagination, the: Artists, Society and Social Responsibility
008977: CAROL AMARATUNGA, EDITOR - Face, Ethnicity and Women's Health
009912: CAROL BAINES ET AL, EDITORS - Women's Caring: Feminist Perspectives on Social Welfare
020802: CAROL WOODWARD, EDITOR - Handbook on Orchids
020355: CAROL NEHRING; NANCY C. OLMSTEAD; SUSAN RAYFIELD; WILLIAM A. NIERING - National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Wildflowers (Eastern Region)
012080: CAROL KORNACKI - Betrayal - The Deepest Cut
013157: CAROLINE SILVER - Guide to the Horses of the World
018868: CAROLINE YOUNG & COLIN KING - Railways and Trains
010021: CAROLINE SILVER - The Magna illustrated Guide to Horses of the World
020632: CAROLINE PARRY - Let's Celebrate!: Canada?s Special Days
013063: CAROLINNE WHITE - The Confessions of St. Augustine
006517: CAROLYN SLAUGHTER - A Black Englishman
010476: CAROLYN KEENE - The Ringmaster's Secret -Nancy Drew Mystery Stories
000936: CAROLYN MACKLER, COMPILER - 250 Ways to Make America Better
020563: CAROLYN STROM COLLINS; CHRISTINA WYSS ERIKSSON - The Anne of Green Gables Treasury
002337: CARPENTER, RUSSELL B. & BLYTH C. - Fish Watching in Hawaii
010239: CARPENTER, CATRINE - Beginner's French - an Easy Introduction
014481: CARPENTER, DAVID GIBBS - Daytripper: 50 Trips in and Around Southwestern Ontario
011247: CARPENTIER, ALEJO - The Chase
007728: CARR, CALEB - The Lessons of Terror: a History of Warfare Against Civilians: Why It Has Always Failed and Why It Will Fail Again
006122: CARR, EMILY WITH A FOREWORD BY IRA DILWORTH - The Emily Carr Collection
007394: CARR, CALEB - The Italian Secretary
004155: CARR, EMILY WITH A FOREWORD BY IRA DILWORTH - Growing Pains: the Autobiography of Emily Carr
014876: CARR, CALEB - The Angel of Darkness - Large Print
008065: CARRIER, ROCH - LA Guerre, Yes Sir!
016921: CARRIER, ROCH; FISCHMAN, SHEILA - Prayers of a Young Man
017575: CARRIER, ROCH - The Hockey Sweater
017633: CARRIER, ROCH - The Man in the Closet
011899: CARRIER, ROCH - Is It the Sun, Philbert?
019060: CARRINGTON, LORD PETER - Reflecting on Things Past: The Memoirs of Peter Lord Carrington
016222: CARROLL, JOCK - The Life & Times of Greg Clark, Canada's Favorite Storyteller
003158: CARROLL, LEE - The End Times: New Information for Personal Peace Book 1
016944: CARROLL, LEWIS;GARDNER, MARTIN;NEWELL, PETER - More Annotated Alice: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass
009921: CARROLL, JIM;BROADHEAD, RICK - Selling Online
013537: CARROLL, NICHOLAS - Dancing With Lawyers: How to Take Charge and Get Results
013519: CARROLL, LEE - Passing the Marker 2000: Understanding the New Millennium Energy Book VIII
016500: CARROLL, E. JEAN - Hunter: The Strange and Savage Life of Hunter S. Thompson
013113: CARRUTH, J. A. - Sir Walter Scott
005331: CARSON MCCULLERS - The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
003057: CARSON, PATRICK; MOULDEN, JULIA - Green is Gold: Business Talking to Business About the Environmental Revolution: Business Talking to Business About the Environmental Revolution
015546: CARSON MCCULLERS - The Ballad of Sad Cafe and other Stories
007708: CARTER-SCOTT, CHERIE - If Life is a Game, These Are the Rules: Ten Rules for Being Human, as Introduced in Chicken Soup for the Soul
006703: CARTER, ROBERT - Talwar
007702: CARTER, JIMMY - Palestine Peace Not Apartheid
017238: CARTER, B. - Walking in the Wild
003591: CARTER, JIMMY - Talking Peace: a Vision for the Next Generation
002073: CARTER, W. HODDING - A Viking Voyage: in Which an Unlikely Crew Attempts an Epic Journey to the New World
010246: CARTER, PHILIP J.;RUSSELL, KEN A. - Brain Busters - Test Your Intelligence
014127: CARTER, HOWARD - The Tomb of Tutankhamen
017997: CARTER, SARAH - Lost Harvests: Prairie Indian Reserve Farmers and Government Policy
011312: CARTER, MILDRED - Hand Reflexology: Key to Perfect Health
009776: CARTER, CARMEN - The Devil's Heart - Star Trek the Next Generation
009516: CARTER, CARMEN - The Devil's Heart - Star Trek the Next Generation
013780: CARTER, MILDRED - Hand Reflexology: Key to Perfect Health
019704: CARTER, JIMMY - The Hornet's Nest: A Novel of the Revolutionary War
008370: CARVER, VIRGINIA;PONEE, CHARLES - Women Work and Wellness
011447: CARY, ELIZABETH; HODGSON-WRIGHT, STEPHANIE - The Tragedy of Mariam, the Fair Queen of Jewry
017325: CARYL PHILLIPS - Foreigners
017471: CARYL PHILLIPS - In the Falling Snow
017652: CARYL PHILLIPS - Foreigners
002569: CASANOVA, MARY - Cecile: Gates of Gold
011838: CASH, ROSANNE;DISNEY PR HYPERION - Bodies of Water: Short Fiction
017105: CASH, JOHN CARTER - Anchored in Love: An Intimate Portrait of June Carter Cash
006488: CASHORALI, PETER - Fairy Tales: Traditional Stories Retold for Gay Men
004457: CASPER, CLAUDIA - The Reconstruction
008353: CASSELMAN, BILL - As the Canoe Tips - Comic Scenes from Canadian Life
000668: CASSELMAN, BILL - Casselmania
012857: CASSELMAN, BILL - Casselman's Canadian Words: A Comic Browse through Words and Folk Sayings Invented by Canadians
000833: CASSIE BROWN - A Winter's Tale-the Wreck of the 'Florizel'
005961: CASSON, MICHAEL - The Craft of the Potter-a Practical Guide to Making Pottery
015853: CASTANEDA, CARLOS - The Power of Silence: Further Lessons of Don Juan
018090: CASTANEDA, CARLOS - The Fire from Within
001897: CASWELL, WILLIAM E. - The Best Dam Business Book in the World-Vol. One. -a Fast Read Introduction to a Twelve Part Series
020567: CATERINA EDWARDS & KAY STEWART, EDITORS - Wrestling With the Angel: Women Reclaiming Their Lives
006157: CATHERINE GOUGH - Boyhoods of Great Composers
001313: CATHERINE CLINTON, ED - Half Sisters of History: Southern Women and the American Past
008332: CATHERINE AU SCOTT - Communicate in Cantonese
013074: CATHERINE DRINKER BOWEN - Frances Bacon: The Temper of a Man
014205: CATHERINE GASKINE - Corporation Wife
020668: CATHERINE CLINTON - Fanny Kemble's Civil Wars - the Story of America's First Abolitionist
013569: CATLIN, GEORGE;EWERS, JOHN CANFIELD - O-Kee-Pa, a Religious Ceremony and Other Customs of the Mandans
012440: CATTON, BRUCE - The Civil War
003727: CATULLUS, GAIUS VALERIUS - Odi Et Amo: the Complete Poetry of Catussus
008553: CAVANAGH, PAUL - After Helen : A Novel
002212: CAVICCHIO, DAN - Gardens From the Sand: a Story About Looking for Answers & Finding Miracles
009053: CAWLEY, A.C. - Everyman and Medieval Miracle Plays
020757: CECIL WOODHAM-SMITH - The Great Hunger - Ireland 1845-1849
016379: CECIL HOUSTON & JOSEPH LEYDON, EDITORS - Ireland : The Haunted Ark
008869: CECIL, JENNIFER - Traveling Solo
010651: CECIL, DAVID - The Cecils of Hatfield House : A Portrait of an English Ruling Family
010661: CECIL KUHNE, EDITOR - Wish You Weren't Here! - The Black Cat Anthology of Travel Humor
017166: CECIL NORTHCOTT - Livingstone in Africa - World Christian Books No.18
019007: CECIL NORTHCOTT - Star Over Gobi - the Story of Mildred Cable
016418: CELORIA, FRANCIS - Archeology - a Grosset All-Color Guide
010699: CERAM, C.W. - First American: A Story of North American Archaeology
009701: CETRON, MARVIN;DAVIES, OWEN - American Renaissance: Our Life at the Turn of the 21st Century
008548: CHABON, MICHAEL - The Final Solution: A Story Of Detection
016191: CHADWICK, NORA - The Celts
008297: CHADWICK, NORA - Celts
012762: CHAFFERS, WILLIAM - Concise Marks & Monograms on Pottery & Porcelain
009008: CHAMBERS, LARRY;JOHNSON, KAREN - The Online Broker and Trading Directory
003712: CHANCE, NORMAN ALLEE - The Eskimo of North Alaska
009448: CHANDLER, HARRY E. - So You Want to Be a Consultant
019067: CHANG-RAE LEE - Native Speaker
015315: CHANT, CHRISTOPHER - Pioneers of Aviation
019847: CHANTAL HEBERT - French Kiss - Stephen Harper's Blind Date with Quebec
007074: CHANTRAINE, POL - The Last Cod-Fish: Life and Death of the Newfoundland Way of Life
004506: CHAPMAN, SALLY PUTNAM; MANSFIELD, STEPHANIE - Whistled Like a Bird: the Untold Story of Dorothy Putnam, George Putnam, and Amelia Earhart
011773: CHAPMAN, GARY D.;CHAPMAN, GARY - Loving Solutions: Overcoming Barriers in Your Marriage
010721: CHARLENE GANNAGE - Double Day Double Bind - Women Garment Workers
014372: CHARLES HIGHAM- RACHANIE THOSARAT - Khok Phanom Di - Prehistoric Adaptation to the World's Richest Habitant
012181: CHARLES KINGSLEY - Two Years Ago
013571: CHARLES F. CHAPMAN - PUBLISHER OF MOTOR BOATING - Piloting, Seamanship, & Small Boat Handling
012287: CHARLES KINGSLEY - Hypatia or New Foes with and Old Face
004571: CHARLES EAST, EDITOR - Sarah Morgan: the Civil War Diary of a Southern Woman
005203: CHARLES SELTMAN - Women in Antiquity
005439: CHARLES BEATTY - Ferdinand De Lesseps-a Biographical Study
005639: CHARLES H. RATHBONE, EDITOR - Open Education-the Informal Classroom
005779: CHARLES B. CLAYMAN, M.D. - Diet & Nutrition
005912: CHARLES W. WLIOT, -THE HARVARD CLASSICS - Prefaces and Prologues to Famous Books Vol. 39
006596: CHARLES & ANNE SIMPKINSON - Sacred Stories: a Celebration of the Power of Story to Transform and Heal
007613: CHARLES W. MEAD - Old Civilizations of Inca Land
020594: CHARLES SAURIOL CM - Trails of the Don
005670: CHARLES A SORRELL - Minerals of the World-a Guide to Field Identification

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