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006596: CHARLES & ANNE SIMPKINSON - Sacred Stories: a Celebration of the Power of Story to Transform and Heal
007613: CHARLES W. MEAD - Old Civilizations of Inca Land
020594: CHARLES SAURIOL CM - Trails of the Don
005670: CHARLES A SORRELL - Minerals of the World-a Guide to Field Identification
000545: CHARLES H. HAYWARD - Antique Or Fake?
001996: CHARLES LINDSEY - The Life and Times of Wm. Lyon Mackenzie and the Rebellion of 1837-38 Vol. 1
003641: CHARLES DAVID KLEYMEYER, EDITOR - Cultural Expression and Grassroots Development: Cases From Latin America and the Caribbean-Cases From Latin America & the Caribbean
016962: CHARLES H. GOREN - Charles H. Goren Presents the Precision System of Contract Bridge Bidding
017415: CHARLES FILLMORE - Atom-Smashing Power of Mind
008782: CHARLES LYNCH - Race for the Rose - Election 1984
009156: CHARLES M. LESLIE - Now We are Civilized - a Study of the World View of the Zapotec Indians of Mitla, Oaxaca
013579: CHARLES NICHOLL, EDITOR - Journeys Anthology
010203: CHARLES BERLITZ - The Bermuda Triangle - an Incredible Sage of Unexplained Differences
010433: CHARLES P. MOUNTFORD - The Dawn of Time - Australian Aboriginal Myths in Paintings
018829: CHARLES C. MANN - 1493 - Uncovering the New World Columbus Created
010731: CHARLES W. FERGUSON - Naked to Mine Enemies - The Life of Cardinal Wolsey Book 1 & 2
019981: CHARLES WEBB - The Graduate
010866: CHARLES W. ELIOT - HARVARD CLASSICS - Essays English and American
019569: CHARLES KNEVITT - One's Life - a Cartoon Biography of HRH The Prince of Wales
011101: CHARLES T. FRITSCH - The Qumran Community - Its History and Scrolls
011198: CHARLES KINGSLEY - Westward Ho!
011219: CHARLES DICKENS - Hard Times -Sowing and Reaping and Garnering, Hunted Down, Holiday Romane in Four Parts and George Silverman's Explanation
012192: CHARLES DICKENS - Barnaby Rudge
016642: CHARLES JOYNER - Down by the Riverside - a south Carolina Slave Community
020070: CHARLES D. ELLIS - The Partnership - the Making of Goldman Sachs - Updated and Revised
011255: CHARLES L. GARRETT - Successful Coin Hunting - Revised
016039: CHARLES SAURIOL CM - Pioneers of the Don
016797: CHARLES DICKENS - Beautiful Stories About Children
016524: CHARLES PAUL MAY - A Book of Canadian Birds
018690: CHARLES P. MOUNTFORD - The Dreamtime - Australian Aboriginal Myths in Paintings
020332: CHARLES ALLEN - The Search for Shangri-La, A Journey Into Tibetan History
006178: CHARLESWORTH, EDWARD A. - Stress Management: a Comprehensive Guide to Wellness
019080: CHARLEY BOORMAN - Right to the Edge, Sydney to Tokyo By Any Means
005530: CHARLOTTE BAKER - The Venture of the Thunderbird
017118: CHARLOTTE HIGGINS - It's All Greek to Me - from Homer to the Hippocratic Oath, How Ancient Greece Has Shaped Our World
015864: CHARLOTTE BEECH - The Fearless Traveler - Tips to Get you There and Keep You Happy
019150: CHARLOTTE GRAY - Reluctant Genius - the Passionate Life and Inventive Mind of Alexander Graham Bell
013263: CHARLOTTE STRYKER - Time for Tapioca
014527: CHARLOTTE GREIG - Criminal Masterminds - Evil Geniuses of the Underworld
018989: CHARLOTTE GILL - Eating Dirt - Deep Forests, Big Timer, and Life with the Tree Planting Guide
001954: CHARLTON, MICHAEL - From Deterrence to Defense: the Inside Story of Strategic Policy
020603: CHARMAYNE MCGEE - So Sings the Blue Deer
016857: CHARNA KLEIN - Counseling Our Own - the lesbian/gay Subculture Meets the Mental Health System
020069: CHARTRAND, CLAUDE - The Art of Fly Tying
012184: CHAS. DICKENS - Pickwick Papers
019751: CHAS NEWKEY-BURDEN - Michael Jackson - Legend 1958-2009
009996: CHASAN, DANIEL JACK;THOMPSON, TIM - The Smithsonian Guides to Natural America: The Pacific Northwest Washington and Oregon
003737: CHASE, C. DAVID - Mugged on Wall Street: an Insider Shows You How to Protect Yourself and Your Money From the Financial Pros
011299: CHATER, LES;HAMID, ELIZABETH - Behind the Fence: Life As a Pow in Japan 1942-1945 - The Diaries of Les Chater
012940: CHATTO, JAMES - The Greek for Love
004338: CHATWIN, BRUCE - Utz
006677: CHATWIN, BRUCE - Utz
004240: CHATWIN, BRUCE - On the Black Hill
002157: CHATWIN, BRUCE - The Songlines
004295: CHATWIN, BRUCE - What Am I Doing Here
010729: CHATWIN, F. - The Viceroy of Ouidah
013283: CHATWIN, BRUCE - On the Black Hill
013888: CHATWIN, BRUCE - The Songlines
013398: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - The Miller's Prologue & Tale from the Canterbury Tales
010108: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - Selected Canterbury Tales
001200: CHAVIS, MELODY ERMACHILD - Altars in the Street: a Neighborhood Fights to Survive
017009: CHEETHAM, ERIKA - The Final Prophecies of Nostradamus
017016: CHEETHAM, ERIKA - The Final Prophecies of Nostradamus
009626: CHEEVER, SUSAN - A Woman's Life: The Story of an Ordinary American and Her Extraordinary Generation
001499: CHEKHOV, ANTON PAVLOVICH - The Cherry Orchard-Unabridged
002226: CHEKHOV, ANTON - Selected Stories
009166: CHEKHOV, ANTON PAVLOVICH - Five Major Plays
019352: CHELSEA'S FAMILY, FRIENDS AND OTHER VICTIMS - Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me
018517: CHEN, CHAO-HSIU - The Chinese Art of Winning - Stratagems for Success
000073: CHEN RAN - Tibet: From 1951 to 1991
001227: CHENEY, PATRICIA - The Land and People of Zimbabwe-(Portraits of the Nations Series)
009020: CHENEY, LYNNE V. - Telling the Truth: Why Our Culture and Our Country Have Stopped Making Sense-And What We Can Do About It
000762: CHENG, TERRENCE - Sons of Heaven: a Novel
019788: CHERYL STRAYED - Wild - from Lost to Found Onthe Pacific Crest Trail
019972: CHERYL STRAYED - Wild - From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail
012215: CHESNOFF, RICHARD - The Arrogance Of The French: Why They Can't Stand Us--And Why The Feeling Is Mutual
019365: CHESTER WILMOT - The Struggle for Europe
019367: CHESTERFIELD, LORD PHILIP DORMER STANHOPE - Letters to His Son and Others (Everyman Paperbacks)
005283: CHICAGO, JUDY - Through the Flower: My Struggle as a Woman Artist
006620: CHICAGO, JUDY - Embroidering Our Heritage: the Dinner Party Needlework
002465: CHICAGO, JUDY - The Dinner Party: a Symbol of Our Heritage
018217: CHICHESTER, SIR FRANCIS - Gipsy Moth Circles the World
019625: CHIEF JAMES WALLAS - Kwakiutl Legends
017395: CHIKA ONYEANI - Capitalist Nigger - the Road to Success - a Spider Web Doctrine
017355: CHILD, JULIA;PRUD'HOMME, ALEX - My Life in France
012924: CHILD, LYDIA MARIA - Hobomok and Other Writings on Indians
016909: CHILD, LYDIA MARIA - Hobomok and Other Writings on Indians
004050: CHILDERHOSE, BUFFY - From Lilith to Lilith Fair-Forward By Sarah McLachlan
007147: CHILDERS, MARY - Welfare Brat: a Memoir
008762: CHILES, WEBB - Storm Passage: Alone Around Cape Horn
006141: CHINERY, MICHAEL - The Complete Amateur Naturalist
001524: CHINMOY, SRI - Garden of the Soul: Lessons on Living in Peace, Happiness and Harmony
012519: CHISHOLM, MARGO;BRUCE, RAY - To the Summit: A Woman's Journey into the Mountains to Find Her Soul
013831: CHITTISTER, JOAN D. - A Passion for Life: Fragments of the Face of God
009481: CHODIS, ROBERT - Quebec in a New World - the PQ's Plan for Sovereignty
002440: CHODOROW, NANCY J. - Feminism and Psychoanalytic Theory
003476: CHOGYAM TRUNGPA/ESME CRAMER ROBERTS - Born in Tibet-the Eleventh Trungpa Tulku
008606: CHOMSKY, NOAM - Rethinking Camelot : JFK, the Vietnam War and U. S. Political Culture
013244: CHOMSKY, NOAM - 9-11 - an Open Media Book
013245: CHOMSKY, NOAM - On Nature and Language
002511: CHOMSKY, NOAM - 9-11
013241: CHOMSKY, NOAM;JUNKERMAN, JOHN;MASAKAZU, TAKEI;MASAKUZU, TAKEI - Power and Terror: Post 9-11 Talks and Interviews
015541: CHOMSKY, NOAM - Hegemony or Survival: America's Quest for Global Dominance
007242: CHOMSKY, NOAM - Failed States: the Abuse of Power and the Assault on Democracy
018061: CHONG, DENISE - The Girl in the Picture: The Kim Phuc Story
018529: CHONG, DENISE (SIGNED) - The Girl in the Picture: The Kim Phuc Story
017019: CHONG, KEVIN - Neil Young Nation - a Quest an Obsession (and a True Story)
004497: CHOPRA, DEEPAK - The Way of the Wizard: 20 Lessons for Living a Magical Life
006276: CHOPRA, DEEPAK - Ageless Body, Timeless Mind: the Quantum Alternative to Growing Old
002517: CHOPRA, DEEPAK - Return of the Rishi: a Doctor's Story of Spiritual Transformation and Ayurvedic Healing
012110: CHOPRA, DEEPAK - The Way of the Wizard: 20 Lessons for Living a Magical Life
009270: CHOPRA, DEEPAK - The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success : A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams
009914: CHOPRA, DEEPAK - Ageless Body, Timeless Mind: The Quantum Alternative to Growing Old
011167: CHOPRA, DEEPAK - Restful Sleep: The Complete Mind/Body Program for Overcoming Insomnia
015062: CHORNENKI, GENEVIEVE A.; HART, CHRISTINE E. - Bypass Court : A Dispute Resolution Handbook
000538: CHOY, WAYSON - Paper Shadows: a Chinatown Childhood
011306: CHOY, WAYSON - All That Matters: A Novel
018906: CHOYCE, LESLEY - The Coasts of Canada: A History
018677: CHRETIEN, JEAN - Straight From The Heart
006170: CHRETIEN, JEAN - Straight From the Heart
020499: CHRIS HEDGES - Empire of Illusion - the End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle
000143: CHRIS FAIERS - Sleeping in Ruins-Haiku and Senryu 1968-1980
009474: CHRIS CORRIN, EDITOR - Superwomen and the Double Burden: Women's Experience of Change in Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union
013003: CHRIS BONINGTON - Everest The Hard Way - the First Ascent of the South West Face
011458: CHRIS OWEN - Adagio
015535: CHRIS C. FISHER - Birds of the Rocky Mountains
017519: CHRIS SAVERY - The Siege of Blackbrae
007235: CHRIST, CAROL P. - Womanspirit Rising: a Feminist Reader in Religion
005277: CHRISTENSEN, THOMAS - The Discovery of America & Other Myths: a New World Reader
002565: CHRISTENSEN, JO IPPOLITO - The Needlepoint Book: 303 Stitches With Patterns and Projects
001922: CHRISTENSEN, JO-ANNE - Ghost Stories of British Columbia
010043: CHRISTIANE DESROCHES-NOBLECOURT - Life and death of a Pharaoh - Tutankhamen
008161: CHRISTIANSON, GALE E - Greenhouse : The 200-Year Story of Global Warming
020284: CHRISTIE BLATCHFORD - Fifteen Days - Stories of Bravery, Friendship, Life and Death from Inside the New Canadian Army
007881: CHRISTIE'S NEW YORK - A Private Collection of Japanese prints and Painting
000874: CHRISTIE BLATCHFORD - Spectator Sports
020586: CHRISTIE BLATCHFORD - Close Encounters
001403: CHRISTINA DODWELL - A Traveller on Horseback-in Eastern Turkey and Iran
020086: CHRISTINE BARNES; STEVE W. MARLEY; SUNSET - Quilting, Patchwork & Applique
001008: CHRISTOHER CLARO & JULIE KLAM - Comedy Central: the Essential Guide to Comedy Because There's a Fine Line Between Clever and Stupid
005163: CHRISTOPHER ONDAATJE, ROBERT CATHERWOOD, EDITORS - The Prime Ministers of Canada 1867-1967
005403: CHRISTOPHER MORLEY - Hasta La Vista-Or, a Postcard From Peru
020025: CHRISTOPHER MORLEY - Parnassus on Wheels
007416: CHRISTOPHER WREN - The End of the Line
007993: CHRISTOPHER A. BRAY, ET AL - Exercise Book - The Writer's Brief Handbook
020311: CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER - In Spite of Myself - a Memoir
008373: CHRISTOPHER EDWARDS - Crazy for God - the nightmare of Cult Life By Ex-moon Disciple
010299: CHRISTOPHER STONE, EDITOR - The Poems of William Collins
010548: CHRISTOPHER HEADINGTON - History of Western Music
014244: CHRISTOPHER PAUL CURTIS - Elijah of Buxton
018151: CHRISTOPHER, ROBERT C. - Japanese Mind: The Goliath Explained
009672: CHRISTY CAMPBELL - Nuclear Facts
008219: CHU, CHIN-NING - Working Woman's Art of War - from glass Slippers to Combat Boots
006306: CHUBB, KIT - The Avian Ark: Tales From a Wild-Bird Hospital
006798: CHUBB, KIT - The Avian Ark: Tales From a Wild-Bird Hospital
003665: CHUI, CAROLE; ROEBUCK, DEREK - Hong Kong Contracts
004753: CHUNG-KUO KO HSUEH YUAN - Atlas of Primitive Man in China: [Chung-Kuo Ku Jen Lei Tu Lu]
014200: CHUNGLIANG AL HUANG AND JERRY LYNCH - Mentoring: the Tao of Giving and Receiving Wisdom - Cultivate Dynamic Relationships in All Arenas of Life
018754: CHURCH, BOB - The International Guide to Trout Flies
018655: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. O.M., - The Island Race
019711: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - Memories and Adventures (Coronet Books)
005159: CHUTE, MARCHETTE - Introduction to Shakespeare
005094: CHUTE, CAROLYN - The Beans of Egypt, Maine
008193: CHUTE, DENNIS - Turning Samoan: A Novel
013668: CHUTE, MARCHETTE - Introduction to Shakespeare
014238: CICCONE, CHRISTOPHER - Life with my Sister Madonna
006931: CINDY HORRELL RAMSEY - Boys of the Battleship North Carolina
013119: CINDY WILLIAMS - Bahamian Cockery
014664: CINZIA VALIGI - Rome and Vatican
012106: CISNEROS, SANDRA - Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories
013286: CISNEROS, SANDRA - The House on Mango Street
004041: CISNEROS, SANDRA - The House on Mango Street
006982: CITRO, JOE - Cursed in New England: Stories of Damned Yankees
017147: CITY OF SCARBOROUGH - Nikita Marner - Artist Architect Educator
002538: CLAIBORNE, JACK - Discovering North Carolina: a Tar Heel Reader
020326: CLAIR WILLS - That Neutral Island - a Cultural History of Ireland During the Second World War
006011: CLAR, C. RAYMOND - Out of the River Mist
016684: CLARA INGRAM JUDSON - The Mighty Soo - Five Hundred Years at Sault Ste. Marie
005540: CLARENCE FRANKTON - Weeds of Canada
006949: CLARENCE A. BOON - Which Way to Turn Next
007773: CLARENCE EUGENE KOEPPE - The Canadian Climate
020154: CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTES - Women Who Run with the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype
001419: CLARK, MANNING - A Short History of Australia
004870: CLARK, LINDA A. - The Best of Linda Clark: Some Unusual Approaches to Health
005676: CLARK, WILLIAM; LEWIS, MERIWETHER; BAKELESS, JOHN EDWIN - Journals of Lewis and Clark: a New Selection
006792: CLARK, JOAN - The Word for Home
007053: CLARK, ELIZA - Miss You Like Crazy
012568: CLARK, GREGORY - The Bird of Promise - A New Collection of Short Stories
019460: CLARK, JOAN - Latitudes of Melt
002080: CLARK, ELLA ELIZABETH - Indian Legends of Canada
002573: CLARK, JOAN - An Audience of Chairs
009852: CLARK, ELIZA - What You Need: A Novel
018463: CLARK, VICTORIA - The Far-Farers: A Journey from Viking Iceland to Crusader Jerusalem
016913: CLARK GAVIN - Famous Libel and Slander cases of History
020248: CLARK, TOM; KLEINER, DICK - Rock Hudson: Friend of Mine
014424: CLARK, DAVID L.;ENGLISH ASSOCIATION - New Romanticisms: Theory and Critical Practice
018946: CLARK, ROBERT - River of the West: Stories from the Columbia
019576: CLARKE, RICHARD A. - Against All Enemies: Inside America's War on Terror
003736: CLARKE, TONY; BARLOW, MAUDE - Mai Round Two: New Global and Internal Threats to Canadian Sovereignty
004294: CLARKE, THURSTON - Equator: a Journey
004521: CLARKE, ALLEN - Adventures in Investing: How to Create Wealth & Keep It
002715: CLARKE, GEORGE ELLIOTT, EDITOR - Eyeing the North Star: Directions in African-Canadian Literature
007924: CLARKE, WILLIAM M. - How the City of London Works: An Introduction to Its Financial Markets
017179: CLARKE, AUSTIN - The Question
004671: CLARKE, STEPHEN - A Year in the Merde
009133: CLARKE, RICHARD A. - Against All Enemies: Inside America's War On Terror
014346: CLARKE, JAMIE - Everest to Arabia : The Making of an Adventuresome Life
013606: CLARKE, THURSTON - Equator: A Journey
010805: CLARKE, MARGARET - Healing Song
010965: CLARKE, MARCUS - For the Term of His Natural Life
012676: CLARKE, GERALD - Capote: A Biography
012352: CLARKE, GEORGE ELLIOTT - Whylah Falls - 10th Anniversary Edition
016510: CLARKE, THURSTON - Searching for Crusoe: A Journey Among the Last Real Islands
011396: CLARKSON, MICHAEL - Quick Fixes for Everyday Fears : How to Manage Everything from Fear of Mice to Fear of Flying
019634: CLARKSON, JEREMY - Motorworld
000525: CLAUD N. BUCHANAN - The People I Meet in Qualicum Beach
010061: CLAUDE V. PALISCA - Norton Anthology of Western Music - Vol. I - Medieval-Renaissane-Baroque
018561: CLAUDE G. BOWERS - The Young Jefferson
000766: CLAUDINE CHIAWEI O'HEARN, EDITOR - Half and Half: Writers on Growing Up Biracial and Bicultural
012060: CLAWSON, MARION;KNETSCH, JACK L. - Economics of Outdoor Recreation
004755: CLAYRE, ALASDAIR - The Heart of the Dragon
012497: CLAYTON, LISA - At the Mercy of the Sea
011579: CLEMENS, JOHN;MAYER, DOUGLAS F. - The Classic Touch: Lessons in Leadership from Homer to Hemingway
010499: CLEMENT, PETER - Mutant - a Medical Thriller
017495: CLEMENT, CATHERINE - Theo's Odyssey
001133: CLEMENTS, MARCELLE - The Improvised Woman: Single Women Reinventing Single Life
014429: CLEMMER, JIM - The Leader's Digest: Timeless Principles for Team And Organization Success
014439: CLEMMER, JIM - Growing the Distance: Timeless Principles for Personal, Career, and Family Success
017400: CLENMAN, DONIA BLUMENFELD - I Dream in Good English Too
008702: CLERY, VAL - Ghost Stories of Canada
004968: CLIFF KOPAS - Bella Coola-a Story of Effort and Achievement
018706: CLIFF KOPAS - Bella Coola
008078: CLIFF HAYES - Francis Frith's Heart of Lancashire - Photographic Memories
020409: CLIFF HANNA - Bandits on the Great North Road: The bushranger as social force
007669: CLIFFORD, GEOFFREY; BALABAN, JOHN - Vietnam: the Land We Never Knew
004640: CLIFFORD, CLARK M.; HOLBROOKE, RICHARD - Counsel to the President
000903: CLIFFORD & DAWN FRITH - Austrialian Tropical Reptiles & Frogs
017744: CLIFFORD BREWER, T.D. F.R.C.S. - A Medical History of the Kings and Queens of England
014979: CLIMO, SHIRLEY - The Korean Cinderella
002196: CLINE, SALLY - Radclyffe Hall: a Woman Called John
011028: CLINT WILLIS, EDITOR - Adrenaline 2002: The Year's Best Stories of Adventure and Survival
018967: CLINTON V. BLACK - History of Jamaica
010509: CLINTON, HILLARY RODHAM;OSBORNE, CLAIRE G. - The Unique Voice of Hillary Rodham Clinton: A Portrait in Her Own Words
015283: CLINTON, BILL - My Life
008510: CLIVE BODEN AND ANGUS CHATER - The Windsurfing Funboard Handbook
003420: CLOUGHLEY, MAURICE R. - A World to the West: a Voyage Around the World
002210: CLUBB, ANGELA - Wheel of Wisdom: a Turtle and Hare Journey to Your Dream
013572: CLYDE FRANCIS LITTLE - Leaves of Gold - an anthology of Prayers, Memorable Phrases, Inspirational Verse and Prose
011733: COADY, LYNN - Strange Heaven
016363: COATES, KEN S.;MORRISON, WILLIAM R. - Land Of The Midnight Sun: A History Of The Yukon
008484: COATES, ROBERT C. - A Street Is Not a Home: Solving America's Homeless Dilemma
012305: COATES, KEN S.; MORRISON, WILLIAM - The Sinking of the Princess Sophia : Taking the North Down with Her
019859: COBAIN, KURT - Journals
008419: COBB, DENA - Angels Came Running: The Trauma of Hurricane Andrew
004756: COBURN, BROUGHTON - Nepali Aama: Portrait of a Nepalese Hill Woman
010379: COCHRAN BERRY, BARBARA;PARRENT, JOANNE;BERRY, BARBARA COCHRAN - Life After Johnnie Cochran: Why I Left the Sweetest-Talking, Most Successful Black Lawyer in L.A.
018500: COCHRANE, MICHAEL G. - Surviving Your Divorce: A Guide to Canadian Family Law
008131: COCHRANE, ORIN - ET AL - Reading Writing and Caring
015783: COCHRANE, MICHAEL - Surviving Your Divorce : A Guide for Canadians
007510: CODE - More Than Words Can Say-Personal Perspectives on Literacy
009671: CODELL, ESME RAJI - Educating Esme: Diary of a Teacher's First Year
004691: CODY, WILLIAM F. - The Life of Hon. William F. Cody Known as Buffalo Bill-the Famous Hunter, Scout and Guide
014805: CODY IRON EYES - Indian Talk: Hand Signals of the North American Indians
007492: COE, ANDREW - Mexico/Life on the Volcano
008014: COE, MICHAEL D. - The Maya
020108: COE, SOPHIE D.; COE, MICHAEL D. - The True History of Chocolate
005228: COELHO, PAULO; COSTA, MARGARET JULL - Eleven Minutes
005421: COELHO, PAULO - By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept
004917: COELHO, PAULO - The Fifth Mountain
014972: COERR, ELEANOR;UYEHARA, H. CECIL - Mieko and the Fifth Treasure
013552: COFFEY, MARIA - Fragile Edge
006590: COFFEY, MARIA - Where the Mountain Casts Its Shadow: the Dark Side of Extreme Adventure
006110: COHAN, TONY - Native State: a Memoir
013635: COHAN, TONY - On Mexican Time: A New Life in San Miguel
012217: COHEN;NAGEL, ERNEST - An Introduction to Logic
019163: COHEN, LEONARD - Book of Longing
005167: COHEN, LEAH - Small Expectations: Society's Betrayal of Older Women
018935: COHEN, DAVID S. - Inside the Box: Leading With Corporate Values to Drive Sustained Business Success
002549: COHEN, LAINIE - Crooked Smile: One Family's Journey Toward Healing
008857: COHEN, I. BERNARD - The Birth of a New Physics
013017: COHEN, MAX;COHEN, DONALD J. - My Father, My Son
001276: COHN, NIK - Yes We Have No: Adventures in the Other England
011902: COHN, NIK - Heart of the World
004806: COISH, E. CALVIN - Season of the Seal: the International Storm Over Canada's Seal Hunt
009861: COL. D. STREAMER (HARRY GRAHAM) - Across Canada to the Klondyke
015785: COLAGIURI, STEPHEN M.D.;WOLEVER, THOMAS M. S. M.D., - The Glucose Revolution: The Authoritative Guide to the Glycemic Index-The Groundbreaking Medical Discovery
004178: COLBERT, DAVID - Magical Worlds of Lord of the Rings-the Amazing Myths, Legends and Facts Behind the Masterpiece
010443: COLDSMITH, DON - The Long Journey Home
004224: COLE, K. C. - First You Build a Cloud: and Other Reflections on Physics as a Way of Life
020026: COLE FANNIN - Roy Rogers and Dale Evans in River of Peril
012297: COLE, JOANNA, SELECTOR - Best Loved folktales of the World
019201: COLE, DERMOT - Fairbanks: A Gold Rush Town that Beat the Odds
006407: COLEMAN, RICHARD M. M.D. - Wide Awake at 3: 00 a.M. By Choice Or By Chance
000513: COLEMAN, BRENDA D.; SMITH, JO A. - Hiking the Big South Fork
010768: COLEMAN, ANN RANEY; KING, C. RICHARD - Victorian Lady on the Texas Frontier : The Journal of Ann Raney Coleman
012553: COLES EDITORIAL BOARD - Dicationary of Literary Terms
007700: COLES, ROBERT - Bruce Springsteen's America: the People Listening, a Poet Singing
007041: COLFER, EOIN - Artemis Fowl: the Arctic Incident
010461: COLFER, EOIN - Artemis Fowl - the Arctic Incident
019725: COLIN JOSE AND WILLIAM F. RANNIE - The Story of Soccer in Canada
012176: COLIN M. TURNBALL - The forest People - a Study of the pygmies of the Congo
017966: COLIN CLARK - My Week with Marilyn - The Prince, the Show Girl, and Me.
007068: COLIN HENFREY - The Gentle People-a Journey Among the Indian Tribes of Guiana
015120: COLIN O'SULLIVAN - Anedonia
000705: COLIN M TURNBALL - The Mountain People
010314: COLLECTIVE OF AUTHORS - Scars in the Memory
013158: COLLIER, MARGARET - Border Collies
000922: COLLIER, GRAHAM; COLLIER, PATRICIA - Antarctic Odyssey: in the Footsteps of the South Polar Explorers
004531: COLLINS, ROBERT - You Had to Be There: an Intimate Portrait of the Generation That Survived a Depression, Won the War and Re-Invented Canada
002078: COLLINS, ROBERT J. - A Voice From Afar: the History of Telecommunications in Canada
010152: COLLINS, WILKIE - The Moonstone
017703: COLLINS, OWEN, EDITOR - The Oral History of Christianity: Eye Witness Accounts of the Dramatic Turning Points in the Story of the Church
017819: COLLINS, MICHAEL;COOGAN, TIM PAT - The Path to Freedom
018954: COLLIS, LOUISE - Memoirs of Medieval Woman: The Life & Times of Margery Kempe
003553: COLLISTER, PETER - The Sulivans and the Slave Trade
001464: COLOMBO, JOHN ROBERT - Colombo's Book of Marvels
014096: COLOROSO, BARBARA - Kids Are Worth It! : Giving Your Child the Gift of Inner Discipline
016298: COLOROSO, BARBARA - The Bully the Bullied and the Bystander
009119: COLSON, CHARLES - The God of Stones and Spiders: Letters to a Church in Exile
015195: COLTON, TIMOTHY J. - Big Daddy: Frederick G. Gardiner and the Building of Metropolitan Toronto
007472: COLUMBUS, CHRISTOPHER - The Log of Christopher Columbus
005386: COLWELL, MAX - The Journey of Burke and Wills
014098: COMFORT, ALEX - More Joy of Sex: A Lovemaking Companion to the Joy of Sex
015723: COMFORT, ALEX - The New Joy of Sex: A Gourmet Guide to Lovemaking in the Nineties
009178: COMFORT, ALEX - Sex in Society
019375: COMFORT, ALEX - The New Joy of Sex
014099: COMFORT, ALEX - The Joy of Sex : A Gourmet Guide to Lovemaking - Updated Edition
003204: COMMANDANT JEAN LICART - Start Riding Right
011683: 1977 INAUGURAL COMMITTEE (U.S.) - A New Spirit, a New Commitment, a New America: The Inauguration of President Jimmy Carter and Vice President Walter F. Mondale the Official 1977 Inaugural Book
016858: COMSTOCK, GARY DAVID - Violence Against Lesbians and Gay Men
012470: CONAN DOYLE - Conan Doyle's Best Books - Illustrated The Sign of the Four and Other Stories - Sherlock Holmes Edition
018051: CONASON, JOE; LYONS, GENE - The Hunting of the President : The Ten-Year Campaign to Destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton
005618: CONDON, SEAN - Lonely Planet Sean & David's Long Drive
001846: CONDON, EDDIE - We Called It Music: a Generation of Jazz
018902: CONDON, JOHN C. - Good Neighbors: Communicating With the Mexicans
002627: CONDON, JANE - A Half Step Behind: Japanese Women Today
015460: CONDRON, DANIEL R. - Dreams of the Soul: The Yogi Sutras of Patanjali
010856: CONGREVE, WILLIAM - The Way of the World
001512: CONLEY, ROBERT J. - Mountain Windsong: a Novel of the Trail of Tears
008121: CONLEY, JOHN M.;O'BARR, WILLIAM M. - Just Words: Law, Language, And Power
003294: CONNELL, EVAN S. - The Connoisseur
017941: CONNELL, EVAN S. - The Aztec Treasure House: Selected Essays
004119: CONNELLY, KAREN - One Room in a Castle: Letters From Spain, France and Greece
004830: CONNELLY, KAREN - The Lizard Cage
019005: CONNELLY, KAREN - The Lizard Cage
000772: CONNER, DANIEL C. G. - Jacques Cartier and the People of the Eastern Woodlands
007989: CONNOR, SEYMOUR V.;FAULK, ODIE B. - North America Divided: The Mexican War, 1846-1848
009982: CONNOR, RICHARD C.;PETERSON, DAWN MICKLETHWAITE - The Lives of Whales and Dolphins: From the American Museum of Natural History
011750: CONNOR, ALEXANDRA - The Wrong Side of the Canvas - a Private View into the secret Lives of the World's Greatest Artists
014306: CONNOR, RICHARD C.;PETERSON, DAWN MICKLEWAITE - The Lives of Whales and Dolphins: From the American Museum of Natural History
011632: CONNORS, WILLIAM - Winds of History - Notable Newfoundland Events
017566: CONOR CRUISE O'BRIEN - On the Eve of the Millenium
019706: CONRAD BLACK - Rise to Greatness - the History of Canada from the Vikings to the Present
008195: CONRAD, JOSEPH - Tales of the Sea
012261: CONRAD, PAMELA J. - Balancing Home and Career: Skills for Successful Life Management
009413: CONRAD G. MUELLER - Sensory Psychology
019921: CONRAD, DR. SHEREE; MILBURN, DR. MICHAEL - Sexual Intelligence: The Groundbreaking Study That Shows You How to Boost Your "Sex IQ" and Gain Greater Sexual Satisfaction
006599: CONRADI, PETER J. - Iris: the Life of Iris Murdoch
006576: CONROY, PAT - Beach Music
009091: CONSTANCE SCHRADER - Beyond 50:The Road Ahead
004856: CONSUMERS UNION OF UNITED STATES - The Medicine Show: Consumers Union's Practical Guide to Some Everyday Health Problems and Health Products
017617: CONWAY, JILL KER - The Road from Coorain
017416: CONWAY, JILL K. - When Memory Speaks: Exploring the Art of Autobiography
011045: CONWAY, D. J. - Maiden, Mother, Crone: The Myth and Reality of the Triple Goddess
004033: COOK, DAVID - Sunrising
001444: COOK, TREVOR M. - The a-Z of Homeopathy
007309: COOK, BRUCE - Brecht in Exile
000409: COOK, GREGORY EDITOR - The New Quarterly-New Directions in Canadian Writing
010124: COOK, INMAN;PIERCE, DAREN - Pleasures of Needlepoint: A How-to Book of Beautiful New Designs Everyone Can Make
010788: COOK, BERYL - The Works
019975: COOK, CAPT. JAMES - The Explorations of Captain James Cook in the Pacific: As Told by Selections of His Own Journals 1768-1779
004177: COOLEY, MARTHA - The Archivist: a Novel
010835: COOLEY, THOMAS - The Norton Sampler: Short Essays for Composition
015784: COOLIDGE, DANIEL S.;JIMMERSON, J. MICHAEL - A Survival Guide for Road Warriors: Essentials for the Mobile Lawyer
006848: COOPER, SHERRY - The Cooper Files: a Practical Guide to Your Financial Future
003037: COOPER, SUSAN - Dreams and Wishes: Essays on Writing for Children
008709: COOPER, ANDERSON - Dispatches from the Edge : A Memoir of War, Disasters, and Survival
019926: COOPER, ALAN - Old Huntly
011562: COOPER, DOUGLAS - Amnesia
007177: COOTE, JOHN - Faber Book of the Sea
001988: COPELAND, LIZA - Just Cruising-a Family Cruises the World: Europe to Australia
017418: COPELAND, ANN - Strange Bodies on a Stranger Shore
001063: COPPACK, PHILIP MARTIN; BRYANT, C. R.; RUSSWURM, LORNE H. - Essays on Canadian Urban Process and Form III: the Urban Field
019190: CORBETT, BEN - This Is Cuba: An Outlaw Culture Survives
020256: COREN, STANLEY - How To Speak Dog: Mastering the Art of Dog-Human Communication
012329: COREN, STANLEY - Why We Love the Dogs We Do: How to Find the Dog That Matches Your Personality
011411: COREN, MICHAEL - Setting It Right
012786: CORINNNE HOFMANN - The White Masai - My Exotic tale of love and Adventure
007093: CORK, DAVID; LIGHTSTONE, SUSAN - The Pig and the Python: How to Prosper From the Aging Baby Boom
006439: CORMAC MCCARTHY - The Road
012103: CORMIER, ROBERT - Other Bells for Us to Ring
018354: CORNELIUS, GEOFFREY;DEVEREUX, PAUL - The Secret Language of the Stars and Planets: A Visual Key to the Heavens
008832: CORNELIUS RYAN - Najdtuzszy Dzien - (6czerwca 1944)
009551: CORNWELL, JOHN - Hitler's Pope : The Secret History of Pius XII
000038: CORRAL, MICHAEL, HANSEN, KEITH (ILLUSTRATOR); STOVER, JEAN (ILLUSTRATOR) - The World of Birds: a Layman's Guide to Ornithology
006194: CORRICK, MARTIN - The Navigation Log
019432: CORRIGAN, TIMOTHY - A Short Guide to Writing about Film
008718: CORTNER, H.;MOOTE, MARGARET A. - The Politics of Ecosystem Management
012761: COSENTINO, GERALDINE;STEWART, REGINA - Carnival Glass - a Guide For the Beginning Collector
012609: COSTER, GRAHAM - A Thousand Miles from Nowhere - Trucking Two Continents
013578: COSTER, GRAHAM - A Thousand Miles from Nowhere: Trucking Two Continents
012255: COSTIS DAVARAS - EPHOR OF ANTIQUITIES - Knossos and the Herakleion Museum - Brief Illustrated archaeological Guide
013956: COTT, JONATHAN - Thirteen: A Journey into the Number
004911: COTTRELL, LEONARD - Seeing Roman Britain
009953: COUCH, ERNIE - Country Music Trivia & Fact Book
000097: COUCHMAN, ROBERT (BOB) - Reflections on Canadian Character: From Monarch Park to Monarch Mountain
015693: COULING, DAVID - An Isle of Wight Camera, 1856-1914
008810: COULSON, MARGARET AND RIDDELL, CAROL;RIDDELL, CAROL - Approaching Sociology, a Critical Introduction
014097: COULTER, LAURIE; MAHER, PETER; CHABANAIS, PAULA - The Paddler's Journal and Companion
002571: COULTER, ELIZABETH JOYCE - Isabelle: a Wilful Women
010728: COUNT PHILIPPE-PAUL DE SEGUR - Napoleon's Russian Campaign
003926: COUPLAND, DOUGLAS - Shampoo Planet
007140: COURTAULD, GEORGE; FOREMAN, JONATHAN - The Pocket Book of Patriotism
015567: COURTNEY BORDEN - Adventures In A Man's World: the Initiation of a Sportsman's Wife.
018121: COURTNEY MILNE; SHERRILL MILLER - Visions of the Goddess
003955: COUSINS, NORMAN - Anatomy of an Illness as Perceived By the Patient
018738: COUSINS, NORMAN - Healing Heart, Antidotes to Panic and Helplessness
012051: COUSINS, JEAN - Nature Walks Around Vancouver - Forest, Seashore & Mountainside Walks the Whole Family Can Enjoy
015877: COUSTEAU, JACQUES YVES - Outer and Inner Space
009645: COVEY, STEPHEN R. - Living the 7 Habits : The Courage to Change
005629: COVEY, STEPHEN R. - The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Restoring the Character Ethic
001860: COVINGTON, DENNIS; COVINGTON, VICKI - Cleaving: the Story of a Marriage
003584: COVINGTON, MICHAEL A. - Astrophotography for the Amateur
014164: COVINGTON, MICHAEL A. - Astrophotography for the Amateur
001195: COWAN, JAMES G. - A Mapmaker's Dream: the Meditations of Fra Mauro, Cartographer to the Court of Venice
000983: COWAN, JAMES G. - The Elements of the Aborigine Tradition
015131: COWELL, SIMON - I Don't Mean to Be Rude, But.: Backstage Gossip from American Idol & the Secrets That Can Make You a Star
020243: COWELL, ADRIAN - The Decade of Destruction: The Crusade to Save the Amazon Rain Forest
014595: COWMEADOW, OLIVER - The Art of Shiatsu: A Step-By-Step Guide
002592: COX, BARRY - Prehistoric Animals-Vertebrates of the Past in Full Color
009791: COX, ARTHUR M. - Russian Roulette: The Superpower Game
009992: COX, SIMON - Cracking the Da Vinci Code : The Unauthorized Guide to the Facts behind Dan Brown's Bestselling Novel
003643: COY, LARRY - A Passenger's Guide to Airline Flying
010220: COYKENDALL, RALF - Ralf Coykendall's Duck Decoys and How to Rig Them
008978: COZBY, PAUL C. - Methods in Behavioral Research
007761: CPT. JACK DUGGAN - Fighting for Glory
004559: CRAIG, DAVID - Landmarks: an Exploration of Great Rocks
015608: CRAIG BROWN, EDITOR - The Illustrated History of Canada
008294: CRAIG, GORDON A.;GEORGE, ALEXANDER L. - Force and Statecraft: Diplomatic Problems of Our Time
019737: CRAIG, JOHN - Simcoe County, the recent past
001211: CRAIK, ANNE - Country Walks: Cottage Country
019517: CRAMER, RICHARD BEN - Joe DiMaggio: The Hero's Life
019819: CRANE, STEPHEN - Red Badge Of Courage: Portland House Illustrated
003780: CRANE, DAVID - The Next Canadian Century: Building a Competitive Economy
010522: CRANKSHAW, EDWARD - Shadow of the Winter Palace - Russia's Drift to Revolution 1825-1917
000173: CRASSWELLER, ROBERT O. - Peron and the Enigmas of Argentina
007851: CRAVEN, MARGARET - Again Calls the Owl
019028: CRAVEN, ROY C. - Indian Art: A Concise History - World of Art Series
008301: CRAVIT, DAVID - The New Old : How the Boomers Are Changing Everything . Again
014810: CRAWFORD, STANLEY - Mayordomo: Chronicle of an Acequia in Northern New Mexico
005226: CRAZE, RICHARD - Feng Shui
010900: CREAGHAN, JONATHAN; J. D. CREAGHAN GROUP STAFF - Duxter's Leap : The Pursuit of Possibility
017691: CREAL, MARGARET - The Man Who Sold Prayers
000801: CREER, GARETH - Big Sky
000617: CREIDER, JANE T. - The Shrunken Dream
007028: CREIGHTON, HELEN - A Folktale Journey Through the Maritimes
015327: CREIGHTON, HELEN - Bluenose Ghosts
019722: CREIGHTON, DONALD GRANT - Towards the discovery of Canada: Selected essays
011626: CREVELT, DWAYNE;CREVELT, LOUISE - Slot Machine Mania
002796: CRICHTON, MICHAEL - Eaters of the Dead: the Manuscript of Ibn Fadlan, Relating His Experiences With the Northmen in a.D. 922
019922: CRICHTON, MICHAEL - The Terminal Man
014913: CRICHTON, MICHAEL - Disclosure
003058: CRICK, BERNARD R. - Political Theory and Practice
010102: CRIS BARRISH AND PETER MEYER - Fatal Embrace - The Inside Story of the Thomas Capano/Anne Marie Fahey murder Case
010482: CRISPIN, A.C. - Sarek - Star Trek
011747: CRISPO, JOHN H. G. - Making Canada Work
008898: CRIST, STEVEN - The Horse Traders
009252: CROCKER, OLGA L. - Incidents and Cases in Canadian Personnel Administration
017040: CROCKER, BETTY - Betty Crocker's Christmas Cookbook
005370: CROCKETT, RIGEL - Fair Wind and Plenty of It: a Modern-Day Tall-Ship Adventure
006782: CROCKETT, RIGEL - Fair Wind and Plenty of It: a Modern-Day Tall-Ship Adventure
001402: CROLL, ELISABETH - Wise Daughters From Foreign Lands: European Women Writers in China
005327: CRONIN, ARCHIBALD JOSEPH - The Green Years
002341: CRONIN, JOHN; KENNEDY, ROBERT FRANCIS - The Riverkeepers: Two Activists Fight to Reclaim Our Environment as a Basic Human Right
005373: CRONIN, LYNDA - Midlife Runaway: a Grown Ups' Guide to Taking a Year Off
013385: CRONIN, LYNDA - Midlife Runaway: A Grown Ups' Guide to Taking a Year Off
009642: CRONKITE, WALTER - A Reporter's Life
001888: CRONYN, HUME - A Terrible Liar: a Memoir
019449: CROSBIE, JOHN C. - No Holds Barred: My Life in Politics
016715: CROSBY MAYNARD - Flight Plan for Tomorrow - The Douglas Story - A Condensed History
020310: CROSS, W. K. - Canadian Coins (51st Edition) - The Charlton Standard Catalogue
016251: CROSS, MICHAEL - Grow Your Own Energy - A New Scientist Guide
001832: CROSSETTE, BARBARA - The Great Hill Stations of Asia
000534: CROSSLEY, DON - Butch and Other Stories
013852: CROSSLEY-HOLLAND, KEVIN - Enchantment - fairy tales, Ghost Stories, and tales of Wonder
019043: CROSSLEY-HOLLAND, KEVIN - At the Crossing Places
019044: CROSSLEY-HOLLAND, KEVIN - King of the Middle March
019042: CROSSLEY-HOLLAND, KEVIN - Arthur : The Seeing Stone
011879: CROSSLEY-HOLLAND, KEVIN - King of the Middle March
011880: CROSSLEY-HOLLAND, KEVIN - At the Crossing Places
019041: CROSSLEY-HOLLAND, KEVIN - Arthur : Vol. 1 The Seeing Stone, Vol. 2 At Crossing Places Vol. 3 King of the Middle March
017270: CROUTIER, ALEV LYTLE - Taking the Waters - Spirit - Art - Sensuality
018306: CROW, CARL - Handbook For China -1933-
015475: CROW, W.B. - A History of Magic, Witchcraft and Occultism
015372: CROWLEY, GERALD - Fine Art of Garnishing - from Radish Roses to Watermelon Whales
007859: CROYDEN, MARGARET; BROOK, PETER - Conversations with Peter Brook : 1970-2000
012876: CRUISE, DAVID;GRIFFITHS, ALISON - Working the Land: Journeys into the Heart of Canada
011905: CRUISE, DAVID; GRIFFITHS, ALISON - The Great Adventure : How the Mounties Conquered the West
000080: CRUMLEY, JIM - Gulfs of Blue Air: a Highland Journey
013636: CRUMMEY, MICHAEL - River Thieves : A Novel
019119: CSIKSZENTMIHALYI, MIHALY - Finding Flow: The Psychology of Engagement With Everyday Life
011022: CSIKSZENTMIHALYI, MIHALY - The Evolving Self: A Psychology for the Third Millennium
016746: CULBERT, TERRY - County Roads: Around Ontario with Global Television's Terry Culbert
000429: CULLEN, BILL - It's a Long Way From Penny Apples
009493: CULLINEY, JOHN L. - The Forests of the Sea: Life and Death on the Continental Shelf
015024: CUMMINGS, MICHAEL J.;BOADWAY, B. TED - Country Doctor's Book of Medical Wisdom and Cures
019824: CUMMINGS, E. E.; CUMMINGS, EDWARD ESTLIN - The Enormous Room
019384: CUMMINS, BARRY - Missing: Missing Without a Trace in Ireland
016950: CUNDELL. JOHN - Radio Control in Model Boats - all About Ships, Boats & Yachts
004992: CUNNINGHAM, JOHN D. - First You Catch a Fly
005260: CUNNINGHAM, MICHAEL - The Hours
002533: CUNNINGHAM, SCOTT - Living Wicca: a Further Guide for the Solitary Practitioner
009100: CUNNINGHAM, FRANK;KADAR, MARLENE;FINDLAY, SUE;LENNON, ALAN;SILVA, ED - Social Movements Social Change: The Politics and Practice of Organizing
000334: CURRAN, JIM - Middle-Aged Mountaineer, the: a Climbing Journey Down the Length of Britain
011928: CURRAN, DOLORES - In the Beginning There Were the Parents
004528: CURRIE, ELLIOTT - Confronting Crime: an American Challenge
003331: CURRIER & IVES; BARAGWANATH, A. K. - Currier & Ives
007772: CURRY, RALPH - Leacock Medal Treasury
006349: CURTIS, TONY; MILLER, MARTIN - Popular Antiques and Their Values
000583: CURTIS, ANDREA - Into the Blue: Family Secrets and the Search for a Great Lakes Shipwreck
000852: CUSACK, JOHN; HERBERT, IVOR - Scarlet Fever: a Lifetime With Horses
002497: CUSACK, DYMPHNA - Chinese Women Speak
018765: CUSHMAN, DON - Visitation - a Modern Novel
013661: CUTHBERT, CHRIS R. - The Rink : Stories from Hockey's Home Towns
002022: CUTLER, WINNIFRED BERG - Love Cycles: the Science of Intimacy
001993: CUTLER BLACKIE, JEAN - One Day at a Time
011406: CY GROVES - Plays on a Human Theme
004213: CYNTHIA L CORBETT, PH. D - Power Trips-Journeys to Sacred Sites as a Way of Transformation
014756: CYNTHIA M. SMITH & JACK MCLEOD, EDITORS - Sir John A. : An Anecdotal Life of John A. Macdonald
006597: CYRIL ROBINSON - Men Against the Sea-High Drama in the Atlantic
002074: CYRUS MACMILLAN - Canadian Wonder Tales
005237: CZAJKOWSKI, CHRIS - Cabin at Singing River: Building a Home in the Wilderness
018053: CZERLAU, RICHARD - Tax Haven Roadmap
019076: CZERNECKI, STEFAN - Buddha under the Bodhi Tree
015140: D. W. WALTERS - Primary English
013562: D.J. MACHALE - PENDRAGON Box Six: The Rivers of Zadaa
005521: D. ARCHER - Corsica-the Scented Isle
005878: D'HAENE, ELISE - Licking Our Wounds
008442: D.J. MACHALE - Pendragon Box Six: The Rivers Of Zadaa
006711: D'AQUINO, THOMAS; STEWART-PATTERSON, DAVID - Northern Edge: How Canadians Can Triumph in the Global Economy
002905: D.C. WEST - Experimental Science Laboratory Manual
007206: D.M. BAIRD - Banff National Park-How Nature Carved Its Splendour
003442: D R MCANALLY, JR - Irish Wonders-Popular Tales as Told By the People
007453: D.M. CHAKRAVORTY - Banaras-a Tourist Handbook
000848: D.M. MATHESON - Places of Natural Beauty
003465: D.F. MCMICHAEL - A Treasury of Australian Wildlife
000961: D.M. MASON - Lincoln Factory Executive Service-Public and Labor Relations
001563: D. PHILLIPS WITH A FOREWARD BY JAMES CAMERON - McGonagall and Tommy Atkins
012148: D.W. BROGAN - The English People - Impressions and Observations
009950: D. W. BROGAN - The American Character
013534: D.A. ROOKSBY - Narrow Gauge Railways of Wales
013711: D.M. & E.M. LLOYD - A Book of Wales
011171: D.W. BROGAN - The American Character
015321: D. AVERY, EDITOR - The Concise Illustrated Book of Steam Trains
020465: D.F. HEWITT - Geology and Scenery - Peterborough, Bancroft, and Madoc Area
017017: D.C. HARVEY, EDITOR - Journeys to the Island of St. John or Prince Edward Island 1775-1832
012135: DAGGER, RICHARD AND TERENCE BALL - Ideals and Ideologies: A Reader
010089: DAGMAR EDQVIST - Black Sister - a Novel of Suspense Laid In Tanganyika
016551: DAHL, LINDA - Stormy Weather : Music and Lives of a Century of Jazz Women
012871: DAHL, ROALD - Boy: Tales of Childhood
011971: DAHYA, A. AS REVEALED TO - Reflections from Origin
001087: DAICHES, DAVID; FLOWER, JOHN - Literary Landscapes of the British Isles: a Narrative Atlas
016618: DAICHES, DAVID - Edinburgh: A Travellers' Companion
012134: DAIGH, RALPH - Maybe You Should Write a Book
001809: DAISEY, MIKE - 21 Dog Years: Doing Time Amazon. Com
006296: DAITCH, SUSAN - L. C.
013727: DALAGER, STIG - Journey in Blue : A Novel about Hans Christian Andersen
004243: DALAI LAMA; HOPKINS, JEFFREY; NAPPER, ELIZABETH - Kindness, Clarity, and Insight: the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, His Holiness Tehzin Gyatso
015945: DALAI LAMA, HIS HOLINESS;DALAI LAMA - How to Practice: The Way to a Meaningful Life
018845: DALAI LAMA - The Buddhism of Tibet: The Dalai Lama
018925: DALAI LAMA XIV - Freedom in Exile : The Autobiography of the Dalai Lama
019880: DALAI LAMA - Ocean of Wisdom
007379: DALBY, RICHARD, EDITOR - Tales of Witchcraft
007815: DALBY, LIZA - Geisha
018425: DALBY, LIZA - The Tale of Murasaki
002160: DALD, JON; DAVIES, JO L. - From Couch Potato to Baked Potato: the Tools and Knowledge Needed to Take Control and Lead a More Active Life
015247: DALE, RODNEY - The Book of Who? - an Onomasticon of People & Characters Real & Imaginary
005614: DALE CARNEGIE - The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking
006406: DALE CARNEGIE - Lincoln the Unknown
007665: DALE WRIGHT - The Abc's of Picture Taking Ease With Canon Ae-1 and/Or Av-1 Cameras
007923: DALE CARNEGIE - The quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking
004625: DALE CARNEGIE - The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking
000325: DALE KENMUIR AND RUSSELL WILLIAMS - Wild Mammals (Bundu Series)
016517: DALE CARNEGIE - How to Stop Worrying and Start Living
019879: DALLEK, ROBERT - An Unfinished Life: John F. Kennedy, 1917-1963
005109: DALRYMPLE, BYRON F. - How to Call Wildlife
012317: DALRYMPLE, ANDREW ANGUS;DICKENS, CHARLES - God Bless Us Every One! - Being an Imagined Sequel to "A Christmas Carol"
010739: DALTON, ROY CLINTON - The Jesuits' Estates Question, 1760-1888;: A Study of the Background for the Agitation of 1889
001384: DALY, MARY - Gyn-Ecology: the Metaethics of Radical Feminism
018669: DAMIAN THOMPSON - Counterknowledge
020538: DAMON GALGUT - Arctic Summer - A novel
006967: DAN COHN-SHERBOK - World Religions and Human Liberation
003715: DAN STRICKLAND, RUSSEL J. RUTTER - Mammals of Algonquin Provincial Park
013697: DAN POYNTER - Hang Gliding - The Basic Handbook of Skysurfing
008204: DAN B KELLY - Passing Glory
019800: DAN RILEY, TOM PRIMROSE AND HUGH DEMPSEY - The Lost Lemon Mine - the Great Mystery of the Canadian Rockies
017952: DAN NEEDLES - Wingfield's Hope: More Letters from Wingfield Farm
018187: DAN NEEDLES - Wingfield's Hope - More Letters from Wingfield Farm
019816: DAN YASHINSKY - Suddenly They Heard Footsteps: Storytelling for the Twenty-First Century
017612: DAN FESPERMAN - The Amateur spy- a Novel
014405: DAN MILLMAN - Wisdom of the Peaceful Warrior
019850: DAN SNOW - Death or Victory - the Battle of Quebec and the Birth of an Empire
009174: DANA, RICHARD HENRY - Two Years Before the Mast
010376: DANA THOMAS BOWEN - Lore of the Lakes - Told in Story and Picture
013691: DANA COOPER - My Bermuda ABC
008497: DANAHER, KEVIN - Folktales of the Irish Countryside
010539: DANCYGER, KEN - The Technique of Film and Video Editing: Theory and Practice
015150: DANIEL DEFOE - Robinson Crusoe
001493: DANIEL, ANTOINE B.; GILLY, ALEX - Incas: the Puma's Shadow-Book I
004982: DANIEL DAVID MOSES & TERRY GOLDIE, EDITORS - An Anthology of Canadian Native Literature in English
020622: DANIEL ROGOV, DAVID GERSHON, DAVID LOUISON - The Rogue's Guide to Corfu
019115: DANIEL DEFOE; SEAN PRICE - Robinson Crusoe: With a Discussion of Resourcefulness
002152: DANIEL DEFOE - The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe of York, Mariner
017312: DANIEL H. WILSON - Robopocalypse - ARC
017309: DANIEL WALKER - God in a Brothel - an Undercover Journey Into Sex Trafficking and Rescue
009552: DANIEL TALBOT, EDITOR - Film: An Anthology
009635: DANIEL HALPERN, EDITOR - On Nature: Nature, Landscape, and Natural History
009661: DANIEL BUTLER AND ALAN RAY - The World's Dumbest Criminals
010328: DANIEL PROTHEROE AND J. N. RODEHEAVER - Quartets for Men - Gospel songs, negro Spirituals, Secular Songs
010549: DANIEL DAVID MOSES & TERRY GOLDIE, EDITORS - An Anthology of Canadian Native Literature in English
020376: DANIEL H. PINK - A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future
010759: DANIEL DEFOE - Robinson Crusoe
019932: DANIEL QUINN - Ishmael
010613: DANIKEN, ERICH VON - The Gods and Their Grand Design: The Eighth Wonder of the World
014587: DANN, MOIRA - EDITOR - Facts and Arguments : Selected Essays from the Globe and Mail
016116: DANN, MOIRA - Facts and Arguments : Selected Essays from the Globe and Mail
001613: DANNER, CRAIG JOSEPH - Himalayan Dhaba
010969: DANNER, MARK - The Massacre at El Mozote: A Parable of the Cold War
013965: DANNY DANZIGER - MUSEUM - Behind the Scenes of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
011031: DANTE, JIM - LEO DIEGEL, LEN ELLIOTT - Nine Bad Shots of Gold and What to Do About Them
019982: DANTICAT, EDWIDGE - Breath, Eyes, Memory
007432: DANTZLER, LOU - A Place to Go, a Place to Grow: Lessons Learned From a 40 Year Fight to Save Los Angeles Kids From the Streets
006049: DANZIGER, NICK - Danziger's Travels: Beyond Forbidden Frontiers
012872: DANZIGER, DANNY; GILLINGHAM, JOHN - 1215 : The Year of the Magna Carta
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001028: DAVIS, JOYCE - Why Greenland is an Island, Australia is Not-and Japan is Up for Grabs: a Simple Primer for Becoming a Geographical Know-It-All
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001547: DAVIS, PETER - Where is Nicaragua?
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008816: DAWLEY, ALAN - Class and Community - the Industrial Revolution in Lynn
018098: DAWN JAMES - Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life
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005564: DAY, G - Hawaiian Reader
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019063: DEBORAH DEVONSHIRE - Wait for Me! - memoirs of the Youngest Mitford Sister
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009902: DECRISTOFORO, R. J. - How to Build Your Own Furniture
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007624: DEDERA, DON - Artistry in Clay: Contemporary Pottery of the Southwest
012411: DEEANN MANDRYK - Canadian Christmas Traditions
014893: DEEM, JAMES M. - Bodies from the Bog
013960: DEEPA NARAYAN, EDITOR - Voices of the Poor: From Many Lands
012496: DEEPAK CHOPRA - The Third Jesus - The Christ We Cannot Ignore
015667: DEEPAK CHOPRA, DEBBIE FORD, MARIANNE WILLIAMSON - The Shadow Effect - Illuminating the Hidden Power of Your True Self
020559: DEEPAK CHOPRA - Perfect Weight: The Complete Mind/Body Program for Achieving and Maintaining Your Ideal Weight (Perfect Health Library)
020120: DEEPAK CHOPRA - Creating Affluence: The A-to-Z Steps to a Richer Life
019659: DEEPAK CHOPRA - Muhammad - a Story Of the Last Prophet
017740: DEFOE, GIDEON - The Pirates! in an Adventure with Scientists
002564: DEFOE, DANIEL - Journal of the Plague Year
012970: DEFOE, DANIEL;SHINAGEL, MICHAEL - Robinson Crusoe: An Authoritative Text, Contexts, Criticism
018379: DEGENERES, BETTY - Just a Mom
007515: DEGLER, TERI; POLLUTION PROBE - The Kitchen Handbook: an Environmental Guide
019098: DEGREGORI, CARLOS IVAN - The Peru Reader: History, Culture, Politics
015016: DEL NEGRO, GIOVANNA - Looking Through My Mother's Eyes: Life Stories of Nine Italian Immigrant Women in Canada
008284: DEL NEGRO, GIOVANNA - Looking Through My Mother's Eyes: Life Stories of Nine Italian Immigrant Women in Canada
005261: DELACORTE, PETER - Time on My Hands: a Novel
001833: DELAFIELD, E.M. - The Provincial Lady in London
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005330: DELDERFIELD, R. F. - The Spring Madness of Mr Sermon
005743: DELDERFIELD, R. F. - To Serve Them All My Days-Book 1-Late Spring
014399: DELDERFIELD, R. F. - Give Us This Day - Book 2 Reconnaissance
017440: DELDERFIELD, R. F. - To Serve Them All My Days
018724: DELGADO, J. - Dauntless St. Roch - the Mounties' Arctic Schooner
020275: DELIA OWENS; MARK OWENS - Cry of the Kalahari
002203: DELILLO, DON - The Body Artist
016096: DELLA COHEN - Cinderella - A Read Aloud Storybook
003435: DEMETRIO SODI M - The Mayas-Life, Culture and Art Through the Experiences of a Man of the Time
003731: DEMONT, PHILIP; LANG, J. EUGENE - Turning Point: Moving Beyond Neoconservatism
006762: DENBURG, JUDAH - Old Roots New Trees: a Personal Midrash
008477: DENEVI, MARCO;MANGUEL, ALBERTO - The Redemption of the Cannibal Woman and Other Stories: And Other Stories
012399: DENFELD, RENE - The New Victorians: A Young Woman's Challenge to the Old Feminist Order
017469: DENNETT, LAURIE - A Hug for the Apostle : On Foot from Chartres to Santiago de Compostela
007625: DENNIS GRAVER - Padi Diver Manual
020417: DENNIS WARING - Making Drums
017752: DENNIS LEE - Garbage Delight - Another Helping
020083: DENNIS, JOHN V. - A Complete Guide to Bird Feeding
009685: DENNIS MCFARLAND - The Music Room
020114: DENNIS GRUENDING, EDITOR - Great Canadian Speeches
011310: DENNIS DUERDEN - African Art
001088: DENNISON, GEORGE - Shawno
008180: DENNY SARGENT - Clean Sweep
020085: DENT, HUNTLEY - The Feast of Santa Fe: Cooking of the American Southwest
013199: DENT, HARRY S. - Cover Up: The Watergate in All of Us
019434: DENT, HARRY S. - The Roaring 2000s: Building the Wealth and Life Style You Desire in the Greatest Boom in History
007788: DENYS PARSONS - Nothing Brightens the Garden Like Primose Pants - The Life and Times of Gobrey Shrdlu
020037: DENYSE GERVAIS REGAN - The Thirteenth One - a Prairie Family's Adventures in Early 20th C. Canada
019474: DENZEL WASHINGTON - A Hand to Guide Me - Legends and Leaders Celebrate the People Who Shaped their Lives
011068: DEPAULO, J. RAYMOND;ABLOW, KEITH R. - How to Cope With Depression: A Complete Guide for You and Your Family
016149: DERBER, CHARLES - Corporation Nation: How Corporations Are Taking over Our Lives and What We Can Do About It
011990: DEREK PEEL - A Pride of Potters - 300 Years of Adams Craftsmanship
003546: DERMOT MORRAH - To Be a King
018108: DERMOT MORRAH - The Work of the Queen
018558: DERRY, MARGARET - Horses in Society: A Story of Animal Breeding And Marketing, 18001920
004903: DERVLA MURPHY - Through Siberia By Accident
008182: DESAI, ANITA - The Zigzag Way
017473: DESAI, KIRAN - The Inheritance of Loss : A Novel
011155: DESAI, KIRAN - The Inheritance of Loss : A Novel
016668: DESMOND MORRIS - The Human Zoo
012281: DESMOND MORRIS - The Human Zoo
000619: DESMOND WILCOX - Explorers
001462: DESSAUER, JOHN P. - Book Publishing: a Basic Introduction
020199: DEVINE, ELIZABETH; BRAGANTI, NANCY L. - The Traveler's Guide to Asian Customs and Manners: How to Converse, Dine, Tip, Drive, Bargain, Dress, Make Friends, and Conduct Business While Asia
015708: DEVINE, ELIZABETH;BRAGANTI, NANCY L. - The Travelers' Guide to African Customs and Manners
007485: DEVITA, PHILIP R. - The Humbled Anthropologist: Tales From the Pacific
006088: DEVRYE, CATHERINE - Serendipity Road: a Memoir
016963: DEVRYE, CATHERINE - Serendipity Road
003033: DEW, JOSIE - Travels in a Strange State: Cycling Across the U.S.a.
011079: DEWART, LESLIE - Evolution and Consciousness: The Role of Speech in the Origin and Development of Human Nature
001819: DEWDNEY, CHRISTOPHER - Acquainted With the Night: Excursions Through the World After Dark
017383: DEWDNEY, CHRISTOPHER - SIGNED - Acquainted with the Night : Excursions Through the World after Dark
002084: DEWDNEY, SELWYN H.; DEWDNEY, A. K. - Daylight in the Swamp: Memoirs of Selwyn Dewdney
011972: DI NORCIA, VINCENT - Hard Like Water: Ethics in Business
018486: DI FIORI, LAWRENCE - Jackie and the Shadow Snatcher
016707: DI CINTIO, MARCELLO - Poets & Pahlevans: A Journey into the Heart of Iran
003232: DIAMANT, ANITA - The Red Tent
005412: DIAMOND JENNESS - Dawn in Arctic Alaska
003341: DIAMOND, STANLEY - In Search of the Primitive: a Critique of Civilization
003488: DIAMOND, DAN; ZWEIG, ERIC - Ice Q and as: a Century of Hockey Intelligence
015906: DIAMOND, HARVEY - Fit for Life: A New Beginning The Ultimate Diet and Health Plan
015540: DIAMOND, JARED M. - Collapse: How Societies Choose To Fail Or Succeed
020296: DIANA L. VELEZ, EDITOR AND TRANSLATOR - Reclaiming Medusa: Contemporary Short Stories by Puerto Rican Women Writers (Lecture Notes-Monograph Series; 25)
002757: DIANA NORMAN - The Stately Ghosts of England
020316: DIANA PRESTON - The Boxer Rebellion: The Dramatic Story of China's War on Foreigners That Shook the World in the Summer of 1900.
014069: DIANA ATHILL - Somewhere Towards the End
020572: DIANE DREHER - The Tao of Inner Peace
007865: DIANE LAW - The World's Most Evil Dictators - the Lives and Times of History's Worst Tyrants
004173: DIANE WHIGHAM, GUY PHILLIP MAGGIO - One Step Below the Angels
008077: DIANNE AND VINCENT BARNES - Adventure on frozen Island - Book Two
002460: DIBDIN, MICHAEL - Dark Specter: a Novel
009993: DIBDIN, MICHAEL - Picador Book of Crime Writing
007130: DICK EDWARDS - Born to Live
020540: DICK ONIANS - Essential Woodcarving Techniques
020349: DICK NORTH - The Lost Patrol
005478: DICKENS, CHARLES - Hard Times: for These Times
009009: DICKENS, CHARLES - The Old Curiosity Shop
016580: DICKENS, CHARLES - A Tale of Two Cities
017874: DICKENS, CHARLES - A Christmas Tree
019412: DICKENS, CHARLES - Great Expectations
019829: DICKENS, CHARLES - A Tale of Two Cities
006051: DICKERSON, DEBRA J. - The End of Blackness: Returning the Souls of Black Folk to Their Rightful Owners
002485: DICKEY, CHRISTOPHER - With the Contras: a Reporter in the Wilds of Nicaragua
013178: DICKIE, JOHN - Cosa Nostra : A History of the Sicilian Mafia
004246: DICKINSON, CHARLES - Widow's Adventures: a Novel
011573: DICKINSON, DON - Blue Husbands
013327: DICKINSON, TERENCE - Exploring the Night Sky: The Equinox Astronomy Guide for Beginners
011982: DICKINSON, DAVID - The Antiques Buyer
014221: DICKINSON, TERENCE - Exploring the Night Sky: The Equinox Astronomy Guide for Beginners
014220: DICKINSON, TERENCE - Exploring the Sky by Day: An Equinox Guide to Weather and the Atmosphere
012032: DICKINSON, JOY - Scarlett Slept Here: A Book Lover's Guide to the South
019173: DICKINSON, TERENCE - Summer Stargazing: A Practical Guide for Recreational Astronomers
008886: DICKS, BRIAN - Israelis How They Live and Work: How They Live and Work
003133: DICKSON; SMYTHE - Writer's Digest Handbook of Short Story Writing
004772: DICKSON, ELIZABETH - Laura Ashley Book of Home Decorating
008774: DICKSON, LOVAT - Wilderness Man: The Strange Story of Grey Owl
000592: DICKSON, L. - Wilderness Man: the Strange Story of Grey Owl
013480: DICKSON, L. - Wilderness Man : The Strange Story of Grey Owl
004818: DIDION, JOAN - Slouching Towards Bethlehem
007204: DIDION, JOAN - Salvador
007592: DIDION, JOAN - The Last Thing He Wanted
003797: DIDION, JOAN - The Year of Magical Thinking
010219: DIDION, JOAN - Democracy
011729: DIDION, JOAN - The Last Thing He Wanted
013722: DIEBEL, LINDA - Betrayed : The Assassination of Digna Ochoa
006537: DIEBOLD, JOHN - Managing Information: the Challenge and the Opportunity
015158: DIEFENBAKER, JOHN G.;MCILROY, THAD - The Memories of The Right Honorable John G. Diefenbaker
007023: DIETZ; PRUS; SHAFFIR - Doing Everyday Life-Ethnology as Human Lived Experience
004138: DIIULIO, JOHN J.; BENNETT, WILLIAM J.; WALTERS, JOHN P. - Body Count: Moral Poverty.and How to Win America's War Against Crime and Drugs
013378: DILLARD, J. M. - Star Trek: Generations A Novel
008587: DILLARD, ANNIE - Teaching a Stone to Talk : Expeditions and Encounters
009768: DILLARD, J. M. - Star Trek: Generations A Novel - Two Captains. One Destiny.
011400: DILLARD, ANNIE - For the Time Being
009731: DILLEY, ROY - Model Soldiers in Color
016208: DILLON, MYLES;CHADWICK, NORA - The Celtic Realms - The History and Culture of the Celtic Peoples from Pre-History to the Norman Invasion
017960: DIMBLEBY, JONATHAN - Prince of Wales: A Biography
006951: DIMITROFF, PHILIP - Write on Track: a Concise Guide to Better Writing
015689: DIMOCK, EDWARD CAMERON - Mr. Dimock Explores the Mysteries of the East - Journeys in India
020307: DINKA, CARL - Dividing the West Coast Trail
007046: DINNA LOUISE C. DAYAO - Asian Business Wisdom: From Deals to Dot. Coms
004431: DINO BIGONGIARI-EDITOR - The Political Ideas of St. Thomas Aquinas-Representative Selections
014475: DINO SASSI - Kenya Souvenir
019148: DIONNE WARWICK WITH DAVID FREEMAN WOOLEY - My Life as I See it - an Autobiography
009682: DISCH, THOMAS M. - The Priest: A Gothic Romance
017366: DIVAKARUNI, CHITRA BANERJEE - The Mistress of Spices
003974: DIXON, PETER - Men Who Ride Mountains: Incredible True Stories of Legendary Surfers
009760: DIXON WECTER - The Age of the Great Depression 1929-1941 - A History of American Life Volume 13
009945: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. - The Witchmaster's Key - the Hardy Boys No. 55
010027: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. - The Secret Warning No. 17
010238: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. - The Tower Treasure
011611: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. - The Clue of the Screeching Owl
011610: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. - Mystery at Devil's Paw,
011609: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. - The Secret of the Old Mill
011348: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. - The House on the Cliff
003999: DOBBIN, MURRAY - The Myth of the Good Corporate Citizen: Democracy Under the Rule of Big Business
000783: DOBBS, KILDARE - Away From Home: Canadian Writers in Exotic Places
013669: DOBBS, KILDARE - Away from Home: Canadian Writers in Exotic Places
017698: DOBBS, MICHAEL;KAROL, K. S.;TREVISAN, DESSA - Poland Solidarity Walesa
007916: DOBBS, FRED C. - The Golden Age of B.S.
008529: DOBIE, KATHY - The Only Girl in the Car: A Memoir
005875: DOBSON, JAMES C.; DOBSON, SHIRLEY - Night Light: a Devotional for Couples
004614: DOBSON, JAMES C. - Parenting Isn't for Cowards: Dealing Confidently With the Frustrations of Child-Rearing
002745: DODIC, N. J. - The Madness of History
002062: DODSON, JAMES - Faithful Travelers: a Father, a Daughter, a Fly-Fishing Journey of the Heart

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