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55500: journals - La Conchiglia - The Shells
55496: journals - La Conchiglia - The Shells
55491: journals - La Conchiglia - The Shells
55472: journals - La Conchiglia - The Shells
55470: journals - La Conchiglia - The Shells
60158: journals - The Nautilus
58348: Journals - Journal of the Department of Agriculture of Porto Rico vol XIV n 2 (april 1930)
58408: Journals - Journal of the Department of Agriculture of Puerto Rico vol XIII n 2 (April 1929)
58407: journals - Journal of Madras University - Section B vol XVIII
58412: Journals - Journal of the Department of Agriculture of Puerto Rico vol XV n 4 (October 1931)
58411: journals - Rivista di pesca e idrobiologia - Anno XIV n
60574: journals - Malacologia - Mostra Mondiale - Cupra Marittima
74014: journals - Malacologia - International Journal of Malacology
57814: Journals - Alexanor - Revue des Lépidoptéristes français tome 13 fasc
69813: Journals - The Journal of Molluscan Studies
73927: Journals - The Conchologist: A quarterly Magazine for Conchologists (continued as The Conchologist: A Journal of Malacology)
64918: Journals - Malacologia Mostra Mondiale n
66488: Journals - Xenophora - Bulletin de l'Association Française de Conchyliologie, n
62461: Journals - Malacologia Mostra Mondiale n
66438: Journals - Xenophora - Bulletin de l'Association Française de Conchyliologie, n
63634: journals - HAWAIIAN SHELL NEWS - This Journal has been published from 1953 to December 1996
63629: journals - HAWAIIAN SHELL NEWS - This Journal has been published from 1953 to December 1996
55605: journals - Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science vol 54 (1944)
55606: journals - Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science vol 55 (1945)
55608: journals - Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science vol 58 (1948)
55607: journals - Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science vol 56 (1946)
55634: journals - Fragmenta Faunistica Hungarica - Tome X - Fascicule 1 (1947)
63614: Journals - Malacologia Mostra Mondiale n
55560: journals - La Conchiglia - The Shells
55558: journals - La Conchiglia - The Shells
65238: Journals - Hystrix - Rivista di teriologia
65239: Journals - Hystrix - Rivista di teriologia
65237: Journals - Hystrix - Rivista di teriologia
58515: journals - Bollettino della R
58516: journals - Pacific Science - A Quarterly Devoted to the Biological and Physical Sciences of the Pacific Region, vol 16 no 1 (1962)
58517: journals - Pacific Science - A Quarterly Devoted to the Biological and Physical Sciences of the Pacific Region, vol 16 no 3 (1962)
58519: journals - Pacific Science - A Quarterly Devoted to the Biological and Physical Sciences of the Pacific Region, vol 17 no 4 (1963)
58520: journals - Pacific Science - A Quarterly Devoted to the Biological and Physical Sciences of the Pacific Region, vol 19 no 1 (1965)
58521: journals - Pacific Science - A Quarterly Devoted to the Biological and Physical Sciences of the Pacific Region, vol 19 no 2 (1965)
58601: journals - Journal of Paleontology vol 51 n 3 (1977)
58602: journals - Journal of Paleontology vol 51 n 2 (1977)
58661: Journals - Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico vol XX n 2(April 1936)
58659: journals - Conchologists of America Bulletin vol
58660: journals - Underwater Naturalist: Bulletin of the American Littoral Society - Vol
58686: journals - L'acquicoltura lombarda - Bollettino mensile della Società Lombarda per la Pesca e l'Acquicoltura
58691: journals - Morsk Fiskeritidende - issue n
58692: Journals - Journal of the Department of Agriculture of Puerto Rico vol XIII n 1(January 1930)
58704: Journals - Journal of the Department of Agriculture of Puerto Rico vol XV n 2(April 1931)
58346: Journals - Journal of the Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University
58347: Journals - The Journal of the Linnean Society: Vol XLVI, No 309: Botany (January 1924)
58323: journals - RIONS!
58317: journals - Pacific Science - A Quarterly Devoted to the Biological and Physical Sciences of the Pacific Region
58318: journals - Pacific Science - A Quarterly Devoted to the Biological and Physical Sciences of the Pacific Region
58316: journals - Pacific Science - A Quarterly Devoted to the Biological and Physical Sciences of the Pacific Region
58289: journals - Bollettino del Laboratorio di Zoologia Agraria e Bachicoltura del R
58243: journals - Bollettino della R
66273: Journals - Journal of Shellfish Research volume 8 number 2 (1989)
58237: journals - Filatelia n
58238: journals - Filatelia n
57281: journals - World Shells; In 4to, all in color (about 100 pages) with many interesting articles on most popular families (cowries, conids, marginellids, volutids ecc
58236: journals - Filatelia n
65898: journals - Venus - The Japanese Journal of Malacology vol
57439: journals - Journal de Conchyliologie
66294: Journals - Xenophora - Bulletin de l'Association Française de Conchyliologie, n
61251: journals - Argonauta published by Associazione Malacologica Internazionale
66186: Journals - Xenophora - Bulletin de l'Association Française de Conchyliologie, n
66231: Journals - Xenophora Taxonomy - Suppl
67501: journals - La Conchiglia - The Shells
67935: Journals - Xenophora - Bulletin de l'Association Française de Conchyliologie, n
67947: Journals - Xenophora - Bulletin de l'Association Française de Conchyliologie, n
58477: journals - Biota - Colegio Salesiano Lima
69883: journals - HAWAIIAN SHELL NEWS - This Journal has been published from 1953 to December 1996
69882: journals - HAWAIIAN SHELL NEWS - This Journal has been published from 1953 to December 1996
58458: journals - Boletin de Fomento - Organo del Ministerio de Fomento [Costa Rica]
60277: journals - Southern California Academy of Sciences Bulletin
60276: journals - Southern California Academy of Sciences Bulletin
56702: Journals - University of Colorado Bulletin vol
56705: journals - The Jersey Sheller - published by Garden State Shell Club
58434: journals - Boletim Biologico - Org‹o do Clubo Zooloigco de Brasil
58435: journals - Boletim Biologico - Org‹o do Clubo Zooloigco de Brasil
58436: journals - Boletim Biologico - Org‹o do Clubo Zooloigco de Brasil
58437: journals - Boletim Biologico - Org‹o do Clubo Zooloigco de Brasil
58439: journals - L'acquicoltura lombarda - bollettino mensile
69004: journals - The Nautilus vol
69002: journals - The Nautilus vol
69003: journals - The Nautilus vol
56922: Journals - Proceedings of the Bournemouth Natural Science Society vol
70745: Journals - Visaya Vol
68527: journals - Malacologia - Mostra Mondiale - Cupra Marittima
58471: journals - Biota - Colegio Salesiano Lima
58470: journals - Biota - Colegio Salesiano Lima
58429: journals - Proceedings of the Onondaga Academy of Science vol 1 (1903)
61076: journals - The Nautilus
61103: journals - Notiziario SIM 1987 - Year 6 issues 1-12
58491: journals - Biota - Colegio Salesiano Lima
58489: journals - Biota - Colegio Salesiano Lima
58488: journals - Biota - Colegio Salesiano Lima
58487: journals - Biota - Colegio Salesiano Lima
58485: journals - Biota - Colegio Salesiano Lima
58231: journals - Filatelia n
58381: journals - Bollettino della R
11092: journals - Bulletin of the American Malacological Union for 1981
36064: journals - The Veliger vol
61066: journals - The Nautilus
61065: journals - The Nautilus
61041: journals - Issues 1, 3 and 4 of "Leaflets in malacology" a journal published by S
64672: journals - The Nautilus vol
65564: Journals - Argonauta - Journal of Malacology year 1 n
65984: Journals - Nachrichtsblatt der deutschen Malakozoologischen Gesellschaft 37(1-2) (1905)
66236: Journals - Xenophora Taxonomy - Suppl
57792: Journals - Alexanor - Revue des Lépidoptéristes français tome 13 fasc
15253: journals - The Nautilus - vol
65679: Journals - Argonauta - Journal of Malacology year 1 n
60168: journals - The Nautilus
61096: journals - Notiziario CISMA Journal of "Centro Italiano Studi Malacologici" - Anno XI n
58459: journals - Boletin de Fomento - Organo del Ministerio de Fomento [Costa Rica]
66793: Journals - Vita Malacologica No
65516: Journals - Venus - The Japanese Journal of Malacology, vol
64819: Journals - Malacologia Mostra Mondiale n
64813: Journals - Issue n
64817: Journals - Malacologia Mostra Mondiale n
64818: Journals - Malacologia Mostra Mondiale n
71462: Journals - Xenophora Taxonomy 32 (2021)
71463: Journals - Xenophora Taxonomy 33 (2021)
67269: Journals - Xenophora - Bulletin de l'Association Française de Conchyliologie, n
65704: Journals - Xenophora - Bulletin de l'Association Française de Conchyliologie, n
47759: journals - Shells for you - Issue n 9 (Aug 1986)
60164: journals - The Nautilus
70010: Journals - Vita Malacologica No
48348: journals - Bullettino Malacologico Italiano - Anno I - 1868 - n 6
63625: Journals - Alexanor - Revue des Lépidoptéristes français tome 13 fasc
57808: journals - Atti Reale Accademia d'Italia - Rendiconti Classe di Scienze Fisiche, Matmatiche e Naturali, ser
57807: journals - Atti Reale Accademia d'Italia - Rendiconti Classe di Scienze Fisiche, Matmatiche e Naturali, ser
58603: journals - Journal of Paleontology vol 51 n 5 (1977)
65067: Journals - Malacologia Mostra Mondiale n
74257: journals - Visaya Vol
58360: Journals - Report of Imperial Bureau of Fisheries - Scientific Investigations volume II (1913)
58383: journals - Bollettino della R
68175: Journals - Xenophora - Bulletin de l'Association Française de Conchyliologie, n
58329: journals - Zeitschrift für wissenschaftliche Mikroskopie Band 41 Heft 3, Leipzig, Hirzel, 1924
58330: journals - Zeitschrift für wissenschaftliche Mikroskopie Band 49 Heft 2, Leipzig, Hirzel, 1932
58333: journals - The University of Colorado Studies vol 27 n 4 (General Series n
65151: Journals - Club Conchylia Informationen 38(3-4) (2006)
61294: journals - Notiziario SIM 1984 - Year 2 issues 1-12
69718: journals - Memorie della Società Entomologica Italiana, vol
70001: Journals - Conchylia 51 (3-4) (2021): 112 pp
73999: journals - Of Sea and Shore
60273: journals - Southern California Academy of Sciences Bulletin
69246: journals - The Nautilus vol
60030: journals - Conchiglie - Notiziario del Conchiglia Club - Unione Malacologica Italiana
57820: Journals - Alexanor - Revue des Lépidoptéristes français tome 14 fasc
64715: journals - Club Conchylia Informationen 39 (1/2)
57444: journals - Basteria - year 1988 (vol
25592: journals - The Nautilus vol
72757: journals - The Journal of Molluscan Studies - vol
72942: Journals - Vita Malacologica No
73256: journals - Malacologia - International Journal of Malacology
73695: journals - Gloria Maris vol 43(4) [Sept
73696: journals - Gloria Maris vol 42(4-5) [Nov
73698: journals - Gloria Maris vol 40(6) [Apr
73770: journals - Notiziario CISMA Journal of "Centro Italiano Studi Malacologici" - Anno 2 n
73771: journals - Notiziario CISMA Journal of "Centro Italiano Studi Malacologici" - Anno 2 n
73772: journals - Notiziario CISMA Journal of "Centro Italiano Studi Malacologici" - Anno 3 n
73773: journals - Notiziario CISMA Journal of "Centro Italiano Studi Malacologici" - Anno 6 n
73839: journals - World Shells; In 4to, all in color, pp
73840: journals - World Shells; In 4to, all in color, pp
7867c: journals - Argamon
7867d: journals - Argamon
60563: Joyce J., - Dedalus
61789: Joyce J., - Dedalus
63778: Joyce J.A., - Gente di Dublino
64032: Józwiak P., Rewicz T. & Pabis K., - Taxonomic etymology - in search of inspiration
60056: Jsrdine N., - A logical basis for biological classification
34875: Juan Ramon Jimenez, - La stagione totale con le canzoni della nuova luce
29644: Jucci C., - Contributi critici alla storia della sericoltura
34401: Judd S.D., - The food of nestling birds
54510: Judd S.D., - Birds as weed destroyers
23353: Judson S., - Archaeology and the natural sciences
23352: Judson S., - William Morris Davis - an appraisal
74215: Jukes-Browne A.J., - The Fossils of the Warminster Greensand
72195: Jukes-Browne A.J., - Synopsis of the family Veneridae (part 1 & 2)
51305: Julius Wiesner - Beiträge zur Kenntnis des photochemischen Klimas des Yellowstone-Gebietes und einiger anderer Gegenden Nordamerikas
51307: Julius Hann - Der tägliche Gang der Temperatur in der äu§eren Tropenzone
51258: Julius Wiesner - Julius Wiesner Mikroskopische Untersuchung alter ostturkestanischer und anderer asiatischer Papiere nebst histologischen Beiträgen zur mikroskopischen Papieruntersuchung
51202: Julius Wiesner - Untersuchungen über das photochemische Klima von Wien, Cairo und Buitenzorg (Java) 94 pages with 3 plates, format 4° Wien, Staatsdruckerei, vorgelegt in der Sitzung am 2
51294: Julius Hann - Der tägliche Gang der Temperatur in der Inneren Tropenzone 118 pages, format 4° Wien, Staatsdruckerei, vorgelegt in der Sitzung am 11
51315: Julius Hann - Der tägliche Gang der Temperatur in der äu§eren Tropenzone
51455: Julius Hann - Untersuchungen über die tägliche Oszillation des Barometers
51214: Julius Tandler - Zur Vergleichenden Anatomie der Kopfarterien bei den Mammalia 108 pages with 8 plates and 17 illustrations, format 4° Wien, Staatsdruckerei, vorgelegt in der Sitzung am 14
51205: Julius Wiesner - Beiträge zur Kenntnis des photochemischen Klimas im arktischen Gebiete 34 pages with 4 illustrations, format 4° Wien, Staatsdruckerei, vorgelegt in der Sitzung am 23
51270: Julius Hann - Die Meteorologie von Wien nach den Beobachtungen an der K
62826: Jull R.K., - Septal development during hystero-ontogeny in the Ordovician tabulate coral Foerstephyllum
73595: Jun-yuan C., Si-ping T. & Ting-en C., - Late Cambrian cephalopods of North China - Plectronocerida, Protactinocerida (ord
70302: Jung P., - Fossil Pleurotomaria and Haliotis from Barbados and Carriacou, West Indies
70837: Jung P., - Zwei Miocaene Arten von Aturia (Nautilaceae)
62897: Jung C.G., - La psicologia dell'inconscio
61690: Jung, P. - Judaphos, a new genus of buccinid gastropod from the Neogene of Costa Rica
66674: Jung C., - Psicologia dei fenomeni occulti
6118: Jung P., - Der Status zweier von Peter Merian beschriebener Arten von Gastropoden
72555: Jung P., - Revision of the Strombina-group (Gastropoda: Columbellidae), Fossil and Living: Distribution, Biostratigraphy, and Systematics
73437: Jung P., - Neogene paleontology in the northern Dominican Republic
73438: Jung P. & R. E. Petit, - Neogene Paleontology in the northern Dominican Republic 10
71826: Jungbluth J.H., - Deutsche Namen für einheimische Schnecken und Muscheln
69499: Jungbluth J.H. & Wiese V., - Bibliographie der Arbeiten über die Binnenmollusken von Schleswig-Holstein
53775: Jungbluth J.H., Likharev I.M. & Wiktor A., - Vergleichend morphologische Untersuchungen an der Radula der Landnacktschnecke
71754: Jungbluth J.H. & Bürk R., - Bibliographie der Arbeiten über die Mollusken in Baden-Württemberg mit Artenindex und biographischen Notizen - Malakozoologische Landesbibliographien II
53116: Jungbluth H. , Likharev I. M. & Wiktot A., - Vergleichend morphologische Untersuchungen an der Radula der Landnacktschnecken
49519: Junge G.C., - Colymbus admasii Gray, een nieuwe volge voor Nederland
29392: Jurasek V., Hernandez N.L., Castellanos M.A., - Eficacia de algunos cesticidas en aves
70728: Jurberg P., - Sobre Auris bilabiata melanostoma (Moricand, 1836) (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Bulimulidae)
51433: K. Linsbauer - Studien über die Regeneration des Sprossvegetationspunktes 32 pages with 6 plates and 2 illustrations, format 4° Wien, Staatsdruckerei, vorgelegt in der Sitzung am 21
37585: K. Ramakrishna Rao, - Parapsicologia sperimentale - Esposizione e interpretazione
19827: Kaas P., - Chitons procured by the CANCAP I-VII expeditions, 1976 - 1986, [Est Atlantic]
19830: Kaas P., - A new species of Leptochiton Gray 1847 from the South Barbados accretionary prism
5290: Kaas P., - Notes on Loricata 16
5288: Kaas P., - Notes on Loricata 10
15450: Kaas P., - Notes on Loricata 15: A remarkable anomaly in Tonicella lineata
66330: Kaas P. & Van Belle R., - Catalogue of living chitons (Mollusca, Polyplacophora)
69086: Kaas P., - Chitons (Mollusca:Polyplacophora) from the Seychells with description of a new species
69085: Kaas P., - Notes on Loricata 11-14
17221: Kaas P., - New species and a new genus of chitons from Polynesian coral reefs
65176: Kaas P., - Leptochiton species of the Musorstom 1 (1976) and 2 (1980) Philippines expeditions
67884: Kaas P., - Chitons procured by the French Benthédi-Expédition, 1977 and the MD 32-Réunion-Expédition, 1982 in the southwestern Indian Ocean
11506: Kaas P., - Particulazona milnei gen
65114: Kaas P., - Notes Loricata 8
69057: Kabasakal H., Demircan B. & Kabasakal O., - A photographic survey of opisthobranch gastropods (Mollusca: Opisthobranchia) from the northeatsen Marmaric littoral
67920: Kabat A., - Molluscan types of the Albatross Expeditions to the eastern Pacific described by W
69373: Kabat A., Finet Y., - Catalogue of the Neritidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda) described by Constant A
65032: Kabat A. R., - Predatory ecology of naticid gastropods with a review of shell boring predation
61739: Kabat A., Finet Y. & Way K., - Catalogue of the Naticidae described by C A Recluz, including the location of the type specimens
65033: Kabat A.R., - Species of Naticidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda) described by Linnaeus in the Systema Naturae (1758)
60334: Kabat A.R., - Maurice Cossmann, paleontologist: a bibliography
65030: Kabat A.R., - The classification of the Naticidae: review and analysis of the supraspecific taxa
67576: Kabat A.R., - Biogeography of the genera of Naticidae (Gastropoda) in the Indo-Pacific
15548: Kabat A., - Correct family names for the freshwater "muteloid" bivalves (Unionoida: Etheroidea)
65081: Kabat A., - Biogeography of the genera of Naticidae (Gastropoda) in the Indo-Pacific
60241: Kabata Z., - Ecology of the genus Acanthochondria Oakley (Copepoda Parasitica)
68451: Kadolsky D., - Die vorpliozänen Littorinidae und Lacunidae Mitteleuropas
68544: Kadolsky D., - Der Gattung Nystia zugeordnete Arten im Tertiär des mittleren und westlichen Europas (Gastropoda: Rissooidea)
61409: Kafanov, A.I., K. Ogasawara and Y. Noda. - Neogene and Paleogene molluscan (Bivalvia) cenozones of the Russian northeast
61408: Kafanov, A.I., K. Ogasawara and Y. Noda. - Cenozoic molluscan (Bivalvia) cenozone of Hokkaido, northern Japan
35716: Kafanov A.I. & Lutaenko K.A., - New data on the bivalve mollusc fauna of the North Pacific Ocean
68867: Kafanov A.I. & Lutaenko K.A., - New data on the bivalve mollusc fauna of the North Pacific Ocean
73671: Kafanov A.I., - Paleogene-Neogene bivalves of the Far East and Eastern Paratethys
62677: Kafka F., - I racconti di Kafka
69786: Kafka F., - La metamorfosi
62070: Kafka F., - Il processo
66180: Kafka F., - Le metamorfosi
58245: Kagawa F., - A study of the phylogeny of some species in Triticum and Aegilops, based upon the comparison of chromosomes
68653: Kahlbrock S. & Lorenz F., - Spindelkauris des nördlichen Roten Meeres (Gastropoda: Ovulidae)
59586: Kahn J., - Poltergeist
58680: Kahn D., - La guerra dei codici
65005: Kaicher s.d. - Card catalogue of world-wide shells
69907: Kaicher S.D., 1979- - Card catalogue of world-wide shells
65004: Kaicher s.d. - Card catalogue of world-wide shells
21385: Kain J.M., - The biology of Laminaria hyperborea IX: Growth pattern of fronds
21882: Kain J.M., - The biology of Laminaria hyperborea - VIII: Growth on cleared areas
31209: Kain J. M. & Svendsen P., - A note on the behaviour of Patina pellucida in Britain and Norway
38064: Kain J. M., - Aspects of the biology of Laminaria hyperborea
70433: Kaiser P., - Über den Fund einer neuen Buccinidae (Mollusca), Echinosipho aculeatum gen
68366: Kakabadze M.V. & Thieuloy J.P., - Ammonites hétéromorphes du Barrémien et de l'Aptien de Colombie (Amérique du Sud)
70765: Kaltenbach H., - Ergebnisse zoologisch-geologischer Sammelreisen in NO-Afrika
64544: Kaltenbach H., - Die Salzseen (Sebecken) und ihre Mollusken-Faunen, unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Cardien
70422: Kaltenbach H., - Die Conchylienfauna des Heiligenstädter Mergellagers
72918: Kambe N., - On the Myophorians from the Miharai-yama Group in Hyogo Prefecture
51513: Kametaro Ohara - Über die Verwendung des Aschenbildes für die Bestimmung technisch verwendeter Hölzer 20 pages with 2 plates, format 4° Wien, Staatsdruckerei, vorgelegt in der Sitzung am 8
64246: Kamiya S., Shimamoto M. & Takashi Hashimoto T., - Allozyme Analysis of Japanese Semisulcospira Species (Gastropoda: Pleuroceridae) Reveals That Lake Biwa Endemic Species are not Monophyletic
60305: Kampa, E.M., Abbott, B.C. & Boden B.P., - Some aspects of vision in the lobster, Homarus vulgaris, in relation to the structure of its eye
71133: Kanakoff G.P. & McLean J.H., - Recognition of the cancellariid genus Neadmete Habe, 1961, in the west American fauna, with description of a new species from the Lomita Marl of Los Angeles County, California
53115: Kang Z.B., - Descriptions of eight new minute freshwater snails and a new and rare species of land snail from China
72396: Kanie Y., - Succession of the cretaceous patelliform gastropods in the northern Pacific region
27733: Kanna B., - Genetic Studies in Impatiens Balsamina L
71802: Kanno S., - Fossil and Recent Species of the Cultellid Molluscs from Japan
71425: Kanno S., - Faunal analysis of the molluscan fauna from the raised beach deposits of Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture
66761: Kantor Y. & Bouchet P., - Anatomy and systematics of Ceratoxancus a genus of deep-water Ptychatractinae (Gastropoda: Turbinellidae) with labral spine
15508: Kantor Y.I. & Harasewych M.G., - Morphology of the digestive system of Volutomitra alaskana Dall, 1902, with notes on a possible mechanism of feeding
64195: Kantor Y.I. & Harasewych M.G., - Obscuranella papyroides, a new genus and species of abyssal tonnoidean Gastropod from Antarctica
72860: Kantor Y.I. & Harasewych M.G., - Antarctica, where turrids and whelks converge: A revision of Falsimohnia Powell, 1951 (Neogastropoda: Buccinoidea)
59936: Kapp C., - La memoria dello spazio
58035: Kapp C., - L'arma del Caos
64320: Kapp C., - Gli orrori del transfinito
66808: Karaytug S. & Boxshall G.A., - The Paracyclops fimbriatus-complex (Copepoda,
51450: Karl Höfler - Eine plasmolytisch-volumetrische Methode zur Bestimmung des Osmotischen Wertes von Pflanzenzellen 72 pages with 2 plates and 5 illustrations, format 4° Wien, Staatsdruckerei, vorgelegt in der Sitzung am 12
51340: Karl Rechinger - II
51377: Karl Rechinger - IV
51438: Karl Schnarf - Beiträge zur Kenntnis der Samenentwicklung der Labiaten 64 pages with 2 Doppelplates and 34 illustratrions, format 4° Wien, Staatsdruckerei, vorgelegt in der Sitzung am 25
51410: Karl Toldt - Äu§erliche Untersuchung eines Neugebornen Hippopotamus Amphibius L
51362: Karl Holdhaus - Über die Colepteren- und Molluskenfauna des Monte Gargano
51391: Karl Toldt - Über die äuszere Körpergestalt eines Fetus von Elephas Maximus (=Indicus) L
51408: Karl Rechinger - VI
51302: Karl Rudolph - Psaronien und Marattiaceen
51317: Karl Rechinger - I
51351: Karl Rechinger - III
51387: Karl Hillebrand - Die dynamische Theorie der Gezeiten auf einem maclaurin«schen Ellipsoid 42 pages, format 4° Wien, Staatsdruckerei, vorgelegt in der Sitzung am 19
51249: Karl Koss und Emerich Graf Thun-Hohenstein - Kimmtiefen-Beobachtungen zu Verdulla 82 pages with 13 plates and 6 illustrations, format 4° Wien, Staatsdruckerei, vorgelegt in der Sitzung am 4
51237: Karl Koss - Zeit- und Orts-Bestimmungen
51231: Karl Koss - Kimmtiefen-Beobachtungen Expedition S
69302: Karlin E.J. & Naegele J.A., - Biology of the Mollusca of Greenhouses in New York State
65456: Karmadharaya, - Chiromanzia
51826: Karny, H., - Dodecas Conocephalidarum novarum
71489: Karrow P.F., Clarke A.H., & Herrington H.B., - Pleistocene Molluscs from Lake Iroquois deposits in Ontario
63454: Kartas F., - Regime alimentaire des especes du genre Lepidotrigla Gunther 1860 (Pisces, Osteichthyes) de la Mer Catalane
54790: Karzel R., - Experimentelle Beiträge zur Kenntnis der Heterotrophie von Holz und Rinde bei Tilia sp
72938: Kase T., - Mode of life of the Silurian uncoiled gastropod semitubina sakoi n
73782: Kase T., - Reinterpretation of Brunonia annulata (Yokoyama) as an Early Cretaceous Carinariid Mesogastropod (Mollusca): In 4to, offp
73784: Kase T. & Shigeta Y., - New Species of Patellogastropoda (Mollusca) from the Cretaceous of Hokkaido, Japan and Sakhalin, Russia
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