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70648: Clapp W.F., - Notes on the stenomorphic form on the shipworm
71303: Clapp W.F., - Eggs and young of the river limpet, Ancylus fuscus C
59038: Clari P., Proto Decima F., Ricci B. & Samp˜ M., - Facies di piattaforma nell'Oligocene medio del Monferrato
35881: Claridge P. N. et al Williams C. V., - Abundance, life history and ligulosis in the gobies (Teleostei) of the Inner Severn estuary
60040: Clark M.H., - Uno sconosciuto nell'ombra
61854: Clark, R.N. - Three new chitons of the genus Lepidozona Pilsbry, 1892 (Polyplacophora: Ischnochitonidae) from the Aleutian Islands
43639: CLARK A.H., - A monograph of the existing crinoids: The Comatulids - Vol
43638: CLARK A.H., - A monograph of the existing crinoids: The Comatulids - Vol
60143: Clark R.J., - A field study of the short-eared owl, Asio flammeus (Pontoppidan), in North America
23113: Clark J.G., - L' Europa preistorica - Gli aspetti della vita materiale; Torino, Einaudi
63931: Clark A.H., - Ophiuroidea of the Hawaiian Islands
43640: CLARK A.H., - A monograph of the existing crinoids: The Comatulids - Vol
32707: Clark M.R., - Cephalopoda Collected on the Sond Cruise
64162: Clark B.L. & D.K. Palmer, - Revision of the Rimella-like gastropods from the West Coast of North America
15426: Clark, H. L. - Reports on the scientific results of the "Albatross" expedition to the eastern tropical Pacific, Oct
68708: Clark W.H. & Salisbury R., - New Land Snail Records for Baja California Sur, Mexico
43577: Clark K. B. & DeFreese D., - Population ecology of Caribbean Ascoglossa (Mollusca: Opithobranchia): a study of specialized algal herbivores
72085: Clark, R.N., - The chiton fauna of the Gulf of California rhodolith beds (with descriptions of four new species
72822: Clark II G.R., - Shell convexity in Argopecten gibbus: variation with depth in Harrington sound, Bermuda
73171: Clark B.L., - A new family and new genus from the Tertiary of the Pacific coast
60128: Clarke A.C., - Storie di terra e spazio
69840: Clarke A.H. jr., - A giant ultra-abyssal Cocculina (Mollusca, Gastropoda) from the Argentine basin
32798: Clarke M.R. & Stevens J.D. - Cephalopods, blue sharks and migration
61758: Clarke A.C., - Preludio allo spazio
71735: Clarke A.H. & Harinbtron C.R., - Asian freshwater mollusks from Pleistocene deposits in the Old Crow Basin, Yukon Territory
62760: Clarke A.H., - Arctic archibenthal and abyssal mollusks from drifting station Alpha
62882: Clarke M.J., - The Tasmanian Permian spiriferid brachiopods Trigonotreta stokesi, Koenig, 1825, Grantonia hobartensis, Brown, 1953 and Spirifer tasmaniensis, Morris, 1845
71488: Clarke A.H., Grant D.R. & Macpherson E., - The Relationship of Atractodon stonei (Pilsbry) (Mollusca, Buccinidae) to the Pleistocene Stratigraphy and Paleoecology of Southwestern Nova Scotia
68577: Clarke A.C., - Le sabbie di Marte
70718: Clarke A.H., - Catalogue and illustrations of mollusks described by Wesley Newcomb , with a biographical resume
64496: Clarke A.H., - On the composition, zoogeography, origin and age of the deep-sea mollusk fauna
30623: Clarke M.R. & Lu C.C., - Vertical distribution of Cephalopods at 30° N 23° W in the North Atlantic
31999: Clarke M.R., Fitch J.E., Kristensen T., Kuboderas T. & Maddock L., - Statoliths of one fossil and four living squids (Gonatidae: Cephalopoda)
71521: Clarke A.H. - The land snail fauna of Fundy National Park, New Brunswick
62144: Clarke A.C., - 2010 Odissea Due
71962: Clarke A.C., - All'Insegna Del Cervo Bianco
60631: Clarke M.R. & Macleod N. - Cephalopod remains from sperm Whales Caught off Iceland
65634: Clarke A.H., - Arctic Archibenthal and Abyssal Molluscs - II: Molluscs dredged from drifting station Charlie (Alpha
59193: Clarke A., - Il tesoro della Grande Scogliera
60885: Clarke L., - La guerra di Troia: Le leggende degli eroi
65938: Clarke A.C., - Terra imperiale
63136: Clarke A.H., - The tribe Alasmidontini (Unionidae: Anodontinae), Part I: Pegias, Alasmidonta and Arcidens
71786: Clarke A.H., - On Acroloxus coloradensis (Henderson) (Gastropoda, Basommatophora) in Eastern Canada
71035: Clarke, A.A. Jr. - Two new subspecies of Neptunea decemcostata
61139: Clarke A.H., - Polymorphism in marine mollusks and biome development
8146: Clarke A.H., - New abyssal molluscs from off Bermuda collected by the Lamont Geological Observatory
8148: Clarke A.H., - Sublittoral molluscs and brachiopods from the Gulf of St
8955: Clarke A.H. jr., - The scallop superspecies Aequipecten irradians (Lamarck)
60870: Clarkson P.S. & Shepherd S.A., - Distribution and feeding of archaeogastropods in a boulder habitat at West Island, South Australia
63255: Claro, R., J. P. García-Arteaga, Y. Bouchon, M. Louis, & C. Bouchon, 1998. - La estructura de las comunidades de peces en los arrecifes de las Antillas Menores y Cuba In 8vo, offp
54583: Clasen G., - Die Muskeln und Nerven des proximalen Abschnittes der vorderen Extremität des Kaninchens
41035: Clavier J. & Richard O., - Growth of juvenile Haliotis tuberculata (Mollusca: Gastropoda) in their natural environment
57941: Clayton P.A. & Price M.J., - Le Sette Meraviglie del Mondo Torino, Giulio Einaudi
72333: Clayton J.M., - All colour book of seashells
23553: Clegg E.J., - Homo sapiens; Torino, Boringhieri
57048: Cleland John, - Memoires de Fanny Hill par John Cleland (XVIII siecle) entierement traduits de l'Anglais par Isidore Liseux
58170: Clemenceau G, - Grandezze e miserie di una vittoria
16487: Clench W.J. & Turner R.D., - The genus Truncatella in the Western Atlantic
16456: Clench W.J., - The genera Tectarius and Echininus in the Western Atlantic
70418: Clench W.J., - Monograph of the genus Spiroceramus (Mollusca: Pulmonata: Urocoptidae)
71760: Clench W.J., - A new Cerion from Bimini, Bahamas (Mollusca)
61724: Clench, W.J. - A biography of Andrew Garrett, early naturalist of Polynesia: Part 2: Catalogue of molluscan species and bibliography
62762: Clench W.J., - Land and freshwater mollusks of the Crooked Island group, Bahamas
62761: Clench W.J., - Land and freshwater mollusks of Great and Little Inagua, Bahamas Islands
62785: Clench W.J. & Aguayo C.G., - The genera Xenophora and Tugurium in the Western Atlantic
62784: Clench W.J. & Abbott R.T., - The genera Cypraecassis, Morum, Sconsia and Dalium in the Western Atlantic
62786: Clench W.J., - The genera Bathyaurinia, Rehderia and Scaphella in the Western Atlantic
9991: Clench W.J., - A catalogue of the Cerionidae (Moll
64601: Clench W.J., - The land mollusca of the Solomon Islands (Succinaeidae, Bulimulidae and Partulidae)
64188: Clench W.J., - The genera Purpura and Thais in the Western Atlantic
71928: Clench W.J., - Two new land and freshwater mollusks from New Guinea
20668: Clench W.J. & Abbott R.T., - The genera Gaza and Livona in the Western Atlantic
66085: Clench W.J., - New species of land mollusks with notes on other species from the Solomon Islands
64725: Clench, W. J., - Notes and descriptions of new Cerions from Hispaniola and the Bahama Islands, based mainly upon collections obtained during the Utowana Expedition of 1934
72184: Clench W.J. & Jacobson M.K., - Monograph of the Cuban genus Viana (Moll
8957: CLENCH W.J. & TURNER R.D., - The genus Bankia in the western Atlantic
9995: Clench W.J., - Notes and descriptions of new Urocoptidae from Cuba and Hispaniola (Moll
58262: Clerici E. & Villa M.L., - Immunologia generale - Seconda edizione
67988: Clessin S., - Die Molluskenfauna Oesterreich-Ungarns und der Schweiz
70071: Clessin S., - Alluviale Conchylien, welche bei der Ausbaggerung des Umschlaghafen bei Regensburg gefunden wurden
66815: Cleva R., - Les Bathypalaemonellidae de Saint-Laurent, 1985 (Crustacea, Decapoda, Caridea) avec description d'une espèce nouvelle et définition d'un genre nouveau
72020: Clewes H., - Un marinaio ritorna
71944: Climo F.M., - Additions to the Land Snail Fauna of the Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand
71951: Climo F. M., - A New Species of Paryphanta (Mollusca: Paryphantidae) from South-West Fiordland, New Zealand
65666: Climo F.M., - The anatomy of Gegania valkyrie Powell (Mollusca: Heterogastropoda: Mathildidae) with notes on other Heterogastropoda
71946: Climo F.M., - Classification of New Zealand Arionacea (Mollusca: Pulmonata)
71947: Climo F. M., - Classification of New Zealand Arionacea (Mollusca: Pulmonata)
70943: Climo F.M., - Venustilifer bountyensis (Powell) (Mollusca: Stiliferidae)
59642: Cloulas I., - Lorenzo il Magnifico - volume I
69485: Clovel P. & Touitou D., - Cônes de Martinique et de Guadeloupe - Cone Shells of Martinique & Guadeloupe
33193: Coaldrake J.E., - The coastal sand dunes of Southern Queensland
61407: Coan E.V., - The eastern Pacific Recent species of the bivalve genus Gari (Tellinoidea: Psammobiidae), with notes on western Atlantic and fossil taxa
61406: Coan, E.V. - A new species of Panacca from Chile (Bivalvia: Pholadomyoidea: Paralimyidae)
13090: Coan E.V., - A proposed reclassification of the family Marginellidae (Gastropoda)
61728: Coan, E.V. - Designation of a neotype for the pismo clam, Tivela stultorum (Mawe, 1823), and lectotypes for synymomous nominal taxa (Bivalvia: Veneridae)
72687: Coan E.V., - Recent Eastern Pacific species of Sanguinolaria and Psammotella (Bivalvia: Psammobidae)
72400: Cobban W.A. & Kennedy W.J., - Maastrichtian Ammonites Chiefly from the Prairie Bluff Chalk in Alabama and Mississippi
67654: Cobos A., - Nuevas especies de Buprestidae (Coleoptera) de Nueva Guinea
66540: Cocchi Genick D., - Testimonianze relative al tardo Neolitico dalle cave di sabbia di Massaciuccoli
28527: Cockayne L., - The Cockayne Memorial Lecture, 1965 - Leonard Cockayne, botanist
6565: Cockerell T.D. & Collinge W.E., - A checlist of the slugs with appendix and notes
71151: Cockerell, T.D. A. & Henderson, J., - Mollusca from the Tertiary strata of the West
65293: Coehlo P., - Come il fiume che scorre
65295: Coehlo P., - Il vincitore è solo
65307: Coehlo P., - Le valchirie
65308: Coehlo P., - La strega di Portobello
69526: Coehlo P., - L'alchimista
65301: Coelho P., - Sulla sponda del fiume Piedra mi sono seduta e ho pianto
65303: Coelho P., - Il diavolo e la signorina Prym
64386: Coelho P., - Biografia di un narratore
56196: Coelho, R. & Calado, G., - Spawn and early development of NE Atlantic species of Hypselodoris (Gastropoda: Opisthobranchia)
62376: Coen G., - Sulla convenienza della unificazione delle raccolte sistematiche nei musei quando non vi ostino particolari ragioni
67877: Coen G., - Di una nuova forma mediterranea di Calliostoma
73247: Cognetti G. & Sarà M., - Biologia Marina
58900: Cohat Y., - Le balene - Giganti del mare
57780: Coiffait H., - Staphylinides récoltés par le Dr
57781: Coiffait H., - Contribution a la connaissance des Staphylinidae (Coleoptera) des ëles Andaman
67888: Coiffmann I., - Sul sistema nervoso della Vaginula solea
67887: Coiffmann I., - Su una nuova specie di Vaginula Sud-Americana
67499: Coifmann I., - Vaginulidi raccolti dal prof
7513: Coker R.E., - This great and wide sea
62130: Colacicchi P., - Il libro del whisky
39668: Colalongo M. L. & Pasini G., - Ostracofauna plio-pleistocenica batiale rinvenuta nel Pozzo 654A dell'ODP Leg 107 (Mare Tirreno occidentale)
73244: Cole W.S., - Names of and variation in certain American larger foraminifera, particularly the Eocene pseudophragminids - No
21627: COLEMAN N. & CUFF W., - The abundance, distribution and diversity of the molluscs of Western Port, Victoria, Australia
19701: Coleman N., - A survey of the molluscs of Crib Point, Western Port, Victoria
20440: Coleman N., - Molluscs from the diets of commercially exploited fish off the coast of Victoria, Australia
73644: Coleman N., - Discover Loloata Island: Sea Shore to Sea Floors, Marine Life Guide to Papua New Guinea
73779: Coleman N., - 2002 Sea shells - Catalogue of Indo-Pacific Mollusca
56934: Colerus E., - Il romanzo della geometria - Dal punto alla quarta dimensione
54962: Colgan DJ, Ponder WF, Beacham E, & Macaranas J., - Gastropod phylogeny based on six segments from four genes representing coding or non-coding and mitochondrial or nuclear DNA
67798: Colla A., - Anophthalmus fuartensis n
3436: Collier C.L. & Farmer W.M., - Additions to the nudibranch fauna of the East Pacific and the Gulf of California
63638: Collignon J., - la pêche au chalut sur les côtes d' A
62782: Collins A. & Ogilvie-Herald C., - La cospirazione di Tutankhamen
34338: Collins M.A., Burnell G.M. & Rodhouse P.G., - Age and growth of the squid Loligo forbesi in Irish waters
73824: Collins D., Ward P.F. & Westermann G.-E., - Function of cameral water in Nautilus
73017: Collinson C., - Collection and preparation of conodonts through mass production technique
41747: Colliver F. S. & Woolston F. P., - The aborigines of Stradbroke Island
69670: Colomba M.S., Gregorini A., Cilia D.P., Liberto F., Reitano A. & Sparacio I., - Molecular studies on the genus Muticaria Lindholm, 1925 (Pulmonata Clausiliidae) from the Maltese Islands
66501: Colomba M.S., Liberto F., Reitano A., Renda W., Pocaterra G., Gregorini A. & Sparacio I., - Molecular studies on the genus Medora H
65224: Colonna B., - Dizionario degli errori e dei dubbi della lingua italiana
34523: Colonnetti G. & Pugno G.M., - Su l'isteresi elastica dell'alluminio e delle sue leghe
68251: Colosi G., - Rapporti faunistici fra la Cirenaica, l'Egitto e le regioni limitrofi
71517: Colosi G., - Testacellidi conservati nel R
68249: Colosi G., - Carlo Pollonera
74193: Coltro J. & Coltro M., 1993- - Two illustrated price lists (02/1993 and 01/1994) of "Femorale"
74194: Coltro J. & Coltro M., 1995- - Two illustrated price lists (01/1995 and 01/1996) of "Femorale"
74195: Coltro J. & Coltro M., 1995- - Two illustrated price lists (02/1994 and 02/1995) of "Femorale"
74196: Coltro J. & Coltro M., s.d. - An illustrate price list "Panipucci collection 1" of "Femorale"
65795: Colwell R.K. & Coddington J.A., - Estimating terrestrial biodiversity through extrapolation
73880: Coma Vidal P., - Fondo marino
42942: Combémorel R. & Mariotti N., - First record of Duvalia tithonica, a marker of Upper Tithonian in Central Apennines
55593: Comel A., - Osservazioni sulla flora dei prati naturali goriziani
53208: Comes O., - La luce e la traspirazione nelle piante
46434: Comitato Nazionale per la Bioetica - Documento sulla sicurezza delle biotecnologie
46435: Comitato Nazionale per la Bioetica - Problemi della raccolta e trattamento del liquido seminale umano per finalità diagnostiche
70927: Compton R.R., - A new Paleocene gastropod from Southern California
66082: Compton-Burnett I., - Madre e figlio
68180: Compton D.G., - Marte, colore di sangue
66211: Compton D.G., - Crononauti
58905: Compton J., - I fiori da giardino
63450: Conan G., - Description d'une actinie méditerranéenne: Ragactis pulchra Andres,
67457: Conci C., Ossiannilsson F. & Tamanini L., - Bactericera parastriola sp
67432: Conci C. & Tamanini L., - Twenty-six species of Psylloidea new for Italy
65779: Coney C.C., - Bellascintilla parmaleeana new genus and species from the Tropical Eastern Pacific, with a review of the other, ventrally notched galeommatid genera (Bivalvia: Galeommatidae)
68136: Coney M., - Rax
71285: Conklin E.G., - Disorientation of development in Crepidula plana produced by low temperatures
60042: Connelly M., - La bionda di cemento
62004: Connelly M., - L'ombra del coyote
74223: Connolly M., - Notes on South African Mollusca : I - Some South African Tiarinae; II - The genus Marinula, King with diagnosis of an undescribed species; III: A mnograph of the Dorcasiinae + Appendix - Undetermined vareties
62166: Conrad, T. A. 1832-1837 (1963 reprint) - Fossil Shells of The Tertiary Formations of North America
59364: Conrad J., - La linea d'ombra; Una confessione
470: Conrad W., - Sur les associations d'une source à Auderghem [Belgique]
60569: Conrad J., - Tifone
61656: Conrad J.,, - Romanzi e racconti d'avventura di terra e di mare
58592: CONRAD J., - Romanzi del mare - Il negro del Narciso
60670: Conroy P., - Il principe delle maree
59821: Consiglio A., - Lucky Luciano
68670: Consolo V., - Il sorriso dell'ignoto marinaio
51125: Constantin Freiherr von Ettingshausen - Über neue Pflanzenfossilien aus den Tertiärschichten Steiermarks 32 pages, format 4° Wien, Staatsdruckerei, vorgelegt in der Sitzung am 16
68257: Constantin R. & Liberti G., - Materiali per una fauna dell'arcipelago toscano XXIX: Un sorprendente Malachiidae dell'Isola di Pianosa: Planasiella aptera n
51172: Constantin Freiherr von Ettingshausen - Über die Nervation der Blätter bei der Gattung Quercus mit besonderer Berücksichtigung ihrer vorweltlichen Arten 64 pages with 12 plates in Naturselbstdruck und 3 illustrations, format 4° Wien, Staatsdruckerei, vorgelegt in der Sitzung am 11
51156: Constantin Freiherr von Ettingshausen - Beiträge zur Kenntnis der Kreideflora Australiens 57 pages with 4 plates, format 4° Wien, Staatsdruckerei, vorgelegt in der Sitzung am 18
64127: Contenau G., - La civiltà degli Assiri e dei babilonesi
56933: CONTI (Giusto de'), - La bella mano di Giusto de'Conti romano senatore e Una raccolta delle Rime antiche di diversi Toscani
43491: Conti S. & Serpagli E., - Bimineralic (calcareous and phosphatic) skeleton in Late Ordovician Bryozoa from Sardinia: geological implications
60974: Conti S. & Serpagli E., - Bimineralic (calcareous and phosphatic) skeleton in Late Ordovician Bryozoa from Sardinia: geological implications
41603: Conti S. & Serpagli E., - A new interpretation of the anthozoan Septodaeum Bischoff, 1978 as a bryozoan
34934: Conti, Lino, - Giuseppe Neri: un matematico aristotelico all'Accademia dei Lincei
73547: Conti M.A. & Fischer J.C., - Gasteropodi bajociani: Ecologia e paleobiogeografia
58358: Cook M.T., - Records of virus diseases of plants in Puerto Rico + Phloem necrosis in the stripe disease of corn + Descriptions of virus diseases of plants + First supplement to the Host Index of virus diseases of plants + First supplement to Index of vector of virus diseases of plants + Second supplement to Partial bibliography of virus diseases of plants
12500: Cook L.M. & Peake J.F., - A study of some populations of Cepaea nemoralis L
58291: Cook M.T., - Host index of viruses diseases of plants + Index of vectors of virus deseas of plants
25118: Cook M.T., - La ro–a de la toronja en Puerto Rico
66195: Cook R., - La cavia
60066: Cook A., - Functional aspects of trail following by the carnivorous snail Euglandina rosea
69804: Cooke C.M. & Kondo Y., 1960 [1971] - Revision of Tornatellinidae and Achatinellidae (Gastropoda, Pulmonata)
57932: Cooke C.M. & Crampton H.E., - New species of Partula
37497: Cooke H. B. S., - The Pleistocene environment in Southern Africa
70785: Cooke C.W., - New Vicksburg (Oligocene) mollusks from Mexico
73837: Cooke A.H., Shipley M.A. & Reed F.R.C., 1895 (1968) - Molluscs, Brachiopods (recent), Brachiopods (fossil)
64710: Coomans H.E., Moolenbeek R.G. & Wils E., - Alphabetical revision of the (sub)species in recent Conidae 1: abbas to adansoni
16334: Coomans H.E., - Abnormal sinistrorsity in the Marginellidae
25766: Coomans H.E., - Biological aspects of mangrove mollusks in the West Indies
64889: Coomans H.E., Moolenbeek R.G. & Wils E., - Alphabetical revision of the (sub)species in recent Conidae 9: ebraeus to extraordinarius with the description of Conus elegans ramalhoi, nov subspecies
20127: Coomans H.E., Moolenbeek R.G. & Wils E., - Alphabetical revision of the (sub)species in recent Conidae 3: albus to antillarum, with the description of Conus algoensis agulhasi, nov subspecies
20120: Coomans H.E., Moolenbeek R.G. & Wils E., - Alphabetical revision of the (sub)species in recent Conidae 5: baccatus to byssinus, including Conus brettinghami nomen novum
16339: Coomans H.E. & Faber M.J., - Triforis barbadensis, a n
71215: Coomans H.E., - Histoire en systematiek van de Marginellidae
64678: Coomans H.E., - The genus Pachybathron (Gastropoda)
14503: Coomans H.E., - Marginella orstomi, a new species from deeper water off the coast of West Africa
64779: Coomans H.E. , Moolenbeek R.G. & Wils E., - Alphabetical revision of the (sub)species in recent Conidae 8
65089: Coomans H.E. , Moolenbeek R.G. & Wils E., - Alphabetical revision of the (sub)species in recent Conidae 6
64774: Coomans H.E., Moolenbeek R.G. & Wils E., - Alphabetical revision of the (sub)species in recent Conidae 7: cingulatus to cylindraceus, including Conus shikamai nomen novum
67052: Coomans H.E., Moolenbeek R.G. & Wils E., 1979- - Alphabetical revision of the (sub)species in recent Conidae [from abbas to extraordinarius]
65117: Coomans H.E., Moolenbeek R.G. & Wils E., - Alphabetical revision of the (sub)species in recent Conidae 4: aphrodite to azona with the description of Conus arenatus bizona, nov subspecies
71117: Coomans H.E., - The classification of Columbella dormitor with description of a new genus Minipyrene
64714: Coomans H.E., Moolenbeek R.G. & Wils E., - Alphabetical revision of the (sub)species in recent Conidae 2: adansoni to albuquerquei
56391: Coombs W.P., - The bony eyelid of Euoplocephalus (Reptilia, Ornithischia)
55002: Coombs W.P., - Forelimb muscles of the Ankylosauria (Reptilia, Ornithischia)
18095: Coombs S.H., Nichols J.H., Conway D.V., Milligan S. & Halliday N.C., - Food availability for sprat larvae in the Irish Sea
57373: Cooper B.J., - Multielement conodonts from the St Clair Limestone (Silurian) of southern Illinois
60144: Cooper, J. A. - The History and Breeding Biology of the Canada Geese of Marshy Point, Manitoba
71490: Cooper J.G., - Catalogue of the land and fresh-water Mollusca of Lower California
57376: Cooper G.A., - Lower Cambrian brachiopods from the Rift Valley (Israel and Jordan)
71272: Cooper R.B., - Salinity tolerance of Rangia cuneata (Pelecypoda: Mactridae) in relation to its estuarine environment: a review
66271: Cooper M.R. & Kensley B., - Endemic South American Permian bivalve molluscs from the Ecca of South Africa
72560: Cooper M.R., - Pycnodonteine oysters from the Upper Cretaceous of Zululand
72561: Cooper M.R., - Exogyrid oysters (Bivalvia: Gryphaeoidea) from the Cretaceous of southeast Africa
73316: Cooper E., - Transit
69585: Coovert G.A. & Coovert H.K., - Revision of the supraspecific classification of Marginelliform Gastropods
62359: Coppa M., - L'arte bonsai
62866: Copper P., - New Siluro-Devonian atrypoid brachiopods
62388: Coppini M., Cuneo F., Margelli A., Campani E., - Gastropoda e Scaphopoda del Porto di Livorno
53122: Copppis G. & De Vos L., - Hairy periostracal ornamentations on Galapagos land snail shells: S
19564: Corbeil R., - Les récents découvertes au Cap-Vert concernant le Paléolithique
67600: Corea L.F., - Reports on the collections obtained by the first Johnson-Smithsonian deep-sea expedition to the Puerto Rican deep
13009: Corgan J.X. & Van Aartsen J.J., - Saurin's pyramidellacean gastropod names
40050: Corgan J. X. & Van Aartsen J. J., - Notes on some European Turbonillid Gastropod names
52537: Corlett J., - The ecology of Morecambe Bay [Northwest England]
68245: Cormaci M., - Indagine statistica sulla sessualità di Fissurella nubecula L
66590: Cornaggia Castiglioni O & Calegari G., - Gli arpioni preistorici italiani
66821: Cornaggia Castiglioni O. & Calegari G., - I pendagli "a busto ginemorfo" del Paleolitico superiore centro - occidentale europeo, con un inventario ragionato dei reperti italiani
38010: Corner E. D., Head R.N., Kilvington C.C. & Pennycuick L., - On the nutrition and metabolism of zooplankton
63085: Cornwell B., - Il cavaliere nero
63620: Cornwell P., - L'ultimo distretto
65359: Cornwell P.D., - Il nido dei calabroni
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