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C2572: F, M - Educational Ideals and a Valiant Woman:
A14210: Famous Warplanes Video Volume 26, - Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk: Northrop B-2 Spirit
A11431: Purnu 71, - Purnu 71:
C385: Abbott, Pamela, & Sapsford, Roger - Women and Social Class: a Social Science Paperback
A13700: Abbs, Peter - Autobiography in Education:
A10265: Abraham, Katharine and McKersie, Robert, eds - New Developments in the Labor Market: Toward a New Institutional Paradigm
C13061: Abramovitz, Mimi - Regulating the Lives of Women: Social Welfare Policy from Colonial Times to the Present
C13214: Abrams, Lynn & Harvey, Elizabeth, eds - Gender Relations in German History: Power, Agency and Experience from the Sixteenth to the Twentieth Century
A2469: Abrams, Mark - The Population of Great Britain: Current Trends and Future Problems
A15642: Abrams, Fran - Freedom's Cause: The Lives of the Suffragettes
A15090: Abrams, Lynn & Harvey, Elizabeth, eds - Gender Relations in German History: Power, Agency and Experience from the Sixteenth to the Twentieth Century
C12748: Abramson, Joan - The Invisible Woman: Discrimination in the Academic Profession
A14094: Acker, Sandra and Piper, David Warren, eds - Is Higher Education Fair to Women?:
A8971: Adair, Ian - Conjuring as a Craft:
C5958: Adams, Kathleen - George Eliot: A Brief Biography
C5220: Adams, Elmer C. & Foster, Warren Dunham - Heroines of Modern Progress:
C15108: Adams, Carol; Bartley, P; Lown, J.; Loxton C - Under Control: Life in a Nineteenth-Century Silk Factory
A9900: Adams, W.S - Edwardian Portraits:
A15112: Adams, W. H. Davenport - Celebrated Women Travellers of the Nineteenth Century:
A14323: Adams, Gerry - Before the Dawn: An Autobiography
C12430: Addis, E., Russo, V. E. and Sebesta, L - Women Soldiers: Images and Realities
A15013: Addison, William - Epping Forest: Its Literary and Historical Associations
A14546: Addy, John and McNiven, Peter, eds - The Diary of Henry Prescott, LLB., Deputy Registrar of Chester Diocese: Volume 2, 25 March 1711 - 24 May 1719
A13506: Addy, John - The Archdeacon and Ecclesiastical Discipline in Yorkshire, 1598-1714: Clergy and the Churchwardens
A10989: Addy, John, ed - The Diary of Henry Prescott, LLB., Deputy Registrar of Chester Diocese: Volume 1, 28 March 1704 - 24 March 1711
C8707: Adelson, Leslie A - Making Bodies, Making History: Feminism and German History
A10622: Ades, Dawn - Dali:
A7873: Adnett, Nick - Labour Market Policy:
C15620: Afshar, Haleh - The Dynamics of Race and Gender: Some Feminist Interventions
C10958: Afshar, Haleh and Maynard, Mary, eds - The Dynamics of Race and Gender:
C10276: Afshar, Haleh, ed - Women, Development & Survival in the Third World:
C6503: Aiken, Lucy - Epistles on Women: Exemplifying Their Character and Condition in Various Ages and Nations, With Miscellaneous Poems
C349: Aikin, Dr, & Barbauld, Mrs - Evenings at Home: Consisting of a Variety of Miscellaneous Pieces, for the Instruction and Amusement of Youth
A14008: Ainsworth, Jim - Accrington 1926: a Comprehensive History of the General Strike as it Affected Accrington and District
C12761: Aisenberg, Nadya and Harrington, Mona - Women of Academe: Outsiders in the Sacred Grove
C7054: Aitken-Swan, Jean - Widows in Australia: A Survey of the Economic and Social Condition of Widows with Dependent Children
A14180: Alagiah, George - A Passage to Africa:
C7217: Alberti, Johanna - Eleanor Rathbone:
C12319: Albin, Mel and Cavallo, Dominick, eds - Family Life in America, 1620-2000:
C13058: Albright, Madeleine - Madam Secretary: A Memoir
A7276: Aldcroft, Derek H - British Transport Since 1914: an Economic History
A10076: Alden, Carella - From Early American Paintbrushes: Colony to New Nation
C5488: Alexander, Sally - Women's Work in Nineteenth Century London: a Study of the Years 1820 - 50
A7173: Alexander, Robin - Policy and Practice in Primary Education:
J13216: Alexander, Marc - Paint, Brush and Spirit: The Fascinating Story of the British Mouth and Foot Painting Artists
A14850: Allan, Graham and Skinner, Chris, eds - Handbook for Research Students in the Social Sciences:
A6687: Allaun, Frank - No Place Like Home: Britain's Housing Tragedy (from the Victim's View) and How to Overcome It
C4496: Allen, Vivien - Lady Trader: A Biography of Mrs Sarah Heckford
C15362: Allen, Judith A. - Rose Scott: Vision and Revision in Feminism
B15264: Allen, Joan and Allen, Richard C., eds - Faith of Our Fathers: Popular Culture and Belief in Post-Reformation England, Ireland and Wales
A8666: Allen, Sheila and Wolkowitz, Carol - Homeworking: Myths and Realities
A3152: Allen, A. J. - The English Voter:
A15489: Allen, Graham - The Last Prime Minister: Being Honest About the UK Presidency
A13510: Allen, J.A. and McLure, W. Chester S - Theory and Practice of Fox Ranching:
A13392: Allen, Rick - The Moving Pageant: Literary Sourcebook on London Street Life, 1700 - 1914
A12263: Allen, Oliver E - Decorating with Plants:
A11957: Allen, G.C - Japan's Economic Expansion:
A10075: Allen, G.C - The Structure of Industry in Britain: A Study in Economic Change
A2532: Allibone, Finch - In Pursuit of the Robber Baron: Recreating the Journeys of Robert Guiscard, Duke of Apulia and "The Terror of the World"
A14991: Allison, J. Murray - Raemaekers' Cartoon History of the War: Volume I: The First Twelve Months of the War
C14871: Allsop, Gladys - Reminiscences: Reminiscences of a Manchester Woman
C2646: Alonso, Harriet Hyman - The Women's Peace Union and the Outlawry of War, 1921-1942:
A15110: Alonso, Harriet Hyman - Growing Up Abolitionist: the Story of the Garrison Children
A13899: Alschuler, Rose H. and Hattwick, La Berta Weiss - Painting and Personality: a Study of Young Children. Volume II
J13781: Amann, Per - Vincent Van Gogh:
A11675: Ambrose, Susan A., et al - Journeys of Women in Science and Engineering:
A1772: Ames, Hugo - The Red God: Being a Literary Survey of Socialism and of Peace
A11818: Anand, Margo - The Art of Sexual Ecstasy: The Path of Sacred Sexuality for Western Lovers
C2810: Anderson, Janet A - Women in the Fine Arts: A Bibliography and Illustration Guide
C13629: Anderson, Bonnie S - Joyous Greetings: The First International Women's Movement, 1830-1860
A9310: Anderson, B. L. and Stoney, P. J. M., eds - Commerce, Industry and Transport: Studies in Economic Change on Merseyside
A9309: Anderson, James and Ricci, Marilyn, eds - Society and Social Science: A Reader
A7186: Anderson, Michael - Approaches to the History of the Western Family, 1500-1914:
A5355: Anderson, Christopher - The Domestic Constitution or the Family Circle: the Source and Test of National Stability
A14241: Anderson, Madge - The Heroes of the Puppet Stage:
A13638: Anderson, Mosa - Henry Joseph Wilson: Fighter for Freedom, 1833 - 1914
C9735: Anderson, Bonnie S. and Zinsser, Judith P - A History of Their Own: Women in Europe from Pre-history to the Present Vol II
A11863: Andrade, E. N. Da C - A Brief History of the Royal Society, 1660-1960:
A7871: Andrewes, Elizabeth - A Manual for Drawing and Painting:
A14147: Ang-Lygate, Magdalene; Corrin, Chris and Henry, M. S - Desperately Seeking Sisterhood: Still Challenging and Building
A13965: Angell, Norman - The Policy Behind Armaments:
C6288: Anker, R., Buvinic, M., and Youssef, N., eds - Women's Roles and Population Trends in the Third World:
A10582: The Girl's Own Annual, - The Girl's Own Annual: Volume for 1891 - 1892
C6747: Anon, - Frances H. Wood of Woodbank, Southport:
C3900: Anon, - Life at the Cape A Hundred Years Ago:
C2727: Anon, - The Royal Masonic Institution for Girls:
C13375: Anon, - Every Woman's Book of Home-making Home Making:
A5892: Anon, - The First Casualty: The German Underground Hospital and Jersey's Occupation Experience
A5186: Anon, - A Survey of the History, Commerce and Manufactures of Lancashire: Together With Extracts, Reproduced by Request, From "The Home Trade of Manchester" and a Biographical Sketch of Reuben Spencer
A3053: Anon, - The Journal of the National Playing Fields Association:
A2869: Anon, - Beauties and Wonders of Vegetable Life: Or, Rambles in Parks, Forests, Conservatories, Orchards, Gardens, Fields and Heaths
A2685: Anon, - Cricket: Coaching and Practice
A15054: Anon, - Sir Charles Holmes:
A11924: Anon, - Morley Scrap Album:
A11784: Anon, - Enumeration and Parish Registers, 1811: Abstract of the Answers and Returns made Pursuant to an Act, Passed in the Fifty-first Year of His Majesty King George III. An Act for Taking Into Account of the Population of Great Britain, and of the Increase or Diminution Thereof
Z15243: Anon, - The Times: Past, Present and Future. To Celebrate Two Hundred Years of Publication
A15023: Anonymous, A.M.B - Garrard's: 1721 - 1911: Crown Jewellers and Goldsmiths During Six Reigns and in Three Centuries. With Some Account of the Original Seat of their Business in the Haymarket and their New Home in Albemarle Street and Grafton Street
A7083: Anstruther, Ian - I Presume: H. M. Stanley's Triumph and Disaster
A3244: Arac, Jonathan - Commissioned Spirits: The Shaping of Social Motion in Dickens, Carlyle, Melville, and Hawthorne
A8490: Archer, R. L - Secondary Education in the Nineteenth Century:
C15704: Hall Carpenter Archives, - Inventing Ourselves: Lesbian Life Stories
C15643: Ardener, Shirley, ed - Defining Females: the Nature of Women in Society
A10434: Arlott, John - Island Camera: The Isles of Scilly in the photography of the Gibson Family
C13758: Armstrong, Nancy and Tennenhouse, Lennard - The Ideology of Conduct: Essays in Literature and the History of Sexuality
A3753: Armstrong, Richard - Powered Ships: the Beginnings
A10432: Armstrong, Robin - The Painted Stream: A River Warden's Life
A10789: Armytage, W. H. G - A Social History of Engineering:
C11859: Arnold, Eleanor, ed - Voices of American Homemakers:
A14399: Arnold-Forster, Frances - Studies in Church Dedications: or England's Patron Saints
A14391: Arnold-Forster, Frances - Studies in Church Dedications or England's Patron Saints:
A12552: Arnold, Guy - The Unions:
C14109: Arnot, Madeleine, ed - Race and Gender: Equal Opportunities Policies in Education. A Reader
A386: Arnstein, Walter L - The Bradlaugh Case: A Study in Late Victorian Opinion and Politics
A13844: Aronson, Hugh - Our Village Homes: Present Conditions and Suggested Remedies
A10717: Artemis, - Artemis, 79-80:
C2894: Arthur, T.S - Anna Lee: Or the Maiden, the Wife and the Mother: Stories for My Young Countrywomen
A8376: Artis, M. J., ed - Prest and Coppock's The UK Economy: A Manual of Applied Economics
A10641: Royal Academy of Arts, - Paintings by the Rt. Hon. Sir Winston Churchill: Honorary Academician Extraordinary
A13572: Ashplant, Tim and Smyth, Gerry, eds - Explorations in Cultural History:
A3661: Ashton, Owen; Fyson, Robert & Roberts, S., eds - The Chartist Legacy:
A10759: Ashton, Robert - The English Civil War: Conservatism and Revolution, 1603-1649
A12969: Askwith, Betty - Two Victorian Families:
A14138: Aslet, Clive - Landmarks of Britain: the Five Hundred Places that Made Our History
A7116: Aspin, Chris - Mr Pilling's Short Cut to China and Other Stories of Rossendale Enterprise:
A7293: St John Ambulance Association, - First Aid: the Authorised Manual of the St. John Ambulance Association
A7231: St. John Ambulance Association, - First Aid to the Injured: the Authorised Textbook of the St. John Ambulance Association
A6772: St. John Ambulance Association, - Home Nursing: the Authorized Textbook of the St. John Ambulance Association
A15059: British Astronomical Association, - Edmond Halley, 1656 - 1742: Papers to Commemorate the Tercentenary of his Birth
C15697: Atherton, Kathy - Suffragettes, Suffragists & Antis: the Fight for the Vote in the Surrey Hills
A15715: Atholl, Katharine, Duchess of - Working Partnership: Being the Lives of John George, 8th Duke of Atholl and of His Wife Katharine Marjory Ramsay
A9949: Atkins, Reverend Edward, ed - The Vaughan Working Men's College, Leicester, 1862-1912: Its History and Work for Fifty Years
C4509: Atkinson, Kate - Human Croquet:
C15563: Atkinson, Diane - Elsie and Mairi Go to War: Two Extraordinary Women on the Western Front
C15289: Atkinson, Diane - The Criminal Conversation of Mrs Norton:
Z14720: Atkinson, Rev Canon - British Birds' Eggs and Nests: Popularly Described
A10187: Auden, W. H - Epistle to a Godson: & Other Poems
F4595: Audubon, John James - Peintre Naturaliste Americain 1785 - 1851: Centre Culturel Americain, Paris: Octobre - Novembre 1960
A14651: Austin, Guy - Contemporary French Cinema: An Introduction
A13814: Austin, Frances, ed - The Clift Family Correspondence, 1792-1846:
A15160: Various Authors, - The Reign of Terror: A Collection of Authentic Narratives of the Horrors Committed By the Revolutionary Government of France Under Marat and Robespierre Written by Eye-Witnesses of the Scenes
A14918: Various Authors, - Titus of Salts:
A5894: Axling, William - Kagawa:
C15624: Ayers, Pat - Women at War: Liverpool Women, 1939 - 45
A3935: Ayers, Gwendoline M - England's First State Hospitals and the Metropolitan Asylums Board, 1867-1930:
A11935: Backhouse, Janet - The Lindisfarne Gospels:
C15413: Reproduction Suffragette Badge, - Modern Replica Suffragette Badge / Brooch - Clarion Angel: Votes for Women
C15292: Reproduction Suffragette Badge, - Votes for Women Fellowship: To Spread the Light
C8753: Three Modern Pankhurst Badges, - The Pankhursts: Photographic Images of Emmeline, Christabel and Sylvia Pankhurst on Three Attractive Plated Badges
A9677: Bagwell, Philip S - Industrial Relations:
A12364: Bagwell, Philip S - Doncaster: Town of Train Makers, 1853-1990
A7399: Bailey, Brian - Britain's Industrial Past:
A14691: Bailey, Hamilton and Bishop, W. J - Notable Names in Medicine and Surgery:
A13168: Bailey, Victor - Delinquency and Citizenship: Reclaiming the Young Offender, 1914-48
A6861: Baines, Thomas - History of the Town and Commerce of Liverpool: and of the Rise of Manufacturing Industry in the Adjoining Counties
A13297: Bairoch, Paul - Economic Development of the Third World Since 1900:
A6031: Baker, Kenneth - The Turbulent Years: My Life in Politics
A14239: Baker, Jack - Walks in West Cheshire:
A14192: Baker, Jack and Hanmer, Jack - Walking in Cheshire:
A12053: Baker, Michael H - Railways to the Coast: Britain's Seaside Lines Past and Present
A11196: Baker, Barbara - The Joyful Way:
A14448: Balch, H. E - Mendip: the Great Cave of Wookey Hole
A12183: Baldwin, Nick - An Old Motor Kaleidoscope of Farm Tractors:
A9077: Balfour, Michael - The Adversaries: America, Russia and the Open World 1941-1962
A13074: Balfour, Campbell, ed - Participation in Industry:
C15604: Ballantyne, Tony and Burton, Antoinette, eds - Moving Subjects: Gender, Mobility, and Intimacy in an Age of Global Empire
C15611: Baly, Monica ed - As Miss Nightingale Said: Florence Nightingale Through Her Sayings - a Victorian Perspective
C15495: Baly, Monica E. - Florence Nightingale and the Nursing Legacy:
A814: Bamford, Samuel - Passages in the Life of a Radical:
A15684: Bamford, Andrew - Gallantry and Discipline: The 12th Light Dragoons at War with Wellington
A13747: Bancks, - Bancks's Manchester and Salford Directory: or Alphabetical list of the Merchants, Manufacturers and Principal Inhabitants With the Numbers as Affixed to Their Houses
C7998: Banks, J. A - Victorian Values: Secularism and the Size of Families
C1546: Banks, J.A - Prosperity and Parenthood: a Study of Family Planning Among the Victorian Middle Class
C11929: Barker-Benfield, G.J. and Clinton, Catherine - Portraits of American Women: From the Civil War to the Present
C11928: Barker-Benfield, G.J and Clinton, Catherine - Portraits of American Women: From Settlement to the Civil War
A726: Barker, Rodney - Education and Politics, 1900-1951: a Study of the Labour Party
A4113: Barker, A.J - Redcoats:
A3435: Barker, Felix - Laurence Olivier:
A14390: Barker, Rodney - Political Ideas in Modern Britain:
A12279: Barker, Nicholas - Stanley Morison:
C9137: Barker, Diana Leonard and Allen, Sheila, eds - Sexual Divisions and Society: Process and Change
A12201: Barlow, Amy - Seventh Child: The Autobiography of a Headmistress
C10352: Barnard, Mary - Diary of an Optimist:
A3368: Barnard, R. W - A Century of Service: The Story of the Prudential, 1848-1948
A13826: Barnard, H. C - Madame de Maintenon and Saint-Cyr:
A7687: Barnes, Martin - Benjamin Brecknell Turner: Rural England Through a Victorian Lens
A13882: Barnes, H. Gorell and Montmorency, J. E. G. de - The Divorce Commission: The Majority and Minority Reports Summarised, with Appendices on the History of Divorce; Foreign and Colonial Divorce Laws; Proposed Divorce Circuits in England and Wales; Names of Women after Divorce
A13046: Barnes, Annie with Harding, Kate & Gibbs, C - Tough Annie: From Suffragette to Stepney Councillor
A3293: Barnett, Correlli - Britain and her Army:
A15635: Barnett, Henrietta - Canon Barnett: His Life, Work and Friends
A12028: Barnett, Anthony - Iron Britannia: Why Parliament Waged Its Falklands War
A13184: Barnhardt, John D - Valley of Democracy: The Frontier Versus the Plantation in the Ohio Valley, 1775-1818
C11086: O'Barr, Jean and Wyer, Mary - Engaging Feminism: Students Speak Up and Speak Out
C12765: Barratt, Alexandra, ed - Women's Writing in Middle English:
A15344: Barratt, Nick - Lost Voices From the Titanic: The Definitive Oral History
A325: Barrett, B., Rhodes, E. & Beishon, J - Industrial Relations and the Wider Society:
A11657: Barrie, J.M - Margaret Ogilvy:
A12559: Barron, Hal S - Mixed Harvest: The Second Great Transformation in the Rural North, 1870-1930
A14061: Barros, Mauricio Rands - Labour Relations and the New Unionism in Contemporary Brazil:
C2373: Barrow, Margaret - Women, 1870-1928: A Select Guide to Printed and Archival Sources in the United Kingdom
A13519: Barry, Tom - Roots of Rebellion: Land and Hunger in Central America
A7611: Bartlett, Des and Jen - The Flight of the Snow Geese:
C8550: Bass, R. C. M - Chumleigh Girls' School: later the Primary School
C13243: Bataille, Gretchen M - American Indian Women: Telling Their Lives
C6395: Batchelor, Mary - Catherine Bramwell-Booth:
C2281: Battiscombe, Georgina - Charlotte Mary Yonge: the Story of an Uneventful Life
H13767: Bawden, Nina - In My Own Time: Almost an Autobiography
A14423: Bax, Clifford, ed - The Silver Casket: Being Love-Letters and Love-Poems Attributed to Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots
C13065: Baxter, Annette K and Stevenson, Louise L - Women's History: Selected Reading lists and Course Outlines from American Colleges and Universities
C13735: Bayley, John - Iris and her Friends: A Memoir of Memory and Desire
A9961: Bazin, Germain - Impressionist Paintings in the Louvre:
J13432: BBC, - Dutch Painting:
C7835: Beale, Irene A - Genesee Valley Women, 1743-1985:
A13754: Beamont, William - Annals of the Lords of Warrington and Bewsey from 1587 to 1833: When Warrington Became a Parliamentary Borough. In Two Parts. Part I: Warrington. Part II: Bewsey. With Notices of Historical and Local Events
C13102: Beaney, Jan - Embroidery: New Approaches
Z14727: Beard, Geoffrey - The Work of Christopher Wren:
C12343: Beau, Bryan F Le - Currier and Ives: America Imagined
C15509: Beauchamp, Joan - Women Who Work:
C15420: Beaumont, Caitriona - Housewives and Citizens: Domesticity and the Women's Movement in England, 1928-64
G10508: Beck, Thomasina - The Embroiderer's Garden:
A14883: Becke, A. F - History of the Great War: Order of Battle of Divisions: The Regular British Divisions Part 1
A10121: Beckerman, Wilfred - Slow Growth in Britain: Causes and Consequences
A15580: Beckett, Lorna C - The Second I Saw You: The True Love Story of Rupert Brooke and Phyllis Gardner
C1062: Beddoe, Deirdre - Discovering Women's History: a Practical Manual
C14159: Beechey, Veronica and Perkins, Tessa - A Matter of Hours: Women, Part-time Work and the Labour Market
A13832: Beer, Cedric de - The South African Disease: Apartheid Health and Health Services
A10148: Beer, Gillian, ed - Charles Darwin and T. H. Huxley: Autobiographies
A10290: Beik, Mildred Allen - The Miners of Windber: The Struggles of New Immigrants for Unionization
C8705: Beilharz, Peter, Nyland, Chris, eds - The Webbs, Fabianism and Feminism:
A7366: Belilios, Arthur D.; Mulvany, Desmond K.; et al - A Handbook of First Aid and Bandaging: Both an Elementary and Advanced Course of Training
C187: Bell, E. Moberly - Josephine Butler: Flame of Fire
C15294: Bell, Melanie and Williams, Melanie - British Women's Cinema:
A9297: Bell, Colin, ed - National Government, 1931: Extracts from the Times January to October 1931
A14363: Bell, Ken, et al - An Ordinary Lot: Recollections of the Thirties and World War II
A11589: Bell, Martin - An Accidental MP:
A14822: Bellaigue, Christina de - Educating Women: Schooling and Identity in England and France, 1800 - 1867
A5981: Beller, Steven - Herzl:
A1890: Bellringer, Alan W. & Jones C.B - The Victorian Sages: an Anthology of Prose
C8565: Belsey, Catherine and Moore, Jane, eds - The Feminist Reader: Essays in Gender and the Politics of Literary Criticism
A11462: Bendix, Reinhard - Max Weber:
G12270: Beningfield, Gordon - Beningfield's English Landscape:
A7321: Benjamin, E Alwyn - Penarth, 1841-71: A Glimpse of the Past
C15506: Benn, Melissa - What Should We Tell Our Daughters: The Pleasures and Pressures of Growing Up Female
C733: Bennett, Daphne - Emily Davies and the Liberation of Women, 1830-1921:
A14344: Bennett, Nicholas - A Chatham Story: A Short History of Christchurch School
A12136: Bennett, H.S - The Pastons and Their England: Studies in an Age of Transition
A10182: Bennett, Arthur - Songs in the Darkness:
A14289: Benson, Allan L - The New Henry Ford:
A13739: Benson, Gerard, Chernaik, J and Herbert, C - Poems on the Underground:
A12892: Benson, Larry D., ed - The Learned and the Lewd: Studies in Chaucer and Medieval Literature
A7591: Bentley, Eric - Bernard Shaw:
A6608: Bentwich, Joseph S - Education in Israel:
A4939: Berg, Maxine, ed - Technology and Toil in Nineteenth Century Britain: Documents
C15679: Berger, Anne Emmanuelle - The Queer Turn in Feminism: Identities, Sexualities, and the Theater of Gender
A5669: Bernbaum, Gerald - Social Change and the Schools, 1918-1944:
Z14712: Bernstein, David J - The Mystery of the Bayeux Tapestry:
C6126: Berry, Mary Frances - Why ERA Failed: Politics, Women's Rights, and the Amending Process of the Constitution
A15649: Berthezene, Clarisse - Training Minds for the War of Ideas: Ashridge College, the Conservative Party and the Cultural Politics of Britain, 1929 - 54
D15452: Besant, Annie - Selection of the Social and Political Pamphlets of Annie Besant:
C4079: Besant, Annie - London Lectures of 1907:
A13928: Best, Muriel and Lugg, Vicky - Design Sources for Embroidery:
A12115: Best, R. H and Ogden, C.K - The Problem of the Continuation School: And its Successful Solution in Germany. A Consecutive Policy
A11698: Best, G. A - Shaftesbury:
A8113: Bet-El, Ilana R - Conscripts: Lost Legions of the Great War
A6365: Beveridge, Lord - Voluntary Action: A Report on Methods of Social Advance
A23: Beynon, Huw & Wainwright, Hilary - The Workers' Report on Vickers:
A7538: Bhagat, M.G - The Farmer: his Welfare and Wealth
C3760: Bidwell, Shelford - The Women's Royal Army Corps:
A14634: Bieler, Andreas - The Struggle for a Social Europe: Trade Unions and EMU in Times of Global Restructuring
C2525: Biggs, Mary - Women's Words: The Columbia Book of Quotations by Women
A13289: Biggs, Barry J - Ellen Gretton and her Circle: Lincolnshire Friends of John Wesley
C2090: Bigland, Eileen - The Indomitable Mrs Trollope:
C14639: Bigwood, Rosemary - The Scottish Family Tree Detective: Tracing Your Ancestors in Scotland
A14611: Bigwood, Rosemary - The Scottish Family Tree Detective: Tracing Your Ancestors in Scotland
A13960: Billiere, General Sir Peter de la - Storm Command: A Personal Account of the Gulf War
A4557: Binder, F. M., and Reimers, D. M - The Way We Lived: Essays and Documents in American Social History
C13962: Binns, Stewart and Wood, Adrian - The Second World War in Colour:
A2482: Birch, Lionel, ed - The History of the T.U.C., 1868-1968: a Pictorial Survey of a Social Revolution
C2825: Birchall, Emily - Wedding Tour: January-June 1873 and Visit to the Vienna Exhibition, Emily Birchall
C387: Bird, Isabella - A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains:
A7530: Bird, Anthony - Roads and Vehicles:
C14393: Birke, Lynda; Himmelweit, Susan and Vines, Gail - Tomorrow's Child: Reproductive Technologies in the 90s
C10539: Birke, Lynda - Women, Feminism and Biology: The Feminist Challenge
C1183: Birkett, Dea - Spinsters Abroad: Victorian Lady Explorers
C2495: Bishop, John, ed - Wise, Wanton, Womanly: a Verse Anthology About Woman
A15685: Bishop, Patrick - Battle of Britain: A Day-to-day Chronicle, 10 July - 31 October 1940
A14679: Bishop, Alan - Chronicle of Friendship: Diaries of the Thirties, 1932 - 39
C8212: Black, Naomi and Brandt, Gail Cuthbert - Feminist Politics on the Farm: Rural Catholic Women in Southern Quebec and Southwestern France
C7548: Black, Clementina - A New Way of Housekeeping:
C4960: Black, Clementina - A New Way of Housekeeping:
C15617: Black, Clementina ed - Married Women's Work: Being the Report of an Enquiry Undertaken by the Women's Industrial Council
A8467: Black, George F - A Gypsy Bibliography:
A5336: Black, Jeremy - The Collapse of the Anglo-French Alliance, 1727-1731:
C15607: Blackburn, Melissa, Humphries, Steve et al - Hope and Glory: Epic Stories of Empire and Commonwealth
C1076: Blackburn, Helen - Women's Suffrage: a Record of the Women's Suffrage Movement in the British Isles with Biographical Sketches of Miss Becker
A6256: Blackmore, Stanley - Reflections of a Country Magistrate:
G11395: Blackmore, Betsy L - The A B C of Needlework:
A2068: Blackwell, Trevor & Seabrook, Jeremy - A World Still to Win: the Reconstruction of the Post-War Working Class
C3170: Blair, Anna, ed - Miss Cranston's Omnibus: Recollections of Glasgow Life
A14054: Blair, Maud and Holland, Janet, eds - Identity and Diversity: Gender and the Experience of Education
A10631: Blake, Wendon - Oil Painting:
A11860: Blanke, David - Sowing the American Dream: How Consumer Culture Took Root in the American Mid-West
A8958: Blatchford, Robert - Spangles of Existence:
A5491: Blatchford, Robert - Not Guilty: a Defence of the Bottom Dog
A13185: Blatchford, Robert - God and my Neighbour:
C10518: Blaxall, Martha and Reagan, Barbara, eds - Women and the Workplace: The Implications of Occupational Segregation
A14413: Blinkhorn, Martin - Mussolini and Fascist Italy:
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C14449: Pack of 10 Suffragette Greeting Cards, - Convicts, Lunatics and Women: Have No Vote for Parliament!
C14447: Pack of 10 Suffragette Greetings Cards, - What a Woman May Be, and Yet Not Have the Vote: What a Man May Be, and Yet Not Lose the Vote
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A14129: Ellacott, S.E - The Seaman: Book 1: Illustrated by the Author
C9678: Elliot, Faith Robertson - The Family: Change or Continuity:
C15462: Ellis, Alice Thomas - A Welsh Childhood:
A14920: Ellis, Chris - Practical Model Trains:
A13063: Ellis, Monica, ed - Water and Wind Mills in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight:
A5100: Ellison, Peter & Howe, Paulette - Talk of the Wash House: 150 Years of Public Health
A14501: Ellison, Norman - The Wirral Peninsula:
A12303: Elston, Frank - Organized Games: For the School, The Hall, or the Playground
C6755: Elwes, Richard - First Poems:
A10601: The Embroiderers' Guild, - Canvas Work:
J14558: Emery, Jane - Rose Macaulay: a Writer's Life
A14182: Department of Employment, - Time Rates of Wages and Hours of Work: 1st April 1971
A829: Emsley, Clive - Crime and Society in England, 1750-1900:
A7854: Emsley, Clive and Walvin, James, eds - Artisans, Peasants and Proletarians, 1760 - 1860:
A3946: Emsley, Clive; Marwick, Arthur; & Simpson, Wendy - War, Peace and Social Change in Twentieth-Century Europe:
C8508: Enamel Reproduction Suffragette Badge, WSPU Intertwined Insignia - Women's Social and Political Union, Modern Replica Badge: Intertwined Insignia in White Green and Gold
C8168: Enamel Reproduction Suffragette Badge, Clover Design - N.U.W.S.S. Badge. Clover Design: Modern Replica:
C8167: Enamel Reproduction Suffragette Badge, Waving Flag Design - Votes For Women Modern Replica Badge, W.S.P.U:
C8942: Enamel Reproduction Suffragette Badge, Organisers & Organising Secretaries - NUWSS (National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies): Women's Suffrage
C8954: Enamel Reproduction Suffragette Badge, WSPU Loyal Service 1913 - Women's Social and Political Union, Modern Replica Badge: Loyal Service, WSPU, 1913. Deeds Not Words
C15672: Enamel Badge, Women's Rights - International Women's Day Ribbon-Style Badge: March 8th
C8952: Enamel Reproduction Suffragette Badge, WSPU Shield [Chevron] - Women's Social and Political Union, Modern Replica Badge: WSPU Shield [Chevron] in Purple, Green and White
A14197: England, Joe, editor - Changing Lives: Workers' Education in Wales, 1907 - 2007
A8355: English Tourist Board, Planning and Research Services Branch - Scarborough District Tourism Study:
A10079: Ennis, George Pearse - Making a Water-Colour:
C5721: Enock, Esther E - Frances Ridley Havergal: The Christian Poetess
A11832: Ereira, Alan - The People's England:
A15067: Esher, Reginald Viscount - The Tragedy of Lord Kitchener:
A8522: L'Esperance, Jeanne - The Widening Sphere: Women in Canada 1870-1940
C15592: Evans, Mary - Introducing Contemporary Feminist Thought:
C130: Evans, Mary, ed - The Woman Question:
A9538: Evans, George Ewart - Spoken History:
A5628: Evans, W. Gareth - Educational Development in a Victorian Community: A Case Study of Camarthenshire's Response to the Welsh Intermediate Education Act, 1889
C8818: Evans, Judith - Feminist Theory Today: An Introduction to Second-Wave Feminism
C9139: Evans, Mary and Ungerson, Clare, eds - Sexual Divisions: Patterns and Processes
C11116: Evelyn, John - The Life of Margaret Godolphin:
A13892: Everett-Heath, E. J.; Moss, G. M.; Mowat, A.; Reid, K - Military Helicopters:
C14018: Van Every, Jo - Heterosexual Women Changing the Family: Refusing to Be a Wife
A5011: Exley, Richard and Helen - Grandmas and Grandpas: A Gift Book Written by Grandchildren for their Grandparents
A13452: Exwood, Maurice and Lehmann, H. L., eds - The Journal of William Shellinks' Travels in England, 1661-1663:
A2554: Eyken, Willem van der, ed - Education, the Child and Society: a Documentary History, 1900 - 1973
F5353: Fairbairn, W.A - Some Game Birds of West Africa:
C486: Fairfax-Lucy, Alice - Mistress of Charlecote: The Memoirs of Mary Elizabeth Lucy, 1803-1889
G14297: Fairfield, Helen - Patchwork: Over 20 New and Original Projects for You to Make
C3628: Fairless, Michael - The Grey Brethren:
A11509: Faith, Nicholas - The World The Railways Made:
C9721: Faludi, Susan - Backlash: The Undeclared War Against Women
A11524: Fang, Hsien-T'ing - The Triumph of the Factory System in England:
C6574: Faragher, John Mack and Howe, Florence, eds - Women and Higher Education in American History: Essays from the Mount Holyoke College Sesquicentennial Symposia
A1311: Farman, Christopher - The General Strike, May 1926:
A13907: Farwell, Byron - The Great Boer War:
H11713: Fastnedge, Ralph - English Furniture Styles, from 1500-1830:
A10174: Faulks, Sebastian - The Fatal Englishman: Three Short Lives
C1846: Faure, Christine - Democracy Without Women: Feminism and the Rise of Liberal Individualism in France
C7544: Fawcett, Henry and Millicent Garrett - The Works of Henry and Millicent Fawcett, 1863-1924:
C6951: Fawcett, Millicent Garrett - Political Economy for Beginners:
C5334: Fawcett, Millicent and Turner, E. M - Josephine Butler: her Work and Principles and their Meaning for the Twentieth Century

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