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C5097: Fawcett, Millicent Garrett - Women's Suffrage: a Short History of a Great Movement
J13121: Fazakerley, G.R - Window Display:
A1360: Feinstein, C.H., ed - York, 1831-1981: 150 Years of Scientific Endeavour and Social Change
A10464: Feinstein, Charles, ed - The Managed Economy: Essays in British Economic Policy and Performance since 1929
A15208: Felstead, Alan and Jewson, Nick - In Work, At Home: Towards an Understanding of Homeworking
A9136: Feminist Review, ed, - Waged Work: A Reader
C15494: Fenwick, Eliza - Secresy: or, the Ruin on the Rock
A2351: Ferguson, John, ed - Christianity, Society and Education:
A6533: Ferns, H S and Watkins, K W - What Politics is About:
A11210: Ferra, Bartomeu - Chopin and George Sand in the Cartuja de Valldemosa:
C1415: Ferrier, Susan - Marriage:
A2079: Ferris, Paul - Sex and the British: a Twentieth-Century History
A11005: Feuchtwanger, E. J - Gladstone:
A3728: Ffinch, Michael - Gilbert and Sullivan:
A5317: Fido, Martin - Oscar Wilde: The Dramatic Life and Fascinating Times of Oscar Wilde
C7148: Field, Jean - Mary Dormer Harris: The Life and Works of a Warwickshire Historian
C7119: Field, Jean - She Dyed About Midnight: The Story of Landor House, Eastgate and the Cottages in Smith Street, Warwick
A7147: Field, Jean - Landor: A Biography of Walter Savage Landor
A7121: Field, Jean - Kings of Warwick:
A12927: Field, Frank - The Minimum Wage: Its Potential and Dangers
C9028: Field, Jean - Whitnash:
J11635: Field, June - Creative Patchwork:
H14309: Figes, Eva - Sex and Subterfuge: Women Writers to 1850
C3580: Filbee, Marjorie - A Woman's Place: an Illustrated History of Women at Home, From the Roman Villa to the Victorian Town House
A4487: Filby, P. William & Nemeh, Katherine H., eds - Passenger and Immigration Lists Index: A Guide to Published Records of More Than 3,806,000 Immigrants Who Came to the New World Between the Sixteenth and the Mid-Twentieth Centuries
C15720: Fildes, Valerie; Marks, Lara and Marland, Hilary - Women & Children First: International Maternal and Infant Welfare, 1870 - 1945
G12238: Fimo, - Fimo: Brilliantly Coloured Material for Creative Modelling
A6073: Finer, S. E - Anonymous Empire: A Study of the Lobby in Great Britain
C2420: Finnegan, Frances - Poverty and Prostitution: a Study of Victorian Prostitutes in York
A9679: Finney, Brian - The Inner I: British Literary Autobiography of the Twentieth Century
C5987: Fiorenza, Mary and Edmonds, Michael - Women's History Resources at the State Historical Society of Wisconsin:
C4077: Firmager, Gabrielle M., ed - Eliza Haywood: the Female Spectator: Selections
A10610: Firth, Gary - Victorian Yorkshire at Play: A Pictorial History of Yorkshire Sport and Pastimes
A10408: Firth-Cozens, Jenny and West, Michael A - Women at Work:
F6158: Fisher, John - Body Magic: Illustrated by Derek Lucas
C15101: Fisher, Dorothy Canfield - A Montessori Mother:
A4731: Fisher, David - The War Magician: How Jasper Maskelyne and his Magic Gang Altered the Course of World War II
C12405: Flanagan, Laurence, ed - Irish Women's Letters:
A3775: Flanders, Allan - Trade Unions:
B22: Flandrin, Jean-Louis - Families in Former Times: Kinship, Household and Sexuality
H2364: Fletcher, Sheila - Victorian Girls: Lord Lyttelton's Daughters
C6593: Fletcher, Sheila - Women First: The Female Tradition in English Physical Education, 1880-1980
C2323: Fletcher, Sheila - Feminists and Bureaucrats: a Study in the Development of Girls' Education in the Nineteenth Century
A2358: Fletcher, Ronald, ed - John Stuart Mill: A Logical Critique of Sociology
A15159: Fletcher, H. R - Story of the Royal Horticultural Society, 1804 - 1968:
A12615: Fletcher, Winston - Keeping the Vision Alive: The Story of Barnado's 1905-2005
A11039: Fletcher, Ronald - The Abolitionists: The Family and Marriage Under Attack
J12654: Flick, Pauline - The Doll's House Book:
A5705: Flinn, M. W., ed - Origins of the Industrial Revolution:
A5657: Flinn, M. W and Smout, T. C. eds - Essays in Social History:
A1384: Flinn, M.W - British Population Growth, 1700-1850:
A15077: Flint, William Russell - Models of Propriety: Occasional Caprices for the Edification of Ladies and the Delight of Gentlemen. With Illustrations
A9279: Floud, Roderick - An Introduction to Quantitative Methods for Historians:
A8899: Floud, Roderick and McCloskey, Donald, eds - The Economic History of Britain Since 1700:
A743: Floud, Roderick - An Introduction to Quantitative Methods for Historians:
A11482: Floud, Roderick and McCloskey, Donald - The Economic History of Britain Since 1700:
C12840: Flynn, Elizabeth A., and Schweickart, P.P., eds - Gender and Reading: Essays on Readers, Texts and Contexts
A4335: Flynn, James T - The University Reform of Tsar Alexander I, 1802 - 1835:
A683: Foden, Frank - Philip Magnus: Victorian Educational Pioneer
C13489: Folbre, Nancy, et al eds - Women's Work in the World Economy:
A15652: Foot, Michael and Highet, Alison - Isaac Foot: A Westcountry Boy - Apostle of England
C9061: Foote, Cheryl J - Women of the New Mexico Frontier, 1846-1912:
A6579: Forbes, Robert - Sixty Years of Medical Defence:
A1000: Ford, Colin & Harrison, Brian - A Hundred Years Ago: Britain in the 1880s in Words and Photographs
C11112: Foreman, Ann - Femininity as Alienation: Women and the Family in Marxism and Pyschoanalysis
H13804: Fornari, Anna - How to Interpret Dreams: Understanding Dream Psychology
C734: Forster, Margaret - Significant Sisters: The Grassroots Active Feminism, 1839-1939
B4490: Forster, Robert & Ranum, Orest, eds - Medicine and Society in France: Selections from the Annales
A14047: Forster, Canon Leslie John - Through a Glass Darkly: Notes on the Life of a Parish Priest
C8791: Forster, Penny and Sutton, Imogen, eds - Daughters of de Beauvoir:
A7416: Forty, George - Tank Action: From the Great War to the Gulf
A11419: Women's Studies International Forum, - Women's Studies International Forum:
A15200: Fosh, Patricia and Heery, Edmund, eds - Trade Unions and Their Members: Studies in Union Democracy and Organization
H13764: Foster, Timothy R V - 101 Ways to Great Publicity:
A14446: Foster, Kate - Scent Bottles:
A14435: Foster, Andy and Furst, Steve - Radio Comedy, 1938 - 68:
C14937: Fowler, Robert Booth - Carrie Catt: Feminist Politician
A13955: Fowler, Will - D-Day: The First 24 Hours
C12408: Frager, Ruth A and Patrias, Carmela - Discounted Labour: Women Workers in Canada, 1870-1939
C14552: France, Anatole - On Life and Letters:
A9738: France, Peter - Greek as a Treat: An Introduction to the Classics
C6123: Francis, Richard - Ann the Word: The Story of Ann Lee: Female Messiah, Mother of the Shakers, The Woman Clothed with the Sun
A15695: Francis, Martin; Zweiniger-Bargielowska, Ina, eds - The Conservatives and British Society 1880 - 1990:
A10587: Francome, Colin and Holland, Charlie - Juggling for All:
A12049: Frangopulo, N. J - Tradition in Action: The Historical Evolution of the Greater Manchester County
Z14716: Fraser, George Macdonald - Flashman and the Angel of the Lord:
Z14718: Fraser, George Macdonald - Flashman and the Tiger: And Other Extracts from the Flashman Papers
C735: Fraser, Antonia - The Weaker Vessel: Woman's Lot in Seventeenth-Century England
A4420: Fraser, Derek - The Evolution of the British Welfare State: A History of Social Policy Since the Industrial Revolution
A4049: Fraser, Derek, ed - Municipal Reform and the Industrial City:
A12038: Fraser, W. Hamish - Trade Unions and Society: The Struggle for Acceptance, 1850-1880
Z14699: Fraser, George MacDonald - Flashman and the Mountain of Light:
C6981: Freeman, T. W - The Conurbations of Great Britain:
C2515: Freeman, Gillian - The Schoolgirl Ethic: the Life and Work of Angela Brazil
C11441: Freeman, Jo, ed - Women:
A15099: Freese, Stanley - Windmills and Millwrighting:
A11042: French, J. O - Plumbers in Unity, 1865-1965: History of the Plumbing Trades Union, 1865-1965
A11231: Freund, Julien - The Sociology of Max Weber:
A2946: Friederichs, Hulda, et al - The Life of General Booth:
A5694: Friedlaender, Walter - David to Delacroix:
A13054: Friesen, John W - When Cultures Clash:
A14589: Frolich, Paul - Rosa Luxemburg:
C14841: Fronius, Helen - Women and Literature in the Goethe Era, 1770 - 1820: Determined Dilettantes
A13930: Froude, James Anthony - English Seamen in the Sixteenth Century: Lectures Delivered at Oxford Easter Terms, 1893 - 4
A12565: Froude, James Anthony - My Relations with Carlyle:
A4667: Frow, R. & E. & Katanka, Michael - The History of British Trade Unionism: A Select Bibliography
A14081: Frow, Edmund and Ruth - William Morris in Manchester and Salford:
A13413: Frow, Edmund and Ruth - To Make That Future Now: A History of the Manchester and Salford Trades Council
A1234: Frow, R. & E. & Katanka, Michael - Strikes: a Documentary History
A14433: Fulford, Roger - Votes for Women:
C8084: Fuller, Margaret - These Sad but Glorious Days: Dispatches from Europe, 1846-1850
C5556: Fuller, Margaret - Woman in the Nineteenth Century:
A13451: Fuller, Ken - Radical Aristocrats: London Busworkers from the 1880s to the 1980s
C12159: Funkhouser, Darlene - Women of the Civil War: Soldiers, Spies and Nurses
A6686: Funnell, D. C - Under the Shadow of Apartheid: Agrarian Transformation in Swaziland
A6601: Furneaux, W. D - The Chosen Few: An Examination of Some Aspects of University Selection in Britain
A15408: Fuseli, Arts Council - An Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings by Fuseli:
A8920: Fussell, Paul - Wartime: Understanding and Behaviour in the Second World War
A684: Gadd, E.W - Victorian Logs:
A11092: Gagnon, Serge - Man and His Past: The Nature and Role of Historiography
G14000: Gair, Angela - The Watercolour Course: a Step-by-Step Guide
A2886: Gaisford, John, ed - Times Gone By: A Photographic Record of Great Britain 1856-1956
A9801: Galbraith, John Kenneth - The World Economy Since the Wars: A Personal View
A5770: City of Manchester Art Gallery, - Between Renaissance and Baroque: European Art 1520-1600
A5442: National Gallery, - Art in Seventeenth Century Holland:
A11174: The National Gallery, - The National Gallery: January 1955-June 1956
C8919: Gallyon, Margaret - Margery Kempe of Lynn and Medieval England:
C15507: Garber, Marjorie - Vested Interests: Cross-Dressing and Cultural Anxiety
C13687: Garber, Linda, ed - Tilting the Tower:
C8124: Garcia, J., Kilpatrick, R., & Richards, M., eds - The Politics of Maternity Care: Services for Childbearing Women in Twentieth-Century Britain
A6479: Garden, Graeme - A Sense of the Past:
C15597: Gardiner, Juliet - Joining the Dots: A Woman In Her Time
A5218: Gardiner, Juliet - D-Day: Those Who Were There
A15667: Gardiner, Juliet, ed - What is History Today?:
A11070: Gardiner, Juliet - D-Day: Those Who Were There
F4597: Gardner, Albert Ten Eyck, ed - Peintures Naives Americaines: XVIIIe-XIXe siècles. Cent onze tableaux de la Collection Edgar William et Bernice Chrysler Garbisch.
C15726: Gardner, Alice - A Short History of Newnham College Cambridge:
C13914: Gardner, Viv, editor - Sketches from the Actresses' Franchise League:
A15178: Garner, Harry - Chinese and Japanese Cloisonne Enamels:
C2104: Garnett, Anne - Fields of Young Corn:
A8672: Garratt, Morris - Samuel Bamford: Portrait of a Radical
A12746: Garratt, Colin - The Golden Years of British Trams: Colin Garratt on the Work of Henry Priestley
C12899: Garrett, Stephanie - Gender:
A2850: Garrett, Richard - The Search for Prosperity: Emigration from Britain, 1815-1930
A12801: Garrett, John - British Poetry Since the Sixteenth Century: A Student's Guide
A7498: Gash, Norman - Aristocracy and People: Britain, 1815 - 1865
C12373: Gathorne-Hardy, Jonathan - The Rise and Fall of the British Nanny:
A13038: Geary, Dick - European Labour Protest 1848-1939:
A13018: Gedge, Peter S and Louden, M. R - S. Martin's College, Lancaster, 1964-89:
C1623: George, Susanne K - Kate M. Cleary: a Literary Biography with Selected Works
C12472: George, Vic and Miller, Stewart - Social Policy Towards 2000: Squaring the Welfare Circle
A4358: George, Henry - Social Problems:
A15527: George, M. Dorothy - English Political Caricature to 1792: A Study of Opinion and Propaganda
C15241: Ghilchik, Margaret - The Fellowship of Women: Two Hundred Surgical Lives
A13916: Gibbens, T.C.N. and Prince, Joyce - Shoplifting: A Report On Research Carried Out Under The Auspices Of The I.S.T.D.
A15693: Gibbs, Ken - The Steam Locomotive: An Engineering History
A15533: Gibson, Charles R. - Chemistry and Its Mysteries: The Story of What Things Are Made of Told in Simple Language
A3950: Gidley, Mick - Locating the Shakers: Cultural Origins and Legacies of an American Spiritual Movement
C2573: Gilbert, V.F. & Tatla, D.S - Women's Studies: a Bibliography of Dissertations, 1870 - 1982
A1897: Gilbert, A.D - Religion and Society in Industrial England: Church, Chapel and Social Change, 1740-1914
A10136: Gilbert, W. Stephen - Fight and Kick and Bite: The Life and Work of Dennis Potter
A14325: Gilbey, Walter - Ponies Past and Present:
A14314: Gilbey, Walter - The Old English War-horse: Or the Great Horse as it Appears, at Intervals, in Contemporary Coins and Pictures During the Centuries of its Development into the Shire-horse. With Notes
A14457: Gilchrist, Mrs - Mary Lamb:
C15586: Giles, Judy - Women, Identity and Private Life in Britain, 1900-50:
C6472: Gillen, Mollie - The Wheel of Things: A Biography of L. M. Montgomery. Author of Anne of Green Gables
C3784: Gilman, Charlotte Perkins - The Yellow Wallpaper:
C13628: Gilman, Charlotte Perkins - The Home: Its Work and Influence
A13725: Gilman, Charlotte Perkins - The Man-Made World: or, Our Androcentric Culture
A8440: Giroletti, Domingos - Fábrica: Convento e Disciplina
C744: Gittings, Robert, & Manton, Jo - The Second Mrs Hardy:
C4131: Gittings, Robert & Manton Jo - Dorothy Wordsworth:
A13252: Glaab, Charles N. and Larsen, Lawrence H - Factories in the Valley: Neenah-Menasha, 1870-1915
A7037: Gladwin, D. D - The Canals of Britain:
A4271: Gladwin, D.D - The Waterways of Britain: a Social Panorama
A11372: Glaister, Stephen and Mulley, Corinne - Public Control of the British Bus Industry:
A527: Glass, David, ed - Social Mobility in Britain:
A1757: Glass, D.V - Numbering the People: the Eighteenth-Century Population Controversy and the Development of Census and Vital Statistics in Britain
A13354: Glass, D.V. and Taylor, P. A. M - Population and Emigration:
C15602: Gledhill, Christine and Swanson, Gillian, eds - Nationalising Femininity: Culture, Sexuality and British Cinema in the Second World War
C11632: Glendinning, Victoria - Edith Sitwell:
A15225: Glendinning, Caroline and Miller, Jane, eds - Women and Poverty in Britain:
A13917: Glover, Elizabeth R - Probation and Re-education:
A11780: Glyde, John - Suffolk in the Nineteenth Century: Physical, Social, Moral, Religious, and Industrial
A15502: Glyn, Andrew and Miliband, David, eds - Paying For Inequality: The Economic Cost of Social Injustice
A10120: Gmelch, George and Saddlemyer, Ann - J. M. Synge: In Wicklow, West Kerry and Connemara
A13672: Godden, Leslie J - Handbook of Dental Radiography:
A13004: Gohm, D.C - Maps and Prints for Pleasure and Investment:
A983: Golby, J.M., ed - Culture and Society in Britain, 1850-1890: a Source Book of Contemporary Writings
A1004: Golby, John; Waites, Bernard, et al - Between Two Wars:
C6511: Goldberg, P.J.P., Ed - Women in Medieval English Society:
C2565: Goldie, Sue M - Florence Nightingale: Letters from the Crimea, 1854 - 1856
A11163: Goldie, Grace Wyndham - The Liverpool Repertory Theatre, 1911-1934:
A14689: Golding, Louis - Shepherd Singing Ragtime, and Other Poems:
C2499: Goldman, Harold - Emma Paterson: She Led Woman into a Man's World
C4076: Goldscheider, Gaby - Dolls:
A6338: Goldschmidt, Lucien and Schimmel, Herbert, eds - Unpublished Correspondence of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec:
C4692: Goldstein, Donald M. & Dillon, Katherine V - Amelia: The Centennial Biography of an Aviation Pioneer
A12818: Gollancz, Sir Israel - The Pardon of Piers Plowman:
A9710: Gollin, Alfred - No Longer an Island: Britain and the Wright Brothers, 1902-1909
A14934: Gonzales, Pancho and Rice, Cy - Man with a Racket: The Autobiography of Pancho Gonzales
G10532: Gooch, Peter H - Ideas for Art Teachers:
H13779: Goodchild, K, Ikin, P and Leach, J - Looking Back at Knutsford:
A2108: Goodenough, Simon - The Country Parson:
C7393: Goodman, Joyce and Martin, Jane, eds - Gender, Colonialism and Education: the Politics of Experience
C4987: Goodman, Philomena - Women, Sexuality and War:
A2745: Goodman, Arnold - Tell Them I'm On My Way: Memoirs
A14353: Goodman, Anthony - The New Monarchy: England, 1471 - 1534
A14082: Goodman, Dave - How the Old Age Pension was Won: the Forgotten Story. No Thanks to Lloyd George
A13521: Goodman, Dave - No Thanks to Lloyd George: The Forgotten Story - How the Old Age Pension Was Won
A13486: Goodson, Ivor F - School Subjects and Curriculum Change: Case Studies in Curriculum History
C5459: Gordon, Linda, ed - Women, the State and Welfare:
C3515: Gordon, Peter and Doughan, David - Dictionary of British Women's Organisations, 1825-1960:
C1901: Gordon, Eleanor - Women and the Labour Movement in Scotland, 1850-1914:
C15722: Gordon, Eleanor & Breitenbach, Esther, eds - The World is Ill-Divided: Women's Work in Scotland in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
C12311: Gordon, Lynn D - Gender and Higher Education in the Progressive Era:
A7851: Gordon, Peter and Aldrich, Richard - Biographical Dictionary of North American and European Educationists:
A3259: Gordon, Colin - A Richer Dust: Echoes from an Edwardian Album
A5076: Gorer, Richard - The Flower Garden in England:
C15540: Gorham, Deborah - Libby Davis: An Indiana Girlhood
A14636: Gorman, Daniel - Imperial Citizenship: Empire and the Question of Belonging
A6041: Gosden, P. H. J. H - How They Were Taught:
A11637: Gostelow, Mary - Mary Gostelow's Embroidery Book:
G10523: Gostelow, Mary - The Coats Book of Embroidery:
A12015: Gould, Willaim T. S and Hodgkiss, Alan G - The Resources of Merseyside:
A7754: Gourevitch, Peter Alexis - Paris and the Provinces: The Politics of Local Government Reform in France
A8221: Gourvish, T. R - Mark Huish and the London North Western Railway: A Study of Management
A2234: Gowing, Richard - Richard Cobden:
A13030: Grace, Gerald - Teachers, Ideology and Control: A Study in Urban Education
A15410: Grade, Michael - It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time: an Autobiography
A8457: Graham, Andrew with Seldon, Anthony, ed - Government and Economies in the Postwar World: Economic Policies and Comparative Performance, 1945-85
A2576: Graham, J.A. & Phythian, B.A., eds - The Manchester Grammar School, 1515 - 1965:
A14993: Graham, Malcolm - Henry Taunt of Oxford: a Victorian Photographer
A11321: Graham, Frank - The Geordie Netty: A Short History and Guide
A13229: Grahl, John - After Maastricht: A Guide to European Monetary Union
C15606: Grant, Joan, ed - Women, Migration and Empire:
A3806: Grant, Neil - The Savage Trade:
A2377: Grant, H. Roger - Spirit Fruit: a Gentle Utopia
A12913: Grant, Cecil and Hodgson, Norman - The Case for Co-Education:
C5127: Gray, Frances R - And Gladly Wolde He Lerne and Gladly Teche: a Book About Learning and Teaching
C3591: Gray, Janet, ed - She Wields a Pen: American Women Poets of the Nineteenth Century
C206: Gray, F. du Plessix - Rage & Fire: A Life of Louise Colet - Pioneer Feminist, Literary Star, Flaubert's Muse
A9278: Gray, Robert Q - The Labour Aristocracy in Victorian Edinburgh:
A3494: Gray, Tony - A Peculiar Man: a Life of George Moore, Bestselling Irish Author, 1852-1933
A10564: Gray, J., McPherson, A. F. and Raffe, D - Reconstructions of Secondary Education: Theory, Myth and Practice Since the War
C8706: Gray, Dorothy - Women of the West:
F1325: Grebing, Helga - The History of the German Labour Movement: a Survey
A6141: Green, Joyce M. Conyngham - Period Costumes and Settings for the Small Stage:
A4545: Greenall, R.L - The Making of Victorian Salford:
A11868: Greene, Lorenzo J and Woodson, Carter G - The Negro Wage Earner:
J12467: Greenhowe, Jean - Jean Greenhowe's Miniature Toys:
H14310: Greenidge, C.W.W - Slavery:
A11124: Greenwood, Frank - Manchester: Drawings and Etchings from the Collection in the Manchester Central Library
A15661: Gregory, Adrian - The Last Great War: British Society And The First World War
A10823: Gregory, S - Statistical Methods and the Geographer:
A1431: Gregson, Nicky & Lowe, Michelle - Servicing the Middle Classes: Class, Gender and Waged Domestic Labour in Contemporary Britain
C4643: Grenfell, Joyce - Darling Ma: Letters to her Mother, 1932-1944
A8389: Gressley, Gene M, ed - Bostonians and Bullion: The Journal of Robert Livermore, 1892-1915
A3723: Greve, John; Page, Dilys & Greve, Stella - Homelessness in London:
C15545: Greville, Julia, ed - Mistress Dorothy Drayton: Her Diary 1553-1559
A12066: Grey, Edwin - Cottage Life in a Hertfordshire Village: How the Agricultural Labourer Lived and Fared in the Late '60s and the '70s
A11588: Gribbon, H.D - The History of Water Power in Ulster:
C15637: Griffin, Ben - The Politics of Gender in Victorian Britain: Masculinity, Political Culture And The Struggle For Women's Rights
C13720: Griffin, Gabriele, ed - Changing Our Lives: Doing Women's Studies
A7069: Griffin, Alan R - The Miners of Nottinghamshire, 1914-1944: A History of the Nottinghamshire Miners' Unions
A15221: Griffin, Emma - Blood Sport: Hunting in Britain Since 1066
A10600: Griffin, C. S. - The Ferment of Reform, 1830-1860:
C665: Griffiths, Gareth - Women's Factory Work in World War I:
C12698: Griffiths, Sian, ed - Beyond the Glass Ceiling: Forty Women Whose Ideas Shape the Modern World
A9927: Griffiths, Sir Percival - Empire into Commonwealth:
A3947: Grigg, John - Nancy Astor: A Revealing New Portrait of a Woman who Made History
C10907: Groot, Gertjan de and Schrover, Marlou, eds - Women Workers and Technological Change in Europe:
C15638: Grosz, Elizabeth and Probyn, Elspeth, eds - Sexy Bodies: The Strange Carnalities of Feminism
C679: Manchester Women's History Group, - Resources for Women's History in Greater Manchester:
C6427: Cambridge Women's Studies Group, - Women in Society:
C389: Bristol Women's Studies Group, - Half the Sky: an Introduction to Women's Studies
C15499: West Yorkshire Homeworking Group, - A Penny A Bag: Campaigning on Homework
A13076: Glasgow University Media Group, - Bad News:
A10538: Rights of Women Lesbian Custody Group, - Lesbian Mothers' Legal Handbook:
C12276: Grove, Valerie - The Compleat Woman: Marriage, Motherhood, Career: Can She Have it All?
A6269: Groves, Derek - The Roof of Africa on Wheels:
A6527: Grundy, C. Reginald and Davison, Sydney L - Illustrated Guide to the Lady Lever Collection:
C8579: Gubar, Susan - Critical Condition: Feminism at the Turn of the Century
C3017: Guedalla, Philip - Bonnet and Shawl: An Album
A10465: Guenault, Paul H and Jackson, J. M - The Control of Monopoly in the United Kingdom:
A9009: Guinness, Alec - My Name Escapes Me: The Diary of a Retiring Actor
A13194: Gulvin, Clifford - The Tweedmakers: A History of the Scottish Fancy Woollen Industry, 1600-1914
C9496: Gunew, Sneja, ed - A Reader in Feminist Knowledge:
A9486: Guttsman, W. L., ed - The English Ruling Class:
C9661: Guy, Donna J - White Slavery and Mothers Alive and Dead: The Troubled Meeting of Sex, Gender, Public Health and Progress in Latin America
G10232: Gwynn, Kate - Painting in Watercolour:
A11617: Gwynne, Peter - A History of Crawley:
A14089: Gyford, C. Barrington - The Skipper Ashore: Being Some More Letters from the Skipper of a Tramp Steamer, about his Experiences Ashore in Various Parts of the World. With Photographs Sent by the Writer
C14115: Haddon, Celia - Great Days and Jolly Days: The Story of Girls' School Songs
A5674: Haddon, Celia - Be Beautiful: The Country Way
A7982: Hadfield, Charles - British Canals: An Illustrated History
C15579: Hadley, D. M. ed - Masculinity in Medieval Europe:
A7955: Hadow, W. H - Citizenship:
F4604: Hagen, Richard - Autumn Exhibition 1987: Autumn Exhibition, 8th November to 14th November 1987
H13040: Haining, Peter - The Great English Earthquake:
C15385: Haire, Norman - Hymen or the Future of Marriage:
A12473: Hakim, Catherine - Social Change and Innovation in the Labour Market:
A5427: Haldane, A. R. B - Three Centuries of Scottish Posts: An Historical Survey to 1836
C7951: Halford, Alison - No Way Up the Greasy Pole:
J12232: Hall, Nicholas - Clematis: And Other Climbing Plants
C653: Hall, Ruth - Marie Stopes: a Biography
C2796: Hall, Edith - Canary Girls and Stockpots:
C1298: Hall, Radclyffe - The Well of Loneliness:
A8593: Hall, Catherine, McClelland, K & Rendall, Jane - Defining the Victorian Nation: Class, Race, Gender and the Reform Act of 1867
A6467: Hall, Muriel Barton - Psychiatric Examination of the School Child:
A3685: Hall, Lesley A - Hidden Anxieties: Male Sexuality, 1900 - 1950
A11708: Hall, Michael - Leaving Home:
Z14702: Hall, Robert de Zouche, ed - A Bibliography on Vernacular Architecture:
C15608: Hallett, Christine E - Nurses of Passchendaele: Caring for the Wounded of the Ypres Campaigns 1914 - 1918
A14471: Halley, Robert - Lancashire: its Puritanism and Nonconformity
A13870: Halls, Zillah - Coronation Costume and Accessories, 1685 - 1953:
A10649: Hamer, Margaret - Pillow Lace:
A10632: Hamer, Margaret and Waller, Kathleen - Pillow Lace: Book 3: Torchon Lace Part 1
A10421: Hamerow, Theodore S - Otto von Bismarck: A Historical Assessment
C13689: Hamilton, Mary Agnes - Newnham: An Informal Biography
A6540: Hamilton, Catherine - The West Country is a Garden: A Wayfarer's Companion
A2445: Hamilton, Janet - Poems, Sketches & Essays:
A1948: Hamilton, Mary Agnes - The Labour Party Today: What it is, and How it Works
A13879: Hamilton-Edwards, Gerald - In Search of Army Ancestry:
A7559: Hammond, J.L. & Hammond, Barbara - The Town Labourer:
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C3154: Mackinnon, Alison - Love and Freedom: Professional Women and the Reshaping of Personal Life
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C12348: MacLean, Shirley - Mother Shipton and Her Prophecies, her Past, Present and Future:
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A13399: Maclure, Stuart - The Inspectors' Calling: HMI and the Shaping of Educational Policy, 1945 - 1992
A14440: Macmillan, Hugh - Roman Mosaics or Studies in Rome and its Neighbourhood:
C13830: MacNalty, Sir Arthur S - Mary Queen of Scots: The Daughter of Debate
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