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196393: Van Hout, Nico et al. - Rubens and His Legacy
131333: Van der Ley, Sabrina; Gavin Jantjes; John Berger; James Elkins; Nasjonalmuseet for kunst, arkitektur og design - Prisme Tegning Fra 1990 Til 2012 [=Prism. Drawing from 1990 to 2012]
25927: van Ravenswaay, Charles - The Arts and Architecture of German Settlements in Missouri: A Survey of a Vanishing Culture
107685: Van Rooy, Max and Rudi Fuchs - Kees Verwey
106455: Van Lieshout, Erik and Tom Morton - Erik Van Lieshout: This Can't Go on (Stay with Me)
115210.1: van den Brink, Peter and Japp van der Veen; Jacob Adriaensz Backer - Jacob Backer (1608/09 - 1651)
195998: Van Vechten, Carl - The Merry-Go-Round
109011: Van Rappard-Boon, C. - Catalogue of the Collection of Japanese Prints Part II: The Age of Utamaro: Japanese Prints C. 1780-1800
22139: Van Berchem, Marguerite and Etienne Clouzot - Mosaïques Chrétiennes Du IV Au X Siècle
108677: Van der Marck, Jan - Pictures to Be Read, Poetry to Be Seen
130285: van Bergeijk, Herman; Ute Spengler - Herman Hertzberger; Series: Studio Paperback
108714: van der Vinde, Lea - Children
107725: Vancouver Art Galley - Mise En Scene: Kim Adams, Mowry Baden, Roland Brenner, Al Mcwilliams, Liz Magor, Jerry Pethick
138529: Vancouver Art Gallery - Lost Illusions: Recent Landscape Art
36538: Vanderlip, Dianne Perry - John Sloan / Robert Henri: Their Philadelphia Years (1886-1904)
27594: Vanderpoel, Emily Noyes - American Lace and Lace Makers
107508: Vanderwarker, Peter - The Big Dig: Reshaping an American City
196441: Vanvitelli, Luigi; Cesare De Seta; Anna Giannetti - Luigi Vanvitelli
132694: Various - Carrier Pigeon: Illustrated Fiction and Fine Art (Volume 2, Issue 1)
132135: Various - The Sixtieth Volume of the Walpole Society, 1998, the Ford Collection- II
194453: Various - Eidos, a Journal of Painting and Sculpture and Design: Number 1, May-June 1950
29113: Various - The Taft Museum: Its History and Collections (Volumes I and II)
36313: Various - Tea Drinking in the West
32120: Various - Cahiers de la Ceramique Du Verre Et Des Arts Du Feu, No. 2 (Mars 1956)
194303: Various - Peterson's Magazine (Complete Year, 1858)
194387: Various - Bound Series of Plays, Printed in Belgium
132134: Various - 58th Annual Volume of the Walpole Society, 1995-96
196304: Various - Salisbury: The Houses of the Close
196457: Various - 49th Annual Volume of the Walpole Society, 1983
132406: Various - Omaggio a Beato Angelico: Un Dipinto Per IL Museo Poldi Pezzoli
196014: Various Authors - The Iroquois: Volume XII, No. 1 (Christmas, 1931)
132137: Various - 63rd Annual Volume of the Walpole Society, 2001; (LXIII, Sixty-Third Volume)
194281: Various - Bulletin of the Art Center, New York; Various Months and Years
194295: Various - Godey's Lady's Book, 1855 (12 Issues Bound)
194296: Various - Peterson's Magazine (Complete Year, 1859)
195861: Various - Vogue Magazine: December 1, 1937
132136: Various - 66th Annual Volume of the Walpole Society, 2004
24156: various - The Fine Arts Quarterly Review, Vol. 3 (Oct. 1864-Jan. 1865)
194572: Various - The Cosmopolitan: December, 1893
195860: Various - Vogue Magazine: December 15, 1937
194573: Various - Seventeenth Annual Old Glory Horse Auction: America's Greatest Light Harness Horses at Madison Square Garden
146606: Various - 62nd Annual Volume of the Walpole Society, 2000
133035: various - Utotombo: L'Art D'Afrique Noire Dans Les Collections Privees Belges
194654: Various Authors - The Textile Educator: Containing Lessons and Exercises in Spinning and Weaving of Woollen, Worsted, Cotton, Silk, Linen, and Mixed Goods, with About Five Hundred and Fifty Illustrations: Volumes One and Two, Together (September 1888 - June 1889)
132141: Various - 70th Annual Volume of the Walpole Society, 2008; (LXX, Seventieth Volume)
194574: Various - Black-Draught Encyclopedia Farmer's Guide and Diary, with Devoe's Weather Forecasts for the Year 1911
132398: Various - Seeroon Yeretzian
194668: Various Authors - Lot of Four Issues of "October: Art Theory Criticism, Politics
132154: Various - Brera Nascosta: Arte Lombarda Dal XIV Al XVII Secolo
195534: Various - Classic Short Stories: American, English, Russian (Three Volumes)
194575: Various - Lafayette Radio: Catalog No. 87
132138: Various - 64th Annual Volume of the Walpole Society, 2002; (LXIV, Sixty-Fourth Volume)
132139: Various - 65th Annual Volume of the Walpole Society, 2003; (LXV, Sixty-Fifth Volume)
170526: Varnedoe, Kirk - Cy Twombly: A Retrospective
132732: Varnedoe, Kirk; Pepe Karmel - Jackson Pollock
108640: Varnedoe, Kirk - Pictures of Nothing: Abstract Art Since Pollock
194299: Varnedoe, Kirk and Gregory Gillbergh - High and Low: Modern Art and Popular Culture
194944: Varriano, John L. - Italian Baroque and Rococo Architecture
195423: Vasari, Giorgio; George Bull - Lives of the Artists : A Selection (3 Volumes)
593: Vassar College - Woodstock: An American Art Colony, 1902-1977
103080: Vaughn, William and Elizabeth E. Barker and Colin Harrison - Samuel Palmer, 1805-1881: Vision and Landscape
195937: Vecchj, C Aug; J C Hacke van Mijnden - Garibaldi Et Caprera : Deux Journaux
183331: Vechten van, Carl - The Tattooed Countess: A Romantic Novel with a Happy Ending
92.2: Vedder, Elihu - The Digressions of V, Written for His Own Fun and That of His Friends
130563: Veltmann, Claus; - Freiheit, Fortschritt Und Verheissung : Blickwechsel Zwischen Europa Und Nordamerika
32645: Veneciano, Jorge - Chakaia Booker: No More Milk and Cookies
107660: Venn, Beth - Collage in America
109833: Venn, Beth - Edward Hopper and the American Imagination
107663: Venn, Beth - American Art 1900-1940: A History Reconsidered. Selections from the Permanent Collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art
195666: Ventura, Rute and - Liu Xiaodong: Spring in New York
194562: Venturi, Lionello - Italian Sculptors of Today
194478: Venturi, Lionello and Juliette Bertrand - Peintres Modernes: Goya, Constable, David, Ingres, Delacroix, Corot, Daumier, Courbet
176851: Venturi, Lionello - An Exhibition of Masterpieces by Renoir After 1900: For the Benefit of Children's Aid Society
195227: Venturi, Robert; Vincent Joseph Scully - Mutters Haus Die Entstehung Von Vanna Venturis Haus in Chestnut Hill
175425: Vercelloni, Virgilio - The Adventure of Design: Gavina
130834: Vergine, Lea - L' Autre Moitie de L'Avant-Garde 1910 - 1940 : Femmes Peintres Et Femmes Sculpteurs Dans Les Mouvements D'Avant-Garde Historiques
194410: Verlaine, Paul - Sagesse
194588: Vermont Marble Company - Miracles in Marble: A Story of Modern Methods Applied to One of America's Oldest Industries
132786: Verna Safran Tomasson - Womanstages
25966.1: Vernay, Arthur Stannard - Decorations and English Interiors
195379: Verne, Jules - Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
194198: Veruschka and Holger Trulzsch - Vera Lehndorff & Holger Trulzsch: Oxydationen
195792: Vervoordt, Axel - Room of Wonder I : Axel Vervoordt
130503: Verwilghen, Michel - D'Amours Fous En Querelles D'Heritage: Trois Surprenantes Affaires Judiciaires Au Temps de Napoleon Ier
131059: Verzotti, Giorgio - Pittura Italiana [Da Collezioni Italiane] = Italian Painting [from Italian Collections]
108947: Vetrocq, Marcia - Rob Amory: The Light of Others
109169: Vetrocq, Marcia - Rob Amory: La Lumiere Des Autres
109809: Veuve, Philippe - Numismatica Genevensis Sa
108365: Vial, Veronique - Men Before 10 A.M. Too!!
195253: Vickers, Brian - Essays or Councils, CIVIL and Moral of Francis Bacon
196231: Vickers, Michael J. - Ivory: An International History and Illustrated Survey
196410: Vidler, Anthony - Claude-Nicolas Ledoux : Architecture and Utopia in the Era of the French Revolution
36381: Vidoni, Conte Bartolommeo de Soresina - La Pittura Cremonese
195991: Viel, M. - Construction Des Bâtiments de Mer, Cours de Tracé Et de Calculs de Déplacement Et de Stabilité Hydrostatique
195260: Vierge, Daniel Urrabieta; Herm F Bruehler - Pen and Ink Drawings by Daniel Vierge
195883: Vignon, Paul - Saint Suaire de Turin Devant la Science, L'Archeologie, L'Histoire, L'Iconographie, la Logique Texte Imprime
106537: Vilarasau, Josep - Caixa Forum: "Un Edifici-Fabrica Artistich
107034: Villar, Mercedes Agueda - Legacy: Spain and the United States in the Age of Independence, 1763-1848 = Legado: Espana Y Los Estados Unidos En la Era de la Independencia, 1763-1848
196336: Villari, Sergio - J.N. L. Durand (1760-1834): Art and Science of Architecture
195586: Villegle; Marion Chanson - Villegle Et Ses Compagnons Du Nouveau Realisme
109923: Villeneuve, Rene (Preface) - Lord Dalhousie, Patron and Collector
35796: Villon, Jacques and Manuel Schmit - Jacques Villon, 1875-1963: Peintre, Dessinateur: Retrospective
22970: Vincent, Margaret - May Useful Arts Employ My Youth": The Hope R. Hacker Collection in the Allentown Art Museum
192299: Viollet-le-Duc, Eugène-Emmanuel - Dictionnaire Raisonne Du Mobilier Francais de L'Epoque Carlovingienne a la Renaissance (Vol 1)
195881: Viollet-le-Duc, Eugène Emmanuel - Entretiens Sur L'Architecture / Atlas
195901: Virgil.; John Dryden - The Aeneid
109360: Virginia Woolf Society - Virginia Woolf Miscellany
132933: Vishnevska, I I. - Sokrovishcha Oruzheinoi Palaty : Posolskie Dary : Gosudarstvennyi Istoriko-Kulturnyi Muzei-Zapovednik "Moskovskii Kreml" = Treasures of the Armoury : Ambassadorial Gifts : Moscow Kremlin State Museum-Preserve of History and Culture
195368: Vishniac, Roman - A Vanished World
182920: Visser, H.F.E. - Asiatic Art
107993: Vistavki, B.I. - Belgiiskaya Zhivopis XIX Veka V Sobranii Ermitazha
101191: Vitman - Arkhitektura Leningrada
194213: Vitry, Paul and Marcel Nicolle - Collection Jacques Doucet: Deuxieme Partie: Catalogue Des Sculptures & Tableaux Du Xviiie
194270: Vitt, Walter - Konstruktive Tendenzen in Westeuropa, 1950-1960
35762: Vivaldi, Cesare (translator) - Eneide
194881: Vlach, John Michael - Charleston Blacksmith: The Work of Philip Simmons
194804: Vlack, Don - Art Deco Architecture in New York, 1920-1940
15725: Vlaminck, Maurice de - Vlaminck: His Fauve Period
194776: Voelkle, William (assisted by Roger S. Wieck) - The Spanish Forger
194794: Vogel, Susan Mullin and Francine Niaye - African Masterpieces from the Musee de L'Homme
25725: Vogel, Robert M. - Roebling's Delaware & Hudson Canal Aqueducts
108809: Vogel, Susan - Africa Explores: 20th Century African Art
188558: Vogelsang, Willem and M. Van Notten - Die Holzskulptur in Den Niederlanden; Band II: Das Niederlandische Museum Zu Amsterdam
22114: Volger, Gisela and Karin v. Welck - Männer Bande, Männer Bünde: Zur Rolle Des Mannes IM Kulturvergleich (2 Vols. )
131169: Volger, Gisela; Karin von Welck; Rene Konig; Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum fur Volkerkunde (Koln) - Mannerbande, Mannerbunde: Zur Rolle Des Mannes IM Kulturvergleich (German Edition) Two Volumes; (Series: Ethnologica, 1990/15 )
108904: Vollard, Ambroise, ed - Bon a Tirer: Books, Prints, Manuscripts - a Comprehensive Collection of Rare and Fine Books and Prints Published by Ambroise Vollard, Among Them Many Annotated Manuscripts, Maquettes and Proof Impressions. Original Woodblock and Autograph Letters
107943: Von Heine-Geldern, Robert - Indonesian Art: A Loan Exhibition from the Royal Indies Institute Amsterdam, the Netherlands
109913: von Reisberg, Eugene Barilo - Impulse to Paint: The Artists of Iylenty, Utopia
34697: von Habsburg, Geza - Princely Treasures
195262: Von Bothmer, Dietrich - The Amasis Painter and His World: Vase-Painting in Sixth-Century B.C. Athens
107219: Von Rosenstiel, Helene and Gail Caskey Winkler - Floor Coverings for Historic Buildings
118396: von Bode, Wilhelm - Die Sammlung Richard Von Kaufmann, Band 2
133042: von Sydow, Eckart ; Gerdt Kutscher - Afrikanische Plastik
108098: Von Holten, Ragnar - Gosta Kriland
30754: Von Wiegand, Charmion & William C. Agee - Charmion Von Wiegand: Improvisations, 1945
195072: Vos, Dirk de and Rogier van der Weyden - Rogier Van Der Weyden: The Complete Works
2962: Vose Galleries - Exhibition and Sale of Paintings by John J. Enneking (1841-1916)
107567: Vose Galleries - Recent Acquisitions, Fall 2008
108343: Vose, Marcia, ed - Vose Art Notes: A Guide for Collectors - Special Edition; the Best of Art Notes in Celebration of Our 165th Year
132389: Vossius, Gerardus Joannes - Joh. Gerardi Vossii de Philosophia Et Philosophorum Sectis Libri II Together with Three Other Vossius Titles Bound in
131887: Vrhunc, Polonca ; Anton Karinger; France Zupan; Narodna galerija v Ljubljani - Anton Karinger 1829-1870
132937: Vsevolozskaja, S; T. Fomitchova; I. Grigoreva; et al. - La Peinture Italienne Des XIII-XVIII Siecles Dans la Collection Du Musee de L'Ermitage (Ital'Yanskaya Zhivopis' XIII-XVIII Vekov V Sobranii Ermitazha)
33050: Wackernagel, Rudolf - Staats- Und Galawagen Der Wittelsbacher: Wittelsbach State and Ceremonial Carriages, Coaches, Sledges, and Sedan Chairs in the Marstallmuseum Schloss Nymphenburg (2 Vols)
194682: Waddington Galleries - Ivon Hitchens: 19 June - 13 July 1996
145047: Waddington Galleries - John Hoyland
195922: Waddington Galleries - David Inshaw
194541: [Waddington Galleries] - Groups III
194539: [Waddington and Tooth Galleries] - Groups
194542: [Waddington Galleries] - Groups V.
194543: [Waddington Galleries] - Groups VI
195042: Wade, David - Pattern in Islamic Art
195122: Wagner, Anne Middleton - Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux: Sculptor of the Second Empire
106999: Wagner, Hans-Joachim - Christina Feuser - la Mort Subite
30751: Wagner von Callischan, Judy - Walter Murch
186580: Wagstaff, Sheena; Gerhard Richter; B H D Buchloh; Briony Fer; Hal Foster; Peter Geimer; Brinda Kumar; André Rottmann; Russell Stockman - Gerhard Richter : Painting After All
108367: Wahl, Kenneth - Paul Rotterdam: Selected Drawings 1974-77
194773: Wahlman, Maude Southwell - Signs and Symbols: African Images in African-American Quilts
106649: Wainwright, Jean (Interview) and Alan Phelan - Tom Molloy: Yo Lo VI
102500: Waissenberger, Robert - Vienna Secession
107105: Waissenberger, Robert (ed.) - Vienna in the Biedermeier Era
194863: Waite, Diana S. - Ornamental Ironwork: Two Centuries of Craftsmanship in Albany and Troy, New York
194163: Walcott, Mary Vaux - North American Wild Flowers: Volume II
1429: Waldman, Diane - Mark Rothko, 1903-1970: A Retrospective
6632: Waldman, Diane - Ellsworth Kelly: Drawings, Collages, Prints
6921: Waldman, Diane - Roy Lichtenstein
158190: Waldman, Diane - Ellsworth Kelly: Drawings, Collages, Prints
195687: Walentas, Jane and Jimmy Soni - Jane's Carousel
196049: Walker, Wildes P. (printed for) - Catalogue of Paintings, Engravings, and Photographs, at the "Walker Homestead," Topsham, Maine
30089: Walker, John - Bellini and Titian at Ferrara
28509: Walker, Daniel - Rights in Conflict: The Violent Confrontation of Demonstrators and Police in the Parks and Streets of Chicago During the Week of the Democratic National Convention of 1968
130371: Walker, Hollis - Zink: The Language of Enchantment; (New Mexico Magazine Artist Series)
109443: Walker Galleries - Paul Lewis Clemens: First New York Exhibition
173576: Walker, Corban - 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997: Corban Walker
195996: Walker, Cummings G. - The Great Poster Trip: Art Eureka
164557: Walker, Daniel - Flowers Underfoot: Indian Carpets of the Mughal Era
21706: Wall, Alexander (introduction) - Catalogue of American Portraits in the New-York Historical Society: Oil Portraits, Miniatures, Sculptures
124248: Wallace, Philip B. - Colonial Ironwork in Old Philadelphia: The Craftsmanship of the Early Days of the Republic
146148: Wallace, Terry - Caroline M. Bell (1874-1970) and the Peconic Bay Impressionists
159356: Wallace, Kevin - River of Destiny: The Life and Art of Binh Pho (Signed)
126683: Wallace, Philip B. - Colonial Ironwork in Old Philadelphia: The Craftsmanship of the Early Days of the Republic
132076: Wallace, Kevin - The Cutting Edge: Contemporary Wood Art and the Lipton Collection
109795: Wallach, Amei - Anita Huffington: Sources
153560: Wallach, Sidney - Modern Paintings, Drawings, Collages, Objets-Peinture and Sculpture -- Property of the American Chess Foundation . .
108881: Walstedt, Eric - 19th & 20th Century European & American Masters: Recent Acquisitions
109518: Walter, Rodolphe - Le Medecin de Claude Monet, Jean Rebiere
122071: Walter, Emily (editor) - German Masters of the Nineteenth Century: Paintings and Drawings from the Federal Republic of Germany
194501: Walton, Izaak and Charles Cotton, et al. - The Complete Angler, or, Contemplative Man's Recreation: Being a Discourse on Rivers, Fish Ponds, Fish and Fishing
194786: Wang, Shixiang and Wango H.C. Weng - Bamboo Carving of China
107758: Warburg, Anni - Israhel Van Meckenem
133158: Ward, W.H. - French Chateaux and Gardens in the Xvith Century: A Series of Reproductions of Contemporary Drawings Hitherto Unpublished by Jacques Androuet Du Cerceau
120481: Ward, Meredith - Naughty or Nice? Dada Drawings by Clara Tice
26490: Ward, Rev Nathaniel - The Simple Cobler of Aggawam
33361: Ward, Gerald W.R. - American Case Furniture in the Mabel Brady Garvan and Other Collections at Yale University
109044: Ward, Alex - Dream Makers: Design Meets Technology
23190: Ward, Roger and Patricia J. Fidler (editors) - The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art: A Handbook of the Collection
28532: Wardenburg, Fred - Operation Safari
22272: Wardlaw, Alvia J. - African-American Art, 20th Century Masterworks, VIII
108873: Wardwell, Allen - The Art of the Sepik River
24370: Ware, Katherine - Elemental Landscapes: Photographs by Harry Callahan
195061: Ware, William R. - The American Vignola: A Guide to the Making of Classical Architecture
26081: Warhol, Andy - Andy Warhol: Hammer and Sickle
107061: Wark, Robert R. - French Decorative Art in the Huntington Collection
176684: Warner, Langdon and Horace H.F. Jayne - Eastern Art, an Annual, Volume II, 1930
107472: Warner, Malcolm and Julia Marciari Alexander - This Other Eden; Paintings from the Yale Center for British Art
195797: Warnock, Molly - Simon Hantai
195769: Warnock, Molly - Penser la Peinture: Simon Hantai
116525: Warrell, Ian (editor) - J.M. W. Turner
194473: Warren, Robert Penn and Jane Doggett (Book Designer) - To a Little Girl, One Year Old, in a Ruined Fortress: A Poem in Five Parts
195246: Warren, Charles D and Carole Ann Fabian, et al. - Sylvan Cemetery: Architecture, Art and Landscape at Woodlawn
133043: Warren M. Robbins; Robert H. Simmons; Richard Walters (transl) - African Art in American Collections / L'Art Africain Dans Les Collections Americaines
24163: Washington, DC: Corcoran Gallery, Feb. 1 to Mar. 16, 1969 - 31st Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting
30085: Washington, DC: Renwick Gallery, May 17 to Aug. 18, 1974, one other location - The Goldsmith: An Exhibition of Work by Contemporary Artists-Craftsmen of North America
23550: Washington, D.C.: Corcoran Gallery of Art, Dec. 16, 1995 to Feb. 19, 1996 - 44th Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting: Corcoran Gallery of Art. Painting Outside Painting; Painting Outside Painting
20081: Washington, DC: The Phillips Collection, June 9 to Aug. 25, 1984, two other locations - Bonnard: The Late Paintings
24572: Washington, DC: National Gallery of Art, Nov. 18, 2001 to Apr. 7, 2002 - A Century of Drawing: Works on Paper from Degas to Lewitt
20967: Washington, DC: National Gallery of Art, Apr. 13 to Sept. 5, 1988, two other locations - Royal Treasures of Sweden: 1550-1700
23603: Washington, DC: Corcoran, Oct. 17 to Nov. 15, 1925, one other location - Commemorative Exhibition by Members of the National Academy of Design, 1825-1925
22905: Washington, DC: SITES, 1986, three locations - Renaissance Master Bronzes from the Collection of the Kunthistorisches Museum, Vienna
8542: Washington, DC: Corcoran Gallery, 1967 - 30th Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting
148983: Wasserman, Jeanne L. (editor) - Metamorphoses in Nineteenth-Century Sculpture
187778: Wasserman, Krystyna and Johanna Drucker, et al. - The Book As Art : Artists' Books from the National Museum of Women in the Arts
173093: Waterbury, Florence - Early Chinese Symbols and Literature: Vestiges and Speculations, with Particular References to the Ritual Bronzes of the Shang Dynasty
196178: Waterfield, Giles and Dick Kingzett et al. - Art Treasures of England: The Regional Collections
106958: Waters, Deborah Dependahl (editor) et al. - Elegant Plate: Three Centuries of Precious Metals in New York City
194507: Waters, Helen - Michael Craig-Martin: Objects of Our Time
21989: Waters, Debra with Mildred Friedman and Glenn M. Andres - Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates: Buildings and Projects 1967-1992
101858: Waters, DonaldJ. (Editor) - Strange Ways and Sweet Dreams: Afro-American Folklore from the Hampton Institute
196326: Watkin, David - Sir John Soane : Enlightenment Thought and the Royal Academy Lectures
180964: Watkin, David and Christopher Woodward, et al. - Visions of Ruin: Architectural Fantasies and Designs for Garden Follies
196206: Watkin, David - The Life and Work of C.R. Cockerell
109410: Watkin, David and Philip Hewat-Jaboor - Thomas Hope, Regency Designer
132140: Watkins, Charles; Ben Cowell - 68th Volume of the Walpole Society, 2006
106788: Watney, Bernard - English Blue & White Porcelain of the 18th Century
100442: Watrous, James - American Printmaking: A Century of American Printmaking, 1880-1980
194905: Watson, William - Art of Dynastic China
195415: Watson, James D. - The Double Helix
107272: Watt, James C.Y. - The Sumptuous Basket: Chinese Lacquer with Basketry Panels
29557: Watts, Steven - The Republic Reborn: War and the Making of Liberal America, 1790 - 1820
29290: Watts, W. W. - Old English Silver
29290.1: Watts, W. W. - Old English Silver
100665: Wauchope, Robert - Zacualpa, El Quiche, Guatemala - an Ancient Provincial Center of the Highland Maya
132254: Wawra, C J Vienna - Nachlass Dr. Max Strauss : Gemalde Alter Und Moderner Meister, Miniaturen Handzeichnungen : Wien, Marz 1926 / Estate of Dr. Max Strauss: Paintings by Old and Modern Masters, Miniatures Drawings: Vienna March 1926
165183: Wax, Carol - The Mezzotint: History and Technique
35682.1: Way, Thomas R. - The Lithographs of Whistler
29815: Wayne, Cynthia et al. - Eye of the Storm: Photographs by Mildred Grossman from the Photography Department
194659: Weale, John - Weale's Quarterly Papers on Architecture. 4 Volumes
183478: Weale, John - Weale's Quarterly Papers on Architecture. Part I - Michaelmas, 1843, Volume I.
161844: Weaver, Thomas (editor) - David Chipperfield: Architectural Works, 1990-2002
108020: Weaver, Suzanne - Phil Collins: The World Won't Listen
23451: Weber, Joanna and Harry Cooper and Laura Greengold - Philip Guston: A New Alphabet, the Late Transition
154508: Weber, Susan (editor) - William Kent: Designing Georgian Britain
102001: Weber, C. Sylvia (editor) - Old Masters in the Wurth Collection (the Former Furstlich Furstenberg Collection of Paintings)
187760: Webster, Leslie And Janet Backhouse - The Making of England: Anglo-Saxon Art and Culture, Ad 600-900
36070: Webster, Donald Blake - Decorated Stoneware Pottery of North America
107835: Webster, David S. and William Kehoe - Decoys at Shelburne Museum
196345: Wechsberg, Joseph - Vienna, My Vienna
33193: Wechsler, Jeffrey - Ralph Rosenborg: Oil and Watercolor Paintings from the 1960s
107965: Wechsler, Jeffrey - Bohdan Osyczka
188219: Wechsler, Jeffrey - Abstract Expressionism, Other Dimension: An Introduction to Small Scale Painterly Abstraction in America, 1940-1965
22763: Wechsler, Jeffrey - The Rediscovery of Jared French
108192: Wechsler, Jeffrey - Asian Traditions Modern Expressions: Asian American Artists and Abstraction, 1945 - 1970
107979: Wechsler, Max - Marianne Eigenheer: Bilder Und Objekte 10/17-12/4 1983
15261.1: Weddell, Alexander Wilbourne - A Memorial Volume of Virginia Historical Portraiture, 1585-1830
196346: Wedgwood, Alexandra - A.W. N. Pugin and the Pugin Family
188349: Weekly, Nancy - Charles E. Burchfield: Inexhaustible
106676: Wei, Lilly - Susan Schwalb: Atmospheric Disturbances
32577: Wei, Han et al. - Chine le Siecle Du Premier Empereur (China the Century of the First Emperor)
109817: Wei, Lilly - Herman Cherry: Sixties Ferment
106740: Weiermair, Peter, ed - Arthur Tress
6316: Weinberg, H. Barbara - The American Pupils of Jean-Leon Gerome
106423: Weinberger, Jane - The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Through the Lense of Sir Robert Cotton
109010: Weiner, Rob (editor) - Chinati Foundation Newsletter Vol. 12
31682: Weinhardt, Carl J. - Arts of the T'Ang Dynasty
107594: Weinstein Gallery - Gordon Onslow Ford: From the Vallejo
107836: Weisberg, Gabriel - Edgar Chahine: La Vie Parisienne
24794: Weisberg, Gabriel P. and William S. Talbot - Chardin and the Still-Life Tradition in France
144012: Weisberg, Gabriel P. and Rachel Schmid and Elizabeth Sullivan - A Taste for Porcelain: The Virginia A. Marten Collection of Decorative Arts
24921: Weisbrod (Michael B.) Inc - Tenth Anniversary Exhibition Michael B. Weisbrod, Inc
107936: Weisgall, Deborah - John Eric Byers: A Mid-Career Retrospective
150054: Weiss, Jeffrey - Mel Bochner: Drawings 1966-1968
167759: Weiss, Peg (Editor) - Adelaide Alsop Robineau: Glory in Porcelain
22441: Weitzmann, Kurt - Age of Spirituality: Late Antique and Early Christian Art, Third to Seventh Century
123397.1: Weitzmann, Kurt - Greek Mythology in Byzantine Art (Studies in Manuscript Illumination Number 4)
37025: Welch, Mary B. - Mrs. Welch's Cookbook
132495: Welch, Charles - History of the Worshipful Company of Pewterers of the City of London Based Upon Their Own Records (2 Vols. )
194934: Welch, Stuart Cary - Room for Wonder: Indian Painting During the British Period 1760-1880
108128: Welch, Anthony and Stuart Cary Welch - Arts of the Islamic Book: The Collection of Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan
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