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124170: BECKERDITE, LUKE AND WILLIAM N. HOSLEY (EDITORS) - American Furniture 1995
22128: BECKERDITE, LUKE (EDITOR) - American Furniture 1993
124171: BECKERDITE, LUKE (EDITOR) - American Furniture 2001
101558: BECKERDITE, LUKE (EDITOR) - American Furniture 2004
126942: BECKERDITE, LUKE (EDITOR) - American Furniture 2010
127244: BECKERDITE, LUKE (EDITOR) - American Furniture 1999
124970: BECKERDITE, LUKE (EDITOR) - American Furniture 2009
101684: BECKERDITE, LUKE (EDITOR) - American Furniture 2003
22398000001: BECKERDITE, LUKE (EDITOR) - American Furniture 2000
22128000001: BECKERDITE, LUKE (EDITOR) - American Furniture 1997
124169: BECKERDITE, LUKE (EDITOR) - American Furniture 1996
119455: BECKETT, SISTER WENDY (FOREWORD) - One Hundred of the Best
158308: BECKETT, SAM ET AL. - Bram Van Velde
150685: BECKETT, JOHN - The Rise and Fall of the Grenvilles: Dukes of Buckingham and Chandos, 1710 to 1921
124713: BECKETT, JANE AND ANDREI NAKOV - Collages and Reliefs, 1910-1945, and Hiller - Heliographs
158122: BECKETT, R. B. (EDITOR) - John Constable's Correspondence, II-VI (5 of 6 Volumes)
155806: BECKETT, SAMUEL - Proust
137806: BECKETT, R. B. - Hogarth
118762: BECKMAN, THOMAS - Milwaukee Illustrated: Panoramic and Bird's-Eye Views of a Midwestern Metropolis, 1844-1908
14490: BECKMAN, MAX; GRACE BORGENICHT - Max Beckmann: Paintings and Works on Paper
18361: BECKMANN, MAX - Max Beckmann: Recent Work
141806: BECKMANN, MAX - Max Beckmann: On My Painting
157110: BECKMANN, MAYEN, SIEGFRIED GOHR AND MAX HOLLEIN (EDITORS) - Max Beckmann: The Watercolors and Pastels: Catalogue Raisonné of the Works in Color on Paper
152493: BECKMANN, MAX ET AL. - Gesichter Von Tag Und Traum: Aus Dem Graphischen Werk Von Max Beckmann (1884-1950)
143144: BECKWITH, CAROL AND ANGELA FISHER - African Ceremonies (2-Vol. Set)
149010: BECKWITH, JOHN - Ivory Carvings in Early Medieval England
149009: BECKWITH, JOHN - Ivory Carvings in Early Medieval England
154531: BECKWITH, NAOMI AND DIETER ROELSTRAETE - The Freedom Principle: Experiments in Art and Music,1965 to Now
124082: BEDARIDA, HENRI - Parma E la Francia (1748-1789) (2 Vols. )
116548: BEDDINGTON, CHARLES - Canaletto in England: A Venetian Artist Abroad, 1746-1755
18646: BEDELL, REBECCA AND DEBORAH L. GOODWIN - On the Beach: Cape Ann People and Places
130255: BEDFORD, STEVEN MCLEOD - John Russell Pope, Architect of Empire
162263: BEDFORD, CHRISTOPHER - Peter Sacks: Aftermath
137229: BEDFORD, FAITH ANDREWS, ET AL. - The Art of Frank W. Benson: American Impressionist
152510: BEDIENT, CALVIN AND KAREN MCGUIRE - By Nature's Design
131781: BEDINI, SILVIO A. - The Borghesi Astronomical Clock
158219: BEDINI, SILVIO A. - The Dentzel Brothers of Ulm
161033: BEDOUIN, JEAN-LOUIS - Vingt Ans de Surréalisme: 1939-1959
35387: BEDOYA, ALFREDO BENAVIDEZ - A. Benavidez Bedoya
125758: BEDOYA, ROBERTO (EDITOR) - Organizing Artists: A Document and Directory of the National Association of Artists' Organizations
158489: BEE, SUSAN AND MIRA SCHOR (EDITORS) - M/E/a/N/I/N/G 19/20 : Contemporary Art Issues
145915: BEE, HARRIET AND MICHELLE ELLIGOTT (EDITORS) - Art in Our Time: A Chronicle of the Museum of Modern Art
35904: BEEBE, MARY LIVINGSTONE AND JAMES STUART DE SILVA AND ROBERT STORR - Landmarks: Sculpture Commissions for the Stuart Collection at the University of California San Diego
142660: BEEBE, MARJORIE HARTH - Art at Pomona, 1887-1987: A Centennial Celebration
152309: BEEBE; MARJORIE HARTH AND KAY KOENINGER - Myth & Grandeur: California Landscapes 1864-1900
162390: BEECH, GEORGE - Was the Bayeux Tapestry Made in France? : The Case for St. Florent of Saumur
143437: BEECHER, PAMELA - From the Collection of Dorothy & Herbert Vogel
23237: BEEH, WOLFGANG - Historische Mikroskope Des Physikalischen Kabinetts IM Hessischen Landesmuseum Darmstadt; Bearbeitet Von Kurt Hemmerling Und Hanns Feustel
152007: BEEH, WOLFGANG (EDITOR) - Brian Clarke: Malerei Und Farbfenster, 1977-1988
16622: BEELEN, W. A. L. - Walter de Maria
126594: BEEMAN, RICHARD R. - The Varieties of Political Experience in Eighteenth Century America
126594.1: BEEMAN, RICHARD R. - The Varieties of Political Experience in Eighteenth Century America
130920: BEERBOHM, MAX , SIR - Observations
126502: BEEREN, WIM - Correspondence Europe / Correspondentie Europa
107706: BEETEM, ROBERT N. - Daumier Lithographs: The Human Comedy
9574: BEETEM, ROBERT N. - Drawings, Watercolors and Prints by Eugene Delacroix in West Coast Collections
130674: BEGGS, THOMAS M. - Alice Pike Barney: Paintings in Oil and Pastel; Portraits in Oil and Pastel
19380: BEGGS, THOMAS M. - Art and Archeology of Vietnam: Asian Crossroad of Cultures
142905: BEGGS, THOMAS - Art and Magic in Arnhem Land
8988: BEGGS, THOMAS - A Retrospective Exhibition of Sculpture by Paul Manship
162645: BEGGS, THOMAS - A Retrospective Exhibition of Sculpture by Paul Manship
103241: BEGUIN, SYLVIE AND MARIO DI GIAMPAOLO AND PHILIPPE MALGOUYRES (CURATORS) - Disegni Della Donazione Marcel Puech Al Museo Calvet Di Avignone
159850: BEGUIN, SYLVIE - Le Repas Chez Simon, Veronese: Histoire Et Restauration D'Un Chef-D'Oeuvre
143804: BEGUNOVA, ALLA - Povsednevnaya Zhizhn' Russkogo Gusara V Tsarstvovanie Aleksandra I / Russian Hussar Life in the Reign of Tsar Alexander I.
114857: BEHNE, ADOLF - Heinrich Ehmsen: Mit 48 Bildern, View Abbildungen IM Text, Einem Farbbild Und Einer Umschlagzeichnung
156804: BEHR, C. A. - Aristides I: Panathenaic Oration and in Defence of Oratory (Loeb Classical Library)
129711: BEHR, SHULAMITH - Women Expressionists
138804: BEHR, CORNELIA - German Stegmaier
150819: BEHRENS, LILIAN BOYS - Battle Abbey Under Thirty-Nine Kings: Legends and Records
119375: BEHRENS, ROY R. - Mary Snyder Behrens: New Work
157696: BEHRENS-ABOUSEIF, DORIS AND STEPHEN VERNOIT - Islamic Art in the 19th Century: Tradition, Innovation, and Eclecticism
34031: BEIER, ULLI - Art in Nigeria 1960
154069: BEISSEL, GEORG CONRAD AND NADINE A. STEINMETZ (COMPILER AND EDITOR) - Some Theosophical Maxims or Rules of the Solitary Life
103554: BEISSEL, ETIENNE - Fra Angelico de Fiesole, Sa Vie Et Ses Travaux. Traduit de L'Allemand Et Precede D'Une Introduction, Par Jules Helbig
124127: BEITLER, LORRAINE - Dreyfus and Zola: A Moment in the Conscience of the World: An Exhibition from the Lorraine Beitler Collection
159738: BEK, LISE - Reality in the Mirror of Art
116967: BEKAERT, GEERT - Tadashi Kawamata
155284: BEKAERT, GEERT - Kleur-Object: Kataloog Internationale Tentoonselling Orangerie En Voorplein Middelheim Openluchtmuseum
146648: BEKKER VOM RATH, HANNA AND JOACHIM CUPPERS - Xaver Fuhr: Olbilder Und Aquarelle
145125: BEL GEDDES, NORMAN - Horizons
154779: BELAMARIC, JOSKO - Studije Iz Srednjovjekovne I Renesansne Umjetnosti Na Jadranu (Biblioteka Znanstvenih Djela, 100)
126443: BELAND, MARIO - Painting in Quebec 1820-1850: New Views, New Perspectives
113076: BELANGER, MARY (EDITOR) - Bloomsbury, New Jersey, 1776 - 1976
14105: BELANGER, PAMELA J. - Inventing Acadia: Artists and Tourists at Mount Desert
141213: BELASCO, DANIEL - Mad. Sq. Art 2011. Jacco Olivier
26971.1: BELCHER, JOHN AND MERVYN E. MACARTNEY - Later Renaissance Architecture in England: A Series of Examples of the Domestic Buildings Erected Subsequent to the Elizabethan Period
26590: BELDEN, LOUISE CONWAY - Marks of American Silversmiths in the Ineson-Bissell Collection
136779: BELDEN, LOUISE CONWAY - The Festive Tradition: Table Decoration and Desserts in America, 1650-1900
153924: BELDEN, LOUISE CONWAY - Marks of American Silversmiths in the Ineson-Bissell Collection
26590.1: BELDEN, LOUISE CONWAY - Marks of American Silversmiths in the Ineson-Bissell Collection
27718: BELDEN, LOUISE CONWAY - The Festive Tradition: Table Decoration and Desserts in America, 1650-1900
140184: BELETSKIY, S.V. AND OTHERS - Spetsial'Nyye Istoricheskiye Distsipliny (Special Historical Disciplines)
143814: BELETSKOY, E.A. - Proyekty I Risunki Arkhitektora V.I. Bazhenova 1737 - 1999, Al'Bom Avtotitsiy / Designs and Drawings of the Architect V.I. Bazhenova 1737 - 1799, Album of Halftones
157625: BELFOURE, CHARLES - Monuments to Money: The Architecture of American Banks
144591: BELGISCHES HAUS - Jose Vermeersch: Bronze, Keramik
121228: BELIAKOVA, Z.I. - Nikolaevskiy Dvorets (Nikolayevsky Palace)
148303: BELICHKO, YURI AND YURI KHYMYCH - Masterpieces of Ukrainian Architecture in the Artwork of Yuri Khymych
33602: BELINFANTE, JUDITH C. E. AND AD PETERSEN - Charlotte Salomon: Life? or Theatre? = Leven? of Theater
125296: BELISLE, JOSEE - Instants Photographiques: Oeuvres Choisies de la Collection
125279: BELISLE, JOSEE - Dons: 1989-1994
123179: BELISLE, JOSEE - Rodney Graham
26001: BELKNAP, WALDRON PHOENIX, JR. - The de Peyster Genealogy
121428: BELKNAP, REGINALD R. - Wire-Roping the German Submarine: The Barrage That Stopped the U-Boat
311: BELL, MICHAEL - Braves and Buffalo: Plains Indian Life in 1837 [Watercolours of Alfred J. Miller]
110036: BELL, MICHAEL - Life Forces: Photographs by Carol Marino
26219: BELL, LILIAN A. - Plant Fibers for Papermaking
27545: BELL, MALCOLM - Old Pewter
111525: BELL, MARVIN (INTRO.) - After 9/11: Photographs by Nathan Lyons
111513: BELL, HERBERT C. JR. - Ernest D. Roth
31580: BELL, MALCOLM - Sir Edward Burne-Jones
119999: BELL, TIFFANY ET AL. - After Matisse
120000: BELL, TIFFANY ET AL. - After Matisse
152865: BELL, NICHOLAS R. ET AL. - 40 Under 40: Craft Futures
158516: BELL, MALCOLM - Sir Edward Burne-Jones: A Record and Review
100191: BELL, SIR CHARLES - The Anatomy and Philosophy of Expression As Connected with the Fine Arts
122532: BELL, MARSHALL (EDITOR) - Fountain Vallery Literary Review: Volume III: Number 2: Spring 1961
3986: BELL, DAVID - Randall Davey: 100 Works
157133: BELL, ESTHER (EDITOR) - Sublime Beauty: Raphael's Portrait of a Lady with a Unicorn
152415: BELL, ROBERT AND JAMES MANN - Phyllis Sloane, Retrospective Exhibition
4158: BELL, DAVID AND DAPHNE ANDERSON DEEDS - William Penhallow Henderson: Master Colorist of Santa Fe
147998: BELL, JULIAN - Carol Barsha: Works on Paper 2009-2012
111760: BELL, C.F. - Walker's Quarterly No. 21: Miles Edmund Cotman (1810 - 1858)
130316: BELL, ADRIENNE BAXTER (EDITOR) - George Inness: Writings and Reflections on Art and Philosophy
14918: BELL, BARBARA - Modernist Themes in New Mexico: Works by Early Modernist Painters
158055: BELL, MALCOLM - Bell's Miniature Series of Painters: Sir Edward Burne-Jones
131206: BELL, BERNARD W. (ED.) - Clarence Major and His Art: Portraits of an African American Postmodernist
3564: BELL, AGATHA (COMPILER) - Cecil C. Bell, 1906-1970
115192: BELL, MICHAEL - Painters in a New Land
145757: BELL, ROBERT ET AL. - Design Visions
137649: BELL, RALCY HUSTED - Art-Talks with Ranger
2695: BELL, RALCY HUSTED - Art-Talks with Ranger
130611: BELL, TIFFANY ; GALERIE LELONG - Sean Scully
149643: BELL, NICHOLAS WITH ULYSSES DIETZ AND ANDREW WAGNER - History in the Making: 2011 Renwick Craft Invitational
126888: BELL JR., WHITFIELD J.; CHARLES COLEMAN SELLERS, GEORGE B. TATUM - The Art of Philadelphia Medicine
119882: BELL, EDWARD PRICE - The Germans and the Small Nations: An Interview with Lord French
134586: BELL, T. F. - Jacquard Weaving and Designing
145199: BELL, A.S. - Thomas Carlyle 1795-1881
160637: BELL, TIFFANY ET AL. - Merrill Wagner
110317: BELL, TIFFANY - Denise Green: Resonating
119038: BELLA, CARLO - Melanesia: Spring 2007
129324: BELLAMY, PETER AND NEIL PRINTZ - The Artist Project: Portraits of the Real Art World / New York Artists 1981-1990
116502: BELLAMY, MICHAEL (EDITOR) - Three Eyes: The Old Master Painting from Different Viewpoints
121792: BELLAMY, RICHARD - George Segal: Girl on a Chair
153559: BELLAMY, PETER AND NEIL PRINTZ - The Artist Project: Portraits of the Real Art World / New York Artists 1981-1990
114700: BELLANDI, MARIO - Lorenzo Bartolini: Mostra Delle Attivita Di Tutela
153466: BELLASI, PIETRO AND DANIELLE LONDEI - Hortus Clausus: Luoghi Di Arte E Natura
118322: BELLENGER, SYLVAIN AND FRANCOISE HAMON - Felix Duban, 1798 - 1870: Les Couleurs de L'Architecte
108936: BELLERBY, GREG - Arnold Shives: Prints
126853: BELLESILES, MICHAEL A. - Revolutionary Outlaws: Ethan Allen and the Struggle for Independence on the Early American Frontier
15477: BELLET, L. CHARLES ET AL. - Toulouse-Lautrec, 1864-1901: A Loan Exhibition of Masterpieces from the Collection of the Lautrec Museum, Albi, France
19576: BELLEVUE, WA: BELLEVUE ART MUSEUM, SEPT. 14 TO NOV. 10, 1985, NINE OTHER DATES - Hidden Heritage: Afro-American Art, 1800-1950
24959: BELLEVUE, WA: BELLEVUE ART MUSEUM, SEPT TO OCT 1981, 8 OTHER LOCATIONS - American Landscape Paintings Selections from the High Museum of Art, Atlanta
136921: BELLEVUE ARTS MUSEUM - Garry Knox Bennett: Call Me Chairmaker
128722: BELLEW, PETER - Karel Appel: Le Grandi Monografie Pittori D'Oggi, Collana Diretta Da Ezio Gribaudo
135002: BELLEW, FRANK, ED - Joe Miller's Jests, with Copious Additions
117137: BELLEZZA, DARIO - Pino Reggiani: IL Mito Delle Eta Sepolte
124894: BELLI, GABRIELLA AND ELISA GUZZO VACCARINO - La Danza Delle Avanguardie: Dipinti, Scene E Costumi, Da Degas a Picasso, Da Matisse a Keith Haring
112142: BELLI, GABRIELLA - Le Stanze Dell'Arte: Figure E Immaginni Del XX Secolo
112142.1: BELLI, GABRIELLA - Le Stanze Dell'Arte: Figure E Immaginni Del XX Secolo
114175: BELLI BARSALI, ISA - Guida Di Lucca: II Edizione Interamente Rifatta
151965: BELLI, GABRIELLA AND FRANCO RELLI - L'Eta Del Divisionismo
124915: BELLI, GABIRELLA AND ANNA BERNARDINI - Arte Povera: Energia E Metamorfosi Dei Materiali Opere Dalle Collezioni Del Mart
148080: BELLIENI, ANDREA - Tiziano Un Autoritratto: Problemi Di Autografia Nella Grafica Tizianesca
118954: BELLIER, M. EMILE DE LA CHAVIGNERIE - Notes Pour Servir a L'Histoire de L'Exposition de la Jeunesse, Qui Avait Lieu, Chaque Annee, a Paris, Les Jours de la Grande Et de la Petite Fete-Dieu, a la Place Dauphine Et Sur le Pont Neuf
153047: BELLINGHAM, DAVID AND BEN TUFNELL - Thomas Joshua Cooper: True
139150: BELLINI, JACOPO AND VICTOR GOLUBEW - Die Skizzenbucher Jacopo Bellinis, Mit Einleitung Und Begleitenden Text (Volume I)
120697: BELLINI, MARIO WITH ALESSANDRO MENDINI, MICHAEL SORKIN, AND ETTORE SOTTSASS - Emilio Ambasz: The Poetics of the Pragmatic - Architecture, Exhibit, Industrial and Graphic Design
124922: BELLION, WENDY - Citizen Spectator: Art, Illusion, and Visual Perception in Early National America
14747: BELLMAN GALERIE, NY: DEC. 6, 1983 TO JAN. 28, 1984 - Soutine, 1893-1943
161077: BELLMER, HANS - Die Puppe: Die Puppe, Die Spiele Der Puppe, Die Anatomie Des Bildes
161322: BELLO, JANE HALSMAN AND STEVE BELLO (EDITORS) - Philippe Halsman: A Retrospective: Photographs from the Halsman Family Collection
145063: BELLOC, HILAIRE - Hills and the Sea
159503: BELLOC, HILAIRE - Matilda Who Told Such Dreadful Lies, and Was Burned to Death
153855: BELLOLI, CARLO - Gunter Fruhtrunk
155685: BELLOLI, JAY - Joel Glassman, Carlos Gutierrez-Solana, Paul Kos: An Exhibition Organized by the la Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art, October 13 - December 5, 1973
116211: BELLOLI, JAY - Molly Burgess
125358: BELLOLI, ANDREA B.A. (EDITOR) - The J. Paul Getty Museum Handbook of the Collections
154352: BELLOLI, JAY - Dan Flavin: Drawings, Diagrams and Prints 1972-1975 / Dan Flavin: Installations in Fluorescent Light 1972-1975
115330: BELLONZI, FORTUNATO ET AL. - Mostra Del Liberty Italiano
137974: BELLONZI, FORTUNATO ET AL. - Arte E Socialita in Italia Dal Realismo Al Simbolismo 1865-1915
133259: BELLOSI, LUCIANO - Prospettiva. Rivista Di Storia Dell'Arte Antica E Moderna. Gennaio - Ottobre 2006. 121-124 (I VIVI Parean VIVI . Scritti Di Storia Dell'Arte Italiana Del Duecento E Del Trecento ) a Tribute Compilation to the Writings of Luciano Bellosi
152273: BELLOWS, EMMA - The Paintings of George Bellows
3159: BELLOWS, EMMA - The Paintings of George Bellows
124110.1: BELLOWS, INA HAYWARD - Old Mechanical Banks: A Comprehensive Study of the Subject of Mechanical Banks, with Illustrations
124110: BELLOWS, INA HAYWARD - Old Mechanical Banks: A Comprehensive Study of the Subject of Mechanical Banks, with Illustrations
3831.1: BELLOWS, EMMA S. - George W. Bellows: His Lithographs
112966: BELLOWS, HENRY W. - Historical Sketch of the Union League Club of New York, Its Origin, Organization, and Work 1863-1879
100147: BELOOF, ROBERT - The One-Eyed Gunner and Other Portraits: A Book of Poems
138118: BELOUS, RUSSELL E. AND ROBERT A. WEINSTEIN - Will Soule: Indian Photographer at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, 1869-74
146918: BELOVINSKIY, L.V. - Rossiyskiy Istoriko-Bytovoy Slovar'
147085: BELOZERSKAYA, MARINA - Luxury Arts of the Renaissance
162034: BELSEY, HUGH AND PETER BOWER - Thomas Gainsborough: Themes and Variations, the Art of Landscape
147625: BELTING, HANS - Firenca I Bagdad: Zapadno-Istocna Povijest Pogleda = Florence and Baghdad: West-Eastern History Views
141573: BELTRAMI, LUCA - Cose Viste: " Ad Uso Di Amatori D'Arte Ed Affini
154876: BELTRAMINI, GUIDO ET AL. - Palazzo Thiene: Sede Storia Della Banca Popolare Di Vicenza
154797: BELTRAMO, SILVIA - IL Marchesato Di Saluzzo Tra Gotico E Rinascimento: Architettura, Citta, Committenti
16577.1: BELVO, HAZEL ; WARM - Warm: A Landmark Exhibition
16577: BELVO, HAZEL ; WARM - Warm: A Landmark Exhibition
135336: BELY, ANATOL - Inspired by the Muses
104335: BELZ, CARL - The Herbert W. Plimpton Collection of Realist Art
114077: BELZ, CARL - Rose Art Museum: Selected 20th-Century Paintings
122098: BELZ, CARL ET AL. - A Private Vision: Contemporary Art from the Graham Gund Collection
131294: BELZ , CARL; - John Walker: Oceans, Tidepools and Plein Air Paintings
29353: BELZ, CARL AND BARBARA ROSE - Joseph Marioni Paintings 1970-1998: A Survey
158800: BELZ, CARL AND LAWRENCE B. SALANDER - Stanley Boxer: 70th Birthday Exhibition
106678: BELZ, CARL - Cora H. Roth: Tapestries of Circumstance
145458: BELZ, CARL - Frank Stella: Metallic Reliefs
106662: BELZ, CARL - Jules Olitski: Matter Embraced, Paintings 1950s and Now
113231: BELZER, JUDITH - Judith Belzer: New Paintings 20 April - 9 June, 2007
143370: BEMAN, LYNN S. (CURATOR) - 19th-Century Painters and Paintings of Rockland County, N.Y.
143370000001: BEMAN, LYNN S. (CURATOR) - 19th-Century Painters and Paintings of Rockland County, N.Y.
25239: BEMAN, LYNN S. - Elmer Stanley Hader, 1889-1973: Painter Rediscovered
615: BEMAN, LYNN S. - Julian O. Davidson, 1853-1894: American Marine Artist
130968: BEMELMANS , LUDWIG - Hansi
105542: BEMROSE, WILLIAM - Bow, Chelsea, and Derby Porcelain, Being Further Information Relating to These Factories, Obtained from Original Documents, Not Hitherto Published
106335: BEMROSE, WILLIAM - Longton Hall Porcelain, Being Further Information Relating to This Interesting Fabrique
158506: BEN F. WILLIAMS (FOREWORD) AND FRANKLIN WATKINS AND - Francis Speight: A Retrospective Exhibition
132900: BEN ELWES FINE ART - First Impressions: Landscape Oil Sketches 1780-1860 from the John Lishawa Collection
139494: BEN ZVI, TAL AND YAEL LERER (EDS.) - Self Portrait: Palestinian Women's Art
150673: BEN JANSSENS - Chinese Boxes
150672: BEN JANSSENS - The Scholar's Desk
115033: BEN-AMOS, PAULA - The Art of Benin
150671: BEN JANSSENS - Ben Janssens Oriental Art 2013
154170: BENARDOUT, RAYMOND ET AL. - Antique Rugs
125992: BENARI, MICHAEL J. - The Third Eye
130387: BENATI, DANIELE (CURATOR); MICHELANGELO AGOSTINI; FONDANTICO (BOLOGNA, ITALY); ET AL. - Invito Al Collezionismo : Quattro Secoli Di Dipinti E Disegni Dal Cinquecento All'Ottocento; (Series: Incontro Con la Pittura, 13)
130388: BENATI, DANIELE (CURATOR); MICHELANGELO AGOSTINI; FONDANTICO (BOLOGNA, ITALY); ET AL. - La Gloria Della Pittura Dal Francia Ai Gandolfi; (Series: Incontro Con la Pittura, 14)
125932: BENATI, DANIELE (CURATOR) - L'Anima Della Pittura: Dipinti Emiliani Dal XVI Al XIX Secolo
119081: BENATI, DANIELE - Bolognese Drawings XVI-XIX Centuries
150626: BENATI, DANIELE - La Grazia Dell'Arte: Collezione Grimaldi Fava, Dipinti E Disegni
159593: BENATI, DANIELE - Disegni Emiliani Del Sei-Settecento Come Nascono I Dipinti
159904: BENATI, DANIELE ET AL. - Tempio Dell'Arte: Dipinti Emiliani E Romagnoli Dal XVI Al XVIII Secolo
162306: BENAVENTE, CARMEN - Embroiderers of Ninhue: Stitching Chilean Rural Life
162307: BENAVENTE, CARMEN - Embroiderers of Ninhue: Stitching Chilean Rural Life
105167: BENAZZI, GIORDANA AND PAOLO VIRILLI - Filippi Lippi: Nel Duomo Di Spoleto 1467-1469; Notizie Dopo IL Restauro
114195: BENAZZI, GIORDANA AND PAOLO VIRILLI - Filippo Lippi Nel Duomo Di Spoleto 1467-1469: Notizie Dopo IL Restauro
156689: BENCARD, MOGENS - Silver Furniture
158381: BENCHLEY, ROBERT - The Fourth New Yorker Album
130883: BENDANN, D. - Modern Etchers : Short Biographical Sketches of the Leading Etchers of the Present Day, 1891
150010: BENDER, ERNEST (EDITOR) - Journal of the American Oriental Society, Volume 105, Number 4, October - December 1985
151198: BENDIG, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - The Art Gallery Magazine, Volume XIV, Number 6, March 1971
147423: BENDINER, KENNETH - Food in Painting from the Renaissance to the Present
100175: BENDINER, KENNETH - An Introduction to Victorian Painting
150517: BENEDETTI, M. TERESA AND ALAIN TAPIE - Cezanne E Gli Artisti Italiani Del '900
154525: BENEDICT-JONES, LINDA ET AL. - Storyteller: The Photographs of Duane Michals
154350: BENEDICT, TYLER - Darlene Cole 2006
146197: BENEDIT, LUIS F. ET AL. - Artistas Argentinos de Los '90
118799: BENEDITE, LEONCE - Histoire Des Beaux-Arts 1800 - 1900: Peintre, Sculpture, Architecture, Medaille Et Glyptique - Gravure, Arts Decoratifs En France Et a L'Etranger
120550: BENEDITE, LEONCE ET AL. - The Gospels in Art: The Life of Christ by Great Painters from Fra Angelico to Holman Hunt
127934: BENEDITE, LEONCE - Rodin: A Series of 60 Photogravure Plates, Printed by Hand on Hand-Made Paper, with an Historical and Critical Introduction and Explanatory Notes
103356: BENEDITE, LEONCE - Ignacio Zuloaga, 51 Illustrations Sur Papier de Grand Luxe Et Une Gravure
139214: BENEDITE, LEONCE AND ANDRE DEZARROIS - Theodore Chasseriau: Sa Vie Et Son Oeuvre, Tome I.
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158146: BIALOSTOCKI, JAN - Les Primitifs Flamands: Les Musees de Pologne: Gdansk, Krakow, Warszawa
144804: BIANCHI, TOM - Out of the Studio
148143: BIANCO, ANNA LO AND ANGELA NEGRO - IL Settecento a Roma
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157569: BICKER, DOROTHY Z. ET AL (EDITORS) - The Autobiography of Eli Harvey Quaker Sculptor from Ohio
142173: BICKERSTAFF, LAURA M. - Pioneer Artists of Taos
112026: BICKERSTAFF, LAURA M. - Pioneer Artists of Taos
148201: BIDART, FRANK - James Franco: New Film Stills
28988: BIDDLE, FRANCIS - Democratic Thinking and the War: The William H. White Lectures at the University of Virginia (1942 - 1943)
150210000001: BIDDLE, EDWARD - George Washington - Jean Antoine Houdon, Sculptor: A Brief History of the Most Famous Sculpture Created of America's Immortal Patriot Issued to Commemorate the Bicentennial of His Birth 1732 - 1932
150210: BIDDLE, EDWARD - George Washington - Jean Antoine Houdon, Sculptor: A Brief History of the Most Famous Sculpture Created of America's Immortal Patriot Issued to Commemorate the Bicentennial of His Birth 1732 - 1932
22173.1: BIDDLE, GEORGE - An American Artist's Story
153481: BIDDLE, LIVINGSTON AND ISAAC STERN - Our Government and the Arts: A Perspective from the Inside
1212000001: BIDDLE, EDWARD AND MANTLE FIELDING - The Life and Works of Thomas Sully (1783-1872)
1212: BIDDLE, EDWARD AND MANTLE FIELDING - The Life and Works of Thomas Sully (1783-1872)
127961: BIDDLE, EDWARD AND MANTLE FIELDING - The Life and Works of Thomas Sully (1783-1872)
196: BIDDLE, GEORGE - Adolphe Borie
107348: BIDWELL, RAYMOND - Special Exhibition of Japanese Prints of the Ukiyo-Ye School
135476: BIEBEL, CHARLES D. - Making the Most of It: Public Works in Albuquerque During the Great Depression, 1929-1942
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100002: BIERK, DAVID - In the Absence of Paradise the Art of David Bierk
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140642: BIERNOFF, SUZANNAH - Ahmed Alsoudani
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121463: BIERUT, MICHAEL - Seventy-Nine Short Essays on Design
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143867: BIFERALI, FABRIZIO - Paolo Veronese: Tra Riforma E Controriforma
129184: BIGAR, NICOLE - Koukoumanias - a Journey: Paintings (1964 - 2009) by Nichole Bigar
136557: BIGAZZI, PASQUALE AUGUSTO - Firenze E Contorni
105574: BIGELOW, FRANCIS HILL - Historic Silver of the Colonies and Its Makers
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123908: BIGELOW, JACOB, M.D. - The Useful Arts: Considered in Connexion with the Applications of Science
147295: BIGELOW, POULTNEY - The Borderland of Czar and Kaiser: Notes from Both Sides of the Russian Frontier
27445.1: BIGELOW, FRANCIS HILL - Historic Silver of the Colonies and Its Makers
128024: BIGELOW, POULTNEY - The German Emporer and His Eastern Neighbors
158767: BIGHAM, MADGE A. - Sonny Elephant
154978: BIGNON, ROBERT (AUCTIONEER) - Collection Leon Arnoult, Catalogue Des Tableaux Modernes. .
104204: BIGNOU, ETIENNE - Henri Matisse: Exposition Organisee Au Profit de L'Orphelinat Des Arts
124800: BIGNOU, ETIENNE - Henri Matisse: Exposition Organisee Au Profit de L'Orphelinat Des Arts
156980: BILBEY, DIANE AND MARJORIE TRUSTED - British Sculpture, 1470 to 2000: A Concise Catalogue of the Collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum
154104: BILGRAMI, NOORJEHAN - Sindh Jo Ajrak
152885: BILL, JAKOB ET AL. - Max Bill
138322: BILL, MAX - Wassily Kandinsky
157616: BILL, MAX - Form: Eine Bilanz Uber Die Formentwicklung Um Die Mitte Des XX. Jahrhunderts = a Balance Sheet of Mid-Twentieth-Century Trends in Design = Un Bilan de L'Evolution de la Forme Au Milieu Du Xxe Siecle
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150454: BILL, ALFRED HOYT - A House Called Morven
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137810: BILLCLIFFE, ROGER - Mackintosh Watercolours
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130361: BILLETER, ERIKA ; FRIDA KAHLO - Das Blaue Haus. Die Welt Der Frida Kahlo
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135585: BILLETER, ERIKA - A Song to Reality: Latin-American Photography, 1860-1993
12149: BILLETER, ERIKA - Lucio Fontana, 1899-1968: A Retrospective
109018: BILLING, JOHANNA - Look Behind Us, a Blue Sky
134984: BILLINGS, J. S. AND S. WEIR MITCHELL AND D. H. BERGEY - The Composition of Expired Air and Its Effects Upon Human Life
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3182: BILODEAU, FRANCIS - Art in South Carolina, 1670-1970
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161819: BING THOM ARCHITECTS - Bing Thom Works
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27118: BINGHAMTON, NY: ROBERSON CENTER, 1982 - The Folk Tradition: Early Arts and Crafts of the Susquehanna Valley
27118.1: BINGHAMTON, NY: ROBERSON CENTER, 1982 - The Folk Tradition: Early Arts and Crafts of the Susquehanna Valley
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6624: BINGHAMTON, NY: UNIVERSITY ART GALLERY, FEB. 14 TO MAR. 22, 1981 - Katherine Kadish: Recent Works
125572: BINING, ARTHUR CECIL - Pennsylvania Iron Manufacture in the Eighteenth Century
139077: BINION, SAMUEL AUGUSTUS - Ancient Egypt or Mizraim. Profusely Illustrated with Fine Engravings and Colored Plates by the Best Artists, from the Works of L'Expedition de L'Egypte, Lepsius, Prisse D'Avennes, Etc.
158482: BINMORE, KEN - The John F. Nash Jr. Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences
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150744: BINNEY, MARCUS AND KIT MARTIN - The Country House: To Be or Not to Be
103207: BINNEY, EDWARD III - One Man's Vision: The Graphic Works of Odilon Redon
118521: BINNEY, MARCUS - The Ritz Hotel, London
105839: BINNS, R.W. - A Century of Potting in the City of Worcester, Being the History of the Royal Porcelain Works, from 1751 to 1851
106166: BINNS, W. MOORE - The First Century of English Porcelain
105892: BINNS, R. W. - Catalogue of a Collection of Worcester Porcelain in the Museum at the Royal Porcelain Works
105902: BINNS, W. MOORE - The First Century of English Porcelain
142232: BINSTOCK, JONATHAN P. AND KATHLEEN A. FOSTER - American Watercolors at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
153283: BINSTOCK, JONATHAN P. ET AL. - Jim Sanborn: Atomic Time: Pure Science and Seduction
33679: BINSTOCK, JONATHAN P. - Andy Warhol: Social Observer
102241: BINSTOCK, JONATHAN P. AND STACEY SCHMIDT - Closer to Home: The 48th Corcoran Biennial
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14189: BINYON, LAURENCE - The Spirit of Man in Asian Art
115241: BINYON, LAURENCE - Painting in the Far East: An Introduction to the History of Pictorial Art in Asia, Especially China and Japan
15940: BINYON, LAURENCE - Painting in the Far East: An Introduction to the History of Pictorial Art in Asia Especially China and Japan
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14189.1: BINYON, LAURENCE - The Spirit of Man in Asian Art
122734: BINYON, LAURENCE - The Flight of the Dragon: An Essay on the Theory and Practice of Art in China and Japan, Based on Original Sources
131796: BINZAGR, SAFEYA - Saudi Arabia: An Artist's View of the Past
148932: BIRBRAGHER, FRANCINE - David Rodriguez Caballero: Recent Work
30324: BIRCH (PATTI), NY: ND - Flowers and Persecutors by Ida Barbarigo
160362: BIRCH, PATTI CADBY ET AL. - Ukrasheniya Vostoka. Iz Kollektsii Patti Kadbi Berch = Ornaments of the East. From the Collection of Patti Cadby Birch
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105562.1: BIRCH, SAMUEL - History of Ancient Pottery (2 Vol. Set: Egyptian, Assyrian, and Greek ; Greek, Etruscan, and Roman)
161483: BIRCH, THOMAS JR. - Catalogue of Valuable Paintings & Statuary, the Collection of the Late Joseph Bonaparte, Count de Survilliers : To Be Sold at Public Sale on Wednesday & Thursday, September 17th and 18th, 1845, at the Mansion at Bordentown, New Jersey
13101: BIRCHFIELD, JAMES D. - Kentucky Countess: Mona Bismarck in Art & Fashion
107135: BIRD, MICHAEL S. - Ontario Fraktur: A Pennsylvania German Folk Tradition in Early Canada
130568: BIRD, MICHAEL ET AL. - The Paintings of Richard Lonsdale-Hands
150072: BIRD, MICHAEL S. - Canadian Country Furniture, 1675-1950
101507: BIRD, MICHAEL S. - O Noble Heart / O Edel Herz: Fraktur and Spirituality in Pennsylvania German Folk Art
105066: BIRD, MICHAEL AND TERRY KOBAYASHI - A Splendid Harvest: Germanic Folk and Decorative Arts in Canada
149074: BIRD, ROBERT ET AL (EDITORS) - Vision and Communism: Viktor Koretsky and Dissident Public Visual Culture
24341: BIRD, ALAN - A History of Russian Painting
151936: BIRDSALL, BYRON AND TENNYS OWENS - The Art of Byron Birdsall: An Evolution
132634: BIRGUS, VLADIMIR ; ET AL. - Czech Photographic Avant-Garde, 1918-1948
147643: BIRIUKOVA, N. IU - Zapadnoevropeiskoe Kruzhevo XVI-XIX VV. V Sobranii Ermitazha = Western European Lace XVI-XIX Centuries in Hermitage Collection
113812: BIRKE, VERONIKA - Die Italienischen Zeichnungen Der Albertina: Zur Geschichte Der Zeichnung in Italien
22902: BIRKE, VERONIKA - The History of Italian Drawings, 1350-1800: Masterworks from the Albertina
147747: BIRKE, VERONIKA - Guido Reni Und Der Reproduktionsstich
151407: BIRKE, VERONIKA - Guido Reni: Zeichnungen
157111: BIRKHOFER, DENISE AND BENJAMIN PERL - Judit Reigl Body of Music
160836: BIRKS, TONY - Lucie Rie
119655: BIRMELIN, BLAIR T. - Joellyn Duesberry: Recent Paintings
119881: BIRMELIN, ROBERT - Robert Birmelin: In the City
2787: BIRMINGHAM, AL: BIRMINGHAM MUSEUM OF ART, NOV. 24, 1991 TO JAN. 5, 1992, THREE OTHER LOCATIONS - Images of America: The Painter's Eye, 1833-1925 (Baekeland Collection)
8091: BIRMINGHAM GALLERY, NOV. 6 TO DEC. 4, 1971 - The Sculpture of Berthold "Tex" Schiwetz (1909-1971): A Retrospective Exhibition
108328: BIRMINGHAM, MARY - Dynamic Impulse: The Drawings of Stuart Davis
18055: BIRMINGHAM, AL: BIRMINGHAM MUSEUM OF ART, NOV. 1, 1998 TO JAN. 3, 1999, TWO OTHER DATES - Chokwe! Art and Initiation Among Chokwe and Related Peoples
8118: BIRMINGHAM MUSEUM OF ART - Art of the American West
14845: BIRMINGHAM, AL: BIRMINGHAM MUSEUM OF ART, JAN. 8 TO FEB. 19, 1978, ONE OTHER DATE - The Tiepolos: Painters to Princes and Prelates
154273: BIRNBAUM, DANIEL (EDITOR) - Making Worlds: Fare Mondi: 53rd International Art Exhibition -- Participating Countries, Collateral Events, Exhibition (2 Vols. )
147284: BIRNBAUM, DANIEL ET AL. - Defining Contemporary Art - 25 Years in 200 Pivotal Artworks
149764: BIRREN, FABER - The Textile Colorist
114071: BISANZ-PRAKKEN, DR. MARIAN - Gustav Klimt, 1862-1918: Some Early Drawings
138083: BISANZ, RUDOLF M. - The Rene Von Schleinitz Collection of the Milwaukee Art Center: Major Schools of German Nineteenth-Century Popular Painting
103904: BISBOER, PIETER ET AL. - Nicolaes Berchem: In Het Licht Van Italie
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29973: BISCHOFF, ILSE - The Wonderful Poodle
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123284: BISCHOFF, ULRICH - Edvard Munch 1863-1944
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103978: BISCHOFF, ULRICH ET AL. - From Caspar David Friedrich to Gerhard Richter: German Painting from Dresden at the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles
145324: BISHIR, CATHERINE W. - North Carolina Architecture
27248: BISHOP, ROBERT, AND PATRICIA COBLENTZ - New Discoveries in American Quilts
123887: BISHOP, BUDD HARRIS - Paradigms and the Unexpected: Modern and Contemporary Art from the Shey Collection
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112880: BISHOP, ROBERT - Folk Painters of America
112881: BISHOP, ROBERT AND JACQUELINE M. ATKINS - Folk Art in American Life
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28755: BISHOP, ROBERT - Guide to American Antique Furniture
26186: BISHOP, ROBERT - Centuries and Styles of the American Chair 1640 - 1970
6363: BISHOP, ROBERT CHARLES - The Borden Limner and His Contemporaries
104958: BISHOP, ROBERT WITH A FOREWORD BY CHARLES F. HUMMEL - The American Chair: Three Centuries of Style
17830: BISHOP, ROBERT AND PATRICIA COBLENTZ - The World of Antiques, Art, and Architecture in Victorian America
109291.1: BISHOP, BUDD HARRIS - Paradigms and the Unexpected: Modern and Contemporary Art from the Shey Collection
109291: BISHOP, BUDD HARRIS - Paradigms and the Unexpected: Modern and Contemporary Art from the Shey Collection
125530: BISHOP, EDITH - The Museum: Newark Portraits by Rembrandt Peale and Oliver Tarbell Eddy
6807: BISHOP, ROBERT AND PATRICIA COBLENTZ - A Gallery of American Weathervanes and Whirligigs
120045: BISHOP, WILLIAM WARNER - Our College and University Libraries - a Survey and a Program
143111: BISHOP, CLIFFORD AND XENIA OSTHELDER - Sexualia: From Prehistory to Cyberspace
13957: BISHOP, ROBERT, ET AL. - American Decorative Arts: 360 Years of Creative Design
128796: BISHOP, MINOR L. - Fountains in Contemporary Architecture
134917: BISHOP, SHERMAN C. - The Salamanders of New York (New York State Museum Bulletin No. 324)
135240: BISMARCK, OTTO VON ; ARMIN HARDER, TRANS - Bismarck's Letters to His Wife, from the Seat of War, 1870-1871
116516: BISSELL, R. WARD - Artemisia Gentileschi and the Authority of Art: Critical Reading and Catalogue Raisonne
117731: BISSONNETTE, DENISE - La Collection Tokugawa: Le Japon Des Shogun
117288: BISTOLETTI, SANDRINA BANDERA - Giotto: Catalogo Completo Dei Dipinti
26305: BITTINGER, LUCY BITTINGER - The Germans in Colonial Times
34531: BITTNER, HERBERT (EDITOR) - George Grosz
121572: BITTNER, HERBERT - Kaethe Kollwitz Drawings
104896: BIVINS, JOHN JR. - The Furniture of Coastal North Carolina 1700-1820
25688: BIVINS, JOHN JR. - The Moravian Potters in North Carolina
116276: BIZARDEL, YVON - John S. Sargent 1856 - 1925
111382: BJELAJAC, DAVID - Eric Avery: Healing Before Art
3790: BJELAJAC, DAVID - Millenial Desire and the Apocalyptic Vision of Washington Allston
162290: BJERKE, ØIVIND STORM - Edvard Munch, Harald Sohlberg: Landscapes of the Mind
143970: BJERKNES, V. AND J.W. SANDSTROM - Dynamic Meteorology and Hydrography: Hydrographic Tables
26641.1: BJERKOE, ETHEL HALL - The Cabinetmakers of America
26641: BJERKOE, ETHEL HALL - The Cabinetmakers of America
135384: BJORK, TOMAS ET AL. - Amells Hostutstallning 2012 (Katalog Nr. 116)
152917: BJÖRNSON, BJÖRNSTJERNE - The Happy Boy: A Tale of Norwegian Peasant Life
22477: BJURSTRÖM, PER - The Art of Drawing in France, 1400-1900; Drawings from the Nationalmuseum, Stockholm
116909: BJURSTROM, PER - Johan Tobias Sergel: Tegninger
159779: BJURSTROM, PER - Italian Drawings. Venice, Brescia, Parma, Milan, Genoa
106928: BJURSTROM, PER (FORWARD) - The Triumph of Simplicity: 350 Years of Swedish Silver, an Exhibition from Nationalmuseum
127260: BJURSTROM, PER - Sergel Tecknar. With an English Translation
145422: BJURSTROM, PER - Inne: Svenska Miljoer Under 50 Ar
131912: BJURSTROM , PER - Durer to Delacroix : Great Master Drawings from Stockholm
160243: BLACK, MARTHA - Huupukwanum Tupaat : Out of the Mist: Treasures of the Nuu-Chah-Nulth Chiefs
1801: BLACK, MARY AND LLOYD GOODRICH - What Is American in American Art: An Exhibition Held in Memory of Joseph B. Martinson for the Benefit of the Museum of American. .
20503: BLACK, MARY - Old New York in Early Photographs: 196 Prints, 1853-1904, from the Collection of the New York Historical Society
161740: BLACK, PATTI CARR AND MALCOLM WHITE - American Masters of the Mississippi Gulf Coast: George Ohr, Dusti Bonge, Walter Anderson, Richmond Barthe
135496: BLACK, MARY AND ROBERT BISHOP - Simplicity, a Grace: Jacob Maentel in Indiana
109580: BLACK, FREDERICK - Sculpture

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