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103317: Saar, Betye and Whitfield Lovell, Tracye Saar-Cavanaugh, Lowery Stokes Sims, and Sean Ulmer - Betye Saar: Migrations / Transformations
182609: Sabretache - Shires and Provinces
182612: Sabretache - More Shires & Provinces
195757: Sachs, Tom - Tom Sachs : Spaceships
27922: Sack, Albert - Fine Points of Furniture: Early American
26063: Sack, Israel - The Israel Sack Collections of American Antiques : Boston, New York, Marblehead, New London
196240: Sackett, Joseph - Historic Homes of the Oakleigh Garden District
195413: Sacks, Oliver - The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat
193899: Sadelar, Raphael; Isabella of Ramaix - The Illustrated Bartsch Volume 70 Pt 2
195771: Safran, Yehuda Emmanuel - I Have a Weakness for a Touch of Red: Essays on Art, Architecture, and Portugal
153022: Sage, Cornelia B. (Editor) - Academy Notes, Published Quarterly with Illustrations, Vol. IX, No. 3 (Ninth Annual Exhibition of Selected Paintings by American Artists at the Albright Art Gallery)
131460: Saginaw Valley Chapter of the American Institute of Architects - Work of Frank Lloyd Wright in Michigan; Aia Monthly Bulletin of the Michigan Society of Architects, V. 33, No. 12
26061: Sainty, Guy Stair - An Eye on Nature II: The Gallic Prospect - French Landscape Painting, 1785-1900
108320: Salamon, Silverio (Curator) - Francisco Goya Y Lucientes: Fuendetodos 1746 Bordeaux 1828: Duecentocinquantenario Della Nascita 1746 - 1996
101646: Sale, J. Russell - Filipinno Lippi's Strozzi Chapel in Santa Maria Novella
106828: Salerno, Louis M. et al. - Important American Paintings, Volume 7 Fall 2006
108896: Salerno, Louis M. - Important American Paintings
108357: Salerno, Louis M. - In the Garden of Liberty: Paintings of the Hudson River School
195598: Salle, David and Sarah French - Ann Craven
160887: Salmi, Mario - Paolo Uccello, Andrea Del Castagno, Domenico Veneziano
36561: Salmon, Mr - The Modern Gazetteer; or, a Short View of the Several Nations of the World
194906: Salmon, Patricia M. - Realms of History: The Cemeteries of Staten Island
196468: Salmon, Frank - Building on Ruins : The Rediscovery of Rome and English Architecture
196347: Salmon, Frank - Summerson and Hitchcock: Centenary Essays on Architectural Historiography
196470: Salmon, Frank; David Watkin - The Persistence of the Classical : Essays on Architecture Presented to David Watkin
191362: Salmony, Alfred - Asiatische Kunst Ausstellung Koln 1926
132403: Salome, Laurent (editor); Musee des Beaux-Arts de Rouen - A City for Impressionism: Monet, Pissarro, and Gauguin in Rouen
108984: Salome, Laurent, ed - La Mythologie de L'Ouest: Dans L'Art Americain 1830-1940
196196: Salomon, Xavier F. - Veronese
196177: Salter, Alicia and John Julius Norwich - Four Emperors and an Architect: How Robert Adam Rediscovered the Tetrarchy
195198: Salvador, Mari Lyn and William R. Calhoon, et al. - Cuando Hablan Los Santos: Contemporary Santero Traditions from Northern New Mexico
109630: Salveson, Magda - Jon Schueler: Time Has Three Suns
129261: Salvini, Roberto et al. - The Sistine Chapel (2-Vol. Set)
196221: Salzman, L F. - Building in England Down to 1540 : A Documentary History
194404: Salzmann, Christian Gotthilf and Mary Wollstonecraft, et al. - Elements of Morality, for the Use of Children: With an Introductory Address to Parents, Volume III Only
108919: Sam Fogg Gallery - Art of the Middle Ages
108920: Sam Fogg Gallery - An Album of Medieval Art
173638: Sametskaia, Elvira - Farfor Zavoda A.M. Miklashevskogo (Porcelain of the A.M. Miklashevsky Factory)
195172: Samtur, Stephen M. and Martin A. Jackson - The Bronx Then and Now
195935: Samuel T. Freeman & Co - Two Volumes, Including the Bicentennial Pennsylvania Sale [with] an Important Berks County Collection: The Estate of Esther H. Ludwig
194278: Samuel T. Freeman & Co - Auction Catalogs (2) for Sale of the Leary Copy of the First Printing of the Declaration of Independence Printed by John Dunlap, May 6th and 7th, 1969
108645: Samuelson, Ulrik - Ulrik Samuelson: To the Bone
8878: San Antonio, TX: McNay Art Institute, Dec. 1-30, 1960, seven other locations - Marsden Hartley
33909: San Francisco, CA: Emanuel Walter and Athol McBean Galleries, April 8 to May 9, 1987 - David Ireland: Gallery As Place
192880: San Francisco Museum of Art - Works in Spaces: Stephen Antonakos, Ronald Bladen, Sam Gilliam, Robert Irwin, Dorothea Rockburne
21806: San Diego, CA: Museum of Photographic Arts: Apr. 8 to June 1, 1986 - Rosalind Solomon: Earth Rites-Photographs from Inside the Third World
21131: San Francisco, CA: California Palace of the Legion of Honor, June 16 to July 16, 1942 - Vanity Fair: An Exhibtion of Styles in Women's Headdress and Adornment Through the Ages
455: San Francisco, CA - Contemporary American Sculpture
20745: San Antonio, TX: San Antonio Museum of Art, Sept. 27 to Nov. 17, 1985 - Mexico: The New Generations
195639: Sanchez Piqueras, Norberto et al. - D'Ahir a Avui: 250 Anys de la Reial Academia de Belles Arts de Sant Carles
107315: Sandback, Amy Baker (ed.) - Looking Critically: 21 Years of Artforum Magazine
108539: Sandberg and Van Dantzig - True or False?: A Special Exhibition
181884: Sanders, Joel - Joel Sanders: Writings and Projects
33751: Sandler, Irving - Donald Sultan: Poppy Paintings
108564: Sandler, Michele and Randy et al. - Albert R. Valentien: The California Years 1908 - 1925
188398: Sandler, Irving - Angelo Ippolito: A Retrospective Exhibition
106850: Sandon, Henry - The Illustrated Guide to Worcester Porcelain 1751-1793
7591: Sanford, Cynthia Holthusen and Eileen Marie McMahon - August Will: Scenes of Old Jersey City
194318: Sansone, Anonio and B. Pick - Der Zeugdruck: Bleicherei, Farberei, Druckerei Und Appretur Baumwollener Gewebe
107340: Santa Barbara Museum - Santa Barbara Collects
195766: Santilari, Josep; Pere Santilari; Timothy J Standring; Guillem Fernández-Huerta; Jordi Baron - Ineffability
165548: Santos, Lucila Morais - Arte Do Marfim
106541: SAPIO, Maria (editor) - Tiziano: E IL Ritratto Di Corte Da Raffaello Ai Carracci
176976: Sapori, Francesco - Gli Adornatori Del Libro in Italia, Volume III
31260: Sarah Faunce; Leon Wieseltier - Gustave Courbet
4075: Saratoga Springs, NY: Schick Art Gallery, July 13 to Sept. 17, 1995 - Sonia Gechtoff, Four Decades, 1956-1995: Works on Paper
107555: Sarda, Marie-Anne - Stephane Mallarme a Valvins
194438: Sargeant, Winthrop and Richard Bennett - Humility, Concentration and Gusto: A Profile of Marianne Moore
32194: Sargentson, Carolyn - Merchants and Luxury Markets: The Marchand Merciers of Eighteenth-Century Paris
28992: Saroyan, William - The Bicycle Rider in Beverly Hills
194871: Saroyan, William and Aland D. Gruskin - The Water Colors of Dong Kingman and How the Artist Works
176982: Sartorio, Giulio Aristide and Antonio Cippico - Gli Adornatori Del Libro in Italia, Volume VI
25558: Sato, Tomoko and Toshio Watanabe et al. - Japan and Britain: An Aesthetic Dialogue 1850-1930
196252: Saumarez Smith, Charles - Eighteenth-Century Decoration: Design and the Domestic Interior in England
130909: Saunders, O. Elfrida - English Illumination (Set of 2 Volumes)
108859: Sausser, Nancy - Postcards from the Real: Artworks by Josephine Haden
107450: Sausser, Nancy - Postcards from the Real: Artworks by Josephine Haden
133079: SAUVAGEOT Claude - Palais Chateaux Hotels Et Maisons de France Du Xve Au Xviiie Siecle
106720: Savage, George - English Pottery and Porcelain
108127: Savaris, Marta - Brahmatic: Patrick Mimran
108179: Savini, Maria Teresa Mazzilli - Ordini Religiosi E Produzione Artistica
130728: Sawano, Mizue - Veil of Flowers: The Landscapes of Mizue Sawano
108567: Sawin, Martica - Anne Tabachnick (1927 - 1995): A Memorial Exhibition
109331: Sawin, Martica - Gordon Onslow Ford: Voyagers in Space: Paintings from the 1970's and 1980's
130788: Sawin, Martica - Nell Blaine: Her Art and Life
14179: Sawin, Martica - John William Hill (1812-1879), John Henry Hill (1839-1922)
163765: Sawin, Martica - Leon Kelly: An American Surrealist
2149.1: Sawitzky, William - The American Work of Benjamin West (Article in the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 62, No. 4)
108872: Sawyer, Alan R. - Mastercraftsmen of Ancient Peru
109060: Sawyer, Alan R. - The Nathan Cummings Collection of Ancient Peruvian Art
109573: Sawyer, Alan R. - Mastercraftsmen of Ancient Peru
109312: Scaglione, Albert - An Insider's Guide to Fine Art Collecting: Paintings, Paintings, Paintings - Volume 6, Issue 2
109308: Scaglione, Albert - An Insider's Guide to Fine Art Collecting: The Reemergence of the Figure in Art; Volume 5, Issue 1
109301: Scaglione, Albert - An Insider's Guide to Fine Art Collecting: The Year of the Impressionists - Volume 3, Issue 3; 1989
195981: Scalia, Gianni - Enrico Job
184258: Scanlan, Margaret - Culture and Customs of Ireland
195878: Schabaelje, Jan Philipsz - The Wandering Soul: Or Conversations of the Wandering Soul with Adam, Noah, and Simon Cleophas, Containing a Succinct Epitome of Leading Historical Facts from the Creation of the World to A.D. 109. Together with a Full Account of the Destruction of Jerusalem
108124: Schade, Werner - Max Beckmann: Ausgewahlte Druckgaphik
109157: Schadeck, Jurgen - Franz Politzer: Farbradierungen Und Olbilder
133039: Schadler, Karl-Ferdinand ; Armand Duchateau; et al. - Earth and Ore: 2500 Years of African Art in Terra-Cotta and Metal
195779: Schaeffer, Ute and Matthias Dachwald - News Flash: Message, Social Media, Artists
194691: Schaeffer, Emil - Sandro Botticelli: Ein Profil
130318: Schaller, Thomas Wells - The Art of Architectural Drawing: Imagination and Technique
195463: Schama, Simon - Citizens : A Chronicle of the French Revolution
30140: Schampers, Karel and Charlotte Wiethoff - Niek Kemps: Twee Two Deux
108371: Schardt, Hermann - Ausstellung Dusseldorfer Kunstlergruppe 1949
109045: Schatborn, Peter - Bij Rembrandt in de Leer : Rembrandt As Teacher
131159: Schatz, Howard; Vicki Goldberg; Beverly J. Ornstein - With Child - Howard Schatz
108160: Scheffel, R.L. - Bird Art in Science: The Growth of a Tradition
106703: Scheibitz, Thomas - Thomas Scheibitz: Low Sweetie Omega Haus
194844: Scheiner, Seth M. - Negro Mecca: A History of the Negro in New York City, 1865-1920
187514: Schelbert, Catherine (editor) - Architecture of Zaha Hadid in Photographs by Helene Binet
27886: Scheurleer, Thomas H. Lunsingh - Nederlandse Kunstnijverheid in Interieurkunst
108712: Schickel, Richard - Clint Eastwood Directs
109825: Schidlof, Leo - Die Bildnisminiatur in Frankreich IM XVII, XVIII, Und XIX Jahrhundert
108529: Schiffer, Peter Berwind - The Chester County Historical Society
108751: Schiffer, Herbert F. - The Mirror Book, English, American & European
194165: Schiller, Justin G. and Mary Graham Bonner, et al. - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: An 1865 Printing Re-Described and Newly Identified As the Publisher's "File Copy": With a Revised and Expanded Census of the Suppressed 1865 "Alice" Compiled by Selwyn H. Goodacre: To Which Is Added, a Short-Title Index Identifying and Locating the Original Preliminary Drawings by John Tenniel for Alice and Looking-Glass
194253: Schiller, Friedrich - Gedichte; Zweiter Theil
108554: Schirmer, Wulf et al. - Friedrich Weinbrenner: 1766-1826
195563: Schlegel, Andreas; Annette Otterstedt - In Das Verlorene Paradies. Festschrift in Memoriam Annette Otterstedt : Zum 70. Geburtstag Am 23. September 2021
34280: Schlesinger, Arthur - Adlai Stevenson
108011: Schloder, John E. - Masterpieces East and West
189831: Schloss Dyck - Schloss Dyck: Waffensammlung Der Fursten Zu Salm-Reifferscheidt
24583: Schmalenbach, Werner - Amedeo Modigliani: Paintings, Sculptures, Drawings
194835: Schmalenbach, Werner - Fernand Leger
108643: Schmalenback, Dr. Werner - Kurt Schwitters: Retrospective
194497: Schmauk, Theodore Emanuel - Old Salem in Lebanon: A History of the Congregation and Town
108277: Schmekebier, Alexandra K. - The Cloud Wampler Collection of Prints, Syracuse University
194755: Schmid, Claus-Peter - Photography for Artists and Craftsmen
24426: Schmidt, Gerhard - Die Malerschule Von St. Florian: Beitrage Zur Suddeutschen Malerei Zu Ende Des 13. Und IM 14. Jahrhundert / the Art School of St. Florian: Contributions of South German Artists at the End of the 13th and in the 14 Century
109590: Schmidt, Bertram - Cezannes Lehre
194199: Schmidt, Werner - Marianne Brandt, Hajo Rose, Kurt Schmidt: Drei Kunstler Aus Dem Bauhaus
150447: Schmidt, Katharina - Cy Twombly: Die Skulptur / the Sculpture
13140: Schmidt, Mary Morris - Index to Nineteenth Century American Art Periodicals
131133: Schmidt, Bastienne; Hans-Georg Pospischil (ed.); Vicki Goldberg - American Dreams
107833: Schmidt, Ernest - Musee de L'Automobile - Fondation Pierre Gianadda
109101: Schmidt, Georg - Chagall
109462: Schmidt, B.E., ed - Elagin Ostrov: Imperatorskii Dvorets - Istoriya I Architektura
108164: Schmied, Wieland (Editor) - Austrian Painting 1945 - 1995: The Essl Collection
168106: Schmitz, Barbara [ed] - After the Great Mughals: Painting in Delhi and the Regional Courts in the 18th and 19th Centuries
106597: Schmitz, Britta - Bernhard Garbert
194780: Schmitz, Carl A. - Oceanic Art: Myth, Man, and Image in the South Seas
25592: Schmitz, Hermann - Vor Hundert Jahren. Festräume Und Wohnzimmer Des Deutschen Klassizismus Und Biedermeier
109559: Schmitz, Hermann - The Encyclopedia of Furniture
194866: Schmuttermeier, Elisabeth - Cast Iron from Central Europe, 1800-1850
22608: Schneede, Uwe M. - George Grosz: His Life and Work
109284: Schneider, Gregor - Weisse Folter: Gregor Schneider
145052: Schneider, Pierre - Philippe Hosiasson
24232: Schoelwer, Susan P. (editor) - Lions & Eagles & Bulls: Early American Tavern & Inn Signs from the Connecticut Historical Society
195196: Schoener, Allon - The Lower East Side: Immigrant Portal to America from 1875 to 1925
195024: Schoener, Allon - The Lower East Side: Portal to American Life, 1870-1924
185429: Schoener, Allon and Thomas Hoving, et al. - Harlem on My Mind: Cultural Capital of Black America, 1900-1968
109879: Scholten, Fritz - Willem Van Tetrode, Sculptor (1525-1580)
194485: Schoofs, Rudolf and Herta Wescher - Rudolf Schoofs: Gravuren
136465: Schoonmaker, Trevor (editor) - Barkley L. Hendricks: Birth of the Cool
107122: Schorsch, David A. - Pennsylvania-German Folk Art
108517: Schorsch, Anita - Pastoral Dreams
153826: Schorsch, David A. and Margaret R. Schorsch - The Photographs of William F. Winter, Jr. 1899-1939
31970: Schorsch (David), NY: nd - American Decoys: A Folk Art Tradition
29985: Schouvaloff, Alexander - The Art of Ballets Russes: The Serge Lifar Collection of Theater Designs, Costumes, and Paintings at the Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, Connecticut
190224: Schreiber, Wilhelm Ludwig - Einblattdrucke Des Funfzehnten Jahrhunderts: Meisterwerke Der Metallschneidekunst. Teil II. Ausgewahlte Schrotblatter Aus Offentlichen Sammlungen Und Bibliotheken in Berlin, Darmstadt, Erfurt, Halle A.S. , Leipzig, London, Munster, Oxford, Strassburg, Ulm, Wittenberg, Wurzburg, Zurich
29296: Schroder, Timothy - The Gilbert Collection of Gold and Silver
105239: Schroder, Timothy - The National Trust Book of English Domestic Silver 1500-1900
107085: Schroder, Timothy B. - The Francis E. Fowler Collection of Silver
196003: Schroeder, John Henry William - Catalogue of the Collection of Fine Sèvres Porcelain, English and Oriental Porcelain, Jewels, and Objects of Art and Vertu, Formed by Baron Schröder : Which, by Order of the Executors, Will Be Sold by Auction by Messrs. Christie, Manson & Woods . July 5, 1910, and Three Following Days, Etc.
109474: Schroeder, Klaus Albrecht and Susanne Berchtold - Paul Klee: Formenspiele
195179: Schryver de, Antoine and Jessica Berenbeim - The Prayer Book of Charles the Bold: A Study of a Flemish Masterpiece from the Burgundian Cour
188589: Schuette, Marie - Gestickte Bildteppiche Und Decken Des Mittelalters. Band I, Die Kloster Wienhausen Und Lune Das Luneburgische Museum and Band II, Braunschweig, Die Kloster Ebstorf Und Isenhagen, Wernigerode, Kloster Drubeck Halberstadt
24322: Schulman, Michel and Alexandra R. Murphy - Theodore Rousseau: The Language of Nature
34376: Schulmann, Didier and David F Setford - From Fauvism to Impressionism: Albert Marquet
117578.1: Schultze, Jurgen (editor) - Prag Um 1600: Kunst Und Kultur Am Hofe Kaiser Rudolfs II [10. 6. - 30. 10. 1988]
195803: Schumacher, Emil - Emil Schumacher: Leaves from the Engadin
182713: Schurmann, Ulrich - Caucasian Rugs: A Detailed Presentation of the Art of Carpet Weaving in the Various Districts of the Caucasus During the 18th and 19th Century
162416: Schürmann, Ulrich - Central-Asian Rugs, a Detailed Presentation of the Art of Rug Weaving in Central-Asia in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century
25942: Schuyler, Montgomery - American Architecture and Other Writings (2 Vols)
194892: Schuyt, Michael and Joost Elffers - Fantastic Architecture: Personal and Eccentric Visions
196041: Schwabsky, Barry - Marco Pariani Trees and Traditions
190742: Schwabsky, Barry - Ron Gorchov: The Last Paintings 2017-2020
195778: Schwander, Martin - Georg Baselitz
107767: Schwartz, Mark and Tom E. Hinson (Curators) - A City Seen; Photographs from the George Gund Foundation Collection
194547: Schwartz, Ellen - Tracking, Tracing, Marking, Pacing: Movement Drawings
106431: Schwartz, Sanford - The Early Work of William King
174832: Schwartz, Joyce Pomeroy - Homebodies: Celebrating Art & Architecture, Creating a Place for People
188261: Schwarz, Arturo - The Complete Works of Marcel Duchamp
174527: Schwarz, Arturo - Marcel Duchamp
108827: Schwarz Philadelphia - American and European Paintings (Philadelphia Collection 81)
106758: Schwarzenegger, Arnold and Bill Dobbins - Arnold's Bodybuilding for Men
131151: Schwarzman, Carol - Margaret Lanzetta: Pet the Pretty Tiger, Works 1990-2010
107606: Schweder, Alex and Dieter Janssen - Alex Schweder's Peeple: A Three Part Installation - the Joneses, Betrothed & Stars and Stripes
104338: Schweers, Hans F. - Gemalde in Deutschen Museen. Paintings in German Museums. Part 1 : Volumes 1 - 4 ( Artist and Their Works ) Part II : Volumes 5 - 7 ( Iconographic Directory ) Part III : Volumes 8 - 10 ( Museums and Their Paintings )
196343: Schweiger, Werner J. and W.G. Fischer, et al. - Wiener Werkstatte: Design in Vienna 1903-1932
34060: Scott, Amy - The Taos Society of Artists: Masters and Masterworks
107817: Scott and Fowles Co - Catalogue of the Special Loan Exhibition of Paintings by the Great Dutch Masters of the Seventeenth Century
196233: Scott, Pamela - Capital Engineers: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the Development of Washington, D.C. , 1790-2004
31428: Scott, Rosemary E. - For the Imperial Court: Qing Porcelain from the Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art
108742: Scott, Deborah Emont - The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Henry Moore Sculpture Garden
108749: Scott, Gail - An Exhibition and Sale of Works on Paper: Carl Sprinchorn (1887-1971)
179471: Scott, Frank J. - Portraitures of Julius Caesar: A Monograph
109337: Scott, Andrea - Cameron Martin: Eclipse
195378: Scott, Sir Walter - Ivanhoe
195443: Scott, Walter and Thomas Caldecot Chubb - The Talisman
108120: Scotti, Roland - Philipp Bauknecht 1884-1933
108767: Screech, Timon - Japan Extolled and Decried: Carl Peter Thunberg and the Shogun's Realm, 1775-1796
20040: Scuderi, Vincenzo (intro) - IX Mostra Di Opere D'Arte Restaurate
133101: Scully, Sean ; Kosme Maria de Baranano Letamendia; Kelly Grovier - Sean Scully : Light of the South
194688: Scuola Archeologica Italiana Di Atene - Annuario Della Scuola Archeologica Di Atene E Delle Missioni Italiane in Oriente (Volume XXVII-XXIX; Nuova Serie XI-XIII, 1949-1951)
194689: Scuola Archeologica Italiana Di Atene - Annuario Della Scuola Archeologica Di Atene E Delle Missioni Italiane in Oriente (Volume XXII-XXIII; Nuova Serie VI-VII, 1944-1945)
130450: Seaburg, Alan - Thomas Dahill: An American Artist
26362: Sebastian Smee - Lucian Freud Drawings 1940
130725.1: Secrest, Meryle - Between Me and Life: A Biography of Romaine Brooks
107288: Secrest, Meryle - Duveen: A Life in Art
194520: Sedelmeyer, Charles and Paul Chevallier, et al. - Catalogue Des Tableaux Composant la Collection Ch. Sedelmayer: Deuxieme Vente, Comprenant Les Tableaux de L'Ecole Hollandaise Du Xviie Siecle
5335.1: Segard, Achille - Un Peintre Des Enfants at Des Meres: Mary Cassatt
194349: Segarizzi, Arnaldo - Bibliografia Delle Stampe Popolari Italiane Della R. Biblioteca Nazionale Di S. Marco Di Venezia - Volume Primo
196210: Segel, Harold B. - Turn-of-the-Century Cabaret: Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Cracow, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Zurich
34033: Segy, Ladislas - Initiation Ceremony and African Sculptures
196451: Seidmann, Gertrud and Robert Raines, et al. - The Fifty-Third Volume of the Walpole Society
24098: Seipel, Wilfried - Luca Giordano, 1634-1705
155001: Selden, William K. - Drumthwacket: A History of the Governor's Masnion at Princeton, New Jersey
2367.4: Sellers, Charles Coleman - Charles Willson Peale: Later Life (Vol. 2 of a Two Volume Set)
25905: Sellers, Charles Coleman - Benjamin Franklin in Portraiture
2367000002: Sellers, Charles Coleman - Charles Willson Peale (2 Volumes): The Artist of the Revolution - the Early Life of Charles Willson Peale; Later Life: 1790 - 1827
108261: Selvin, Nancy - 2002 Ceramic Annual: Scripps College 58th Ceramic Exhibition
109953: Selz, Peter - Enrico Donati
178607: Selz, Peter; Susan Einstein and Jan Butterfield - Sam Francis
24799: Selz, Peter - Directions in Kinetic Sculpture
35006: Semenza, Gregory M. Colón - Sport, Politics, and Literature in the English Renaissance
133207: Senenko, Marina; Gosudarstvennyj Muzej Izobrazitel'nych Iskusstv Imeni A. S. Puskina - Collection of Dutch Paintings : XVII-XIX Centuries / the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts
195218: Sentance, Bryan - The Art of the Basket: Traditional Basketry from Around the World
110028: Serger (Helen) la loetie, Inc.: fall, 1973 - Paintings, Drawings, Watercolors and Prints by 20th Century Masters
23674: Serger, Helen - Herwarth Walden and Der Sturm: Artists and Publications
118139: Serlio, Sebastiano - The Five Books of Architecture
109174: Serotta, Edward - Out of the Shadows: A Photographic Portrait of Jewish Life in Central Europe Since the Holocaust
194680: Serou-Clarac, Max - Hiquily: Sculptures
168370: Serra, Tomas Llorens, Abigail McEwen, and Frederic Tuten - The Worlds of Joaquin Torres-Garcia
196386: Serra Raspi, Joselita and Paolo Mascilli Migliorini - Paestum, Idea E Immagine: Antologia Di Testi Critici E Di Immagini Di Paestum, 1750-1836
22126: Serra, Rosanna Maggio - L' Ottocento: Catalogo Delle Opere Esposte
131128: Serra, Tomas Llorens ; Boye Llorens; Centro del Carmen (Valencia, Spain); CaixaForum (Barcelona, Spain); - Retratos de la Belle Epoque
196174: Serres, Karen and Ernst Vegelin van Claerbergen, et al. - The Courtauld Collection: A Vision for Impressionism
21482: Serullaz, Arlette with Vincent Pomarede and others - Delacroix: Les Dernières Années
106556: Sesena, Natacha et al. - Goya
101602: Sessions, Ralph, et al. - The Poetic Vision: American Tonalism
27498: Setlik, Jiri with Dagmar Hejdova and Emanuel Poche - Ceske Sklo 17 a 18 Stoleti / Bohemian Glass of the 17th and the 18th Centuries
195992: Seuss, Dr - And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street
7942: Severens, Martha R. - Greenville County Museum of Art: The Southern Collection
25150: Severens, Martha R. - The Charleston Renaissance
194666: Severin, Ingrid - Ernst Hesse: Kodama Gallery
176585: Sexton, R.W. - American Theatres of Today: Plans, Sections, and Photographs of Exterior and Interior Details, Volume Two
194186: Sexton, R.W. - Schools: One of a Series
173727: Seyller, John - Pearls of the Parrot of India: The Walters Art Museum Khamsa of Amir Khusraw of Delhi
160701: Sgarbi, Vittorio (editor) - Da Corot a Picasso, Da Fattori a de Pisis: La Phillips Collection Di Washington E la Collezione Ricci Oddi Di Piacenza
106439: Sgarbi, Vittorio - Antonio Recalcati: Third Street at Sixth Avenue
130407: Sgarbi, Vittorio , Hans Albert Peters and Beatrice F. Buscarol - L'Arte Delle Donne Dal Rinascimento Al Surrealismo/ the Art of Women from the Renaissance to Surrealism
12056000001: Shadbolt, Doris - The Art of Emily Carr
106978: Shafrazi, Tony - Francis Bacon
4559: Shahn, Ben - Ben Shahn: A Retrospective Exhibition
108891: Shahn, Ben - Paragraphs on Art by Ben Shahn
106816: Shahn, Ben (Foreword) - Yasuo Kuniyoshi Retrospective Exhibition
193742: Shakespeare, William - Die Lustigen Weiber Von Windsor
195547: Shakespeare, William - The Heritage Shakespeare: The Comedies/the Tragedies/the Histories (3 Volumes)
195942: Shakespeare, William - The First Folio of Shakespeare the Norton Facsimile
195963: Shakespeare, William; Stanley Wells - The Complete Plays (6 Volumes, 2 Slipcases)
194767: Shakespeare, William - Twelfth Night
195504: Shakespeare, William; Daniel Haberman; Isadore Seltzer - As You Like It
109937: Shallcross, Gilian - A Guide to the Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
107968: Shanahan, Sean - Patrick Michael Fitzgerald: The Morning Hours
195261: Shanks, Nelson - Nelson Shanks : Dal Maestro
4488.1: Shapiro, Michael Edward and Peter H. Hassrick - Frederic Remington: The Masterworks
108310: Shapiro, Joseph Randall - George Cohen
194946: Shapiro, David and Jim Dine - Jim Dine: Painting What One Is
118378: Sharp, Jasper - Conrad Marca-Relli: The New York Years 1945-1967
194913: Sharp, Kevin - For Spacious Skies: Hudson River School Paintings from the Henry and Sharon Martin Collection
109100: Sharp, Chris - John Zinsser
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