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156844: ANGLESEY, GEORGE CHARLES HENRY VICTOR PAGET (MARQUESS OF) - A History of the British Cavalry 1816-1919, Volume II: 1851-1871
160341: ANGOT, CHRISTINE - Othoniel
105593: ANGUERA, DR. A. ORIOL - Mentira Y Verdad de Salvador Dali
148007: ANGULO, D. AND A.E. PEREZ SANCHEZ - A Corpus of Spanish Drawings, Volume One 1400 to 1600
155741: ANGULO, D. AND A.E. PEREZ SANCHEZ - A Corpus of Spanish Drawings, Volume One 1400 to 1600
158023: ANHOLD, KARIN (ESSAY) AND PATRICIA ECKERT BOYER (ORGANIZER) - Grit Kallin Fischer : Bauhaus and Other Works
125334: ANIKIN, ANDREI - Russian Thinkers: Essays on Socio-Economic Thoughts in the 18th and 19th Centuries
120910: ANISIMOVA, E.A. WITH MANY OTHERS - Nikolai I Aleksandra: Dvor Poslednikh Russkikh Imperatorov Konets XIX - Nachalo XX Veka
140201: ANISOV, LEV - Tret'Yakov (Tretyakov)
152555: ANISUZZAMAN (EDITOR) - Kanak Chanpa Chakma
27190: ANN ARBOR: THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN MUSEUM OF ART, DECEMBER 10, 1972 TO JANUARY 14, 1973 - Albert Kahn: Architect Abroad
35044: ANN ARBOR, MI: UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN MUSEUM OF ART, APRIL 3 TO AUGUST 9, 1981 - African Images: Art and Ornament
141929: ANN ARBOR: THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN MUSEUM OF ART, DECEMBER 10, 1972 TO JANUARY 14, 1973 - Albert Kahn: Architect Abroad
17346: ANN ARBOR, MI: UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN MUSEUM OF ART, NOV. 4, 1983 TO JAN. 8, 1984, TWO OTHER DATES - The Artistic Revival of the Woodcut in France, 1850-1900
20686: ANN ARBOR, MI: UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN MUSEUM OF ART, JAN. 25 TO FEB. 29, 1976, ONE OTHER LOCATION - The Art of Wen Cheng-Ming (1470-1559)
104614: ANN DUMAS (A CURA DI) FRANCESCO RUVINETTI - Degas E Gli Italiani a Parigi
31159: ANN ARBOR: UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN MUSEUM OF ART, NOVEMBER 15, 1994 TO JANUARY 15, 1995; ONE ADDITIONAL VENUE - John Stephenson, After the Fire: A Retrospective
134786: ANNA BOWMAN DODD - In the Palaces of the Sultan
132567: ANNA MURA SOMMELLA - IL Marco Aurelio in Campidoglio
133372: ANNA PASETTI - Non Arguta Sonant Tenui Psalteria Chorda: L'Arpa Dall'Antichita Preclassica All'Alto Medioevo
20851: ANNANDALE-ON-HUDSON, NY: WILLIAM COOPER PROCTOR ART CENTER, MAY 1-21, 1967 - The Monotypes of Maurice Prendergast
6640: ANNANDALE-ON-HUDSON, NY: BARD COLLEGE, OCT. 9 TO NOV. 21, 1982 - Ornament & Glory: Theme and Theory in the Work of Karl Knaths
132594: ANNE CROOKSHANK; KNIGHT OF GLIN - Irish Portraits 1660-1860
132756: ANNE WILKES TUCKER (ESSAY) - Joseph Mills: Inner City
158540: ANNEAR, JUDY (EDITOR) - Photography: Art Gallery of New South Wales Collection
113501: ANNENKOV, GEORGE - Russian Stage and Costume Designs for the Ballet, Opera and Theatre
121036: ANNENKOVA, E.A. AND Y.P. GOLIKOV - Russkiye Oldenburgskiye I Ikh Dvortsy
109762: ANNIGONI, PIETRO - Luciano Guarnieri: Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings
155196: ANNIGONI, BENEDETTO - Annigoni
136495: ANNO, MITSUMASA - Anno's Britain
21555: ANNVILLE, PA: LEBANON VALLEY COLLEGE, MAR. 8 TO APR. 14, 2001 - Mary Cassatt, Printmaker
140501: ANOKHIN, V.A. (EDITOR) - Numizmatika I Sfragistika, Tom I (Numismatics and Sphragistics, Volume I)
120364: ANOKHINA, I. V. - Astrakhanskaia Oblastnaia Kartinnaia Galereia: Imeni B.M. Kustodieva
139708: ANON - Our Living Painters: Their Lives and Works
119828: ANONYMOUS - ... Et la Lumiere Se Fait. .
120388: ANONYMOUS - Christopher Morley: His History Done by Divers Hands, Together with a List of Works by This Author, Thus Modestly Offered to Your Attention
119803: ANONYMOUS - Blood and Brass: Being Glimpses of Erman Psychology
119802: ANONYMOUS - The Mails As a German War Weapon: Memorandum on the Censorship of Mails Carried by Neutral Ships
119845: ANONYMOUS - The German White Book with Important Official Addenda: Documents Anent the Outbreak of the European War, Issued by the German Government
138807: ANONYMOUS - Tirages Anciens Imagerie Pellerin a Epinal No. 1
10107: ANQUETIL, MARIE-AMELIE AND OLIVIER MICHEL - Aquarelles Orientales D'Emile Bernard, 1893-1904
163150: ANREANI, CAROLE - Les Ceramiques de Gauguin
25194: ANREUS, ALEJANDRO ET AL. - Subversions/Affirmations: Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, a Survey
142793: ANREUS, ALEJANDRO - 3 Hispanic-American Masters = 3 Maestros Hispano Americanos; Dario Suro, Roberto Estopinan, Juan Sanchez
130476: ANSARI, HUMAYUN ; EAST LONDON MOSQUE TRUST LTD.; LONDON MOSQUE FUND.; ROYAL HISTORICAL SOCIETY (GREAT BRITAIN) - The Making of the East London Mosque, 1910-1951: Minutes of the London Mosque Fund and East London Mosque Trust Ltd
121575: ANSARI, NUHA - Karachi: Edge of Empire: Jewels and Gems of Raj Architecture
136864: ANSCOMBE, ISABELLE - Omega and After: Bloomsbury and the Decorative Arts
128577: ANSCOMBE, ISABELLE - A Woman's Touch: Women in Design from 1860 to the Present Day
23680: ANSELL, M.P. - Paintings by John Wootton, Circa 1682-1764
150899: ANSON, LADY CLODAGH BERESFORD - Victorian Days
162761: ANSPACH, ERNST - African Tribal Sculpture from the Collection of Ernst and Ruth Anspach
142916: ANSPACH, ERNST - African Tribal Sculpture from the Collection of Ernst and Ruth Anspach
110591: ANSPON, CATHERINE D. - Color - Drawing and Painting: Danielle Frankenthal and Joseph Marioni
145693: ANSPON, CATHERINE D. - Sarah Nix Ginn: Sanctuary
148367: ANSPON, CATHERINE D. - Passages: Bill Fitzgibbons
13717.1: ANT. W M MENSING - Collection Marczell de Nemes
117768: ANTAKI, KAREN - Yves Gaucher: Recent Work / Oeuvres Recentes
117776: ANTAKI, KAREN (CURATOR) - Jori Smith: A Celebration / Une Celebration
160211: ANTELO-SUAREZ, SANDRA AND JESUS FUENMAYOR - Gego: Autobiography of a Line
164255: ANTES, HORST - The Year of the Hopi
151292: ANTHES, RUDOLF ET AL. - Mit Rahineh 1955
154995: ANTHES, RUDOLF ET AL. - Mit Rahineh 1956
133236: ANTHONY BRYER; DAVID WINFIELD - The Byzantine Monuments and Topography of the Pontos (Dumbarton Oaks Studies 20)
121540: ANTHONY, A.V.S. - Life and Character Drawings by W.T. Smedley
159480: ANTHONY, CAROL AND LAURA ADDISON - Carol Anthony: Paintings, Prints & Constructions, 1975-2015
133456: ANTHONY GRAFTON - Commerce with the Classics: Ancient Books and Renaissance Readers (Jermoe Lectures 20)
161507: ANTHONY, ETHAN - The Architecture of Ralph Adams Cram and His Office
157422: ANTIETAM BATTLEFIELD MEMORIAL COMMISSION - Pennsylvania at Antietam: Report of the Antietam Battlefield Memorial Commission of Pennsylvania and Ceremonies at the Dedication of the Monuments Erected by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to Mark the Position of Thirteen of the Pennsylvania Commands Engaged in the Battle
154080: ANTIPINA, K. - Narodnye Sokrovitsa Kyrgyzyi = Folk Treasures of Kyrgyz
135633: ANTIPOVA, R.N. AND N. I. SALTAN - Zhivopis' I Grafika Iz Sobraniia Pskovskogo Muzeia-Zapovednika
26932: ANTIQUARIAAT FORUM - On the Threshold of Modern Times
140396: ANTIQUORUM - Antiquorum: Important Modern & Vintage Timepieces -- Saturday, June 22, 2013
140397: ANTIQUORUM - Antiquorum: Important Modern & Vintage Timepieces -- Saturday, October 26, 2013
140398: ANTIQUORUM - Antiquorum: Important Modern & Vintage Timepieces -- Saturday, September 18, 2013
112492: ANTLIFF, MARK - Avant-Garde Fascism: The Mobilization of Myth, Art, and Culture in France, 1909-1939
127483: ANTOINE, ELISABETH; PASCALE BOURGAIN; M.T. GOUSSET - Sur la Terre Comme Au Ciel: Jardins D'Occident a la Fin Du Moyen Age
152672: ANTOINETTE FAY-HALLE, BARBARA MUNDT - Porcelain of the Nineteenth Century
105082: ANTOINETTE FAY-HALLE, BARBARA MUNDT - Porcelain of the Nineteenth Century
141974: ANTOLINO, F. - I. Monteiro
132875: ANTON SEIDL; ET AL. - The Music of the Modern World Illustrated in the Lives and Works of the Greatest Modern Musicians and in Reproductions of Famous Paintings, Etc. (in Two Volumes)
144296: ANTONACCI, FRANCESCA AND DAMIANO LAPICCIRELLA - A Private Collection of Venetian Old Master Drawings, Part One
118549: ANTONELLI, PAOLA - Humble Masterpieces: Everyday Marvels of Design
153953: ANTONELLI, PAOLA - Achille Castiglioni Design!
124944: ANTONELLI, PAOLA ET AL. - Ron Arad: No Discipline
121012: ANTONOVA, IRINA - Se Chelovek: Evropeiskaya Dereviannaya Skulptura (Behold the Man: European Wooden Sculpture
144656: ANTONOVA, V.I., N.E. MNEVA (EDS.) - Katalog Drevnerusskoy Zhivopisi XI-Nachala XVIII V.V. V Dvukh Tomakh (Tom I & II) / Catalog of Oid Russian Painting from the Beginnina of the XI Through the XVIII Centuries, in Two Volumes (Volumes I & II)
121172: ANTONOVA, I.A. - Zrimaia Muzyka: Evropeiskaia Zhivopis I Grafika XIV - XIX Vekov
121191: ANTONOVA, V.I. - Drevnerusskoe Iskusstvo V Sobranii Pavla Korina (Old Russian Art in the Collection of Pavel Korin)
122669: ANTONOVA, IRINA - Catalogue of Painting
121033: ANTONOVA, I.A. (EDITOR, WITH OTHERS) - Muzei: Khudozhestvennie Sobraniia Sssr - Vols. 1, 2, 4, 9
121191.1: ANTONOVA, V.I. - Drevnerusskoe Iskusstvo V Sobranii Pavla Korina (Old Russian Art in the Collection of Pavel Korin)
131211: ANTONOVA, IRINA; CHARLOTTE EYERMAN; EUGENYA GEORGIEVSKAYA; ELENA SHARNOVA - Old Masters Impressionists and Moderns; French Masterworks from the State Pushkin Museum Moscow
140054: ANTONOVA, IRINA - Shedevry Gosudarstvennogo Muzeya Izobrazitel'Nykh Iskusstv Imeni A.S. Pushkina (Masterpieces from the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts / Moscow)
152200: ANTONSEN, LASSE B. AND MAXINE YALOVITZ-BLANKENSHIP - Maxine Yalovitz-Blankenship: Reconstructed Memory: Hopscotch, Aunt Lily's Beaded Bag, Pawnshop
144549: ANTONSEN, LASSE B. - Jørgen Rømer : The Subtle Gesture
142285: ANTRIM, CRAIG - Color Consciousness: Seven Los Angeles Artists
10256: ANVERS, NETHERLANDS: KONINKLIJK MUSEUM VOOR SCHONE KUNSTEN, MAY 3 TO JULY 26, 1998 - Breughel-Breughel: Une Famille de Peintres Flamands Vers 1600
159142: ANZELEWSKI, FEDJA AND R. ZIJLMA - Hollstein's German Engravings, Etchings and Woodcuts: Volume XXII, Johann Leipolt to Melchoir Lorch
159143: ANZELEWSKI, FEDJA AND R. ZIJLMA - Hollstein's German Engravings, Etchings and Woodcuts: Volume XXIII, Erasmus Loy to Jakob Mayr
159136: ANZELEWSKI, FEDJA AND R. ZIJLMA - Hollstein's German Engravings, Etchings and Woodcuts: Volume XVI, Hans Ludwig Kandtpaltung to Bartholomeus II Kilian
159138: ANZELEWSKI, FEDJA AND R. ZIJLMA - Hollstein's German Engravings, Etchings and Woodcuts: Volume XVIII, Philipp Kilian (Continued) to Wolfgang Kilian
113378: ANZELEWSKI, FEDJA - Durer and His Time: An Exhibition from the Collection of the Print Room, State Museum, Berlin Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz
159141: ANZELEWSKI, FEDJA AND R. ZIJLMA - Hollstein's German Engravings, Etchings and Woodcuts: Volume XXI, Georg Lang to Hans Leinberger
159137: ANZELEWSKI, FEDJA AND R. ZIJLMA - Hollstein's German Engravings, Etchings and Woodcuts: Volume XVII, Lucas Kilian to Philipp Kilian
159140: ANZELEWSKI, FEDJA AND R. ZIJLMA - Hollstein's German Engravings, Etchings and Woodcuts: Volume XX, Maria Magdalena Kusel to Johann Christoph Laidig
159139: ANZELEWSKI, FEDJA AND R. ZIJLMA - Hollstein's German Engravings, Etchings and Woodcuts: Volume XIX, After Franz Kirchmaier to Johanna Sibylla Kusel
159126: ANZELEWSKY, FEDJA AND ROBERT ZIJLMA - Hollstein's German Engravings, Etchings and Woodcuts: Volume IX, Andreas Frolich to Andreas Gentzsch
159128: ANZELEWSKY, FEDJA AND ROBERT ZIJLMA ET AL. - Hollstein's German Engravings, Etchings and Woodcuts: Volume XI, Urs Graf
159127: ANZELEWSKY, FEDJA AND ROBERT ZIJLMA - Hollstein's German Engravings, Etchings and Woodcuts: Volume X, George (Jorg) to After Johann Andreas Graf
108287: AOKI, HIROSHI (EDITOR) - Shimaoka Tatsuzo: Gift of Shimizu Masashi
133256: AOMORI MUSEUM OF ART - Painting Light
122753: AOYAGI, MASANORI ET AL. - L'Eredita Dell'Impero Romano
155745: AOYAMA, WAHEI - Tefaf Maastricht 2016
121400: APEL, DORA (EDITOR) - Inigo Manglano-Ovalle
155158: APFELBAUM, BEN ET AL. - Beneath the Ice: The Art of the Spearfishing Decoy
142785: APGAR, GARRY ET AL. - The Newspaper in Art
149857: APGAR, JOHN F. - Douglas Allen: A Retrospective Exhibition, 1945-1995
117948: APOLLINAIRE, GUILLAUME - Tutta L'Opera Poetica
119844: APOLLINAIRE, GUILLAUME - Aesthetic Meditations on Painting (Removed from the Little Review)
118985: APOLLINAIRE, GUILLAUME - The Poet Assassinated
120184: APOLLINAIRE, GUILLAUME - The Cubist Painters
131992: APOLLINAIRE, GUILLAUME; LEROY C. BREUNIG (ED.); SUSAN SULEIMAN (TRANSL.) - Apollinaire on Art: Essays and Reviews 1902-1918; Documents of 20th-Century Art
127165: APOLLONI, IGNAZIO - Lavoro Poetico Su Una Locuzione Avverbiale
142442: APOLLONIO, UMBRO - Artistas Italianos de Hoje: Na XII Bienal Do Museu de Arte Moderna de Sao Paulo, Brasil
157197: APOSTOLOS-CAPPADONA, DIANE - In Search of Mary Magdalene: Images and Traditions
144495: APPEL, HORST - Christa Von Schnitzler
139204: APPEL, KAREL ; GALERIE ARIEL - Ariel 53 - a Propos de L'Exposition Des Gouaches Récentes de Karel Appel. Mai - Juin 1981
107281: APPELBOOM, THIERRY - Les Affections Rhumatismales Dans L'Art Et Dans L'Histoire
119491: APPELHOF, RUTH STEVENS - Voices Rising: Alabama Women at the Millennium
141716: APPELHOF, RUTH STEVENS (ED.) - The Expressionist Landscape: North American Modernist Painting, 1920-1947
141334: APPELHOF, RUTH ANN - Margaret Bourke-White: The Humanitarian Vision
6188: APPELHOF, RUTH STEVENS (ED.) - The Expressionist Landscape: North American Modernist Painting, 1920-1947
119491.1: APPELHOF, RUTH STEVENS - Voices Rising: Alabama Women at the Millennium
109620: APPELLA, GIUSEPPE AND ELLEN RUSSOTTO - David Hare: Opere Dal 1940 Al 1992
146564: APPLE, MAX - The Propheteers; a Novel
111596: APPLEBEE, TIMOTHY ET AL. - Responding to Kahn: A Sculptural Conversation
152009: APPLETON, WILLIAM W. - A Cycle of Cathay: The Chinese Vogue in England During the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
159053: APPOLLONIUS AND EDWARD P. COLERIDGE - Argonautica, or, the Quest of Jason for the Golden Fleece, the Epic Poem First Set Down in the Ancient Greek Tongue by Apollonius of Rhodes in the Third Century B.C. Together with the Translation Into English Prose
150105: APPUHN, KARL - A Forest on the Sea: Environmental Expertise in Renaissance Venice
35497: APRAXINE (PIERRE) & DEMANGE (XAVIER) DIRECTOR - La Comtesse de Castiglione Par Elle-Meme
149133: APTER-GABRIEL, RUTH - The Arthur and Madeleine Chalette Lejwa Collection in the Israel Museum
133504: ARABCHIKOV, K N ; IVAN KORZHEV - Ivan Korzhev : Sculpture
112882: ARADER, W. GRAHAM III - Native Grace: Prints of the New World 1590-1876
159192: ARAKI, NOBUYOSHI - Dirty Pretty Things
148866: ARANAZ, MARIA AGUILERA (EDITOR) - El Canto Del Cisne: Pinturas Academicas Del Salon de Paris - Colleciones Musee D'Orsay
4343: ARANSON, H.H. - Jacques Lipchitz: Sketches in Bronze
120382: ARAPOVA, T. AND T.V. KYDRIAVTSEVA - Dalnevostochnyi Farfor V Rossii : XVIII-Nachalo XX Veka : Katalog Vystavki
117027: ARAPOVA, TATIANA - Ceramics by Fance Franck
112856: ARASSE, DANIEL WITH OTHERS - Raphael: Grace Et Beaute
137121: ARASSE, DANIEL - Anselm Kiefer
122664: ARAYASHIKI, TORU ET AL. - Renoir: Tradition and Innovation
121614: ARBASINO, ALBERTO - I Turchi: Codex Vindobonensis 8626
154656: ARBEID, BARBARA AND MARIO IOZZO - Piccoli Grandi Bronzi: Capolavori Greci, Etruschi E Romani Delle Collezioni Mediceo-Lorensi Nel Museo Archeologico Nazionale Di Firenze
124318: ARBITER, PETRONIUS - The Satyricon (2 Vols. )
110540: ARBIZO, AUGUSTO (EDITOR) - Suzanne Caporael: Roadwork
146967: ARBORE, GIGORE - Vulcanescu: Disegni
138042: ARBUS, DIANE - Diane Arbus: Sans Titre
138884: ARBUS, DOON AND MARVIN ISRAEL (EDITORS) - Diane Arbus: An Aperture Monograph
116624: ARCANGELI, FRANCESCO WITH OTHERS - Maestri Della Pittura Del Seicento Emiliano
156639: ARCANGELI, FRANCESCO AND LUCA CESARI - Giorgio Morandi: Stesura Originaria Inedita
122947: ARCHBOLD, RICK - Robert Bateman: Natural Worlds
121234: ARCHER, MARGARET - The Register of Bishop Philip Repingdon, 1405-1419: Volume I - III
102793: ARCHER, MICHAEL - Keith Tyson: Geno Pheno
162816: ARCHER, MILDRED - Tippoo's Tiger
124424: ARCHER, JOHN - Architecture and Suburbia: From English Villa to American Dream House, 1690-2000
160682: ARCHER, W. G. - Indian Paintings from the Punjab Hills: A Survey and History of Pahari Miniature Painting (2-Volume Set)
160684: ARCHER, W. G. - Indian Paintings from the Punjab Hills: A Survey and History of Pahari Miniature Painting (2-Volume Set)
129844: ARCHER, JEFFREY - The Jeffrey Archer Sale: Decades of Collecting
121471: ARCHER, WILLIAM - Shirking the Issue: A Letter to Dr. George Brandes
109194: ARCHER, B.J. - Houses for Sale
138549: ARCHER, MICHAEL - Delftware in the Fitzwilliam Museum
141659: ARCHIBALD, E. H. H. - Dictionary of Sea Painters of Europe and America
162578: ARCHIBALD, ZOSIA (EDITOR) - Archaeological Reports for 2012-2013 (No. 59)
17436: ARCHIBALD, E. H. H. - Dictionary of Sea Painters
149443: ARCHIPENKO, ALEXANDER - Archipenko (1887- ): Recent Polychromes, Oct. 14-Nov. 9, 1957
135653: ARCHITECTS EMERGENCY COMMITTEE - Great Georgian Houses of America Volume 1
127618: ARCHITECTURAL FORUM - The Book of Low Cost Houses
158768: ARDEN, ROY AND PETER CULLEY - Roy Arden : Fragments, Photographs, 1981-1985
104269: ARDENNE, PAUL - Patrick Mimran, Peindre Apres le Japon
109131: ARDENNE, PAUL - Patrick Mimran: Car Parks in New York
114730: ARDENNE, PAUL (EDITOR) - Patrick Mimran Photographs: Urban Samples/Prelevements Urbains; (Series: Collection Photographie)
106033: ARDENNE, PAUL - Patrick Mimran: Recent Works and Old Obsessions
110677: ARDENNE, PAUL - Patrick Mimran: Partage Des Correspondances: Babel. Tv
26947: ARDENNE, PAUL - Capcmusee 1973 - 1993
131494.1: ARDITI, FIAMMA - Bernardo Siciliano
131494: ARDITI, FIAMMA - Bernardo Siciliano
127771: ARDREN, TRACI - The Jaguar's Spots: Ancient Mesoamerican Art from the Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami
130748: ARELL, BERNDT - Light Works by Stefan Lindfors
110687: ARELLANO, NEBIUR - Nebiur: Celebration of Color Paintings on Silk
138946: ARENA, RENATO - Le Iscrizioni Corinzie Su Vasi (Classe Di Scienze Morali, Storiche D Filogiche: Serie VIII - Volume XIII, Fascicolo 2)
147470: ARETINO, PIETRO AND SAMUEL PUTNAM - The Works of Aretino - Dialogues / Letters and Sonnets (2 Volumes)
112262: AREVALO, JUAN JOSE - The Shark and the Sardines
111195: AREZ, ILDA - Portugal and Porcelain
122123: ARGAN, GIULIO CARLO ET AL. - Canova
161311: ARGAN, GIULIO CARLO - Rayograph
129419: ARGAN, GIULIO CARLO - Henry Moore
7992: ARGOSY GALLERY, NY: NO DATE - 101 American Paintings: Historical - Genre - Primitive
133136: ARI J. BLATT - Pictures Into Words: Images in Contemporary French Fiction
114771: ARIA, MRS. (ILLUSTRATED BY PERCY ANDERSON) - Costume: Fanciful, Historical and Theatrical
33804: ARIAS DE LA CANAL, FREDO - Museo Secreto Del Arte Erotico de Pompeya Y Herculano
149166: ARIAS, PAOLO E. - Pheidias (Saggi E Ricerche V)
150311: ARICEAGA, ALEJANDRO - Obra Grafica Del Taller Westbeth de Nueva York
107174: ARIES, PHILIPPE AND GEORGES DUBY (GENERAL EDITORS) - A History of Private Life, Vol. 4
109456: ARIKHA, AVIGDOR - Avigdor Arikha: Twenty-Five Pastels
162085: ARIKI, KOJI - Fantin-Latour [1836-1904]: Retrospective Exhibition
103624: ARIMONDI, VICTOR - Boyfriends
154750: ARIOSTO, LUDOVICO AND WILLIAM STEWART ROSE - The Orlando Furioso (8 Volumes)
106465: ARISON, LIN, AND FOLBERG, NEIL (PHOTOGRAPHER) - Discovering the Connections: Travels with Van Gogh and the Impressionists
124237: ARISTOPHANES - Aristophanes: The Eleven Comedies (2 Vols. )
118386: ARISTOTLE ET AL. - Aristotle: Opere: Volume Decimo: Retorica, Poetica
136383: ARISTOTLE (EDITED BY E.G. KENYON) - Aristotle on the Constitution of Athens
9359: ARKELIAN, MARJORIE - The Kahn Collection of Nineteenth-Century Paintings by Artists in California
5787: ARKELIAN, MARJORIE DAKIN AND GEORGE W. NEUBERT - George Inness Landscapes: His Signature Years, 1884-1894
8352: ARKELIAN, MARJORIE - Tropical Scenes by the 19th Century Painters of California
149432: ARKELL, ROLAND & CATHERINE SAUNDERS-WATSON - The Vendue Masters: Tales from Within the Walls of America's Oldest Auction House
112625: ARKES, HADLEY - The Philosopher in the City: The Moral Dimensions of Urban Politics
120457: ARKIN, D. - Rastrelli
153536: ARKIO, TULLA ET AL. - Paul Osipow: Retrospektiivinen Nayttely / Paul Osipow: Retrospective Exhibition
6880: ARKUS, LEON ANTHONY - 3 Self-Taught Pennsylvania Artists: Hicks, Kane, Pippin
154958: ARKUS, LEON A. - Seventy-Five Years of Pittsburgh Art, Its Influences
24532: ARMAN, DAVID AND LINDA - Anglo-American Ceramics, Part I - Transfer Printed Creamware and Pearlware for the American Market 1760 - 1860
152570: ARMAN, DAVID AND LINDA - Anglo-American Ceramics, Part I - Transfer Printed Creamware and Pearlware for the American Market 1760 - 1860
20074: ARMAND DUCHATEAU - Benin: Royal Art of Africa from the Museum Fur Volkerkunde, Vienna
5325.1: ARMAND SILVESTRE; J. EUGENE REED (ED); ET AL. - The Gallery of Contemporary Art: An Illustrated Review of the Recent Art Productions of All Nations
159679: ARMANI, ELENA PARMA - Perin Del Vaga: L'Anello Mancante; Studi Sul Manierismo
114101: ARMANI, FRANCO (COORDINATOR) - Mozart: I - la Vita. II - le Opere Teatrali
133662: ARMED SERVICES INVESTIGATING SUBCOMMITTEE - Investigation of the My Lai Incident: Hearings of the Armed Services Investigating Subcommittee of the Committee on Armed Services, House of Representatives, Ninety-First Congress, Second Session (Hasc No. 94-47)
135253: ARMENGAUD, M. AND WILLIAM JOHNSON, TRANS - The Practical Draughtsman's Book of Industrial Design, and Machinist's and Engineer's Drawing Companion: ; Forming a Complete Course of Mechanical, Engineering, and Architectural Drawing
115957: ARMENTROUT, J. MICHAEL - Joseph Hecht
158852: ARMIGER, CHARLES - British Preserve with Etchings from Drawings by S. Howitt
125825: ARMINJON, CATHERINE; YVONNE BRUNHAMMER; ET. AL - L'Art de Vivre: Decorative Arts and Design in France 1789-1989
158458: ARMINJON, CATHERINE ET AL. - Madame de Pompadour Et la Floraison Des Arts
164496: ARMINJON, CATHERINE; YVONNE BRUNHAMMER; ET. AL - L'Art de Vivre: Decorative Arts and Design in France 1789-1989
106007: ARMISTEAD, KATHLEEN AND W.J. GRANT-DAVIDSON - Catalogue of the Kildare S Meager Bequest: Swansea Pottery
150207: ARMITAGE, ANNE (EDITOR) - America in Britain (6 Issues, 1993-1996)
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