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7679z: JOHNSON, KENT; BARTLEY, RUSSELL; YONEDA, SYLVIA; MARTINEZ, TOMAS BORGE - Have You Seen a Red Curtain in My Weary Chamber?: Poems, Stories and Essays
36774: RICHARD A. JOHNSON - Business Statistics
5327: AUDREYE E. JOHNSON, EDITOR - The Black Experience: Social, Cultural and Economic Considerations
1004z: VENICE JOHNSON - Heart Full of Grace
37552: ROBERT A. JOHNSON - She!
23620: R. CHARLES JOHNSON - Draft Registration and the Law - 2nd. Revd. Ed.
4947z: RANDY JOHNSON - The Hiker's Guide to Virginia
12574: GEORGE JOHNSON - The Abominable Airlines
er284: JASON JOHNSON - Clair's Two Lovers -Tfb - 143
32577: NORMAN JOHNSON - Folk Hymnal for the Now Generation
12972: HAYNES JOHNSON - Sleepwalking Through History - America in the Reagan Years
12760: SONIA JOHNSON - Going out of Our Minds, the Metaphysics of Liberation
006942: JOHNSON, THOMAS H. - The Oxford Companion to American History
18139: MICHAEL L. JOHNSON - Education on the Wild Side - Learning for the Twenty-First Century
36468: TONI E. JOHNSON, J.D. - Handcuff Blues
426ml: BOBBY JOHNSON - The Coushatta People
7797: LYNDON JOHNSON - This America
4548z: DAVID JOHNSON - Reducing School Violence
31948: DIAN JOHNSON - Terrorists & Novelists
7603: G. JOHNSON, EDITOR - The Harvard Medical School Health Letter Book
36966: HAYNES JOHNSON - Sleepwalking Through History
er251: JASON JOHNSON - John's Loves: Mom & Sis - Ffb -118
7058: ORVAL JOHNSON - Tests and Measurements in Child Development
37839: KALYN JOHNSON - The Bap Handbook
010015: JOHNSON, WAYNE, KERR, BARBARA E., SABCHEZ, DAVID A., DOGGETT, CAROLYN - The Care Wise Guide: Self-Care from Head to Toe (Fourth Edition)
3558z: CY JOHNSON - Western Gem Hunters Atlas
36296: HILLARY JOHNSON - The Real World
29015: HAZEL JOHNSON - Third World Lives of Struggle
32256: WILLIAM WEBER JOHNSON - The Forty Niners
34104: JAMES JOHNSON - Housing and the Migration of Labour in England and Wales
373z: SUSAN JOHNSON - Lesbian Sex
520: CLYDE JOHNSON - Millmen 550
5432: A.H. JOHNSON - The Disappearance of the Small Landowner
2123ml: JOHN JOHNSON - Martin Luther King Jr. 1929-1968
7299: DAVID JOHNSON - Finding & Using Economic Information
011859: JOHNSON, DON, WILENSKY, JULIUS M. - Cruising Guide to Maine - Volume II Rockport to Eastport (with Chart)
9003z: JOHNSON, SUSAN E. - For Love and for Life: Intimate Portraits of Lesbian Couples
317ml: JOHNSON, GERALD WHITE - Mount Vernon: The Story of a Shrine an Account of the Rescue and Continuing Restoration of George Washington's Home by the Mount Vernon Ladies' Ass
597ml: MYRTLE JOHNSON - Seashore Animals of the Pacific Coast
3732z: ROBERT JOHNSON, EDITOR - The Practice of Cardiology
37288: VARD H. JOHNSON - Canadian Mines Handbook - 1971-1972
009673: JOHNSON, ANNE AKERS - The Buck Book: All Sorts of Things to Do with a Dollar Bill Besides Spend It
38232: JOHN H. JOHNSON - The Negro Handbook
27990: CHALMERS A. JOHNSON - Peasant Nationalism and Communist Power
112z: CHARLES JOHNSON - Shadow of the Plantation
12261: EDGAR JOHNSON - Charles Dickens His Tragedy and Triumph Vol. 2
18831: GRAHAM JOHNSON - Treasures from the Royal Collection
1890z: KIM JOHNSON - Clothes : Chic Simple
v24709: SHEILA K. JOHNSON - The Japanese Through American Eyes
2695: DAVEY JOHNSON - Bats
3387: ELLEN H. JOHNSON - Modern Art and the Object
4966: R.W. JOHNSON - How Long Will South Africa Survive?
5353: DINAH JOHNSON - All Around Town
9456: CHARLES JOHNSON, EDITOR - Black Men Speaking
012443: JOHNSON, JAMES H.; SIEGEL, LAWRENCE J.; RASBURY, WILEY C. - Approaches to Child Treatment: Introduction to Theory, Research, and Practice (Second Edition)
K1281: JOHNSON, NORMAN - Complete Puppy and Dog Book
K1404: DIANE JOHNSON - Dashiell Hammett
7644z: HANK JOHNSON - Death Valley Scotty
8701z: CHARLES JOHNSON - Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr.
8959z: JOHNSON, JAMES WELDON, ED - The Book of American Negro Poetry
000799: ANGELA L JOHNSON, EDITOR - Critical Perspectives of Third World America, Vol. 2 No. 1 Fall 1984. Women Race & Class in a Cultural Context
003343: JOHNSON, LILLIAN - Papier-Mache'
2474z: RALPH JOHNSON - Electrical Contracting Forms and Procedures Manual
30637: RICHARD D. JOHNSON, NASA AMES RESEARCH CENTER - Space Settlements - a Design Study
3535: CHARLES JOHNSON - Dreamer
4865: CHARLES JOHNSON - Middle Passage
5677: CHARLES JOHNSON - Middle Passage
K1353: KETTY W. JOHNSON - American Widow
2210ml: JOHN JOHNSON - Black World : Volume 19 , No. 11 September 1970
38652: MOIRA JOHNSTON - The Last Nine Minutes
9865: LORRAINE JOHNSTON - Non Hodgkin's Lymphomas
18545: MOIRA JOHNSTON - Spectral Evidence - the Romona Case: Incest, Memory, and Truth on Trial in Napa Valley
19211: WILLIAM I. JOHNSTON - Hiv-Negative
29586: STANLEY JOHNSTON - Queen of the Flat-Tops
2118z: ROBERT JOHNSTON, EDITOR - Developmental Disorders
008357: JOHNSTON, JAMES W., MOULTON, DAVID G., TURK, AMOS - Communication by Chemical Signals: Advances in Chemoreception, Vol. 1
011091: JOHNSTON, PATRICIA IRWIN - Perspectives on a Grafted Tree: Thoughts for Those Touched by Adoption
7220z: CHARLES JOHNSTON - The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
K775: JOHNSTON, RAY - Help! I'm a Sunday School Teacher!: Fifty Ways to Maker Sunday School Come Alive
7479z: ROBERT JOHNSTON - Soviet Foreign Policy 1918 - 1945
004294: JOHNSTON, R.J. - Spatial Structures: Introducing the Study of Spatial Systems in Human Geography
007890: JOHNSTON, WILLIAM (TRANSLATOR) - The Cloud of Unknowing (Image Book Ser. )
006240: JOHNSTON, JOHANNA - A Special Bravery
32310: TONY JOHNSTON - The Wagon
K1746: JOHNSTON, PATRICIA IRWIN - Adopting After Infertility
35535: GORDON JOHNSTON - Which Way out of the Men's Room
8456z: J. WESLEY JOHNSTON - The Mystery of Miriam
34829: JAMES B. JOHNSTONE - Furniture Upholstery and Repair
9974: MARGARET JOHNSTONE - Restoration of Motor Function in the Stroke Patient
8904: WILLIAM JOHNSTONE - Points in Time
3643z: ROBERT JOLLES - How to Run Seminars and Workshops
31952: ELIZABETH JOLLEY - Milk and Honey
003445: JOLLY, ALISON - The Evolution of Primate Behavior (Macmillan Series in Physical Anthropology) Second Edition
34888: SUSANNE JONAS - The Battle for Guatemala
36898: STEVEN JONAS, M.D. - The Essential Triathlete
012084: JONAS, RAYMOND A. - Industry and Politics in Rural France: Peasants of the Isere 1870-1914
36367: SONYA JONES - Small Claims, Large Encounters
1072: ERNEST JONES - The Life and Work of Sigmund Freud
007181: JONES, ROBERT TRENT, JR. - Golf by Design : How to Lower Your Score by Reading the Features of a Course
1153ml: JEANNE JONES - The Mocha MIX Cook Book
011842: JONES, ROBERT HUHN - The Roads to Russia: United States Lend-Lease to the Soviet Union
38074: MONA LAKE JONES - The Color of Culture
005036: JONES, TOM SCHMIDT, HARVEY - The Fantasticks Celebration: Musicals by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt
2071ml: JONES, BILL T. - Story/Time: The Life of an Idea (the Toni Morrison Lecture Series)
005104: JONES, DOROTHY A.; ROUND, J. M. - Skeletal Muscle in Health and Disease : A Textbook of Muscle Physiology
008515: JONES, HOWARD; CORNES, PAUL - Open Prisons (International Library of Sociology)
29265: BRIAN HARLECH-JONES - You Taught Me Language
36706: CLAUDIA JONES - Parents Are Teachers, Too
K1030: ALAN JONES - Passion for Pilgrimage
K528: JONES, IDRIS W. - Superintendent Plans His Work
6072: BOB JONES - Bob Jone's Rival Sermons
4718: DR. BOBBY JONES - Touched by God
2512ml: JONES, LEROI - The Baptism and the Toilet
7154z: NATHAN JONES - Revolutionary Eroctica
32616: JAMES W. JONES - In the Middle of This Road We Call Our Life
11029: ADAM MARS-JONES - Monopolies of Loss
6067: GEOFFREY JONES - Defeat of the Wolf Packs
374z: GINA JONES - The Healing Blanket
34719: K. MAURICE JONES - The Story of Rap Music
002261: JONES, EDGAR - Jesus the Rock of Offense
2140ml: LEROI JONES - Blues People
32584: MARGARET JONES - Patsy
37355: GWYN JONES - A History of the Vikings - Rev Ed.
5195z: ELIOT JONES - Principles of Public Utilities
7028z: JONES, LEE - Winning Low-Limit Hold'Em
11128: STEPHEN JONES - Vampires
18946: GEOFFREY JONES - Defeat of the Wolf Packs
32034: AUBREY JONES - The New Inflation
11023: AMIRI BARAKA/LEROI JONES - Selected Plays and Prose of Amiri Barakay/Leroi Jones
4291z: DEREK JONES - Everygirl
38561: RICHARD JONES - Poetry East
36702: O. GARFIELD JONES - Parliamentary, Procedure at a Glance
32815: J.R. JONES - Britain and Europe in the Seventeenth Century
32908: RICHARD C. JONES - Ambivalent Journey
34874: JOHN OLIVER JONES - U.S. Outdoor Atlas & Recreation Guide - 2nd Ed.
579: GWYNETH JONES - White Queen
770: MERVYN JONES - Privacy
8900: RHODRI JEFFREYS-JONES - The Cia & American Democracy
9492: GERARD HALL-JONES, EDITOR - Handbook to the Fiordland National Park
K503: JONES, GRAHAM F. - Walking the Edge
K733: JONES, E. P. - Where Is Home?: Living Through Foster Care
K1250: JONES, SANDY - Crying Baby, Sleepless Nights
sf89: RAYMOND JONES - The Cybernetic Brains : 63-063
2564z: FREDRIC JONES - Positive Classroom Instruction
004240: JONES, LEROI - The Baptism and the Toilet
006029: JONES, HARVEY L. - Mathews Masterpieces of the California Decorative Style
006503: JONES, DAVID E. - Sanapia : Comanchee Medicine Woman (Case Studies in Cultural Anthropology)
008251: JONES, F. M. - Netsuke
4919z: CAPERS JONES - Programming Productivity
1272: G. WILLIAM JONES - Black Cinema Treasures: Lost and Found
1462z: BESSIE JONES - Step It Down
19874: HOWARD MUMFORD JONES - Howard Mumford Jones - an Autobiography
2420z: JOSEPH JONES - Mobil Robots
27696: ERNEST JONES, M.D. - The Life and Work of Sigmund Freud - Vol. 2 - Years of Maturity 1901-1919
3385: ARHUR F. JONES - Introductory to Art
35617: ANN JONES - Everyday Death
640: MAX JONES AND JOHN CHILTON - Louis: The Louis Armstrong Story 1900-1971
9306: TREVOR REES-JONES - The Bodyguard's Story
6824z: MICHAEL JONES - Black Son Rising
7276z: LEROI JONES - Tales
7385z: TARSHA JONES - Have You Met Miss Jones?
7665z: CLARENCE JONES - What Would Martin Say?
8107z: EDWARD JONES - Profiles in African Heritage
K1709: PAGE-JONES, MEILIR - Practical Guide to Structured Systems Design
23376: LEROI JONES - Home - Social Essays
9117z: JONES, CHARISSE;SHORTER-GOODEN, KUMEA - Shifting: The Double Lives of Black Women in America
sf2147: D. F. JONES - Implosion - S2150
sf2289: NEIL R. JONES - Space War G-650
sf2293: NEIL R. JONES - Doomsday on Ajiat - G719
sf2302: NEIL R. JONES - Twin Worlds -G-681
sf2400: RAYMOND F. JONES - Syn - B60-1018
sf2615: RAYMOND F. JONES - The Deviates - 242
sf2747: RAYMOND F. JONES - The Alien B50-708
sf2748: RAYMOND F. JONES - The Non-Statistical Man - L 92-588
sf2876: RAYMOND F. JONES - Man of Two Worlds - F-941
sf3393: NEIL R. JONES - The Sunless World - G-631
9644z: JENNY JONES - The Annotated Godfather: The Complete Screenplay
sf3623: NEIL R. JONES - The Planet of the Double Sun
1562: ALEX DE JONGE - Fire & Water: A Life of Peter the Great
2427ml: GERT AND JOP VAN BENNEKOM JONKERS - Butt : #23 Summer 2008
2428ml: GERT AND JOP VAN BENNEKOM JONKERS - Butt : #25 Winter 2008
2426ml: GERT AND JOP VAN BENNEKOM JONKERS - Butt : #20 Special Summer 2007
2425ml: GERT AND JOP VAN BENNEKOM JONKERS - Butt : # 11 Autumn 2004
29263: ROBERT JOOS - Success with Hens
9183z: JORDAN, BRIGITTE - Birth in Four Cultures: A Crosscultural Investigation of Childbirth in Yucatan, Holland, Sweden and the United States
9885: S. JORDAN - A Synopsis of Cardiology
25175: TANIS JORDAN - South America : River Trips
2267z: JUNE JORDAN - Technical Difficulties
37248: WINTHROP D. JORDAN - White over Black - 1550-1812
37490: PAT JORDAN - Pitching
3928z: JUNE JORDAN - Haruko / Love Poems
2074z: WINTHROP JORDAN, EDITOR - Race and Family in the Colonial South
38200: ROBERT JORDAN - Crossroads of Twilight
6421z: JORDAN, BILL E.; PALOW, WILLIAM P. - Integrated Arithmetic & Basic Algebra : 2nd Ed
32901: CORA JORDAN - Neighbor Law
3607z: WINTHROP JORDAN - White over Black
1951ml: JORDAN, WINTHROP D. - White over Black: American Attitudes Toward the Negro, 1550-1812
011554: JORDAN, DEBRA J. - Leadership in Leisure Services: Making a Difference
K928: JORDAN, JOHN - An Illustrated Guide to Modern Naval Aviation and Aircraft Carriers
7839z: DUANE JORDAN - Air Tables
9368z: JORDAN, TANIS; JORDAN, MARTIN - South America River Trips : Vol. 2
006227: JORDAN, WINTHROP D. - White over Black: American Attitudes Toward the Negro, 1550-1812
4976: WINTHROP D. JORDAN - White over Black
1841: A.C. JORDAN - Tales from Southern Africa
32257: E.L. JORDAN, PH.D. - Nature Encyclopedia of America
7131: ASSEN JORDANOFF - Safety in Flight
36329: ERIK JORGENSEN - Successful Real Estate Sales Agreements
29924: JAMES JORGENSEN - Money Shock
5427: JAMES JORGENSEN - It's Never Too Late to Get Rich
sf1598: IVAR JORGENSEN - The Deadly Sky - P023-N
sf2651: IVAR JORGENSEN - Ten from Infinity - 297
8331z: JORGENSEN, KAREN L.;VENABLE, JAMES W. - History Workshop: Reconstructing the Past with Elementary Students
sf2436: EDMOND HAMILTON / IVAR JORGENSON - The Sun Smasher / Planet of the Outcasts Starhaven - D-351
sf3078: A. K. JORGENSSON'S - Science Fantasy 761965
8518z: MAX JORGER - Alt - Acherner Originale
25920: NATASHA JOSEFOWITZ - Paths to Power
5061: ROBERT JOSEPH - The Book of Wine
25782: STEPHEN C. JOSEPH, M.D. - Dragon Within the Gates
24857: GLORIA I. JOSEPH - Common Differences: Conflicts in Black and White Feminist Perspectives
012255: JOSEPH, PAUL - Cracks in the Empire : State Politics in the Vietnam War
4508z: RICHARD JOSEPH - How to Buy a Business
31285: HELEN JOSEPH - Side by Side
9346: JENNIFER JOSEPH - Signs of Life
BA1105: JOSEPH, PAUL - Cracks in the Empire: State Politics in the Vietnam War
9099z: PENIEL JOSEPH - Waiting 'Til the Midnight Hour
sf2499: M. K. JOSEPH - The Hole in the Zero - V2284
32224: JEREMY JOSEPHS - Rosa's Child
1397ml: JOSEPHS, ZOE - Survivors: Jewish Refugees in Birmingham, 1933-1945
1917: GABRIEL JOSIPOVICH - The Book of God: A Response to the Bible
8000: GABRIEL JOSIPOVICI - The Book of God
8399z: JOSLYN, MURIEL - Immortal Captives: The Story of 600 Confederate Officers and the United States Prisoner of War Policy
9944: ELSA JOUBERT - Poppie Nongena
8609z: GEORGES JOUBERT - Teach Yourself to Ski
8746z: GEORGE JOUBERT - How to Ski the New French Way
004062: JOUDRY, PATRICIA - Sound Therapy for the Walk Man
008180: JOULWAN, GEORGE A., SHOEMAKER, CHRISTOPHER C. - Civilian Military Cooperation in the Prevention of Deadly Conflict: Implementing Agreements in Bosnia and Beyond
6706z: JOURDAIN, ROBERT - The Hard Disk Companion
v35044: KHAMSIN JOURNAL - Forbidden Agendas
35044: KHAMSIN JOURNAL - Forbidden Agendas
11243: LOIS JOVANOVIC, M.D. - A Woman Doctor's Guide to Menopause
12692: W. BRUGH JOY, M.D. - Avalanche
1896ml: JOY, DONALD - Becoming a Man: A Celebration of Sexuality, Responsibility, and the Christian Young Man
9232z: JOY, DIANE - No War on Iraq!: The Passions of the Peace Protesters in Their Signs
37165: PETER JOYCE - Guide to Southern African Safari Lodges
5773: CHARLES JOYNER - Down by the Riverside
009226: JOYNER, CHARLES - Remember Me : Slave Life in Coastal Georgia (Georgia Humanities Council Publications)
1132ml: MRS. HOMER PEABODY JR., - A Matter of Taste
30203: CHARLES W. QUIMBY JR., M.D., LL.B. - Law for the Medical Practitioner
422ml: W. W. NEWCOMB JR., - The Wichita People
9929z: NEWMAN CRYER JR., EDITOR - Casebook in Pastoral Counseling
3743z: ALTON HORNSBY JR. , EDITOR - The Black Almanac
5239z: MANFRED HOLCK JR., - Money and Your Church
3429z: ROBERT JOHNSON JR., EDITOR - Cellular and Molecular Biology of Hormone and Neurotransmitter Containing Secretory Vesicles : Volume 493
7799z: JOHN HUMINIK JR., EDITOR - High Temperature Inorganic Coatings
8927z: ALVIN JOSEPHY JR., - Chief Joseph's People and Their War
4454z: JUAN GONZALES JR., - Student Guide to Accompany Racial and Ethnic Groups in America : 3rd. Ed.
4380z: JAMES MITCHELL JR., EDITOR - Tests in Print 3
1856: DAVID L. FORD JR., EDITOR - Readings in Minority Group Relations
2385z: JOHN SARGENT JR., EDITOR - President Bush's Point of View
9037z: BARON J. LITTLETON JR., - African American Inventions and Inventors : Volume 1
9114z: CHARLES COBB JR., - On the Road to Freedom
9116z: VERNON JORDAN JR., - Make It Plain
8949z: JAMES RESTON JR., - Defenders of the Faith
26036: JIM JUBAK - In the Image of the Brain
1513: JIM JUBAK - In the Image of the Brain: Breaking the Barrier between the Human Mind and Intelligent Machines
004353: JUDD, DEANE B. - Color in Business, Science, and Industry
K1873: NAOMI JUDD - The Transparent Life
sf2804: CYRIL JUDD - Outpost Mars - 760
34298: DEBRA R. JUDELSON, M.D. - The Women's Complete Wellness Book
2055z: ARTHUR JUDGE - Modern Transmission Systems
2503z: MIKE JUDGE - Mtv's Beavis and Butt-Head : This Book Sucks
005773: JUERGENSMEYER, MARK - Terror in the Mind of God : The Global Rise of Religious Violence (Comparative Studies in Religion and Society)
v6687z: JUERGENSMEYER, MARK - Terror in the Mind of God: The Global Rise of Religious Violence
23194: PETER JUKES - A Shout in the Street - an Excursion Into the Modern City
9236z: JACQUELINE JULES - Unite or Die
7324: ANNETTE JULIANO - Treasures of China
3422z: ISAAC JULIEN - Diary of a Young Soul Rebel
9313: ROBERT JULY - Precolonial Africa
18865: ROBERT W. JULY - A History of the African People - 2nd Ed.
4355z: YOO SEUNG JUN - All That
5761z: JUNG, C. G.; JUNG, CARL GUSTAV - Dreams
5156z: JOSEPH JUNG, EDITOR - Credit Suisse Group Banks in the Second War World War
6964z: JUNG, CARL GUSTAV - C.G. Jung: Psychological Reflections; a New Anthology of His Writings, 1905-1961
24805: C.G. JUNG - The Psychoanalytic Years
9310z: JUNG, CARL GUSTAV;JAFFE, ANIELA - Memories, Dreams, Reflections
9641z: COWBOY JUNKIES - Cowboy Junkies : XX
5785z: JUNKIN, TIM - Bloodsworth: The True Story of the First Death Row Inmate Exonerated by Dna
5786z: JUNKIN, TIM - Bloodsworth: The True Story of the First Death Row Inmate Exonerated by Dna
11644: VIOLAINE I. JUNOD - The Handbook of Africa
18339: HENRI A. JUNOD - The Life of a South African Tribe
003096: JURAN, JOSEPH M.; GRYNA, FRANK M., JR. - Quality Planning & Analysis : From Product Development Through Use
581z: DANIEL JUSSIM - Drug Test and Polygraphs
12510: MARIA ST. JUST - Five O'Clock Angel
5470: WILLIAM & DORIS JUSTEMA - Weaving & Needlecraft Color Course
322z: NATIONAL COUNCIL OF JUVENILE & FAMILY COURT JUDGES FAMILY VIOLENCE DEPARTMENT - Effective Intervention in Domestic Violence & Child Maltreatment Cases
1491: SWAMI AMAR JYOTI - Spirit of Himalaya: The Story of a Truth Seeker
1161: PETER KACSUK - Execution Models of Prolog for Parallel Computers
7517z: LOUIS KACZMAREK - The Wonders She Performs
6058: JOSEPH KADANS - Encyclopedia of Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds for Healthful Living
25961: JANOS KADAR - Janos Kadar - Selected Speeches and Interviews
28604: ROBERT R. KADESCH - Math Menagerie
6445: DOROTHY KAESTNER - Four Way Bargello
5721z: FRANZ KAFKA - The Metamorphosis : Bilingual Edition
23731: JOHN S. KAFKA, M. D. - Multiple Realities in Clinical Practice
1599: JEFFREY KAGAN - Winning Communications Strategies
2552: JEROME KAGAN - The Growth of the Child: Reflections of Human Development
2822: HENYA KAGAN (KLEIN) - Gili's Book: A Journey Into Bereavement for Parents and Counselors
27054: PENNY KAGANOFF - Women on Divorce - a Bedside Companion
5050z: HARUKI KAGEYAMA - The Arts of Shinto : Arts of Japan 4
2457ml: KALMAN KAHANA - Daughter of Israel
012381: KAHIN, GEORGE MCTURNAN - Nationalism and Revolution in Indonesia
115: BRIAN KAHIN AND JAMES KELLER EDITORS - Public Access to the Internet
8486: BRIAN KAHIN - Coordinating the Internet
30925: JOSEPH A. KAHL - Comparative Perspectives on Stratification Mexico, Great Britain, Japan
31117: ERICH KAHLER - The Tower and the Abyss
7720z: FRIDA KAHLO - Frida Kahlo, 1907-2007 Mexico
9454z: FRIDA KAHLO - Frida Kahlo
1965: H.S. KAHM - 101 Businesses You Can Start and Run with Less Than $1,000
38053: FRANK J. KAHN - Documents of American Broadcasting
K967: ROGER KAHN - The Passionate People
1143ml: ROGER KAHN - The Passionate People
K568: KAHN, MICHAEL D. - Between Therapist and Client: The New Relationship
31930: DOUGLAS A. KAHN - Federal Taxation of Gifts, Trusts, and Estates - 1980 Supplement
12988: ALICE KAHN - Multiple Sarcasm
32883: HERMAN KAHN - On Escalation: Metaphors and Scenarios
3305: SANDRA S. KAHN, M.A. - The Kahn Report on Sexual Preferences
34792: ROBBIE KAHN - Bearing Meaning
7893: DOUGLASS KAHN - Federal Taxation of Gifts, Trusts, and Estates
7296z: GEORGE KAHN - The 36 Biggest Mistakes Salesmen Make and How to Correct Them
9640z: KAHN, SHERYL; WALSH-BALDUCCI, RITA - Disney's Family Storybook Collection : 75 Fables for Living, Loving, and Learning
3671: JAMES KAHN - Return of the Jedi
9778z: KAHN, SHERYL; WALSH-BALDUCCI, RITA - Disney's Family Storybook Collection : 75 Fables for Living, Loving, and Learning
006739: KAINS, M.G. - Gardening for Young People
5481: HOWARD P. KAINZ - Paradox, Dialectic, and System
6119: DAVID KAISER - Politics and War
8560: DAVID KAISER - Politics & War
18470: JAMES S. KAKALIK - Implementation of the CIVIL Justice Reform Act in Pilot and Comparison Districts
005776: KAKAR, M. HASSAN - Afghanistan : The Soviet Invasion and the Afghan Response, 1979-1982
36411: MICHIKO KAKUTANI - The Poet at the Piano
37960: RAVI KALAKOTA - Electronic Commerce
003080: KALDENBERG, MILAN K.; SIMMONS, LAURETTE - Test Bank to Accompany Laudon, Laudon, "Business Information Systems," Second Edition
11827: HERBERT W. KALE, II - Florida's Birds
19898: ANTHONY KALES - Evaluation and Treatment of Insomnia
6938: SETH KALICHMAN - Understanding Aids
7746z: KALIMERA, EDITOR - Kalimera, K10
K1402: KALISH, RICHARD A. - The Later Years: Social Applications of Gerontology
8295z: JEFF KALISS - I Want to Take You Higher
9885z: KALMAN, BOBBIE - Life on a Plantation
19468: YVONNE KALMUS - Women See Men
004045: KALSTONE, SHIRLEE - The Complete Poodle Clipping and Grooming Book
9619: NEIL KALT - Flight Path
K1693: ODILE KALTENMARK - Chinese Literature
7110z: KALTER, SUZY - How to Take Twenty Pounds Off Your Man
7677: SUZY KALTER - The Complete Book of Mash
2352: GEORGE KALUGER - Reading and Learning Disabilities
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010036: KENNEDY, X. J. (EDITOR) - Tygers of Wrath : Poems of Hate, Anger, and Invective
34953: ROBERT A. KENNEDY - Take Command on Your Money
7009z: KENNEDY, DAN S. - The Ultimate Marketing Plan: Find Your Hook, Communicate Your Message, Mark Your Mark
005296: KENNEDY, LEONARD M. - Guiding Children's Learning of Mathematics
671z: DONALD KENNEDY - The Last of Your Springs
29137: JAMES E. KENNEDY - About Face
4091: WILLIAM KENNEDY - Quinn's Book
5378: WILLIAM KENNEDY - The Cotton Club
8427: WILLIAM KENNEDY - Ironweed
8412z: KENNEDY, MARY LYNCH;SMITH, HADLEY M.;KENNEDY, WILLIAM J. - Writing in the Disciplines: A Reader for Writers
er259: RONA KENNER - The Office Orgy - Csn - 296
7117z: KENNEWAY, ERIC - Complete Origami/an a-Z of Facts and Folds, with Step-by-Step Instructions for over 100 Projects
003091: KENNEY, JOHN P.; PURSUIT, DAN G. - Police Work with Juveniles & the Administration of Juvenile Justice
005024: KENNEY, JOHN P.; PRUSUIT, DAN G.; FULLER, DONALD E.; BARRY, ROBERT F. - Police Work with Juveniles and the Administration of Juvenile Justice
207: ANTHONY KENNY - The Logic of Deterrence
2122: HERBERT A. KENNY - Israel and the Arts
K_500: KATHRYN KENNY - Trixie Belden and the Mystery on the Mississippi
23979: MARGARET KENT - How to Marry the Man of Your Choice
2270: CHARLES FOSTER KENT, PH.D. - A History of the Hebrew People: From the Settlement in Canaan to the Division of the Kingdom
36850: HOWARD KENT - Yoga Made Easy
K2127: HERB KENT - The Cool Gent
9628z: WILLIAM KENTRIDGE - Wk5 : Five Themes
6011z: KENTWELL, RICHARD - Dutch Soccer Drills: Game Action Drills, Vol. 2
6010z: KENTWELL, RICHARD - Dutch Soccer Drills: Individual Skills, Vol. 1
8938z: JOMO KENYATTA - Facing Mt. Kenya
K664: JOMO KENYATTA - Facing Mount Kenya
005471: KENYON, JANICE - No Problem! : Worldwide Travel Tips for Mature Adventures
35388: JANE KENYON - A Hundred White Daffodils
37038: JOHN S. KENYON, PH.D. - American Pronunciation
990z: JAMES KEOGH - This Is Nixon
34057: MICHAEL KEON - Korean Phoenix
K1044: KEON, JOSEPH - The Truth About Breast Cancer: A 7-Step Prevention Plan
30993: CAROLYN KEPHART - Wysard
1272z: WILLIAM KEPHART - Extraordinary Groups
29273: ROBERT D. KEPHART - The Swiss System
002762: KEPHART, NEWELL C.; CHANEY, CLARA M. - Motoric Aids to Perceptual Training
37207: ANGELA KAY KEPLER - Maui's Hana Highway
38398: ANGELA K. KEPLER - Hawaiian Heritage Plants
4030: CHARLES H. KEPNER - The Rational Manager
004521: KEPPEL, GEOFFREY - Design and Analysis: A Researcher's Handbook
37689: GEOFFREY KEPPEL - Introduction to Design and Analysis
36316: GEOFFREY KEPPEL - Designs and Analysis: A Researchers Handbook
5708z: KEPPEL, GEOFFREY - Design and Analysis
1533: BASILE KERBLAY - Modern Soviet Society
K1358: KERCHEVILLE, F.M. - Practical Spoken Spanish
K152: KERIMOV, LYATIF - Folk Designs from the Caucasus for Weaving and Needlework
6075z: KERIMOV, LYATIF - Persian Rug Motifs for Needlepoint: Charted for Easy Use
27201: FRED N. KERLINGER - Foundations of Behavioral Research
7900z: KERMAN, JOSEPH - The Art of Fugue : Bach Fugues for Keyboard, 1715-1750
27212: JULIE KERNAN - Our Friend, Jacques Maritain
3886: OTTO KERNBERG, M.D. - Borderline Conditions and Pathological Narcissism
28848: KATHERINE KERNBERGER - I Am the Most Interesting Book of All
35630: GEORGE R. KERNODLE - Invitation to the Theatre
26749: VIRGINIA KERNS - Women and the Ancestors
35735: GEORGIA KERNS - Aquarobics
2942: WALTER KERR - The Shabunin Affair: An Episode in the Life of Leo Tolstoy
24243: WALTER KERR - The Decline of Pleasure
9007z: GORDON KERR - Goners
007235: KERREY, ROBERT; ZAKHEIM, DOV - The United States and Southeast Asia : A Policy Agenda for the New Administration (Independent Task Force Reports)
18370: JOSEPH KERRIGAN - Healing the Heart of Croatia
8130z: MICHAEL KERRIGAN - Lewis and Clark : Voices from the Trail
32099: PAUL A. KERSCHNER - Advocacy and Age
31510: KATHARINE C. KERSEY, ED.D. - The Art of Sensitive Parenting
sf1295: GERALD KERSH - On an Odd Note - 268
8171z: KERSHAW, IAN - Hitler: 1936-45 Nemesis
36285: ANDREW KERSHMAN - Bargain Hunter's London
1118z: WILLIAM KERSHNER - The Instrument Flight Manual
002915: KERSHNER, WILLIAM K. - The Student Pilot's Flight Manual
008711: KERSHUL, KRISTINE K.; AZUMA, LINDA S. (TRANSLATOR) - Japanese in 10 Minutes a Day (Ten Minutes a Day Ser. )
7401z: KERTONEGORO, MADI - Spirit Journey: Stories and Paintings of Bali
2014ml: KERTZER, DAVID I. - The Popes Against the Jews: The Vatican's Role in the Rise of Modern Anti-Semitism
1283z: JOE KERTZMAN, EDITOR - 2003 Sporting Knives
sf1330: JACOB HAY / JOHN M. KESHISHIAN, M. D. - Autopsy for a Cosmonaut - 445-01342-075
K1315: NACI KESKIN - Istanbul
9170: RONALD KESSLER - Escape from the Cia
7852z: KESSLER, SANDRA L. - Instrumented Impact Testing of Plastics and Composite Materials: A Symposium
1882ml: PETER KETTER - Das Lukas Evangelium
36990: MARTIN KEVAN - The Best of Montreal & Quebec City
K145: KEVLES, DANIEL J. - The Physicists: The History of a Scientific Community in Modern America
11692: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES - The Chess Players
2267ml: KEN KEYES; PENNY KEYES - Handbook to Higher Consciousness: The Workbook
003038: KEYES, DICK - True Heroism in a World of Celebrity Counterfeits
8893z: MARGARET KEYES - Out of the Shadows
23283: KEN KEYES, JR. - Handbook to Higher Consciousness
952: KEN KEYES, JR. - How to Enjoy Your Life in Spite of It All
35788: JESSICA KEYES - Webcasting
er218: VICTOR KEYMAN - Fathers Do It Best - Inl -150
25001: MARGARET FRINGS KEYS - The Inward Journey - Art As Therapy for You
8565: HELEN KEYSSAR - America
32671: HELENE KEYSSAR - Robert Altman's America
3134z: KFOG - Kfog's Guide to Reserved Seating in the Bay Area
K2027: TARIF KHALIDI - Images of Muhammad
K1928: KHALIDI, TARIF - The Muslim Jesus: Sayings and Stories in Islamic Literature
8880z: RASHID KHALIDI - Sowing Crisis
005624: AL-KHALIL, SAMIR - Republic of Fear : Inside Story of Saddam's Iraq
25264: ADI J. KHAMBATA - Microprocessors/Microcomputers - Architecture, Software, and Systems
533: KHAMSIN, SERIES - Palestine: Profile of an Occupation
K1262: HAZRAT INAYAT KHAN - The Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan
3645z: SYEDA KHAN - Insight Into Islam : Vol. 1
8676z: KHANGHAR, DOLKAR - Tibetan Medicine: The Buddhist Way of Healing
8464: YOUSEF AL KHATIB - Palestine Diary
K221: N. KHAZENIE - Geoscience and Remote Sensing
K222: N. KHAZENIE - Geosience and Remote Sensing
25284: A. I. KHINCHIN - Mathematical Foundations of Information Theory
3676z: ABDULLAH KHOUJ - War & Peace in Islam
29639: FAYE KICKNOSWAY - Who Shall Know Them?
5985: CHARLES KIDD - American Universities and Federal Research
007493: KIDD, SUE MONK - God's Joyful Surprise: Finding Yourself Loved
008608: KIDDER, RUSHWORTH M. - An Agenda for the Twenty-First Century
24739: TRACY KIDDER - Old Friends
8694z: JOYCE KIEFFER - To Have... To Hold... _
5048z: GARY KIELHOFNER, EDITOR - A Model of Human Occupation
25365: ROBERT KIELY - Robert Louis Stevenson
5742z: KIERKEGAARD, S. - Fear and Trembling and the Sickness Unto Death
K912: THOMAS KIERNAN - The Arabs
2995: V.G. KIERNAN - Poets, Politics & the People
758: V.G. KIERNAN - Colonial Empires and Armies 1815-1960
6090: THOMAS KIERNAN - The Roman Polanski Story
9360z: V. G. KIERNAN - The Lords of Human Kind
007375: KIERZEK, JOHN M., GIBSON, WALKER - The Macmillan Handbook of English
002927: KIESO, DONALD E., WEYGANDT, JERRY J - Working Papers I : Chapters 1-14 to Accompany Intermediate Accounting Eighth Edition
28913: ARI KIEV, M. D. - The Suicidal Patient
30069: ARI KIEV, M.D. - Riding Through the Downers, Hassles, Snags and Funks
K1433: KIKUMURA, AKEMI - Through Harsh Winters: The Life of a Japanese
er290: MELODY KILBURN - Dina's Circle of Love - Jj -196
009392: KILGORE, GENE - Gene Kilgore's Ranch Vacations : The Complete Guide to Guest Resorts, Fly-Fishing and Cross-Country Skiing Ranches (Fourth Edition)
35633: GENE KILGORE - Gene Kilgore's Ranch Vacations - 3rd Ed.
009184: KILGORE, LYNN; TREVATHAN, WENDA R.; NELSON, HARRY; JURMAIN, ROBERT (EDITOR) - Introduction to Physical Anthropology (Anthropology Ser. ) Eighth Edition
35838: JACQUELINE KILLEEN - Country Inns of California
7121z: JOHN OLIVER KILLENS - The Cotillion or One Good Bull Is Half the Herd
32381: LEWIS KILLIAN - Racial Crisis in America
19170: JEAN-CLAUDE KILLY - Skiing the Killy Way
2735: ANGELA KILMARTIN - Cystitis: The Complete Self-Help Guide
7191z: KILMEADE, BRIAN - The Games Do Count: America's Best and Brightest on the Power of Sports
530ml: DIANE KILMER - Encounters with the Living Jesus
23219: JOHN F. KILNER - Who Lives? Who Dies? - Ethical Criteria in Patient Selection
003064: KIM, CHIHA; KIM, WON-CHUNG (TRANSLATOR); HAN, JAMES (TRANSLATOR) - Heart's Agony : Selected Poems of Chiha Kim (Human Rights Ser. )
37544: JEH KIM - The Political Unification of Korea in the 1990's
004736: KIM, KWAN BONG - The Korea-Japan Treaty Crisis and the Instability of the Korean Political System (Prager Special Studies in International Politics and Public Affairs)
8923z: KIM, ASHIDA - Secrets of the Ninja
25364: PENN KIMBALL - The Disconnected
7661: REGINALD KIMBALL, EDITOR - Practical Mathematics
8327z: JEFFREY KIMBALL - To Reason Why: The Debate About the Causes of U.S. Involvement in the Vietnam War
12447: TIM KIMBER - Gold's Gym Nutrition Bible
9701: DAVID KIMCHE - The Sandstorm
209: BARBARA KIMENYE - Kalasanda
24428: BEVERLY RAE KIMES - Automobile Quarterly's Great Cars & Grand Marques
9719: MICHAEL KIMMEL, EDITOR - Against the Tide
30479: MICHAEL S. KIMMEL - Men Confront Pornography
2753: JAMAICA KINCAID - The Autobiography of My Mother
30688: PETER D. KINDER - The Social Investment Almanac
K1351: KINDER, COLLEEN - Delaying the Real World
27185: KATHARINE S. KINDERMAN - In the Eyes of the Typhoon
9636z: KINDLER, HERB - Risk Taking: A Guide for Decision Makers
2816z: SPENCER KING, JR. - Darien
27643: PETER KING - Football
v000298ml: STEVEN KING, ILLUSTRATED BY MEL ODOM - I Shudder at Your Touch
453z: EDWARD KING - Qualitative Analysis and Electrolytic Solutions
9665z: SERGE KING - Mastering Your Hidden Self
1983: NORMAN KING - Past Due: How to Collect Money
34872: DONALD B. KING - Guidelines for Domestic Relations Cases
32981: ANTHONY KING - British Politics
2340: TERI KING - Love, Sex, and Astrology
2340ml: MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. - Stride Toward Freedom: The Montgomery Story
2312ml: KING, CORETTA SCOTT - The Words of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Words of Series)
38684: VICTORIA KING - Manhandled
8953: THERESA KING - The Divine Mosaic
11470: STEPHEN KING - The Tommyknockers
K1327: KING, BERNICE A., REVEREND - Hard Questions, Heart Answers: Sermons and Speeches
v3637z: FRANCES KING - The Encyclopedia of Fortune Telling
5852z: KING, ROBERT W. - The Bonsai Kit: Perfect the Ancient Art of Miniature Gardening
2719z: FRANK KING - The Sweet Cherry Ranch
36418: MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. - I'Ve Been to the Mountaintop
2500ml: WOODIE KING, JR. - Black Theatre Present Condition
32758: PAUL G. KING - Risking Liberation
33052: BART KING - Dogs As an Avocation
329: LARRY L. KING - Confessions of a White Racist
3881: LARRY L. KING - Confessions of a White Racist
5336: CASEY KING - Oh, Freedom!
1074ml: KING, JASON - The Cannabible 3
SF1742: VINCENT KING - Light a Last Candle - 01654
sf2864: VINCENT KING - Another End - 02109-6-095
sf2867: VINCENT KING - Candy Man - 020307-2-095
19277: HORACE W. KING - Hydraulics
34544: STEPHEN KING - Wizard and Glass - the Dark Tower IV - Stephen King
8168: STEPHEN KING - Christine
8178: STEPHEN KING - Fire-Starter
2127: CHRISTINE KINGDOM - New Crafts: Ribbonwork
K1956: KINGHORN, HARRIET R. - Classroom and Workshop-Tested Games, Puzzles, and Activities for the Elementary School
24613: A. M. KINGHORN - The Chorus of History - 1485-1558
9563z: KINGMA, DAPHNE R. - Coming Apart: Why Relationships End and How to Live Through the Ending of Yours
12137: DAPHNE ROSE KINGMA - Heart & Soul
4393z: RUSS KINGMAN - A Pictorial Life of Jack London
28721: TRACY KINGMAN - An Authenticated Contemporary Portrait of Shakespeare
4018z: NORMAN KINGSLEY - Icecraft
29087: ERIC R. KINGSON - Ties That Bind
K1227: KINGSTON, KAREN - Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui: Learn the Art of Space Clearing and Bring New Energy Into Your Life
4717z: THOMAS KINKADE - A Book of Joy
25246: EUGENE KINKEAD - Central Park 1857-1995
007881: KINKEAD, THOMAS - Kinkead's Baltimore Series of Catechisms No. 3
371ml: MARGARET F. KINNAIRD - North Sulawesi
4190: GLENYS KINNOCK - Namibia: Birth of a Nation
29504: JUNE KINOSHITA - Gateway to Tokyo
3273z: KEVIN KINSELLA - Relative Deprivation and Occupational Prestige
003351: KINSEY, ANTHONY - How to Make Animated Movies: A Studio Handbook
8690z: SCOTT KINSEY - Up Rising Sonz
006490: KINSLEY, DAVID R. - Hinduism : A Cultural Perspective
36883: ROBERT KINSMAN - Theres Always a Bull Market
3217z: EARL KINTNER - An Intellectual Property Law Primer
6306z: KATE KINYON - Junior Food and Clothing
5831: AARON R. KIPNIS - Knights without Armor
2574z: GENE KIRA - Understanding Soccer
2583: SHEILA NATARAJ KIRBY - The Mobilization on Retention of Enlisted Reservists After Operation Desert Shield/Storm
5849z: KIRBY, ROBERT; BAGLEY, PAT - Wake Me for the Resurrection
18275: JAMES C. KIRBY, JR., EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR - Congress and the Public Trust
11508: WALTHER KIRCHNER - History of Russia
1712z: NATALIA KIRDINA, EDITOR - The State Tretyakov Gallery
4292z: IKU KIRIYAMA - Nanka Kikkei Voices
7273: K. KIRK - The Vision of God
9444: GEORGE KIRK - Contemporary Arab Politics
38409: GEORGE E. KIRK - A Short History of the Middle East
28673: JOHN KIRK - Ships of the Us Navy
622ml: KIRK, RUTH - Exploring Death Valley
010158: KIRK, ROBERT W. - First Aid for Pets: The Pet Owner's Complete Guide to Emergency Care of Dogs, Cats, and Other Small Animals
1449z: TOM KIRKENDALL - Mountain Bike Adventures in Washington' S South Cascades and Puget Sound
1611z: TOM KIRKENDALL - Cross Country Ski Trails
34799: JAMES F. KIRKHAM - Assassination and Political Violence - Vol. 8
7069: JAMES KIRKLAND - Writing with Confidence
37876: F.B. KIRKMAN - Bird Behaviour
2007: JEANE J. KIRKPATRICK - The Withering Away of the Totalitarian State... . and Other Surprises
002940: KIRKPATRICK, JEANE J - The Strategy of Deception: A Study in World-Wide Communist Tactics
8889: SIDNEY D. KIRKPATRICK - A Cast of Killers
8187: SIDNEY D. KIRKPATRICK - A Cast of Killers
009077: KIRP, DAVID L. - Just Schools : The Idea of Racial Equality in American Education
31929: DAVID L. KIRP - Our Town
32759: DAVID L. KIRP - Learning by Heart
35234: DAVID L. KIRP - Learning by Heart
003249: KIRSCH, HELMUT - Applied Mineralogy for Engineers, Technologists and Students
24425: DON S. KIRSCHNER - Cold War Exile
011168: KIRSCHNER, DIANA ADILE, KIRSCHNER, SAM - Comprehensive Family Therapy: An Integration of Systemic and Psychodynamic Treatment Models
523: DON S. KIRSCHNER - Cold War Exile: The Unclosed Case of Maurice Halperin
2453ml: IRENA KIRSHMAN - Beer
7614: ALIX KIRSTA - The Book of Stress Survival
5405z: LAURIE KIRSZNER - Foundations First
6301z: KIRSZNER, LAURIE G. - The Harcourt Brace Guide to Documentation : 3rd. Ed.
5646: LORD DOUGLAS OF KIRTLESIDE - Sholto Douglas: Combat and Command
4753z: TAKURO KISHINE - Eastern Sunrise, Western Sunset
2785z: ISH KISHOR - Children's History of Israel : Vol. 2
2784z: ISH KISHOR - Children's History of Israel : Vol. 1
2786z: ISH KISHOR - Children's History of Israel : Vol. 3
8197z: KISKINOVA, M.P. - Poisoning and Promotion in Catalysis Based on Surface Science Concepts and Experiments : Vol. 70
7382: PHILIP KISSAM - Surveying for CIVIL Engineers
295z: PHILIP KISSAM - Surveying
v32484: WILLIAM L. KISSICK, M.D. - Medicine's Dilemmas
35113: HENRY A. KISSINGER - Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy
v35113: HENRY A. KISSINGER - Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy
38505: WILLIAM KISTLER - America February
8726: WILLIAM KISTLER - America
36517: JOSEPH KITAGAWA - Religions of the East
32868: HARRY H.L. KITANO - Japanese Americans
8641: WILLIAM KITAY - Overcome Arthritis
6361z: HELEN KITCHEN, EDITOR - Footnotes to the Congo Story
2983: PATRICIA KITCHER - Freud's Dream: A Complete Interdisciplinary Science of Mind
532ml: KITCHER, PHILIP - Abusing Science: The Case Against Creationism
1119ml: KITEREZA, ANICETI - Les Enfants Du Faiseur de Pluie
6257: GEORGE LYMAN KITTREDGE - Witchcraft in Old and New England
31039: TRACY BARRETT KITTREDGE - Naval Lessons of the Great War
30969: WILLIAM KITTREDGE - We Are Not in This Together
3325: NICHOLAS N. KITTRIE - The War Against Authority: From the Crisis of Legitmacy to a New Social Contract
26392: NICHOLAS N. KITTRIE - The Right to Be Different - Deviance and Enforced Therapy
7672z: JEFF KITTS, EDITOR - Guitar World Presents Stevie Ray Vaughan: Stevie Ray--in His Own Words
K860: KITWANA, BAKARI - The Hip Hop Generation: Young Blacks and the Crisis in African American Culture

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