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24425: DON S. KIRSCHNER - Cold War Exile
011168: KIRSCHNER, DIANA ADILE, KIRSCHNER, SAM - Comprehensive Family Therapy: An Integration of Systemic and Psychodynamic Treatment Models
523: DON S. KIRSCHNER - Cold War Exile: The Unclosed Case of Maurice Halperin
7614: ALIX KIRSTA - The Book of Stress Survival
5405z: LAURIE KIRSZNER - Foundations First
6301z: KIRSZNER, LAURIE G. - The Harcourt Brace Guide to Documentation : 3rd. Ed.
5646: LORD DOUGLAS OF KIRTLESIDE - Sholto Douglas: Combat and Command
4753z: TAKURO KISHINE - Eastern Sunrise, Western Sunset
2785z: ISH KISHOR - Children's History of Israel : Vol. 2
2784z: ISH KISHOR - Children's History of Israel : Vol. 1
2786z: ISH KISHOR - Children's History of Israel : Vol. 3
8197z: KISKINOVA, M.P. - Poisoning and Promotion in Catalysis Based on Surface Science Concepts and Experiments : Vol. 70
7382: PHILIP KISSAM - Surveying for CIVIL Engineers
295z: PHILIP KISSAM - Surveying
v32484: WILLIAM L. KISSICK, M.D. - Medicine's Dilemmas
35113: HENRY A. KISSINGER - Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy
v35113: HENRY A. KISSINGER - Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy
38505: WILLIAM KISTLER - America February
8726: WILLIAM KISTLER - America
36517: JOSEPH KITAGAWA - Religions of the East
32868: HARRY H.L. KITANO - Japanese Americans
8641: WILLIAM KITAY - Overcome Arthritis
6361z: HELEN KITCHEN, EDITOR - Footnotes to the Congo Story
2983: PATRICIA KITCHER - Freud's Dream: A Complete Interdisciplinary Science of Mind
532ml: KITCHER, PHILIP - Abusing Science: The Case Against Creationism
1119ml: KITEREZA, ANICETI - Les Enfants Du Faiseur de Pluie
6257: GEORGE LYMAN KITTREDGE - Witchcraft in Old and New England
31039: TRACY BARRETT KITTREDGE - Naval Lessons of the Great War
30969: WILLIAM KITTREDGE - We Are Not in This Together
3325: NICHOLAS N. KITTRIE - The War Against Authority: From the Crisis of Legitmacy to a New Social Contract
26392: NICHOLAS N. KITTRIE - The Right to Be Different - Deviance and Enforced Therapy
7672z: JEFF KITTS, EDITOR - Guitar World Presents Stevie Ray Vaughan: Stevie Ray--in His Own Words
K860: KITWANA, BAKARI - The Hip Hop Generation: Young Blacks and the Crisis in African American Culture
003367: KITZINGER, SHEILA - Woman's Experience of Sex
28229: SHEILA KITZINGER - Breastfeeding Your Baby
7374z: KITZINGER, CELIA - Social Construction of Lesbianism
3469z: PAUL KIVEL - Uprooting Racism
v3469z: PAUL KIVEL - Uprooting Racism
2990z: ROBERT KIYOSAKI - Rich Dad Poor Dad
K1051: KIYOSAKI, ROBERT T.; LECHTER, SHARON L. - Rich Dad's Rich Kid Smart Kid: Giving Your Child a Financial Head Start
18147: EIICHI KIYUOKA - The Autobiography of Yukichi Fukuzawa
K1994: JOE KLAAS - The 12 Steps to Happiness
005297: KLAFS, CARL E, ARNHEIM, DANIEL D. - Modern Principles of Athletic Training: The Science of Injury Prevention and Care
4512: FRANCINE KLAGSBURN - Mixed Feelings
18942: FRANCINE KLAGSBURN - Assassination - Robert F. Kennedy 1925-1968
27524: DOLORES KLAICH - Woman + Woman
006098: KLAICH, DOLORES - Woman Plus Woman
7716: MARVIN KLAPPER - Fabric Almanac
32642: MICHAEL T. KLARE - Supplying Repression
35496: MICHAEL T. KLARE - Supplying Repression
37844: COCUK KLASIKLERI - Nasrettin Hocs' Dan Secmeler
K621: HASS-KLAU, CARMEN - The Pedestrian and City Traffic
4473: VACLAV KLAUS - Renaissance
26620: DENA KLEIMAN - A Deadly Silence
4256: GEORGE KLEIN - Pieta
007979: KLEIN, RUDOLF - The Politics of the National Health Service
29451: GENE KLEIN - First Down and a Billion
6087: ALAN KLEIN - Baseball on the Border
5109z: BURTON KLEIN, EDITOR - Health Care Facilities Handbook
K1562: AARON J. KLEIN - Striking Back
18057: AARON E. KLEIN - The History of the New York Central System
23045: ALEXANDER KLEIN - The Double Dealers - Adventures in Grand Deception
28765: MALCOLM W. KLEIN - The Juvenile Justice System
31851: MICHAEL KLEIN - Poets for Life
4212z: JAMES KLEIN - Where to Find Gold
19283: DAVE KLEIN - Pro Basketball's Big Men
37706: MICHAEL KLEIN - The Man Behind the Sound Bite
006140: KLEIN, NORMAN (EDITOR) - Culture, Curers and Contagion : Readings for Medical Social Science (Anthropology Ser. )
19075: BARRY T. KLEIN - Reference Encyclopedia of the American Indian - Vol. II 4th Ed.
008884: KLEIN, MICHELE; HARMELECH, MICHAEL - New Life : A Diary for Jewish Parents
3720z: MISHA KLEIN, EDITOR - September 11 : An Anthology
18936: MARTIN A. KLEIN - Perspectives on the African Past
7648: MARTIN KLEIN - Peasants in Africa
sf2623: GERALD KLEIN - Starmaster's Gambit - Uq1068
19068: BARRY T. KLEIN - Reference Encyclopedia of the American Indian - Vol. I 4th Ed.
28777: MARGARET SIEBERT KLEIN - The Challenge of Communist Education
38269: KRIS KLEINDIENST - This Is What Lesbian Looks Like
552: CHRIS L. KLEINKE - Self-Perception: The Psychology of Personal Awareness
1318ml: CYLVIA KLEINMAN , EDITOR - Satellite Science Fiction - Vol. 3, No. 2
8199z: KLEINMAN, DANIEL LEE - Controversies in Science and Technology: From Maize to Menopause
009125: KLEINMAN, ARTHUR, KUNSTADTER, PETER, ALEXANDER, E. RUSSELL, GALE, JAMES L. EDITORS - Medicine in Chinese Cultures: Comparative Studies of Health Care in Chinese and Other Societies
2042z: LIZA KLEINMAN - Sat Success : 2001
23294: BENJAMIN KLEINMUNTZ - Personality Measurement
5582z: E. D. KLEMKE, EDITOR - Essays on Frege
K1533: KLEMPERER, VICTOR - I Will Bear Witness: A Diary of the Nazi Years 1933-1941
sf3710: SAMMUEL DE KLERK - Coming Great Prophetic Events
009060: KLERMAN, GERALD L.; WEISSMAN, MYRNA M.; ROUNSAVILLE, BRUCE J. - Interpersonal Psychotherapy of Depression (Master Work Ser. )
5098z: JOHN KLEYN - Microbiology Experiments : 4th Ed.
003621: KLIEN, AARON E - The Hidden Contributors: Black Scientists and Inventors in America
29427: JACK KLIGERMAN - The Birds of John Burroughs
5098: MILTON V. KLINE - Obesity
31628: NATHAN S. KLINE, M.D. - Psychiatric Syndromes and Drug Treatment
31308: KRIS KLINE - For the Sake of the Children
011454: KLINE, RICHARD - Ultimate Paper Airplane
SF1767: OTIS ADELBERT KLINE - Planet of Peril - F-211
sf2024: OTIS ADELBERT KLINE - The Outlaws of Mars - D531
sf2028: OTIS ADELBERT KLINE - The Swordsman of Mars - D516
sf2317: OTIS ADELBERT KLINE - Maza of the Moon - F321
sf3604: OTIS ADELBERT KLINE - Jan of the Jungle - F-400
5485z: SIMCHA KLING - The People and Its Land
30491: WILLIAM K. KLINGAMAN - Our Lives in a World on the Edge 1941
32235: WILLIAM K. KLINGAMAN - Our Lives in a World on the Edge 1941
32822: WILLIAM K. KLINGAMAN - 1919 the Year Our World Began
19457: GLENN C. KLINGMAN - Weed Science: Principles and Practices
36829: ROBERT KLITZMAN, M.D. - Being Positive
K930: ROBERT A. KLONER, MD, PHD - Cardiology Reference Book
004901: KLUBACK, WILLIAM, WEINBAUM, MARTIN - Dilthey's Philosophy of Existence: Introduction to Weltanschauungslehre
1637: CLYDE KLUCKHOHN - Mirror for Man: The Relation of Anthropology to Modern Life
2816: CLYDE KLUCKHOHN - Culture and Behavior
2964z: JAMES KLUEGEL - Beliefs About Inequality
012037: KLUG, WILLIAM S. - Concepts of Genetics (Fifth Edition)
342: RICHARD KLUGER - Simple Justice
35869: DOUGLAS KLUSMEYER - Membership Migrations and Identity: Dilemmas for Liberal Societies - Vol. 5. 2 1997
6941z: KLY, Y.N. - A Popular Guide to Minority Rights
144ml: KLY, DR. YUSSUF NAIM - The Invisible War: The African American Anti-Slavery Resistance from the Stono Rebellion Through the Seminole Wars
12910: PAUL KNAPLUND - The British Empire 1815-1939
8492z: DANIEL KNAPP - The Sounds of Chaucer's English
32382: MARSHALL KNAPPEN - And Call It Peace
8517z: EDWARD KNAPPMAN, EDITOR - American Trials of the 20th Century
27909: KEN KNECHT - Microsoft Basic - 2nd. Ed.
23315: JACK KNEECE - Family Treason - the Walker Spy Case
838: JACK KNEECE - Family Treason: The Walker Spy Case
3578z: ALLEN KNEESE - Managing Water Quality
37491: MARTIN KNELMAN - Jim Carrey
4485z: F. K. KNEUBUHL - Repetitorium Der Physik
005579: KNEZEVICH, STEPHEN V. - Administration of Public Education : A Sourcebook for the Leadership and Management of Educational Institutions, Fourth Edition
5218z: GERARD KNIETER, EDITOR - The Teaching Process & Arts and Aesthetics
2222ml: GILBERT HOWARD KNIGHT - You Too Can Sell Insurance... If... . .
29814: FATHER DAVID M. KNIGHT - Lift Up Your Eyes to the Mountain
7316: BRUCE KNIGHT - How to Run a War
5100z: RANDALL KNIGHT - Physics : A Strategic Approach, Student Workbook
2764z: IAN KNIGHT, EDITOR - By the Orders of the Great White Queen
SF19: DAMON KNIGHT - Nebula Award Stories 1965
SF20: DAMON KNIGHT - The Dark Side
SF21: DAMON KNIGHT - A Century of Science Fiction
SF22: DAMON KNIGHT - Far out
SF25: DAMON KNIGHT - Beyond the Barrier
sf46: DAMON KNIGHT - The Rithian Terror / Off Center : M-113
sf152: DAMON KNIGHT - Orbit 4 : S1724
sf155: DAMON KNIGHT - Three Novels : X1706
8467: MAX KNIGHT - Return to the Alps
sf1329: DAMON KNIGHT - The Shape of Things - Sp352
SF1711: DAMON KNIGHT - First Flight - 72-672
sf1379: DAMON KNIGHT - Far out - Gs1439
sf1380: DAMON KNIGHT - The Other Foot - 552 079944
sf1637: DAMON KNIGHT - Orbit 2 - S1448
sf1639: DAMON KNIGHT - Orbit 3 - S1608
sf2079: DAMON KNIGHT - In Deep - F760
sf2093: DAMON KNIGHT - Mind Swicth - F1160
sf2094: DAMON KNIGHT - A for Anything - F1136
sf2095: DAMON KNIGHT - Orbit 1 -F1291
sf2103: DAMON KNIGHT - Analogue Man - F847
sf2137: DAMON KNIGHT - Orbit 9 - N2116
sf2152: DAMON KNIGHT - Orbit #11 -425-02316-095
sf2210: DAMON KNIGHT - Orbit 5 - S1778
sf2217: DAMON KNIGHT - Orbit 6 - S1848
sf2236: DAMON KNIGHT - Orbit 8 - S1970
sf2243: DAMON KNIGHT - Orbit 7 - S1900
sf2260: DAMON KNIGHT - The Other Foot - 75-433
sf2278: DAMON KNIGHT - World without Children and the Earth Quarter - 740601v
sf2306: DAMON KNIGHT - Turning Ob - G-677
sf2380: DAMON KNIGHT - Tomorrow 4 - 1428
sf2397: DAMON KNIGHT - The Metal Smile - B60-082
sf2443: DAMON KNIGHT - Orbit - S1608
sf2597: DAMON KNIGHT - Hell's Pavement - Ll13
sf2646: DAMON KNIGHT - Beyond the Barrier - 50-234
sf2757: DAMON KNIGHT - Worlds to Come - R1942
sf2759: DAMON KNIGHT - Hell's Pavement -T2416
sf2818: DAMON KNIGHT - A Century of Great Short Science Fiction Novels - 1158
sf2924: DAMON KNIGHT - Olaf Stapledon - F563
sf3633: DAMON KNIGHT - 13 French Science-Fiction Stories - F2817
6820z: RANDALL D. KNIGHT - Physics for Scientists and Engineers: Strategic Approach
11620: PHILLIP KNIGHTLEY - The First Casualty
404: PHILLIP KNIGHTLEY - The Master Spy
sf2453: DAMON KNIGJHT - The Metal Smile - B60-082
2273ml: KNISHINSKY, RAN - Prickly Pear Cactus Medicine: Treatments for Diabetes, Cholesterol, and the Immune System
1097ml: STACEY KNOBLER - Biological Threats and Terrorism: Assessing the Science and Response Capabilities Workshop Summary
27412: DR. KONRAD KNOPP - Theory of Functions
27959: KLAUS KNORR - Military Power and Potential
er239: L.M. CUMMING / U.R. KNOT - Coming Home to Passion / Familiarity Breeds Contact - Dn-6794
36370: JAMES E. KNOTT - Vegetable Growing
25167: RODERIC KNOWLES - The Great Bank of America Telex Heist
19404: HORACE KNOWLES - Gentlemen, Scholars and Scoundrels
1454ml: RUTH SHELDON KNOWLES - America's Oil Famine
1847: LOUIS L. KNOWLES, EDITOR - Institutional Racism in America
8613z: CAROL RUTH KNOX - The Path of God
24448: ROSE B. KNOX - Gray Caps
sf2126: MILTON LESSER / CALVIN M. KNOX - Recruit for Andromeda / the Plot Against Earth - D358
sf2426: RAYMOND Z. GALLUN / CALVIN M. KNOX - People Minus X / Lest We Forget Thee, Earth - D291
sf2434: MILTON LESSER / CALVIN M. KNOX - Recruit for Andromeda /the Plot Against Earth - D-358
24068: RALPH E. KNUDSEN - Theology in the New Testament
563ml: KNUDTSON, PETER - Wintun Indians of California and Their Neighbors
4780z: ROGER KNUTSON - Flattened Fauna
7765: JOHN KOBAL - Hollywood Color Portraits
36701: NORMAN KOBERT - Money Confidential
5672: JOHN KOBLER - Capone
8990: BETH KOBLINER - Get a Financial Life
003856: KOBRAK, PETER - The Political Environment of Public Management 93
010623: KOBRE, SHAW - California Golf: Complete Guide to Every Course in the Golden State (Eighth Edition)
3222z: ALFRED KOBSA, EDITOR - User Modeling and User Adapted Interaction
19138: H.W. KOCH - The Rise of Modern Warfare - from the Age of Mercenaries Through Napoleon
K839: ADRIENNE KOCH - Power, Morals, and the Founding Fathers
4223: EDWARD I. KOCH - The Senator Must Die
34399: HELEN KOCH - Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development
344z: GEBHARD KOCH, EDITOR - Regulation of Macromolecular Synthesis by Low Molecular Weight Mediators
18029: ERIC KOCHER - Foreign Intrigue
570ml: PAUL KOCHER - Master of Middle Earth
K163: KOCHMAN, THOMAS - Black and White Styles in Conflict
4713z: KODAK - Student Flimmaker's Handbook
9624: KODAK - Photolab Design
436z: KODAYA - Dusk
6473: E. KODET - Being Your Own Wilderness Doctor
4957z: MICHELLE KODIS - Love Scents
34344: AHMAD EL KODSY - The Arab World and Israel
127z: AHMAD EL KODSY - The Arab World and Israel
38470: SUSAN KOEN - A Handbook for Women on the Nuclear Mentality
K1042: SAMUEL KOENIG - Man and Society
002321: KOERBER, KENNETH A - Sampler for College Accounting
5555: J. ANTHONY KOESTER, EDITOR - Railroad Model Craftsman: Vol. 47 June 1978-May 1979
K2122: ARTHUR KOESTLER - Darkness at Noon
1671ml: FRANK KOFSKY - Black Nationalism and the Revolution in Music
27898: FRANK KOFSKY - Harry S. Truman and the War Scare of 1948
529ml: KOGON, EUGEN - The Theory and Practice of Hell: The German Concentration Camps and the System Behind Them
37365: DANIEL KOHANSKI - The Philosophical Programmers
2953: HERBERT KOHL - Half the House
5732: HERBERT KOHL - 36 Children
K275: KOHLER - Kohler Fixtures Roughing-in Measurements
27692: KISHIMOTO KOICHI - Politics in Modern Japan
7320z: FUMIKO KOIDE - Easy Japanese : Vol 1
K263: LENNY ARRIOLA KOIZUMI - Japanese-English-Pilipino
1853ml: HARI KOJIMA - Hari Kojima's Favorite Seafood Recipes
4886: HELGE KOKERITZ - Mr. William Shakespeares Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies
K1713: HELGE KOKERITZ - A Guide to Chaucer's Pronunciation
19624: MORRIS KOKIN - Women Married to Alcohlics - Help and Hope for Nonalcoholic Partners
26623: GINA KOLATA - Clone - the Road to Dolly, and the Path Ahead
7960: GINA KOLATA - The Baby Doctors
34471: ALFRED J. KOLATCH - The Jewish Book of Why
26694: LEON KOLB - Moses the Near Easterner
32539: EDWARD W. KOLB - Inner Space Outer Space
9884z: KOLBE, RICHARD L. - American Political Parties: An Uncertain Future
23722: MADONNA KOLBENSCHLAG - Lost in the Land of Oz
23050: GABRIEL KOLKO - Wealth and Power in America
5285z: LARRRY KOLLER - The Complete Book Sportsman's Workshop
5578z: KOLLER, JOHN M. - Oriental Philosophies
5814: MARVIN R. KOLLER - Humor and Society
011681: KOLLIAS, ELIAS - The Knights of Rhodes: The Palace and the City
8809z: BERNARD KOLMAN - Discrete Mathematical Structures : 3rd Ed
25484: IRVING KOLODIN - The Opera Omnibus - Four Centuries of Crtitical Give and Take
28869: IRVING KOLODIN - The Musical Life
35582: NANCY J. KOLODNY - When Foods a Foe
4825z: ERNEST KOLOWRAT - Hotchkiss
1468z: NORMAN KOLPAS - Mao
8034z: KOLSBUN, KEN - Peace: The Biography of a Symbol
11008: JANE BENTLEY KOLTER - Forget Me Not
K1781: TONY KOLTZ - The Battle for Peace
27684: NICHOLAS KOLUMBAN - Turmoil in Hungary
5898z: KOMAN, RICHARD - Gif Animation Studio : With Cd
sf3572: MARY KOMBLUTH - Science Fiction Showcase
35651: PENNEY KOME - Peace, a Dream Unfolding
37516: LUCY KOMISAN - Corazon Aquino
5738: LUCY KOMISAR - Down and out in the Usa
004515: KONEV, SERGEI V. - Fluorescence and Phosphorescence of Proteins and Nucleic Acids
36142: HANS KONINGSBERGER - Love and Hate in China
007101: KONNER, MELVIN - Childhood
009317: KONRADI, AMANDA; SCHMIDT, MARTHA - Reading between the Lines : Toward an Understanding of Current Social Problems
35984: AMANDA KONRADI - Reading between the Lines
1887ml: KONSALIK, HEINZ GÜNTHER - Das Herz Der 6. Armee: Roman.
1888ml: KONSALIK, HEINZ GÜNTHER - Des Sieges Bittere Tranen : Roman
005727: KONVITZ, MILTON R, LESKES, THEODORE - A Century of CIVIL Rights: With a Study of State Law Against Discrimination
007068: KOOLMAN, JAN, MOELLER, HANS, ROHM, KLAUS-HEINRICH - Kaffe, Kase, Karies. . - Biochemie IM Alltag
8041z: GRACE KOOMANS - Veluws Schilderen
8365: DEAN KOONTZ - Santa's Twin
sf3695: DEAN KOONTZ - Starblood : 75306-095
9597: SANDOR KOPACSI - In the Name of the Working Class
8763: DAVID KOPAY - The David Kopay Story
27113: RAIMONDA KOPELNITSKY - No Words to Say Goodbye
28845: PERFIL KOPERASI - Profile of Co-Operatives Movements and Small Entrepreneurs Under the Guidance of State-Owned Enterprises
6393: SHELDON KOPP - The Hanged Man
31302: SUSAN KOPPELMAN - Women in the Trees
012510: KOPPITZ, ELIZABETH M. - Psychological Evaluation of Children's Human Figure Drawings
012288: KORB, LAWRENCE J. - A New National Security Strategy in an Age of Terrorists, Tyrants, and Weapons of Mass Destruction: Three Options Presented As Presidential Speeches
010209: KORBER, KURT A., DR, INITIATOR - 125th Bergedorf Round Table: Reinventing Europe - Cultural Dimensions of Widening and Deepening
781: MICHAEL KORDA - The Immortals
36956: JAY KORDICH - The Juiceman's Power of Juicing
38078: AVENIR KORELIN - The Collapse of the Russian Empire 1917
2518: EDWARD KOREN - Do You Want to Talk About It?
5857z: KOREN, LEONARD - Success Stories
18377: EDWARD KOREN - Cartoons - Caution Small Ensembles
34705: RICHARD KORMAN - The Goodyear Story
32749: JERRY KORN - America 1920-1930 - Vol. III
28874: RICHARD KORN - Orchestral Accents
18420: FRANCIS KORN - Elementary Structures Reconsidered - Levi-Strauss on Kinship
009723: KORNBERG, ARTHUR - Dna Synthesis
36462: WILLIAM KORNBLUM - Blue Collar Community
11653: JESSE KORNBLUTH - Notes from the Underground
SF12: C.M. KORNBLUTH - A Mile Beyond the Moon
sf64: MARY KORNBLUTH - Science Fiction Showcase : 06068
sf1260: C. M. KORNBLUTH - The Explorers - B86
sf1271: FREDERICK POH / C. M. KORNBLUTH - Wolfbane - 335 K
sf2919: C. M. KORNBLUTH - The Syndic - F1032
sf3585: CYRIL M. KORNBLUTH - The Syndic - 1317
sf3639: C. M. KORNBLUTH - Takeoff - P15
2962z: HERBERT KORPELL - How You Can Help
825: VIRGINIA E. SANCHEZ KORROL - From Colonia to Community: The History of Puerto Ricans in New York City
K1274: KORTEN, DAVID C. - When Corporations Rule the World
4240: ALFRED KORZYBSKI - Science and Sanity
003976: KOSA, JOHN, ANTONOVSKY, ARON, ZOLA, IRVING KENNETH - Poverty and Health a Sociological Analysis
3715z: R. KOSANKE - Classification of the Pennsylvanian Strata of Illinois
37692: REV. GEORGE W. KOSICKI, C.S.B. - Spiritual Warfare
7053z: PHILIP KOSLOW, EDITOR - The New York Public Library African American Desk Reference
1374ml: KOSMAN, ADMIEL - Approaching You in English: Selected Poems of Admiel Kosman
2165ml: KOSOF, ANNA - The CIVIL Rights Movement and Its Legacy
K565: KOSOM - Oahspe - a Kosmon Bible
7398: LESLIE KOSSOFF - Executive Thinking
1530ml: RICHARD KOSTELANETZ - The B.B. King Companion : Five Decades of Commentary
25385: R. M. KOSTER - In the Time of the Tyrants - Panama 1968-1990
18793: R. M. KOSTER - Mandragon - the Tinieblas Trilogy
7802z: G. KOSTORZ, EDITOR - Treatise on Materials Science and Technology: Neutron Scattering - Volume 15
32255: K.M. KOSTYAL - Raccoons
29205: GEETA KOTHARI - Did My Mama Like to Dance?
1096z: PHILIP KOTLER - Kotler on Marketing
36228: ALEX KOTLOWITZ - There Are No Children Here
835z: GERALD KOTONYA - Requirements Engineering
585ml: KOTRE, JOHN - White Gloves: How We Create Ourselves Through Memory
29283: CONRAD PHILLIP KOTTAK - Anthropology - 5th. Ed.
4493z: KOTTEM - Ephesus " Ayassuluk"
18361: ROBERT N. KOTZE - The Scheme of Things
K2075: KOTZWINKLE, WILLIAM - The Bear Went over the Mountain
006956: KOVACS, DIANE K. - The Internet Trainer's Guide (Management, Accounting and Information Systems Ser. )
36563: MARYANN KOVALSKI - Take Me out to the Ball Game
11801: RALPH KOVEL - Know Your Antiques
1916z: MARK KOWALEWSKI - All Things to All People
6000z: BRUCE KOWALSKI - Chemometrics: Theory and Application a Symposium
002330: KOZIAKIN, VLADIMIR - Race Against Time with Mazewarps 24 Challenging Video Mazes
24640: GENERAL-MAJOR S. N. KOZLOV - The Officer's Handbook - a Soviet View
18085: E.G.R. KRAAL - Advanced Electrotechnology for Marine Engineers - Vol. 7
8488: SACHA KRAKOWIAK - Principles of Operating Systems
1071ml: KRALOVEC, ETTA;BUELL, JOHN - The End of Homework: How Homework Disrupts Families, Overburdens Children, and Limits Learning
2249ml: SYLVIA KRAMER - The Story of Ruth
37616: HILTON KRAMER - The Revenge of the Philistines
30040: LARRY KRAMER - Reports from the Holocaust
8741: JACK KRAMER - Container Gardening Indoors and out
004488: KRAMER, MARLENE; SCHMALENBERG, CLAUDIA - Path to Biculturalism
38309: WENDELL B. KRAMER - Jesus Reveals God's Plan
28290: RITA KRAMER - In Defense of the Family
29690: JUDITH R. KRAMER - The American Minority Community
386: EDWARD E. KRAMER - Pawn of Choas: Tales of the Eternal Champion
27919: FRANK R. KRAMER - Voices in the Valley
28436: ISAAC KRAMNICK - The God Less Constitution
K1875: KRANISH, MICHAEL;EASTON, NINA;EASTON, NINA J.;MOONEY, BRIAN C. - John F. Kerry: The Complete Biography by the Boston Globe Reporters Who Know Him Best
23205: RONALD L. KRANNICH, PH.D. - Dynamite Cover Letters - 3rd. Ed.
8746: RON KRANNICH, PH.D. - Get a Raise in 7 Days
11945: LES KRANTZ - The Peoplepedia
7721: HAZEL KRANTZ - Daughter of My People
8238z: KRANTZ, LES - Ali in Action: The Moves, the Mouth, the Legend of Muhammad Ali
9720z: KRANTZ, STEVEN - Differential Equations Demystified
71K: KRANZ, GENE - Failure Is Not an Option: Mission Control from Mercury to Apollo 13 and Beyond
25361: ALEXANDER H. KRAPPE - The Science of Folklore - a Classic Introduction to the Origins, Forms, and Characteristics of Folklore
38186: JOSEPH A. KRASEVEC - Hydrorobics - 2nd Ed.
004490: KRASILOVSKY, M. WILLIAM; SHEMEL, SIDNEY - This Business of Music : A Practical Guide to the Music Industry for Publishers, Writers, Record Companies, Producers, Artists, Agents
009693: KRASILOVSKY, M. WILLIAM; SHEMEL, SIDNEY - This Business of Music : A Practical Guide to the Music Industry for Publishers, Writers, Record Companies, Producers, Artists, Agents
25164: JONATHAN S. KRASNO - Challengers, Competition, and Reflection
2587z: RENA KRASNO - Kneeling Carabao & Dancing Giants
31825: BETRAM S. KRAUS, PH.D. - Dental Anatomy and Occlusion
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011191: LANGTON, DANIEL J. - The Inheritance: A Poem for the Stage
K1879: LANHAM, RICHARD A. - Revising Prose
37825: SHANNON LANIER - Jefferson's Children
7160: PAMELA LANIER - Elegant Small Hotels
3573: TERRILL LANKFORD - Shooters
26898: JOHN B. LANSING - Economic Survey Methods
12974: VICKI LANSKY - Baking Soda
30687: VICKI LANSKY - Getting Child to Sleep & Back to Sleep
8071z: LUCIENNE LANSON - From Woman to Woman
11320: ANTONIA LANT - Blackout
007749: LANTZ, BEATRICE - Easel Age Scale
29300: ANDREW A. LANYI - Confessions of a Stockbroker
8291z: O'LAOIRE, SEAN PH.D. - Spirits in Spacesuits: A Manual for Everyday Mystics
27725: DANIEL N. LAPEDES - Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms
003919: LAPHAM, LEWIS H. - Money & Class in America: Notes and Observations on Our CIVIL Religion
377: WAYNE LAPIERRE - Guns, Crime, and Freedom
004451: LAPIN, LAWRENCE L. - Quantitative Methods for Business Decisions Fifth Edition
006017: LAPINSKI, MIKE; WILTSE, DUANE; VAN ZWOLL, WAYNE; SCHUH, DWIGHT R.; MILLER, BILL (EDITOR) - All About Elk (Hunter's Information Ser. )
38081: MARK LAPITSKY - The Tragedy of Millions
25181: MARIO LAPLANA - Summa Syntaxica - Cum Thematis Ad Exercen Dum
28735: R.E. LAPP, PH.D. - Nuclear Radiation Physics
2191z: HORST LAPP - Heimat Deine Sunder
29343: MARC LAPPE, PH.D. - Breakout
24484: FRANCES MOORE LAPPE - Now We Can Speak
8881: FRANCES MOORE LAPPE` - Aid As Obstacle
12599: FRANCES MOORE LAPPE - World Hunger
31623: FRANCES MOORE LAPPE - Mozambique and Tanzania: Asking the Big Questions
003273: LAPPIN, ELENA (EDITOR); WINSTON, KRISHNA (TRANSLATOR) - Jewish Voices, German Words : Growing Up Jewish in Postwar Germany & Austria
27204: BRIAN LAPPING - End of Empire
1399z: DON LAPRE - How to Diversify for Success
1400z: DON LAPRE - Don Lapre's Secrets to a Profitable Business on the Internet
1404z: DON LAPRE - Don Larpre's Minimize Your Risks Maximize Your Profits
1402z: DON LAPRE - The Secrets to Don Lapre's Most Successful Campaigns
1401z: DON LAPRE - Don Lapre's What & Where to Sell on the Internet
657z: DAN LAPRE - Dan Lapre's What & Where to Sell on the Internet
002890: LAQUEUR, WALTER - A History of Zionism from the French Revolution to the Establishment of the State of Israel
1055z: WALTER LAQUEUR, EDITOR - The Middle East in Transition
25719: WALTER LAQUEUR - Germany Today - a Personal Report
009217: LAQUEUR, WALTER Z. - The Middle East in Transition: Studies in Contemporary History
19066: WALTER LAQUEUR - A World of Secrets - the Uses and Limits of Intelligence
23654: WALTER LAQUEUR - The Dream That Failed - Reflections on the Soviet Union
2272: WILLIAM LARA - Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
23230: RING LARDNER, JR. - The Lardners - My Family Remembered
er146: JIMMY LARGE - A Stud's Story -Bl -501506-6
35547: SUSAN M. LARK, M.D. - The Estrogen Decision
002286: LARK, SUSAN M. - The Estrogen Decision : Self Help Book
28783: EDGAR LUCIEN LARKIN - Within the Mind Maze
3426z: M. LARKIN - The Six Days of Yad Mordechai
8209: SANDRA & MICHAEL LAROCHE - The Mushroom Feast
1065ml: SALVATORE LAROSA - Myth, Modernity, and the Nature of Things
5055z: LAROUCHE - Children of Satan
35269: LYNDON H. LAROUCHE, JR. - The Road to Recovery
K2195: LARSEN, MICHAEL - How to Write a Book Proposal
28087: STEPHEN LARSEN - The Shaman's Doorway
4120: MAGALI SARFATTI LARSON - Social Stratification in Peru
003920: LARSON, BRUCE - The Presence : The God Who Delivers & Guides
K2001: LARSON, MARTIN ALFRED - The I.R. S. Versus the Middle Class
18183: BROOKE LARSON - Colonializm and Agrarian Transformation in Bolivia - Cochabamba, 1500-1900
K915: LARSON, ERIC B.; EISENBERG, MICKEY STEWART - Manual of Admitting Orders and Therapeutics
24460: BOB LARSON - Rock & Roll - the Devil's Diversion
34696: BOB LARSON - Satanism
3195: BROOKE LARSON - Colonialism and Agrarian Transformation in Bolivia: Cochabamba, 1550-1900
24266: INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LARYNGECTOMEES - A New Beginning: Helping Words for the Laryngectomee
3137z: LASALLE - Law Training for Business Leadership : Lectures 2-13
1094: JUNE LASCELLES - Tetrapyrrole Biosynthesis and Its Regulation
3399: CHRISTOPHER LASCH - The True and Only Heaven: Progress and Its Critics
28512: CHRISTOPHER LASCH - The Culture of Narcissism
31707: CHRISTOPHER LASCH - The Culture of Narcissism
18840: BARNETT D. LASCHEVER - Connecticut - 3rd. Ed. - an Explorer's Guide
25118: JOSEPH P. LASH - Dealers and Dreamers
30602: JOSEPH P. LASH - From the Diaries of Felix Frankfurter
4249z: JOSEPH LASH - Eleanor
er77: DAVID LASHER - Lost in Lust - LL-0750
3648: DAVID LASKIN - Getting Into Advertising
19284: KEITH ALAN LASKO, M.D. - The Great Billion Dollar Medical Swindle
27301: VICTOR LASKY - It Didn't Start with Watergate
25784: VICTOR LASKY - Jimmy Carter, the Man & the Myth
007576: LASKY, LILA; MUKERJI, ROSE - Art : Basic for Young Children
K761: LASLETT, JOHN - Failure of a Dream
011689: LASLEY, JOHN FOSTER - Genetics of Livestock Improvement: Genetic Principles of Improved Animal Breeding Brought Up to Date and Explained Clearly and Concisely (Second Edition)
K149: LASS, ADAM T.; PASTERNAK, JUDITH MAHONEY - A Parent's Guide to Washington, D. C
491: HUGO ENOMIYA-LASSALLE - Living in the New Consciousness
7407z: L. K. LASSER - J.K. Lasser's Business Tax Techniques
468z: J. K. LASSER - Successful Tax Planning for Real Estate
9829z: FRANS LASSON, EDITOR - The Life and Destiny of Isak Dinesen
sf1335: KURT LASSWITZ - Two Planets -445-00405-095
7792z: R. M. LATANISION, EDITOR - Advances in the Mechanics and Physics of Surfaces: Volume 1
7793z: R. M. LATANISION, EDITOR - Advances in the Mechanics and Physics of Surfaces : Volume 2
4254z: ROBERT LATHAM - Introduction to Marine Engineering
12255: R.J. WILKINSON-LATHAM - Collecting Militaria
27649: CAROLINE LATHAM - The David Letterman Story
sf3561: PHILIP LATHAM - Missing Men of Saturn
004835: LATHROP, GORDON, RAMSHAW, GAIL - Lectionary for the Christian People : Revised Standard Version Texts Emended
010697: LATHROP, TAD; PETTIGREW, JIM JR. - This Business of Music Marketing & Promotion
37125: DOROTHY LATHROP - Sung Under the Silver Umbrella
28701: KENNETH SCOTT LATOURETTE - The American Record in the Far East, 1945-1951
28815: RICHMOND LATTIMORE - Greek Lyrics - 2nd. Ed.
30997: LEONID LATYNIN - The Face-Maker and the Muse
5164z: BENJAMIN LAU - Garlic for Health
4336z: JOSEPH LAU, EDITOR - The Unbroken Chain
012158: LAU, SIDNEY - Cantonese: A Crash Course (Book)
1805ml: LAU, GRACE - Adults in Wonderland: A Retrospective
26935: MORRIS LAUB - Last Barrier to Freedom
K889: LAUBER, PATRICIA; TELANDER, TODD - Earthworms: Underground Farmers
32755: CHRISTOPHER SAWYER-LAUCANNO - The Continual Pilgrimage
36046: NIKI LAUDA - The Art and Science of Gran Prix Driving
29004: LARRY LAUDAN - Mind and Medicine
4601: LARRY LAUDIN - Science and Values
008376: LAUER, ROBERT H. - Perspectives on Social Change
3986: PETER LAUFER - Iron Curtain Rising
003312: LAUFMAN, HAROLD - Hospital Special Care Facilities : Planning for User Needs (Clinical Engineering Ser. )
004543: O'LAUGHLIN, MICHAEL C. - The Complete Book for Tracing Your Irish Ancestors
3004: DAVID P. LAULER, EDITOR - Schizophrenia
sf116: KEITH LAUMER - A Trace of Memory : 11329x
sf128: KEITH LAUMER - The Time Blender : F1185
sf132: KEITH LAUMER - Assignment in Nowhere : X1596
sf136: KEITH LAUMER - Nine by Laumer : X1659
sf138: KEITH LAUMER - It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Galaxy : X1641
sf1514: KEITH LAUMER - The Invaders # 2 - X-1689
sf1515: KEITH LAUMER - The Invaders - R-1664
sf1622: KEITH LAUMER - Timetracks - 02575-X-095
sf1640: KEITH LAUMER - The Time Bender - F185
sf2078: KEITH LAUMER - Greylorn - X1514
sf2085: KEITH LAUMER - A Trace of Memory - F780
sf2096: KEITH LAUMER - The Other Side of Time - F1129
sf2097: KEITH LAUMER - The Monitors - X1340
sf2134: KEITH LAUMER - Dinousaur Beach - Uq1021
sf2146: KEITH LAUMER - The Shape Changer - 425-02363-075
sf2197: KEITH LAUMER - The Long Twight - S1810
sf2198: KEITH LAUMER - Retief & the Warlords - 1800
sf2199: KEITH LAUMER - Retief: Ambassador to Space - S1829
sf2200: KEITH LAUMER - Time Trap - S1871
sf2201: KEITH LAUMER - The World Shuffler - S1895
sf2202: KEITH LAUMER - The Star Treasure - S2025
sf2203: KEITH LAUMER - The House in November -S1998
sf2546: KEITH LAUMER - Galatic Diplomat - X1240
sf2552: KEITH LAUMER - The Day Before Forever - 1691
sf2644: KEITH LAUMER - The Frozen Planet - 60-229
sf2645: KEITH LAUMER - The Greks Bring Gifts - 50-224
sf2700: KEITH LAUMER - A Trace of Memory - 65-712
sf2701: KEITH LAUMER - A Plague of Demons - 64-595
sf2706: KEITH LAUMER - Five Fates -65-690
1384: RODGER D. LAUNIUS - Spaceflight and the Myth of Presidential Leadership
11615: COLONEL TIMOTHY M. LAUR - Encyclopedia of Modern U.S. Military Weapons
19691: EDWARD J. LAURANCE - Arms Watch - Sipri Report on the First Yhear of the Un Register of Conventional Arms - No. 6
5332: JASON LAURE - South Africa
5348z: JOHN LAURENCE - The Seeds of Disaster
36000: RENE LAURET - France and Germany
38368: RACHEL K. LAURGAARD - Patty Reed's Doll
8846z: RACHEL LAURGAARD - Patty Reed's Doll
614ml: LAURIE, SANDERS G.;TUCKER, MELVIN J. - Centering: A Guide to Inner Growth
8775z: SUSAN LAURITZEN - On the Gate
35185: PHILIP GUSTAVE LAURSON, M.S. - Mechanics of Materials
4582z: JEAN LAURY - Doll Making
7149: WILLIAM LAUT - Raising Multiple Birth Children
009000: LAVEIST, THOMAS - Daystar Guide to Colleges for African American Students : Get What You Need to Make the Right Choices
35527: ROBERT LAVELLE - America's New War on Poverty
18841: DAVID LAVENDER - Let Me Be Free - the Nez Perce Tragedy
1223z: DIANE LAVETT - Student Companion with Complete Solutions for an Introduction to Genetics Analysis
K1312: LAVIN, DR. PAUL - Parenting the Overactive Child
6500z: DAVID LAVIN, EDITOR - Opera Through Other Eyes
30577: A. LINCOLN LAVINE, A.B., LL.B., J.D., - College Business Law
K807: LAVINE, SIGMUND A. - The Games the Indians Played
19769: VIRGINIA LAW - Appointment Congo
2652z: ASPEN LAW & BUSINESS - Delaware Laws : Annotated
006570: LAWLER, JUSTUS GEORGE - The Range of Commitment: Essays of a Conservative Liberal
4575z: JAMES LAWLER - Iq, Heritability and Racism
30547: CHUCK LAWLISS - The Marine Book
6730: CHUCK LAWLISS - The Submarine Book
29292: CHARLES LAWLISS - Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis 1929-1994
4764: CHUCK LAWLISS - The Marine Book
37082: CHARLES LAWLISS - Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, 1929-1994
1852z: GLENN LAWLOR, EDITOR - Manual of Allergy and Immunology
3395z: MARTHA LAWMAN - California's Mission San Juan Bautista
1443: MYRAH LAWRANCE - Hand Analysis: A Technique for Knowledge of Self and Others
009130: LAWRENCE, DAVID - California : The Politics of Diversity (Political Science)
2257z: EDGAR LAWRENCE - Sign Language Made Simple
25369: CANDIDA LAWRENCE - Reeling & Writing
4013z: PAUL LAWRENCE - Hiking the Teton Backcountry
4054: MIKE LAWRENCE - How to Read Your Opponents Cards
35312: MARGARET M. LAWRENCE, M.D. - Young Inner City Families
er305: JOHN LAWRENCE - A Wife Revenge - Olb - 111
4689z: JUDY LAWRENCE - Sew Smart
8375z: LAWRENCE, ROBERT - Can America Compete?
BA1143: EDGAR D. LAWRENCE - Sign Language Made Simple
37733: DAVID LAWRENCE, M.D. - From Chaos to Care
35826: D. BALOTI LAWRENCE - Waterworks
5838z: LAWRENCE, MIKE - Devyn Press Handbook of Partnership Understandings
6978: D.H. LAWRENCE - Women in Love
012647: LAWRENCE, ELEANOR - Henderson's English-Chinese Dictionary of Biological Terms
012075: LAWRENCE, CHARLES R. III; MATSUDA, MARI J. - We Won't Go Back: Making the Case for Affirmative Action
9002z: JACOB LAWRENCE - Jacob Lawrence : Moving Forward
008733: LAWS, PRISCILLA, W. - The X-Ray Information Book: A Consumer's Guide to Avoiding Unnecessary Medical and Dental X-Rays
25128: ANNETTE LAWSON - Adultery
1099ml: TODD LAWSON - Patriotic Poems of Amerikkka
5882: WILLIAM LAWSON, EDITOR - Yardbird Reader Vol. 4
008631: LAWSON, JAMES GILCHRIST - The Best Loved Religious Poems: Gleaned from Many Sources
2608: REED LAWSON - Frustration: The Development of a Scientific Concept
1544: R. ALAN LAWSON - The Failure of Independent Liberalism (1930-1941)
27135: MARK LAWSON - The Battle for Room Service: Journeys to All the Safe Places
36058: DON LAWSON - The United States in the CIVIL War
006196: LAWSON, LESLEY - Working Women : A Portrait of South Africa's Women Workers
324: WILLIAM LAWSON - The Western Scar: The Theme of the Been-to in West African Fiction
1939z: BRUCE LAWSON, EDITOR - Encountering Student Texts
007583: LAWTON, THOMAS; MERRILL, LINDA - Freer : A Legacy of Art
26778: ERIC LAX - On Being Funny - Woody Allen and Comedy
4875z: BEIRNE LAY, JR. - Earthbound Astronauts
8461: JOHN LAYARD - The Lady of the Hare
19407: GEORGE LAYCOCK - The Hunters and the Hunted
7996: CAMARA LAYE - The Dark Child
5306z: EDWARD LAZARUS - Black Hills White Justice
002772: LAZARUS, ARNOLD A. - The Practice of Multimodule Therapy
012406: LAZEAR, EDWARD, EDITOR - Education in the Twenty-First Century
004016: LAZO, JOHN S.; PITT, BRUCE R.; GLORIOSO, JOSEPH C., III - Review for Usmle : United States Medical Licensing Examination, Step 1 Third Edition
8445z: LAZOWSKI, PHILIP - Understanding Your Neighbor's Faith: What Christians and Jews Should Know About Each Other
623ml: LE, THI DIEM THUY - The Gangster We Are All Looking for
2205ml: ED LEA, EDITOR - Little Nudist , No. 2 Ub131
25757: WILLIAM H. LEACH - Sermon Hearts
29069: BARRY LEACH - German General Staff - No. 32
37051: ROBIN LEACH - Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
32232: EDMUND LEACH - The Structural Study of Myth and Totemism
35196: ELEANOR LEACODK - Women's Work
6547z: RUSS LEADABRAND - A Guidebook to the San Bernardino Mountains of California
11113: C.W. LEADBEATER - Man Visible and Invisible
1295ml: SANDINISTA LEADERS - Nicaragua : The Sandinista People's Revolution
2082ml: MUNRO LEAF - The Story of Ferninand
32209: MURRAY J. LEAF - Information and Behavior in a Sikh Village
19099: THE AMERICAN CLASSICAL LEAGUE - The Classical Investigation - Part Three
8253: LA LECHE LEAGUE - The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding
9916: DONNA LEAHY - Wisdom of the Plain Folk
31206: L.S.B. LEAKEY - By the Evidence
K789: LEAMAN, OLIVER - An Introduction to Classical Islamic Philosophy
K1857: SHEL LEANNE - Say It Like Obama
8286: MARTHA P. LEAPE - The Harvard Guide to Careers
5762z: MICHAEL LEAPMAN - London Eyewitness Travel Guide
24921: EDWARD LEAR - Nonsense Songs
8369: EDWARD LEAR - The Pelican Chores
6741z: DAVID LEARMONT - Culzean : Castle & Country Park
006633: THE LEARNING - Reader Rabbit: Builds Early Reading & Thinking Skills
12603: BRADLEY S. O'LEARY - Dining by Candlelight
6399z: DE LACY O'LEARY - Colloquial Arabic
7885z: JOHN LEARY - Prepare for the Great Tribulation and the Era of Peace : Vol. 2
6740z: LEARY, TIMOTHY - Chaos & Cyber Culture
5941z: O'LEARY, JEFF, COL - Taking the High Ground: Military Stories of Faith
31460: BRADLEY S. O'LEARY - Dining by Candlelight
12343: ELIZABETH L. O'LEARY - At Beck and Call
1405z: TIMOTHY LEARY - Surfing the Conscious Nets
19689: JAMES LEASOR - The Plague and the Fire
12667: F.R. LEAVIS - Revaluation
1978: HAROLD J. LEAVITT - Managerial Psychology - 4th Ed.
9534z: LEAVITT, HAROLD J. - Corporate Pathfinders: Building Vision and Values Into Organizations
35152: HAROLD J. LEAVITT - Managerial Psychology - 4th Ed.
12800: DAVID LEAVITT - Equal Affections
31925: STANLEY A. LEAVY - The Psychoanalytic Dialogue
3472: STANLEY A. LEAVY - The Psychoanalytic Dialogue
380: ALEXANDER LEBED - General Alexander Lebed: My Life My Country
6413: STANLEY LEBERGOTT - Wealth and Want
30184: ANITA LIBMAN LEBESON - Pilgrim People
2319: JOHN LEBOUTILLIER - Vietnam Now: A Case for Normalizing Relations with Hanoi

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