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30061: MARY ANTIN - The Promised Land
4923z: JOYCE ANTLER - The Journey Home
3351: FRANK ANTON - Why Didn't You Get Me out?: Betrayal in the Viet Cong Death Camps
28366: REV. COSTANZO J. ANTONELLIS, C.SS.R. -' - The Story of Peter Donders
5981z: ANTONICK, MICHAEL - Illustrated Camaro Buyer's Guide
36943: WILLIAM D'ANTONIO - American Catholic Laity - a Changing Church
1658: MICHAEL D'ANTONIO - Fall from Grace: The Failed Crusade of the Christian Right
3501ml: LAURA ANTONIOU - The Slave (the Marketplace - Vol. 2
3500ml: LAURA ANTONIOU - The Marketplace (the Marketplace - Vol. 1
sf3469: CHRISTOPHER ANVIL - Strangers in Paradise - T- 075 -1
003617: MICHAEL CHIEDOZIE ANYANWU - Femi Osofisan's Theatrical Tradition: A Critical Study of Who's Afraid of Solarin? and Once Upon Four Robbers
1823ml: ANTHONY ANZALONE, SAGE VAUGHN - Sage Vaughn : Ice Age
1883ml: ANZENGRUBER - VOLKSROMANE - Der Meineidbauer : Roman
2708ml: AOK - The Scurrilous Sex-Men , No. 1
7776z: APCA - Supplement to Indoor Radon 2
K2225: APEL, WILLIAM D. - Witnesses Before Dawn: Exploring the Meaning of Christian Life
796: WILLA APPEL - Cults in America: Programmed for Paradise
19198: BENJAMIN APPEL - Fortress in the Rice
sf1281: BEJAMIN APPEL - The Funhouse - 345 K
24977: STEPHEN A. APPELBAUM - A Psychoanalyst Explores the Alternate Therapies
000763: APPELFELD, AHARON - The Immortal Bartfuss
36498: MARY APPELHOF - Worms, Eat My Garbage
K714: OFOSU-APPIAH, L. H. - People in Bondage
2768z: KWAME APPIAH - The Dictionary of Global Culture
011724: APPICE, CARMEN - Power Rock Drum System ( Audio Cassette)
36315: DR. MICHAEL APPLE - Symptoms and Early Warning Signs
8432z: FIONA APPLE - Fiona Apple: Tidal
1979z: JACKI APPLE - Doing It Right in L.A.
28465: ANDREW B. APPLEBY - Famine in Tudor and Stuart England
010022: APPLEGATE, K. A. - The Hork-Bajir Chronicles (Animorphs Ser. )
000239: NANCY KRIEGER ROSE APPLEMAN - The Politics of Aids: A Frontline Pamphlet
006243: APPLETON, JON H. (EDITOR); PERERA, RONALD C. (EDITOR) - The Development and Practice of Electronic Music
2219z: B. APPLETON, EDITOR - Ion Beam Processes in Advanced Electronic Materials and Device Technology : Volume 45
4558: NANCY APPLETON - Healthy Bones: What You Should Know About Osteoporosis
011328: APPS, JEROLD W. - Mastering the Teaching of Adults
23197: TERRI APTER - Altered Loves - Mothers and Daughters During Adolescence
2164ml: APTER, ANDREW - Black Critics and Kings: The Hermeneutics of Power in Yoruba Society
1532z: DAVID APTER - Against the State
006493: APTER, STEVEN J. (EDITOR) - Troubled Children - Troubled Systems (General Psychology Ser. , No. 104)
v37598: HERBERT APTHEKER - A Documentary History of the Negro People in the United States - Vol. 2
7825: HERBERT APTHEKER - Essays in the History of the American Negro
2525z: BETTINA APTHEKER - Woman's Legacy
37598: HERBERT APTHEKER - A Documentary History of the Negro People in the United States - Vol. 2
6370z: HERBERT APTHEKER - A Documentary History of the Negro People in the United States : Volume 1
9907z: HERBERT APTHEKER - The Negro in the CIVIL War
006378: APTHEKER, HERBERT, EDITOR - A Documentary History of the Negro People in the United States Vol. I I
006377: APTHEKER, HERBERT, EDITOR - A Documentary History of the Negro People in the United States Vol. 1
007972: AQUINO, CORAZON C. - In the Name of Democracy and Prayer: Selected Speeches of Corazon C. Aquino
26070: JORGE ARANGO - The Guild 9
6640z: ARAPURA, J.G. - Hermeneutical Essays on Vedantic Topics
2979: RAND V. ARASKOG - The Itt Wars
676: WENDY ARBEIT - Baskets in Polynesia
4077: AVNER ARBEL - Crash
005028: ARBIB, MICHAEL A (EDITOR); EWERT, JORG-PETER (EDITOR) - Visual Structures and Integrated Functions
9586z: ARBLASTER, ANTHONY - Democracy
2726ml: BARBARA ARBO - Filled to Spill
1146ml: ARBOLA, SAVI;ONESTI, MARCO - Piggy Banks/Salvadanai: Salvadanai
9292z: ARBOLEYA, JESUS - Havana-Miami: The U.S. -Cuba Migration Conflict
8329z: ARBON, LEE - They Also Flew: The Enlisted Pilot Legacy, 1912-1942
003462: ARBUCKLE, DUGALD S - Counseling: Philosophy, Theory and Practice
7585z: DIANE ARBUS - Revelations
27711: MARC ARCENEAUX - 50 Years of Cars to Cold Fold & Display
19952: JOHN ARCHAMBAULT - A Beautiful Feast for a Big King Cat
009021: ARCHBOLD, RICK; MCCAULEY, DANA - Last Dinner on the Titanic : Menus and Recipes from the Great Liner
er271: MARION ARCHER - The Wild Wife - Mlp - 203
25923: JULES ARCHER - Strikes Bombs & Bullets
9443z: ROBERT ARCHER - Vietnam : The Habit War
64ml: ARCHER, CHALMERS - Growing Up Black in Rural Mississippi: Memories of a Family, Heritage of a Place
29918: R.S. ARCHER - Molybdenum Steels Irons Alloys
2458ml: MYRA ARCHIBALD - Your Hand in His
248ml: DANIELE ARCHIBUGI - Re-Imagining Political Community: Studies in Cosmopolitan Democracy
010955: ARCHIBUGI, DANIELE, HOWELLS, JEREMY, MICHIE, JONATHAN, EDITORS - Innovation Policy in a Global Economy
28107: THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS - A Guide to the Architecture of Washington, D.C.
31880: GERMAN ARCINIEGAS - America in Europe
9702: P. D'ARCY - Drug - Induced Emergencies
19542: JOHN ARDAGH - Germany and the Germans - an Anatomy of Society Today
6940z: HARVEY ARDEN, EDITOR - Noble Red Man: Lakota Wisdomkeeper Mathew King
24095: HARVEY ARDEN - Dreamkeepers
8702z: ARDIS, ANGELA;SHAKUR, TUPAC - Inside a Thugs Heart
7127: ROBERT ARDREY - The Social Contract
2717z: ROBERT ARDREY - African Genesis
36121: ROBERT ARDREY - The Territorial Imperative
1556z: ROBERT ARDREY - The Territorial Imperative
1634z: JOHN ARENA, EDITOR - Building Spelling Skills
2813z: GUY AREND - Bastogne
32075: TERRY ARENDELL - Mothers and Divorce
30872: ANN ARENSBERG - Group Sex - a Romantic Comedy
4344: GERD ARENTEWICZ - The Treatment of Sexual Disorders
3002: LESLIE BRAINERD AREY, PH.D. - Developmental Anatomy
1923z: JOSEF ARGAMAN - It Was Top Secret
36927: RENE-YVON LEFEBVRE D'ARGENCE - Treasures from the Shanghai Museum , 6000 Years of Chinese Art
37950: RENE-YVON LEFEBVRE D'ARGENCE - Chinese Jades in the Avery Brundage Collection
35637: K. PETE ARGES - Mechanics of Materials
4494z: BARBARA ARIA - The Nature of the Chinese Character
3549z: AYDIN ARICI - Infertility and Reproductive Medicine : Clinics of of North America
1718z: PHILIPPE ARIES, EDITOR - A History of Private Life : Vol. 1
003396: ARISIAN, KHOREN - The New Wedding : Creating Your Own Marriage Ceremony
38336: ARISTOPHANES - Four Comedies of Aristophanes
2676ml: GLEN DANZIG (PUBLILSHER) / WINGBIRD (ARITIST) - Wingbird : Black and White Bondage
9136: SAID ARJOMAND - The Turban for the Crown
5489: BRIAN VAN ARKADIE - Benefits and Burdens
27200: HADLEY ARKES - The Return of George Sutherland
007993: ARLITT, ADA HART - Psychology of Infancy and Early Childhood
K2245: KWESI ARMAH - Africa's Golden Road
34346: O CANTO ARMANDO - Antologia Tematica de Poesia Africana
30328: DICK ARMEY - The Freedom Revolution
23037: STAN ARMINGTON - Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya - 6th. Ed.
29774: J. M. ARMISTEAD - The First English Novelists
36558: MICHAEL C. ARMOUR - Orca Song
7350: RICHARD ARMOUR - Give Me Liberty
K1118: TOMMY ARMOUR - How to Play Your Best Golf All the Time
5516z: RICHARD ARMS, JR. - The Arms Index (Trin)
K978: ARMSTRONG, KAREN - Islam : A Short History
3956z: REGIS ARMSTRONG, EDITOR - Francis of Assisi : Vol. 3 ,the Prophet
er162: JERRY ARMSTRONG - His Wife's Hot Mouth - Wj -144
er153: JAMES ARMSTRONG - A Special Mother - Pp -7524
8785z: ARMSTRONG, KAREN - History of God: The 4,000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam
75K: ARMSTRONG, THOMAS - Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom
36621: ALEXANDRIA ARMSTRONG - Your Bottom Line Bag of Tricks
v6633z: ARMSTRONG, KAREN - Muhammad : A Prophet for Our Time
000831: ARMSTRONG, FRANK B.; BENNETT, THOMAS P. - Biochemistry
K1346: ARMSTRONG, THOMAS - The Radiant Child
36844: LOUISE ARMSTRONG - Rocking the Cradle of Sexual Politics
er163: JERRY ARMSTRONG - His Wife's Hot Mouth - Wj - 144
3121z: HERBERT ARMSTRONG - The Missing Dimension in Sex
002470: ARMSTRONG, THOMAS - In Their Own Way : Discovering and Encouraging Your Child's Personal Learning Style
010720: ARMSTRONG, DAVID M. - Rocky Mountain Mammals: A Handbook of Mammals of Rocky Mountain National Park and Vicinity
24602: WILLIAM H. ARMSTRONG - Sounder
28483: MARGARET ARMSTRONG - Fanny Kemble - a Passionate Victorian
31402: C.J. ARMSTRONG - Manual of Online Search Strategies
v914z: ALAN ARMSTRONG - Maori Games and Hakas
3025ml: SOLOMON L. ARMSTRONG - Lake County California Kitchen Kapers
150z: DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY - Improvised Munitions Handbook
28854: DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY - "Readings for United States Defense Establishment"
27958: DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY - Military Symbols - Fm 21-30
2852ml: DEPT. OF THE ARMY - Improve Your Writing : No. 1-10
1484ml: DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY - Russian Combat Methods in World War II : Restricted , No. 20-230
27957: DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY - United States Army and National Security - Rotcm 145-45
25574: HEADQUARTERS DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY - Soldier's Manual of Common Tasts - Skill Level 1
3835z: DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY - Mounted Combat in Vietnam
36025: DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY - American Military History 1607-1958
004061: DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY - Combat Training of the Individual Soldier and Patrolling: Fm21-75 Restricted
28654: UNITED STATES ARMY - Infantry Subcourse 106-4
9186z: U.S. ARMY - Military Leadership Fm 22-100
29ml: DEPARTMART OF THE ARMY - The Soldier's Handbook
1400ml: UNITED STATES ARMY - Field Manual First Aid for Soldiers : Fm 21-11
sf119: DAVE VAN ARNAM - Greyland : 50295
SF1736: DAVE VAQN ARNAM - Starmind - 01626
sf2386: WILLIAM TENN / DAVE VAN ARNAM - A Lamp for Medusa / the Players of Hell -B60-077
sf2726: DAVE VAN ARNAM - Special Delivery -B50-788
K1754`: ARNAUD - Museums of Florence
007520: ARNDORFER, ELIZABETH; MICHAEL, JODI; MOSKOWITZ, LAURA; SIEBEL, LIZA; GRANT, JULI A. - Who Decides? a State-by-State Review of Abortion and Reproductive Rights
38012: DOUGLAS G. ARNER - Perception, Reason, & Knowledge
5545: PETER ARNETT - Live from the Battlefield
7741: DANIEL ARNHEIM - Dance Injuries
011427: ARNHEIM, DANIELD - Essentials of Athletic Training (Third Edition)
8336: RUDOLF ARNHEIM - Parables of Sunlight
514z: DAVID ARNOLD - Hotel Motel Development
24040: H.J.P. ARNOLD - Herbert Ponting Another World
23005: ELLIOT ARNOLD - The Camp Grant Massacre
7574z: DAVID ARNOLD, EDITOR - The Sociology of Subcultures
6648: ZACH ARNOLD - Impressions for Piano
37444: R. STEVEN ARNOLD - How to Survive a Jewish Mother
37019: ZACH M. ARNOLD - The Miniature Harmonica
32031: JUNE ARNOLD - Sister Gin
30916: ZACH M. ARNOLD - Miniature Thermoplastics Sculpture
8804z: ARNOLD, MARY ELLICOTT - In the Land of the Grasshopper Song: Two Women in the Klamath River Indian Country in 1908-09
SF1787: EDWIN L. ARNOLD - Gulliver of Mars - F-296
2208ml: DIANE ARNOLD - Peter Pecker's Guide to the Male Organ
28156: M.S. ARNONI - Rights and Wrongs in the Arab-Israeli Conflict
6598z: ARNOVE, ANTHONY - Iraq: The Logic of Withdrawal
37677: E. EARLE ARNOW - Introduction to Physiological and Pathological Chemistry
35844: WALTER L. ARNSTEIN - Britain Yesterday and Today - 2nd Ed.
009599: AROLD, LOUIS J., JR. - U.S. S.R. Helicopters & Utility Aircraft
3644z: STAN ARONOFF - Geographic Information Systems
27808: STANLEY ARONOWITZ - False Promises
003973: ARONSOHN, RICHARD B, EPSTEIN, RICHARD A. - The Miracle of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
K948: ARONSON, MARK D.; BARNES, HENRIETTA N. - Alcoholism: A Guide for the Primary Care Physician
3510: ELLIOT ARONSON - The Social Animal 6th Ed.
29461: BILLY ARONSON - Scientific Goofs
3514ml: THOMAS R. ARP - The Form of Poetry
4065z: RON ARRA - Power Surfcasting
471ml: ARREOLA, JUAN JOSE - Confabulario and Other Inventions
38420: GENARO ARRIAGADA - The Politics of Power Pinochet
25037: ANGELES ARRIEN - Working Together - Producing Synergy by Honoring Diversity
v2809z: JOSEPH ARRIGO - Louisiana's Plantation Homes
9873z: ARRIGO, JOSEPH - Louisiana's Plantation Homes: The Grace and Grandeur
4519: RENA ARRIGONI - Casa Angelica: Arlene's Legacy
3185ml: STEPHEN ARROYO - Practice and Profession of Astrology: Rebuilding Our Lost Connections with the Cosmos
v2819: STEPHEN ARROYO - Astrology Karma & Transformation: The Inner Dimensions of the Birth Chart
18631: RAYMOND ARSENAULT - The Wild Ass of the Ozarks - Jeff Davis and the Social Bases of Southern Politics
2694ml: LH ART - Lh Art Comix & Stories #23 : A Rounding of Parts
9672: METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART - Treasures from the Kremlin
6880z: ROBERT ART, EDITOR - The Use of Force
36357: METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART - Notes on Islamic Art in Its Historical Setting
5936: CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART - Ancient Sculpture from India
11170: METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART - The Vatican Collections
32534: NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AFRICAN ART - Elmina Art and Trade on the West African Coast
3377: MCCALL COLLECTION OF MODERN ART - Cezanne and the Post-Impressionists
735: MUSEUM OF PRIMITIVE ART, NEW YORK - Primitive Art Masterworks
11155: M. ARTAMONOV - The Dawn of Art
3680z: STEPHEN ARTERBURN - Growing Up Addicted
37415: STEPHEN ARTERBURN - Seven Keys to Spiritual Renewal
26333: ELIZABETH ARTHUR - Antarctic Navigation
4531z: VOLUNTEER COUNCIL OF THE FINE ARTS - Faces of the Museum
19787: MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS - American Marine Paintings
1081ml: POIVRE D'ARVOR, PATRICK - First Class: Legendary Train Journeys Around the World
K941: VICTOR ARWAS - Art Deco
005589: ARWOOD, ELLYN L. - Pragmaticism : Theory and Application
455ml: ARYA, USHARBUDH - God
6361: GIL ASAKAWA - The Toy Book
K650: ASANTE, MOLEFI KETE - Afrocentricity
525ml: ASANTE, MOLEFI KETE - The Afrocentric Idea
9305: SIDNEY ASCH - CIVIL Rights & Responsibilities Under the Constitution
29129: SHOLEM ASCH - The Apostle
4708: NEAL ASCHERSON - The Polish August
9791z: GARTON ASH, TIMOTHY;ASH, TIMOTHY GARTON - The Magic Lantern: The Revolution of '89 Witnessed in Warsaw, Budapest, Berlin and Prague
34895: JAMES B. ASHBROOK - The Old Me and a New I
v18801: FRANK D. ASHBURN - The Ranks of Death - a Medical History of the Conquest of America
28918: PHILIP H. ASHBY - History and Future of Religious Thought
006328: ASHBY, GENE - A Guide to Pohnpei : An Island Argosy
2767ml: DR. MUATA AHAYA ASHBY - The Hidden Properties of Matter : Shetau Akhet
sf2600: RICHARD ASHBY - Act of God - Lb0008-3-075
28255: LLOYD W. ASHBY - The Effective School Board Member
2760ml: MUATA ASHBY - The Serpent Power: The Ancient Egyptian Mystical Wisdom of the Inner Life Force
27374: GEOFFREY ASHE - King Arthur's Avalon
6818z: RICHARD D. ASHE - Poetic Expressions
28596: ARTHUR ASHE - Days of Grace
5387z: ARTHUR ASHE - Arthur Ashe on Tennis
v18844: ARTHUR R. ASHE, JR. - A Hard Road to Glory - a History of the African-American Athletes Since 1946
6278: ARTHUR ASHE - Days of Grace
5808z: ASHER, MEIRA - Face_wslot: Woman See Lot of Things, with Cd
K2161: ASHERI, MICHAEL - Living Jewish: The Lore and Law of Being a Practicing Jew
23749: ALAN ASHERMAN - The Star Trek Interview Book
1861ml: ROD ASHFORD - Erotique: Masterpieces of Erotic Photography
7115: THEODORE ASHFORD - A Programed Introduction to the Fundamentals of Music: 2nd Ed.
er303: HOWARD ASHLEY - Diana Never Said No - Aw - 138
12849: CHARLES R. ASHMAN - The Finest Judges Money Can Buy
1223ml: ASHMAN, I. - Make This Egyptian Temple
2856z: HARRY ASHMORE - Mission to Hanoi
465: HARRY S. ASHMORE - Hearts and Minds: The Anatomy of Racism from Roosevelt to Reagan
6179: HARRY ASHMORE - Unseasonable Truths
K1829: A. ASHOK - Defect and Impurity Engineered Semiconductors and Devices
6975: HANAN ASHRAWI - This Side of Peace
2354z: JOSEPH ASHTON - Music in Worship
K284: ASHWELL, REG - Indian Tribes of the Northwest
37900: MARGARET ASHWELL - Mccance and Widdowson
8594z: JABARI ASIM - What Obama Means
3951ml: ASIMOV, ISAAC; ASIMOV, JANET - Norby's Other Secret (Dover Children's Classics)
3952ml: ASIMOV, JANET; ASIMOV, ISAAC - Norby the Mixed-Up Robot (Dover Children's Classics)
sf3683: ISSAC ASIMOV - The Hugo Winners : S-127
007725: ASIMOV, ISAAC - Isaac Asimov's Guide to Earth and Space
24204: ISAAC ASIMOV - Speculations
25763: ISAAC ASIMOV - Understanding Physics - 3 Volumes in 1
6013z: ISSAC ASIMOV - The Genetic Effects of Radiation
23764: ISAAC ASIMOV - Foundation's Edge - the Fourth Novel in the Foundation Series
31079: ISAAC ASIMOV - Foundation and Earth
31329: ISAAC ASIMOV - Nightfall and Other Stories
31373: ISAAC ASIMOV - In Memory Yet Green
31546: ISAAC ASIMOV - Robots and Empire
K887: ISAAC ASIMOV - Asimov's Biographical Encyclopedia of Science and Technology
SF14: ISAAC ASIMOV - Fantastic Voyage
SF17: ISAAC ASIMOV - The Hugo Winners
SF18: ISAAC ASIMOV - Earth Is Room Enough
SF24: ISAAC ASIMOV - The Foundation Trilogy
SF27: ISAAC ASIMOV - Triangle
2428z: ISAAC ASIMOV - The Early Asimov
sf1134: ISAAC ASIMOV - David Starr, Space Ranger -T4849
sf1135: ISAAC ASIMOV - Lucky Star and the Moon - T4975
sf1136: ISAAC ASIMOV - Lucky Star and the Ocean Venus - T4926
sf1242: ISAAC ASIMOV - I, Robot - S1885
sf1248: ISAAC ASIMOV - The Martian Way - S1433
sf1559: ISAAC ASIMOV - Asimov's Mysteries - 0307
sf1567: ISAAC ASIMOV - Future Tense - 2769
sf2032: POUL ANDERSON / ISAAC ASIMOV - No World of Their Own /the 1,000 -Year Plan - D110
sf2269: ISAAC ASIMOV - Infinity One - 75-108
sf2358: ISAAC ASIMOV - 3 from out There - S282
sf2696: ISAAC ASIMOV - Through a Glass, Clearly -1866
sf2761: ISAAC ASIMOV - 14 Great Tales of Esp - T2164
sf2791: ISAAC ASIMOV - Time Untamed - B50-781
sf3371: ISAAC ASIMOV - The Caves of Steel - F-784
sf3510: ISAAC ASIMOV - Last and First Men & Star Maker - 486 -21962 -3
sf3208: ISAAC ASIMOV - Foundation and Empire - S234
23694: ISSAC ASIMOV - The Far Ends of Time and Earth
23765: ISAAC ASIMOV - The Robots of Dawn - the New Lije Baley Robot Novel
24114: ISAAC ASIMOV - The Far Ends of Time and Earth
5464: ISSAC ASIMOV - 100 Malicious Little Mysteries
913: ISSAC ASIMOV - Foundation's Edge
K1493: ISAAC ASIMOV - Beginnings
23811: ELIOT ASINOF - Eight Men out
9996z: DON ASLETT - Lose 200 Lbs. This Weekend
9274z: JOHN CHRISTIAN ASMUSSEN - Modal Analysis Based on the Random Decrement Technique
8525z: ASMUSSEN, DON - Dog Vs. Cat: A Nation Divided : Dirty Tricks and Other Shocking Secrets from a Nasty Pet Election
35340: JONATHAN R. ASPATORE - The New Electronic Traders
35689: JIM ASPINWALL - Irq Dma & 1/0
7349z: ASPINWALL, JIM - Irq, Dma & I/O: Resolving and Preventing Pc System Conflicts
18330: ROBERT B. ASPREY - War in the Shadows - the Guerrilla in History Vol. II
24058: GLENN H. ASQUITH - The Selected Works of Ryters Krampe
29626: GLENN H. ASQUITH - Church Officers at Work
004932: ASSALI, N. S. (EDITOR) - Pathophysiology of Gestational Disorders, Volume I I Fetal Placental Disorders
25019: THE AMERICAN ASSEMBLY - Wages Prices Profits and Productivity
29158: CALIFORNIA LEGISLATURE ASSEMBLY - The Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of the State of California
5169z: OFFICE OF TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT - Pharmaceutical R&D: Costs, Risks and Rewards
009108: PHILIP CROSBY ASSOCIATES, INC. - Quality Improvement Through Defect Prevention: The Individual's Role
2884ml: IVERSON NORMAN ASSOCIATES - Greek English New Testament
007846: DUNCAN ASSOCIATES - Cyclist's Britain: A Complete Guide to on and Off-Highway Cycle Routes
K1400: COMMUNITY RESEARCH ASSOCIATES, INC. - The Road Solving Community Problems
006790: NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION - Forces Affecting American Education: 1953 Yearbook Association for Supervision and Curriculum Department
3074z: SOLANO SHERRIF'S ASSOCIATION - Street Drugs & Gang Violence
6225: AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION, EDITOR - Book of New Zealand Walkways
2397z: AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION - Treating of Psychiatric Disorders : Vol 3
4880z: UNITED STATES GOLF ASSOCIATION - Golf Rules in Pictures
007631: NATIONAL FIRE PROTECTION ASSOCIATION - Operation School Burning No. 2 : The Official Report on a Series of School Fire Tests Conducted by the Los Angeles Fire Department
4206z: NATIONAL AERONAUTICS ASSOCIATION - World and United States Aviation and Space Records
5005z: PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION - Simplified Design of Earthquake Resistant Concrete Structures
008368: AMERICAN PUBLIC TRANSPORATION ASSOCIATION - Public Transportation Fact Book 2003
12365: AMERICAN AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION - A Guide to the National Parks
005097: THE AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION - The Healthy Heart Walking Book: A Complete Program for a Lifetime of Fitness
29914: PUBLIC SECURITIES ASSOCIATION - Fundamentals of Municipal Bonds
30424: EDITORS OF FOREIGN POLICY ASSOCIATION - A Cartoon History of United States Foreign Policy 1776-1976
004273: AMERICAN HUMANE ASSOCIATION - Proceedings of the National Conference on the Ecology of the Surplus Dog and Cat Problem
004728: JAPAN SPECIAL LIBRARIES ASSOCIATION, EDITORS - Directory of Information Sources in Japan, 1986
11530: USENIX ASSOCIATION - Computing Systems
25727: AMERICAN ANTHROPOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION - Abstracts - 89th Annual Meeting - New Orleans, Louisiana
2277ml: AMERICAN HOMEBREWERS ASSOCIATION - Victory Beer Recipes: America's Best Homebrew
35191: AMERICAN MOSQUITO CONTROL ASSOCIATION - New Jersey Mosquito Extermination Association
9986: UNION OF INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATIONS, EDITOR - Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential : 3rd Ed. Vol 2
3102z: ALUMINUM ASSOCIATIONS - Aluminum Construction Manual
8253z: ASSOULINE - Music Game Book : A World History of 20th Century Music
2623: SIDNEY ASTER - Anthony Eden
23108: HELEN S. ASTIN, PH.D. - Sex Roles - a Research Bibliography
5221z: CYNTHIA ASTOR - A Song for Cecelia Fantini
3612z: KELL ASTROM - City Planning in Sweden
3449ml: ANDRE ASTROW - Zimbabwe: A Revolution That Lost Its Way
9016z: BULENT ATALAY - Leonardo's Universe
8675z: PATRICK ATANGAN - The Yellow Jar: 2 Tales from Japanese Tradition , Vol. 1
3153ml: KENNETH ATCHITY - Cajun Household Wisdom: You Know You Still Alive If It's Costin' You Money!
37799: KENNETH ATCHITY - A Writer's Time
2295ml: WILLIAM ATHANSON - Automobile Body Repair and Paint Guide
K1600: GERTRUDE ATHERTON - My San Francisco
7185: GERTRUDE ATHERTON - Perch of the Devil
35281: DESMOND ATHOLL - That Girl and Phil
009751: ATIYA, NAYRA - Khul - Khaal: Five Egyptian Women Tell Their Stories
34464: GEORGE N. ATIYEH - Arab and American Cultures
004918: ATKINS, G.L. - Multicompartment Models for Biological Systems Methuen's Monographs
36392: NORMAN ATKINS - Insight Guides Jerusalem
36414: ROBERT C. ATKINS, M.D. - Dr. Atkins' Vita-Nutrient Solution
9669: DICK ATKINSON - Orthodox Consensus and Radical Alternative
18230: A. B. ATKINSON - Distribution of Personal Wealth in Britain
K1914: ATKINSON, LINDA - In Kindling Flame: The Story of Hannah Senesh, 1921-1944
2966ml: ROBERT E. ATKINSON - Orchids... In Your Home
32329: RICK ATKINSON - Crusade
27002: ALICE M. ATKINSON - European Beginnings of American History
11039: HOLLY ATKINSON, M.D. - Woman and Fatigue
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006343ml: BANTOCK, NICK - Griffin and Sabine : An Extraordinary Correspondence
24350: CAROLYN TRICKEY-BAPTY - The Book of Angels - All Your Questions Answered
34484: LEON P. BARADAT - Political Ideologies - 2nd Ed.
27495: LEON P. BARADAT - Political Ideologies
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8867z: AMIRI BARAKA - Digging
31574: LUCE LOPEZ BARALT - San Juan de la Cruz Y El Islam
28410: STANISLAW BARANCZAK - Breathing Under Water and Other East European Essays
9749z: BARANOWSKI, ZDZISLAW - The International Horseman's Dictionary
8969z: BARANSKAIA, NATALIA;BARANSKAYA, NATALYA - A Week Like Any Other: Novellas and Stories
37697: DAVID BARASH - Sociobiology and Behavior
18400: DAVID P. BARASH - The Great Outdoors
38660: JOAN C. BARATZ - Teaching Black Children to Read
3797ml: BERT J. VOS / PRESTON A. BARBA - Geman Lyrics and Ballads
008936: BARBA, RICK, DEMARIA, RUSEL - Myst : The Official Strategy Guide
008937: BARBA, RICK - Doom Battlebook : The Authorized Strategy Guide (Vol. 1)
12649: LONNIE BARBACH - Going the Distance
11248: LONNIE BARBACH, PH.D - Pleasures
6014: LONNIE BARBACH - Shared Intimacies
7300: J. BARBALET - Marx's Construction of Social Theory
32414: J.T. BARBARESE - Under the Blue Moon
004014: BARBARESI, SARA M. - How to Raise & Train a Boxer
3844z: ILISA BARBASH - Cross Cultural Filmmaking
9310: ALFRED BARBER - Practical Guide to Digital Integrated Circuits
005610: BARBER, WILLIAM J. (EDITOR) - Breaking the Academic Mould : Economists and American Higher Learning in the Nineteenth Century
19181: ALFRED W. BARBER - Practical Guide to Digital Integrated Circuits
34183: RICHARD BARBER - The Devil's Crown
36900: KAREN BARBER - Bushfire
6693: JANET BARBER - Pebbles As a Hobby
5943z: BARBER, DANIEL L. - Law Enforcement Firearms Training
12875: RICHARD BARBER - A Strong Land & a Sturdy England in the Middle Ages
8399: JACK BARBERA - Stevie
003525: BARBIER, JACQUES A. - Reforms and Politics in Bourbon Chile, 1755-1796
30686: PAULA BARBIERI - The Other Woman
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5803z: GEOFFREY A. BARBORKA - Glossary of Sanskrit Terms
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3122z: STEVEN BARBOZA, EDITOR - The African American Book of Values
009239: BARCLAY, WILLIAM - The Revelation of John (Daily Study Bible for the New Testament, Vol. 1) (Daily Study Bible Ser. , Vol. 1)
006800: BARCLAY, WILLIAM - The Revelation of John (Daily Study Bible for the New Testament, Vol. 2) (Revelation of John Ser. , Vol. 2)
18666: SCOTT BARCLAY - An Appealing Act - Why People Appeal in CIVIL Cases
006798: BARCLAY, WILLIAM - The Gospel of Mark (Daily Study Bible for the New Testament) (Daily Study Bible Ser. )
006802: BARCLAY, WILLIAM - The Gospel of Luke (Daily Study Bible for the New Testament) (Daily Study Bible Ser. )
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K1889: WILLIAM BARDEN, JR. - Shortwave
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35964: JUDITH M. BARDWICK - Danger in the Comfort Zone
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34131: RALPH SONNY" BARGER - - Hell's Angel
7046: RAYMOND BARGLOW - The Crisis of the Self in the Age of Information
24255: BILL BARICH - Roots and Branches - Contemporary Essays by West Coast Writers
1872: CPT. CAROL BARKALOW - In the Men's House
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012306: BARKAUSHAS - Student Workbook and Laboratory Manual to Accompany Health and Physical Assessment (Second Edition)
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v002500: BARKER, ROGER G - Ecological Psychology Concepts and Methods for Studing the Envirnment of Human Behavior
27536: RONALD BARKER - Pictorial Guide to the Montagu Motor Museum - Beaulieu Hampshire 1969-70
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34398: RODNEY BARKER - And the Waters Turned to Blood
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26511: DONALD L. BARLETT - America: Who Really Pays the Taxes
7199: JOHN BARLETT - The Guide to Living with Hiv Infection
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2214z: JOHN BARLETT - 1997 Pocket Book of Infectious Disease Therapy
423: DONALD L. BARLETT AND JAMES B. STEELE - Forevermore: Nuclear Waste in America
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9522: TANI BARLOW, EDITOR - Positions: East Asia Cultures Critique
2100ml: GEORGE BARLOW - Gumbo
009766: BARLOWE, WAYNE DOUGLAS, SUMMERS, IAN MEACHAM, BETH - Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials: Great Aliens from Science Fiction Literature
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900: GEREMIE BARME & JOHN MINFORD, EDITORS - Seeds of Fire: Chinese Voices of Conscience
37014: FRANK BARNABY - Future War
4803: FRANK BARNABY - The Automated Battlefield
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2860z: RICHARD BARNARD - The Price of Ashes
31540: JOSIE BARNARD - Virago Woman's Travel Guide to New York
006239: BARNARD, HOLLINGER F. (EDITOR) - Outside the Magic Circle : The Autobiography of Virginia Foster Durr
30340: PROF. CHRIS BARNARD - Barnard South Africa: Sharp Dissection
K549: JOSEPH R. BARNDT - Why Black Power?
er249: FRED BARNES - Not So Innocent Wife - Ww - 109
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095: BARRY BARNES & DAVID EDGE EDITORS - Science in Context Readings in the Sociology of Science
K1870: BARNES, HARPER - Never Been a Time: The Race Riot That Ignited the CIVIL Rights Movement
3091ml: SONDRA ANICE BARNES - We Are the Way We Are
sf223: ARTHUR BARNES - Interplanetary Hunter : 37100
1517ml: FRANCES J. BARNES - Love - from Black Women to Black Men
72ml: BARNES, KEVIN - Successfully Raise Young Black Men
004989: BARNES, C.D., ELTHERINGTON, L.G. - Drug Dosage in Laboratory Animals a Handbook
12353: JULIAN BARNES - Talking It over
29916: D.E. BARNES, O.B.E., G.M., B.SC. - Newnes Concise Encyclopaedia of Nuclear Energy
K1001: LEWIS A. BARNESS, M.D. - Manual of Pediatric Physical Diagnosis
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3168: RICHARD J. BARNET - Roots of War: The Men and Institutions Behind U.S. Foreign Policy
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6810: RICHARD BARNET - The Lean Years
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717z: RAYMOND BARNETT - College Mathematics : Student Solutions Manual, 8th Ed.
35112: LOUISE BARNETT - Ungentlemanly Acts
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8596: A. DOAK BARNETT - China and the Major Powers in East Asia
11003: H. G. BARNETT - Being a Palauan
11239: H. G. BARNETT - Being a Palauan
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32866: LIBBY BARNETTY - Reiki - Medicina Energetica
006287: BARNHART, MARION, I., HENRY, RAYMOND, L., LUSHER, JEANNE M. - Sickle Cell: A Scope Publication
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34520: GEORGE S. BAROFF - Mental Retardation - 2nd Ed.
6245: ROBERT BARON - America: One Land One People
6100z: BARON, ROBERT J.; HIGBIE, LEE - Computer Architecture: Case Studies
641: STANLEY BARON, INTRODUCTION - Benny: King of Swing
8147z: BAROODY, THEODORE A. - Alkalize or Die
32356: JACOB BAROSIN - A Remnant
005507: BARR, JOHN A. - The Elementary Teacher and Guidance
19832: STRINGFELLOW BARR - The Will of Zeus
4822z: WILLIAM O'BARR - Culture and the Add
3925: AVRON BARR - The Handbook of Artificial Intelligence Vol. 1&2
31377: STRINGFELLOW BARR - The Will of Zeus
12748: FRANCOIS POULLAIN DE LA BARRE - The Woman As Good As the Man or, the Equality of Both Sexes - Translated by A.L.
3669: PAT BARRENTINE, EDITOR - When the Canary Stops Singing: Women's Perspectives on Transforming Business
011679: BARRESI, BARRY J. - Ocular Assessment: The Manual of Diagnosis for Office Practice
2986ml: JAMES HUDNALL / EDUARDO BARRETO - Lex Luthor : The Unauthorized Biography
K1760: C. K. BARRETT - The New Testament Background Selected Documents
3935ml: BARRETT, CLIVE - Egyptian Gods and Goddesses: The Mythology and Beliefs of Ancient Egypt
9364: MICHELE BARRETT - Women's Oppression Today
006034: BARRETT, MICHELE (EDITOR); PHILLIPS, ANNE (EDITOR) - Destabilizing Theory : Contemporary Feminist Debates
K524: BARRETT, WILLIAM - Time of Need: Forms of Imagination in the Twentieth Century
8523: ANDREA BARRETT - The Forms of Water
5052z: MARGRETH BARRETT - Intellectual Property : The Professor Series
11984: LAWRENCE I. BARRETT - Gambling with History
29992: MICHELE BARRETT - Women's Oppression Today
sf123: NEAL BARRETT, JR./ BARRINGTON BAYLEY - Highwood / Annihilation Factor : 33710
sf201: K. M. O'DONNELL / NEAL BARRETT, JR. - Dwellers of the Deep / the Gates of Time : 27400
37176: GARY W. BARRETT - Career Trends and Graduate Education in Mammalogy
7390: EDWARD BARRETT - The Society of Text
v7550: PAUL BARRETT= - The Good Black
8795z: BARRETT, LEONARD E. - The Rastafarians
9313z: BARRETT, JANE - South African Women on the Move: Between the Lines
5224: MARTHA BARRON BARRETT - Invisible Lives
9479: LINTON BARRETT - Five Centuries of Spanish Literature
3888ml: HECTOR JAVIER TAGLE BARRIOS - Metodo Completo de Guitarra
5049z: ROANN BARRIS - Occupational Therapy in Psychological Practice
27832: BRYTON BARRON - The Inhumanity of Urban Renewal
6976: JOHN BARRON - Breaking the Ring
12906: MILTON L. BARRON - American Minorities
32712: BARRON'S - Modern Western Civilization - Vol. 2
004799: BARRON, CHERYL CARTER, SCHERZER, CATHY CARMICHAEL - Great Parties for Young Children
4374z: GEOFFREY BARROW - The Genealogist's Guide
1383ml: BARROW, TERENCE - The Art of Tahiti and the Neighbouring Society, Austral and Cook Islands
1609: ADAM BARROW - Flawless
2228ml: SARAH BARROWS - Games and Jingles for Speech Development
9443: TOM BARRY - Crossing the Line
6688: DAVE BARRY - Dave Barry Slept Here
8809: TOM BARRY - Central America Inside out
v11766: TOM BARRY - Roots of Rebellion
7084: PETER BARRY - Erotic Lingerie
32040: DAVID BARRY - Dear Gangster
2780ml: STEVEN BARSKY - Easy Nitrox Diving
6879z: BARSON, MICHAEL; HELLER, STEVEN - Teenage Confidential
30426: CHARLES BARSOTTI - Between Coffee Breaks
37229: PAULINE BART - The Student Sociologist's Handbook
010706: BART, PAULINE, FRANKEL, LINDA - The Student Sociologist's Handbook
32483: B.F. BART - Madame Bovary and the Critics
2351z: PAULINE BART - Stopping Rape
26652: GILBERT D. BARTELL, PH.D. - Group Sex
12094: LARRY M. BARTELS - Presidential Primaries and the Dynamic of Public Choice
28063: FREDRIK BARTH - Nomado of South Persia
K307: BARTH, ROLAND S. - Run School Run
2331z: FREDRIK BARTH - Nomads of South Persia
24203: GUNTHER BARTH - Instant Cities
29030: RICHARD P. BARTH - Families Living with Drugs and Hiv
265z: MICHAEL BARTH, EDITOR - Greenhouse Effect and Sea Level Rise
K2077: BARTH, JOHN - The Last Voyage of Somebody the Sailor
36584: BARTHOLOMEW - Road Atlas Britain
34025: MEL BARTHOLOMEW - Square Foot Gardening
8920: PAUL C. BARTHOLOMEW - Leading Cases on the Constitution
vK1049: RUHL J. BARTLETT - The Record of American Diplomacy
37318: JOHN G. BARTLETT, M.D. - The Guide to Living with Hiv Infection - 3rd Ed.
007126: BARTLETT, MAGNUS (EDITOR) - Pocketbook of Pediatric Infectious Disease Therapy (1991-1992)
26695: DONALD L. BARTLETT - Forevermore - Nuclear Waste in America
011489: BARTLETT, JOHN G.; FINKBEINER, ANN K. - Guia Para Vivir Con la Infeccion Vih: Preparada Por la Clinica John Hopkins Para El Sida (Tercera Edicion)
010934: BARTLETT, JOHN A, EDITOR - Care and Management of Patients with Hiv Infection
22ml: BARTLETT, DAVID L. - Between the Bible and the Church: New Methods for Biblical Preaching
K1049: RUHL J. BARTLETT - The Record of American Diplomacy
5422z: R. BARTLETT - Frogs, Toads, and Treefrogs
25431: NEIL BARTLETT - Ready to Catch Him Should He Fall
7289: CURT BARTOL - Psychology and American Law
5807z: ROBERTO BARTOLINI - Florence and Its Hills
5790z: D. B. BARTON - Cornwall's Engine Houses
8960: BARBARA J. BARTON - Gardening by Mail
2622z: JOHN BARTON, EDITOR - International Arms Control
007276: BARTON, STUART, EDITOR - Clinical Evidence: The International Source of the Best Available Evidence for Effective Health Care (6 Issue)
30443: OMER BARTOV - Hitler's Army
1457: MARCIA BARTUSIAK - Through a Universe Darkly: A Cosmic Tale of Ancient Ethers, Dark Matter, and the Fate of the Universe
27302: HURD BARUCH - Wall Street: Security Risk
2055ml: DOROTHY BARUCH - Glass House of Prejudice
12680: WM. THEODORE DE BARY - Sources of Indian Tradition - Vol. 1
29475: WM. THEODORE DE BARY - Sources of Chinese Foundation - Vol. 1
005451: DE BARY, WM. THEODORE, EMBREE, AINSLIE T. - Approaches to Asian Civilizations
008120: DE BARY, THEODORE, EDITOR - Approaches to the Oriental Classics: Asian Literature and Thought in General Education
476ml: BARZAN, ROBERT - Sex and Spirit: Exploring Gay Men's Spirituality
5699: LUIGI BARZINI - From Caesar to the Mafia
SF8: BEN BARZMAN - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
005519: BARZUN, JACQUES - Teacher in America
K802: DELONG-BAS, NATANA J. - Wahhabi Islam: From Revival and Reform to Global Jihad
26130: MICHAEL FRANZ BASCH - Understanding Psychotherapy - the Science Behind the Art
er34: RALPH BASCOMB - Swappers Fiesta - Ssl -148
32287: GRAEME BASE - The Eleventh Hour
9513: LESLIE BASFORD - The Science of Movement
K1791: HALIMA BASHIR - Tears of the Desert
11988: JOHN BASKIN - New Burlington
24517: JOHN BASKIN - New Burlington
27492: DAVID BASKIN, PH.D. - Computer Applications in Psychiatry and Psychology
008979: BASS, DOROTHY C. (EDITOR) - Practicing Our Faith : A Way of Life for a Searching People (Religion in Practice Ser. )
35952: RICK BASS - Colter
006104: BASS, ELLEN; DAVIS, LAURA - Beginning to Heal : The First Book for Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse
19011: THOMAS A. BASS - Camping with the Prince and Other Tales of Science in Africa
er217: RALPH BASSCOMB - South Walnut - Ssl -144
29758: FREDERICK W. BASSETT - Awake My Heart
1124: WILLIAM BASSETT AND PETER HUIZING - The Future of Christian Marriage
K2044: BASSETT, ANGELA; VANCE, COURTNEY B. - Friends : A Love Story
K1027: JOHN SPENCER BASSETT, PH.D. LL..D. - The League of Nations .
9246z: CHARLES BASSLER - You Can Play Par Golf
7198: MICHAEL BASSO - The Underground
24577: EVELYN S. BASSOFF, PH.D. - Between Mothers and Sons
3073z: DARRIN BASTFIELD - Back in the Day
7354: WAYNE BASTIAN - Whiteside County
010972: BASTIEN, JAMES W. - How to Teach Piano Successfully (Second Edition)
12859: EDWARD BATCHELOR, JR. - Homosexuality and Ethics
3241z: JAMES BATEMAN - The Shoulder and Environs
29712: W.H. BATES, M.D. - Better Eyesight without Glasses
35990: WILLIAM H. BATES, M.D. - The Bates Method for Better Eyesight without Glasses
007258: BATES, MILTON J. - The Wars We Took to Vietnam : Cultural Conflict and Storytelling
36181: HENRY BATES - Finches and Soft-Billed Birds

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