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33017: MILTON MELTZER - A History of the American Negro, 1916-1966
231z: MILTON MELTZER - Time of Trial, Time of Hope
7725: MILTON MELTZER, EDITOR - In Their Own Words
34099: MILTON MELTZER - In Their Own Words - 1865-1916
34101: MILTON MELTZER - In Their Own Words
K1658: MILTON MELTZER - Slavery II
2834ml: ALBERT MEMM - The Colonizer and the Colonized
4739ml: HUNBATZ MEN - Tzol Ek' Mayan Astology
4740ml: HUNBATZ MEN - Solar Meditation
4738ml: HUNBATZ MEN - K'u Is Sacred in Maya , K'u Is Sacred in Tibet
K1711: DAVID MENDELL - Obama
18652: JOSE LUIS LLOVIO-MENENDEZ - Insider - My Hidden Life As a Revolutionary in Cuba
7632: ELAINE MENSH - The Iq Mythology
6588z: MEREDITH, MARTIN - Fate of Africa, the: From the Hopes of Freedom to the Heart of Despair
6998z: MARTIN MEREDITH - Mugabe
7099z: MARTIN MEREDITH - Diamonds, Gold, and War
5444z: LOUISE MERIWETHER - Daddy Was a Number Runner
190ml: ALICE MERTENS - The Xhosa
4075ml: THOMAS MERTON - Gandhi on Non-Violence
32398: GERALD MESNER - Another View: To Be Black in America
35129: DORIS HUNTER METCALF - Portraits in Black
K1097: MFUME, KWEISI; STODGHILL, RON II - No Free Ride: From the Mean Streets to the Mainstream
8760z: RICHARD MICHELSON - As Good As Anybody
3158z: PETER MIDGLEY - Sol Plaatje
6165z: MILLER, JEROME G. - Search and Destroy
6094z: MILLER, ROBERT H. - Reflections of a Black Cowboy: Book 2 Buffalo Soldiers
391z: MARILYN MILLER - The Bridge at Selma
005909: MILLER, ADAM D. - Forever Afternoon : Poems (Lotus Poetry Ser. )
004449: BROWNE-MILLER, ANGELA - Shameful Admissions: The Losing Battle to Serve Everyone in Our Universities
5490z: JOHN MILLER, EDITOR - New Orleans Stories
6825: FRANCIS MILLER - The Photographic History of the CIVIL War
7917: JOHN MILLER, EDITOR - The Colonial Image
37652: NORMAN N. MILLER - Kenya
006940: MILLER, JOHN C. - The Wolf by the Ears : Thomas Jefferson and Slavery
006349: MILLER, ELIZABETH W. - The Negro in America: A Bibliography
5227z: WILLIAM MILLER - Zora Hurston and the Chinaberry Tree
24108: JAMES E. MILLER, JR. - Black African Voices
4225: ELIZABETH W. MILLER, COMPILER - The Negro in America: A Bibliograhpy
830z: KATE MILLER, EDITOR - Clinic Based Family Planning and Reproductive Health Services in Africa
2056ml: KELLY MILLER - Race Adjustment - (Hardcover 1910)
8115z: MILLER, WARREN - The Cable Car Book
1786ml: MARC MILLER, EDITOR - Louis Armstrong : A Cultural Legacy
3128ml: ROSIE MILLIGAN - Satisfying the Black Man Sexually Made Simple
31490: KEVIN MILLS - Help! My Apartment Has a Kitchen
6170z: MILLS, KAY - This Little Light of Mine: The Life of Fannie Lou Hamer
6359: JOEY MILLS - New Classic Beauty
603ml: MILLS, GARY B. - The Forgotten People: Cane River's Creoles of Color
3160z: WILLIAM MINTER, EDITOR - Operation Timber
6619z: MIROW, GREGORY - Traditional African Designs
1685ml: REBA PAEFF MIRSKY - Seven Grandmothers
36792: ELLA PEARSON MITCHELL - Those Preachin' Women - Vol. 1
3138: J. PAUL MITCHELL, EDITOR - Race Riots in Black and White
1602ml: HENRY MITCHELL - Black Preaching
1360ml: ROGER W. MOELLER , EDITOR - A Current Bibliography on African Affairs : Vol. 30 No. 1, 1999 -2000
2197ml: ROGER A. MOELLER, EDITOR - A Current Bibliography on African Affairs : Volume 43, Number 1 ; 2110 - 2011
1372ml: ROGER W. MOELLER , EDITOR - A Current Bibliography on African Affairs : Vol. 38 No. 1, 2006
2199ml: ROGER A. MOELLER, EDITOR - A Current Bibliography on African Affairs : Volume 43, Number 4 ; 2110 - 2011
2200ml: ROGER A. MOELLER, EDITOR - A Current Bibliography on African Affairs , Volume 43, Number 3 ; 2010 - 2011
1365ml: ROGER W. MOELLER , EDITOR - A Current Bibliography on African Affairs : Vol. 37 No. 1, 2006
1367ml: ROGER W. MOELLER , EDITOR - A Current Bibliography on African Affairs : Vol. 41 No. 1, 2008 - 2009
1366ml: ROGER W. MOELLER , EDITOR - A Current Bibliography on African Affairs : Vol. 36 No. 1, 2005 - 2006
2198ml: ROGER A. MOELLER, EDITOR - A Current Bibliography on African Affairs : Volume 43, Number 2 ; 2110 - 2011
1370ml: ROGER W. MOELLER , EDITOR - A Current Bibliography on African Affairs : Vol. 33 No. 1, 2002- 2003
1368ml: ROGER W. MOELLER , EDITOR - A Current Bibliography on African Affairs : Vol. 35 No. 1, 2004- 2005
1369ml: ROGER W. MOELLER , EDITOR - A Current Bibliography on African Affairs : Vol. 34 No. 1, 2003- 2004
1371ml: ROGER W. MOELLER , EDITOR - A Current Bibliography on African Affairs : Vol. 39 No. 1, 2006- 2007
1361ml: ROGER W. MOELLER , EDITOR - A Current Bibliography on African Affairs : Vol. 30 No. 1, 1999 -2000
1358ml: ROGER W. MOELLER , EDITOR - A Current Bibliography on African Affairs : Vol. 31 No. 1, 2000 -2001
1359ml: ROGER W. MOELLER , EDITOR - A Current Bibliography on African Affairs : Vol. 32 No. 1, 2001 -2002
3145ml: G. MOKHTAR , EDITOR - General History of Africa : Vol. 2
6172z: MOLEAH, ALFRED T. - Namibia: The Struggle for Liberation
1725ml: DR. S. M. MOLEMA - Montshiwa 1815-1896
557z: TIERNO MONENEMBO - Zahltag in Abidjan
v37664: SYLVESTER MONROE - Brothers
1421ml: DR. KHALID ABDULLAH TARIQ AL-MONSOUR - Cultural Dynamism in the 21st Century
1422ml: DR. KHALID ABDULLAH TARIQ AL-MONSOUR - The Destruction of Wester Civilization As Seen Through Islam, Christianity and Judaism
1672ml: LUDWELL LEE MONTAGUE - Haiti and the United States 1714 - 1938
9963: ESTEBAN MONTEJO - The Autobiography of a Runnaway Slave
7616z: T. DUNBAR MOODIE - The Rise of Afrikanerdom
850ml: GERALD MOORE, EDITOR - The Penguin Book of Modern African Poetry
882: ALAN MOOREHEAD - No Room in the Ark
006430: MORAIS, HERBERT M. - International Library of Negro Life and History: The History of the Negro in Medicine
7467: HERBERT MORAIS - Internationl Library of Negro Life and History
1733ml: MORELAND, LOIS B. - White Racism and the Law
1118ml: MORGAN, JEFFERY P.;MORAN, JEFFREY P. - Scopes Trial: A Brief History with Documents
3587: PHILIP D. MORGAN - Slave Counterpoint: Black Culture in the Eighteenth-Century Chesapeake & Lowcountry
521z: JOE MORGAN - Joe Morgan
K1545: MORRIS, DASHAUN - The War of the Bloods in My Veins: A Street Soldier's March Toward Redemption
338: DONALD R. MORRIS - The Washing of the Spears the Rise and Fall of the Zulu Nation
8956z: MORRIS, ALDON D. - The Origins of the CIVIL Rights Movements : Black Communities Organizing for Change
K286: DOROTHY EHRHART-MORRISON, PH.D. - No Mountaqin High Enough
2216z: TONI MORRISON - Playing in the Dark
4058ml: MORRISON, TONI - Jazz
003764: MORRISON, TONI (EDITOR); LACOUR, CLAUDIA BRODSKY (EDITOR) - Birth of a Nation'Hood : Gaze, Script & Spectacle in the O.J. Simpson Case
2192ml: WILLIE L. MORROW - 400 Years without a Comb
7296: MILDRED MORTIMER - Contes Africains
9904: KENOSI MOSALAKAE - Introspection of an African
3178ml: SHELIA P. MOSES - The Return of Buddy Bush
6063z: MOSES, ROBERT P.; COBB, CHARLES E. JR. - Radical Equations: CIVIL Rights from Mississippi to the Algebra Project
6850z: MOSES, WILSON JEREMIAH - Afrotopia
8136z: MOSES, WILSON JEREMIAH - The Golden Age of Black Nationalism, 1850-1925
34361: LEONARD MOSLEY - Faces from the Fire
v38551: WALTER MOSLEY - Workin' on the Chain Gang
38551: WALTER MOSLEY - Workin' on the Chain Gang
K1850: WALTER MOSLEY - The Tempest Tales
K1100: BOB MOTLEY - Ruling over Monarchs, Giants & Stars
1531ml: ALAN MOUNTJOY - Industrialization and Underdeveloped Countries
9816: MOVE - 25 Years on the Move
4719ml: DON BUNN / MIKE MUELLER - Dodge Pickup : Color History
34703: STEVEN MUFSON - Fighting Years
3610ml: ELIJAH MUHAMMAD - How to Eat to Live : Book 1
3113z: ELIJAH MUHAMMAD - The Fall of America
3114z: ELIJAH MUHAMMAD - Eat to Live : No. 2
1100ml: MUHAMMAD, ELIJAH - The Fall of America
8696z: MUHAMMAD, ELIJAH - History of the Nation of Islam
2517ml: MICHAEL MULLIN - Africa in America
8459z: MULLINS, JOSEPH G. - Hawaiian Journey
797: TIMERI MURARI - Goin' Home
37247: DERVLA MURPHY - Cameroon with Egbert
38714: JOSEPH M. MURPHY - Santeria
2898z: CARYLE MURPHY - Passion for Islam
3275ml: ALBERT MURRAY - The Blue Devils of Nada: A Contemporary American Approach to Aesthetic Statement
637ml: PAUL MURRAY - The CIVIL Rights Movement
9196: BENJAMIN MUSE - The American Negro Revolution
6831: JAMES MUTAMBIRWA - South Africa: The Sanctions Mission
4017ml: WANGECHI MUTU - Wangechi Mutu : A Fantastic Journey
7918z: WANGECHI MUTU - A Shady Promise
8226z: MUZOREWA, ABEL TENDEKAYI - Rise Up & Walk: The Autobiography of Bishop Abel Tendekai Muzorewa
7854: WALTER MYERS - Malcolm X
4000ml: MYERS, WALTER DEAN - At Her Majesty's Request: An African Princess in Victorian England
2043ml: JUNIOR LEAGUE OF FORT MYERS - Gulfshore Delights
6867z: MYERS, WALTER DEAN - Now Is Your Time!
3144ml: PETER NABOKOV - Native American Testimony: A Chronicle of Indian-White Relations from Prophecy to the Present
19780: REGINA NADELSON - Who Is Angela Davis? the Biography of a Revolutionary
4757ml: CARL NAETHER - Building an Aviary
8355z: NAIDOO, BEVERLEY - The Other Side of Truth
8887z: ANDREW NAPOLITANO - Dred Scott's Revenge
1459z: GARY NASH - Red, White & Black
K2078: NASHEED, TARIQ; K-FLEX - Play or Be Played : What Every Female Should Know About Men, Dating, and Relationships
3262ml: P. K. B. NAYER - Leadership Bureaucracy and Planning in India
4581ml: PENELOPE NAYLOR - Black Images
2989ml: GLORIA NAYLOR - The Women of Brewster Place
4556z: GLORIA NAYLOR, EDITOR - Children of the Night : 1967 -1995
3106ml: JOSEPH NAZEL - Richard Pryor: The Man Behind the Laughter
4170z: NJABULO NDEBELE - Fools and Other Stories
408z: BENNO NDULU - Agenda for Africa's Economic Renewal : No. 21
K997: NEAL, MARK ANTHONY - New Black Man
4663ml: BARBARA NEELY - Blanche Passes Go
7392z: NEGRITA - Negrita : Recipes of Yesterday and Today
3150ml: MARILYN NELSON - Carver : A Life of Poems
9918z: NELSON, WILLIAM R.;LINCOLN, WILLIAM F. - Journey Toward Renewal
1152: JACK NELSON - Terror in the Night: The Klan's Campaign Against the Jews
003695: NELSON, JILL - Volunteer Slavery : My Authentic Negro Experience
4499: CLARENCE NERO - Cheekie: A Child out of the Desire
4697ml: PAUL J. DESFOSSES / STEPHEN NESTOR - The Self Employed Irs Target
30974: RICHARD JOHN NEUHAUS - Dispensations
6826: ALLAN NEVINS - Ordeal of the Union
2634z: MIKE NEWBERRY - The Yahoos
2731ml: I. A. NEWBY - Jim Crow's Defense
6636: JACK NEWFIELD - Cruel and Ususual Justice
3225ml: RICHARD NEWMAN - River Styx 46: Family Issue (1996)
2521ml: THELMA NEWMAN - Contemporary African Arts and Crafts
339ml: BROOKE NEWMAN - Jenniemae & James
v8300z: STEVEN NEWSOME - Reflections in Black
3611ml: HUEY P. NEWTON - To Die for the People -the Writings of Huey P. Newton
4514ml: JAMES SIERS / W. T. NGATA - The Maori People
8971z: TRAM NGUYEN, EDITOR - Language Is a Place of Struggle
J2281: A.X. NICHOLAS - The Poetry of Soul
K2281: A.X. NICHOLAS - The Poetry of Soul
854ml: FREDERICK NICHOLS - Monticello
4652z: DAVID NICHOLS, EDITOR - The Campus and the Racial Crisis
5497: STUART NICHOLSON - Reminiscing in Tempo
3030z: REINHOLD NIEBUHR - Mississippi Black Paper
118z: CARL NIGHINGALE - On the Edge
004234: NIKURADSE, TAMARA (EDITOR) - African-American Wedding Readings, 1998. W/Dj
6433: DAUGHTERS OF THE NILE - Golden Performances
4668ml: MOHAMMADE ABU-NIMER - Unity in Diversity : Interfaith Dialogue in the Middle East ,
7923z: NINSIN, KWAME AKON - The Informal Sector in Ghana's Political Economy
36458: ITABARI NJERI - Every Good-Bye Ain't Gone
K1718: NJERI, ITABARI - Every Good-Bye Ain't Gone: Family Portraits and Personal Escapades
4571ml: NGUMBU NJURURI - Agikuyu Folk Tales
3631ml: KWAME NKRUMAH - Dark Days in Ghana
3622ml: KWAME NKRUMAH - Class Struggle in Africa
2154ml: CLAUDE NOLEN - The Negro's Image in the South
795: MARK W. NOLTING - Africa's Top Wildlife Countries
9049z: ROBERT NORRELL - Up from History
4962z: THELMA V. NORRIE - Mother Goose in Calypso Land
23132: JAMES NORTH - Freedom Rising - Updated with a New Epilogue
11521: JAMES NORTH - Freedom Rising
6375: HERBERT NORTHRUP - Negro Employment in Basic Industry Vol. 1
1276ml: MCFEELY, WILLIAM S.;W W NORTON & CO - Frederick Douglass
36923: MICHAEL NOVAK - White Lies, White Power
1021: MICHAEL NOVICK - White Lies White Power: The Fight Against White Supremacy and Reactionary Violence
3579ml: NGUGI WA THIONG'O - Decolonising the Mind
003630: OAKES, JAMES - Slavery and Freedom : An Interpretation of the Old South
9750z: OAKES, JAMES - Ruling Race: A History of American Slaveholders
1729ml: OAKLEY, GILES - The Devil's Music: A History of the Blues
3483: KENNETH P. OAKLEY - Man the Toolmaker
K1896: OBAMA, BARACK - The Audacity of Hope : Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream
4155ml: BARACK OBAMA - Change Has Come
v4453: BARACK OBAMA - Dreams from My Father
8706z: BARACK OBAMA - The Inaugural Address 2009
1636: OLUSEGUN OBASANJO - Africa in Perspective: Myths and Realities
1666ml: OKELLO OCULI - Orphan
3125ml: JUDITH S. OFFER - Breaking Free
8773z: DUNBAR H. OGDEN - My Father Said Yes
1460z: DORE OGRIZER, EDITIOR - South and Central Africa
6527: U. OGWU, EDITOR - Nigeria's International Economic Relations
3177ml: SHELL OIL AND CHEMICAL - Nigeria in Costume
1810ml: G. J. AFOLABI OJO - Yoruba Culture
7915z: UGWU-OJU, DYMPNA - What Will My Mother Say: A Tribal African Girl Comes of Age in America
8679z: OKEDIJI, MOYOSORE B. - African Renaissance: Old Forms, New Images in Yoruba Art
23218: JOSEPH O. O. OKPAKU - Journal of the New African Literature and the Arts
852ml: JOSEPH OKPAKU, EDITOR - New African Literature and the Arts : Vol. 1
12633: BEN OKRI - The Famished Road
28668: JULIAN C.R. OKWU - As I Am
9540z: OLATUNDE, J.C.B. OJO;ORWA, D.K.;UTETE, C.M.B. - African International Relations
4004ml: ROGER DANIELS / SPENCER C. OLIN , JR. - Racism in California
3316z: CLINTON OLIVER - Contemporary Black Drama
006231: OLIVER, ROLAND, OLIVER, CAROLINE, EDITOR - Africa in the Days of Exploration
011100: OLIVER, STEPHANIE STOKES - Dailey Cornbread: 365 Secrets for a Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit
32273: ROLAND OLIVER - A Short History of Africa
9115: PAUL OLIVER, EDITOR - Blacks Whites and Blues
8096z: ROLAND OLIVER - Africa Since 1800
1818ml: UWE OMMER - Uwe Ommer : Erotic Photographs
012569: OMMER, UWE - Uwe Ommer, Erotische Fotografien, Erotic Photographs, Photographies Erotiques
1811ml: ONABAMIRO, SANYA - Glimpses Into Nigerian History: Historical Essays
6778z: ONEY, STEVE - And the Dead Shall Rise: The Murder of Mary Phagan and the Lynching of Leo Frank
v5305z: CHARLES VAN ONSELEN - The Seed Is Mine
1627ml: ONWUACHI, P. CHIKE - Black Ideology in African Diaspora
12114: SANDRA JACKSON-OPOKU - The River Where Blood Is Born
2193ml: R. C. OREM - Montessori for the Disadvantaged
008628: SCHOOL OF ORIENTAL AND AFRICAN STUDIES - Bullentin of the School of Oriental and African Studies: University of London
4540ml: RUTH ORKIN - A Photo Journal
2521z: ELEANOR WILSON ORR - Twice As Less
529z: JACK ORR - The Black Athlete
6678z: WILLIAM ORRICK JR. - Shut It Down ! a College in Crisis
6853z: OSMAN, AHMED - The Hebrew Pharaohs of Egypt
2220ml: OSOFSKY, GILBERT - Harlem: The Making of a Ghetto : Negro New York, 1890-1930 (Harper Torchbooks, Tb 1572)
3310z: RUSSELL OSWALD - Attica : My Story
5666z: OTTAWAY, MARINA - South Africa: The Struggle for a New Order
32206: SIMON OTTENBERG - Double Descent in an African Afikpo Society
38157: JOHN YA-OTTO - Battlefront Namibia
19513: JOHN YA-OTTO - Battlefront Namibia
4023z: HARRY OWENS, EDITOR - Perspectives and Irony in American Slavery
4772ml: URSALA OWENS - Index on Censorship : 3 / 1995
30248: OYELEYE OYEDIRAN - Nigerian Government and Politics Under Military Rule 1966-79
066: RANDALL M. PACKARD - White Plague Black Labor
4421ml: RABBI KALMAN PACKOUZ - How to Prevent an Intermarraige
005967: PADMORE, GEORGE - The Life and Struggles of Negro Toilers
2191ml: PAGE, JAMES A. - Black Olympian Medalists
K1084: PAINTER, NELL IRVIN - Exodusters: Black Migration to Kansas After Reconstruction
32229: NELL IRVIN PAINTER - Exodusters
3843z: NELL PAINTER - Exodusters
7194z: PAKENHAM, THOMAS - The Scramble for Africa: White Man's Conquest of the Dark Continent from 1876 to 1912
9607: ROBIN PALMER, EDITOR - The Roots of Rural Poverty
3183ml: DANIEL PANGER - Black Ulysses
4369z: DANIEL PANGER - Ol' Prophet Nat
4015ml: PANICCIOLI, ERNIE; POWELL, KEVIN - Who Shot Ya? Three Decades of Hiphop Photography
1679ml: K. MADAU PANIKKAR - The Serpent and the Cresent
2893z: RICHARD PARKER - A Practical Guide to Islamic Monuments in Cairo
8396z: HARRY PARKER - Simplified Design of Roof Trusses for Achitects and Builders
8516z: PARKER, PAT - Movement in Black: The Collected Poetry of Pat Parker, 1961-1978
2067ml: MARJORIE H. PARKER - Past Is Prologue: The History of Alpha Kappa Alpha (1908-1999)
004991: PARKIN, DAVID - Neighbours and Nationals in an African City Ward
1749ml: GORDON PARKS - To Smile in Autumn
3119z: ROSA PARKS - Quiet Strenght
7303z: GORDON PARKS - A Choice of Weapons
8112z: GEOFFREY PARRINDER - Religion in Africa
008537: PARSONS, ROBERT T. - Windows on Africa: A Symposium
31784: G. PARTHASARATHI - Jawaharlal Nehru Letters to Chief Ministers -1947-1964 - Vol. 2 1950-1952
9972: THE PARTICIPANTS - The Study Tour to East Africa 1970
560ml: SOUTHERN AFRICAN WORKING PARTY - South Africa : Challenge and Hope
37707: ALAN PATON - Cry, the Beloved Country
31613: ALAN PATON - The Land and People of South Africa
4999: ALAN PATON - South African Tragedy
607: ALAN PATON - Tales from a Troubled Land
805: ALAN PATON - Tales from a Troubled Land
8960z: PATON, ALAN - Cry, the Beloved Country
36727: REMBERT W. PATRICK - The Reconstruction of the Nation
642ml: FREDERICK D. PATTERSON - African American Education Data Book : Volume 2, Preschool Through High School Education
643ml: FREDERICK D. PATTERSON - The African American Education Data Book : Vol. 3, the Transition from School to College and School to Work
644ml: FREDERICK D. PATTERSON - The African American Education Data Book : Vol. 1 , Higher and Adult Education
003980: PATTERSON, JAMES T. - America's Struggle Against Poverty, 1900-1980
007043: PATTERSON, LINDSAY, COMPILER - Black Theater: A 20th Century Collection of the Work of Its Best Playwrights
7462: LINDSAY PATTERSON - International Library of Negro Life and History
7464: LINDSAY PATTERSON - International Library of Negro Life and History
7466: LINDSAY PATTERSON - International Library of Negro Life and History
8356z: PAULSEN, GARY - Nightjohn
6141z: PAVITT, NIGEL - Kenya: The First Explorers
34491: JUDITH PAYNE - Public Libraries Face California's Ethnic and Racial Diversity
4534ml: LEE PEARLMAN - The Sky's the Limit : People Vs Newton
34031: HUGH PEARSON - The Shadow of the Panther
8092z: PEERY, NELSON - Black Fire: The Making of an American Revolutionary
348z: MARGARET PEIL - Consensus and Conflict in African Societies
2976ml: EVE PELL - Maximum Security: Letters from California's Prisons
4677z: P. PENN - The Remnant Seeds : A Strategy for Survival
9293z: UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA - Reproductions of Objects from University Museum
8708z: WILLIAM PEPPER - An Act of State
2170ml: PERETTI, BURTON W. - The Creation of Jazz: Music, Race, and Culture in Urban America (Blacks in the New World)
5452z: JOSE PEREZ - Puerto Rico
448ml: PERKINS, JOHN M. - Let Justice Roll Down
7855: D. PERROTT - Swahili
9117: JOHN PERROTT - Bush for the Bushman
K951: PERRY, THERESA; DELPIT, LISA - Real Ebonics Debate, the: Power, Language & the Education of African-American Children
K1080: THERESA PERRY - The Real Ebonics Debate: Power, Language, and the Education of African-American Children
3078ml: PAMELA PERRY - Shades of White: White Kids and Racial Identities in High School
3311ml: MARGARET PETERS - The Ebony Book of Black Achievement : New Revised Edition
1117ml: PETERS, JAMES S. - The Memoirs of a Black Southern-New Englander
238: JOEL PETERS - Israel and Africa the Problematic Friendship
9585: DALE PETERSON - Chimpanzee Travels
1023: DONALD A. PETESCH - A Spy in the Enemy's Country: The Emergence of Modern Black Literature
1765ml: PETRY, ANN - The Street
006375: PETTIGREW, THOMAS F. - A Profile of the Negro American
4751: THOMAS F. PETTIGREW - A Profile of the Negro American
816: THOMAS F. PETTIGREW - A Profile of the Negro American
K821: REID-PHARR, ROBERT FITZGERALD - Conjugal Union: The Body, the House, and the Black American
7906: JOHN PHELAN - Apartheid Media
35611: ELIZABETH C. PHILLIPS - Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man
6387: WRICH PHILLIPS - Life & Labor in the Old South
902ml: KEITH PHILLIPS - The Dare to Love the Ghetto
1717ml: PHILLIPS, GARY - Violent Spring
6040: CARYL PHILLIPS - The European Tribe
984: ULRICH BONNELL PHILLIPS - Life and Labor in the Old South
8209z: PHILLIPS, CARYL - European Tribe
2030ml: WILLIAM M. PHILPOT - Best Black Sermons
010058: PHILPOTT, THOMAS LEE - The Slum and the Ghetto: Neighborhood Deterioration and Middle-Class Reform, Chicago, 1880-1930
7180z: PICKLES, SHEILA - Christmas
840ml: PICTON, JOHN;MACK, JOHN - African Textiles
4705ml: HUGH O. PIERSON - Handbook of Chemical Vapor Deposition
3640ml: ALBERT PIKE - Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry
1527ml: PINCUS, FRED L. - Race and Ethnic Conflict: Contending Views on Prejudice, Discrimination, and Ethnoviolence
3999ml: MIGUEL PINERO - Short Eyes (Mermaid Dramabook)
5787: MIKE PINFOLD - Louis Armstrong
3584z: ANTHONY PINN, EDITOR - By These Hands
006350: ALBERT DENTI DI PIRAJNO - A Cure for Serpents: A Doctor in Africa
773ml: MARGARET PLASS - The King's Day : A Day in the Life of an African King
970z: ANTHONY PLATT - The Politics of Riot Commissions : 1917 - 1970
003610: PLOSKI, HARRY A.; WILLIAMS, JAMES D. - The Negro Almanac : A Reference Work on the Afro-American
116120ml: THE SOLEDAD PRISON POETS - History Is a Weapon!: A Poetic Pictorial History Book
36957: BENJAMIN POGRUND - War of Words
8006z: POITIER, SIDNEY - Life Beyond Measure: Letters to My Great-Granddaughter
4672ml: ARI FOLMAN / DAVID POLONSKY - Waltz with Bashir : A Lebanon War Story
K1329: RHINOLD PONDER - The Wisdom of the Word Love: Great African-American Sermons
12503: DAVID POPENOE - Private Pleasure, Public Plight
3006ml: MICHAEL PORTER - Kill Them Before They Grow
9315z: POSNER, GERALD L. - Motown: Music, Money, Sex, and Power
011378: POSNER, GERALD - Killing the Dream: James Earl Ray and the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr
1121ml: VAN DER POST, LAURENS - A Far-Off Place
2483z: CHRISTIAN POTHOLM - Four African Political Systems
2897ml: CONSTANCE CLAYTOR; JOAN POTTER - African Americans Who Were First
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8183z: SPRING, CHRISTOPHER - Angaza Afrika : African Art Now
7800: STEVE SPRINGER - Encyclopedia of the Lakers
5267z: CONSUELO SPRINGFIELD - Daughters of Caliban
2050ml: EARL KOGER SR. - Earl Koger's Mother Goose: Jingles and Rhymes
3123ml: CAROL STACK - Call to Home: African Americans Reclaim the Rural South
7878z: STACKPOLE, EDWARD J. - They Met at Gettysburg
3088z: MARK STAFFORD - W.E. B. Du Bois
8037z: STALLARD, PATRICIA Y. - Glittering Misery: Dependents of the Indian Fighting Army
006110: STALLARD, KARIN; EHRENREICH, BARBARA; SKLAR, HOLLY - Poverty in the American Dream : Women and Children First (Politics and Economics Ser. )
4804ml: L. DUDLEY STAMP - The Face of Britain British Life and Thought: No. 5
7911: L. STAMP - Africa
006223: STAMPP, KENNETH M., EDITOR - The Causes of the CIVIL War
385ml: JOHN STANFIELD , EDITOR - A History of Race Relations Research: First-Generation Recollections
636ml: BARBARA STANFORD - Black Literature for High School Students
4641ml: ALAN STANG - It's Very Simple
3408ml: ROBERT STANTON - Underground Railroad
1480ml: WILLIAM STANTON - The Leopard's Spots
37973: ROBERT STAPLES - The Black Family
011358: STAPLES, ROBERT - The Black Family: Essays and Studies (Third Edition)
4085ml: GENERAL GRAND CHAPTER ORDER OF THE EASTERN STAR - Ritual of the Order of the Eastern Star
1502ml: WILLIE STARGELL - Willie Stargell
7836: AL STARK - Zimbabwe
28588: CATHERINE JUANITA STARKE - Black Portraiture in American Fiction
K283: ROBERT S. STAROBIN - Industrial Slavery in the Old South
3084ml: UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF STATE - Sandinista Prisons
4681ml: UNITED STATES - , As Last Amended Nov. 5, 1968
11120: REBECCA STEFOFF - Nelson Mandela
3259ml: ROBERT G. WEISBORD; ARTHUR A. STEIN - Bitter-Sweet Encounter: Afro-American and the American Jew
2114ml: RU'DOLF STEINER - The Philosophy of Freedom
252: MELVIN STEINFIELD - Cracks in the Melting Pot Racism and Discrimination in American History
1525ml: STEPHANIC, BARBARA - Joseph Holston: Color in Freedom: A Journey Along the Underground Railroad
v7324z: STEPHENS, BROOKE M. - Talking Dollars and Making Sense: A Wealth-Building Guide for African-Americans
88K: DOROTHY STERLING - We Are Your Sisters: Black Women in the Nineteenth Century
1732ml: DOROTHY STERLING, EDITOR - We Are Your Sisters: Black Women in the Nineteenth Century
1631ml: PHILIP STERLING - Four Took Freedom
34476: DOROTHY STERLING - Black Foremothers - Three Lives
34919: DOROTHY STERLING - Tear Down the Walls
7509: DOROTHY STERLING - Ahead of Her Time
2097ml: PHILIP STERLING - Four Took Freedom
3022ml: DOROTHY STERLING - Freedom Train
K636: PHILIP VAN DOREN STERN - Soldier Life in the Union and Confederate Armies
2118ml: AUSTIN STEWARD - Twenty-Two Years a Slave and Forty Years a Freeman
7598z: STEWARD, ALEXANDER - The World, the West, and Pretoria
4729ml: BOB STEWART - Common Butterflies of California
34722: JEFFREY C. STEWART - Paul Robeson
2231ml: STEWART, JOHN - African States and Rulers
31621: CHUCK STONE - Black Political Power in America
32120: JAMES C. STONE - Teaching in the Inner City
3766: JOHN STONE - Racial Conflict in Contemporary Society
2732ml: CHUCK STONE - Black Political Power in America
4657ml: M. A. STONERIDGE - A Horse of Your Own : The Rider Owner's Complete Guide
9715z: STONEY, SAMUEL GAILLARD - Plantations of the Carolina Low Country
37782: TARESSA STOVALL - A Love Supreme
4652ml: HARRIET BEECHER STOWE - Uncle Tom's Cabin
4335ml: MADELINE ROBINSON STRATTON - Negroes Who Helped Build America
K18102: PAUL STREET - Barack Obama and the Future of American Politics
K1902: PAUL STREET - Barack Obama and the Future of American Politics
1773ml: DOROTHY STRICKLAND, EDITOR - Listen Children
29803: ROBERT D. STROM - The Inner-City Classroom, Teacher Behavior
3133ml: WILLIAM STROUD - Poems by Dust
003413: THE DAVID M KENNEDY CENTER FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDIES - Culturgrams : The Nations Around Us the Americas & Europe Volume I
003414: THE DAVID M KENNEDY CENTER FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDIES - Culturgrams : The Nations Around Us Volume II, Africa, Asia, and Oceania
003417: THE DAVID M KENNEDY CENTER FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDIES - Culturgrams : The Nations Around Us Volume II Africa, Asia, and Oceania
9286z: WORLD RESOURCES INSTITUTE;AFRICAN CENTRE FOR TECHNOLOGY STUDIES - Towards Common Ground: Gender and Natural Resource Management in Africa
24304: WILLIAM STYRON - The Confessions of Nat Turner
003608: STYRON, WILLIAM - The Confessions of Nat Turner ( First Printing)
8582: WILLIAM STYRON - The Confessions of Nat Turner
3032z: DERALD SUE - Counseling the Culturally Different
K1864: ROBERT SULLIVAN - The American Journey of Barack Obama
1774ml: SUMMERHAYS, REGINALD - Arabian Horse
008514: SUNDKLER, BENGT G. - Bantu Prophets in South Africa (Second Edition)
K1886: ERIC J. SUNDQUIST - King's Dream
28691: GERALD D. SUTTLES - The Social Order of the Slum
30929: GERALD D. SUTTLES - The Social Order of the Slum
31992: GERALD D. SUTTLES - The Social Order of the Slum
005638: SUTTON, CONSTANCE R. (EDITOR); CHANEY, ELSA M. (EDITOR) - Caribbean Life in New York City : Sociocultural Dimensions (Cms Migration and Ethnicity Ser. )
2099ml: IRMA SUTTON - Requiem for a Lady
3129ml: ANITA SWANSON - Slow Hope: The Long Journey Home
8324z: CHARLES SYDNOR - The Development of Southern Sectionalism 1819-1848
34044: CHARLES S. SYDNOR - The Development of Southern Sectionalism 1819-1848 - Vol. 5
4698ml: CHLOE SYLVERS - The Fabulous Ward Brothers : The Original Macks
3370ml: JOHN SYNON - George Wallace
2635z: LORETTO SZUCS - Chicago and Cook County Sources
471z: ICE T - The Ice Opinion
1755ml: TAFARI, IKAEL - Rastafari in Transition : The Politics of Cultural Confrontation in Africa and the Caribbean, 1966-1988: A Pan-African Perspective
1046: W. LAWSON TAITTE, EDITOR - A Melting Pot or a Nation of Minorities
2820z: RONALD TAKAKI - Pau Hana
31111ml: RONALD TAKAKI - Violence in the Black Imagination
36127: RONALD TAKAKI - Double Victory
2541: RONALD TAKAKI, EDITOR - From Different Shores: Perspectives on Race and Ethnicity in America
K1726: JOHN R. TALBOTT - Obama Nomics
1766ml: TALTY, STEPHAN - Mulatto America: At the Crossroads of Black and White Culture, a Social History
2546z: OLIVER TAMBO - Oliver Tambo Speaks
6623z: TANNER, LEE - The Jazz Image : Masters of Jazz Photography
9107z: TARABORRELLI, J. RANDY - Motown: Hot Wax, City Cool, Solid Gold
K1980: J. RANDY TARABORRELLI - Michael Jackson - 1958-2009
37295: THE TATES - Hillbilly Cookin'
K745: BEVERLY DANIEL TATUM, PH.D. - Can We Talk Race?
6380z: CLIFTON TAULBERT - Watching Our Crops Come in
K1319: TAYLOR, WILLIAM L. - The Passion of My Times: An Advocat's Fifty-Year Journey in the CIVIL Rights Movement
003615: TAYLOR, SUSAN L. - In the Spirit : The Inspirational Writings of Susan L. Taylor
2791ml: JEWEL DIAMOND TAYLOR - Shift Happens - Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing
5347: MILDRED D. TAYLOR - Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry- (25th Anniversary Edition)
9047z: TAYLOR, SUSAN L. - All About Love
542ml: CAROL TAYLOR, EDITOR - Brown Sugar: A Collection of Erotic Black Fiction
1222ml: ARTHUR TCHOLAKIAN - The Majesty of the Black Woman : Words and Pictures,
32873: BOB TEAGUE - The Flip Side of Soul
3176ml: PATRICIA SMITH; CHARLES JOHNSON; WGBH SERIES RESEARCH TEAM - Africans in America: America's Journey Through Slavery
24858: WILLIAM TEEL - An Outline of African Art
208: STUDS TERKEL - "the Good War" an Oral History of World War Two
310: TOM E. TERRILL AND JERROLD HIRSCH - Such As Us Southern Voices of the Thirties
5340: TOM E. TERRILL, EDITOR - Such As Us
4535ml: ROD TERRY - Kwanzaa
4431ml: ROD TERRY - Kwanzaa
4011ml: TERRY, RODERICK; GILES, CLIFF - One Million Strong: A Photographic Tribute of the Million Man March & Affirmations for the African-American Male
2995ml: BRO. ISHMAEL N. O. TETTEH - Sex Communication & Money , 2nd. Ed.
2994ml: BRO. ISHMAEL N. O. TETTEH - A Course in Soul Processing : With the Cleansing & Empowering Workshops : Vol. 2 , Cassette Tapes
4748ml: EMILY THACKER - The Garlic Book
4699ml: OBA T'SHAKA - The Art of Leadership : Vol. 2
1703ml: THERNSTROM, STEPHAN;THERNSTROM, ABIGAIL - America in Black and White: One Nation, Indivisible
010062: THIEDERMAN, SONDRA - Bridging Cultural Barriers for Corporate Success : How to Manage the Multicultural Work Force
3544z: G. K. MORBERGER-THOM - Geheimbunde
006358: THOMAS, JOHN L. EDITOR - Slavery Attacked: The Abolitionist Crusade
23286: MARIA THOMAS - African Visas - a Novella and Stories
v9967: CHARLES THOMAS - Boys No More
969ml: THOMAS, MICHAEL;BOOT, ADRIAN - Jah Revenge: Babylon Revisited
006374: THOMAS, J. C. - Chasin the Trane
010099: THOMAS, VELMA MAIA - We Shall Not Be Moved : The Passage from the Great Migration to the Million Man March
K1871: EVAN THOMAS - A Long Time Coming
006381: THOMAS, R. ROOSEVELT, JR. - Beyond Race and Gender : Unleashing the Power of Your Total Workforce by Managing Diversity
6376z: BROOK THOMAS, EDITOR - Plessy V. Ferguson
32265: ELIZABETH MARSHALL THOMAS - Warrior Herdsmen
36019: MAVIS THOMPSON, M.D. - The Black Health Library Guide to Obesity
870ml: RAY THOMPSON - The Land of Lafitte the Pirate
1059z: LEONARD THOMPSON - A History of South Africa
34695: ERA BELL THOMPSON - American Daughter
1609ml: E. L. THORNBROUGH , EDITOR - Booker T. Washington
7023: ROBERT THORNE - Discover Kenya
19340: FRANCIS NEWTON THORPE, PH.D. - The History of North America - Vol. XV
2146ml: THURMAN, HOWARD - With Head and Heart ; the Autobiography of Howard Thurman
009284: TIEDT, IRIS M.; TIEDT, PAMELA L. - Multicultural Teaching : A Handbook of Activities, Information and Resources
4086ml: TIERNEY, TOM - Nelson Mandela Paper Dolls
3081ml: JOHN TIGER - I Spy #3 - Superkill
7425: AMINU TIJJANI, EDITOR - Shehu Shagari
5464z: LEON TILLAGE - Leon's Story
K2359: TILLERY, CAROLYN Q. - Celebrating Our Equality: A Cookbook with Recipes and Remembrances from Howard University
378z: ROBERT TILMAN, EDITOR - The Nigerian Political Scene
931z: CONTRA COSTA TIMES - A Taste of the Times : Volume 2
37798: KENNETH R. TIMMERMAN - Shakedown
6159z: D. DU TOIT - Capital and Labour in South Africa
11812: JOHN TOLAND - Adolf Hitler Volume II
4765ml: JOHN TOLAND - Adolf Hitler : Vol. 1
4574ml: ALFRED PASTEUR / IVORY TOLDSON - Roots of Soul
9942: STEWART TOLNAY - The Bottom Rung
4741ml: TOM CASE , C. G. MORNAY , AND OTHERS - Housatonic Anthology
3888z: JEAN TOOMER - Cane
7859: DAVID TOOP - The Rap Attack
5251z: EDGAR TOPPIN - A Biographical History of Blacks in America Since 1528
8457z: FONG-TORRES, BEN - The Complete Quincy Jones: My Journey & Passions
8373z: PAUL TOUGH - Whatever It Takes
7701z: ALBION TOURGEE - A Fool's Errand
5226z: WENDY TOWLE - The Real Mccoy
8504z: CALVIN TRILLIN - Deciding the Next Decider
1979ml: TRIPP, AILI MARI - Changing the Rules: The Politics of Liberalization and the Urban Informal Economy in Tanzania
4687ml: P. K. TRIVEDI - Bal Krishna-Leela (Adventures of Child Krishna
4711ml: D. J. TROCKI - The Mask of the Hunter
4785ml: ANTHONY TROLLOPE - The Pallister Novels: The Duke's Children
4784ml: ANTHONY TROLLOPE - The Pallister Novels: The Prime Minister
38475: FREDA TROUP - Forbidden Pastures
588z: DAVID TROUTT - The Monkey Suit
4709ml: HERBERT V. CUENTHER / CHOGYAM TRUNGPA - The Dawn of Tantra
K2177: JAMES E. TRUPIN - West Africa
v34214: SOJOURNER TRUTH - Narrative of Sojourner Truth
3635ml: MAO TSETUNG - Quotations from Chairman Mao Tsetung - (Foreign Language Press 1972)
958ml: SHIRLEY TUCKER - Mississippi from Within
6602z: STERLING TUCKER - For Blacks Only
4318ml: MAO TSE-TUNG - Statement by Comrade Mao Tse-Tung Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China , in Support of the Afro-American Struggle Against Violent Repression
9659: DAVID TUNLEY - Why Are They Weeping?
2137ml: JOSEPH DOLAN TUOTTI - Big Time Buck White
003629: TURNBULL, WALTER; MANLY, HOWARD - Lift Every Voice : Expecting the Most & Getting the Best from All of God's Children
1144: COLIN M. TURNBULL - The Forest People: A Study of the Pygmies of the Congo
213: COLIN M. TURNBULL - The Mountain People
6564: COLIN TURNBULL - Man in Africa
3591ml: PAUL TURNER - The Founders & the Architects
6474z: WILLIAM TURNER - Essentials of U.S. History, 1912-1941 : World War 1, the Depression, & the New Deal
3775: MARY A. TWINING, EDITOR - Journal of Black Studies
548: ROBERT C. TWOMBLY - Blacks in White America Since 1865: Issues and Interpretations
12830: DAVID TYACK - Nobody Knows: Black Americans in the Twentieth Century
527ml: TYGIEL, JULES - Baseballs Great Experiment: Jackie Robinson and His Legacy
2818ml: NOEL TYL - The Houses: Their Signs and Planets, Vol. 2: The Principles and Practice of Astrology (the Llewellyn Syllabus for Home Study and College Curriculum)
3506ml: HAROLD JAFFE / JOHN TYTELL - The American Experience : A Radical Reader
1230ml: VICTOR UCHENDU - The Igbo of Southeast Nigeria
5958z: E. U. ESSIEN-UDOM - Black Nationalism
005847: UHRY, ALFRED - Driving Miss Daisy
1521ml: VICTOR ULLMAN - Martin R. Delany
3563ml: LEON UNDERWOOD - Figures in Wood of West Africa
K314: IRWIN UNGER - The Slavery Experience in the United States
4708ml: DHARMA REALM BUDDHIST UNIVERSITY - The Buddha Speaks the Brahma Net Sutra
011524: HARVARD UNIVERSITY - Department of Afro-American Studies Harvard University (Thirtieth Anniversary Celebration)
4806ml: COMICS UNLIMITED - Daffy Qaddafi: Malice in Wonderland
37085: MELVIN I. UROFSKY - A Conflict of Rights
005947: UROFSKY, MELVIN I. - A Conflict of Rights : The Supreme Court and Affirmative Action
7607z: VACA, NICOLAS C.; VACA, NICK CORONA - The Presumed Alliance: The Unspoken Conflict between Latinos and Blacks and What It Means for America
012519: VACC, NICHOLAS A.; WITTMER, JOE; DEVANEY, SUSAN - Counseling Multicultural and Diverse Populations: Strategies for Practitioners (Third Edition)
7376: KEN VAIL - Miles' Diary
7597z: LEROY VAIL, EDITOR - The Creation of Tribalism in Southern Africa
6736z: VAILLANT, JANET G. - Black, French, and African: A Life of Leopold Sedar Senghor
708ml: VALENTINE, BETTYLOU - Hustling and Other Hard Work: Life Styles in the Ghetto
35967: IYANLA VANZANT - Tapping the Power Within
7284: GRAHAM VAUGHAN, EDITIOR - Racial Issues in New Zealand
006263: VEACH, DANIEL - Atlanta Review
3826z: JOANNE VELIN, EDITOR - Voices from Africa 10
7737: MARGARET VERNER - Scandinavian Cooking Made Easy
6664z: HUGH VERNON - JACKSON - More West African Folk Tales : Book One
195z: VIBE, EDITOR - Topac Shakur
9243: VIBE, EDITOR - Tupac Shakur
7608z: VILLA-VICENCIO, CHARLES - The Spirit of Freedom: South African Leaders on Religion and Politics
2898ml: RCA VICTOR - Belaonte Live : This Is Harry Belafonte - Vpsx-6077
2155ml: VIEWPOINT , EDITORS - Opposing Viewpoints Series - Hate Groups (Hardcover Edition)
3334z: JOHN VILE - Encyclopedia of Constitutional Amendments, Proposed Amendments, and Amending Issues, 1789 - 1995
3083ml: RICKEY VINCENT - Party Music
2519ml: PHYLLIS VINE - One Man's Castle
3109ml: RUGIO VITALE - Joe Louis
9349z: OLIVIA VLAHOS - African Beginnings
4218ml: V. JACQUE VOEGELI - Free But Not Equal
37597: V. JACQUE VOEGELI - Free But Not Equal
735z: MARYANNE VOLLERS - Ghosts of Mississippi
4758ml: LAWRENCE C. WADDINGTON - Arrest , Search and Seizure
2759z: RICHARD WADE - Slavery in the Cities
6197z: WADE, WYN CRAIG - The Fiery Cross: The Ku Klux Klan in America
3626ml: JANE WAGNER - J.T.
3584ml: WAGNER, DAVID - Checkerboard Square: Culture and Resistance in a Homeless Community
6980: SUE WAGNER, EDITOR - Australian Dreaming
2143ml: ARTHUR EDWARD WAITE - A New Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry : Combined Edition Vol. 1 and 2
v994z: DIANE WAKOSKI - Dancing on the Grave of a Son of a Bitch
K1099: WALD, ELIJAH - Escaping the Delta : Robert Johnson and the Invention of the Blues
3458ml: DANIEL WALKER - Rights in Conflict : The Walker Report
3406ml: ALICE WALKER - To Hell with Dying
2746ml: PHILLIP E. WALKER - Can I Speak for You Brother
K748: WALKER, CLARENCE E. - We Can't Go Home Again: An Argument About Afrocentrism
K1628: WALKER, ALICE;PARMAR, PRATIBHA - Warrior Marks: Female Genital Mutilation and the Sexual Blinding of Women
K2446: WILBERT L. WALKER - We Are Men
5445z: SAMUEL WALKER - The Color of Justice
006588: WALKER, DAVID; WILENTZ, SEAN (EDITOR) - David Walker's Appeal : In Four Articles, Together with a Preamble to the Coloured Citizens of the World, But in Particular, and Very Expressly, to Those of the United States of America
1336: ALICE WALKER - In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens
7126z: WALKER, ALICE - The Third Life of Grange Copeland
7745: BRENDA WALL - Rodney King Rebellion
24268: IRVING WALLACE - The Man
2509ml: C.A. WALLACE , COMPILED BY - The Great Zimbabwe Ruins
4569z: JOHN WALSH - Time Is Short and the Water Rises
3124ml: FR. MARTIN DE PORRES WALSH, O.P. - The Ancient Black Christians
519z: PETER WALSHE - Black Nationalism in South Africa
3169ml: RENEE TATUM WALTERS - The Cotton Sack Culinary Cookbook
1111: RONALD W. WALTERS - Black Presidential Politics in America- a Strategic Approch
2871ml: KOIGI WA WAMWERE - The People's Representative and the Tyrants
1845ml: KOIGI WA WAMWERE - I Refuse to Die: My Journey for Freedom
K1530: ANDREW WARD - The Slaves' War
37835: CHERYL WARD - I'Ve Fallen and I Can Get Up
K1191: WARE, EZELL, JR.; ENGEL, JOEL - By Duty Bound : Survival and Redemption in Vietnam
2897: ROBERT PENN WARREN - Who Speaks for the Negro?
483ml: HOLLY GEORGE-WARREN - The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame : The First 25 Years
009713: WASHINGTON, RALEIGH; KEHREIN, GLEN - Breaking Down Walls : A Model for Reconciliation in an Age of Racial Strife
K1786: WASHINGTON, SALIM;GRIFFIN, FARAH JASMIN - Clawing at the Limits of Cool: Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and the Greatest Jazz Collaboration Ever
2138ml: JOSEPH WASHINGTON - Black and White Power Subreption
32397: BOOKER T. WASHINGTON - Up from Slavery
9163: BOOKER T. WASHINGTON - Up from Slavery
9119z: WASHINGTON, SALIM;GRIFFIN, FARAH JASMIN - Clawing at the Limits of Cool: Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and the Greatest Jazz Collaboration Ever
2062ml: BOOKER T. WASHINGTON - The Future of the American Negro - (Hardcover 1907)
802: ARTHUR I. WASKOW - From Race Riot to Sit-in, 1919 and the 1960s: The Study in the Connections between Conflict and Violence
4313ml: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH - Cuba's Repressive Machinery: Human Rights Forty Years After the Revolution
1947z: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH - Final Justice
4533ml: MARY WATERS - Black Identities

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