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003394: - Report of the Secretary of the Treasury, Communicating, in Compliance with a Resolution of the Senate of the 14th of August, 1856, a Report of the Progress on the Construction and Distribution of Standards of Weights and Measures, and Supply of Hydrometer
004691: POE, EDGAR ALLAN; DICKENS, CHARLES, RIIS, JACOB A. ET AL. - The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine. Vol. XLVIII. No. 5. September 1894
008859: CLARKE HELEN A. - Longfellow's Country
007350: SCHREIBER, JAMES A. ET AL. - Berkeley Barb. Vol. 5. No. 25. Issue 123. December 22-28, 1967
005707: ABADIE, DANIEL - Dubuffet Architecte
012136: ABARBANELL, JACOB RALPH - The Rector's Secret. Or, Love Conquers All. A Study from Life. No. 71 of the Dora Thorne Series. May, 1892
005532: ABBOTT, JOHN S.C. - The Empire of Russia; from the Remotest Periods to the Present Time. The Monarchies of Continental Europethe Empire of Russia; from the Remotest Periods to the Present Time. The Monarchies of Continental Europe
011625: ABBOTT, KATHARINE M. - Trolley Trips in and About Fascinating Washington
007119: ABBOTT, FRANCES MATILDA - Historical Address Prepared for the Duo-Centennial Celebration of the Founding of the City of Concord, New Hampshire. July 2-4, 1927
006182: HARTMANN, ANNA; JONES, JEANETTA; ROSENTHAL, ABBY ET AL. - Anthology of Underground Poetry. Section 11 Women's Section
006764: D'ABRANTES, DUCHESS (MADAME JUNOT) - Memoirs of Napoleon, His Court and Family. In Two Volumes
012014: D'ABRANTES, DUCHESS (MADAME JUNOT) - Memoirs of Napoleon, His Court and Family. In Two Volumes
007368: ACHARYA, SHANTA - Not This, Not That
013583: ACKLEY, CLIFFORD S. - Rembrandt's Journey. Painter, Draftsman, Etcher
009601: DE ACOSTA, MERCEDES - Streets and Shadows
007007: JORGENSEN, IVAR; BLADE, ALEXANDER; CHASE, ADAM ET AL. - Imaginative Tales. November, 1956
008845: ADAMS, JOHN - Drowned Valley: The Piscataqua River Basin
009778: ADAMS, HENRY - Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres
010033: ADAMS, NATHANIEL - Annals of Portsmouth, Comprising a Period of Two Hundred Years from the First Settlement of the Town; with Biographical Sketches of a Few of the Most Respectable Inhabitants
007660: J.S.A. (JOHN S. ADAMS), EDITOR - The Wedding-Ring
009503: ADAMS, THOMAS - The Masonic Register and Almanac for the Year of Our Lord 1892 (... ) with an Accurate Calendar and Other Matters of Masonic and General Interest
011938: ADAMS, RANDOLPH G. - William Hubbard's "Narrative," 1677. A Bibliographical Study
008184: ADAMS, W.T. (OLIVER OPTIC); HAMILTON, GAIL - Student and Schoolmate and Forrester's Boys and Girls Magazine. A Reader for Schools and Families. May 1860
011729: ADAMS, LUCILLE (COMPILER) - Huckleberry Finn. A Descriptive Bibliography of the Huckleberry Finn Collection at the Buffalo Public Library
011872: ADAMS, JOHN QUINCY; UPHAM, CHARLES W. - Lives of Celebrated Statesmen. With a Sketch of the Author by Charles W. Upham
009389: ADAMS, RAMON; BRITZMAN, HOMER; YOST, KARL - Charles M. Russell. The Cowboy Artist. A Biography
008394: ADAMS, JOHN QUINCY - An Address, to the Members of the Massachusetts Charitable Fire Society, at Their Annual Meeting, May 28, 1802
011047: ADAMS, JOHN QUINCY; MCCANDLESS, WILSON - Ex-President John Quincy Adams in Pittsburgh in 1843. Address of Welcome by Wilson Mccandless, and Mr. Adams' Reply; Together with a Letter from Mr. Adams Relative to Judge Breckenridge's "Modern Chivalry.
010371: ADAMS, JOHN QUINCY - Speech [Suppressed by the Previous Question] of Mr. John Quincy Adams, of Massachusetts, on the Removal of the Public Deposites, and Its Reasons
010194: ADDISON, JOSEPH - The Evidences of Christian Religion, with Additional Discourses. Collected from the Writings of the Right Hon. Joseph Addison. Johnson's Edition
004913: ADDISON, HENRY R. - A Rough Sketch of Waterloo
011639: ADELSON, WARREN (INTRODUCTION) - Symons, Gardner (Artist). Gardner Symons (1861-1930). Small Paintings
012625: ADES, DAWN; BRADLEY, FIONA - Salvador Dali. A Mythology
012303: ADLER, SAMUEL M. (ARTIST). VARIOUS AUTHORS - Samuel M. Adler. 25 Years of the Image of Man '47-'72
005013: ADLOW, ELIJAH LT. COL - Napoleon's First Italian Campaign
008287: AESOP, ET AL. - The Book of Fables: Containing Aesop's Fables. Complete, with the Text Based Upon Croxall, la Fontaine, and L'Estrange
010328: NO AUTHOR GIVEN (AESOP) - The Little Esop
011456: AGEE, WILLIAM; BERMAN, AVIS - Jacob Kainen
013463: AGREST, DIANA. CHANIN, IRWIN S. (ARCHITECT) - A Romance with the City. Irwin S. Chanin
005357: DE AGUIRRE, JOSEPHO SAENZ - Philosophia Rationalis Nov-Antiqua. Sive Disputationes Selectae, in Logicam Et Metaphysicam Aristotelis. Cujus Antiquae Sententiae, Sicut Et D. Thomae Plerumque Noviter Elucidantur, Accurate Fulciuntur; & Ab Impugnationibus Praefertim Recentibus
009610: AKHMATOVA, ANNA ANDREEVNA - My Half Century: Selected Prose
012131: CLEAGE JR. ALBERT - The Black Messiah
009722: ALBERTI, FRANK S. - Once Upon a Day
009504: ALBERTI, FRANK S. - Seasons of Light
003728: ALBIN, ELEAZAR - A Natural History of English Song-Birds, and Such of the Foreign As Are Usually Brought over and Esteem'd for Their Singing. To Which Are Added, Figures of the Cock, Hen and Egg of Each Species, Copied from Nature, by Mr. Eleazar Albin (... )
010413: ALBION, ROBERT GREENHALGH - Naval and Maritime History. An Annotated Bibliography. Third Edition Second Supplement, 1966-68
012297: LINDA MARTÍN ALCOFF - Visible Identities: Race, Gender, and the Self (Studies in Feminist Philosophy)
013361: ALCOTT, WILLIAM A. - Vegetable Diet: As Sanctioned by Medical Men, and by Experience in All Ages
012579: ALCUIN (?) - Polonia
009399: ALDAN, DAISY - The Masks Are Becoming Faces
009744: ALDAN, DAISY. DE KOONING, WILLEM; KLINE, FRANZ; POLLOCK, JACKSON (ARTISTS) - The Destruction of Cathedrals and Other Poems
009890: ALDAN, DAISY - Or Learn to Walk on Water
009448: ALDAN, DAISY - Between High Tides. Poems
010279: ALDAN, DAISY - In Passage. Poems
009619: ALDEN, JOHN B. (MANAGER) - The Literary Revolution. May, 1880. Volume 1, No. 1
010921: ALDER, DOUGLAS D.; BROOKS, KARL F. - A History of Washington County. From Isolation to Destination
009021: ALDRICH, THOMAS BAILEY - The Story of a Bad Boy
010853: ALDRIN, COLONEL EDWIN E. "BUZZ;" WARGA, WAYNE - Return to Earth
003176: ALEGRIA, FERNANDO - Ensayo Sobre Cinco Temas de Thomas Mann
010236: KNOPP, ALEX ET AL. - Indochina Peace Campaign Leafletting Project Ephemera. From the Philadelphia Area. Four Pieces
004037: ALEXANDER, W. LINDSAY - Iona
003823: WHITTER, JOHN GREENLEAF; TENNYSON, ALFRED ET AL. - Maine Farmer. Vol. XXIII No. 3. Thursday Morning, January 11, 1855
008022: ALGER, ABBY L. - In Indian Tents. Stories Told by Penobscot, Passamaquoddy and Micmac Indians to Abby L. Alger
010505: ALIGHIERI, DANTE - La Divine Comedie. L'Enfer. Le Purgatoire. Le Paradis. Three Volumes. The Divine Comedy
004692: POE, EDGAR ALLAN ET AL. - The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine. Vol. XLVIII. No. 4
010600: ALLAN, BLAISE - Sion. Poeme. Les Cahiers Romands Deuxieme Serie. No. 7
008506: WINTERS, YVOR; BLACKMUR, RICHARD P.; TATE, ALLEN ET AL. - Hound and Horn. July-Sept. 1933. Volume VI, Number 4
006777: ALLEN, FRANCIS H. - The Federation of the Bird Clubs of New England. A Record of Its First Ten Years
009640: WINTERS, YVOR; BLACKMUR, RICHARD P.; TATE, ALLEN ET AL. - Hound and Horn. July-Sept. 1933. Volume VI, Number 4
012831: GINSBERG, ALLEN ET AL. - Boston Free Press. 6th Edition
013032: GINSBERG, ALLEN ET AL. VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Old Mole. October 5, 1968. Volume 1, No. 2
007184: NO AUTHOR GIVEN (ALLEN, WILLIAM) - An Adventure in Vermont; or the Story of Mr. Anderson. No. 62
006609: WINTERS, YVOR; BLACKMUR, RICHARD P.; TATE, ALLEN ET AL. - Hound and Horn. July-Sept. 1933. Volume VI, Number 4
012796: GINSBERG, ALLEN ET AL. - Gaslight Poetry Review. Poetry of the Beat Generation As Read at the Gaslight
012921: ALLEY, REWI - Amongst Hills and Streams of Hunan
013323: ALLRED, JOEL M. - Mormonism Under the Microscope. "Master, the Tempest Is Raging!" Volume One
007168: DAVIS, REBECCA HARDING; CALKINS, ALONZO ET AL. - The Galaxy. An Illustrated Magazine. May 1, 1867. Vol. IV. No. 1
010025: ALPER, N.D; BRAZELL, T.L. (EDITORS) - Our Common Wealth. July 1, 1937. Vol 1. No. 5. Official Publication of the San Francisco-East Bay Chapters of the Henry George Fellowship
010026: ALPER, N.D; BRAZELL, T.L. (EDITORS) - You Name It (Our Common Wealth). May 1, 1937. Vol 1. No. 3. Official Publication of the San Francisco-East Bay Chapters of the Henry George Fellowship
009768: ALPERT, MICHAEL - Darkwood
009163: ALTIERI, CHARLES - Postmodernisms Now: Essays on Contemporaneity in the Arts (Literature and Philosophy)
006008: ALTIERI, RADAMES A. - La Gramatica Yunga de F. De la Carrera. Estudio Bibliografico, Con Todos Los Modernos Vocabularios. Publicacion No. 257
012330: D'AMARIX, PAUL. LEBRAU, JEAN (PREFACE) - Transparences. Poemes
003488: D'AMATO, RAFFAELE - The Eastern Romans 330-1461 Ad
002546: AMBROSE, J.W. - Clericy and la Pause Map-Areas Quebec. Canada Department of Mines and Resources Mines and Geology Branch Bureau of Geology and Topography. Geological Survey Memoir 233
010241: ANDERSON, PATRICK - The White Centre
009177: ANDERSON, LEON W. - Concord Coach. Abbot-Downing 1827-1900 Concord, New Hampshire
010097: ANDERSON, J. REDWOOD - To the Dyfrdwy the River I Love
012177: ANDERSON, THOMAS - Tanks of the Second World War
010777: DE SAINT-EXUPERY, ANTOINE; KAFKA, FRANZ; MALRAUX, ANDRE ET AL. - La Nouvelle Revue Francaise. Avril 1933
011039: D'ANDREA, CHESLIE - Gloucestermen. Their Fishing and Their Boats
013469: BEER, ANDREW ET AL. - On. Number 1
011909: ANDREWS, R.H. (EDITOR) - The Medical Summary. A Monthly Journal of Practical Medicine, New Preparations, Etc. August, 1903
006710: ANDREWS, EDWARD WYLLYS M.D. - The Reefing Operation for Movable Kidney
006466: ANDREWS, ANNA - Peggy Lee Sophomore
001258: ANDREWS, WILLIAM LORING - James Lyne's Survey or, As It Is More Commonly Known the Bradford Map. A Plan of the City of New York at the Time of the Granting of the Montgomery Charter in 1731. An Appendix to an Account of the Same Compiled in 1893
005193: ANDREWS, EDWARD L. - Napoleon and America. An Outline of the Relations of the United States to the Career and Downfall of Napoleon Bonaparte
012908: WARHOL, ANDY ET AL. - Andy Warhol's Interview. February 1976
013316: WARHOL, ANDY ET AL. - Andy Warhol's Interview. September 1976. Volume 6 Number 9
012814: WARHOL, ANDY ET AL. - Andy Warhol's Interview. November 1977. Volume 7 Number 11
012592: WARHOL, ANDY ET AL. - Andy Warhol's Interview. March 1978. Volume 8 Number 3
008882: WARHOL, ANDY ET AL. - Evergreen Review. September 1968
012845: WARHOL, ANDY ET AL. - Andy Warhol's Interview. August 1977. Volume 7 Number 8
012652: WARHOL, ANDY ET AL. - Andy Warhol's Interview. January 1977. Volume 7 Number 1
012871: WARHOL, ANDY ET AL. - New Kiss. Vol. 1. No. 8
012795: WARHOL, ANDY ET AL. - Andy Warhol's Interview. February 1979. Volume 9 Number 2
013628: ANGER, ALAN - Live Wire (Livewire) No. 5. May 1977
012892: DEGAS, EDGAR (ARTIST). CZESTOCHOWKSI, JOSEPH; PINGEOT, ANNE ET AL. - Degas Sculptures. Catalogue Raisonne of the Bronzes
010366: STEBBINS, THEODORE; BLAUGRUND, ANNETTE ET AL. - John James Audubon. The Watercolors for the Birds of America
008326: ANONYMOUS - School Life in Paris and Lovely Nights of Young Girls
009888: ANONYMOUS - Flesh and Blood
010085: HOLLO, ANSELM ET AL. - The Iowa State Liquor Store. A Magazine of Literature and the Arts. Vol. 2 No. 2. Winter 1971
005750: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY ET AL. - The Galaxy. April 1870. Vol. 9 No. 4
010538: ANTIER, BENJAMIN - L'Auberge Des Adrets. Robert Macaire
007176: ANTON, WILLIAM T.; PERLMUTTER, MOREY - The Albert A. Grinnell Collection of United States Paper Money. A Complete Reprint in One Volume of the Seven Sales Which Comprised the Most Complete Collection of United States Paper Money Ever Assembled by Any Individual
009550: VAN ANTWERP, WILLIAM C. - A Collector's Comment on His First Editions of the Works of Sir Walter Scott
008298: APPLEBAUM, SAMUEL; ZILBERQUIT, MARK - The Way They Play. Book 14. Illustrated Discussions with Famous Artists and Teachers
012935: APPLEMAN, PHILIP - Kites on a Windy Day
013372: APPLEMAN, PHILIP - Darwin's Ark
008540: APTHEKER, BETTINA; APTHEKER, HERBERT - Racism and Reaction in the United States: Two Marxian Studies. The Social Function of Prisons in the United States. Racism and the Danger of Fascism in the United States
012730: ARCHER, CHRIS (COMPILER) - Strangled. Numero 5. Mai 1980
011987: NEUTRA, RICHARD (ARCHITECT) ET AL. - Architectural Record. Apartments. February 1948
013473: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD (ARCHITECT AND EXCERPTED COMMENTARY) - Frank Lloyd Wright. A Pictorial Record of Architectural Progress. Supplement to the Loan Exhibition Held by the Institute of Modern Art at 270 Dartmouth Street, Boston. January 24-March 3, 1940
012292: ARMES, H. LYMAN - The 11-11-11 Club Including the Hinky-Dinky History of the U.S. A. And the Remembership
009412: NO AUTHOR GIVEN (ARMSTRONG, SAMUEL TURELL) - The Assizes: Giving an Account of Some of the Prisoners and the Offences for Which They Were Tried
009899: ARNDT, JOHANN - Johann Arndts Sechs Bucher Vom Wahren Christenthum : Welche Handeln Von Heilsamer Busse, Herzlicher Reue Und Leid Uber Die Sunde Und Wahrem Glauben... ;Nebst Beigefugtem Lebenslauf Des Sel. Herrn Autors, Ingleichen Kurzen Gebeten Nach Jedem Kapitel. .
011703: MAN RAY; ARP, HANS; LEGER, FERNAND; NAGY, MOHOLY (ARTISTS). VAN HECKE, PAUL GUSTAVE (EDITOR) - Varietes. Revue Mensuelle Illustree de L'Esprit Contemporain. 15 Decembre 1928. 1re Annee No. 8
007172: LIPMAN, E.A.; KELLY PAUL; THE FOLSOM PRISON POETS; CUELHO, ART ET AL. - The Grande Ronde Review 13. A Journal of Contemporary Literature and Ideas
002032: GILMAN, ARTHUR AND OTHERS - Poets' Homes. Pen and Pencil Sketches of American Poets and Their Homes
012321: ARTHUR, ROBERT - Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Mystery of the Talking Skull
009006: ATTERSEE (ARTIST) - Attersee Selected Works 1983-1986
013444: WHITMAN, WALT; BESSON, GEORGE; MATISSE, HENRI (ARTIST); MARQUET, GEORGE (ARTIST) ET AL. - Les Cahiers D'Aujourd'Hui. No. 4. Avril 1913
013413: BEN-ZION (ARTIST) - Ben-Zion. Biblical Paintings. Beginning May 6, 1948
013397: TOULOUSE-LAUTREC (ARTIST) - Au Cirque: Trente-Neuf Dessins Au Crayon de Couleurs
013118: VARIOUS AUTHORS/ARTISTS - Resist! a Woman's Place Is in the Revolution
011430: VARIOUS ARTISTS - Fast Forward. A Series of Student Projects That Point Toward a Future of Graphic Design in the Computer Era
013332: VARIOUS ARTISTS - Kuwait Exhibition of Plastic Art
008144: ASH, JOAN - Planning with People: U.S. A. 1965
007581: DERLETH, AUGUST; BLOCH, ROBERT; SMITH, CLARK ASHTON ET AL. - Weird Tales. January, 1952
013292: ASHTON, GEOFFREY - Sir Thomas Lawrence
004368: ASPIAZU, ERNESTO ALBUJA - Guayaquil Recuerdos de Antano Ensayo de Novela Historica Nacional
004772: ASQUITH, H.H. - How Do We Stand to-Day? a Speech Delivered by the Right Hon. H.H. Asquith, Prime Minister, in the House of Commons, on the 2nd November, 1915
004839: ATKINSON, EDWARD - Address of Mr. Edward Atkinson on the Export of Cotton Goods, at the Meeting of the New England Cotton Manufacturers' Association, April 26, 1876
000430: ATKINSON, THOMAS - Miscellanies in Prose and Verse. Now First Collected and Arranged in Three Volumes
008031: ATWELL, AMOS - An Address, Delivered Before Mount-Vernon Lodge, on Their Anniversary Election of Officers, February 22, 5800
010881: M. DUPONT-AUBERVILLE - Historic Textile Designs Cd-Rom and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
013631: GORKY, MAXIM; BEARDSLEY, AUBREY AND CAIN, JO, ILLUSTRATORS - Two Worlds. A Literary Quarterly Devoted to the Increase of the Gaiety of Nations. June 1927
009784: JEAN-AUBRY, G. - Eugene Boudin
009533: AUDEN, W.H. - Collected Shorter Poems. 1927-1957
007236: BRADBURY, RAY; BLOCH, ROBERT; HAMILTON, EDMOND; DERLETH, AUGUST ET AL. - Weird Tales. July 1945. Volume 38, Number 6
006655: BRADBURY, RAY; BLOCH, ROBERT; DERLETH, AUGUST ET AL. - Weird Tales. May 1945
005631: GERRISH, THEODORE; HUTCHINON, JOHN S. HAMLIN, COLONEL AUGUSTUS AND GEN. FITZHUGH LEE (INTRODUCTION) - The Blue and the Gray. A Graphic History of the Army of the Potomac and That of Northern Virginia, Including the Brilliant Engagements of These Forces from 1861 to 1865
012572: DURRELL, LAWRENCE; JOHN, AUGUSTUS ET AL. - Horizon. A Review of Literature and Art. June, 1948
001440: COUNTESS D'ANOIS [ AULNOY, MADAME D'( MARIE CATHERINE.] - A Collection of Novels and Tales of the Fairies. Written by That Celebrated Wit of France, the Countess D'Anois. In Three Volumes. The Fifth Edition. Translated from the Best Edition of the Original French, by Several Hands. This Is Volume One Only
011843: D'AUREVILLY, BARBEY - Les Diaboliques. Two Volumes
011634: AURITZEN, PETER; ZIELCKE, ALEXANDER - Palaces of Venice
011437: DICKINSON, AUSTIN ET AL. - Heaven Lost; Appeal to American Youth on Temperance; a Sermon for the Whole World, Etc. Bound Volume of Pamphlets Issued by the American Tract Society
012149: NO AUTHOR - Collection of 26 Loose Photos of Various Us Navy Ships or Crewmembers, or Other People Associated with the Launching of the Ships. Most Circa 1944-1945
012237: KOLLWITZ, KAETHE (AUTHOR AND ARTIST) - Kaethe Kollwitz. Drawings, Lithographs, Etchings, Woodcuts. October-November 1948
008483: NO AUTHOR - Fourth Report of the Forest Commissioner of the State of Maine, 1902
008004: NO AUTHOR - Reports from the Consuls of the United States. Vol. XXIII. July-September 1887
006636: NO AUTHOR - A Collection of Noteworthy Early English, French and Italian Paintings, Bronzes, Miniatures, Tapestries, Rare English XVIII Century Mezzotints, Embroideries, Porcelains, and Chippendale and French Furniture. Also a Library of Rare Books and Fine Bindings
008759: NO AUTHOR - Advertisement and Order Form for 'Magic Unveiled, or the Principles of Occult Science,' by Baron Du Potet
007963: NO AUTHOR - Student Peace Union Tri-Folding Brochure
008159: NO AUTHOR - Rock Island Lines News Digest. October 1952. Volume XI, Number 10
008460: NO AUTHOR - Hesa! Abermal Ein Neuer Aufschneider, Welcher Lugen Kann, Dass Sich Die Balken Muchten Biegen
007700: NO AUTHOR - Black and White Photograph of Railroad Workers of the Hoosac Tunnel Route
006302: NO AUTHOR - Warner's "Safe" Rheumatic Cure
008694: NO AUTHOR - Handwritten Letter from a William to His Brother Henry. Written in Osage
008046: NO AUTHOR - Catalogue of Fine English Porcelain Including a Collection of Chelsea Scent Bottles
006553: NO AUTHOR - Scrapbook of Various Printer's Devices Primarily from the 1500s to the 1600's. Hans Holbein and Other Engravers
008172: NO AUTHOR - Manifesto to the Trade Unionists of the Country. Leaflet No. 3
012917: NO AUTHOR - Moquettes. 13 Samples. Fabric Swatch Booklet
009221: NO AUTHOR - World War II Photo Album from a Us Soldier, Joseph F. Strokoskas, Apparently Serving in the Philippines
007836: NO AUTHOR - Two Black and White Photos of a Fire, Possibly in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Circa Late 1800s, Early 1900s
013270: NO AUTHOR - Jacquard Linen. 25 Samples. Textile Book
009895: NO AUTHOR - Photo Album of a Family Trip Across the United States. American West
007798: NO AUTHOR - Early Printed Books and Manuscripts. The Property of the General Theological Seminary New York City and Other Owners. Wednesday, October 1, 1980
008470: NO AUTHOR - Dramatic Table Talk or Scenes, Situations and Adventures, Serious and Comic, in Theatrical History and Biography. In Three Volumes
008446: NO AUTHOR - Color Map of New Hampshire and Vermont/Adirondack and White Mountains
008456: NO AUTHOR - The Modern Hoyle. Or How to Play Whist, Chess, Cribbage, Dominoes, Draughts, Backgammon, Solo Whist, Poker, Bezique, Ecarte, Cuckoo, Napoleon, Euchre
008875: NO AUTHOR - Handwritten Journal Regarding the School District No. 5 in Hebron, Perhaps Maine. Dates Range from 1882 to 1892
008385: NO AUTHOR - The Revised Statutes of the State of Michigan. Passed at the Adjourned Session of 1837, and the Regular Session of 1838
008366: NO AUTHOR - Catalogue of the Collection of Leeds Creamware and Allied Wares Formed by Alistair Sampson. Auction on Monday March 6, 1967
008633: NO AUTHOR - Advertisement/Broadside for Studebaker Buggies (Horse Drawn Carriages)
006944: NO AUTHOR - The Illustrated Family Christian Almanac for the United States for the Year of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ 1851
006215: NO AUTHOR - Act of Agreement Broadside. Maritime Document
008088: NO AUTHOR - Wool and Manufactures of Wool. Special Report Relating to the Imports and Exports of Wool and Its Manufactures in the United States and the Principal Foreign Countries; Also Its Production, Consumption and Manufacture (... ) from 1789 to the Present Time
009248: NO AUTHOR - Art Work of Schuylkill County Pennsylvania. Part 9
008508: NO AUTHOR - Ephemera Related to Lewis Bertrand and His Candidacy for the Presidency of the United States of America in 1960. Two Pieces
008152: NO AUTHOR - Twenty Fourth Annual Report of the Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Company, August 1, 1874
007466: NO AUTHOR - The Alexander Biddle Papers. American Historical Autographs. Adams, Biddle, Franklin, Jones, Greene, Jefferson, Lee, Wayne, Mchenry, Madison, Williams, Witherspoon, and Other Important Americans Part Two
008901: NO AUTHOR - Build a Harbour. Press out Paper Model
006017: NO AUTHOR - Opinion of the Superior Court of the State of New Hampshire, in the Case of the Trustees of Dartmouth College, Versus William H. Woodward, Esq. Pronounced at Plymouth, in the County of Grafton, at the November Term, 1817
008705: NO AUTHOR - Two Handwritten Letters from a Mary W (or M) Tolver (or Colver) Apparently to Her Brother Hosea
009052: NO AUTHOR - Photo Album from a Us Soldier in World War II
007799: NO AUTHOR - Masterpieces of Chinese Tibetan Buddhist Altar Fittings in the National Palace Museum
008449: NO AUTHOR - Color Map of England and Wales/Europe
007305: NO AUTHOR - Wings over Chanute Field
006304: NO AUTHOR - Ripans Tabules Advertisement
008448: NO AUTHOR - Color Map of Ireland/Scotland
008049: NO AUTHOR - Souvenir of Niagara Falls. N.Y.
008447: NO AUTHOR - Color Map of Japan/Java
008576: NO AUTHOR - Barnett Carriage Company Advertising Broadside
011922: VARIOUS AUTHORS - House Beautiful. October 1915
011676: VARIOUS AUTHORS - The House Beautiful. January 1916
009772: VARIOUS AUTHORS - The New York Times. Friday, May 8, 1863. With News on the CIVIL War
012586: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Four American Expressionists. Doris Caesar, Chaim Gross, Karl Knaths, Abraham Rattner
012583: VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Philistine. A Periodical of Protest. December, 1904
012284: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Current Scene. Developments in Mainland China. Bound Volume. Volume 3, Nos. 1-32. August, 1964-December 1, 1965
012912: VARIOUS AUTHORS - I Wanna. Spring '82. #5
013597: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Rcq. Record Collector's Quarterly. Issue 13. Winter 1984
011675: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Journal of the Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society, 1887. Volume 4, Part 1. January-June 1887
004640: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Instructive and Amusing: Essays on Toys, Games and Education in New England. Essex Institute Historical Collections, April 1987. Vol. 123, No. 2
003370: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Onondaga Standard Newspaper. Syracuse, Ny: Wednesday, July 8, 1857. Vol. 32 No. 28
006807: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Ties. The Southern Railway System Magazine. July, 1952. Volume 6, Number 7
005686: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Harper's New Monthly Magazine, No. 195, August 1866
006560: VARIOUS AUTHORS - James Joyce Quarterly. Joyce Reminiscences Issue. Winter 1977. Vol 14. , No. 2
012156: VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Carriage Journal. Volumes 31-32, Summer 1993 to Spring 1995 Complete. Bound Volume
013374: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Princely Splendor. The Dresden Court 1580-1620
004649: VARIOUS AUTHORS - New York Weekly Tribune. Saturday May 20, 1854. Vol. XIII. No. 662. (Kansas-Nebraska Act)
009083: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Indian Contemporary Art Post Independence
013194: VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Linking Ring. February 1953
012859: VARIOUS AUTHORS - The American Baptist Magazine. December, 1834
011171: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Let There Be Commitment" a Housing, Planning Development Program for New York City. Report of a Study Group of the Institute of Public Administration to Mayor John V. Lindsay. September 1966
007731: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Perspecta 21. The Yale Architectural Journal
011310: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Frank Leslie's New Family Magazine with Which Is Incorporated the Gazette of Fashion. July, 1859
009349: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Ninety-First Annual Report of the American Baptist Missionary Union. 1904-1905
012793: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Popular Mechanics Magazine. October 1943
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013454: BEYER, RICK; SAYLES, ELIZABETH - The Ghost Army of World War II
005135: BIEDERMANN, JOHANN GOTTFRIED - Johann Gottfried Biedermann's Geschlechtsregister Des Patriciats Der Vormaligen Reichsstadt Nurnberg Bis Zum Jahre 1854 Fortgesezt Und Herausgegeben Von Christoph Friedrich Wilhelm Von Volckamer
009741: BIERMANN, GEORG - Florence and Her Art
009855: BIGELOW, E. VICTOR; PRATT, BURTRAM J. - A Narrative History of Cohasset Massachusetts. Volume 1 and 2
006439: BIGELOW, POULTNEY - History of the German Struggle for Liberty. Two Volumes
007260: BIJOU, RACHELLE - Entrance to the City
009068: BINGHAM, HIRAM - A Residence of Twenty-One Years in the Sandwich Islands; or the CIVIL, Religious, and Political History of Those Islands
011613: BIRDSALL, STEVE - B-24 Liberator in Action. Aircraft No. 21
000155: BISHOP, COLEMAN E. EDITOR - Pictures from English History
009649: BISHOP, ROBERT - American Folk Sculpture
007637: BISSELL, T. - The Boston Sacred Harmony, or New England Collection of Church Music. Containing New, Original, and Select Hymn Tunes, Anthems, Motetts, Sentences, Services, Chants, Etc. Etc.
005478: BISSIER, JULIUS (ARTIST) - Julius Bissier 1893-1965. A Retrospective Exhibition
005477: BISSIER, JULIUS (ARTIST) - Julius Bissier 70th Year Retrospective
010986: BLACK, JACK. BURROUGHS, WILLIAM (FOREWORD) - You Can't Win. The Autobiography of Jack Black
010149: HARTE, WALTER BLACKBURN ET AL. - The Fly Leaf. December, 1895. Number One
003027: BLACKBURN, HENRY; CALDECOTT, RANDOLPH - Breton Folk. An Artistic Tour in Brittany
009160: BLACKMORE, R.D. - Lorna Doone. A Romance of Exmoor. Volume 1 Only
006662: BLAKE, WILLIAM; KEYNES, GEOFFREY (EDITOR) - The Writings of William Blake. In Three Volumes. With: The Pencil Drawings of William Blake
011447: BLANCHARD, LAMAN; LYTTON, SIR EDWARD BULWER - Sketches from Life; by the Late Laman Blanchard. Edited and with a Memoir of the Author. Two Parts in One Book
012829: BLAND, EDWARD; PECKHAM, HOWARD H. - The Discovery of New Britain. London 1651
011292: BLAZEK, DOUGLAS - This Is What You Wanted, Isn't It? Poems
010020: BLAZEK, DOUGLAS - Life in a Common Gun. An Informal Book of Communications
001619: BLOCK, LOUIS J. - Capriccios
007699: BLOOM, A.J. (PHOTOGRAPHER) - Black and White Photograph Train Station or Depot in the New Jersey Area
012839: BLUHER, HANS - Secessio Judaica. Philosophische Grundlegung Der Historischen Situation Des Judentums Und Der Antisemitischen Bewegung
013197: BLUMENTHAL, JOSEPH - The Spiral Press Through Four Decades. An Exhibition of Books and Ephemera
008787: BLUNT, EDMUND M. - The American Coast Pilot; Containing Directions for the Principal Harbors, Capes, and Headlands, on the Coast of North and Part of South America (... ). Nineteenth Edition
011591: BLY, ROBERT - The Whole Moisty Night
012024: BLY, ROBERT - The Moon on a Fencepost
013506: BLY, ROBERT - When Grapes Turn to Wine. Versions of Rumi
003876: DU BOIS, W.E.B. - The Crisis. A Record of the Darker Races. Vol 22. No. 1. May 1921
006449: DU BOIS, W.E.B.; EASTMAN, MAX; FRAINA, LOUIS; DELL, FLOYD - The New Review. A Critical Review of International Socialism. July 1914. Vol II. No. 7
002153: BOLE, ROBERT D.; LAWRENCE, ALFRED C. - From Peachbaskets to Slamdunks. A Story of Professional Basketball
011453: LORD VISCOUNT BOLINGBROKE, HENRY ST. JOHN - The Works of the Late Right Honorable Henry St. John, Lord Viscount Bolingbroke. In Five Volumes, Complete
005237: BOLLES, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - An Explanatory and Phonographic Pronouncing Dictionary of the English Language: To Which Is Added, a Vocabulary of Greek, Latin, Scripture, Christian, and Geographical Names, with Their Pronunciation; Together with a Collection of Words and Phrases(... )
001253: BOLTON, MARK - An Atlas of Wintering Birds in the Western Algarve 1986-87. A Rocha Occasional Publication Number 1
006253: BONAPARTE, NAPOLEON. BREED, LEWIS CLAFLIN (EDITOR) - The Opinions and Reflections of Napoleon
013250: BOND, A. RUSSELL - The Scientific American Boy at School
009578: BOND, BRUCE - The Ivory Hours. Poems
011363: BONGO, ALI - The Bongo Book
007835: BONINGTON, CHRIS - The Next Horizon. Autobiography II
009201: BONNER, PAUL HYDE - The Glorious Mornings. Stories of Shooting and Fishing
010045: IHARA (IBARA IN THE BOOK), SAIKAKU; SATO, KEN (TRANSLATOR) - Quaint Stories of Samurais
013540: BOORMAN, HOWARD L. - Liu Shao-Ch'i: A Political Profile
005178: (BOOTH, JOHN) A NEAR OBSERVER - The Battle of Waterloo, Containing the Series of Accounts Published by Authority, British and Foreign, with Circumstantial Details, Previous, During and After the Battle, from a Variety of Authentic and Original Sources, with Relative Official Documents
011224: BIERCE, AMBROSE; TARKINGTON, BOOTH ET AL. - Cosmopolitan Magazine. October, 1905
005535: BOOTHBY, SIR BROOKE - Observations on the Appeal from the New to the Old Whigs, and on Mr. Paine's Rights of Man. In Two Parts
012440: BORCHERT, TILL-HOLGER (EDITOR) - Memling's Portraits
008760: BORING, EDWIN G. - The Control of Attitude in Psychophysical Experiments. Offprint
008773: BORING, EDWIN - The Physiology of Consciousness. Offprint, Reprinted from Science, January 8, 1932
009524: BORING, EDWIN; HOLWAY, ALFRED - The Apparent Size of the Moon As a Function of the Angle of Regard: Further Experiments. Offprint from the American Journal of Psychology
009036: BORING, EDWIN; TITCHENER, EDWARD - Sir Thomas Wrightson's Theory of Hearing. Offprint. Reprinted from the American Journal of Psychology April, 1920
009409: BORING, EDWIN G. - Cutaneous Sensation After Nerve Division in Quarterly Journal of Experimental Physiology Vol. X. No. I. 1916
009525: BORING, EDWIN; HOLWAY, ALFRED - The Moon Illusion and the Angle of Regard. Offprint from the American Journal of Psychology
002105: BORROR, ARTHUR C.; HOLMES, DAVID W. - Breeding Birds of the Isles of Shoals
011552: BORSI, FRANCO - Leon Battista Alberti. The Complete Works
012589: BOS, BURNY. DE BEER, HANS (ILLUSTRATOR) - Ollie the Elephant. A Pop-Up Book
002545: BOSTOCK, H.S. - Mining Industry of Yukon, 1939 and 1940. Canada Department of Mines and Resources Mines and Geology Branch Bureau of Geology and Topography. Geological Survey Memoir 234
006904: BOSWORTH, GEORGE F. - More Walthamstow Houses and Their Interesting Associations. Walthamstow Antiquarian Society. Official Publication No. 20
005970: BOTTA, CARLO; MOORE, FRANCES (BELIEVED TRANSLATOR) - Italy, During the Consulate and Empire of Napoleon Buonaparte. Translated from the Italian of Carlo Botta. Two Volumes in One
009126: BOUCHER, ALAN (TRANSLATOR) - Elves, Trolls and Elemental Beings. Icelandic Folktales II
010494: BOVIER, GASPARD; SCHLITZ, RAYMOND (INTRODUCTION) - Journal Du Sejour a Grenoble de Jean-Jacques Rousseau
004032: BOWDOIN, JAMES - (a Philosophical Discourse, Addressed to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences; to Which Are Added Three Memoirs on Philosophical Subjects)
007434: BOWEN, NATHANIEL - An Oration, Delivered in Providence, on the Fifth of July, 1802, in Commemoration of American Independence
010848: BOWLES, CAROLINE; SOUTHEY, CAROLINE - The Birth-Day; a Poem in Three Parts. To Which Are Added, Occasional Verses. Bound with: Solitary Hours. Part of Wiley and Putnam's Library of Choice Reading
010708: BOYER, M. CHRISTINE - Manhattan Manners: Architecture and Style, 1850-1900
013123: BOYLAN, RICHARD - Labored Journey to the Stars. An Anthology of Eighteen Monographs Plus Nine Appendices
005808: BOYNTON, CAPTAIN EDWARD C. - History of West Point, and Its Military Importance During the American Revolution: And the Origin and Progress of the United States Military Academy
005042: BOYNTON, CAPTAIN EDWARD C. - History of West Point, and Its Military Importance During the American Revolution: And the Origin and Progress of the United States Military Academy
005604: DU BOYS, JEAN CHARLES - The Countess of Monte-Cristo. Being the Companion to Alexander Dumas' Celebrated Novel of the Count of Monte-Cristo
002900: BOZUWA, TITIA - The Emperor's Guest. Coming of Age Behind Barbed Wire During Wwii in Indonesia
013436: BRADBURY, WILLIAM B.; FOOT, GEORGE F. - The Shawm; a Library of Church Music; Embracing About One Thousand Pieces [... ] to Which Is Added an Original Cantata, Entitled Daniel; or the Captivity and Restoration
008138: BRADBURY, WILLIAM B. (COMPOSER). CADY, C.M. - Esther, the Beautiful Queen. A Cantata or Short Oratorio. Designed for Musical Conventions, Festivals, and Musical Societies
006359: BRADEN, JAMES A. - The Auto Boys on the Road
005954: BRADFORD, GAMALIEL - Political Essays for the Massachusetts Campaign of 1906. By Gamaliel Bradford, Citizen's Candidate for the Governorship
008526: BRADLEY, ARTHUR G. - A History of the French & Indian War
006731: BRADLEY, JOHN HODGDON - The World at War
001320: BRADSHAW, STANLEY ORTON - Flying Memories
004779: BRAEME, CHARLOTTE M. - The Mystery of Colde Fell; or, Not Proven. The Arm Chair Library. No. 2
004777: BRAEME, CHARLOTTE M. - The Belle of Lynn; or, the Miller's Daughter. The Arm Chair Library. No. 11
012513: BRAGA, J.M. - Macao. A Short Handbook
002244: BRAGG, R. - The Life and Death of the Godly Man, Exemplified in a Sermon Preached Nov. 12. 1676, at the Funeral of That Pious and Faithful Minister of Christ, Mr. Thomas Wadsworth
012754: BRAGG, ERNEST A. - History of Braggville Section of Holliston, Medway and Milford
009292: BRALEY, BERTON; STEINBECK, JOHN (ACKNOWLEDGMENT) - Morgan Sails the Caribbean
013502: STOKER, BRAM ET AL. - The Youth's Companion. Bound Volume for the Years 1884 and 1885
000588: OLIVE-BRANCH, SIMON . [WILLIAM ROBERTS] - The Looker-on. A Periodical Paper. Fourth Edition. Volume 1
006240: BRANDI, JOHN - Field Notes from Alaska
007370: AFRO (ARTIST). BRANDI, CESARE (ESSAY) - Afro. Exhibition of Paintings February 26- March 23 1963
010067: BRANDI, JOHN - Poems from Four Corners
008513: BRAUN, JOHANNES - Commentarius in Epistolam Ad Hebraeos Cum Indicibus Locupletissimis, Quibusdam Tabulis Aeneis Elegantissimis
004430: BRECHT, BERTOLT - Trial of Lucullus. A Play for the Radio
003952: (BREDIKHIN, FA) - Studies of Meteors
010752: BREED, GERTRUDE - Baby Jane. A Jointed Paper Doll That Stands, Sits, Goes to Bed and Holds a Bottle with Clothes, Bassinet and Toys to Cut out and Color
005393: BREEN, BOB (EDITOR) - The Battle of Maryang San: 3rd Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment, Korea 2-8 October 1951
004684: BRENTANO, CLEMENS - Die Geschichte Vom Braven Kasperl Und Den Schonen Annerl
012772: NO AUTHOR (PRESUMED NANCY BRESLOW) - Dim Cohort's Newsshorts. March 1984
012749: NO AUTHOR (PRESUMED NANCY BRESLOW) - Dim Cohort's Newsshorts. Summer 1983
006046: BREWSTER, CHARLES W. - Rambles About Portsmouth. First and Second Series
012914: LYMAN, MEL; KEATING, BRIAN ET AL. - The Avatar. June 9-22, 1967. Vol. 1. , No. 1
013504: O'BRIEN, EOIN - The Beckett Country. Samuel Beckett's Ireland
012695: BRIGHTON, RAYMOND - They Came to Fish: A Brief Look at Portsmouth's 350 Years of History Its Local and World-Wide Involvements, and the People Concerned, Through the Eyes of a Reporter. Two Volumes in Slipcase
012642: BRINTON, DANIEL G. - A Record of Study in Aboriginal American Languages
005074: BRINTON, CHRISTIAN - Cesaro Bernaldo de Quiros. An Exhibition of Paintings of the Gaucho Life in the Province of Entre Rios Argentina 1850-1870
011781: BRINTON, DANIEL G. - The Linguistic Cartography of the Chaco Region
009914: BRINTON, CHRISTIAN - Ignacio Zuloaga Exhibition. The Reinhardt Galleries January 4-January 31, 1925
013515: BRINTON, HOWARD H. - Divine-Human Society. William Penn Lecture 1938
002878: BRISSAUD, PIERRE COVER ILLUSTRATOR - Theatre National de L'Opera-Comique Saison 1931-1932. Pelleas Et Melisande. Samedi 21 Mai 1932
009850: BRITTON, COBURN - An Abecedarium for Poets and Readers
009877: BRITTON, COBURN - Second Seasons
009391: NO AUTHOR GIVEN (BROCKETT, L.P) - Our Great Captains. Grant, Sherman, Thomas, Sheridan and Farragut
002196: BROCKLEBANK, A. SYLVIA. TOM RYDER, EDITOR - The Road and the Ring. The Coaching Memories of Miss A. Sylvia Brocklebank
012018: DE BROGLIE, M. ALBERT - L'Eglise Et L'Empire Romain Au IV Siecle. 6 Volumes
008421: BROICHSITTER, ROBERT - An Appeal for the Unmasking of the Greatest Criminal World of All Times!! Regarding a Secret World Conspiracy, the Reasons Behind World Wars and the Brutal Murder of Mankind!!
004094: BROOKS, JAMES J., DETECTIVE - The Adventures of a United States Detective. A Series of Interesting Sketches Illustrating the Operations of the Whisky Ring in Their Evasions of the Law and Its Penalties
011611: BROOKS, JAMES (ARTIST); MESSINGER, LISA (ESSAY) - James Brooks. A Quarter Century of Work
012501: BROOKS, ELBRIDGE S. - Under the Tamaracks or a Summer with General Grant at the Thousand Islands
003507: MAGGS BROTHERS - Seven Centuries of Colour 14th to 20th Century. A Catalogue of Illuminated Mss. , Miniatures and Printed Books Illustrated in Colour
008113: BROUGHTON, RHODA - A Beginner
004802: BROWDER, EARL - The Most Peculiar Election. The Campaign Speeches of Earl Browder
011422: BROWN, RICK; GORTON, JULIA (ART) - Beat It! #2
011495: BROWN, DAVID BLAYNEY - Turner in the Tate Collection
013026: BROWN, FRANK CHOUTEAU - Three Story Colonial Houses of New England. The White Pine Series of Architectural Monographs. Volume III. Number 1. February 1917
009937: BROWN, LESLEY MCDOUGALL - The Enchanted Garden and Other Poems
011376: BROWN, CARRIE - Maxield Parrish. Machinist, Artisan, Artist
010872: BROWN, FRANK CHOUTEAU - New England Colonial Homes. The White Pine Series of Architectural Monographs. Volume 1 Number 2
008067: BROWN, GERALD - Murder in Plain Sight
004281: BROWN, HOWARD MAYER - Instrumental Music Printed Before 1600. A Bibliography
010354: BROWN, RAY - Our Crisis Economy. The End of the Boom
009076: BROWN, RICK; GORTON, JULIA (ART) - Beat It! #3
011968: BROWNING, ROBERT - The Pied Piper of Hamelin
007213: BROWNING, CHARLES H. - Magna Charta Barons and Their Descendants
012724: BROWNSTEIN, MICHAEL - Strange Days Ahead
010001: BRUCH, JOHANN - Weisheits-Lehre Der Hebraer. Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Der Philosophie
006984: VARIOUS AUTHORS. BRUNELLE, BILL (EDITOR) - Samsara. Vol. 1. No. 1. April 2, 1968
012607: DE BRUNHOFF, LAURENT - Babar's Visit to Bird Island
008334: BRUSH, CHRISTINE C. - The Colonel's Opera Cloak
011287: BRYANT, WILLIAM CULLEN (INTRODUCTION). BIDWELL, W.H. (EDITOR) - Imperial Courts of France, England, Russia, Prussia, Sardinia and Austria. Richly Illustrated with Portraits of Imperial Sovereigns and Their Cabinet Ministers; with Biographical Sketches, and an Introduction by William Cullen Bryant
002417: BRYANT, BEVERLE; WILLIAMS JEAN - Portraits in Roses. 109 Years of Kentucky Derby Winners
012803: BRYANT, NANNA MATTHEWS (ARTIST) - Sculpture (Cover Title)
009776: BRYANT, JACOB - The Sentiments of Philo Judeus Concerning the Logos, or Word of God; Together with Large Extracts from His Writings Compared with the Scriptures on Many Other Particular and Essential Doctrines of the Christian Religion
008944: BRYANT, WILLIAM CULLEN; DOLE, NATHAN HASKELL (BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH) - The Early Poems of William Cullen Bryant with Biographical Sketch
010155: BRYANT, MARIA OR RYAH (RYAN) OSBORNE BRYANT - Handwritten Journal of Writings Related to Music, Art and History. Written in Brockton, Massachusetts at Various Dates During the Early 1900s
013497: BUCHLOH, BENJAMIN H.D. - Raymond Pettibon. Here's Your Irony Back. Political Works 1975-2013
005691: BUCKLIN, SOPHRONIA E. - In Hospital and Camp. A Woman's Record of Thrilling Incidents Among the Wounded in the Late War
008589: BUDDEUS, JOHANN FRANZ (BUDDEI, IO. FRANCISCI.) - Institutiones Theologiae Dogmaticae Variis Observationibus Illustratae
010811: BUDRY, MAURICE - Trois Petits Tours Pour Les Marionettes. Les Cahiers Romands Deuxieme Serie. No. 3
011383: BUESCHEL, RICHARD M. - Mitsubishi/Nakajima G3m1/2/3 96 Rikko in Japanese Naval Air Service
004320: BUHLER, KATHRYN C.; HOOD, GRAHAM - American Silver. Garvan and Other Collections in the Yale University Art Gallery. Volume One: New England. Volume Two: Middle Colonies and the South
004391: BUHLER, KATHRYN C. - Massachusetts Silver in the Frank L. And Louise C. Harrington Collection
013299: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES - While the Music Played. Sparrow 5. February 1973
004469: BULKELEY, HOUGHTON - Contributions to Connecticut Cabinet Making
011959: BULKLEY, CAPTAIN WILLIAM - Small Handwritten Request for a Bill to Be Paid. Dated October 12th, 1787. From Lyme (Presumed Connecticut)
004999: BULS, CHARLES;TIPS, WALTER E. J. - Siamese Sketches
013322: BUNNING, JIM - The Story of Jim Bunning
013217: BUNTING, BAINBRIDGE; NYLANDER, ROBERT H. - Survey of Architectural History in Cambridge. Report Four: Old Cambridge
007372: BURDICK, WILLIAM - An Oration on the Nature and Effects of the Art of Printing. Delivered in Franklin-Hall, July 5, 1802, Before the Boston Franklin Association
010764: BURGESS, GELETT; IRWIN, WILL - The Picaroons
013186: BURKS, JEAN M. - Documented Furniture. An Introduction to the Collections
003681: BURLEIGH, H.T., ARRANGER - Negro Spirituals. Don't You Weep When I'm Gone
003680: BURLEIGH, H.T., ARRANGER - Negro Spirituals. Balm in Gilead
012797: BURR, FRANK A.; HINTON, RICHARD J. - Little Phil" and His Troopers. The Life of Gen. Philip H. Sheridan. Its Romance and Reality
005784: BURRAGE, HENRY S. - Maine at Louisburg in 1745
013489: BURROUGHS, WILLIAM - Nova Express
010044: NO AUTHOR GIVEN; BURT, HENRY M. (EDITOR) - Among the Clouds. Tuesday, September 6, 1898
005214: BURTCH, MICHAEL (CURATOR). VARIOUS AUTHORS - Jack Bush. Hymn to the Sun, Early Work
008096: BURTON, ASA - Essays on Some of the First Principles of Metaphysicks, Ethicks and Theology
013574: BURTON, JERRY - Zora Arkus-Duntov. The Legend Behind Corvette
007733: BUSCHING, D. ANTON FRIDERICH (FRIEDERICH) - Auszug Aus Seiner Erdbeschreibung. Erster Theil, Welcher Europa Und Den Nordlichen Theil Von Asia Enthalt
010403: BUSH, EMMA C. (DESCRIPTIVE CAPTIONS) - Art Photographs of the World and the Columbian Exposition. An Album of Rare Photographs of the Wonders of the Universe
013365: KUPFERBERG, TULI; PLANTENGA, BART; LUST, SCARLATINA; CLEVELAND, BUSTER ET AL. - Fallout Smegma. 1980 Calendar Issued by Smegma, the Magazine
011245: BUTLER, GERALD - The Military History of Boston's Harbor Islands. Images of America Series
010934: BUTLER, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN - Anniversary Discourse, Delivered Before the Albany Institute, April 23, 1830
009760: BUTTERWORTH, HEZEKIAH - Zigzag Journeys in Northern Lands. The Rhine to the Arctic
010061: BUTTERWORTH, HEZEKIAH - Zigzag Journeys in the Orient. The Adriatic to the Baltic. A Journey of the Zigzag Club from Vienna to the Golden Horn, the Euxine, Moscow and St. Petersburg
012559: BUTZ, RICHARD; MONTAGUE, JOHN - Building the Weekend Skiff
010331: BYNNER, WITTER - Book of Lyrics
002783: BYRON, LORD - Manfred. A Tragedy
007329: LORD BYRON ET AL. - The European Magazine for May 1814
007328: LORD BYRON ET AL. - The European Magazine for March, 1817
012656: COLEY, BYRON ET AL. - Take It! Grand Slam Issue
012685: COLEY, BYRON ET AL. - Take It! 5 Star Issue
005144: GERRISH, THEODORE; HUTCHINSON, JOHN S. HAMLIN, AUGUSTUS C. AND GEN. FITZHUGH LEE (INTRODUCTION) - The Blue and the Gray a Graphic History of the Army of the Potomac and That of Northern Virginia, Including the Brilliant Engagements of These Forces from 1861 to 1865
008071: DE CAMP, L. SPRAGUE; WALTON, BRYCE; PETAJA, EMIL; CLARKE, ARTHUR C. ET AL. - Future Science Fiction. January 1952
006025: BARNARD, JEFF; DEUEL, JOSEPH; DUFFY, J.C. ET AL. - Bumland Magazine. Vol 1. No. 1. April 1983
012125: BEAM, PHILIP C. ET AL. - Winslow Homer in the 1890s. Prout's Neck Observed
004935: NO AUTHOR GIVEN (F.M.C.) - Kitty: A Lancashire Story and Other Stories
008103: CABLE, GEORGE W. - Bonaventure. A Prose Pastoral of Acadian Louisiana
007177: CACCHIONE, PETER V. - Wall Street on the Warpath
006452: CAFFIN, CHARLES H. - Photography As a Fine Art. The Achievements and Possiblities of Photographic Art in America
010243: CAGE, JOHN - A Year from Monday. New Lectures and Writings
004971: CAIRNES, J.E. - The Slave Power: Its Character, Career, and Probable Designs: Being an Attempt to Explain the Real Issues Involved in the American Contest
010523: CALCAGNO, LAWRENCE (ARTIST). VARIOUS AUTHORS - Lawrence Calcagno. Retrospective Exhibition April 2-May 9, 1967
006444: CALDWELL, ANNE; KERN, JEROME (COMPOSER) - In Love with Love. Charles Dillingham Presents Fred Stone in the Stepping Stones with Dorothy Stones. Raggedy Ann and Andy Cover
009043: CALDWELL, ERSKINE - Tobacco Road. A Facsimile of the Final Chapter. Number One in a Series of Manuscript Facsimiles
011617: COLIN G. CALLOWAY - One Vast Winter Count: The Native American West Before Lewis and Clark (History of the American West)
002889: CALVIN, JACK - Square-Rigged
009081: CAMERER, DAVE - Golf with the Masters. The Secret to Better Golf
006521: DE CAMP, L. SPRAGUE; BYRNE, S.J. - Other Worlds Science Stories. October 1952. Volume 4, No. 7
009132: CANNING, JOSIAH DEAN - Connecticut River Reeds Blown by the Peasant Bard. Poetry of Farm and Rural Life
013554: CANNON, PATRICK F. - Louis Sullivan. Creating a New American Architecture
001906: CANTARELLA, EVA - Pandora's Daughters: The Role and Status of Women in Greek and Roman Antiquity
004805: CANTOR, NATHANIEL - Crime
004560: CAPES, BERNARD - At a Winter's Fire
011123: CARBONE, TERESA (EDITOR). VARIOUS AUTHORS - Youth and Beauty. Art of the American Twenties
013648: CARD, CLAUDIA - The Unnatural Lottery: Character and Moral Luck
006164: CARDARELLI, JOE - From the Maine Book
011936: CARERI, GIOVANNI - Baroques
002728: CAREY, M[ATTHEW] - Vindiciae Hibernicae; or Ireland Vindicated: An Attempt to Develop and Expose a Few of the Multifarious Errors and Misrepresentations Respecting Ireland, in the Histories of May, Temple, Whitelock, Borlace, Rushworth, Clarendon, Cox, Carte, Leland, [... ]
013192: SPRINGWOLF (CAREY, VICKIE) - Pagan Metaphysics 101. The Beginning of Enlightenment
004780: CAREY, ROSA NOUCHETTE - Averil. The Arm Chair Library. No. 8
011105: CAREY, ALAN C. - We Flew Alone. United States Navy B-24 Squadrons in the Pacific. February 1943-September 1944
004792: CARLETON, MARCIA W. - Silas Deane 1737-1789

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