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005459: (MIDDLETON, THOMAS FANSHAWE, EDITOR) - The Country Spectator. Number II. Tuesday, 16 October, 1792
005892: (MORRISON, NOAH FARNHAM) - Catalog of American Travel and Americana for sale by Noah Farnham Morrison. No. 226
006761: (GUNTON, GEORGE) - Are Trade Unions a Menace to Industry? Lecture Bulletin of the Institute of Social Economics. August 15, 1901. Vol IV, No. 11
004557: (ELLIOT, MAUD HOWE) - A Newport Aquarelle
006276: (FLITTNER, CHRISTIAN GOTTFRIED) - Gynaeologie. Drittes Supplement oder XVI Bandchen. Meine Bekenntnisse uber die Weiber. Bound With Gynaeologie. Viertes Supplement oder XVII Bandchen. Abel der Weiblichkeit in Zugen von Liebe, Treue und Edelfinn.
009439: (DYMOND, JONATHAN) - Popular Amusements. From the Writings of Jonathan Dymond
003394: - Report of the Secretary of the Treasury, communicating, in compliance with a resolution of the Senate of the 14th of August, 1856, a report of the progress on the construction and distribution of standards of weights and measures, and supply of
003952: (BREDIKHIN, FA) - Studies of Meteors
006378: (HABBERTON, JOHN) - The Jericho Road; A Story
004812: (HARVEY, PETER) - An Incident in the Life of Daniel Webster. From the Reminiscences of Daniel Webster by his friend Peter Harvey
006978: - Map of North Easton, Massachusetts
010579: A. WELBY PUGIN - Pugin's Floral Ornament CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
005178: (BOOTH, JOHN) A NEAR OBSERVER - The Battle of Waterloo, Containing the Series of Accounts Published by Authority, British and Foreign, with Circumstantial Details, Previous, During and After the Battle, from a Variety of Authentic and Original Sources, with Relative Official Documents
009656: A LADY (FARRAR, ELIZA). - The Young Lady's Friend
009249: A NEW YORK DETECTIVE - Secret Service. Old and Young King Brady, Detectives. The Bradys and the Midnight Men. Jan. 28, 1910. No. 575
005707: ABADIE, DANIEL - Dubuffet Architecte
006004: ABBOTT, JOHN S.C. - The History of Napoleon Bonaparte. In Two Volumes, Complete
008247: ABBOTT, JOHN S.C. - The History of Napoleon Bonaparte. Volume One Only (of two).
005532: ABBOTT, JOHN S.C - The Empire of Russia; From the Remotest Periods to the Present Time. The Monarchies of Continental EuropeThe Empire of Russia; From the Remotest Periods to the Present Time. The Monarchies of Continental Europe
011625: ABBOTT, KATHARINE M. - Trolley Trips in and About Fascinating Washington
007119: ABBOTT, FRANCES MATILDA - Historical Address Prepared for the Duo-Centennial Celebration of the Founding of the City of Concord, New Hampshire. July 2-4, 1927
011531: ABELES, SIGMUND (ARTIST). MCLEAN, GENETTA. DRAKE, MARIAN E. - Sigmund Abeles. The Artist and His Prints. 1954-1999.
006573: ABERNATHY, ROBERT; HICKEY, H.B.; MOORE, WARD ET AL. - Amazing Stories. March 1950. Volume 24, No. 3.
009828: ABRAMSON, TODD (EDITOR) KUGEL, BERNARD; BARETTA, LORETTA ET AL. - Young, Fast and Scientific. #1.
009962: ABRAMSON, TODD (EDITOR) KUGEL, BERNARD; BARETTA, LORETTA ET AL. - Young, Fast and Scientific. #2
007368: ACHARYA, SHANTA - Not This, Not That
008845: ADAMS, JOHN - Drowned Valley: The Piscataqua River Basin
002031: ADAMS, NATHANIEL - Annals of Portsmouth, Comprising a Period of Two Hundred Years from the First Settlement of the Town; with Biographical Sketches of a few of the Most Respectable Inhabitants
009778: ADAMS, HENRY - Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres
010033: ADAMS, NATHANIEL - Annals of Portsmouth, comprising a period of Two Hundred Years from the First Settlement of the Town; with Biographical Sketches of a few of the most Respectable Inhabitants.
009503: ADAMS, THOMAS - The Masonic Register and Almanac for the Year of Our Lord 1892 (...) with an Accurate Calendar and other Matters of Masonic and General Interest
008184: ADAMS, W.T. (OLIVER OPTIC); HAMILTON, GAIL - Student and Schoolmate and Forrester's Boys and Girls Magazine. A Reader for Schools and Families. May 1860
011729: ADAMS, LUCILLE (COMPILER). - Huckleberry Finn. A Descriptive Bibliography of The Huckleberry Finn Collection at the Buffalo Public Library
005143: ADAMS, EZRA EASTMAN - A Sermon Preached in the American Church Ingouville, on Occasion of the Death of Arthur Duke of Wellington, and the Hon. Daniel Webster
009389: ADAMS, RAMON; BRITZMAN, HOMER; YOST, KARL. - Charles M. Russell. The Cowboy Artist. A Biography
011872: ADAMS, JOHN QUINCY; UPHAM, CHARLES W. - Lives of Celebrated Statesmen. With a sketch of the author by Charles W. Upham.
008394: ADAMS, JOHN QUINCY - An Address, to the Members of the Massachusetts Charitable Fire Society, at their Annual Meeting, May 28, 1802
011047: ADAMS, JOHN QUINCY; MCCANDLESS, WILSON - Ex-President John Quincy Adams in Pittsburgh in 1843. Address of Welcome by Wilson McCandless, and Mr. Adams' Reply; together with a letter from Mr. Adams Relative to Judge Breckenridge's "Modern Chivalry."
010371: ADAMS, JOHN QUINCY - Speech [suppressed by the previous question] of Mr. John Quincy Adams, of Massachusetts, on the Removal of the Public Deposites, and its Reasons
011722: ADCOCK, AL - Escort Carriers in Action. Warships Number 9
011657: ADCOCK, AL - OS2U Kingfisher in Action.. Aircraft Number 119
010194: ADDISON, JOSEPH - The Evidences of Christian Religion, with Additional Discourses. Collected from the writings of the Right Hon. Joseph Addison. Johnson's Edition
004913: ADDISON, HENRY R - A Rough Sketch of Waterloo
011639: ADELSON, WARREN (INTRODUCTION) - Symons, Gardner (artist). Gardner Symons (1861-1930). Small Paintings.
005013: ADLOW, ELIJAH LT. COL. - Napoleon's First Italian Campaign
008287: AESOP, ET AL - The Book of Fables: Containing Aesop's Fables. Complete, with the text based upon Croxall, La Fontaine, and L'Estrange
007371: AFRO (ARTIST). VENTURI, LIONELLO - Afro. Exhibition of Paintings April 25 to May 21, 1955
007370: AFRO (ARTIST). BRANDI, CESARE (ESSAY). - Afro. Exhibition of Paintings February 26- March 23 1963
011456: AGEE, WILLIAM; BERMAN, AVIS - Jacob Kainen
004077: AINSWORTH, WILLIAM HARRISON ET AL - The New York Journal; an Illustrated Literary Periodical. Vol 1. Part II. September 1853
004075: AINSWORTH, WILLIAM HARRISON ET AL. - The New York Journal; an Illustrated Literary Periodical. Vol 1. Part VI. January 1854
009610: AKHMATOVA, ANNA ANDREEVNA - My Half Century: Selected Prose
000265: AL-BAYATI, BASIL - Architect
007449: ALAIN-FOURNIER ET AL - Accent. A Quarterly of New Literature. Winter, 1956
009722: ALBERTI, FRANK S. - Once Upon a Day
009504: ALBERTI, FRANK S. - Seasons of Light
003728: ALBIN, ELEAZAR - A Natural History of English Song-Birds, and Such of the Foreign as are usually brought over and esteem'd for their Singing. To which are added, Figures of the Cock, Hen and Egg of each Species, copied from Nature, by Mr. Eleazar Albin (...)
010413: ALBION, ROBERT GREENHALGH - Naval and Maritime History. An annotated bibliography. Third Edition Second Supplement, 1966-68
003715: ALCOTT, LOUISA MAY ET AL - Meg's Domestic Experience from Little Women. In The New-Hampshire Gazette. April 10, 1869
010183: ALCOTT, LOUISA MAY; COX, PALMER ET AL. - St. Nicholas. An illustrated magazine for young folks. June 1884
006267: ALCOTT, LOUISA MAY ET AL - St. Nicholas. Scribner's Illustrated Magazine for Girls and Boys. Vol III. No. 5. March, 1876
009399: ALDAN, DAISY - The Masks are Becoming Faces
009744: ALDAN, DAISY. DE KOONING, WILLEM; KLINE, FRANZ; POLLOCK, JACKSON (ARTISTS). - The Destruction of Cathedrals and Other Poems
009890: ALDAN, DAISY - Or Learn to Walk on Water
009448: ALDAN, DAISY. - Between High Tides. Poems
010279: ALDAN, DAISY - In Passage. Poems
009619: ALDEN, JOHN B. (MANAGER). - The Literary Revolution. May, 1880. Volume 1, No. 1.
008586: ALDEN, JOHN ELIOT (EDITOR). - Rhode Island Imprints 1727-1800
010921: ALDER, DOUGLAS D.; BROOKS, KARL F - A History of Washington County. From Isolation to Destination.
009021: ALDRICH, THOMAS BAILEY - The Story of a Bad Boy
010853: ALDRIN, COLONEL EDWIN E. "BUZZ;" WARGA, WAYNE - Return to Earth.
003176: ALEGRIA, FERNANDO - Ensayo Sobre Cinco Temas De Thomas Mann
004037: ALEXANDER, W. LINDSAY - Iona
008022: ALGER, ABBY L - In Indian Tents. Stories told by Penobscot, Passamaquoddy and Micmac Indians to Abby L. Alger
008775: ALGER, HORATIO JR. ET AL. - Peterson's Magazine Volume 23 Nos. 1-12. January through December 1853 including two by Alger: A Welcome to May; Borrowing From Economy
010505: ALIGHIERI, DANTE - La Divine Comedie. L'Enfer. Le Purgatoire. Le Paradis. Three Volumes. The Divine Comedy
010600: ALLAN, BLAISE - Sion. Poeme. Les Cahiers Romands Deuxieme Serie. No. 7
010297: ALLEN, F.J.; NUTT, JOHN H. ET AL. - Dartmouth Literary Monthly. December, 1891. Vol. VI. No. 4
001655: ALLEN, JON G. - Coping with Depression. From Catch-22 to Hope
006777: ALLEN, FRANCIS H. - The Federation of the Bird Clubs of New England. A record of its first ten Years
010025: ALPER, N.D; BRAZELL, T.L. (EDITORS) - Our Common Wealth. July 1, 1937. Vol 1. No. 5. Official Publication of the San Francisco-East Bay Chapters of the Henry George Fellowship.
010026: ALPER, N.D; BRAZELL, T.L. (EDITORS). - You Name It (Our Common Wealth). May 1, 1937. Vol 1. No. 3. Official Publication of the San Francisco-East Bay Chapters of the Henry George Fellowship
009768: ALPERT, MICHAEL - Darkwood
009163: ALTIERI, CHARLES - Postmodernisms Now: Essays on Contemporaneity in the Arts (Literature and Philosophy)
006008: ALTIERI, RADAMES A - La Gramatica Yunga de F. de la Carrera.Estudio Bibliografico, con Todos Los Modernos Vocabularios. Publicacion No. 257
002546: AMBROSE, J.W. - Clericy and La Pause Map-Areas Quebec. Canada Department of Mines and Resources Mines and Geology Branch Bureau of Geology and Topography. Geological Survey Memoir 233
008079: AN OLD SCOUT - Wild West Weekly. No. 890. November 7, 1919. Young Wild West and the Rival Scouts; or the Raid of the Cowboy Gang, and other Stories
008177: AN OLD SCOUT - Wild West Weekly. No. 1077. June 8, 1923. Young Wild West Roping the Ghost Dancers, and other Stories
009032: AN OLD SCOUT - Wild West Weekly. No. 901. January 23, 1920. Young Wild West's Cowboy Call; or Arietta and the Smugglers, and other Stories
008178: AN OLD SCOUT - Wild West Weekly. No. 1076. June 1, 1923. Young Wild West Staking a Tenderfoot, and other Stories
008179: AN OLD SCOUT - Wild West Weekly. No. 1075. May 25, 1923. Young Wild West and the Silent Scout, and other Stories
009815: AN OLD SCOUT - The Unknown Renegade; or the Three Great Souts. Pluck and Luck Complete Stories of Adventure. September 6, 1905. No. 379.
008176: AN OLD SCOUT - Wild West Weekly. No. 1078. June 15, 1923. Young Wild West Capturing a Claim, and other Stories
009033: AN OLD SCOUT - Wild West Weekly. No. 897. December 26, 1919. Young Wild West and the Gray Gang; or Arietta's Daring Device, and other Stories
008080: AN OLD SCOUT - Wild West Weekly. No. 889. October 31, 1919. Young Wild West and the Sioux Scalpers; or How Arietta Saved Her Life, and other Stories
006829: ANDERSON, POUL; JAKES, JOHN; FYFE, H.B. ET AL. - Planet Stories. January, 1952. Vol. 5 No. 4.
010241: ANDERSON, PATRICK - The White Centre
006432: ANDERSON, POUL ET AL - If. Worlds of Science Fiction. October 1956
006514: ANDERSON, POUL ET AL. - Fantastic. Stories of Imagination. December 1960. Vol. 9 No. 12
009177: ANDERSON, LEON W. - Concord Coach. Abbot-Downing 1827-1900 Concord, New Hampshire
010097: ANDERSON, J. REDWOOD - To the Dyfrdwy The River I Love
006757: ANDERSON, POUL; BRACKETT, LEIGH ET AL - Planet Stories. Summer 1955. Vol. 6. No. 11
006710: ANDREWS, EDWARD WYLLYS M.D. - The Reefing Operation for Movable Kidney
001258: ANDREWS, WILLIAM LORING - James Lyne's Survey or, as it is More Commonly Known The Bradford Map. A Plan of the City of New York at the Time of the Granting of the Montgomery Charter in 1731. An appendix to an Account of the Same compiled in 1893.
005193: ANDREWS, EDWARD L. - Napoleon and America. An outline of the relations of the United States to the Career and Downfall of Napoleon Bonaparte
006466: ANDREWS, ANNA - Peggy Lee Sophomore
011909: ANDREWS, R.H. (EDITOR). - The Medical Summary. A Monthly Journal of Practical Medicine, New Preparations, Etc. August, 1903
009559: ANDREWS, TED - Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small. Includes a Comprehensive Dictionary of Animal, Bird and Reptile Symbolism
010735: ANGHELI ZALAPI - Palazzi of Sicily
008326: ANONYMOUS - School Life in Paris and Lovely Nights of Young Girls
009888: ANONYMOUS - Flesh and Blood.
004201: ANSEL, WILLITS ET AL. LIPKE, PAUL ET AL, EDITORS - Boats: A Manual for Their Documentation
010538: ANTIER, BENJAMIN - L'Auberge des Adrets. Robert Macaire
008561: ANTIN, DAVID ET AL. - Earth Air Fire Water: Elements of Art. Volume one only.
007176: ANTON, WILLIAM T.; PERLMUTTER, MOREY - The Albert A. Grinnell Collection of United States Paper Money. A complete reprint in one volume of the seven sales which comprised the most complete collection of United States paper money ever assembled by any Individual
008298: APPLEBAUM, SAMUEL; ZILBERQUIT, MARK - The Way They Play. Book 14. Illustrated discussions with famous artists and Teachers
002401: APRAXINE, PIERRE ET AL - La Contessa di Castiglione e il suo Tempo
008540: APTHEKER, BETTINA; APTHEKER, HERBERT - Racism and Reaction in the United States: Two Marxian Studies. The Social Function of Prisons in the United States. Racism and the Danger of Fascism in the United States.
008644: ARENSBERG, MARY (EDITOR) - The American Sublime
005661: ARENSI, FLAVIO; ODILLE, PASCAL (EDITORS AND CURATORS) - Ipousteguy. Eros and Thanatos
010071: ARIÈS, PHILLIPPE - Images of Man and Death
011799: ARIOUS AUTHORS. - Win Magazine. January 1971. Vol. VII., Number 1
009899: ARNDT, JOHANN - Johann Arndts sechs Bucher vom wahren Christenthum : welche handeln von heilsamer Busse, herzlicher Reue und Leid u?ber die Su?nde und wahrem Glauben...;nebst beigefugtem Lebenslauf des sel. herrn Autors, ingleichen kurzen Gebeten nach jedem Kapitel...
003392: ARNOLD, SAMUEL GREENE - The Spirit of Rhode Island History. A Discourse delivered before the Rhode Island Historical Society, on the evening of Monday January 17, 1853
010825: ARTHUR, ROBERT - Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in The Mystery of the Vanishing Treasure
006289: ASCHERMAN JR., HERBERT (PHOTOGRAPHER). - The Artists Project
008144: ASH, JOAN - Planning With People: U.S.A. 1965
006103: ASIMOV, ISAAC; LEIBER, FRITZ ET AL. - Astounding Science Fiction. March 1945. Vol. XXXV, No. 1.
007004: ASIMOV, ISAAC; KUTTNER, HENRY; DEL REY, LESTER; SMITH, GEORGE O. ET AL. - Space Science Fiction. May, 1952. Vol. 1., No. 1
006397: ASIMOV, ISAAC; POHL, FREDERIK; DE CAMP, L. SPRAGUE ET AL. - Future Science Fiction. No. 30.
006718: ASIMOV, ISAAC; PRATT, FLETCHER; SMITH, GEORGE O. ET AL - Startling Stories. February 1953
002452: ASOCIACION JUDEO ARGENTINA DE ESTUDIOS HISTORICOS - Argentina, El Antisemitismo Y Los Judios. Informe Redactado En El Ano 1964 Por El Movimiento Sionista Socialista Mordejai Anilevich Perteneciente al Partido Mapam En Argentina
004368: ASPIAZU, ERNESTO ALBUJA - Guayaquil Recuerdos de Antano Ensayo de Novela Historica Nacional
004772: ASQUITH, H.H. - How Do We Stand To-Day? A Speech Delivered by the Right Hon. H.H. Asquith, Prime Minister, in the House of Commons, on the 2nd November, 1915.
000430: ATKINSON, THOMAS - Miscellanies in Prose and Verse. Now first collected and arranged in three Volumes
004839: ATKINSON, EDWARD - Address of Mr. Edward Atkinson on the Export of Cotton Goods, At the Meeting of the New England Cotton Manufacturers' Association, April 26, 1876
009006: ATTERSEE (ARTIST). - Attersee Selected Works 1983-1986
008031: ATWELL, AMOS - An Address, Delivered before Mount-Vernon Lodge, on their Anniversary Election of Officers, February 22, 5800
009533: AUDEN, W.H. - Collected Shorter Poems. 1927-1957
011634: AURITZEN, PETER; ZIELCKE, ALEXANDER - Palaces of Venice
006491: AUSTIN, MARY ET AL. - Deer-Star, A Paiute Legend, in St. Nicholas For Young Folks. February 1901
011890: AVERY, MILTON (ARTIST). - Milton Avery. 25 May-18 June 1983
010748: AVERY, MILTON; ROTHKO, MARK; SCHUELER, JON (ARTISTS); HENNING, EDWARD (INTRODUCTION) - Landscapes, Interior and Exterior: Avery, Rothko, and Schueler.
011919: AYSCOUGH, REVEREND S. (COMPILER) - A Continuation of the General Index to The Monthly Review; commencing at the seventy-first, and ending with the eighty-first volume; completing the First Series of that Work. In Two Parts
006763: BABCOCK, MARY KENT DAVEY - Organs and Organ Builders of Christ Church, Boston, 1736-1945. Organists, 1736-1824
002842: BABENKO, I - Soviet Officers
002338: BACH, J.S.; PROUT, E. EDITOR - 40 Songs and Airs for Contralto and Bass. Book 1
000388: BACHELDER, PETER DOW AND MASON PHILIP SMITH - Lighthouses of Casco Bay
009500: BACHMAN, ROBERT - An Illustrated History of Waterford, Connecticut
006169: BACHMANN, BERTA - Memories of Kazakhstan: A Report on the Life Experiences of a German Woman in Russia
008854: BACON, LEONARD - Sunderland Capture and Other Poems
005812: BACON, GEORGE B. - Siam. The Land of the White Elephant. As it Was and is
010837: BADEA-PAUN, GABRIEL - The Society Portrait. From David to Warhol
006715: BADEAU, FABRICE (PREFACE) - Le Livre Sacre Des Gnostiques D'Egypte
010461: BADEAU, ADAM - Military History of Ulysses S. Grant, From April, 1861, to April, 1865. Volume 1 Only
010054: BAES, JEAN (ILLUSTRATOR). - Tours and Tourelles Historiques de la Belgique
006607: BAILEY, G. (EDITOR). - Facts for the People. Vo. 1. No. 7. November 1, 1855.
005134: BAINBRIDGE, LUCY SEAMAN - Jewels From the Orient
006346: BAIPAKOV, KARL; NASYROV, RAKIP - Along the Great Silk Road
008165: BAKER, ARTHUR M. - Hoofbeats in the Wilderness. A Tale of the Indiana Territory Before the Coming of Permanent Settlers
006127: BALABANOV, KOSTA - Macedonian Frescoes
011189: BALDWIN, WILLIAM P. (EDITOR). - Carolina Plantations. Lost Photographs from the Historic American Buildings Survey
008638: BALDWIN FAITH ET AL. - Movie Mirror. July 1934
010563: BALDWIN, JOHN B - Our Dardanelles. The Projected St. Lawrence Route.
010798: BALDWIN, GORDON ET AL - All the Mighty World. The Photographs of Roger Fenton, 1852-1860
011742: BALLANTINE, DUNCAN S - U.S. Naval Logistics in the Second World War
006402: BALLARD, J.G.; PHILLIPS, ROG ET AL. - Strange Fantasy. Spring 1970
005984: BALLARD, J.G. ET AL - Fantastic. Stories of Imagination October 1963. Volume 12 No. 12.
005528: BALLOU, MATURIN M - Due West or Round the World in Ten Months
010534: BALZAC, HONORE; STEPHENS, ANN S. ET AL - Mrs. Stephens' Illustrated New Monthly Vol. III. June to December 1857.
006596: BANERJEE, SUBHANKAR (ARTIST). - Where I Live I Hope to Know
006474: BANGS, EDWARD D - An Oration, Pronounced at Sutton, Massachusetts, July 5th, 1813, in Commemoration of American Independence
001621: BARBAULD, ANNA LAETITIA - The Works of Anna Laetitia Barbauld: with a memoir. In three volumes. VOLUME 3 ONLY
004535: BARBOUR, RALPH HENRY - Tod Hale on the Nine
010462: BARCLAY, J.T. - The City of the Great King: or Jerusalem as it was, as it is, and as it is to be.
004679: BARDON, MINNA - Murder Does Light Housekeeping
009269: BARDWELL, JOHN D. - The York Militia Company. 1642-1972
005912: BARDWELL, JOHN D. - Old York Beach. Images of America
003849: BAREHAM, T. GATRELL, S. - A Bibliography of George Crabbe
002760: BARKER, J.G. EDITOR - Masonic Chronicle and Official Bulletin of the Supreme Council 33° A.:&A.:R.: For the United States of America, Their Territories and Dependences. Vol. VI. No. 12.
007206: BARKER, RALPH - The Last Blue Mountain
004941: BARKER, JOSEPH - A Discourse Delivered in Middleborough, Mass. August 20, 1812, Being the Day of the National Fast
011656: BARLOW, MARJORIE DANA - The Elm Tree Press Woodstock Vermont. A Brief History a Bibliography
010048: BARNARD, FREDERICK A.P. - A Letter to the President of the United States. By a Refugee
006025: BARNARD, JEFF; DEUEL, JOSEPH; DUFFY, J.C. ET AL. - Bumland Magazine. Vol 1. No. 1. April 1983
010312: BARNARD, CHARLES (INTRODUCTION) - The Wonders of the Universe. A Record of the Things Wonderful and Marvelous in Nature, Science and Art.
009608: BARNES, DJUNA - Creatures in an Alphabet
008291: BARNES, PHINEAS; HOWE, HENRY M; WILLIAMS, GEORGE H. ET AL - Bulletins of the United States Geological Survey Vol. IV. Department of the Interior. 49th Congress, 2d Session. Mis. Doc. No. 163. House of Representatives
011152: BARNES, JAMES - The Hero of Erie. Oliver Hazard Perry. Young Heroes of Our Navy Series
008490: BARNES, PHINEAS; HOWE, HENRY M; WILLIAMS, GEORGE H. ET AL. - Bulletins of the United States Geological Survey Vol. III. Department of the Interior. 49th Congress, 1st Session. Mis. Doc. No. 33. House of Representatives.
009800: BARNES, KAY - Mortal Means
004331: BARNES, SARAH (DESIGNER AND EDITOR). - Columbia Yarn Book. Men's and Boys' Wear. Manual of Knitting and Crocheting. Volume 40
007864: BARNHART, RICHARD M - Along the Border of Heaven. Sung and Yuan Paintings from the C.C. Wang Family Collection
001854: BAROOSHIAN, VAHAN D. - Russian Cubo-Futurism 1910-1930. A Study in Avant-Gardism
009381: BARR, JOHN - Veterans Day, 1985.
010267: BARRAULT, JEAN-LOUIS - Brianchon. November 1959
009585: BARRON, STEPHANIE. - Exiles and Emigres: The Flight of European Artists from Hitler
006309: BARROW, JULIAN (ARTIST) - Julian Barrow. Drawn From Light. Recent Paintings by Julian Barrow
007557: BARRY, JOHN - K2. Savage Mountain, Savage Summer
007997: BARTLET, ISRAEL - An Oration on Masonry, Pronounced Before the Right Worshipful Master, Officers and Brethren of the Columbian Lodge, Nottingham; at the Festival of St. John, the Evangelist. December 27, Anno Lucis, 5800
008554: BARTLETT, JOHN R. - Census of the Inhabitants of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations 1774.
008808: BARTLETT, JOHN RUSSELL - A History of the Destruction of His Britannic Majesty's Schooner Gaspee, in Narragansett Bay, on the 10th June, 1772; Accompanied by the correspondence connected therewith; the action of the General Assembly of Rhode Island thereon, (...)
005805: BARTLETT, JOHN HENRY - The Bonus March and the New Deal
008406: BARTOSZEWSKI, WLADYSLAW - The Blood Shed Unites Us (Pages from the History of Help to the Jews of Occupied Poland).
011264: BASEHART, JACK - Italian Splendor. Great Palaces, Castles and Villas
009435: BASLER, ADOLPHE. - Henri Rousseau. (Sa Vie-Son Oeuvre).
000780: BATCHELDER, MILDRED - The Adventures of Chippybobbie and His Friend Mr. Field Mouse
006728: BATES, SAMUEL W. - Lecture on the Manifestations of Education in Different Ages. Delivered before the American Institute of Instruction, at Keene, N.H., August, 1851
005219: BATES, SAMUEL P. - The Battle of Chancellorsville
005728: BATTAGLIA, CARLO (ARTIST) - Carlo Battaglia novembre-dicembre 1985
010590: BAUDELAIRE, CHARLES - Le Spleen De Paris. Petits Poemes en Prose
004002: BAUDELAIRE, CHARLES - Les Fleurs du Mal
010180: BAUM, L. FRANK. - The Surprising Adventures of the Magical Monarch of Mo and his People
010369: BAUM, L. FRANK - The Magic of Oz.
011002: BAUM, L. FRANK - Glinda of Oz
009935: BAUMGARDNER, LISA; SCHWARTZBAUM, DEENA (PSEUDONYM) ET AL - Bikini Girl Magazine. Issue 8. 1981
004927: BAXEVENIS, JOHN J. - Economy and Population Movements In the Peloponnesos of Greece
011188: BAXTER, IAN - Images of War. The U-Boat War 1939-1945. Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives
004239: BAXTER, JAMES PHINNEY - Agamenticus, Bristol, Gorgeana, York. An Oration Delivered by the Hon. James Phinney Baxter, President of the Maine Historical Society in York, Maine, on the Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Town, Together with a Brief History of York (...)
010000: BAYNTON-WILLIAMS, ASHLEY - Town and City Maps of the British Isles 1800-1855.
008602: BAYSSIERE, PETER - Conversion of Peter Bayssiere; from the Romish Church to the Protestant Faith. In a Letter to his Children. Translated from the French
002179: BEARD, LINA AND ADELIA B. - The American Girls Handy Book. How to Amuse Yourself and Others
004657: BEARSS, EDWIN C - Historic Resource Study. Volume II of II. Charleston Navy Yard 1800-1842. Boston National Historic Park, Massachusetts
009657: BEATTIE, DONALD A.; COLE, RODNEY; WAUGH, CHARLES - A Distant War Comes Home: Maine in the Civil War Era
010222: BEATTY, JEROME - Shirley Temple
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001268: [DOD, JOHN] AND OTHERS - Thomas's Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode-Island, New-Hampshire & Vermont Almanack, with an ephemeris, for the year of our Lord 1786:[...Containing] the Bill of Rights of Massachusetts; the Sermon on Malt [...]
002381: DODD, C.H. - Interpretacion Del Cuarto Evangelio
005603: DODD, ANNA BOWMAN - Up the Seine to the Battlefields
000039: DODGE, MARY MAPES - The Land of Pluck
009106: DODGE, WILLIAM E. - Speech of Hon. William E. Dodge, of New York, on Reconstruction; delivered in the House of Representatives, January 21, 1867.
007664: DOEDERLEIN, JOHANN CHRISTOPH - Esaias ex Recensione Textus Hebraei ad Fidem Codd. Quorundam Mss et Versionum Antiquarum Latine Vertit Notasque Varii Argumenti Subjecit
011092: DOLL, THOMAS E. - Flying Leathernecks in World War II. Aero Pictorials 4
011708: DOLL, TOM. - SB2U Vindicator in Action. Aircraft Number 122
011469: DOLL, THOMAS E. - SBC Helldiver in Action. Aircraft Number 151
010119: DOMENICI, DAVIDE - The Aztecs. History and Treasures of an Ancient Civiliation
002006: DONALDSON, ALFRED L - A History of the Adirondacks. Volume 2 ONLY
005834: DOOLITTLE, BEV - Hide and Seek Suite
004401: DORMAN, CHARLES G - Delaware Cabinetmakers and Allied Artisans. 1655-1855
009964: DORMAN, SONYA - A Paper Raincoat
011845: DOS PASSOS, JOHN - First Encounter
010532: DOTY, ROBERT - Photo-Secession. Photography as a Fine Art. George Eastman House Monograph Number 1
008244: DOUGLAS, STEPHEN A. - Speech of Senator Douglas, of Illinois, Against the Admission of Kansas. Under the Lecompton Constitution. Delivered in the Senate of the United States, March 22, 1858.
010757: DOUGLAS-HAMILTON, LORD JAMES - The Truth About Rudolf Hess
007754: DOUGLASS, FREDERICK; EMERSON, RALPH WALDO; STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER; JAMES, HENRY ET AL. - The Atlantic Monthly. A Magazine of Literature, Science, Art and Politics. July to December 1866. Volume XVIII
011496: DOW, JONES AND CO. (COMPILERS) - A Decade in United States Steel
004406: DOW, JOSEPH - History of the Town of Hampton, New Hampshire. From its Settlement in 1638, to the Autumn of 1892. Two volumes in one Book
000115: DOWNEY, FAIRFAX - War Horse
003444: DOWSON, ERNEST - The Pierrot of the Minute. A Dramatic Phantasy in One Act
003971: DRAKE, ST. CLAIR; CAYTON, HORACE R.; WRIGHT, RICHARD. - Black Metropolis. A Study of Negro Life in a Northern City
004775: DRAPER, ANDREW S. - The Crucial Test of the Public School System. Abstract of an Address Delivered in Boston March 25, 1897, at the Request of the Woman's Education Association
005078: DRAPER, JOHN WILLIAM - History of the American Civil War. Volumes 1 and 2 ONLY.
011441: DRAYTON, TONY. - Kill Your Pet Puppy. First Issue. January 1980
008270: DREISHPOON, DOUGLAS. DEHM, ADOLF (ARTIST). - Watercolors and Drawings of Adolf Dehm
000712: DRENNAN, ROBERT D. - Statistics for Archaeologists: A Commonsense Approach
002926: DREW, WILLIAM A - Glimpses and Gatherings, during a Voyage and Visit to London and the Great Exhibition, in the Summer of 1851
007854: DRINKER, HENRY S. - Texts of the Vocal Works of Robert Schumann in English Translation
002127: DRISCOLL, KERRY - William Carlos Williams and the Maternal Muse
010469: DRIVER, GEORGE HIBBERT - Cape-Scapes
011048: DRIVER, LEIGH - The Lost Villages of England
006528: DROBNJAKOVIC, BORIVOJE - Habitats et Origine des Habitants. No. 36. Academie Serbe des Sciences. Classe Des Sciences Sociales. Recueil Serbe D'Ethnographie T. LXXIV
004889: DROWN, DANIEL AUGUSTUS - Idyls of Strawberry Bank. Poems
001571: DRURY, NEVILL - Images 2: Contemporary Australian Painting
003537: DRYDEN, JOHN - The Spanish Fryar: or the Double Discovery. A Comedy. Written by Mr. Dryden. Marked with the Variations in the Manager's Book, at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden
005604: DU BOYS, JEAN CHARLES - The Countess of Monte-Cristo. Being the companion to Alexander Dumas' celebrated novel of the Count of Monte-Cristo
006449: DU BOIS, W.E.B.; EASTMAN, MAX; FRAINA, LOUIS; DELL, FLOYD - The New Review. A Critical Review of International Socialism. July 1914. Vol II. No. 7
003876: DU BOIS, W.E.B. - The Crisis. A Record of the Darker Races. Vol 22. No. 1. May 1921.
009181: DUBOIS, GAYLORD; STRIKER, FRAN. - The Lone Ranger
007311: DUBUS, ANDRE - Adultery and Other Choices
006694: DUFF, HARRRY; COHEN, ARTHUR (PREFACE). - Legal Obligations in Respect to Dwellings of the Poor. International Health Exhibition Handbooks issued by Authority.
005913: DUFFY, JAMES - Portuguese Africa
008053: DUKES, RAMSEY - What I Did in My Holidays. Essay on black magic, Satanism, devil worship and other Niceties
004781: DUNCAN, ALEXANDER - The Bank's Bond-Man Answered. Speech of Mr. Duncan, On the bill making appropriations for harbors, and in reply to Mr. Bond, of Ohio. House of Representatives, July 7, 1838
011920: DUNN, STEPHEN - A Circus of Needs. Poems

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