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010872: BROWN, FRANK CHOUTEAU - New England Colonial Homes. The White Pine Series of Architectural Monographs. Volume 1 Number 2
008067: BROWN, GERALD - Murder in Plain Sight
009076: BROWN, RICK; GORTON, JULIA (ART) - Beat It! #3
011968: BROWNING, ROBERT - The Pied Piper of Hamelin
007213: BROWNING, CHARLES H. - Magna Charta Barons and Their Descendants
013974: BROWNLEE, DAVID B. - Friedrich Weinbrenner Architect of Karlsruhe. A Catalogue of the Drawings in the Architectural Archives of the University of Pennsylvania
012724: BROWNSTEIN, MICHAEL - Strange Days Ahead
010001: BRUCH, JOHANN - Weisheits-Lehre Der Hebraer. Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Der Philosophie
006984: VARIOUS AUTHORS. BRUNELLE, BILL (EDITOR) - Samsara. Vol. 1. No. 1. April 2, 1968
012607: DE BRUNHOFF, LAURENT - Babar's Visit to Bird Island
008334: BRUSH, CHRISTINE C. - The Colonel's Opera Cloak
014509: BRUSHFIELD, T.N. - Raleghana. Part V. The History of Durham House. Offprint from Transactions of the Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Science, Literature and Art, 1903
002417: BRYANT, BEVERLE; WILLIAMS JEAN - Portraits in Roses. 109 Years of Kentucky Derby Winners
011287: BRYANT, WILLIAM CULLEN (INTRODUCTION). BIDWELL, W.H. (EDITOR) - Imperial Courts of France, England, Russia, Prussia, Sardinia and Austria. Richly Illustrated with Portraits of Imperial Sovereigns and Their Cabinet Ministers; with Biographical Sketches, and an Introduction by William Cullen Bryant
009776: BRYANT, JACOB - The Sentiments of Philo Judeus Concerning the Logos, or Word of God; Together with Large Extracts from His Writings Compared with the Scriptures on Many Other Particular and Essential Doctrines of the Christian Religion
008944: BRYANT, WILLIAM CULLEN; DOLE, NATHAN HASKELL (BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH) - The Early Poems of William Cullen Bryant with Biographical Sketch
010155: BRYANT, MARIA OR RYAH (RYAN) OSBORNE BRYANT - Handwritten Journal of Writings Related to Music, Art and History. Written in Brockton, Massachusetts at Various Dates During the Early 1900s
014065: BRYSON, BILL - The Lost Continent. Travels in Small-Town America
013497: BUCHLOH, BENJAMIN H.D. - Raymond Pettibon. Here's Your Irony Back. Political Works 1975-2013
005691: BUCKLIN, SOPHRONIA E. - In Hospital and Camp. A Woman's Record of Thrilling Incidents Among the Wounded in the Late War
008589: BUDDEUS, JOHANN FRANZ (BUDDEI, IO. FRANCISCI.) - Institutiones Theologiae Dogmaticae Variis Observationibus Illustratae
010811: BUDRY, MAURICE - Trois Petits Tours Pour Les Marionettes. Les Cahiers Romands Deuxieme Serie. No. 3
011383: BUESCHEL, RICHARD M. - Mitsubishi/Nakajima G3m1/2/3 96 Rikko in Japanese Naval Air Service
004320: BUHLER, KATHRYN C.; HOOD, GRAHAM - American Silver. Garvan and Other Collections in the Yale University Art Gallery. Volume One: New England. Volume Two: Middle Colonies and the South
004391: BUHLER, KATHRYN C. - Massachusetts Silver in the Frank L. And Louise C. Harrington Collection
014103: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES, ET AL. - Los Angeles Free Press. May 24, 1974
013299: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES - While the Music Played. Sparrow 5. February 1973
014144: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES, ET AL. - Los Angeles Free Press. November 15, 1974
014119: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES, ET AL. - Los Angeles Free Press. November 9, 1974
014143: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES, ET AL. - Los Angeles Free Press. July 12, 1974
014102: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES, ET AL. - Los Angeles Free Press. August 9, 1974
014120: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES, ET AL. - Los Angeles Free Press. July 19, 1974
014078: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES, ET AL. - Los Angeles Free Press. June 14, 1974
004469: BULKELEY, HOUGHTON - Contributions to Connecticut Cabinet Making
011959: BULKLEY, CAPTAIN WILLIAM - Small Handwritten Request for a Bill to Be Paid. Dated October 12th, 1787. From Lyme (Presumed Connecticut)
014659: BULL, STEPHEN - Trench. A History of Trench Warfare on the Western Front
004999: BULS, CHARLES;TIPS, WALTER E. J. - Siamese Sketches
014471: BUMSTEAD, FREEMAN; TAYLOR, ROBERT W. - The Pathology and Treatment of Venereal Diseases
013322: BUNNING, JIM - The Story of Jim Bunning
010764: BURGESS, GELETT; IRWIN, WILL - The Picaroons
013186: BURKS, JEAN M. - Documented Furniture. An Introduction to the Collections
003681: BURLEIGH, H.T., ARRANGER - Negro Spirituals. Don't You Weep When I'm Gone
003680: BURLEIGH, H.T., ARRANGER - Negro Spirituals. Balm in Gilead
012797: BURR, FRANK A.; HINTON, RICHARD J. - Little Phil" and His Troopers. The Life of Gen. Philip H. Sheridan. Its Romance and Reality
005784: BURRAGE, HENRY S. - Maine at Louisburg in 1745
014788: BURROUGHS, WILLIAM S. - Cobblestone Gardens
014231: BURROUGHS, EDGAR RICE - Thuvia, Maid of Mars
013489: BURROUGHS, WILLIAM - Nova Express
005214: BURTCH, MICHAEL (CURATOR). VARIOUS AUTHORS - Jack Bush. Hymn to the Sun, Early Work
013840: BURTON, ROBERT - The Anatomy of Melancholy. The Classics of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Library
008096: BURTON, ASA - Essays on Some of the First Principles of Metaphysicks, Ethicks and Theology
007733: BUSCHING, D. ANTON FRIDERICH (FRIEDERICH) - Auszug Aus Seiner Erdbeschreibung. Erster Theil, Welcher Europa Und Den Nordlichen Theil Von Asia Enthalt
010403: BUSH, EMMA C. (DESCRIPTIVE CAPTIONS) - Art Photographs of the World and the Columbian Exposition. An Album of Rare Photographs of the Wonders of the Universe
014121: BUTLER, HARRY - Dna 11. End of May 1980
014044: BUTLER, HARRY - Dna No. 7. Late Feb. 1980. Special Perth Punk Issue
011245: BUTLER, GERALD - The Military History of Boston's Harbor Islands. Images of America Series
010934: BUTLER, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN - Anniversary Discourse, Delivered Before the Albany Institute, April 23, 1830
014131: BUTLER, HARRY - Dna 12. June 1980
014093: BUTLER, HARRY - Dna 10. May 1980
014071: BUTLER, HARRY - Dna No. 8 and 9. March and April 1980
014330: BUTTERWORTH, HEZEKIAH - Zigzag Journeys in Northern Lands. The Rhine to the Arctic
010061: BUTTERWORTH, HEZEKIAH - Zigzag Journeys in the Orient. The Adriatic to the Baltic. A Journey of the Zigzag Club from Vienna to the Golden Horn, the Euxine, Moscow and St. Petersburg
012559: BUTZ, RICHARD; MONTAGUE, JOHN - Building the Weekend Skiff
010331: BYNNER, WITTER - Book of Lyrics
002783: BYRON, LORD - Manfred. A Tragedy
007329: LORD BYRON ET AL. - The European Magazine for May 1814
007328: LORD BYRON ET AL. - The European Magazine for March, 1817
012685: COLEY, BYRON ET AL. - Take It! 5 Star Issue
008071: DE CAMP, L. SPRAGUE; WALTON, BRYCE; PETAJA, EMIL; CLARKE, ARTHUR C. ET AL. - Future Science Fiction. January 1952
014285: HILLYER, ROBERT; WIDDEMAR, MARGARET; ADDISON, MEDORA C. ET AL. - The Lyric. February 1922. Vol. 2 No. 2
006025: BARNARD, JEFF; DEUEL, JOSEPH; DUFFY, J.C. ET AL. - Bumland Magazine. Vol 1. No. 1. April 1983
012125: BEAM, PHILIP C. ET AL. - Winslow Homer in the 1890s. Prout's Neck Observed
004935: NO AUTHOR GIVEN (F.M.C.) - Kitty: A Lancashire Story and Other Stories
007177: CACCHIONE, PETER V. - Wall Street on the Warpath
006452: CAFFIN, CHARLES H. - Photography As a Fine Art. The Achievements and Possiblities of Photographic Art in America
004971: CAIRNES, J.E. - The Slave Power: Its Character, Career, and Probable Designs: Being an Attempt to Explain the Real Issues Involved in the American Contest
010523: CALCAGNO, LAWRENCE (ARTIST). VARIOUS AUTHORS - Lawrence Calcagno. Retrospective Exhibition April 2-May 9, 1967
014236: CALDECOTT, RANDOLPH - The Milk-Maid (Milkmaid). An Old Song Exhibited and Explained
014746: CALDER, ALEXANDER (ARTIST) - Calder. Recent Gouaches-Early Mobiles
006444: CALDWELL, ANNE; KERN, JEROME (COMPOSER) - In Love with Love. Charles Dillingham Presents Fred Stone in the Stepping Stones with Dorothy Stones. Raggedy Ann and Andy Cover
009043: CALDWELL, ERSKINE - Tobacco Road. A Facsimile of the Final Chapter. Number One in a Series of Manuscript Facsimiles
013778: CAPTAIN CALLOUS; EDDIE SNIDE; PIG IGNORANT - Grinding Halt. Number 6
013777: CAPTAIN CALLOUS; EDDIE SNIDE; PIG IGNORANT - Grinding Halt. Number 10
014316: CALLOW, PHILIP - Vincent Van Gogh. A Life
002889: CALVIN, JACK - Square-Rigged
009081: CAMERER, DAVE - Golf with the Masters. The Secret to Better Golf
006521: DE CAMP, L. SPRAGUE; BYRNE, S.J. - Other Worlds Science Stories. October 1952. Volume 4, No. 7
014632: CAMPBELL, CRAIG - Trash '77 No. 2 May 1977
014763: CANDAGE, DOROTHY H. - A Record of Early American Wall Stencils Found in Blue Hill, Maine and Nearby
009132: CANNING, JOSIAH DEAN - Connecticut River Reeds Blown by the Peasant Bard. Poetry of Farm and Rural Life
001906: CANTARELLA, EVA - Pandora's Daughters: The Role and Status of Women in Greek and Roman Antiquity
004805: CANTOR, NATHANIEL - Crime
004560: CAPES, BERNARD - At a Winter's Fire
013764: CAPOTE, TRUMAN - A Christmas Memory
014077: CARACCIOLO, ROBERTO (ARTIST) - Roberto Caracciolo. Paintings and Works on Paper: The First Us Exhibition
011123: CARBONE, TERESA (EDITOR). VARIOUS AUTHORS - Youth and Beauty. Art of the American Twenties
013648: CARD, CLAUDIA - The Unnatural Lottery: Character and Moral Luck
006164: CARDARELLI, JOE - From the Maine Book
011936: CARERI, GIOVANNI - Baroques
013763: CAREY, PETER - Oscar and Lucinda
002728: CAREY, M[ATTHEW] - Vindiciae Hibernicae; or Ireland Vindicated: An Attempt to Develop and Expose a Few of the Multifarious Errors and Misrepresentations Respecting Ireland, in the Histories of May, Temple, Whitelock, Borlace, Rushworth, Clarendon, Cox, Carte, Leland, [... ]
013192: SPRINGWOLF (CAREY, VICKIE) - Pagan Metaphysics 101. The Beginning of Enlightenment
004780: CAREY, ROSA NOUCHETTE - Averil. The Arm Chair Library. No. 8
011105: CAREY, ALAN C. - We Flew Alone. United States Navy B-24 Squadrons in the Pacific. February 1943-September 1944
004792: CARLETON, MARCIA W. - Silas Deane 1737-1789
006020: JOYCE, JAMES; STEIN, GERTRUDE; WILLIAMS, WILLIAM CARLOS ET AL. LACHAISE, GASTON (ARTIST) - Hound and Horn. July-September 1932. Volume V. Number 4
005406: MACLEOD, NORMAN; WILLIAMS, WILLIAM CARLOS ET AL. - Golden Goose. Series 3 Number 4. May 1952
009859: CARLSON, GARY R. - Pennsylvania Short Lines in Color. Volume Two
005701: CARLYLE, THOMAS - On Heroes, Hero-Worship, and the Heroic in History. Six Lectures, Reported, with Emendations and Additions
005159: CARLYLE, THOMAS - The French Revolution. A History. Three Volumes Bound in One
011082: CARMEN, RUTH - Storm Child
006852: CARONE, NICHOLAS (ARTIST). BERKSON, BILL - Nicholas Carone. Paintings from the 1950's. February 2-March 31, 2012
013164: CARPENTER, JOHONET HALSTED - The Well of Understanding
013698: CARPENTER, FRANK G. - Australia, New Zealand, and Some Islands of the South Seas. Australia, New Zealand, Thursday Island, the Samoas, New Guinea, the Fijis, and the Tongas. Carpenter's World Travels
007559: CARPENTER, EDWARD (EDITOR). VARIOUS AUTHORS - Iolaus. An Anthology of Friendship
005832: CARRANCO, LYNWOOD; SORENSON, HENRY L. - Steam in the Redwoods
014016: CARRERA, JOHN M. - A Sample from the Engraved Images from Dictionaries of the Merriam-Webster Co. Comprising the Authentic Pictorial Webster's with Accounts Concerning Engravers and Their Craft, the Creation of This Edition, and a Source of Creativity in the Human Brain
010361: CARROLL, LEWIS - Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There
006781: DES CARS, A. - A Treatise on Pruning Forest and Ornamental Trees
012121: CARSON, SIR EDWARD - The War on German Submarines. Sir Edward Carson on the British Navy's Success
013768: CARVIC, HERON - Picture Miss Seeton
006154: LAS CASES, COUNT - The Military and Political Life, Character and Anecdotes of Napoleon Bonaparte, from His Origin to His Death on the Rock of St. Helena (... )
007291: DE LA CASES, COUNT - The Life, Exile, and Conversations of the Emperor Napoleon. Volume III Only
006363: DE LAS CASES, COMTE; O'MEARA, M.M. - Memorial de Sainte-Helene Par le Cte de Las Cases: Suivi de Napoleon Dans L'Exil, Par M.M. O'Meara Et Antomarchi, Et D L'Historique de la Translation Des Restes Mortels de L'Empereur Napoleon Aux Invalides. Two Volumes
000174: CASEY, MICHAEL - Obscenities
014357: CASEY, SILAS, BRIGADIER GENERAL - Infantry Tactics, for the Instruction, Exercise, and Manoeuvres of the Soldier, a Company, Line of Skirmishers, Battalion, Brigade or Corps D'Armee. Volume III Only. Evolutions of a Brigade and Corps D'Armee
014180: SCOTT, WINFIELD TOWNLEY; BLOOM, EDWARD A.; THOMSON, M.S.; RALEIGH, CASSANDRA ET AL. - Nucleus. A Little Magazine. Third Issue. Winter, 1954
014115: CASTELLI, LEO - Jasper Johns. 35 Years
010203: CASTLE, ALISON (EDITOR) - Billy Wilder's Some Like It Hot. The Funniest Film Ever Made: The Complete Book
012008: CASTRO, FIDEL - Speech at the Mass Rally in Celebration of the Fourth Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution
005943: CATALANI, VINCENZO - L'Ami Du Beau Sexe, Ou Nouvelles Reflexions Sur L'Influence Des Femmes Dans le Societe, Et Sur Leur Education. Tome Trois. Catechisme de Medecine Domestique, Relative Aux Enfans
001743: BISHIR, CATHERINE AND LAWRENCE EARLEY, EDITORS - Early Twentieth-Century Suburbs in North Carolina. Essays on History, Architecture and Planning
012197: CAWTHON, RICHARD J. PACE, SHERRY (PHOTOGRAPHER) - Victorian Houses of Mississippi
014518: CAZOTTE, JACQUES. SUTTON, ERIC (TRANSLATOR) - A Thousand and One Follies and His Most Unlooked-for Lordship
006131: TWAIN, MARK; JAMES, HENRY; EMERSON, RALPH WALDO; WHITTIER, JOHN G.; THAXTER, CELIA ET AL. - The Atlantic Monthly. Volume XXXVII. January-June 1876
014366: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER; HAMILTON, GAIL; THAXTER, CELIA ET AL. HOMER, WINSLOW (ARTIST) - Our Young Folks. An Illustrated Magazine for Boys and Girls. January-December, 1867. Bound Volume, Complete
013609: VERNE, JULES; THAXTER, CELIA ET AL. - Scribner's Monthly, an Illustrated Magazine for the People. December, 1874
013749: JAMES, HENRY; TURGENEV, IVAN; THAXTER, CELIA ET AL. - Scribner's Monthly. An Illustrated Monthly for the People. May 1876 to October 1876
009428: CENDRARS, BLAISE - Complete Poems
006595: CERNUSCHI, HENRI (ENRICO) - Bi-Metallism at 15 ½. A Necessity for the Continent, for the United States, for England
005710: CERVANTES, MIGUEL DE. JARVIS, CHARLES (TRANSLATOR) - Adventures of Don Quixote de la Mancha
007089: DE CERVANTES, MIGUEL - El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha. (Don Quixote). Two Volumes
012601: CERVANTES - L'Ingenieux Chevalier Don Quichotte de la Manche. (Don Quixote)
013724: CEZANNE, PAUL (ARTIST). SCHMIDT, GEORG (INTRODUCTION) - Water-Colours by Paul Cezanne
014034: LI-CH'EN, TUN - Annual Customs and Festivals in Peking
004910: CHADWICK, JAMES R. - Peristalsis of the Genital Tract, and a New Theory to Explain Relaxation of the Vaginal Outlet During Labor. Reprint from Volume X Gynecological Transactions
014150: CHAFETZ, SID (ARTIST) - Perpetrators. A Selection of Original Prints by Sid Chafetz
011609: CHAGALL, MARC (ARTIST). ELUARD, PAUL (POEM) - Hommage a Marc Chagall Pour Ses Quatre-Vingts Ans. 250 Gravures Originales 1922-1967
006695: CHAKI, YEHOUDA (ARTIST) - Chaki. Three Decades
007975: CHAKRAVARTY, KALYAN KUMAR - Orchha. Art of India
014225: CHALEFF, PAUL (ARTIST) - Paul Chaleff. Fire Forms
005502: CHALLICE, A.E. - Memories of French Palaces
006298: CHAMBERLAIN, JACOB CHESTER; LIVINGSTON, LUTHER S. - A Bibliography of the First Editions in Book Form of the Writings of James Russell Lowell
013233: CHAMPFLEURY - Chien-Caillou
010623: CHIH-YI; CHAN, PLATO - The Good-Luck Horse
012971: CHANCELLOR, E. BERESFORD - Lost London. Being a Description of Landmarks Which Have Disappeared Pictured by J. Crowther Circa 1879-87
005333: CHANDLER, PELEG W. (EDITOR) - The Law Reporter. A Monthly Journal for the Legal Profession. May 1847-April 1848. Volume X.
012570: CHANNING, WILLIAM E. - The Works of William E. Channing, D.D. . Volume 2 Only. Fourth Complete Edition, with an Introduction
010148: CHANTER, PHYLLIS - Saltfleet and Other Poems
014306: VAULBERT DE CHANTILLY, MARC - Robert Harding Evans of Pall Mall Auction Catalogues 1812-1846
004066: CHAPIN, WILLIAM - Memoir of Mrs. Susan Howard, Late of the South American Mission. With Extracts from Her Journal and Letters
011856: CHAPLIN, W.J. (EDITOR). VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Michigan Freemason. A Monthly Magazine Devoted to Masonry and Its Literature. April 1872. Vol. III. No. X.
011912: CHAPLIN, W.J. (EDITOR). VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Michigan Freemason. A Monthly Magazine Devoted to Masonry and Its Literature. September 1871. Vol. III. No. III
011972: CHAPLIN, W.J. (EDITOR). VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Michigan Freemason. A Monthly Magazine Devoted to Masonry and Its Literature. March 1872. Vol. III. No. IX
014467: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES ET AL. - Los Angeles Free Press September 13, 1974
010658: SIMIC, CHARLES ET AL. - Manassas Review. Essays on Contemporary American Poetry. Charles Simic. Vol 1. No. 2. Winter 1978
014155: VAN ORDEN, ROBERT CHARLES ET AL. - Integrity. November 1971. Volume 4, Number 1
014481: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES ET AL. - Los Angeles Free Press May 10, 1974
012735: DICKENS, CHARLES ET AL. - Arthur's Home Magazine. October 1854. Vol. IV. , No. 4. With Chapters XXVI-XXXVII of Hard Times by Charles Dickens
010809: BUKOWSKI, CHARLES ET AL. MORRIS, RICHARD (EDITOR) - Camels Coming Newsletter No. 1. May 1972
014296: VAN ORDEN, ROBERT CHARLES ET AL. - Integrity. December 1971. Volume 4, Number 12
014526: VAN ORDEN, ROBERT CHARLES ET AL. - Integrity. December 1971. Volume 4, Number 12
005348: WHITTLESLEY, CHARLES ET AL. - Lake Komon Iron Property. Bound with: Property of the Magnetic Iron Co. , Ashland County, Wisconsin
006488: REYNOLDS, MACK; MYERS, CHARLES ET AL. - Fantastic Adventures. June 1950
014421: AQUILINA, CHARLES ET AL. - Elizabethtown and Union County. A Pictorial History
007165: PHILLIPS, ROG; STORM, MALLORY; CREIGHTON, CHARLES ET AL. - Amazing Stories. January, 1953. Volume 27, Number 1
005069: CHARLOTTE, CATHERINE (LADY JACKSON) - The First of the Bourbons 1589-1595. Two Volumes
014583: CHASE, JUDTIH WRAGG - Afro-American Art and Craft
014207: CHASKI, JAMES AREVALO MEREJILDO - The Awakening of the Puma. Initiation Path. Evidences of Archeo Astronomy in the Andes
012828: CHATTERTON, E. KEBLE - Ships and Ways of Other Days
010021: CHEKHOV, ANTON - Nine Humorous Tales
011945: CHELL, EDWARD (ARTIST) - Edward Chell. Vanishing Point. Recent Paintings
004130: CHENEY, CORA. KEATS, EZRA JACK (ILLUSTRATOR) - The Peg-Legged Pirate of Sulu
002869: CHERUBINI, ARNALDO - Una Malattia Fra Romanticismo E Decadenza
007610: MOFFETT, CLEVELAND. HASSAM, CHILDE AND KEMBLE, E.W. (ILLUSTRATORS) - St. Nicholas for Young Folks. March 1901. Volume XXVIII, Number 5
009451: NO AUTHOR GIVEN (A LOVER OF CHILDREN) - The Little Warbler of the Cottage, and Her Dog Constant
012025: AUSTIN, MARY; LOWELL, AMY; MORLEY, CHRISTOPHER ET AL. - The Bookman. August, 1921
008979: CHURCHILL, WINSTON, ET AL. - Liberty. May 31, 1941
013795: CHWAST, SEYMOUR; GLASER, MILTON (ARTISTS) - Works of Seymour Chwast. Works of Milton Glaser
004635: CIARDI, JOHN. GOREY, EDWARD (ILLUSTRATOR) - The Man Who Sang the Sillies
012805: CIARDI, JOHN - The King Who Saved Himself from Being Saved
013867: CLAIRMONT, CORWIN (ARTIST) - Corwin Clairmont. Halfway between Here and There
009697: CLAMPITT, AMY - Mad with Joy or "a Guilty Thing Surprized. " a Chronicle in Two Acts
007585: CLARETIE, JULES; CAIN, HENRI; MASSENET, J. (MUSIC) - La Navarraise. Episode Lyrique En 2 Actes
012837: CLARK, GEOFFREY E. - Abandoned in the Arctic. Adolphus W. Greely and the Lady Franklin Bay Expedition, 1881-1884
006767: BLAZEK, DOUG; BAKER, CLARK ET AL. - The Green Horse for Poetry. Vol. 1. No. 3
009936: CLARK, GORDON - Sarah's Gorilla
000227: CLARK, TOM - Disordered Ideas
010016: CLARK, WALTER; RIDLAND, JOHN (EDITOR) - The Little Square Review. Number 1. Nineteen Poems by Walter Clark
014243: CLARK, KENNETH - An Introduction to Rembrandt
007304: CLARKE, ABRAHAM L. - A Discourse, Occasioned by the Death of General George Washington, at Mount Vernon, Dec. 14, 1799
003667: CLARKE, J. MASTELLA, TRANSLATOR - Mexican Tariff and Custom-House Laws
014192: CLARKE, DR. ADAM; FIELD, JULIUS - Epitome of the Jewish History, Etc. Abridged from Dean Prideaux; the African Valley; Death Bed of a Modern Free Thinker; the Happy Death of an Orphan; Instructions for Children: Intended for the Use of the Methodist Societies; Reformed Edward
011197: CLARKE, J. ERSKINE (EDITOR) - Chatterbox for 1881
006315: CLARKE, ARTHUR C. - Worlds of If Science Fiction. February 1957
008047: CLARKE, SAMUEL - The Works of Samuel Clarke, D.D. Late Rector of St. James's Westminster. In Four Volumes
013264: CLARKE, ELIOT C. - Suggestions on Sewerage. Paper on Sewerage (Cover Title)
013570: CLARKE, MICHAEL; THOMPSON, RICHARD - Monet. The Seine and the Sea 1878-1883
014777: COCKBURN, CLAUDE ET AL. - New Masses December 23, 1941
004622: CLAYFORD, JAMES - Wanton by Night
011473: CLEAVELAND, PARKER - An Elementary Treatise on Mineralogy and Geology, Designed for the Use of Pupils-for Persons, Attending Lectures on These Subjects-and As a Companion for Travelers in the United States of America. Two Volumes Bound As One
013104: CLEGG, ELIZABETH - Art, Design, and Architecture in Central Europe 1890-1920
008019: CLELAND, ROBERT - Barbara Allan. The Provost's Daughter. Once a Week Library. July, 1890. Vol. 1. No. 22
010378: CLEMENS, SHERRARD - State of the Union. Speech of Hon. Sherrard Clemens, of Virginia, in the House of Representatives, January 22, 1861
012743: CLEMENT, HAL (STUBBS, HARRY C.) - The Essential Hal Clement. Volume 3. Variations on a Theme by Sir Isaac Newton
007093: CLOQUET, M. JULES - Recollections of the Private Life of Lafayette. Volume 1 Only
012903: CLOUZOT, HENRI; MORRIS, FRANCES - Painted and Printed Fabrics. The History of the Manufactory at Jouy and Other Ateliers in France 1760-1815. Notes on the History of Cotton Printing Especially in England and America
013864: CLYMER, W.B. SHUBRICK; GREEN, CHARLES R. - Robert Frost. A Bibliography
013692: CLYNE, GERALDINE - The Jolly Jump-Ups on the Farm
006278: SINES MANUFACTURING CO - A Thousand Facts for the Family Circle
014358: COATES, HAROLD WILSON - Stories of Kentucky Feuds. Guns Bark in Breathitt
008054: COATES, WALTER JOHN (EDITOR); VARIOUS AUTHORS - Driftwind. A Magazine of Verse. March, 1940. Vol. XIV, No. 9
013024: COBLENTZ, STANTON A. - From the Golden Gate Bridge
006188: COBURN, SILAS R. - Across the Ferry. A Description of a Journey Across the Atlantic, Including Incidents of the Voyage and Visits to England, Scotland and Ireland
008670: COCHRANE, W.R. - History of Francestown, N.H. , from Its Earliest Settlement April, 1758, to January 1, 1891. With a Brief Genealogical Record of All the Francestown Families
010251: COE, MERWIN; AUSTIN, CAROLYN; GREENBERG, JACK, ET AL. - L'Alouette: A Magazine of Verse. November, 1933
014633: COFFEY, JOHN W. - Twilight of Arcadia. American Landscape Painters in Rome, 1830-1880
005748: COFFIN, CHARLES CARLETON - Marching to Victory. The Second Period of the War of the Rebellion Including the Year 1863
010134: COFFIN, CHARLES CARLETON - The Boys of '76. A History of the Battles of the Revolution
005817: COGSWELL, LEANDER - A History of the Eleventh New Hampshire Regiment Volunteer Infantry in the Rebellion War 1861-1865
013353: COHEN, COLIN; BARKER, NICHOLAS - The James Mcbey Collection of Watermarked Paper
009066: COLBY, FORREST H. - Forest Protection and Conservation in Maine
008495: COLE, AARON B.; WILLIS, J.L.M. (EDITORS) - History of the Centennial of the Incorporation of the Town of Eliot Maine. August 7th-13th, 1910
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004681: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - A Short Description of the Firm Martinus Nijhoff. Bookseller and Publisher Established 1853
014639: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Report of the Commission to Investigate the Question of the Increase of Criminals, Mental Defectives, Epileptics and Degenerates. January, 1911
011833: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Dr. Ward's Vegetable Asthmatic Pills, Small Broadside Advertisement
011424: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Beyond Horizons. Air Expo '91. Nas So. Weymouth Sept. 7 and 8, 1991
002366: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Rube Jokes. Full of Hayseed
005191: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - The Railroad Agents Association of New England 13th Annual Excursion Advertisment
011016: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Theater Program for the First Week of the Annual Boston Engagement of Dewolf Hopper and His Merry Company, Presenting His Latest Comic Opera Success, Dr. Syntax. Week of February 11, 1895. Tremont Theatre, Boston
008719: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Ransom's Family Receipt Book 1887
006329: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Exhibition and Public Sale on the Premises of 9 Lexington Avenue, New York. Furniture and Furnishings Belonging to the Late Erskine Hewitt. American and French Furniture, Table Porcelains and Glass, Prints, Drawings, Paintings, Textiles and Other Property
010718: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Build a Railway Station. Press out Paper Model
010719: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis to Central Trust Company of New York and William Taussig. General Mortgage. The Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway Company and the Missouri Pacific Railway Company and Others
008884: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Harvard College Class of 1915. Twenty Fifth Anniversary Report
002375: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Automobile and Machinery Illustrations. Made by the Caxton Company Designers, Engravers, Printers and Photographers
005089: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Corvette 1966-72 Shop Manual. Tune-Up and Maintenance Guide
005142: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Kansas Affairs. Resolves of the Legislature of the State of Ohio in Reference to Kansas Affairs. January 30, 1858. 35th Congress 1st Session. House of Representatives. Mis. Doc. No. 37
013756: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Annual Report of St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company for the Year Ended December 31, 1940. Frisco Lines
008881: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Mccall Fashions. March 1916
005552: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Report of the Congressional Committee on the Operations of the Army of the Potomac. Causes of Its Inaction and ILL Success. Its Several Campaigns. Why Mcclellan Was Removed. The Battle of Fredericksburg. Removal of Burnside. The Tribune War Tracts No. 1
011416: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Flight Manual for B-24 Liberator
013954: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - St. Albans Antibof. #2. Punks V. St. Albans Issue
005602: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - The Story of the Jewish Labor Bund 1897-1997: A Centennial Exhibition
009302: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Centaur Almanac 1875
010177: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Artwall March-September 2000
004725: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Democratic Quarterly Review. Vol. 1, No. 1. January, 1924
008916: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - In the Country ABC
006171: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - The Christian Almanack, for the Year of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, 1824. No. IV-Vol I.
014517: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Servicio Militar Obligatorio En Cuba Roja. Ediciones F.O. R.D. C. No. 3
009919: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - S.S. United States First Class Deck Plans
014734: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Vanderbilt's Candy Church. The Kings of the Kitchen
013421: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Toronto Anarchist. May 1978. Vol. 1. No. 3
008163: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Learn How to Be a Handcuff King and Mystery Man. Baffling Tricks of Mystery. No. 1178
005620: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - American Silver. The Work of Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Silversmiths. Exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts June to November, 1906
014099: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Document Authorizing the Award of the Decoration Du Lys (Decoration of the Lily). 1814
012622: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - The American Architect Specification Manual. Volume 2. 1920
013446: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Women in the Federal Service
013442: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - The Album of London Views
013440: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Keristan Social Standards. Behavioral Norms for Participants in the Gestalt-O-Rama Groth Process
013435: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Theosophical Quarterly. April 1911. Vol. 8, No. 4
003595: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - The Present War with Russia. Part 34
006816: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Annahmeschreiben Des Republikanischen Prasidentschafts-Candidaten General James A. Garfield. (Caption Title)

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