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011821: EKWALL, EILERT. - Studies on English Place-Names
007124: ELDREDGE, LAURENCE HOWARD - The Development of Freedom of the Press in Colonial America. Address before the Society of Colonial Wars in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania March 14, 1940. Volume V. No. 4. 1940
011603: ELIASOPH, PHILIP; VICKREY, ROBERT (ARTIST) - Robert Vickrey. Imaginary Realities.
012106: ELIOT, T.S - The Cultivation of Christmas Trees
007795: ELIOT, WILLIAM (GREENLEAF). - The Discipline of Sorrow
007509: ELIOT, T.S. - The Complete Poems and Plays
000282: ELIZABETH, CHARLOTTE - Floral Biography; or chapters on Flowers
009620: ELLENZWEIG, ALLEN - The Homoerotic Photograph. Male images from Durieu/Delacroix to Mapplethorpe
008620: ELLIOTT, HOWARD - Address to the Lotos Club of New York. December 13, 1913
005718: ELLIS, EDWARD S - The Life Story of Admiral Dewey. Together with a Complete History of the Philippines and our War with Aguinaldo
007674: ELLIS, SARAH STICKNEY - Pique. A Novel
006798: ELLIS, GEORGE B - Address Delivered at the Consecration of the Woodlawn Cemetery in Chelsea and Malden. On Wednesday, July 2, 1851
006328: ELLISON, HARLAN, PIPER, H. BEAM ET AL. - Amazing Stories. May 1957. Vol. 31 No. 5.
005916: ELLISON, HARLAN ET AL. - Amazing Stories. August 1957. Vol. 31. No. 8.
005915: ELLISON, HARLAN ET AL. - Amazing Stories. September 1957. Vol. 31. No. 9
006789: ELLISON, HARLAN; WILLIAMSON, JACK; BRADLEY, MARION ZIMMER; DICKSON, GORDON ET AL. - Fantastic Science Fiction. Volume 8, Number 4. All Star Issue. April, 1959
007756: ELMES, JAMES - The Arts and the Artists, or Anecdotes and Relics of the Schools of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Three Volumes
007875: ELSON, LOUIS - The History of American Music. Revised to 1925
010714: ELY, ZEBULON - The Wisdom and Duty of Magistrates. A Sermon Preached at the General Election, May 10th 1804
007040: ELY, TALFOURD - An Old Watch and its Maker
009607: EMANUEL, FRANK L. - The Illustrators of Montmartre
010435: EMECHETA, BUCHI - The Slave Girl
008014: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO; HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL; STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER; HAMILTON, GAIL; HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL; HOWE, MRS. JULIA WARD ET AL. - The Atlantic Monthly. A Magazine of Literature, Art and Politics. January-June, 1863. Volume XI
002382: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO - Representative Men. Seven Lectures
008659: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO - Essays. Second Series. New and Revised Edition
009482: EMERSON, RUTH; GREENWAY, FLORENCE PHILPOTT - Rollinsford's Heritage 1623-1976.
007831: EMERSON, WILLIAM - An Oration Pronounced July 5, 1802, at the Request of the Inhabitants of the Town of Boston, in Commemoration of the Anniversary of American Independence
010178: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO; HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL; STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER; HAMILTON, GAIL; HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL; HOWE, MRS. JULIA WARD ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly. A Magazine of Literature, Art and Politics. January-June, 1863. Volume XI
007708: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO; DICKENS, CHARLES; HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL; STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER; HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL; JAMES, HENRY; THAXTER, CELIA ET AL. - The Atlantic Monthly. A Magazine of Literature, Science, Art and Politics. Volume XXI. January to June 1868
006496: EMERY, KEMBE; MOUCKOUNAY, SIMON; PROSPER, MILAMBO; LEON, KABWIKA; TSHITENGE, MUANA ET AL. - Malu Etu. Bulletin de Kabinda. December 1957. No. 12
009757: EMHARDT, MARY C; WILLIAMS, LOUISE F. (EDITORS). - Barrington New Hampshire 1722-1972
004856: EMMANUEL, PIERRE - Tombeau D'Orphee Fragment. "Poesie 41."
012331: ENGLEBACH, R.; PETRIE, H. FLINDERS; PETRIE, W.M. FLINDERS. - Riqqeh and Memphis VI. British School of Archaeology in Egypt and Egyptian Research Account. Nineteenth Year, 1913
001120: ENSIGN, LT. ERIC S. - Intelligence in the Rum War at Sea, 1920-1933. With an introduction by Admiral Robert E. Kramek. Edited by Russell G. Swenson.
007088: ENSLIN, THEODORE; LEVINE, PHILIP; GRIER ELDON; BIRNEY, EARLE ET AL - New American and Canadian Poetry (No. 1 Sept. 1966).
009282: ENSLIN, THEODORE. - 2 Plus 12
010280: ENSLIN, THEODORE - Songs W/Out Notes
009891: ENTWISTLE, KEITH. - Holt. An Illustrated History. Volume I 1900-1920s.
003725: EOGAN, GEORGE - The Archaeology of Brugh Na Boinne During the Early Centuries A.D.
001705: ERICKSON, KATHLEEN POWERS - At Eternity's Gate: The Spiritual Vision of Vincent Van Gogh
001707: ERIKSON, JOAN MOWAT - Saint Francis And His Four Ladies
006623: ERNST, PAUL - Die Selige Insel. Ein Roman
012055: ERNST, JIMMY (ARTIST) - Jimmy Ernst
012110: ERTEL, IVAN D.; MORSE, MARY LOUISE - The Apollo Spacecraft. A Chronology. Volume 1, Through November 7, 1962
000015: ESHLEMAN, CLAYTON - Antiphonal Swing. Selected prose, 1962/1987
010651: ESTEN, JOHN - Thomas Eakins. The Absolute Male
010400: ESTRADA, ADOLFO - Adolfo Estrada. Noviembre 1985
011000: EVANS, ROBLEY D - An Admiral's Log. Being Continued Recollections of Naval Life
012028: EVANS, CHARLES - Kangchenjunga. The Untrodden Peak
003874: EVANS, WALKER, PHOTOGRAPHER, ET AL. - Hound and Horn. April-June 1933. Volume VI Number 3
009528: EVERETT, GRAHAM - Nothing Left to Fake. A Great American 4 Page Novel
007829: EVERETT, JAMES - The Wall's End Miner; or a Brief Memoir of the Life of William Crister: including an account of the Catastrophe of June 18th, 1835
012117: EVERSON, WILLIAM; BROTHER ANTONINUS - The Residual Years. Poems 1934-1948. The Pre-Catholic Poems of Brother Antoninus
008149: FAERNA, JOSE MARIA. - Braque. Great Modern Masters
011067: FAHLMAN, BETSY. - Guy Pene du Bois. Painter of Modern Life
004955: FAHLMAN, BETSY ET AL - A Tricentennial Celebration: Norfolk 1682-1982
011586: FAIRBANKS, AVARD - Century of Progress Exposition Chicago 1933. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon)
004432: FAIRHOLT, F.W - Costume in England: A History of Dress From the Earliest Period till the Close of the Eighteenth Century. To Which is Appended an Illustrated Glossary of Terms for all Articles of Use or Ornament Worn About the Person
004717: FALCONER, EDMUND - The Husband of an Hour. An Original Drama, In two periods. French's Standard Drama No. CCC
009322: FALK, RANDOLPH - Bufano
005449: FALK, STANLEY - Bataan: The March of Death
010663: FANCHER, LISA, (ASSISTANT EDITOR); MORRIS, BOB (EDITOR). - Street Life. Vol 2. No. 2
011523: FAREWELL, PAT (EDITOR) - Punk Rock Stars. July, 1978. Collector's Issue Number 8
003293: FARRAR, FREDERIC W - The Life of Christ. Five Volumes Complete
003832: FARREN, ROBERT - This Man was Ireland. The Song of Colmcille, the Exile. A Poem
008369: FAULKNER, ALARIC;FAULKNER, GRETCHEN FEARON - The French at Pentagoet, 1635-1674: An Archaeological Portrait of the Acadian Frontier
006089: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - Jealousy and Episode. In Faulkner Studies Winter 1954. Vol. III, No. 4.
009889: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - Father Abraham
009172: FAUROTE, F.L. - A Busy Man's Textbook on Automobiles
006443: FAWCETT, EDGAR - A Hopeless Case
006691: FEARN, JOHN RUSSELL; FLAGG, FRANCIS; LEINSTER, MURRAY ET AL. - Startling Stories. Fall 1945. Vol. 12. No. 3.
011823: FEDER, MORRIS - Reflections in a Prison Cell
009228: FEILER, LILY - Marina Tsvetaeva: The Double Beat of Heaven and Hell
008277: FEIST, PETER H - French Impressionism 1860-1920
008794: FELLOWS, HENRY PARKER - Boating Trips on New England Rivers.
003322: FENTON, WILLAM N - An Herbarium From the Allegany Senecas
009403: FERAND, ERNEST T. - Die Improvisation. In Beispielen aus Neun Jahrhunderten Abendlandischer Musik
010597: FERBER, LINDA S. RICHARDS, WILLIAM TROST (ARTIST) - Watercolors by William Trost Richards
003886: FICKLIN, O.B. - Speech of Hon. O.B.. Ficklin, of Illinois, on the Oregon Question. Delivered in the House of Representatives, Friday, February 6, 1846
009802: FIELD, EUGENE - A Little Book of Nonsense
008133: FIELDING, HENRY - The History of Tom Jones, A Foundling. In Four Volumes
007687: FILLMORE, MILLARD; WEBSTER, DANIEL; TAYLOR, ZACHARY ET AL. - Texas Boundary. Message from the President of the United States, in Reference to the Texas Boundary. August 6, 1850. 31st Congress, 1st Session. Ex. Doc. No. 82. Ho. of Reps.
011250: FINBERT, ELIAN-J (EDITOR) - Le Livre de la Sagesse Arabe
005170: FINCK, HENRY T. - Wagner Handbook for the Festival Concerts Given in 1884 under the Direction of Theodore Thomas. Analytic Programmes with English Texts Biographic and Critical Essays by Henry T. Finck
005092: FISHMAN, DAVID E. - Russia's First Modern Jews: The Jews of Shklov
001232: FISKE, JANE FLETCHER FOR ROBERTA STOKES SMITH - Thomas Clemence of Providence, Rhode Island and his Descendants to 2007
009692: FITZ, ASA; GREENE, J.W. - School Songs for the Million! Consisting of selections from the popular airs, with original poetry; also original music, and primary school exercises; also a new system of figured music, with elementary instructions: adapted to the various grades of Schoo
008713: FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT ET AL. - Esquire. The Magazine for Men. February, 1940
011104: FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT. MARGOLIES, ALAN (EDITOR) - F. Scott Fitzgerald's St. Paul Plays 1911-1914
011084: FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT - The Diamond as Big as the Ritz and Other Stories. Selected Short Stories. Armed Services Edition
010211: FITZPATRICK, BLAKE (ARTIST) - Blake Fitzpatrick. Recent Work
007238: FLAGG, ERNEST - Genealogical Notes on the Founding of New England. My Ancestors Part in that Undertaking
009211: FLAGG, WILSON - The Woods and By-Ways of New England.
009736: FLANDERS, MILDRED GLAWSON - The Village at Hilton's Point. A Pioneer Story for Children. Land of the Free Part Two.
009080: FLEMING, WALTER L. - Documentary History of Reconstruction. Political, Military, Social, Religious, Educational and Industrial 1865 to the Present time. Two volumes in one Book
008712: FLESCH, CARL - The Art of Violin Playing. Book one. Technique in General. Applied Technique
001161: FLORENCE, GREGORY J. - Courting a Reluctant Ally: An Evaluation of U.S./UK Naval Intelligence Cooperation, 1935-1941
005215: FLOWER, DR. R.C. - Youth, Health and Happiness
004884: FLOWER, DON M.; FLOWER, J. HOWARD - The Free Soul. A Journal of Personal Liberation and Eternal Youth. Volume III Number 3. June 1945
007384: FOERSTER, RICHARD - Transfigured Nights
006605: FOLGER, ROBERT B - Address delivered to the members of Benevolent Lodge, No. 192, November 4, 1852, in honor of the memory of George Washington, an active member of the Ancient and honorable order of Free and Accepted Masons.
011403: FOLLEN, (ELIZA LEE CABOT) - Mrs. Piccolissima
010720: FONTENELLE, BERNARD LE BOVIER DE. - Nouveaux Dialogues des Morts; Entretiens sur La Pluralite des Mondes; Histoire des Oracles; Lettres Galantes de Monsieur Le Chevalier D'Her; Poesies Pastorales. Bound Volume
006322: FOOT, JOSEPH I - An Historical Discourse, Delivered at Brookfield, Mass. Nov. 27, 1828, the day of the Annual Thanksgiving
011882: FORBES, CHARLES S. - The Vermonter. August 1905. Tenth Anniversary Number
000075: FORBES, ALLAN - Towns of New England and Old England, Ireland and Scotland. Parts 1and 2 bound into one Volume
000555: FORD, LESLIE - By the Watchman’s Clock
011871: FORESTER, FRANK. - The Dog. By Dinks, Mayhew and Hutchinson
010953: FORMAN, WALLACE R - B-17 Nose Art Name Directory. Includes group, squadron and aircraft serial numbers and photo Availability
008340: FORRESTER, MARK (EDITOR). - Youths Casket and Playmate. A Magazine for Boys and Girls. November, 1862. Vol. XVII. No. 2
004876: FOSS, CYRUS D. - From the Himalayas to the Equator. Letters, Sketches and Addresses, Giving Some Account of a Tour in India and Malaysia
011303: FOSTEN, D.S.V.; MARRION, R.J. - Waffen SS. Its Uniforms, Insignia and Equipment 1938-1945
003267: FOSTER, JOSEPH - The Soldiers' Memorial. Portsmouth, NH 1893-1921. Storer Post, No. 1, Department of New Hampshire, Grand Army of the Republic, Portsmouth, N.H. With record of presentation of flags and portraits by the post to the city. 1890 and 1891
004961: FOUCHE, JOSEPH - The Memoirs of Joseph Fouche, Duke of Otranto, Minister of the General Police of France
004714: FOULKE, ROY A - Crozier Family. One Branch Descended From James Crozier. Who Became a Member of the Masonic Lodge of St. John, Dublin, Ireland, in 1808 and Whose Descendants Settled on Prince Edward Island, Canada.
010687: FOUQUE, FRIEDRICH HEINRICH KARL DE LA MOTTE - Undine, and Sintram and his Companions. German Romance. From of Wiley and Putnam's Library of Choice Reading
000021: FOWLES, JOHN - Mantissa
009301: FRAGA, GASPAR, EDITOR. - Rock Comix #1.
009305: FRAGA, GASPAR, EDITOR - Rock Comix #2. Punk Fotonovela
011327: FRAMPTON, KENNETH (INTRODUCTION). - A New Wave of Japanese Architecture. Catalogue 10. September 25, 1978 to November 14, 1978
011345: FRAMPTON, KENNETH - Tadao Ando.
011378: FRANCILLON, RENE J. - U.S. Army Air Forces in the Pacific. Aero Pictorials 2
010753: FRANCILLON, RENE J - The Royal Australian Air Force and Royal New Zealand Air Force in the Pacific. Aero Pictorials 3
002752: FRANCIS, RICHARD SHININGTHUNDER - Luminous Jewels of Love and Light. Volume 2
007266: FRANK, BERNHARD - Secret Kehlstein. Adventure Eagle's Nest
011137: FRANKENTHALER, HELEN (ARTIST) - Frankenthaler: the 1950s. May 10-June 28, 1981
010801: FRANKENTHALER, HELEN (ARTIST) - Helen Frankenthaler. New Paintings-November 1979. A record of the exhibition.
003100: FRANKLIN, MARGARET ANN - Black and White Australians. An Inter-Racial History 1788-1975
010103: FRANKLIN, JOHN; RICHARDSON, JOHN - Narrative of a Second Expedition to the Shores of the Polar Sea, in the Years 1825, 1826, and 1827. Including an account of the Progress of a Detachment to the Eastward
012140: FRECHES-THORY, CLAIRE; TERRASSE, ANTOINE - The Nabis. Bonnard, Vuillard, and Their Circle
011723: FREEMAN, MELVILLE C - History of Cape Porpoise
010750: FREEMAN, ROGER A.; OSBORNE, DAVID - The B-17 Flying Fortress Story
011694: FREEMAN, ARTHUR (INTRODUCTION) - Essex to Stella. Two Letters from the Earl of Essex to Penelope Rich
004984: FREESTON, CHARLES - France for the Motorist
009669: FREISE, KURT; LILIENFELD, KARL; WICHMANN, HEINRICH (FOREWORD) - Rembrandts Handzeichnungen I. Band. Rijksprentenkabinet zu Amsterdam. Dritte Auflage
010548: FRELINGHUYSEN, ALICE COONEY - Louis Comfort Tiffany and Laurelton Hall : An Artist's Country Estate
009244: FRENCH, BENJAMIN - Biographia Americana; or a Historical and Critical Account of the Lives, Actions, and Writings, of the Most Distinguished Persons in North America; from the First Settlement to the Present Time.
004497: FRENCH, HOLLIS; FORBES, ALLAN (FOREWORD) - The Thatcher Magoun. An American Clipper Ship, Her Owners, Captains, and Model
010411: FREVILLE, ANNE-FRANCOIS JOACHIM - Vie Des Enfans Celebres ou Modeles du jeune Age. Two Volumes.
012314: FRIEDMAN, MILTON - A Theory of the Consumption Function
012312: FRIEDMAN, RICHARD; KOSTAKIS, PETER; NISONOFF, DONALD; PEARLSTEIN, DARLENE; ROSENTHAL, BOB; SCHECHTER, BARRY. - Jukebox Poems. An Anthology from the Alternate University Poetry Collective-University of Chicago, Illinois
012359: FRIEDMAN, NORMAN - USS Yorktown (CV10). Ship's Data 7
007235: FRIEND, OSCAR J.; HERBERT, BENSON; CUMMINGS, RAY ET AL. - Startling Stories. September 1940. Vol. 4. No. 2
002942: FRINK, HELEN - Women After Communism: The East German Experience
010668: FROELIGH, SOLOMON - The Trial of Universal Charity, by a Jury; their Verdict and His Sentence. Detached from the works of the Rev. William Huntington
011301: FROST, ROBERT - Forest Flowers. An Early Poem Recovered
008317: FROST, JOHN - The American Generals, from the founding of the Republic to the Present Time, comprising Lives of the Great Commanders, and other Distinguished Officers who have acted in the service of the United States: and embracing a complete military history (...)
011342: FROST, ROBERT. - Accidentally on Purpose
010845: FROST, ROBERT ET AL - Poetry. A Magazine of Verse. April 1936
003675: FROST, JOHN - The Book of the Army: Comprising A General Military History of the United States from the Period of the Revolution to the Present time, with Particular Accounts of all the Most Celebrated Battles
005613: FROST, MRS. J. BLAKESLEE (COMPILER). - The Rebellion in the United States; or, The War of 1861; Being a Complete History of its Rise and Progress, commencing with the Presidential Election. Volume I.
011879: FROST, THOMAS - The Lives of the Conjurors. New Edition
010084: FROST, ROBERT - A-Wishing Well
009609: FROST, ROBERT - Away!
011273: FROST, ROBERT - Robert Frost Speaks Departmentally. The Robert Frost Library. Dedication October 24, 1965.
007916: FROTHINGHAM, O.B. - Theodore Parker: A Sermon Preached in New York, June 10, 1860
009700: FUCHS, EDUARD (FOREWORD). - Der Maler Daumier
008226: FUESS, CLAUDE M. (EDITOR); PARADISE, SCOTT H. (COMPILER). - The Story of Essex County. Four Volumes
004525: FUGARD, ATHOL - "Master Harold" and the Boys. A Play
008883: FUKUCHI - Epitome of the Historical Drama, "Kasuga-No-Tsubone" (written by Mr. Fukuchi) and other plays performed by Danjuro and his Troupe, at the Kabukiza Theatre May, 1903
008243: FULLER, SAMUEL RICHARD - The Man Who Tries to Rise or the Benevolence of Evolution. A Sunday Lecture
010321: FULLER, JOHN G. - Incident at Exeter: The Story of Unidentified Flying Objects over America Today
008559: FUNES, LUCIO - En Tiempos de la Confederacion. El Gobernador Don Pedro P. Segura
008685: GALE, NORMAN - Collected Poems
004852: GALE, JAMES S. - Korean Sketches
008547: GALE, THEOPHILUS - The Court of the Gentiles: or a Discourse Touching the Original of Human Literature both Philologie and Philosophie from the Scriptures and Jewish Church. Part II.
009670: GALLAUDET, T.H. - The Child's Picture Defining and Reading Book
002481: GALLI, HANS DR. - Richard Wagner Und Die Deutsche Klassik
010456: GALLISON, JOHN - Address, Delivered at the Fourth Anniversary of the Massachusetts Peace Society, December 25th, 1819
007428: GALLUN, RAYMOND Z; ANDERSON, POUL; JAKES, JOHN ET AL - . Super Science Stories. August 1951. Vol. 8. No. 3
007686: GANAHL, PAT; ROTH, ED "BIG DADDY" (FOREWORD) - Von Dutch. The Art, The Myth, The Legend
002501: GANDHI, MAHATMA. EDITED BY ANAND T. HINGORANI - My Appeal to the British
011883: GANGER, ROBERT W - Lila Vanderbilt Webb's Miradero. Window on an Era.
005106: GANNETT, EZRA S - Peace-Not War. A Sermon Preached in the Federal Street Meetinghouse, December 14, 1845
008100: GANO, STEPHEN - Undissembled Love to God and Man, the Great Duty of Christians and Free Masons; Illustrated in the following Discourse, delivered before the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Rhode Island, on the 24th of June, 1800
010838: GARBERI, MERCEDES PRECERUTTI - Frescoes from Venetian Villas
003536: GARDNER, JAMES T - The Elevations of Certain Datum-Points on the Great Lakes and Rivers and in the Rocky Mountains. Extracted from the Annual Report of the United States Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories for 1873
010972: GARDNER, ERLE STANLEY - The Case of the Crooked Candle. The Case of the Lame Canary. Volume 4 of the Erle Stanley Gardner Centennial Edition from Easton Press
011461: GARDNER, JOHN ET AL - Reflections. Washington University Student Review. Number 4, 1955.
011008: GARDNER, ERLE STANLEY - The Case of the Sulky Girl. The Case of the Lucky Legs. Volume 3 of the Erle Stanley Gardner Centennial Edition from Easton Press
011154: GARLAND, JAMES A - The Private Stable. Its Establishment, Management and Appointments. Stated New Edition
007561: GARLAND, HAMLIN - Forty Years of Psychic Research. A Plain Narrative of Fact
008965: GARNETT, JAMES MERCER - Early Revolutionary History of Virginia, 1773-1774. The Committee of Correspondence and the Call for the First Congress. A Paper read before the Virginia Historical Society Monday, December 21, 1891. Offprint. Reprinted from Virginia Historical Collection
009834: GARNETT, RICHARD; GOSSE, EDMUND. - English Literature an Illustrated Record. In Four Volumes.
007034: GARRETT, RANDALL; CHANDLER, A. BERTRAM; SILVERBERG, ROBERT ET AL - Infinity Science Fiction. November, 1958. Volume 4, No. 2.
011455: GATCH, LEE (ARTIST) - Lee Gatch, Recent Paintings
010434: GAUGUIN, PAUL (ARTIST) - Gauguin. A Portfolio of 12 Color Woodblocks. From the Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
001734: GAUSTAD, EDWIN S. FOREWORD BY NATHAN O. HATCH - Liberty of Conscience : Roger Williams in America
001588: GAYLOR, ANNIE LAURIE, EDITOR - Women Without Superstition: No Gods - No Masters. The Collected Writings of Women Freethinkers Of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
009869: GEBHARDT, HERMANN - Der Lehrbegriff der Apokalypse : und sein Verha?ltniss zum Lehrbegriff des Evangeliums und der Episteln des Johannes
012383: GELDZAHLER, HENRY. PARK, DAVID (ARTIST) - David Park 1911-1960. September 4-October 26, 1985
009604: GELL, WILLIAM; GANDY, JOHN P. - Pompeiana: the Topography, Edifices, and Ornaments of Pompeii, the Result of Excavations since 1819. Two volumes in one. With a single volume Pompeiana: the Topography, Edifices, and Ornaments of Pompeii.
002410: GELPI, ALBERT - The Tenth Muse: The Psyche of the American Poet
010655: GENEVOIX, MAURICE - Vaincre a Olympie
006117: GENOVES, JUAN (ARTIST). - Juan Genoves. Recent Paintings
006724: GEOFFREY, THEODATE - Suckanesset. Wherein may be read A History of Falmouth, Massachusetts
009763: GEORGES BATAILLE - Visions Of Excess: Selected Writings, 1927-1939 (Theory and History of Literature Vol 14)
010556: GEORGES-MICHEL, MICHEL - Les Grandes Epoques de la Peinture "Moderne" de Delacroix a nos Jours
011886: GERMAN, ANDREW W. - John Stobart. The Grandeur of America's Age of Sail
005144: GERRISH, THEODORE; HUTCHINSON, JOHN S. HAMLIN, AUGUSTUS C. AND GEN. FITZHUGH LEE (INTRODUCTION). - The Blue and the Gray A Graphic History of the Army of the Potomac and that of Northern Virginia, including the Brilliant Engagements of these Forces from 1861 to 1865
005631: GERRISH, THEODORE; HUTCHINON, JOHN S. HAMLIN, COLONEL AUGUSTUS AND GEN. FITZHUGH LEE (INTRODUCTION). - The Blue and the Gray. A Graphic History of the Army of the Potomac and that of Northern Virginia, including the Brilliant Engagements of these Forces from 1861 to 1865.
004071: GERSHWIN, GEORGE (AUTHOR OF THE INTRODUCTION).GOLDBERG, ISAAC - Tin Pan Alley. A Chronicle of the American Music Racket
010550: GIBALDI, STEVE; WEIDNEP, CHRIS; DESALVO, JOHN. - Non L.P. B Side. Oct. 3 1980. Vol. 1 No. 2
008359: GIBBON, KATE FITZ; HALE, ANDREW - Ikat. Splendid Silks of Central Asia. The Guido Goldman Collection
011820: GIBBONS, EDWARD; MILMAN, H.H. (NOTES) - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. In Twelve volumes, Complete
010260: GIBBS, MONTGOMERY B. - Napoleon's Military Career. An account of the remarkable campaigns of the "Man of Destiny."
008678: GIBERT, JEAN-PIERRE - Tradition ou Histoire de L'Eglise, sur le Sacrement de Mariage: tire'e des Monumens les Plus Autentiques de chaque Siecle, tant de l'Orient que de l'Occident (...). Three volumes.
008591: GIBSON, CHARLES DANA - The Education of Mr. Pipp
000200: GIBSON, WILLIAM HAMILTON - Happy Hunting-grounds
009952: GIBSON, WALTER B. - The Complete Illustrated Book of Close-Up Magic. Professional techniques fully revealed by a master magician.
011759: GILBERT, DAVE; GOTTLIEB, BOB; SUTHEIM, SUSAN. - Consumption: Domestic Imperialism. A New Left Introduction to the Political Economy of American Capitalism
007764: GILDER, ROSAMOND; GIELGUD, JOHN - John Gielgud's Hamlet. A Record of Performance with notes on costume, scenery and stage Business
005894: GILDERSLEEVE, TOM; HUXTABLE, NILS. - Narrow Gauge...then and Now
011004: GILKERSON, WILLIAM - The Ships of John Paul Jones
006391: GILLETT, EDWARD;MACMAHON, KENNETH A. - A History of Hull
005898: GILLMER, THOMAS C - Chesapeake Bay Sloops
002032: GILMAN, ARTHUR AND OTHERS - Poets' Homes. Pen and Pencil Sketches of American Poets and their Homes
011953: GILMAN, ROBERT ET AL. MULLINS, PATRICK (EDITOR) - Dreamtime Talkingmail. Issue 7. Spring 1995.
003415: GILPATRICK, GIL - Allagash. The Story of Maine's Legendary Wilderness Waterway
009059: GINOLI, JON; SMITH, DENA; FORD KEVIN ET AL. - Hoopla #7. February 1978
012113: GINSBERG, ALLEN; VALE, V. ET AL - Search and Destroy. New Wave Cultural Research. Number 1. 1977
004400: GINSBERG, ALLEN - Selected Poems 1947-1995
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