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011678: OLIPHINT, JOHN H. - Mad Rebel. A Youth at War
012083: OLIVER, HON. M. - Kansas Investigation. Minority Report of the Kansas Investigating Committee, of the House of Representatives, by Hon. M. Oliver, of Missouri
011340: OLMSTED, MERLE C. - The Yoxford Boys. The 357th Fighter Group on Escort over Europe and Russia
014449: OLSON, RUTH; CHANIN ABRAHAM - Gabo-Pevsner
013887: OLSON, CHARLES - Signature to Petition on Ten Pound Island Asked of Me by Mr. Vincent Ferrini
008812: OLSON, CHARLES. CERNOVICH, NICOLA - This. Broadside No. 1
002569: OLSZEWSKI, ANDRZEJ K. - Dzieje Sztuki Polskiej 1890-1980
012929: OMAN, C.C. - Catalogue of Wallpapers
013318: ONTKEAN, MICHAEL - Ambushed Womb
011470: OPENO, WOODARD D. - Tugboats on the Piscataqua: A Brief History of Towing on One of America's Toughest Rivers
009969: ORCUTT, WILLIAM DANA - Good Old Dorchester. A Narrative History of the Town 1630-1893
003515: ORTH, GODLOVE, S. - The True Basis of Reconstruction. Speech of Hon. Godlove S. Orth, of Indiana, in the House of Representatives, March 10, 1866
003376: ORTIZ, SIMON J. - Out There Somewhere
010909: OSBORNE, BRIAN D.; ARMSTRONG, RONALD - Glasgow a City at War
008485: OSBORNE, MARTHA SCOTT (COMPILER) - Wilcox/Wilcoxson Families of New England
004548: OSBORNE, CHARLES FRANCIS - Historic Houses and Their Gardens. Palaces, Castles, Country Places and Gardens of the Old and New Worlds Described by Several Writers. Illustrated with Plans and Photographs
002840: OSTLUND, MIKE - Find 'Em, Chase 'Em, Sink 'Em: The Mysterious Loss of the Wwii Submarine Uss Gudgeon
009320: OSTRIKER, ALICIA - A Dream of Springtime. Poems 1970-78
012705: KAZUO OSUMI ;JUNKO NISHIGUCHI - Sukui to Oshie (Shirizu Josei to Bukkyo) (Japanese Edition)
013004: OSAMU OTSUKI - Ocho No Himegimi. Sekaishiso Seminar
011627: OTT, ARNOLD; SUMRALL, ROBERT - Uss Alabama (Bb60). Ship's Data 2
014789: OVCHINNIKOV, A.N. - Golden Gates in Suzdal
008502: OVID - Nasonis Amatoria. Heroidum Epistolae. Auli Sabini Epistolae Tres. Elegiarum Libri Tres. De Arte Amandi Libri Tres. De Remedio Amoris Libri Tres. In Ibin. Ad Liuiam, de Morte Drusi. De Nuce. De Medicamine Faciei. Fragmenta Ex Epigrammatis Nasonis
013701: LONDON, JACK; KIPLING, RUDYARD; CONNOLLY, C.P. ET AL. - Mcclure's Magazine. August, 1906
014215: R.P. - Tracts on Early Printing. III. Additions to Campbell's Annales de la Typographie Neerlandaise Au 15e Siecle
014267: GARRETT, GEORGE P. ET AL (EDITORS) - Film Scripts Four. A Hard Day's Night, the Best Man, and Darling
007451: BRECHT, BERTOLT; PASTERNAK, BORIS; ARAGON, LOUIS; NERUDA, PABLO ET AL. - Accent. A Quarterly of New Literature. Autumn 1946
010871: PACE, STEPHEN (ARTIST) - The Abstract Expressionist Paintings of Stephen Pace
011117: PACE, STEPHEN (ARTIST) - Stephen Pace Watercolors, Four Decades. January 26-February 27, 1991
012058: PAGE, ELWIN L. - Abraham Lincoln in New Hampshire
009485: PAGE, JOHN; GRIFFITHS, RALPH EDITOR. VARIOUS AUTHORS - Receipts for Preparing and Compounding the Principal Medicines Made Use of by the Late Mr. Ward. Together with an Introduction, Etc. Bound with the Monthly Review, or Literary Journal. Volume 35. July-December 1766
014083: PAGE, THOMAS NELSON - Robert E. Lee. Man and Soldier
010190: PAINE, THOMAS - The Theological Works of Thomas Paine
001961: PAINTER, BOB - White Bird: The Last Great Warrier Chief of the Nez Perces
005736: PAK, CHI-YOUNG - Political Opposition in Korea, 1945-1960
007823: PALADINO, MIMMO (ARTIST) - Mimmo Paladino
012770: PALLISER, RICHARD - How to Play Against 1d4
013229: PALLISER, RICHARD - Tango! a Dynamic Answer to 1 D4
011685: DI PALMA, RAY - Raik
009602: PALMER, LYNDE (PEEBLES, MARY LOUISE) - Two Blizzards and Other Stories
011597: PALMER, HUGH - The Most Beautiful Villages of Normandy
010183: ALCOTT, LOUISA MAY; COX, PALMER ET AL. - St. Nicholas. An Illustrated Magazine for Young Folks. June 1884
012279: KIPLING, RUDYARD; PYLE, HOWARD; COX, PALMER ET AL. - St. Nicholas for Young Folks. With the King's Ankus, a New Jungle Story. March 1895
014436: THAXTER, CELIA; COX, PALMER ET AL. - St. Nicholas. An Illustrated Magazine for Young Folks. Volume X. Part 1, November 1882 to May 1883
005962: PALMQUIST, PETER - A Collector's Obsession. Photographs of Humboldt County, California from the Peter E. Palmquist Collection
010229: PANOV, VASILY - The First Book of Chess
010612: PANTER, GARY - Okupant X.
009516: PAOLINI, CHRISTOPHER - Eragon. Inheritance: Book One
012109: PAPINI, ROBERTO - Arts in the '20s. Architecture and Decorative Arts in Europe
014271: PAPUS - Le Livre de la Chance Bonne Ou Mauvaise
009158: PARADISE, SCOTT H. - A History of Printing in Andover, Massachusetts 1798-1931
013183: PARE, RICHARD - Tadao Ando. The Colours of Light
011829: PARISOT, CHRISTIAN - Modigliani
013333: PARISSIEN, STEVEN - Regency Style
004402: PARK, HELEN. PLACZEK, ADOLF F. (INTRODUCTION) - A List of Architectural Books Available in America Before the Revolution. New Edition, Revised and Enlarged
006486: PARK, HARRISON G. - A Sermon Occasioned by the Death of the Rev. George Cowles and Mrs. Elizabeth Cowles; Preached in Danvers, November 12, 1837
012160: PARKER, ARTHUR C. - The American Indian, the Government and the Country. A Plea for an Efficient Indian Service. Reprinted from the Quarterly Journal of the Society of American Indians, Vol IV, No. 1
007781: PARKER, THEODORE - A Sermon of Immortal Life: Preached at the Melodeon, on Sunday September 20th, 1846
003989: PARKER, WILLIAM BELMONT (EDITOR) - Argentines of to-Day. Two Volumes
012511: PARKER, ROBERT ANDREW (ARTIST) - Robert Andrew Parker. Artist's Books. April 2-30, 2005
010443: PARKER, THEODORE - A Sermon of Merchants: Preached at the Melodeon, on Sunday, November 22d, 1846
012147: PARKER, THEODORE - The Nebraska Question. Some Thoughts on the New Assault Upon the Freedom in America, and the General State of the Country in Relation Thereunto, Set Forth in a Discourse Preached at the Music Hall in Boston, on Monday, Feb. 12, 1854
008409: PARKER, THEODORE - A False and True Revival of Religion. A Sermon, Delivered at the Music Hall, Boston, on Sunday, April 4, 1858
012499: PARKER, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN - History of the Town of Wolfeborough, (Wolfeboro) New Hampshire
008293: PARKHURST, JOHN G. - Recollections of Stone's River. A Paper Prepared and Read Before the Michigan Commandery of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the U.S.
013439: PARKINSON, THOMAS - Men, Women, Vines
006119: PARRISH, SAMUEL - Colonization and CIVIL Government in the Tropics. Address Delivered by Samuel Parrish at the Annual Meeting of the Suffolk County Historical Society Held at Riverhead New York, February 17, 1903
000108: PARTON, J. - The Life of Horace Greeley
010376: PASCAL, BLAISE - Pensees de M. Pascal Sur la Religion Et Sur Quelques Autres Sujets. With: Discours Sur Les Pense'Es de M. Pascal and Qu'IL Y a Des de'Monstrations D'Une Autre Espece Et Aussi Certaines Que Celles de la Geometrie (... . )
011845: DOS PASSOS, JOHN - First Encounter
007155: PATERSON, EVANGELINE - Bringing the Water Hyacinth to Africa
007302: PATERSON, EVANGELINE - Lucifer at the Fair
008564: PATTEN, GILBERT - Clif Stirling. Captain of the Nine
012342: PATTEN, MATTHEW - The Diary of Matthew Patten of Bedford, N.H. From 1754 to 1788
013745: PATTERSON, FREDERICK B. - African Adventures
014395: PATTERSON, WILLIAM D. (COMPILER) - The Probate Records of Lincoln County, Maine. 1760 to 1800
011553: TYLER, ANNE; BERGER, RICK; MORRIS, PAUL ET AL. - Pyx. A Magazine for the Arts. Winter, 1972
011061: JONES, JOHN PAUL ET AL. SAWTELLE, JOSEPH G. (EDITOR) - John Paul Jones and the Ranger. Portsmouth, New Hampshire July 12-November 1, 1777 and the Log of the Ranger November 1, 1777-May 18, 1778. Portsmouth Marine Society Publication No. 20
008018: CAMPBELL, JOHN W.; HELD, S.S.; ERNST, PAUL ET AL. - Wonder Story Annual. Vol 1, No. 3. 1952 Edition
003789: WILLIAMS, WILLIAM CARLOS; APOLLINAIRE, GUILLAUME; ELUARD, PAUL ET AL. - Quarterly Review of Literature. Volume IV, Number 4
013853: PAUL, ELLIOT - Hugger-Mugger in the Louvre. A Homer Evans Murder Mystery
014707: PAULSEN, JERRY (EDITOR). VARIOUS AUTHORS - Psyclone. November 1976
010837: BADEA-PAUN, GABRIEL - The Society Portrait. From David to Warhol
012517: PAVITT, BRUCE - Subterranean Pop. Sub/Pop 2
007275: PAVITT, BRUCE - Sub Pop 5
013498: PEACHER, GEORGIANA - Skryabin Mysterium. Symphonic Poem
010477: PEACOCK, THOMAS LOVE - Headlong Hall and Nightmare Abbey. Volume Nine of Wiley and Putnam's Library of Choice Reading
012479: PEARCE, MICHAEL - John Drinkwater. A Comprehensive Bibliography of His Works
011996: PEARLSTEIN, PHILIP (ARTIST); AUPING, MICHAEL (INTRODUCTION) - Philip Pearlstein. Paintings and Watercolors
008021: PEARSON, MRS. EMILY C. - Ruth's Sacrifice; or Life on the Rappahannock
013752: PEARSON, GARY (AUTHOR OF CATALOG) - 1966 Pacific Northwest Art Annual. (Sixth Pacific Northwest Art Annual April 25-May 21 1966, Cover Title)
014670: PEARY, ROBERT - Snowland Folk. The Eskimos, the Bears, the Dogs, the Musk Oxen and Other Dwellers in the Frozen North
010975: PECKWELL, DR. HENRY - Christ Is All: With a Recommendatory Preface. Crawford's Tracts. No. 5
010129: PEET, STEPHEN D. (EDITOR) - The American Antiquarian. A Quarterly Journal Devoted to Early American History, Ethnology and Archaeology. April, May, June, 1879. Vol 1. No. 4
009027: VARIOUS AUTHORS. PENDERGAST, JOHN (EDITOR) - Life Along the Merrimac. Collected Histories of the Native Americans Who Lived on Its Banks
014046: PENELOPE - Jacobean Embroidery and Traditional Designs
007261: PENMAN, JOHN SIMPSON - Lafayette and Three Revolutions
012942: PENNELL, JOSEPH - Venice. The City of the Sea
011133: PENRY, JERRY - The Sunrise Serenade. A World War II Bomber Crew Story
006132: PERCIVAL, EMILY (EDITOR) - The Garland: Or, Token of Friendship. A Christmas and New Year's Gift
012276: PERCY, ALFRED - Exploring the Present and Past Central Virginia Blue Ridge
012527: PERDUE, VIRGINIA - Alarum and Excursion. A Mystery. Armed Services Edition #S-16
009334: PERELMAN, BOB - The Future of Memory
009779: PERKINS, SILAS H. - On Shore Ballads
010829: PERLMAN, ALFRED E. - Pittsburgh and the P and le
003110: NO AUTHOR GIVEN [PERRAULT, CHARLES] - The Story of Little Red Riding Hood. Miss Merryheart's Series
009950: PERRY, NORA - Lyrics and Legends
014087: PESEK, LUDEK - Log of a Moon Expedition
013863: ROSSER, J. BARKLEY; CHURCH, ALONZO; TARSKI, A.; VAUGHT, R.L.; NORTH, J.H.; KATZ, C.; YEHLING, C.; COLLINS, GEORGE E.; FEFERMAN, SOLOMON; BUTLER, JEAN W.; RIBEIRO, HUGO; SHERIDAN, PETER ET AL. - Summaries of Talks Presented at the Summer Institute for Symbolic Logic. Cornell University 1957
008389: MALLORY, PETER AND FRANCES - A Redoute Treasury. 468 Watercolors from Les Liliacees of Pierre-Joseph Redoute
013557: PETER; G. COUSIN - 2 Poets. Real Life 1
008257: PETERS, ROBERT L. - Songs for a Son. Poems
010015: PETERS, ROBERT; RIDLAND, JOHN (EDITOR) - The Little Square Review. Number 2. Fourteen Poems by Robert Peters
005387: PETERS, J. GIRVIN - Forest Fire Protection Under the Weeks Law in Cooperation with States. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service-Circular 205
007593: PETERSEN, BARBARA - Ton Und Wort. The Lieder of Richard Strauss
011026: PETERSON, CHARLES J. - The American Navy: Being an Authentic History of the United States Navy, and Biographical Sketches of American Naval Heroes, from the Formation of the Navy to the Close of the Mexican War
003449: [RUMBALL-PETRE, EDWIN A.R.] - Bibles of Yore. Rare Bible Catalogue No. 18. Winter 1938-1939
012482: PETRIE, W.M. FLINDERS - The Palace of Apries (Memphis II). British School of Archaeology in Egypt and Egyptian Research Account. Fifteenth Year, 1909
012351: PETRIE, W.M. FLINDERS; MACKAY, ERNEST; WAINWRIGHT, GERALD - Meydum and Memphis (III). British School of Archaeology in Egypt and Egyptian Research Account. Sixteenth Year, 1910
007050: PETRY, ANN - The Street
012339: PEW, WILLIAM ANDREWS - The Merchant Adventurers of England. A Narrative of Their Settlement in Salem. Compiled from Contemporary Sources
013632: PFEFFER, W. TAD - The Hand of the Small-Town Builder. Vernacular Summer Architecture in New England, 1870-1935
005931: PHELPS, ALMIRA H.L. - Botany for Beginners: An Introduction to Mrs. Lincoln's Lectures on Botany
007642: PHENIX, WILLIAM - Redcoats in the Wilderness. The British Presence in Detroit 1776-1796
013369: UNCLE PHILIP - The Boy's Cabinet, of Instructive and Moral Stories. Franklin Toys. Fourth Series. (Boys and Girls Casket, Cover Title)
000816: [PHILIPS, GEORGE] - Travels in North America. Bound with Travels in South America. Two Volumes in One
012766: PHILLIPS, DUNCAN - The Artist Sees Differently. Essays Based Upon the Philosophy of a Collection in the Making. The Phillips Publications. Number Six, Volume 2. Illustrated Plates Only
006760: PHILLIPS, JOHN BURTON - Organization of Employers and Employees. Reprinted from the University of Colorado Studies, Vol. II, No. 3, February, 1905 and Bankers' Magazine, May 1904
004875: PHILLIPS, WENDELL - Argument of Wendell Phillips, Esq. Before the Committee on Federal Relations, (of the Massachusetts Legislature) in Support of the Petitions for the Removal of Edward Greely Loring from the Office of Judge of Probate, February 20, 1855
006053: PHILLIPS, ROG; FLETCHER, JOHN - Amazing Stories. May 1952. Volume 26, Number 5
013895: PHILLIPS, TOM (ARTIST, AUTHOR) - Bookworks by Tom Phillips. An Exhibition at the Center for Book Arts April 3-May 16, 1986
014562: PHILLIPS, P. LEE - Alaska and the Northwest Part of North America 1588-1898 Maps in the Library of Congress
006736: PICACIO, JOHN (ARTIST) - Submission Portfolio for the 2005 World Fantasy Awards for Artist
004815: PICARD, R.; KERNEIS, J.P.; BRUNEAU, Y. - La Route de la Porcelaine Les Compagnies Des Indes Et Leurs Navires le Voyage a Canton Et a Ching-to-Chen. Two Volumes
012281: PICENI, ENRICO - Boldini. L'Uomo E L'Opera
008971: PICKARD, SAMUEL T. - Life and Letters of John Greenleaf Whittier. In Two Volumes
007957: PICKETT, GERTRUDE M. - Portsmouth's Heyday in Shipbuilding
014640: PIECK, ANTON (ILLUSTRATOR) - Turkey. Woodcut Illustration on Tissue Paper
002678: PIERCE, FREDERICK - Mobilizing the Mid-Brain. The Technique for Utilizing Its Latent Power
012804: PIERCE, SALLY; SMITH, TEMPLE D. - Citizens in Conflict. Prints and Photographs of the American CIVIL War
011388: PIERCY, MARGE - The Moon Is Always Female
002401: APRAXINE, PIERRE ET AL. - La Contessa Di Castiglione E IL Suo Tempo
012760: PIETROWSKI, THADDEUS - History of the American Indians in the Manchester, N.H. Area
012620: PIETRUSZA, DAVID - Lights on! the Wild Century-Long Saga of Night Baseball. American Sports History Series, No. 7
008715: PIGNATTI, TERISIO - La Scuola Veneta. I Disegni Dei Maestri. (Venetian School of Art)
008950: PIGUET, JEAN-CLAUDE - The Music Box Makers. The History of the Music Box in Sainte-Croix. The Music Box Manufacturers
004466: PILLSBURY, RICHARD; KARDOS, ANDREW - A Field Guide to the Folk Architecture of the Northeastern United States. Geography Publications at Dartmouth No. 8. Special Edition on Geographical Lore
013422: PINES, AYALA; ARONSON, ELLIOT - Polyfidelity. An Alternative Lifestyle without Jealousy. Offprint from Alternative Lifestyles, Vol. 4, No. 3, August 1981
000096: PINK, ARTHUR W. - Gleanings in Genesis
007752: PIPER, JOHN (ARTIST) - John Piper. September-October 1975
005438: PISANO, RONALD G. - The Long Island Landscape, 1914-1946: The Transitional Years
014037: CUERLIS, PITT AND ERNST F. WIEDEMANN - Apokalypse Interrogativ: Acht Holzschnitte Von Pitt Cuerlis Mit Texten Von Ernst F. Wiedemann
013551: PLANT, JEREMY F. - Trackside. East of the Hudson 1941-1953 with William J. Mcchesney
009224: PLOCHMANN, CAROLYN - Carolyn Plochmann. Intuitions
007154: POBO, KENNETH - Evergreen
011699: POE, EDGAR ALLAN - Tales. Volume 3 Only, of the the Works of Edgar Allan Poe
011934: POE, EDGAR ALLAN - Tales. Volume 2 Only, of the the Works of Edgar Allan Poe
012428: POE, EDGAR ALLAN - The Literati: Some Honest Opinions About Autorial Merits and Demerits, with Occasional Words of Personality. Together with Marginalia, Suggestions and Essays. With a Sketch of the Author by Rufus Wilmot Griswold
012902: POESCH, JESSIE J. - Early Furniture of Louisiana
010131: POITER, FRANCIS - Manuel Pratique D'Accompagnement Des Cantiques Modernes Et Du Chant Gregorien. Selon Les Principes Rythmiques Et Modaux de Solesmes
013813: POLEVOI, BORIS - We Are Soviet People
009543: POLLARD, JOSEPHINE - Easy Word Stories. Easy to Read Series
014704: POLLITT, JOSEPHINE - Emily Dickinson. The Human Background on Her Poetry
013892: POLMAR, NORMAN - The Naval Institute Guide to the Soviet Navy. Fifth Edition
010036: POLTARNEES, WELLERAN - Kay Nielsen: An Appreciation
007924: POMMIER, GERARD;POMMIER, BERTRAND - Nieuport: A Biography of Edouard Nieuport, 1875-1911
009047: POPE, ALEXANDER; JOHNSON, SAMUEL - The Poetical Works of Alexander Pope, Esq. To Which Is Prefixed the Life of the Author, by Dr. Johnson
009362: POPE, ALEXANDER - The Dunciad. With Notes Variorum, and the Prolegomena of Scriblerus. The Second Edition, with Some Additional Notes
001764: PORCELAIN, SIDNEY E. - The Purple Pony Murders. A $2. 00 Mystery Novel. No. 14
005206: PORTER, JOHN KER - A Narrative of the Campaign in Russia, During the Year 1812
011374: POSTEL, M. L'ABBE (EDITOR) - Memoires Du Marechal de Bassompierre. Two Volumes in One
006364: POTTER, BEATRIX - Ginger and Pickles
003390: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Peter Rabbit
004524: POTTER, DAVID - A History of the Class of '96 of Princeton
011548: POTTER, BEATRIX - Peter Rabbit's Painting Book
007068: POTTER, CLARKSON N. - Argument Against the Power of Congress to Make United States Treasury Notes a Legal Tender. Supreme Court of the United States. December Term, 1870
006432: ANDERSON, POUL ET AL. - If. Worlds of Science Fiction. October 1956
006514: ANDERSON, POUL ET AL. - Fantastic. Stories of Imagination. December 1960. Vol. 9 No. 12
006401: LE FANU, SHERIDAN; CLARKE, ARTHUR C.; CARR, JOHN DICKSON, ANDERSON, POUL ET AL. - Fantasy and Science Fiction. January, 1957
006562: DICK, PHILIP K.; ANDERSON, POUL ET AL. - Startling Stories. Winter 1955
010257: POUND, EZRA - At the Circulo de Recreo with Ezra Pound. A Letter from Ezra Pound to Viola Baxter May 9, 1906
000771: PRATT, MARA L. - Australasia. Volume 1 of the Series People and Places Here and There
002371: PREAUD, TAMARA; GAUTHIER, SERGE - Ceramics of the 20th Century
000147: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM H. EDITED BY JOHN FOSTER KIRK - History of the Conquest of Peru. In Two Volumes
013769: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM HICKLING - History of the Reign of Ferdinand and Isabella
000090: BRUDO PRESS, COMPILERS - A Completely New History of Wayne County Pennsylvania
010689: PREVOST, ABBE - Memoires Pour Servir a L'Histoire de Malte Ou Histoire de la Jeunesse Du Commandeur de. Two Volumes
013459: PREVOST, ABBE - Histoire Du Chevalier Des Grieux Et de Manon Lescaut
008523: PRICE, M. PHILIPS - The Soviet, the Terror and Intervention
012618: PRIOR, SUZANNE (COMPILER) - Strangled. Number 1 Volume 2. March, 1980
014737: PRIOR, HERMAN LUDOLPH - Expiated
012708: PRIOR, SUZANNE (COMPILER). VARIOUS AUTHORS - Strangled. Number 2 Volume 2. May, 1980
008793: PROCTER, ADELAIDE; DICKENS CHARLES - The Poetical Works of Adelaide A. Procter. Reprinted from the Latest Revised Edition. With an Introduction by Charles Dickens
006323: PROLIX, PEREGRINE - Letters Descriptive of the Virginia Springs: The Roads Leading Thereto, and the Doings Thereat, 1834 & 1836
004019: PROUDFIT, DR.; JEWETT, A.D. LAWRENCE - Memorial of Theodore Strong, LL. D.
013041: PRUS, BOLESBAUS (BOLESLAW). DEMANKOWSKI, MARY (TRANSLATOR) - Pharoah. An Historical Romance of Ancient Egypt
013266: BAUMGARDNER, LISA; SCHWARTZBAUM, DEENA (PSEUDONYM) ET AL. - Bikini Girl Magazine. Issue 5. Spring 1980
013302: MCCOOKERYBOOK, HELEN (PSEUDONYM) ET AL. - Shingles. Winter (1979). Issue 1
013600: NO AUTHOR OR PUBLISHER - Mental Mapping
010182: PUTNAM, GEORGE GRANVILLE - Salem Vessels and Their Voyages. Series I-IV, Four Volumes
008187: NO AUTHOR GIVEN. PYLE, HOWARD (ILLUSTRATOR) - Yankee Doodle. An Old Friend in a New Dress. An Old Song
009710: PYNCHON, JOHN. BRIDENBAUGH, CARL (EDITOR) - The Pynchon Papers Volume II. Selections from the Account Books of John Pynchon, 1651-1697
005262: QUAGLIA, CHANOINE LUCIEN - La Maison Du Grand-Saint-Bernard Des Origines Aux Temps Actuels. Conclusions Du Reverendissime Prevot Angelin Lovey
010277: QUANDT, LUDWIG - Judaa in Die Nachbarschaft IM Jahrhundert Vor Und Nach Der Geburt Christi
010392: QUARLES, FRANCIS - Emblems, Divine and Moral; Together with Hieroglyphicks of the Life of Man
007144: QUINAN, JACK; LOWNIE, THEODORE; MCCARTER, ROBERT - Frank Lloyd Wright: Windows of the Darwin D. Martin House
013263: DE QUINCEY, THOMAS - Toilette of the Hebrew Lady Exhibited in Six Scenes
006971: HIGH, PHILIP E.; HAWKINS, PETER; JAMES, E.R. ET AL. - New Worlds Science Fiction. April 1960. Vol. 1. No. 2
007280: ROSS, R. (EDITOR). KELLY, P. ROSS, R. ET AL. - Blue Horse. The First Forty Nine Cantos
012782: RA - The Law of One Book II. By Ra, an Humble Messenger of the Law of One
013382: RABID, JACK - The Big Takeover #8. Volume 2 Issue 6. Late November, Early December 1981
013406: RABID, JACK - The Big Takeover #9. Volume III Issue 1. February 1982
003893: RAGGHIANTI, C.L. - Impressionisme. II Edition
010337: RAINBOW, BERNARR - John Curwen, a Short Critical Biography
013466: RAMSAY, ANDREW MICHAEL - Histoire Du Vicomte de Turenne, Marechal General Des Armees Du Roy. Two Volumes
005925: DICK, PHILLIP K.; GARRETT, RANDALL ET AL. - Space Science Fiction. May, 1953. Vol. 1. No. 6
012968: RANDALL, PETER; BURKE, MARYELLEN (EDITORS) - Gosport Remembered. The Last Village at the Isles of Shoals
005858: RANKIN, ALLEN C., BRIGADE SERGEANT-MAJOR - The Watch on the Rhine
011989: RASCH, PHILIP J. - Five Days of Battle. Offprint from the 1955 Brand Book of the Denver Westerners
014495: NO AUTHOR GIVEN (RASPE, RUDOLF ERICH) - The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
013989: NO AUTHOR GIVEN (RASPE, RUDOLF ERICH) - Aventures Du Baron de Munchhausen
012980: RATCLIFF, R.A. - Delusions of Intelligence. Enigma, Ultra, and the End of Secure Ciphers
008069: RATHBORNE, ST. GEORGE - My Hildegarde. A Strange Story of Adventure in the Land of Revolutions. Eagle Series No. 329
008899: RAUCAT, THOMAS. (POIDATZ, ROGER) - The Honorable Picnic
011887: RAWLENCE, GUY - The Highwayman. No. 59 Howell's Adventure Story Series
010324: RAWLING, WINIFRED MARY - The Nativity. A Promise Fulfilled. Its Place in Adamic Dispensation
006756: LEINSTER, MURRAY; MAC NAMARA, PAUL; CUMMINGS, RAY ET AL. - Thrilling Wonder Stories. Fall 1944. Vol. XXVI, No. 2
013949: RAY, FREDERIC E. - Alfred R. Waud. CIVIL War Artist
014604: FROST, ROBERT; SARTON, MAY; SPENDER, STEPHEN; PATTERSON, RAYMOND ET AL. - Poetry Awards 1950. A Compilation of Original Poetry Published in Magazines of the English Speaking World in 1949
010824: WHITMAN 3RD, WILLIAM - The Giant Sorcerer or the Extraordinary Adventures of Raphael and Cassandra
011905: READ, GEORGIA WILLIS - The Chagres River Route to California in 1851. Offprint
006667: READE, CHARLES - Peg Woffington. A Novel
004493: READE, CHARLES - Put Yourself in His Place. A Novel
006902: REANEY, P.H. - The Place-Names of Walthamstow. Walthamstow Antiquarian Society. Official Publication No. 24
012334: REDL, HARRY - Macao
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002503: WOOLF, VIRGINIA ET AL. - A Haunted House and Other Stories
003149: VITET, M.L. - Histoire Des Anciennes Villes de France. Recherches Sur Leurs Origines, Sur Leurs Monumens, Sur le Role Qu'Elles Ont Joue Dans Les Annales de Nos Provinces. Premiere Serie. Haute-Normandie. Dieppe. Tome Second
006860: VOECHTING, FRITZ - Uber Den Amerikanischen Frauenkult
010496: VOIGT, ELLEN BRYANT - Two-Trees. Poems
012878: VOIGT, RUDOLF - Berauschte Nachte. Novellen
013950: VOLTAIRE - The History of Charles XII. King of Sweden. The Sixth Edition
008788: VOLTAIRE - The History of Charles XII. King of Sweden
009484: WOOD, CHARLES W. ET AL. - The Argosy. January to June 1895. Volume LV
014258: DUNKER, THOMAS W. AND ROBERT M. - Horseshit. The Offensive Review. Number Two
003625: LONGFELLOW, H.W. ET AL. - The Aldine. Volume 5, Number 6
007948: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER; JAMES, HENRY; ROSETTI, W.M. LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH ET AL. - The Atlantic Monthly. A Magazine of Literature, Science, Art and Politics. Volume XVII. January to June 1866
011365: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH ET AL. - Graham's American Monthly Magazine of Literature and Art. January to December 1851. Volume XXXIX
013703: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE; LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH ET AL. - Graham's American Monthly Magazine of Literature and Art. May, 1845
012834: WAGNER, RAY - The Story of the Pby Catalina. Flight Classics Aero Biographies. Volume 1
002568: WAGNER, OTTO RICHARD - La Suisse Et la Savoie Guide de L'Automobiliste 7ieme Edition/Siebente Ausgabe. Fuhrer Fur Automobilfahrer Die Schweiz Und Savoyen [Automobile Guide to Switzerland and Savoy Regions in Europe]
010866: WAGONER, DAVID - Carl Morris
010818: WAIN, LOUIS (ILLUSTRATOR) - In Cat Land
002726: WAIT, JOHN TURNER - A Sketch of the Life of Hon. Henry Matson Waite. Late Chief Justice of Connecticut
008763: WAITE, OTIS F.R. - New Hampshire in the Great Rebellion. Containing Histories of Several New Hampshire Regiments, and Biographical Notices of Many of the Prominent Actors in the CIVIL War of 1861-1865
014613: WAKOSKI, DIANE - On Barbara's Shore
006031: WAKOSKI, DIANE - Greed Parts 3 and 4
007279: WALCHII, GEORG (WALCH, JOHANN GEORG) - Miscellanea Sacra. Sive Commentationum Ad Historiam Ecclesiasticam Sanctioresque Disciplinas Pertinentium Collectio
013858: WALD, GEORGE - A Generation in Search of a Future. A Speech Delivered As Part of the "March 4th Movement" at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
014612: WALD, CAROL (ARTIST) - Carol Wald. Arrivals/Departures: Lives in Transition
010011: WALDROP, ROSEMARIE - The Road Is Everywhere or Stop This Body
012792: WALETT, FRANCIS G. - Patriots, Loyalists and Printers. Bicentennial Articles on the American Revolution
010955: WALKER, LEWIS MIDGLEY - Ninety Day Wonder

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