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009698: STEVENS, ISAAC - Narrative and Final Report of Explorations for a Route for a Pacific Railroad [...] from St. Paul to Puget Sound. Reports of Explorations and Surveys to ascertain the most practicable and economic route for a railroad from the Mississippi River to Pacific
006445: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS; HOLLEY, MARIETTA (JOSIAH ALLEN'S WIFE) - The Treasure of Franchard. The Suprize Party. The Leisure Hour Library. Vol III. No. 208
000117: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - A Child’s Garden of Verses
010554: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - A Child's Garden of Verses
003591: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - The Black Arrow. A Tale of the Two Roses
010966: STEVENSON, SARA - The Personal Art of David Octavius Hill
009688: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - The Story of Treasure Island. Big Little Book #720
000718: STEWARD, JULIAN H. - Theory of Culture Change : The Methodology of Multilinear Evolution
006713: STEWART, (ANDREW). - Speech of Mr. Stewart, of Pennsylvania, in Favor of Western Improvements. Delivered in the House of Representatives U.S., January 16, 1844
008942: STEWART, J.S. - Steveville Oil and Gas Field, Alberta (Summary Account). Geological Survey Paper 41-10. Canada Department of Mines and Resources Mines and Geology Branch
011997: STEWART, RACHEL - The Classic English Town House
002230: STEWART, GARRETT - Reading Voices: Literature and the Phonotext
003200: STIASNY, EMILIE ET AL - Stickerei-Techniken fur Schule und Praxis.
004352: STILLMAN, DAMIE - English Neo-classical Architecture. Two Volumes
000121: STIRLING, A.M.W. - Ghosts Vivisected. An impartial inquiry into their manners, habits, mentality, motives, and physical construction.
008800: STOKES, H.N. (EDITOR). - The O.E. Library Critic. Wednesday, July 3, 1912. Vol. I No. 23
008799: STOKES, H.N. (EDITOR). - The O.E. Library Critic. September, 1926. Vol. XVI No. 2
008823: STOKES, H.N. (EDITOR). - The O.E. Library Critic. October-November, 1937. Vol. XXV No. 4
006735: STOKES, H.N. (EDITOR). - The O.E. Library Critic. Vol. XIX No. 12. July, 1930
008822: STOKES, H.N. (EDITOR). - The O.E. Library Critic. December, 1937. Vol. XXV No. 5.
001158: STONE, WILLIAM L. - Border Wars of the American Revolution. Two volumes, Complete
012027: STORR, ROBERT; PIETROPAOLO, FRANCESCA (CURATORS). - North by New York. New Nordic Art
008632: STOUDT, JOHN JOSEPH - The Decorated Barns of Eastern Pennsylvania
009788: STOUT, WESLEY W - Great Engines and Great Planes
008745: STOVER AND TUCKER, MESSRS - Poems by Representatives Stover of Brunswick and Tucker of Wiscasset. House of Representatives 1907
008746: STOVER, MR - Poem by Representative Stover of Brunswick. House of Representatives April 2, 1909.
011249: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER - A Key to Uncle Tom's Cabin; Presenting the Original Facts and Documents upon which the Story is Founded. Together with Corroborative Statements verifying the Truth of the Work
007948: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER; JAMES, HENRY; ROSETTI, W.M. LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH ET AL. - The Atlantic Monthly. A Magazine of Literature, Science, Art and Politics. Volume XVII. January to June 1866
009631: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER. - Uncle Tom's Cabin; Or, Life Among the Lowly. Two Volumes
010399: STOWE, PHINEAS (COMPILER). - Ocean Melodies, and Seamen's Companion. A Collection of Hymns and Music; for the use of Bethels, Chaplains of the Navy, and Private Devotion of Mariners
010146: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER - Men of Our Times; or leading patriots of the day. Being narratives of the lives and deeds of statesmen, generals, and Orators
010306: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER; THAXTER, CELIA; LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH; JAMES, HENRY; POWERS, STEPHEN ET AL. - The Atlantic Monthly. A Magazine of Literature, Science, Art and Politics. Volume XXVI. July-December 1870
005800: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER - Onkel Tom's Stuga. En Skildring af de Fortrycktes Lif (Uncle Tom's Cabin)
011525: STOWELL, HUGH; PENGILLY, R. - The Life of William Kelly or the Happy Christian; On Spiritual Declension; The Two Lambs; The End of Time; The Young Cottager; Life and Death of Eliza Thornton; The Scripture Guide to Baptism. Bound Volume of American Tract Society Pamphlets.
009755: STRANGE, MICHAEL (OELRICHS, BLANCHE). - Miscellaneous Poems
008348: STRAUSS, BEN ET AL - The Graven Image. Vol 1. No. 3. End of Summer.
008866: STRAVINSKY, IGOR - Igor Stravinsky. An Autobiography
010695: STREET, ALFRED B - The Pilgrim Spirit. A poem delivered before the Connecticut Alpha of the Phi Beta Kappa Society at Yale College, New Haven, July 30, 1851
004183: STREET, OLIVER DAY - Symbolism of the Three Degrees. Part Two The Fellow Craft Degree. Part Three The Master Mason Degree
005407: STREET, ALFRED B - The Poems of Alfred B. Street. Complete Edition
007012: STREITBERG, WILHELM; MICHELS, VICTOR - Geschichte der indogermanischen Sprachwissenschaft seit ihrer Begrundung durch Franz Bopp. Volume II. Die Erforschung der indogermanischen Sprachen. Band 2. Germanisch. 1. Lieferung.
011373: STREITFELD, LEONARD - Hell from Heaven. Memoirs of a World War II Bombardier
011253: STRETTON, HESBA (SMITH, SARAH) - David Lloyd's Last Will.
002170: STRICKLAND, CHARLENE - The Warmblood Guidebook
010271: STRICKLAND, AGNES; HUNT, MISS S.A.; ARTHUR, MARY; HALE, SARAH JOSEPHA; RICHARDS, WILLIAM C.; LELAND, CHARLES G. ET AL. - Friendship's Offering: A Christmas, New Year, and Birthday Gift
000320: STRONG, JAMES - The Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible: showing every word of the text of the common English version of the canonical books, and every occurrence of each word in regular order; together with dictionaries of Hebrew and Greek words of the Original
006610: STUART, DON A.; SIMAK, CLIFFORD D. ET AL. - Astounding Science Fiction. March, 1939. Volume XXIII, Number 1.
007378: STURGEON, THEODORE; COPPEL, ALFRED; ANDERSON, POUL; DICKSON, GORDON ET AL. - Planet Stories. September, 1951. Vol. 5, No. 2
009927: STURTEVANT, S.T. - Letters and Conversations on Preaching; wherein all Material Points, whether originated by Claude, Blair, Simeon, and Others are Reduced to a System, readily comprehensible and easily Practicable
004158: SUE, EUGENE - The Wandering Jew
006887: SUFFERN, RICHARD WINSLOW - From Graces to Gargoyles: A Social Essay on the Theater in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 1762-1850
002293: SULLIVAN, EDDIE; SCHMIDT, CHARLIE - Outwitting the Gang Chief
012299: SULLIVAN, MICHAEL - Art and Artists of Twentieth Century China
006899: SULZER, WILLIAM ET AL - Governor Sulzer, The Political Bosses and the Legislature
003452: SUMNER, CHARLES - The War System of the Commonwealth of Nations: an Address Before the American Peace Society, at its Anniversary in Boston, May 28th, 1849
002787: [SUMNER, CHARLES] - The Landmark of Freedom. Speech of Hon. Charles Sumner, Against the Repeal of the Missouri Prohibition of Slavery North of 36° 30'. In the Senate, February 21, 1854.
011513: SUMNER, CHARLES. - Speech of Hon. Charles Sumner, on the Nights of the Passage of the Kansas and Nebraska Bill. Final protest for himself and the clergy of New England against slavery in Kansas and Nebraska. In the Senate of the United States, May 25, 1854
000841: SUMRALL, ROBERT F. - Sumner-Gearing-Class Destroyers. Their designs, weapons and Equipment
000613: SUNDERLAND, JABEZ T. - Evolution and Religion. With an introduction by David Starr Jordan
007502: SUOKKO, GLENN (ARTIST) - Glenn Suokko
011937: SURETTE, LEON; TRYPHONOPOULOS, DEMETRES (EDITORS) - Literary Modernism and the Occult Tradition
004363: SURR, T.S. - George Barnwell. A Novel In Three Volumes
004715: SUTER, W.E. - Young Man. A Farce in One Act. Spencer's Universal Stage. No. 30
008025: SVICERI, JOH. CASPARI. (SUICER, JOHANN CASPAR) - Lexicon Graeco-Latinum et Latino-Graecum, summa cura elaboratum. Accedit Index vocum anomalarum, vel alias investigatu difficiliorum Copiosissimus
006564: SWAIN, DWIGHT V.; CROSSEN, KENDELL FOSTER ET AL. - Thrilling Wonder Stories. November 1953
011665: SWAMI JNANANANDA. - Darsanika Maha Pravachana
004962: SWEET, HENRY - The Student's Dictionary of Anglo-Saxon
008271: SWEIG (ZWEIG), STEFAN; RICHTER, HANS; KASKEL, JOSEF ET AL - Deutsche Blatter. Heft 2 Jahr 2. 1944
000141: SWINBURNE, ALGERNON CHARLES - Rosamund A Tragedy
007122: SYLVESTER, META - Dancing Goat. A Collection of poem-drawings by Meta Sylvester
006247: SYMONDS, JOSEPH W. - Nathaniel Hawthorne. An Oration Delivered before the Alumni of Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine, July 10, 1878
000041: TABORI, PAUL - Crime and the Occult
005521: TAE-KIL, KIM; HEUNG-SOOK, KIM (TRANSLATOR) - Values Of Korean People Mirrored in Fiction, Volume 1
004809: TAFT, WILLIAM H - Our World Relationships. Address by Former President William H. Taft In the Fortnightly Lecture Course at Potsdam, N.Y., Oct. 21, 1915
006468: TAFT, J.; WATT, G. (EDITORS) - The Dental Register. February, 1870. Vol. XXIV No. 2.
011596: TAFT, PAULINE DAKIN. DAKIN, LEONARD (PHOTOGRAPHER) - The Happy Valley. The Elegant Eighties in Upstate New York
008913: TAINE, HENRI; DURAND, JOHN (TRANSLATOR). - Italy. Rome and Naples
010076: TAIT, GILBERT (TRANSLATOR) - The Hymns of Denmark.
007726: TALFOURD, THOMAS NOON; STEPHEN, JAMES - The Modern British Essayists. Vol. VII. Talfourd and Stephen. Critical Miscellaneous Writings of T. Noon Talfourd; Critical Miscellaneous Essays of James Stephen.
010221: TALMAGE, JAMES E. - The Book of Mormon. Two Lectures. An account of its origin, with evidences of its genuineness and Authenticity
004039: TALMON, THRACE - Signing the Pledge. No. 8.
008361: TANK, HERB - Inside Job! The story of the Trotskyite intrigue in the labor Movement
003697: TANZONE, DANIEL F. - Fraternalism and the Slovak Immigrant
011352: TARKINGTON, BOOTH, ET AL - Century Loan Exhibition as a Memorial to Winslow Homer by the Prouts Neck Association
010595: TASSO; HUNT, LEIGH; KNIGHT CHARLES. (FAIRFAX, EDWARD TRANSLATOR) - Godfrey of Bulloigne; or the Recovery of Jerusalem: done into English Heroical Verse. To which are prefixed an introductory essay, by Leigh Hunt, and the Lives of Tasso and Fairfax, by Charles Knight. Two volumes.
011847: TATE, JAMES; NERUDA, PABLO; KOSTELANETZ, RICHARD ET AL - Chelsea 27. December 1969.
011913: TATE, ALLEN; BLACKMUR, R.P. ET AL - Perspectives 6.
003369: [TAVERNER, HENRY THOMAS] - Charles Dickens. The Story of his Life
007446: TAVIS, ANNA A. - Rilke's Russia: A Cultural Encounter
008181: TAYLOR, JOSEPH D - The Indian Problem-The Cause of Indian Wars and the Remedy. Speech of Hon. Joseph D. Taylor, of Ohio, in the House of Representatives, Saturday, February 14, 1891
004810: TAYLOR, JUDSON R. (HALSEY, HARLAN PAGE) - Gipsy Blair The Western Detective
009664: TAYLOR, THOMAS HOUSE; BEDELL, G. THURSTON; SPENCER, J.C.; SANDFORD, LEWIS H. (UNDERSIGNERS). - Narrative of Certain Occurrences at the late Special Convention of the Diocese of New York
007289: TAYLOR, BAYARD - The Ballad of Abraham Lincoln
012048: TAYLOR, ROGER - Impressed by Light. British Photographs from Paper Negatives, 1840-1860
005238: TEEGAN, THOMAS HENRY - General Bonaparte. A Drama: in four Acts
008223: TEETOR, HENRY B. - The Past and Present of Mill Creek Valley Hamilton County Ohio
008139: TELEMANN, GEORG PHILIPP. SEIFFERT, MAX (EDITOR) - Drei Dutzend Klavierfantasien. (Fantaisies Pour Le Clavessin, 3 Douzaines). Three Dozen Clavier Fantasias
002795: TELLINGTON-JONES, LINDA; LIEBERMAN, BOBBIE - The Ultimate Horse Behavior and Training Book. Enlightened and Revolutionary Solutions for the 21st Century
011682: TENDERINI, MIRELLA. - Gary Hemming. The Beatnik of the Alps
003600: TENNEY, C.J. - New England Distinguished. A Discourse Preached in Wethersfield, Nov. 29, 1827, Being the Day of Annual Thanksgiving; with an appendix.
001188: TENNYSON, ALFRED - Idyls of the King
004741: TERAPIANO, YURI - Earthly Journey (transliteration).
011007: TERHUNE, ALBERT PAYSON - Syria From the Saddle
007493: TETRAZZINI, LUISA - How to Sing
009390: THACHER, GEORGE H. - A key to the "Trustee's Statement" Letters to the majority of the trustees of the Dudley observatory, showing the misrepresentations, garblings, and perversions of their mis-statement.
001225: THACKSEN, MILLARD - Jack Higgins of the Racket Squad
002443: THAXTER, CELIA - An Island Garden
004455: THAXTER, CELIA - Poems
007421: THAXTER, CELIA. EDITED BY OSCAR LAIGHTON - The Heavenly Guest. With other unpublished writings. With reprints of essays by friends and Contemporaries
002211: THAXTER, CELIA - Poems
009534: THAXTER, CELIA; BELKNAP, JEREMY; PLUMER, WILLIAM; HALE, SARAH JOSEPHA; CLARK, LEANDER ET AL. - The Poets of New Hampshire, Being Specimen poems of three hundred poets of the Granite State, with Biographical Notes
012247: THAXTER, CELIA - Idyls and Pastorals
007508: THAXTER, CELIA - Among the Isles of Shoals
007044: THAYER, WILLIAM M. REVEREND - Review of Ex-Gov. Andrew on License. No. 30
006480: THE LONDONDERRY HISTORICAL SOCIETY (COMPILER) - Early Londonderry. Tidbits and Historical Sketches. Volume IIII
000166: THE LAKE COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Here is Lake County Ohio
005183: THE WOODSTOCK TERCENTENARY COMMITTEE - Heritage and Horizons. Woodstock Remembers 300 Years
002424: THE "MAJOR - The Chess Primer
008885: THE BROTHERS MAYHEW (HENRY AND AUGUSTUS). - The Image of his Father; or, One Boy is more Trouble than a Dozen Girls. Being the Tale of a "Young Monkey."
008443: THE ASSOCIATION OF MUNICIPAL HISTORIANS OF NEW YORK STATE (COMPILERS). - New York State Cemeteries Name/Location Inventory 1995-1997. Parts 1-3.
004776: "THE DUCHESS." (HUNGERFORD, MARGARET WOLFE). - A Little Rebel. Arm Chair Library. No. 38
004182: THEISE, MICHAEL (ARTIST) - The Eye Deceived. Paintings by Michael Theise
008637: THERIAULT, FLORENCE - For the Love of Dolls. The Legendary Collection of Mildred Seeley
004308: THEUS, MRS. CHARLTON M - Savannah Furniture, 1735-1825
010656: THIERRY, AUGUSTIN - Lettres sur L'Histoire de France
010592: THOA, DUONG - The Revolutionary Morality of President Ho Chi Minh
011877: THOLE, LOU - Forgotten Fields of America. World War II Bases and Training Then and Now
006826: THOMAS, ROBERT B - The Farmer's Almanack, Calculated on a new and improved plan, for the year of our lord, 1823. Number XXXI.
006230: THOMAS, J.J. - The Illustrated Annual Register of Rural Affairs and Cultivator Almanac, for the Year 1859. Number Five
011725: THOMAS, LUCIEN - R for Robert
008335: THOMAS, ROBERT B. - The Farmer's Almanack Calculated on a New and Improved Plan, for the Year of Our Lord, 1826.
002741: THOMAS, ROBERT B. - The Farmer's Almanack for 1827
012362: THOMAS E. HILL JR - Autonomy and Self-Respect
006578: THOMAS, M. CAREY. BUTLER, NICHOLAS MURRAY (EDITOR). - Education of Women. Monographs on Education in the United States. No. 7
008539: THOMAS, NORMAN - Why I am a Socialist
006190: THOMAS, S. EVELYN - A Practical Guide to the A.R.P, for the Householder and Air-Raid Warden
004650: THOMAS, FREDERICK; MOORE, JERRY J. - Socioeconomic Differentiation of Late Nineteenth-Century Lower Class Households in the Little Piasa Valley, Alton, Illinois
003802: THOMAS, BENJAMIN F. - A Few Suggestions upon the Personal Liberty Law and "Secession" (so called). In a Letter to a Friend
010636: THOMPSON, IAN - The English Lakes. A History
010868: THOMPSON, SCOTT A - B-25 Mitchell in Civil Service.
000209: THOMPSON, C.J.S. - The Mystery and Lore of Apparitions
012145: THOMPSON, MARY P. - Landmarks in Ancient Dover, New Hampshire. Complete Edition
005377: THOMPSON, JACOB - Cherokee Indians. June 2, 1846. Rep. No. 683. 29th Congress, 1st Session. House of Reps.
010927: THOMPSON, MARK (EDITOR) - Leatherfolk: Radical Sex, People, Politics, and Practice
005168: THOMPSON, S. MILLETT - Thirteenth Regiment of New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry in the War of the Rebellion 1861-1865. A Diary Covering Three Years and a Day
005445: THOMPSON, SLASON - A Short History of American Railways Covering Ten Decades
003410: THOMSON, JOHN ET AL - Bulletin of the American Society of Civil Engineers. No. 51, December 12th, 1894
009151: THORNDALE, WILLIAM; DOLLARHIDE, WILLIAM - Map Guide to the U.S. Federal Censuses, 1790-1920
002262: THRUM, THOMAS G. COMPILER - More Hawaiian Folk Tales. A collection of Native Legends and Traditions. Bound with Hawaiian Place Names
011624: TIBBETTS, HOWARD; MCCULLAGH, SARAH; GALLAGHER, FRANK ET AL - Hubverse. September 1937. Volume One Number 2
010724: TITMARSH, M.A. (THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE) - Notes of a Journey from Cornhill to Grand Cairo, by way of Lisbon, Athens, Constantinople, and Jerusalem: performed in the steamers of the Peninsular and Oriental Company. Part of Wiley and Putnam's Library
001862: [TITUS LIVIUS] BAKER, GEORGE TRANSLATOR - The History of Rome. In two volumes. VOLUME 2 ONLY
011690: TIWONI, HABIB - Attacking the Moncada of the Mind
012353: TOBEY, MARK (ARTIST) - Mark Tobey Retrospective. Exhibition dates: 20 March Through 21 April 1968
011025: TOBEY, MARK (ARTIST) - Mark Tobey. Oils, Temperas, Small Monotypes. October 24-November 25, 1967
011439: TODD, MABEL LOOMIS - A Cycle of Sunsets
009186: TODOROV, TZVETAN - Symbolism and Interpretation
007586: TOLAND, JOHN - A Critical History of the Celtic Religion and Learning: Containing an Account of the Druids; or, the Priests and Judges, of the Vaids, or the Diviners and Physicians; and of the Bards, or the Poets and Heralds.; of the Ancient Gauls, Britons, Irish [...]
011217: TOLKIEN, J.R.R - The Fellowship of the Ring. Being the First Part of the Lord of the Rings
010263: TOLKIEN, J.R.R. - Unfinished Tales
010415: TOLKIEN, J.R.R. - The Return of the King. Being the Third Part of the Lord of the Rings
006299: TOLSTOY, LEO ET AL - The Christian Doctrine of Non-Resistance in The Arena. December 1890. Vol 3. No. 1
008538: TOLSTOY, LEO; LAGERLOF, SELMA; VENDOV, D.; BEZRODNY, YU.; NAZHIVIN, I.; PUSHKIN, A.S. - The First Distiller; Inequality; A Girl of the World; Zorakh and Bulanka, The Honk (Whistle); The Magnanimous Goliath, the Death of Sharik; In Captivity and Neighbors, two stories; The Gypsies; Brother on Brother. Bound volume of Russian Literature
009229: TOLZMANN, DON HEINRICH - Ohio Valley German Biographical Index
008555: TOMES, ROBERT - The War with the South. A History of the Great American Rebellion. The War for the Union!! Division 10
005632: TOMLIN, ROBERT K. - American Engineers Behind the Battle Lines in France
004159: TOMLINSON, JOSEPH - An Address by Joseph Tomlinson of the Firm of James, Santee and Co.
008519: TOPALOVICH, ZIVKO - Tito et Kominform. Yougoslavie de 1941-1949
007600: TOSI, PIER. FRANCESCO. MR. GALLIARD (TRANSLATOR) - Observations on the Florid Song; or, Sentiments on the Ancient and Modern Singers, Written in Italian. Useful for all performers, instrumental as well as vocal. To which are added Explanatory Annotations, and Examples in Musick
008167: TOSI, PIER FRANCESCO; PILKINGTON, MICHAEL;GALLIARD, MR. - Observations on the Florid Song
009696: TOTHEROH, DAN - The Piper. A Grove Play
011661: TRANT, WILLIAM - Trade Unions. Their origin and objects, influence and Efficacy. With an appendix showing the History and Aims of the American Federation of Labor. Nineteenth Edition
003312: TRAPP, MARIA AUGUSTA, AUTHOR OF FOREWORD. VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Trapp Family Book of Christmas Songs
010259: TRATMAN, E.E. RUSSELL - Report on the Use of Metal Railroad Ties and on the Preservative Processes and Metal Tie-Plates for Wooden Ties. US Department of Agriculture Division of Forestry. Bulletin No. 9
012333: TRESSAN (LOUIS-ÉLISABETH DE LA VERGNE, COMTE DE TRESSAN) - Histoires du Petit Jehan de Saintre, et de Gerard de Nevers. Part of Bibliotheque Portative du Voyageur Series
002823: TRIGG, JOSEPH W. - Origen
009723: TRIMBLE, LOUIS - Murder Trouble. Black Cat Detective Series No. 18
004859: TROFIMUK, NICHOLAS (PHOTOGRAPHER) - The Lonesome Landscape. New Mexico
005753: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY ET AL. HOMER, WINSLOW (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Galaxy. December 1869. Vol. 8 No. 6.
005752: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY ET AL. - The Galaxy. February 1870. Vol. 9 No. 2.
005751: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY ET AL. - The Galaxy. March 1870. Vol. 9 No. 3.
005750: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY ET AL. - The Galaxy. April 1870. Vol. 9 No. 4.
010219: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Warden. Bound With Barchester Towers
011298: TROMBLEY, DANIEL T - Adventures of Batiste.
012232: TROTSKY, LEON. - Writings of Leon Trotsky (1939-40)
011527: TROY, NANCY J - The De Stijl Environment
006686: TRUMBULL, HON. LYMAN - Speech of Hon. Lyman Trumbull, of Illinois, on the Civil Rights-Veto Message. Delivered in the Senate of the United States, April 4, 1866.
006508: TRUPIN, BENNETT W. - Elias Pelletreau 1726-1810. Goldsmith of Southhampton Long Island, New York.
006779: TRUSLER, WENDY (ARTIST) - Into the Living
009378: TRYON, GEORGE W. (ARRANGER). - Operatic Gems. A New Collection of Beautiful Melodies for the most Popular Operas. First Series: For Soprano and Tenor Voices
009363: TSVETAEVA, MARINA - Poem of the End: Selected Lyrical & Narrative Poetry
009678: TSVETAEVA, MARINA - After Russia
012108: TUCKER, PAUL HAYES - Monet in the 20th Century
004153: TUDOR, TASHA (ILLUSTRATOR). ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN. - Fairy Tales from Hans Christian Andersen
011450: TUDOR, TASHA. - A Time to Keep. The Tasha Tudor Book of Holidays
004087: TUFTS, LUCY HARRIS - The Younger Sister
010581: TUPPER, MARTIN FARQUHAR - Proverbial Philosophy: A Book of Thoughts and Arguments, Originally Treated. First and Second Series. Two parts in One Book. Part of Wiley and Putnam's Library of Choice Reading
010475: TUPPER, MARTIN FARQUHAR - The Crock of Gold: A Rural Novel. Volume 23 of Wiley and Putnam's Library of Choice Reading
010068: TURGENEV, IVAN - The Torrents of Spring
011793: TURST, EVA A - Diary of Eva A. Turst of Fairfield, Maine, from 1916 to 1920
006131: TWAIN, MARK; JAMES, HENRY; EMERSON, RALPH WALDO; WHITTIER, JOHN G.; THAXTER, CELIA ET AL. - The Atlantic Monthly. Volume XXXVII. January-June 1876
012223: TWAIN, MARK ET AL - The Fireside Monthly. Volume 1 No. 5. August 1878. With Fables and Their Sequels By Mark Twain
010490: TWAIN, MARK - The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Tom Sawyer's Comrade)
003929: TWAIN, MARK. PAUL FATOUT, EDITOR - Mark Twain Speaking
009353: TWAIN, MARK; JEWETT, SARAH ORNE; THAXTER, CELIA ET AL. - The Atlantic Monthly. A magazine of Literature, Science, Art and Politics. Volume XLV. January to June 1880
011601: TWAIN, MARK; ROOSEVELT, THEODORE ET AL. - The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine. May, 1894. With part VI of Pudd'nhead Wilson.
008654: TWITCHELL, PAUL - The Shariyat-ki-Sugmad
011553: TYLER, ANNE; BERGER, RICK; MORRIS, PAUL ET AL - Pyx. A Magazine for the Arts. Winter, 1972.
008346: TYLER, AUGUST - The United Front
003638: TYNER, PAUL - Reincarnation and Mental Science. In The Temple magazine. December 1897. Vol. 1 No. 8.
011776: TZARA, TRISTAN; GROSZ, GEORGE; MAGRITTE, RENE; ERNST, MAX (ARTISTS); FEININGER, LUX (PHOTOGRAPHY). VAN HECKE, PAUL GUSTAVE (EDITOR) - Varietes. Revue Mensuelle Illustree de L'esprit Contemporain. 15 Decembre 1929. 2e Annee No. 8
010401: ULLMANN, S.O.A. - Rossetti, Stillman and the Union College "Willowwood" Manuscripts.
009886: UMBREIT, FRIEDRICH WILHELM CARL - Grundtone des Alten Testaments.
010944: UNCLE TOBY - Thoughts and Stories on Tobacco for American Lads; or Uncle Toby's Anti-Tobacco Advice to his Nephew, Billy Bruce
005669: UNDERWOOD, LILLIAS H. - Underwood of Korea. Being an Intimate Record of the Life and Work of the Rev. H.G. Underwood, D.D., LL.D. For Thirty-one Years a Missionary of the Presbyterian Board of Korea
010981: UPDIKE, JOHN - On Meeting Authors
003590: UPHAM, CHARLES W. - Salem Witchcraft; with An Account of Salem Village, and A History of the Opinions on Witchcraft and Kindred Subjects. Two volumes.
008471: UPHAUS, WILLARD ET AL - Ephemera relating to the incarceration of Willard Uphaus in New Hampshire in 1960.
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