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002327: WALKER, BENJ - Sketch of the James Tweed Family, Wilmington Mass. Read at a Family Reunion, Foster's Pond, Andover, Mass. , June 17, 1887
010079: WALKER, ALICE - Revolutionary Petunias and Other Poems
003416: WALKER, ALEXANDER - Beauty; Illustrated Chiefly by an Analysis and Classification of Beauty in Woman. Edited by an American Physician
014373: WALKER, EMMA E. - Beauty Through Hygiene. Common Sense Ways to Health for Girls. Part of the Woman's Home Library
008441: WALKER, ALICE MOREHOUSE - Historic Hadley. A Story of the Making of a Famous Massachusetts Town
009863: WALLACE, DILLON - The Long Labrador Trail
011460: WALLIS, FRANK - The Colonial Renaissance. Houses of the Middle and Southern Colonies. The White Pine Series of Architectural Monographs Volume II Number I.
012328: WALPOLE, HUGH - Fortitude. The Education of an Adventurer. Armed Services Edition #928
011840: WALSH, MIKE (MICHAEL), ARTIST - Mike Walsh Fiber Sculpture. Exhibition Broadside Advertisement
008741: WHITMAN, WALT ET AL. - Harper's New Monthly Magazine. April, 1892
005578: WHITMAN, WALT ET AL. - Brother of All, with Generous Hand. In the Galaxy. January 1870. Vol 9. No. 1
011135: WALTON, ROY - Card Script
006927: WALZER, MICHAEL - Spheres of Justice. A Defence of Pluralism and Equality
008024: WARBURTON, WILLIAM - Letters from a Late Eminent Prelate to One of His Friends
010869: WARBURTON, ELIOT - The Crescent and the Cross; or, Romance and Realities of Eastern Travel. Two Parts in One Book. Part of Wiley and Putnam's Library of Choice Reading
012427: WARD, MEREDITH E. - Arthur Beecher Carles 1882-1952
008014: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO; HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL; STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER; HAMILTON, GAIL; HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL; HOWE, MRS. JULIA WARD ET AL. - The Atlantic Monthly. A Magazine of Literature, Art and Politics. January-June, 1863. Volume XI
010317: WARD, STUART (EDITOR) - British Culture and the End of Empire (Studies in Imperialism Mup)
006573: ABERNATHY, ROBERT; HICKEY, H.B.; MOORE, WARD ET AL. - Amazing Stories. March 1950. Volume 24, No. 3
011837: WARD, JONATHAN; BODWELL, JOSHUA - Turning Leaves. String of Words
010178: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO; HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL; STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER; HAMILTON, GAIL; HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL; HOWE, MRS. JULIA WARD ET AL. - The Atlantic Monthly. A Magazine of Literature, Art and Politics. January-June, 1863. Volume XI
013758: WARD, WILLIAM - The Dalton Gang. The Bandits of the Far West. Adventure Series No. 7
005516: WARDEN, WILLIAM - Letters Written on Board His Majesty's Ship the Northumberland, and Saint Helena; in Which the Conduct and Conversations of Napoleon Buonaparte. Bound with: Military Character of the Different European Armies
002053: WARE, FRANCIS M. - Driving
013797: WARHOL, ANDY; LAURENT, YVES SAINT - Andy Warhol's Interview. January 1973
013889: WARHOL, ANDY; LAURENT, YVES SAINT - Andy Warhol's Interview. March (?) 1976. Volume VI Number 3
005018: WARNER, A.J. - Protection and the Gold Standard Impossible. Protection Possible Only Under Bimetallism. An Exposition. Two Papers, Reprinted from the New York Sun. June, 1894
010713: WARREN, MAUDE RADFORD - Robin Hood and His Merry Men
011792: BONFANTE-WARREN, ALEXANDRA - The Pitti Palace Collections
014108: WASHINGTON, GEORGE; MURRAY, THOMAS HAMILTON - The Irish Washingtons at Home and Abroad, Together with Some Mention of the Ancestry of the American Pater Patriae
011789: WASHINGTON, GEORGE; SPARKS, JARED - The Writings of George Washington; Being His Correspondence, Addresses, Messages and Other Papers, Official and Private, Selected and Published from the Original Manuscripts; with a Life of the Author, Notes and Illustrations. Twevle Volumes, Complete
006987: WASHINGTON, GEORGE. FITZPATRICK, JOHN C. (EDITOR) - The Writings of George Washington from the Original Manuscript Sources 1745-1799. Volumes 1-39, Complete
002030: WASSON, GEORGE S. - Home from Sea
004842: WATERSTON, ROBERT C. - Tribute to William Cullen Bryant at the Meeting of the Massachusetts Historical Society, June 13, 1878. With an Appendix
007555: WATT, JAMES C.Y. - The Sumptuous Basket. Chinese Lacquer with Basketry Panels
013710: WAYLAND, FRANCIS - The Affairs of Rhode-Island. A Discourse Delivered in the Meeting-House of the First Baptist Church, Providence, May 22, 1842
010594: WEBB, JOHN L. - Then Came the Motor Truck. The Story of Trucking on the Pennsylvania Railroad
012848: WEBRE, ALFRED LAMBREMONT - The Dimensional Ecology of the Omniverse
013607: WEBSTER, JOHN CLARENCE (ARRANGER) - Wolfiana. A Potpourri of Facts and Fantasies, Culled from Literature Relating to the Life of James Wolfe
004185: WEBSTER, DANIEL - Speech of Hon. Daniel Webster at the National Republican Convention, in Worcester, Oct. 12, 1832
003738: WEBSTER, DANIEL - Speech of the Hon. Daniel Webster, Upon the Subject of Slavery; Delivered in the United States Senate on Thursday, March 7, 1850
004771: WEBSTER, DANIEL - The Rhode Island Question. Mr. Webster's Argument in the Supreme Court of the United States, in the Case of Martin Luther Vs. Luther M. Borden and Others, January 27th, 1848
008782: WEBSTER, ED - Rock Climbs in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. East Volume. Third Edition
005344: WEBSTER, DANIEL - The Austro-Hungarian Question. Correspondence between Mr. Hulsemann, Austrian Charge D'Affaires, and Mr. Webster, Secretary of State of the United States
010725: DE WECK, RENE - Amiel Ou la Noix Creuse. Les Cahiers Romands Deuxieme Serie. No. 2
013087: WEEKS, KENT R. - The Classic Christian Townsite at Arminna West. Publications of the Pennsylvania-Yale Expedition to Egypt. Number 3
014705: DA-WEI, KWO - Chinese Brushwork. Its History, Aesthetics, and Techniques
006858: WEINER, DOROTHY; MILLS, CLARK; JOHNSON, J.W.; SAGER, GORDON; CROCKER, JOSEPH - The Eliot. November 1933. Vol 1. No. 1
005941: WEISS, JACQUES; SAINT-YVES D'ALVEYDRE - La Synarchie. Selon L'Oeuvre de Saint-Yves D'Alveydre
008581: WEISS, MAX - What Price Profits
008700: WELLEK, RENE - A History of Modern Criticism. Four Volumes. The Later Eighteenth Century; the Romantic Age; the Age of Transition; the Later Nineteenth Century
009138: WELLES, ALBERT - The Pedigree and History of the Washington Family: Derived from Odin, the Founder of Scandinavia, B.C. 70, Involving a Period of Eighteen Centuries, and Including Fifty-Five Generations, Down to General George Washington, First President of the (... )
012294: ARTHUR DUKE OF WELLINGTON - Handwritten Announcement/Proclamation Nominating Joseph Lobb, Esquire to the Position of Deputy Lieutenant for the Town (and County of the Town) of Southhampton. Dated 1846
009317: WELLS, H.G. - The Undying Fire
013545: WELLS, WILLIAM V. - The Life and Public Services of Samuel Adams, Being a Narrative of His Acts and Opinions, and of His Agency in Producing and Forwarding the American Revolution. Three Volumes
007896: WELSH, JAMES H. - State Bounties from City Levies, Favoring Politics As a Trade, the Root of the Municipal Evils. Communism in the City Government and Accidental Innovation, and a Tool of National Parties, Its Eradication Essential to Local Self Rule and the General Safety
003889: WELSH, HERBERT - Early Moravian Indian Work. No. 41-Second Series-2500
011670: WELTY, EUDORA - The Bride of the Innisfallen and Other Stories
010679: WENZELL, A.B. (ARTIST) - The Passing Show
008874: WERNER, JANE; WILLIAMS, GARTH (ILLUSTRATOR) - Animal Friends. A Little Golden Book #167
012385: WERNESS, HOPE B. - Vincent Van Gogh. The Influences of Nineteenth Century Illustrations
011715: WEST, RICHARD V. (INTRODUCTION) - The Rockwell Kent Collection
006723: WEST, AUSTIN - I Am the Sea
008070: WEST, GILBERT; LYTTELTON, GEORGE - A Defence of the Christian Revelation, on Two Very Important Points; As Contained in (... ) Observations on the History of and Evidences of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ by Gilbert West and Another (... ) Observations on the Conversion and Apostleship
008932: WESTBROOK, ELLEN E.; LOWANCE, MASON I. - The Stowe Debate: Rhetorical Strategies in Uncle Tom's Cabin
000167: WESTLAKE, DONALD E. - Put a Lid on It
005828: WESTON, BRETT (PHOTOGRAPHER). NEWHALL, BEAUMONT (AFTERWORD) - Brett Weston. Voyage of the Eye. An Aperture Monograph
005850: WESTON, EDWARD (PHOTOGRAPHER) - Edward Weston. Photography and Modernism
003947: WEYMOUTH, GORHAM N.; BICKFORD, CORA BELLE - The City of Biddeford and Vicinity. Resources, Attractions, Commercial Relations, Transportation Facilities, Educational Opportunities, Social Features, Development and Progress. The Biddeford of Today. And Local Landmarks (... )
003142: WHEELER, JOHN H. - Reminiscences and Memoirs of North Carolina and Eminent North Carolinians. May 1884-Section Three
010665: WHEELER, EDWARD - Deadwood Dick, the Prince of the Road: Or, the Black Rider of the Black Hills. The Deadwood Dick Library. Vol. I. No. 1
014686: WHEELER, MONROE - Soutine
004314: NO AUTHOR GIVEN. (CHARLOTTE BICKERSTETH WHEELER) - Memoir of John Lang Bickersteth, Late of Rugby School
013066: WHEELER, EDWARD - The Double Daggers; or, Deadwood Dick's Defiance. The Deadwood Dick Library. Vol. I. No. 2
010227: WHEELER, EDWARD - Old Avalanche, the Great Annihilator: Or, Wild Edna, the Girl Brigand. The Deadwood Dick Library. Vol. I. No. 8
010228: WHEELER, EDWARD - The Phantom Miner, or, Deadwood Dick's Bonanza. The Deadwood Dick Library. Vol. I. No. 7
009945: WHEELER, EDWARD - New York Nell. The Boy-Girl Detective. The Deadwood Dick Library. Vol. III. No. 36
009972: WHEELER, EDWARD - Omaha Oll, the Masked Terror; or, Deadwood Dick in Danger. The Deadwood Dick Library. Vol. I. No. 1
009973: WHEELER, EDWARD - Bob Woolf, the Border Ruffian, or the Girl Dead-Shot. . the Deadwood Dick Library. Vol. I. No. 9
011637: WHEELER, EDWARD - Wild Ivan, the Boy Claude Duval. The Deadwood Dick Library. Vol. I. No. 5
012377: WHEELER, EDWARD - Death-Face, the Detective. Or, Life and Love in New York. The Deadwood Dick Library. Vol. I. No. 6
012412: WHEELER, EDWARD - The Buffalo Demon. Or, the Border Vultures. A Tale of the Southwest. The Deadwood Dick Library. Vol. I. No. 3
012567: WHEELER, EDWARD - Buffalo Ben, the Prince of the Pistol; or, Deadwood Dick in Disguise. The Deadwood Dick Library. Vol. I. No. 4
002192: WHEELING, KENNETH EDWARD - Horse-Drawn Vehicles at the Shelburne Museum
011178: WHEELOCK, LUCY (EDITOR) - Peloubet's Series Little Ones' Quarterly. Second Quarter 1894. Vol. X. No. 2
014350: WHISTLER, JAMES MCNEILL - James Mcneill Whistler. Etchings and Lithographs 1858 to 1896
012523: WHITAKER, WILLIAM - An Address, on the Danger of Delaying the Concerns of the Soul, in Hope of a Lingering Illness
006023: WHITE, WILLIAM D.; HAZARD, BARBARA (CURATORS) - What Is Not Forbidden Is Allowed. Contemporary Art from Soviet Leningrad
013363: VARIOUS PHOTOGRAPHERS. WHITE, MINOR (COMPILER) - Octave of Prayer. An Exhibition on a Theme
013133: WHITE, EDWARD L. - The Boston Melodeon: A Collection of Secular Melodies, Consisting of Songs, Glees, Rounds, Catches, Etc. Including Many of the Most Popular Pieces of the Day. Volume One. (Including Star Spangled Banner)
008862: WHITE, E.B. - The Trumpet of the Swan
009004: WHITE; HILLHOUSE - Mr. White's Speech in Senate, January 7, 1809. With Mr. Hillhouse's Speech in Senate, January 7, 1809
008837: WHITE, E.E. - A Primary Arithmetic, Uniting Oral and Written Exercises in a Natural System of Instruction. White's Grade School Series
013296: WHITE, MIMI - The World Disguised As This One. A Year in Tanka
007231: WHITE, ALAN - The Philosophy of the Mind. A Study in the Problems of Philosophy
006949: RADCLIFFE-WHITEHEAD, RALPH - Pictures for Schools. Arrows of the Dawn, No. 3
010270: WHITEHOUSE, BION H. (PHOTOGRAPHER); PROPER, DAVID (TEXT) - Central Square and Beyond . Historical Images of Keene and Cheshire County
011349: WHITLOCK, WELDON - Bel Canto for the Twentieth Century. Twentieth Century Masterworks on Singing. Volume III
005434: WHITNEY, FREDERIC A. - An Address Delivered at the Consecration of Evergreen Cemetery, Brighton, Wednesday, August 7, 1850
009018: WHITNEY, CHARLES FREDERICK - Indian Designs and Symbols
006163: WHITNEY, CASPAR; GRINNELL, GEORGE BIRD; WISTER, OWEN - Musk-Ox, Bison, Sheep and Goat. American Sportsman's Library
011631: WHITTEN, ROBERT; FISHER, CHARLES F. - Report of the Town Planning Committee Westerly, Rhode Island
008825: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF - In War Time and Other Poems
008776: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF - Prose Works of John Greenleaf Whittier. Two Volumes, Complete
007315: WHITTLESEY, CHARLES - Topographical and Historical Sketch of the State of Ohio
005775: WIKOFF, HENRY - My Courtship and Its Consequences
003180: WIKTOR, JAN - Eros Na Podworzu
001078: WILBUR, HOMER EDITOR[LOWELL, JAMES RUSSELL] - Meliboeus Hipponax. The Biglow Papers
012454: WILCOX, ELLA WHEELER - The Heart of New Thought
011328: WILCOX, TIMOTHY - A Day in the Sun: Outdoor Pursuits in the Art of the 1930s
014151: WILDE, OSCAR; GROVER, EDWIN OSGOOD - The Cornhill Booklet. October MCM (1900)
007578: WILDE, OSCAR - Salome and the Ballad of Reading Gaol
014610: WILDER, BURT G. - What Young People Should Know. The Reproductive Function in Man and the Lower Animals
012033: DICKENS, CHARLES; COLLINS, WILKIE ET AL. - Harper's New Monthly Magazine. December 1864 to May 1865
013391: WILKIN, KAREN - Edgar Degas: The Many Dimensions of a Master French Impressionist
008471: UPHAUS, WILLARD ET AL. - Ephemera Relating to the Incarceration of Willard Uphaus in New Hampshire in 1960
000153: WILLARD, JAMES F. - The Royal Authority and the Early English Universities. A Thesis Presented to the Philosophy Department at the University of Pennsylvania
013366: BURROUGHS, WILLIAM ET AL. - Talk Talk Volume 3 Number 6. Autumn, 1981
006899: SULZER, WILLIAM ET AL. - Governor Sulzer, the Political Bosses and the Legislature
005847: POE, EDGAR ALLAN;(BROWNING) BARRETT, ELIZABETH B.; HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL; HERBERT, HENRY WILLIAM ET AL. STEPHENS, ANN S. (EDITOR) - Ladies' National Magazine. Volume IV. July to December 1843 Inclusive. Bound with: Godey's Lady's Book March 1844; Graham's Magazine January 1844; Graham's Magazine November 1844; Godey's Lady's Book February, 1845 Thousand-and-Second Tale Scheherazade
010674: WILLIAMS, WILLIAM CARLOS; MOORE, MARIANNE; EMPSON, WILLIAM ET AL. - Poetry. A Magazine of Verse. November 1936
004138: WILLIAM, TENNESSEE - Small Craft Warnings
004716: WILLIAMS, THOMAS J. - A Cure for the Fidgets. A Farce, in One Act. French's Minor Drama. No. CCCVI
008674: NO AUTHOR GIVEN (WILLIAMS, KATHERINE) - Tim and His Monkey
005066: WILLIAMS, LIEUT.-COLONEL - The Life and Times of the Late Duke of Wellington; by Lieut. -Colonel Williams. Comprising the Campaigns and Battle-Fields of Wellington and His Comrades, the Political Life of the Duke and His Contemporaries, and a Detailed Account of England's Battles
000840: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE - A Streetcar Named Desire
013943: WILLIAMS, LESLITA - Hidden in the Picture
003321: WILLIAMS, JARED W. - Address of His Excellency the Governor, to Both Branches of the General Court of New Hampshire, June Session, 1847
010502: WILLIAMS, MAJOR GEORGE F. BRADY, MATTHEW; GARDNER, ALEXANDER (PHOTOGRAPHERS) - The Memorial War Book. As Drawn from Historical Records and Personal Narratives of the Men Who Served in the Great Struggle
013990: WILLIAMS, JONATHAN (SELECTOR) - I Shall Save One Land Unvisited. Eleven Southern Photographers
013521: WILLIAMS, A.D. - Spanish Colonial Furniture
014417: WILLIAMS, R.E.; SCARLOTT, CHARLES A. - Radio-1. Training for Victory
003883: WILLIAMSON, J.A. - Letter of the Commissioner of the General Land Office to the Secretary of the Interior Relative to the Condition of the Work in the General Land Office and the Necessity for Additional Clerical Assistance
005886: WILLIAMSON, JACK; KELLY, FRANK K.; BARNES, A.K.; SCHACHNER, NATHAN. GERNSBACK, HUGO (EDITOR) - Wonder Stories Quarterly. Fall 1932. Vol. 4. No 1
005538: WILLIAMSON, R.S.; DAVIS, JEFFERSON (TRANSMITTER) - Report of the Secretary of War, Communicating Lieutenant Williamson's Report of His Surveys to Ascertain a Practicable Route for a Railroad to the Pacific Ocean. April 3, 1854. 33d Congress, 1st Session. Senate. Ex. Doc. No. 52
013725: WILLMAN, REINHOLD - The Errors of Mind Healing. Compared with the Miracles of Christ and His Disciples in the Healing of the Afflicted As Viewed by a Physician
004563: WILLOUGHBY, CHARLES CLARK; SPIESS, ARTHUR E. (FOREWORD) - Indian Antiquities of the Kennebec Valley. Occasional Publications in Maine Archaeology Number One
006625: LEINSTER, MURRAY; LEY, WILLY ET AL. - Astounding Science Fiction. May 1945. Vol. XXXV, No. 3
010426: WILSON, JAMES F. - CIVIL Rights. Speech of Hon. James F. Wilson, of Iowa, Delivered in the House of Representatives, March 1, 1866
002897: WILSON, MICHAEL I. - William Kent: Architect, Designer, Painter, Gardener, 1685-1748
010949: WILSON, G.H. - Boston Symphony Orchestra Season 1889-90 Programme. Ninth Season. Programme of the First Rehearsal and Concert
010641: WILSON, EDMUND; MOORE, MARIANNE, ET AL. - Poetry. A Magazine of Verse. February 1936
014755: WILSON, ROBERT ANTON - The Realist. September-October 1971. No. 91 B.
006206: WILSON, HENRY - The State of Affairs in Kansas. Speech of Hon. Henry Wilson of Massachusetts. In the Senate, February 18, 1856
013058: WILSON, DAVE (EDITOR) - The Avatar (Avatar in Boston). July 4-18. Vol II. No. 3
010333: WILSON, HENRY - The Death of Slavery-the Life of the Nation. Speech of Hon. Henry Wilson, of Massachusetts, Delivered in the Senate, May 1, 1862, on the Bill to Confiscate the Property and Free the Slaves of Rebels
008478: WILSON, HENRY - Northern Radicals and Southern Radicals. Speech of Hon. Henry Wilson, of Massachusetts, in the Senate of the United States, January 27, 1868
004944: WILSON, SIR ROBERT - Brief Remarks on the Character and Composition of the Russian Army, and a Sketch of the Campaigns in Poland in the Years 1806 and 1807
013381: WILSON, CLINT - Advertisement for a Two Day Punk/New Wave Event at Uc Berkeley in October, 1979
007476: STENNETT-WILSON, R. - The Beauty of Modern Glass
006318: WILSON, ORMOND - Kororareka and Other Essays
012996: WILSON, DAVE (EDITOR) - The Avatar (Avatar in Boston). May 9, 1968. Issue 25. ("Lost" Issue)
006076: WIMAN, ERASTUS - The Cyclone Pulverizer Co. Of the United States of America. Annual Report of the President Erastus Wiman. New York, 1888
009046: WINCKLER, HUGO - Untersuchungen Zur Altorientalischen Geschichte
013806: DE WINDT, HARRY - Finland As It Is
014727: WINNER, JOSEPH (COMPILER) - Musical Gems Vocal and Instrumental Being a Choice Collection of Popular Melodies Comprising Songs for the Fireside, Social Gatherings, Concerts, Etc.
011568: WINSHIP, GEORGE PARKER - The Vollbehr Incunabula at the National Arts Club of New York from August 23 to September 30 MCMXXVI
011604: WINSHIP, GEORGE PARKER - Introduction to a Collection of Book-Illustrations in the Possession of Dr. Otto H.F. Vollbehr. The Vollbehr Collections. Winter 1928
013358: WINSLOW, HUBBARD - The Appropriate Sphere of Woman. A Discourse Delivered in the Bowdoin Street Church, July 9, 1837
008384: WINSTON, HENRY - What It Means to Be a Communist
001224: WINTERBOTHAM, R.R. - The Ghost Avenger
014374: WISE, JOE (COMPOSER) - Take All the Lost Home
005227: WISNER, BENJAMIN B. - A Sermon Occasioned by the Death of Mrs. Miriam Phillips, Consort of His Honor William Phillips, Delivered on the 18th of May, Being the Sabbath After the Funeral
014089: BYNNER, WITTER ET AL. - The Lyric. August 1923. Vol. 3 No. 8
010158: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Fish Preferred
008667: WOFSY, LEON - Youth Fights for Its Future
009876: WOJAHN, DAVID - Late Empire
009464: WOJAHN, DAVID - Mystery Train
009569: WOLFE, ED - The Interstate Railroad. History of an Appalachian Coal Road
010377: WOOD, FRANK - Rilke and the Time Factor
011396: WOOD, THOMAS D. (PREPARER) - Health Charts Proposed by the Joint Committee on Health Problems in Education of the National Council of the National Education Association and the Council on Health and Public Instruction of the American Medical Association
013748: WOODBRIDGE, WILLIAM C. - Rudiments of Geography, on a New Plan, Designed to Assist the Memory by Comparison and Classification: With Numerous Engravings of Manners, Customs, and Curiosities. Accompanied by an Atlas (... )
010878: WOODBURY, DAVID O. - What You Should Know About Submarine Warfare
012500: TWAIN, MARK; WILSON, WOODROW ET AL. - Harper's New Monthly Magazine. September, 1896. With Tom Sawyer, Detective (Conclusion)
011412: WOODS, MARGARET - Extracts from the Journal of the Late Margaret Woods, from the Year 1771 to 1821
012011: WOODWARD, T. TRASK - The Veteran of 1812; or Kesiah and the Scout. A Romantic Military Drama in Five Acts
014698: WOODWORTH, FRANCIS C. - The Young American's Life of Fremont
005291: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - The Captain's Death Bed and Other Essays
013338: WOOLF, BENJAMIN EDWARD - The Doctor of Alcantara. Opera Bouffe. In Two Acts
004116: WOOLLETT, WILLIAM (ILLUSTRATOR). GEBHARD, DAVID - Hoover Dam. Drawings Etchings Lithographs. 1931-1933
009434: WOOLMAN, JOHN - Memoir of John Woolman, Chiefly Extracted from a Journal of His Life and Travels
009336: WORK, MILTON C. - Lucky Strike Advertising Card with Bridge Playing Tabs
002939: WORMSER, BARON - When
011387: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD - In the Cause of Architecture. Wright's Historic Essays for Architectural Record 1908-1952. With a Symposium on Wright and Architecture
012205: WRIGHT, J.W. - No Gifts. The Doves of December. Some Verses and Remarks Upon the Planting of the Acorn
010692: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD (EDITOR) - Taliesin. February 1941. Vol. 1 No. 2
013736: WRIGHT, STUART (EDITOR) - George Garrett. A Bibliography, 1947-1988
009463: WRIGHT, SAMUEL - A Bibliography of the Writings of Walter H. Pater
013866: WRIGHT, CARROLL D. - Some Ethical Phases of the Labor Question
013418: WRIGHT, CHARLES - Appalachia
003035: WRIGHT, T. PAGE - Page Wright's Manuscript. Sixty Years of Lost Secrets by T. Page Wright
011332: WRIGHT, OTIS OLNEY (COMPILER) - History of Swansea Massachusetts 1667-1917
012296: WRINGE, COLIN - Moral Education. Beyond the Teaching of Right and Wrong
012032: WUST, KLAUS G. - The English and German Printing Office: Bilingual Printers in Maryland and Virginia. Offprint from the Thirty Second Report of the Society for the History of the Germans in Maryland, 1966
005744: WYLIE, ELIZABETH - Explorations in Realism: 1870-1880. Frank Duveneck and His Circle from Bavaria to Venice
012179: WYLIE, MARGARET. BUCK, PEARL S. (FOREWORD) - Children of China
014202: WATT, JAMES C.Y. ET AL. - China. Dawn of a Golden Age 200-750 Ad
013976: YADIN, YIGAEL - Military and Archaelogical (Sic) [Archaeological] Aspects of the Conquest of Canaan in the Book of Joshua. El Ha'Ayin. Materials for Bible Study Circles and Bible Study Group Leaders No. 1. Third Edition
008380: YAROSLAVSKY, E. FOSTER, WILLIAM Z. (INTRODUCTION) - The Meaning of the Soviet Trials. Including the Official Text of the Indictment of the Bukharin-Trotskyite Bloc
014251: YATES, ELIZABETH - We, the People
014438: YBARRA, T.R. - Caruso. The Man of Naples. The Voice of Gold
003946: YONGE, CHARLOTTE - The Trial: Or More Links of the Daisy Chain. Two Volumes in One
009572: YOUNG, EDWARD - The Complaint: Or Night Thoughts on Life, Death and Immortality. Two Volumes in One, with a Paraphrase on the Book of Job
013282: YOUNG, ANDREW MCLAREN - Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868-1928). Architecture, Design and Painting
010110: YOUNG, LOUISE RIDER - Biographical Dictionary of the Youngs. (Born Circa 1625-1870) from the Towns Under the Jurisdiction of York County, Maine
008842: YOUNG, ANDREW W. - History of Chautauqua County New York, from Its First Settlement to the Present Time; with Numerous Biographical and Family Sketches. Two Volumes
012651: YOUNG, C. WALTER - The International Relations of Manchuria. A Digest and Analysis of Treaties, Agreements and Negotiations Concerning the Three Eastern Provinces of China
004820: YOUNGHUSBAND, G. J. - The Trans-Salwin Shan State of Kiang Tung
014775: REVOLUTIONARY COMMUNIST YOUTH - Students Murdered in Baton Rouge
013783: VLADIMIROV YU., MITSKIEVICH, N.; HORSKY, J. - Space Time Gravitation
014773: YUTANG, LIN - The Gay Genius. The Life and Times of Su Tungpo
009821: VARIOUS AUTHORS. ZABEL, CRAIG (EDITOR) - American Public Architecture. European Roots and Native Expressions
007687: FILLMORE, MILLARD; WEBSTER, DANIEL; TAYLOR, ZACHARY ET AL. - Texas Boundary. Message from the President of the United States, in Reference to the Texas Boundary. August 6, 1850. 31st Congress, 1st Session. Ex. Doc. No. 82. Ho. Of Reps
003596: ZANELLI, DOMENICO - Sulla Venturosa Invenzione Del Corpo S. Chiara Di Asisi Nel Settembre Del 1850 Relazione Storica Del Sacerdote Domenico Zanelli
007628: ZANGWILL, ISRAEL - 'They That Walk in Darkness. ' Ghetto Tragedies
005902: ZDUNIC, DRAGO (EDITOR) - Primitive Painting. An Anthology of the World's Na´ve Painters
009740: ZEBEST, JADE; ZEBEST, ZANDRA - Generation X. #2
009798: ZEBEST, JADE; ZEBEST, ZANDRA - Generation X. #5
009690: ZEBEST, JADE; ZEBEST, ZANDRA - Generation X. #3
008344: ZELLER, FRED; TROTSKY, LEON (INTRODUCTION) - The Road for Revolutionary Socialists
006823: ZIMMERMANN, MARC - The History of Dublin Cinemas
012163: ZSCHOKKE, HEINRICH; GODWIN, PARKE (EDITOR/TRANSLATOR) - Tales from the German of Zschokke. Part I Only
011141: JOHN ZUKOWSKY - Mies Reconsidered: His Career, Legacy, and Disciples
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