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014242: Strachey, Lytton - Queen Victoria
013002: Strange, Thomas Arthur - An Historical Guide to French Interiors, Furniture, Decoration, Woodwork, and Allied Arts During the Last Half of the Seventeenth Century, the Whole of the Eighteenth Century, and the Earlier Part of the Nineteenth
015774: Stratman, Carl J. - American Theatrical Periodicals, 1798-1967. A Bibliographical Guide
010695: Street, Alfred B. - The Pilgrim Spirit. A Poem Delivered Before the Connecticut Alpha of the Phi Beta Kappa Society at Yale College, New Haven, July 30, 1851
007012: Streitberg, Wilhelm; Michels, Victor - Geschichte Der Indogermanischen Sprachwissenschaft Seit Ihrer Begrundung Durch Franz Bopp. Volume II. Die Erforschung Der Indogermanischen Sprachen. Band 2. Germanisch. 1. Lieferung
011253: Stretton, Hesba (Smith, Sarah) - David Lloyd's Last Will
016736: Struminskyj; Bohdan (compiler) - Kievan, Galician, Volhynian and Transcarpathian Old Cyrillic Printed Books from the Collections of Paul M. Fekula
013960: Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart et al. - The Independent. May, 1873
017771: Suares, J.C. (artist) - All the Way with Lbj!... Meanwhile Read the New York Free Press Poster
004158: Sue, Eugene - The Wandering Jew
018009: Suffern, Richard Winslow - From Graces to Gargoyles: A Social Essay on the Theater in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 1762-1850
002293: Sullivan, Eddie; Schmidt, Charlie - Outwitting the Gang Chief
012299: Sullivan, Michael - Art and Artists of Twentieth Century China
012491: Sumner, Charles - The War System of the Commonwealth of Nations: An Address Before the American Peace Society, at Its Anniversary in Boston, May 28th, 1849
002787: [Sumner, Charles] - The Landmark of Freedom. Speech of Hon. Charles Sumner, Against the Repeal of the Missouri Prohibition of Slavery North of 36° 30'. In the Senate, February 21, 1854
011513: Sumner, Charles - Speech of Hon. Charles Sumner, on the Nights of the Passage of the Kansas and Nebraska Bill. Final Protest for Himself and the Clergy of New England Against Slavery in Kansas and Nebraska. In the Senate of the United States, May 25, 1854
003452: Sumner, Charles - The War System of the Commonwealth of Nations: An Address Before the American Peace Society, at Its Anniversary in Boston, May 28th, 1849
000613: Sunderland, Jabez T. - Evolution and Religion. With an Introduction by David Starr Jordan
007502: Suokko, Glenn (artist) - Glenn Suokko
010276: Von Suppe, Franz - Boccaccio. Comic Opera in Three Acts
017853: Lowell, Robert; Spender, Stephen; Sontag, Susan et al. - Partisan Review. Summer 1962
016909: [African-American] Tanner, Benjamin T.; Miller, Joaquin; Coolidge, Susan et al. - The Independent. Thursday, May 10, 1883
004715: Suter, W.E. - Sarah's Young Man. A Farce in One Act. Spencer's Universal Stage. No. 30
014380: Swanberg, W.A. - Luce and His Empire
002543: Mr. Swanson, Presenter - The Story of the Campaign and Siege of Yorktown
014664: Sward, Keith - The Legend of Henry Ford
016011: Swedenborg, Emanuel - Miscellaneous Theological Works of Emanuel Swedenborg
014982: Swedenborg, Emanuel - The Doctrine of Life for the New Jerusalem, from the Commandments of the Decalogue
016182: Swedenborg, Emanuel - The True Christian Religion: Containing the Universal Theology of the New Church, Foretolds by the Lord in Daniel VII. 13, 14; and in Revelation XXI. 1, 2
016075: Swedenborg, Emanuel - The Four Leading Doctrines of the New Church, Signified by the New Jerusalem in the Revelation: Being Those Concerning the Lord; the Sacred Scripture; Faith; and Life
013646: Sweetser, M.F. - Chisholm's White Mountain Guide Book
017700: Swift, Jonathan - Gulliver's Travels Into Several Remote Nations of the World
013927: Sylvester, Janet - That Mulberry Wine
006247: Symonds, Joseph W. - Nathaniel Hawthorne. An Oration Delivered Before the Alumni of Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine, July 10, 1878
018049: Syski, Aleksander (Alexander) - The Poles and the War. Address at the Polish Mass Meeting Faneuil Hall, September 6, 1914
004682: Stern-Szana, Bernhard - Bibliotheca Curiosa Et Erotica
013611: Craven, Thomas T. et al. - Record of the Testimony Taken in the Trial of Commodore T.T. Craven, United States Navy, Before a Court-Martial Held in Washington, D.C. , in November, 1865
017850: Sherman, William T. et al. - The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine. March, 1893
015035: Stowe, Harriet Beecher; Whittier, John G.; Canby, Margaret T. et al. - Our Young Folks. An Illustrated Magazine for Boys and Girls. June, 1866. Number 18
006468: Taft, J.; Watt, G. (editors) - The Dental Register. February, 1870. Vol. XXIV No. 2
004809: Taft, William H. - Our World Relationships. Address by Former President William H. Taft in the Fortnightly Lecture Course at Potsdam, N.Y. , Oct. 21, 1915
011216: De La Taille, Anne - La Nuit
010076: Tait, Gilbert (translator) - The Hymns of Denmark
013082: Takahashi, Keiko - The Path of Prayer. For a Supreme Dialogue
016388: Talbot, Page; Sydney, Patricia Tanis - The Philadelphia Ten. A Women's Artist Group 1917-1945
007726: Talfourd, Thomas Noon; Stephen, James - The Modern British Essayists. Vol. VII. Talfourd and Stephen. Critical Miscellaneous Writings of T. Noon Talfourd; Critical Miscellaneous Essays of James Stephen
004039: Talmon, Thrace - Signing the Pledge. No. 8
018622: Tarbell, Edmund (artist). Fogg, Jeremy G.; Dacey, Alastair - Illuminating Tarbell. Life and Art on the Piscataqua. Legacy in Action
017536: Tarbell, Edmund C. (artist). Various Authors - Impressionism Transformed. The Paintings of Edmund C. Tarbell
014287: No author given (Tarbox, Increase N.) - Winnie and Walter; or, Story-Telling at Thanksgiving
015027: Tardiff, Olive - They Paved the Way. A History of N.H. Women
003369: [Taverner, Henry Thomas] - Charles Dickens. The Story of His Life
007289: Taylor, Bayard - The Ballad of Abraham Lincoln
004810: Taylor, Judson R. (Halsey, Harlan Page) - Gipsy Blair the Western Detective
009664: Taylor, Thomas House; Bedell, G. Thurston; Spencer, J.C.; Sandford, Lewis H. (undersigners) - Narrative of Certain Occurrences at the Late Special Convention of the Diocese of New York
004194: Sherman, William Tecumseh et al. - Letter from the Secretary of War, Transmitting a Petition of Col. G.W. Getty, Fourth Artillery, Brevet Major-General, United States Army, Praying for the Passage of an Act Authorizing His Retirement. Senate. 47th Congress, 2d Session. Ex. Doc. No. 54
005238: Teegan, Thomas Henry - General Bonaparte. A Drama: In Four Acts
008223: Teetor, Henry B. - The Past and Present of MILL Creek Valley Hamilton County Ohio
012975: Teitelman, S. Robert (photographer) - Birch's Views of Philadelphia. A Reduced Facsimile of the City of Philadelphia... As It Appeared in the Year 1800
017423: Telles, Sergio (artist) - Sergio Telles. 1980 Exhibition Catalog
004741: Terapiano, Yuri - Earthly Journey (Transliteration)
007493: Tetrazzini, Luisa - How to Sing
012013: Hillary, Sir Edmund (introduction); Toynbee, Arnold (preface); Fukada, Kyuya; Shirakawa, Yoshikazu (text and photography) - Himalayas
009390: Thacher, George H. - A Key to the "Trustee's Statement" Letters to the Majority of the Trustees of the Dudley Observatory, Showing the Misrepresentations, Garblings, and Perversions of Their Mis-Statement
001225: Thacksen, Millard - Jack Higgins of the Racket Squad
015693: Thaxter, Celia - Idyls and Pastorals
007421: Thaxter, Celia. Edited by Oscar Laighton - The Heavenly Guest. With Other Unpublished Writings. With Reprints of Essays by Friends and Contemporaries
004455: Thaxter, Celia - Poems
012247: Thaxter, Celia - Idyls and Pastorals
007044: Thayer, William M. Reverend - Review of Ex-Gov. Andrew on License. No. 30
008342: Roosevelt, Theodore et al. - New York's Tribute to Maine's Senator, Honorable William P. Frye. Eloquent Address by the Guest of Honor-Speeches by Governor Roosevelt, Senator Platt and Others
018228: Ellison, Ralph; Sontag, Susan; Roethke, Theodore et al. - Partisan Review. Spring 1963
018349: Ignatow, David; Enslin, Theodore et al. - Elizabeth No. VII. March 1964
017042: Roosevelt, Theodore et al. - The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine. May, 1893
006834: Berge, Carol; Enslin, Theodore et al. - Measure
016590: Malraux, Andre; Nabokov, Vladimir; Roethke, Theodore et al. - Partisan Review. Fall 1955
018380: Crews, Judson; Derleth, August; Enslin, Theodore et al. - Elizabeth No. V. March 1963
018402: Whitman, Walt; Roosevelt, Theodore et al. - The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine. February, 1890
008637: Theriault, Florence - For the Love of Dolls. The Legendary Collection of Mildred Seeley
011734: Thiewes, George; Leighton, Clare; Brink, Guido; Danz, Doug; Field, Sabra Johnson; Bonnell III, Wilburn; Woodward, Joan; Woolf, Susan; Houser, Allan; Miller, Nancy; Brinley, William (artists) - Lancaster House Prospectus Portfolio
010592: Thoa, Duong - The Revolutionary Morality of President Ho Chi Minh
013640: Twain, Mark; Remington, Frederic; Hardy, Thomas et al. - Harper's New Monthly Magazine. November, 1895
014028: Twain, Mark; Hardy, Thomas et al. - Harper's New Monthly Magazine. April, 1895
018056: Thomas, Dylan - A Child's Christmas in Wales
008335: Thomas, Robert B. - The Farmer's Almanack Calculated on a New and Improved Plan, for the Year of Our Lord, 1826
007841: Mr. Thomas - Speech of Mr. Thomas, of Massachusetts, on Confiscation. Delivered in the House of Representatives, May 24, 1862. Bound with: Speech of Hon. Charles R. Train, of Massachusetts, on the Heresy of the Doctrine of State Rights. Delivered in the House of Repre
016197: Thomas, Dylan - A Child's Christmas in Wales
012506: Thomas, Robert - The (Old) Farmer's Almanack, Calculated on a New and Improved Plan, for the Year of Our Lord 1835
006190: Thomas, S. Evelyn - A Practical Guide to the A.R. P, for the Householder and Air-Raid Warden
012637: Thomas, Robert - The Farmer's Almanack, Calculated on a New and Improved Plan, for the Year of Our Lord 1845
016162: Thomas, P.N. - British Figurehead and Ship Carvers
017037: Thomas, Robert B. - The (Old) Farmer's Almanack, Calculated on a New and Improved Plan, for the Year of Our Lord 1852. Maine Edition
017263: Thomas, Robert B. - The Farmer's Almanack, Calculated on a New and Improved Plan, for the Year of Our Lord 1845
012445: Thomas, Robert - The Farmer's Almanack, Calculated on a New and Improved Plan, for the Year of Our Lord 1839
004650: Thomas, Frederick; Moore, Jerry J. - Socioeconomic Differentiation of Late Nineteenth-Century Lower Class Households in the Little Piasa Valley, Alton, Illinois
006578: Thomas, M. Carey. Butler, Nicholas Murray (editor) - Education of Women. Monographs on Education in the United States. No. 7
006230: Thomas, J.J. - The Illustrated Annual Register of Rural Affairs and Cultivator Almanac, for the Year 1859. Number Five
002741: Thomas, Robert B. - The Farmer's Almanack for 1827
017673: Thomas, Robert B. - The Farmer's Almanack, Calculated on a New and Improved Plan, for the Year of Our Lord 1846
017888: Thompson, John - The Talking Girl and Other Poems
005168: Thompson, S. Millett - Thirteenth Regiment of New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry in the War of the Rebellion 1861-1865. A Diary Covering Three Years and a Day
010326: No author given (Thompson, A.C.) - Songs in the Night: Or Hymns for the Sick and Suffering
005377: Thompson, Jacob - Cherokee Indians. June 2, 1846. Rep. No. 683. 29th Congress, 1st Session. House of Reps
018169: Thompson, R.W. - Speech of Mr. R.W. Thompson, of Indiana, on the Reference of the President's Annual Message. Delivered in the House of Representatives of the United States, January 27, 1848
014211: Thomte, Theodore - The Battleship Massachusetts. Fall River, Massachusetts
015864: Thony, Wilhelm (artist) - Wilhelm Thony 1888-1949. Zeichnungen Und Aquarelle
017111: Thoreau, Henry David; Daugherty, James (artist) - Henry David Thoreau. A Man for Our Time
007222: Lovecraft, H.P.; Long, Frank Belknap; Bok, Hannes; McClusky, Thorp et al. - Avon Science Fiction Reader No. 3
015608: Thurston, David - A Sermon Delivered in Saco, June 26, 1816, Before the Maine Missionary Society, at Their Ninth Annual Meeting
017087: Thwing, Eugene - The League of Nations As a Moral Issue
017680: Wei, Tien En; Wright, Dave - Earth Defense Fortress Devastator. Wright/Wei Comics 2. January, 1988
017597: Wei, Tien En; Wright, Dave - Earth Defense Fortress Devastator. Wright/Wei Comics 1. August, 1987
013643: Tillotson, Alan Keith; Vaidya Mana Bajra Bajracharya - The Handbook of Ayurvedic Medicine. Science of Life
017936: Tilton, John Kent - Scalamandre Presents a History of Color As Used in Textiles
014393: Timmis, Major R.S. - Conformation and Appointments of the Horse. Purchasing, Telling the Age, Breeding
015076: Cleaver, Eldridge; Leary, Timothy et al. - Los Angeles Free Press. February 5-11, 1971
015109: Tiwoni, Habib - Attacking the Moncada of the Mind
010944: Uncle Toby - Thoughts and Stories on Tobacco for American Lads; or Uncle Toby's Anti-Tobacco Advice to His Nephew, Billy Bruce
017405: Uncle Toby - Thoughts and Stories on Tobacco for American Lads; or Uncle Toby's Anti-Tobacco Advice to His Nephew, Billy Bruce
007586: Toland, John - A Critical History of the Celtic Religion and Learning: Containing an Account of the Druids; or, the Priests and Judges, of the Vaids, or the Diviners and Physicians; and of the Bards, or the Poets and Heralds. ; of the Ancient Gauls, Britons, Irish [... ]
008538: Tolstoy, Leo; Lagerlof, Selma; Vendov, D.; Bezrodny, Yu.; Nazhivin, I.; Pushkin, A.S. - The First Distiller; Inequality; a Girl of the World; Zorakh and Bulanka, the Honk (Whistle); the Magnanimous Goliath, the Death of Sharik; in Captivity and Neighbors, Two Stories; the Gypsies; Brother on Brother. Bound Volume of Russian Literature
017834: Skinner, Tom et al. - The Message Magazine. May-June 1972
008555: Tomes, Robert - The War with the South. A History of the Great American Rebellion. The War for the Union!! Division 10
013720: Tomes, Robert; Smith, Benjamin G. - The Great CIVIL War. A History of the Late Rebellion with Biographical Sketches of Leading Statesmen and Distinguished Naval and Military Commanders, Etc. Three Volumes
005632: Tomlin, Robert K. - American Engineers Behind the Battle Lines in France
017227: Tomlinson, Paul G. - Bob Cook and the German Spy
004159: Tomlinson, Joseph - An Address by Joseph Tomlinson of the Firm of James, Santee and Co
017708: Tomshinsky, Stanley (artist) - Tomshinsky. Symbolische Abstraktionen
008519: Topalovich, Zivko - Tito Et Kominform. Yougoslavie de 1941-1949
016823: Toshihiko, Isao - Kuniyoshi's 100 Images of Ghosts and Demons
008167: Tosi, Pier Francesco; Pilkington, Michael;Galliard, Mr - Observations on the Florid Song
018613: Totten, Jos. G. - Letter from Jos. G. Totten, Brevet Brigadier General and Colonel of Engineers, with Estimates for Continuing the Operations at Fort Point, and for Continuing the Operation on the Defensive Works at Alcatraz in the State of California
015382: Townley, Hugh; Barron, Harris; Von Schlegell, David (artists) - Hugh Townley, Harris Barron, David Von Schlegell
017545: Townsend, Luther Tracy - History of the Sixteenth New Hampshire Volunteers
007725: Locke, Matthew (composer); Hurray, Peter (transcriber and editor) - Musica Britannica. A National Collection of Music XXXVIII. Matthew Locke Anthems and Motets
012250: Chia-yu, Wang; T'ang, T.C. (translator and adapter) - Loves and Lives of Chinese Emperors. Intimate Glimpses of Chinese Court Life and Intrigues Through the Ages
011661: Trant, William - Trade Unions. Their Origin and Objects, Influence and Efficacy. With an Appendix Showing the History and Aims of the American Federation of Labor. Nineteenth Edition
018177: Travers, Milton A. - The Wampanoag Indian Federation. Indian Neighbors of the Pilgrims. Revised Edition
011298: Trombley, Daniel T. - Adventures of Batiste
012653: Trotsky, Leon - Lessons of October. The Marxist Pocket Library
017580: Truair, John - The Alarm Trumpet. A Discourse, Delivered at Berkshire, Sept. 9, 1813. The Day of the National Fast, Appointed by the President, on Account of the War
016133: Trumps - The Modern Pocket Hoyle; Containing All the Games of Skill and Chance As Played in This Country at the Present Time
006508: Trupin, Bennett W. - Elias Pelletreau 1726-1810. Goldsmith of Southhampton Long Island, New York
006779: Trusler, Wendy (artist) - Into the Living
009378: Tryon, George W. (arranger) - Operatic Gems. A New Collection of Beautiful Melodies for the Most Popular Operas. First Series: For Soprano and Tenor Voices
012820: Tsushmina, Yuko - Yoru No Hikari Ni Owarete. (Driven by the Light of the Night)
015605: Tubbs, Frank H. - Science and Art of Breathing
012108: Tucker, Paul Hayes - Monet in the 20th Century
013455: Tuckerman, Arthur Lyman - A Short History of Architecture
004087: Tufts, Lucy Harris - The Younger Sister
013786: Tukesbury, T.F. - The Book of Essays
014881: Kupferberg, Tuli et al. - The Berkeley Barb. July 28-August 3 (1967)
007263: Kupferberg, Tuli et al. - Newsart. The New York Smith. Volume 1, Number 1. April 15, 1975
015824: Tung, Wu - Tales from the Land of Dragons: 1,000 Years of Chinese Paintings
010475: Tupper, Martin Farquhar - The Crock of Gold: A Rural Novel. Volume 23 of Wiley and Putnam's Library of Choice Reading
018040: Turano, Anthony M. - A Reno Lawyer Looks at Marriage and Divorce. Little Blue Book No. 1461
014770: Turgenev, Ivan - Dream Tales and Prose Poems. Volume X of the Novels of Ivan Turgenev Series
016989: Turgeniev (Turgenev), Ivan; Rudzinsky, B.A. - Russian Reader. Turgeniev's Poetry in Prose. With Accent, Notes and Vocabularies
015270: Turgenev, Ivan; Viereck, George Sylvester; Merrick; Leonard; Henley, William Ernest; Monahan, Michael (editor) - The Papyrus. A Magazine of Individuality. April, 1912
015500: Turner, Nicole - The Night Moses Died
018502: Van Tuyl, Francis M.; Smallwood, J. William - Oil Securities
008346: Tyler, August - The United Front
003638: Tyner, Paul - Reincarnation and Mental Science. In the Temple Magazine. December 1897. Vol. 1 No. 8
011776: Tzara, Tristan; Grosz, George; Magritte, Rene; Ernst, Max (artists); Feininger, Lux (photography). Van Hecke, Paul Gustave (editor) - Varietes. Revue Mensuelle Illustree de L'Esprit Contemporain. 15 Decembre 1929. 2e Annee No. 8
014445: Uelsmann, Jerry N. (photographer); Edson, Russell (text) - Jerry N. Uelsmann
014430: Uelsmann, Jerry N.; Davidson, Bruce; NASA (photographers) - Three Views of the North American Landscape
015552: Uhr, Horst - Lovis Corinth
010401: Ullmann, S.O.A. - Rossetti, Stillman and the Union College "Willowwood" Manuscripts
009886: Umbreit, Friedrich Wilhelm Carl - Grundtone Des Alten Testaments
014963: Updike, John - The Poorhouse Fair
010981: Updike, John - On Meeting Authors
012480: Ordway, Nico (Stephen Schwartz); Vale, V. et al. - Search and Destroy. New Cultural Research. Number 6. 1978
007615: Vale, V. et al. - Search and Destroy. Future History. Vol 2. No. 11
007619: Ordway, Nico (Stephen Schwartz); Vale, V. et al. - Search and Destroy. New Cultural Research. Number 7. 1978
012551: Ordway, Nico (Stephen Schwartz); Vale, V. et al. - Search and Destroy. New Cultural Research. Number 9. 1978
018561: Valdes, Manolo (artist); Santolaya, Andrea (photographer); Lucas, Antonio - Manolo Valdes. Sculptures in New York
016699: Vancalys, Marie; Maeterlinck, Maurice (introduction); Crommelynck, d'Albert (artist) - Mon Beau Sabot Dore
014676: Various - The Lyric. October 1923. Vol. 3 No. 10
014190: Vaux, Trina - Type in Context. An Investigation of Typography, Type Designers, and the Times in Which They Lived
008641: Vavra, Jaroslav R. - 5000 Years of Glass-Making. The History of Glass
002802: Vazan, Bill - Bill Vazan. Recent Land and Photoworks
009907: Veasey, Jack - Tourist Season
006022: Venn, Diggory (Editor) - Armando Reveron
014372: Venturi, Robert; Brown, Denise Scott - A View from the Campidoglio. Selected Essays 1953-1984
010952: Venturi, Lionello - Santomaso. 24 September-11 November 1960
003830: Verdi, Guiseppe - Ernani. A Lyrical Drama, in Four Parts. The Music by Guiseppe Verdi. As Represented at the Astor Place, Italian Opera House, N.Y.
010664: De la Vergne, Gabriel-Joseph - Lettres Portugaises
012333: Tressan (Louis-Élisabeth de la Vergne, comte de Tressan) - Histoires Du Petit Jehan de Saintre, Et de Gerard de Nevers. Part of Bibliotheque Portative Du Voyageur Series
016250: Vernon, Dai; Crimmins, John J. (editor) - Dai Vernon's Select Secrets. A Varied Assortment
015551: Vickers, Daniel; Walsh, Vince - Young Men and the Sea. Yankee Seafarers in the Age of Sail
014387: Victor, Ralph - Boy Scouts on the Yukon
017138: Vilder, Anthony - James Frazier Stirling. Notes from the Archive
018682: Hare, Nathan; Harding, Vincent et al. - Negro Digest. March 1969. Toward a Black University. Part II
005412: Vincent, Thomas M. - Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. Commandery of the District of Columbia. War Papers. 58. The Battle of Bull Run, July 21, 1861
012097: Vincent, Margaret - May Useful Arts Employ My Youth. " the Hope R. Hacker Sampler Collection in the Allentown Art Museum
011172: Benet, Stephen Vincent et al. - The Yale Literary Magazine. November, 1916
018021: Da Vinci, Leonardo; Baring, Maurice (translator) - Thoughts on Art and Life. Volume I of the Humanist's Library
009529: Woolf, Virginia et al. - The Atlantic Monthly. October 1933
003149: Vitet, M.L. - Histoire Des Anciennes Villes de France. Recherches Sur Leurs Origines, Sur Leurs Monumens, Sur le Role Qu'Elles Ont Joue Dans Les Annales de Nos Provinces. Premiere Serie. Haute-Normandie. Dieppe. Tome Second
006860: Voechting, Fritz - Uber Den Amerikanischen Frauenkult
012878: Voigt, Rudolf - Berauschte Nachte. Novellen
017530: Volk, Joyce Geary (editor) - The Warner House: A Rich and Colorful History
017748: Vollbehr, Dr. Otto H.F. - [Fascism, Far Right] Is Pacifism Possible? a Reply
008788: Voltaire - The History of Charles XII. King of Sweden
013950: Voltaire - The History of Charles XII. King of Sweden. The Sixth Edition
015098: Voorhees, Daniel W. - Speech of D.W. Voorhees, of Indiana, Delivered in the House of Representatives, March 9. 1864
018663: Twain, Mark; Stowe, Harriet Beecher; James, Henry; Longfellow Henry W. et al. - The Atlantic Monthly. A Magazine of Literature, Science, Art and Politics. Volume XLIII. January to June 1879
016175: Chickering, John W. et al. - The Christian's Debt to His Country. A Sermon Delivered in Augusta, June 24, 1846, Before the Maine Missionary Society, at Its Thirty-Ninth Anniversary
003625: Longfellow, H.W. et al. - The Aldine. Volume 5, Number 6
014258: Dunker, Thomas W. and Robert M. - Horseshit. The Offensive Review. Number Two
015141: Cruickshank, J.W. and A.M. - The Umbrian Towns. Gran Allen's Historical Guide Books (... )
018560: Various authors. Pennell, Joseph; Benson, Frank W. et al, Artists - The Print Connoisseur. A Fine Art Quarterly for the Print Collector. January, 1927. Vol. 7, No. 1
009484: Wood, Charles W. et al. - The Argosy. January to June 1895. Volume LV
018700: Twain, Mark; Thoreau, Henry David; James, Henry; Longfellow Henry W. et al. - The Atlantic Monthly. A Magazine of Literature, Science, Art and Politics. Volume XLI. January to June 1878
013703: Cooper, James Fenimore; Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth et al. - Graham's American Monthly Magazine of Literature and Art. May, 1845
007948: Stowe, Harriet Beecher; James, Henry; Rosetti, W.M. Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth et al. - The Atlantic Monthly. A Magazine of Literature, Science, Art and Politics. Volume XVII. January to June 1866
017027: Wagner, Richard; Lawrence, Robert (adapter) - Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung IV. The Twilight of the Gods. Die Gotterdammerung
012834: Wagner, Ray - The Story of the Pby Catalina. Flight Classics Aero Biographies. Volume 1
002568: Wagner, Otto Richard - La Suisse Et la Savoie Guide de L'Automobiliste 7ieme Edition/Siebente Ausgabe. Fuhrer Fur Automobilfahrer Die Schweiz Und Savoyen [Automobile Guide to Switzerland and Savoy Regions in Europe]
002726: Wait, John Turner - A Sketch of the Life of Hon. Henry Matson Waite. Late Chief Justice of Connecticut
017043: Wakoski, Diane - Variations on a Theme (an Essay on Revision). Sparrow 50. November, 1976
014909: Wakoski, Diane - The Fable of the Lion and the Scorpion
006031: Wakoski, Diane - Greed Parts 3 and 4
014613: Wakoski, Diane - On Barbara's Shore
018441: Wakoski, Diane - Pachelbel's Canon. Sparrow 71. August, 1978
007279: Walchii, Georg (Walch, Johann Georg) - Miscellanea Sacra. Sive Commentationum Ad Historiam Ecclesiasticam Sanctioresque Disciplinas Pertinentium Collectio
014612: Wald, Carol (artist) - Carol Wald. Arrivals/Departures: Lives in Transition
018432: Emerson, Ralph Waldo. et al. - The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine. November, 1893
010011: Waldrop, Rosemarie - The Road Is Everywhere or Stop This Body
016260: Walenta, Hermann; Walenta Edeltraud (artists) - Hermann Walenta Edeltraud Walenta Plastik Graphik Malerei. Am Deinstag 21. April 1964
012792: Walett, Francis G. - Patriots, Loyalists and Printers. Bicentennial Articles on the American Revolution
014373: Walker, Emma E. - Beauty Through Hygiene. Common Sense Ways to Health for Girls. Part of the Woman's Home Library
016458: Walker, Patricia Stilwell - Baltimore: Postal History from 1773 Until the Upu
018752: De La Torre, Lillian; Del Rio, Pablo Martinez; Winslow, Walker et al. - Arizona Quarterly. Autumn 1949. Volume 5 Number 3
003416: Walker, Alexander - Beauty; Illustrated Chiefly by an Analysis and Classification of Beauty in Woman. Edited by an American Physician
010955: Walker, Lewis Midgley - Ninety Day Wonder
002327: Walker, Benj - Sketch of the James Tweed Family, Wilmington Mass. Read at a Family Reunion, Foster's Pond, Andover, Mass. , June 17, 1887
018315: Wall, William Allen (artist). Kugler, Richard C. (author) - William Allen Wall. An Artist of New Bedford
017295: Wallace, Lily Haxworth - The Woman's World Cook Book
014831: Wallace, Alfred R. - A Defence of Modern Spiritualism
015342: Waller, Johnny - Kingdom Come No. 10. June, 1978
015316: Waller, Johnny - Kingdom Come No. 9. May, 1978
015366: Waller, Johnny - Kingdom Come No. 16. May, 1979
018124: Wallis, Alfred; Dixon, James - Two Painters. Works by Alfred Wallis and James Dixon
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