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015836: No author given - I Go Pogo the Movie Promotional Poster
005205: No Author Given - Copies of the Original Letters and Despatches of the Generals, Ministers, Grand Officers of State, Etc. At Paris, to the Emperor Napoleon, at Dresden: Intercepted by the Advanced Troops of the Allies in the North of Germany
009049: No author Given - A Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to Looe, Fowey, St. Austell, Truro, Falmouth and South Cornwall
014764: No author given - Souvenir Book of Watkins Glen, N.Y.
013905: No author given - Tom Robinson Band Trb Bulletin No. 9. March-April 1978
016601: No Author Given - Which Way for the Antiwar Movement? Meeting Flier
011416: No author given - Flight Manual for B-24 Liberator
008364: No Author Given - Art in Unexpected Places
013955: No author given - Half Japanese Photo Book Insert for the Album "1/2 Gentlemen/Not Beasts.
013869: No author given - Pigs for Slaughter. Issue 2 Autumn (1981?)
012946: No author Given - Luisant Silk Faille. Fabric Swatches Sample Booklet
018487: No author given - Commander Smoot and Lieutenants Sharpe and Stallings. Letter from the Secretary of the Navy, Transmitting Copies of Proceedings of the Naval Court-Martial, in the Cases of Commander Smoot and Lieutenants Sharpe and Stallings. 26th Congress, 2d Session
009454: No Author Given - Standard Coin Catalogue. Copper. Scott's Standard Catalogues No. 5. Copper Coins. 1890. 16th Edition
006352: No Author Given - Report of the Twenty Third Annual Meeting of the Vermont Dairymen's Association. 1893
011654: No author given - The Delineator. A Journal of Fashion, Culture and Fine Arts. January 1893
006353: No Author Given - Report of the Twentieth Annual Meeting of the Vermont Dairymen's Association. 1890
010451: No Author Given - Why Shift Gears? Drive in "High" All the Time with Chrysler Fluid Drive
010452: No Author Given - Superfinish: The Mark of Modernism. Developed by Chrysler
007931: No Author Given - Annual Report of the Adjutant-General, of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, with Reports from the Quartermaster-General, Surgeon General, and Master of Ordnance, for the Year Ending December 31, 1864
005552: No Author Given - Report of the Congressional Committee on the Operations of the Army of the Potomac. Causes of Its Inaction and ILL Success. Its Several Campaigns. Why Mcclellan Was Removed. The Battle of Fredericksburg. Removal of Burnside. The Tribune War Tracts No. 1
011481: No author Given - The Cripple Creek Short Line Trip. Pictorial Advertising Brochure
007383: No Author Given - Turner in Review
004681: No Author Given - A Short Description of the Firm Martinus Nijhoff. Bookseller and Publisher Established 1853
015010: No author given - Journal of the Council of Censors of the State of Vermont, at Its Second Session in Montpelier, October, 1855
014989: No author given - The Ahwahnee. Camp Curry. Yosemite National Park Dinner Menu. July 9, 1938
011339: No author given - The Vermont Directory and Commercial Almanac for 1868
016766: No author given - Indians in Michigan and Indiana. Memorial of Certain Indians Residing in Michigan and Indiana for Relief. January 15, 1878. 45th Congress, 2d Session, Mis. Doc. No. 8. House of Representatives
010820: No author given - Animate Creation. A Popular Edition of Our Living World. Part Twenty-Three
013595: No author given - Map Showing: Great Northern Railway System; Chicago, Burlington and Quincy R.R. System; Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway and Its Subsidiary Lines; Colorado and Southern Railway System. December 31, 1921
016679: No author given - In the Senate of the United States. April 20, 1852. 32th Congress, 1st Session, Rep. Com. No. 190. Senate
014853: No author Given - Wall Drug Store. Menu
006440: No Author Given - Report of the Adjutant-General of the State of New Hampshire, for the Year Ending June 1, 1866. Vol 1
008796: No author Given - The Delineator. A Journal of Fashion Culture and Fine Arts. August 1895
008797: No Author Given - Haverhill Police Relief Association. Souvenir. Concert and Ball. City Hall Wednesday January 17, 1906
006446: No author Given - The New York Receipt Book. Adapted from the Fifth Avenue Hotel, New York
011070: No author Given - Der Grosse Krieg in Bildern. No. 4. 1915
019593: No author given - Hyde Family. A Partial Record of One Branch. Descendants of Samuel Who Came from London to Boston in 1639 and Jonathan Who Came to America in 1647
013378: No author Given - 10 Erotic Postcards (Lot)
016767: No author given - Depredations Upon the Shawnee Indians. March 30, 1860. 36th Congress, 1st Session, Report No. 300. House of Representatives
019686: No author given - Wehman Bros. Song and Joke Book No. 10
013954: No Author Given - St. Albans Antibof. #2. Punks V. St. Albans Issue
017969: No author given - The American Indian. The American Flag
000205: No Author Given - A Parliamentary Chronicle: Or Accounts of the Proceedings and Debates of the House of Commons, Upon the Opening of the Present Sessions. This Spans from October 30, 1776 to February, 25 1777
010719: No Author Given - Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis to Central Trust Company of New York and William Taussig. General Mortgage. The Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway Company and the Missouri Pacific Railway Company and Others
018967: No author given - The United States of America Historical and Educational Paint Book. Presented by Mr. Peanut
014221: No author given - Advertising Poster Style Paper for the 1927 Silent Film, Wings
015030: No author Given - La Peinture Allemande Du 20 Eme Siècle Cent Tableaux Du Landesmuseum Munster
004398: No author Given - Early American Homes 1707-1880. Documented Hand-Printed Wallpaper by Reed
017517: No author given - The World of John Brewster Jr. 1766-1854
009303: No author Given - The Ashworth. Two Promotional Booklets for the Hotel at Hampton Beach, New Hampshire
002868: No Author Given - Treasures of Dunhuang Grottoes
009115: No Author Given - Build a Castle. Press out Paper Model
012315: No author given - First Day Cover, First Day of Issue Stamp/Envelope with Stamp Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Minnesota Statehood
006173: No Author Given - The Christian Almanack, for the Year of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, 1822. No. II-Vol I.
009652: No Author Given - New Hampshire School Register for the School in District No. 2, in the Town of Madbury, County of Strafford, 1875
016368: No author given - Hiroshima. Central Japan. August 1945 Map
016277: No author given - Americana Circus: The Tent Show. Clyde Beatty-Cole Brothers Circus
019377: No Author Given - Acts Passed by the Legislature of the Republic of Liberia During the Session 1899-1900
012594: No author given - The Negro and Slavery. Part II. Material for the History and Progress in Race Relations. Catalogue 169
014112: No author given - Cuban Labor. Informative Bulletin of F.O. R.D. C. Special Edition, June, 1965
012379: No author given - Bradley's American Farmer. 1861-1894
010153: No author Given - Newsmap for the Armed Forces. 247th Week of the War (World War II)-129th Week of Us Participation. Monday, June 5. Week of May 25 to June 1
007915: No Author Given - 58 Maine Paintings 1820-1920. Selections from the Collection of Mr. And Mrs. Walter M. Jeffords, Jr. 20 May-20 June 1976
006627: No Author Given - (Bill for the Admission of California). In the Senate of the United States. January 9, 1849. Mr. Berrien Made the Following Report. 30th Congress, 2d Session. Rep. Com. , No. 256. Senate. With: In the Senate of the United States. January 15, 1849
000758: No Author Given - Missionary Papers. For the Use of the Weekly and Monthly Contributors to the Church Missionary Society. 8 Miscellaneous Volumes from the Years 1819 to 1829
012751: No author given - Yo! Mtv Raps Proset Musicards. Incomplete Set. 79 of 151 Cards Issued Present
012759: No author given - Lone Star Harry. American Representative Scout (Cover Title). Life of Lone Star Harry, American Representative Scout, Known As the Revolver King
013829: No author given - Documents Accompanying the Journal of the Senate of the State of Michigan, at the Regular Session of 1867
019625: No author given - Mccall. Fall Fashions October 1922
008728: No Author Given - Photographs of the World's Fair. An Elaborate Collection of Photographs of the Buildings, Grounds and Exhibits of the World's Columbian Exposition with a Special Description of the Famous Midway Plaisance
014541: No author given - Magic. The Neil See Collection. Thursday, May 10, 1990. Swann Galleries Auction Catalog
014545: No authors Given - Strawberry Network #6
016724: No author given - The World Opened Wide. 20th Century Russian Women Artists from the Collection of the Thomas P. Whitney '37
016731: No author given - Pennsylvanischer Calender Auf Das Jahr Unseres Heilandes Jesu Christi 1900. 70ster Jahrgang
019487: No author given - Rock Island. Seventy Years of Service. 1852-1922
016166: No author given - Breach of the Peace. Issue One. May/June 1980
005328: No Author Given - The American Exchange and Review. A Miscellany of Useful Knowledge and General Literature. Especially Devoted to Finance, Mining and Metallurgy, Insurance, Railways and Transportation, Manufactures, Patents, Trade, Commerce, Art, March 1871
007385: No Author Given - Grand Rally in Behalf of the Producing Interests! Call for a National Convention. (Caption Title)
017730: No author given - Megabeth, Gang Green, Dark Carnival, Intrinsic Hardcore Punk Concert Flier
019658: No author given - Americana Catalogue No. 1. Windsor Chairs 1760 to 1830
002470: No Author Given - Jan Groth. Gobeliner. Tapestries 1981-1988
017912: No author given - The New Hampshire State Directory and Gazetteer for 1899
016060: No author Given - Donald Mckay and the Ships He Built
006389: No author Given - Milford Meteor. Vol 3. No 2. Wednesday 5 December 1945
006390: No author Given - Milford Meteor. Vol 3. No 1. Tuesday 4 December 1945
014223: No author given - California Fig Syrup Company Advertising Booklet with Illustrations of California Views
017260: No author given - Massachusetts Paper Money, 1690-1780: The Collection of the Massachusetts Historical Society
011732: No author given - Along the Union Pacific Railroad. The Overland Trail and the Union Pacific Railroad
007759: No Author Given - Black and White Photo of a Manchester, New Hampshire Baseball Team
017447: No author Given - Private Land-Claims in New Mexico. Letter from the Secretary of the Interior, Transmitting Ten Reports of the Surveyor-General of New Mexico on Private Land Claims in Said Territory. 43d Congress, 2d Session, Ex. Doc. No. 62. House of Representatives
010792: No author given - Red Sox. Official Program and Scorecard. 1959
018992: No author given - Ward's Book of Golden Opportunities. Montgomery Ward and Co. Fall and Winter 1931-32 Catalogue No. 115
004169: No Author Given - German Painting and Sculpture. Museum of Modern Art. March 13-April 26, 1931
005561: No Author Given - Reminiscences of the Straits Settlements Through Postcards
009268: No author Given - The Origin and Object of CIVIL Government, According to the Views of the Society of Friends
015951: No author given - The Struggle for Afro-American Liberation
008312: No Author Given - An Incident of the Chicago Fire and Other Stories. Excelsior Classics
017029: No author given - Letter from the Secretary of the Interior, Transmitting in Response to Senate Resolution of June 6, 1888, Papers Relating to Certain Claims of the Creek Indians. 50th Congress, 1st Session, Ex. Doc. No. 198. Senate
017030: No author Given - Eastern Band of Cherokees. Remonstrance of the Principal Chief and Delegates of the Cherokee Nation of Indians Against the Passage of Any Bill to Allow the Eastern Band of Cherokees to Sue the Cherokee Nation. 45th Congress, 3d Session, Mis. Doc. No. 17
007116: No author Given - Tenth Annual Report of the Boston Academy of Music, Read at the Anniversary Meeting, in the Odeon, July 1842
016475: No author given - Stop the War: Stop the Draft Rally Poster
011733: No author given - Bulletin of the Bureau of Labor Statistics of New York. No. 1. June 1899
019640: No Author Given - Souvenir View Book of the White Mountains N.H. As Seen Through the Eye of a Camera
003878: No Author Given - General Society of Colonial Wars. Report of the Historian General. June 15, 1918 to June 4, 1921
015777: No author given - Little Bo Beep and Other Rhymes. Ding Dong Bell Series
015778: No author given - A (Small) Book of Typographic Rules
007825: No Author Given - Black and White Photo of a Gentleman Playing Baseball, Captioned 'the Gen. At the Bat. '
018554: No author given - House of David. Ingathering and Restoration of Israel and Paradise Restored
015102: No author Given - National Strike Information Center. Newsletter #9. May 14, 1970
018783: No author given - The Declaration of Independence
007092: No Author Given - Advertising Circular Looking for Agents to Sell the Cricket on the Hearth and Cottage and Farm
013326: No author given - The Brainwasher. Issue One. January 1, 1983
009438: No Author Given - The Picture Alphabet
011674: No author given - The Cio Says What Is District 50 Doing That a Company Union Cannot Do. Small Broadside
015882: No Author Given - Build a Base in the Working Class. Progressive Labor Party Pamphlet
003769: No Author Given - Popular Magazine. New York and Boston. Vol. I, No. I.
018889: No author given - Forty Interesting Facts About Masonry
006417: No Author Given - George Dudley Seymour's Furniture Collection in the Connecticut Historical Society
014861: No author given - The Navajo Yearbooks of Planning in Action. Report No. V. Calendar Year 1955
018223: No author Given - Report of the Adjutant-General of the State of New Hampshire, for the Year Ending June 1, 1866. Volumes 1 and 2
008314: No Author Given - Heartman's Auction No. VII. Rare Americana. Chiefly the Property of a Lawyer in Manhattan. To Be Sold at Auction Wednesday, October 1, Thursday October 2, and Friday October 3, 1913
018886: No author Given - A Health Census of Chelsea Neighborhood. 14th to 42d Streets, 5th Avenue to the Hudson River New York City. Community Sickness Survey
019179: No author given - Ladies' Columbia Crocheted Vest Crochet Pattern
016748: No author given - The Rhine. A Practical Guide. Grieben's Guide Books Vol. 128
014469: No author Given - The Nabis. The Pennsylvania State University College of Arts and Architecture Presents the Nabis
011598: No author given - Body Facts and Corrective Diet
016312: No author given - Surveys in the Territory of Wyoming. 44th Congress, 1st Session. Report No. 794. House of Representatives
019360: No author given - Grants to [Albert E. Green and] the Forest City Railway Company. Ordinances Nos. 44239, 44240, 5181, 5182, 5183, 5490, 5714, 5715, 6084, 6270-a
007075: No Author Given - Local CIVIL Liberties Committees Reports 1939-40. Supplement to in the Shadow of War. The Story of CIVIL Liberty 1939-40
016258: No author given - Certificate of Deposit Issued by the Banking House of Robert Israel in Richland, Iowa. 19 Unused Slips
013807: No author given - Independent Chronicle and Boston Patriot. Saturday March 7, 1818
014785: No author Given - Snowball
014787: No author Given - Le Cubisme (1907-1914)
014793: No author Given - Kid's Stuff 6
003985: No Author Given - Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury, Transmitting, in Response to Senate Resolution of April 14, 1882, a Tabular Statement Exhibiting the Number of Farms or Plantations Sold in the States of Virginia, Florida, Arkansas, and Tennessee (... )
007264: No Author Given - Views of Lewiston and Auburn, Maine
018732: No author given - Chemistry. Parts I-IV, Complete. Library of Useful Knowledge
011069: No author Given - Bethlehem-Built
019525: No author Given - Cotton Is Environmentally Friendly. Crane Is Cotton
015187: No author given - The New Excelsior Dictionary of the English Language
009593: No author Given - Memoirs of the Life of Daniel Wheeler, a Minister of the Gospel, in the Society of Friends
013757: No author given - I Tiepolo a Villa Valmarana. Forma E Colore 2
014708: No author given - Menu and Sky Bar El Inter Americano Air Service from New York to Buenos Aires. July 4, 1958
010889: No author Given - Der Grosse Krieg in Bildern. No. 6. 1915
019999: No author given - James Mcdaniel-Heirs of. May 10, 1860. 36th Congress, 1st Session, Report No. 533. House of Representatives
019098: No author Given - C.S. Control Issue No. 2
003511: No Author Given - Urban Impression-a Collection of Contemporary Experimental Inkwash Drawings. The 20's Chinese Fine Arts Anthology
003944: No Author Given - A Communication from the Secretary of the Interior of the 7th Instant, with Accompanying Papers, Setting Forth the Urgent Necessity of Stringent Measures for the Repression of the Rapidly Increasing Evasion and Violations of Aws Relating to Public Lands
009998: No author Given - Parish Hymns. A Collection of Hymns for Public, Social and Private Worship. Selected and Original
012562: No author Given - 10th Anniversary Exhibition of the New England Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers
004808: No Author Given - The Art of Boxing: The J. Terry Bender Collection. February 22-April 1, 1978
005921: No Author Given - Illustrated Memoir of the World War
013329: No author Given - Greater America. Heroes, Battles, Camps, Dewey Islands, Cuba, Porto Rico
014692: No author given - The Bell Hu-I "Mighty Iroquois" on Guard Around the World with the United States Army
003365: No Author Given - Catalogue of Manuscripts, Books and Autographs from the Library of the Late John Greenleaf Whittier. Comprising Original Manuscripts (with Variations from the Printed Versions); Autograph Letters of the Highest Literary Interest[... ]
017523: No author given - From Our Own Backyard Old Wars Never Fade Away
013138: No author given - Our Heroes. The Grand 5-Act Drama. Lincoln Hall, Damariscotta (Maine). Tuesday Ev'g Nov. 18. Broadside Advertisement
013141: No Author Given - Hot Stuff. Vol. 1. No. 8. September 25th, 1971
013153: No author given - Pioneer Paint Works. T.H. Nevin and Co. Annual Almanac. 1885
019944: No author Given - XIX International Convention Polish Army Veterans Assn. Of America May 29, 30, 31, 1976-Buffalo, New York. Walny Zjazd. Stow. Weteranow Armii Polskiej W Ameryce
009583: No author Given - Happy Jack. Lively Stories for Boys and Girls
002639: No Author Given - The Elements of Book-Making. With Sample Leaves of Linweave Rag Book Paper
011443: No author Given - The General Laws of Massachusetts: Relating to the Choice, Powers and Duties of Town Officers
018070: No Author Given - Navy Wings over Boston. Celebrating 75 Years of Naval Aviation. Naval Air Station South Weymouth, Massachusetts. 1986
010774: No author given - Fifty-First Annual Report of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company for the Year Ended December 31, 1945
009630: No Author Given - Story Treasure for Young Folks Pleasure. Blue Bell Series
011472: No author Given - Theodore Roosevelt's Labor Record. Does Labor Get a Square Deal? It Has from Theodore Roosevelt
006472: No Author Given - Sun-Maid Raisins. Their Food Value and 92 Selected Recipes
014666: No author given - Necco Sweets Bookmark Advertisement
017145: No author given - It's a Matter of Good Health for You to Support the Grape Boycott Awareness Flier
007504: No Author Given - Instructions for Western Electric Vibrator Sewing Machine No. 1
018168: No author given - Famous Salem Entertainments of the Nineties
009695: No Author Given - The Ancient Testimony of the Religious Society of Friends, Commonly Called Quakers, Respecting Some of Their Christian Doctrines and Practices
019300: No author given - The White Motor Company and Subsidiaries Annual Report 1947
005738: No Author Given - Council Fire. A Resource Guide
010003: No Author Given - Alphabet of Children's Plays
016404: No author Given - United States Postage Currency August 1862-May 1863 and Fractional Currency October 1863-February 1876
007755: No Author Given - Life on the Farm; in Amusing Rhyme. First Series. No. 4
015040: No author Given - Groin-Groin Et la Flute Magique. Albums Du Gai Moulin
019431: No author Given - Bucher-Bilder-Ornamente. Die Geschichte Der Abendlandischen Buchmalerei
017707: No author given - Paris/New York. Arts Yearbook 3
010740: No author given - Commissioning of the Nuclear Powered Attack Submarine Uss Atlanta. 6 March 1982
006656: No Author Given - Heartman's Auction No. 61. Rare Americana. An Important Collection. Held October 13, 1916
014275: No author given - Yoru No Nezame. 1. Kan'Yaku Nihon No Koten. 25
019000: [Miniature Book] No author Given - The Works of William Shakespeare. Biographical Sketch and Glossary Volume (#40 in the Set)
010886: No author given - Home for Aged Women. 277 State Street, Bangor, Maine. Report Compiled January 1907
018792: No author Given - Revised Beginner's Manual. Knitting, Crocheting, Tatting. Star #62
015051: No author Given - Newsmap for the Armed Forces. 231th Week of the War (World War II)-113th Week of Us Participation. Monday, February 14, 1944. Week of February 3 to February 10
019688: No author given - Official Souvenir B.P. O. Elks. 19th Annual Grand Lodge Meeting and Reunion Buffalo, New York July 10th to 15th, 1905
011773: No author given - The General Motors Family Album
010338: No author Given - The Bible in Public Schools
010127: No author given - The Baldwin Locomotive Works. Mallet Articulated Locomotives. Record No. 91. Enlarged and Reprinted 1920. Code Word-Redramos
006732: No Author Given - The Story of the Embarkation of Cromwell and His Friends for New England. Reprinted from the New England Historical and Genealogical Register
008086: No author Given - Scientific Happiness. Health and Prosperity Within Your Reach
016878: No author Given - A.L. Scovill and Co. 's Farmers' and Mechanics' Almanac for 1866. Calculated for the New England States
013001: No author Given - Roman Velour Fabric Swatch Sample Book. Marshall Field and Co
008753: No author Given - The New England Home Journal. Dewey Souvenir Number. Supplement to the Boston Sunday Journal. Oct. 15, 1899
019438: No author given - Four Centuries of Tapestry on Exhibition. Exhibition of Tapestries (Cover Title). November 2nd to the 23rd, 1966
015013: No author given - Instruction Manual for Specialists (V) Transport Airmen Ratings. Edition of 1944
011449: No author given - Course in Physical Training for Grades IX to XII (Manual 3). State of New Jersey Department of Public Instruction Trenton. High School Series-Number 7. September 1917
003993: No Author Given - Parts Lists for C.G. Sargent's Sons Corporation of Graniteville, Mass. Ball Winder Machine
013729: No author given - Plymouth (12th) Division Panaromic Photo Taken at Camp Devens, Massachusetts, Dec. 3, 1918
004659: No Author Given - American House
017753: No author Given - 1888: Frederick Layton and His World
010455: No Author Given - A New Historical Biographical and Classical Dictionary. Containing a Concise and Alphabetical Account of the Most Remarkable Events Recorded in Ancient History. Extracted from the Most Celebrated Classical Writers
015583: No author given - Metallic Vessels for Containing Explosive Compounds. British Letters Patent No. 3185
002765: No Author Given - Marlborough, New Hampshire Through the Years. 1776-1976
010698: No Author Given - The Maritime Provinces: A Handbook for Travellers
011165: No author given - Show and Bestow. The Ruth Hughes Collection of Artists' Books
016522: No author Given - Our Inflated Tax Dollar. Mock Us Dollar Bill
016524: No author Given - Favourite Fairy Tales. Cinderella, and Other Fairy Tales (Cover Title). Books for the Bairns VII
019615: No author Given - Herrick's Almanac. 1879
015586: No author Given - This and That
015590: No author given - Boston and Albany Railroad Time Tables. Effective October 9, 1933
007511: No Author Given - Super-Fort. Vol 2. No. 6. January 28, 1946. Anniversary Issue
017343: No author given - Proctor's Ladies Club Theatre (Proctor's Theatre, 23d Street) Show Program for the Week of October 11, 1897. Grand Vaudeville (Continuous) Performance
003007: No Author Given - Gothaischer Hof Kalender Zum Nutzen Und Vergnugen Eingerichtet Auf Das Jahr 1777
011433: No author Given - Local Time Tables. Santa Fe. The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe and Panhandle and Santa Fe Railway Companies. Effective July 21, 1940
011434: No author given - Animate Creation. A Popular Edition of Our Living World. Part Twenty
011435: No author Given - Animate Creation. A Popular Edition of Our Living World. Part Nineteen
019928: No author Given - The Tanganyika Guide
014379: No author Given - To Breeders of Trotting Stock, the Young Trotting Stallion, Dagger! Advertisement for Breeding
013756: No author given - Annual Report of St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company for the Year Ended December 31, 1940. Frisco Lines
014595: No author given - Defend the Ufw! Spartacist League Leaflet
017574: No author Given - American Indian Art
003236: No Author Given - Annual Archaeological Report 1897-8. Being Part of Appendix to the Report of the Minister of Education Ontario
016799: No author Given - Contrats de Mariages Notaires de Montreal 1642-1840. Publication 51, Book 1, Index de Noms Et Surnoms, Notaires de Montreal, Avec Index Masculin Et Feminin
013770: No author given - Chants of the Divine Liturgy. From the Repertoire of the Male Chamber Choir "Akafist
014299: No author Given - From Sails to Atoms. Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Portsmouth Nh
009242: No author Given - Battery Emplacement Record and Data Book. Prepared for Use of Students at the School of Fire for Field Artillery, Fort Sill, Oklahoma May 1918
008952: No author Given - Washington View Book
019441: No author Given - Harper's Pictorial History of the CIVIL War. Vol II, No. 7, May 28, 1894
014586: No author given - Greeters of Oregon Tourist and Shopping Guide. May, 1921
016053: No Author Given - Dickie Bird. Richard Nixon As an Outlaw Biker
016054: No author given - Off the Beaten Path in New Mexico and Arizona. Santa Fe Railroad Travel Brochure
017026: No author given - The Hennepin Canal. (Caption Title)
019417: No author given - Police Department Roster. General Guide
004012: No Author Given - Reims la Cathedrale Après le Bombardement. Serie 1
002880: No Author Given - Atlas Der Giftpflanzen in Naturlicher Farbe Mit Beschreibung
009672: No Author Given - Catalogue of the Library of Henry W. Poor. Part II, III, IV and V Only
017296: No author given - I.W. Abel Will Resign If Sadlowski Is Elected! United Steelworkers Union Election Leaflet/Flier
016735: No author given - B.G. K. , Wimpy Dicks, Criticeyes, Step One Concert Flier
003186: No Author Given - Homenaje a Don Jose C. Zeledon
008297: No author Given - Reports from the Consuls of the United States on the Commerce, Manufactures, Etc. Of Their Consular Districts. Commercial Relations of the United States. No. 1. October, 1880
016115: No author Given - A General Index to the Monthly Review, from the Commencement of the New Series, in January, 1790, to the End of the Eighty-First Volume, Completed in December, 1816 Volume I Only (Fourth Volume of Indexes Issued from Inception of the Review)
015694: No author given - Four Centuries of the Ukrainian Printed Book. An Exhibition
016390: No author given - Vote Socialist Workers. Reid for Vice-President Pinback
017403: No author Given - Cook Book. Sanbornton Bay (New Hampshire)
004045: No Author Given - Message from the President of the United States. Report Upon the Cherokee Indian Matters
004049: No Author Given - Home Mission Echoes. October, 1897. Vol. 1 No 10
017729: No author Given - Racing Rules 1914
006942: No Author Given - The Illustrated Family Christian Almanac for the United States for the Year of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ 1853
016241: No author given - Either or
018343: No author given - A Catalogue of the Officers and Members of the Massachusetts Peace Society, Including Nine Branches or Auxiliaries. March 1, 1819
002194: No Author Given - Historical Sketches of Peterborough, New Hampshire. Portraying Events and Data Contributing to the History of the Town
007977: No Author Given - Reports from the Consuls of the United States. Vol. XXVII. July-September, 1888
017556: No author given - Youth and the '76 Elections. Join the Campaign for Socialism
006171: No Author Given - The Christian Almanack, for the Year of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, 1824. No. IV-Vol I.
014126: No author Given - Good Luck and Good Health
007273: No Author Given - Stanley Tools. Catalog #34
019814: No Author Given - No Easy Answers. Issue One. 1980
004394: No Author Given - Annual Reports of the Town of Milford, New Hampshire 1855-1934
011054: No Author Given - United States Maritime Service Hospital Corps School Manual. Prepared by Training Organization War Shipping Administration. October 1945
019202: No author Given - Burn Photoxine (Issue 1)
003843: No Author Given - Report of the Adjutant and Inspector General of the State of Vermont, from October 1, 1864 to October 1, 1865
019239: No author Given - K.B. S. Bibliographical Register of Important Works Written in Japanese on Japan and the Far East Published During the Year 1933
014162: No author Given - Illuminated and Calligraphic Manuscripts an Exhibition Held at the Fogg Art Museum and Houghton Library February 14-April 1 1955
015871: No author Given - Fishermen's Grotto No. 9 Fishermen's Wharf Restaurant Menu
014949: No author given - United States 1952 Olympic Book. Quadrennial Report of the United States Olympic Committee
010672: No author Given - This Is the Reading. A Modern Railroad Serving the Modern Needs of Industrial and Commercial America
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009470: Knowlton, Miner (Lieutenant) - Notes on Gunpowder, Percussion, Powder; Cannon and Projectiles
003547: Gorky, Maxim; Asch, Sholem; Hamsun, Knut and Others - Collection of the Znanie (Knowledge) Society for the Year 1909. Including Okurov City, in the Winter and a Wanderer Plays on Muted Strings
008091: Koblas, John - Bushwacker! Cole Younger and the Kansas-Missouri Border War
011838: Kobzey, T. - A Short History of the Trade Union Movement in Canada
004580: Koenigsberg, Lisa - Emblem for an Era: Selected Images of American Victorian Womanhood from the Yale University Community, 1837-1911
018110: Koerner, Joseph Leo - The Reformation of the Image
013890: Kohn, Marek; Hope, Ruth - Restless
019716: Kohnen, Fr. B. - Shilluk Grammar. With a Little English-Shilluk Dictionary
012969: Kohnstamm, Geldolph Adriaan - Teaching Children to Solve a Piagetian Problem of Class Inclusion
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019683: Kokoschka, Oskar (artist) - Oskar Kokoschka a Retrospective Exhibition
013224: Philip C. Kolin - Venus and Adonis: Critical Essays (Shakespeare Criticism)
018878: Komar, Vitaly; Melamid, Alex (artists) - Komar and Melamid. Symbols of the Big Bang
004003: Komisarjevsky, Theodore - Myself and the Theatre
008358: Kono, Michitada (artist) - Michitada Mono. Magic Realist of Japanese Painting
018966: De Kooning, Willem (artist). Sylvester, David; Shiff, Richard (authors) - Willem de Kooning. Paintings
009730: Korn, Richard - The Judgment of the Condor
016574: Korpalski, Tom - Arcturus Coma. Super Peace Blacklight Poster
018093: Kournakoff, Sergei - School for Riding. A Primer of Modern Horsemanship
017923: Kozik, Frank - Ed Colver's Eye Ball. March 9th, 1995 at the Palace, Los Angeles. Concert Poster, Featuring Nina Hagen, Youth Brigade, China White, D.I. , the Adz, Nip Drivers, the Watts Prophets, the Joykiller, Fife, the Dickies and Leonard Graves Phillips
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