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004484: VARIOUS AUTHORS. JARVIS, ADRIAN (EDITOR) - Port and Harbour Engineering. Studies in the History of CIVIL Engineering. Volume 6
007724: JEAFFRESON, J. CORDY - A Book About Doctors. In Two Volumes
008106: SHERO, JEFF ET AL (EDITOR) - Rat Subterranean News. Convention Special. Issue 4 (?). 1968
011861: SHERO, JEFF ET AL (EDITOR) - Rat Subterranean News. April 19-30. 1968
003004: JEHLE, MIMI IDA - Das Deutsche Kunstmärchen Von Der Romantik Zum Naturalismus. University of Illinois Bulletin Vol. XXXII July 2, 1935 No. 44
011151: JEKYLL, GERTRUDE - Garden Ornament
008754: VARIOUS AUTHORS; JENKS, JOSEPH WILLIAM (COMPILER) - The Rural Poetry of the English Language Illustrating the Seasons and Months of the Year, Their Changes, Employments, Lessons and Pleasures, Topically Paragraphed, with a Complete Index
003748: JENNESS, HERBERT T. - Bucket Brigade to Flying Squadron. Fire Fighting Past and Present
006285: JENNESS, JOHN SCRIBNER - The Isles of Shoals. An Historical Sketch
005426: JENNESS, JOHN SCRIBNER - The Isles of Shoals. An Historical Sketch
002722: JENNINGS, ROBERT - The Horse and Other Livestock
010185: JENSEN, LARRY O. - A Handbook of German Research. Volume 1
012718: JENSEN, ALBERT - Europas Sjalvmord Och Proletariatet Som Masslaktare Av Proletariatet
006515: MACDONALD, JOHN D.; LEY, WILLY; BIXBY, JEROME ET AL. - Galaxy Science Fiction. October 1952. Vol 5. No 1
011120: WODEHOUSE, P.G.; BERLIN, IRVING; GERSHWIN, GEORGE; KERN, JEROME ET AL. - Sheet Music from 1914 to 1920. Bound Volume. See Description for Contents
007951: JERROLD, DOUGLAS - Punch's Letters to His Son. Corrected and Edited from the Mss. In the Alsatian Library
010144: JESSEN, JARNO (FOREWORD) - Hausgalerie Beruhmter Gemalde (... ) Renaissance. Erster Band
012927: JEWETT, SARAH ORNE - Play Days. A Book of Stories for Children
006912: JEWETT, SARAH ORNE - Play Days. A Book of Stories for Children
003930: JIAN, LI - Changsha Ceramics. Featuring Gifts from Dr. And Mrs. Wally Zollman and Keith Uhl Clary
011665: SWAMI JNANANANDA - Darsanika Maha Pravachana
008832: MILLER, JOAQUIN ET AL. - The Overland Monthly Devoted to the Development of the Country. September, 1872. Vol. 9 No. 3
012966: HEMMLEB, JOCHEN ET AL. - Ghosts of Everest. The Search for Mallory and Irvine
007580: LESSER, MILTON; DE CAMP, L. SPRAGUE; GIBSON, JOE ET AL. - Science Fiction Quarterly. February 1952. Volume 1 Number 4
011873: JOEL, DAVID - Monet at Vetheuil and on the Norman Coast 1878-1883
007428: GALLUN, RAYMOND Z; ANDERSON, POUL; JAKES, JOHN ET AL. - . Super Science Stories. August 1951. Vol. 8. No. 3
006720: CHANDLER, LAWRENCE; COPPEL, ALFRED; PHILLIPS, ROG; JAKES, JOHN ET AL. - Fantastic Adventures. October 1952
007237: JARVIS, E.K.; MERWIN, SAM; JAKES, JOHN ET AL. - Fantastic Adventures. July 1952. Volume 14, Number 7
005985: BRADBURY, RAY; KOONTZ, DEAN; WYNDHAM, JOHN ET AL. - Fantastic Science Fiction Fantasy. January 1968. Vol. 17. No. 3
003410: THOMSON, JOHN ET AL. - Bulletin of the American Society of CIVIL Engineers. No. 51, December 12th, 1894
004050: CLARK, TOM; EDWARDS, SUSAN; BASINSKI, MICHAEL; MONTGOMERY, JOHN ET AL. - Moody Street Irregulars. A Jack Kerouac Newsletter. The Kerouac on the Road Conference Issue. Number 14. Spring 1984
006429: BLOCH, ROBERT; WYNDHAM, JOHN ET AL. - Fantastic. November 1958. Vol. 7 No. 11
001268: [DOD, JOHN] AND OTHERS - Thomas's Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode-Island, New-Hampshire & Vermont Almanack, with an Ephemeris, for the Year of Our Lord 1786: [... Containing] the Bill of Rights of Massachusetts; the Sermon on Malt [... ]
006517: REYNOLDS, MACK; JAKES, JOHN ET AL. - Space Science Fiction. Spring Issue. Vol. 1. No. 1
009913: CREELEY, ROBERT; FISCHER, NORMAN; KITTREDGE, WILLIAM; KNOEPFLE, JOHN ET AL. - The Iowa State Liquor Store. A Magazine of Literature and the Arts. Vol. 2 No. 1. Winter 1970
008627: YOUNG, JOHN ET AL. - Complimentary Dinner to the Honorable John Young, at the Irving House, New York, January 18th, 1851. Correspondence and Speeches
011618: HEANEY, SEAMUS; CREELEY, ROBERT; KENNELLY, BRENDAN; WILBUR, RICHARD; MCPHEE, JOHN ET AL. - The Little Brown House. A Garland for Robert Mcglynn
011461: GARDNER, JOHN ET AL. - Reflections. Washington University Student Review. Number 4, 1955
005679: JOHN, I.G. - Hand Book of Methodist Missions
008623: JOHNS, CLAYTON - Reminiscences of a Musician
011508: JOHNSEN, FREDERICK A. - Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress. Warbird Tech Series. Volume 7
003685: JOHNSON, SAMUEL - A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland
009449: JOHNSON, MERLE - A Bibliography of the Works of Mark Twain, Samuel Langhorne Clemens. A List of First Editions in Book Form and of First Printings in Periodicals and Occasional Publications of His Varied Literary Activities. Revised and Enlarged
006354: JOHNSON, EDWARD L. - Wilderness Cabin
007599: JOHNSON, A.N (ARTEMAS NIXON); WHITE, JASON - The Young Minstrel: A Collection of Music for the Use of Schools
013028: JOHNSON, GERALD W. - A Little Night Music. Discoveries in the Exploitation of an Art. Armed Services Edition #735
010632: JOHNSON, MAUREEN; JOHNSON, DOUGLAS - Art Models: Life Nudes for Drawing, Painting, and Sculpting (Book & Dvd-Rom)
006007: JOHNSON, CROCKETT - Barnaby Quarterly. The Comic with a High I.Q. Vol. 1. No. 1. July, 1945
008961: JOHNSON, SAMUEL - Hymns
008383: JOHNSON, SAMUEL - The Lives of the Most Eminent English Poets; with Critical Observations on Their Works. Volumes 1,2 and 4 Only (of Four Volumes)
009022: R. STANLEY JOHNSON, PREFACE - Duilio Barnabe. Bologna 1914-1961 French Alps
011536: JOHNSTON, SONA; TUCKER, PAUL - In Monet's Light. Theodore Robinson at Giverny
010302: JOHNSTON, VELDA - I Came to the Highlands. A Novel of Suspense
011731: JOHNSTON, ALASTAIR - Musings on the Vernacular
008856: JONES, JACK - Golden Nugget Gaming Guide
012885: JONES, SHERIDAN - Fishing Facts. A First Book on Fish, Tackle, and the Art of Fresh-Water Angling for the Novice and Expert
011496: DOW, JONES AND CO. (COMPILERS) - A Decade in United States Steel
002419: JONES, LEROI [AMIRI BARAKA] - Four Black Revolutionary Plays. All Praises to the Black Man
009062: JONES, SYDNEY R.; HOLME, CHARLES (EDITOR) - The Village Homes of England. Special Spring Number of the Studio 1912
008329: JONES, JENKIN LLOYD - Confucius. The Prophet of Politics. Religions of the World, III
012732: JONES, THOMAS FIRTH - Low-Resistance Boats
007638: KOKKONEN, JOONAS AND LAURI - The Last Temptations. Viimeiset Kiusaukset. Opera in Two Acts
008271: SWEIG (ZWEIG), STEFAN; RICHTER, HANS; KASKEL, JOSEF ET AL. - Deutsche Blatter. Heft 2 Jahr 2. 1944
007531: JOSEFFY, RAFAEL - First Studies for the Piano. Advancing to a High Degree of Development
007630: JOURDAIN, PIERRE - L'Art Officiel de Jules Grevy a Albert Lebrun. Le Point Revue Artistique Et Litteraire. Avril 1949. XXXVII
003323: JOWETT, F.M.; HENRY, G.L.M. - The Irish Terrier
004826: JOYCE, JAMES. MCKENNA, SIOBHAN; MARSHALL, E.G. (READERS) - Ulysses. Soliloquies of Molly and Leopold Bloom
004166: JOYCE, JAMES - Corrections of Misprints in Finnegans Wake. As Prepared by the Author After Publication of the First Edition
006289: ASCHERMAN JR., HERBERT (PHOTOGRAPHER) - The Artists Project
012693: VONNEGUT JR., KURT - Between Time and Timbuktu or Prometheus-5, a Space Fantasy
009089: PARRIS, SAMUEL; COOPER, JAMES F. JR. AND MINKEMA, KENNETH P. (EDITORS) - The Sermon Notebooks of Samuel Parris 1689-1694. Publications of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts Volume 66
004749: DELORIA JR., VINE - Custer Died for Your Sins. An Indian Manifesto
008775: ALGER, HORATIO JR. ET AL. - Peterson's Magazine Volume 23 Nos. 1-12. January Through December 1853 Including Two by Alger: A Welcome to May; Borrowing from Economy
013175: PACKARD JR., THEOPHILUS - A Sermon, Delivered in Shelburne, Mass. , on the Day of Public Thanksgiving, December 1, 1836
012282: JUARROZ, ROBERTO; MERWIN, W.S. (TRANSLATOR) - Vertical Poetry
004346: CREWS, JUDSON ET AL. - Aldebaran Review No. 8
010846: JUIN, HUBERT - La Parisienne. Les Elegantes, Les Celebrites, Et Les Petite Femmes 1880-1914
013015: HALDEMAN-JULIUS, MARCET - Why I Believe in Companionate Marriage. Little Blue Book No. 1258
007969: JUMSAI, M.L. MANICH - History of Thai Literature Includling Laos, Shans, Khamti, Ahom and Yannan-Nanchao
005466: DAE-JUNG, KIM - Three Stage Approach to Korean Reunification Focusing on the South-North Confederal Stage
004868: JUNTUNEN, MIRJA; SCHLYTER, BIRGIT N., EDITORS - Return to the Silk Routes: Current Scandinavian Research on Central Asia
012811: JUNZABURO, NISHIWAKI; CLAREMONT, YASUKO (TRANSLATOR) - Gen'Ei: Selected Poems of Nishiwaki Junzaburo 1894-1982. University of Sydney East Asian Series Number 4
011629: JUSTUS, MARY - Fiddle Away
006343: DICK, PHILIP K. ET AL. - A Game of Unchance in Amazing Stories. July 1964. Vol. 38. , No. 7
006790: COSTELLO, P.F.; JARVIS, E.K. ET AL. - Fantastic Science Fiction. Volume 7, Number 1. January, 1958
007377: WILLIAMS, ROBERT MOORE; JARVIS, E.K. ET AL. - Fantastic Adventures. December 1951
011643: KAFKA, FRANZ; VAN HECKE, PAUL GUSTAVE (EDITOR) - Varietes. Revue Mensuelle Illustree de L'Esprit Contemporain. 15 Mars 1929. 1re Annee No. 11
013180: KAHAN, MITCHELL D. - Heavenly Visions. The Art of Minnie Evans
012869: KAHN, WOLF (ARTIST); UPDIKE, JOHN (INTRODUCTION) - Wolf Kahn's America. An Artist's Travels
011009: KALLIR, JANE - Egon Schiele
007380: KALMAN, BELA (PHOTOGRAPHER). EAUCLAIRE, SALLY (TEXT) - The Third Eye. Bela Kalman. A Lifetime in Photography
005204: KALOCSAY, K.; WARINGHIEN, G. - Plena Gramatiko de Esperanto. La Vorto Kaj la Frazo. III. Kompletigita Eldono. 2 Kajero
006684: LAWRENCE, D.H.; MILNE, A.A. MANSFIELD, KATHERINE ET AL. - The Adelphi. December, 1923. Vol 1. No. 7
013330: KATSUHIKO, MIZUNO (PHOTOGRAPHER) - The Gardens of Kyoto. The Celebrated Gardens of the Central and East Areas
007601: KATZ, BABETTE - A Winter's Tale
012107: KATZ, ALEX (ARTIST) - Alex Katz. An Exhibition Featuring Works from the Collection of Paul J. Schupf
012371: KAUFFMAN, C.H. - The Gilled Mushrooms (Agaricaceae) of Michigan and the Great Lakes Region. Two Volumes, Complete
012660: KAULA, LEE LUFKIN (ARTIST) - Lee Lufkin Kaula 1865-1957. Post-Impressionist of the Boston School
004160: KAUTSKY, KARL - The Commonwealth of the Future
011103: KAWATO, MASAJIRO "MIKE. - Flight Into Conquest
006286: MILLER, HENRY; LAWRENCE, D.H.; BOYLE, KAY ET AL. - The Phoenix. Autumn, 1938. Volume 1 No. 3
005735: KEANE, MARTIN J. - Classic Rods and Rodmakers
013234: VARIOUS AUTHORS. KEENE, DONALD (EDITOR) - Twenty Plays of the No Theatre
013237: KEENE, DONALD - Bunraku. The Art of the Japanese Puppet Theatre
012815: KEENE, DONALD; HIROSHI, KANEKO (PHOTOGRAPHER) - No. The Classical Theatre of Japan
006114: KEIM, DE B. RANDOLPH - Keim's Illustrated Hand-Book. Washington and Its Environs: A Descriptive and Historical Hand-Book of the Capital of the United States of America
006461: BRADBURY, RAY; GRABER, EDWIN L.; COPPEL, ALFRED; FENNEL, ERIK; BENNETT, KEITH ET AL. - Planet Stories. Spring 1950. Vol 4. No. 6
010204: KELLEY, JUDITH HOLBROOK; ADAMS, CLAYTON RAND (EDITORS) - Marriage Returns of Cumberland County, Maine Prior to 1892
002111: KELLOGG, LUCY MARY EDITOR - Mayflower Families Through Five Generations. Descendants of the Pilgrims Who Landed at Plymouth, Mass. December 1620. Volume 1. Families of Francis Eaton, Samuel Fuller and William White
010046: KELLOGG, D.S. (COMPILER) - Recollections of Clinton County and the Battle of Plattsburg 1800-1840. Memoirs of the Early Residents from the Notebooks of Dr. D.S. Kellogg
009190: KELLY, J. FREDERICK - Architectural Guide for Connecticut. The Connecticut Tercentenary 1635-1935
008252: KELLY, WALT - Pogo's Sunday Brunch. Containing War Nor Peace (a Novel Treatment), Stuff and Nonsense (28 Pages of Verse?) and Several Old Favorites, a Few of Which Are Incompletely New
003430: KELLY, ISABELLA - Joscelina. Volume 1 Only
000191: BLACKBURN, PAUL DAVID KELLY AND HOWARD WILEY - Mandala. (a Literary Magazine). Volume 1, Number 1
000210: KEMELMAN, HARRY - Friday the Rabbi Slept Late
001274: [KENNEDY, JOHN PENDLETON ] - Rob of the Bowl: A Legend of St. Inigoe's. Volume 2 Only
007106: WESTPHAL, KENNETH ET AL. - Pragmatism, Reason, & Norms: A Realistic Assessment
005067: ROTH, HENRY; GREGORY, HORACE; RUKEYSER, MURIEL; PATCHEN, KENNETH ET AL. - Signatures. Work in Progress. Extracts from Forthcoming Books. Autumn 1936. Number 2
007906: KENNEY, JOHN TARRANT - The Hitchcock Chair. The Story of a Connecticut Yankee-L. Hitchcock of Hitchcocks-Ville-and an Account of the Restoration of His 19th Century Manufactory
008072: KENTON, EDNA - Simon Kenton His Life and Period. 1755-1836
005199: KERBEY, MAJOR J.O. - On the War Path. A Journey over the Historic Grounds of the Late CIVIL War
013152: KERR, ROBERT - The Gentleman's House; or, How to Plan English Residences, from the Parsonage to the Palace
008742: KETTERING, CHARLES F.; ORTH, ALLEN - The New Necessity. The Culmination of a Century of Progress in Transportation. A Century of Progress Series
009059: GINOLI, JON; SMITH, DENA; FORD KEVIN ET AL. - Hoopla #7. February 1978
011755: KEYES, GEORGE S. - Mirror of Empire. Dutch Marine Art of the Seventeenth Century
006909: KIDDER, FREDERIC - The Swedes on the Delaware and Their Intercourse with New England. Reprinted from the Historical and Genealogical Register, January, 1874
010531: KIENBUSCH, WILLIAM; DIODA, ADOLPH - William Kienbusch, Paintings. Adolph Dioda, Sculpture. January 17 Through February 21, 1954
005521: TAE-KIL, KIM; HEUNG-SOOK, KIM (TRANSLATOR) - Values of Korean People Mirrored in Fiction, Volume 1
004853: KILPATRICK, JAMES - Tommy Atkins at War. As Told in His Own Letters
005712: KIM, SAMUEL S. (EDITOR) - North Korean Foreign Relations in the Post-Cold War Era
010989: KIM, FATHER JOSEPH CHANG-MUN; CHUNG, JOHN JAE-SUN - Catholic Korea Yesterday and Today (1784-1884)
006093: KIM, HYUNG-KOOK - The Division of Korea and the Alliance Making Process: Internationalization of Internal Conflict and Internalization of International Struggle
002114: KIMBALL, RICHARD B. - Was He Successful? a Novel
013043: JONES KIMBERLY ET AL. - In the Forest of Fontainebleau. Painters and Photographers from Corot to Monet
011942: ALEXANDER, KIMBERLY ET AL. - Hero or Coward. The Story of General Fitz John Porter
003877: KINANE, DEAN - St. Patrick. His Life, Heroic Virtues, His Labours, and the Fruits of His Labours
007356: KING, WILLIAM - An Essay on the Origin of Evil. (... ) to Which Are Added Two Sermons by the Same Author, the Former Concerning Divine Prescience, the Latter on the Fall of Man
005747: KING, DR. GEORGE S. - Slave Ship. Photoplay Title of 'the Last Slaver. '
003281: KING, STEPHEN - The Colorado Kid
010446: NO AUTHOR GIVEN. (KINGLAKE, ALEXANDER WILLIAM) - Eothen, or Traces of Travel Brought Home from the East. Part of the Library of Choice Reading, Volume 4
004064: KINGSLEY, CHARLES. WYETH, N.C. (ILLUSTRATOR) - Westward Ho! or; the Voyages and Adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh, Knight of Burrough, in the County of Devon. In the Reign of Her Most Glorious Majesty Queen Elizabeth
009105: KINGSLEY, ELBRIDGE; KNAB, FREDERICK - Picturesque Worcester. Part II-North
011892: KINGSTON, WILLIAM H.G. - Dick Onslow Among the Indians (Cover Title). Adventures of Dick Onslow in the Far West
001772: KINGSTON, WILLIAM H.G. - At the South Pole; or the Adventures of Richard Pengelley, Mariner
010198: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Brushwood Boy
011582: KIRICHENKO, EVGENIA - Russian Design and the Fine Arts 1750-1917
012675: KIRKHAM, STANTON DAVIS - Cruising Around the World and the Seven Seas
011739: KIRSCH, KAREN - The Weissenhofsiedlung. Experimental Housing Built for the Deutscher Werkbund, Stuttgart, 1927
013093: KITCHEN, MARTIN - Rommel's Desert War. Waging World War II in North Africa, 1941-1943
013021: KLEE, PAUL - Pedagogical Sketchbook
012065: KLEE, PAUL; CHAGALL, MARC; MAGRITTE, RENE; BRAQUE, GEORGES; ERNST, MAX; DE CHIRICO, GIORGIO; GRIS, JUAN; MAN RAY (ARTISTS); VAN HECKE, PAUL GUSTAVE (EDITOR) - Varietes. Revue Mensuelle Illustree de L'Esprit Contemporain. 15 Aout 1929. 2e Annee No. 4
000051: KLEIN, RICHARD G. - Ice Age Hunters from the Ukraine
007925: KLEIN, HERMAN; MORAN, WILLIAM R. - Herman Klein and the Gramophone: Being a Series of Essays on the Bel Canto, the Gramophone and the Singer and Reviews of New Classical Vocal Recordings
012957: KLESSMANN, RUDIGER - Adam Elsheimer 1578-1610
009915: KLIEFOTH, THEODOR - Der Prophet Sacharjah
011748: KLIMENT, CHARLES K.; NAKLADAL, BRETISLAV - Germany's First Ally. Armed Forces of the Slovak State 1939-1945
006871: VARIOUS AUTHORS. KNAPP, SAMUEL L. (EDITOR) - Boston Monthly Magazine. August 1825. Volume 1, Number 3
006864: VARIOUS AUTHORS. KNAPP, SAMUEL L. (EDITOR) - Boston Monthly Magazine. April, 1826. Volume 1, Number 11
006869: VARIOUS AUTHORS. KNAPP, SAMUEL L. (EDITOR) - Boston Monthly Magazine. October 1825. Volume 1, Number 5
006863: VARIOUS AUTHORS. KNAPP, SAMUEL L. (EDITOR) - Boston Monthly Magazine. May, 1826. Volume 1, Number 12
006868: VARIOUS AUTHORS. KNAPP, SAMUEL L. (EDITOR) - Boston Monthly Magazine. December 1825. Volume 1, Number 7
006866: VARIOUS AUTHORS. KNAPP, SAMUEL L. (EDITOR) - Boston Monthly Magazine. February, 1826. Volume 1, Number 9
006867: VARIOUS AUTHORS. KNAPP, SAMUEL L. (EDITOR) - Boston Monthly Magazine. January, 1826. Volume 1, Number 8
006865: VARIOUS AUTHORS. KNAPP, SAMUEL L. (EDITOR) - Boston Monthly Magazine. March, 1826. Volume 1, Number 10
006872: VARIOUS AUTHORS. KNAPP, SAMUEL L. (EDITOR) - Boston Monthly Magazine. July, 1825. Volume 1, Number 2
006870: VARIOUS AUTHORS. KNAPP, SAMUEL L. (EDITOR) - Boston Monthly Magazine. September 1825. Volume 1, Number 4
010739: KNAPPMAN, EDWARD W.; IRONS, PETER; LANDER, DAWN; HATHAWAY, RICHARD O.; JOHNSON, STEVEN H.; BRECHER, JEREMY (EDITORS) - Washington Reports. Newsletter of the Political Action Information Service. Volume 1, Number 1. October, 1963
009078: KNOLLENBERG, BERNHARD (EDITOR). MONAHON, CLIFFORD P. (COMPILER) - Correspondence of Governor Samuel Ward May 1775-March 1776. (... ) and Genealogy of the Ward Family
012031: KNOTT, FREDERICK - Dial M for Murder
009470: KNOWLTON, MINER (LIEUTENANT) - Notes on Gunpowder, Percussion, Powder; Cannon and Projectiles
009522: KNOX, GEORGE - Tiepolo. Drawings by Giambattista, Domenico and Lorenzo Tiepolo
011519: KNOX, THOMAS W. - Adventures of Two Youths in a Journey Through Africa. The Boy Travellers in the Far East. Part Fifth
003547: GORKY, MAXIM; ASCH, SHOLEM; HAMSUN, KNUT AND OTHERS - Collection of the Znanie (Knowledge) Society for the Year 1909. Including Okurov City, in the Winter and a Wanderer Plays on Muted Strings
013272: KOBAYASHI, SHIGENOBU - A Book of Colors. Matching Colors, Combining Colors, Color Designing, Color Decorating
008091: KOBLAS, JOHN - Bushwacker! Cole Younger and the Kansas-Missouri Border War
011838: KOBZEY, T. - A Short History of the Trade Union Movement in Canada
011770: KOEHLER, KAREN - Bauhaus Modern. Smith College Museum of Art. September 26-December 7, 2008
004580: KOENIGSBERG, LISA - Emblem for an Era: Selected Images of American Victorian Womanhood from the Yale University Community, 1837-1911
012969: KOHNSTAMM, GELDOLPH ADRIAAN - Teaching Children to Solve a Piagetian Problem of Class Inclusion
013224: PHILIP C. KOLIN - Venus and Adonis: Critical Essays (Shakespeare Criticism)
004003: KOMISARJEVSKY, THEODORE - Myself and the Theatre
008358: KONO, MICHITADA (ARTIST) - Michitada Mono. Magic Realist of Japanese Painting
013312: KOPPELKAMM, STEFAN - Glasshouses and Wintergardens of the Nineteenth Century
009730: KORN, RICHARD - The Judgment of the Condor
012169: KOSKENNIEMI, INNA - Studies in the Vocabulary of English Drama 1550-1600 Excluding Shakespeare and Ben Jonson
012397: KRAMER, MRS. H.E. - Entertainments for Church Socials, Women's Social and Charitable Organizations, Juvenile and Young People's Societies. And Private Parties
006272: KRAMER, FREDERICK A. - Twilight on the Narrow Gauge. Rio Grande Scenes of the Fifties. Quadrent Press Review 5
008493: KRASSNER, PAUL (EDITOR). VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Realist. No. 47. February, 1964
008613: KRASSNER, PAUL (EDITOR). VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Realist. No. 62. September, 1965
011721: KRASSNER, PAUL (EDITOR). WILSON, S. CLAY (ARTIST). VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Realist. No. 95. December, 1972
008492: KRASSNER, PAUL (EDITOR). VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Realist. No. 59. May, 1965
004246: KRAUSS, RUTH. SENDAK, MAURICE (ILLUSTRATOR) - A Hole Is to Dig. A First Book of First Definitions
002478: KRAUSS, RUTH - A Hole Is to Dig. A First Book of Definitions
004960: STEPNIAK (STEPNYACK-KRAVCHINKY, SERGEY). LAVROFF, PETER (PREFACE) - Underground Russia. Revolutionary Profiles and Sketches from Life
001948: KRAVITZ, JUDITH - Breathe Deep, Laugh Loudly: The Joy of Transformational Breathing
010226: KREYMBORG, ALFRED - The Planets. A Modern Allegory
008029: KUGEL, BERNARD (EDITOR) - Big Star No. 1. May, 1977
013325: KUGEL, BERNARD (EDITOR) - Big Star No. 3. Spring, 1978
012456: KUEHNEMANN (KUHNEMANN), EUGEN - Germany, America and the War. Issues and Events Booklets No. 12
006002: VARIOUS AUTHORS. KULP, RANDOLPH L. (EDITOR) - History of Lehigh and New England Railroad Company
002675: KUMIN, MAXINE W. - A Winter Friend
003792: KUMMER, FREDERIC ARNOLD - Love's Greatest Mistake
012394: KUO, PAUL - A Day in Taiwan
008371: KUPPERMAN, MARK (EDITOR) - The Atlantic Weekly. July 3-9. Vol. 1 No. 1
006647: KUSPIT, DONALD (NOTES). DINKIN, LARRY (ARTIST) - Larry Dinkin. Painting to Silkscreen and Interpretive Process
012001: KYGER, JOANNE - Some Life
010899: JOHNSON, ROSSITER; RIDPATH, JOHN CLARK; KILMER, GEORGE L. ET AL. - The American Soldier and Sailor... In War... A Pictorial History of the Campaigns and Conflicts of the War between the States, from the First Bloodshed in the Streets of Baltimore to Our Country's War with Spain
010470: LABE, LOUISE - Debat de Folie Et D'Amour. Elegies. Sonnets
005662: LACHOUQUE, HENRY. BROWN, ANNE S.K. (ADAPTOR) - The Anatomy of Glory. Napoleon and His Guard. A Study in Leadership
013129: MONAHAN, MICHAEL (EDITOR);HEARN, LAFCADIO ET AL. - The Papyrus. A Magazine of Individuality. August, 1911
005287: LAHIKAINEN, DEAN (CURATOR) - In the American Spirit: Folk Art from the Collections. Peabody Essex Museum
012619: LAIDLER, HARRY W. - Labor Governments at Work. Australasian Scandinavian British
011940: M. DE LAMARTINE - Souvenirs, Impressions Pensees Et Paysages Pendant Un Voyage En Orient 1832-1833 Ou Notes D'Un Voyager. Two Volumes
003141: LAMB, ALBERT RICHARD - The 2nd General Hospital. World War II 1942 to 1945. An Account of the Army-Affiliated Unit of the Presbyterian Hospital in the City of New York in the European Theater of Operations
011283: LAMBERT, JOHN W. - Wildcats over Casablanca. November 1942-Operation Torch
011119: LAMBERT, JOHN W. - Atlantic Air War: Sub Hunters Vs. U-Boats. Air Combat Photo History Series, Volume 4
007467: LAMBRICK, GEORGE; WOODS, HUMPHREY - Excavations on the Second Site of the Dominican Priory, Oxford
011228: LAMPREY, F.G. (COMPILER) - A Descriptive Tour of the World
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011019: POE, EDGAR ALLAN. BAUDELAIRE, CHARLES (INTRODUCTION) - Nouvelles Histoires Extraordinaires. Two Volumes
011699: POE, EDGAR ALLAN - Tales. Volume 3 Only, of the the Works of Edgar Allan Poe
005657: POE, CLARENCE - Where Half the World Is Waking Up. The Old and the New in Japan, China, the Philippines, and India, Reported with Especial Reference to American Conditions
012902: POESCH, JESSIE J. - Early Furniture of Louisiana
010131: POITER, FRANCIS - Manuel Pratique D'Accompagnement Des Cantiques Modernes Et Du Chant Gregorien. Selon Les Principes Rythmiques Et Modaux de Solesmes
012198: POLLARD, ALFRED W. - A Select Bibliography of the Writings of Alfred W. Pollard
009543: POLLARD, JOSEPHINE - Easy Word Stories. Easy to Read Series
007069: POLONSKY, ABRAHAM - The Enemy Sea
010036: POLTARNEES, WELLERAN - Kay Nielsen: An Appreciation
007924: POMMIER, GERARD;POMMIER, BERTRAND - Nieuport: A Biography of Edouard Nieuport, 1875-1911
008592: PONENTE, NELLO - Modern Painting Contemporary Trends
009047: POPE, ALEXANDER; JOHNSON, SAMUEL - The Poetical Works of Alexander Pope, Esq. To Which Is Prefixed the Life of the Author, by Dr. Johnson
009362: POPE, ALEXANDER - The Dunciad. With Notes Variorum, and the Prolegomena of Scriblerus. The Second Edition, with Some Additional Notes
001764: PORCELAIN, SIDNEY E. - The Purple Pony Murders. A $2. 00 Mystery Novel. No. 14
005206: PORTER, JOHN KER - A Narrative of the Campaign in Russia, During the Year 1812
013252: POST, RICHARD H. - Notes on Quogue 1659-1959
011374: POSTEL, M. L'ABBE (EDITOR) - Memoires Du Marechal de Bassompierre. Two Volumes in One
006364: POTTER, BEATRIX - Ginger and Pickles
003390: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Peter Rabbit
004524: POTTER, DAVID - A History of the Class of '96 of Princeton
011548: POTTER, BEATRIX - Peter Rabbit's Painting Book
007068: POTTER, CLARKSON N. - Argument Against the Power of Congress to Make United States Treasury Notes a Legal Tender. Supreme Court of the United States. December Term, 1870
006432: ANDERSON, POUL ET AL. - If. Worlds of Science Fiction. October 1956
006514: ANDERSON, POUL ET AL. - Fantastic. Stories of Imagination. December 1960. Vol. 9 No. 12
006401: LE FANU, SHERIDAN; CLARKE, ARTHUR C.; CARR, JOHN DICKSON, ANDERSON, POUL ET AL. - Fantasy and Science Fiction. January, 1957
006562: DICK, PHILIP K.; ANDERSON, POUL ET AL. - Startling Stories. Winter 1955
010257: POUND, EZRA - At the Circulo de Recreo with Ezra Pound. A Letter from Ezra Pound to Viola Baxter May 9, 1906
000771: PRATT, MARA L. - Australasia. Volume 1 of the Series People and Places Here and There
011202: PRATT, MICHAEL - The Great Country Houses of Central Europe. Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland. Second Edition
002371: PREAUD, TAMARA; GAUTHIER, SERGE - Ceramics of the 20th Century
000147: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM H. EDITED BY JOHN FOSTER KIRK - History of the Conquest of Peru. In Two Volumes
000090: BRUDO PRESS, COMPILERS - A Completely New History of Wayne County Pennsylvania
010689: PREVOST, ABBE - Memoires Pour Servir a L'Histoire de Malte Ou Histoire de la Jeunesse Du Commandeur de. Two Volumes
013459: PREVOST, ABBE - Histoire Du Chevalier Des Grieux Et de Manon Lescaut
008523: PRICE, M. PHILIPS - The Soviet, the Terror and Intervention
012618: PRIOR, SUZANNE (COMPILER) - Strangled. Number 1 Volume 2. March, 1980
012708: PRIOR, SUZANNE (COMPILER). VARIOUS AUTHORS - Strangled. Number 2 Volume 2. May, 1980
008793: PROCTER, ADELAIDE; DICKENS CHARLES - The Poetical Works of Adelaide A. Procter. Reprinted from the Latest Revised Edition. With an Introduction by Charles Dickens
006323: PROLIX, PEREGRINE - Letters Descriptive of the Virginia Springs: The Roads Leading Thereto, and the Doings Thereat, 1834 & 1836
004019: PROUDFIT, DR.; JEWETT, A.D. LAWRENCE - Memorial of Theodore Strong, LL. D.
013041: PRUS, BOLESBAUS (BOLESLAW). DEMANKOWSKI, MARY (TRANSLATOR) - Pharoah. An Historical Romance of Ancient Egypt
013266: BAUMGARDNER, LISA; SCHWARTZBAUM, DEENA (PSEUDONYM) ET AL. - Bikini Girl Magazine. Issue 5. Spring 1980
013302: MCCOOKERYBOOK, HELEN (PSEUDONYM) ET AL. - Shingles. Winter (1979). Issue 1
012195: BAUMGARDNER, LISA; SCHWARTZBAUM, DEENA (PSEUDONYM) ET AL. - Bikini Girl Magazine. Issue 8. 1981
009554: PUSHKIN, ALEXANDER; WOOD, ANTONY (TRANSLATOR) - The Gypsies and Other Narrative Poems
010182: PUTNAM, GEORGE GRANVILLE - Salem Vessels and Their Voyages. Series I-IV, Four Volumes
008187: NO AUTHOR GIVEN. PYLE, HOWARD (ILLUSTRATOR) - Yankee Doodle. An Old Friend in a New Dress. An Old Song
009710: PYNCHON, JOHN. BRIDENBAUGH, CARL (EDITOR) - The Pynchon Papers Volume II. Selections from the Account Books of John Pynchon, 1651-1697

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