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42263: HILL, JOHN WESLEY. - If Lincoln Were Here.
34294: HILL, AMELIA LEAVITT. - Redeeming Old Homes: Country Homes for Modest Purses.
35930: HILL, CAROL. - The Eleven Million Mile High Dancer.
37643: HILL, A.F. - Our Boys: The Personal Experiences of a Soldier in the Army of the Potomac.
21993: HILL, DAN "TIGER" (1917-89). - Signature.
17254: HILL, MOZELL C. (EDITOR). - Phylon: The Atlanta University Review of Race & Culture (Volume XVII, No. 3).
18126: HILL, C.T. (?-?). - Ink-and-Wash Drawing.
16475: HILL, DEBORAH GOLDSTEIN. - Price Guide to Coca-Cola Collectibles.
42582: HILL, MICHAEL. - Elihu Washburne: The Diary and Letters of America's Minister to France During the Siege and Commune of Paris.
41422: HILL, JOHN WESLEY. - Abraham Lincoln Man of God.
39130: HILL, DAVID B. (1843-1910). - Signature.
6425: HILL, EDWIN C. - The Iron Horse: From William Fox's Great Picture Romance of the East and the West by Charles Kenyon and John Russell.
39732: HILL, HERBERT (EDITOR). - Anger, and Beyond: The Negro Writer in the United States.
41264: HILL, FREDERICK TREVOR. - Lincoln the Lawyer.
39523: HILL, ROBERTA. - The Desperate Wall.
21577: HILLARY, PETER, AND ELDER, JOHN E. - In the Ghost Country: A Lifetime Spent on the Edge.
1472: HILLARY, LOUISE. - A Yak for Christmas.
30930: HILLCOURT, WILLIAM "GREEN BAR BILL" (1900-92). - Signature.
39802: HILLEL, DANIEL. - The Natural History of the Bible: An Environmental Exploration of the Hebrew Scriptures.
35431: HILLERMAN, TONY. - Coyote Waits.
403: HILLIER, MARY. - Pageant of Toys.
10250: HILLIER, BEVIS. - Young Betjeman.
5828: HIMES, CHESTER. - A Case of Rape.
18367: HINCKLEY, THEODORE BALLOU (EDITOR). - The Drama: October, 1925 (Vol. 15, No. 1).
18366: HINCKLEY, THEODORE BALLOU (EDITOR). - The Drama: November, 1925 (Vol. 16, No. 2).
1141: HINCKLEY, ROBERT H., AND WELLS, JOANN JACOBSEN. - I'd Rather Be Born Lucky Than Rich": The Autobiography of Robert H. Hinckley.
16027: HINCKS, ELIZABETH EATON. - Undismayed: The Story of a Yankee Chaplain's Family in the CIVIL War.
38053: HIND, ARTHUR M. - The Etchings of D.Y. Cameron
1915: HINDE, THOMAS. - Bird.
37437: HINDS, JOHN W. - Invasion and Conquest of North Carolina: Anatomy of a Gunboat War.
33607: HINE, DARLENE CLARK (EDITOR). - The State of Afro-American History: Past, Present, and Future.
20965: HINES, EARL "FATHA" (1905-83). - Signature.
20974: HINES, EARL FATHA (1905-83). - Photograph Signed.
36326: HINKS, JOHN, AND ARMSTRONG, CATHERINE (EDITORS). - Worlds of Print: Diversity in the Book Trade.
32473: HINKS, JOHN, AND ARMSTRONG, CATHERINE (EDITORS). - Printing Places: Locations of Book Production & Distribution Since 1500.
4571: HIRSCH, JANIS. - Anything But Love: "Training Film.
36445: HIRSCHFELD, AL (1903-2003). - Signed Print.
15416: HIRSCHFELD, AL (1903-2003). - Signed Book Illustration.
19421: HIRSCHFELD, AL (1903-2003). - Signed Book Illustration.
28861: HIRSHMAN, LINDA R., AND LARSON, JANE E. - Hard Bargains: The Politics of Sex.
40775: HISCOCK, FRANK (1834-1914). - Autograph Note Signed.
1652: HISER, IONA SEIBERT. - From Scales to Fancy Feathers.
18717: HISLOP, JOHN. - Steeplechasing. Illustrations by John Skeaping.
37553: HITCH, LEWIS R. (1929-2012). - Signature.
39102: HITCHCOCK, HENRY-RUSSELL. - In the Nature of Materials: The Buildings of Frank Lloyd Wright, 1887-1941.
35985: HITCHCOCK, FREDERICK L. - War from the Inside: The Story of the 132nd Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry in the War for the Suppression of the Rebellion, 1862-1863.
28720: HITCHCOCK, ETHAN ALLEN (1835-1909). - Signed Calling Card.
32466: HITCHCOCK, RAYMOND. - Attack the Lusitania!
38343: (GENERAL ORDERS -- CIVIL WAR -- E.A. HITCHCOCK). - General Orders, No. 187.
8699: HLAVIN, ROBERT (MODERATOR). - Ernest Hemingway's Boyhood Years.
7462: HOAGLAND, EDWARD. - Cat Man.
22686: HOAR, GEORGE F. (1826-1904). - Typed Note Signed.
42141: HOAR, JAY S. - New England's Last CIVIL War Veterans.
36032: HOBBS, JAMES. - Wild Life in the Far West; Personal Adventures of a Border Mountain Man... .
34225: HOBBS, RICHARD GEAR. - Ulysses Simpson Grant: Man, Soldier, Statesman -- a Galena Appreciation.
4465: HOBBS, RICHARD GEAR. - Indictment: A Novel.
37670: HOBBS, RICHARD GEAR. - Indictment: A Novel.
30903: HOBBS, CLARISSA EMELY GEAR. - The CIVIL War: "I Am Going Too!" -- Excerpts from the Autobiography of Clarissa Emely Gear Hobbs.
30298: HOBBS, CLARISSA EMELY GEAR. - The Galena Frontier: "Vivid in My Mind" -- Excerpts from the Autobiography of Clarissa Emely Gear Hobbs. Illustrations by Jill Millhouse.
30385: HOBBS, CLARISSA EMELY GEAR. - The CIVIL War: "I Am Going Too!" -- Excerpts from the Autobiography of Clarissa Emely Gear Hobbs.
30498: HOBBS, CLARISSA EMELY GEAR. - The CIVIL War: "I Am Going Too!" -- Excerpts from the Autobiography of Clarissa Emely Gear Hobbs.
9595: HOBHOUSE, JANET. - Everybody Who Was Anybody: A Biography of Gertrude Stein.
774: HOBSON, HAROLD. - Theatre.
9964: HOBSON, LAURA Z. - Laura Z: A Life.
26947: HOBSON, RICHMOND PEARSON (1870-1937). - Signature and Inscription.
7381: HOBSON, FRED C., JR. - Serpent in Eden: H.L. Mencken and the South.
39923: HOCHFIELD, GEORGE. - Henry Adams: An Introduction and Interpretation.
31711: HOCHHUTH, ROLF. - Soldiers: An Obituary for Geneva.
22446: HOCKENBERRY, JOHN. - Moving Violations: War Zones, Wheelchairs, and Declarations of Independence.
40327: HÖCKER, GUSTAV. - Japhet, Der Seinen Vater Sucht.
19866: HOCKEY, TREVOR (?-1987). - Signature.
17006: HODEL, MICHAEL P., AND WRIGHT, SEAN M. (EDITORS). - Enter the Lion: A Posthumous Memoir of Mycroft Holmes.
38056: HODGE, FREDERICK WEBB. - Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico -- in Two Parts: Part 2.
27405: HODGE, JOHN REED (1893-1963). - Autograph Letter Signed / Unsigned Photograph.
4203: HODGES, MARGARET. - The Making of Joshua Cobb. Illustrations by W.T. Mars.
270: HODGES, ARTHUR L. - The History of the Nassau County Historical Society.
14660: HODGSON, FRED T. - Common-Sense Stair Building and Handrailing.
26718: HODGSON, SHADWORTH H. (1832-1912). - Autograph Letter Signed.
38678: HOEHLING, MARY. - Thaddeus Lowe: America's One-Man Air Corps.
27706: HOEHLING, A.A., AND HOEHLING, MARY. - The Day Richmond Died.
14217: HOEHLING, A.A., AND HOEHLING, MARY. - The Day Richmond Died.
27708: HOEHLING, A.A. - Thunder at Hampton Roads.
34096: HOEHLING, MARY. - Thaddeus Lowe: America's One-Man Air Corps.
27705: HOEHLING, A.A. - Damn the Torpedoes! Naval Incidents of the CIVIL War.
37432: VAN HOESEN, HENRY B. (EDITOR). - The Lincoln Annex: December 1949.
29256: HOFF, CHESTER C. "RED" (1891-1998). - Signature.
1989: HOFF, RHODA, AND MOIR, PHYLLIS. - They Gave Us America.
23126: HOFF, CHESTER C. "RED" (1891-1998). - Signature.
524: HOFFMAN, FRIEDRICH LORENZ (COMPILER). - Chronological List of Books and Articles on the History of Printing in Holland and Belgium.
37808: HOFFMAN, M.M. - Arms and the Monk! the Trappist Sage in Mid-America.
39789: HOFFMAN, ARNOLD R. - The Sense of Place: Peter de Vries, J.F. Powers, and Flannery O'Connor.
31733: HOFFMAN, JOHN T. (1828-88). - Autograph Letter Signed.
40233: HOFFMANN, FRANZ. - Rache Ist Mein, Ich Will Vergelten.
24332: HOFFMANN, BANESH (1906-86). - Signed First Day Cover.
40232: HOFFMANN, FRANZ. - Rache Ist Mein, Ich Will Vergelten.
40328: HOFFMANN, FRANZ. - Geschwisterliebe. Erzählung.
40324: HOFFMANN, FRANZ. - Segen Des Wohlthuns: Erzählung.
34296: HOFFMANN, M.M. - Antique Dubuque 1673-1833.
34404: HOFMANN, ADELE D., AND GREYDANUS, DONALD E. - Adolescent Medicine.
15879: HOFVENDAHL, RUSS. - Hard on the Wind: The True Story of a Boy Who Went to Sea and Came Back a Man.
8729: HOGAN, JOHN. - A Spirit Capable: The Story of Commonwealth Edison.
40199: HOGARTH, WILLIAM. - The Works of Hogarth with Sixty-Eight Illustrations.
20704: HOIG, STAN. - The Western Odyssey of John Simpson Smith: Frontiersman, Trapper, Trader, and Interpreter.
41574: HOKANSON, NELS. - Swedish Immigrants in Lincoln's Time.
19389: HOKINSON, HELEN E. - The Ladies, God Bless 'Em! With a memoir by James Reid Parker. Appreciation by John Mason Brown.
3636: HOLBROOK, ELIZABETH. - Old 'Kaskia Days: A Novel.
2273: HOLBROOK, STEWART H. - Dreamers of the American Dream.
867: HOLBROOK, STEWART H. - Mr. Otis.
3351: HOLBROOK, STEWART H. - Little Annie Oakley and Other Rugged People.
1547: HOLBROOK, STEWART. - Little Annie Oakley & Other Rugged People.
260: HOLBROOK, STEWART H. - Machines of Plenty: Pioneering in American Agriculture.
1084: HOLBROOK, WARD COOK. - Ward Cook Holbrook: An Autobiography.
32498: HOLCOMBE, WILLIS B. (?-?). - Signature.
29056: HOLDEN, STANLEY (1928-2007). - Signature.
14433: HOLDEN, RAYMOND. - Abraham Lincoln: The Politician and the Man.
30257: HOLDEN, CRAIG. - The Jazz Bird.
23297: HOLDEN, RAYMOND. - All About Famous Scientific Expeditions.
40319: HÖLDERLIN, FRIEDRICH. - Gedichte.
26417: HOLDREDGE, HELEN. - Firebelle Lillie.
31685: HOLE, CHARLES, AND WHEELER, WILLIAM A. (COMPILERS). - A Brief Biographical Dictionary. Revised by J.W. Abernethy.
14214: HOLISHER, DESIDER. - The House of God.
33958: HOLLAND, BARBARA. - Gentlemen's Blood: A History of Dueling from Swords at Dawn to Pistols at Dark.
35831: HOLLAND, CONSTANCE (EDITOR). - The Star-Spangled Banner: With Stories and Poems of "Old Glory.
1643: HOLLAND, RUPERT SARGENT. - Yankee Ships in Pirate Waters.
38154: HOLLAND, STANLEY T. - A History of Mining in Iowa County.
20925: HOLLAND, RUPERT SARGENT (1878-1952). - Signature and Inscription.
36450: HOLLAND, BILL. - Louis Icart: Price Guide -- Identification Guide.
19003: HOLLAND, ANTHONY (1928-88). - Signature.
41333: HOLLAND, W.J. - The Butterfly Book: A Popular and Scientific Manual, Describing and Depicting All the Butterflies of the United States and Canada.
2699: HOLLAND, JAMES R. - Mr. Pops.
13389: HOLLANDER, NICOLE. - Hi, This Is Sylvia. I Can't Come to the Phone Right Now, So When You Hear the Beep, Please Hang Up.
553: HOLLI, MELVIN G., AND JONES, PETER D'A. (EDITORS). - The Ethnic Frontier: Essays in the History of Group Survival in Chicago and the Midwest.
10293: HOLLIDAY, J.S. - The World Rushed in: The California Gold Rush Experiment.
31063: HOLLIDAY, PETER (EDITOR). - Eric Gill in Ditchling: Four Essays.
9689: HOLLINGSWORTH, BRIAN. - Railways of the World.
19825: HOLLINGSWORTH, JOHN B. "BONNIE" (1896-1990). - Photograph Signed.
20939: HOLLIS, IRA N. (1856-1930). - Typed Note Signed.
35060: HOLLISTER, EMILY JANE GREEN. - The Diary of Emily Jane Green Hollister: Her Nursing Experiences, 1888-1911.
24333: HOLLOWAY, BRUCE K. (1912-99). - Signed Commemorative Cover.
27397: HOLLOWAY, JAMES L., JR. (1898-1984). - Typed Note Signed.
34140: HOLLOWAY, STERLING (1905-92). - Inscribed Photograph Signed.
38275: HOLLOWELL, JOHN. - Fact & Fiction: The New Journalism and the Nonfiction Novel.
19352: HOLLYMAN, THOMAS. - The Oilmen.
13943: HOLMAN, NAT (1896-?). - Signature.
40432: (HOLMES, SHERLOCK / DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN). - Sherlock Holmes, 1887-1987.
41233: HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL. - The Last Leaf.
36364: HOLMES, HARRY. - The Last Patrol.
33683: HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL. - Currents and Counter-Currents in Medical Science. With Other Addresses and Essays.
34407: HOLMES, TIMOTHY. - Sir Benjamin Collins Brodie.
41972: HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL. - The Mind and Faith of Justice Holmes: His Speeches, Essays, Letters and Judicial Opinions.
10803: HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL. - The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table: Every Man His Own Boswell.
26853: HOLMES, E. BURTON (1870-1958). - Signature.
4475: HOLMES, ROBERT. - Reminiscences, Notes and Records of St. Mark's Parish, Evanston, Illinois.
18346: HOLMES, JOHN. - Speech of Mr. Holmes, of Maine, Delivered in the Senate of the United States, February 18, 1830, in the Debate Which Arose Upon Mr. Foot's Resolution Relative to the Public Lands.
33452: HOLMES, ANNE MIDDLETON. - The New York Ladies' Southern Relief Association, 1866-1867: An Account of the Relief Furnished by Citizens of New York City to the Inhabitants of the Devastated Regions of the South Immediately After the CIVIL War.
32023: HOLMES, FRED L. - Badger Saint and Sinners.
35557: HOLMGREN, VIRGINIA C. - The War Lord.
32849: HOLROYD, MICHAEL. - Augustus John: A Biography.
33313: VON HOLST, H. - The Constitutional and Political History of the United States.
13374: HOLST, ART. - Sunday Zebras.
42649: HOLT, HALLIE H. (COMPILER). - Jokes Told by Lincoln: Selected from Old Books and Papers in the Illinois State Historical Library.
16184: HOLT, GUY (EDITOR). - Jurgen and the Law: A Statement with Exhibits, Including the Court's Opinion, and the Brief for the Defendants on Motion to Direct an Acquittal.
33600: HOLT, RACKHAM. - George Washington Carver: An American Biography.
160: HOLT, W. STULL. - Historical Scholarship in the United States and Other Essays.
42502: HOLTER, WAYNE V. - Moran: Fire & Steel.
37554: HOLUB, DICK (1921-2009). - Signature.
41419: HOLZER, HAROLD. - True Likenesses," "Iron Masks," and "the Animal, Himself": Abraham Lincoln from Life.
41396: HOLZER, HAROLD, BORITT, GABOR S., AND NEELY, MARK E., JR. - The Lincoln Image: Abraham Lincoln and the Popular Print.
41533: HOLZER, HAROLD (EDITOR). - Dear Mr. President: Letters to the President.
38900: HOLZER, HAROLD, AND NEELY, MARK E., JR. - Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory: The CIVIL War in Art.
39659: (OPERATION GREYLORD). HOLZER, REGINALD J. (1928-92). - Typed Letter Signed.
38898: HOLZER, HAROLD, AND NEELY, MARK E., JR. - Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory: The CIVIL War in Art.
41434: HOLZER, HAROLD, BORITT, GABOR S., AND NEELY, MARK E., JR. - Changing the Lincoln Image.
37555: HOLZMAN, WILLIAM "RED" (1920-98). - Signature.
28274: HOLZMAN, ROBERT S. - Roger Pryor.
7429: DOUGLAS-HOME, JESSICA. - Violet: The Life and Loves of Violet Gordon Woodhouse.
40221: HOMER. - The Complete Works of Homer: The Iliad and the Odyssey.
42027: (HOMER, WINSLOW). - The Drawings of Winslow Homer.
36281: HONAN, PARK. - Shakespeare: A Life.
4047: HONIG, DONALD. - Way to Go, Teddy.
19013: HONRI, PETER. - Working the Halls: The Honris in One Hundred Years of British Music Hall.
39193: HOOBLER, JAMES A. - Cities Under the Gun: Images of Occupied Nashville and Chattanooga.
7066: HOOD, GRAHAM. - American Silver: A History of Style, 1650-1900.
18314: HOOFT, WILLEM A. VISSER 'T (1900-85). - Signature.
21035: HOOK, FRANK E. (1893-1982). - Signed Speech.
42531: HOOKER, J.C. (1845-95). - Signature and Salutation.
38344: (GENERAL ORDERS -- CIVIL WAR -- JOSEPH HOOKER). - General Orders, No. 263.
22667: HOOP, FRANZ JOSEF (1895-1959). - Signature and Title.
24852: HOOVER, J. EDGAR. - A Study of Communism.
17632: HOOVER, HERBERT. - Fishing for Fun -- and to Wash Your Soul.
23077: (HOOVER, HERBERT.) JOSLIN, THEODORE G. (?-?). - Typed Note Signed.
4641: HOOVER, HERBERT. - The New Deal Further Explored: With Special Reference to the Bank Panic and to Relief.
28060: HOOVER, HERBERT. - America's Way Forward.
31025: HOOVER, HADLEY. - Rough Terrain.
19681: HOPE, LAURA LEE. - The Outdoor Girls at Ocean View or the Box That Was Found in the Sand.
11097: HOPE, BOB. - The Road to Hollywood: My 40-Year Love Affair with the Movies.
35595: HOPE, LAURA LEE. - Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue in the Big Woods.
15958: HOPE, A.D. - The Cave and the Spring: Essays on Poetry.
41606: HOPE, LAURA LEE. - The Bobbsey Twins in Eskimo Land.
42524: HOPE, LAURA LEE. - The Bobbsey Twins in Echo Valley.
32822: HOPE, BOB. - They Got Me Covered.
20523: HOPF, J., AND PAULSIEK, K. - Deutsches Lesebuch Fur Hohere Lehranstalten: Erste Abteilung Fur Sexta.
19659: HOPKINS, A.J. - Protection to American Industries and to American Labor. Speech of Hon. A.J. Hopkins, of Illinois, in the House of Representatives, Tuesday, May 8, 1888.
15293: HOPKINS, A.A. (?-?). - Autograph Letter Signed.
23209: HOPKINS, WILLIAM R. (1869-1961). - Signature.
37928: HOPKINS, STEVE. - The Quiet World of Steve Hopkins.
6443: HOPKINS, ALBERT L. - Save Our Country.
39210: HOPPER, R.J. - The Early Greeks.
29920: HOPPER, DORIS BROEHL (EDITOR). - The Illinois College Alumni Quarterly: Fall 1961 (Vol. 39, No. 4).
38030: HORACE. - The Complete Works of Horace.
42026: HORAN, JAMES D. - Timothy O'Sullivan: America's Forgotten Photographer -- the Life and Work of the Brilliant Photographer Whose Camera Recorded the American Scene from the Battlefields of the CIVIL War to the Frontiers of the West.
10792: HORAN, JAMES D. - The Blue Messiah.
38892: HORAN, JAMES D. - Mathew Brady: Historian with a Camera.
35056: HORAN, JAMES D. - Confederate Agent: A Discovery in History.
17509: HORAN, JAMES D. - King's Rebel.
10791: HORAN, JAMES D. - The Seat of Power.
40925: HORAN, JAMES D. - Confederate Agent: A Discovery in History.
193: HORAN, J.W. - West, Nor'West": A History of Alberta.
36587: HORGAN, PAUL. - The Thin Mountain Air.
23436: HORGAN, PAUL. - The Centuries of Santa Fe.
1067: HORGAN, PAUL. - The Devil in the Desert.
23669: HORGAN, PAUL. - Mexico Bay.
36576: HORGAN, PAUL. - Everything to Live for.
1549: HORGAN, PAUL. - Josiah Gregg and His Vision of the Early West.
1618: HORGAN, PAUL. - Of America East & West: Selections from the Writings of Paul Horgan.
432: HORGAN, PAUL. - A Writer's Eye: Field Notes and Watercolors.
4769: HORGAN, PAUL. - The Centuries of Santa Fe.
40280: HORIGAN, MICHAEL. - Elmira: Death Camp of the North.
5399: HORN, HUSTON. - The Pioneers.
35031: HORN, STANLEY F. - The Army of Tennessee.
24317: HORN, MAURICE (EDITOR). - The World Encyclopedia of Comics.
26982: HORN, STANLEY F. - The Hermitage: Home of Old Hickory.
20214: HORN, STANLEY F. - The Army of Tennessee.
9506: HORN, FRANCIS H. - Lincoln's Meaning for Today.
30368: HORN, HUSTON. - The Pioneers.
21971: HORNBOSTEL, CHARLES C. (1912-89). - Signature.
38609: VAN HORNE, THOMAS B. - History of the Army of the Cumberland: Its Organization, Campaigns, and Battles.
29335: HORNE, BERLY "TRADER" (1899-1983). - Signature.
34628: HORNER, HARLAN HOYT. - Lincoln and Greeley.
41285: HORNER, HARLAN HOYT. - The Growth of Lincoln's Faith.
41176: HORNER, HARLAN HOYT. - Lincoln and Greeley.
18061: HORNER, HENRY (1879-1940). - Typed Letter Signed.
6565: HORNER, JOHN WILLARD. - Silver Town.
39660: HORNUNG, PAUL (BORN 1935). - Signature / Unsigned Photograph.
8502: HORNUNG, CLARENCE P. - The Way It Was in the South.
36332: HORNUNG, RICK. - Al Capone.
30858: HOROWITZ, EVE. - Plain Jane.
34893: HOROWITZ, DAVID. - Uncivil Wars: The Controversy over Reparations for Slavery.
6972: HORRELL, C. WILLIAM, PIPER, HENRY DAN, AND VOIGT, JOHN W. - Southern Illinois Coal: A Portfolio.
33893: HORSMAN, REGINALD. - Josiah Nott of Mobile: Southerner, Physician, and Racial Theorist.
4572: HORSTED, ERIC. - Coach: "Fool for Lunch.
26444: HORTENS, WALTER (1924-88). - Signed Postal Cover.
31583: HORTON, BYRNE J. - Dictionary of Modern Chess.
8800: HORVITZ, LESLIE. - Blood Moon.
28409: HOSKING, ERIC, AND NEWBERRY, CYRIL W. - Intimate Sketches from Bird Life.
28086: HOSKINS, JANINA W. - Lafayette in America: A Selective List of Reading Materials in English.
10921: HOSPITAL, JANETTE TURNER. - The Ivory Swing.
775: HOSSENT, HARRY. - Gangster Movies: Gangsters, Hoodlums and Tough Guys of the Screen.
37451: HOSTICK, KING V. - Original Letters and Documents Pertaining to Abraham Lincoln.
936: HOTCHKISS, W.O., AND STEIDTMANN, EDWARD. - Limestone Road Materials of Wisconsin.
3164: HOTCHNER, A.E. - Choice People: The Greats, Near-Greats, and Ingrates I Have Known.
35218: HOUCK, CARTER, AND MILLER, MYRON. - American Quilts and How to Make Them.
29518: HOUGEN, RICHARD T. - Look No Further.
42379: HOUGH, HENRY BEETLE. - Once More the Thunderer.
38843: HOUGH, RICHARD. - Dreadnought: A History of the Modern Battleship.
38564: HOUGH, EMERSON. - The Covered Wagon.
24555: (HOUGHTON, S.E. -- CARTE-DE-VISITE). - Maj. S.E. Houghton... .
39777: HOUSE, HOMER D. - Wild Flowers of New York in Two Parts.
24849: HOUSE, HOMER D. - Wild Flowers of New York in Two Parts.
14294: HOUSEMAN, VICTORIA. - Made in Heaven: The Marriages and Children of Hollywood Stars.
27199: HOUSER, M.L. - Some Religious Influences Which Surrounded Lincoln.
41582: HOUSER, M.L. - Lincoln's Education and Other Essays.
28807: HOUSER, M.L. - Lincoln and Mcclellan.
28818: HOUSER, M.L. - The Education of Abraham Lincoln.
5452: HOUSTON, JIMMY. - Caught Me a Big 'Un... And Then I Let Him Go! Jimmy Houston's Bass Fishing Tips 'n' Tales.
40716: HOUSTON, ANDREW JACKSON (1854-1941). - Signature.
19123: HOUSTON, DONALD (1923-91). - Autograph Note Signed.
29339: HOWARD, JAMES (EARL OF MALMESBURY) (1807-89). - Document Signed.
36177: HOWARD, ROBERT WEST (EDITOR). - This Is the West.
11754: HOWARD, DOROTHY. - Dorothy's World: Childhood in Sabine Bottom, 1902-1910.
126: HOWARD, W.V. - Authority in Tva Land.
39440: HOWARD, HELEN ADDISON. - Saga of Chief Joseph.
42121: HOWARD, VICTOR B. - Conscience and Slavery: The Evangelistic Calvinist Domestic Missions, 1837-1861.
23972: HOWARD, ARTHUR (1910-95). - Signature.
22781: HOWARD, SIR ESME (1863-1939). - Signature and Inscription.
32345: HOWARD, ROBERT E. - Son of the White Wolf.
21398: HOWARD, ROBERT WEST. - Thundergate: The Forts of Niagara.
39066: HOWARD, KENNETH S. - How to Solve Chess Problems.
28833: HOWARD, DOROTHY. - Dorothy's World: Childhood in Sabine Bottom, 1902-1910.
1608: HOWARD, HELEN ADDISON. - American Frontier Tales.
37599: HOWARD, HENRY. - The Poetical Works of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey. With a Memoir.
41025: HOWARTH, STEPHEN (EDITOR). - Men of War: Great Naval Leaders of World War II.
1550: HOWE, ELVON L. (EDITOR). - Rocky Mountain Empire: Revealing Glimpses of the West in Transition from Old to New, from the Pages of the Rocky Mountain Empire Magazine of the Denver Post.
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