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33971: JAMES, GEORGE WHARTON - Heroes of California: The Story of the Founders of the Golden State As Narrated by Themselves or Gleaned from Other Sources
31710: JAMES, CHARLES T. (1805-62) - Signature
8570: JAMES, KAY COLES - Never Forget: The Riveting Story of One Woman's Journey from Public Housing to the Corridors of Power
43716: JAMES, WILL - All in the Day's Riding
45757: JAMES, EDWIN - A Narrative of the Captivity and Adventures of John Tanner (U.S. Interpreter at the Sault de Ste. Marie) During Thirty Years Residence Among the Indians in the Interior of North America
36719: JAMES, MARQUIS - The Life of Andrew Jackson Complete in One Volume
42019: JAMES, HENRY - The Portrait of a Lady
29331: JAMES, W.L. "BILL" (1892-1971) - Signature and Inscription
28717: JAMES, THOMAS L. (1831-1916) - Signature
28660: JAMES, PHILIP (1890-1975) - Signature and Inscription
43582: JAMES, WILL - Big-Enough
44915: JAMES, JERRY D., AND FINEMAN, CHARLES S. (EDITORS) - Lectures on Carlyle & His Era... A Supplement to the Catalogue of the Carlyle Holdings in the Norman and Charlotte Strouse Collection of Thomas Carlyle and the University Library
43190: JAMES, WALTER H., MACKENZIE, MALCOLM C., AND SLOANE, ALVIN - Working Drawings of Machinery
32756: JAMES, WILLIAM - The Philosophy of William James Drawn from His Own Works
39773: JAMES, HENRY - The Princess Casamassima
22661: JAMES, HENRY, SR. (1811-82) - Autograph Note Signed
40434: JAMES, MARQUIS - The Stolen General
20662: JAMES, HARRY (1916-83) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
16428: JAMES, HENRY - Richard Olney and His Public Service
11005: JAMES, RHETT - The Man Who Knew: The Early Years -- a Play About Martin Harris, 1824-1830
43206: JAMES, WILL - The Three Mustangeers
28937: JAMES, HENRY - Selected Fiction
3146: JAMES, HARLEAN (EDITOR) - American CIVIC Annual: A Record of Recent CIVIC Advance with a List of Who's Who in CIVIC Achievement...
31544: JAMES, HERMAN G. - The Preamble and Boundary Clauses of the Illinois Constitution
43126: JAMES, WILL - Sand
43823: JAMES, WILLIAM - The Philosophy of William James Selected from His Chief Works
33312: JAMESON, MRS. [ANNA BROWNELL] - Sacred and Legendary Art. / Legends of the Monastic Orders As Represented in the Fine Arts. / Legends of the Madonna As Represented in the Fine Arts / the History of Our Lord As Exemplified in Works of Art
24676: JANCE, J.A. - Name Withheld
41234: (JANESVILLE, WISCONSIN) - Janesville, Wis. , Illustrated
43998: JANIS, ELSIE (1889-1956) - Signature and Salutation
23577: JANIS, SHARON - Never to Return: A Modern Quest for Eternal Truth
19005: JANNEY, LEON (1917-80) - Signature
36566: JANSEN, DAN - Full Circle: An Autobiography
42321: JANVIER, THOMAS - In Old New York
45572: JANVIER, THOMAS A. - The Aztec Treasure-House: A Romance of Contemporaneous Antiquity
2966: JANVIER, C.A. - Practical Keramics for Students
3295: JANZARIK, HILDE - The Lively Adventures of a Burly Woodcutter, a Pint-Sized Inventor, Two Pretty Pastry Cooks, and a Gang of Desperate Criminals. ; Illustrations by Paul Flora. Translation by Nina Ignatowicz and F.N. Monjo
15626: CHRISTIAN-JAQUE (1904-94) - Signature and Inscription
44164: JAQUES, BERTHA E. - The Story of Shep: Written by His Mistress
24825: JARMAN, ROSEMARY HAWLEY - We Speak No Treason
42316: JARROLD, ERNEST - Tales of the Bowery
18891: JASINSKI, ROMAN (1908-91) - Signature
23442: JASON, PHILIP K. - Near the Fire
22001: JASTRAM, BURTON A. (?-?) - Signature
16003: JAY, JOHN (1817-94) - Typed Letter Signed
34492: JAY, WILLIAM - Inquiry Into the Character and Tendency of the American Colonization, and American Anti-Slavery Societies
18376: JAY, JOHN - An Address Delivered at Mt. Kisco, Westchester County, New York, on the 4th of July, 1861, the Eighty-Fifth Anniversary of American Independence
28054: JAYNE, WILLIAM - Abraham Lincoln: Personal Reminiscences of the Martyred President
30764: JEAN, VERONICA - Out of Body and Mind
21856: JEANNETTE, HARRY E. "BUDDY" (1917-98) - Signature
45583: JEFFERS, ROBINSON - Robinson Jeffers Centennial 1887-1987 Occidental College
39684: JEFFERS, ROBINSON - The Selected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers
36290: JEFFERS, H. PAUL - Onward We Charge: The Heroic Story of Darby's Rangers in World War II
32124: JEFFERS, H. PAUL - Murder Most Irregular: A Novel
44609: JEFFERS, ROBINSON - Roan Stallion, Tamar and Other Poems
41149: JEFFERSON, THOMAS - The Writings of Thomas Jefferson
45432: JEFFERSON, THOMAS - The Papers of Thomas Jefferson: Volume 44 (1 July to 10 November 1804)
44607: JEFFERSON, THOMAS - Thomas Jefferson: Writings - Autobiography; a Summary View of the Rights of British America; Notes on the State of Virginia; Public Papers; Addresses, Messages, and Replies; Miscellany; Letters
37635: JEFFERSON, THOMAS - The Life and Selected Writings of Thomas Jefferson
24946: JEFFERSON, THOMAS (1859-1932) - Signature
37971: JEFFERSON, THOMAS - The Life and Selected Writings of Thomas Jefferson
28702: JEFFREYS, JOHN (1759-1840) - Free-Franked Envelope
32912: JEFFRIES, JOHN W. - Testing the Roosevelt Coalition: Connecticut Society and Politics in the Era of World War II
31220: JEKYLL, GERTRUDE, AND MAWLEY, EDWARD - Roses for English Gardens
31215: JEKYLL, GERTRUDE - Wood and Garden: Notes and Thoughts, Practical and Critical, of a Working Amateur
22825: JEKYLL, SIR HERBERT (1846-1932) - Signature
26795: JELLISON, CHARLES A. - Fessenden of Maine: CIVIL War Senator
21515: JENCKS, CHRISTOPHER, AND RIESMAN, DAVID - The Academic Revolution
36599: (JENKIN, JOHN) - The John Jenkin Library of Western Americana
5896: JENKINS, EMYL - Why You'Re Richer Than You Think
11757: JENKINS, JOHN W. - A Centennial History: A History of the College of Agricultura and Life Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
17670: JENKINS, JOHN W. - A Centennial History: A History of the College of Agricultura and Life Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
1250: JENKINS, DOROTHY H., AND WILSON, HELEN VAN PELT - House Plants for Every Window. ; Photographs by Gottscho-Schleisner. Drawings by Joseph Schultz
37019: JENKINSON, JACQUELINE - Scottish Medical Societies, 1731-1939: Their History and Records
38454: JENKS, ALBERT ERNEST - The Childhood of Ji-Shib the Ojibwa
33703: JENNINGS, WALTER WILSON - Transylvania: Pioneer University of the West
36000: JENNINGS, PRESTON J. - A Book of Trout Flies: Containing a List of the Most Important American Stream Insects & Their Imitations
42976: JENNISON, KEITH W. - The Humorous Mr. Lincoln
40938: JENSEN, JOAN M. - Army Surveillance in America, 1775-1980
7104: KLINDT-JENSEN, OLE - The World of the Vikings
26008: JERITZA, MARIA (1887-1984) - Photograph Signed
25814: JERITZA, MARIA (1887-1984) - Inscription and Signature
7930: JEROME, JEROME K. - Three Men in an Omnibus
27549: JERSILD, P.C. - The Animal Doctor
362: JERVIS, SIMON - Victorian Furniture
16002: JERVIS, JOHN (1735-1823) - Autograph Letter Signed
4919: JESSEL, GEORGE - So Help Me: The Autobiography of George Jessel
9790: JEWETT, SARAH ORNE - The World of Dunnet Landing: A Sarah Orne Jewett Collection
42135: JIMERSON, RANDALL C. - The Private CIVIL War: Popular Thought During the Sectional Conflict
40851: JOBE, JOSEPH (EDITOR) - Great Tapestries: The Web of History from the 12th to the 20th Century
45799: JOBE, TOM (1953-92) - Signature
44704: JOERG, W.L.G. - The Work of the Byrd Antarctic Expedition 1928-1930
1282: JOESTEN, JOACHIM - Gold Today
41735: JOHANNSEN, ROBERT W. - The Frontier, the Union, and Stephen A. Douglas
20636: JOHANNSEN, ROBERT W. - To the Halls of the Montezumas: The Mexican War in the American Imagination
42487: JOHANNSEN, ROBERT W. - The 'Wicked Rebellion' and the Republic: Henry Tuckerman's CIVIL War
41449: JOHANNSEN, ROBERT W. - Lincoln and the South in 1860
41945: JOHANNSEN, ROBERT W. - Lincoln and the South in 1860
536: JOHN, A SUFFOLK HERD BOY - The Girl Who Died of a Broken Heart
17694: DUFFY. JOHN - Down Worn Forgotten Streets
636: JOHN, EVAN - Atlantic Impact, 1861
42322: JOHN, W.D., AND BAKER, WARREN - Old English Lustre Pottery
3098: ST. JOHN, BOB - The Landry Legend: Grace Under Pressure
31586: JOHN, HENRY J. - Jan Evangelista Purkyne: Czech Scientist and Patriot 1787-1869
38061: JOHNEN, WILHELM (1921-2002) - Photograph Signed
35383: JOHNS, ETHEL, AND PFEFFERKORN, BLANCHE - The Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing 1889-1949
35382: JOHNS, ETHEL, AND PFEFFERKORN, BLANCHE - The Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing 1889-1949
19006: JOHNS, MERVYN (1899-1992) - Signature
10985: JOHNS, ERIC - Dames of the Theatre
43569: JOHNS, C.H.W. - Babylonian and Assyrian Laws, Contracts and Letters
22409: JOHNSON, RIQUE - Love & Justice
22098: JOHNSON, CLIFF - Up There with the Big Boys: The Cliff Johnson Story
42830: JOHNSON, EDWARD S. (COMPILER) - Abraham Lincoln and His Last Resting Place
44388: JOHNSON, WILLIS FLETCHER - Life of James G. Blaine "the Plumed Knight": Editor, Representative, Speaker, Senator, Cabinet Minister, Diplomat and True Patriot -- a True Record of His Whole Illustrious Career, from the Cradle to the Grave
42344: JOHNSON, WILLIAM HENRY - French Pathfinders in North America
588: JOHNSON, DANIEL NOBLE - The Journals of Daniel Noble Johnson (1822-1863), United States Navy
45309: JOHNSON, DOROTHY M. - The Bloody Bozeman: The Perilous Trail to Montana's Gold
41492: JOHNSON, ROBERT UNDERWOOD, AND BUEL, CLARENCE CLOUGH (EDITORS) - Battles and Leaders of the CIVIL War Being for the Most Part Contributions by Union and Confederate Officers, Based Upon "the Century War Series.
43850: JOHNSON, OSA - Tarnish: The True Story of a Lion Club
44990: JOHNSON, JAMES E. - The Scots and Scotch-Irish in America
38537: JOHNSON, GERALD W. - Woodrow Wilson: The Unforgettable Figure Who Has Returned to Haunt Us
45231: JOHNSON, EDGAR - Sir Walter Scott in the Fales Library
25132: JOHNSON, LADY BIRD (1912-2007) - Signed Postal Cover
40786: JOHNSON, LOUIS (1891-1966) - Typed Note Signed / Unsigned Photograph
43114: JOHNSON, W. FLETCHER - Life of W. Tecumseh Sherman, Late Retired General, U.S. A.
33753: (JOHNSON, ANDREW) - Proceedings in the Trial of Andrew Johnson, President of the United States, Before the United States Senate, on Articles of Impeachment Exhibited by the House of Representatives
33992: JOHNSON, CHARLES W., SR - The Spirit of a Place Called Meharry: The Strength of Its Past to Shape the Future
34247: JOHNSON, JOHN W. - Johnson's New Handy Manual on Plumbing, Domestic and Sanitary Engineering, Drainage, Sewerage and Streamline
34925: JOHNSON, CHARLES, AND SMITH, PATRICIA - Africans in America: America's Journey Through Slavery
9226: JOHNSON, LINCOLN F. - Film: Space Time Light and Sound
972: JOHNSON, DANIEL NOBLE - The Journals of Daniel Noble Johnson (1822-1863), United States Navy
9993: JOHNSON, ROBERT B. - Henry de Montherlant
42283: JOHNSON, HIRAM W. (1866-1945) - Typed Note Signed
18161: JOHNSON, SAMUEL (EDITOR) - The Rambler: Saturday, July 14, 1750
13481: JOHNSON, ANDREW - Speech of Hon. Andrew Johnson, of Tennessee, on the State of the Union; Delivered in the Senate of the United States, February 5 and 6, 1861
29422: JOHNSON, PETER D. (EDITOR) - Drawing for Pleasure
29336: JOHNSON, HENRY W. "HANK" (1906-82) - Signature
33472: JOHNSON, ROSSITER - Campfire and Battlefield: The Classic Illustrated History of the CIVIL War
10262: JOHNSON, LYNDON B. - On This Hallowed Ground
9749: JOHNSON, PAMELA HANFORD - Important to Me
2448: JOHNSON, GERALD W. - Randolph of Roanoke: A Political Fantastic
1373: JOHNSON, WALTER - 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue: Presidents and the People, 1929-1959
1385: JOHNSON, LYNDON B. - The Inaugural Committee Presents the Program for the Inauguration of Lyndon Baines Johnson, 36th President of the United States, and Hubert Horatio Humprey, 38th Vice President of the United States, January 20, 1965
916: JOHNSON, FROSTY - The Strange Case of Big Harry
25875: JOHNSON, REVERDY - A Reply to the Review of Judge Advocate General Holt, of the Proceedings, Findings and Sentence, of the General Court Martial in the Case of Major General Fitz John Porter, and a Vindication of That Officer
34982: JOHNSON, JOHNNIE (1915-2001) - Signature
40012: JOHNSON, ALVIN - Pioneer's Progress: An Autobiography
44394: JOHNSON, SAMUEL (EDITOR) - The Rambler: Saturday, July 7, 1750
23162: JOHNSON, ROY (1895-1986) - Signature
144: JOHNSON, GERALD W. - American Heroes and Hero-Worship
21940: JOHNSON, CHESTER L. "CHET" (1917-83) - Signature
19807: JOHNSON, WILLIAM "JUDY" (1899-1989) - Photograph Signed
19761: JOHNSON, ISABEL SIMERAL (INTRODUCTION) - Contemporary Cartoons: An Exhibition of Original Drawings of American Artists at the Huntington Library
40212: JOHNSON, OSA - Tarnish: The True Story of a Lion Club
19176: JOHNSON, DERON (1938-92) - Signature
18296: JOHNSON, BOB (1946-?) - Signature
17615: JOHNSON, ROLAND - Sports and Divertissements
17171: JOHNSON, SAM HOUSTON - My Brother Lyndon
1511: JOHNSON, LYNDON B. / MOONEY, BOOTH - The Lyndon Johnson Story
10946: JOHNSON, ROBERT UNDERWOOD - Remembered Yesterdays
42641: JOHNSON, MABEL - One Land -- One Nation
39622: JOHNSON, LOUIS (1891-1966) - Printed Document Signed
36505: JOHNSON, VAN (1916-2008) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
23438: JOHNSON, LYNDON B. - The Vantage Point: Perspectives of the Presidency, 1963-1969
42661: JOHNSON, CARL H., JR. - The Building of Galena: An Architectural Legacy
7379: JOHNSON, NIEL M. - George Sylvester Viereck: German-American Propagandist
633: JOHNSON, VIRGINIA WEISEL - The Unregimented General: A Biography of Nelson A. Miles
42629: JOHNSON, ANN DONEGAN - The Value of Respect: The Story of Abraham Lincoln
40852: JOHNSON, REVERDY (1796-1876) - Signature and Inscription / Calling Card / Unsigned Portrait
40647: JOHNSON, G.W. - A Map of Niagara River 4 Miles Above and 3 Below the Falls
23486: (THE WHITE HOUSE -- JOHNSON, LYNDON B.) - The President's House" Matchbook
37480: JOHNSON, ROBERT UNDERWOOD, AND BUEL, CLARENCE CLOUGH (EDITORS) - North to Antietam: Battles and Leaders of the CIVIL War
33618: JOHNSON, GEORGIA A. LEWIS (EDITOR) - Black Medical Graduates of the University of Michigan (1872 - 1960 Inclusive) and Selected Black Michigan Physicians
31648: JOHNSON, EDWARD S. (COMPILER) - Abraham Lincoln & His Last Resting Place: A Leaflet Published for Distribution at the National Lincoln Monument in the City of Springfield, Illinois
43973: JOHNSON, CARL H., JR. - The Building of Galena: An Architectural Legacy
44637: JOHNSON, STANLEY W. - The Milwaukee Road Revisited
45438: JOHNSON, CLIFTON - Battleground Adventures in the CIVIL War: The Stories of Dwellers on the Scenes of Conflict in Some of the Most Notable Battles of the CIVIL War
43698: JOHNSON, OWEN - Making Money
39160: JOHNSTON, HENRY P. - The Yorktown Campaign and the Surrender of Cornwallis
189: JOHNSTON, J.P. - Twenty Years of Hus'Ling
45575: JOHNSTON, J.P. - Twenty Years of Hus'Ling... Portraying the Peculiar Incidents, Comical Situations, Failures and Successes of a Man Who Tried Almost Every Kind of Business and Finally Wins
44560: JOHNSTON, JOSEPH E. - Narrative of Military Operations
38475: JOHNSTON, MARY - Cease Firing
36883: JOHNSTON, JOSEPH E. - Narrative of Military Operations During the CIVIL War
43562: JOHNSTON, HARRY V. - My Home on the Range: Frontier Life in the Bad Lands
39655: JOHNSTON, JOHN (1775-1861) - Signature and Salutation
45449: JOHNSTON, MARY - The Long Roll
45404: JOHNSTON, ANNIE FELLOWS - The Little Colonel's Holidays
41298: JOHNSTONE, WILLIAM J. - How Lincoln Prayed
335: JOKELSON, PAUL - Sulphides: The Art of Cameo Incrustation
19177: JOLLEY, SMEAD (1902-91) - Signature
8532: JONCAS, RICHARD - Building on the Past: The Making of the Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts at Stanford University
4070: JONES, HOWARD - The Call of the Lapwing
38766: JONES, RICHARD - Supper with the Borgias
22343: JONES, HOWARD MUMFORD - The Theory of American Literature
35550: JONES, HOWARD MUMFORD - Guide to American Literature and Its Backgrounds Since 1890
42180: JONES, DAN BURNE - The Prints of Rockwell Kent: A Catalogue Raisonne
18129: JONES, WALTER BURGWYN (EDITOR) - Confederate War Poems
35447: JONES, ARCHER - Confederate Strategy from Shiloh to Vicksburg
37741: JONES, CHARLES O. - The Trusteeship Presidency: Jimmy Carter and the United States Congress
41442: JONES, EDGAR DEWITT - Lincoln and the Preachers
45054: JONES, KATHARINE M. - Ladies of Richmond: Confederate Capital
40669: JONES, HORATIO GATES, JR. (1822-93) - Partly-Printed Document Signed
34956: JONES, ROBERT B. (EDITOR) - Tennessee Historical Quarterly: Spring 1992 (Volume LI, Number 1)
35953: JONES, JOHN B. - A Rebel War Clerk's Diary at the Confederate States Capital
9614: JONES, KEN D., AND MCCLURE, ARTHUR F. - Hollywood at War: The American Motion Picture and World War II
9997: PRYCE-JONES, DAVID - Cyril Connolly: Journal and Memoir
45059: JONES, KATHARINE M. - The Plantation South
14974: JONES, ROBERT "JONAH" (1909-2000) - Signature and Inscription
36865: JONES, WILBUR DEVEREUX - The Confederate Rams at Birkenhead: A Chapter in Anglo-American Relations
44711: JONES, J.B. - A Rebel War Clark's Diary at the Confederate States Capital
32766: JONES, JAMES - The Pistol
38132: JONES, CHESTER R. - Dancing with the Bear and the Other Facts of Life: The Story of Dr. M. Joycelyn Elders Former U.S. Surgeon General
587: JONES, DOUGLAS C. - Elkhorn Tavern
1201: JONES, LOUIS THOMAS - Indians at Work and Play
18622: JONES, HOWARD - Union in Peril: The Crisis over British Intervention in the CIVIL War
27184: JONES, DOUGLAS C. - The Court-Martial of George Armstrong Custer
39950: JONES, WILLIAM, JONES, THOMAS, AND JONES, MAGGIE - Brothers 'Til Death: The CIVIL War Letters of William, Thomas, and Maggie Jones, 1861-1865 -- Irish Soldiers in the 48th New York Volunteer Regiment
39243: JONES, BESSIE ZABAN, AND BOYD, LYLE GIFFORD - The Harvard College Observatory: The First Four Directorships, 1839-1919
37791: JONES, JEANNE - Canyon Ranch Cooking: Bringing the Spa Home
18692: JONES, ELI STANLEY (1884-1973) - Typed Letter Signed
33230: JONES, WILLIAM GORE (1826-88) - Signature
17661: JONES, DOUGLAS C. - Season of Yellow Leaf
15639: JONES, ALLAN (1907-92) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
42140: JONES, JOHN B. - A Rebel War Clerk's Diary at the Confederate States Capital
41893: JONES, LOUIS M. "GRANDPA" (1913-98) - Signature
26415: JONES, EDGAR DEWITT - Lincoln and the Preachers
36214: JONES, CHUCK - Chuck Jones' Chuck Reducks: Drawing from the Fun Side of Life
45957: JONES, ROBERT TYRE (BOBBY), JR. - Golf Is My Game
40190: JONES, GEORGE R. - Joseph Russell Jones
37443: JONES, ROBERT HUHN - The CIVIL War in the Northwest: Nebraska, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, and the Dakotas
1820: JONES, JAMES - The Merry Month of May
33298: JONES, EARL "LEFTY" (1919-89) - Signature
33542: JONES, JAMES H. - Bad Blood: The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment
32285: JONES, GEORGE R. - Joseph Russell Jones
37761: JONG, ERICA - Parachutes & Kisses
44951: JORDAN, ELIZABETH - The Night Club Mystery: The Experiences of a Highly Unconventional Young Man Unexpectedly Brought Into Contact with Sinister Forces
18417: JORDAN, CLARENCE L. (TRANSLATOR) - A Letter from Paul to the Christians in Atlanta or I Corinthians
6193: JORDAN, JED - Fool's Gold: An Unrefined Account of Alaska in 1899
29285: JORDAN, BAXTER "BUCK" (1907-93) - Signature
37496: JORDAN, WINTHROP D. - Tumult and Silence at Second Creek: An Inquiry Into a CIVIL War Slave Conspiracy
37562: JORDAN, JOHN J. (1910-91) - Signature
33708: JORDAN, EDWIN O. - A Text-Book of General Bacteriology
37932: JORDAN, HAMILTON - No Such Thing As a Bad Day: A Memoir
37495: JORDAN, WINTHROP D. - Tumult and Silence at Second Creek: An Inquiry Into a CIVIL War Slave Conspiracy
37489: JORDAN, ERVIN L., JR. - Black Confederates and Afro-Yankees in CIVIL War Virginia
37490: JORDAN, ERVIN L., JR. - Black Confederates and Afro-Yankees in CIVIL War Virginia
42936: JORDON, DAVID STARR - The Days of a Man: Beng Memories of a Naturalist, Teacher and Minor Prophet of Democracy
19178: JORGENS, ORVILLE E. (1908-92) - Signature
3899: JORGENSON, LLOYD P. - The Founding of Public Education in Wisconsin
9701: MALLET-JORIS, FRANCOISE - The Paper House
35193: JOSEPHSON, MATTHEW - Victor Hugo: A Realistic Biography of the Great Romantic
10235: JOSEPHSON, HANNAH, AND COWLEY, MALCOLM (EDITORS) - Aragon: Poet of the French Resistance
45633: JOSEPHY, ALVIN M., JR. (EDITOR) - America in 1492: The World of the Indian Peoples Before the Arrival of Columbus
1557: JOSEPHY, ALVIN M., JR. - The Artist Was a Young Man: The Life Story of Peter Rindisbacher
43219: JOSEPHY, ALVIN M., JR. - The Nez Perce Indians and the Opening of the Northwest
1595: JOSEPHY, ALVIN M., JR. - The Artist Was a Young Man: The Life Story of Peter Rindisbacher
19015: JOSLYN, ALLYN (1905-81) - Signature
17952: JOUHANDEAU, MARCEL - Marcel and Elise. ; Preface by Henri Mondor. Translation and Introduction by Martin Turnell
38078: JOY, CHARLES R., AND ARNOLD, MELVIN - The Africa of Albert Schweitzer
27381: JOY, C. TURNER (1895-1956) - Typed Note Signed
40140: JOYCE, JAMES - A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man
31691: JOYCE, ROBERT D. - Blanid
39063: JOYCE, JAMES - Ulysses
34939: JOYNER, CHARLES - Down by the Riverside: A South Carolina Slave Community
33564: JOYNER, CHARLES (INTRODUCTION) - Drums and Shadows: Survival Studies Among the Georgia Coastal Negroes
5349: JUDD, GERRIT P. (EDITOR) - A Hawaiian Anthology
34693: JUDD, CAMERON - The Bridge Burners: A True Adventure of East Tennessee's Underground CIVIL War
30844: JUDD, TONI M. - Green Grass Red Streets
1614: JUDSON, KATHARINE B. - The British Side of the Restoration of Fort Astoria
37614: JUERGENS, SYLVESTER P. - The New Sunday Missal: Compiled from the Missale Romanum
36495: JULIAN, JOHN (EDITOR) - A Dictionary of Hymnology: Setting Forth the Origin and History of Christian Hymns of All Ages and Nations
18349: JUNIUS - The Junius Tracts: No. IV... Life of Henry Clay
23020: JURGENS, CURT (1915-82) - Photograph Signed
45821: JURRIENS, HENNRY (1949-89) - Signature
14510: JUST, GUSTAV - Lutherbuch, Enthaltend Luthers Leben Und Wirten...
37620: JUSTER, NORTON - So Sweet to Labor: Rural Women in America, 1865-1895
8580: KABADI, UDAYA M. - The Twilight Hour: Initial Years Filled with Indecision and Growing Pains in the Journey of an Immigrant Professional, a Physician
28703: KADAR, JANOS (1912-89) - Photograph Signed
20367: KAEL, PAULINE - 5001 Nights at the Movies: A Guide from a to Z.
43440: KAEMPFFERT, WALDEMAR (1877-1956) - Typed Note Signed
37936: KAFKA, FRANZ - Selected Short Stories of Franz Kafka
45542: KAFKA, FRANZ - The Castle
36703: KAGAN, DAVID - History of the Diocese of Rockford
38058: KAGENECK, CLEMENS-HEINRICH GRAF VON (1913-2005) - Photograph Signed
36268: KAHN, ROGER - A Season in the Sun
3081: KAHN, EDGAR M. - Cable Car Days in San Francisco
34166: KAHN, E.J., JR. - The Voice: The Story of an American Phenomenon
18895: KAHN, MADELINE (1942-99) - Signature
35936: KAINEN, JACOB - The Etchings of Canaletto
38066: KAISER, HERBERT (1916-2003) - Photograph Signed / Autograph Letter Signed
45953: KAKUSKE, HERBERT P. - A CIVIL War Drama: The Adventures of a Union Soldier in Southern Imprisonment
35384: KALISCH, PHILIP A., AND KALISCH, BEATRICE J. - The Advance of American Nursing
5820: KALLIR, OTTO - Grandma Moses
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32060: KLINEFELTER, WALTER - Sherlock Holmes in Portrait and Profile. ; Introduction by Vincent Starrett
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41208: KUHN, ISAAC - Abraham Lincoln: A Vast Future -- Selected Articles Published over More Than a Century Reflecting the Foresight and Influence of the Great Illinois Lawyer and President
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39624: LAMNECK, ARTHUR P. (1880-1944) - Printed Document Signed
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37163: LANCER, JACK - Department of Danger
37162: LANCER, JACK - Department of Danger
37164: LANCER, JACK - Department of Danger
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23153: LANE, FRANK C. "FRANTIC FRANK" (1896-1981) - Signature and Inscription
43485: LANE, PHIL JR., BROWN, LEE, BOPP, JUDIE, AND BOPP, MICHAEL - The Sacred Tree: Reflections on Native American Spirituality
24094: LANE, FREDERICK A. - Nat Harkins, Privateersman. ; Illustrations by Clifford A. Schule
34579: LANE, PRISCILLA (1917-95) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
35535: LANE, MICHAEL, AND CROTTY, JIM - Mad Monks on the Road
42991: LANG, H. JACK (EDITOR) - The Wit and Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln As Reflected in His Briefer Letters and Speeches
31037: LANG, ANTON (1875-1938) - Photograph Signed
31156: LANG, ANTON (1875-1938) - Photograph Signed
43672: LANG, H. JACK (EDITOR) - The Wit and Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln As Reflected in His Briefer Letters and Speeches
22540: LANG, JEANIE (?-?) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
39229: LANG, ROBERT J. - Origami Animals
13114: LANG, J. STEPHEN - The Complete Book of Confederate Trivia
12700: LANGDON, WILLIAM CHAUNCY - Abraham Lincoln Today: A War-Time Tribute Being the Lincoln Day Convocationof the University of Illinois
10062: LANGE, MONIQUE - The Kissing Fish
43263: LANGE, CHARLES H. - Cochita: A New Mexico Pueblo, Past and Present
14261: LANGE, HOPE (1933-2004) - Signature
5358: LANGER, RICHARD W. - The Joy of Camping: The Complete Four-Seasons, Five-Senses Practical Guide to Enjoying the Great Outdoors (without Destroying It)
36119: LANGER, ADAM - Crossing California
45876: LANGEVIN, BOB "LEGS" (1914-2005) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
4424: LANGFORD, NORMAN F. - The King Nobody Wanted
34147: LANGFORD, NATHANIEL PITT - Vigilante Days and Ways: The Pioneers of the Rockies -- the Makers and Making of Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming
19028: LANGFORD, FRANCES (1913-2005) - Signature
32758: LANGHANS, WILLIAM - The History of Music in Twelve Lectures. ; Translation by J.H. Cornell
9994: LANGLEY, NOEL - Where Did Everybody Go
7646: LANGMAN, LARRY - Encyclopedia of American Film Comedy
45910: LANGWORTHY, JOHN LUTHER - The Bird Boys' Aeroplane Wonder or Young Aviators on a Cattle Ranch
38783: LANHAM, URL - The Bone Hunters
39913: LANKENAU, F.J. - The World Is Our Field: A Missionary Survey
45195: LANKFORD, NELSON D. - Cry Havoc! the Crooked Road to CIVIL War, 1861
13958: LANMAN, CHARLES (1819-95) - Autograph Manuscript
19379: LANNING, JIM, AND LANNING, JUDY (EDITORS) - Texas Cowboys: Memories of the Early Days
45628: LANSDALE, BRUCE M., AND MCCABE, ROBERT A. - Metamorphosis or, Why I Love Greece
44136: LANSDOWNE, 3RD MARQUESS (SIR HENRY PETTY-FITZMAURICE) (1780-1863) - Autograph Letter Signed
40211: LANTZ, WALTER - Andy Panda Goes Fishing
31579: LANYON, WALTER C. - And It Was Told of a Certain Potter
29488: LAPIERRE, WAYNE - Guns, Crime, and Freedom. ; Foreword by Tom Clancy
27493: DE LARA, MANUEL TUNON (INTRODUCTION) - Incas to Indians. ; Photographs by Werner Bischof, Robert Frank and Pierre Verger
29828: LARASON, LEW - The Basket Collectors Book
39853: LARDNER, RING - The Portable Ring Lardner
40168: LARDNER, RING - You Know Me Al: A Busher's Letters
43686: LARDNER, RING W. - How to Write Short Stories [with Samples]
18929: LARDNER, RING W., JR. (1915-2000) - Signature
37883: LARGE, E.C. - Sugar in the Air: A Romance
43809: LARKIN, PHILIP - Collected Poems
32116: LARKIN, DAVID - Giants
8533: LARKINS, WILLIAM T. - The Ford Story: A Pictorial History of the Ford Tri-Motor 1927-1957
44384: LARNED, CHARLES W. - History of the Battle Monument at West Point: Together with a List of the Names Inscribed Upon and Commemorated by It and of the Original Subscribers Thereto
41081: LARRABEE, ERIC - Commander in Chief: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, His Lieutenants, and Their War
24234: LARSEN, NIELS BJORN (1914-2003) - Signature and Inscription
24233: LARSEN, GERD (1921-2001) - Signature
5487: LARSON, KATHRYN (EDITOR) - Listen to the Land: A Farm Journal Treasury
35327: LARSON, EDWARD J. - Trial and Error: The American Controversy over Creation and Evolution
5580: LARSON, KATHRYN (EDITOR) - Farm Journal Christmas Book
39435: LARSON, RON - Upper Mississippi River History: Fact -- Fiction -- Legend
10377: LARSON, RUSSELL W. - Death Stalks a Marriage
43904: LASH, JOSEPH P. - Eleanor: The Years Alone
1022: LASH, JOSEPH P. - Roosevelt and Churchill, 1939-1941: The Partnership That Saved the West
21955: LASH, JEFFREY N. - Destroyer of the Iron Horse: General Joseph E. Johnston and Confederate Rail Transport, 1861-1865
22849: LASH, JOSEPH P. (1909-87) - Signed First Day Cover
1379: LASKI, HAROLD J. - The American Presidency, an Interpretation
20951: LASKIN, BORA (1912-84) - Signature
781: LASKY, JESSE L., JR. - Whatever Happened to Hollywood
14718: LASKY, VICTOR - Never Complain, Never Explain: The Story of Henry Ford II
1377: LASKY, VICTOR - It Didn't Start with Watergate
29252: LASLEY, BILL (1902-90) - Signature
29521: LASS, WILLIAM E. - From the Missouri to the Great Salt Lake: An Account of Overland Freighting
29368: LASS, WILLIAM E. - From the Missouri to the Great Salt Lake: An Account of Overland Freighting
340: LASSALLE, GEORGE - Chasing the Chattel: An Apprenticeship in Antiques
22060: LASSITER, BARBARA BABCOCK - American Wilderness: The Hudson River School of Painting
1559: LASSWELL, MARY - I'LL Take Texas
42015: LATH, J.A. - The Cortez Emerald Mystery
25028: LATHAM, FRANK B. - Jacob Brown and the War of 1812
394: LATHAM, JEAN - Miniature Antiques
45325: LATHAM, HAROLD S. - Jimmy Quigg, Office Boy
18680: LATHEM, EDWARD CONNERY (EDITOR) - Thirteen Colonial Americana: A Selection of Publications Issued in the British Provinces of North America During the Final Half-Century of the Colonial Era
38712: LATHROP, ELISE - Historic Houses of Early America
23188: LATT, MIMI - Pursuit of Justice
13086: LATTIMORE, RALSTON B. - Fort Pulaski National Monument, Georgia
8076: LATTUADA, ALBERTO, AND PETERSON, LOUIS - Tempest (Film Press Kit)
3371: LAU, JOSEPHINE SANGER - Beggar Boy of Galilee
42932: LAUBIN, REGINALD, AND LAUBIN, GLADYS - The Indian Tipi: Its History, Construction, and Use
15380: LAUDER, HARRY (1870-1950) - Signature and Inscription
11384: LAUDER, STUART - Winger's Landfall
18521: LAUGHLIN, CLARA E. - The Gleaners: A Novelette
44508: LAUGHLIN, CLARA E. - So You'Re Seeing New England! and If I Were Going with You These Are Some of the Places I'd Suggest
44509: LAUGHLIN, CLARA E. - So You'Re Going to Paris! and If I Were Going with You These Are the Things I'd Invite You to Do
43590: LAURENCE, F.S. - Color in Architecture
45956: LAURENCE, JOHN - The Secret of Sheen
28078: LAURENCE, DAN H. - A Portrait of the Author As a Bibliography
45939: LAURENTI, JOSEPH L., AND SIRACUSA, JOSEPH - The World of Federico Garcia Lorca: A General Bibliographic Survey
22002: LAUSCHE, FRANK J. (1895-1990) - Signature
19205: LAVAGETTO, HARRY "COOKIE" (1912-90) - Signature
19830: LAVELLI, DANTE "GLUEFINGERS" (1923-?) - Inscribed Photograph Signed

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