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17701: McDONOUGH, Peter, and BIANCHI, Eugene C. - Passionate Uncertainty: Inside the American Jesuits
43291: McDONOUGH, James Lee - Chattanooga -- a Death Grip on the Confederacy
34768: McDONOUGH, James Lee - Stones River -- Bloody Winter in Tennessee
12712: McDONOUGH, James Lee, and JONES, James Pickett - War So Terrible: Sherman and Atlanta
35004: McDONOUGH, James Lee - War in Kentucky: From Shiloh to Perryville
36683: McDONOUGH, James Lee, and CONNELLY, Thomas L. - Five Tragic Hours: The Battle of Franklin
34682: McDONOUGH, James Lee - Chattanooga -- a Death Grip on the Confederacy
4403: McDONOUGH, Edwin J. - Quintero Directs O'Neill
36640: McDONOUGH, John J. (compiler) - Members of Congress: A Checklist of Their Papers in the Manuscript Division, Library of Congress
46241: McDOUGALD, Roman - Lady without Mercy
31630: McDOWELL, William Fraser (1858-1937) - Photograph Signed
3949: MCDOWELL, Jack - Bonsai: Culture and Care of Miniature Trees
33459: McELFRESH, Earl B. - Maps and Mapmakers of the CIVIL War
33776: McELLIGOTT, James N. - The American Debater: Being a Plain Exposition of the Principles and Practice of Public Debate...
41192: McELROY, John - Soul Growth of Abraham Lincoln
28430: McELROY, I.S. - Some Pioneer Presbyterian Preachers of the Piedmont North Carolina
36195: McELROY, John - Soul Growth of Abraham Lincoln
16315: McELROY, Paul Simpson (compiler) - Wisdom of the Bible
16066: McELROY, Neil H. (1904-72) - Signature
44549: McELROY, John - The Struggle for Missouri
7748: McELWAIN, Max - Profiles in Communication: The Hall of Fame of the University of Iowa School of Journalism and Mass Communication
47746: McELWEE, Bob, and DEXTER, Joel - Galena and the Land That Time Forgot
23639: McENTEE, Howard G. - R/C Primer: Radio Control for All
12245: McFADDEN, Elizabeth A., and DAVIS, Lilian E. - A Selected List of Plays for Amateurs and Students of Dramatic Expression in Schools and Colleges
24632: McFARLAND, Burns H. - Living Tomorrow's Dreams -- Today: 12 Steps Toward a Better Tomorrow
19703: McFARLAND, Philip - Sea Dangers: The Affair of the Somers
44840: McFARLANE, Leslie - Streets of Shadow
22407: McFARLANE, Robert C. - Special Trust
47894: McGEE, Max (1932-2007) and THURSTON, Fred "Fuzzy" (1933-2014) - Pair of Signatures / Unsigned Photograph
44310: McGEE, Gale W. - The Responsibilities of World Power
18415: McGEHEE, Charles White - Answers in the Wind
36794: McGHEE, W.J. (editor) - Proceedings of a Conference of Governors in the White House, Washington, D.C. , May 13-15, 1908
117: McGILL, V.J. - A Philosopher Meets a Novelist
42432: McGINNIS, Ralph Y. (editor) - Quotations from Abraham Lincoln
41703: McGINNIS, Ralph Y. - Abraham Lincoln: What He Stood for
203: McGINNISS, Joe - Going to Extremes
40694: McGLASHAN, C.F. - History of the Donner Party: A Tragedy of the Sierra
44210: McGLINCHLEY, Joseph F. - Mission Tours India
32368: McGLOIN, Joseph T. - Smile at Your Own Risk!; Illustrations by Don Baumgart
7232: McGLOTHLEN, Ronald - Controlling the Waves: Dean Acheson and U.S. Foreign Policy in Asia
19264: McGOVERN, William M. - Strategic Intelligence and the Shape of Tomorrow
34468: McGOVERN, Ann - The Defenders: Osceola, Tecumseh, Cochise
19192: McGOWAN, Frank B. (1901-82) - Signature
21122: McGRATH, Robert - American Western Cooking from the Roaring Fork
349: McGRATH, Lee Parr - Housekeeping with Antiques
1330: McGROARTY, John Steven - Just California" and Other Poems
44750: McGUFFEY, William H. - Mcguffey's New Fifth Eclectic Reader: Selected and Original Exercises for Schools
40299: McGUIRE, Dorothy (1918-2001) - Signature / Unsigned Film Program
449: McGUIRE, James Patrick - Hermann Lungkwitz: Romantic Landscapist on the Texas Frontier
37575: McGUIRE, Dick (1926-2010) - Signature
46688: (MCGUIRE SISTERS). McGUIRE, Phyllis (1931-2020) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
29257: McHALE, Marty (1888-1979) - Signature
15863: McHUGH, Tom - The Time of the Buffalo
47773: McHUGH, Hugh - John Henry
23160: McHUGH, Frank (1898-1981) - Signature / Unsigned Photograph
31593: McILRAITH, George J. (1908-92) - Typed Letter Signed
43037: McILVAINE, Mabel (introduction) - Reminiscences of Chicago During the Forties and Fifties
47089: McILVAINE, Mabel (introduction) - Reminiscences of Chicago During the Forties and Fifties
44480: McINTIRE, Ross T. (1887-1959) - Signature / Unsigned Photograph
18687: McINTYRE, James Francis (1886-1979) - Signature
19193: McKAIN, Archie (1911-85) - Signature
36320: McKAY, Barry, HINKS, John, and BELL, Maureen (editors) - Light on the Book Trade: Essays in Honour of Peter Isaac
19035: McKAY, Scott (1915-87) - Signature
6396: McKEAN, Hugh F. - The Treasures of Tiffany: A Special Exhibition Presented by the Chicago Tribune at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago from the Collection of the Charles Hosmer Morse Foundation
1905: McKEARIN, Helen - Bottles, Flasks and Dr. Dyott
3913: McKEE, Ruth Eleanor - The Lord's Anointed: A Novel of Hawaii
41040: McKEE, Alexander - Death Raft: The Human Drama of the Medusa Shipwreck
20479: McKEENE, H.A. (editor) - Illinois Farmers' Institute: Department of Household Science Year Book 1912
1382: MCKELDIN, Theodore R. - Washington Bowed
26394: McKENNEY, Thomas L. - Reply to Kosciusko Armstrong's Assault Upon Col. Mckenney's Narrative...
18514: McKENNEY, Thomas L., and HALL, James - Major Ridge. A Cherokee Chief
1901: McKENNY, Margaret - Birds in the Garden and How to Attract Them
45025: McKENZIE, John L. - The Two-Edged Sword: An Interpretation of the Old Testament
35959: McKIM, Randolph H. - A Soldier's Recollections: Leaves from the Diary of a Young Confederate with an Oration on the Motives and Aims of the Soldiers of the South
4983: McKINLAY, Duncan E. - The Panama Canal
34006: McKINLEY, Carlyle - An Appeal to Pharaoh: The Negro Problem, and Its Radical Solution
37257: McKNIGHT, William Mark - Blue Bonnets O'Er the Border: The 79th New York Cameron Highlanders
37258: McKNIGHT, William Mark - Blue Bonnets O'Er the Border: The 79th New York Cameron Highlanders
37255: McKNIGHT, William Mark - Blue Bonnets O'Er the Border: The 79th New York Cameron Highlanders
33168: McKUEN, Rod - Caught in the Quiet
33170: McKUEN, Rod - Twelve Years of Christmas
37700: McKUEN, Rod - The Power Bright and Shining: Images of My Country
33167: McKUEN, Rod - With Love. .
33172: McKUEN, Rod - Lonesome Cities
33166: McKUEN, Rod - Moment to Moment
37925: McLAURIN, Melton A. - Celia, a Slave
31269: McLEAN, W.T. - Twenty Illustrated Object Lessons
434: MCLEAVE, Hugh - Rogues in the Gallery: The Modern Plague of Art Thefts
47979: McLOUGHLIN, Emmett - An Inquiry Into the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
38633: McLOUGHLIN, Emmett - An Inquiry Into the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
47980: McLOUGHLIN, Emmett - An Inquiry Into the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
37222: McLUHAN, T.C. (compiler) - Touch the Earth: A Self-Portrait of Indian Existence
33844: McLUHAN, T.C. - Touch the Earth: A Self-Portrait of Indian Existence
34694: McMAHON, John T. - John T. Mamahon's Diary of the 136th New York, 1861-1864
40653: McMAHON, Brien (1903-52) - Typed Note Signed / Unsigned Press Release
33278: McMANUS, James - Going to the Sun
23457: McMANUS, James - Out of the Blue
2502: McMANUS, Patrick F. - Real Ponies Don't Go Oink
16680: McMANUS, Patrick (editor) - Literary Art Press: Vol. 3
28082: McMANUS, James - Going to the Sun
21873: McMANUS, William E. (1914-97) - Photograph Signed
44973: McMARTIN, John (1929-2016) - Signature
28705: McMASTER, John Bach (1852-1932) - Autograph Note Signed
168: McMASTER, John Bach - The Origin, Meaning and Application of the Monroe Doctrine
9967: McMICHAEL, George - Journey to Obscurity: The Life of Octave Thanet
39653: McMILLAN, Roy (1929-97) - Photograph Signed
33062: McMILLAN, Edward J. - The Audit
25836: McMILLEN, Jack (1910-99) - Signed First Day Cover
21601: McMURRY, Richard M. - Two Great Rebel Armies: An Essay in Confederate Military History
15678: McMURTRIE, Douglas C. (1888-1944) - Typed Note Signed
38585: McMURTRIE, Douglas C. - Alphabets: A Manual of Letter Design, with Complete Alphabets of Varied Styles of Lettering
520: McMURTRIE, Douglas C. - The Economy of Replacing Obsolete Typefaces
521: McMURTRIE, Douglas C. - More Effective Typography As a Factor in Promoting Space Sales
27627: McMURTRY, R. Gerald (compiler) - The Lincoln Log Cabin Almanac
27414: McMURTRY, Larry - Some Can Whistle
28693: McMURTRY, R. Gerald (1906-1988) - Typed Letter Signed
29799: McMURTRY, R. Gerald - A Great Lincoln Collection
31211: McMURTRY, R. Gerald (editor) - Lincoln Herald: A Magazine of Education and Lincolniana -- Summer 1953 (Volume 55, No. 2)
31212: McMURTRY, R. Gerald (editor) - Lincoln Herald: A Magazine of Education and Lincolniana -- Summer 1952 (Volume 54, No. 2)
41194: McMURTRY, R. Gerald - Fort Wayne's Contacts with Abraham Lincoln
33053: McMURTRY, R. Gerald (editor) - Lincoln Herald: A Magazine of Education and Lincolniana -- June 1949 (Volume 51, No. 2)
33052: McMURTRY, R. Gerald (editor) - Lincoln Herald: A Magazine of Education and Lincolniana -- June 1950 (Volume 52, No. 2)
33263: McMURTRY, R. Gerald (editor) - Lincoln Herald: Spring 1974 (Volume 76, No. 1)
48019: McMURTRY, R. Gerald - Let's Talk of Lincoln: Of His Life, of His Career, of His Deeds, of His Immortality
31209: McMURTRY, R. Gerald (editor) - Lincoln Herald: A Magazine of Education and Lincolniana -- Summer 1951 (Volume 53, No. 2)
33055: McMURTRY, R. Gerald (editor) - Lincoln Herald: Fall 1955 (Volume 57, No. 3)
33056: McMURTRY, R. Gerald (editor) - Lincoln Herald: Spring-Summer 1956 (Volume 58, No. 1)
22474: McMURTRY, R. Gerald - The Department of Lincolniana of Lincoln Memorial University
48039: McMURTRY, R. Gerald - Lincoln Literature, Collections and Societies
48038: McMURTRY, Robert Gerald - Lincoln's Friend, Douglas: A Lincoln Day Address
48050: McMURTRY, R. Gerald - My Lifelong Pursuit of Lincoln
33293: McMURTRY, R. Gerald (editor) - Lincoln Herald: Summer 1974 (Volume 76, No. 2)
31226: McMURTRY, R. Gerald (editor) - Lincoln Herald: A Magazine of Education and Lincolniana -- Spring 1952 (Vol. 54, No. 1)
31227: McMURTRY, R. Gerald (editor) - Lincoln Herald: A Magazine of Education and Lincolniana -- June 1948 (Vol. 50, No. 2)
28714: McMURTRY, R. Gerald (1906-1988) - Autograph Letter Signed
39148: McMURTRY, R. Gerald (1906-88) - Typed Letter Signed
36120: McMURTRY, R. Gerald (editor) - Lincoln Herald: A Magazine of Education and Lincolniana -- Winter 1952 (Volume 53, No. 4)
36121: McMURTRY, R. Gerald (editor) - Lincoln Herald: A Magazine of Education and Lincolniana -- Winter 1952 (Volume 54, No. 4)
19358: McMURTRY, Larry - Texasville
30958: McMURTRY, R. Gerald (editor) - Lincoln Herald: A Magazine of Education and Lincolniana -- December 1950 (Volume 52, No. 4)
28713: McMURTRY, R. Gerald - My Lifelong Pursuit of Lincoln
36280: McNAIR, James - Vegetarian Pizza
36314: McNALLY, Tom - Fly Fishing
7307: McNALLY, Shannon - Shannon's Poems
29266: McNAMARA, Tim (1898-1994) - Signature
24762: McNAMARA, George F. (1901-90) - Signature and Credentials
41634: McNEILE, H.C. - Bull-Dog Drummond Double-Header: Including Third Round, the Final Count
23004: McNEILL, Don (1907-96) - Signed Postcard
1681: McNICHOLS, Charles L. - Crazy Weather
45706: McNICOL, Jacqueline Morrell - Elizabeth for Lincoln
40728: McNUTT, Paul V. (1891-1955) - Signed Typescript
37890: MCORMACK, John - Fields and Pastures New: My First Year As a Country Vet
17519: McPHATTER, Clyde (1933-72) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
17520: McPHATTER, Clyde (1933-72) - Autograph Quotation Signed
17516: McPHATTER, Clyde (1933-72) - Autograph Letter Signed
34705: McPHEETERS, William M. - I Acted from Principle: The CIVIL War Diary of Dr. William M. Mcpheeters, Confederate Surgeon in the Trans-Mississippi
48648: McPHERSON, James M. - Booknotes: What They Fought for: 1861 -- 1865
41689: McPHERSON, James M. - Abraham Lincoln and the Second American Revolution
38431: McPHERSON, James M. - Drawn with the Sword: Reflections on the American CIVIL War
49087: McPHERSON, James M. - Crossroads of Freedom: Antietam
38866: McPHERSON, James M. - Abraham Lincoln and the Second American Revolution
43459: McPHERSON, James M. - For Cause & Comrades: Why Men Fought in the CIVIL War
46308: McPHERSON, James M. - Drawn with the Sword: Reflections on the American CIVIL War
34047: McPHERSON, James M. (editor) - The Atlas of the CIVIL War
17089: McQUEEN, Ian - Sherlock Holmes Detected: The Problems of the Long Stories
48633: McQUIDDY, Steve - Here on the Edge: How a Small Group of World War II Conscientious Objectors Took Art and Peace from the Margins to the Mainstream
34878: McQUISTON, Don, and McQUISTON, Debra - Dolls & Toys of Native America: A Journey Through Childhood
40073: McRAVEN, Charles - Country Blacksmithing
1187: McREYNOLDS, Edwin C. - The Seminoles
29359: McREYNOLDS, James C. (1862-1946) - Document Signed
5838: McSHANE, Ivan - First Selected Poems: "a Forward Return to Sweet Classical Sanity.
34451: McWHINEY, Grady, and JAMIESON, Perry D. - Attack and Die: CIVIL War Military Tactics and the Southern Heritage
21951: McWHINEY, Grady - Braxton Bragg and Confederate Defeat -- Volume I: Field Command
20341: McWHINEY, Grady, and JAMIESON, Perry D. - Attack and Die: CIVIL War Military Tactics and the Southern Heritage
35443: McWHINEY, Grady, and JAMIESON, Perry D. - Attack and Die: CIVIL War Military Tactics and the Southern Heritage
48320: McWHORTER, Hamilton "One Slug," III - The First Hellcat Ace
48319: McWHORTER, Hamilton, III (1921-2008) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
42437: MEAD, Franklin B. - Heroic Statues in Bronze of Abraham Lincoln: Introducing the Hoosier Youth of Paul Manship
5898: MEAD, David - Yankee Eloquence in the Middle West: The Ohio Lyceum 1850-1870
38500: MEAD, Cary Hoge - Wings over the World: The Life of George Jackson Mead
6526: MEAD, Margaret - Culture and Commitment: A Study of the Generation Gap
14524: MEAD, Tray C., and PRICE, Robert C. - Mesa: Beneath the Shadows of the Superstitions
38292: MEADE, Richard - The Danube Runs Red
42634: (MEADE, George G.) - A Profile of General Meade and the 4 Military Installations Named for the Victor at Gettysburg
19036: MEADOWS, Audrey (1924-96) - Signature
30867: MEANS, David - The Secret Goldfish: Stories
28815: MEANY, George (1894-1980) - Signed Postal Cover / Unsigned Photograph
28652: MEANY, George (1894-1980) - Typed Letter Signed
44350: MEANY, Tom - Babe Ruth: The Big Moments of the Big Fellow
18106: MEANY, Edmond S. - Lincoln Esteemed Washington
39996: MEANY, George (1894-1980) - Photograph Signed
28273: MEARNS, David C. - What We Don't Know About the Gettysburg Address
29800: MEARNS, David C. - Largely Lincoln
48004: MEARNS, David C. - Largely Lincoln
41124: MEARNS, David C. - Largely Lincoln
65: MEARNS, David C. - Lincoln Collections in the Library of Congress
6439: MEARS, Louise W. - Life and Times of a Midwest Educator: Carroll Gardner Pearse (1858- )
30758: MEARS, Richard C. - Ebb of the River
32738: MEASELES, Evelyn Brack - Lee's Ferry: A Crossing on the Colorado
363: MEBANE, John - Collecting Nostalgia: The First Guide to the Antiques of the 30s and 40s
337: MEBANE, John - The Coming Collecting Boom
361: MEBANE, John - The Poor Man's Guide to Antique Collecting
389: MEBANE, John - New Horizons in Collecting: Cinderella Antiques
354: MEBANE, John - Collecting Nostalgia: The First Guide to the Antiques of the 30s and 40s
388: MEBANE, John - The Coming Collecting Boom
35808: MECK, Charles R. - Meeting & Fishing the Hatches
15033: MEDEIROS, Humberto Cardinal (1915-83) - Signature
18660: MEDEIROS, Humberto Cardinal (1915-83) - Signature
48818: (MEDIEVAL) - The Portable Medieval Reader
33049: MEDLICOTT, Joan - At Home in Covington
4765: MEDLICOTT, Margaret P. (editor) - No Hero, I Confess: A Nineteenth-Century Autobiography
36323: GARDNER-MEDWIN, David (editor) - Bewick Studies: Essays in Celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the Birth of Thomas Bewick, 1753-1828
26383: MEEKER, Ezra - Personal Experiences on the Oregon Trail Sixty Years Ago
25134: MEEKER, Arthur, Jr. - Chicago, with Love: A Polite and Personal History
29816: MEEROPOL, Robert, and MEEROPOL, Michael - We Are Your Sons: The Legacy of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg
25762: MEGEE, Garnett W. (1914-2005) - Signed Postal Cover
40127: MEI, Chin P'ing - The Harem of Hsi Men
34909: MEIER, August - Negro Thought in America, 1880-1915: Racial Ideologies in the Age of Booker T. Washington
4634: MEIGS, Cornelia - Wind in the Chimney
46790: MEIKLEJOHN, A. - The Life, Work and Times of Charles Turner Thackrah, Surgeon and Apothecary of Leeds (1795-1833)
40215: MEILINGER, Steve (1930-2015) - Signature
38059: MEIMBERG, Julius (1917-2012) - Typed Letter Signed
37355: MEINE, Franklin J., and WARREN, Harris Gaylord. (editors) - Great Leaders of the World
10001: MEIRING, Desmond - The Brinkman
33926: DE MEISSNER, Sophie Radford - Old Naval Days: Sketches from the Life of Rear Admiral William Radford, U.S. N.
22426: MELADY, Thomas Patrick - The Ambassador's Story: The United States and the Vatican in World Affairs
47533: MELAMED, Leo - Escape to the Futures
47459: MELAMED, Leo - The Tenth Planet
19078: MELCHOIR, Lauritz (1890-1973) - Signature
12767: MELDER, Keith - Hail to the Candidate: Presidential Campaigns from Banners to Broadcasts
34118: MELIN, Nancy Jean (editor) - Bulletin of Bibliography: Vol. 40, No. 2 (June, 1983)
18293: MELINKOVICH, George (?-?) - Photograph Signed / Autograph Note Signed
26011: MELISH, John Howard - Franklin Spencer Spalding: Man and Bishop
32806: MELLEN, Kathleen Dickenson - Hawaiian Heritage: A Brief Illustrated History
9027: MELLEN, Joan - Bob Knight: His Own Man
43662: MELLEN, Kathleen Dickenson (1895-1969) - Typed Letter Signed
30491: MELLERS, Wilfrid - Francois Couperin and the French Classical Tradition
48738: MELLINKOFF, David - The Conscience of a Lawyer
36266: MELLIS, Allison Fuss - Riding Buffaloes and Broncos: Rodeo and Native Traditions in the Northern Great Plains
25571: MELLON, Andrew W. (1855-1937) - Signature
40742: MELLON, Andrew W. (1855-1937) - Signature / Unsigned Photograph
25805: MELLOWE, Clancey - A Symphony of Love
6227: MELROSE, Mary, and KAMBLY, Paul E. - Would You Like to Have Lived When --
48399: MELSON, Charles, and ROTTMAN, Gordon - Vietnam Warriors
41715: MELTZER, Milton (editor) - Lincoln: In His Own Words
9169: MELTZER, Milton - Freedom Comes to Mississippi: The Story of Reconstruction
35266: MELTZOFF, Stanley (1917-2006) - 1976: Our Nation's 200th Birthday, the Telephone's 100th Birthday
40425: MELVILLE, Herman - Typee
16819: MELVILLE, Herman - On the Slain Collegians
42443: MELVILLE, Herman - Moby-Dick; or, the Whale
48326: MELVILLE, Herman - Billy Budd / Benito Cereno
42205: MELVILLE, Herman - Omoo: A Narrative of Adventures in the South Seas
34267: MELVIN, A.D. (chief) - Special Report on Diseases of the Horse
25585: MELVIN, Allan (1923-2008) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
25930: MENCKEN, H.L. - Spiritual Autopsies
33874: MENCKEN, H.L. - The Bathtub Hoax and Other Blasts & Bravos from the Chicago Tribune
25553: MENCKEN, H.L. - To the Friends of the American Mercury: A Statement by the Editor
36856: MENDELOWITZ, Daniel M. - Drawing: A Study Guide
48198: MENDELSOHN, Jane - I Was Amelia Earhart: A Novel
11381: MENEGAS, Peter - The Service
37572: MENKE, Ken (1922-2002) - Signature and Inscription
44323: MENNINGER, William C. - Juvenile Paresis
44589: MENNINGER, William C. - A Psychiatrist for a Troubled World: Selected Papers of William C. Menninger, M.D.
44580: MENNINGER, William C., and LEAF, Munro - You and Psychiatry
44584: (MENNINGER, William C.) - Memorial for William C. Menninger
44583: MENNINGER, Walt - Happiness without Sex: And Other Things Too Good to Miss
44588: MENNINGER, William C. - A Psychiatrist for a Troubled World: Selected Papers of William C. Menninger, M.D.
44590: MENNINGER, William C. - Psychiatry in a Troubled World: Yesterday's War and Today's Challenge
44591: MENNINGER, Walt - Caution: Living May Be Hazardous": Debunking the Happiness Myth
44581: MENNINGER, Karl - Love Against Hate
44592: MENNINGER, Karl - The Vital Balance: The Life Process in Mental Health and Illness
39332: MENSTER, William J. - Called to Adventure, Called to Service: An Account of the Long and Multidimensional Ministry of Father Wm. J. Menster As Told to Stephen D. Mcmahon
32528: MENSTER, William J. - Strong Men South
44648: MENSTER, William J. - Strong Men South
44246: MERCER, A.S. - The Banditti of the Plains or the Cattlemen's Invasion of Wyoming in 1892 [the Crowning Infamy of the Ages]
40576: MERCK, Friederike (compiler) - Unser Liederbuch: Die Beliebtesten Kinderlieder
39607: MEREDITH, Owen - Lucile
34445: MEREDITH, Roy - Storm over Sumter: The Opening Engagement of the CIVIL War
31161: MEREDITH, Burgess (1908-97) - Photograph Signed
41401: MEREDITH, Roy - Mr. Lincoln's Contemporaries: An Album of Portraits
47919: MEREDITH, George - The Shaving of Shagpat
1149: MEREDITH, I.H., and TULLAR, Grant Colfax (editors) - Merry Songs for Merry Singers: A Collection of Sacred, Secular, Nature and Patriotic Songs for Children
29674: MEREDITH, Roy - The Face of Robert E. Lee in Life and in Legend
45482: MEREDITH, Roy (editor) - Mr. Lincoln's General: U.S. Grant -- an Illustrated Autobiography
592: MEREDITH, Roy - The World of Mathew Brady: Portraits of the CIVIL War Period
25402: MEREDITH, Roy - The Face of Robert E. Lee in Life and in Legend
41286: MEREDITH, Roy - The World of Mathew Brady: Portraits of the CIVIL War Period
34324: MEREDITH, Roy (editor) - Mr. Lincoln's General: U.S. Grant, an Illustrated Autobiography
34747: MERENSTEIN, Gerald B., KAPLAN, David W., and ROSENBERG, Adam A. - Silver, Kempe, Bruyn & Fulginiti's Handbook of Pediatrics
7218: MERIDETH, Robert - The Politics of the Universe: Edward Beecher, Abolition, and Orthodoxy
14223: MERINGTON, Marguerite - The Custer Story: The Life and Intimate Letters of General George A. Custer and His Wife Elizabeth
5555: MERIWETHER, James B. (editor) - A Faulkner Miscellany
44638: MERK, Frederick - History of the Westward Movement
2832: MERRICK, Helen Hynson (editor) - Lands and People: The World in Color
9336: MERRIEN, Jean - Madmen of the Atlantic
9513: MERRILL, Virginia, and RICHARDSON, Susan Merrill - Reproducing Period Furniture and Accessories in Miniature
20209: MERRILL, James M. - Battle Flags South: The Story of the CIVIL War Navies on Western Waters
20682: MERRILL, James M. - Du Pont: The Making of an Admiral
26299: MERRILL, James M. - William Tecumseh Sherman
1232: MERRILL, W.K. - The Hiker's & Backpacker's Handbook. ; Foreword by Fred J. Overly
5355: MERRILL, W.K. - All About Camping
33538: MERRILL, James M. - The Rebel Shore: The Story of the Union Sea Power in the CIVIL War
31368: MERRILL, Dana T. (?-?) - Typed Note Signed
45383: MERRILL, Horace Samuel, and MERRILL, Marion Galbraith - The Republican Command 1897-1913
23026: MERSEREAU, Violet E. (?-?) - Signature
39863: MERTEN, Klaus - Der Bayreuther Hofarchitekt Joseph Saint-Pierre (1708/9-1754)
48647: MERTON, Thomas - Bread in the Wilderness
48821: MERTON, Thomas - Seeds of Contemplation
46610: MERTON, Thomas - Seasons of Celebration
41328: MERTON, Thomas - The Seven Storey Mountain
46917: MERTON, Thomas - The Tears of the Blind Lions
40973: MERTON, Thomas - What Are These Wounds? the Life of a Cistercian Mystic -- Saint Ludgarde of Aywieres
40975: MERTON, Thomas - The Last of the Fathers: Saint Bernard of Clairvaux and the Encyclical Letter, Doctor Mellifluus
40984: MERTON, Thomas - The Waters of Siloe
41361: MERTON, Thomas - Exile Ends in Glory: The Life of a Trappistine -- Mother M. Berchmans, O.C. S.O.
41360: MERTON, Thomas - The Sign of Jonas
41357: MERTON, Thomas - A Vow of Conversation: Journals 1965-1965
41356: MERTON, Thomas - Life and Holiness
41355: MERTON, Thomas - The Monastic Journey
49264: MERTON, Thomas - Seeds of Contemplation
1410: MERWIN, Samuel - A Discourse on the Completion of Fifty Years Service in the Ministry of the Gospel; Delivered by Request, in the North Church, New Haven...
14976: MERZ, Karl (1836-90) - Autograph Letter Signed
45859: MESEROLE, Harrison T., et al. (editors) - American Literature: Tradition & Innovation
41200: (MESERVE, Frederick Hill) - Frederick Hill Meserve Tribute
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29751: NEVIN, David - The Road to Shiloh: Early Battles in the West
42008: NEVINS, Allan, and COMMAGER, Henry Steele - A Short History of the United States
40080: NEVINS, Allan (editor) - Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address: Commemorative Papers
48300: NEVINS, Allan, ROBERTSON, James I. Jr., and WILEY, Bell I. (editor) - CIVIL War Books: A Critical Biography
41910: NEVINS, Allan - The Nomination of Abraham Lincoln: New Forces and New Men
38945: NEVINS, Allan - The War for the Union
41712: NEVINS, Allan, and Stone, Irving (editors) - Lincoln: A Contemporary Portrait
33196: NEVINS, Francis M., Jr. (editor) - The Mystery Writer's Art
40293: NEVINS, Allan - The War for the Union
162: NEVINS, Allan - Allan Nevins on History
25905: NEVINS, Allan, and BOWEN, Catherine Drinker - The Art of History: Two Lectures -- the Old History and the New -- Biography, History, and the Writing of Books
4948: NEWARK, Tim - Medieval Warlords
25401: NEWARK, Tim - Brassey's Book of Uniforms
8097: NEWBERRY, Fannie E. - The Wrestler of Philippi: A Tale of the Early Christians
46651: NEWBY, Leroy W. - Target Ploesti: View from a Bombsight
35876: NEWELL, Peter - The Rocket Book
37568: NEWELL, Pete (1915-2008) - Signature
27496: NEWELL, Frank W. - Ophthalmology: Principles and Concepts
45630: NEWELL, Roberto, and RUBIO, Luis - Mexico's Dilemma: The Political Origins of Economic Crisis
27841: NEWHALL, Beaumont, and BEAUMONT, Nancy (editors) - Masters of Photography
38753: NEWHALL, J.B. - A Glimpse of Iowa in 1846
41296: NEWKIRK, Garrett - Lincoln Lessons for Today
44948: NEWLAND, Abraham (1730-1807) - Autograph Document Signed
46079: NEWMAN, Ralph G. - Robert Todd Lincoln: An Informal Appraisal
36058: NEWMAN, Charles - The Post-Modern Aura: The Age of Fiction in an Age of Inflation
42126: NEWMAN, Richard, and SAWYER, Marcia - Everybody Say Freedom: Everything You Need to Know About African-American History
22989: NEWMAN, Ralph G. - Lincoln
11293: NEWMAN, Ralph G. - Ever Good Wishes, Carl": Recollections of Carl Sandburg
48007: NEWMAN, Ralph G. (editor) - Lincoln for the Ages
41299: NEWMAN, Ralph G. - Preserving Lincoln for the Ages: Collectors, Collections, and Our Sixteenth President

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