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27822: NEWMAN, Ralph G. (compiler) - A Selective Checklist of Carl Sandburg's Writings
41167: NEWMAN, Ralph Geoffrey (editor) - Abraham Lincoln: His Story in His Own Words
40245: NEWMAN, John Henry Cardinal - Apologia Pro Vita Sua
12366: NEWMAN, Paul S. - Gunsmoke: Showdown on Front Street
31971: NEWMAN, Ralph G. - Robert Todd Lincoln: An Informal Appraisal
46094: NEWMAN, Ralph G. - The Abraham Lincoln Industry
41320: NEWMAN, Ralph Geoffrey - Our Diamond Anniversary, 1933-1993: The American CIVIL War & Lincolniana -- a Sampling of Rare Books, Pamphlets and Allied Material from Our Shelves
41542: NEWMAN, Ralph G. (editor) - Lincoln for the Ages
32904: NEWMAN, Ralph, and LONG, E.B. - The CIVIL War Digest. ; Introduction by Allan Nevins. Maps by Barbara Long
24211: NEWMAN, Peter C. - Company of Adventurers
41321: NEWMAN, Ralph Geoffrey - Our Diamond Anniversary, 1933-1993: The American CIVIL War & Lincolniana -- a Sampling of Rare Books, Pamphlets and Allied Material from Our Shelves
25691: NEWMAN, Edwin - A CIVIL Tongue
43674: NEWMAN, Ralph G. (editor) - Lincoln for the Ages
28987: NEWMAN, Ralph G. - Readin', Writin', and Round Tablers
48592: NEWTON, Joseph - Abraham Lincoln: An Essay
38208: NEWTON, A. Edward - The Amenities of Book-Collecting and Kindred Affections
43789: NEWTON, James K. - A Wisconsin Boy in Dixie: The Selected Letters of James K. Newton
22787: NEWTON, Walter H. (1880-1941) - Signature
48381: NEWTON, P. Carter, and NEWTON, Sarah Jane - Pictorial History of Jo Daviess County, Illinois
44172: NEWTON, A. Edward - Doctor Johnson: A Play
29840: NEWTON, A. Edward - Newton on Blackstone
13476: NEWTON, Virginius - The Confederate States Ram Merrimac or Virginia: The History of Her Plan and Construction, and Her Engagements with the United States Fleet March 8 and 9, 1862
150: NEY, John - The European Surrender: A Descriptive Study of the American Social and Economic Conquest
45699: NEYHART, Louise A. - Henry's Lincoln
1677: NICHOLLS, F.F. - The Log of the Sardis
36059: NICHOLS, Bill - Ideology and the Image: Social Representation in the Cinema and Other Media
33694: NICHOLS, Perry - The Value of Escharotics: Medicines Which Will Destroy Any Living or Fungus Tissue in the Treatment of Cancer & Lupus Sarcoma or Any Other Form of Malignancy
48005: NICHOLS, George A. - F.W. Woolworth Co. : Fortieth Anniversary Souvenir 1879 1919
133: NICHOLS, Thomas Low - Forty Years of American Life, 1821-1861
26830: NICHOLS, Roy F. - The Territories: Seedbeds of Democracy
29857: NICHOLS, Roy Franklin - The Stakes of Power, 1845-1877
38447: NICHOLSON, John (?-?) - Autograph Letter Signed
114: NICHOLSON, Meredith - A Hoosier Chronicle
7736: NICHOLSON, C.B. - England's Greater Churches: A Pictorial Survey
31784: NICHOLSON, C.B. - England's Greater Churches: A Pictorial Survey
884: NICOL, Eric, and WHALLEY, Peter - Say, Uncle: A Completely Uncalled-for History of the U.S.
48023: NICOLAY, Helen - Personal Traits of Abraham Lincoln
25400: NICOLLE, David - Paper Soldiers of the Middle Ages
49152: NIEBELSCHUTZ, Sophie von - Die Engel Von Waldhof. Grünthal. Zwei Erzählungen Für Reifere Jugend
18425: NIEBERGALL, Charles "Nig" (1899-1982) - Signature
13955: NIEHOFF, Bert (1884-1974) - Signature
29255: NIEHOFF, John A. "Bert" (1884-1974) - Signature
37513: NIELSEN, Jerri - Ice Bound: A Doctor's Incredible Battle for Survival at the South Pole
33302: NIEMAN, Elmer L. "Butch" (1918-93) - Signature
40496: NIEMEYER, Otto Ernst (1883-1971) - Autograph Note Signed
39930: NIETZSCHE, Friedrich - Thus Spake Zarathustra
48925: NIETZSCHKE, Friedrich - Thus Spake Zarathustra
37865: NIEVO, Ippolito - The Castle of Fratta
48921: (ARABIAN NIGHTS) - The Seven Voyages of Sindbad the Sailor
22999: NIKOLAIS, Alwin (1912-93) - Signature
27844: NILES, John Jacob (introduction) - The Appalachian Photographs of Doris Ulmann
14977: NILSSON, Birgit (born 1918) - Signature
36485: NININGER, Ruth - Church Music Comes of Age
10402: NISBETT, Alec - Konrad Lorenz
19041: NISSEN, Greta (1906-88) - Signature
46271: NISTER, Ernest - Magic Windows / Land of Sweet Surprises
45982: NIXON, Richard M. (1913-95) - Original Drawing Signed
38503: NIXON, Richard M. - The Challenges We Face: Edited and Compiled from the Speeches and Papers of Richard M. Nixon
47288: NIXON, Richard - The Real War
43065: NIXON, Richard M. - Six Crises
15035: NIXON, Richard M. (1913-95) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
39070: NIXON, Richard M. - Six Crises
250: NIZER, Louis - The Implosion Conspiracy
43903: NIZER, Louis - The Implosion Conspiracy
17070: NIZZA, Paul - The Adventures of the Five Puce Map Tacks
25244: NOBLE, Bernie (?-?) - Signed First Day Cover
595: NOBLE, Ruth V. (editor) - CIVIL War Calendar: A 1961 Calendar and Engagement Book
42521: NOBLE, Hollister - Woman with a Sword: The Biographical Novel of Anna Ella Carroll of Maryland
34868: NOBLES, Gregory H. - American Frontiers: Cultural Encounters and Continental Conquest
34493: NOEL, Baptist Wriothesley - Freedom and Slavery in the United States of America
46687: NOGGLE, Burl - Working with History: The Historical Records Survey in Louisiana and the Nation, 1936-1942
31407: NOLAN, Dennis E. (1872-1956) - Signature and Inscription
983: NOLAN, Liam - Small Man of Nanataki: The True Story of a Japanese Who Risked His Life to Provide Comfort for His Enemies
40030: NONNEN, Emily - Gottes Auge Wacht: Eine Erzahlung Fur Die Jugend
11779: NONTE, George C., Jr. - Firearms Encyclopedia
48559: VAN NOORT, Olivier - A Letter from Olivier Van Noort, Circumnavigator, Pertaining to the First Dutch Voyage Around the World, 1598-1601
7062: NORBORG, C. Sverre - Christ on Main Street
43106: NORDHOFF, Charles - Sailor Life on Man of War and Merchant Vessel
46491: NORDHOFF, Charles, and HALL, James Norman - Mutiny on the Bounty
44079: NORDHOFF, Charles, and HALL, James Norman - Passage to Marseille
25037: NORENA, Eide (1884-1968) - Autograph Note Signed
46113: NORMAN, Charles - Ezra Pound
2053: NORMAN, Ernest L. - The Voice of Venus
19881: NORMAN, Charles - Poets & People
24056: FOXLEY-NORRIS, Christopher (1917-2003) - Signature
6294: NORRIS, Frank - The Pit: A Story of Chicago
41924: NORRIS, Stanley - The Young Showman's Triumph or a Grand Tour on the Road
41925: NORRIS, Stanley - Phil the Showman; or, Life in the Sawdust Ring
48725: NORRIS, Frank - The Pit: A Story of Chicago
41994: NORRIS, Stanley - The Young Showman's Rivals or Ups and Downs of the Road
36611: NORRIS, Charles G. - Seed
31004: NORSE, Harold - Memoirs of a Bastard Angel
42892: NORTH, Sterling - The Wolfling: A Documentary Novel of the Eighteen-Seventies
48608: NORTH, Jessica Nelson - Dinner Party: Poems
21574: NORTH, Oliver - Mission Compromised: A Novel
36308: NORTH, Oliver - War Stories III: The Heroes Who Defeated Hitler
29477: NORTH, Oliver L. - Under Fire: An American Story
32006: NORTH, Oliver L. - Under Fire: An American Story
16160: NORTH, Arthur F. - Training, Loving and Caring for Dogs
30274: NORTH, Dick - The Lost Patrol
727: NORTHCROSS, Frances Troy - 500 Delicious Salads: Appetizer Salads, Fruit Salads, Salad Bowls, Tossed Salads...
720: NORTHCROSS, Frances Troy - 250 Fish and Sea Food Recipes: Useful Facts About Fish and Sea Food... .
717: NORTHCROSS, Frances Troy - 250 Ways to Prepare Meat: How to Buy Meats Economically, Preparation of Frozen Meats, Charts of Retail Meat Cuts...
364: NORTHEND, Mary Harrod - American Glass
1195: NORTHEY, Sue - The American Indian
26648: NORTON, Jim (1938-2007) - Signature and Inscription
13446: NORTON, Eliot - Abraham Lincoln, a Lover of Mankind: An Essay
2957: NORTON, James Sager - Addresses and Fragments in Prose and Verse
44930: NORWICH, John Julius (foreword) - The World Atlas of Architecture
34500: NOTT, Samuel - Slavery and the Remedy; or, Principles and Suggestions for a Remedial Code
47734: NOVA, Lou (1913-91) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
19042: NOVAK, Jane (1896-1990) - Signature
5794: NOVO, Salvador - Nuevo Amor
32193: NOWLAN, George C. (1898-1965) - Typed Note Signed
7931: NOWRA, Louis - Palu
46045: NOYES, Edward - Wisconsin's Reaction to Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation with Especial Reference to Editorial Opinion
46099: NOYES, Edward - Wisconsin's Reaction to Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation with Especial Reference to Editorial Opinion
45481: NOYES, Edward - Wisconsin's Reaction to Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation with Especial Reference to Editorial Opinion
46039: NOYES, Edward - Wisconsin's Reaction to the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
34790: NUMBERS, Ronald L., and LEAVITT, Judith Walzer (editors) - Wisconsin Medicine: Historical Perspectives
907: NUTE, Grace Lee (editor) - Calendar of the American Fur Company's Papers
34409: NUTTALL, George H.F. (editor) - The Journal of Hygiene: Volume XIV (January 1915), Volume XV (1915-17), Volume XVI (1917-18), Volume XVIII (1919-20), Volume XXI (1922-23)
46726: NUTTALL, A.D. - Two Concepts of Allegory: A Study of Shakespeare's the Tempest and the Logic of Allegorical Expression
26253: NUTTER, Madison "Buzz" (1931-2008) - Signature
42380: NUTTING, Wallace - Connecticut Beautiful
3237: NUTTING, Wallace - Maine Beautiful
18670: NYBAKKEN, Elizabeth I. (editor) - The Centinel: Warnings of a Revolution
19747: NYE, Bill, and NYE, Frank Wilson - Bill Nye: His Own Life Story
49018: NYE, Naomi Shihab - Mint Snowball
7645: NYE, Russel B. - The Unembarrassed Muse: The Popular Arts in America
20967: NYHOLM, Gjedde (1858-1931) - Autograph Quotation Signed
37567: NYIKOS, John J. (1904-91) - Signature
26016: NYMAN, Lloyd C. - Michigan and the Republican Convention of 1860
10960: NYMEYER, Robert - Carlsbad, Caves, and a Camera
2672: NYSTOM, Daniel - A Ministry of Printing: History of the Publication House of Augustana Lutheran Church 1889-1962
41171: NYTRUP, Per - An Outline of the German Occupation of Denmark 1940-1945
6516: OAKES, Philip - Experiment at Proto
14411: OAKLAND, Don - Wildwoods and Kids, Canoes, and Other Calamities
17928: OATES, Bob, Jr. (editor) - The First Fifty Years: A Celebration of the National Football League in Its Fiftieth Season
48025: OATES, Stephen B. - Our Fiery Trail: Abraham Lincoln, John Brown and the CIVIL War Era
48021: OATES, Stephen B. - Abraham Lincoln: The Man Behind the Myths
34474: OBERJOHANN, Heinrich - My Best Friends Are Apes
136: Unofficial Observer - The New Dealers
49054: OEHNINGER, Friedrich - Das Leben Jesu
46778: OELLRICHS, Inez H. - Murder Helps
29269: OESCHGER, Joe (1891-1986) - Signature and Inscription
48692: OFFUTT, Chris - No Heroes: A Memoir of Coming Home
45073: OGBURN, Charlton, Jr. - The Winter Beach
44092: OGBURN, Dorothy - The Will and the Deed
36539: OGDEN, Bob - Great Aircraft Collections of the World
28029: (OHIO, INDIANA -- Map) - County & Township Map of the States of Ohio and Indiana
289: OLAN, Ben (editor) - A Century of Champions
29837: OLCOTT, HENRY STEEL / MURPHET, Howard - Hammer on the Mountain: Life of Henry Steel Olcott (1832-1907)
26927: OLCOTT, Chauncey (1860-1932) - Signature and Inscription
40556: OLDBERG, Arne (1874-1962) - Printed Document (Unsigned)
18297: OLDHAM, Ray "Bob" (1951-2005) - Signature
43217: OLDROYD, Osborn H. (compiler) - Words of Lincoln: Including Several Hundred Opinions of His Life and Character by Eminent Persons of This and Other Lands
39636: OLDYS, William, JOHNSON, Samuel, and MAITTAIRE, Michael - Catalogus Bibliothecae Harleianae, in Locos Communes Distributus Cum Indice Auctorum
31409: OLIPHANT, Margaret Oliphant Wilson (1828-97) - Autograph Note Signed
46627: D'OLIVEIRA, Basil (1931-2011) - Signature
22624: OLIVER, Paul A. (1830-1912) - Autograph Letter Signed
34751: OLIVER, Wade W. - Stalkers of Pestilence: The Story of Man's Ideas of Infection
10304: OLIVER, Frederick Scott - Alexander Hamilton: An Essay on American Union
25840: OLIVER, H. Edward "Ed" (1917-2005) - Signed Postal Cover
25544: OLIVER, Roy - The Wanderer and the Way: The Hebrew Tradition in the Writings of Martin Buber
39368: OLIVI, Fred J. (1922-2004) - Autograph Note Signed
14888: OLIVIER, Laurence (1907-89) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
15667: OLIVIER, Laurence (1907-89) - Photograph Signed
23000: OLIVIER, Laurence (1907-89) - Photograph Signed
46265: OLLIVANT, Alfred - Bob Son of Battle
6813: OLMSTED, George - Making America Strong at Home and Abroad: A Private Enterprise at Work
40934: OLMSTED, Frederick Law - The Papers of Frederick Law Olmstead: Volume II -- Slavery and the South, 1852-1857
34331: OLSEN, Herb - Herb Olsen's Guide to Watercolor Landscape
649: OLSEN, Otto H. - Carpetbagger's Crusade: The Life of Albion Winegar Tourgee
2177: OLSEN, Alfa-Betty, and EFRON, Marshall - Omnivores: They Said They Would Eat Anything and They Did
37811: OLSHANSKY, S. Jay, and CARNES, Bruce A. - The Quest for Immortality: Science at the Frontiers of Aging
36311: OLSON, Michael Keith - Tales from a Tin Can: The Uss Dale from Pearl Harbor to Tokyo Bay
5127: OLSON, Charles - Archaeologist of Morning
4666: OLSON, Sigurd F. - Sigurd F. Olson's Wilderness Days
14296: OLSON, Goldie E. - Directed Steps: An Autobiography
24838: OLSON, Keith - Chicago: Private Visions in Public Places
38630: OLSON, Oscar N. - The Augustana Lutheran Church in America: Pioneer Period 1846 to 1860
40240: OLSVANGER, Immanuel (editor) - Röyte Pomerantsen: Jewish Folk Humor
38620: OLSZEWSKI, George J. - Restoration of Ford's Theatre
43270: OMORI, Fusakichi (1868-1923) - Signature
41213: (WORLD WAR ONE) - Freedom's Triumph: The Why, When and Where of the European Conflict
37840: ST. ONGE, Achille (1913-78) - Autograph Note Signed
19091: ST. ONGE, William L. (1914-70) - Signature
7249: ONORATO, Richard J. - The Character of the Poet: Wordsworth in the Prelude
19044: OPATOSHU, David (1918-96) - Signature
16457: OPDYKE, George (1805-80) - Partly-Printed Document Signed
20845: OPITZ, Rudolf (?-?) - Signed Color Print
37025: OPPENHEIM, Janet - Shattered Nerves": Doctors, Patients and Depression in Victorian England
48639: OPPENHEIMER, Joel - Marilyn Lives!
37134: OPTIC, Oliver - All Aboard or Life on the Lake: A Sequel to 'the Boat Club'
31911: OPTIC, Oliver (William T. Adams) - Fighting Joe: Or, the Fortunes of a Staff Officer
41903: OPTIC, Oliver (William T. Adams) - In Doors and out; or, Views from the Chimney Corner
44387: OPTIC, Oliver (William T. Adams) - Outward Bound; or, Young America Afloat. A Story of Travel and Adventure
46371: OPTIC, Oliver (William T. Adams) - An Undivided Union
18812: ORCUTT, William Dana - Celebrities Off Parade
40779: ORCUTT, William Dana (1870-1953) - Typed Note Signed / Autograph Manuscript (Unsigned)
44158: ORCUTT, William Dana - In Quest of the Perfect Book
20388: ORCUTT, William Dana - Celebrities Off Parade
28030: (OREGON, WASHINGTON -- Map) - County and Township Map of Oregon and Washington
18567: ORF, Roland "Bud" (?-1988) - Signature
1178: WEIBEL-ORLANDO, Joan - Indian Country, L.A. : Maintaining Ethnic Community in Complex Society
41720: ORLOFF, Nicolas (Nikolai Orlov) (1892-1964) - Autograph Letter Signed
14979: ORLOV, Nikolai (1892-1964) - Autograph Note Signed
14848: ORLOW, Dietrich - The Nazis in the Balkans: A Case Study of Totalitarian Politics
5897: ORMOND, Brande - American Primitives in Needlepoint
5353: ORMOND, Clyde - Complete Book of Outdoor Lore
307: ORMSBEE, Thomas H. - Care and Repair of Antiques
3488: ORMSBEE, Thomas H. - Know Your Heirlooms
17686: ORMSBY, Margaret A. - British Columbia: A History
46932: (SHEET METAL ORNAMENTS) - Architectural Sheet Metal Ornaments: Catalog K.
31341: D'ORSAY, Fifi (1904-83) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
29322: d'ORSAY, Count (Alfred Guillaume Gabriel) (1801-52) - Autograph Letter Signed (Third Person)
48904: ORTIZ, Alfonso (volume editor) - Handbook of North American Indians: Southwest -- Volume 9
48061: ORTNES, Fred (1925-2015) - Signed First Day Cover
47445: (OSAKA, JAPAN -- PANEL SCREEN) - City of Osaka
504: OSBORN, James M. - Neo-Philobiblon: Ruminations on Manuscript Collecting
848: OSBORN, Robert - Osborn on Osborn
48290: OSBORN, Albert S. - Questioned Documents
30562: OSBORNE, Gregory B. (1955-94) - Signature
26794: OSBORNE, Charles C. - Jubal: The Life and Times of General Jubal A. Early, Csa, Defender of the Lost Cause
11031: OSBORNE, John - A Bond Honoured: A Play
14933: OSBORNE, Charles - W.H. Auden: The Life of a Poet
28662: OSBORNE, Nat (1878-1954) - Autograph Musical Quotation Signed
38200: OSBURN, Burl Neff, and WILBER, Gordon Owen - Pewter: Spun, Wrought, and Cast
33490: OSLER, William - Science and Immortality
33491: OSLER, William - The Student Life and Other Essays
33675: OSLER, William (editor) - Modern Medicine: Its Theory and Practice in Original Contributions by American and Foreign Authors (Volume II: Infectious Diseases)
33481: OSLER, William - Bibliotheca Osleriana: A Catalogue of Books Illustrating the History of Medicine and Science
19267: OSMOND, A.E. - Is This Tomorrow
34394: OSOFSKY, Joy D. (editor) - Handbook of Infant Development
46081: OSTENDORF, Lloyd, NEELY, Mark E., Jr., and LATTIMER, John K. - A. Lincoln -- Riverman / Lincoln and the Idea of Total War / the Danger in Claiming That Abraham Lincoln Had the Marfan Syndrome
46991: OSTENDORF, Lloyd - Lincoln and His Photographers
27084: OSTENDORF, Lloyd - Another Profile.
37664: OSTENDORF, Lloyd A. (1921-2000) - Untitled Print
34372: OSTENDORF, Lloyd, NEELY, Mark E., Jr., and LATTIMER, John K. - A. Lincoln -- Riverman / Lincoln and the Idea of Total War / the Danger in Claiming That Abraham Lincoln Had the Marfan Syndrome
48017: OSTENDORF, Lloyd (illustrator) - Mr. Lincoln Goes to Washington -- in Disguise
34984: OSTERKORN, Wally "Ox" (1928-2012) - Signature
14530: OSTRANDER, Gilman M. - Nevada: The Great Rotten Borough, 1859-1964
1726: OSTRANDER, A.B. - After 60 Years: Sequel to a Story of the Plains
49251: OSTROGORSKY, George - History of the Byzantine State
33303: OSTROWSKI, Johnny (1917-92) - Signature and Inscription
36806: NIERIMBERG y OTIN, Juan Eusabio - Vita Divina E Strata Reale, E Breue Per Acquistar la Perfectione Mostrata...
39746: OTIS, James - Toby Tyler or Ten Weeks with a Circus
18638: OTIS, James - Mr. Stubbs's Brother: A Sequal to "Toby Tyler.
37946: OTIS, James - Toby Tyler or Ten Weeks with a Circus
29223: OTIS, Paul F. "Bill" (1889-1990) - Signature
23127: OTIS, Paul F. "Bill" (1889-1990) - Signature
28251: OTT, John Nash, Jr. (1909-2000) - Typed Letter Signed
19882: OUAKNIN, Marc-Alain - The Burnt Book: Reading the Talmud
24974: OURSLER, Fulton, and OURSLER, Will - Father Flanagan of Boys Town
17088: OUSBY, Ian - Bloodhounds of Heaven: The Detective in English Fiction from Godwin to Doyle
37356: OUSLEY, Odille, and RUSSELL, David H. - The Little White House
29070: OVERLEES, Frank (?-?) - Signature
32910: OVERMYER, Grace - America's First Hamlet
40839: OVERSTREET, Harry Allen (1875-1970) - Autograph Note Signed
11138: OVERTON, Grant - American Nights Entertainment
48383: OVID - The Art of Love
35802: OVINGTON, Ray - Tactics on Trout
37874: OVINGTON, Ray - Tactics on Trout
27809: OVRESET, Raymond C. (editor) - Inland Architect: Volume 1, Number 2 (October 1957)
2677: OWEN, Frank (editor) - Teen-Age Stories of Action
20156: OWEN, Ellis - Prehistoric Animals: The Extraordinary Story of Life Before Man
16676: OWEN, Guy (editor) - Impetus: A Semi-Annual of Poetry (Spring 1963)
6702: OWEN, Pat - The Story of Royal Copenhagen Christmas Plates
41305: OWEN, G. Frederick - Abraham Lincoln: The Man & His Faith
9731: OWEN, Jennifer - Feeding Strategy
32577: OWENS, Kenneth N. - Galena, Grant, and the Fortunes of War: A History of Galena, Illinois During the CIVIL War
42065: OWENS, Kenneth N. - Galena, Grant, and the Fortunes of War: A History of Galena, Illinois During the CIVIL War
32603: OWENS, Kenneth N. - Galena, Grant, and the Fortunes of War: A History of Galena, Illinois During the CIVIL War
6943: OWENS, Paul Llewellyn - The Story of a Community Auctioneer: The Life and Times of Col. Paul L. Owens
32493: OWENS, John A. (1823-86) - Signature and Inscribed Calling Card
47915: (THE ADVENTURES OF OZZIE AND HARRIET). NELSON, David (1936-2011), NELSON, Harriet (1909-94), NELSON, Ozzie (1906-75) and NELSON, Rick (1940-85) - Signatures / Unsigned Photograph
1552: HAMMOND, George P. and GOAD, Edgar F. - A Scientist on the Trail: Travel Letters of A.F. Bandelier 1880-1881
439: PACH, Walter - Vincent Van Gogh, 1853-1890: A Study of the Artist and His Work in Relation to His Times
20627: PACK, James - The Man Who Burned the White House: Admiral Sir George Cockburn, 1772-1853
66: PACKARD, R.D. - Ohio Helped Make Lincoln President
45477: PACKARD, S.S., and BRYANT, H.B. - The New Bryant & Stratton High-School Book-Keeping: Adapted to Use in Business Colleges, and the Higher Grades of Public and Private Schools
40739: PACKER, Eleanor - Sequoia: The Story of a Strange Friendship between a Mountain Lion and a Deer
49254: PACYGA, Dominic A., and SHANABRUCH, Charles (editors) - The Chicago Bungalow
828: PADILLA, Heberto - Sent Off the Field: A Selection from the Poetry of Heberto Padilla
48816: PADILLA, Ezequiel - El Hombre Libre de America: Un Augurio Para la Postguerra
15698: PAGE, Anita (1910-?) - Autograph Note Signed
45615: PAGE, Victor F. - Automobile Starting, Lighting and Ignition: Elementary Principles, Practical Application, Wiring Diagrams and Repair Hints...
37091: PAGE, Thomas Nelson - Gordon Keith
25710: PAGE, Katherine Hall - The Body in the Fjord
108: PAGE, Thomas Nelson - The Old Gentleman of the Black Stock
42817: PAGE, Martin - The Man Who Stole the Mona Lisa
31530: PAGE, Arthur W. (editor) - The War Manual: The World's Work -- Facts Everyone Needs to Know About the Causes of the War, the Armies, Navies, Finances, and Principal Characters of the Countries Involved
31531: PAGE, Arthur W. (editor) - The World's Work: April 1915 (Vol. XXIX, No. 6)
31533: PAGE, Arthur W. (editor) - The World's Work: June 1915 (Vol. XXX, No. 2)
45442: PAGE, Thomas Nelson - The Old South: Essays Social and Political
41184: PAGE, Elwin L. - Abraham Lincoln in New Hampshire
15697: PAGE, Anita (1910-?) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
37545: PAGE, Patti (1927-2013) - Signature / Unsigned Photograph
23556: PAGE, Jake - Shoot the Moon
18350: PAGE, James A. - Some Reminiscences of Fifty Years
44072: PAGE, Jeremiah (1722-1806) - Autograph Document Signed
29353: PAGEOT, Alphonse Joseph Yves (?-?) - Autograph Note Signed (Third Person)
44035: PAGET, Sir Arthur Henry Fitzroy (1851-1928) - Typed Note Signed
36754: PAHNKE, Ed - Northern Knights
35203: PAINE, Tom, and FAST, Howard - The Selected Work of Tom Paine & Citizen Paine
648: PAINE, Albert Bigelow - A Sailor of Fortune: Personal Memoirs of Captain B.S. Osbon
41428: PAINTER, George L. (editor) - Papers from the... Annual Lincoln Colloquium
1565: PAINTER, Allyson - I'm from Missouri!" Where Man and Mule Shaped the Heart of a Nation
41431: PAINTER, George L. (editor) - Papers from the Fifth Annual Lincoln Colloquium October 20, 1990
14134: PAINTER, Nell Irvin - The Narrative of Hosea Hudson: His Life As a Negro Communist in the South
46903: (HOUSE PAINTING) - Painting and Decorating Working Methods: A Text Book for Apprentice Journeyman House Painter Decorator
22780: PAKENHAM, Francis (7th Earl of Longford) (1905-2001) - Signature
596: PAKULA, Marvin H. - Centennial Album of the CIVIL War
559: PAKULA, Marvin H. - Centennial Album of the CIVIL War
29719: PALFREY, Francis Winthrop - The Antietam & Fredericksburg
23232: PALFREY, Sarah (1912-96) - Signature
31430: PALGRAVE, Francis (1788-1861) - Autograph Letter Signed
38141: PALIN, Sarah - Going Rogue: An American Life
39091: PALLOTTINO, Massimo - Etruscan Painting
829: PALMA, Ricardo - The Knights of the Cape and Thirty-Seven Other Selections from the Tradiciones Peruanes
20373: PALMER, Dave R. - 1794: America, Its Army, and the Birth of the Nation
5818: PALMER, John - George Bernard Shaw: Harlequin or Patriot
67: PALMER, Robert M. - Washington and the Union. Oration Delivered by Hon. Robert M. Palmer, Speaker of the Senate of Pennsylvania, at the Reception of President Lincoln at Harrisburg, and the Raising of the National Flag on the Dome of the Capitol, on the 22nd Day of February
29875: PALMER, Lilli - The Red Raven
7781: PALMER, Henry R., Jr. - This Was Air Travel
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35415: (WORLD WAR ONE -- POSTER) - Save -- Buy -- for Victory... . for Sale Here
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38295: PROKOSCH, Frederic - The Wreck of the Cassandra
36619: PROKOSCH, Frederic - A Ballad of Love
40888: PROKOSCH, Frederic - A Ballad of Love
36618: PROKOSCH, Frederic - Nine Days to Mukalla
38807: PROKOSCH, Frederic - The Missolonghi Manuscript
34799: PROSER, Monte (1904-78) - Signed Program
48461: (PROSPECTUS) - The Gutenberg Bible: A New Facsimile Edition of the Famous Keystone of Western Printing Presented in Its Original Size with the Illuminations Reproduced in Full Color and Gold
31770: PROTESS, David, and WARDEN, Rob - A Promise of Justice
1239: PROUDLEY, Brian, and PROUDLEY, Valerie - Fuchsias in Color
44559: PRUCHA, Francis Paul - The Sword of the Republic: The United States Army on the Frontier 1783-1846
32510: PRUCHA, Francis Paul - Broadax and Bayonet: The Role of the United States Army in the Development of the Northwest, 1815-1860
38131: PRUDHOMME, Paul - Pure Magic
20971: PRUGH, John C. (?-?) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
44912: FRIEDRICH KARL OF PRUSSIA, Prince (1828-85) - Document Signed
3753: PRYDE, Duncan - Nunaga: Ten Years of Eskimo Life
13581: PRYOR, Roger A. - Speech of Hon. Roger A. Pryor, of Virginia, on the Principles and Policy of the Black Republican Party; Delivered in the House of Representatives, December 29, 1859
512: BOOK PUBLISHING - The Bowker Lectures on Book Publishing
32400: PUERTOLAS, Soledad - Queda la Noche
43586: PUGIN, A., and PUGIN, A.W. - Gothic Architecture Selected from Various Ancient Edifices in England
12873: PUIG, Manuel - Tropical Night Falling
831: PUIG, Manuel - Heartbreak Tango: A Serial
830: PUIG, Manuel - Eternal Curse on the Reader of These Pages
45561: PUIG, Manuel - Tropical Night Falling
42152: PULLEN, Drew, and DRAPALA, Robert V. - Portrait of the Past: The CIVIL War on Hatteras Island North Carolina: A Pictorial Tour
1150: PULLING, Christopher - They Were Singing: And What They Sang About
37881: PULLING, Pierre - Game and the Gunner: Observations on Game Management and Sport Hunting
35893: PUNOLA, John A. - Guide to Catskill Trout
35894: PUNOLA, John A. - Guide to Pennsylvania Trout
43507: PURDY, Helen Throop - San Francisco: As It Was -- As It Is -- and How to See It
44628: PURDY, James - Eustace Chisholm and the Works
5911: PURYEAR, Edgar F., Jr. - George S. Brown: General, U.S. Air Force
13091: PUSEY, Merlo J. - Eisenhower the President
48854: PUTNAM, George Haven - Books and Their Makers During the Middle Ages: A Study of the Conditions of the Production and Distribution of Literature from the Fall of the Roman Empire to the Close of the Seventeenth Century
7263: PUTNAM, H. Phelps - The Collected Poems of H. Phelps Putnam. ; Edited by Charles R. Walker. Foreword by Edmund Wilson
43185: PUTNAM, George Haven - Books and Their Makers During the Middle Ages: A Study of the Conditions of the Production and Distribution of Literature from the Fall of the Roman Empire to the Close of the Seventeenth Century -- Volume I. 476-1600
34127: PUTNAM, Tracy (1894-1975) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
35979: PUTNAM, Sallie - Richmond During the War; Four Years of Personal Observation

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