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13042: ANDERSEN, CHRISTOPHER P. - The Name Game
8727: ANDERSEN, TRYGGVE - In the Days of the Councillor. ; Translation by Beatrice H. Stroup and Stein Mathisen
21893: ANDERSON, ANDREW "ANDY" (?-?) - Signature
40897: ANDERSON, ERIC, AND MOSS, ALFRED A., JR. (EDITORS) - The Facts of Reconstruction: Essays in Honor of John Hope Franklin
41949: ANDERSON, FRANK MALOY - The Mystery of "a Public Man": A Historical Detective Story
44772: ANDERSON, JOHN L. (COMPILER) - A Fifteenth Century Cookry Boke
1462: ANDERSON, EDWIN P. - Audels Foreign Auto Repair Manual
1463: ANDERSON, JANICE, AND SWINGLEHURST, EDMUND - Train and Transport: A Collector's Guide
31199: ANDERSON, CLINTON P. (1895-1975) - Signature / Unsigned Photograph
21516: ANDERSON, MARGARET BARTLETT - Robert Frost and John Bartlett: The Record of a Friendship
4296: ANDERSON, ROBERT GORDON - The City and the Cathedral: A Reflection of the Glory of the Gothic and the Middle Ages at Their High Tide in the City by the Seine
44344: ANDERSON, MARTIN - Imposters in the Temple: American Intellectuals Are Destroying Our Universities and Cheating Our Students of Their Future
1450: ANDERSON, ROBERT EARLE - The Merchant Marine and World Frontiers
618: ANDERSON, FRANK MALOY - The Mystery of "a Public Man": A Historical Detective Story
20392: ANDERSON, JOAN - Spanish Pioneers of the Southwest
13603: ANDERSON, CHARLES - The Cause of the War: Who Brought It on, and for What Purpose
27480: ANDERSON, "MAXIE" (1934-83) - Signed Commemorative Postal Cover
10987: ANDERSON, MAXWELL - Lost in the Stars
27398: ANDERSON, GEORGE W. (1907-92) - Typed Note Signed
39344: ANDERSON, ISABEL - The Great Sea Horse
5983: ANDERSON, OLIVE - A Wilderness of Wonder
31674: ANDERSON, JOHN (?-?) - Signature and Salutation
45019: ANDERSON, CLAYTON C. - The Ordinary Spaceman: From Boyhood Dreams to Astronaut
31202: ANDERSON, CLINTON (1895-1975) - Typed Note Signed
30607: ANDERSON, DONNA K. - Charles T. Griffes: An Annotated Bibliography-Discography
21932: ANDERSON, ALFRED "ALF" (1914-85) - Signature
21361: ANDERSON, C. ELMER (1912-98) - Signed First Day Cover
43663: ANDERSON, HARRY (1952-2018) - Signature
15552: ANDERSON, JUDITH (1898-1992) - Photograph Signed
23592: ANDERSON, LOUIE - Dear Dad: Letters from an Adult Child
45000: ANDERSON, CLAYTON C. - The Ordinary Spaceman: From Boyhood Dreams to Astronaut
25966: ANDERSON, ERICA - The Schweitzer Album: A Portrait in Words and Pictures
26073: ANDERSON, JANICE - History of Movie Comedy
502: ANDERSON, CHARLES B. (EDITOR) - Bookselling in America and the World: Some Observations & Recollections in Celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the American Booksellers Association
45213: ANDERSON, W.C., AND HAIGHT, FLETCHER M. - Review of Dr. Scott's Bible and Politics in the Light of Religion and the Law
38223: ANDERSON, DONALD M. - The Art of Written Forms: The Theory and Practice of Calligraphy
34577: ANDERSON, RUSSELL H. (?-?) - Autograph Letter Signed
43853: ANDERSON, MARY ELEANOR ROBERTS (MRS. GALUSHA) - The Story of Aunt Lizzie Aiken
29079: ANDERSON, EPHRAIM MCD - Memoirs: Historical and Personal; Including the Campaigns of the First Missouri Confederate Brigade
30905: ANDERSON, JANICE, AND SWINGLEHURST, EDMUND - Train and Transport: A Collector's Guide
51: ANDERSON, FRANK MALOY - The Mystery of "a Public Man": A Historical Detective Story
41916: ANDERSON, LAVERE - Mary Todd Lincoln: President's Wife
37756: ANDERSON, KEVIN J. - Ai! Pedrito! -- When Intelligence Goes Wrong
34978: ANDERSSON, JON (B. 1937-?) - Signature and Inscription
2777: ANDERTON, JOHANA GAST - Johana's Dolls: A Reprint of Her Doll Columns and Articles
9617: ANDREANO, RALPH - No Joy in Mudville: The Dilemma of Major League Baseball
45039: ANDREAS, A.T. - History of Cook County Illinois, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time
32872: ANDREN, ERIK - Swedish Silver. ; Translation by Lillian Ollen
45735: ANDREWS, CLARENCE L. - The Story of Alaska
15558: ANDREWS, HARRY (1911-89) - Signature
40793: ANDREWS, AVERY D. (1864-1959) - Typed Letter Signed
33900: ANDREWS, MARY RAYMOND SHIPMAN - The Perfect Tribute
2753: ANDREWS, RALPH W. - Picture Gallery Pioneers, 1850 to 1875
42299: ANDREWS, MARY RAYMOND SHIPMAN - Passing the Torch
41816: ANDREWS, MARY RAYMOND SHIPMAN - The Perfect Tribute
7197: ANDREWS, EDWARD DEMING, AND ANDREWS, FAITH - Work and Worship: The Economic Order of the Shakers
8282: ANDREWS, ROY CHAPMAN - Nature's Way: How Nature Takes Care of Its Own
42315: ANDREWS, MARY RAYMOND SHIPMAN - The Counsel Assigned
15559: ANDREWS, HARRY (1911-89) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
41159: ANDREWS, MARY RAYMOND SHIPMAN - The Perfect Tribute
25889: ANDREWS, J. CUTLER - The Fourth Estate Comes of Age! the North Reports the CIVIL War
7605: ANDREWS, BART, AND JUILIARD, AHRGUS - Holy Mackerel! the Amos 'n' Andy Story
42357: ANDREWS, RALPH W. - Indians As the Westerners Saw Them
42480: ANDREWS, MARY RAYMOND SHIPMAN - The Perfect Tribute
2315: ANDREWS, CLARENCE A. (EDITOR) - Growing Up in Iowa
3890: ANDREYEV, LEONID - The Seven Who Were Hanged. ; Illustrated by Irving Politzer
7934: ANDREYEV, LEONID - The Seven Who Were Hanged: A Story
38068: ANDRIEUX, JACQUES (1917-2005) - Photograph Signed
43148: ANDRIST, RALPH K. - The Long Death: The Last Days of the Plains Indians
11345: ANDRIST, RALPH K. (EDITOR) - The American Heritage History of the Confident Years
5891: ANDRUS, ROBERT GARDNER - Adlai E. Stevenson: A Crisis of Conscience -- a Personal Memoir
26598: ANFINSEN, CHRISTIAN B. (1916-95) - Signature and Inscription
36404: DE ANGELI, MARGUERITE - Book of Nursery and Mother Goose Rhymes
29951: ANGELL, SUSAN, HALL, JACQUELYN DOWD, AND WAID, CANDACE (SPECIAL ISSUE EDITORS) - Southern Exposure: Generations -- Women in the South
9603: ANGER, KENNETH - Hollywood Babylon II
41458: ANGLE, PAUL M. - The Lincoln Collection of the Illinois State Historical Library
45719: ANGLE, PAUL M. - Abraham Lincoln: An Authentic Story of His Life
31825: ANGLE, PAUL M. - Stephen Arnold Douglas, Chicagoan and Patriot: An Address Delivered at the Chicago Historical Society, June 2, 1961
31314: ANGLE, PAUL M. (EDITOR) - Chicago History: Winter, 1968-69 (Volume VIII, Number 10)
11280: ANGLE, PAUL M., AND MIERS, EARLE SCHENCK - Books: The Image of America and Doorways to American Culture
45703: ANGLE, PAUL M., AND MIERS, EARL SCHENCK (EDITORS) - The Living Lincoln: The Man, His Mind, His Times, and the War He Fought, Reconstructed from His Own Writings
23459: ANGLE, PAUL M. (EDITOR) - Papers in Illinois History and Transactions for the Year 1942
41203: ANGLE, PAUL M. - One Hundred Years of Law: An Account of the Law Office Which John T. Stuart Founded in Springfield, Illinois, a Century Ago
45145: ANGLE, PAUL M. - Here I Have Lived": A History of Lincoln's Springfield, 1821-1865
42823: ANGLE, PAUL M., AND MIERS, EARL SCHENCK (EDITORS) - The Living Lincoln: The Man, His Mind, His Times, and the War He Fought, Reconstructed from His Own Writings
36596: ANGLE, PAUL M. (EDITOR) - The Lincoln Reader
10291: ANGLE, PAUL M. - The Marine Bank: The Story of the Oldest Bank in Illinois
27310: ANGLE, PAUL M., AND HOWARD, ROBERT P. - One Hundred Fifty Years of Law: An Account of the Law Office Which John T. Stuart Founded in Springfield, Illinois, a Century and a Half Ago
34376: ANGLE, PAUL M. - Lincoln in the Year 1855: Being the Day-by-Day Activities of Abraham Lincoln During That Year
34377: ANGLE, PAUL M. - Lincoln in the Year 1857: Being the Day-by-Day Activities of Abraham Lincoln During That Year
254: ANGLE, PAUL M. - Crossroads: 1913
23460: ANGLE, PAUL M. (EDITOR) - Papers in Illinois History and Transactions for the Year 1939
22164: ANGLE, PAUL A. (EDITOR) - Illinois Guide & Gazetteer
138: ANGLE, PAUL M., AND MIERS, EARL SCHENCK (COMPILERS) - American Culture: Some Beginnings
10989: ANGLE, PAUL M., AND MIERS, EARL SCHENCK - A Ballad of the North and South
39186: ANGLE, PAUL M. - A Pictorial History of the CIVIL War Years
45589: ANGLE, PAUL M. - Bloody Williamson: A Chapter in American Lawlessness
41817: ANGLE, PAUL M. (EDITOR) - The Lincoln Reader
38590: ANGLE, PAUL M. (EDITOR) - The Lincoln Reader
20385: ANGLE, PAUL M. - By These Words: Great Documents of American Liberty, Selected and Placed in Their Contemporary Settings. ; Illustrations by Edward A. Wilson
32826: ANGLE, PAUL M. - The Chicago Historical Society 1856-1956: An Unconventional Chronicle
268: ANGLE, PAUL M., AND MIERS, EARL SCHENCK (COMPILERS) - The American Family: An Album of a Self-Reliant People
43487: ANGLE, PAUL M., AND MIERS, EARL SCHENCK (COMPILERS) - A Ballad of the North and South: For Narrator, Mixed Chorus, and Band
30364: ANGLE, PAUL M. - A Pictorial History of the CIVIL War Years
32283: ANGLE, PAUL M., AND MIERS, EARL SCHENCK - A Ballad of the North and South
15961: ANGLE, PAUL M. (EDITOR) - Papers in Illinois History and Transactions for the Year 1942
40689: ANGLE, PAUL M. - The Chicago Historical Society 1856-1956: An Unconventional Chronicle
40688: ANGLE, PAUL M. (EDITOR) - Papers in Illinois History and Transactions for the Year 1942
43346: ANGLE, PAUL M. (EDITOR) - Papers in Illinois History and Transactions for the Year 1940
39394: ANGLICUS, GILBERTUS - Healing and Society in Medieval England: A Middle English Translation of the Pharmaceutical Writings of Gilbertus Anglicus
26928: ANGLIN, MARGARET (1876-1958) - Signature
24734: ANKENMAN, FRED N. "PAT," JR. (1912-89) - Signature
40995: ANNAN, NOEL - The Dons: Mentors, Eccentrics and Geniuses
27244: ST. ANNE, JILL - The Riviera Conspiracy
6512: ANNIXTER, JANE, AND ANNIXTER, PAUL - White Shell Horse
9933: ANONYMOUS - Streetwalker
39020: ANONYMOUS - The Way of a Man with a Maid
25919: ANONYMOUS - I, Mobster
38993: ANONYMOUS - Blind Lust: Being a True Account of the Adventures of M. De Vycabre and Other French Celebrities
32983: ANONYMOUS - The Mirrors of Washington
8061: ANOUILH, JEAN - Becket (Film Press Kit)
25696: ANSA, TINA MCELROY - Ugly Ways
22334: ANSAY, A. MANETTE - Midnight Champagne
35011: ANTHONY, ALLEN - Columbus, Kentucky As the Nation's Capital: Legend or Near Reality
34525: ANTHONY, ALLEN - River at the Door: Unusual Experiences in Isolated Areas
38333: ANTHONY, DONALD C. - Caring for Your Collections: Manuscripts & Related Materials
26960: ANTHONY, PIERS - Out of Phaze
39335: ANTHONY, PIERS - Xone of Contention
44452: ANTHONY, IRVIN - Paddle Wheels and Pistols
26773: ANTHONY, IRVIN - Decatur
41669: ANTHONY, WILDER - Men of Mystery
45552: ANTHONY, JOSEPH - The Rascal and the Pilgrim: The Story of the Boy from Korea
41062: ANTOBAL, DON MARIO (EUSEBIO AZPIAZU) (1890-1966) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
44415: ANTOBAL, DON MARIO (EUSEBIO AZPIAZU) (1890-1966) - Typed Note Signed
45800: ANTONIO, JUAN (1945-90) - Signature
18944: ANTOON, A.J. (1944-92) - Signature
1156: APEL, PAUL H. - Music of the Americas North and South
31722: APPEL, LIVIA (EDITOR) - A Merry Briton in Pioneer Wisconsin -- a Contemporary Narrative Reprinted from Life in the West: Back-Wood Leaves and Prairie Flowers: Rough Sketches on the Borders of the Picturesque, the Sublime, and Ridiculous...
7460: APPELBAUM, STANLEY (EDITOR) - The New York World's Fair 1939/1940 in 155 Photographs
29879: APPELBAUM, STANLEY (EDITOR) - Nineteenth-Century Stage in Advertising Woodcuts
9605: APPIGNANESI, LISA - Cabaret
34548: APPLE, RIMA D. (EDITOR) - Women, Health and Medicine in America
28601: APPLEMAN, ROY EDGAR (EDITOR) - Abraham Lincoln from His Own Words and Contemporary Accounts
42635: APPLEMAN, ROY EDGAR (EDITOR) - Abraham Lincoln from His Own Words and Contemporary Accounts
1058: APPLEMAN, PHILIP - Apes and Angels
45520: APPLETON, VICTOR, II - Tom Swift and His Giant Robot
40533: APPLETON, VICTOR - Tom Swift and His Sky Racer
42944: APPLETON, VICTOR, II - Tom Swift in the Caves of Nuclear Fire
35515: APPLETON, EDITH-MARIE - Miss Edie's Poems
37043: APPLETON, VICTOR - Tom Swift and His Air Scout or Uncle Sam's Mastery of the Sky
37045: APPLETON, VICTOR - Tom Swift and His Television Detectors or Trailing the Secret Plotters
37051: APPLETON, VICTOR - Tom Swift and His Electric Locomotive or Two Miles a Minute on the Rails
45167: APPLETON, VICTOR, II - Tom Swift and His Giant Robot
37096: APPLETON, VICTOR, II - Tom Swift and His Diving Seacopter
36993: APPLETON, VICTOR - Tom Swift and His Talking Pictures or the Greatest Invention on Record
37095: APPLETON, VICTOR - Tom Swift and His Undersea Search or the Treasure on the Floor of the Atlantic
44370: APPLETON, VICTOR, II - Tom Swift and His Atomic Earth Blaster
44777: APPLETON, VICTOR, II - Tom Swift and His Flying Lab
37106: APPLETON, VICTOR - Tom Swift Among the Fire Fighters or Battling with Flames from the Air
45869: APPLETON, VICTOR - Tom Swift and His Motor Boat
45867: APPLETON, VICTOR - Tom Swift and His Great Searchlight
45868: APPLETON, VICTOR - Tom Swift and His Sky Train
28672: APPLING, LUCIUS B. "LUKE" (1907-91) - Signature
37907: APPLING, LUCIUS B. "LUKE" (1907-91) - Signature
41976: AQUINAS, THOMAS - Introduction to Saint Thomas Aquinas
36061: ARAC, JONATHAN, GODZICH, WLAD, AND MARTIN, WALLACE (EDITORS) - The Yale Critics: Deconstruction in America
26521: ARAGON, ART (1927-2008) - Signature
30475: ARAIZ, ANDRES - Historia de la Musica Religiosa En Espana
25593: ARATA, LAWRENCE J. "LARRY" (1907-79) - Signed First Day Cover
39903: ARBITER, PETRONIUS - The Satyricon of Petronius Arbiter
20976: ARBUTHNOT, JOHN (1667-1735) - Signature and Salutation
43978: ARCHER, WILLIAM - Study & Stage: A Year-Book of Criticism
45010: ARCHER, FRED - The Secrets of Bredon Hill: A Country Chronicle of the Year 1900
34434: ARCHER, HOWARD - Gresham... The Friendly City
45011: ARCHER, FRED - A Lad of Evesham Vale
32940: ARCHER, WILLIAM - The Pirate's Progress: A Short History of the U-Boat
36541: ARDEN, EVE (1912-90) - Signature and Inscription / Unsigned Photograph
22802: ARDEN, EVE (1912-90) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
20783: ARDITI, LUIGI (1822-1903) - Autograph Letter Signed
31892: ARDOIN, JOHN - The Stages of Menotti
1220: ARDREY, ROBERT - The Territorial Imperative: A Personal Inquiry Into the Animal Origins of Property and Nations
45935: ARENAS, REINALDO - Singing from the Well
836: ARENAS, REINALDO - The Doorman. ; Translated by Dolores M. Koch
840: ARENAS, REINALDO - Old Rosa: A Novel in Two Stories
845: ARENAS, REINALDO - The Palace of the White Skunks
843: ARENAS, REINALDO - Singing from the Well
28648: ARENDS, LESLIE C. (1895-1985) - Typed Letter Signed
19155: ARENDS, LESLIE C. (1895-1985) - Signature
2506: ARENSBERG, ANN - Group Sex
1083: ARENSKY, DANIEL, AND CUMMINGS, ARTHUR - Charade for Happiness: A Novel of Ballet Life
8294: ARIAIL, DAN, AND HECKLER-FELTZ, CHERYL - The Carpenter's Apprentice: The Spiritual Biography of Jimmy Carter
17354: ARISTOTLE - A Treatise on Government or, the Politics of Aristotle
39298: ARISTOTLE - Introduction to Aristotle
27864: ARISTOTLE - Introduction to Aristotle
22032: ARIZIN, PAUL (1928-2006) - Signature
44818: (ARIZONA) - Arizona: A State Guide
15561: ARLEN, RICHARD (1898-1976) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
1944: ARLEN, MICHAEL J. - An American Verdict
42715: ARLISS, GEORGE (1868-1946) - Typed Letter Signed
22421: ARMEY, DICK - The Freedom Revolution: The New Republican House Majority Leader Tells Why Big Government Failed, Why Freedom Works, and How We Will Rebuild America
40046: ARMISTEAD, WILSON H. - Trout Waters: Management and Angling
29031: ARMOUR, THOMAS S. (1908-2006) - Signature
4101: ARMSTRONG, APRIL OURSLER - House with a Hundred Gates
35144: ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM H. - A Friend to God's Poor: Edward Parmelee Smith
17460: ARMSTRONG, LOUIS (1900-71) - Printed Document Signed
6600: ARMSTRONG, MARGARET - Fanny Kemble: A Passionate Victorian
42498: ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM H. - Warrior in Two Camps: Ely S. Parker, Union General and Seneca Chief
45466: ANONYMOUS ("AN OFFICER OF THE UNION ARMY") - Uncle Daniel's Story of "Tom" Anderson and Twenty Great Battles
26693: ARNAU, NARCIS J. (1913-96) - Signature
21602: ARNER, FREDERICK B. - The Mutiny at Brandy Station -- the Last Battle of the Hooker Brigade: A Controversial Army Reorganization, Courts Martial, and the Bloody Days That Followed
34728: ARNEY, WILLIAM RAY - Power and the Profession of Obstetrics
25182: ARNO, ENRICO (1913-80) - Signed Postal Cover
427: ARNOLD, RUS - Flash Photography
44806: ARNOLD, LLOYD R. - High on the Wild with Hemingway
30585: ARNOLD, DENIS - Monteverdi
17996: ARNOLD, ALLAN - The Diamond Island or Astray in a Balloon
3992: ARNOLD, EVE - In America
39346: ARNOLD, LLOYD R. - High on the Wild with Hemingway
3104: ARNOLD, EDNA SMITH - Beyond Tomorrow
32163: ARNONI, M.S. (EDITOR) - The Minority of One: Volume IV, Number 5 (May 1962)
32164: ARNONI, M.S. (EDITOR) - The Minority of One: Volume IV, Number 9 (September 1962)
32170: ARNONI, M.S. (EDITOR) - The Minority of One: Volume IV, Number 7 (July 1962)
45870: ARNOT, MICHELLE - What's Gnu? a History of the Crossword Puzzle
1252: ARNOV, BORIS, JR., AND MINDLIN, HELEN MATHER-SMITH - Wonders of the Deep Sea
40456: ARNOW, HARRIETTE - Hunter's Horn
34959: ARNOW, HARRIETTE SIMPSON - Flowering of the Cumberland
29922: ARONSON, JAMES (EDITOR) - National Guardian: The Progressive Newsweekly -- November 29, 1962 (Vol. 15, No. 8)
29921: ARONSON, JAMES (EDITOR) - National Guardian: The Progressive Newsweekly -- March 28, 1963 (Vol. 15, No. 25)
22804: ARQUETTE, CLIFF (1905-74) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
1089: ARRINGTON, LEONARD J. - Tracy Collins Bank & Trust Company: A Record of Responsibility 1884-1984
40704: (SAN ANTONIO MUSEUM OF ART) - San Antonio Museum of Art: The First Ten Years
10613: ARTHAUD, CLAUDE - Enchanted Visions: Fantastic Houses and Their Treasures
24713: ARTHUR, RUSSELL, CARVER, BIT, ET AL. (EDITORS) - Foxfire: Fall 1974
15004: ARTHUR, CHESTER A. (1830-86) - Printed Handbill
23795: ARTHUR, T.S. (EDITOR) - Little Gems from the Children's Hour
508: ARTZYBASHEFF, BORIS - Let George Do It! a Talk Delivered at a Meeting of the Trade Book Clinic Innew York City, December 5, 1940
19131: TER-ARUTUNIAN, ROUBEN (1920-92) - Signature
45747: ASBURY, HERBERT - Sucker's Progress: An Informal History of Gambling in America from the Colonies to Canfield
40629: ASCH, SHOLEM - Salvation
45720: ASHABRANNER, BRENT - A Memorial for Mr. Lincoln
12026: ASHABRANNER, BRENT (EDITOR) - The Stakes Are High
29032: ASHBRIDGE, BRYAN (1924-95) - Signature
33679: ASHBURN, P.M. - A History of the Medical Department of the United States Army
17513: ASHBURN, RICH "WHITEY" (1927-97) - Photograph Signed
15556: ASHCROFT, PEGGY (1907-91) - Photograph Signed
25942: ASHE, ARTHUR, JR. (1943-93) - Signature
5781: ASHE, ROSALIND - More Literary Houses
19749: ASHLEY, ELIZABETH - Actress: Postcards from the Road
24212: ASHLEY, MAURICE - Great Britain to 1688: A Modern History
30904: ASHLEY, ROBERT - The Stolen Train. ; Illustrations by Albert Micale
31303: ASHLEY, ELIZABETH - Actress: Postcards from the Road
41371: ASHMAN, RON (1926-2004) - Signature
4554: ASHMOLE, BERNARD - Architect and Sculptor in Classical Greece
7199: ASHMORE, HARRY S. - Unseasonable Truths: The Life of Robert Maynard Hutchins
2662: ASHMORE, HARRY S. - Fear in the Air -- Broadcasting and the First Amendment: The Anatomy of a Constitutional Crisis
19962: ASHTON, FREDERICK (1906-88) - Signature
1095: ASHTON, WENDELL J. - Voice in the West: Biography of a Pioneer Newspaper
3015: ASKUE, RUSSELL PETTIS - When Lincoln Left the Capital and Other Ballads
20694: ASMUS, BARRY - The Best Is Yet to Come
17626: ASPEL, PAULENE - Crossings/Traversees
5539: ASQUITH, STUART A. - New Model Army 1645-60
24425: (LINCOLN ASSASSINATION) - The New-York Times: April 21, 1865
24427: (LINCOLN ASSASSINATION) - Illinois State Journal: April 25, 1865
24455: (LINCOLN ASSASSINATION) - New-York Daily Tribune: April 21, 1865 (Vol. XXV, No. 7501)
24433: (LINCOLN ASSASSINATION) - Daily Illinois State Register: May 8, 1865
24428: (LINCOLN ASSASSINATION) - Illinois State Journal: April 26, 1865
34571: (NATIONAL AMATEUR PRESS ASSOCIATION) - Banquet National Amateur Press Association, 36th Convention
44226: ASTAIRE, FRED (1899-1987) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
39947: ASTON, JAMES, AND STORY, EDWARD B. - Wrought Iron: Its Manufacture, Characteristics and Applications
17466: ASTOR, GERALD - The Pga World Golf Hall of Fame Book
32062: ASTOR, GERALD - Wings of Gold: The U.S. Naval Air Campaign in World War II
39425: ATHEARN, ROBERT G. - William Tecumseh Sherman and the Settlement of the West
18679: ATHEARN, ROBERT G. - The American Heritage New Illustrated History of the United States: The New World
40858: ATHERTON, GERTRUDE (1857-1948) - Typed Note Signed
33775: ATHERTON, GERTRUDE FRANKLIN - The Conqueror: Being the True and Romantic Story of Alexander Hamilton
40150: ATKINS, JOHN - The Art of Ernest Hemingway: His Work and Personality
36479: ATKINSON, BROOKS - Tuesdays & Fridays
20926: ATKINSON, EDWARD (1827-1905) - Signature and Inscription
37935: ATKINSON, BROOKS (FOREWORD) - New Voices in the American Theatre
19100: ATKINSON, BROOKS (1894-1984) - Signature
25569: ATKINSON, RICK - Crusade: The Untold Story of the Persian Gulf War
45899: ATTENBOROUGH, RICHARD (1923-2014) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
41050: ATTENBOROUGH, RICHARD (1923-2014) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
3954: ATTENBOROUGH, DAVID - The First Eden: The Mediterranean World and Man
2449: ATWAN, ROBERT, AND FORER, BRUCE (EDITORS) - Bedside Hollywood: Great Scenes from Movie Memoirs
1357: ATWATER, RICHARD (EDITOR) - Rickety Rimes of Riq
40998: ATWATER, EDWARD C., ET AL (EDITORS) - To Each His Farthest Star: University of Rochester Medical Center 1925-1975
42718: JEAN-AUBRY, J. - Joseph Conrad: Life and Letters
9528: AUCHINCLOSS, LOUIS - The Embezzler
10711: AUCHINCLOSS, LOUIS - A World of Profit
7815: AUCHINCLOSS, LOUIS - The House of the Prophet
642: AUCHINCLOSS, LOUIS - Watchfires
43972: AUCHINCLOSS, LOUIS - The Winthrop Covenant
35425: AUDEMARS, PIERRE - The Bitter Path of Death
43829: AUDEN, W.H. - Selected Poetry of W.H. Auden
44884: AUDEN, W.H. - The Orators: An English Study
43510: AUDSLEY, GEORGE ASHDOWN - The Art of Organ-Building: A Comprehensive Historical, Theoretical, and Practical Treatise on the Tonal Appointment and Mechanical Construction of Concert Room, Church, and Chamber Organs
38382: AUEL, JEAN M. - The Mammoth Hunters
1023: AUEL, JEAN M. - The Plains of Passage
15566: AUER, MISCHA (1905-67) - Signed Play Program
4102: AUGE, THOMAS E. - Frederic Ozanam and His World
42001: AUGUSTINE - The Confessions of Saint Augustine
35655: D'AULAIRE, INGRI, AND D'AULAIRE, EDGAR PARIN - Don't Count Your Chicks
29428: AULETTA, KEN - The Highwaymen: Warriors of the Information Superhighway
18980: AULT, DOUG (1950-2004) - Signature
33021: AULT, PHILIP - Whistles Round the Bend: Travel on America's Waterways
15567: AUMONT, JEAN-PIERRE (1909-2001) - Signature
9885: AURY, DOMINIQUE - Literary Landfalls
1354: AUSLANDER, JOSEPH - Sunrise Trumpets
37739: AUSTIN, PAUL BRITTEN - The Life and Songs of Carl Michael Bellman: Genius of the Swedish Rococo
34334: AUSTIN, PAUL BRITTEN - 1812: Napoleon in Moscow
10719: AUSTIN, JANE G. - David Alden's Daughter and Other Stories of Colonial Times
27404: AUSTIN, WARREN R. (1877-1962) - Signature / Unsigned Photograph
44435: AUSTIN, HOWARD - Lost in the Blizzard; or, the Snow-Bound School Boys
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17556: AUTRY, GENE (1907-98) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
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13649: BARNARD, J.G. - The Peninsular Campaign and Its Antecedent, As Developed by the Report of Maj. -Gen. Geo. B. Mcclellan, and Other Published Documents
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77: BARONDESS, BENJAMIN - The Gettysburg Address: Revealing Facts About One of the "Supreme Masterpieces of the English Language.
29806: BARONDESS, BENJAMIN - The Adventure of the Missing Briefs
30763: BARR, NEVADA - Flashback
29911: BARR, NEVADA - Flashback
29910: BARR, NEVADA - Flashback
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26170: BERG, A. SCOTT - Goldwyn: A Biography
17980: BERGEN, EDGAR (1903-78) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
21371: BERGEN, EDGAR (1903-78) - Signed Postal Cover
40035: BERGENGRUEN, WERNER - Der Spanische Rosenstock
44629: BERGER, THOMAS - Reinhart's Women
36855: BERGER, SIDNEY E. - Edward Seymour & the Fancy Paper Company: The Story of a British Marbled Paper Manufacturer
8884: BERGER, CARL - B29: The Superfortress
1059: BERGER, THOMAS - The Houseguest
1071: BERGER, THOMAS - Reinhart's Women
39948: BERGER, MEYER - New York, City on Many Waters
1060: BERGER, THOMAS - Nowhere
34771: BERGERON, PAUL H. - Paths of the Past: Tennessee, 1770-1970
42154: BERGERON, ARTHUR W., JR. - Confederate Mobile
396: BERGES, RUTH - The Collector's Cabinet
18918: BERGHOF, HERBERT (1909-90) - Signature
35992: BERGMAN, RAY - Fishing with Ray Bergman
24535: BERGMAN, SUSAN - Anonymity
39535: BERGMAN, DAVE (1953-2015) - Signature
33281: BERGMAN, SUSAN - Anonymity
11136: BERGMANN, LEOLA NELSON - The Negro in Iowa
38551: BERGMANN, LEOLA NELSON - The Negro in Iowa
22150: BERK, NURULLAH - Modern Painting and Sculpture in Turkey
13959: BERKELEY, LENNOX (?-1989) - Signature
11780: BERKOWITZ, FREDA PASTOR - Popular Titles and Subtitles of Musical Compositions
27827: BERLAND, THEODORE - The Scientific Life
21370: BERLE, MILTON (1909-2002) - Signed Postal Cover
28976: BERLE, MILTON (1909-2002) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
36924: BERLIN, IRA, FIELDS, BARBARA J., MILLER, STEVEN F., REIDY, JOSEPH P., AND ROWLAND, LESLIE S. - Slaves No More: Three Essays on Emancipation and the CIVIL War
45538: BERLIN, ISAIAH - Russian Thinkers
33720: BERLIN, IRA, GLYMPH, THAVOLIA, MILLER, STEVEN F., REIDY, JOSEPH P., ROWLAND, LESLIE S., AND SAVILLE, JULIE (EDITORS) - Freedom -- a Documentary History of Emancipation, 1861-1867: Series I, Volume III -- the Wartime Genesis of Free Labor: The Lower South
37576: BERLIN, IRA, AND ROWLAND, LESLIE S. (EDITORS) - Families and Freedom: A Documentary History of African-American Kinship in the CIVIL War Era
37544: BERLIN, IRA, FIELDS, BARBARA J., MILLER, STEVEN F., REIDY, JOSEPH P., AND ROWLAND, LESLIE S. (EDITORS) - Free at Last: A Documentary History of Slavery, Freedom, and the CIVIL War
45537: BERLIN, ISAIAH - Personal Impressions
39865: (BERLIN) - Album Von Berlin. 4 Grosse Panoramen, Darunter Ein Farbiges, Und 55 Ansichten Nach Naturaufnahmen in Photographiedruck. V/ Album Von Berlin: Enthalt 57 Ansichten Und 1 Buntes Panorama
23697: BERLITZ, M.D. - Methode Berlitz: Pour L'Ensignement Des Langues Modernes
19947: BERMONT, HUBERT - How to Become a Successful Consultant in Your Own Field
35315: BERNARD, CLAUDE - An Introduction to the Study of Experimental Medicine
7932: BERNARD, DENIS - The Suspended Man
28242: BERNARD, KENNETH A. - Music of the CIVIL War
18912: BERNARDI, HERSCHEL (1923-86) - Signature
6237: DE BERNARDY, FRANCOISE - Albert and Victoria
8477: BERNIER, GEORGES, AND BERNIER, ROSAMOND (EDITORS) - The Selective Eye, 1956/1957
11219: BERNITT, MURIEL (EDITOR) - Two Manuscripts of Gideon Welles
45637: BERNS, WALTER - Democracy and the Constitution: Essays
42113: BERNSTEIN, RICHARD - Dictatorship of Virtue: Multiculturalism and the Battle for America's Future
13919: BERNSTEIN, RAE (?-?) - Inscribed Photograph Signed
4642: BERNSTEIN, BURTON - The Sticks: A Profile of Essex County, New York
37266: BERNSTEIN, IVER - The New York City Draft Riots: Their Significance for American Society and Politics in the Age of the CIVIL War
42571: BERNSTORFF, JOHANN HEINRICH VON, AND BAILEY, JOSEPH W. - Addresses Delivered at the Celebration of the One Hundred and Fourth Anniversary of the Birth of Abraham Lincoln Under the Auspices of the Lincoln Centennial Association
37308: BEROLZHEIMER, RUTH (EDITOR) - 250 Ways of Serving Potatoes
37309: BEROLZHEIMER, RUTH (EDITOR) - 500 Tasty Sandwiches: Fancy Breads, Fillings and Spreads, Party Sandwiches, Closed Sandwiches, Hot Sandwiches, Double-Deckers, Triple-Deckers
718: BEROLZHEIMER, RUTH (EDITOR) - 250 Ways of Serving Potatoes
722: BEROLZHEIMER, RUTH (EDITOR) - The Dairy Book: Appetizers, Soups, Entrčes, Salads, Breads,...
732: BEROLZHEIMER, RUTH (EDITOR) - 500 Delicious Dishes from Leftovers: Use Your Leftover Bread-Cakes, Crackers and Crumbs-Eggs-Cheese-Meats...
725: BEROLZHEIMER, RUTH (EDITOR) - Menus for Every Day of the Year
726: BEROLZHEIMER, RUTH (EDITOR) - 250 Ways to Serve Fresh Vegetables: Recipes for Delectable Dishes of Every Vegetable from Artichokes to Zucchini...
29821: BERRALL, JULIA S. - Flowers and Table Settings
22375: BERRES, RAYMOND F. "RAY" (1907-2007) - Signature
35030: BERRY, MARY CLAY - Voices from the Century Before: The Odyssey of a Nineteenth-Century Kentucky Family
28824: BERRY, GEORGE L. (1882-1948) - Printed Document Signed
1606: BERRYMAN, OPAL LEIGH - Pioneer Preacher
285: BERTAGNA, JOE - Crimson in Triumph: A Pictorial History of Harvard Athletics, 1852-1985
35622: BERTHOLD, ARTHUR BENEDICT - American Colonial Printing As Determined by Contemporary Cultural Forces, 1639-1763
31536: BERTHRONG, DONALD J. - The CIVIL War Collection of the Illinois State Historical Library
22163: BERTON, PIERRE - Flames Across the Border: The Canadian-American Tragedy, 1813-1814

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