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0025192: Brazilian Government Trade Bureau - Brasilia: April 21st, 1960: Brazil's Dream City... A Capital for the Dream Age
0025203: Quebec Municipal Tourist and Industrial Bureau - Quaint Old Quebec
0025204: Province of Quebec Tourist Bureau - Roaming and Rambling in La Province de Quebec, Canada: Historic, Romantic, Picturesque
0025205: Province of Quebec Tourist Bureau - La Province de Quebec: New France in Canada
0025206: Prince Edward Island Tourist and Information Bureau - Come to Prince Edward Island, Canada: Canada's Vacation Playground
0025207: Prince Edward Island Travel Bureau - Come to Prince Edward Island, Canada
0025208: Prince Edward Island Tourist and Information Bureau - Come to Prince Edward Island, Canada
0025209: Travel and Publicity Bureau - Northern & North-Western Ontario
0025210: Victoria and Island Publicity Bureau - Follow the Birds to Victoria: The Capital City of British Columbia
0025212: Victoria and Island Publicity Bureau - Vancouver Island and its Holiday Resorts
0010810: B. R. Burg - An American Seafarer in the Age of Sail: The Erotic Diaries of Philip C. Van Buskirk, 1851-1870
0019896: Gary Crew; John Burge - Gulliver in the South Seas
0007654: Roslyn Burge - No Peacetime Cinderellas: A History of the War Widow's Guild of Australia in New South Wales, 1946-2006
0017594: John W. Burgess - The Middle Period, 1817-1858
0019851: Robert Burgin - Maroon Mentality: The Tragedies, Inspirations & Hidden History Behind Sport's Greatest Gladiators
0032093: Jackson Burke - Exclusive & Private Lives Vol. 1, No. 7, October 1954
0009667: Gail Burke - All in the Family: A Trilogy
0010121: Alex James Burke - Bite the Pineapple
0010120: Alex James Burke - Bite the Pineapple
0008285: Andrew Dawson; Bernie Pramberg; John Morton; Brian Burke - At Last! The Quest for the Shield, 1926-1995
0022250: W. J. F. Burmanje - The 30 Best Architect Interviews: Published in Archidea by Forbo Flooring Systems Between 1990-2012
0023660: Edi Sigar; John Burnett - Raja Kamus: Inggris - Indonesia; Indonesia - Inggris
0021495: John Horne Burns - A Cry Of Children
0025029: Chandler Burr - A Separate Creation: How Biology Makes Us Gay
0020034: William S. Burroughs - Naked Lunch: The Restored Text
0022638: William S. Burroughs - Ghost of Chance
0018491: Williams S. Burroughs - Everything Lost: The Latin American Notebook of William S. Burroughs
0018812: William Shakespeare; Colin Burrow - The Letterpress Shakespeare Sonnets & Poems
0005977: Uzi Burstein - Among Flowers: Wild Flowers of Israel
0001405: Graham S. Burstow - Touch Me
0012238: Graham S. Burstow - Touch Me
0025392: Peter Burton - Parallel Lives
0006818: Catherine Bush - Minus Time
0025471: Susan Evans; Deborah Bush - Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain
0024527: Harlan J. Bushfield - South Dakota Black Hills and Badlands
0018258: George F. Van Patten; Alyssa F. Bust - Gardening Indoors with Rockwool
0008021: Rex Butler - What Is Appropriation? An Anthology of Writings on Australian Art in the 1980s & 1990s
0020412: Samuel Butler - An Atlas of Antient Geography
0005343: Pat Hoffie; Sally Butler - Fully Exploited Labour
0014016: Rex Butler - Marioni / Macpherson
0016266: Michael Eather; Margo Neale; Rex Butler - Michael Eather and Friends: Skin & Division
0021451: Roger Butler - Islands in the Sun: Prints by Indigenous Artists of Australia and the Australasian Region
0022510: Cameron Bruhn; Katelin Butler - The New Queensland House
0009247: Rex Butler - Double Displacement: Rex Butler on Queensland Art, 1992-2016
0020339: Darryl Butler - The Unique Australian Character
0024160: N. G. Butlin - Working Papers in Economic History: The Palaeoeconomic History of Aboriginal Migration
0020543: Henry Button - Flotsam and Jetsam: Floating Fragments of Life in England and Tasmania
0007193: E. M. Buytaert - Peter Abelard (Proceedings of the International Conference, Louvain, May 10-12, 1971)
0020934: Tony Barker; Ian Byford - Harvests and Heartaches: Images and Stories of Queensland's Agricultural Past
0007131: Ursula M. L. Bygott - With Pen and Tongue: The Jesuits in Australia, 1865-1939
0024465: Cecil K. Byrd - Wendell Lewis Willkie: An Exhibit, 1892 - 1944
0018929: Andrew Byrne - Methadone in the Treatment of Narcotic Addiction
0006710: Brian Byrne - The Unknown Kaipara: Five Aspects of its History, 1250-1875
0005154: Neil J. Byrne - Robert Dunne: Archbishop of Brisbane
0014977: Brian G. Wilson; Eileen M. Byrne - Women In The University: A Policy Report
0018177: Carmel M. T. Byrne - Meeting the Needs of Our Children: A History of Brisbane Kindergarten Teachers College, 1911-1981
0031793: John Byron - Portrait of a Chinese Paradise: Erotica and Sexual Customs of the Late Qing Period
0015932: Peter Bowler; Leslie Cabarga - The Superior Person's Field Guide to Deceitful, Deceptive & Downright Dangerous Language
0022437: Davinia Caddy - The Ballets Russes and Beyond: Music and Dance in Belle-Epoque Paris
0017701: Amanda de Cadenet - Rare Birds
0030110: Stephanie Cahalan - Colour and Movement: The Life of Claudio Alcorso
0032243: Christina Orr-Cahall - Cat and a Ball on a Waterfall: 200 Years of California Folk Painting and Sculpture
0030619: Michelle Cahill - Vishvarupa
0004511: Dennis J. Cahill - Squeezing a New Service Into a Crowded Market
0016057: Sheila Melvin; Jindong Cai - Rhapsody in Red: How Western Classical Music Became Chinese
0023737: N. J. Caire - Views of Bendigo
0011120: John Fraser Calder - Fragments
0025557: Clay Caldwell - Queers Like Us
0024005: Conrad Hamann; Leon van Schaik; Vivian Mitsogianni; Winsome Callister - Cities of Hope Remembered: Australian Architecture by Edmond and Corrigan 1962-2012; Cities of Hope Rehearsed: Australian Stage Design by Edmond and Corrigan 1962-2012 (3 Volumes in 1)
0012834: Felix Calvino - So Much Smoke
0012833: Felix Calvino - A Hatful of Cherries
0005025: Felix Calvino - Alfonso
0002928: Felix Calvino - Alfonso
0019728: Cesar Calvo - The Three Halves of Ino Moxo: Teachings of the Wizard of the Upper Amazon
0019034: Anne Cameron - Child Of Her People
0021964: Walter E. Cameron - The Geology of the Basalt Workings, Mount Rainbow Gold Field
0023665: Ian Cameron - A Green and Pleasant Land: An Account of the Pullenvale-Moggill District of South-East Queensland
0024659: John O'Hare; Dave Cameron - Passing the Baton: 80 Years of Marist College Ashgrove Athletics, 1940 - 2019
0020669: Jimmy Camicia - My Dear, Sweet Self: A Hot Peach Life
0011898: Emilio Campana - Maria nel Dogma Cattolico
0025385: John Campbell - Castings
0020324: Anne Campbell - The Opposite Sex: The Complete Guide to the Difference Between the Sexes
0020639: Phyllis V. Campbell - Creation Dances
0005337: Colin Campbell - Engine of Destruction: The 51st (Highland) Division In The Great War
0023981: Roderic Campbell - Fugitive Books: The U Committee's Book Fair 1968-2012 & Women's Voluntary Work at UNSW
0020864: Tony Campbell - Early Maps
0021843: Katherine Campbell - The Growing Up
0023213: John W. Campbell - Astounding Science Fiction
0023687: Russell Campbell - Marked Women: Prostitutes and Prostitution in the Cinema
0031856: Cressida Campbell - Cressida Campbell: 9 July to 3 August, 2013
0014478: Joseph Campbell - Correspondence, 1927-1987
0030994: Liam Campbell - Elska Issue 30: Sydney, Australia
0025489: John Webb de Campi - Rolls-Royce In America
0031012: Albert Camus - The Novels and Short Stories of Albert Camus (6 Volumes: A Happy Death, The Outsider, The Plague, The Fall, The First Man, Exile and the Kingom)
0020250: Canberra (Guided missile heavy cruiser : CAG-2) - The Kangaroo Heads South: Midshipman Cruise Alfa - USS Canberra - June 8 to August 6, 1957
0023128: Dorothy Canfield - Vermont Summer Homes: An Open Letter
0000273: Henrique Moises Canter - Serpentes: Arte & Ciencia / Snakes: Art & Science
0019057: Steve Capelin - Paradiso: A Novel
0024830: Cloey Capewell - Semper, May 2022: Women's Edition
0023612: Gary Michael Cappetta - Fall for the Dream: A Script of Wrestling Fiction
0023633: Gary Michael Cappetta - Bodyslams!: Memoirs of a Wrestling Pitchman
0022580: Jane Caputi - The Age of Sex Crime
0031393: Francis Carco - Perversity
0014197: Nicola D'Agostino; Fernando Carcupino - Sex and Horror: The Art of Fernando Carcupino
0031652: Fernando Caretta - Spank! The Art of Fernando Caretta
0025571: Peter Carey - Illywhacker
0020488: Anna Carey - Preludes
0025569: Peter Carey - Bliss
0019224: Deborah A. Carmichael - The Landscape of Hollywood Westerns: Ecocriticism in an American Film Genre
0015432: Freja Carmichael - long water: fibre stories
0021201: Campbell Carmichael - Report upon the Distribution of Foodstuffs by Municipal Markets and Otherwise, and upon the Standards and Cost of Living in Various Countries
0013452: Freja Carmichael - Gathering Strands
0011992: Antonio Carnicero - Coleccion de las Principales Suertes de Una Corrida de Toros
0007744: Antonio Petit Caro - La Lidia y el Toreo: La Historia Taurina a Traves de la Prensa
0018223: Ian Barker; Anthony Caro - Anthony Caro: Quest for the New Sculpture
0024248: Anthony Caro - Anthony Caro: Table Sculptures, 1966 - 1977
0012706: N. C. W. Beadle; O. D. Evans; R. C. Carolin - Flora of the Sydney Region
0024898: E. R. Rotherham; Barbara G. Briggs; D. F. Blaxell; R. C. Carolin - Flowers and Plants of New South Wales and Southern Queensland
0007920: Pat Ryan; Ray Carpenter - Solar Energy Patents
0011063: Donna Balma; Craig Carpenter - Reconciliation
0010395: Edward Carpenter - The Intermediate Sex: A Study of Some Transitional Types of Men and Women
0023444: J. L. Carr - A Month in the Country
0015179: Ruth Coker Burks; Kevin Carr O'Leary - All The Young Men: A Memoir of Love, AIDS, and Chosen Family in the American South
0020720: Leonora Carrington - The Debutante and Other Stories
0013351: Craig Walsh; Linda Carroli - Self Promotion: A Touring Installation
0016787: Alison Carroll - Out of Asia
0024739: Lewis Carroll - Alice au Pays Des Merveilles et De l'Autre Cote du Miroir
0013050: Alison Carroll - Art from Australia: Eight Contemporary Views
0022057: Dale Carruth - Transformations: Healing Trauma with Psychedelic Therapy
0022058: Dale Carruth - Beating the Benzo Blues
0024935: David Carson - Making Medicine: A Guided Journal for Medicine Cards
0002286: Claire Carter - The Classic Comic Colouring Book: Creative Colouring for Grown-ups
0024765: Albert E. Carter - The Miracles of Rebound Exercise
0008929: Susan Hunt; Paul Carter - Terre Napoleon Australia Through French Eyes, 1800-1804
0022796: Alan Carter - Specialist Price Guide to Ceramics, Pottery and Porcelain
0023766: Martin Pircher; Simon Carter - Blue Mountains Climbing
0024129: David Rankin; David Carter - David Rankin: The Jerusalem Paintings
0025003: Steven Carter - Outrage 1993: Australian Gay & Lesbian Short Story Anthology
0019460: William T. Kendall; Nathaniel Cartwright - The Diseases of Australian Horses AND The Law of Horse Warranty
0030554: D. F. Cartwright - The Shipowners 125th Anniversary Annual Report
0017403: Leopoldo Lugones; Santiago Caruso - La Biblioteca Infernal
0021516: Clemente Palma; Santiago Caruso - Cuentos Malevolos
0017405: Ambrose Bierce; Santiago Caruso - El Monje: Y La Hija Del Verduo
0017406: Santiago Caruso - Benedicta
0004910: Carmelo Caruso - Under Another Sky: The Life and Sentiments of an Italian Emigrant
0023368: Joyce Cary - The Horse's Mouth
0030730: Adolfo Bioy Casares - The Dream of Heroes
0030249: A. Mushtaque; R. Chowdhury; Richard A. Cash - A Simple Solution: Teaching Millions to Treat Diarrhoea at Home
0013877: Paul A. Casper - Chicago Talent Sourcebook 1985
0008956: A. Dold; B. Eckmann; L. R. A. Casse - Lecture Notes in Mathematics 1036: Combinatorial Mathematics X (Proceedings, Adelaide 1982)
0008957: A. Dold; B. Eckmann; L. R. A. Casse - Lecture Notes in Mathematics 952: Combinatorial Mathematics IX (Proceedings, Brisbane 1981)
0030693: Carlos Castaneda - Journey to Ixtlan: The Lessons of Don Juan
0032258: Rolando Castellon - The Impolite Figure
0021554: Celine Chicha-Castex - Matisse: Drawing Life + The Drawing Room In Review
0010664: Jose Luna Castro - Jose Luna Castro's Handbook of Journalism (Second Edition)
0011556: Casyndekan, Inc. - The Clausewitz Casyndekan
0025518: Sex Catalog - Catalogue 1972: Sex Catalog
0020273: Nancy Cato - The Noosa Story: a study in unplanned development
0020327: Mostyn Bramley-Moore; Jon Cattapan - Transit Narratives
0023904: J. H. Catts - Imperial Federation and the Commonwealth Constitution: Australians' Wake Up!
0001033: A.B. Caudell - Barefoot To Boardroom: 22,000 Days
0004980: Arthur Cavanaugh - The Children Are Gone
0017789: Joseph Bennett; Cavendish - Billiards
0022767: Graham Caveney - Screaming with Joy: The Life of Allen Ginsberg
0030020: Beatriz Caiuby Labate; Clancy Cavnar - Psychedelic Justice
0005469: Caza - Zachtjes Met De Buren
0005463: Caza - Aan't Eind Linksaf
0023071: Cazapra - Why Cazapra is Better
0016508: Germano Celant - La Biennale di Venezia XLVII Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte: Future Present Past & General Catalogue (2 Volumes)
0031651: Shinjuku Art Center - 1997 Super Catalogue Vol 21
0017772: Fresno Arts Center - Views of Yosemite: The Last Stance of the Romantic Landscape
0012503: Rus Center - Nunga
0022714: Richard Centers - Sexual Attraction and Love: An Instrumental Theory
0019696: Muurrbay Aboriginal Language Centre - Bamay Possum's Party
0031423: Aviation Theory Centre - Meteorology for the CASA PPL/CPL Day VFR Syllabus
0023721: The Manly Environment Centre - Souvenir of the Pine-ing for the Future of Manly
0025235: Catholic Marriage Guidance Centre - He's Your Son; You Are Her Mother (2 Volumes)
0030247: Asia Society AustralAsia Centre - Crossing Boundaries: Bali: A Window to Twentieth Century Indonesian Art / Melintas Batasan: Bali: Jendela Seni Indonesia Abad Kedua Puluh
0031422: Aviation Theory Centre - Human Factors for the CASA PPL/CPL Day VFR Syllabus
0031416: Aviation Theory Centre - Aircraft Operation, Performance and Planning for the CASA PPL/CPL Day VFR Syllabus
0031417: Aviation Theory Centre - Navigation for the CASA PPL/CPL Day VFR Syllabus
0031420: Aviation Theory Centre - Flight Rules and Air Law for the CASA PPL/CPL Day VFR Syllabus
0007938: Ivan Cenzi - Paris Mirabilia: Journey Through A Rare Enchantment
0004428: Steven Cerio - Sunbeam on the Astronaut
0002738: Jan Cernos - Judgment of Paris
0023174: Certane - Do you Know the Facts About Feminine Hygiene?
0003767: Arturo Ceruti - Piante Medicinali e Alimentari
0032244: Mary Ceruti - Capp Street Project
0017816: Cyra McFadden; Tom Cervenak - The Serial: A Year in the Life of Marin County
0024503: Cessna - Information Manual 1980: Model 172N Skyhawk
0024502: Cessna - Information Manual 1980: Model 152
0019011: CF (Christopher Forgues) - William Softkey and the Purple Spider
0022897: Norman Chaffer - In Quest of Bower Birds
0008518: Elaine Ostrach Chaika - Understanding Psychotic Speech: Beyond Freud and Chomsky
0015387: Sussy Chako - Chinese Walls
0013992: Jack Challenge - St. Mick
0030364: Ros Mills; Lavender; Judith Haggard; Bernadette Flynn; Sharon Chalmers - Journal of Australian Feminist Studies, No. 4 June 1994
0024578: Chamber of Commerce, Longview - Longview, Washington: The Land of Opportunity
0001782: Ed. C. Chandler - Waiuta Ghosts: The Meandering of a Quartz-miner
0018237: Raymond Chandler - Playback
0023545: N. Chandrasekaran - First Four Yoga Sutra-s: As it is: Catur Sutrani iti
0030497: H. A. L. Chapman - Sprint Start: Instruction Pamphlet
0005964: Rob Chapman - Psychedelia And Other Colours
0022213: Eduardo Chapunoff - Sex and the Cardiac Patient: A Practical Guide
0019729: Howard G. Charing - The Accidental Shaman: Journeys with Plant Teachers and Other Spirit Allies
0022137: Charles, Reynolds & Co. - The Album of Bristol and Clifton Views
0014614: Max Charlesworth - The Aboriginal Land Rights Movement
0017067: Eddie Charlton - Winning Snooker
0002780: W. Kenneth Charlton - Parliamentary Government in New South Wales (A Brief Historical Sketch)
0030036: Peter Charlton - South Queensland: WWII, 1941-1945
0018756: William Campbell Charnley - Six Black Murderers
0030221: Ann Charters; Samuel Charters - Brother Souls: John Clellon Holmes, Jack Kerouac, and the Beat Generation
0019314: Liz P. Y. Chee - Mao's Bestiary: Medicinal Animals and Modern China
0022518: Stephen Cheeke - Writing for Art: The Aesthetics of Ekphrasis
0023957: Deborah Cheetham - Dhungala Choral Connection Song Book
0021705: Jun Chen - Jun Chen: 30th April - 25th May, 2019
0021719: Jun Chen - Jun Chen: 6 July - 31 July, 2021
0021720: Jun Chen - Jun Chen: 30th May - 24th June, 2017
0014506: Ting Cheng - One And Two And Up And Down
0018029: Jin Chengmin - Collection of Pictures on Japanese Military Germ Warfare
0021769: Im Jong-cheon - Great Pop Song Encyclopedia
0015400: Colin Cheong - Seventeen
0013988: Robert Chesley - Hard Plays / Stiff Parts: The Homoerotic Plays of Robert Chesley
0024399: Eustace Chesser - Love Without Fear
0012982: Eustace Chesser - The Sexual, Marital and Family Relationships of the English Woman
0019579: C. S. Cheung - Journal of the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (8 Volumes)
0003795: Mantak Chia; Maneewan Chia - Chi Nei Tsang: Buku Pedoman untuk Kebugaran
0003794: Mantak Chia; Maneewan Chia - Peremajaan Sumsum Tulang: Cara Taoisme Menyempurnakan Kesehatan Anda dengan Meremajakan Sumsum Tulang dan Darah Anda
0025439: Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli - Someone You Knew
0024891: Mineko Chigira - The Ikebana & Bonsai [Diary] 1975: The 25th Anniversary Edition
0009410: Thomas Child - The Interpretation of the Scriptures
0008359: Thomas Child - The Glorification of the Lord's Humanity
0030077: Alan McCulloch; Susan McCulloch; Emily McCulloch Childs - The New McCulloch's Encyclopedia of Australian Art
0022986: L'Aretin; Edouard Chimot - Les Ragionamenti (2 Volumes)
0001260: The National Games of the Peoples Republic of China - Match-Brand Art: The VIII National Games of the P. R. C.
0030879: Francis D. K. Ching - Building Construction Illustrated
0023091: Art Chipman - KMED: The First Half Century
0023147: Christopher Chippindale - Stonehenge Complete
0009733: Deborah Ruiz Wall; Christine Choo - Re-imagining Australia: Voices of Indigenous Australians of Filipino Descent
0031312: Deborah Ruiz Wall; Christine Choo - Re-imagining Australia: Voices of Indigenous Australians of Filipino Descent
0022254: Nicolas Chorier - The Dialogues of Luisa Sigea
0004286: Eric Chou - The Dragon and The Phoenix
0021849: Claude Choules - Claude Choules: His Autobiography: The Last of the Last
0009987: Jansen Chow - Jansen Chow: Art Salon, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur
0032207: Alix Lambert; Mary Christ - Russian Prison Tattoos: Codes of Authority, Domination and Struggle
0017870: Wallace C. Christen - Inspirationist Mysticism and the Amana Community
0013054: Peter Timms; Robyn Christie - Cultivating the Country: Living with the arts in regional Australia
0005430: Pierre Christin - Ravian de tijd ruimte-agent: Verschijningen op Inverloch
0025185: Henry M. Christman - Gay Tales and Verses from the Arabian Nights
0021913: Chrysalis - Parliament of Dreams
0030276: Cathleen A. Baker; Rebecca M. Chung - Making Impressions: Women in Printing and Publishing
0025058: Su Kim Chung - Las Vegas: Then and Now
0016016: G. P. Church - Memories of a Queensland Kid
0031892: Peter Churcher - Peter Churcher: 3 August - 28 August, 2021
0031880: Peter Churcher - Water Falling
0023884: Betty Churcher - The Forgotten Notebook
0025161: Peter Churcher - Peter Churcher: 5 May to 30 May, 2015
0018652: Wainwright Churchill - Homosexual Behavior Among Males: A Cross-Cultural and Cross-Species Investigation
0015632: Andrzek Chwalba - Collegium Maius: A History
0025272: Benedict Ciantar - Distractions
0022406: Julia Ciccarone - Julia Ciccarone: Between Worlds
0013936: Serenella Ciclitira - Korean Eye: Contemporary Korean Art
0017483: Queensland International Digital Circuit - 1st Queensland International Digital Circuit, 2014
0014879: F. J. Clair - Aboriginal Witnesses in Queensland's Criminal Courts
0014878: F. J. Clair - Aboriginal Witnesses in Queensland's Criminal Courts
0023592: Clamp - Tsubasa (5 Volumes)
0005317: Elizabeth Durack; Perpetua Durack Clancy - Elizabeth Durack: Art & Life: Selected Writings
0013320: Clare Williamson, Michael Snelling - Above and Beyond: Austral/Asian Interactions
0016797: Bridget Caldwell-Bright; Maddee Clark - Archer Magazine 15: Friendship
0019003: Matthew Clark - Botanical Ecstasies: Psychoactive Plant Formulas in India and Beyond
0002860: Gary Clark - Swamp Tour No. 2
0021834: David Smith; Trinkett Clark - The Drawings of David Smith
0022496: Kenneth Clark - The Idea of a Great Gallery
0023184: Carol C. Clark - American Japonism: Contacts between America and Japan, 1854-1910
0017562: John Clark - The Formicidae of Australia Volume I: Subfamily Myrmeciinae
0030214: Tom Clark - Jack Kerouac: A Biography
0002268: Gary Clark - Swamp Tour No. 2
0019087: Percival H. Clarke - Thoughts: A Love Song
0019199: R. M. Clarke - Maxda RX-7 Collection No. 1
0001272: Eddie Clarke - Guardian Of Your Rights: Queensland Council for Civil Liberties: A History, 1966-2007
0010925: Marcus Clarke - His Natural Life
0001148: Eddie Clarke - Guardian Of Your Rights: Queensland Council for Civil Liberties: A History, 1966-2007
0020694: Marcus Clarke - His Natural Life
0023695: Michael Clarke; Dorothy Clarke - Sexual Joy: An Intimate Guide for Couples
0009161: Eddie Clarke - Female Teachers in Queensland State Schools: A History, 1860-1983
0032071: Anne Clarke - Anne Clarke: 17 November to 12 December, 2015
0013158: Philip A. Clarke - Australian Aboriginal Cultures Gallery
0015052: Mary Clarke - Dancers of Mercury: The Story of Ballet Rambert
0017502: Robin Clayfield - You Can Have Your Permaculture and Eat It Too
0032069: Robin Clayfield - You Can Have Your Permaculture and Eat It Too
0023911: Elizabeth Alice Clement - Love for Sale: Courting, Treating, and Prostitution in New York City, 1900-1945
0025446: Phil Clendenen - Sex and the Single Camel
0014657: Coral Gaunt; Robert Cleworth - CATs At War: The Story of RAAF Catalinas in the Asia-Pacific Theatre of War
0017776: Ann Cliff - The Bee Book: Beekeeping Basics, Harvesting Honey, Beeswax, Candles and other Bee Business
0032027: H. T. Clifford - Eucalypts of the Brisbane Region
0019892: J. M. R. Cameron; P. A. Barnes; Marshall Waller Clifton - The Australind Letters of Marshall Waller Clifton, Chief Commissioner for the Western Australian Company
0014458: Elmer Clifton - Assassin Of Youth (Marihuana) Poster
0018778: J. M. R. Cameron; P. A. Barnes; Marshall Waller Clifton - The Australind Letters of Marshall Waller Clifton, Chief Commissioner for the Western Australian Company
0018777: Phyllis Barnes; J. M. R. Cameron; H. A. Willis; Marshall Waller Clifton - The Australind Journals of Marshall Waller Clifton, 1840-1861
0024472: Tom Witt; Roger D. Clisby - Tom Witt: Paintings and Projects
0024729: Emanuel Swedenborg; Augustus Clissold - The Economy of the Animal Kingdom: Considered Anatomically, Physically, and Philosophically (2 Volumes)
0008436: Marguerite Close - Historic Stanley
0031379: Cam Cloud - The Little Book of Acid
0025258: Robert Clouse - Bruce Lee: The Biography
0019650: Jack "Mackintosh" Cloutier - Rubber Bizarre Life
0018685: The Australian Jockey Club; Victoria Racing Club - The Australian Stud Book (Volume 30)
0018697: Australian Jockey Club - Thoroughbred Stallion Register, 1978-1989 (9 Volumes)
0018684: The Australian Jockey Club; Victoria Racing Club - The Australian Stud Book (Volume 29)
0023855: Brisbane Bushwalkers Club - Brisbane Bushwalkers Club, 1948-1998: The First 50 Years
0024252: Geehi Club - Snowy Mountains Walks
0024530: Grand Marais Commercial Club - Come See The Gunflint Trail, Historical Grand Portage, the North Shore of Lake Superior, Grand Marais, Minnesota
0024821: Grolier Club - One Hundred Influential American Books Printed Before 1900
0024957: Balsam Lake Study Club - The Happy Cooker
0030982: Woodbury Co. - Glimpses of New South Wales being a Miniature Album Containing 36 Selected Views of the City of Sydney, Port Jackson, and Pleasure Resorts
0019407: A. Leschen and Sons Rope Co. - Practical Information on the Use and Care of Wire Rope
0016497: J. Hauff & Co. - Handbook explaining the use of the Photographic Prepartions manufactured by J. Hauff & Co.
0024669: The Thule S. S. Co. - Independent Tours in Sweden Arranged by The Thule S. S. Co., Ltd.
0022540: Tijuana Publishing Co. - Erotic Dirty Comics
0022738: Walter MacFarlane & Co. - Illustrated Examples of MacFarlane's Architectural Ironwork
0023115: Reddan Specialty Co. - The Luxury of the Four Stream Needle Shower
0023143: Schallert-Ganahl Lumber Co. - Price Current: Schallert-Ganahl Lumber Co.: Dealers in Lumber, Doors, Windows and Blinds and Building Material
0023175: Satsumaya Abacus Co. - Soroban
0024521: The Matthews-Northrup Co. - The Matthews-Northrup Up-to-date Map of Washington D. C.
0024532: Rand McNally & Co. - Holiday Haunts: Adirondacks, Thousand Islands
0031481: Rand McNally & Co. - Rand McNally War Map of the North Sea and English Channel
0024526: Wells Fargo Bank & Union Trust Co. - Half an Hour in Eldorado: A Trip Through the Wells Fargo Bank Historical Collection of the Old West.
0031618: James & Co. - Zuruck zur Natur! A Collection of Nudist Studies
0008062: Timothy Wilfred Coakley - Keef: A Story of Intoxication in Love & Death
0025243: Gary Cobb - The Peak Baggers Guide: Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
0005522: P. McCall; D. Cochrane - Queensland Resources Atlas
0015375: Jean Cocteau - Les Chevalier de la Table Ronde
0009303: Jean Cocteau - The Typewriter: A Play in Three Acts
0025393: Christopher Coe - I Look Divine
0021698: Kirsten Coelho - Kirsten Coelho: 10 November - 5 December, 2020
0031894: Kirsten Coelho - Kirsten Coelho: 20th November - 15th December, 2018
0031895: Kirsten Coelho - Kirsten Coelho: 18 October to 12 November, 2016
0014304: Anthony Kelly; Arlene Morgan; Deirdre Coghlan - People Working Together Volume 3: Traditions and Best Practice
0023010: Celia Cohen - Smokey O
0014293: Carole Austin; Dyana Curreri-Chadwick; Ted Cohen - Nine Decades: The Northern California Craft Movement, 1907 to the Present
0031196: Guy Peellaert; Nik Cohn - Rock Dreams
0030633: Christian Coiffier - Traditional Architecture in Vanuatu
0004679: Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto Live
0014968: Terry Darrington; Richard Green; Ray Cole - The Rich Designs of Clarice Cliff: Shapes Book
0002741: V. G. Cole - Graziers' Handbook of Diseases of Sheep, Beef Cattle, Horses and Dogs
0023961: Joanna Cole - Asking About Sex & Growing Up: A Question and Answer Book for Kids
0030717: Matthew Parnell; Gareth Cole - Australian Solar Houses
0013378: Eliza Cole - The Woven Purpose
0031774: John R. Cole - Shaping a City: Greater Brisbane, 1925-1985
0019754: Tony Coleing - Weather or not
0020331: Deirdre Coleman - Maiden Voyage and Infant Colonies: Two Women's Travel Narratives of the 1790s
0017667: Hartley Coleridge - The Worthies of Yorkshire and Lancashire
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0021166: Charles Hercules Read; Ormonde Maddock Dalton - Antiquities from the City of Benin and from Other Parts of West Africa in The British Museum
0023171: David Dalton - The Rolling Stones:The First Twenty Years
0020088: John Daly; Lyn Daly - Take A Walk in Queensland's National Parks: Southern Zone
0023891: John Daly; Lyn Daly - Take a Walk in a National Park: Port Macquarie to Brisbane
0030070: John Daly; Lyn Daly - Take A Walk in Queensland's National Parks: Southern Zone
0022282: Frank-Ivo van Damme - XXV Exlibris Congres Graphia
0015395: Sapardi Djoko Damono - Suddenly The Night
0007313: Vladimir Mayakovsky; Guy Daniels - The Complete Plays of Vladimir Mayakovsky
0013371: Aleks Danko - Songs of Australia Volume 16: Shhh, Go Back To Sleep (an un-Australian dob-in mix)
0025188: Martin Dannecker - Theories of Homosexuality
0004707: Emile Danoen - The Wind Rises
0019658: Glenn Danzig - The Igrat Illustrations
0024006: Garry Darby - William Buelow Gould: Convict Artist of Van Diemen's Land
0008604: H. H. Dare - Water Conservation in Australia
0017796: Yehudit Agasi; Yoel Darom - The Alternative Way of Life: The First International Conference on Communal Living (Communes and Kibbutzim), Israel, 1981
0031302: Charles Darwin - The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex
0015516: Somaiya Daud - Mirage
0022971: Guy Davenport - Every Force Evolves a Form: Twenty Essays by Guy Davenport
0022972: Guy Davenport - Eclogues: Eight Stories by Guy Davenport
0022973: Guy Davenport - The Drummer of the Eleventh North Devonshire Fusiliers
0022975: Guy Davenport - The Jules Verne Steam Balloon: Nine Stories
0022976: Guy Davenport - Thasos and Ohio: Poems and Translations 1950-1980
0022977: Guy Davenport - The Death of Picasso: New & Selected Writing
0022978: Guy Davenport - 12 Stories
0022979: Guy Davenport - Flowers and Leaves: Poema vel Sonata: Carmina Autumni Primaeque Veris Transformationum
0022980: Guy Davenport - Trois Caprices
0023795: Maria David - Boy George and Culture Club
0023873: Judith Fryer Davidov - Women's Camera Work: Self / Body / Other in American Visual Culture
0013754: Ross Davies - Three Brilliant Careers
0030371: Bronwyn Davies - (In) Scribing Body/Landscape Relations
0018698: Maurice Cavanough; Meurig Davies - The Melbourne Cup
0017413: Erik Davis - High Weirdness: Drugs, Esoterica, and Visionary Experience in the Seventies
0014187: Rhoney Gissen Stanley; Tom Davis - Owsley and Me: My LSD Family
0025298: Mike Davis - The Builders Club: 50th Anniversary: A History of the Illawarra Master Builders Club, 1962-2013
0023224: Robert Davis - Hints on Service in France: Containing Lists of What to Take and How to Take it with Other Valuable Information for Officers and Men
0025308: Christopher Davis - The Boys in the Bars
0020397: Frank Dalby Davison - The White Thorn Tree
0030621: Bruce Dawe - Condolences of the Season: Selected Poems
0031866: Lawrence Daws - Lawrence Daws: 22 August - 16 September, 2017
0021530: Candice Bruce; Lawrence Daws - Lawrence Daws: Asylum in Eden
0025167: Lawrence Daws - Lawrence Daws: 26 July - 20 August, 2011
0031874: Lawrence Daws - Lawrence Daws: 5 - 30 August, 2014
0025296: Steven Dawson - The White Rose of Annandale: A Play
0023676: Peter Murdoch; Peter Maddocks; Emma Dawson - Men: A Field Guide
0020631: Louis Becke; A. Grove Day - South Sea Supercargo
0021185: Ronald E. Day - Indexing It All: The Subject in the Age of Documentation, Information, and Data
0024466: Albrecht Durer; Peter Day - Engravings and Woodcuts by Albrecht Durer, 1471 - 1528
0012859: Geoffrey C. Fishwick; Steven Day - Ormolu Antiques & Art (Vol. 1, No. 1, October, 1979)
0031576: Tamara Dean - In Our Nature
0017673: Geoffrey Dean - Graph Analysis: Being a Graphised Account of the Relative Economic Merits Existing Between Machines in a Specified Shop
0004341: Tacita Dean - Tacita Dean: Seven Books
0007280: Philip Dean - After January
0018963: James Dean - Jimmy Dean Catalog (Cine Album Deluxe)
0032146: Ashayana Deane - Voyagers: The Sleeping Abductees (Volume 1)
0022994: Alan Dearling - The Sigil
0017442: I Made Bandem; Fredrik Eugene deBoer - Balinese Dance in Transition: Kaja and Kelod
0025131: Deborah - Deborah: A True History by Herself
0017978: Guy Debord - The Society of the Spectacle
0024811: Peter Decker - A Descriptive Check List, Together With Short Title Index, Describing Almost 7500 Items of Western Americana
0025501: Dean Decocker - Mark L Emerson
0008069: Max Delany - Simon Starling: In Speculum
0013349: Max Delany - Simon Starling: In Speculum
0000706: Gilles Deleuze - Spinoza: Practical Philosophy
0024825: Frank Dell'Isola - Thomas Merton: A Bibliography
0011327: Ann Delroy - Two Emperors: China's Ancient Origins
0017187: Laif DeMason - A Guide To The Tanzanian Cichlids of Lake Malawi
0032260: Richard Deming - Invincible Detective Magazine (Vol. 4, No. 38, Too Many Bodies)
0002487: Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy - Drapchi Prison: Tibet's Most Dreaded Prison
0009721: Marion Demozay - Gatherings II: Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art from Queensland Australia
0032105: Henry Dempsey - Exclusive Vol. 1, No. 2, March 1954
0031221: Rene Denfeld - The New Victorians: A Young Woman's Challenge to the Old Feminist Order
0012212: Barbara Burchenau; Virginia Richter; Marijke Denger - Post-Empire Imaginaries? Anglophone Literature, History, and the Demise of Empires
0023531: Geryy Anderson; Sam Denham - The Gerry Anderson Comic Collection
0012906: Ross Searle; Peter Denham - Hamamas Wantaim Bilas: Textile Artforms of Niugini
0018230: Gordon Denman - Sexy Cheeks
0024735: Warren Denning - Inside Parliament
0030983: E. T. W. Dennis - Photographic View Album of New South Wales
0020174: Department of Public Lands, Queensland - Sylvicultural Notes on Forest Trees of Queensland
0020782: South Australian Government Photolithographic Department - Photographs. Presentation from the People of Australia to H.M.S. Commonwealth
0024282: Department of Agriculture, Stock and Fisheries, Port Moresby - The Preparation of Copra
0024512: Wyoming State Historical Department - Wyoming
0024516: Wisconsin Conservation Department - Among...The State Parks and Forests of Wisconsin
0030126: Department of Housing and Construction, ACT Region - The University of the South Pacific Main Library: Design Development Report
0013126: Commerce and Industry Department - Osaka, Japan
0003766: Oral History Department - Recollections: People and Places
0032179: Robert Dessaix - Australian Gay and Lesbian Writing: An Anthology
0011377: Johanna S. DeStefano - Language, Society, and Education: A Profile of Black English
0021596: Rebekka Deubner - tempete apres tempete
0002493: Frank Devine - The Quick Brown Fox: Using Australian English
0013584: Frank Devine - The Quick Brown Fox: Using Australian English
0024927: Melvil Dewey - Dewey Decimal Classification and Relative Index
0002428: Phra Assajita Dhammajito (Awale) - An Analytical Study On Concept Of Citta And Its Significance In Theravada Buddhist Philosophy
0014203: Ramacandra Cintaman Dhere - The Lajjagauri and Anandanayaki: A New Light on the Nature and Worship of the Adi-Mata, the Primordial Mother
0015065: Philip K. Dick - Ubik
0015068: Philip K. Dick - Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams Volume One
0015066: Philip K. Dick - A Scanner Darkly
0015067: Philip K. Dick - Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
0019766: Karla Dickens - SOS
0019763: Karla Dickens - Black and Blue
0019764: Karla Dickens - Warrior Woman
0019765: Karla Dickens - Black Dogs, Love and Crutches
0007292: Barry Dickens - Beautland
0031885: Robert Dickerson - Chiaroscuro
0020602: Robert Dickerson - City People
0024760: Clive Allcock; Mark Dickerson - The Guide to Good Gambling
0024966: Joel S. Watkins; Lucien Montadert; Patricia Wood Dickerson - Geological and Geophysical Investigations of Continental Margins
0025150: Robert Dickerson - Robert Dickerson: 8 July - 2 August, 2014
0003260: Robert Dickins - Psychedelic Press Volume XVII
0025295: Jack Dickson - Free Form
0004296: Miranda Dickson - The Annotated Wyborowa Bartenders Companion 2009/10
0018731: Jane Dickson - Jane Dickson in Times Square
0032167: Jack Dickson - Crossing Jordan
0032166: Jack Dickson - Oddfellows
0032279: Jack Dickson - Banged Up
0032280: Jack Dickson - Still Waters
0001736: D. De Leo; A. Schmidtke; R.F.W. Diekstra - Suicide Prevention: A Holistic Approach
0007808: Josepha Dietrich - In Danger: A Memoir of Family and Hope
0024240: F. Meredith Dietz - De Virginia Hambook by De Ol' Virginia Hamcook
0009468: P. S. Herendeen; D. L. Dilcher - Advances in Legume Systematics (Part 4): The Fossil Record
0025398: Gavin Geoffrey Dillard - Pagan Love Songs
0030527: Robert W. Dimand - The Origins of the Keynesian Revolution:The Development of Keynes's Theory of Employment and Output
0021921: Roussos Dimitrakopoulos - Advances in Applied Strategic Mine Planning
0014756: Ernest Dimnet - Paul Bourget
0024767: R. S. C. Dingle - Annals of Achievement: A Review of Queensland Methodism, 1847-1947
0025322: Richard Dipple - Cracks in the Image: Stories by Gay Men
0025387: National Health and Medical Research Council ad hoc Committee on Venereal Diseases - Handbook on Sexually Transmitted Diseases
0016518: Sylvia Ditchburn - Plenty: Women Artists of Townsville
0013639: Adolf Dittrich - Atiologie-unabhangige Strukturen veranderter Wachbewusstseinszustande
0020775: I. E. E. Electronic Division - International Conference on the Microwave Behaviour of Ferrimagnetics and Plasmas: Addendum to Conference Publication
0031809: Patrick Dixon - RIVER: 150 Years of Brisbane River Housing
0006771: Robert Dixon - Prosthetic Gods: Travel, Representation and Colonial Governance
0001942: Wade Doak - Gaia Calls: South Sea Voices, Dolphins, Sharks & Rainforests
0018759: James Browne; Ken Macintyre; Barbara Dobson - Aborigines of the King George Sound Region, 1836-1838: The Collected Works of James Browne
0030942: Zuleika Dobson - Max Beerbohm, or An Oxford Love Story
0004847: Cory Doctorow - Information Doesn't Want To Be Free: Laws for the Internet Age
0032333: Benjamin Graham; David Dodd - Security Analysis: Principles and Techniques
0022677: John Tobler; Andrew Doe - The Doors
0013429: Libby Doh - War of Wishes / Wishing Woes (2 Volumes)
0006634: Wendy Sarkissian; Terry Doherty - Living In Public Housing: A report on a Tenants' Evaluation of Medium-Density Public Housing in Suburban Sydney (Housing Issues 2)
0018504: Peter Watts; Julio Santo Domingo - Altered States: The Library of Julio Santo Domingo
0025434: Shanti Shapiro; George M. Dominiak - Sexual Trauma and Psychopathology: Clinical Intervention with Adult Survivors
0002712: Ray Domzalski - Onward and Upward
0017201: Tamsin Donaldson - Nguyampaa Wordworld: Thipingku Yuwi, Maka Ngiya, Names of Birds and Other Words
0024790: Mike Donaldson - Time of Our Lives: Labour and Love in the Working Classes
0019732: Mark Juran; Fran Donato - The Book of Props (Mind's Eye Theatre)
0002942: Bao Dongni - Dancing Crane
0032235: Clare Donovan - Gone Nursing
0025283: Donovan O'Malley - Lemon Gulch
0025538: Albrecht Durer; Theodore B. Donson - Albrecht Durer: twenty-five years of his art: the engravings of the Madonna and Child 1495-1520
0030404: Michel Dorais - Traivailleurs du Sexe
0012519: Roni Askey-Doran - Chasing Unicorns / Pendulum (2 Volumes)
0020619: Thomas E. Doremus - Latitudes of Love
0025342: Elaine Dorian - Suburban Jungle
0030330: C. E. Dortch - Devils Lair: A Search for Ancient Man in Western Australia
0001778: E. Everett Green; Sarah Doudney - The Sisters of Silver Sands and Miss Irving's Bible
0022403: Jacqueline Doughty - The Score
0019110: Carol Anne Douglas - To The Cleveland Station
0020124: Corey Tutt; Blak Douglas - The First Scientists: Deadly Inventions and Innovations from Australia's First Peoples
0014400: Thomas Mayor; Blak Douglas - Finding Our Heart: A Story about the Uluru Statement for young Australians
0019115: Lauren Wright Douglas - Ninth Life
0018238: Norman Douglas; Ngaire Douglas - Vanuatu: A Guide
0002298: Kelly Doust - A Life in Frocks: A Memoir
0025278: K. J. Dover - Greek Homosexuality
0020640: Jim Dowling - The Coorabingle Cup and Other Verses
0007717: Bernie Dowling - Iraqi Icicle
0011351: Bernie Dowling - Iraqi Icicle
0030410: Kay F. Gassan; Jan Downman - Maryborough Beginnings
0021374: David Downs - The Medical Marijuana Guidebook: America's First How-To Guide for Patients and Caregivers
0030990: A. Conan Doyle - The Sign of Four
0032300: Nicholas Draffin - The Art of M. Napier Waller
0022206: Charles Drage - Taikoo
0031374: Bill Drake - Marijuana: The Cultivator's Handbook
0032140: Robert Drake - The Man: A Hero for Our Time: Book One
0002997: Bill Drake - The Marijuana Food Handbook: A Guide for the Sensuous Connoisseur
0024680: Michael Dransfield - The Inspector of Tides
0031660: Alexander Winfield Dray - Nox Infernus: The Book of Black Amber
0031659: Alexander Winfield Dray - Liber Obsidian Obscura
0031658: Alexander W. Dray - The Infernal Path
0012374: David Drebin - Love And Other Stories
0018754: Peter J. Bridge; Angela Teague; Gail Dreezens - White Blacks and Black Whites
0022823: Edward Dregg - Nexus Erotica
0032048: Peter Driben - 1000 Pin-Up Girls
0005424: Toon van Driel - De Stamgasten: Lam
0024471: Janice T. Driesbach - Bountiful Harvest: 19th Century Callifornia Still Life Painting
0009724: Juno Gemes; Michael Aird; Jo-Anne Driessens - Up Close
0008871: C. J. Driver - Elegy for a Revolutionary
0012208: Peter Droege - Intelligent Environments: Spatial Aspects of the Information Revolution
0020035: Eaton S. Drone - A Treatise on the Law of Property in Intellectual Production in Great Britain and the United States
0031741: Nicola D'Agostino; Y. El-Droubie - Sex and Horror Volume 4
0009469: A. P. Druce - Botanical Survey of an Experimental Catchment, Taita, New Zealand
0009976: H. Gordon Drummond - A Rational Theology
0003404: Task Force on Drunkenness - Task Force Report: Drunkenness: Annotations, Consultants' Papers, and Related Materials
0015970: Allen Drury - Advise and Consent
0018384: J. J. Dryden - Span Vol. 20 No. 233
0020925: Roy Connolly; Russell Drysdale - John Drysdale and the Burdekin
0013280: Martin Duberman - Male Armor: Selected Plays, 1968-1974
0009757: Loic Dubigeon - Sweet Submission 2
0012475: Ota Dubsky - Cesko-Francouzsky Hospodarsky Slovnik
0005449: Grzegorz Rosinski; Andre-Paul Duchateau - Hans 4: De Gladiatoren
0005431: Grzegorz Rosinski; Andre-Paul Duchateau - Hans 3: De Mutanten Van Xanaia
0022069: A. J. B. Parent-Duchatelet - De la Prostitution dans la Ville de Paris
0023047: Linnea A. Due - High and Outside
0030134: Dave Duffey - Dave Duffey Trains Gun Dogs
0012397: Eugen Duhren - Englische Sittengeschichte (fruher: ,,Das Geschlechtsleben in England) (Zweiter Band)
0012356: Charles Duits - Peyote Dreams: Journeys in the Land of Illumination
0002984: Alexandre Dumas - Twenty Years After
0024986: Harry Dumpleton - Sex: A Four Letter Word?
0018263: Jeff Dunas - Jeff Dunas
0020787: Sharon Christensen; W. D. Duncan - Professional Liability and Property Transactions
0022193: Mark Roberts; Gillian Duncan - Family Bushwalks in South East Queensland
0023830: Narelle S. Duncan - Iridology Basic Skills: Window to Your Body and Soul
0024123: Robert Hunter: Jenepher Duncan - Robert Hunter Paintings 1966-1988
0025323: Alasdair Duncan - Sushi Central
0031037: Kenn Duncan - More Nudes
0025241: Maurice Dunlevy - Stay Alive: A Handbook on Survival
0008960: Stefan Dunlop - Ten Years
0020722: Nell Dunn - Talking To Women
0000621: Barry L. Zaret; Leon Kaufman; Alan S. Berson; Rosalie A. Dunn - Frontiers In Cardiovascular Imaging
0003519: Stan Dunn - Billy Tea and Gum Leaves
0031318: Gary Dunne - Travelling on Love in a Time of Uncertainty
0032182: Gary Dunne - Travelling on Love in a Time of Uncertainty
0032180: Gary Dunne - Fruit: A New Anthology of Contemporary Australian Gay Writing
0032133: Gary Dunne - As If Overnight
0001386: Elizabeth Boros; John Duns - Corporate Law
0021973: B. Dunstan - Some Croydon Gold Mines (2 Volumes)
0021966: B. Dunstan - The Geology of Collaroy and Carmilla, Near Broad Sound
0021965: B. Dunstan - The Geology of Rodd Peninsula, Port Curtis
0023735: Dorothy Patton; Mervynne Dunstan - A Harvest of Memories: Oral History of Kara Kara District
0024325: James Broadbent; Ian Evans; Clive Lucas; Max Dupain - The Golden Decade of Australian Architecture: The Work of John Verge
0013990: Larry Duplechan - Eight Days A Week
0025451: Mary Durack; Elizabeth Durack - Piccaninnies
0005456: Ramaioli; Durand - De Franse Indiaan
0015720: George Henry Durrie - George Henry Durrie, 1820-1863: Connecticut Painter of American Life
0015815: Laurie Toby Edison; Debbie Notkin; Richard F. Dutcher - Familiar Men: A Book of Nudes
0031486: William Dutcher - The Jasoomian #14
0031484: William Dutcher - The Jasoomian #8
0031485: William Dutcher - The Jasoomian #12
0025369: Alexander Garcis Duttmann - At Odds With AIDS: Thinking and Talking About a Virus
0011805: Geoffrey Dutton - New York Nowhere: Meditations and Celebrations, Neurology Ward, The New York Hospital
0020636: W. A. Dutton - Our Golden Fleece: Background of Australia
0013752: Geoffrey Dutton - The Innovators
0023778: Geoffrey Dutton - The Eye Opener
0014761: Tony Duvert - Portrait D'Homme Couteau
0005439: Eric Dwaaskop - De Verloren Zonnen
0005440: Eric Dwaaskop - Het Grote Boek
0005441: Eric Dwaaskop - De Prins Der Wolven
0005420: Eric Dwaaskop - Het Zwarte Licht
0000558: Mikala Dwyer - Drawing Down The Moon
0019483: William Shakespeare; Alexander Dyce - The Works of William Shakespeare in Six Volumes
0031220: Carol Dyhouse - Feminism and the Family in England, 1880-1939
0022943: Christine Dixon; Dinah Dysart - Presenting Australian Art 1938-1941: Counter Claims
0025107: Wanda B. Lathom; Charles T. Eagle - Music Therapy for Handicapped Children, Volume 1
0020389: John Esten; Thomas Eakins - Thomas Eakins: The Absolute Male
0016102: Nick Earls - The Thompson Gunner
0014941: Nick Earls - Passion
0021321: Audrey Holiday; Walter Eastman - Mansions, Cottages and All Saints
0004850: Janet W. Hardy; Dossie Easton - The Ethical Slut: A Practical Guide to Polyamory, Open Relationships and Other Freedoms in Sex and Love
0024837: Anita Heiss; Danny Eastwood - Sacred Cows
0013315: Michael Eather - SHOOSH! The History of the Campfire Group
0009588: Helen S. Eaton - Semantic Frequency List: For English, French, German, and Spanish
0010718: Laurence Eben (Lawrence Eben) - Shadow Game
0024959: Bret A. Eborn - Comprehensive Bibliography of Mormon Literature Including Some Review Information & Price History
0009720: Hope Ebsworth - Bury Me at Tartulla Hill
0017310: Sue Ebury - Weary: King of the River
0009293: S. C. Eby - The Story of the Swedenborg Manuscripts
0025380: Dick Eckert - The First Ten Years of the Modern Country Music Association (Later A.C.M.A.), 1964-1974
0012436: Michael Economy - Pansy Beat
0010862: Dennis Brissett; Charles Edgley - Life as Theater: A Dramaturgical Sourcebook
0023815: Claudio Edinger - Madness
0023645: Martin Edmond - Bus Stops on the Moon: Red Mole Days, 1974-1980
0013051: The Australian College of Education - Educational Perspectives in Papua New Guinea
0023127: The Educational Department, Kraft Foods Company - The World of Cheese: A Guide to the World's Favorite Cheeses
0010695: Allen Edwardes - Death Rides a Camel: A Biography of Sir Richard Burton
0020606: Ron Edwards - Australian Traditional Bush Crafts
0014666: Yorke Edwards - What is the Provincial Museum?
0012297: Deborah Edwards - Stampede of the Lower Gods: Classical Mythology in Australian Art, 1890's-1930's
0025260: Hank Edwards - Fluffers, Inc.: A Novel
0030811: Glenn R. Cooke; Deborah Edwards - L. J. Harvey & his School
0012860: Deborah Edwards - James Gleeson & Robert Klippel: Madame Sophie Sesostoris (a pre-raphaelite satire), 1947-48
0020334: Hugh Edwards - The Buccaneer's Bell
0012861: Deborah Edwrads - Australian Decorative Arts
0015374: Georges Eekhoud - Les Libertins d'Anvers: Legende et Histoire des Loistes
0021599: Georges Eekhoud - Kermesses
0021600: Georges Eekhoud - Le Cycle Patibulaire (Premiere + Deuxieme, 2 Volumes)
0020202: Simon Eeles - Personal Projects: Australiana / A Picture Book of Down Under
0023838: John Hemsley Pearn; Vlasis Pitsonis Efstathis - The Knight's Castle on Kastellorizo
0016723: Liz Egger; James Egger - The Complete Guide to Nudism, Naturism & Nudists
0014298: Arab Republic of Egypt - The Egyptian Museum, Cairo: A Brief Description of the Principal Monuments
0013312: Franz Ehmann - Open Panorama
0007420: Franz Ehmann - Speaking the World into Existence
0030506: Barry Eichengreen - Elusive Stability: Essays in the History of International Finance 1919-1939
0011237: John DuVal; Raymond Eichmann - Fabliaux, Fair and Foul

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