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0002037: B. A. HUSSAINMIYA - Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin III and Britain: The Making of Brunei Darussalam
0003056: BONNY HUT - Explorations of the Mirror: The Art and Poetry of Bonny Hut
0000163: WALTER HUTCHINSON - Hutchinson's Dog Encyclopedia (Volume 2)
0001998: GRANT HUTCHINSON - Treasoned Argument
0000908: ALDOUS HUXLEY - The Doors Of Perception and Heaven and Hell
0002664: ALDOUS HUXLEY - Psychedelics
0003022: ALDOUS HUXLEY - Heaven & Hell
0001817: WIL HUYGEN - Secrets of the Gnomes
0000766: H. MONTGOMERY HYDE - A History of Pornography
0002847: ION L. IDRIESS - The Great Boomerang
0002781: ION L. IDRIESS - Outlaws of the Leopolds
0002849: ION L. IDRIESS - Flynn of the Inland
0002848: ION L. IDRIESS - The Great Boomerang
0002850: ION L. IDRIESS - One Wet Season
0002782: ION L. IDRIESS - Lightning Ridge: The Land of Black Opals
0001850: PATRICK ILAND - An Introduction to Wine: A Guide to the Making, Tasting and Appreciation of Wine
0001129: REV. J. H. INGRAHAM - The Pillar Of Fire, or Israel in Bondage
0002307: JUDITH JACKLIN; TINO INSANA - Blues Brothers: Private
0001633: JUDITH JACKLIN; TINO INSANA - Blues Brothers: Private
0002578: THE INSTRUMENTALIST - Conductors Anthology (Volume 1)
0001400: THE MINISTER FOR THE INTERIOR - Australia - A Portfolio
0002672: G. SWAINE; D. A. IRONSIDE - Insect Pests of Field Crops in Colour
0002998: GERARDO RUBEN SANDOVAL ISAAC - The God Molecule: My Journey to 5-MeO-DMT and the Spiritual Path to Divine Light
0002507: KAZUO ISHIGURO - Never Let Me Go
0001284: SHINOBU ISHIHARA - Tests For Colour-Blindness (38 Plates Edition)
0002711: BRYAN ITCH - Mother
0002701: *** NON BOOK ITEM *** - Bodensee / Lake Constance
0002239: ROB; DR. JACK - Shoestring
0000650: PHILIP SAYETTA JACOBS - Conquest Of Self
0001754: ANNIE JACOBSEN - The Pentagon's Brain: An Uncensored History of DARPA, America's Top Secret Military Research Agency
0001800: ANNIE JACOBSEN - The Pentagon's Brain: An Uncensored History of DARPA, America's Top Secret Military Research Agency
0003105: MAURICE JACOBSON - Songs That Will Live For Ever: A collection of ballads, shanties, spirituals, carols, students' songs, children's songs and popular favourites
0000173: SOCIALIST PEOPLE'S LIBYAN ARAB JAMAHIRIYA - Jamahiriya: Era of the Masses
0000105: PETER JAMES - Earth in Chaos
0001316: PETER JAMES - Stories of Central Queensland
0000497: DR. NICK JAMES - Critical Legal Thinking
0001572: PICININ JARL - Bring Your Binungs, Bunjies!
0002589: JASPERT, BERRY AND JOHNSON - Encyclopaedia of Typefaces
0000290: ANTON JAYASURIYA - Tao of Sex: Domestic Rituals and Sexual Practices in Ancient China
0001195: KUMARI JAYAWARDENA - Nobodies to Somebodies: The Rise of the Colonial Bourgeoisie in Sri Lanka
0001321: MARY ANNE JEBB - Blood, Sweat and Welfare: A History of White Bosses and Aboriginal Pastoral Workers
0002122: CHRIS JECCHINIS - Beyond Olympus: The Thrilling Story of the Train-Busters in Nazi-occupied Greece
0000544: HUBERT JEDIN - The Early Church: An Abridgment of History of the Church Volumes 1 to 3 (History of the Church, Vol 1)
0000543: HUBERT JEDIN - The Medieval and Reformation Church: An Abridgment of History of the Church Volumes 4 to 6 (History of the Church, Vol 2)
0001205: TOM JEFFREY - Film Business: A Handbook For Producers
0001119: FREDERICK JELINEK - Statistical Methods For Speech Recognition
0002207: LUKE WALLIS; JEFF JENKINS - Sophisto-Punk: The story of Mark Opitz & Oz Rock
0001290: LOUIS J. JENNINGS - Field Paths & Green Lanes: In Surrey And Sussex
0001969: TOYOKI KOZAI; BYOUNG RYONG JEONG - Collected Papers on Environmental Control in Micropropagation 1986-1992
0001229: HENRY JEPHSON - The Platform: Its Rise And Progress
0001926: GEORGE JESSEL - The Toastmaster General's Favorite Jokes: Openings and Closing for Speechmakers
0003124: JIN JIE - Chinese Music: Echos in Ancient and Modern Times
0002775: JOHN JIGGENS - The man who knew too much
0002295: JILL, DUCHESS OF HAMILTON; JULIA BRUCE - The Flower Chain: The Early Discovery of Australian Plants
0001808: A. J. HORTON; G. A. JOBLING - Farm Water Supplies Design Manual Volume III (Drainage, Pumps, Stock and Domestic Water Supplies)
0002698: GRAHAM ST JOHN - FreeNRG: Notes from the Edge of the Dance Floor
0000012: JOHN O'BRIEN - A New World: (Chaos; Awakening; Return; Taken; Sanctuary; Dissension)
0001553: JUNE JOHNS - King Of The Witches: The World of Alex Sanders
0001762: DAVID JOHNS - A New Conservation Politics: Power, Organization Building, and Effectiveness
0002275: GEOFF JOHNS - Green Lantern: Wanted: Hal Jordan
0002206: BRUCE JOHNSON - The Inaudible Music: Jazz, Gender and Australian Modernity
0002308: VERA SCARTH-JOHNSON - Wildflowers of the Warm East Coast
0000123: SHANE JOHNSON - Flowerdale to the "G": A collection of yarns, tales and folklore from a life in footy
0001965: KEN JOHNSON - Are You Experienced? How Psychedelic Consciousness Transformed Modern Art
0002415: KEN JOHNSON - Ken Johnson: Life and Landscape
0001989: W. ROSS JOHNSTON - A Documentary History of Queensland
0002523: W. ROSS JOHNSTON - A Documentary History of Queensland
0000866: JILL JOLLIFE - East Timor: Nationalism & Colonialism
0002339: JOHN R. MELVILLE JONES - The Capture of Thessaloniki
0000304: SYDNEY URE SMITH; BERTRAM STEVENS; C. LLOYD JONES - The Art of Hans Heysen (Special Number of Art In Australia)
0001820: R. G. JONES - Handbook of Australian Livestock
0002046: GREG JONES - Our Ancient Right Of Access
0002515: R. G. JONES - Handbook of Australian Livestock
0001748: RUTH E. JONES - Foreshoring the Unconscious: Living Psychoanalytic Practice
0000125: BRETT JONES - Formation and Form: West Space 1993-2003
0002624: IAN JONES - The Fatal Friendship: Ned Kelly; Aaron Sherritt; Joe Byrne
0000576: MICHAEL JONES - Country Of Five Rivers: Albert Shire 1788-1988
0002582: ADAM JONES - Genocide, War Crimes & The West: History and Complicity
0001821: R. G. JONES - Handbook of Australian Livestock
0001442: ANDREW JORON - Trance Archive: New and Selected Poems
0002665: BEVERLY POTTER; DAN JOY - The Healing Magic of Cannabis
0003068: ISABELLE JULIA - Modern Woman: Daughters and Lovers, 1850-1918: Drawings from the Musee d'Orsay, Paris
0002094: MANFRED JURGENSEN - Keith Leopold: Selected Writings
0000643: PAULINE KAEL - Deeper Into Movies
0000757: SUZANNE ROWE; MARK STRAND; ANDREW KAISER - Finding Balance In A Changing China
0002103: DIMITRIOS P. KALOGEROPOULOS - Doromanekia: The back alley of my house
0001863: CLIFF GODDADL; ARPAD KALOTAS - Punu: Yankunytjatjara Plant Use: Traditional Methods of Preparing Foods, Medicines, Utensils and Weapons from Native Plants
0002396: JOHAN KAMMINGA - Readings in Material Culture (Occasional Papers in Anthropology Number 9)
0002391: JOHAN KAMMINGA - Over The Edge: Functional analysis of Australian stone tools (Occasional Papers in Anthropology Number 12)
0001946: AJAY KAPOOR - Free Your Mind: A Meditation Guide to Freedom & Happiness
0002022: G. AUGUSTUS HOLMES; FREDERICK J. KARN - Key to Questions and Exercises contained in the Academic Manual of Harmony
0001319: THE ROTARY CLUB OF KATOOMBA - Old Leura And Katoomba: A Collection of Historical Background Articles
0000492: RALPH KATZ - The Human Side of Managing Technological Innovation: A Collection of Readings
0001737: KENNETH KAYE - The Mental & Social Life of Babies: How parents create persons
0001250: ROB BLANCH; VINCE KEAN - Bushwalking In The Mount Warning Region
0001719: P. J. KEATING - After Words: The Post-Prime Ministerial Speeches
0000436: RUEBEN KEEHAN - We Can Make Another Future: Japanese Art After 1989
0001939: SAM KEEN; GIFFORD KEEN - Prodigal Father Wayward Son: A Roadmap to Reconciliation
0001462: CHRIS KEENEY - Pin Hole Cameras: A Do-It-Yourself Guide
0000006: JOHN KELLETT - A Fighting Union: A History of the Queensland Branch of the Transport Worker's Union, 1907-2000
0002485: PHILIPPA KELLY - The Touch of the Real: Essays in Early Modern Culture
0001903: PHILIPPA KELLY - The Touch of the Real: Essays in Early Modern Culture
0002884: KIT KELLY - The Little Book of Ketamine
0002492: PAUL KELLY - Triumph and Demise: The Broken Promise of a Labor Generation
0001430: JAN KEMP - Diamonds And Gravel
0001429: JAN KEMP - Ice Breaker Poems
0001529: KEN KEYES, JR. - The Methods Work ...if you do!
0001342: THOMAS KENEALLY - Australians: Origins to Eureka
0002612: CHRISTINE KENNEALLY - The Invisible History of the Human Race: How DNA and History Shape Our Identities and Our Futures
0000911: HUGH KENNEDY - The Court of the Caliphs: The Rise and Fall of Islam's Greatest Dynasty
0000857: KENNETH O'REILLY - Racial Matters: The FBI's Secret File on Black America, 1960-1972
0000683: JIYU KENNETT - Selling Water By The River: A Manual Of Zen Training
0001521: CHARLES ZIKA; ELIZABETH KENT - Witches and Witch-Hunting in European Societies: A Working Bibliography and Guide to Materials in Melbourne Libraries
0001449: JACK KEROUAC - Heaven & Other Poems
0001445: JACK KEROUAC - Heaven & Other Poems
0001437: JACK KEROUAC - The Scripture Of The Golden Eternity
0001534: KEVIN O'SHEA - Person In Analysis
0001562: KEVIN O'SHEA - Person In Cosmos: Metaphors of Meaning from Physics, Philosophy and Theology
0001533: KEVIN O'SHEA - Person In Analysis
0000486: BRIAN KEY - Key Lectures In Development
0000622: DR MOHAMED KHADRA - The Patient: One Man's Journey Through the Australian Health-care System
0002117: OMAR KHAN - From Kashmir to Kabul: The Photographs of John Burke and William Baker, 1860-1900
0003144: KHURT KHAVE - Astronomicon minorem - DMT, Cthulhu and You: First United Church of Cthulhu
0002167: ALBERT MAORI KIKI - Kiki: Ten Thousand Years in a Lifetime: A New Guinea Autobiography
0001152: SIAW-TENG LIAW; SUE KILPATRICK - A Textbook of Australian Rural Health
0000352: JESSIE M. KING - The Grey City of The North: Edinburgh: A Book of Drawings
0001348: A. S. KING - Glory O'Brien's History of the Future
0001810: DR. JAN KING - Electric Memories: Connections to the Past
0000146: ROBERT KINGSTON - Good Country For A Grant: A History of the Stawell Shire
0001276: F. H. DODD; T. K. GRIFFIN; R. G. KINGWILL - Proceedings of Seminar On Mastitis Control 1975
0002133: ELAINE CHILDS-GOWELL; PHIL KINNAMAN - Bodyscript Blockbusting: A Transactional Approach to Body Awareness
0002188: FREDERICK KIRKLAND - Service 1993
0002078: UTAMARO KITAGAWA - Utamaro: Songs Of The Garden
0000405: GABOR KLANICZAY - The Uses of Supernatural Power: The Transformation of Popular Religion in Medieval and Early-Modern Europe
0000283: ROBIN KLEINSCHMIDT - Stegelitz to Steiglitz: The Story of the Kleinschmidt Family in Germany and Australia
0000050: JOHN KLUMPP - Australian Stingless Bees: A Guide to Sugarbag Beekeeping
0000642: BEN KNAPINSKI - Western Australia's North Pilbara and the Kimberley
0001648: JAMES KNIGHT - A Theory of Moments
0002887: MICHAEL MUHAMMAD KNIGHT - Tripping With Allah: Islam, Drugs, and Writing
0001728: CHRISTOPHER KOCH - The Memory Room
0002364: MANFRED URS KOCH - Laugh with Health
0002879: JAMES KOEHNLINE - Magpie Reveries: The Iconographic Mandalas of James Koehnline
0001953: ARTHUR KOESTLER - The Act Of Creation
0001792: KOG - Quick Grow Guide for Bush Tomatoes
0002052: GLENYS KOHNKE - The Shark Callers: An Ancient Fishing Tradition of New Ireland, Papua New Guinea
0000356: CASIMIR STEPHEN KOLSTOI - The International Gallery: A Collection of 100 Select Works by Ancient and Modern Masters (Volume 2)
0001252: GILLIAN COWLISHAW; VIVIENNE KONDOS - The Australian Journal of Anthropology 1995 6:1&2 (Mabo and Australia)
0000809: STUART KOOP - beep... crackle... Contemporary art from the middle of nowhere
0002467: JON KRAKAUER - Three Cups of Deceit: How Greg Mortenson, Humanitarian Hero Lost His Way
0001241: HELEN DE CIERI; ROBIN KRAMER - Human Resource Management In Australia
0003101: DANIEL KRAMER - Bob Dylan
0001134: STAN KRASNOFF - Bob Ansett: The Meaning of Success
0000567: CHRISTOPHER KREMMER - Bamboo Palace: Discovering The Lost Dynasty of Laos
0000994: JOHN MCCARTHY; SANJAYA BARU; GOPALASWAMI PARTHASARATHY; MAXINE MCKEW; ASHOK MALIK; CHRISTOPHER KREMMER - Report of the Australia India Institute Perceptions Taskforce: Beyond the Lost Decade
0002025: J. KRISHNAMURTI - Education and the Significance of Life
0001575: KARL KRUSZELNICKI - Never Mind the Bullocks: Here's the Science
0000407: EDWIN P. KULAWIEC - The Warsaw Ghetto Memoirs of Janusz Korczak
0002325: WILLIAM KURELEK - Someone With Me: The Autobiography of William Kurelek
0001299: CLEM LACK - Three Decades of Queensland Political History, 1929- 1960
0000422: RAPHAEL CILENTO; CLEM LACK - Triumph in the Tropics
0000636: IAN HORE-LACY - Broken Hill To Mount Isa: The Mining Odyssey of W. H. Corbould
0001857: RALPH BAILEY; JULIE LAKE - Gardening with Australian Rainforest Plants
0001345: KLAUS-PETER KOEPPING; LAI SING LAM - New Interpretations of the Dream of the Red Chamber
0001454: JAY LAMPERT - Deleuze and Guattari's Philosophy of History
0002986: H. J. DEVERSON; RONALD LAMPITT - The Open Road
0002114: KARL LAMPRECHT - What Is History? Five Lectures on the Modern Science of History
0000962: ANNE-LAN - L'Invitation au Voyage: Mairie du XVIe - Paris (du 1er au 18 Septembre 1994)
0000426: FLO LANCASTER - Uncle Oojah
0000822: MRS. JOHN LANE - War Phrases According To Maria
0000969: GEORGE F. LANGLEY; EDMEE M. LANGLEY - Sand, Sweat And Camels: The Story of the Australian Camel Corps
0003069: ROBERT LAPALME - The 17th International Salon of Cartoons, Montreal, 1980 / Le 17eme Salon International de la Caricature
0002537: LEO F. LAPORTE - Reefs In Time And Space: Selected Examples From The Recent And Ancient
0002168: SUHAIL ZAHEER LARI - A History of Sindh
0001470: EMILIO LARI - The Beatles: Photographs From The Set Of Help!
0001793: DANA LARSEN - Hairy Pothead and the Marijuana Stone
0002988: MILDRED CONSTANTINE; JACK LENOR LARSEN - Beyond Craft: The Art Fabric
0001961: DANA LARSEN - Cannabis In Canada: The Illustrated History
0000590: ROLLAND R. CONTE; HENRI BERLIOCCHI; YVES LASNE - Theory of High Dilutions: Application to Life
0002138: JON LATIMER - Tobruk 1941: Rommel's opening move
0002139: JON LATIMER - Poland 1939: Germany's 'Lightning Strike'
0001380: DENNIS LAU - Penans: The Vanishing Nomads of Borneo
0002924: H. J. LAVERY - Wild Ducks And Other Waterfowl In Queensland
0002053: SR. M. DUCHESNE LAVIN - Kada Kakailai "Our Song": Traditional Songs from Papua New Guinea
0000605: THE COLLEGE OF LAW - Queensland Practice Papers 2015-2016 (Volume 1)
0001074: PAT LAWLOR - Old Wellington Days
0001073: PATRICK LAWLOR - A Mother of Compassion: Mother Aubert and Her Great Work
0002253: MOLLIE BAYNE; MARY E. LAZARUS - The Australian Community: A Critical Approach to Citizenship
0002462: ROBERT LEACH - National Strategies for Australasian Countries: The Impact of the Asian/Pacific Economy
0002059: R. C. A. LEAHY - Australia's Navy 1995
0001235: J. LEANING - Quantity Surveying: For The Use Of Surveyors, Architects, Engineers and Builders
0001849: TIMOTHY LEARY - Chaos & Cyber Culture
0002020: DELYS BIRD; ROBERT DIXON; CHRISTOPHER LEE - Authority and Influence: Australian Literary Criticism 1950-2000
0003158: CHONG LEE - Advanced Explosive Kicks
0002069: JEREMY LEE - "The New World Order" - and the destruction of Australian Industry
0003163: JOO BANG LEE - The Ancient Martial Art of Hwarang Do
0001372: STAN LEE - The Avengers #4
0002329: STAN LEE - Essential Doctor Strange Volume 1
0002697: ANDREW LEES - Cities Perceived: Urban Society in European and American Thought, 1820-1940
0001628: GYORGY LEHOCZKY - The Miraculous Tandem
0003003: ELOISE LEIGH - Pictorial Webster's Wall Cards: Icons & Curiosities from A to Z
0001585: JOCHEN LEMPERT - Phenotype
0002912: STEVEN J. LEON - Linear Algebra with Applications
0002909: STEVEN J. LEON - Linear Algebra with Applications: Student Study Guide
0001193: KEITH LEOPOLD - Came To Booloominbah: A Country Scholar's Progress 1938-1942
0000959: DORIS LESSING - Playing The Game
0001825: MICHAEL LEUNIG - The Essential Leunig: Cartoons From A Winding Path
0001824: MICHAEL LEUNIG - The Penguin Leunig
0001823: MICHAEL LEUNIG - You And Me
0001822: MICHAEL LEUNIG - Goatperson and other tales
0002263: MARY LEUNIG - One Big Happy Family
0002346: MARY LEUNIG - One Big Happy Family
0002529: MARY LEUNIG - One Big Happy Family
0002345: MARY LEUNIG - There's No Place Like Home
0002240: MARY LEUNIG - Black and White and Grey
0000523: RUTH LEVITAS - Utopia as Method: The Imaginary Reconstitution of Society
0002330: RICHARD LEVITON - Geomythic Earth: Readings and Field Notes in Planet Geomancy
0001132: ALEXANDR KRAUSHAR; HERBERT LEVY - Jacob Frank: The End To The Sabbataian Heresy
0001487: LIONEL SMITHETT LEWIS - St. Joseph of Arimathea At Glastonbury
0003055: ROGER GASTMAN; HENRY LEWIS - Juxtapoz Tattoo
0000205: B. LEWIS - Medical Vademecum / Medizinisches Vademekum
0001382: MEGAN LEWIS - Conversations With The Mob
0002171: JOHN OXLEY LIBRARY - Settlement of the Colony of Queensland: A seminar by the John Oxley Library
0002606: BODLEIAN LIBRARY - Duke Humfrey and English Humanism in the Fifteenth Century: Catalogue of an Exhibition held in the Bodleian Library Oxford
0002569: MIRIAM LICHTHEIM - Ancient Egyptian Literature: Volume 1: The Old and Middle Kingdoms
0001742: JAN LIDDICUT - Is Dad Crazy? An Explanation of Schizophrenia, For Children
0000821: HUGH CECIL; PETER H LIDDLE - Facing Armageddon: The First World War Experienced
0001399: MICHAEL LIGHT - 100 Suns: 1945-1962
0002750: BERT LILLYE - Backstage Of Racing
0002706: JASON LIMON - Eternal Entanglement
0001048: PETER VAN DER LINDEN - Expert C Programming: Deep C Secrets
0002510: NORMAN LINDSAY - Saturdee
0002178: NORMAN LINDSAY - The Flyaway Highway
0002323: NORMAN LINDSAY - My Mask: for what little I know of the man behind it, An Autobiography
0000066: NORMAN LINDSAY - Bohemians at The Bulletin
0003096: JACK LINDSAY - Russian Poetry, 1917-1955
0000065: NORMAN LINDSAY - Bohemians at The Bulletin
0000919: TED LING - Commonwealth Government Records about the Northern Territory
0000241: CHEK LING - Plantings In A New Land: Stories of Survival, Endurance and Emancipation
0001138: SETH LIPSKY - The Billion Dollar Bubble ... and other stories from The Asian Wall Street Journal
0001282: JANIS M. LLOYD - Skiing Into History (1924-1984)
0000838: LISA LOADER - Blighted Paradise: Colonial Visions of Northern Australia
0001999: DOUGLAS LOCKWOOD - Crocodiles and other People
0002115: QUATOR CORONATI LODGE - The Collected Prestonian Lectures, 1961-1974 (Volume Two)
0002264: JEPH LOEB - Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight: Halloween Special #1)
0002388: HELMUT LOISKANDL - Australia and Her Neighbours: Ethnic Relations and the Nation State (Occasional Papers in Anthropology Number 11)
0001054: PHILIPOS C. LOIZOU - Speech Enhancement: Theory and Practice
0002815: PAUL LONERGAN - Pro Hart: The Tribute
0002147: KENNETH R. LONG - The Music Of The English Church
0001332: R. I. LONGHURST - South Bank: An Historical Perspective: From Then Until Now
0002427: JOHN W. LONGWORTH - Beef In Japan: Politics, Production, Marketing & Trade
0002565: STEPHEN LOOSLEY - Machine Rules: A Political Primer
0000886: FLOYD IRVING LORBEER - Love, Light, and Deity: A Book of Verse for Searching Minds
0002685: HARRI LORENZI - Manual de Identificacao e Controle de Plantas Daninhas: plantio direto e convencional
0002692: HARRI LORENZI - Plantas Daninhas Do Brasil: terrestres, aquaticas, parasitas, toxicas e medicinais
0002051: HARRI LORENZI - Arvores Brasileiras: Manual de Identificacao e Cultivo de Plantas Arboreas Nativas do Brasil
0000131: LORETO - From Ballarat To Broome: One Hundred Years of Loreto in Australia
0001761: JULIET MARAIS LOUW - When Johannesburg and I Were Young
0000620: ARTHUR LOVELL - Ars Vivendi: or The Art of Acquiring Mental and Bodily Vigour
0002674: TIM LOW - Feral Future: The Untold Story of Australia's Exotic Invaders
0002675: TIM LOW - Feral Future: The Untold Story of Australia's Exotic Invaders
0002696: BRENDAN GLEESON; NICHOLAS LOW - Australian Urban Planning: New Challenges, New Agendas
0002233: TIM LOW - Where Song Began: Australia's birds and how they changed the world
0003057: STEFANO LUCCHINI; SILVIA LUCCHINI - Vintage Postcards of New York
0002700: PETER LUDLOW - Moreton Bay Chronicle: Local History
0003061: MATTHEW LUNN - Street Art Uncut
0001153: ANN LARSON; DAVID LYLE - A Bright Future for Rural Health: Evidence-Based Policy and Practice in Rural and Remote Australian Health Care
0002137: ROBERT LYMAN - Iraq 1941: The Anglo-Iraqi War
0002184: PETER LYNCH - Basic Auto Mechanics: Papua New Guinea
0001981: NAIRDA LYNE - Tasmanian Tales
0002414: ELERI LYNN - Underwear Fashion In Detail
0001280: H. MABBETT - The Rock And The Sky: The Story of Rodney County
0003031: J. PYKE; A. MACADAM - Legal Institutions And Method
0001387: JOHN MACARTHUR - The Picturesque: Architecture, Disgust and Other Irregularities
0002300: JOYCE ANN MACCAFFERTY - The Deep Green Pool: The life, work and legacy of Patricia Mulholland
0001207: MALCOLM MACDONALD - Borneo People
0002794: CARMEL MACDONALD - Queensland Institute of Technology Law Journal Vol. 1
0001706: ANN MACINTOSH - Memoirs of Dr Robert Scot Skirving 1859-1956
0001294: OMER BARTOV; PHYLLIS MACK - In God's Name: Genocide and Religion in the Twentieth Century
0003086: DAVID MACK - Kabuki: Metamorphosis
0002068: JOAN S. MACKANESS; GEORGE MACKANESS - The Wide Brown Land: A New Anthology of Australian Verse
0000624: THERESE MACKAY - Without Due Care: An Australian Hospital Tragedy
0002049: DERRYL N. MACLEAN - Religion and Society in Arab Sind
0001420: LOUIS MACNEICE - Collected Poems
0002431: MICHAEL MACOVSKI - Dialogue & Critical Discourse: Language, Culture, Critical Theory
0001413: JAMES MACPHERSON - The Poems Of Ossian
0002083: R. B. MADGWICK - Immigration into Eastern Australia, 1788-1851
0000967: BEAUX ARTS MAGAZINE - Buren: Rétrospectif / actif
0001482: SAM MAHON - The Water Thieves
0002261: MAHOOD - Not A Word To A Soul
0002773: JENNIFER MAIDEN - The Border Loss
0001105: ANA JUAN; MATZ MAINKA - Lacrimosa
0001087: ANA JUAN; MATZ MAINKA - Lacrimosa
0003170: RICHARD TRUDGEN; DJAMBATJ MALA - Why Warriors Lie Down And Die
0000506: J. P. MAKEHAM; L. R. MALCOLM - The Economics of Tropical Farm Management
0002092: A. C. MALE - It's Better To Build A Boy Than Mend A Man: The story of the Shaftesbury Citizenship Campus
0001873: FATA SANO MALIFA - Alms For Oblivion
0003119: ROGER F. MALINA - Leonardo Music Journal Volume 12: Pleasure
0002911: GLENN FULFORD; DANN MALLET - Calculus and Differential Equations
0002910: DANN MALLET - Linear Algebra and Multivariable Calculus: An Introduction
0001617: DAVID MALOUF - Untold Tales
0000861: DAVID MALOUF - David Malouf And Friends
0001082: DAVID MALOUF - Johnno
0001085: DAVID MALOUF - A First Place
0001350: MAMIE O'KEEFE - The Moreton Bay Penal Settlement, 1824-1839
0001722: NELSON MANDELA - Conversations With Myself
0000542: OSIP MANDELSTAM - Journey To Armenia
0001678: NICHOLAS MANGAN - Limits To Growth
0000435: WILFRID BASIL MANN - Was There a Fifth Man?: Quintessential Recollections
0000870: PADDY MANNING - Born To Rule: The unauthorised biography of Malcolm Turnbull
0002795: GRAHAME WEBB; CHARLIE MANOLIS - Australian Crocodiles: A Natural History
0001343: FRANK E. MANUEL - The Prophets of Paris: Turgot, Condorcet, Saint-Simon, Fourier, Comte
0002955: C. MEIER; P. MARAIS - Education Management in Early Childhood Development
0000229: NICOLA MARKUS - On Our Watch: The Race to Save Australia's Environment
0000184: J.R. COATON; A.M. MARSDEN - Lamps and Lighting
0001955: COLIN MARSH - Becoming A Teacher: Knowledge, Skills and Issues
0000347: A. MILNES MARSHALL - The Frog: Anatomy, Histology, and Embryology
0001360: ALAN MARSHALL - Pioneers & Painters: One Hundred Years of Eltham and Its Shire
0002540: PAUL MARTIN - Armour and Weapons
0001599: ROBERT MARTIN - Under Mount Lofty: A history of the Stirling district in South Australia
0000887: ADRIAN MARTIN - Phantasms: The dreams and desires at the heart of our popular culture
0000238: HECTOR LOPEZ MARTINEZ - El Peru Y El Mar: Una Relacion Ancestral / Peru and the sea, an ancestral relationship
0001301: KARL MARX - Capital: A Critical Analysis of Capitalist Production (Volume 1)
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0002648: BRIAN MCDONALD - What They Said About Ned! Looking at the Legend of Ned Kelly through Books
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0000148: THOMAS MCDOWELL - Gymnastic Partner-Work
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0001136: TOM MCKASKILL - Get A Life!: An inside view of the lives of entrepreneurs - from around the world
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0000201: J. ROBERTS; D. MCLEAN - Mapoon - Book Three: The Cape York Aluminium Companies and The Native Peoples
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0000614: THE ACADEMY OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE - An Outline of Chinese Acupuncture
0000013: SIMON MEE - A Pilgrim's Regress: From This World to Another One: Delivered under the Similtude of a Dream
0002519: SIMON MEE - A Pilgrim's Regress: From This World to Another One: Delivered under the Similtude of a Dream
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0001636: N. P. MILLER - Tacitus: Annals Book 1
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0000478: VIVIENNE O'SHANNESSY; DEAN MINETT - The Road to Hospitality: Skills for the New Professional
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0002448: JOHN MULHOLLAND - Maintaining Healthy Shrubs & Trees in Australian Conditions
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0002527: RANDALL MUNROE - xkcd: volume 0
0002262: RANDALL MUNROE - xkcd: volume 0
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0002686: THE BRITISH MUSEUM - Guide to the Great Game Animals (Ungulata) in The Department of Zoology, British Museum (Natural History)
0002719: KAREL MUSIL - Ex libris
0002715: KAREL MUSIL - Ex libris
0002722: KAREL MUSIL - Next Chapter
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0002616: V. D. NABOKOV - The Provisional Government
0002166: IHSAN H. NADIEM - Moenjodaro: Heritage Of Mankind
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0002893: JEREMY NARBY - The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge
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0001421: PABLO NERUDA - The Heights of Macchu Picchu
0002381: EDDY NEUMANN - The High Court Of Australia: A Collective Portrait, 1903 to 1972
0002740: LUCY NEWHAM - Beef Cattle: Breeding, Feeding and Showing
0002403: LUCY NEWHAM - Beef Cattle: Breeding, Feeding and Showing
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0001404: TOM NEWNHAM - By Batons And Barbed Wire: A response to the 1981 Springbok Tour of New Zealand
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0002299: NAN NICHOLSON; HUGH NICHOLSON - Australian Rainforest Plants
0002598: HAL NIEDZVIECKI - Hello I'm Special: How Individuality Became The New Conformity
0002599: HAL NIEDZVIECKI - Hello I'm Special: How Individuality Became The New Conformity
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0002683: LLOYD NIELSEN - Birds of Lamington National Park and Environs: A Guide's Guide
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0000628: WHO SCIENTIFIC GROUP ON INTERNATIONAL ACUPUNCTURE NOMENCLATURE - A proposed standard international acupuncture nomenclature: Report of a WHO Scientific Group
0000829: DENNIS NONA - Entre ciel, terre et mer oi le mythe revisite / Between sky, land and sea. Legends revisited: Torres Strait Islands, Australia. Recent Works: Prints & Sculptures
0000830: DENNIS NONA - Entre ciel, terre et mer oi le mythe revisite / Between sky, land and sea. Legends revisited: Torres Strait Islands, Australia. Recent Works: Prints & Sculptures
0002898: SHELDON NORBERG - Confessions of a Dope Dealer
0001559: SHELDON NORBERG - Healing Houses: Transforming Sick Houses Into Healthy Homes
0001396: GILES NORMAN - Twenty Years Of Photography
0003134: CHARLES NORMAN - When Vaudeville Was King: An Australian Variety Artists Takes A Soft Shoe Stroll Down Forget-Me-Not Lane
0001312: RAY NORRIS; CILLA NORRIS - Emu Dreaming: An Introduction to Australian Aboriginal Astronomy
0002498: RAY NORRIS; CILLA NORRIS - Emu Dreaming: An Introduction to Australian Aboriginal Astronomy
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0002134: DAVID JONES; PETER NUNAN - Subs Down Under Brisbane, 1942-1945
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0002095: DOUGLAS OLIVER - Bougainville: A Personal History
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0002570: MANCUR OLSON - The Logic of Collective Action: Public Goods and the Theory of Groups
0000231: OTTO ONDAWAME - One People, One Soul: West Papuan Nationalism and the Organisasi Papua Merdeka
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0002572: LIBERTARIAN SOCIALIST ORGANISATION - Politics of Human Liberation: Revolution Re-Assessed
0002890: JAMES OROC - Tryptamine Palace: 5-MeO-DMT and the Sonoran Desert Toad
0002289: CHARLES E. ORSER - Historical Archaeology
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0002071: HENRY OSIECKI - Food of the Gods: Hypernutrition for Sport
0000317: JONATHAN OTT - The Cacahuatl Eater: Ruminations of an unabashed Chocolate Addict
0002640: DAVID F. BRANAGAN; GORDON H. PACKHAM - Field Geology of New South Wales
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0002900: TIMOTHY PARISH - Portals
0001246: SUSAN PARISI - Blood of Dreams
0001921: JON STUEN-PARKER - Letter To Norman Mailer: From Jail to Yale
0001641: BRIAN D. PASCOE - A Guide To The Great Court
0001189: PAT O'NEILL - The Little Person
0001414: KENNETH PATCHEN - The Love Poems Of Kenneth Patchen
0002466: RAJ PATEL - Stuffed & Starved: Markets, Power and the Hidden Battle for the World Food System
0002091: A. B. PATERSON - Happy Dispatches: Recollections of World Famous People
0002752: LINCOLN PATERSON - Methane Drainage from Coal
0001812: YSOLA BEST; CANDACE KRUGER; PATRICIA O'CONNOR - Yugambeh Talga: Music Traditions of the Yugambeh People
0000760: ROSS PATRICK - The Royal Women's Hospital Brisbane: First 50 Years
0000979: EUGENE CARR; MICHELLE PAUL - Breaking the Fifth Wall: Rethinking Arts Marketing for the 21st Century
0000024: JOHN PAULL - Alice 125: A Celebration of the world's favourite book
0002728: HEDWIG PAUWELS - Eros & Thanatos
0000338: MERVYN PEAKE - The Drawings of Mervyn Peake
0003137: CHARLES W. PEARCE - Students' Counterpoint
0001256: HENDRIK KOLENBERG; BARRY PEARCE - Francis Lymburner
0000586: BARRY PEARCE - Australian Art in the Art Gallery of New South Wales
0000977: R. O PEARSE - Barrier of Spears: Drama of the Drakensberg
0001797: VALERIE PEARSON - Home Cheese Making in Australia: Simple Recipes You Can Make at Home
0000737: DOROTHY WALL; MAY GIBBS; HENRY LAWSON; ETHEL PEDLEY - A Treasury of Australian Children's Classics
0002258: HARVEY PEKAR - American Splendor: Another Dollar
0002223: HARVEY PEKAR - American Splendor and More American Splendor: The Life and Times of Harvey Pekar
0002273: HARVEY PEKAR - The Quitter
0002464: CAROLE FERRIER; REBECCA PELAN - The Point of Change
0002349: MAIJA-LIISA BACKSTROM; ILSE JUNTIKKA; TERTTU PELLIKKA - Herskapia Ja Pienelajia: vanhassa Oulussa vuonna, 1886-1887
0002790: BILL PEMBURY - Rawhide
0002917: QINGLONG PENG - Bide Kaili xiao shuo yan jiu / A critical study of Peter Carey's fiction
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0002636: GEORGES PEREC - 53 Days
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0002600: FREDY PERLMAN - The Incoherence of the Intellectual: C. Wright Mills' Struggle to Unite Knowledge and Action
0001147: STUART PERRY - The Indecent Publication Tribunal: A Social Experiment
0001950: DAPHNE MEADMORE; BRUCE BURNETT; PETER O'BRIEN - Understanding Education: Contexts and Agendas for the New Millenium
0001419: BILL MORGAN; NANCY J. PETERS - Howl On Trial: The Battle for Free Expression
0001848: CARMEN L. PETTERSEN - Maya of Guatemala: Life and Dress
0002358: BRUCE PETTY - Bruce Petty's The Absurd Machine: A Cartoon History of the World
0000718: PEYO - The Smurf's Apprentice
0000608: PETER A.R. PHILLIPPS - The Flying Boat Days: The Early Aviation History of Lord Howe Island
0002509: DAVID A. PHILLIPS - Secrets of the Inner Self: The Complete Book of Numerology
0001100: DAVID A. PHILLIPS - Secrets of The Inner Self
0002367: DAVID A. PHILLIPS - Secrets of the Inner Self: The Complete Book of Numerology
0002336: DAVID A. PHILLIPS - Secrets of the Inner Self: The Complete Book of Numerology
0002417: H. PHILLIPS - Picturesque Sydney Harbour, N.S.W
0001244: AUSTRALIAN PHOTOJOURNALIST - Silent Screams: Rights of the Child
0001669: PABLO PICASSO - Desire Caught By The Tail
0001171: MARIANNE DE PIERRES - Glitter Rose
0001215: PAMELA PILBEAM - Madame Tussaud: And the History of Waxworks
0002009: JOHN P. J. PINEL - Biopsychology
0001780: DING LI PING - Selected Oil Paintings of Ding Li Ping
0002301: MARIAN T. PLACE - Gold Down Under: The Story of the Australian Gold Rush
0001819: ANDREW PLANT - The Poppy
0001543: BILL PLOTKIN - Nature & The Human Soul: A road map to discovering our place in the world
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0003001: MICHAEL POLLAN - The Botany of Desire: A Plant's-Eye View of the World
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0002384: JOHN GERMOV; MARILYN POOLE - Public Sociology: An Introduction to Australian Society
0002931: WENA POON - The Adventures of Snow Fox & Sword Girl
0000755: ALEXANDER POPE - The Rape Of The Lock: an Heroi-comical Poem
0002035: VERNON L. PORRITT - The Rise and Fall of Communism in Sarawak 1940-1990
0003099: DOROTHY PORTER - The Monkey's Mask
0002014: MAURIZIO CALVESI; PAOLO PORTOGHESI - Gino Marotta: I Giardini di Apollo & altre storie barocche
0001555: BEVERLY A. POTTER - Spiritual Secrets for Playing the Game of Life
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0002635: G. J. V. PRASAD - A Clean Breast
0003187: TERRY PRATCHETT - Making Money
0002746: MERRIGOLD PRESS - BEEP BEEP the Road Runner Coloring Book
0002478: TUTOR PRESS - The Rites and Mysteries Connected with The Origin, Rise, and Development of Serpent Worship in Various Parts of The World
0000589: LAST WORD PRESS - Unusual Plans, Projects & Formulas
0000026: ALAN AND SABINE PRICE - Gold Star: An abc Adventure Story
0001245: SUE PRICHARD - Quilts: 1700-1945: Hidden Histories, Untold Stories
0002230: CHRISTOPHER PRIEST - Quantum and Woody: Magnum Force
0002266: CHRISTOPHER PRIEST - Quantum and Woody: The Director's Cut (Vol. 1 No. 1)
0001917: J. B. PRIESTLY - Man & Time
0001418: DIANE DI PRIMA - The Poetry Deal
0003171: PETER DENNIS; JEFFREY GREY; EWAN MORRIS; ROBIN PRIOR - The Oxford Companion to Australian Military History
0002048: TONY PRITCHARD - Drifting down the Darling: Birdwatching and seeking wisdom in a small boat
0001763: CATHARINE LUMBY; ELSPETH PROBYN - Remote Control: New Media, New Ethics
0001373: CHRYSTEL PROUPUECH - YAPA: Le petit aborigene d'Australie
0001066: CLYMER PUBLICATIONS - Twin Cylinder Manual For the Unapproachable Norton Motor Cycle: Lightweight Twins - Jubilee, Navigator and Electra: Heavyweight Twins - Models 88 and 99, 650 SS 750 Atlas, 750 G15 CS
0000294: EMI MUSIC PUBLISHING - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Song and Games Book
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0002248: KATHLEEN J. PULLEN - Mary Reibey: From Convict to First Lady of Trade
0002131: HARRY O'BRIEN; GREG PURCELL - The New Primary Mathematics Handbook: including a dictionary of mathematical terms
0002760: HARRY O'BRIEN; GREG PURCELL - Maths Plus for Queensland Level 2: Student Activity Book
0001766: GRAHAM PURCHASE - My Journey With Aristotle to the Anarchist Utopia
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0000341: LIBA STAMBOLLION ET AL. - The Encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs
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0001460: BRANDON STANTON - Humans Of New York
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0003139: S. FREDERICK STARR - Red & Hot: The Fate of Jazz in the Soviet Union
0002387: RALPH STEADMAN - Still Life with Bottle: Whisky According to Ralph Steadman
0001047: SAMUEL P. HARBISON III; GUY L. STEELE JR. - C: A Refernce Manual
0001744: BRUCE STEELE - D. H. Lawrence: Psychoanalysis and The Unconscious and Fantasia of The Unconscious
0000890: J. G. STEELE - Aboriginal Pathways in Southeast Queensland and the Richmond River
0000891: J. G. STEELE - Aboriginal Pathways in Southeast Queensland and the Richmond River
0001638: WILLIAM STEIG - Yellow & Pink
0001101: ARNOLD SCHOENBERG; LEONARD STEIN - Style & Idea: Selected Writings of Arnold Schoenberg
0000284: SAUL STEINBERG - Steinberg's Passeport
0000364: J. STENSON HOOKER, M.D. - The Letters of Little Mary
0001032: J.R. STEPHENSON - Nor Iron Bars A Cage
0002163: M. A. STEPHENSON - Mabo: The Native Title Legislation: A Legislative Response to the High Court's Decision
0000776: W. F. WILLMOTT; P. J. STEPHENSON - Rocks and Landscapes of the Cairns District
0001490: W. STEPHENSON - Places for Living: An Environmental Approach to Ecology
0001802: STEPHAN C. REINKE; ROB STEUL - Public #4 21st Century Guide to Life
0000378: SYDNEY URE SMITH; BERTRAM STEVENS - The Pen Drawings of Norman Lindsay: Special Number of Art in Australia
0001815: H. C. STEVENS - Russian Folk Tales
0001268: N. C. STEVENS - A Guidebook To Field Geology In Southeast Queensland
0002716: HILDE STEVENS - Antigone
0001271: CAT STEVENS - Cat Stevens For Easy Guitar
0000301: SYDNEY URE SMITH; BERTRAM STEVENS - The Art of Blamire Young (Special Number of Art In Australia)
0000810: JAMAICA STEVENS - ReInhabiting the Village: CoCreating our Future
0002004: H. C. STEVENS - Russian Folk Tales
0003138: ROBERT STEVENSON - Spanish Music in the Age of Columbus
0001653: IAN WARD; RANDAL G. STEWART - Politics One
0001428: DOUGLAS STEWART - The Birdsville Track and other poems
0001175: MAUREEN STEWART - Getting to Know Me
0001972: FRANCES MCGLONE; AMANDA STICKLEY - Australian Torts Law
0001457: JOSEF STIEF - Flechtgeback und figurliches Geback: Anleitung zur Herstellung in Wort und Bild
0001902: FRANK J.B. STILWELL - Economic Crisis, Cities & Regions: an analysis of current urban and regional problems in Australia
0000130: MARGO STIPE - Frank Lloyd Wright: The Rooms: Interiors and Decorative Arts
0001826: ALEXANDER STITT - Person, Nipples and Fizzy O'Therapy: A triangle with three equally unlikely sides
0001086: DAL STIVENS - A Horse Of Air
0002108: SIXTEN LARSSON; HERMAN STOLPE - Medborgarboken
0001657: JERIMIAH STONE - Felicity's Trip
0003041: RAYMOND J. STONE - Human Resource Management
0003102: BOB DYLAN; ROLLING STONE - Brining It All Back Home (Free Dylan Concert Flyer, Australia 1978)
0000121: JERIMIAH STONE - Felicity's Trip
0002659: I. M. STONED - The Big Bag of Weed: (Almost) Everything You Need When You Want To Get High
0002663: I. M. STONED - Dope: The 200 Most Awesome Things About Weed
0000228: MRS. RICHARD STRACHEY - Nursery Lyrics
0003147: MISTER STRANGE - DMT Psychonautica: A Graphic Novel

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