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0004967: JAMIE DELANO - Outlaw Nation (10 Issues)
0004136: MEIR H. KRYGER; THOMAS ROTH; WILLIAM C. DEMENT - Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine
0002487: TIBETAN CENTRE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AND DEMOCRACY - Drapchi Prison: Tibet's Most Dreaded Prison
0000724: SERGE DENARDO - Megalotroll and the Turtomonster
0002309: PRESTON E. DENNETT - One in Forty: The UFO Epidemic: True Accounts of Close Encounters with UFOs
0006318: PRESTON DENNETT - UFOs Over New York: A True History of Extraterrestrial Encounters in the Empire State
0006929: DOUGLAS R. HOFSTADTER; DANIEL C. DENNETT - The Mind's I: Fantasies and Reflection on Self and Soul
0005030: C. J. DENNIS - The Sentimental Bloke
0003725: C. J. DENNIS - The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke
0003520: C. J. DENNIS - The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke
0003405: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, EDUCATION, AND WELFARE - Research Issues 27: Guide to the Drug Research Literature
0003766: ORAL HISTORY DEPARTMENT - Recollections: People and Places
0001092: CHRIS DERCON - Theatergarden Bestiarium: The Garden as Theater as Museum
0005739: LUCIE DERMINE - The Bunnies Tea Party
0003151: PAUL DEVEREUX - The Long Trip: A Prehistory of Psychedelia
0000601: ANDREW CLARKE; JOHN DEVEREUX - Torts: A Practical Learning Approach
0002957: IVAN DEVESON - Evolution of an Australian Management Style
0002493: FRANK DEVINE - The Quick Brown Fox: Using Australian English
0006309: DEWAR'S - The House of Dewar, 1846-1946
0006412: STANLEY UNWIN; ROY DEWAR - The Miscillian Manuscript: A Demented Journey to the Lost Isles
0002428: PHRA ASSAJITA DHAMMAJITO (AWALE) - An Analytical Study On Concept Of Citta And Its Significance In Theravada Buddhist Philosophy
0002932: LEVIN A. DIATSCHENKO - The Rooftop Sutras
0006860: PHILIP K. DICK - The Zap Gun
0006863: PHILIP K. DICK - Martian Time-Slip
0006865: PHILIP K. DICK - The World Jones Made
0006867: PHILIP K. DICK - Counter-Clock World
0006868: PHILIP K. DICK - The Game-Players of Titan
0007213: PHILIP K. DICK - We Can Build You
0006864: PHILIP K. DICK - Paycheck
0005959: PHILIP K. DICK - The Little Black Box
0000765: DOCTOR DICK - My Big Red Doctor Dick Book
0006862: PHILIP K. DICK - Flow, My Tears, the Policeman Said
0006861: PHILIP K. DICK - The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch
0003878: CHARLES DICKENS - The Life of Our Lord
0004714: CHARLES DICKENS - A Christmas Carol (with illustrations from the renown film Scrooge starring Alastair Sim)
0007292: BARRY DICKENS - Beautland
0003260: ROBERT DICKINS - Psychedelic Press Volume XVII
0003257: ROBERT DICKINS - Psychedelic Press Volume XVI
0003259: ROBERT DICKINS - Psychedelic Press Volume XVIII
0005152: ROBERT DICKINS - Erin
0003261: ROBERT DICKINS - Psychedelic Press Volume XIX - Breaking Convention special
0005153: ROBERT DICKINS - Erin
0004970: E. J. DICKINSON - Bituminous Roads In Australia
0004296: MIRANDA DICKSON - The Annotated Wyborowa Bartenders Companion 2009/10
0001736: D. DE LEO; A. SCHMIDTKE; R.F.W. DIEKSTRA - Suicide Prevention: A Holistic Approach
0005707: KEVIN DILLON - Nostradamus: Prophecies
0000154: M. C. SUBHADRADIS DISKUL - Hindu Gods at Sukhodaya
0003746: WALT DISNEY - Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
0007154: BENJAMIN DISRAELI - Coningsby; or, The New Generation
0000349: PARMANANDA R. DIVARKAR - The Gitanjali Album
0005938: SAINT JOHN THE DIVINE - The Revelation of Saint John the Divine
0006505: PAUL MCNEIL; BARRY DIVOLA - Never Mind Your P's and Q's: Here's The Punk Alphabet
0005378: C. A. DOXIADIS; GERALD DIX - Ecology and Ekistics
0006771: ROBERT DIXON - Prosthetic Gods: Travel, Representation and Colonial Governenace
0004515: R. DIXON - Parallel Texts: Short Stories by Soviet Writers 2
0001942: WADE DOAK - Gaia Calls: South Sea Voices, Dolphins, Sharks & Rainforests
0003537: ROSEMARY DOBSON - Rosemary Dobson reads from his own work (Poets On Record 2)
0000048: JOHN DOCKER - Australian Cultural Elites: Intellectual traditions in Sydney and Melbourne
0004847: CORY DOCTOROW - Information Doesn't Want To Be Free: Laws for the Internet Age
0005614: HEIMITO VON DODERER - The Demons (Part Three)
0003906: MARILYN DODKIN - Goodnight Bobbie: One Family's War
0006301: SALIMA IKRAM; AIDAN DODSON - The Mummy in Ancient Egypt: Equipping The Dead For Eternity
0006634: WENDY SARKISSIAN; TERRY DOHERTY - Living In Public Housing: A report on a Tenants' Evaluation of Medium-Density Public Housing in Suburban Sydney (Housing Issues 2)
0006936: NORMAN DOIDGE - The Brain That Changes Itself
0005366: HUGH DOLAN - 36 Days: The Untold Story Behind the Gallipoli Landings
0006911: SAM DOLGOFF - Fragments: A Memoir
0004588: IVO DOMINGUEZ JR - Beneath The Skins: The New Spirit and Politics of the Kink Community
0005058: DOMUS - The Australian Handyman (The Domus Series)
0002712: RAY DOMZALSKI - Onward and Upward
0005891: IAN DONALDSON - Ben Jonson: A Life
0006764: L. DONCASTER - An Introduction to the Study of Cytology
0002942: BAO DONGNI - Dancing Crane
0002471: MARGARET DONOVAN - Apostolate of Love: Mary Aikenhead, 1787-1858
0001446: HILDA DOOLITTLE (H. D.) - Notes On Thought And Vision & The Wise Sappho
0005671: R. P. DORE - City Life in Japan: A Study of a Tokyo Ward
0004021: DIMITY DORNAN - Alice With Eyes A-Shine: Seedling of an Irish-Australian Childhood
0005918: JANE DORNER - Fashion in the Twenties & Thirties
0006338: FEDOR DOSTOYEVSKY - Poor People
0001778: E. EVERETT GREEN; SARAH DOUDNEY - The Sisters of Silver Sands and Miss Irving's Bible
0003179: ROBERT LONGHURST; WILLIAM DOUGLAS - The Brisbane River: A Pictorial History
0007643: ROBERT LONGHURST; WILLIAM DOUGLAS - The Brisbane River: A Pictorial History
0001806: JIM DOUGLAS - Movers and Shakers: Stories of activists who have made a difference in South Australia
0003600: ROBERT LONGHURST; WILLIAM DOUGLAS - The Brisbane River: A Pictorial History
0000106: C. H. DOUGLAS - Economic Democracy
0005295: NICHOLAS THOMAS; ANNA COLE; BRONWEN DOUGLAS - Tattoo: Bodies, Art, and Exchange in the Pacific and the West
0006500: CHRISTOS G. DOUMAS - Early Cycladic Culture: The N. P. Goulandris Collection
0002298: KELLY DOUST - A Life in Frocks: A Memoir
0006244: MARY ALICE-DOWNIE - The Witch of the North
0007514: CONSTANTINOS A. DOXIADIS - Ekistics: An Introduction to the Science of Human Settlements
0001168: JACK DRAKE - The Cattle Dog's Revenge: Bush Ballads and Yarns
0003455: WILLIAM DANIEL DRAKE JR. - The Connoisseur's Handbook of Marijuana
0001831: DAVID SUZUKI; HOLLY DRESSEL - Good News For A Change: Hope for a Troubled Planet
0005424: TOON VAN DRIEL - De Stamgasten: Lam
0000709: CYNTHIA VANDEN DRIESEN - Writing the Nation: Patrick White and the Indigene (Cross/Cultures 97)
0007120: JOHN DRINKWATER - A History of the Siege of Gibraltar, 1779-1783
0006888: JOHN DRINKWATER - The Outline of Literature (2 Volumes)
0003404: TASK FORCE ON DRUNKENNESS - Task Force Report: Drunkenness: Annotations, Consultants' Papers, and Related Materials
0007399: NEVILL DRURY - The Watkins Dictionary of Magic
0005499: ANIL K. JAIN; RICHARD C. DUBES - Algorithms for Clustering Data
0005431: GRZEGORZ ROSINSKI; ANDRE-PAUL DUCHATEAU - Hans 3: De Mutanten Van Xanaia
0000692: RIKKI DUCORNET - The Monstrous And The Marvelous
0000128: VICKY DUCROT - Four Centuries of Rajput Painting: Meway, Marwar and Dhundhar Indian Miniatures from the Collection of Isabella and Vicky Ducrot
0004822: NICK DUFFELL - The Making of Them: The British Attitude to Children and the Boarding School System
0007601: ROBERT DUFFIELD - Rogue Bull: The Story of Lang Hancock, King of the Pilbara
0006106: BILLIE HOLIDAY; WILLIAM DUFFY - Lady Sings the Blues
0002216: BILLIE HOLIDAY; WILLIAM DUFTY - Lady Sings the Blues
0001389: TED DUHS - I Know Who Killed Betty Shanks
0006437: WLADYSLAW DULEBA - Wieniawski
0002984: ALEXANDRE DUMAS - Twenty Years After
0002866: ALASTAIR DUNCAN - American Art Deco
0003519: STAN DUNN - Billy Tea and Gum Leaves
0002766: HARRY F. RECHER; DANIEL LUNNEY; IRINA DUNN - A Natural Legacy: Ecology In Australia
0003997: COL DUNN - The History of Electricity in Queensland: An Outline of The History of Electricity and Its Progress in Queensland, 1882-1984
0000621: BARRY L. ZARET; LEON KAUFMAN; ALAN S. BERSON; ROSALIE A. DUNN - Frontiers In Cardiovascular Imaging
0001386: ELIZABETH BOROS; JOHN DUNS - Corporate Law
0006615: KEITH DUNSTAN - The Perfect Cup: The Story of Coffee
0005887: KEITH DUNSTAN - Moonee Ponds to Broadway: The Legendary Barry Humphries
0006268: FRANK DUNSTAN - Awkward Hours, Awkward Jobs: A History of St John Ambulance in the Northern Territory, 1915-2012 (The Volunteers)
0005751: JILL DUPLEIX - I Hate To Cook
0005367: T. N. DUPUY - Numbers, Predictions and War: Using History to Evaluate Combat Factors and Predict the Outcome of Battles
0005886: MARY DURACK - To Ride a Fine Horse
0001551: EDUARDO DURAN - Transforming The Soul Wound: A Theoretical/Clincal Approach to American Indian Psychology
0005456: RAMAIOLI; DURAND - De Franse Indiaan
0001318: FRANCOISE DUSSART - The Politics of Ritual in an Aboriginal Settlement: Kinship, Gender, and the Currency of Knowledge
0005008: A GENTLEMAN WITH A DUSTER - The Mirrors of Downing Street
0007413: GEOFFREY DUTTON - S. T. Gill's Australia
0001270: TERRY DUVAL - Clay Pigeons
0005441: ERIC DWAASKOP - De Prins Der Wolven
0005440: ERIC DWAASKOP - Het Grote Boek
0005439: ERIC DWAASKOP - De Verloren Zonnen
0005420: ERIC DWAASKOP - Het Zwarte Licht
0000558: MIKALA DWYER - Drawing Down The Moon
0007163: BOB DYLAN - The Songs of Bob Dylan: from 1966 through 1975
0004968: JOSHUA DYSART - Unknown Soldier
0003562: STEPHANIE BURRIDGE; JULIE DYSON - Shaping the Landscape: Celebrating Dance in Australia
0003989: TOM DYSTER - Return to the Adelaide Hills
0002919: TERRY EAGLETON - Literary Theory: An Introduction
0001947: MARTY DEJONGHE; CAROLINE EARHART - Power Up! Kid's Guide to the COMMODORE 64
0006099: NICK EARLES - Passion
0005731: NICK EARLS - Perfect Skin
0000731: MARGARET EARLY - Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves
0007431: EKNATH EASWARAN - The Bhagavad Gita for Daily Living: The End of Sorrow; Like a Thousand Suns; To Love Is to Know (3 Volumes)
0004144: DAVID EATHER - The Cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Light at the End of the Tunnel
0006222: MICK EATON - Anthropology-Reality-Cinema: The Films of Jean Rouch
0006713: RICHARD ROHR; ANDREAS EBERT - Discovering the Enneagram: An Ancient Tool for a New Spiritual Journey
0004190: MICHAEL D. ECHANIS - Basic Stick Fighting for Combat Vol. III
0000388: P. GRANVILLE EDGE - The Ring of The Nibelung
0004101: IAN EDGINTON - Hellgate: London
0001829: HARRY H. EDIE - Ferns of Hong Kong
0004950: GRAHAME GALLERIES + EDITION - Artists' Books + Multiples Fair '96 (Brisbane 7 + 8 September '96)
0004149: MARTIN P. GOLDING; WILLIAM A. EDMUNDSON - The Blackwell Guide to the Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory
0007177: HARRY HARRISON; MALCOLM EDWARDS - Spacecraft in Fact and Fiction
0002820: ROBERT HOLDSTOCK; MALCOLM EDWARDS - Magician: The Lost Journals of the Magus Geoffrey Carlyle
0001143: J. H. EDWARDS - Orthodoxy in the Civil Courts, or, A History of the Case
0003038: DOUG EDWARDS - Fit To Fly: Cognitive training for Pilots
0003081: ROBERT EDWARDS - Australian Aboriginal Art: The art of the Alligator Rivers region, Northern Territory
0006421: RON EDWARDS - Great Australian Folk Songs
0003028: ARAB REPUBLIC OF EGYPT - The Egyptian Museum, Cairo: A Brief Description of the Principal Monuments
0007420: FRANZ EHMANN - Speaking the World into Existence
0005382: MICHAEL EIGEN - Emotional Storm
0002491: JULIE EISENBUD - The World of Ted Serios: "Thoughtographic" Studies of an Extraordinary Mind
0006681: STEVEN EISLER - The Alien World: The Complete Illustrated Guide
0000666: ADRIAN ASHMAN; JOHN ELKINS - Educating Children with Diverse Abilities
0001053: STEPHEN ELLIOT - Signal Processing for Active Control
0004183: WARREN ELLIS - Absolute Transmetropolitan Volume 2
0004184: WARREN ELLIS - Absolute Transmetropolitan Volume 1
0007541: RENNIE ELLIS - Life's Still A Beach
0002027: ULRICH ELLIS - A History of the Australian Country Party
0002282: HARLAN ELLISON - Vic and Blood: The Continuing Adventures of a Boy and His Dog
0001734: RICHARD ELLMANN - Selected Joyce Letters
0002229: JARROD ELVIN - Checkers' Asylum
0000549: NIMBIN HEMP EMBASSY - Nimbin's Mardi Grass Official Joint-Rolling Handbook
0002458: WALTER B. EMERY - Egypt In Nubia
0007567: GIULIA ENDERS - Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body's Most Under-Rated Organ
0005509: S.A. DEPARTMENT OF MINES AND ENERGY - Jade in South Australia (Mineral Information Series
0002823: MICHAEL ENGLISH - The Anatomy of Illusion: A Painter's Guide to Hyper-Realist Technique
0000990: RON ENGLISH - Ron English's Fauxlosophy
0006531: RON ENGLISH - Ron English's Popaganda Coloring Book
0004185: GARTH ENNIS - Absolute Preacher Volume 1
0004969: GARTH ENNIS - Heartland
0007516: C. M. ENRIQUEZ - Khyberie: The Story of a Pony on the Indian Frontier
0003525: M. E. ENSMINGER - The Complete Encyclopedia of Horses
0005320: ISRAEL EPSTEIN - From Opium War to Liberation
0005673: RICHARD A. EPSTEIN - The Theory of Gambling and Statistical Logic
0005387: DAVID EPSTON - Collected Papers
0005392: MICHAEL WHITE; DAVID EPSTON - Literate Means to Therapeutic Ends
0004384: LYNN ERICKSON - A Woman of San Francisco
0006178: JOHANNES ERLER - Hello I am Erik: Erik Spiekermann: Typographer, Designer, Entrepreneur
0002033: ERNEST C. HERRMANN, JR. - Third Conference on Antiviral Substances
0000084: JAMES ERNEST - Contact Juggling
0004357: ERROL O'NEILL - The Mayne Inheritance: A Play
0004356: ERROL O'NEILL - Face In The Street: A Story of the 1912 Brisbane General Strike
0004355: ERROL O'NEILL - On The Whipping Side: A Story of the 1891 Queensland Shearers' Strike
0004354: ERROL O'NEILL - On The Whipping Side: A Story of the 1891 Queensland Shearers' Strike
0007282: ERROL O'NEILL - Popular Front
0007277: ERROL O'NEILL - On The Whipping Side: A Story of the 1891 Queensland Shearers' Strike
0007254: LAFCADIO HEARN; JOHN ERSKINE - Interpretations of Literature (2 Volumes)
0000973: DAVID JENKINSON; BOB ESSERY - The Illustrated History of LMS Standard Coaching Stock
0002224: MARK JAMES ESTREN - A History of Underground Comics
0006839: ROSALIE EUSTACE - Indigenous Gardening: Growing Local Native Plants
0004857: THOMAS W. EVANS - History of the American Ambulance: Established in Paris During the Siege of 1870-71
0007353: GEROGE EDWARD TREASE; WILLIAM CHARLES EVANS - A Textbook of Pharmacognosy
0000424: W. H. EVANS - Twelve Lectures on the Harmonial Philosophy of Andrew Jackson Davis
0006139: MIKE EVANS - Vinyl: The Art of Making Records
0003270: MICHAEL EVANS - Equity & Trusts
0000798: MARTYN DEAN; CHRIS EVANS - Dream Makers: Six Fantasy Artists at Work
0005781: GEORGE MACAULAY EVELYAN - England Under the Stuarts
0001642: SAM EVERINGHAM - Wild Ride: The Rise and Fall of Cobb & Co
0001237: WILFRID L. EVERSHED - Quantity Surveying For Builders: A Text-Book For Surveyors, Civil Engineers, Builders and Contractors
0004525: PETER EWER - Storm Over Kokoda: Australia's epic battle for the skies of New Guinea, 1942
0000295: JULIE EWINGTON - Ten Years of Contemporary Art: The James C Sourris AM Collection
0002802: JULIE EWINGTON - Contemporary Australia: Women
0001899: FRANK EYRE - Oxford In Australia, 1890-1978
0007322: TOBY CRESWELL; MARTIN FABINYI - The Real Thing: Adventures in Australian Rock & Roll, 1957-Now
0002555: PARVIS GHASSEM-FACHANDI - Violence: Ethnogrpahic Encounters
0002627: JUNE FACTOR - Roll Over, Pavlova!
0002628: JUNE FACTOR - Real Keen, Baked Bean!
0004122: THE STAMP FACTORY - Australian Stamp Album
0001577: THOMAS FAIRBAIRN - Relics of Ancient Architecture and other Picturesque Scenes In Glasgow, Thirty Drawings by Thomas Fairbairn
0000431: LINDSEY FAIRFIELD - Volcanoes: Recovery from Rage (Recovering From Child Abuse)
0005554: IAN FAIRWEATHER - Late Works, 1953-74
0003932: ORIANA FALLACI - The Egotists: 16 Surprising Interviews
0003918: ORIANA FALLACI - The Egotists
0006201: ORIANA FALLACI - The Egotists
0000935: JOHN FANTE - The Brotherhood Of The Grape
0000932: JOHN FANTE - Ask The Dust
0006542: JOHN FANTE - Prologue to Ask The Dust
0000950: LADISLAS FARAGO - Abyssinia On The Eve
0006403: ENZO FARDONE - The Poussin Enigma
0004834: FRANZ FARGA - Violins & Violinists
0004396: WALTER FARLEY - The Black Stallion and Satan
0005164: BILL FARQUHAR - Random Notes and Anecdotes: Confessions of an Ancient Mariner
0003592: ELAINE HAMILTON; ROBIN FARR - Poetry Unlocked: An Anthology Arranged in Themes
0001197: MARK FARRELLY - Canvas of Dreams: Marist College Ashgrove: 1940-1990
0006874: DAVID FARRELLY - The Book of Bamboo
0004624: LEILA FARSAKH - Palestinian Labour Migration to Israel: Labour, land and occupation
0003928: TEWODROS FEKADU - No One's Son
0006319: EDMUND BURKE FELDMAN - Varieties of Visual Experience: Art as Image and Idea
0006984: KAROL FELIX - Ex Libris Etching
0002720: KAROL FELIX - Ex libris
0007065: BARRY FELL - Epigraphic Society Occasional Publications (Volume 16, 1987)
0003005: S. M. FELLOW - The Eighteen Ways of Chinese Gymnastic Exercises
0000794: CATHY FENNER; ARNIE FENNER - Spectrum 2: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art
0003289: JULIE M. FENSTER - Ether Day: The Strange Tale of America's Greatest Medical Discovery and the Haunted Men Who Made It
0004211: JULIE M. FENSTER - Ether Day: The Strange Tale of America's Greatest Medical Discovery and the Haunted Men Who Made It
0007283: JON BLAIR; NORMAN FENTON - The Biko Inquest
0006889: HELEN GEE; JANET FENTON - The South-west Book: A Tasmanian Wilderness
0005761: KEN FENTON - The Chosen Dozen
0003883: SARAH FERBER - Demonic Possession and Exorcism in Early Modern France
0005588: THOMAS FERGUSON - Golden Rule: The Investment Theory of Party Competition and the Logic of Money-Driven Political Systems
0002302: R. B. FERGUSON - Aids to the Mathematics of Hygiene
0002386: BAYLEY & FERGUSON - Church Voluntaries (Book 1): Original Compositions and Arrangements for the American Organ or Harmonium
0007655: JAMES FERGUSON - John Alexander Ferguson: Preserving Our Past, Inspiring Our Future
0001434: LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI - Pictures Of The Gone World
0006545: LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI - Starting From San Francisco
0001708: LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI - Life Studies Life Stories: 80 Works on Paper
0007499: SUJATHA FERNANDES - Who Can Stop The Drums? Urban Social Movements in Chavez's Venezuela
0006288: MIHINDUKULASURIYA SUSANTHA FERNANDO - Alien Mysteries in Sri Lanka & Egypt
0006221: MIHINDUKULASURIYA SUSANTHA FERNANDO - Rituals, Folk Beliefs & Magical Arts of Sri Lanka
0002533: AMANDA FERNBACH - Fantasies of Fetishism: From Decadence to the Post-Human
0006539: FEROCIUS - The College of Erotic Sciences
0002213: FRANCO FEROLDI - Classical Violinmaking: A method: Stradivari and the Cremonsese School
0002270: SUSANNE FERRIER - Lola
0004722: TULLIO FERRO - Il Castello Belvedere in Desenzano del Garda / The Belvedere Castle
0000893: WOODFORD FOLK FESTIVAL - Woodford Folk Festival Program 16/17
0003896: DOUGLAS FETHERLING - The Gentle Anarchist: A Life of George Woodcock
0006206: JASPER FFORDE - The Well Of Lost Plots
0007222: RICHARD FFRENCH - A Guide to the Birds of Trinidad & Tobago
0007136: SEBASTIAN HOGBOTEL; SIMON FFUCKES - Snatches & Lays: Songs Miss Lilly White Should Never Have Taught Us
0000877: VICTOR M. FIC - Kerala: Yenan of India: Rise of Communist Power, 1937-1969
0003890: RACHEL FIELD - Ave Maria
0003269: DAVID FIELD - Queensland Evidence Law
0007319: MARIA EICCHORN; GERTI FIETZEK - The Artist's Contract
0005718: LEO MEIER; PENNY FIGGIS - Rainforests of Australia
0006915: KEN ALDRED; KEVIN ANDREWS; PAUL FILING - The Heart of Liberalism
0003403: GERARD PERE; FILS - Cigars
0006481: ALEX J. FINBERG - Turner's Water-colours at Farnley Hall (6 Parts)
0007220: ZOE HAZELWOOD; JANE SHAKESPEARE-FINCH - I'm Listening: Communication for Health Professionals
0002344: FINDHORN - ONEARTH #6 (Findhorn Magazine): Shaping Wisdom
0002343: FINDHORN - ONEARTH #7 (Findhorn Magazine): Economics As A Way Of The Spirit
0007346: NEIL FLANAGAN; JARVIS FINGER - The Management Bible
0003983: JARVIS FINGER - More True Tales of Old St Helena
0001447: KAREN FINLEY - Shock Treatment
0005024: E. E. CUMMINGS; GEORGE J. FIRMAGE - Complete Poems, 1904-1962
0006546: E. E. CUMMINGS; GEORGE J. FIRMAGE - Complete Poems, 1904-1962
0002101: JAMES GRIFFIN; HANK NELSON; STEWART FIRTH - Papua New Guinea: A Political History
0003940: CHARLES FIRTH - Oliver Cromwell: and the Rule of the Puritans of England
0007576: BERNICE FISCHER - Moongalba: (Myora) Sitting Down Place
0003401: H. TH. FISCHER - Van Verre Volken: Leven en Bedrijf der Vreemde Volken
0007569: DAVID FISHEL - The Book of the Board: Effective Governance for Non-Profit Organisations
0001473: ROSE-LYNN FISHER - Bee
0002284: DARREN FISHER - Story Bordello: Diary Comics by DCFisher 2014
0002031: SHIRO TAKASHIMA; HARVEY M. FISHMAN - Electrical Properties of Biological Polymers, Water, and Membranes
0001031: RONALD FITCH - Commercial Arbitration in the Australian Construction Industry
0002629: JULIAN FITZGERALD - Seeing Beyond The Spin: Inside The Parliamentary Press Gallery
0006920: ROSS FITZGERALD - What It Means To Be Human: Essays in Philosophical Anthropology, Political Philosophy and Social Psychology
0004705: G. E. FITZGERALD - Report Of A Commission Of Inquiry Pursuant To Orders In Council (The Fitzgerald Report)
0007095: G. E. FITZGERALD - Report Of A Commission Of Inquiry Pursuant To Orders In Council (The Fitzgerald Report)
0005728: JOHN COBLEY; MICHAEL SACLIER; CORAL LANSBURY; VERITY FITZHARDINGE - Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society (Vol. 52 Pt. 2)
0000645: L. F. FITZHARDINGE - Old Canberra and The Search For A Capital
0004167: VIVIAN F. M. FITZSIMMONS - Snakes of Southern Africa
0005126: PETER FITZSIMONS - Tobruk
0007617: PETER FITZSIMONS - Kokoda
0006885: PETER FITZSIMONS - Gallipoli
0006886: PETER FITZSIMONS - Tobruk
0007134: RICHARD FLANAGAN - Gould's Book of Fish
0000408: W. RUSSELL FLINT - The Water-Colours of W. Russell Flint
0007525: CEDRIC FLOWER - Erotica: Aspects of the Erotic in Australian Art
0001261: ROSLYN FOLLETT - Found in Fryer: Stories from the Fryer Library Collection
0000269: BLAINE FONTANA - Sedimental Promises
0002324: DUNCAN FORBES - The Buddhist Pilgrimage
0002141: KEN FORD - El Alamein 1942: The Turning of the Tide
0000440: DAVID FORD - Who's Who Guide To Protocol
0006411: KEN FORD - Battleaxe Division: From Africa to Italy with the 28th Division, 1942-45
0000571: BEATRICE FORD - Royal Eggplant
0007397: KELLY M. FOREMAN - The Gei of Geisha: Music, Identity and Meaning
0007621: K. W. FOREMAN - The Light of Other Days
0001459: MERRY A. FORESTA - Artists Unframed: Snapshots from the Smithsonian's Archives of American Art
0004255: C. S. FORESTER - Randall and the River of Time
0006901: GUNTHER FORG - Back and Forth
0006110: GAMSAT FORMULA - Gamsat Formula: Section 2
0003977: PETER FORREST - A Rush For Grass
0004256: WILLIAMS FORREST - Stigma
0001841: VAL FORRESTER - The Forgotten Royals
0007074: FREDERICK FORSYTH - The Phantom of Manhattan
0002852: XIAN FORTUNE - Anecdotes of Six Coins Of Qing Dynasty
0003233: PAUL FOSS - Island in the Stream: Myths of Place in Australian Culture
0007288: PAUL FOSS - Fassbinder in Review: An Appreciation of the Cinema of Rainer Werner Fassbinder
0002211: ROBERT FOSTER - The 10 Rules of Rock and Roll: Collected Music Writings 2005-09
0007596: ALAN DEAN FOSTER - Short Stories From Small Islands: Tales Shared in Palau
0000036: MICHAEL FOSTER - Architecture: Style, Structure, Design
0003702: JOHN FOTHERGILL - An Innkeeper's Diary
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0006585: JORDAN HURDER - Confronting Serafini
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0006995: *** NON BOOK ITEM *** - ORRYELLE DEFENSTRATE-BASCULE Hathor-Horus - Limited Edition Print
0007051: *** NON BOOK ITEM *** - Diagram Showing Strength During the Construction of the Burma-Siam Railway 1943
0007060: *** NON BOOK ITEM *** - BUTCH BURCHAM Jungle Babes Print Set
0007001: *** NON BOOK ITEM *** - BILL TAVIS Mandelmap Poster
0007035: *** NON BOOK ITEM *** - LIBA WARING STAMBOLLION Set of 6 Small Prints
0002701: *** NON BOOK ITEM *** - DANIEL FRIEDEMANN FUCHS Bodensee / Lake Constance - Etching

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