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0011450: SIMONE BARLOW; ASHLEE HORYNIAK - Dark Emu in the Classroom: Teacher Resources for High School Geography
0013334: SUELLEN OCEAN; JON HOSE - The Common Sense Guide to Good Sex
0007281: STANLEY HOUGHTON - The Dear Departed: A Comedy in One Act
0007983: HORDERN HOUSE - The Great South Land: Searching for the antipodes, from classical scholars to Quiros & Dampier
0012435: THE PEOPLE'S MEDICAL PUBLISHING HOUSE - Concise Chinese-English Dictionary of Medicine
0009972: FOREIGN LANGUAGES PUBLISHING HOUSE - Naked Act of Aggression by U.S. Imperialism Against the Korean People (Volume 2)
0010956: REBECCA HOUSEL - From Camera Lens To Critical Lens: A Collection Of Best Essays On Film Adaptation
0002250: OMAR KHAYYÁM; EDWARD FITZGERALD; LURENCE HOUSMAN - The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam: Containing the first and second editions
0007790: TERRY HOUSTON - A Guide to Native Bees of Australia
0010611: GEORGE E. HOWARD - An Introduction to the Local Constitutional History of the United States (Volume 1): Development of the Township, Hundred, and Shire
0011979: JOHN HOWARD - The Menzies Era: The years that shaped modern Australia
0011971: TONI HOWARD - The Gypsy, the Witch, Pepe, Farinacci and Me
0011476: LESLIE LAUDER; MARK HOWARD - An Introduction to Western Australian Colonial Furniture
0005786: MARILYN HOWELL - Honor thy Daughter: A Family's Search for Hope and Healing
0010070: MAX HOWELL - The Centenary of the Greatest Game Under the Sun: One Hundred Years of Rugby League in Queensland
0007606: ROSCOE HOWELLS - Old Saundersfoot: From Monkstone to Marros
0007586: ROSCOE HOWELLS - From Amroth to Utah
0007832: RAYMOND JOHN HOWGEGO - Encyclopedia of Exploration, 1850 to 1940: The Oceans, Islands and Polar Regions
0012481: LORNA HOWLETT - The Pony: An Appreciation of the Australian Pony and Other Popular Breeds
0008421: MATT HOYLE - Comic Genius: Portraits of Funny People
0002736: TOMAS HRIVNAC - Portrait of Zdenek Sverak
0002920: YUANSHEN HUANG - Aodaliya wen xue shi : xiu ding ban / A History of Australian Literature
0013020: BINGHUI HUANGFU - In & Out: Contemporary Chinese Art from China and Australia
0009037: DONALD HUBBARD - Ships-In-Bottles: A Step-by-Step Guide to a Venerable Nautical Craft
0013314: WAYNE HUDSON - Aesthetics After Historicism
0010342: WAYNE HUDSON - Aesthetics After Historicism
0000178: FRANK HUELIN - Keep Moving: An Odyssey
0007999: AMELIA BARIKIN; HELEN HUGHES - Tom Nicholson: Lines towards Another
0006269: K. F. HUGHES - Puppets with a Purpose (Volume 1)
0004371: TERENCE HULME - Ian's Inheritance
0001365: FREDERICK S. HULSE - American Journal of Physical Anthropology: September 1965 (Volume 23. Number 23.)
0013264: WILLIAM H. HUMISTON - Little Biographies: Farrar
0013267: WILLIAM H. HUMISTON - Little Biographies: Paderewski
0008687: BARRY HUMPHRIES - Neglected Poems: And Other Creatures
0008903: CHU THAI SON; DAO HUNG - Vietnam: A Multicultural Mosaic
0002482: DIANE CAMPBELL-HUNT - Developing a Sanctuary: The Karori Experience
0002340: WILLIAM R. EASTMAN; ALEXANDER C. HUNT - The Parrots of Australia: A Guide to Field Identification and Habits
0011800: JAMES HUNTTLE - Guide to Sex Practices: An Illustrated Study
0006586: JORDAN HURDER - Confronting Serafini
0006585: JORDAN HURDER - Confronting Serafini
0003893: SATYAHRAHA HURIP - Bisma: Warrior Priest of the Mahabharata
0009680: THOMAS WILHELMSSON; SAMULI HURRI - From Dissonance to Sense: Welfare State Expectations, Privatisation and Private Law
0009391: NEVIN HURST - My Masterpieces
0009155: CLARRIE BURKE; NICKY BOYNTON-BRICKNELL; JAN HURWOOD - Not Just A School: St Peters Lutheran College
0005078: MUHAMMAD ASHRAF HUSAIN - A Guide to Fatehpur Sikri
0006632: OGURI YUTAKO HUSO - Commercial Pers
0002037: B. A. HUSSAINMIYA - Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin III and Britain: The Making of Brunei Darussalam
0005377: ROGER HUSSEY - A Race Departed
0011361: CHRISTOPHER HUSSEY - Eton College
0003056: BONNY HUT - Explorations of the Mirror: The Art and Poetry of Bonny Hut
0001998: GRANT HUTCHINSON - Treasoned Argument
0012571: JACK HUTSON - Penal Colony to Penal Powers
0005864: ALLEN HUTT - The Changing Newspaper: Typographic trends in Britain and America, 1622-1972
0014211: ANDREW HODGES; DAVID HUTTER - With Downcast Eyes: Aspects of Homosexual Self-Oppression
0013357: JOHN HUXLEY - The Artisan's Book of Fetishcraft
0004743: ALDOUS HUXLEY - Brave New World
0009255: NGUYEN VAN HUY - Musee d'Ethnographie du Vietnam
0012347: HSU YA-HWEI - Ancient Chinese Writing: Oracle Bone Inscriptions from the Ruins of Yin
0011497: H. MONTGOMERY HYDE - A History of Pornography
0012584: GEORGE A. WALKER; FRANS MASEREEL; LYND WARD; GIACOMO PATRI; LAURENCE HYDE - Graphic Witness: Four Wordless Graphic Novels
0007918: ROSS HYNES - The Ross Hynes Home Dressmaker
0005676: DOLORES IBARRURI - Dolores Ibarruri: Speeches & Articles, 1936-1938
0009513: HENRIK IBSEN - The Master Builder: A Play In Three Acts
0004631: TERRY STRINGER; IHIMAERA - Mask & Mirror: An Artist's Book
0010162: F. VALENTINE HOOVEN III - Beefcake: The Muscle Magazines of America 1950-1970
0013997: MAKOTO IKEDA - Gay Sexual Love Dictionary
0013957: HOGARA IKETANI - Kaoru Yumi: Photographed, 1975-1983: The Dance of Fairy
0009188: FENYES ELEK; LUCZENBACHER JANOS; VAHOT IMRE - Magyarfold es Nepei Eredeti Kepekben: Fold- es Nepismei, Statistikai es Torteneti Folyoirat
0009103: SOHAIL INAYATULLAH - Situating Sarkar: Tantra, Macrohistory & Alternative Futures
0010901: ROBERT INDIANA - Robert Indiana: The Prints and Posters, 1961-1971
0005550: INFORMATION AND PUBLICITY OFFICE, TELECOM AUSTRALIA - The Telecom Dictionary of Abbreviations, Acronyms, Jargon and Technical Terms Encountered in Australian Telecommunications
0009098: GEOFFREY C. INGLETON - A Catalogue of Select Books from the Ingleton Collection
0003517: PAT INGOLDSBY - Salty Water
0010481: MINOH TOKUMITSU; KAYOKO MIZOBATA; BUTOH RESEARCH INSTITUTE - Kazuo Ohno: Chronicle of a Lifetime, 1906-2010
0004911: INTERNATIONAL RICE RESEARCH INSTITUTE - Proceedings of the Conference On Weed Control In Rice (31 August-4 September, 1981)
0012001: THE HON. MINISTER FOR PUBLIC INSTRUCTION - The Education Office Gazette, Queensland, 1946-1949 (4 Volumes bound in 2)
0001400: THE MINISTER FOR THE INTERIOR - Australia - A Portfolio
0010478: YOMOTA INUHIKO - Portrait of Ono Yoshito
0007597: IRELAND PARLIAMENT, HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES - Iris Dhail Eireann: Official Report: Debate on the Treaty Between Great Britain and Ireland, Signed in London on the 6th December, 1921
0011074: SUSAN IRVINE - Rose Gardens of Australia: A Wealth of Knowledge, Pleasure and Inspiration
0009359: DAVID IRWIN - John Flaxman, 1755-1826: Sculptor, Illustrator, Designer
0005203: JOHN T. IRWIN - The Mystery to a Solution: Poe, Borges, and the Analytic Detective Story
0004415: LEIGHTON F. IRWIN - Bulletin of the University of Melbourne Architectural Atelier, 1932
0012627: JENNIFER ISAACS - Australian Aboriginal Paintings
0013060: JENNIFER ISAACS - Australian Aboriginal Paintings
0014336: WALTER ISAACSON - Leonardo Da Vinci
0003582: LEIF FURHAMMAR; FOLKE ISAKSSON - Politics and Film
0012239: CHRIS ISMAIL - Outback Exposure: Central Australia
0009060: NEMESKURTY ISTVAN - Kik erted haltak, szent Vilagszabadsag: A negyvennyolcas honved hadsereg katonaforradalmarai
0002711: BRYAN ITCH - Mother
0013904: TOSHIHARU ITO - Nude (4 Volumes)
0012315: MIZUICHI ICHIKAWA; CHISA ITO - New Traditional Japanese Design
0007699: NIELS J. GIMSING; CLAUS IVERSEN - Dredging and Reclamation
0012346: MASAKI IWANA - The Intensity of Nothingness: The Dance and Thoughts of Masaki Iwana
0002239: ROB; DR. JACK - Shoestring
0003802: PHILIP SCHAFF; SAMUEL MACAULEY JACKON - Encyclopedia of Living Divines and Christian Workers of All Denominations in Europe and America: Being a Supplement to Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge
0010512: PETER A. JACKSON - Male Homosexuality in Thailand
0010863: REGINALD JACOBS - Covent Garden: Its Romance and History
0004270: DAN JACOBSON - A Dance in the Sun
0010084: JACOBUS X - The Ethnology of the Sixth Sense: Studies and Researches Into its Abuses, Perversions, Follies, Anomalies, and Crimes
0012689: TREVOR JACQUES - On The Safe Edge: A Manual for SM Play
0009120: SWAMI SARADANANDA; SWAMI JAGADANANDA - Sri Ramakrishna: The Great Master
0008565: NICK JAMES - Critical Legal Thinking
0013004: BRUCE JAMES - Australian Surrealism: The Agapitos/Wilson Collection
0012104: JOYCE E. JAMES - The Language-Culture Connection
0013534: FRANCIS W. KENT; CAROLYN JAMES - Princely Citizen: Lorenzo de' Medici and Renaissance Florence
0013768: MARLON JAMES - A Brief History of Seven Killings
0013767: CLIVE JAMES - Cultural Amnesia: Notes in the Margin of my Time
0008275: MARTINA HODGES-SCHELL; JAMES O'BRIEN - Communicating the UX Vision: 13 Anti-Patterns That Block Good Ideas
0013529: RONALD M. ENROTH; GERALD E. JAMISON - The Gay Church
0009329: NOELLE JANACZEWSKA - Common Ground: Contemporary Australian Sculptural Works in Clay & Mixed Media
0014402: JANE'S - Jane's Fighting Aircraft of World War II
0007299: THEODORA A. JANKOWSKI - Women in Power in The Early Modern Drama
0009062: BALAZS JOZSEF; PONGO JANOS - Pisztolyok, Revolverek: Rovid Fejlodestortenet
0014087: A. JAY; (AL SHAPIRO) - Harry Chess and His Adventures (Volume 1)
0010128: ANTON JAYASURIYA - Tao of China
0000543: HUBERT JEDIN - The Medieval and Reformation Church: An Abridgment of History of the Church Volumes 4 to 6 (History of the Church, Vol 2)
0007875: MARYNA FRASER; ALAN JEEVES - All That Glittered: Selected Correspondence of Lionel Phillips, 1890-1924
0010221: RICHARD JEFFREY - Probability and the Art of Judgement
0013331: SHEILA JEFFREYS - The Idea of Prostitution
0001119: FREDERICK JELINEK - Statistical Methods For Speech Recognition
0012100: WENDY JENKINS - Hot News
0004240: OLAF P. JENKINS - The Mother Lode Country: Geologic Guidebook Along Highway 49-Sierran Gold Bet (Bulletin 141)
0005848: YARRAN L. JENKINS - Logical Unsanity: Literal Arts Journal (Issue 3, Spring 2008)
0010263: DIAMOND JENNESS - The Indians of Canada
0001290: LOUIS J. JENNINGS - Field Paths & Green Lanes: In Surrey And Sussex
0005873: D. K. JENNINGS - And The Glory
0014368: NEWT JENNINGS - Gay Cruiser, Book II
0009079: VIRGINIA ALLEN JENSEN - Lars-Peter's Bicycle
0001229: HENRY JEPHSON - The Platform: Its Rise And Progress
0005454: JERONATON - Champakou
0005455: JERONATON - De Lange Tocht
0009381: BOB JERVIS - News Sense
0011885: JAMES W. JESSO - The True Light of Darkness
0005327: SHEN JIAWEI - Wang Lan
0007766: JOHN JIGGENS - Sir Joseph Banks and the Question of Hemp: Hemp, Sea-Power and Empire, 1776-1815
0007764: JOHN JIGGENS - The Killer Cop and the Murder of Donald Mackay
0007765: JOHN JIGGENS - The Man Who Knew Too Much
0011301: STRANGE DE JIM - The Strange Experience: How to Become the World's Second Greatest Lover
0005084: J. M. COANE; H. E. COANE; J. M. COANE JNR. - Australasian Roads
0006570: NICK JOAQUIN - Tropic Baroque: Four Manileno Theatricals
0008897: MARIA JOFFE - One Long Night: A Tale of Truth
0007468: BRAD JOHANNSEN - Occupied Spaces
0007469: BRAD JOHANNSEN - Occupied Spaces
0005743: JAMES AUGUSTUS ST. JOHN - Life Of Sir Walter Raleigh, 1552-1618 (2 Volumes)
0000548: GRAHAM ST JOHN - Mystery School In Hyperspace: A Cultural History of DMT
0011387: JOHN D'EMILIO - Sexual Politics, Sexual Communities: The Making of a Homosexual Minority in the United States, 1940-1970
0013339: JOHN D'EMILIO - Sexual Politics, Sexual Communities: The Making of a Homosexual Minority in the United States, 1940-1970
0001762: DAVID JOHNS - A New Conservation Politics: Power, Organization Building, and Effectiveness
0013540: MURRAY JOHNSON - No Holds Barred: Hughie Williams: Olympic Wrestler and Trade Union Heavyweight
0009159: J. SELKIRK PROVIS; K. A. JOHNSON - Cadman's Cottage: The Life and Times of John Cadman in Colonial Sydney, 1798-1848
0004759: HUEY D. JOHNSON - Evaluation of Ground Water Resources South San Francisco Bay Vol. IV: South Santa Clara County Area
0002415: KEN JOHNSON - Ken Johnson: Life and Landscape
0001965: KEN JOHNSON - Are You Experienced? How Psychedelic Consciousness Transformed Modern Art
0013690: CRAIG JOHNSTON - Homosexual Law Reform: Questions and Answers
0013171: ROSS JOHNSTON - History of the Queensland Bar
0013689: GARY SIMES; CRAIG JOHNSTON - Homosexuality: Myths and Realities
0005975: ELIZABETH JOLLEY - Central Mischief: Elizabeth Jolley on writing, her past and herself
0011899: HUGH JOLLY - Sexual Precocity
0002515: R. G. JONES - Handbook of Australian Livestock
0011586: SONYA L. JONES - Gay and Lesbian Literature Since World War II: History and Memory
0010494: TERRY GWYNNE-JONES - The Air Racers: Aviation's Golden Era, 1909-1936
0000125: BRETT JONES - Formation and Form: West Space 1993-2003
0013613: TIFFANY JONES - Bent Street 3: Australian LGBTIQA+ Arts, Writing & Ideas
0012341: CHARLES JONES - A Separate Place
0010037: SAM JONES - Sam Jones' Own Book: A Series of Sermons
0013611: TIFFANY JONES - Bent Street 1: Australian LGBTIQA+ Arts, Writing & Ideas
0003347: HOLLIS HAMPTON-JONES - Vicious Spring
0013064: ADAM MARS-JONES - Mae West Is Dead: Recent Lesbian and Gay Fiction
0008651: DAVID LITTLEFIELD; WILL JONES - Great Modern Structures: 100 Years of Engineering Genius
0011667: JILL JONES - Hep-Cats, Narcs, and Pipe Dreams: A History of America's Romance with Illegal Drugs
0006760: MICHAEL JONES - Country Of Five Rivers: Albert Shire, 1788-1988
0007704: FRANCIS JONES; ROBERT INNES-SMITH; CAROLINE CHARLES-JONES; HUGH CHARLES-JONES - Historic Houses of Pembrokeshire and Their Families
0013751: BERNARD E. JONES - Freemasons' Book of the Royal Arch
0008002: JESSE JONES - The Other North
0013612: TIFFANY JONES - Bent Street 2: Australian LGBTIQA+ Arts, Writing & Ideas
0004660: ALLYN JONES - Excel Years 9 to 10: Non-Calculator Mathematics Workbook
0007285: HARRY J. ELAM; DOUGLAS A. JONES - The Methuen Drama Book of Post-Black Plays
0010847: S. A. JONES - Systemic Abstractions: Paintings by S. A. Jones, 1967-2007
0008133: YATES & JONES - The Roads of Queensland
0004665: JEFF JONES - Brigadista: Harvest and War in Nicaragua
0007705: FRANCIS JONES; CAROLINE CHARLES-JONES; HUGH CHARLES-JONES - Treasury of Historic Pembrokeshire
0001820: R. G. JONES - Handbook of Australian Livestock
0007706: FRANCIS JONES; CAROLINE CHARLES-JONES; LAURIE WIDGERY; HUGH CHARLES-JONES - Historic Cardiganshire Homes and Their Families
0006116: DAVID L. JONES - Exotic Orchids In Australia
0002339: JOHN R. MELVILLE JONES - The Capture of Thessaloniki
0005708: JUSTIN JORDAN - The Strange Talent of Luther Strode (2 Issues)
0008893: ASSEN JORDANOFF - Through the Overcast: The Weather and the Art of Instrument Flying
0013923: JAN JORGENSEN - Changing Places: Brisbane
0001442: ANDREW JORON - Trance Archive: New and Selected Poems
0010765: MRUDULA PRABHURAM JOSHI - Pursuit and Rhetoric of Dinkar Kelkar: Preserving Heritage of India
0010931: RFD JOURNAL - RFD: A Country Journal For Gay Men Everywhere, #31
0005322: PRESS GROUP OF SOVIET JOURNALISTS - On Events in Czechoslovakia: Facts, Documents, Press Reports and Eye-Witness Accounts (Issue One)
0009008: JOHN WILKINSON; GERALD SYKES; DENNIS GABOR; MYRON B. BLOY; MARTIN GROTJAHN; THEODORE ROSZAK; BERTRAND DE JOUVENEL - Technology and Human Values: Our, Identity, Our Unconscious, Our Religion, Our Games, Our Nausea
0009007: JOHN WILKINSON; GERALD SYKES; DENNIS GABOR; MYRON B. BLOY; MARTIN GROTJAHN; THEODORE ROSZAK; BERTRAND DE JOUVENEL - Technology and Human Values: Our, Identity, Our Unconscious, Our Religion, Our Games, Our Nausea
0013679: GEORGE F. JOWETT - Sex and the Body Builder
0010391: BOB JOY - Shazam!: The Greatest Stories Ever Told
0007510: ANTHONY TROLLOPE; P. D. EDWARDS; R. B. JOYCE - Australia
0007511: ANTHONY TROLLOPE; P. D. EDWARDS; R. B. JOYCE - Australia
0004279: JAMES JOYCE - Stephen Hero
0009693: BASIL ALKAZZI; MAX WYKES-JOYCE - My Heart Has Opened Unto Every Form: The Art of Basil Alkazzi
0009055: BALLA JOZSEF - Van-E Meg Kasza; Egyenes...?!
0006635: BRUCE JUDD - Housing Affordability (Housing Issues 3)
0014006: OEKI JUICHI - Love Dancer Second
0006762: J. D. BLAINE; D. A. JULIUS - Psychodynamics of Drug Dependence
0002094: MANFRED JURGENSEN - Keith Leopold: Selected Writings
0010681: BRAJ B. KACHRU - Asian Englishes Beyond the Canon
0011491: SAMUEL KAHN - Mentality and Homosexuality
0000757: SUZANNE ROWE; MARK STRAND; ANDREW KAISER - Finding Balance In A Changing China
0002103: DIMITRIOS P. KALOGEROPOULOS - Doromanekia: The back alley of my house
0002396: JOHAN KAMMINGA - Readings in Material Culture (Occasional Papers in Anthropology Number 9)
0013056: NATASHA BULLOCK; ALEXIE GLASS-KANTOR - Parallel Collisions: 12th Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art
0014077: ALAN KAPELNER - Lonely Boy Blues
0011382: HELEN SINGER KAPLAN - Disorders of Sexual Desire; and Other New Concepts and Techniques in Sex Therapy (The New Sex Therapy Volume II)
0013254: HELEN SINGER KAPLAN - The New Sex Therapy: Active Treatment of Sexual Dysfunctions
0005774: DARYAI LAL KAPUR - Call of the Great Master
0010803: MARIANNE KARABELNIK - Stripped Bare: The Body Revealed in Contemporary Art
0002022: G. AUGUSTUS HOLMES; FREDERICK J. KARN - Key to Questions and Exercises contained in the Academic Manual of Harmony
0009069: PEREHAZY KAROLY - A Regi Belvaros
0013100: KAY KASSIRER - A Whore's Manifesto: An Anthology of Writing and Artwork by Sex Workers
0005065: KATRINA G. - The Witches Are Watching (But Which Witch Is Which?)
0014283: ELAINE B. KATTE - Katte Art Collection: Selected Aspects
0009752: JEREMY CUSHNER; JEFF FOX; ARTHUR KATZ - Copro/Nason Fine Art: A Catalogue Raisonne
0010589: MYRON S. KAUFMANN - Thy Daughter's Nakedness
0013536: SARAH KAY - Parrots and Nightingales: Troubadour Quotations and the Development of European Poetry
0001737: KENNETH KAYE - The Mental & Social Life of Babies: How parents create persons
0013381: KAYO - The Sinsemilla Technique
0008664: LAJOS KAZAR - Facts Against Fiction: Translyvania-Wallachian/Rumanian Homeland Since 70 B. C.?
0007381: JOHN D. KEATING - The Lambent Flame
0001939: SAM KEEN; GIFFORD KEEN - Prodigal Father Wayward Son: A Roadmap to Reconciliation
0011742: CHIKAMATSU; DONALD KEENE - Major Plays of Chikamatsu
0012291: SABINE KEHM - Michael Schumacher: Driving Force: The Official Inside Story of the Formula One Icon
0006607: SABINE KEHM - Michael Schumacher: Driving Force: The Official Inside Story of the Formula One Icon
0010967: D. G. KELKAR - Lamps of India
0012226: VANESSA BEECROFT; THOMAS KELLEIN - Vanessa Beecroft: Photographs, Films, Drawings
0007075: JONATHAN KELLERMAN - Billy Straight
0000006: JOHN KELLETT - A Fighting Union: A History of the Queensland Branch of the Transport Workers' Union, 1907-2000
0013218: HENRY ANSGAR KELLY - Love and Marriage in the Age of Chaucer
0004690: W. KELLY - Elements Of Prophecy
0011051: GARNET WALCH; VERONICA KELLY - Australia Felix; or Harlequin Laughing Jackass and the Magic Bat
0011262: DENNIS KELLY - Size Queen, and other poems
0002492: PAUL KELLY - Triumph and Demise: The Broken Promise of a Labor Generation
0008762: SANDRA SEWELL; ANTHONY KELLY - Social Problems in the Asia Pacific Region
0011708: DENNIS KELLY - Chicken
0002485: PHILIPPA KELLY - The Touch of the Real: Essays in Early Modern Culture
0009727: MARIE KEMP - Mook Mook Goes Fishing
0001429: JAN KEMP - Ice Breaker Poems
0001430: JAN KEMP - Diamonds And Gravel
0009726: MARIE KEMP - Mook Mook and the Pee Wee
0009074: F. J. W. ROUGHTON; J. C. KENDREW - Haemoglobin
0005720: THOMAS KENEALLY - Australians: Origins to Eureka (Volume 1)
0004168: THOMAS KENEALLY - Australians: Eureka to The Diggers (Volume 2)
0009787: GEORGE KENNAN - E. H. Harriman: A Biography (2 Volumes)
0012253: BRENDA ANN KENNEALLY - Money Power Respect: Pictures of My Neigborhood
0009093: K. H. KENNEDY - Mackay Revisited
0008520: DONALD CHAPUT; KETT KENNEDY - The Man from Asarco: A Life and Times of Julius Kruttschnitt
0014334: RANKIN KENNEDY - The Book of Modern Engines (6 Volumes)
0014193: HUGH KENNER - Geodesic Math and How To Use It
0013465: A. F. KIDD; RICK KENNETT - No. 472 Cheyne Walk: Carnacki: The Untold Stories
0007865: JOHN KENNEY - Miss Cherry Blossom
0011366: JOAN M. KENNY - Prologue to the Future: Christ College
0010939: RAY KERKHOVE - Aboriginal Camp Sites Of Greater Brisbane: An Historical Guide
0010615: TOM MCARTHUR; ILAN KERNERMAN - Lexicography in Asia
0010116: TOM MCARTHUR; ILAN KERNERMAN - Lexicography in Asia
0004808: JACK KEROUAC - Scattered Poems (Pocket Poet Series #28)
0011919: JOHN KERR - Northern Outpost
0008387: JOHN KERR - Going In Deep: A History of the Gladstone Port Authority
0012444: KATHY HENDERSON; FRANKIE ARMSTRONG; SANDRA KERR - My Song Is My Own: 100 Women's Songs
0003207: RUTH S. KERR - John Moffat's Empire
0012694: JOHN KERR - Northern Outpost
0010958: ROSEMARY KERR - Roads, Tourism and Cultural History: On the Road in Australia
0005914: RUTH M. KERRUISH - Plant Protection 2: Methods of Control
0004858: BRIAN KETTELL - Gold
0005523: DENIS KEVANS - The Bastard Who Squashed the Grapes in Me Bag
0006212: KEVIN O'ROURKE - Reformasi: The Struggle for Power in Post-Soeharto Indonesia
0001534: KEVIN O'SHEA - Person In Analysis
0001533: KEVIN O'SHEA - Person In Analysis
0000486: BRIAN KEY - Key Lectures In Development
0004142: MOHAMED KHADRA - The Patient: One Man's Journey Through the Australian Health-care System
0009585: R. C. JOSHI; R. D. KHAROSEKAR - Tribal Handicrafts of Maharashtra
0010914: JANEK SCHERGEN; GOH SOO KHIM - Goh Choo San: Master Craftsman in Dance
0012423: RUSS KICK - Hot Off The Net: Erotica and Other Sex Writings from the Internet
0010032: A. B. PATERSON (BANJO PATERSON); HENRY LAWSON; ROSAMUND CAMPBELL; PHILIPPA HARVIE; BRIAN KIERNAN - A Literary Heritage: 'Banjo' Paterson and Henry Lawson (2 Volumes)
0006369: ULLI BEIER; ALBERT MAORI KIKI - Hohao: The uneasy survival of an art form in the Papuan Gulf
0004564: ROY KILLEN - Effective Teaching Strategies
0013835: KEVIN KILLIAN - Shy
0001152: SIAW-TENG LIAW; SUE KILPATRICK - A Textbook of Australian Rural Health
0006360: JONATHAN KING - A Cartoon History of Australia
0008072: MADELEINE KING - Ross Manning: Dissonant Rhythms
0014300: J. E. KING - Readings in Australian Labour Economics
0008003: RYAN PRESLEY; MADELINE KING - Ryan Presley: Prosperity
0001348: A. S. KING - Glory O'Brien's History of the Future
0003946: MICHAEL KING - New Zealanders at War
0014352: STEPHEN KING - Cycle of the Werewolf
0012729: PARLIAMENT OF THE UNITED KINGDOM - The Law Reports: The Public General Statutes, 1868-1881 (14 Volumes, III-XVII)
0007679: A. R. KINGSFORD - Night Raiders of the Air
0005976: CHARLES KINGSLEY - Westward Ho! (2 Volumes)
0007414: DESIGN IS KINKY - Semi-Permanent 2012
0007415: DESIGN IS KINKY - Semi-Permanent 2013 (2nd Edition)
0011017: DESIGN IS KINKY - Semi-Permanent 2011: Book One
0007085: DESIGN IS KINKY - Semi-Permanent 2012
0008631: DESIGN IS KINKY - The Second Semi-Permanent Book of 2009
0006949: RUDYARD KIPLING - Macmillan's Pocket Kipling Series (19 Volumes)
0013338: MICHAEL KIRBY - A Private Life: Fragments, Memories, Friends
0012027: VICKI KIRBY - Telling Flesh: The Substance of the Corporeal
0002188: FREDERICK KIRKLAND - Service 1993
0014398: C. H. KIRMESS - The Australian Crisis
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0006982: PETER KOCAK - Ex Libris Etching
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0013840: JIM LEVIN - Reflections on the American Homosexual Rights Movement
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0004832: TOM LEWIS - Darwin Sayonara
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0007445: TESS LIVINGSTONE - Upon This Rock: The First 50 Years of St Peters Lutheran College
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0013210: LORENE LONG - Soldier Settlers of the Granite Belt: The Pikedale Soldier Settlement Scheme
0010339: GAVIN LONG - Australia in the War of 1939-1945: To Benghazi
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0010545: STEVE LOPES - The Late Riser
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0012468: KARLYN LOTNEY (FAIRY BUTCH) - The Ultimate Guide to Strap-On Sex: A Complete Resource for Women and Men
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0014306: TIM LOW - The New Nature
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0002055: BRIAN MILLER - The Highlands of Papua New Guinea
0003424: JIMMY MILLER - The Big Win
0008382: DAVID MILLER - The Official History of the Olympic Games and the IOC: Athens to London, 1894-2012
0001176: PETER MILLETT - On Villainy: Volume One
0004112: PETER MILLIGAN - Greek Street
0013775: CAROLYN NUTTALL; JANET MILLINGTON - Outdoor Classrooms: A Handbook for School Gardens
0013318: WENDY MILLS - Wendy Mills
0000193: CHRISTOPHER MILNE - Little Johnnie and the Naughty Boat People
0011702: N. F. MILNER - A Dream Came True: St. Brendan's College Yeppoon, Golden Jubilee 1940-1990
0000882: ANDREW MILNER - Literature, Culture and Society
0013917: HOTEL JURAKU MINAKAMI - Juraku de Paris
0013899: MARY MINCHIN - CBD Made Easy! Medical Cannabis, Part 1
0004538: NORTHERN RHODESIA CHAMBER OF MINES - Northern Rhodesia Chamber of Mines Year Book, 1959
0000478: VIVIENNE O'SHANNESSY; DEAN MINETT - The Road to Hospitality: Skills for the New Professional
0000462: VIVIENNE O'SHANNESSY; DEAN MINETT - The Road To Hospitality: Skills for the New Professional
0013038: CHRISTIAN REX VAN MINNEN - Massa Confusa: The Art of Christian Rex van Minnen
0012328: ALEC MINUTJUKUR - Tjukurpa Wati Kutjutja: A Story about a man
0012996: OCTAVE MIRBEAU - Abbe Jules
0009920: SVENSKA MISSIONSFORBUNDETS - Svenska Missionsforbundets Sangbok: Sanger och Psalmer till Enskildt och Offentligt Bruk
0009756: MITCH O'CONNELL - Mitch O'Connell: The World's Best Artist
0009909: ELYNE MITCHELL - Light Horse: The Story of Australia's Mounted Troops
0004862: PETER R. JOYCE; PHILLIP B. MITCHELL - Mood Disorders: Recognition and Treatment
0012011: PATRICK BRAZIL; BEVAN MITCHELL - Opinions of Attorneys-General of the Commonwealth of Australia with opinions of Solicitors-General and the Attorney-General's Department, Volume 1: 1901-14
0002858: STEPHEN MITCHELL - Construction of Amateur Built Aircraft In Australia: A complete guide and reference manual for builders of CAO 101.28 aircraft
0013097: LARRY MITCHELL - The Faggots & Their Friends Between Revolutions
0014354: LARRY MITCHELL - The Faggots & Their Friends Between Revolutions
0008688: BRIAN ELLIOTT; ADRIAN MITCHELL - Bards in the Wilderness: Australian Colonial Poetry to 1920
0004282: EDGAR MITTELHOLZER - Sylvia

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