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2844: Hogarth, D. G. (Introduction By) and V. H. Collins (Notes By): - Kinglake's Eothen.
11500: Hogben, Bernard Illust. by Gilbert Rumbold: - John And Wendy And Things.
15640: Hogg, Gil: - A Smell of Fraud.
15382: Hogg, D and H Illust. by F Matthew: - Tewari.
9030: Hogg, Anthony: - Off The Shelf.
6529: Hogg, Gordon Illust. by Shirley Verhoeven: - A Twist In The Tale: Twelve Stories With Questions.
12108: Holden Pike, G.: - Daughters Of The Flower Market: A Story of Four London Bouquetierres.
925: Holden, Molly Illustrated by Trevor Stubley: - A Tenancy of Flint.
467: Holden, Lord: - Purgatory Revisited.
6553: Holden, Matthew: - Squadron 3: Scramble Dieppe.
15439: Holder, Julie: - The Flumps Secrets.
4033: Hole, William: - The Bible In Pictures.
6480: Holl, Adelaide and Seymour Reit: - Time And Measuring.
7761: New Holland: - Forage Harvester 717.
7766: New Holland: - Crop Chopper Model 33.
4982: Holland, Isabelle: - Alan And The Animal Kingdom.
9630: Holland Rose, J.: - The Personality Of Napoleon.
6116: Holland, Glynis: - Building A House: A Monty Mouse Adventure.
14123: Holland Rose, J.: - Man And The Sea: Stages in Maritime and Human Progress.
11771: Holland, Clive: - Thomas Hardy's Wessex Scene.
552: Holland, James Text by James, Richard: - A Book of Insects: A Puffin Picture Book.
2467: Hollander, Neil: - The Courageous Voyage of Joan De Penguin.
1630: Hollis, Leonard (Editor): - The Rose Annual 1973.
8030: Hollis, Christopher: - Fossett's Memory.
10561: Hollowood, Bernard: - Pick Of Punch.
11599: Hollowood, Bernard: - Britain Inside-Out.
3968: Holman, Dennis: - Portraits And Documents: Earlier Nineteenth Century 1783-1867.
3776: Holman, Russell: - Speedy.
2690: Holmelund Minarik, Else: - Father Bear Comes Home.
1714: Holmes, Edward: - The House with Crooked Windows... and Other Stories from the Countryside.
106: Holmes, Edward: - The Life of Mozart.
2948: Holmes, Edward: - The Secret of Clanker's Castle.
12245: Holmes, Burton: - The Burton Holmes Lectures: With Illustrations from Photographs By The Author. Volume II (Two 2).
13223: Holmes, E. E.: - Immortality.
3773: Holmes, Mrs Mary Jane: - Rose Mather: A Tale Of The Late American War.
12313: Holmes, Jim: - Apple Man: Living On The Land In Norfolk. Selling On Yarmouth Market.
12049: Holmes, Neil: - The Lawless Coast: Smuggling, Anarchy and Murder in North Norfolk in The 1780s.
12246: Holmes, Burton: - The Burton Holmes Lectures: With Illustrations from Photographs By The Author. Volume VII (Seven 7).
5942: Holmes, Barbara Ware: - Charlotte Shakespeare And Annie The Great.
9046: Holmes, Edward Illust. by Horace Faithful: - The Great Woodsey School Play.
4574: Holmes-Vincent, A.: - Knaves And Hearts.
4814: Holmes, Reverend G. H.: - The Wind In The West Door.
4525: Holmyard, E. J.: - Biology For Beginners.
8416: Holt, Michael and Alan Ward: - Wide Range Science Stories 4.
11247: Holt, Kare: - Ansikter i Sagaens halvlys.
2103: Holt, Tom: - Overtime.
5731: Homan, Robert: - On The Verge.
6498: Homeshaw, Jane: - Tin Lizzie: The Story Of Henry Ford.
15430: Hood, Arthur: - Smiles & Tears.
12020: Hood, Thomas: - Whims And Oddities, In Prose and Verse: With Eighty-Seven Original Designs.
8928: Hood, Thomas: - The Poetical Works Of Thomas Hood. Reprinted from the Chandos Poets.
15191: Hook, J. N.: - The Grand Panjandrum And 1,999 Other Rare, Useful, and Delightful Words and Expressions.
4237: Hoole, Ken: - Trains In Trouble: Railway Accidents in Pictures Volume 4.
14068: Hoole, K.: - North Eastern Album.
13921: Hoole, Ken: - Trains In Trouble. Railway Accidents in Pictures. Vol. 3.
15158: Hooper, Charles: - Playing With Music Part Two.
7489: Hooper, Jack: - Memories of a Dorset Countryman.
5759: Hooper, Mary: - The Revolting Holiday.
15188: Hooper, Meredith: - Everyday Inventions.
8242: Hoover Downs, Dorothy: - How To Get Your Man And Hold Him.
12107: Hoover, Charles P.: - Water Supply And Treatment. Bulletin 211.
6258: Hopcroft, G. E. William R Bawden S. Beresford Lucas W. H. Morris Frances Cowen William Graham David Morris F Dent: - Stories For Boys.
250: Hope, Laura Lee: - The Bobbsey Twins in Eskimo Land.
15139: Hope, Christopher Illust. by Gillian Barlow: - Black Swan.
9667: Hope, Noel: - Out Of The Straight. The Boy Who Failed And The Boy Who Succeeded.
251: Hope, Laura Lee: - The Bobbsey Twins on the Pony Trail.
6184: Hope, Charlotte: - The Young Sarah Bernhardt.
9557: Hope, Ascott R.: - Sandy's Secret.
1018: Hope, Ronald: - Ships: Junior Heritage Books.
255: Hope, Laura Lee: - The Bobbsey Twins Treasure Hunting.
248: Hope, Laura Lee: - The Bobbsey Twins at School.
8096: Provincial Adminsitration of the Cape Of Good Hope: - Holiday In The Cape Province.
1708: Hope, Laura Lee: - The Bobbsey Twins on a Houseboat.
12568: Hope, Canon E.: - A Guide To The Church of St. Mary Beverley.
11220: Hope, Anne Illust. by M Sherborne: - Fun In Fairyland.
13677: Hope, Stanton Cecil Aldin (illust. by) R G Mathews (2 drawings of ships by): - Smugglers Gallows.
1167: Hope, Jane: - Standing Room Only or The Battle of the Bulge.
249: Hope, Laura Lee: - The Bobbsey Twins on a Bicycle Trip.
2841: Hope, Christopher: - Black Swan.
14870: Hope, Laurence: - Indian Love.
14871: Hope, Laurence: - Stars of The Desert.
252: Hope, Laura Lee: - The Bobbsey Twins Solve A Mystery.
253: Hope, Laura Lee: - The Bobbsey Twins At Spruce Lake.
254: Hope, Laura Lee: - The Bobbsey Twins at Snow Lodge.
9371: Hope, David: - The Fireside Book. 1976.
1859: Hope-Simpson, Jacynth: - The Gunner's Boy.
15237: Hope, Laura Lee: - The Bobbsey Twins (No. 1)
4491: Hope, Laura Lee: - The Bobbsey Twins In The Mystery Cave.
1898: Hopkins, J. T.: - Guy Power's Watchword; or, Ready and Willing.
7741: Hopkins, E. Illust. by: - Swanford Bridge.
9937: Hopson, William: - The Last Apaches.
5748: Hopwood, Captain R. A.: - The Old Way And Other Poems.
13987: Hopwood, Clive illust. by Paul Crompton: - High Adventure: Treasure Of The High Seas.
11087: Horan, James D. and Howard Swiggett: - The Pinkerton Story.
6784: Horder, W. Garrett (Edited By) John Greenleaf Whittier: - The Poetical Works Of John Greenleaf Whittier. With Notes, Index of First Lines and Chronological List.
13274: Hori (W Norman McCallum): - The Half-Gallon Jar.
4359: Horler, Sydney: - Terror Comes To Twelvetrees.
10280: Horler, Sydney: - Exit The Disguiser. A 'Tiger Standish' Adventure.
15366: Horn, W. A.: - Bush Echoes.
5450: Hornblow, Arthur: - The Argyle Case.
8822: Hornby, Phyllis and S. H. O. Tomori: - Oxford Elementary Dictionary For Nigeria.
14302: Hornby, John Illust. by G S Ronalds: - Song For The Saxons. Turret Readers 2.
10601: Horner, David Illust. by Anne Hodgkiss: - Phwoarr.
5661: Hornibrook, Emma E.: - Transito: A Story of Brazil.
13365: Horrockses, Crewdson & Co Ltd: - The Story of Cotton: A Conducted Tour of an Industry That is as Ancient as Time and as Modern as the Minute.
8753: Horton, Mark (University of Cambridge): - Caledonia Bay, Panama. 1979. A preliminary report on the archaeological project of Operation Drake.
9969: Horton, S.: - Sharps And Flats.
9979: Horton, Samuel or S. Horton: - Gold And Dross.
9980: Horton, Samuel or S. Horton Illust. By Ernest Prater: - Wheat And Chaff
9981: Horton, Samuel or S. Horton: - Mustard And Cress. A Humorous Story.
9978: Horton, Samuel or S. Horton: - Oranges And Lemons.
13855: Horwood, William Illust. by Patrick Benson: - Toad Triumphant.
14173: Horwood, William Illust. by Patrick Benson: - The Willows In Winter. Sequel to The Wind In The Willows.
7356: Hosegood, O. M.: - Handling And Application Of Fertiliser On The Farm.
12665: Hosking, Eric: - An Eye For A Bird. The Autobiography of a Bird Photographer.
6240: Hossack, Alfred: - English First Year G.C.E. Course.
2092: Hough, Lewis: - Dr Jolliffe's Boys - A Tale of Weston School.
13886: Hough, Charlotte: - More Funny Ones.
2566: Houghton, Marjorie: - Aids To Practical Nursing.
10943: Houldcroft, Peter: - Fifty Years Of Service To Industry: A Brief and Occasionally Lighthearted History of BWRA and The Welding Institute.
671: Housby, Trevor: - Big Game Fishing.
5544: Pennsylvania House: - Pennsylvania House: The Collector's Book 8th Edition. Decorating The Homes of America.
15305: House, Andrew and Owen Mitchell: - A Birdwatcher's Guide to Pagham Harbour, Medmerry and Selsey Bill.
7196: Housman, Laurence: - The Preparation Of Peace.
14872: Housman, A. E.: - More Poems.
11597: Houston, J. C. and Marion Stockdale: - Principles of Medicine and Medical Nursing.
11288: Houston, Ralph: - A Baker's Dozen.
91: Houston, Edwin J.: - The Wonder Book of Magnetism.
10680: Howard, John: - The Changing Face Of Tealby. A Pictorial Record.
11026: Howard Brown, J.: - The Whitedown Chums. A Tale of Boarding-School Life.
13270: Howard Whitehouse, J. Illust. by John F Flugel: - Three Bembridge Fables.
11690: Howard Baker, H.: - Aide-Memoire: Vocabularie De Mots Francais Groupes D'Apres Le Sens.
5915: Howard, John: - Bobbie Wilson Or The Lamp Of God.
6348: Howarth Hignett, Norman: - Portrait In Grey.
13053: Howarth, David: - Tahiti: A Paradise Lost.
12522: Howarth, O. J. R.: - The Oxford Geographies: A Commercial Geography of the World.
12278: Howe, Mark DeWolfe (Ed. By): - The Pollock-Holmes Letters: Correspondence of Sir Frederick Pollock & Mr Justice Holmes 1874 - 1932. Volume 1.
15160: Howell, Michael and Peter Ford: - The True History of The Elephant Man.
7744: Howells, W. D.: - The Leatherwood God.
3445: Howes, Sheila: - Puddles Are Blue.
13547: Howitt, Mary: - The Childhood of Mary Leeson.
15476: Howker, Janni: - Isaac Campion.
13871: Howkins, Christopher: - Royal Tapestry. Some Royal Connections with West Surrey.
5706: Howson, Henry F.: - The Rapid Transit Railways Of The World.
10344: Hoyt, Edwin P. Illust. by Martha Hart: - Exploring The Stamp World.
15027: Huang Jr., Po-Wen: - The Asian Development Bank: Diplomacy and Development in Asia.
13869: Hubbard, Robert H. (Ed): - An Anthology of Canadian Art.
11483: Hubert Walker, J.: - On Hills Of The North.
14535: Huddy, Delia Illust. by Val Biro: - Catch The Plane!
8513: Hudson, Robert or Kenneth Williamson (Eds.): - Bird Study: The Journal Of The British Trust For Ornithology. Volume 22 Number 1,2 and 3; Volume 23 Number 1,2,3 and 4; Volume 24 Number 1, 2, 3 and 4; Volume 25 Number 1,2, 3 and 4; Volume 26 Number 1, 2 and 3.
10743: Hudson, H. R.: - Woodworking Machinery: A comprehensive Survey For Woodworking Machinists, Foremen and Executives.
14375: von Hugel, Baron Friedrich: - The Life Of Prayer.
8654: Hughes, D. N. R. (Ed.): - Leighton Buzzard Narrow Gauge Railway.
9871: Hughes, Robert: - A Jerk On One End: Reflections of a Mediocre Fisherman.
5812: Hughes, Mark with David Meek: - Hughesie! The Red Dragon.
9436: Hughes, William J. Francon Williams (New Ed. Rev. and Extended): - An Elementary Class-Book of Modern Geography With Examination Questions.
10702: Hughes, John: - A Monkey About the Place.
14452: Hughes, Ted (Introduced By): - Here Today: Modern Poems Introduced by Ted Hughes.
10875: Hughes, Thomas: - Tom Brown's Schooldays. Tom Brown's School Days.
12880: Hughes, Fielden Illust. by Ray Mutimer: - Roger Moore And The Crimefighters in Crook Ahoy!
14214: Hughes, Richard: - The Wooden Shepherdess. The Human Predicament Volume Two.
14226: Hughes, Thomas Peter: - A Selection From the Letters of Thomas Peter Hughes.
14579: Hughes, Patrick: - "Riperspective". Sticking-Out Pictures.
14211: Hughes, Spike: - Out of Season. A Traveller's Tale of a Winter Journey.
13003: Hugo, Victor illust. by L O Merson; J F Raffaelli; G Jeanniot etc...: - The Laughing Man. Volume Two (II 2).
13004: Hugo, Victor illust. by L O Merson; J F Raffaelli; G Jeanniot etc...: - The Laughing Man. Volume Four (IV 4).
14676: Hull, Katharine and Pamela Whitlock: - Crowns.
10442: Hulme, Audrey: - Lawyer's Folly.
11025: Hulme, Terence: - Sifted.
6216: Hum, R.: - Chemistry For Engineering Students.
502: Hume, Rob: - Bird Watching - Magazine Supplements: Beat Those Summer Blues; Secrets of Spring; Improve Your Bird Watching.
11362: Hume Kendall, P. and J. M. Jenkins: - Lumbar Isometric Flexion Exercises.
15311: Hume, Rob: - Usborne Guide To Birds of Britain & Europe.
15641: Humphreys, John: - Cat Breeding - A Complete Guide.
15531: Humphreys, Jennett: - In the Summer Holidays: A Children's Story.
2615: Humphries, Adelaide: - Home-Front Nurse.
15582: Humphries, Helen S.: - St. Margaret's Girls Branch Out.
8142: Hungerford, T. A. G.: - Riverslake.
7825: Hunt, J. L.: - Fertilisers And Farm Chemicals. Nuffield Foundation Chemistry - Background Reader Year 1.
4088: Hunt, Pauline: - Red Pepper.
809: Hunt, Mabel Leigh: - Johnny-Up and Johnny-Down.
12668: Hunt, Roderick Joan Beales (Pictures by): - Chutney At The Circus.
11782: Hunt, Charles Edited by Charles Edward Groves and William Thorp: - Chemical Technology Or Chemistry In Its Applications To Arts And Manufactures. Gas Lighting. Vol. III.
13118: Hunt, Patricia Illust. by Marian Sayers: - Puffin The Vicarage Cat.
11629: Hunt, Kyle (John Creasey): - Kill Once, Kill Twice.
7203: Hunt, Cecil: - Wild Life In Autopsia.
7026: Hunt, Cecil: - My Favourite Howlers.
1776: Hunt, Rod and Mike Gordon: - Mole Wins A Prize.
340: Hunt, Robert: - Cornish Folk-Lore.
3614: Hunt, Peter: - Sue And The Honey Machine.
5876: Hunter, Janet Frances Cowen, Daphne Cuthbert: - Cosy Corner Stories.
8814: Hunter, Alan: - Gently Through The Mill.
5875: Hunter, Janet: - Play Time Stories.
11143: Hunter, Norman Illust. by Gerald Rose: - Professor Branestawm's Pocket Motor Car.
13226: Hunter, Geoff (Transl. by) Illust. by Eva Maria Johannsen: - The Bremen Town Musicians.
3823: Hunter, Norman: - Professor Branestawm's Perilous Pudding And Other Incredible Adventures.
912: Hunter, John: - The Mystery of Nameless Island.
14370: Hunter, Mollie: - The Stronghold.
1773: Hunter, Mollie: - The Third Eye.
1757: Hurd, Edith Thacher: - Johnny Lion's Book.
8770: Hurlburt, Sarah: - The Mussel Cookbook.
1540: Hurley, Graham: - Thunder In The Blood.
8731: Hurrell, Fanny: - The House On The Cliff.
9314: Hurt, Freda M.: - Andy Keeps A Secret.
13655: Hurt, Freda M. illust. by Gilbert Dunlop: - Thirteen For Luck.
3927: Hurwitz, Johanna: - All About Aldo. (Hardcover Title: Much Ado About Aldo).
10440: Hutchings, Margaret: - Hints On Soft Toys. Craft Notebook 11.
14571: Hutchings, Monica: - Brocky. The Story of a Sheepdog Pup.
7042: Hutchins, Sheila: - Daily Express Cookery Book.
4029: Hutchins, Elizabeth Illustrated by Robert H Perkins: - Lucky.
2815: Hutchins, Pat: - Titch And Daisy.
3004: Hutchins, Pat: - My Best Friend.
8461: Hutchinson, Margaret M.: - In A Wood.
10213: Hutchinson, Robert W.: - Elementary Technical Electricity.
7243: Hutchison, Bruce Illust. by Richard Bennet: - The Fraser: Rivers Of America.
12044: Hutton, Clarke Text by Mabel E George: - A Picture History Of Great Discoveries.
194: Huxley, Juliette: - Wild Lives of Africa.
899: Huxtable, Grace and S. K. Webster: - White-Socks and other Stories.
14823: Hyde, George E: - British Moths Book 2. A fully illustrated introduction to some of the species found in the British Isles.
5860: Hyde, George E.: - Birds: A Primer Of Ornithology. (Teach Yourself Books).
12464: Ibsen, Henrik: - The Collected Works Of Henrik Ibsen: Volume XI. Little Eyolf; John Gabriel Borkman; When We Dead Awaken.
3982: Idell, Albert E.: - The Great Blizzard.
12744: Idriess, Ion L.: - Flynn Of The Inland.
14740: Idriess, Ion L.: - Flynn of the Inland.
12430: Illingworth, Grace: - A Month In Andalusia.
12547: Illingworth, Grace: - A Month In Andalusia.
15242: Illust. by Theaker, H G: - Bible Stories From The Old Testament. With Sixteen Colour Plates.
10140: Taffrail Illust. by H. R. J.: - A Little Ship.
15401: Illust. by Rackham, Arthur: - Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes.
14316: Illust. by Knight, Gladys Peto: - Happy Holiday Stories.
4998: Autobooks Team of Writers And Illustrators: - Ford Cortina Mk 4 1976-79 Owners Workshop Manual.
6722: Autobooks Team of Writers and Illustrators: - Golf, Scirocco, Rabbit 1974-82 Autobook: Owners Workshop Manuel.
13825: Imerman, Harold M. and T Blanchard Dewey Intro. by J D Flew: - What Women Want to Know. A Noted Gynaecologist's Guide To The Personal Problems of Women's Health.
7008: Imms, A. D.: - Insect Natural History (The New Naturalist).
15312: Hanna-Barbera Productions Inc.: - Pixie, Dixie and Mr Jinks Annual 1974.
14308: Hanna-Barbera Productions Inc.: - Hanna-Barbera's Huckleberry Hound and Yogi Bear Cartoon Annual.
10549: Ince, E. L.: - Integration of Ordinary Differential Equations.
2351: Inchfawn, Fay: - Poems From A Quiet Room.
15065: Decimal Currency Board and Central Office of Information: - Your Guide To Decimal Money.
10767: Decimal Currency Board and Central Office of Information: - Your Guide To Decimal Money.
12348: Ingelow, Jean; G E Farrow; George Macdonald: - To The Land of Fair Delight: Three Victorian Tales Of Imagination. Mopsa The Fairy; The Little Panjandrum's Dodo; At The Back Of The North Wind.
8311: Ingersoll, Ralph: - The Battle Is The Pay-Off.
128: Ingham, Edward: - Draughtsmanship, Volumes 1 and 2.
11729: Ingleby, C. M.: - Shakespeare Hermeneutics, Or The Still Lion: Being An Essay Towards The Restoration of Shakespeare's Text.
7: Inglefield, Eric: - Gunfighters of the Wild West
8148: Ingleton, Geoffrey Chapman: - True Patriots All, of News From Early Australia - as told in A Collection Of Broadsides.
2571: Inglett, George E: - Symposium: Processing Agricultural and Municipal Wastes.
14115: Inglis, William: - Chambers's Book-Keeping by Single and Double Entry with an Appendix containing Explanations of Mercantile Terms and Transactions, Civil Service Examination Paper Etc...
10144: Inglis, J. Gall: - The 'Swift' Cubic Reckoner (Rectangular).
14484: Ingram, J. A.: - Fellcraft: Some Advice For Fell-Walkers.
12314: The Inland Waterways Association, Cambridge Branch: - The Upper River Great Ouse: Bedford To Popes Corner.
13197: Innes, Michael: - A Private View.
12937: Innes, Michael: - The Gay Phoenix.
3089: Innes, Hammond: - The Strange Land.
14587: Council for Codes of Practice British Standards Institution: - Painting of Buildings. British Standard Code of Practice CP231: 1966.
11252: British Standards Institution: - Glossary Of Terms Used In Mechanical Balancing Of Rotating Machinery. British Standard 3851: 1969. Turbine Design.
11254: British Standards Institution: - Specification For Rotating Electrical Machines For Use In Ships. British Standard 2949: 1960.
11173: Ipcar, Dahlov: - A Dark Horn Blowing.
9773: Railway Preservation Society of Ireland: - Decies Railtour: Souvenir Brochure.
1760: Ireland, John (illustrator): - Rupert and the Pirates.
12474: Ironside Bax, Captain E.: - Popular Electric Lighting:Practical Hints To Present And Intending Users of Electric Energy For Illuminating Purposes.
1340: Ironside, Margaret H.: - The Mysterious Something: A School Story For Girls.
9640: Irvine, A. M.: - A Girl Of The Fourth. The Story of an Unpopular School Girl.
8256: Irving, Laurence: - Windmills And Waterways: The Log of A Summer Cruise Through Holland.
1710: Irving, A.: - From Home to Strange Adventures.
12901: Irving, Mimi Illust. by Val Biro: - Mr Purpose.
8025: Isaacson, Elizabeth: - The House Of History: The First Storey - The Middle Ages.
10642: Isnard, H. (transl. by O C Warden): - Algeria.
10529: Ispirescu, Petre Illust by Done Stan: - Tales And Stories. Translated from the Romanian by Ana Cartianu.
13551: Van Iterson, S. R.: - The Curse of Laguna Grande.
11957: Ives, Catherine: - Homepride Cookery Book.
14049: Iyer, Pico: - The Global Soul. Jet Lag, Shopping Malls And The Search For Home.
8214: Ja'afar, Abdul Aziz: - Rudiments Of Malay Grammar. Recommended For Use In Schools And Adult Classes.
10874: Jacberns, Raymond Illust. by Miss Hilda Cowham: - The Record Term: A School Story For Girls.
5260: Jacberns, Raymond Illust. by W. H. C. Groome: - A Family of Girls.
13457: Jack, Albert Illust. Lara Carlini: - Pop Goes The Weasel: The Secret Meanings Of Nursery Rhymes.
7372: Jackman, G. R. and F. A. Bush: - Shrubs And Trees For Everyman's Garden.
15104: Jackson, K. and B. Illust. by Gustaf Tenggren: - Farmyard Tales. Gold Star Library
15105: Jackson, Kathryn Illust by Richard Scarry: - Winter Tales. Gold Star Library
15106: Jackson, Charles Illust by Ray Mutimer: - The Eye of Elba. A Grasshopper Book.
12283: Jackson, Le Dr Chevalier: - Endoscopie (Bronchoscopie, Labyngoscopie, Oesophagoscopie) et Chirurgie Du Larynx.
10447: Jackson Wray, J.: - Chronicles Of Capstan Cabin; Or, The Children's Hour.
2517: Jackson, Robert: - Dunkirk: The British Evacuation, 1940.
15508: Jacob, Isaac Ben and Sarah Fishberg: - The Rise: Sauniere's Magical Workings and the Penitential Movement in Europe.
12553: Jacob, Naomi: - The Gollantz Saga: Volume Two (2). Four Generations; Private Gollantz; Gollantz London, Paris, Milan.
5459: Jacob, Naomi: - Me And Mine (You And Yours).
15537: Jacob, Gordon: - How To Read A Score.
2954: Jacobs, Barbara: - The Fire-Proof Hero.
14074: Jacobs, Frances E. Illust. by Marion Downer: - Out of a Handkerchief. Learn To Make Animals, Flowers, Birds, People and all Sorts of Amusing Objects by Tying Knots In A Handkerchief!
8005: Jacobs, Robert L. Mosco Carner A. K. Holland: - Puccini's Madame Butterfly.
15102: Jacques, Rev J H: - Spilsby And Its Church.
1939: Jagendorf, M. A.: - The Ghost of Peg-Leg Peter and other Stories of Old New York.
15200: Jagger, J. H. Illust. by Gladys M. Rees: - A Book of English Poems Graded For Use In Schools: Part Two.
3610: Jagger, J. Hubert (Editor): - Shakespeare's As You Like It.
12210: Sis and Jake: - Ma's Cookin' - Ozark Recipes.
6030: James, John: - Not For All The Gold In Ireland.
15576: James, Grace Illust. by Mary Gardiner: - John and Mary's Visitors.
15565: James, Grace Illust. by Mary Gardiner: - John and Mary's Secret Society.
15546: James, Grace Illust. by Mary Gardiner: - John and Mary Abroad.
15405: James, Henry: - The Turn of The Screw. The Aspern Papers. Everyman's Library.
962: James, W. O.: - An Introduction to Plant Physiology.
12662: James, Norah C.: - The Uneasy Summer.
11486: James, N. D. G.: - A Book of Trees: An Anthology of Trees and Woodlands.
13458: James, D. L. (Ed.): - Eight American Stories.
11545: James, Alan Illust. by Robert Hodgson: - Circuses. (Blackwell's Learning Library No. 99).
12644: James, P. D.: - P. D. James Omnibus: Unnatural Causes; Shroud For A Nightingale; An Unsuitable Job For A Woman.
8576: James, Montague Rhodes: - The Second Epistle General of Peter and The General Epistle of Jude.
15194: James, Jeremy Illust. by Cecilia Humphrys: - Saddletramp: England's Poet of the Saddle Rides From Turkey to Wales.
4253: James, Alan: - Animals.
6787: James, Norah C.: - The Wind Of Change.
1971: Grant's of St. James: - A Gateway To Wine.
6795: Jamieson, George: - Radford Revelations.
1675: Janosch: - The Mouse Sheriff.
5498: Jaques, Faith: - Kidnap In Willowbank Wood.
11183: Jarman, Christopher: - Fun With Pens.
6811: Jarvis, Mary Rowles or M. R. Jarvis: - Dick Lionheart.
11208: Jay, Bee: - And It Came To Pass.
13629: Jay, Linda Illust. by Chris Rothero: - The Adventures of Jessica and Zebedee.
11302: Jecks, Michael: - The Death Ship Of Dartmouth: A Knights Templar Mystery.
12736: Jefferies, Richard: - Hodge And His Masters. Volume II (2, Two). The Fitzroy Edition.
8533: Jeffery, Clement: - Positive Health. Without Knife Or Drugs.
15270: Lavengro Illust. by Juliet Jeffery: - The Gypsy Poems and Ballads.
5845: Jenkin-Pearce, Susie: - Bad Boris And The New Kitten.
177: Jenkins, Geoffrey: - The Watering Place of Good Peace.
14580: Jenkins, R. J. H.: - The Byzantine Empire On The Eve of The Crusades.
14700: Jenkins, Eveline A.: - Some Welsh Fungi: A Guide to the Collection of Models in the Department of Botany.
1006: Jenkins, Alan C.: - The Man Who Rode A Tiger: An Indian Folk-Story.
11263: Jenkins, Rev. John David: - Passages In Church History, Selected From The MSS. of the Late Rev. John David Jenkins. With A Brief Memoir of The Author. Vol. I.
10729: Jenkins, Elizabeth: - Elizabeth The Great.
5038: Jenks, Rev. B.: - Prayers And Offices of Devotion, For Families, And For Particular Persons On Most Occasions.
4914: Jennings, Linda Illustrated by Robert Geary: - Luke's Holiday.
15144: Jennings, Terry: - The World of the Hedge.
11827: Jennings, H. S.: - Genetics.
15514: Jenny: - Contemplating Helen of Wildfell Hall.
11474: Jenny, Urs Keith Hamnett; Hugh Rorrison (transl. by): - Durrenmatt: A Study of His Plays.
9044: Jephcote, A. E.: - Ben The Badger.
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11610: Ludlam, Harry: - A Biography of Dracula. The Life Story of Bram Stoker.
1060: Lugg, Vicky and John Willcocks: - Heraldry For Embroiderers.
2442: Luisa, Maria: - Susan's Secrets.
12073: Luke, W. B.: - Lord Milner.
713: Lumley, F. A.: - The Republic of China Under Chiang Kai-Shek. Taiwan Today.
12709: Lumley, Joanne (chosen and presented by): - Peacocks And Commas: The Best of the Spectator Competitions.
12479: Lunn, Sir Arnold (Ed.): - The British Ski Year Book. Vol. XVII No. 37.
12480: Lunn, Sir Arnold (Ed.): - The British Ski Year Book. Vol. XVIII No. 39.
12481: Lunn, Sir Arnold (Ed.): - The British Ski Year Book. Vol. XVIII No. 40.
13757: Lupton, Kenneth: - Mungo Park: The African Traveler.
2342: Lush, Nick: - Cadogan Guides: Australia.
13182: Luttrell, Barbara: - The Prim Romantic: A Biography of Ellis Cornelia Knight 1758 - 1837.
2499: Lyall, Gavin: - The Pictorial Story Of The Royal Tour Of India And Pakistan And The State Visits To Nepal And Iran
1541: Lyall, Gavin: - The Secret Servant.

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