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4870: Filmer, Edmund: - The Story of Jesus.
3731: Finch, Robert: - How To Teach English Composition: Volume Two.
4956: Finch, Peter: - The Gold Talisman.
14638: Finch, Peter: - Selected Later Poems.
2152: Finch, Robert: - Geography Through The Shop Window.
5027: Finch, Robert: - Beyond The Ocean Rim.
7428: Finch, Peter: - Selected Poems.
2861: Findlater, Evelyn: - Ginger Spike! All Right!
7503: Findler, Gerald: - Folk Lore Of The Lake Counties.
2535: Fine, Anne: - Goggle-Eyes.
7819: Fink, Samuel: - The Scholarship Home Tutor And Examination Aid.
3531: Finkel, George: - The Loyall Virginian.
10029: Finkelstein, Lydia M. Von: - Lulu; Or Child-Life In Jerusalem.
10083: Finlay, Winifred Illust. by Victor Ambrus: - Tales From The Borders.
5391: Finlay, Winifred Illust. by Shirley Hughes: - Tattercoats And Other Folk Tales.
13674: Finlay, D. G.: - Graven Image.
9161: Finley (Farquharson), Martha: - Elsie's Womanhood.
4746: Finnemore, John: - Peeps At Many Lands: England.
489: Finnemore, John: - The Red Men Of The Dusk.
7677: Firmin, Peter: - Basil Brush In The Jungle (Edmund Ward 'Starting To Read' Number 9).
7684: Firmin, Peter: - Basil Brush In The Jungle (Edmund Ward 'Starting To Read' ).
14423: Firmin, Peter: - The Midsummer Notebook of a Country Rat.
2652: Firmin, Peter: - Ollie and Fred's Fun Book 1967.
10526: First National City Bank, New York N. Y.: - Profile Of A City.
6954: Firth, Winifred: - Class Singing And Aural Training In The Junior School.
1130: Firth, C. B.: - From William III To Waterloo.
10908: Firth, Peter: - Modern Design Of Dry Flies.
13912: Firth, J. D'E.: - Rendall of Winchester: The Life and Witness of a Teacher.
5890: Fisher, Sidney E.: - Everyday Verses: The Town.
448: Fisher, James (editor).: - The New Naturalist. A Journal.
15201: Fisher, Hugh: - Moira Shearer. Dancers of To-Day No. 2.
12414: Fisher, Rev. D. Austin: - St. Michael's Church, Withington, Gloucestershire: A Short Account of Its History and Architecture.
10015: Fisher, James: - Shell Nature Lovers' Atlas Of England, Scotland and Wales.
10788: Ministry of Agriculture And Fisheries: - Diseases of Bees: Bulletin No. 100.
14042: Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries: - Tripod Haymaking. Advisory Leaflet 415.
7357: Ministry Of Agriculture And Fisheries: - Threshing of Grass, Root and Vegetable Seed Crops: Bulletin No 130 of the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries.
12033: Fishwick, V. C.: - Dairy Farming: Theory And Practice.
1513: Fisk, Nicholas: - Time Trap.
15631: Fisk, Pauline: - Tyger Pool.
7920: Fitt, Mary Illust. by Richard Kennedy: - Annabella To The Rescue.
13697: Fitt, Mary Illust. by Richard Kennedy: - Annabella To The Rescue.
5120: Fitt, J. A. N.: - The 'Bob' Man: A Life With Animals.
15018: Fitter, Richard (Edited by): - Kingfisher: News And Comment About Wildlife and Conservations At Home and Abroad; Vol. 1 No. 9 January 1966; Vol. 2 No. 1 April 1966; Vol. 2 No.2 June 1966; Vol 2 No. 3 July 1966; Vol 2 No. 4 September 1966; Vol 2. No. 5 October 1966
15021: Fitter, Richard (Edited by) Illust. by Robert Gillmor: - Kingfisher: News And Comment About Wildlife and Conservations At Home and Abroad; Vol. 3 No. 6 Feb-Mar 1968; Vol. 3 No. 7 May-Jun 1968; Vol. 3 Nos. 8 & 9 July-Aug 1968; Vol. 4 No. 1 Sept-Oct 1968.
15022: Fitter, Richard (Edited by): - Kingfisher: News And Comment About Wildlife and Conservations At Home and Abroad; Vol1 No.1 Feb 1965; Vol.1 No.2 Apr 1965; Vol.1 No.3 May 1965; Vol.1 No.4 Jul 1965; Vol.1 No.5 Aug 1965; Vol.1 No 6 Sept 1965; Vol.1 No.7 Nov 1965; Vol 1 No.8 Dec 1965
15019: Fitter, Richard (Edited by) Illust. by Robert Gillmor: - Kingfisher: News And Comment About Wildlife and Conservations At Home and Abroad; Vol.3. No. 3 October 1967; Vol. 3 No. 5 December 1967.
15020: Fitter, Richard (Edited by) Illust. by Robert Gillmor: - Kingfisher: News And Comment About Wildlife and Conservations At Home and Abroad; Vol.4 No. 3 Jan-Feb 1969; Vol. 4 No. 4 Mar-Apr 1969; Vol. 4 No. 5 May-Jun 1969; Vol. 4 No. 6 July -Aug 1969.
118: Fitter, R. S. R. and Richardson, R. A.: - Collins Pocket Guide to British Birds.
15023: Fitter, Richard (Edited by) Illust. by Robert Gillmor: - Kingfisher: News And Comment About Wildlife and Conservations At Home and Abroad; Vol. 5 No. 1 Sept-Oct 1969; Vol. 5 No. 2 Nov-Dec 1969; Vol. 5 No. 3 Jan-Feb 1970; Vol. 5 No. 4 Mar-April 1970; Vol. 5 No. 5 May-June 1970; Vol. 5 No. 6 1970.
11543: Fitz Roy, Olivia Illust. by Mary Gernat: - Wagons & Horses.
11568: Fitz Roy, Olivia: - Wagons & Horses. Illust. by Mary Gernat.
6060: Fitzalan, Roger (Trevor, Elleston): - A Blaze Of Arms.
15564: Fitzgerald, John D. Illust. by Sara Silcock: - Me And My Little Brain.
13761: Flanagan, Patrick J.: - The Cavan & Leitrim Railway.
1717: O'Flannigan, Tague: - Tenant Right In Tipperary: Being A Series of Humorous Epistles From Tague O'Flannigan Ballinamuck To Mike Collins Renfrewshire.
7963: Flavin, Martin Illust. by Cyrus LeRoy Baldridge: - The Enchanted.
4397: Flecker, James Elroy: - Selected Poems.
11929: Flecker, James Elroy: - Collected Prose.
12870: Flecker, James Elroy: - Selected Poems. Flecker's Poems.
14656: Fleischman, A. S.: - Chinese Crimson.
7455: Fleming, C. M. and E. H. Grassam Illust. by Herry Perry: - Beacon Number Reader.
15650: Fleming, Ian Illust. by John Burningham: - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - The Magical Car. Adventure Number 1.
7457: Fleming, C. M. and E. H. Grassam Illust. by Herry Perry: - Beacon Number Reader.
15061: Fleming, Ian: - Goldfinger.
14964: Fleming, John Henry: - The Legend of the Barefoot Mailman.
12039: Fleming Sr., Robert L. Robert L Fleming Jr., Lain Singh Bangdel: - Birds Of Nepal: With Reference To Kashmir And Sikkim.
14690: Fleming, Ian: - The Man With The Golden Gun.
3903: Fletcher, J. S.: - In The Days of Drake.
10474: Fletcher, Nichola: - Venison: The Monarch of The Table.
8209: Fletcher, H. L. V. Illust. by Martin Kaye: - Fletcher's Folly.
11090: Fletcher, J. S.: - A Picturesque History Of Yorkshire: Being An Account Of The History Topography And Antiquities Of The Cities Towns And Villages Of The County Of York. Vol 1
12640: Fletcher, J. S.: - The House In Tuesday Market.
9020: Fletcher, J. S. Illust by W. S. Stacey: - In The Days Of Drake.
5522: Larive Et Fleury: - Exercices Francais Correspondant Et Faisant Suite A La Premiere Annee De Grammaire "Orthographe Et Redaction".
14355: Flint, Brian: - Windmills of East Anglia.
10359: Florentine, Muriel: - Creative Crafts From Scrap and Imagination.
12079: Flower, Norman: - Crucifixion.
8703: Flowerdew, Phyllis Illust. by Virginia Smith, Barry Wilkinson, Ann Rees and Caroline Sharpe: - Goodbye Candlelight And Other Stories.
12899: Flowerdew, Phyllis Illust. by Virginia Smith, Barry Wilkinson, Ann Rees, Caroline Sharpe: - Goodbye Candlelight And Other Stories.
874: Floyd, Lucy: - Yesterday.
10467: Foan, Gilbert A. and a contribution by Mr J Bari-Woollss: - The Art And Craft of Hairdressing: Special Supplement.
706: Foan, Gilbert A.: - The Art and Craft of Hairdressing - Special Supplement.
11536: Fodor, Eugene (Ed) Beate Taylor (Illust): - Austria. Illustrated Edition With Maps.
13464: Fodor, Eugene: - Fodor's Italy 1975: Illust. Editon With Atlas and City and Archeological Plans.
543: Fogle, Bruce: - 101 Questions Your Cat Would Ask Its Vet.
13988: Foley, Winifred Illust by A G Edwards: - No Pipe Dreams For Father. Scenes from a Forest of Dean Village Childhood.
6713: Folkard, Charles: - Teddy Tail Of The Daily Mail: Teddy Tail's Picture Book.
11225: Fonhus, Mikkjel: - Tommerfloterne.
3683: Fontaine, Peter: - From My French Windows: A Testament Of Travel.
3981: De La Fontaine, Jean: - The Raven And The Fox. The Vain Rich Man And The Sly Tinker.
14943: Fontenot, Mary Alice Illust. by Scott R. Blazek: - Clovis Crawfish and Fedora Field Mouse.
7361: Ministry Of Agriculture Fisheries And Food.: - Agriculture And Food: Sectional List No. 1.
11119: Fooks, H. A. Rev. by Richard Prior: - Hints On Woodland Stalking.
7837: Footner, Hulbert: - The Substitute Millionaire.
5339: Footner, Hulbert: - Jack Chanty.
1953: Forbes, Leslie: - A Traveller's Notebook.
12932: Forbes-Watson, R.: - Shifta!
7180: Forbes, Duncan: - Life Before Man: The Story Of Fossils.
15608: Ford, Clellan S. and Frank A. Beach: - Patterns of Sexual Behavior (Behaviour).
10230: Ford, Elizabeth: - That Summer At Bacclesea.
13600: Ford, B. G. Illust. by Tom Leigh: - Grover's Book of Cute Little Baby Animals. CTW Sesame Street Book Club.
2716: Foreman, Michael: - Cat & Canary.
1414: Foreman, Michael: - War and Peas.
4910: Forman, Alfred: - Richard Wagner's The Nibelung's Ring.
12912: Forrest, S. J. Illust. by E W Forrest: - Orders In Orbit.
14906: Forrest, Carol: - The Quest of the Curlews.
11283: Forrester, Helen: - The Latchkey Kid.
10334: Forsberg, Ray Illust. by Baz East: - Beginner's Guide To Shorecasting.
5042: Forster, Wm J.: - The Little Folks At Kelverton Grange.
1877: Forster, William J.: - Sinclair's Museum And Other Stories.
5982: Forsyth, Anne: - Baxter The Travelling Cat.
9661: Fortescue, Hon. J. W.: - The Story Of A Red-Deer.
13002: Fortescue, G. K.: - Romances of Royalty: Private Memoirs of A. F. Bertrand De Moleville Minister of State, 1790 - 1791. Relative to The Last Year of the Reign of Louis The Sixteenth. Volume 2 (II Two).
12756: Fortescue, G. K.: - Romances of Royalty: Private Memoirs of A. F. Bertrand De Moleville Minister of State, 1790 - 1791. Relative to The Last Year of the Reign of Louis The Sixteenth. Volume 1 (I One).
5012: Foster, Rev. Albert J.: - Ampthill Towers.
14511: Foster, John: - Monkey Poems; Dragon Poems; Monster Poems; Pirate Poems; Star Poems. Oxford Reading Tree Stage 10/11 - More Jackdaws Poetry.
4208: Foster, John: - Night Poems.
9450: Foubert, E. M. de Illust. by A. M'Whor: - For The Sake Of Shirley.
14966: Fowler, Wilfred: - Harama: An African Interlude.
11384: Fowles, John: - The Magus. A Revised Version.
8954: Fox Smith, C.: - Ship Models.
14245: Fox, H. S. A. and O. J. Padel (Ed. by): - The Cornish Lands of The Arundells of Lanherne Fourteenth To Sixteenth Centuries. Devon and Cornwall Record Society New Series, Volume 41.
920: Fox, Paula Illustrated by Edward Ardizzone: - A Likely Place.
218: Fox, Robert: - Antarctica and The South Atlantic. Discovery, Development and Dispute.
40: Fox, Levi: - Shakespeare's Town, Stratford-Upon-Avon.
14113: Fox Bourne, H. R.: - Sir Philip Sidney: Type of English chivalry In The Elizabethan Age. Heroes of the Nations.
11368: Fox, Kathryn: - Malicious Intent.
13581: Fox, Dan (Arranged By): - We Wish You A Merry Christmas: Songs of the Season For Young People.
9113: Fox, Brian A. and Allan G Cameron: - A Chemical Approach To Food And Nutrition.
14200: Fox, Caroline Ed. by Wendy Monk: - The Journals of Caroline Fox 1835 - 71.
10336: Fox, Marilyn Illust. by Paul Birkbeck Told in Jackanory by Michael Bryant: - King Arthur: the Sword from the Lake.
13385: Foxtone, Professor: - Secrets of Ventriloquism and Vocal Illusions: How to Acquire This Amusing Art.
11998: Frain, Sean: - Willie Irving: Terrierman, Huntsman and Lakelander.
6606: Frame, Paul: - Drawing The Big Cats.
9956: Frances Mount, Adela: - Kitty.
13483: Francis, Augusta L.: - Have You Been To Rome?
13874: Francis, Clare: - Come Wind or Weather. ADC Accutrac Races Round The World.
1153: Francoise: - The Big Rain.
10072: Frank, Waldo (Edited with a Foreword by) Illust. by Mordecai Gorelik: - Tales From The Argentine.
2190: Frank, Josette (selected by): - Poems To Read To The Very Young.
1812: Frankau, Pamela: - Road Through The Woods.
278: Frankau, Gilbert: - The Dangerous Years.
9315: Frankling, Eleanor: - Practical Dog Keeping.
13438: Franks, Daphne; Sheila Kirk; Harry Lane: - Old Stokesley In Pictures (2nd Edition).
12013: Franks, Augustus. W. (Ed. By): - Japanese Pottery. Being A Native Report.
1696: Franquin, Jidehem: - Gaston 2.
1697: Franquin, Jidehem: - Gaston 3.
15579: Franzen, Nils - Olof Illust. by Quentin Blake: - Agaton Sax And The Big Rig.
9105: Frary, Reginald Illust. by Gordon Stowell: - Ancient And Modern.
433: Fraser Harrison, Brian: - The Work of a Magistrate.
6988: Fraser, Maxwell: - West Of Offa's Dyke. North Wales.
5092: Fraser, W. H. and J Squair: - Elementary French Grammar.
11864: Fraser, Donald: - The Future of Africa.
9972: Fraser, Maxwell: - Somerset.
4380: Fraser, Elizabeth: - The Saints of Kindness.
5787: Fraser-Tytler, Anne Or Ann Fraser Tytler: - Leila Or The Island.
14687: Freedley, George Illust. by Victor J Dowling: - Mr Cat.
14213: Freeman-Attwood, Marigold: - The Wire Fund Ball.
9643: Freeman, Don: - Corduroy.
5137: Freeman, R. M.: - The Heir Of Langridge Towers.
11583: Freeman, Stan: - Pocket Joke Book Number 3.
7253: Freeman Allen, G. (Ed.): - Trains Illustrated. Vol VIII No. 10 October 1955.
3710: Freeman, R. Austin: - Helen Vardon's Confession.
7682: Fremantle, Anne (Ed. and with intro. by): - Communism Basic Writings. The Major Voices - From The Beginnings To The Present Day.
8633: Max J. Friedlander or M. J. Friedlander: - Martin Schongauer.
15026: Friedman, Roy: - The Insurrection of Hippolytus Brandenberg.
13066: Friedman, Stanton T.: - Top Secret Majic.
13260: Friedman, Michael Jan: - Star Trek The Next Generation: Kahless.
15373: Friesem, Ricky & Gerry Hornreich: - The Joy of Israel, 112 Recipes that are Simple and Different.
7349: Frigout, R. De B.: - Cuckoo And Anna.
150: Frischauer, Willi: - Goering.
15610: From The Stories of Matthew and Luke Illust. by De Paola, Tomie: - The Christmas Pageant.
3889: Froman, Robert: - The Wild Orphan.
7408: Fromm, Dr Erich Drs Phil. Hans Redeker (vertaald door): - De Angst Voor Vrijheid.
9735: Frost, Joni: - To Face The Sun.
7860: Froude, James Anthony: - Short Studies On Great Subjects. Vol. I.
8120: Fry, Leonora Illust by C. W. Huxtable: - British Railways. The 'Get To Know' Series.
10050: Fryer Harvey, William Illust. by Leo Dowd: - Caprimulgus.
13512: Fryer, George (Illust. by): - The Valiant Little Tailor.
13348: Fryer, George (Illust. By): - Ladybird Hitch-Hikes Home.
14325: Fryer, Bert: - Recollections of a Norfolk Dumpling. A small collection of humourous Tit Bits suitable for all ages and occasions.
13310: Fulford, Francis: - Bearing Up: The Remakable Survival of the Landed Estate.
5004: Fuller, Ronald Illustrated by Biro: - The Story of The Pilgrim's Progress By John Bunyan: A Simplified Version.
14304: Fuller, Roy: - From The Joke Shop.
14210: Fuller, Roy: - Tiny Tears.
11943: Fullerton, Len: - My First Nature Book.
8779: Enciclopedia De La Naturaleza. Adena/World Wildlife Fund.: - El Sahara.
9468: Furlong, Agnes: - The School Library Mystery.
10640: Furlonge, Geoffrey: - The Lands of Barbary.
15437: Furnas, J. C.: - The Road To Harpers Ferry: Facts and Follies of the War on Slavery.
4551: Furneaux, Rupert Illustrated by Mike Jackson: - The Mary Celeste.
3966: Furniss, Edgar S.: - France: Troubled Ally. De Gaulle's Heritage And Prospects.
14208: Furnivall, Fred J.: - The Succession of Shakspere's (Shakespeare's) Works And The Use of Metrical Tests In Settling It &c.
2575: Furnnell, Edith M.: - Aids To Hygiene For Nurses.
12082: Futrelle, Jacques: - My Lady's Garter.
5554: Fyfe, J. G. (Editor): - School Episodes.
14749: Fyfe, Muriel; Susan Jolly Illust. by Alma Healey and R W McIntyre: - Bobbin And Other Stories. The Anytime Series.
11837: Fyfe, J. Hamilton: - Merchant Enterprise; Or The History of Commerce from The Earliest Times.
6944: Fyfe, Hamilton: - Brighton: The Official Handbook of the County Borough of Brighton 1939 - 1940.
9768: Fyleman, Rose: - Timothy's Conjuror.
13384: Gabriel, Sister Illust by W McMullan: - The Colonel's Grandsons.
2205: Gackenbach, Dick: - Harry And The Terrible Whatzit.
12834: Gaddes, Peter: - Three Paces Through The Room.
11320: Gadney, Reg: - Just When We Are Safest. (Uncorrected Proof Copy)
14828: Gadsby, Jean and David: - Looking at Other Children: Looking at Geography 1.
14505: Gadsby, David and Ivor Golby (44 Carols Chosen By) Cheese, Bernard (Drawings by): - Merrily To Bethlehem. A Very Unusual Carol Book
14037: Gadsby, Jean and David: - Looking At Other Children: Looking At Geography Book 1.
2311: Gag, Wanda: - Snippy And Snappy.
1129: Gagg, J. C.: - Using Your Reading: Book 1.
10926: Gagg, J. C. Illust. by Drake Brookshaw: - Kingsway English Junior Series: Book 4.
14288: Gaiman, Neil Illust. by Chris Riddell: - The Sleeper And The Spindle.
2902: Gajdar, Arkadij: - Daleke Kraje
15422: Youth Division of Soka Gakkai: - Cries For Peace: Experiences of Japanese Victims of World War II.
12146: Galdos, B. Perez: - Dona Perfecta.
12299: Gales, R. L.: - The Vanished Country Folk & Other Studies In Arcady.
11455: Gall, Sandy: - Behind Russian Lines: An Afghan Journal.
13570: Gall, Jacques & Francois Transl. by Len Ortzen: - Sapphira.
10206: The Matthiesen Gallery: - Catalogue of an Exhibition of French Master Drawings of the 18th Century.
9246: Willow Gallery: - Fine Oil Paintings.
9247: Willow Gallery: - 19th & Early 20th Century Fine Oil Paintings.
345: Gallico, Paul: - The Small Miracle.
4866: Le Gallienne, Eva (Translated From The Danish By): - Seven Tales By Hans Christian Anderson.
15516: Galouye, Daniel F.: - Counterfeit World.
9219: Galsworthy, John: - Satires And A Commentary.
2723: Galsworthy, John: - Flowering Wilderness.
2722: Galsworthy, John: - A Modern Comedy.
10771: Gamble, Reginald: - Bee Keeping. Young Farmers' Club Booklet No. 2.
14314: Gammell, C. J.: - LMS Branch Lines England and Wales.
13729: Gandhi Desai, Mahadev (Transl. from the Gujarati by): - Gandhi An Autobiography. The story of my Experiments With Truth.
459: Gandon, Brian L.: - Halt! Major Road Ahead. Talks To Young People.
14082: Gandon, The Revd P. J.: - Norfolk Pictures and Prayers For The Autumn Of Life.
861: Gapper, Frances: - Jane and the Kenilwood Occurrences.
8088: Gardam, Jane: - Swan.
11286: Gardam, Jane: - Black Faces White Faces.
1906: Gardam, Jane: - Bridget and William.
9928: Gardiner, Samuel R.: - A Student's History of England From The Earliest Times To The Death Of Queen Victoria. Vol. 2 AD 1509-1689.
9912: Gardiner: - Senior French Unseens.
9705: Gardiner, Alfonzo: - The Instructive Geography A Lesson Book For Teachers And Students.
9561: Gardner, Hugh: - Tales From The Marble Mountain.
4292: Gardner, Reverend James: - The Faiths of The World: Division 2 ASU - CEN
11169: Gardner, Brian: - Mafeking: A Victorian Legend.
13533: Gardner, Ross: - Never A Dull Moment: A Naturalist's View of British Wildlife.
15226: Gardner, Erle Stanley: - The Case of The Reluctant Model.
14600: Garfield, Leon Illust. by Antony Maitland: - Jack Holborn.
14597: Garfield, Leon Illust. by Antony Maitland: - Devil-In-The-Fog.
14602: Garfield, Leon Illust. by Fritz Wegner: - The Strange Affair of Adelaide Harris.
14603: Garfield, Leon Illust. by Antony Maitland: - Mr Corbett's Ghost And Other Stories.
14601: Garfield, Leon Illust. by Antony Maitland: - The Drummer Boy.
2513: Garland, Rosemary: - The Umbrella man.
12869: Garnett, David R A Garnett (wood engravings): - A Man In The Zoo.
11699: Garrett, N. H. Illust. by Marjory Colman: - Madeleine Legros Et Ses Cousins.
15673: Garrod, Trevor (Editor): - East Angia By Rail.
15062: Garvice, Charles: - In Wolf's Clothing.
10134: Garvice, Charles: - In Wolf's Clothing.
10126: Garvice, Charles: - Love In A Snare.
12989: Gaskell, T. F.: - Under The Deep Oceans: Twentieth Century Voyages of Discovery.
12088: Gaskin, Catherine: - Corporation Wife.
8807: Gaston, Peter: - Little Will And Clink Carrot. Two Boys in Lincoln.
6940: Gaston, Mary Frank: - Blue Willow: An Identification and Value Guide. Revised 2nd Edition.
12896: Gatehouse, John Illust by Sue Cony: - Eric's Elephant On Holiday. (Cartwheels).
9312: Gathorne-Hardy, Jonathan Illust. by Nicolas Hill: - Jane's Adventures In A Balloon.
15423: Gay, Michel: - Lapin-Express.
12529: Gay, Francis: - The Friendship Book 1963.
405: Gaze, Reginald: - Norfolk Bird Life.
6707: Gaze, Reginald: - Look At This Bird.
13779: Gee, Maurice Illust. by Gary Hebley: - The World Around The Corner.
4466: Gee, H. L.: - Share My Harvest: An Anthology of Good Things Gathered Through the Years.
9701: Geeson, Alfred G.: - Building Science: For Students Of Architecture And Building Volume One.
9702: Geeson, Alfred G.: - Building Science: For Students Of Architecture And Building Volume Three.
15030: Geest: - Geest Materials Handling Equipment 1962 - 1963.
10958: Geikie, Cunningham: - The Holy Land And The Bible. A Book of Scripture Illustrations Gathered In Palestine. In Two Volumes - Vol. 1.
7841: Davis Gelatine: - Dainty Dishes.
3228: Gelzer, Jay: - The Street of a Thousand Delights.
9265: Gennis, Rita: - The California Food Festivals Cook Book.
11762: The Author of "John Halifax Gentleman".: - Young Mrs Jardine Vol 1 (of 3 volumes).
11763: The Author of "John Halifax Gentleman".: - Young Mrs Jardine Vol 2 (of 3 volumes).
8346: George, S. C. Illust. by Barbara Shaw: - Escape From Singapore.
737: George, S. C.: - Strange Courtship.
14451: Geras, Adele: - Pictures of the Night.
13681: Geras, Adele: - Pictures Of The Night.
7312: Geras, Adele Illust. by Tony Ross: - The Fantora Family files.
14089: Gerrell, Peter: - Green Grow The Rushes.... Growing up in a Suffolk Village.
5701: Gerson, Noel B.: - Savage Gentleman.
14710: Gervais, Paul: - Extraordinary People.
10277: Gervaise, Mary Illust. by Bowe: - The Pony Clue.
10844: Gervaise, Mary Illust. by P E Paul: - Don-Margery Schoolgirl.
14583: Gethyn-Jones, D.: - Kempley: Nine Centuries of Village History, extending from the Mid-Normandy Village of Lassy in the 11th century to the Kempley of to-day.
13362: Gettings, Fred: - Polymer Painting Manual.
11089: Gibb, Mildred A. and Frank Beckwith: - The Yorkshire Post: Two Centuries.
13746: Gibb, Eileen: - No. 1 Sammy Gets Streamlined. Sammy The Shunter.
7288: Gibb, Eileen Illust. by Jack Atkins: - Sammy The Shunter Bumper Book.
6986: Gibbings, Robert: - Sweet Cork Of Thee.
10567: Gibbon, Edward: - The History Of The Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire. Volume 2
2113: Gibbons, Alan: - Dagger In The Sky.
9935: Gibbons, Stanley: - Stanley Gibbons' Postage Stamp Catalogue 1949. Part 4 Foreign Countries Central America.
14183: Gibbs, Mary Ann: - The Years of The Nannies.
11488: Gibbs-Smith, C. H. and L. E. Bradford: - World Aircraft Recognition Manual.
4244: Gibbs, Mary Ann: - The Romantic Frenchman.
5537: Gibbs, Lewis: - The Silver Circle: Sir Francis Drake - A New Appraisal.
14119: Gibian, Jeffrey: - What Is To Be Done? Part two of 'The Word and The Sword'.
6563: Gibot, Jean-Luc and Philippe Gorczynski English Transl. by Wendy McAdam: - Following The Tanks Cambrai 20th November - 7th December 1917.
7959: Gibson, J. and R. Wilson Illust. by A. R. Whitear: - Solo & Chorus. Blue Book.
10236: Gibson, A. C. or Alexander Craig Gibson: - The Folk-Speech of Cumberland and Some Districts Adjacent; Being Short Stories And Rhymes In The Dialects of The West Border Counties.
13933: Gibson, James M. (Text and Photography): - The Rochester Bridge Trust.
11562: Gibson, Penelope: - Hairy Bear And The Papoose.
11563: Gibson, Penelope: - The Story of No-Name.
3057: Gibson, Sue: - Rusty's Foal.
14630: Gibson, Guy: - Enemy Coast Ahead.
15466: Gibson, Andrew Illust. by Chris Riddell: - Chegwith Skillett Escapes.
12775: Giefer, Rena Thomas Giefer: - Die Rattenlinie: Fluchtwege der Nazis Eine Dokumentation.
14357: Gifford, Alison: - Captain Vancouver: A Portrait of His Life.
14711: Gifford, G. Barry Incl. poem by Byron: - The Castle of Chillon And Its Prisoner.
7225: Gijsen, Marnix: - Overkomst Dringend Gewenst.
5109: Gilbart, J. W.: - Logic For The Million: A Familiar Exposition of The Art of Reasoning.
12196: Gilbert, John: - Bloody Buron! Canada's D-Day + 1.
9954: Consul and Geoffrey Gilbey: - How To Bet And Win.
1286: Gilbey, Jack: - "In All The Signs..." and Other Poems.
11622: Gilchrist, Rupert: - Guns of Dragonard.
6298: Giles, Janice Holt: - The Believers.
7193: Gilfillan, Rev. George: - The Poetical Works Of Edmund Spenser With Memoir And Critical Dissertations. Vol V only of Five Volumes.
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6599: Hitchcock, A & L J Illust. by Pauline Diana Baynes: - The Pilgrim Way: Great People Through The Ages - Book Three.
5667: Hitchman, Harry G. (Presented By): - A Travelogue To War.
13219: HMSO: - Drainage of the Farm Homestead. Leaflet No. 21.
8677: Hoare, G, J.: - Austrian Railway Guide To The Narrow Gauge And Private Lines.
10065: Hoare, Robert J.: - St Louis. Our Saints No. 7.
13271: Hoare, Robert J. Illust. by John Spencer: - Gold.
12006: Hoare, A. H.: - Vegetable Crops For Market.
15052: Hoare, Sophy: - Japan the Land and its People.
1829: Hoare, Robert J.: - Understanding Through Interest: 4.
1827: Hoare, Robert J.: - Understanding Through Interest: 3.
13609: Hoban, Russell Illust. by Quentin Blake: - How Tom Beat Captain Najork and His Hired Sportsmen.
11886: Hobbes, John Oliver: - Osbern & Ursyne. A Drama In Three Acts.
10273: Illust. by Holly Hobbie: - Holly Hobbie's Alphabet Book.
14137: Hobley, Brian: - Roman and Saxon London: A Reappraisal. Annual Archaeology Lecture The Museum of London 1985.
7777: Hobson, A. Wyn: - The Last Years Of The 'Westerns'.
3115: Hocken, Sheila: - Emma V.I.P.
1900: Hocken, Sheila: - Emma V.I.P.
10618: Hocking, Silas K.: - "Chips" "Joe" And "Mike".
10957: Hocking, Joseph: - Prodigal Daughters.
4946: Hocking, Silas K. Illustrated by Harold Copping: - Rex Raynor, Artist. A Story of Sowing And Reaping.
4228: Hocking, Silas K.: - The Awakening of Anthony Weir.
8421: Hodge, Charles: - The Raven's Causeway.
13077: Hodge, J. C.: - Brickwork For Apprentices.
8642: Hodgetts, Sheila Illust by E. Jeffrey: - Toby Twirl Tales: No. 7, The Jack-In-The-Box Man and The Winged Sandals.
4510: Hodgetts, Sheila Illustrations by R. MacGillivray: - The Adventure Twins Colour Strip Book.
13676: Hodgetts, Dorothy Muriel Wray: - Oko The Brave.
3593: Hodgkin, Eliot (Compiled By): - A Pictorial Gospel - A Life of Christ In The Works of the Old Masters and the Words of the Gospels.
13718: Hodgson Burnett, Frances Illust. by Maria Horvath: - The Little Hunch-Back Zia.
12816: Hodgson, Pat: - The Changing Seaside: An Eyewitness History Book.
4972: Hodgson Burnett, Frances: - T. Tembarom.
13653: Hoff, Syd: - Chester. An I Can Read Book No. 60.
13797: Hoff, Syd: - Chester. An 'I Can Read' Book.
14744: Hoffmann, E. T. A Illust. by Patricia Seminara: - Nutcracker.
8382: Hogarth, Elizabeth Illust. By Rowan Barnes-Murphy: - Wigwams, Igloos & Bungalows.

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