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7083: Clifford, Mary: - Hill Farm Hazard.
13890: Clifton-Taylor, Alec: - English Parish Churches As Works of Art.
4997: Clinch, George: - Handbook Of English Antiquities For The Collector And The Student.
14648: Cline, Howard F.: - Mexico: Revolution To Evolution 1940 - 1960.
4140: Clinton, Iris: - The Clarkes Go South. A Story From Africa.
13279: Cloete, Stuart: - The Mask.
7378: Cloke, Rene: - The Twins Go To Market: The Dragonfly Story Books.
1678: Rene Cloke ( Illustrator): - Pixieland Rhymes: A Big Time Wonder Book. Read-With-Me.
15138: Close, Eunice (Verses by) Illust. by Leslie Ellis: - Little Pictures and Verses.
12864: Clossin , Jimmy & Carl Hertzog: - The American Cowboy Square Dance Book. Edition With Music.
4214: Clough, David N.: - Type 5 Freight Diesels: Locomotive Profile.
5539: The Royal Automobile Club: - RAC Motor Tours In The Hardy Country & New Forest.
9301: St Neots Bird And Wildlife Club: - 1996 Breeding Birds Of Paxton Pits + Little Paxton Village And Surrounding Area. (Including 1995/96 Non Breeding Bird Report & Butterfly and Dragonfly Lists).
13054: Clunes, Martin: - A Dog's Life.
1928: Clymer, Eleanor: - The Horse In The Attic.
10701: Parkinson Stove Co.: - Perfect Cooking. Red Edition.
11530: A Karama & Co.: - Tourist's Egyptian Companion: Third Edition. 1954 - 1955.
10045: Coates, Christopher W.: - Tropical Fishes As Pets.
12891: Coatsworth, Elizabeth Illust. by John Wonsetler: - Thief Island.
4025: Coatsworth, Elizabeth: - Five Bushel Farm.
5003: Coatts, Rita: - Peggy Means "Luck".
14880: Cobb, Richard: - Still Life: Sketches From A Tunbridge Wells Childhood.
12204: Cobb, Ruth: - This Way To The Castle.
9108: Cobb, Nick: - Seven Years In A Purple Field.
11776: Cobbett, William (The English) J. H. Sievrac (The French) Guillaume Cobbett (L'Anglais) J. H. Sievrac (Le Francais): - Elements of the Roman History, In English And French From The Foundation of Rome To The Battle Of Actium. Volume 1.
4078: Coburn, Ann: - Welcome To The Real World.
5333: Cochrane, Robert: - Risen By Perseverance; Or, Lives Of Self-Made Men.
7895: Cockett, Mary Illust. by George Adamson: - Tufty.
1007: Cockett, Mary: - Rolling On.
7893: Cockett, Mary Illust. by George Adamson: - Tufty.
7657: Cockroft, Anne M. Jan Lincoln and John M Marriott: - An Introduction To Statistics.
6623: Cockroft, Irene Illust. by Guida Joseph: - The Lamb: Children Of Nature No. 2.
11913: Cockton, Henry: - The Life & Adventures of Valentine Vox, The Ventriloquist.
14739: Cody Weiss, David and Bobbi J G Weiss Suzan Colon: - Smallville: Animal Rage. Smallville: Buried Secrets.
7209: Coggins, Carolyn Illust by Dave Lyons: - Fabulous Foods For People You Love.
5665: Cogniat, Raymond: - Monet And His World.
3976: Cohen, Mark L.: - Panzer Commander: Official Strategies And Secrets.
14874: Cohen, Edwin and Bruce Campbell: - Nestboxes. British Trust For Ornithology Field Guide Number Three.
9570: Colbert, Anthea Illust. by Mary Rayner: - Mr Weller's Long March.
3524: Colbert, Mildred: - Kutkos Chinook Tyee.
1606: Cole, Michael (Series Ed.): - Annual Register of Book Values: The Arts & Architecture.
9725: Cole, Joanna Illust. by Bruce Degen: - The Magic School Bus On The Ocean Floor.
14827: Cole, A. L.: - A Practical Guide To Cuisenaire Mathematics Preparatory Book 2.
11732: Cole, G. D. H. & M. I.: - Beaumont & Fletcher: Lyrics From The Plays.
12173: Cole, R. E. G. (Ed. By): - Chapter Acts Of The Cathedral Church Of St Mary Of Lincoln A.D. 1520 - 1536. (Volume 12)
9723: Cole, Hannah Illust. by Kate Rogers: - In Between Times.
6581: Cole, Peggy: - Peggy Cole's Country Cottage Companion.
2393: Cole, George (as told by): - Jackanory: Dragons.
14377: Colegate, Isabel: - The Shooting Party.
14669: Coleman, Vernon: - Alice's Diary: The Memoirs of a Cat.
14670: Coleman, Vernon: - Alice's Adventures: The Further Memoirs of a Cat.
11222: Coleman, John Illust. by Mik Brown: - The Magic Machines: Maggie The Mechanical Digger.
5085: Coleman, Leslie Illust. by John Laing: - Wilberforce Detective.
6894: Coleman, Lieutenant E. C.: - The Royal Navy In Lincolnshire>
12918: Coleridge, J. K.: - Sheringham Golf Club 1891 - 1991.
2606: Coleridge, Ann: - Longneck The Tortoise.
4930: Coles, P. Catherine: - Gillian Joy.
10289: Coles, P. Catherine: - At The King's Command.
14053: Colfer, Eoin: - Artemis Fowl And The Lost Colony.
9359: Collier, Ronald illust by Brockbank: - Bees Under My Bonnet.
5670: Collier, J. W. and G. J. Dixon: - Mending And Restoring Furniture.
7833: Collins, Wilkie: - After Dark.
14276: Collins, Douglas Illust. by G W Backhouse: - Mr Mole's Circus.
10587: Collins, Rev. W. Lucas: - Virgil.
12934: Collins, Erroll: - The Hawk of Aurania.
4141: Collins, Muriel: - Mr Sundial.
2341: Collins, Matthew: - Matthew's Travels: 10 Years Of Trips For 'The Travel Show'.
6904: Collins, Philip: - Tennyson, Poet Of Lincolnshire: An Address To The Tennyson Society.
14586: Collins, Fiona: - In Flight: Telling Tales.
167: Collins, Norman: - The Governor's Lady.
3105: Collinson, Roger: - Get Lavinia Goodbody!
14517: Collis, Louise: - Soldier In Paradise: The Life of Captain John Stedman 1744 - 1797.
1047: Colliss, Gertrude F. M.: - Family of Forty: A Book for Young Teachers and Students in Training.
14491: Colman, Norah K. Illust. by B. Ross Jones: - The Firelit Forest.
9516: Colman's of Norwich: - A Pictorial Guide To Casseroles Of The World.
6281: Colmer, Mary: - Pathways Of Purbeck, Illustrated: Walks From Swanage.
10920: Coltman, David: - Adam The Gardener: A Pictorial Calendar and Guide To The Year's Work in The Garden, Showing How To Grow Vegetables, Fruit and Flowers.
5066: Coltman, Penny; Jayne Greenwood and Val Mitchell Illust. by Colin Bowler: - Janet And John: The Art Show.
1125: Colver, Anne: - The Spirit of '76.
13903: Colyer, S. W. (a book of photographs by) Foreword by Lord Gorell: - Lorna Doone Country.
10725: Colyer, Christina and M J Jones: - Excavations At Lincoln. Second Interim Report; Excavations in the Lower Town 1972-8.
5216: Dark Horse Comics: - Spumco Comic Book: In Service To Mankind. Issue No. 1 Volume No. 1.
9258: Dark Horse Comics: - Spumco Comic Book: In Service To Mankind. Issue No. 3 Volume No. 1.
9257: Dark Horse Comics: - Spumco Comic Book: In Service To Mankind. Issue No. 2 Volume No. 1.
3249: Commission, Reparation: - Official Documents: The Experts' Plan For Reparation Payments. (Reports of the Committees of Experts. The London Agreements (August, 1924). The new Bank of the Reich. The new German Railway Company. The Industrial Charge. The External Loan.)
9462: Lindsey County Council Education Committee: - An Introduction To Word Building.
13200: Como, James T. (Edited By): - C. S. Lewis At The Breakfast Table and Other Reminiscences.
7301: International Harvester Company: - Owner's Manual: McCormick (Also McCormick-Deering) No. 62 Harvester-Thresher.
6025: Corby (Northants) And District Water Company.: - Eye Brook Reservoir: Trout Fishing. Caldecott - Rutland.
15038: RS Components: - RS Components Mar - June 1984 Catalogue.
11661: Compton, J. (Ed): - White Magic. Book Two. Beacon Literary Readers.
1596: Compton, J.: - The Beacon Literary Readers: Book Five - Good Adventure.
12468: Conan Doyle, A.: - The Refugees: A Tale of Two Continents. Abridged.
12523: Conan Doyle, A.: - Round The Red Lamp Being Facts And Fancies of Medical Life.
4230: Conan Doyle, Arthur: - Adventures Of Gerard.
7049: Conder, Major C. R.: - Illustrated Bible Geography And Atlas.
13357: Condominas, Georges transl. from the French by Adrienne Foulke: - We Have Eaten The Forest: The Story of a Montagnard Village in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.
15114: Connell, G. G.: - Arctic Destroyers. The 17th Flotilla.
12138: O'Connell, John: - Popular Mechanics: Railroad Album - The Story of American Railroads in Words And Pictures.
6863: Connell, Neville: - A Short History Of Barbados.
14725: Connery, Donald S.: - The Scandinavians.
5432: O'Connor, G.: - Thanks To Dandy.
3965: O'Connor, A. M.: - The Geography Of Tropical African Development.
12273: O'Connor, Daniel Illust by Alice B Woodward: - The Story Of Peter Pan.
14235: O'Connor, Garry: - The Pursuit of Perfection: A Life of Maggie Teyte.
4967: Connor, Ralph: - Corporal Cameron: A Tale Of The North-West Mounted Police.
9741: Conquest, Joan: - Desert Love.
555: Conrad, Joseph: - Chance, A Tale In Two Parts.
12513: Conrad, Joseph: - Typhoon And Other Stories.
4630: Conrad, Joseph: - Victory.
15328: Conyers, dorothea: - Kicking Foxes.
5393: Conyers, Dorothea: - The Adventures of Gerry.
14741: Cook, P. A. W.: - Kwane An African Saga.
2286: Cook, Aubrey G. F.: - Bought Back.
7097: Cook, A. M.: - Boston Goes To Massachusetts.
4036: Cook, W. Victor: - The Keys of England: A Romance of Sussex.
6799: Cook, Arthur: - Story Unused: A Correspondent In The Far East, 1963 - 1967.
5048: By An Experienced Cook: - How To Cook For Myself And Family Comprising Directions For Roasting, Broiling, Stewing and Boiling All Kinds of Butchers' Meat, Fowls, And Fish; For Potting, Collaring, and Curing It: Also Directions For Making Confectioner, Pastry, And Bread...
10745: Cook, J. Gordon: - Your Guide To The Plant Kingdom.
9656: Cooke, Arthur O. Illust. by A S Forrest: - Blackbeard's Boy.
13694: Cookson, Catherine Illust. by Tessa Jordan: - Blue Baccy.
8065: Coolen, Antoon: - Kinderen Van Ons Volk.
7674: Coolidge, Susan: - What Katy Did.
12060: Coolidge, Susan: - What Katy Did.
157: Coolidge, Susan: - What Katy Did Next.
5280: Coolidge, Susan: - What Katy Did: What Katy Did At Home. What Katy Did At School.
10884: Coombe, Florence Illust. by D Chamberlain: - Comrades All.
9389: Cooney, Barbara: - The Kellyhorns.
2937: Cooper-Willis, Euan: - Johnny Cake.
5362: Cooper, Gordon and Ernest Welsman: - Your Holiday in Europe.
5465: Cooper, Henry St. John: - As Fate Decrees.
15108: Cooper Jr, Henry S. F.: - The Evening Star. Venus Observed.
11067: Cooper, Gordon: - Along The Great Rivers.
14167: Cooper, Bill and Laurel: - Watersteps Round Europe: From Greece to England By Barge.
13496: Cooper, Diana: - The Light of Common Day.
6768: Knotts Limited Illust. by Matthew Cooper: - Christmas Eve In The Wood (The Knots In The Wood).
8821: Cooper, Douglas: - Ignatian Exercises.
15351: Cooper, Roderick: - Blood on Blue Denim.
825: Coote, Jack H.: - East Coast Rivers from the Humber to the Swale.
853: Cope, Sir John: - A Funny Thing Happened.....Conservative Anecdotes.
2052: Coppard, Yvonne: - The Rag Bag Family.
10222: Coppens, Willy Illust by Leonard Bridgman, Transl. by A. J. Insall: - Days On The Wing: Adventues of the Well-Known Belgian Ace. Being The War Memoirs of Major The Chevalier Willy Coppens De Houthulst.
2737: Corbett, W. J. Illustrated by Martin Ursell: - Pentecost of Lickey Top.
2544: Corbett, W. J.: - The End of The Tale And Other Stories.
13232: Corbett, W. J.: - The Song of Pentecost.
12254: Corbett, Julian S.: - Colonel Wilks and Napoleon.
9606: Cord, Barry: - The Guns Of Hammer.
12099: Cordeaux, Phyllis: - Moonlight and Shadow.
15199: Cordero, H. G. and L. H. Tarring: - Babylon To Birmingham: An Historical Survey of the Development of the World's Non-Ferrous Metal and Iron and Steel Industries and of the Commerce in Metals Since The Earliest Times.
4694: Corelli, Marie: - Barabbas: A Dream of The World's Tragedy.
4961: Coren, Alan: - Arthur's Last Stand.
4960: Coren, Alan: - Arthur The Kid.
13994: Cores, Lucy: - Painted For The Kill.
13106: O Cork, Shannon OCork, Shannon: - End of The Line.
8684: Corkill, D. E. Illust. by W Neave Parker: - Larry Blackcap. The Gull.
10104: Corkran, Alice Illust. by Gordon Browne: - Down The Snow Stairs.
4647: Cormack, Maribelle: - The Star-Crossed Woman.
2111: Cormier, Robert: - Tunes For Bears To Dance To.
354: Corneille, Pierre: - La Theatre de P. Corneille Avec des Commentaires.
11696: Corneille: - Polyeucte: Martyr Tragedie Chretienne.
2403: Cornwall, Nellie: - Little Gladwise: The Story of a Waif.
14142: Cornwell, Patricia: - Das Letzte Revier: Ein Kay-Scarpetta - Roman.
9886: Corrie, W. J. and D. A. Bull: - Investigations Into The Characteristics of Large Bales.
6465: Corrin, Sara and Stephen Illust. by Juan Wijngaard: - The Faber Book Of Favourite Fairy Tales.
13782: Corrin, Sara & Stephen (ed. by) illust. by Jill Bennett: - Once Upon A Rhyme: 101 Poems for Young Children.
5645: Cory, Harper: - The Story of Man: An Historical Course For Junior Schools. Book Three - The World of The Middle Ages.
12605: Cory, Harper: - The story of Man: An Historical Course For Junior Schools. Book Two: The Mediterranean World.
14941: Coryell, Hugh Illust. by William Ressler: - Terry and the Mysterious Monkey,
11170: Coski, John M.: - The Army of The Potomac At Berkeley Plantation. The Harrison's Landing Occupation of 1862.
13291: Cost, March: - A Man Named Luke.
4013: Cost, March: - The Hour Awaits.
14373: Cost, Bruce: - Foods From The Far East. Buying and cooking the staple foods of China, Japan and Southeast Asia.
4530: Cottington Taylor, Mrs D. D.: - Economical Cookery and Menus For Every Day In The Year.
11449: Cotton, Nick: - Philip's Cycle Tours: 24 one-day Routes In The Yorkshire Dales.
11450: Cotton, Nick: - Ordnance Survey Cycle Tours: 20 one-day Routes In Southern Scotland.
969: Cottrell, Leonard: - The Great Invasion.
4779: Cottrell, Dorothy: - Winks: His Book. The Story of An Australian Terrier.
13135: Couch, Anthony: - Memoirs of a Twelfth Man. The recollections of J. A. P. Withers of Stripford Rural Cricket Club.
7033: Coughanowr, Donald R. and Lowell B. Koppel: - Process Systems Analysis And Control.
4984: Louth Rural District Council: - The Official Guide To Louth Rural District, Lincs: Official Guide.
3958: The Air Council: - Battle of Britain "At Home" By Permission of the Air Council. Royal Air Force Horsham St. Faith Saturday 18th September, 1954 12.30pm to 6pm. Souvenir Programme.
14892: Babergh District Council: - Babergh District, South Suffolk. Official Guide.
15262: The Stornoway Town Council: - Stornaway In The Lews.
12732: The Natural Environment Research Council: - Research In The Geological Sciences: A Consultatvie Document Comprising Reports From Eleven NERC Geological Sciences Working Parties.
12786: Yorkshire and Humberside Economic Planning Council: - A Review of Yorkshire and Humberside.
12782: Natural Environment Research Council: - Research In Freshwater Biology.
12783: Natural Environment Research Council: - United Kingdom Research Vessels Cruise Programmes, 1972.
8456: Coupe, Peter: - Stuff The Quiche And Your Dinner's In The Dog. (In Slipcase)
11567: Coupe, Elizabeth R.: - Collecting Burleigh Jugs: A photographic guide to the Art Deco jugs and fancies of Burgess and Leigh.
14806: Courage, John: - They All Came Back.
8123: de Courcy, John: - Searchlight On Europe.
13970: Course, Edwin: - The Railways of Southern England: Independent and Light Railways.
2895: Courtney, Christine: - Riddle of the Crooked Sailor.
7612: Cousins, E. G.: - Fear Of Mr Taltry.
1235: Cousins, Lucy: - Mimi Prend Son Bain.
7385: Cousins, Mary: - Do You Know About Angels?
15287: Couve, Enrique & Claudio Vidal-Ojeda: - Birds of the Beagle Channel, Cape Horn, Staten Island, Diego Ramirez Islands and Surrounding Seas. Aves del Canal Beagle y Cabo de Hornos.
1073: Covins, Frederick: - The Battle For Badger's Wood.
5828: Cowell, Cyril: - Larry Laughs Last.
1119: Cowen, Frances: - The Secret Of The Loch.
10463: Cowley, Joy illust by Philip Webb: - The Lucky Feather. Ginn Library Corner.
7538: Cowley, Bill & Phil Morgan: - Lyke Wake Lamentations: The Lyke Wake Walker's Bog-side Book.
13007: Chaucer Ed. by George H Cowling: - The Prologue & Three Tales: The Prioress's Tale; The Nun's Priest's Tale; The Pardoner's Tale.
418: Cowper, E. E.: - The Girl From The North-West.
11919: Cox, Herbert E.: - A Handbook of The Coleoptera Or Beetles, Of Great Britian and Ireland. Volume I (One).
11951: Cox, Jack (Ed.): - Boy's Own Annual.
7784: Cox, Warren E.: - Prints For The Home: Etchings, Engravings And Colour Prints For Home Decoration.
181: Cox, Gladys M.: - The Woman's Book of Health.
8904: Cox, Jack (Ed.): - Boy's Own Annual. 1969 No. 5 (New Series).
3884: Cox-Chapman, Mally: - Baggywrinkle.
4792: Cox, Jack: - Ideas For Rover Scouts.
7801: Coxe, George Harmon: - Murder For the Asking.
1071: Coy, Harold: - The Young George Washington.
2284: Crabb, E. W.: - Shadow In The Sunshine.
13961: Crabbe; Blunden, Edmund (Intro. by): - The Life of George Crabbe (by his son).
3091: Craciunas, Silviu: - The Lost Footsteps.
13658: Cracknell Long, Vera A.: - From Britain With Love: World War II Pilgrim Brides Sail to America.
10675: Cradock, Fanny: - Ten Classic Dishes.
10669: Cradock, Fanny and Johnnie: - Bon Viveur Recipes.
2296: Cradock, Fanny: - Problem Cooking With Fanny Cradock: BBC TV.
13713: Cradock, Mrs H. C. Illust. by Joyce L Brisley: - More Adventures Of A Teddy Bear.
13463: Cradock, Fanny: - Colourful Cookery With Fanny Cradock: A Series of Inexpensive Dishes Which Are Easy To make and Fun To Garnish.
63: Craig, Elizabeth: - Needlecraft.
8705: Craig, Wendy illust. by Caroline Sharpe: - Sleep Tight, Sweet Dreams.
12380: Craig, Elizabeth: - Cooking For Today: Woman's Journal.
11800: Craig, Elizabeth: - Keeping House With Elizabeth Craig.
691: Craik, Mrs: - John Halifax, Gentleman.
14593: Craik, W. A.: - Jane Austen: The Six Novels.
7747: Crake, Rev. A. D.: - The Heir Of Treherne. A Tale of The Reformation in Devonshire and of the Western Rebellion.
7807: Crake, Rev. A. D.: - The Doomed City; Or, The Last Days of Durocina. A Tale Of The Anglo-Saxon Conquest of Britain, and the Mission of Augustine.
10756: Cramer, Rie: - Cinderella.
10757: Cramer, Rie: - Goldilocks And The Three Bears.
10758: Cramer, Rie: - The Little Dutch Girl.
8261: Cran, Marion: - The Garden Beyond.
8263: Cran, Marion: - Gardens Of Character.
8257: Cran, Marion: - The Squabbling Garden.
12581: Crane, A. O.: - Stamp Cavalcade.
11203: Cranston, Jane: - First-Term Rebel.
5140: Crawford, F. Marion, Francis Marion Crawford: - Marietta A Maid Of Venice.
11910: Crawford, F. Marion: - Marzio's Crucifix. In Two Volumes: Volume I (One).
757: Crawford, Iain: - The Open Guide to Royal St. George's and Sandwich.
8197: Creasey, John: - Model For The Toff.
12031: Creasey, John: - Sons Of Satan.
6619: Creel, Herrlee Glessner: - The Birth Of China: A Study Of The Formative Period Of Chinese Civilization.
13943: Creighton, John: - Firefighters In Action.
11927: Creighton, Charles: - The Natural History of Cow-Pox and Vaccinal Syphilis.
8714: Cressey, C. J. Cole, Tamasin (Illust. By): - A Story About The Panda Family In Which A Miss Is A Hit.
1927: Cresswell, Helen: - The Piemakers.
3319: Cresswell, Helen: - John's First Fish: Nippers
2025: Cresswell, Helen: - Posy Bates, Again!
14007: Cresswell, Helen Illust by Gareth Floyd: - A Game of Catch.
4310: Cresswell, Helen: - Where The Wind Blows.
12269: Creswicke, Louis: - South Africa And The Transvaal War. In Six Volumes - Volume VI (6). From The Occupation of Pretoria To Mr Kruger's Departure From South Africa, With A Summarised Account of the Guerilla War To March 1901.
4542: Cretz, Susanna: - The Bears Who Stayed Indoors.
2238: de Crevecoeur, J. Hector St. John: - Letters From An American Farmer.
631: Crew, Frank: - Devoted to Cats. A Book of Essays In Miniature.
9720: Crisp, Frank: - The Manila Menfish.
14655: Crispin, Edmund: - Holy Disorders.
2430: De Cristoforo, R. J.: - Build Your Own Wood Toys, Gifts & Furniture.
14125: Crockett, S. R. Illust. by Gordon Browne and W. H. C. Groome: - Sweetheart Travellers: A Child's Book For Children, For Women, and For Men.
3909: Crockett, S. R. Illust. By Gordon Browne: - The Surprising Adventures of Sir Toady Lion With Those of General Napoleon Smith An Improvign History Old Boys, Young Boys, Good Boys, Bad Boys, Big Boys, Little Boys, Cow Boys, and Tom-Boys.
1563: Crockett, S. R.: - The Raiders and The Lilac Sunbonnet.
8883: Croft-Cooke, Rupert Illust. by Laurence Scarfe: - The Circus Has No Home.
13735: Croft-Cooke, Rupert: - Madeira.
9010: Crofts, J. (intro and notes by): - Gray Poetry & Prose. With Essays By Johnson, Goldsmith and others.
3324: Croker, B. M.: - The Youngest Miss Mowbray.
11198: Crombie, Isabel: - My Home In Trinidad. My Home No. 6.
13896: Crombleholme, Roger (compiled by): - The Kent & East Sussex Railway Stock Book.
13475: Crompton, Richmal Illust by Thomas Henry: - William And The Tramp.
12804: Crompton, John (Compiled by) Rosalind Boyce (Ed. by) Aidan Day (Ed) Brian Maidment (Ed) Shaw, Marion (Ed.): - The Tennyson Research Bulletin: Contents List and Indexes to Volumes 4 & 5 1982 - 1991.
22: Crompton, Richmal.: - William - The Detective.
840: Cronin, A. J.: - A Song of Sixpence.
12557: Cronin, Dr A. J.: - Shannon's Way.
13292: Cronin, Michael: - The Dangerous Lady.
12963: Crook, M. J.: - The Evolution Of The Victoria Cross. A Study in Administrative History.
8769: Crook, W. G. S.: - A Child's Hertfordshire Reader.
12446: Cropper, L. Cuthbert: - The Primer of Book-Keeping. A First Course For Students.
12390: Crosbie, Jane E. M. and Alison Brown: - Strangford's Shores: Paintings and Stories From Around The Lough.
7937: Crosby, Bing: - Call Me Lucky.
2953: Cross, Gillian: - Swimathon!
6789: Cross, Constance: - Sailor Jack: A Tale Of Southern Seas.
6436: Cross, Gilbert B.: - Mystery At Loon Lake.
2331: Cross, Gillian: - Hunky Parker Is Watching You.
13255: Cross, Victoria: - Self And The Other.
1226: Cross, Gillian: - Twin and Super-Twin.
11157: Cross, Gillian: - Revolt At Ratcliffe's Rags.
13481: Crossland, G. J. and C. E. Turner: - Great Grimsby: A History of the Commercial Port.
7005: Crossley, F. H. (Fred H. Crossley): - English Church Design, 1040 - 1540.
8872: Crossley-Holland, Kevin Illust. by Charles Keeping: - King Horn.
11182: Crossley-Holland, Kevin Illust. by Shirley Felts: - The Dead Moon And Other Tales from East Anglia and the Fen Country.
1716: Crossley-Holland, Kevin: - Long Tom and The Dead Hand and more tales from East Anglia and the Fen Country.
15002: Crowe, A. J.: - Inns, Taverns & Pubs of the London Borough of Sutton. Their History & Architecture.
7400: Crowest, Frederick J.: - Musicians' Wit, Humour and Anecdote.
12535: Crowther, J. A.: - A Manual Of Physics.
5455: Croy, Homer: - Country Cured.
14188: Cruikshank, R. J.: - Charles Dickens and Early Victorian England.
14351: Cruz Smith, Martin: - Tatiana. An Arkady Renko Novel.
2257: Illust. by Cubie: - Rupert Annual 1976.
14291: Cuffaro, Anna Illust. by Anna Anguissola: - Gatwick Bear and the Secret Plans.
3725: Cullum, Ridgwell: - The Twins Of Suffering Creek.
13033: Cumberbatch, Elkin P.: - Diathermy: Its Production and Uses In Medicine and Surgery.
2336: Cumbria: - Lakeland Cookery.
10673: Cumming, Alex Charles Sydney Alexander Kay Revised by Francis Clint Guthrie and John Trengove Nance: - A Text-Book Of Quantitative Chemical Analysis.
8983: Cumming, Primrose Illust. by Stanley Lloyd: - The Chestnut Filly.
13060: Cumming, David: - The Ganges Delta and Its People.
10323: Cummings, E. E. Illust. by Deborah Kogan Ray: - Little Tree.
7919: Cummins, Miss or Maria Susanna Cummins: - The Lamplighter.
6295: Cunliffe, John Illust by Jane Hickson: - Postman Pat's ABC Story.
2795: Cunliffe, John illustrated by Celia Berridge: - Postman Pat's Winter Storybook.
10411: Cunningham, E. V.: - The Case Of The One-Penny Orange.
13289: Cunningham, E. V.: - Penelope.
736: Cunningham, A. B.: - Death Rides A Sorrel Horse.
13172: Cunyngham-Brown, Sjovald: - The Traders: A Story of Britain's South-East Asian Commercial Adventure.
12183: Cupples, Mrs George: - Tim Leeson's First Shilling; Or Try Again.
4840: Curley, Chris: - The Wood Within The Wall.
6186: Curling, Audrey: - The Young Thackeray.
7152: Curry, Yvonne J.: - The Treleon Emeralds.
2563: Curry, Jane Louise: - The Housenapper.
14737: Italian State Tourist Department With illustrations by Andrea Curti: - At Table In Italy.
8087: Curtis, Philip Illust. by Ken Brown: - Hostages Of The Space Mafia.
2551: Curtis, Philip: - The Toothless Wonder And The Double Agent.
4221: Curtis, Charles H. Hooper Pearson, R. (Editor): - Present-Day Gardening: Annuals Hardy and Half-Hardy.
13514: Curtis, George: - The Birthright of Our Sires.
4021: Curtis, Roy: - Thames Passport: A Guide To The Non-Tidal River.
6468: Curtis, Cecile: - Samantha And The Swan.
4711: Curtis, Edmund: - A History Of Ireland.
9277: Curzon, Colin Illust. by Hynes: - Flying Wild.
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874: Floyd, Lucy: - Yesterday.
10467: Foan, Gilbert A. and a contribution by Mr J Bari-Woollss: - The Art And Craft of Hairdressing: Special Supplement.
706: Foan, Gilbert A.: - The Art and Craft of Hairdressing - Special Supplement.
11536: Fodor, Eugene (Ed) Beate Taylor (Illust): - Austria. Illustrated Edition With Maps.
13464: Fodor, Eugene: - Fodor's Italy 1975: Illust. Editon With Atlas and City and Archeological Plans.
543: Fogle, Bruce: - 101 Questions Your Cat Would Ask Its Vet.
13988: Foley, Winifred Illust by A G Edwards: - No Pipe Dreams For Father. Scenes from a Forest of Dean Village Childhood.
6713: Folkard, Charles: - Teddy Tail Of The Daily Mail: Teddy Tail's Picture Book.
11225: Fonhus, Mikkjel: - Tommerfloterne.
3683: Fontaine, Peter: - From My French Windows: A Testament Of Travel.
3981: De La Fontaine, Jean: - The Raven And The Fox. The Vain Rich Man And The Sly Tinker.
14943: Fontenot, Mary Alice Illust. by Scott R. Blazek: - Clovis Crawfish and Fedora Field Mouse.
7361: Ministry Of Agriculture Fisheries And Food.: - Agriculture And Food: Sectional List No. 1.

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