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4495: Bartholomew, John: - Bartholomew's Handy Touring Atlas of the British Isles Specially Prepared For Cyclists, Motorists and Travellers.
9230: Bartholomew, John: - The Advanced Atlas Of Modern Geography.
8523: Bartholomew: - Bartholomew's Revised "Half-Inch" Contoured Maps. Wharfedale England Sheet 6.
10353: Bartholomew, John: - The Duplex Map of England & Wales And Southern Scotland. Arterial and Main Roads and Ministry of Transport Road Numbers Shown with Distinctive Colouring. Scale 8 Miles to an Inch.
3221: Bartimeus: - The Navy Eternal.
15236: Bartlett, Captain Sir Basil: - My First War: An Army Officer's Journal For May 1940 - Through Belgium to Dunkirk.
1598: Bartlett, Kathleen: - Round The Cherry Tree.
4829: Barton, Pat: - The Last Run.
13901: Barton, Robert; Rogers, John D.; Magner, Chris: - Rheilffordd Y Cambrian: Cambrian Coast Line - The Line Which Refused To Die.
9686: Barton, Pat: - Waiting For The Jubilee.
6527: Barton, Geoff and David Bennett (Editors): - You Never Know: Unwin Hyman Short Stories.
12881: Bartos-Hoppner, B. Transl. by Anthea Bell Illust. by Peter Wywiorski: - Hunters Of Siberia.
13630: Bartos-Hoppner, B. illust. by Charles Raymond; maps by Leslie Marshall; transl. by Anthea Bell: - Storm Over The Caucasus.
13922: Barzilay, David H.: - Glasgow Underground...The End of An Era. A Photographic Record of Glasgow's Victorian Toy.
11363: Barzun, Jacques (transl.): - Flaubert's Dictionary of Accepted Ideas.
1566: Bateman, Robert and Nicholas Marrat: - A Book of Boys' Stories.
6760: Bateman, Charles T.: - G. F. Watts.
5636: Bateman, Robert: - Young Climber.
1223: Bateman, Robert: - The Printing Works Mystery.
455: Bates, F. A. With a Foreword by Peter Scott.: - Dingle Stalk.
9804: Bates, E. H. and G W Jones: - Elementary Geology: A Handbook for Teachers.
15009: Bates, Marjorie C.: - Rosalind: As You Like It. Act III Scene II. (Postcard)
15010: Bates, Marjorie C.: - Lady Macbeth: Macbeth Act V Scene I (Postcard).
371: Batsford, Harry and Fry, Charles: - The Cathedrals of England.
835: Batt, Elisabeth: - The Garden Feast.
8185: Batt, Elisabeth: - Gillian And The Garden.
4032: Batt, Elisabeth: - The Crystal Mountain.
10006: Battersby, C. Maude: - Gaspar; Or, The Story of a Street Arab.
3691: Battista, O. A.: - Commonscience In Everyday Life.
14534: Battrick, Jack (as told by Gail Lawson): - Brownsea Islander.
10819: Bauer, Dr H. Illust. by O Muller: - All About Switzerland: A Short Survey.
7662: Baum, L. Frank Illust. by John R Neill: - The Marvelous Land Of Oz..
13643: Baumann, Hans transl. by Anthea Bell: - Dimitri And The False Tsars.
12360: Baumann, Hans Illust. by Ulrik Schramm: - I Marched With Hannibal.
14416: Baumann, Hans Transl. by Anthea Bell: - Wings for Icarus.
7822: Baumgarten, Fritz: - Teddy's Schulgang. Ein lustiges Bilderbuch. Verse von Friedrich Zöbigker.
7894: Bavin, Jill Illust by Mary Dinsdale: - Saturday Morning.
7896: Bavin, Jill Illust by Mary Dinsdale: - Saturday Morning.
2170: Bawden, Nina: - The Real Plato Jones.
1985: Baxter, Glen: - The Collected Blurtings of Baxter.
12813: Baxter, Rev. Richard: - The Saints' Everlasting Rest; Or, A Treatise of the Blessed State of the Saints in Their Enjoyment of God in Heaven.
8833: Baxter, Eric Illust. by Donald Green: - The Study Book Of Coal.
13900: Bay, William: - Locomotives of the Private Railways of Denmark.
11582: Bayley, Viola: - Caribbean Adventure.
8759: Baylis, H. A. and C. C. A. Monro: - Invertebrate Animals Other Than Insects. Instructions For Collectors No. 9A.
6791: Bayliss, A. E. M. (Selected By): - Recent One-Act Plays.
14206: Bayne, John S. (Writer To The Signet): - Secret And Symbol: An Exposition of the Language of Symbolism.
11608: BBC: - Shorthand Dictation Practice: Book 3.
10136: Beach, Rex: - Heart of the Sunset.
1510: Beachcroft, Nina: - The Genie And Her Bottle.
13361: Beal, Doone Illust. by Angela Seymour: - A Pleasure of Cities.
2868: Beardsley, Martyn: - Sir Gadabout Gets Worse.
11551: Beath, Warren with Paula Wheeldon: - James Dean In Death: A Popular Encyclopedia of a Celebrity Phenomenon.
8319: Beaton, Sir Cecil: - The Photographs Of Sir Cecil Beaton.
11537: Beatty, Clyde with Edward Anthony: - Facing The Big Cats. My World Of Lions And Tigers.
12681: Beauchesne, M. A. De: - Louis XVII: Sa Vie, Son Agonie, Sa Mort; Captivite de la Famille Royale Au Temple. Tome Premier.
14897: Beaumont, G. F.: - The Story of Combe Martin.
10984: Beaumont, Richard: - Purdey's. The Guns And The Family.
13284: De Beaux, Albert: - James-Grassi Dictionary of the Italian And English Languages. Entirely Rewritten and Greatly Enlarged.
10022: Beck, Martine and Marie H Henry (Transl. by Jennifer Taylor): - Brown Bear's Wedding.
14398: Beck Brown, F. R.: - The Unending Stair.
7969: Becker, Victor Illust. by Lucien Lowen: - Gipsy's Great Adventure.
11458: Beckett, Ruth: - Reflections On The Changing Years: Tom Midgley.
4520: Beckett, John B.: - Savage Interlude.
10554: Beddall-Smith, C. J.: - Hillman Minx: Series I to V and Super Minx. Illustrated Car Servicing Series For Owner Drivers.
11627: Beddington, Roy: - Pindar: A Dog To Remember.
11056: Beddington, Mrs Claude: - All That I Have Met.
11022: Bedell, Gregory T.: - The Basket of Flowers or Piety and Truth Triumphant.
4822: Bedford, William: - The Golden Gallopers.
399: Bedford, H. Louisa: - Robin the Rebel.
11667: Bedford, John: - Wedgwood Jasper Ware. Collectors' Pieces.
3094: Bedford, David: - Hook, Line & Stinker.
14875: Bedford, Vera: - Stella Black: A Story For Girls.
8748: Bedford, John: - Delftware: Collectors' Pieces 7.
8331: De La Bedoyere, Michael: - Th Meddlesome Friar. The Story of The Conflict Between Savonarola And Alexander VI.
14594: Beecham, Sir Thomas: - A Mingled Chime: Leaves from an Autobiography.
9959: Beecher Stowe, Harriet: - Uncle Tom's Cabin.
12697: Beecher, Elizabeth (Story Adapted By) Hamilton Greene (Illust. by): - Walt Disney's Tonka. Based on Comanche by David Appel.
13272: Beecher Stowe, Harriet Told To The Children by H E Marshall Illust. by A S Forrest: - Uncle Tom's Cabin. (Told To The Children Series).
6141: The Beeches College, Bournville: - Brief Notes On Commodities For Grocery Students.
3937: Beeman, M. M.: - Lloyd's London: An Outline.
14802: Beerbohm, Max: - A Christmas Garland.
3498: Beethoven, L. Van: - Op. 18 No. 4 Streichquartett: C Minor.
13129: Ludwig Van Beethoven: - Quartett No. 1. F-dur fur 2 Violinen, Viola und Violoncell von L. van Beethoven Op. 18, No. 1.
13130: Ludwig Van Beethoven: - Quartett No. 4 C-moll fur 2 Violinen, Viola und Violoncell von L. van Beethoven Op. 18, No. 4.
9473: Begbie, Joan Illust. by S Van Abbe: - Sergeant The Dog.
12262: Beggs, Captain S. T.: - Guide To Promotion For Non-Commissioned Officers (Corporal To Staff-Sergeant) And Men of the Royal Army Medical Corps.
3367: Belden, Rev. Albert D.: - More Tales Worth Telling.
2552: Belford, Pat: - The Mystery at the Castle.
11600: Belilios, Arhtur D. Kesmond K Mulvany Katharine F Armstrong: - A Handbook of First Aid & Bandaging: Both An Elementary and Advanced Course of Training.
13647: Goscinny & Sempe Illust. by Sempe Transl. by Anthea Bell: - Nicholas and the Gang Again.
14001: Bell, Josephine: - Easy Prey.
12895: Janosch Transl. by Anthea Bell: - The Mouse Sheriff. (A Grasshopper Book).
13651: Janosch Transl. by Anthea Bell: - Luke Caraway Master Magician or Indian Chief.
12879: Janosch Transl. by Anthea Bell: - Johnny Daydream and the Invisible Indian. A Grasshopper Book.
13111: Bell Graham, Ruth Illust. by Richard Jesse Watson: - One Wintry Night.
4217: Bell, Andrew: - Severn Valley Railway: Steam Portfolios 6.
2602: Bell, Rev. Charles C.: - The Story Of York Minster.
12621: Bellamy, R. L.: - The Gift Of Suffering: Short Readings For The Sick.
5585: Bellamy, David: - The Rockpool: Bellamy's Changing World.
7220: Beloff, Max: - The Debate On The American Revolution 1761 - 1783.
12871: Belton, Raymond H.: - Under New Management.
12825: Belton, Raymond H.: - Under New Management.
9521: Benabo, Brian: - Moonlight Kingdom.
9728: Benaud, Richie: - Willow Patterns.
4000: Benaud, Richie: - The New Champions: Australia in the West Indies1965.
5620: Benchley, Nathaniel: - Kilroy And The Gull.
1770: Beningfield, Gordon: - Beningfield's Woodlands.
15333: Bennett, Rolf: - Round The Next Corner.
10886: Bennett, John R. and Eric Hughes: - Voices of The Past Vol. 4 The International Red Label Catalogue of 'DB' & 'DA' His Master's Voice Recordings 1924 - 1956. Book 1 - 'DB' (12 inch).
10889: Bennett, John R. and Eric Hughes: - Voices of The Past Vol. 6 The International Red Label Catalogue of 'DB' & 'DA' His Master's Voice Recordings 1924 - 1956. Book 2 - 'DA' .
8690: Bennett, Molly Illust by Kenneth Snowman: - Twilight Tales.
5305: Bennett, James W.: - The Yellow Corsair.
13953: Bennett, Christopher L. Rudy Josephs; David Mack; Dave Stern; James Swallow; Dayton Ward ; Kevin Dilmore; Susan Wright et al: - Star Trek Mirror Universe: Shards And Shadows.
12725: Bennett, Deborah Illust. by L F Lupton: - Son Of Diamond. A Story of Australia.
10911: Bennett, Rainey: - The Secret Hiding Place.
4100: Bennett, Arnold: - The Pretty Lady.
14218: Bennett, George: - Miracle At Crowhurst.
3206: Benson, A. C.: - Rossetti: English Men of Letters.
10476: Bentley, John: - Old Ingleton.
10308: Bentley, E. C. Illust. by Nicolas Bentley: - Baseless Biography.
2831: Bentley, James: - Alsace.
9879: Benton, Ted: - Bumblebees. New Naturalist No. 98.
14144: Benton, E. O.: - Rural Rhymes.
11098: Mercedes Benz: - The SL-Class Roadster.
374: Berenstain, Stan and Jan: - The Berenstain Bears in The Bears' Nature Guide.
5218: Beresford, Elisabeth Illust by Reg Gray: - Invisible Magic.
2288: Beresford, Elisabeth: - The MacWomble's Pipe Band.
3396: Beresford, Elisabeth: - The Wombles: Shansi's Surprise.
2150: Beresford, Elisabeth: - The Wombles of Wimbledon.
2871: Beresford, Elisabeth: - Peter Climbs A Tree.
9387: Berg, Leila Illust. by Biro: - Fire Engine By Mistake.
496: Berg, Leila. Illustrated by Lindy.: - The Jolly Farm Book.
7897: Berg, Leila Illust. by Richard Rose: - Paul's Story; Robert's Story; Susan's Story; Julie's Story. Nippers.
12369: Bergengruen, Werner: - Badekur Des Herzens. Ein Reiseverfuhrer.
1055: Bergenthal, Josef: - Munster: Curiosities and Treasures.
13727: Bergenthal, Josef: - Munster Curiosities And Treasures.
1636: Bergier, Jacques: - The Secrets of Living Matter.
1069: Berman, Jennifer and Carole Lazarus: - The Miniature Needlepoint Collection.
8571: Bernard, J. H.: - Cambridge Greek Testament: The Pastoral Epistles.
14193: Bernhart, Benjamin L.: - Reading Railroad Steam In Action Volume II.
10423: Berridge, Elizabeth Illust. by Peter Edwards: - That Surprising Summer.
13986: Berry, Martyn Illust. by Ken Williams and Stephen Pritchard: - Experiments with Solids. A Project Book No. 162.
8665: Berry, A. J.: - Britannia's Growth And Greatness. An Historical Geography of the British Empire.
15092: Berthelier, Marie Illust. by Phicil: - Adventure Box: Camping Holiday. Issue 242.
1878: Berthet, Elie: - The Wild Man of The Woods: A Story Of The Island Of Sumatra.
13178: Berthold, Dennis and Kenneth Price: - Dear Brother Walt: The Letters of Thomas Jefferson Whitman.
2156: Berthoud, Michael: - Precisely Pig.
13552: Bertin, Celia transl. by Marjorie Deans Illust. by Marial Deans: - Paris A La Mode: A Voyage of Discovery.
8273: Bertram, Rosamond: - Ann Thorne In America.
10633: Bertram, G. C. L;. W. L. S. Fleming; B. B. Roberts; J. M. Wordie (Editorial Committee): - The Polar Record: Volume 4, Number 31, January (Published October) 1946.
10634: Bertram, G. C. L;. W. L. S. Fleming; B. B. Roberts; J. M. Wordie (Editorial Committee): - The Polar Record: Volume 4, Number 32, July 1946 (Published April 1947).
439: Bertram, Rosamond: - Ann Thorne Reporter.
5320: Bessunger, B. N.: - Yeomen In Celluloid.
2259: Bestall, A. E. (illust): - Rupert Annual 1972.
2256: Bestall, A. E. (illust): - Rupert Annual 1968
14163: Bettell, Charlie: - The Art of Lure Fishing.
1604: Bevan, Tom: - The Jungle Spies.
12905: Bevan, Marjorie: - The Luck Of The Veritys.
12626: Bevan, A. J.: - The Story of Zarak Kahn.
3064: Bevan, Tom: - Held By Rebels.
5872: Bevan, Tom: - The Chancellor's Spy: A Vivid Picture Of Life In The Reign Of Henry The Eighth.
14722: Beveridge, Janet: - Beveridge And His Plan.
9699: Bevington, J. D. Illust. by Scarry, Richard: - At Work: A Scarry Word Book.
15006: Bibby, Joseph (Ed): - Bibby's Annual 1912. No. 7.
4233: Bibby, Cyril and Ian T Morison: - The Human Body.
7523: Bickerton, Lenna: - Memories of A Cheshire Childhood.
5794: Biddulph, Violet: - Kitty, Duchess Of Queensberry.
994: Bidston, Lester: - Dan Dinkum's Circus.
3870: Biegel, Paul: - Robber Hopsika.
10085: Biegel, Paul Illust. by Babs Van Wely: - Virgil Nosegay And The Hupmobile.
13640: Biegel, Paul illust. by Elly van Beek transl. by Patricia Crampton: - Letters from the General.
10774: Bigger, Jospeh W.: - Man Against Microbe.
13843: Biggers, Earl Derr: - The House Without A Key. A Charlie Chan Mystery.
10575: Bigliazzi, Francesco: - How To Visit Florence And Its Neighbourhood. An Artistic Illustrated Guide With a Plan Showing The Monuments.
3386: Bignold, Sir Robert: - Five Generations Of The Bignold Family: 1761-1947.
6202: Bilainkin, George: - Front Page News - Once: Events, Important, Comic and Startling, Exactly as Read by our Forebears.
10912: Bilbow, Marjorie & Antony Illust. by Quentin Blake: - Give A Dog A Good Name.
175: Bilenko, Anatole (Translated from the Ukrainian).: - The Little Shepherd.
13295: Billany, Dan: - The Trap.
13838: Billinghurst, Percy J. Described by Lena Dalkeith: - Beasts Shown To The Children.
13525: Bindloss, Harold: - Sunshine And Snow.
7045: Bindman, David: - European Sculpture: Bernini To Rodin.
13147: Bingham, Madeleine: - The Great Lover: The Life & Art of Herbert Beerbohm Tree.
9107: Binkley, Anne: - What Shall I Cry.
7951: Binnion, M. P. Illust. by Wendy R Duffin: - The Tale Of Two Mice.
5188: Binns, Ottwell: - Java Jack.
14239: Birch, Mel: - Under Suffolk Skies Series: Heritage Walks. Walks in Suffolk: 4.
537: Birch, T. W.: - Maps Topographical and Statistical.
2327: Birch, Beverley: - The Keeper Of The Gate.
11868: Birch, H. Clarkson: - An Old Sailor's Yarn.
1255: Birchall, Brian: - James the Captain Cook Pig.
9574: Bird, Mrs Craufurd Illust. by E S Duffin: - Donald And David.
1270: Bird, Maria: - Andy Pandy and the Woolly Lamb.
214: Bird, Maria: - Andy Pandy and the Teddy Dog.
13775: Birkebaek, Frank and Charles Barren: - Sea Wolves: The Viking Era.
13942: Birkenhead, Earl of: - The Hundred Best English Essays.
5716: Birkhead, Alice: - Heroes Of Modern Europe.
341: Birley, A. R.: - Hadrian's Wall.
11682: Universities of Manchester Liverpool Leeds Sheffield and Birmingham.: - Joint Matriculation Board General Certificate of Education: Mathematics, Syllabus 1 (Arithmetic) Ordinary Monday 24 June 1957.
14663: Biro, Val: - Gumdrop At Sea.
14666: Biro, Val: - Gumdrop Makes a Start.
14323: Biro, Val: - Gumdrop On The Move. Gumdrop On The Rally.
2608: Biro, Val: - Gumdrop On The Rally.
3876: Birrell, A.: - Obiter Dicta: First Series.
3865: Bishop, Gerald: - Spaniels.
14782: Bishop, O. N.: - Natural Communities.
3878: Bisset, Donald: - The Adventures of Mandy Duck.
14778: Bisset, Donald: - Johnny The Tin Tortoise.
11936: Black, Hermina: - For A Dream's Sake.
4897: Black, William: - Donald Ross of Heimra.
7433: Blackburn, Michael: - The Constitution Of Things.
14895: Blackburn, Julia Drawings by Enrique Brinkmann: - Time Song: Searching For Doggerland.
7430: Blackford, Ken and John Humphries: - Stand-By: A Miscellany of Unexpected Lessons.
12016: Blackham, Robert J. Foreword by Lady Wild: - Sir Ernest Wild K.C.
6866: Blackie, Walter W. (Some Notes By): - Walter Graham Blackie PH.D., LL.D., (1816 - 1906).
2592: Blackman, Malorie: - The Mellion Moon Mystery. (Puzzle Planet Adventures).
2985: Blackman, Malorie: - Elaine, You're A Brat!
6385: Blackman, Malorie: - Girl Wonder's Winter Adventures.
10030: Blackstock, Josephine Illust. by R. Mills: - Island On The Beam.
13477: Blackstock, Charity: - The Shadow of Murder.
5031: Blair, Rev. David: - The Class Book: Or Three Hundred And Sixty Five Reading Lessons, Adapted To The Use Of Schools; For Every Day In The Year
245: Blair, John L.: - The Lake District.
9186: Blake, George: - The Peacock Palace.
1543: Blake, Paul illustrator: - Dreams and Visions.
9449: Blake, Monica: - Pelham's Folly.
10197: Blake, Laura: - Laura's Summer Ballet
9464: Blake, George: - The Voyage Home.
7289: Blake, Robert: - A Century Of Achievement. An Illustrated Record Of The National Union Of Conservative & Unionist Associations 1867 - 1967.
14795: Blake, George: - Barrie and the Kailyard School.
14634: Blake, Quentin: - Lester At The Seaside.
14362: Blake, P. W. & J. Bull, A. R. Cartwright, A. Fitch: - The Norfolk We Live In.
7188: Blakeley, Peggy Illust by Bernadette Parmentier: - In The Autumn.
7190: Blakeley, Peggy Illust. by Bernadette Parmentier: - Suddenly It's Spring.
14307: Blakeley, Peggy (Poems chosen by): - Whistle Back. Poems for Young Readers.
14900: Blakemore, Anne: - Rich In My Heritage.
1191: Blakemore, Anne: - Out of Old Fields.
8518: Blaman, Anna: - Eenzaam Avontuur.
13589: Blaman, Anna: - De Verliezers.
11155: Blandford, Percy W.: - Scouting On The Water.
6932: Blandford, P. W.: - Lightweight Boating: Owning And Using Expanded Polystyrene Boats.
13485: Blaney, Walter & Simon Massen: - King's Lynn: Then & Now Portrait of a Town.
7100: Blank, Joost De: - 'Is It Nothing To You?' A Recollection Of The Seven Words.
6805: Blanshard, Audrey: - The Fearns Of North Audley Street.
7589: Blatchford, Roy (Editor): - Television Comedy Scripts. (Imprint Books)
9617: Blathwayt, Jean: - Jo's Neighbours.
11505: Blathwayt, Jean Illust. by Cicely Steed: - Peter's Adventure.
15211: Blishen, Edward: - Lizzie Pye: An Autobiography.
12759: Blishen, Edward: - A Cackhanded War.
13081: Blishen, Edward: - A Nest of Teachers: An Autobiography.
11009: Bloch, Eugene Transl. by P A Smith: - The Kinetic Theory Of Gases.
1856: Blom, Eric: - A Musical Post-Bag.
14686: Blomefield, Mathena Illust. by Mildred E Eldridge: - Nuts In The Rookery.
14689: Blomefield, Mathena Illust. by Mildred E Eldridge: - Bow-Net And Water Lilies.
11495: Blomefield, Mathena Illust. by Mildred E Eldridge: - The BulleyMung Pit: The Story of A Norfolk Farmer's Child.
12673: Blomfield-Smith, Denis: - Heritage of Help: The Story of the Royal Patriotic Fund.
12510: Le Blond, Mrs Aubrey (Mrs Main): - True Tales Of Mountain Adventure: For Non-Climbers Young and Old.
6133: Bloom, Ursula: - No Lady Meets No Gentleman.
15249: Bloom, Ursula Illust. by Mary Kendal Lee: - Pumpking The Pup: A Story for Children.
11366: Bloomfield, Bob: - Oh For An Osteopath!
11685: Blouet, H.: - Conjugation of the Irregular French Verbs.
12014: Blount, W. P: - Hen Batteries.
12364: De Blowitz, Henri Stephan: - My Memoirs.
2416: Blume, Judy: - Starring Sally J. Freedman As Herself.
8719: Blundell, Agnes Illust. by T. H. Robinson: - Cloaked Malice.
10333: Blunt, Wilfrid Illust by Richard Shirley Smith: - Of Flowers And A Village: An Entertainment For Flower Lovers.
1087: Blunt, The Rt. Rev. A. W. F.: - The Gospel According to Saint Mark: In The Revised Version.
6343: Blyton, Enid: - The Enid Blyton Gift Book For Boys And Girls.
15095: Blyton, Enid Illust. by W. Lindsay Cable: - The Naughtiest Girl In The School.
6095: Blyton, Enid: - The Big Enid Blyton Book.
2875: Blyton, Enid: - The Flyaway Cottage and Other Stories.
1472: Blyton, Enid: - Noddy's Car Picture Book.
176: Blyton, Enid: - The Magic Brush and other stories.
2872: Blyton, Enid: - He Wouldn't Go To Sleep And Other Bedtime Stories.
2874: Blyton, Enid: - Muddlesome's Mistake and Other Tales Of Mischief.
160: Blyton, Enid: - The Rubadub Mystery.
529: Blyton, Enid. Pictures by Beek.: - Enid Blyton's New Big Noddy Book.
161: Blyton, Enid: - The Naughtiest Girl Again.
528: Blyton, Enid: - Enid Blyton's New Big Noddy Book.
14848: Blyton, Enid: - Enid Blyton's Gift Book of Bedtime Stories.
10260: Blyton, Enid: - Enid Blyton's Playtime Story Book, Number Ten.
2631: Blyton, Enid: - The Adventures of Binkle and Flip.
5192: Blyton, Enid: - Noddy And Tessie Bear.
337: Blyton, Enid: - The Adventurous Four Again.
5195: Blyton, Enid Illust by Beek: - The Big Noddy Book.
268: Blyton, Enid: - Twilight Tales.
4553: Blyton, Enid: - Morning Mist And Starshine and Adventures Under The Sea.
301: Blyton, Enid: - The Noddy Treasury.
9454: Blyton, Enid Illust. by Beek: - Noddy And Mr Roundy In Clown Town. The Noddy Castle Book No. 4.
14311: Blyton, Enid Illust. by Eileen Soper: - Five Go Off To Camp.
231: Blyton, Enid: - Twelve Silver Cups and Other Stories.
14533: Blyton, Enid: - Julia Saves Up and Other Stories.
216: Blyton, Enid: - Hurrah For Little Noddy.
12062: Blyton, Enid Illust. by Anyon Cook: - The Rat-A-Tat Mystery.
12048: Blyton, Enid Photographs by Paul Kaye: - The Laughing Kitten.
5056: Blyton, Enid: - Noddy's Aeroplane Picture Book.
12063: Blyton, Enid Illust. by Barbara Freeman: - The Treasure Hunters.
12064: Blyton, Enid Illust. by Gilbert Dunlop: - The Rilloby Fair Mystery.
527: Blyton, Enid. Pictures by Beek.: - The Big Noddy Book.
307: Blyton, Enid: - Adventure Stories. Mischief at St Rollo's and The Children of Kidillin.
3031: Blyton, Enid: - Famous Five Go Adventuring Again Annual.
7462: Blyton, Enid Illust. by Harry Rountree: - The Children Of Cherry-Tree Farm. A Tale Of The Countryside.
5196: Blyton, Enid Illust. by Cicely Steed: - Down At The Farm.
6231: Blyton, Enid Illust. by Ruth Gervis: - The Very Big Secret.
4251: Blyton, Enid: - Noddy And The Magic Rubber.
530: Blyton, Enid. Pictures by Beek.: - The New Big Noddy Book.
149: Blyton, Enid: - Noddy and His Car.
225: Blyton, Enid: - Noddy and Tessie Bear. No. 12 Noddy Library.
335: Blyton, Enid: - Tales of Brave Adventure.
532: Blyton, Enid.: - Enid Blyton's New Big Noddy Book.
15234: Blyton, Enid Illust. by Burgess Sharrocks: - Good Old Secret Seven.
237: Blyton, Enid: - The Wishing Wand and Other Stories.
238: Blyton, Enid: - The Banana Robber and other stories.
6220: Blyton, Enid: - Tales Of Toyland And Other Stories.
5504: Blyton, Enid: - Learn To Count With Noddy.
174: Blyton, Enid: - Noddy Goes To School.
14930: Blyton, Enid: - Boys' & Girls' Story Book No. 6.
3032: Blyton, Enid: - Famous Five Go To Smuggler's Top Annual.
1762: Blyton, Enid: - Noddy In Toy Village.
10462: British Waterways Board: - The Last Ten Years: Progress And Achievement 1963-72.
11674: British Railways Board: - European Railway Network: Principal Passenger Routes May 1979 to May 1980.
11527: British Railways Board: - Operators Servicing Schedule Kango Mark III & IV 4KVA Lighting Generator.
11525: British Railways Board: - British Railways Yearbook - 1965 Edition.
9616: Boarder, S. F. K. et al: - Aspects of Language in the Primary School.
11658: Boas, Frederick S.: - An Introduction To Tudor Drama.
8658: Bodar, Jean and Philippe Salembier: - Tom And The Greedy Goose.
10590: Boddy, Alexander A.: - With Russian Pilgrims: Being An Account of a Sojourn in the White Sea Monastery And A Journey By The Old Trade Route From The Arctic Sea To Moscow.
6194: Boden, Hilda: - The House By The Sea.
7163: Boden, Edward John: - Under Diocletian; Or, The Last Of The Persecutions.
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6074: Cleary, Beverly Illust. by Thelma Lambert: - Beezus And Ramona.
1236: Cleary, Beverly: - Strider.
9933: Cleaver, Hylton: - The Test Case.
14715: Clegg, John (Ed.): - Pond and Stream Life. Blandford Colour Series.
14080: Clegg, Dorothy G.: - The Listening Eye. A Simple Introduction To The Art of Lip Reading.
10792: Clegg, John: - Studying Insects: The Wonderful World Of Nature.
9710: Cleland, William P.: - The Cross-Roads Of History.
12779: Clemenceau-Jacquemaire, Madeleine Transl. by Laurence Vail: - The Life of Madame Roland.
11045: Clements, Julia: - Party Pieces.
9470: Clements, E. H.: - High Tension.
5711: Clew, Jeff: - Haynes The First 25 Years.
14410: Clewes, Dorothy Illust. by Robert Hales: - A Bit of Magic. Antelope Books
7055: Cliffe, Albert E.: - Let Go And Let God: Steps In Victorious Living.

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