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039894: - "Retreat of American Power [Hardcover] Brandon, Henry"
039420: - "Nonconformity in Modern British Politics Koss, Stephen E."
042410: - "Person and Persona Studies in Shakespeare (University of Wales Press - Writers of Wales) Williams, Gwyn"
034750: - The Mighty Avengers Issue 1 (The Mighty Avengers Issue 1) Brian Michael Bendis
026419: - "Message Effects in Communication Science (SAGE Series in Communication Research) Bradac, James J."
042650: - "Toward a Planned Society: From Roosevelt to Nixon (Galaxy Books) Graham Jr., Otis L. and Jr."
041279: - "Trading Faith: Global Religion in and Age of Rapid Change Hart, David A."
042754: - "The Governess Angadi, Patricia"
026927: - "Moral Conflict and Politics Lukes, Steven"
026934: - "Absolutism and Society in Seventeenth-Century France: State Power and Provincial Aristocracy in Languedoc (Cambridge Studies in Early Modern History) [Paperback] Beik, William"
026952: - "Popular Opinion and Political Dissent in the Third Reich: Bavaria 1933-1945 Kershaw, Ian"
040162: - "Catching Them Young: Sex, Race and Class in Children's Fiction v. 1 Dixon, Bob"
040322: - "Britain and the Vatican during the Second World War (Ford Lectures) Chadwick, Owen"
039850: - Comrade and Lover: Letters to Leo Jogiches Ettinger
040930: - "James Joyce and the Revolution of the World (Language, Discourse, Society) [Print on Demand (Hardcover)] MacCabe"
026543: - Lion by the Tail: The Story of the Italian-Ethiopian War Thomas M. Coffey
040339: - "Questioning the Media: A Critical Introduction Downing, John D. H.; Mohammadi, Ali and Sreberny, Annabelle"
040491: - "Structure of Language Fodor, Jerry A. and Katz, J. J."
039630: - "Labour Heartland: History of the Labour Party in West Yorkshire During the Inter-war Years, 1918-39 Reynolds, Dr. Jack and Laybourn, Keith"
043812: - "Passage To Juneau: A Sea and Its Meaning [Paperback] Raban, Jonathan"
043785: - "The Fall of Communism and the Rise of Nationalism: The ""Index"" Reader (Index readers) Petrie, Ruth and Maryniak, Irena"
043779: - "A Critical Introduction to the Study of Religion [Paperback] Martin, Craig"
043776: - "Spanish Seaborne Empire (University Library) [Paperback] Parry, J.H."
043761: - "The Mating Mind: How Sexual Choice Shaped the Evolution of Human Nature [Paperback] Miller, Geoffrey"
043712: - "Alien Zone: Cultural Theory and Contemporary Science Fiction Cinema (Probability; 36) [Paperback] Kuhn, Annette"
039552: - "Introduction to the African Novel (Studies in African literature) Palmer, Eustace"
043664: - "Unknown Welshman Stubbs, Jean"
043660: - "On the Biology of Learning [Paperback] Pribram, Karl H."
044247: - "Greenfingers Guides: Drought-tolerant Plants (The Hungry Student) Summers, Lucy"
043642: - "The Popular Front in Europe [Paperback] Graham, Helen and Preston, Paul"
043637: - "Radical Earnestness: English Social Theory, 1880-1980 INGLIS"
038363: - "English Subtitles Porter, Peter"
042672: - "Rule-making and Industrial Peace: Industrial Relations in the Footwear Industry Goodman, J.F.B. and etc."
032540: - "The Crown and the Fire: Meditations on the Cross and the Life of the Spirit Wright, N.T."
043160: - "The Moral Order: An Introduction to the Human Situation Naroll, Raoul"
043176: - "The Weimar Republic: The Crisis of Classical Modernity (Penguin history) [Paperback] Peukert, Detler J.K. and Deveson, Richard"
038725: - "From Every Chink of the Ark and Other New Poems Redgrove, Peter"
043498: - All Stalin's Men MEDVEDEV
043625: - "On Aggression (University Paperbacks) Lorenz, Konrad"
043500: - "The View from Nowhere Nagel, Thomas"
043615: - "Captain Swing (University Books) Hobsbawm, E.J. and Rude, George"
039282: - "Philosophies and Cultures Copleston, Frederick C."
043067: - "New General Mathematics: w.ans Bk. 3 Channon, John B.; etc.; McLeish Smith, A. and Head, H.C."
026106: - "Conflict Talk: Sociolinguistic Investigations of Arguments in Conversations [Paperback] Grimshaw, Allen"
039722: - "Maid's Tragedy (Regents Renaissance Drama) [Hardcover] Beaumont, Francis; Fletcher, John and Norland, Howard B."
040577: - Lenin (Y Meddwl Modern) W.J. Rees
034557: - "Les enquêtes de Maigret de Georges Simenon: Lectures des textes (Références) Alavoine, Bernard"
034556: - Lost Moray and Nairn: Moray and Nairn's Lost Architectural Heritage Bruce Bishop
034580: - "Deathstroke 02 Bonny, James and Daniel, Tony"
034535: - "Chomsky's Universal Grammar Cook, Vivian and Newson, Mark"
039174: - "Ownerless Earth: New and Selected Poems, 1950-72 Hamburger, Michael"
042795: - "Handbook of Social Skills Training: Clinical Applications and New Directions: Volume 2 (International Series in Experimental Social Psychology) [Paperback] Trower, P. and Hollin, C. R."
041916: - "Sociology, Morals and Mystery (The Chichele lectures) Harrod, Roy"
026426: - "Stepping-Stones: Memoirs of Colonial Nigeria 1907-1960: Memoirs of Colonial Nigeria, 1907-60 [Paperback] Leith-Ross, Sylvia"
039126: - "I. Q., Heritability and Racism: Marxist Critique of Jensenism Lawler, James R."
026312: - "Theory of music workbook: Grade two Jones, Harold"
043108: - "Advances in Content Analysis (SAGE Series in Communication Research) Rosengren, Karl Erik"
044826: - "Black Heart, Ivory Bones Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling"
043743: - "Light on a Honeycomb Pownall, David"
039351: - Intergroup Behaviour TURNER
044023: - "Trolleys and Streetcars on American Picture Postcards Appelgate, Ray D."
026428: - "The Burden Of The Present: Liberal-Radical Controversy Over Southern African History [Paperback] Wright, Harrison M"
026421: - "Lost chance in China: The world war II despatches of John S. Service Service, John S"
026422: - "Power and Independence: Urban Africans' Perception of Social Inequality (International Library of Anthropology) Lloyd, Peter"
026423: - "Sahib, Your Pony is Ready [Paperback] Johann Rudolf Hug"
026425: - "Operation Splinter Factor Steven, Stewart"
038634: - "Uncertain Victory: Social Democracy and Progressivism in European and American Thought, 1870-1920 Kloppenberg, James T."
041366: - Crediting God: Sovereignty and Religion in the Age of Global Capitalism [Paperback] Miguel Vatter
038785: - "Cannibals and Missionaries Fuller, John"
043934: - "David and Solomon: In Search of the Bible's Sacred Kings and the Roots of the Western Tradition: In Search of the Bible's Sacred Kings and the Roots of Western Civilization [Paperback] Finkelstein, Israel and Silberman, Neil Asher"
031876: - "Life After Death: Case for the Survival of Bodily Death Rogo, D.Scott"
042516: - "No Gods and Precious Few Heroes: Vol 8: Scotland, 1914-80 (The New History of Scotland Series) Harvie, Christopher"
038991: - "The Heritage of Islam: Women, Religion, and Politics in West Africa Callaway, Barbara J."
038447: - "Concentrated Ground: Selected Writings, 1980-90 Hibbert, Martin A. and Duxbury, Susan A."
038449: - Poems (Poetry Paperbacks) Hermann Hesse and James Wright
043638: - "Wiltshire Village Tanner, Heather and Tanner, Robin"
038776: - "Relative Values (Poetry Wales poets) Jones, Sally Roberts"
043437: - "History of the Art of War in the Middle Ages, Vol. 1: 378-1278AD (Greenhill Military Paperback): 378-1278AD v. 1 Oman, Sir Charles"
040878: - "Pinter the Playwright (Modern theatre profile) (Plays and Playwrights) [Paperback] Esslin, Martin"
042092: - "Dynamics of Administrative Reform Chapman, R. and Greenaway, J."
042132: - "Dark Horse Godden, Rumer"
041660: - "The Pathway of Non-Duality: Advaitavada Raphael, Edwin and McCarthy, Kay"
041427: - "Harmless Souls: Karmic Bondage and Religious Change in Early Jainism (Lala Sunder Lal Jain Research Series) [Hardcover] Johnson, William J."
040928: - "Mentality of Apes (International Library of Psychology) Kohler, Wolfgang"
026548: - Street Smarts and Critical Theory: Listening to the Vernacular (Wisconsin Project on American Writers) Thomas McLaughlin
041556: - "The New Holy Wars: Economic Religion Versus Environmental Religion in Contemporary America Nelson, Robert H."
041499: - "Preparing for Power Murphy, John Thomas"
041578: - "Formations of Ritual: Colonial and Anthropological Discourses on the Sinhala Yaktovil: Colonial and Anthropological Discourse on the Sinhala [Paperback] Scott, David"
042177: - MAYFLOWER: A Voyage to War [Paperback] Philbrick
041810: - "Cockburn Sums Up Cockburn, Claud"
040109: - "The Importance of Disappointment [Paperback] Craib, Ian"
044002: - The Outlaw Varjak Paw S. F. Said and Dave McKean
042196: - "Byddin y Brenin Davies, Dewi Eirug"
039443: - "Resemblance and Identity: An Examination of the Problem of Universals Butchvarov, Panayot"
042910: - "Mission to Kala Beti, Mongo and Green, P."
043008: - "Genius and Eminence: The Social Psychology of Creativity and Exceptional Achievement (International Series in Social Psychology) [Hardcover] Albert, Robert S."
040365: - "By Night Unstarred Kavanagh, Patrick and Kavanagh, Peter"
040061: - "Pragmatics of Psychotherapy: Survey of Theories and Practices [Hardcover] Schofield, William"
044074: - "Speed to the West: GWR Publicity [Paperback] Delicata, Aldo and Cole, Beverley"
040187: - "Waiting for the Rain (African Writers Series) Mungoshi, Charles"
034765: - Hero # 19 (Ref-1225843439) DC Comics
034767: - Hero # 17 (Ref-417838256) DC Comics
032652: - "Ark; a study of the Koran ,"
044216: - "Sydney Camm and the Hurricane Fozard, John R."
026525: - "In Sickness and In Power: Illness in Heads of Government During the Last 100 Years David, Owen"
026420: - "Growing Up Brown in White Apartheid South Africa With the Spotted Tongue Francis, A. D."
041850: - "De bril van God: de Schrift betwist II Hart, M. 't"
040525: - "Fin-de-Siècle Vienna: Politics and Culture [Paperback] Schorske, Carl E."
032517: - A History of Britain: The Key Events That Have Shaped Britain from Neolithic Times to the 21st Century Richard Dargie
038976: - "Michael ""Angelo"" Rooker (British watercolours) Conner, Patrick"
040829: - Education for Health: Manual on Health Education in Primary Health Care World Health Organization(WHO)
039495: - "Mensheviks in the Russian Revolution (Documents of revolution) Ascher, Abraham"
041933: - "The Triple Tree: Newgate, Tyburn and the Old Bailey Rumbelow, Donald"
040377: - "Hollywood Goes to War: How Politics, Profits and Propaganda Shaped World War II Movies [Hardcover] Koppes, Clayton R. and Black, Gregory D."
042945: - "Hume's Philosophical Development: A Study of His Methods Noxon, James"
030055: - The Outposter Gordon R Dickson
030133: - Analog. Science Fact & Fiction (British Edition. January 1962) Various Authors
031872: - "From the Dreadnought to Scapa Flow: The Royal Navy in the Fisher era, 1904-1919 Marder, Arthur Jacob"
042743: - "Industrial Sociology: Work in the French Tradition Rose, Michael"
026244: - "Cromer in Egypt Marlowe, John"
026478: - "Stencil Book [Paperback] St.George, Amelia"
041034: - MOLLOY [Paperback] Samuel Beckett
039806: - "Good Daughters Hocking, Mary"
039777: - "Interpreting the French Revolution Furet, François and Forster, Elborg"
031483: - "Railway Heritage: Portsmouth - Including Lines to East Southsea, Gosport, Fareham, the Meon Valley and Havant to Hayling Island Harvey, Michael G. and Rooke, Edward"
033393: - "International Accounting Choi, Frederick D. S. and Mueller, Gerhard G."
039788: - "Best Radio Plays 1988: Giles Cooper Award Winners Frisby, Terence and et al"
039667: - "Inquiries into the Fundamentals of Aesthetics Morawski, Stefan"
042819: - "Stamp Act Crisis: Prologue to Revolution Morgan, Edmund S. and Morgan, Helen M."
043107: - "Behavioural Neurology Pincus, Jonathan H. and Tucker, Gary J."
044710: - Fire in the Blood [Paperback] Salim Khalil Haddad
040081: - "The Origins of the Wars of German Unification: 0000 (Origins Of Modern Wars) Carr, William and Hearder, Harry"
031608: - "Les Français de l'an 40 : Tome 1, La guerre oui ou non ? Crémieux-Brilhac, Jean-Louis"
042303: - "Sheppard's Book Dealers in the British Isles (Sheppard Series) Howard, A."
039960: - "Garden of Earthly Delights [Hardcover] Oates, Joyce Carol"
038573: - "Purity of Diction in English Verse: With New Epilogue Davie, Donald"
038572: - "Fishbone Greenslade, David"
041828: - "Scientific Analysis of Personality and Motivation (Personality & Psycho-pathology Monographs) Cattell, Raymond Bernard and Kline, Paul"
040892: - "Terrorism Laqueur, Walter"
043400: - "Quasi-religions: Humanism, Marxism and Nationalism (Themes in Comparative Religion S.) [Paperback] Smith, John E."
041782: - Musil in Focus: Papers from a Centenary Symposium (Institute of Germanic Studies Publications) Lothar Huber and John J. White
041785: - "To Fall Like Lucifer Harvey, Ian"
041786: - Making Music Videos: Everything You Need to Know from the Best in the Business Lara M. Schwartz
043372: - "Diwygiadau'r Ddeunawfed Ganrif (Llygad Y Ffynnon) Evans, Muriel Bowen"
043352: - "Martin Frobisher: Elizabethan Privateer [Hardcover] Mcdermott, J"
039912: - "Police Forces in History (Sage readers in 20th century history) Mosse, George L."
042137: - "The Ally: Russian Army in World War I Rutherford, Ward"
043910: - "Life of John Berryman Haffenden, John"
040770: - "Chemistry and Biochemistry of Herbage: v. 2 Butler, Graham Wesley and Bailey, Raymond Wellesley"
039468: - "Recasting Bourgeois Europe: Stabilization in France, Germany, and Italy in the Decade after World War I Maier, Charles S."
040396: - "New Perspectives in Personal Construct Theory Bannister, Donald"
038399: - "Psalms from the suburbs Nash, Roger"
038400: - "Dog Fox Field Murray, Les A."
038402: - "Love Poems Sexton, Anne"
038403: - "Collected Poems, 1958-70 MacBeth, George"
043909: - "The Spears of Twilight: Life and Death in the Amazon Jungle Descola, Philippe"
042895: - "Remarks on the Philosophy of Psychology: v. 1 Wittgenstein, Ludwig; Anscombe, G. E. M.; Nyman, Heikki and von Wright, G. H."
039684: - "In the Happy Valley Connor, Tony"
041654: - "Edward Said: A Critical Reader [Paperback] Sprinker, Michael"
041728: - "Tunnel Lawrence, Maureen"
034663: - Curiosities of Cricket: From the Earliest Records to the Present Time
026759: - "Non-aligned Movement: Origins of a Third World Alliance Willetts, Peter"
039905: - "Experience in Mental Health: Community Care and Social Policy Jones, Kathleen"
043113: - "The Social Construction of Reality: A Treatise in the Sociology of Knowledge Berger, Peter L. and Luckmann, Thomas"
026921: - Just War Theory (Readings in Social & Political Theory) ELSHTAIN
042785: - Perspectives in Creativity [Hardcover] Irving A Taylor and Jacob W. Getzels
041148: - "Beckett's Later Fiction and Drama: Texts for Company Acheson, James and Arthur, Kateryna"
032217: - "Death and Eternal Life Hick, John Harwood"
032226: - Gresley and Stanier National Railway Museum
039021: - Graphic Designers' Index: No. 11 Rotovision
033752: - "Jonathan Wild (English Library) Fielding, Henry and Nokes, David"
038062: - "A History of Russian Thought: From the Enlightenment to Marxism Walicki, Andrzej; Translated from the Polish by Hilda Andrews-Rusiecka and Rusiecka, H.A-."
040696: - "Pridd o'r pridd Davies, T. J"
042781: - "Little Moscows: Communism and Working-class Militancy in Inter-war Britain Macintyre, Stuart"
039511: - "Human Character and Morality: Reflections from the History of Ideas Hudson, Stephen D."
039512: - "Masterless Men: Vagrancy Problem in Britain, 1560-1640 Beier, A. L."
013287: - - 10 Prévost et l'histoire des voyages (Cahiers Prévost d'Exiles)
018632: - - Who's Who in France. Qui est qui en France (11e édition). Dictionnaire biographique des principales personalités de France, des départements et territoires français d'outre-mer, des États africains d'expression française, de la République Malgache, de la Principauté de Monaco, des Français notables vivant à l'étranger et des Étranges notables résidant en France. Paraissant tous les deux ans depuis 1953. 1973-1974
044407: - "Sir George Grove Young, Percy M."
044410: - "Drum Roll: A Professional Adventure from the Circus to the Concert Hall Blades, James"
044412: - "Coffáu Llywelyn 1856-1956 Edwards, Hywel Teifi"
044413: - "Geiriau'r Gair [Paperback] Mathews, Hugh"
042740: - "The Great Betrayal: The Untold Story of Kim Philby's Biggest Coup Bethell, Nicholas"
044457: - "Dyddiadur America a Phethau Eraill [Paperback] Morgan, D. Densil"
032044: - A Cat in the Window (New English Library) Derek Tangye and Jean Tangye
039981: - "Public Appearances, Private Realities (Series of Books in Psychology) Snyder, Mark"
040686: - "Mental Health: Law and Practice for Social Workers Ford, D.Anderson and Halsey, M.D."
031869: - "Life and Thought in the Early Middle Ages Hoyt, Robert S."
042663: - "Seeing Wales Whole: Essays on the Literature of Wales Adams, Sam"
040730: - "Dark as the Grave Wherein My Friend is Laid Lowry, Malcolm; Day, Douglas and Lowry, Marjorie Bonner"
040503: - "The Voice (African Writers Series) Okara, Gabriel and Ravenscroft, A."
042446: - "Brass Butterfly: Play [Paperback] Golding, William"
044778: - The Artist Revealed - Artists And Their Self-Portraits [Hardcover] Ian Chilvers
041629: - "The Limits of Scripture: Vivekananda's Reinterpretation of the Vedas Rambachan, Anantanand"
039402: - "Unperfect Society: Beyond the New Class Djilas, Milovan"
039994: - "Film on the Left: American Documentary Film From 1931 to 1942 [Paperback] Alexander, William"
026264: - "The politics of peasant groups in Western Nigeria (Ibadan social science series) Beer, Christopher"
040555: - "Ireland in Transition: Economic and Social Change Since 1960 (The Thomas Davis lecture series) [Paperback] Kennedy, Kieran A."
041183: - "Aggression and War: Their Biological And Social Bases [Paperback] Groebel, Jo"
039357: - "Power and Politics in Organizations (JOSSEY BASS SOCIAL AND BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE SERIES) Bacharach, Samuel B. and Lawler, Edward J."
040748: - "Shakespeare's Comedies of Play Huston, J. Dennis"
039243: - "Free Will (Oxford Readings in Philosophy) Watson, Gary"
043916: - "The Relationship Between Social and Cognitive Development (Jean Piaget Symposia Series) [Hardcover] Overton, Willis F."
043930: - "Century of Psychical Research Angoff, Allan and Shapin, Debbie"
044073: - "Naked-eye Astronomy (naked eye) [Hardcover] MOORE, Patrick"
043969: - The Levels [Paperback] Helen Pendry
043971: - "My Beautiful Imperial Lewis, Rhiannon"
038804: - "Vladimir Nabokov: A Critical Study of the Novels (Cambridge Studies in Russian Literature) [Paperback] Rampton, David"
038805: - "Theoretical Essays: Film, Linguistics, Literature MacCabe, Colin"
043968: - Mentored by a Madman: The William Burroughs Experiment [Paperback] A J Lees
038180: - Ancient Constitution & Feudal Law: A Study of English Historical Thought in the Seventeenth Century [Paperback] Pocock
038183: - "Cinemas of the Black Diaspora: Diversity, Dependence and Oppositionality (Contemporary Film and Television Series) (Contemporary Approaches to Film and Media Series) [Paperback] Michael T. Martin"
031340: - "Brideshead Revisited Waugh, Evelyn"
031346: - The Doll's House And Other Stories
038808: - "Writing and Difference Derrida, Jacques and Bass, A."
038809: - "The Radical Twenties: Aspects of Writing, Politics and Culture [Paperback] John Lucas"
038810: - "The Melancholy Science: An Introduction to the Thought of Theodor W. Adorno Rose, Gillian"
038640: - "Class, Religion And Local Politics In Wilhelmine Germany. The Centre Party In Württemberg Before 1914 [Hardcover] Blackbourn, David."
040016: - Business Accountancy and the Environment: A Policy and Research Agenda [Spiral-bound]
039154: - "Anthropology in Aid of Moral Science Rosmini, Antonio; Cleary, D. and Watson, T."
040287: - "Landlord and Tenant in Urban Britain, 1838-1918 Englander, David"
038945: - "The Coherence of Theism (Clarendon Library of Logic & Philosophy) Swinburne, Richard"
038946: - "Mediaeval Logic and Metaphysics (University Library) Henry, Desmond Paul"
038947: - "Aristotle: The Politics (Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought) [Hardcover] Aristotle and Everson, Stephen"
038949: - "Critical Essays on the Philosophy of R.G. Collingwood Krausz, Michael"
038950: - "Aquinas: God and Action Burrell, David B."
038952: - "The Collected Poems Davies, Idris and Jenkins, Islwyn"
043545: - "The Burning Bush: Antisemitism and World History Litvinoff, Barnet"
043967: - "Conscience in Medieval Philosophy [Hardcover] Potts, Timothy C."
032836: - "Audience Economics: Media Institutions and the Audience Marketplace Napoli, Philip"
039104: - "Bertrand Russell's Philosophy Nakhnikian, George"
042726: - "Incompleteness, Nonlocality and Realism: Prolegomenon to the Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics Redhead, Michael"
039367: - "Enlightenment Crossings: Pre- and Post-modern Discourses - Anthropological, Sexual: 001 Rousseau, G. S."
040090: - "Roots Of Black Music: The Vocal, Instrumental and Dance Heritage of Africa and Black America [Paperback] Kebede, Ashenafi"
040980: - "The Cartoon: Communication to the Quick (Commtext Series) Harrison, R.P."
040136: - "The Party Period and Public Policy: American Politics from the Age of Jackson to the Progressive Era [Paperback] McCormick, Richard L."
043279: - Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions/B-4 [Hardcover] Hazelden
042276: - "Sexual Life in Ancient Egypt Manniche, L"
044271: - "Locomotives of the Southern Railway: Pt. 1 Bradley, D. L."
041939: - "Researching Persons with Mental Illness: 30 (Applied Social Research Methods) [Paperback] Dworkin, Rosalind J."
042005: - "Studies in Italian American Social History: Essays in Honor of Leonard Covello Cordasco, Francesco"
040900: - "Kith Newby, P. H."
043998: - "Critical Guides to German Texts: Die Verfolgung und Ermordung Jean Paul Marats d: ""Marat/Sade"": 12 Weiss, Peter"
044001: - "King Rollo's Playroom McKee, David"
042447: - "Ann Griffiths: The Furnace and the Fountain (Writers of Wales) Allchin, A. M."
041545: - "Reconstructing Eliade: Making Sense of Religion [Paperback] Rennie, Bryan S."
034497: - The White Castle Orhan Pamuk and Victoria Holbook
040432: - Future of Broadcasting: Committee Report. Chmn.Lord Annan (Command 6753) Great Britain: Home Office
039030: - "Born to be Gordon, Taylor and Hemenway, Robert E."
026950: - "Wordsworth and the Worth of Words [Hardcover] Sykes-Davies, Hugh"
026990: - The Revolution of 1905: Russia in Disarray v. 1 Abraham Ascher
031310: - Life with Father
031308: - A Long Way to Shiloh
031315: - "Coronation Gallico, Paul"
040053: - "Lost in the Funhouse Barth, John"
038424: - "Lugard's Bridge [Paperback] Brown, Stewart"
034418: - Computerizing Personnel Systems : a basic Guide Alastair Evans
042565: - "Entropy Exhibition: Michael Moorcock and the British 'New Wave' in Science Fiction Greenland, Colin"
042656: - "The Social Psychology of Power (European Monographs in Social Psychology) Ng, Sik Hung"
038339: - "Approaching Snow Herbert, Joyce"
041342: - "The Magical State: Nature, Money, and Modernity in Venezuela [Paperback] Coronil, Fernando"
044430: - Romanticism and Art (World of Art) [Paperback] William Vaughan
038358: - Midas' Daughter [Paperback] Vuyelwa Carlin
042789: - "Problems of an Urban Society: The Social Framework of Planning v. 1 (Urban & Regional Studies) Cullingworth, J. Barry"
042086: - "Enchanted Harp Jones, Beryl Maud"
039897: - "Immigration and Industrialization: Ethnicity in an American Mill Town, 1870-1940 Bodnar, John E."
043275: - "Theory of the Labour Movement Perlman, Selig"
042399: - "Women of China: Imperialism and Women's Resistance, 1900-49 Bobby Siu, Dr"
042398: - Nazism:Historcl/Comprtv Anlysis-Pb Eulama
039381: - History from Below: Studies in Popular Protest and Popular Ideology Frederick Krantz
040170: - "Public Order: The New Law Card, Richard"
042129: - "Ecology of the School Eggleston, John"
042723: - "Perspectives on Minority Influence (European Studies in Social Psychology) [Hardcover] Moscovici, Serge; Mugny, Gabriel and Avermaet, Eddy van"
044433: - "Hat on the Bed O'Hara, John"
043095: - "Ireland and the English Crisis [Paperback] Paulin, Tom"
041717: - "Contemporary Approaches to Group Treatment (The Jossey-Bass behavioral science series) Feldman, Ronald A. and Wodarski, John S."
032990: - "Henry Adams,: An introduction and interpretation (American authors and critics series) Hochfield, George"
026833: - "The Middle East Oil Decade and Beyond [Hardcover] Gilbar, Gad G."
038888: - "Literature and the Rise of Capitalism Southall, Raymond"
038011: - "On War Clausewitz, Carl von; Howard, Michael Eliot and Paret, Peter"
038660: - "A Parliamentary History of the Glorious Revolution Jones, David Lewis"
038661: - "The Course of German Nationalism: From Frederick the Great to Bismarck 1763–1867 (New Approaches to European History) Schulze, Hagen and Hanbury-Tenison, Sarah"
038199: - "Bismarck: 1815-71 v. 1: The White Revolutionary Gall, Lothar; Underwood, J.A. and Underwood, J. A."
038782: - "Out for the Elements [Paperback] Waterman, Andrew"
038701: - "After the Reformation: Essays in Honour of J.H.Hexter Malament, Barbara C."
039133: - "Rhetoric in the Human Sciences (Inquiries in Social Construction series) [Paperback] Simons, Herbert W."
026821: - "School and community in rural Wales (Aberystwyth studies in education) Webster, Roger"
026965: - "The Works of Jonathan Edwards: Volume 8: Ethical Writings: Ethical Writings Vol 8 (The Works of Jonathan Edwards Series) [Hardcover] Edwards, Jonathan and Ramsey, Paul"
038051: - "Unclaimed Experience: Trauma, Narrative and History [Paperback] Caruth, Cathy"
038053: - Edward II (Broadview Editions) [Paperback] Christopher Marlowe and Mathew R. Martin
038321: - "Hitler and the Beer Hall Putsch (Princeton Legacy Library) [Paperback] Gordon, Harold J."
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045120: - "Siting Translation: History, Post-structuralism and the Colonial Context [Paperback] Niranjana, Tejaswini"
045121: - "Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body [Paperback] Gay, Roxane"
045122: - "Easy Way to Control Alcohol [Paperback] Carr, Allen"
045123: - Sodom a Seion [Paperback] Marcel Williams
026549: - The Popes [Paperback]
026550: - "Mansfield Microeconomics - Theory and Applicatio Ns 2ed Mansfield, Edwin"
045250: - "The Hindu View of Life (Mandala Books) Radhakrishnan, S."
045251: - "Eryri o'r Awyr: Patrymau yn y Tirlun Crew, Peter; Musson, Chris and Pierce, Gwerfyl"
044989: - "Introducing anthropology of religion: Culture to the Ultimate [Paperback] Eller, Jack David"
044779: - "Postcolonial Theory: A Critical Introduction Gandhi, Leela"
044780: - "Creating Extraordinary Beads from Ordinary Material Casey, Tina"
044781: - "Three-Dimensional Flowers in Ribbon & Fabric Random, Joyce"
044782: - "The Complete Book of Tatting [Paperback] Jones, Rebecca"
044783: - "Making Polymer Clay Jewellery Heaser, Sue"
044784: - "Pictorial Archive of Lace Designs: 325 Historic Examples (Dover Pictorial Archive) [Paperback] Grafton, Carol"
045347: - "The Jumping Frog: In English, Then in French, Then Clawed Back into a Civilized Language Once More by Patient, Unrenumerated Toil Twain, Mark and Robinson, Alan James"
045413: - "A Beginner's Guide to the Study of Religion [Paperback] Herling, Bradley L."
045199: - "How to Starve Cancer [Paperback] McLelland, Jane"
045200: - "Songs of the Doomed: Gonzo Papers Vol 3: More Notes on the Death of the American Dream Thompson, Hunter S."
045202: - "Decentering the Center: Philosophy for a Multicultural, Postcolonial, and Feminist World (A Hypatia Book) [Paperback] Uma Narayan and Sandra Harding"
045493: - "God Without Being: Hors-Texte (Religion and Postmodernism) Marion, Jean-Luc and Carlson, Thomas A."
044581: - It's a Don's Life [Paperback] Mary Beard
044582: - "The Living Earth Manual of Feng-Shui: Chinese Geomancy (Arkana S.) [Paperback] Skinner, Stephen"
045492: - "The Sacred Is the Profane: The Political Nature Of ""Religion"" [Paperback] Arnal, William and Mccutcheon, Russell T."
045491: - "About Religion: Economies of Faith in Virtual Culture (Religion and Postmodernism Series (CHUP)) [Paperback] Taylor, Mark"
045490: - "Life Abundant (Searching for a New Framework): Rethinking Theology and Economy for a Planet in Peril [Paperback] McFague, Sallie"
045489: - The Worlds of the Early Greek Philosophers [Paperback] James Benjamin Wilbur and H.J. Allen
045331: - "Science and Comparative Philosophy: Introducing Yuasa Yasuo [Paperback] Shaner, David Edward; Nagatomo, S. and Yuasa, Yasuo"
045332: - "The Ultimate Medicine: Dialogues with a Realized Master [Paperback] Maharaj, Nisargadatta"
045333: - "Engaging South Asian Religions: Boundaries, Appropriations, and Resistances (SUNY series in Hindu Studies) [Paperback] Schmalz, Mathew N. and Gottschalk, Peter"
044892: - "Those Were the Days:A History of Cardigan, The Locality and its People v. 1 Davies, Donald and Evans, Aneurin"
045487: - "Complexity and Healthcare Organization: A View from the Street [Paperback] Kernick, David"
045486: - "IN THE HANDS OF THE TALIBAN [Paperback] Ridley, Yvonne"
045485: - Man's Religious Quest: Hindu Patterns of Liberation Unit 6-8 (Course AD208)
045483: - "ANATOMY AND FIGURE DRAWING. [Paperback] Gordon, Louise."
045340: - A Critical Survey of Indian Philosophy [Paperback] Chandradhar Sharma
045481: - "African Village Russell, Margo"
045480: - "Space Wars: Worlds and Weapons Eisler, Steven"
045479: - "Rethinking Globalization: Teaching for Justice in an Unjust World [Paperback] Bigelow, Bill"
045478: - "Vishnu: An Introduction [Paperback] Pattanaik, Dr. Devdutt"
045477: - "The Mahabharata Narayan, R. K."
045255: - "Guide to the Study of Religion [Paperback] Braun, Willi"
045257: - "Women in India (British Library booklets) Gaur, Albertine"
045476: - "Siva: The Erotic Ascetic (Galaxy Books) [Paperback] O'Flaherty, Wendy Doniger"
045427: - "Abhidhamma in Daily Life [Paperback] Gorkom, Nina Van"
045474: - "The Translator's Invisibility: A History of Translation: The History of Translation (Translation Studies) [Paperback] Venuti, Lawrence"
045473: - "Neuropolitics: Thinking, Culture, Speed: 23 (Theory Out Of Bounds) [Paperback] William E. Connolly"
045472: - "Encountering Buddhism: Western Psychology and Buddhist Teachings (SUNY series in Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology) [Paperback] Segall, Seth Robert"
045471: - Herefordshire and Worcs Airfields in the Second World War Robin J. Brooks
045470: - "Shakespeare, Einstein, and the Bottom Line: The Marketing of Higher Education [Paperback] Kirp, David L"
045114: - "Caliban's Reason: Introducing Afro-Caribbean Philosophy (Africana Thought) [Paperback] Henry, Paget"
045115: - Religions/Globalizations: Theories and Cases [Paperback] Hopkins
045469: - Zoontologies: The Question Of The Animal [Paperback] Cary Wolfe
045468: - "World-Systems Analysis: An Introduction (a John Hope Franklin Center Book) [Paperback] Wallerstein, Immanuel"
045467: - "Not All Plain Sailing Roberts, O.Trevor"
045466: - "Anhygoel, Yr [Paperback] Roberts, J. Aelwyn"
045465: - "Ofnadwy Nos [Paperback] Jones, T. Llew"
045464: - "Bodhisattva Archetypes: Classic Buddhist Guides to Awakening And Their Modern Expression Leighton, Taigen Daniel"
045463: - "Time Being Cupitt, Don"
045462: - The Presence of Light: Divine Radiance and Religious Experience Kapstein, Matthew T
045271: - "Phantoms in the Brain Ramachandran, V S"
045272: - "The Experience of Buddhism: Sources and Interpretations (The Religious Life in History) Strong, John S."
045273: - "An Introduction to Buddhist Philosophy (Cambridge Introductions to Philosophy) [Paperback] Laumakis, Stephen J."
045456: - The Laws of Manu (Classics) [Paperback] Brian Smith and Wendy Doniger
045457: - "Religion and Magic: Approaches and Theories Cunningham, Graham"
045330: - The Three Pure Land Sutras Hisao Inagaki
045459: - =>NOUV.ED.9782729861971/ BRES2 (PHILO) BRES
045458: - "The Devil and Commodity Fetishism in South America [Paperback] Taussig, Michael T."
045388: - "Hooligan: A history of respectable fears [Paperback] Pearson, Geoffrey"
045389: - Art Nouveau Embroidery [Hardcover] Lewis F. Day and Mary Buckle
045390: - "Wales - A Celebration, An Anthology of Poetry and Prose [Paperback] Roberts, Dewi"
045242: - Maigret and the Hundred Gibbets Georges Simenon and Tony White
045245: - "Gods and Spacemen in the Ancient East Drake, Walter Raymond"
045455: - "Twelve Examples of Illusion [Hardcover] Westerhoff, Jan"
045454: - "When the Devil Roamed Wales: Collection of Satanic Folklore from Wales Pugh, Jane"
045452: - History of Indian Philisophy Vol I. [Hardcover]
045451: - "Gandhi: A Very Short Introduction: 37 (Very Short Introductions) [Paperback] Parekh, Bhikhu"
045450: - "History of the Lewis and Clark Expedition: Bk.3 Lewis, Meriwether; Clark, William and Coues, Elliott"
045449: - Dharma (Dimensions of Asian Spirituality) [Paperback] Alf Hiltebeitel
045447: - "The Meeting of the East and the West in Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy Maitra, S. K."
044510: - Levellers and the English Revolution (Socialist Classics) [Paperback] Henry N. Brailsford and Christopher Hill
045446: - The human cage: A brief history of prison architecture [Hardcover] Norman Bruce Johnston
045445: - "Anglesey and Its Coastal Tradition Smylie, Mike"
045444: - "Thousand Lives Away: Buddhism in Contemporary Burma King, Winston L."
045292: - "The Fall of the Faculty: The Rise of the All-Administrative University and Why It Matters [Hardcover] Ginsberg, Benjamin"
045363: - "The Politics of Religious Studies [Hardcover] Wiebe, Donald"
045364: - "The Discipline of Religion: Structure, Meaning, Rhetoric [Paperback] McCutcheon, Russell T."
045365: - Hinduism and Its Spiritual Masters [Paperback] William Stoddart
045443: - "Fair Wilderness Eames, Marion and Garlick, E."
045442: - "Walks from the Villages of Snowdonia: Beddgelert, Betws-y-Coed, Capel Curig, Dolwyddelan, Llanberis, Llanrwst, Trefriw Kendell, Hilary and Bradnam, Hilary"
045441: - "Buddha or Bust: In Search of Truth, Meaning, Happiness and the Man Who Found Them All Perry Garfinkel"
045440: - "Studying Religion: An Introduction [Paperback] Mccutcheon, Russel T."
045439: - "The Problematic and Conceptual Structure of Classical Indian Thought about Man, Society and Polity [Hardcover] Krishna, Daya"
045438: - "Hon [Paperback] Gwynn, Eirwen"
045437: - "History of Indian philosophy Frauwallner, Erich"
045436: - "Religion and Popular Culture: A Hyper-real Testament: 7 (Gods, Humans & Religion S.) [Paperback] Possamai, Adam"
045434: - "A Guide to the Threefold Lotus Sutra Niwano, Nikkyo"
045433: - The Greasy Poll - Diary of a Controversial Election [Paperback] Mike Parker
045432: - "Nietzsche and Asian Thought [Hardcover] Parkes, G"
045372: - "Step into the Meadow Bromley, Judith and Hardy, Robert"
045373: - "Age of Propaganda: The Everyday Use and Abuse of Persuasion Pratkanis, Anthony and Aronson, Elliot"
045064: - "The Origin of Capitalism: A Longer View [Paperback] Wood, Ellen Meiksins"
045065: - "The New Ruthless Economy: Work and Power in the Digital Age [Paperback] Head, Simon"
045066: - A Millennium of Buddhist Logic (Vol.I): Vol 1 (Buddhist tradition series) Alex Wayman
045067: - "Subaltern Studies Reader, 1986-1995 [Paperback] Ranajit Guha"
045419: - "Unthinking Social Science: The Limits of Nineteenth-century Paradigms Wallerstein, Immanuel"
045420: - "The Origins of the Modern World: A Global and Ecological Narrative (World Social Change) Marks, Robert B."
045421: - "How Much Does Chaos Scare You?: Politics, Religion, and Philosophy in the Fiction of Philip K. Dick [Paperback] Barlow, Aaron"
045428: - "Anthropologies of Modernity: Foucault, Governmentality, and Life Politics [Paperback] Inda, Jonathan Xavier"
045426: - "Mundaka Upanishad, suivi de Mandukya Upanisad et Karika de Gaudapada : Tomes 4 et 5 Maury, Jacqueline"
045425: - "Secularization and Cultural Criticism: Religion, Nation, and Modernity (Religion and Postmodernism) [Paperback] Pecora, Vincent P."
045418: - "Sickness and Wealth: A Corporate Assault on Global Health [Paperback] Fort, Meredith; Mercer, Mary Anne and Gish, Oscar"
044683: - "Readings in Globalization: Key Concepts and Major Debates [Paperback] Ritzer, George and Atalay, Zeynep"
044684: - "Threefold Lotus Sutra: ""Innumerable Meanings"", ""The Lotus Flower of the Wonderful Law"" and ""Meditation on the Bodisattva Universal Virtue"" [Paperback] Kato, B. and etc."
045423: - "The Bad Popes [Hardcover] Chamberlin, E.R."
045424: - "Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism Bell, Daniel"
045417: - Studies in Buddhism [Hardcover] Max F. Muller
045053: - "Inde classique manuel des études indiennes : Tome 2 Renou, Louis; Filliozat, Jean; Demiéville, Paul; Lacombe, Olivier and Meile, Pierre"
045416: - "Buddhist Critical Spirituality: Prajna and Sunyata [Hardcover] Ichimura, Shohei"
044884: - "The Re-Enchantment of the West Vol. 1: Alternative Spiritualities, Sacralization, Popular Culture, and Occulture [Paperback] Partridge, Christopher"
044885: - "A Beginner's Guide to Knitting on a Loom: with over 30 fun projects [Paperback] Phelps, Isela"
045415: - "Reunderstanding Indian Philosophy [Hardcover] Barlingay, S. S."
045414: - The Blackwell Companion to the Study of Religion (Wiley Blackwell Companions to Religion) [Hardcover] Segal
045412: - Pythagorean Source Book and Library: An Anthology of Ancient Writings Which Relate to Pythagoras and Pythagorean Philosophy [Paperback] Kenneth Sylvan Guthrie and David R. Fideler
045411: - The Invention of the Jewish People [Paperback] Shlomo Sand
045409: - Stitches on Time: Colonial Textures and Postcolonial Tangles [Paperback] Saurabh Dube
045407: - "Buddhist Mahayana Texts (Sacred Books of the East) [Paperback] Cowell, E.B. and etc."
044836: - "Another Reason: Science and the Imagination of Modern India [Paperback] Prakash, Gyan"
045406: - "Theories of Globalization [Paperback] Axford, Barrie"
045405: - "Buddhist Philosophy in Theory And Practice (A pelican original) Guenther, Herbert V."
045404: - Field Guide to the Birds of Britain [Hardcover] Reader's Digest
045402: - "Secret Room Eames, Marion and Phillips, M."
045401: - Qu'est-ce que la religion ? : La transcendance des sociologues [Pocket Book]

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