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039354: - "Housing and Residential Structure: Alternative Approaches Bassett, Keith and Short, John"
039356: - "The Family Rice Bowl: Food and the Domestic Economy in China Croll, Elisabeth"
039357: - "Power and Politics in Organizations (JOSSEY BASS SOCIAL AND BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE SERIES) Bacharach, Samuel B. and Lawler, Edward J."
039351: - Intergroup Behaviour TURNER
040210: - "Kill Me Quick (African Writers Series) Mwangi, Meja"
040535: - "The Journey within (African Writers Series) Aniebo, I.N.C."
042697: - "General Theory of Population (Publication / Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure) Sauvy, Alfred and Campos, C."
039939: - Hosts and Guests: Anthropology of Tourism SMITH
044891: - "Survey of Agricultural Economics Literature V4: Agriculture in Economic Development 1940s to 1990s: Agriculture in Economic Development, 1940's to ... Survey of Agricultural Economics Literature) [Hardcover] Martin, Lee"
026508: - "Field Testing in Engineering Geology (Geological Society Engineering Geology Special Publication) Bell, Fred; Culshaw, M. G.; Cripps, J.C. and Coffey, J.R."
026234: - La semantique generative [Paperback] Michel Galmiche
040163: - "The Imagined Village: Culture, Ideology and the English Folk Revival (Music and Society) Boyes, Georgina"
040316: - "Simone De Beauvoir Francis, Claude and Gontier, Fernande"
026242: - "In Fear of China Clark, Gregory"
039337: - Humour in Society : Resistance and Control [Paperback] Chris Powell and George E. C. Paton
039339: - "Social Mobility and Political Change (Key Concepts in Political Science S.) Davies, Ioan"
039340: - "Political Parties Blondel, Jean"
039344: - "Inside Right: A Study of Conservatism Gilmour, Ian"
042436: - Poetry Introduction: No. 2
040625: - "The need for Roots: Prelude to a Declaration of Duties Towards Mankind Weil, Simone and Wills, A.F."
026800: - "An Introduction to Random Vibrations and Spectral Analysis Newland, David Edward"
040179: - "The B.B.C.: Public Institution and Private World (Edinburgh Studies in Culture & Society) [Paperback] Burns, Tom"
008442: - - East Asian Strategic Review 2003: Higashi Ajia Senryaku Gaikan
034827: - Superman (Vol 2) # 225 (Ref118317909) DC Comics
034826: - Superman (Vol 3) # 653 (Ref-1640449889) DC Comics
039363: - "Civil Society and the State: New European Perspectives Keane, John"
039371: - "The Transatlantic Persuasion: Liberal-Democratic Mind in the Age of Gladstone [Paperback] Kelley, Robert"
038213: - "Northern Ireland: A Comparative Analysis Wright, Frank"
045656: - Film Script-writing: A Practical Manual Swain, Dwight V.
039592: - "Kennedy's Children (Acting Edition S.) Patrick, Robert"
035391: - "The Ki: How to Make Your Dreams Come True with Feng Shui Astrology Yoshikawa, Takashi"
045666: - The Impact of China on Global Commodity Prices: The Disruption of the World’s Resource Sector: 57 (Routledge Studies in the Modern World Economy) [Hardcover] Farooki, Masuma and Kaplinsky, Raphael
032402: - "Cubism (Movements in modern art series) Schmeller, Alfred"
032409: - Leaven of Malice Robertson Davies
045633: - Austin Clarke: His Life and Works Halpern, Susan
043937: - "Politics of Grandeur: Ideological Aspects of De Gaulle's Foreign Policy Cerny, Philip G."
043713: - "Story Sense: A Screenwriter's Guide for Film and Television Lucey, Paul"
032300: - "Tenth-century Studies: Essays in Commemoration of the Millennium of the Council of Winchester and Regularis Concordia Parsons, D"
032303: - "Luba: Three Daughters (Love & Rockets) Hernandez, Gilbert"
032361: - "Laboratory Guide to Clinical Diagnosis Eastham, R. D."
032367: - "The Grail: From Celtic Myth to Christian Symbol Sherman Loomis, Roger"
032372: - "Elementary Circuit Properties of transistors Searle, Campbell L"
032374: - "Student's Companion to Patanjali Worthington, Roger"
032379: - Humanism BLACKHAM H J
032382: - "Manifiesto utopía Fernández-Lauro, Sonia"
032384: - Alternative Education: A Sourcebook for Parents Teachers Students and Administrators Edition: First Mario D. Fantini (Editor)
043318: - "Sunwheels and Siegrunen: Wiking, Nordland, Nederland and the Germanic Waffen-SS in Photographs Volume 1 [Hardcover] Rikmenspoel, Marc"
038233: - "Northern Ireland: The Background to the Conflict Darby, John"
045474: - "The Translator's Invisibility: A History of Translation: The History of Translation (Translation Studies) [Paperback] Venuti, Lawrence"
038602: - "Nationalist Revolutionaries in Ireland 1858-1928 [Hardcover] Garvin, Tom"
026443: - "Ideology and Policy in China Since the Third Plenum, 1978-84 (Contemporary China Institute: research notes & studies) [Paperback] Schram, Stuart R."
026442: - "The Grammar of Case: Towards a Localistic Theory (Cambridge Studies in Linguistics) [Hardcover] Anderson, John M."
045139: - "Concise Sanskrit-English Dictionary [Hardcover] Apte, Vasudeo Govind"
045659: - Global Auction of Public Assets: Public Sector Alternatives to the Infrastructure Market and Public Private Partnerships [Paperback] Dexter Whitfield
070359: - Boxing News. Volume 1 No. 30 New Series. July 11 1945 Action Wanted
039857: - "Artaud at Rodez Marowitz, Charles"
038009: - "Political Parties and National Integration in Tropical Africa Coleman, James Smoot and Rosberg, Carl G."
034427: - "Storage and Control of Stock Morrison, Alex and Jessop, David"
034429: - Longman outside the research community: New Concept English 3 (new) (YING )YA LI SHAN DA HE QI SHEN
034431: - "Bygone Heat: Travels of an Idealist in the Middle East Long, C. W. R."
034472: - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society: 33 Royal Historical Society
034478: - "Maps in a Mirror: Volume 2 Card, Orson Scott"
034489: - "Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, Fifth Series, Volume 36 Various"
034490: - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society: 32 Royal Historical Society
034491: - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society: 30
034515: - "Trilogy Brezhnev, Leonid Ilich"
034495: - "The Natural History of Butterflies and Moths of Shropshire Riley, Adrian M."
034506: - "Odliadur, Yr Stephens, Roy"
034492: - Transactions of the Royal Historical Society: v. 34 Royal Historical Society
0344930: - "Transactions of the Royal Historical Society (Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, Fifth Series): Vol 40 F L M Thompson; D d'Avray; R Bonney and J Innes"
011209: - International Affairs. Volume 76 2000
044760: - "Pedagogies of the Global: Knowledge in the Human Interest (Cultural Politics and the Promise of Democracy) (Cultural Politics & the Promise of Democracy) [Paperback] Dirlik, Arif"
026156: - "Prosodic Analysis (Language & Language Learning) Palmer, F. R."
039317: - "Who Cares?: Young People in Care Speak Out Page, Raissa and Clark, G. A."
044194: - "STEAM AT SEA: Two Centuries of Steam-powered Ships Griffiths, Denis"
043207: - "Humanistic Geography Ley, David F. and Samuels, Marwyn S."
031869: - "Life and Thought in the Early Middle Ages Hoyt, Robert S."
040569: - "Party Fight Carleton, William"
040082: - "The Fleischer Story: The Max Fleischer Cartoon Studio in the Golden Age of Animation Cabarga, Leslie"
045406: - "Theories of Globalization [Paperback] Axford, Barrie"
040812: - "King Henry VI: Pt. 2 (Arden Shakespeare) Shakespeare, William and Knowles, Ronald"
042596: - "John Berryman a Critical Commentary Haffenden, John and Haffenden"
026859: - "Hustle [Paperback] Ferguson, Will"
040094: - "Media, Audience, and Social Structure Ball-Rokeach, Sandra and Cantor, Muriel B."
042724: - "The Human Motor: Energy, Fatigue, and the Origins of Modernity Rabinbach, Anson"
042806: - "Worldly Hopes: Poems Ammons, A. R."
043322: - "Death of a Notary: Conquest and Change in Colonial New York [Hardcover] Merwick, Donna"
011483: - Middle Eastern Studies. Volume Fourteen 1978
043282: - "Principles and Practice of Plant Hormone Analysis: v.1: Vol 1 (Biological Techniques Series) Rivier, L. and Crozier, Alan"
026813: - "Imperial Theme [Paperback] Knight, G. Wilson."
026479: - "The A-Z Guide to Drug-Herb-Vitamin Interactions Lininger, Schuyler W."
012440: - Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 64 1912 Parts 1 & 2
045153: - Europe at Midnight (Europe 2) [Paperback] Dave Hutchinson
042644: - City Life In Japan a Study of a Tokyo Wa [Paperback] R P Dore
044221: - "OSCAR WILDE Morley, Sheridan"
034818: - Justice League Dark (Vol 1) # 9 (Ref777981415) DC Comics
031907: - "The Stone of Heaven: The Secret History of Imperial Green Jade Adrian Levy and Scott-Clark, Cathy"
045222: - "A Guide to What's Wrong with Economics: 1 (Anthem Frontiers of Global Political Economy and Development) [Paperback] Fullbrook, Edward"
045251: - "Eryri o'r Awyr: Patrymau yn y Tirlun Crew, Peter; Musson, Chris and Pierce, Gwerfyl"
045128: - "Mapuche [Paperback] Férey, Caryl and Rendall, Steven"
042805: - "The Burden of Representation: Essays on Photographies and Histories [Paperback] Tagg, John"
032320: - "Anglo-Saxon Prose (Everyman's University Library) Swanton, Michael"
033305: - "Systematic Theology, Volume 1 Tillich, Paul"
034756: - Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) # 492 (Ref-1778834965) Marvel Comics
034753: - New 52 - Futures End (Vo1) # 11 (Ref-1017113403) DC Comics
034755: - Nexus 49
034750: - The Mighty Avengers Issue 1 (The Mighty Avengers Issue 1) Brian Michael Bendis
034752: - Ultimates (Vol 1) # 6 (Ref502351677) Marvel Comics
034745: - Action Comics # 843 (Ref-2093911174) DC Comics
042636: - "Emerging Goddess: Creative Process in Art, Science and Other Fields Rothenberg, Albert"
039887: - "Universals and Particulars: Readings in Ontology Loux, Michael J."
039891: - "Ethnic Conflict in the Western World Esman, Milton J."
039894: - "Retreat of American Power [Hardcover] Brandon, Henry"
039897: - "Immigration and Industrialization: Ethnicity in an American Mill Town, 1870-1940 Bodnar, John E."
039898: - "Moscow Diary Micunovic, Veljko and Floyd, David"
043557: - "Stolen Continents:The Indian Story Wright, Ronald"
026514: - The Rise and Fall of the British Documentary Sussex
044756: - "Kepler Banville, John"
039780: - "The Government of the Tongue Heaney, Seamus"
043276: - "The Future of the Gulf: The Legacy of the War and the Challenges of the 1990s [Hardcover] Al-Mazidi, Feisal"
042680: - "Reappraisals of Fascism Turner, Henry Ashby"
038124: - "Patience Wright: American Artist and Spy in George III's London Sellers, Charles C."
045596: - Brave His Soul: The Story of Prince Madog of Wales and His Discovery of America in 1170 [Hardcover] Pugh, Ellen
043372: - "Diwygiadau'r Ddeunawfed Ganrif (Llygad Y Ffynnon) Evans, Muriel Bowen"
043420: - A Guide to the Reports of the United States Strategic Bombing Survey (Royal Historical Society guides & handbooks) [Paperback] Gordon Daniels
043503: - "Bertrand Russell: A Political Life Ryan, Alan"
043811: - "Renaissance Latin Drama in England: Abraham Fraunce or H.Hickman ""Hymenaeus"", Abraham Fraunce ""Victoria"", ""Laelia"" Second Series (Plays Associated with the University of Cambridge) Fraunce, Abraham; Hickman, H.; Anonymous and Upton, Christopher"
041836: - Feminisms in Education: An Introduction WEINER
041192: - "Crafion Medi: Casgliad o Gerddi Jones, J. R."
033535: - "Macduff's hat and other Shakespeare enigmas NASH, Christopher"
037236: - "The Good Heart: His Holiness the Dalai Lama Lama, Dalai"
039717: - "Reactions to the French Revolution Cobb, Richard"
045208: - "Imperialism: Theoretical Directions (Key Concepts in Critical Theory) [Paperback] Chilcote, Ronald H."
044955: - "Global Fragments: Globalizations, Latinamericanisms, and Critical Theory [Paperback] Mendieta, Eduardo"
026141: - "Struggle for the Pacific Bienstock, Gregory"
043940: - "The Royal Navy and the Siege of Bilbao [Hardcover] Cable, James"
045239: - "Most Dangerous Moment: Japanese Assault on Ceylon, 1942 Tomlinson, Michael"
026407: - "Poems (Medieval & Renaissance Texts & Studies, V. 9) Gwilym, Dafydd ap and Loomis, R. M."
025104: C.S.C. (CALVERLEY) - Verses and Translations. Thirteenth Edition.
035193: - "365 Meditations for a Peaceful Heart and a Peaceful World Braybrooke, Marcus"
035195: - "The Yawning Heights Zinov'ev, Aleksandr; Zinoviev, Aleksandr and Clough, G."
035206: - Exmoor Review No. 12
035207: - The Life of Ezra Pound Noel Stock
035208: - Plant Biotechnology: Volume 18. Plant Biotechnology.
035227: - A Thirteenth Century Villein (People of the past series) Patience Andrewes
035146: - "Novels of Henry Williamson Murry, John Middleton"
035148: - "Money from Grass: Symposium Proceedings Corrall, A.J."
035165: - "Arthur Conan Doyle: Beyond Sherlock Holmes Norman, Dr Andrew"
035166: - "Le Feu (Fiction, Poetry & Drama) Barbusse"
035170: - The Last Roman: Vengeance Jack Ludlow
040511: - "Three Socialist Plays: ""Lear"", ""Roots"", ""Sergeant Musgrave's Dance"" (Open Guides to Literature S.) Shaughnessy, Robert"
034761: - Ultimate Power # 2 Ultimate Power #2 - Part 2 of 9 released
034762: - Hero # 16 (Ref-591855381) DC Comics
033676: - The Struggle for the Falkland Islands: A Study in Legal and Diplomatic History Goebel
033678: - "Variety is King: Aspects of Children's Reading - A Symposium Culpan, Norman and Waite, Clifford Anthony"
034829: - Superman (Vol 3) # 654 (Ref296403332) DC Comics
035241: - "L'espoir Malraux, Andre"
039374: - "The Collected Stories Trevor, William"
038017: - "Tradition and Experiment in Wordsworth's ""Lyrical Ballads"" Jacobus, Mary"
038183: - "Cinemas of the Black Diaspora: Diversity, Dependence and Oppositionality (Contemporary Film and Television Series) (Contemporary Approaches to Film and Media Series) [Paperback] Michael T. Martin"
032836: - "Audience Economics: Media Institutions and the Audience Marketplace Napoli, Philip"
045220: - "Religion and Economic Action: Protestant Ethic, the Rise of Capitalism, and Abuses of Scholarship (Renaissance Society of America reprint text) ... Society of America Reprint Text Series) [Paperback] Samuelsson, Kurt and French, E. Geoffrey"
026802: - "Alaska Politics and Government (Politics & Governments of the American States) (Politics and Governments of the American States) [Paperback] McBeath, Gerald A. and Morehouse, Thomas A."
026675: - "Homoeostasis (Studies in Biology) Hardy, Richard Neville"
026691: - "Arcade The HGR Sta (Heinemann guided readers) Esplen, Julia; Colbourn, Stephen; Parsons, K and Jupp, T. C."
026765: - "Boule de suif et autres contes de la guerre Maupassant, Guy de"
031748: - "Stolen Continents: Conquest and Resistance in the Americas Wright, Ronald"
044179: - "The Wright Flyer: An Engineering Perspective Wolko, Howard S."
012439: - Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 63 1911
044164: - "Trial and Retribution: No. 3 [Paperback] La Plante, Lynda"
045355: - "The Market System: What It Is, How It Works, and What To Make of It (The Institution for Social and Policy Studies) [Paperback] Lindblom, Charles"
043587: - "Line of Power Strathern, Professor Andrew"
026595: - "The marriage of Hortense Leigh, Olivia"
041245: - "Buddhism in Practice (Princeton Readings in Religions) Lopez, Donald S."
039719: - "Temporary Hearths Evans, Stuart"
0019698: - - Tableaux de l'Économie Française. Édition 1986
034168: - "Politics, Geography and Behaviour (University Paperbacks) Muir, Richard and Paddison, Ronan"
011993: - The Geographical Journal 169 January to December 2003
026812: - "Letters to a Soul Zeller, Hubert Van"
045438: - "Hon [Paperback] Gwynn, Eirwen"
040249: - "The Manufacture of News: Social Problems, Deviance and the Mass Media (Communication and Society, Volume 4) Cohen, Stanley"
043535: - "Class Structure in Social Consciousness (International Library of Society) Ossowski, Stanislaw and Patterson, Sheila"
026359: - "A Treasury of Georgia Tales: Unusual, Interesting, and Little-Known Stories of Georgia (Stately Tales) Garrison, Webb B"
034926: - "Build Your Own Boat: Building and Fitting-Out for Sail or Power Nicolson, Ian"
043849: - "ANCIENT MEN of the ARCTIC. [Hardcover] Giddings,J.Louis"
043520: - "On Historians. Reappraisals of some of the makers of modern history. Hexter, J. H."
040020: - "Simultaneous Equations Halley, Laurence"
034203: - Excellence in Diversity: Towards a New Strategy for Higher Education (Programme of study into the future of higher education) SRHE Leverhulme Report
043206: - "Poverty in the Soviet Union: The Life-styles of the Underprivileged in Recent Years [Paperback] Matthews, Mervyn"
038053: - Edward II (Broadview Editions) [Paperback] Christopher Marlowe and Mathew R. Martin
043477: - "Atlas of the English Civil War Newman, P.R."
043475: - "Parliament and Territoriality: Committee on Welsh Affairs, 1979-83 (University of Wales Press - Writers of Wales) Jones, J. Barry and Wilford, R. A."
042931: - "British General Election of 1970 Butler, David and Pinto-Duschinsky, Michael"
026475: - "The Fragile Entente: The 1978 Japan-china Peace Treaty In A Global Context (Westview Replica Edition) Bedeski, Robert E"
035765: - "The Literature Lover's Book of Lists: Serious Trivia for the Bibliophile Strouf, Judie L.H. and Fargis, Paul"
026509: - "The Dynamics of China's Foreign Relations (East Asian Monograph): 0039 [Paperback] Cohen, Ja"
041186: - "The World Made New: Frederick Soddy, Science, Politics, and Environment [Hardcover] Merricks, Linda"
041189: - "Barato [Paperback] Jones, Gwen Pritchard"
035275: - "The Sutton Companion to Heraldry Friar, Stephen"
039139: - "Reflections of a Clyde-built Man (Condor Books) Reid, Jimmy"
034348: - Mushrooms and Toadstools of Britain and Europe Gordon Dickson and Catherine Slade
034334: - "The Management of Human Relations Gellerman, S"
038905: - "Revolutionary Justice: Social and Political Theory of P-J. Proudhon Hoffman, Robert L."
026880: - "Coming Out Conservative: An Autobiography Liebman, Marvin"
011239: - International Affairs. Volume 41 1965
045480: - "Space Wars: Worlds and Weapons Eisler, Steven"
044797: - Confronting Managerialism: How the Business Elite and Their Schools Threw Our Lives Out of Balance - Economic Controversies [Paperback] Robert R. Locke and J.-C. Spender
036274: - "Call of the Bell Bird: A Quaker Travels the World Kavanagh, Jennifer"
033344: - "A Flexible Efficient Computerprogramm to answer Human Questions: THE DL * PROGRAMMING Language für Artifical Intelligence (Interdisciplinary systems research; 8) (Interdisziplinäre Forschung) Comfort, John"
033345: - "Top Gun Hall, George"
040133: - "Addysg yng Nghymru yn y Bedwaredd Ganrif ar Bymtheg (Cyfres llygad y ffynnon) Thomas, Ieuan D."
026426: - "Stepping-Stones: Memoirs of Colonial Nigeria 1907-1960: Memoirs of Colonial Nigeria, 1907-60 [Paperback] Leith-Ross, Sylvia"
034703: - Backlash # 16 (Ref-1207626515) Image
034704: - Backlash # 9 (Ref-182684014) Image
042789: - "Problems of an Urban Society: The Social Framework of Planning v. 1 (Urban & Regional Studies) Cullingworth, J. Barry"
026753: - "Fire Across the Sea: The Vietnam War and Japan 1965-1975 (Princeton Legacy Library) Havens, Thomas R.H."
026754: - "Grym Tafodau Tan - Ysgrifau Hanesyddol ar Grefydd a Diwylliant Williams, Glanmor"
043266: - "Relationship of Verbal and Non-verbal Communication (Contributions to the Sociology of Language) (Contributions to the Sociology of Language [CSL]) Key, Mary Ritchie"
026449: - "China Diplomacy, 1914-18 (East Asian Monograph) (Harvard East Asian Monographs (Paperback)) [Paperback] Chi, M"
043649: - "Studying Interpersonal Communication: The Research Experience: 2 (Interpersonal Communication Texts) [Hardcover] Clark, Ruth Anne"
040507: - "Controlling Social Welfare: A Sociology of State Welfare Work and Organization Cousins, Christine"
026071: - "The Heroes Kingsley, Charles"
026273: - "Mice;Africa/Inter Communism Pr (Contemporary African issues) Allen, Christopher"
044178: - Log of the Centurion Leo Heaps and Philip Saumarez
044175: - "Pacific Sail: Four Centuries of European Ships in the Pacific Morris, Roger"
038666: - "Community, Class and Careers (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought: Third Series) [Hardcover] Bennett, Michael J."
038668: - "The Rump Parliament 1648-1653 [Hardcover] Worden, Blair"
026845: - "The Enduring Vision Essentials Complete Boyer, Paul S."
026846: - "Soviet-American Trade Negotiations (Praeger special studies) De Pauw, John Whylen"
028688: V. E. C. - SOME ACQUISITIONS OF THE WALKER ART GALLERY LIVERPOOL 1935 - 1945 [National Gallery May 1945)
039172: - "For Marx [Paperback] Althusser, Louis"
034922: - "The House Of Commons 1754-1790 Brooke, J"
034925: - Het verzamelen van boeken / druk 2: een handleiding P.J. Buijnsters
044956: - "The Argumentative Indian: Writings on Indian History, Culture and Identity Sen, Amartya K."
026549: - The Popes [Paperback]
042956: - "First Freedom: The Responses of Alabama's Blacks to Emancipation and Reconstruction (Contributions in American History) [Hardcover] Kolchin, Peter"
044947: - "The Making Of Neoliberal India [Paperback] Oza, Rupal"
045068: - "Contentious Traditions: The Debate on Sati in Colonial India [Paperback] Mani, Lata"
043893: - "Four Cheers for Carmarthen: Other Side of the Coin Molloy, Pat"
043430: - "Advances in Experiential Social Processes: v. 1 (Advances in Experimental Social Processes) COOPER, CL"
032762: - The Royal Aeronautical Society 1866-1966 - A Short History
044355: - Sailing Directions for the South and West Coasts of Ireland Irish Cruising Club
040007: - "Society and Politics in the Russian Revolution (Studies in Russia and East Europe) Service, Robert"
039895: - "The End of the Cold War: European Unity, Socialism and the Shift in Global Power Denitch, Bogdan"
039870: - "Structure and Mobility. The men and women of Marseille, 1820-1870 [Hardcover] William Hamilton Sewell Jr"
040955: - "The Jews in Weimar Germany / Donald L. Niewyk [Hardcover] Niewyk, Donald L."
042923: - "Heraldic Alphabet Little, J. P. Brooke-"
043821: - "Ireland Since the Famine Lyons, F.S.L."
045054: - "Cross-Cultural Conversation: (Initiation) (American Academy of Religion Cultural Criticism Series) (AAR Cultural Criticism Series) [Paperback] Balslev, Anindita Niyogi"
043551: - State and Society in Europe 1550-1650 V.G. Kiernan
044979: - "Decolonizing Methodologies: Research and Indigenous Peoples [Paperback] Tuhiwai Smith, Professor Linda"
039699: - "The Russian Revolution and the Soviet State, 1917-21: Documents (Studies in Russia and East Europe) McCauley, Martin"
039662: - "Housing the Workers: A Comparative History, 1850-1914 Daunton, M. J."
039549: - "Class, Conflict and Protest in the English Countryside, 1700-1880 [Hardcover] Reed, Mick and Wells, Roger"
040442: - "Angel With Horns: 15 Lectures on Shakespeare: Fifteen Lectures on Shakespeare Rossiter, A.P."
039830: - "China Helpers: Western Advisers in China, 1620-1960 Spence, Jonathan D."
039742: - "Class, Politics, and Early Industrial Capitalism: A Study of Mid-Nineteenth Century Toulouse, France (Studies in European Social History) Aminzade, Ronald J."
043490: - "A House Divided: America in the Age of Lincoln Foner, E"
042649: - "Democracy and Religion: Gladstone and the Liberal Party 1867-1875 (Cambridge Studies in the History and Theory of Politics) [Paperback] Parry, J. P."
042625: - Eminent Elizabethans [Hardcover] A. L. Rowse
040440: - "Contemporary Wales: v. 7: An Annual Review of Economic and Social Research (Social Sciences Yearbook) Thomas, Dennis W. and Day, Graham"
040389: - "Rethinking German History: Nineteenth Century Germany and the Origins of the Third Reich Evans, Richard J."
045073: - "Thinking Through Cultures: Expeditions in Cultural Psychology [Paperback] Shweder, Richard A."
038240: - "Argufying: Essays on Literature and Culture Empson, William and Haffenden, John"
040619: - "James a John Gruffydd, W. J."
034914: - "True Wilderness: A Selection of Addresses Williams, H.A."
013123: - Nineteenth Century Short Title Catalogue. Series II. Phase I 1816-1870 ... extracted from the catalogues of the Bodleian Library, the British Library, Harvard University Library, the Library of Congress, the Library of Trinity College, Dublin, the National Library of Scotland, and the University Libraries of Cambridge and Newcastle (56 Volumes)
070363: - Boxing News. Volume 1 No. 34 New Series. August 8 1945 American Monopoly. Troops want Anglo-American contests
026755: - "Resistance and Revolution in China: The Communists and the Second United Front: 11 (Center for Chinese Studies, UC Berkeley) [Hardcover] Kataoka"
026088: - "Joshua's Key Brading, H"
026092: - Simple to Sensational [Hardcover] Jun Tanaka and Steve Lee
026095: - Mercury Outboard: (1965-1991) v. 1 (Seloc Marine Tune-Up and Repair Manuals) [Paperback] Seloc
026101: - "Chinese Calculus of Deterrence: India and Indochina (Michigan studies on China) Whiting, Allen S."
026102: - "China Enters the Twentieth Century: Chang Chih-Tung and the Issues of a New Age, 1895-1909 Bays, Daniel"
026104: - "Achieving Understanding: Discourse in Intercultural Encounters (Language In Social Life) [Paperback] Broeder, Peter; Bremer, Katharina; Roberts, Celia and Vasseur, M.-T."
026106: - "Conflict Talk: Sociolinguistic Investigations of Arguments in Conversations [Paperback] Grimshaw, Allen"
034767: - Hero # 17 (Ref-417838256) DC Comics
034768: - Hero # 12 (Ref2048900079) DC Comics
034769: - Hero # 13 (Ref-1960000764) DC Comics
035235: - "Fielding Henry : Tom Jones (Sc) (Signet classics) Fielding, Henry"
042780: - "Humanistic Psychology and the Research Tradition: Their Several Virtues Child, Irvin L."
032433: - A History Of Modern France Vol. 1 1715-1799 Alfred Cobban
012298: - Psychology in Education (The New Educator's Library)
040600: - "Moments: Collected poems of Jean Whitfield Whitfield, Jean"
038242: - "Collection of Ranter Writings of the Seventeenth Century Smith, Nigel"
037038: - "The Miniature World of Henry Greenly Steel, Ernest Alfred"
039209: - "My Friend Ernest Hemingway Seward, William"
032608: - "El laberinto de fortuna o Las trescientas Mena, Juan De"
032611: - "John Greenleaf Whittier an Introduction and Interpretation Pickard, John B. (John Greenleaf Whittier)"
032615: - Indians and the Old West: The Story of The First Americans Anne Terry White
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026271: - "Walter Nash Sinclair, Keith"
041111: - "Italy from the Risorgimento to Fascism: An Inquiry into the Origins of the Totalitarian State Salomone, A.William"
041184: - "Commemorations: The Politics of National Identity Gillis, John R."
038831: - "Metaphysics: Books M and N (Clarendon Aristotle Series): Bks. M & N [Paperback] Aristotle, Aristotle and Annas, Julia"
045187: - "Maid of Cefn Ydfa Hughes, Isaac Craigfryn"
026956: - "Coal Metropolis: Cardiff 1870-1914 Daunton, M.J."
031452: - The Rebel Sell: How the Counter Culture Became Consumer Culture J. Heath and Andrew Potter
043330: - "Within These Hills: A Study of Corris Uchaf, Braichgoch Quarry the Upper Corris Tramway and the Social Life of a Merionethshire Village Eade, Sara"
011228: - International Affairs. Volume XLIV 1968
011230: - International Affairs. Volume XXXII 1956
011231: - International Affairs. Volume 54 1978
042142: - "Shopkeepers and Master Artisans in Nineteenth Century Europe Crossick, Geoffrey and Haupt, Heinz-Gerhard"
026485: - "West African Countries and Peoples (African Heritage S.) Horton, J.A.B. and Shepperson, George A."
038011: - "On War Clausewitz, Carl von; Howard, Michael Eliot and Paret, Peter"
028496: - "THE OFFICIAL CATALOGUE OF THE CONTENTS OF DOVE COTTAGE: The Home of Wordsworth [1799 - 1808] and of De Quincey (1809 - 1830 Circ.) AND OF THE WORDSWORTH MUSEUM, GRASMERE (ASSOCIATION COPY)"
011238: - International Affairs. Volume 62 1986
042904: - "Language and Cognition Luria, A. R. and Wertsch, James V."
042707: - English as a Foreign Language: Grammar and Syntax for Teachers and Advanced Students R. A. Close
031849: - "Thomas Stearns Eliot: Poet Moody, A. D."
031847: - "Fee Fi Fo Fum (Puffin Picture Books) Briggs, Raymond"
021614: - Internationale Kirchliche Zeitschrift. Fünfundsiebzigstes Jahr. Juli-September 1985. 3. Heft (Neue folge der Revue Internationale de Théologie. Der ganzen Folge Zweiundneunzigstes Jahr. Heft 371)
021615: - Internationale Kirchliche Zeitschrift. Fünfundsiebzigstes Jahr. Oktober-Dezember 1985. 4. Heft (Neue folge der Revue Internationale de Théologie. Der ganzen Folge Zweiundneunzigstes Jahr. Heft 372)
021617: - Internationale Kirchliche Zeitschrift. Sechsundsiebzigstes Jahr. Januar - März 1986 1. Heft (Neue folge der Revue Internationale de Théologie. Der ganzen Folge Vierundneunzigstes Jahr. Heft 373)
021618: - Internationale Kirchliche Zeitschrift. Sechsundsiebzigstes Jahr. April-Juni 1986 2. Heft (Neue folge der Revue Internationale de Théologie. Der ganzen Folge Vierundneunzigstes Jahr. Heft 374)
031852: - "The Mine of Lost Days Brandel, Marc and Verling, John"
031862: - Finnish for foreigners Maija Hellikki Aaltio
031608: - "Les Français de l'an 40 : Tome 1, La guerre oui ou non ? Crémieux-Brilhac, Jean-Louis"
039709: - "Shakespeare and the Lawyers Phillips, O. Hood"
038072: - "Auguste Blanqui and the Art of Insurrection Bernstein, Samuel"
042856: - "Historical Perspectives: Studies in English Thought and Society in Honour of J.H.Plumb McKendrick, Neil"
039847: - "Risorgimento and the Unification of Italy (Historical Problems S.) Beales, Derek"
039848: - "The Dogs of Pavlov Abse, Dannie"
026550: - "Mansfield Microeconomics - Theory and Applicatio Ns 2ed Mansfield, Edwin"
044453: - "Ffiniau: Myfyrdod Athronyddol Ar Lenyddiaeth [Paperback] Phillips, Dewi Z. and Edwards, Hywel Teifi"
032090: - "La nueva izquierda en América Latina Barrett, Patrick; Chávez, Daniel and Rodríguez Garavito, César A."
044460: - "Byd a'r Betws, Y - Colofnau Angharad Tomos [Paperback] Tomos, Angharad; Jones, Rocet Arwel and Lewis, Dafydd Morgan"
032353: - National Gallery of Scotland AA. VV.
031143: - "Patterns of Protest: Politics and Social Movements in Bolivia (LAB Short Books) Crabtree, John"
031485: - Leviathan John Birmingham
041951: - "Divided House Phillips, Melanie"
070253: - Boxing News. Volume 2 No. 19 New Series. April 24 1946
039503: - "Blake's Illustrations to the Poems of Gray [Hardcover] Tayler, Irene"
041916: - "Sociology, Morals and Mystery (The Chichele lectures) Harrod, Roy"
044296: - "Landscape Modelling [Paperback] Norman, Barry"
044308: - "The Bishop's Stortford, Dunmow and Braintree Branch Paye, Peter"
034259: - "Louisa May Alcott: A Centennial For Little Women. An Annotated, Selected Bibliography"
033432: - "Genetics Experiments with Bacterial Viruses Snustad, D. Peter and Dean, Donald S."
040813: - "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds: Selections (U.Books) Mackay, Charles"
043387: - "The War Against the Jews, 1933-45 Lucy S. Dawidowicz"
039514: - "Lenin and the Cultural Revolution (Marxist theory and contemporary capitalism) Urondo, C.Claudin-"
043362: - "A'u Bryd ar Ynys Enlli (Ffeithiol) Roberts, Enid"
042750: - "Teaching Psychology: Information and Resources Rose, David and Radford, John"
040419: - "After Communism: From the Atlantic to the Urals Lesourne, Jacques; Lecomte, Bernard and Miller, C."
043785: - "The Fall of Communism and the Rise of Nationalism: The ""Index"" Reader (Index readers) Petrie, Ruth and Maryniak, Irena"
026459: - "Source Book for Linguistics: Third revised edition Cowan, William and Rakusan, Jaromira"
031483: - "Railway Heritage: Portsmouth - Including Lines to East Southsea, Gosport, Fareham, the Meon Valley and Havant to Hayling Island Harvey, Michael G. and Rooke, Edward"
031465: - "Silvered Wings: The Aerial Photography of Gordon Bain Bain, Gordon"
045389: - Art Nouveau Embroidery [Hardcover] Lewis F. Day and Mary Buckle
042838: - "History Men Kenyon, J. P."
039922: - "Class and Religion in the Late Victorian City. McLeod, Hugh"
043035: - "Shakespeare, Jonson, Molière: The Comic Contract [Paperback] Grene, Nicholas"
043025: - "Political Thoughts of Hannah Arendt (University Paperbacks) Canovan, Margaret"
043356: - "Study of Urbanization Hauser, Philip M. and Schnore, Leo F."
042143: - Fortress Europe: Inside the War Against Immigration [Paperback] Matthew Carr
034372: - La guerre de troie n'aura pas lieu Jean GIRAUDOUX
034362: - "Forestry in Crisis: Battle for the Hills Tompkins, Steve"
031578: - "International Socialism 107: How the G8 is Strangling the World (Poverty, Aid, Debt, Trade, Climate Change) Unnamed, Unnamed"
034724: - Backlash # 22 (Ref2106570015) Image
034725: - Ascension # 17 (Ref1902678618) Image
034719: - Backlash # 25 (Ref453270466) Image
044652: - "Detour and Access: Strategies of Meaning in China and Greece (Zone Books) [Paperback] Jullien, Francois"
040624: - "Birthday Party and ""Caretaker"" (Text & Performance S.) Knowles, Ronald"
031003: - "This is Your Life Charlie Brown (Coronet Books) Schulz, Charles M."
032637: - "Only Fools And Horses. The Trotter Way To Romance By Derek Trotter. Based On The BBC TV Series By John Sullivan Haselden, John"
042706: - "Whose City? And Other Essays On Sociology And Planning. Pahl, R.E."
043547: - "London, 1808-70: The Infernal Wen (History of London) Sheppard, F.H.W."
044911: - "Ethics and Community (Liberation & Theology S.) Dussel, Enrique and Barr, R."
035683: - [Almanac 2008: Welsh Writing in English Yearbook] (By: Katie Gramich) Katie Gramich
041255: - Consuming Higher Education: Why Learning Can't be Bought [Paperback] Joanna Williams
036258: - "Augustus (Ancient Culture & Society) Jones, A. H. M."
026074: - "Archaeology: A reference handbook [Hardcover] Day, Alan Edwin."
026075: - "Principles of Accounting Rowland, Stanley W. and Seaborne, R.E."
026076: - "Longitude. The True Story Of A Lone Genius Who Solved The Greatest Scientific Problem Of His Time [Hardcover] Sobel, Dava"
026079: - "Patterns of Dissonance: A Study of Women and Contemporary Philosophy [Paperback] Braidotti, Rosi"
026082: - "Political Communications: The General Election Campaign of 1983 [Hardcover] Crewe, Ivor & Martin Harrop (edits)."
039913: - "Joyce Cary and the Dimensions of Order Echeruo, Michael J.C."
039908: - "Cop World: Policing the Streets of San Diego McClure, James"
039910: - The Government We Deserve Colin R. Coote
039911: - "New Criminology: For a Social Theory of Deviance (International Library of Society) Taylor, Ian and etc."
039912: - "Police Forces in History (Sage readers in 20th century history) Mosse, George L."
045512: - Soldier, Sailor and Airman Too: The Fighting Life of Group Captain A.B.Woody Woodhall A.B. Woodhall
038185: - "Rhetoric: The Wit of Persuasion (Language Library) Nash, Walter"
044898: - "Ifas y Tryc Jones, W.S."
042912: - "A Morbid Taste for Bones: a mediaeval whodunnit: The First Chronicle of Brother Cadfael Peters, Ellis"
038235: - "Myths of Modern Individualism: Faust, Don Quixote, Don Juan, Robinson Crusoe (Canto original series) [Paperback] Watt, Ian"
038478: - "Yeats - Poems, 1919-35: A Selection of Critical Essays (Casebook S.) Cullingford, Elizabeth"
045661: - Red Sun and Merlin Unchained (Playtext) [Paperback] Rudkin, David
041998: - "Democracy and Civil Society Keane, John"
038890: - "The 1930's: Challenge to Orthodoxy Lucas, John"
035530: - "Outrageous Seas: Shipwreck and Survival in the Waters Off Newfoundland, 1583-1893 (Carleton Library) (Carleton Library Series) Baehre, Rainer K."
040672: - "Ysgrife'r Randibw [Paperback] Jones, Corrisa"
040482: - "Rural Recreation in the Industrial World Simmons, I.G."
011477: - Middle Eastern Studies. Volume Eight 1972
040334: - "A Social History of Western Europe, 1880-1980 Kaelble, Hartmut"
070395: - Boxing News. Volume 3 No. 13. New Series. March 26 1947 Blow for British Boxing
033774: - HINDUISM George braziller
039812: - "Moments of Vision: Poetry of Thomas Hardy Zietlow, Paul"
039808: - "God's Grace Malamud, Bernard"
039809: - "Chartism and the Chartists Jones, David"
039810: - "Socialism and the Great War: The Collapse of the Second International Haupt, Georges"
039133: - "Rhetoric in the Human Sciences (Inquiries in Social Construction series) [Paperback] Simons, Herbert W."
037124: - "The French Air Service War Chronology 1914-1918 Bailey, Frank W. and Cony, Christophe"
026197: - "Womunafu's Bunafu: A Study of Authority in a Nineteenth-Century African Community (Princeton Legacy Library) Cohen, David William"
039441: - "Geography of the Imagination: Forty Essays Davenport, Guy"
039550: - Early Writings of Charlotte Bronte ALEXANDER
039552: - "Introduction to the African Novel (Studies in African literature) Palmer, Eustace"
039553: - "Novel in Africa (African Literature Today) Jones, Eldred Durosimi"
039687: - "Reading Deconstruction/Deconstructive Reading Atkins, Douglas G."
039746: - "Threshold of a Nation: A Study in English and Irish Drama (Cambridge Paperback Library) [Paperback] Edwards, Philip"
040129: - "Ionesco: Plays, Volume Seven (7) - Hunger and Thirst, The Picture, Anger, Salutations Eugene Ionesco and Donald Watson"
040104: - "Myth of Deliverance: Reflections on Shakespeare's Problem Comedies Frye, Northrop"
042595: - "Politics and Change in Developing Countries: Studies in the Theory and Practice of Development [Hardcover] Leys, Colin"
032857: - "The Theory of the Governance of Jurist (Wilayat Al-Faqih) Tehrani, Mahdi Hadavi and Pirnajmuddin, Hossein"
040181: - "Passages [Paperback] Quin, Ann"
040127: - "The British Working Class Novel in the Twentieth Century (Stratford Studies) Hawthorn, Jeremy"
040279: - "Black New Orleans, 1860-80 Blassingame, John W."
040276: - "What is Surrealism?: Selected Writings Breton, Andre and Rosemont, Franklin"
026422: - "Power and Independence: Urban Africans' Perception of Social Inequality (International Library of Anthropology) Lloyd, Peter"
040291: - "Kinesics and Context: Essays on Body-motion Communication [Hardcover] Birdwhistell, Ray L."
040574: - "Dickens (Writers & Critics S.) Wing, George D."
040536: - "Men without Art Lewis, Wyndham"
040799: - "The Human Situation: The Lectures Given at Santa Barbara Huxley, Aldous and Ferrucci, Piero"
040897: - "Soviet Sociology Simerenko, Alex"
040295: - "Speak for Yourself: A Mass-Observation Anthology, 1937-49 Calder, Angus and Sheridan, Dorothy"
040299: - "Language and Power Kramarae, Cheris; Schulz, Muriel and O'Barr, William M."
044216: - "Sydney Camm and the Hurricane Fozard, John R."
026238: - "The Persian Gulf and American policy (Praeger special studies) Nakhleh, Emile A"
043083: - Inside the Colleges of Further Education Education & Science Dept.of
034292: - "Applied Econometric Techniques Cuthbertson, Keith; etc.; Hall, Stephen G. and Taylor, Mark P."
034289: - Flavours of Wales: Explore Traditional Welsh Produce and Cooking with Some of Wales' Best-loved Recipes Gilli Davies
070393: - Boxing News. Volume 3 No. 11. New Series. March 12 1947 Matchmaking Evils
041092: - "Shared Space, Divided Space: Essays on Conflict and Territorial Organization Chisholm, Michael; Smith, David M. and Chisolm, M."
039943: - "Books Behind Bars: The Role of Books, Reading, and Libraries in British Prison Reform, 1701-1911: 72 (Contributions in Librarianship & Information Science) Fyfe, Janet"
039929: - "Animal Farm and ""Nineteen Eighty-four"" (Open guides to literature) Calder, Jenni"
039930: - "Fiction And the Reading Public (Peregrine Books) Leavis, Q. D."
039941: - "Rethinking Social Inequality (Explorations in sociology) [Hardcover] Robbins, David"
042820: - "Parallel Distributed Processing, Vol. 1 (MIT Press): Foundations: Explorations in the Microstructure of Cognition: Foundations v. 1 [Paperback] Rumelhart, David E.; McClelland, James L. and P.D.P. Research Group, P.D.P. Research Group"
041185: - "Regulating a New Economy: Public Policy and Economic Change in America, 1900-33 Keller, M"
033801: - "Avro Lancaster (Combat Legends) Holmes, Harry"
041384: - "Passeurs d'idées religieuses entre l'Inde et l'Europe Maillard, Christine and Tardan-Masquelier, Ysé"
041734: - "Orwell and the Politics of Despair: A Critical Study of the Writings of George Orwell [Hardcover] Rai, Alok"
041740: - "The Power of the Image: Essays on Representation and Sexuality [Hardcover] Kuhn, Annette"
045603: - Lost Opportunities: Language Skills of Linguistic Minorities in England and Wales Carr-Hill, Roy and etc.
040595: - "Through Cloud and Sunshine: History of the Church in the Upper Afan Valley in the County of West Glamorgan and Diocese of Llandaff Brown, Roger Lee"
041786: - Making Music Videos: Everything You Need to Know from the Best in the Business Lara M. Schwartz
041798: - "Liberty and Love: English Literature and Society, 1630-88 Malekin, Peter"
041800: - "Fortnight's Anger (Carcanet Collection S.) Scruton, Roger"
041805: - "Universities and Elites in Britain since 1800 (Studies in Economic and Social History) [Paperback] Anderson, R. D."
041808: - "Maerlants wereld Van Oostrom, F.P."
041827: - Parents and Peers in Social Development: A Sullivan-Piaget Perspective Youniss
042006: - "The Creative Mind: Myths and Mechanisms [Hardcover] Boden, Margaret A."
041850: - "De bril van God: de Schrift betwist II Hart, M. 't"
041828: - "Scientific Analysis of Personality and Motivation (Personality & Psycho-pathology Monographs) Cattell, Raymond Bernard and Kline, Paul"
041919: - "Research in Adult Education: Abstracts and Summaries of Recent Research in Adult Education in the U.K. Charnley, Alan Huntington"
041921: - "The 1930s : A challenge to orthodoxy Lucas, John (Ed. )"

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