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42640: - The Strange Genius of William Burges, Art-Architect, 1827-81 Crook, Joseph Mordaunt
44702: - Forever Is in the Now: The Timeless Message of Sri Ramana Maharshi
42542: - Forward from Clapham South Phillips, Michael
42120: - Orange Envelope Soldati, Mario and Wall, B.
42277: - Devil Tree Kosinski, Jerzy
42286: - Trespasses Bailey, Paul
42071: - John Brown's Body Barker, A.L.
26088: - Joshua's Key Brading, H
41074: - Upon the Sweeping Flood [Hardcover] Oates, Joyce Carol
36274: - Call of the Bell Bird: A Quaker Travels the World Kavanagh, Jennifer
42910: - Mission to Kala Beti, Mongo and Green, P.
43193: - Modern Strategy [Paperback] Gray, Colin S.
81900: (EDITED BY HARUAKI KOTSUKI) - Manuscript Sanscrit Du Sutra Du Lotus de la Societe Asiatique (No2) Texte Romanise (Sanskrit Lotus Sutra Manuscript from the Societe Asiatique (No. 2) Romanized Text
42980: - Down the Hatch Roche, L.T.
43013: - The Desire and Pursuit of the Whole: A Romance of Modern Venice (Da Capo Paperback) Rolfe Baron Corvo, Frederick William
43046: - Social Change in Industrial Society: Twentieth-Century America (St. Anthony's Publications) Cochran, Thomas C.
43067: - New General Mathematics: W. Ans Bk. 3 Channon, John B. ; Etc. ; Mcleish Smith, A. And Head, H.C.
43072: - Picturing Power: Visual Depiction and Social Relations (Sociological Review Monographs, No. 35) Fyfe, Gordon and Law, John
40803: - Scottish Short Stories: The Devil and Dr. Tuberose
40634: - Scarperer, the Behan, Brendan
40717: - Welsh Heirs Jones, Glyn
80984: - Barbizon House 1923: An Illustrated Record
39967: - Facts of Life and Other Fictions Nye, Robert
40549: - Changes and Dreams Glenda Beagan
40448: - Neither Crumbs Nor Condescension: Central Labour College, 1909-15 Atkins, John
40502: - The Shawl Ozick, Cynthia
32539: - Signs of Grace Brown, David and Fuller, David
35391: - The Ki: How to Make Your Dreams Come True with Feng Shui Astrology Yoshikawa, Takashi
36128: - Finding (Classic Reprint) Dircks, Helen
40295: - Speak for Yourself: A Mass-Observation Anthology, 1937-49 Calder, Angus and Sheridan, Dorothy
46027: - Changing World, Unchanging Church? : Agenda for Christians in Public Life Clark, David
44194: - Steam at Sea: Two Centuries of Steam-Powered Ships Griffiths, Denis
40149: - Adolf Hitler (Coronet Books) Cross, Colin
31974: - Healing - More or Less: Reflections and Prayers at the End of an Age: More or Less - Reflections and Prayers on the Meaning and Ministry of Healing at the End of an Age Cotter, Jim
32238: - The Life of St. Edmund Matthew Paris and C.H. Lawrence
41040: - Good King Wenceslas: The Real Story Rejzl, Jan
41227: - Imagining Japan: The Japanese Tradition and Its Modern Interpretation [Paperback] Bellah, Robert N.
81330: (FOREWORD BY DREW, BOB) - Sailing Directions for the East and North Coasts of Ireland
32832: - North American Sabre (Aircraft Monograph) Wagner, Ray
33351: - The Role of the Bomber Clark, Ronald William
35896: - The French Foreign Legion: A Complete History Porch, Douglas
39481: - Janine Callow, Philip
44811: - Chinese Religion: An Introduction (Religious Life in History) Thompson, Laurence G.
44949: - Nagarjuna Verses on the Great Vehicle and the Heart of Dependent Origination [Hardcover] Jamieson, R.C.
45058: - A Buddhist Kaleidoscope: Essays on the Lotus Sutra Reeves, Gene
45106: - Critical Terms for the Study of Buddhism (Buddhism and Modernity) [Paperback] Lopez Jr. , Donald S.
45126: - Furrow Escriva, Josemaria
45307: - Light from Light: An Anthology of Christian Mysticism Dupre, Louis K. And Wiseman, James A.
45338: - Buddhism Betrayed? : Religion, Politics, and Violence in Sri Lanka (Monograph of the World Institute for Development Economics R) [Paperback] Tambiah, Stanley Jeyaraja Jeyaraja
45375: - The Gospel of the Fallen Angel: Jesus' Story from Satan's Perspective [Paperback] Geraint Ap Iorwerth
45407: - Buddhist Mahayana Texts (Sacred Books of the East) [Paperback] Cowell, E.B. And Etc.
45437: - History of Indian Philosophy Frauwallner, Erich
45549: - Prehistory: The Making of the Human Mind Renfrew, Professor Lord Colin
39190: - These Foolish Things (Modern Romance Classics) Sadleir, Michael
38988: - The Arts in Prehistoric Greece (Pelican History of Art) [Paperback] Hood, Sinclair
31605: - Enlightenment: The Rise of Modern Paganism V. 1 Gay, Peter
32652: - Ark; a Study of the Koran ,
41205: - Nisa: The Life and Words of a ! Kung Woman (Exploited Earth) [Paperback] Shostak, Marjorie
25718: - Anatomical Model of the Pig Comprising Five Plates, with Key, Showing Outward Conformation, Skeleton, Arteries & Veins, Muscles, & Models of the Internal Organs in Position
46020: - A Dictionary of Early Christian Biography: A Reference Guide to over 800 Men and Women, Heretics, and Sects of the First Six Centuries: A Reference... Heretics, and Sects of the First Six Centurie [Paperback] Henry Wace
38713: - The Peasantry in the French Revolution [Hardcover] Jones, P.M.
32444: - The Jesuits
LCB83049: (TRANSLATED BY H. T. WADE-GERY & C. M. BOWRA) - Pindar Pythian Odes
44438: - Latin for Local History: An Introduction Gooder, Eileen
28193: - Catalogue Des Trts Belles Gravures Et Lithographies Du Xixe Sitcle Composant la Collection de Monsieur H.B. + le Vendredi 31 Mai 1929
LCB83595: (ENGLISH TRANSLATION BY WILLIAM ARMISTEAD FALCONER) - Cicero: De Senectute, de Amicitia, de Divinatione (with an English Translation)
41228: - Of Heretics and Martyrs in Meiji Japan: Buddhism and Its Persecution [Paperback] Ketelaar, James Edward
80286: - Sheppard's Book Dealers in the British Isles 2003/4
80352: - Wilsons Preserved Steam Railway Timetable 1991 Edition
80501: - Lilliput. Volume 22, No. 5, Issue No. 131. May 1948
80506: - Earths Eye and Exhibition of Landscapes by Five Contemporary Artists - Norman Adams, Peter Downing, Derek Hyatt, Peter Weye and David Willetts
80571: - The Welsh Journal of Agriculture: The Journal of the Welsh Agricultural Education Conference Vol. II.
43946: - Like Gold in the Fire - Voices of Hope from el Salvador: War, Exile and Return, 1974-1999 Barba, Maribel and Martinez, Concha
44883: - The Other Side of the Popular: Neoliberalism and Subalternity in Latin America [Paperback] Williams, Gareth
LCB83673: - Lengthening the Scenic Service of Niagara Falls - Part1
LCB84957: - Contemporary Art Gallery of New South Wales Contemporary Collection
40392: - Values and Morals: Essays in Honor of William Frankena, Charles Stevenson, and Richard Brandt: 13 (Philosophical Studies Series) Goldman, A.I. And Jaegwon Kim
38524: - German Liberalism in the Nineteenth Century [Paperback] Sheehan, James J. And a
28228: - Marc Chagall . Disegni Gouaches, Dipinti 1907 - 1983
38796: - Appeasement and the English Speaking World Ovendale, Ritchie
43938: - Allies of a Kind: United States, Britain and the War Against Japan, 1941-45 (Oxford Paperbacks) Thorne, Christopher
LCB84891: - Robert Rauschenberg: Paintings and Drawings
LCB84952: - Josef Albers Werke Auf Papier
31804: - Dylan Thomas Remembered - Dylan Thomas Society Wales Branch Inaugural Meeting of the Dylan Thomas Society - 1977-78
41347: - Advaita Vedanta: An Introduction Arvind Sharma
38837: - Kant's Political Writings (Cambridge Studies in the History and Theory of Politics) Reiss, Hans
32170: - Urban Survival: The Essential Guide to Street Culture Artjaz
32174: - Another World Is Possible: Popular Alternatives to Globalization at the World Social Forum (Critique Influence Change) Fisher, William and Ponniah, Thomas
45613: - Carpathian Disaster: Death of an Army (History of 1st World War S. ) Jukes, Geoffrey
33887: - The Great Book of French Impressionism Kelder, Diane
LCB83691: - Port of Bristol: 100 Years Forward Avonmouth, West Dock, Portishead (Handbook 77)
38267: - Communism in Germany Under the Weimar Republic Fowkes, Ben
45619: - Anthology of British Women Writers: From the Middle Ages to the Present Day [Paperback] Spender, Dale and Todd, Janet
38217: - A Collection of Ranter Writings of the Seventeenth Century Smith, Nigel
81798: (EDITED BY LADY RALEIGH) - The Letters of Sir Walter Raleigh (1879-1922) Vol I & II (Double Volume Set)
44708: - Louisiana Breakdown [Hardcover] Shepard, Lucius
44778: - The Artist Revealed - Artists and Their Self-Portraits [Hardcover] Ian Chilvers
38013: - Property Rights: Philosophical Foundations Becker, Lawrence C.
38038: - Black Waves in Cardiff Bay [Paperback] John Freeman
38083: - Nation Building in Central Europe (German Historical Perspectives) Schulze, Hagen
44939: - The Nectar of Devotion: Complete Science of Bhakti Yoga (the Great Classics of India) [Hardcover] A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
42007: - The Great Heresy Guirdham, Arthur
43368: - Interpretation of the Fourth Gospel [Paperback] Dodd, C.H.
44531: - The Three Pillars of Zen: Teaching, Practice and Enlightenment Kapleau, Philip
44701: - Jacob Boehme: Essential Readings, Edited and Introduced by Robin Waterfield Jakob Bohme and Waterfield, Robin
40605: - Beyond Freedom and Dignity (Penguin Psychology) Skinner, B.F.
40782: - An Introduction to the Philosophy of History [Textbook Binding]
33728: - Lovesexmoneydeath (Vanguard) Bruce French
44621: - Flaxman: Master of the Purest Line David Bindman
41303: - Anthropology of Religion: The Unity and Diversity of Religions Crapo, Richley
37583: - Francais Et Britanniques Dans la Drole de Guerre: Actes Du Colloque Franco-Britannique Tenu a Paris Du 8 Au 12 Decembre 1975
32454: - Plato: Ethics, Politics and Philosophy of Art and Religion V. 2: A Collection of Critical Essays (Modern Study in Philosophy) Vlastos, Gregory
44367: - Cwmardy - We Live. (Library of Wales) [Paperback] Lewis Jones
45024: - Religion and Globalization: World Religions in Historical Perspective [Paperback] Esposito, John L. ; Fasching, Darrell J. And Lewis, Todd
45367: - An Introduction to the Medieval Mystics of Europe: 14 Original Essays Szarmach, Paul E.
45543: - Globalized Islam: The Search for a New Ummah (Ceri Series in Comparative Politics and International Studies) Roy, Olivier
37092: - Blenheim Palace Oxfordshire
41327: - Sustaining the Common Good: A Christian Perspective on the Global Economy Cobb, John B. , Jr.
LCB83225: - Construction and Geometry in Painting from Malevitch to "Tomorrow"
41550: - Studying Buddhism in Practice (Studying Religions in Practice) [Paperback] Harding, John S.
40107: - Unsettling Strangers Fonge, Jeremy
35869: - Involved o'Riordan, Kate
36157: - Enlli: Ddoe a Heddiw / Bardsey: Past and Present Peter Hope Jones
36174: - Womlit's Rag Read, Roger
36314: - The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass (Aged 37 and a Half) Plass, Adrian and Donovan, Dan
35584: - Processing Words: The Information Manager and Word Processing Flood, Stephen
44334: - King Leopold's Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror and Heroism in Colonial Africa [Paperback] Hochschild, Adam
42742: - Stone of the Heart Grimes, Tom
44046: - A History of Art Janson, H.W.
44051: - Shipshape - James Dodds Newell, Martin and Etc.
42808: - Charity Law and Voluntary Organizations
41417: - Shopping for God: A Sceptic's Search for Value in the Spiritual Marketplace Howard, Roland
44678: - Power, Politics, and Culture
38859: - From Humanism to Science, 1480-1700 Mandrou, Robert and Pearce, B.
33455: - The Poellenberg Inheritance Evelyn Anthony and Not Illustrated
33688: - Miniatures Catalogue (Wallace Collection) Wallace Collection and Reynolds, Graham
33371: - Maid of Cefn Ydfa Hughes, Isaac Craigfryn
41829: - Science and Technology in the Industrial Revolution Musson, A.E. And Robinson, Eric
42471: - The Truman Presidency (Woodrow Wilson Center Press) [Paperback] Lacey, Michael James
31972: - All That Could Be Desired: The History of Cricket in Aberystwyth 1830-1997 Varley, Robin A.
32893: - History of Owain Glyndwr and His Associations with Machynlleth - Owain Glyndwr Institute Management Committee
38283: - Hitler and the Collapse of Weimar Germany Martin Broszat
37241: - Mammon's Kingdom: An Essay on Britain, Now Marquand, David
82522: - Royal College of Art Yearbook 1977-1978
42905: - The Natural Order Bentley, Ursula
42677: - 1985 Burgess, Anthony
82443: - Church Bells - the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, London
41606: - The Two Churches: Catholicism and Capitalism in the World System [Hardcover] Budde, Michael L.
42663: - Seeing Wales Whole: Essays on the Literature of Wales Adams, Sam
43884: - The Magic Wheel: Anthology of Fishing in Literature Profumo, David and Swift, Graham
43822: - The Welsh Sonata Hanley, James
43817: - Education in Modern Egypt: Ideals and Realities (World Education S. ) Hyde, Georgie D.M.
43792: - Irish Question (Unwin University Books) Mansergh, Nicholas
LCB83540: - The History of the Times: The 150th Anniversary and Beyond 1912-1948 (2 Volume Set) Part 1, Chapters I-XII, 1912-1920 + Part 2, Chapters XIII-XXIV 1921-1948
43438: - Liberty or Death! the Life and Campaigns of Richard L. Vowell: British Legionnaire and Commander -Hero and Patriot of the Americas [Paperback] Paez Victor, Maria
43476: - The Making of Scotland: Nation, Culture and Social Change (Explorations in Sociology) Mccrone, David; Kendrick, Stephen and Straw, Pat
43429: - David Jordan Kirkbride, Ronald
33414: - The Word Is Very Near You: A Guide to Praying with Scripture Smith, Martin L.
34615: - The Church in the Dark Ages Henri Daniel-Rops and Audrey Butler
41536: - Christians and Missionaries in India: Cross-Cultural Communication Since 1500 (Studies in the History of Christian Missions) [Paperback] Frykenberg, Robert Eric
LCB84942: - D & Ad Cert British Design & Art Direction Student Annual 1998
41284: - Exploring Postcolonial Biblical Criticism: History, Method, Practice [Paperback] Sugirtharajah, R.S.
31985: - Coronado: Knight of Pueblos and Plains Herbert Eugene Bolton and John Kessell
32090: - La Nueva Izquierda en Amärica Latina Barrett, Patrick; Chçvez, Daniel and Rodraeguez Garavito, Cäsar A.
33988: - The Yacoubcan Building Alaa Al Aswany
40397: - Indians without Tipis: A Resource Book by Indians and Metis [Paperback]
40508: - Nation, the, 1865-1900: Selections from the Independent Magazine of Politics and Culture Vanden Heuvel, Katrina
26966: - Piety and Politics - Religion and the Rise of Absolutism in England, Wurttemberg and Prussia [Hardcover] Mary Fulbrook
LCB83527: - Hymns Ancient and Modern - for Use in the Services of the Church with Accompanying Tunes
41525: - True Religion (Wiley-Blackwell Manifestos) [Paperback] Ward, Graham
39212: - Perception and Identity: Essays Presented to A.J. Ayer with His Replies to Them Macdonald, Graham
39815: - Joseph Rathbone, Julian
40341: - Atlas of Nazi Germany Freeman, Michael and Mason, Tim
26559: - World Art [Paperback] Ellis
26816: - Digging Up Stories: Applied Theatre, Performance and War [Paperback] Thompson, James and Hargreaves, Martin
26973: - The Jewish Heritage in British History: Englishness and Jewishness (Immigrants & Minorities) [Hardcover] Kushner, Tony
26335: - The Karnau Tapes Beyer, Marcel and Brownjohn, J. Maxwell
32092: - Sliding: Short Stories Norris Leslie
LCB84876: - Segantini Exhibition: Fondation Beyeler Riehen/ Bassel - January 16 - April 25, 2011
LCB84817: - August Sander in Photography There Are No Unexplained Shadows
LCB84821: - British Art: An Illustrated Souvenir of the Exhibition of British Art at the Royal Academy of Arts, London 6 January-10 March 1934 First Edition
LCB84830: - Odilon Redon Orangerie Des Tuileries (Octobre 1956 - Janvier 1957)
LCB84833: - A Picture of Flemings: A Selection of Scottish Paintings from the Collection of Robert Fleming Holdings Limited
LCB84852: - Letts Keep a Diary an Exhibition of the History of Diary Keeping in Great Britain from 16th-20th Century in Commemoration of 175 Years of Diary Publishing by Letts
LCB84868: - Caspar David Friedrich 1774 - 1840
23205: AARON, RICHARD I. - John Locke
15070: UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF WALES ABERYSTWYTH - Aberystwyth Studies by Members of the University College of Wales. Volume Three
15409: UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF WALES ABERYSTWYTH - Aberystwyth Studies by Members of the University College of Wales. Volume XI 1929
15408: UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF WALES ABERYSTWYTH - Aberystwyth Studies by Members of the University College of Wales. Volume IX 1927
15406: UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF WALES ABERYSTWYTH - Aberystwyth Studies by Members of the University College of Wales. Volume VI 1924
15072: UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF WALES ABERYSTWYTH - Aberystwyth Studies by Members of the University College of Wales. Volume IV. A Special Volume Published to Celebrate the Jubilee of the College
43506: ABLEY, MARK - Beyond Forget: Rediscovering the Prairies Abley, Mark
LCB84488: ABRAMOV, FYODOR - Evergreen Review No. 30 May-June 1963
LCB84828: ABRIOUX, YVES - Homage to Ian Hamilton Finlay
27277: ACKERMANN, ARTHUR - Christmas Print Catalogue. 1988.
LCB84899: ACKLEY, CLIFFORD S. - Holland on Paper in the Age of Art Nouveau
80750: ACKROYD, PETER - Introduction to Dickens
80794: ADAIR, JOHN - Puritans: Religion and Politics in Seventeenth-Century England and America (Signed Copy)
23955: ADAMS, NICHOLSON B. - The Heritage of Spain. An Introduction to Spanish Civilization
25286: ADAMS, GEORGE P. & WM. PEPPERELL MONTAGUE (EDITORS) - Contemporary American Philosophy. Personal Statements (2 Volumes)
39708: ADAMS, W. E. ; ASHTON, OWEN R. AND MUNSLOW, OWEN - Our American Cousins: Being Personal Impressions of the People and Institutions of the United States (1883) [Hardcover] Adams, W.E. ; Ashton, Owen R. And Munslow, Owen
LCB83796: ADHEMAR, JEAN & MERMOD-LAUSANNE (EDITOR) - French Drawing of the XVI Century
LCB84838: ADRIANI, GOTZ - Toulouse-Lautrec the Complete Graphic Works
11186: INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS - International Affairs. Volume XXVII 1951
28164: AGNEW, JULIAN, E. A. - Agnew's 1982 - 1992
26118: D'AGOSTINO, FRED - Chomsky's System of Ideas D'Agostino, Fred
44972: AHEARNE, JEREMY - Michel de Certeau: Interpretation and Its Other (Key Contemporary Thinkers) [Paperback]
26267: AHMED, AKBAR S. - Millennium and Charisma Among Pathans: A Critical Essay in Social Anthropology (International Library of Anthropology) Ahmed, Akbar S.
39485: AJDUKIEWICZ, K. - Problems and Theories of Philosophy
25970: AKIRA, HIROKAWA; PAUL GRONER (TRANSLATOR & EDITOR) - A History of Indian Buddhism. From Sakyamuni to Early Mahayana
45105: ALATAS, SYED FARID - Alternative Discourses in Asian Social Science: Responses to Eurocentrism
25994: SOBOUL. ALBERT - The French Revolution 1787-1799. From the Storming of the Bastille to Napoleon
81264: ALBURT, LEV & SAM PALATNIK - The King in Jeopardy: The Best Techniques for Attack and Defense
82578: ALDRED, CYRIL - Egypt: To the End of the Old Kingdom
LCB83910: ALEXANDER, JOHN - Jugoslavia Before the Roman Conquest
82584: ALEXANDER, JOHN - Jugoslavia: Before the Roman Conquest
19930: ALEXANDER, MARTIN S. & HELEN GRAHAM (EDITORS) - The French and Spanish Popular Fronts. Comparative Perspectives
38906: PLATO; R. E. ALLEN (EDITOR) - Plato's Parmenides
42682: ALLEN, MICHAEL - The Goals of Universities Allen, Michael
LCB83379: ALLEN, CLIFTON J. (GENERAL EDITOR) ET AL. - Hebrews to Revelation - General Articles
25639: ALLEN, ELIZABETH - Hunterian Museum
81161: ALLINSON, ROBERT ELLIOTT - The Philosophical Influences of Mao Zedong: Notations, Relections and Insights
LCB84908: ALMERING-STRIK, LISETTE - Lodewijk Schelfhout Nederlands Eerste Kubist
40068: ALMOND, BRENDA - Values: A Symposium
22364: ALMOND, RICHARD - Medieval Hunting (Signed Copy)
80680: ALTMEYER, ARTHUR J. - The Formative Years of Social Security
24718: ALVSTAD, CECILIA - La Traducciùn Como Mediaciùn Editorial. Un Estudio de 150 Libros Para Niûos y Jùvenes Publicados en Argentina Durante 1997
39411: AMBROSE, ALICE AND LAZEROWITZ, MORRIS - Ludwig Wittgenstein: Philosophy and Language (Muirhead Library of Philosophy)
80658: AMIGONI, DAVID - Victorian Biography: Intellectuals and the Ordering of Discourse
39742: AMINZADE, RONALD J. - Class, Politics, and Early Industrial Capitalism: A Study of Mid-Nineteenth Century Toulouse, France (Studies in European Social History) Aminzade, Ronald J.
42509: AMIS, MARTIN - Dead Babies
31938: ANDERSON, R. G. W. AND LAWRENCE, CHRISTOPHER - Science, Medicine and Dissent: Joseph Priestley, 1733-1804 Anderson, R.G. W. And Lawrence, Christopher
43123: ANDERSON, MICHAEL - Family Structure in 19th Century Lancashire
36575: ANDERSON, RONALD & ANNE KOVAL - James Mcneill Whistler. Beyond the Myth
8482: ANDERSON, VERNON F. - Sudden Glory (Caribbean Writers)
43844: ANDERSON, MICHAEL - Family Structure in 19th Century Lancashire [Hardcover] Michael Anderson
81318: ANDINA, TIZIANA & ERICA ONNIS (EDITORS) - The Philosophy and Art of Wang Guangyi
81622: ANDREA COOK, THEODORE - Old Provence (in Two Volumes: Vol. II)
17507: ANDREW, JOHN - My Heart Is Ready. Feasts and Fasts on Fifth Avenue
26931: ANDREW, EDWARD - Shylock's Rights: Grammar of Lockian Claims
LCB83171: ANDREWS, KEITH - The Nazarenes a Brotherhood of German Painters in Rome
81847: ANNAND TAYLOR, RACHEL - Leonardo the Florentine: A Study in Personality
25738: ANSON, BARRY J. - The History of Anatomy in Medical Education. Reprinted from the Quarterly Bulletin, Northwestern University Medical School, Volume 30, No. 1
25758: ANSON, BARRY J. - Anatomical Considerations in Surgery of the Gallbladder. Reprinted from the Quarterly Bulletin, Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago, 1956, Volume 30, No. 3, Fall Quarter
25760: ANSON, BARRY J. & LEROY E. KURTH - Common Variations in the Renal Blood Supply. Reprint from Surgery, Gynecology & Obstetrics February 1955 Volume 100
23791: ANTONY, JONQUIL - The Malindens
28210: ARCHIBALD, E. H. (INTRODUCTION) - A Preliminary Descriptive Catalogue of Portraits in Oils in the National Maritime Museum
81277: D'ARCY, GERARD - Portrait of the Grand Canal
38877: ARENDT, HANNAH - Men in Dark Times [Hardcover] Arendt, Hannah
41280: ARIEL, DAVID S. - Mystic Quest: Introduction to Jewish Mysticism
80513: ARISTOTLE; HAMILTON FYFE, W AND RHYS ROBERTS, W (TRANSLATORS) . (THE LOEB CLASSICAL LIBRARY) - Aristotle, Volume XXIII - the Poetics 'Longinus' and Demetrius.
45492: ARNAL, WILLIAM E AND MCCUTCHEON, RUSSELL T. - The Sacred Is the Profane: The Political Nature of Religion
41925: ARNO, J. MAYER - The Persistence of the Old Regime: Europe to the Great War Arno J. Mayer
37715: ARNOLD, THOMAS - Introductory Lectures on Modern History Delivered in Lent Term, Mdcccxlii with the Inaugural Lecture Delivered in December, Mdcccxli
43290: ARON, RAYMOND - Introduction to the Philosophy of History. An Essay on the Limits of Historical Objectivity
41457: ARONSON, PH. D. , HARVEY B. - Buddhist Practice on Western Ground: Reconciling Eastern Ideals and Western Psychology [Paperback] Harvey Aronson
LCB84913: MESSUM'S FINE ART - Norman Neasom 1915-2010 Exhibition London 10 January - 2 February 2018
LCB84933: ARWAS, VICTOR - Art Deco
LCB84906: ARWAS, VICTOR - Berthon & Grasset
LCB84905: ARWAS, VICTOR - Affiches Et Gravures de la Belle Epoque
LCB84900: ARWAS, VICTOR - Glass Art Nouveau to Art Deco
LCB84522: ASCH, SHOLOM; (TRANSLATED BY WILLA MUIR & EDWIN MUIR) - Three Cities: A Trilogy Translated by Willa & Edwin Muir
24003: ASCHHEIM, STEVEN E. - In Times of Crisis. Essays on European Culture, Germans, and Jews
42680: HENRY ASHBY - Reappraisals of Fascism Turner
70477: ASPINALL, A. , BARBARA DODWELL, E. A. - Parliament Through Seven Centuries. Reading and Its M.P. S
80685: ATLAS, JAMES - Bellow: A Biography
42271: ATTFIELD, ROBIN - A Theory of Value and Obligation
LCB84822: ATWELL, DAVID - Cathedrals of the Movies History of British Cinemas and Their Audiences
LCB83544: D'AUBERGINE, J. H. MERLE - History of the Reformation of the Sixteenth Century Volumes I to V
LCB84912: LYON & TURNBULL AUCTIONEERS - Modern Made Exhibitions & Viewing 26-29th April 2022
80638: AUGUESTINE, SAINT - The City of God: Volumes One and Two
17544: AUSLANDER, SHALOM - Foreskin's Lament. A Memoir
81778: NO AUTHOR - Palace Theatre: Palace of Varieties (No. 2)
81241: NO AUTHOR - People Building Peace: 35 Inspiring Stories from Around the World
81776: NO AUTHOR - Palace Theatre: From London to New York
81775: NO AUTHOR - Palace Theatre: Palace of Varieties (No. 3)
81774: NO AUTHOR - Palace Theatre: Aladdin
81772: NO AUTHOR - Palace Theatre: No No Nanette
81764: NO AUTHOR - An Evening with Joyce Grenfell: Salisbury Playhouse
81766: NO AUTHOR - Palace Theatre: Robert and Elizabeth
81767: NO AUTHOR - Palace Theatre: Robinson Crusoe
81768: NO AUTHOR - Palace Theatre: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
81769: NO AUTHOR - Palace Theatre: Gay's the Word
81770: NO AUTHOR - Palace Theatre: The King and I
81771: NO AUTHOR - Palace Theatre: Palace of Varieties (No. 9)
81328: NO AUTHOR - Artists of the Valley (Artistiaid y Fro)
81329: NO AUTHOR - Voor de Stad en de Wereld
81685: NO AUTHOR - The British Esperantist (Vol. XXXVII No. 529/530) May/June 1949
81710: NO AUTHOR - Letters of the Rt. Hon. Henry Austin Bruce G.C. B. Lord Aberdare of Duffryn (Volume II Only)
81828: NO AUTHOR - Chappel Galleries, Essex: Glyn Morgan, the Song of the Earth
81255: NO AUTHOR - Word & Image (Volume 4: Number 1: January-March 1988)
81907: NO AUTHOR - Catalogue of the Exhibition of Scottish Art 1939
81793: NO AUTHOR - Index of Japanese Painters
LCB82982: NO AUTHOR - Report of the Fifteenth Annual Session of the Llandaff Diocesan Conference Held at Cardiff, Under the Presidency of the Lord Bishop of Diocese on Wednesday & Thursday October 26th and 27th, 1898
81763: NO AUTHOR - Pleasure Gardens Theatre Folkestone Programme 1949
81777: NO AUTHOR - Palace Theatre: Palace of Varieties (No. 6)
81837: NO AUTHOR - The Agricultural History Review (Volume 31 1983, Part 1)
37685: NO AUTHOR - Fourteen Addresses Delivered to Students of the Birmingham Municipal School of Art Now the College of Arts and Crafts Margaret Street 1892-1924
81773: NO AUTHOR - Palace Theatre: Beyond the Fringe
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LCB84819: FERNANDES, C. VARELA - The Image of a King. Analysis of the Tomb of King D. Fernando I [Paperback] [Jan 01, 2009] Fernandes, C. Varela
22371: FERRET, GUALBERTO LIZARRAGA - Los Movimientos Sociales Emergentes en Bolivia. En Riesgo de Constituirse en Factor Regulador de Las Politicas Neoliberales Antes Que Contribuir Al Cambio Del Modelo de Globalizacion Capitalista (Cuadernos de Investigaciùn No 15) (Signed Copy)
40027: BESSEL & FEUCHTWANGER - Social Change and Political Development in Weimar Germany Richard Bessel and E.J. Feuchtwanger
408: FEVRE, PETER LE - Precursors of Nelson: British Admirals of the Eighteenth Century
LCB84967: FEWKES, JESSE WALTER - Antiquities of the Mesa Verde National Park - Spruce Tree House Bulletin 41
70033: FEWKES, JESSE WALTER - Antiquities of the Mesa Verde National Park (Smithsonian Institution. Bureau of American Ethnology. Bulletin 51)
37538: FIESER, JAMES & JOHN POWERS (EDITORS) - Scriptures of the East
81214: FILLIOZAT, PIERRE-SYLVAIN (TRANSLATED FROM SANSKRIT BY) - Le Yogabhasya de Vyasa Sur le Yogasutra de Patanjali
38287: FINCH, HENRY LE ROY - Wittgenstein the Later Philosophy: An Exposition of the Philososphical Investigations
38259: FINDLAY, J. N. - Wittgenstein: A Critique (International Library of Philosophy)
42080: FINGERHUT, EUGENE R. - Who First Discovered America? : Critique of Precolumbian Voyages (Guides to Historical Issues) Fingerhut, Eugene R.
9643: FISCHER, MICHAEL M. J. & MEHDI ABEDI - Debating Muslims Cultural Dialogues in Postmodernity and Tradition New Directions in Anthropological Writing. History, Poetics, Cultural Criticism
35883: FISCHER, DAVID HACKETT - The Great Wave: Price Revolutions and the Rhythm of History Fischer, David Hackett.
28330: FISH, ARTHUR - John Everett Millais. 1829 - 1896
81827: FISHER, DAVID - Morality and War: Can War Be Just in the Twenty-First Century?
39674: FISK, MILTON - Nature and Necessity: Essay in Physical Ontology
82684: FLEISHER, ELAN - The Riads of Marrakech
70069: LA FLESCHE, FRANCIS - A Dictionary of the Osage Language (Smithsonian Institution. Bureau of American Ethnology. Bulletin 109)
34538: FLINN, DEREK - Travellers in a Bygone Shetland
LCB84853: O FLOINN, RAGHNALL - Franciscan Faith Sacred Art in Ireland, Ad 1600-1750
80422: FLORA, CORNELIA B. AND CHRISTENSON, JAMES A - Rural Policies for the 1990s. Rural Studies Series.
25725: FOLEY, JAMES O. & FRANKLIN S DUBOIS - An Experiment Study of the Facial Nerve. Offprint from the Journal of Comparative Neuroogy Vol. 79, No. 1, August 1943
23285: FOOT, SARAH - Monastic Life in Anglo-Saxon England, C. 600-900
82218: FORBES, ROSITA - Islands in the Sun
LCB83105: FORBES, CHRISTOPHER (INTRODUCTION AND COMMENTARIES BY) ; (FOREWORD BY ARMAND HAMMER) - Faberge Eggs Imperial Russian Fantasies (Photographs by Larry Stein)
82240: FORBES, ROSITA; VISCOUNT D'ABERNON (PREFACE) - Eight Republics in Search of a Future Evolution & Revolution in South America
39691: FORSTENZER, THOMAS R. - French Provincial Police and the Fall of the Second Republic: Social Fear and Counterrevolution
39213: FORSTER, MICHAEL N. - Hegel and Skepticism
43262: FORSYTHE, DIANA. ET AL - Rural Community and the Small School Forsythe, Diana and Etc.
44733: FORT, ANDREW O. - Jivanmukti in Transformation: Embodied Liberation in Advaita and Neo-Vedanta
84964: FORTES, M. ; E. E. EVANS-PRITCHARD (EDITED BY) - African Political Systems
43004: FOSTER, R. F. - Charles Stewart Parnell: The Man and His Family
LCB83857: FOSTER, SIR NORMAN - Rebuilding the Reichstag
46043: FOSTER, R. F. - W.B. Yeats: A Life II: The Arch-Poet 1915-1939: 02
39093: FOTION, N. AND ELFSTROM, GERARD - Military Ethics: Guidelines for Peace and War
LCB84884: THE PUBLIC CATALOGUE FOUNDATION - Oil Paintings in National Trust Properties in National Trust VI Wales & Northern Ireland
70039: FOWKE, GERARD - Archeological Investigations. I. Cave Explorations in the Ozark Region of Central Missouri... . (Smithsonian Institution. Bureau of American Ethnology. Bulletin 76)
23530: FOWLER, HELEN - The Blazing Straw
23983: FOX, WILLIAM SHERWOOD - The Bruce Beckons. The Story of Lake Huron's Great Peninsula. Drawings by Clare Bice & Vincent Elliott
44346: FOX, CYRIL & BRUCE DICKINS (EDITORS) - The Early Cultures of North-West Europe
4764: FOX, JOHN - A Literary History of France. The Middle Ages (Signed Copy)
LCB84982: FRACHTENBERG, LEO J. - Alsea Tesxts and Myths Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin 67
80302: FRANCO, ELI AND PREISENDANZ, KARIN (EDITORS) - Beyond Orientalism. The Work of Wilhelm Halbfass and Its Impact on Indian and Cross-Cultural Studies.
28197: MAZZINI. FRANCO. - Opere D'Arte a Vercelli E Nella Sua Provincia. Recuperi E Restauri. 1968 - 1976. Catalogo Della Mostra.
43090: FRANKENA, WILLIAM K. ; GOODPASTER, KENNETH E. (EDITOR) - Perspectives on Morality: Essays
43839: FRASER, DEREK AND SUTCLIFFE, ANTHONY - Pursuit of Urban History Fraser, Derek and Sutcliffe, Anthony
45452: FRAUWALLNER, ERICH; V. M. BEDEKAR (TRANSLATOR) ; LEO GABRIEL (INTRODUCTION) - History of Indian Philosophy Volume I the Philosophy of the Veda and of the Epic. The Buddha and the Jina. The Samkhya and the Classical Yoga System
28323: FREDEMAN, WILLIAM E. - Pre - Raphaelitism . A Bibliocritical Study.
44512: FREDERICK, AUSTIN - Markesan (Images of America (Arcadia Publishing) ) [Paperback] Frederick, Austin and the Markesan Historical Society
32521: FREEMAN, J STEPHEN (EDITOR) - Shaping Our Future: Challenges for the Church in the 21st Century Freeman, J. Stephen
LCB84931: FREUD, LUCIAN - Lucian Freud
38250: UTE FREVERT - Women in German History: From Bourgeois Emancipation to Sexual Liberation [Hardcover] Ute Frevert
LCB84834: FREYTAG, ANETTE - Gustav Klimt Erwartung Und Erfüllungentwürfe Zum Mosaikfries IM Palais Stoclet: Cartoons for the Mosaic Frieze at Stoclet House
LCB83727: D. L. ANNE HOBBS & TONY FRIEND - The Story of Bryn-Glas House
41026: FROST, DIANE - Ethnic Labour and British Imperial Trade: A History of Ethnic Seafarers in the Uk (Immigrants & Minorities) Frost, Diane
LCB84867: HENRY AND MICHAEL HENRY STRATER; FOREWORD BY EDWARD F. FRY - Works of Sixty Years by Henry Strater, American Artist - Born 1896 Rocks, Nudes & Flowers
45222: FULLBROOK, EDWARD - A Guide to What's Wrong with Economics: 1 (Anthem Frontiers of Global Political Economy and Development)
82468: FULLER, ERROL - Extinct Birds
82528: FULLER, JOHN - The Worm and the Star
471: FURLONG, MONICA - The Life of Christina of Markyate (Visionary Women)
40041: GAINER, BERNARD - The Alien Invasion the Origins of the Aliens Act of 1905
39731: GAITA, RAYMOND - Good and Evil: An Absolute Conception (Swansea Studies in Philosophy)
25733: GALBREATH, EDWIN C. - A Contribution to the Tertiary Geology and Palaeontology of Northeastern Colorado. (University of Kansas. Palaeontological Contributions. Vertebrata)
18645: GALILI, RUBY - Arnos Grove and the Walker Family. Book 1: Isaac Walker, the Founder of the Family at Arnos Grove
LCB83797: GALLAGHER, MICHAEL - The Building of Queen Elizabeth 2 the World's Most Famous Ship,
80507: THE LEGER GALLERIES - Exhibition of English Watercolours: 13 November-22 December 1978
80005: CITY OF EDIBURGH MUSEUMS AND ART GALLERIES - Catalogue of the City of Edinburgh Art Collection; Volume One
81145: WALKER ART GALLERY - Walker Art Gallery Liverpool: Foreign Catalogue (Paintings, Drawings, Watercolours, Tapestry, Sculpture, Silver, Ceramics)
81403: VERTIGO GALLERY - Sarah Medway: Conflict and Resolution
80721: COURTAULD GALLERY - The Courtauld Gallery Masterpieces
27973: THE MAAS GALLERY - British Pictures 1840 - 1940 4 November - 18 December 1998
LCB84826: WALKER ART GALLERY - Twenty Landscapes University Press of Liverpool
42832: GALLIE, W. B. - Philosophers of Peace and War: Kant, Clausewitz, Marx, Engels and Tolstoy (the Wiles Lectures)
LCB84827: GAMLIN, HILDA - George Romney and His Art
LCB84477: GANDER, TERRY J. - Field Rocket Equipment of the German Army, 1939-45
44858: GANERI, JONARDON - The Lost Age of Reason Philosophy in Early Modern India 1450-1700 (the Oxford History of Philosophy)
44806: GANERI, JONARDON - Philosophy in Classical India: An Introduction and Analysis
44857: GANERI, JONARDON - Philosophy in Classical India: An Introduction and Analysis
19807: GANIS, RICHARD (EDITOR) - Displacement and Belonging in the Contemporary World
24544: GANN, L. H. & M. GELFAND - Huggins of Rhodesia. The Man and His Country
LCB84976: GANN, THOMAS W. F. - The Maya Indians of Southern Yucatan and Northern British Honduras Bulletin 64
40164: GANS, HERBERT J. - The Levittowners Gans, Herbert J.
480: GARDINER, ROBERT - The Earliest Ships: The Evolution of Boats Into Ships (History of the Ship)
80820: GARLICK, RAYMOND (EDITED BY) - The Anglo-Welsh Review (Volume Nine: Number Twenty Three)
43091: GARNER, ROBERT ASH - Social Movements in America Garner, Roberta
23120: GARRATT, G. T. - Gibraltar and the Mediterranean
38635: GARRIOCH, DAVID - Neighbourhood and Community in Paris, 1740-1790 (Cambridge Studies in Early Modern History) [Hardcover] Garrioch, David
26359: GARRISON, WEBB - A Treasury of Georgia Tales: Unusual, Interesting, and Little-Known Stories of Georgia (Stately Tales) Garrison, Webb B
38280: GARVIN, TOM - Evolution of Irish Nationalist Politics Garvin, Tom
38602: GARVIN, TOM - Nationalist Revolutionaries in Ireland 1858-1928 [Hardcover] Garvin, Tom
37736: GASKIN, CATHERINE - Edge of Glass
25751: GASSER, RAYMOND F. - The Development of the Facial Muscles in Man. Offprint from American Journal of Anatomy. Volume 120, No. 2, March
70057: GATSCHET, ALBERT S. & JOHN R. SWANTON - A Dictionary of the Atakapa Language Accompanied by Text Material (Smithsonian Institution. Bureau of American Ethnology. Bulletin 108)
42453: GAY, PETER - The Enlightenment. An Interpretation. Volume II. The Science of Freedom
42703: GENOVESE, EUGENE D. - Roll, Jordan, Roll: World the Slaves Made Genovese, Eugene D.
24159: GERBER, DOUGLAS E. (EDITORS) - Greek Poetry and Philosophy. Studies in Honour of Leonard Woodbury
25737: GHORBAN, Z. - Observations on a Giant Skeleton. Offprint from Acta Anatomica 65, 1966
43849: GIDDINGS, J. LOUIS - Ancient Men of the Arctic. [Hardcover]
24374: GIDNEY, JAMES B. - A Mandate for Armenia
LCB84824: GILL, ERIC. - Eric Gill: Engravings from the Cleverdon & Faber Editions of 1929 & 1934 and the Erotic Procreant Hymn Copper Engravings Printed in 2013
LCB84465: GILMOUR, JOHN & MAX WALTERS - Wild Flowers Botanising in Britain
lcb83907: GIMBUTAS, MARIJA - The Balts
45292: GINSBERG, BENJAMIN - The Fall of the Faculty: The Rise of the All-Administrative University and Why It Matters [Hardcover] Ginsberg, Benjamin
44912: GIRI, ANANTA KUMAR AND DALLMAYR, FRED - Conversations and Transformations: Toward a New Ethics of Self and Society (Global Encounters: Studies in Comparative Political Theory)
46074: GIROUARD, MARK - Life in the French Country House Girouard, Mark
37770: GJELSNESS, RUDOLPH - The American Book in Mexico: A Bibliography of Books by Authors of the United States of America Published in Mexico 1952-55
24818: GLOTZ, G. - The Greek City and Its Institutions (the History of Civilization)
45108: GOLD, DANIEL - Aesthetics and Analysis in Writing on Religion: Modern Fascinations [Paperback] Gold, Daniel
LCB82947: GOLDEN, KRISTEN BROWN - Nietzsche and Embodiment - Discerning Bodies and Non-Dualism
80798: GOLDING, WILLIAM - Fire Down Below
LCB84921: GOLDING, MARTIN - Graham Ovenden (Signed Copy) Childhood Streets
41735: GOLDMANN, LUCIEN AND BLACK, R. E. - Immanuel Kant Goldmann, Lucien and Black, R.E.
LCB83795: GOLDRING, DOUGLAS - Regency Portrait Painter. The Life of Sir Thomas Lawrence, P.R. A.
45096: GOLDSTON, ROBERT C - Death of Gandhi, January 30, 1948 : India's Spiritual Leader Helps His Nation Win Independence
28160: GOMBRICH, SIR ERNST H. & HANS TIETZE - Gerhart Frankl (1901 - 1965) Aquarelle. Zeichnungen, Radierungen, (Watercolours, Drawings, Etchings)
22519: GONZçLEZ-ARAMAYO DEHEZA, ALVARO ANTONIO - El Problema Maraetimo de Bolivia y Otras Cuestiones
22308: GOODALL, FELICITY - Lost Plymouth. The Hidden Heritage of the Three Towns
28244: GOODING, MEL ET AL. - Public : Art : Space : A Decade of Public Art Commissions Agency 1987 - 1997.
9325: GOODMAN, JOHN K - Ross Stefan: An Impressionistic Painter of the Contemporary Southwest
LCB83412: GOODWIN, BARBARA; TAYLOR, KEITH - The Politics of Utopia a Study in Theory and Practice
70175: GORDON, YEFIM & DMITRIY KOMISSAROV - Soviet and Russian Testbed Aircraft
81310: GORDY, J. P. - History of a Modern Philosophy (by Kuno Fischer) : Descartes and His School
22331: GORING, ELIZABETH & GREGORY PARSONS - Not Too Precious. Jewellery by 25 International Makers Exhibition at Ruthin Craft Centre: 11 July - 20 September 2015
21173: GOTHEIN, MARIE LUISE, WALTER P. WRIGHT (EDITOR) , LAURA ARCHER-HIND (TRANSLATOR) - A History of Garden Art : From the Earliest Times to the Present Day. Volume 1
19855: GOUBERT, PIERRE - Initiation a L'Histoire de la France (Approches) (Signed Copy)
37577: GOULD, CECIL - Trophy of Conquest: The Musee Napoleon and the Creation of the Louvre
40165: GRAHAM, TAYLOR - Expert Systems in Libraries Gibb, Forbes
40098: GRANDY, RICHARD E. & RICHARD WARNER (EDITORS) - Philosophical Grounds of Rationality: Intentions, Categories, Ends (Clarendon Paperbacks)
39455: GRATTAN-GUINNESS, IVOR - Dear Russell, Dear Jordain
81940: GRAUBARD, STEPHEN R. (EDITED BY) - In Search of Canada
81014: GRAY, JAMES & J. J. B. MAIDMENT (COMPILED BY) - The Banquet of Wit Being a Varied Selection of Anecdotes Bon Mots Et Cetera Compiled from Numerous Sources
82587: GRAY, JOHN - The Canaanites
39098: GRAYEFF, FELIX AND WALFORD, D. (TRANSLATOR) - Kant's Theoretical Philosophy: A Commentary to the Central Part of the Critique of Pure Reason
70466: GREEM, PETER - The Man of God Being the Pastoral Theology Lectures Delivered at Durham University in 1935
37548: GREEN, JONATHON - Famous Last Words
81915: GREEN, RICHARD - The Works of John and Charles Wesley: A Bibliography
LCB84909: GREEN, LYNNE - Wilhelmina Barns-Graham a Scottish Artist in St Ives
81999: GREEN, MIRANDA J. & RAYMOND HOWELL - Gwent County History Gwent in Prehistory and Early History Volume 1
28220: GREEN, RICHARD - Exhibition of Fine Old Master Paintings (1991)
LCB84846: GREEN, CHRISTOPHER & FRANCES MORRIS - Henri Rousseau Jungles in Paris
80641: RICHARD GREENE (EDITOR) - Graham Greene: A Life in Letters
35471: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Heart of the Matter
81799: GREGORY SMITH, ALAN - The Little World of the One o'Clock Gate: Landscape History in South Glamorgan
26210: GRIEDER, JEROME B. - Intellectuals and the State in Modern China (Transformation of Modern China) Grieder, Jerome B.
82523: (REV. ) GRIFFITH, JOHN - Hen Dre'r Gelli a Buried Prehistoric Town in the Rhondda Valley
LCB83333: GRIFFITHS, BEDE; (EDITED BY) FELICITY EDWARDS - A New Vision of Reality Western Science, Eastern Mysticism and Christian Faith
82000: GRIFFITHS, RALPH A. - Gwent County History Age of the Marcher Lords, C. 1070-1536 Volume 2
82001: GRIFFITHS, RALPH A. & PRYS MORGAN & MADELEINE GRAY - Gwent County History Volume 3: The Making of Monmouthshire: 1536-1780
82003: GRIFFITHS, RALPH & CHRIS WILLIAMS & ANDY CROLL - The Gwent County History the Twentieth Century Volume 5
80151: GRIGSON, GEOFFREY - Britain Observed. The Landscape Through Artists' Eyes.
82517: GRIGSON, GEOFFREY (COMPILED BY) - The English Year from Diaries and Letters
22510: GRONDIN, MARCELO H. - Metodo de Quechua Runa Simi Tercera Edicion
82483: GROSZ, GEORGE; ARNOLD J POMERANS (TRANSLATOR) - A Small Yes and a Big No the Autobiography of George Grosz
80744: ADMIRAL VISCOUNT JELLICOE OF SCAPA; ERIC GROVE (INTRODUCTION BY) - The Grand Fleet 1914-1916: It's Creation, Development and Work
20328: GUEST, IVOR - Fanny Elssler (Signed Copy)
LCB84860: GUICHARD, HéLèNE - Des Animaux Et Des Pharaons le Règne Animal Dans L'égypte Ancienne: Le Regne Animal Dans L'Egypte Ancienne
80684: ELECTA ART GUIDES - The Brancacci Chapel
LCB83905: GUIDO, MARGARET - Sardina
82590: GUIDO, MARGARET - Sardina
LCB83675: GUITON, PAUL - Switzerland: Northern and Eastern Northern and Eastern
24965: GUNN, J. ALEXANDER - Modern French Philosophy: A Study of the Development Since Comte. With a Foreword by Henri Bergson
70205: GUSTAFSON, DONALD F. & BANGS L. TAPSCOTT (EDITORS) - Body, Mind, and Method. Essays in Honor of Virgil C. Aldrich (Synthese Library Volume 138)
70319: GUTHRIE, W. K. C - The Greek Philosophers from Thales to Aristotle
21251: GUY-URIEL, E. CHARLES, HEATHER K. GERKEN & MICHAEL S. KANG (EDITORS) - Race, Reform, and Regulation of the Electoral Process : Recurring Puzzles in American Democracy
80821: GWYNEDD JONES, IEUAN (EDITED BY) - The Religious Census of 1851: A Calendar of the Returns Relating to Wales (Volume II) North Wales
LCB83416: GYATSO, TENZIN, THE FOURTEENTH DALAI LAMA, NAGARJUNA E. A. ; JEFFREY HOPKINS & LATI RIMPOCHE (TRANSLATORS) - The Buddhism of Tibet. Combined Volume Comprsiing the Buddhism of Tibet and the Key to the Middle Way and the Precious Garland and the Song of the Four Mindfulnesses by Nagarjuna and the Seventh Dalai Lama
40248: HABERMAS, J & UUML; RGEN - On the Logic of the Social Sciences
39406: HACKER, P. M. S. - Insight and Illusion: Wittgenstein on Philosophy and the Metaphysics of Experience
82583: HAGEN, ANDERS - Norway
31515: HAHNEL, ROBIN - The Abcs of Political Economy: A Modern Approach Hahnel, Robin
28264: HAHNLOSER - INGOLD, MARGIT ET AL - FâLIX Vallotton 1865 - 1925
9754: HALDANE, E. S. & G. R. T. ROSS (RENDERED INTO ENGLISH) - The Philosphical Works of Descartes. Vol. II
36444: HALE, J. R. (EDITOR) - The Evolution of British Historiography. From Bacon to Namier
36702: KUNSTHALLE WƒRTH SCHWèBISCH HALL - Georg Baselitz Top
45261: HALLMAN, MAX O. - Expanding Philosophical Horizons: A Non-Traditional Philosophy Reader (Philosophy Series)
80320: HAMILTON, MARY AGNES - Sidney and Beatrice Webb. A Study in Contemporary Biography
2565: HAMILTON, HUGO - The Speckled People (Signed Copy)
37817: HAMILTON, G. - The English School of Painting and Sculpture. Executed by British Artists from the Days of Hogarth to the Present Time. Volume 2 Only.
43549: HAMMOND, J. L. & BARBARA - The Skilled Labourer, 1760-1832
25252: HAMPSHIRE, STUART - Thought and Action
25765: HAMRE, CHRISTOPHER J. & KAMEHAMEHA K. L. WONG - Hematologic Values for Normal Children Three, Four and Five Years of Age Living in Hawai. Reprinted from the American Journal of Diseases of Children. July 1940, Volume 60
42859: HANSEN, ROGER D. - Beyond the North-South Stalemate Hansen, Roger D.
LCB83207: HANSON, ANNE COFFIN - Manet and the Modern Tradition
80697: HAPMSON, DAPHNE - Kierkegaard: Exposition and Critique
LCB84848: HARDIE, WILLIAM - Scottish Painting, 1837-1939 Signed Copy
80690: HARDY, BARBARA - Thomas Hardy: Imagining Imagination: Hardy's Poetry and Fiction
38018: HARE, R. M. - Essays in Ethical Theory
37777: HARNAN, NICHOLAS - The Heart's Journey Home: A Quest for Wisdom
LCB84809: HARNESS, CHARLES L - The Rose Science Fiction
LCB83308: HARRIES, RICHARD - The Image of Christ in Modern Art
70059: HARRINGTON, JOHN P. - Karuk Indian Myths (Smithsonian Institution. Bureau of American Ethnology. Bulletin 107)
LCB84959: HARRINGTON, JOHN P. - Vocabulary of the Kiowa Language Bulletin 84
70053: HARRINGTON, JOHN P. - Tobacco Among the Karuk Indians of California (Smithsonian Institution. Bureau of American Ethnology. Bulletin 94)
43497: HARRISON, J. F. C. - Common People a History from the Norman Conquest to the Present
42360: HARRISON, JONATHAN - Our Knowledge of Right and Wrong [Muirhead Library of Philosophy]
4443: HART, E. J. - The Place of Bows. Exploring the Heritage of the Banff-Bow Valley. Part I to 1930 (from the Collection of Boudewijn BƒCh)
9264: HARTILL, GRAHAM - A Winged Head (Signed Copy)
80112: NATIONAL GALLERIES OF SCOTLAND; KEITH HARTLEY - Scottish Art Since 1900 [Exhibitions - Edinburgh, 7 June-24 September 1989; London, 8 February-16 April 1990]
25699: HARTLEY, KEITH - Ron Mueck
70293: PLATO; J HARWARD (TRANSLATOR) - The Platonic Epistles. Translated with an Introduction and Notes by J. Harward
4523: NUTCHUK & ALDEN HATCH - Son of the Smoky Sea. Signed with Hand-Drawn Illustration by Nutchuk.
23857: HAUSER, GƒNTER - White Mountain and Tawny Plain. Translated from the German by Richard Rickett
40078: HAWES, JOSEPH M. - Children in Urban Society: Juvenile Delinquency in Nineteenth-Century America (the Urban Life in America S. ) Hawes, Joseph M.
LCB84926: HAWORTH-BOOTH, MARK - E. Mcknight Kauffer a Designer and His Public
45110: HAY, COLIN AND MARSH, DAVID - Demystifying Globalization (Globalization and Governance) Hay, Colin and Marsh, David
24665: HAYES, JOHN H. & J. MAXWELL MILLER (EDITORS) - Israelite and Judaean History
27075: HAYES, JOHN. - The Portrait in British Art. Masterpieces Bought with the Help of the National Art Collections Fund.
LCB84495: HAYMAN, RICHARD - Holy Grail and Holy Thorn Glastonbury in the English Imagination
27911: HAZLITT, GOODEN & FOX - Italian Paintings. January - February 1992
45065: HEAD, SIMON - The New Ruthless Economy: Work and Power in the Digital Age [Paperback] Head, Simon
41102: HEADLEY, JOHN M. - The Europeanization of the World: On the Origins of Human Rights and Democracy [Hardcover] Headley, John M.
70328: O'HEAR, ANTHONY - Karl Popper (the Arguments of the Philosophers)
43307: HEARN, FRANCIS & FRANK HEARN & UNKNOWN - Domination, Legitimation, and Resistance the Incorporation of the Nineteenth Century English Working Class: 3
31452: HEATH, JOSEPH & ANDREW POTTER - The Rebel Sell: How the Counter Culture Became Consumer Culture J. Heath and Andrew Potter
82424: HEATH, STEVE - Multimedia and Communications Technology
LCB83147: HEDSTROM, MATTHEW S. - The Rise of Liberal Religion Book Culture and American Spirituality in the Twentieth Century
LCB84924: HEISS, ALANNA - The Real Royal Trip
43398: HELD, VIRGINIA, SIDNEY MORGENBESSER & THOMAS NAGEL (EDITOR) - Philosophy, Morality and International Affairs: Essays Edited for the Society for Philosophy and Public Affairs
38293: HEMMINGS, F. W. J. - Culture and Society in France, 1789-1848 Hemmings, F.W. J.
82566: HENCKEN, HUGH - Tarquinia and Estruscan Origins
25180: HENRY, PATRICK - Voltaire and Camus: The Limits of Reason and the Awareness of Absurdity (Studies on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century. Volume CXXXVIII)
38946: HENRY, DESMOND PAUL - Mediaeval Logic and Metaphysics (University Library)
80117: HENRY, JOHN & PARKER, JAMES - A Hand-Book for Visitors to Oxford
25743: HENRY, M. M. , A. G. PARKS & M. SWASH - The Pelvic Floor Musculature in the Descendign Perineum Syndrome. Reprinted from the British Journal of Surgery. Volume 69, Number 8, August 1982
45413: HERLING, BRADLEY L. - A Beginner's Guide to the Study of Religion
41413: HERMAN, ARTHUR - The Problem of Evil and Indian Thought
41339: HERMAN, A. L. - Introduction to Buddhist Thought: Philosophic History of Indian Buddhism Herman, A.L.

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