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041997: - "Paternalism in Early Victorian England (Croom Helm social history series) [Hardcover] Roberts, David"
041999: - "The Age of Reform from Bryan to F.D.R. Hofstadter, Richard"
042039: - "Programme Making for Radio (Media Skills) [Paperback] Beaman, Jim"
042008: - Solomon Islands (Reference Pamphlet) Central Office of Information
042065: - "Fussells Ironworks Mells: A Brief History of the Ironworks, the Family and the Community Griffiths, Ken and Gallop, Roy"
042071: - "John Brown's Body Barker, A.L."
029083: - "SIR WILLIAM MacTAGGART 1903 -. SIR ROBIN PHILIPSON 1916 - All the Works in the Collection,november 1977 : Scottish Artists in the National Gallery of Art, Edinburgh. Number 2."
039796: - "Irish Studies: Volume 2: Ireland - Land, Politics and People v. 2 [Hardcover] Drudy, P. J."
039794: - "Marx in His Own Words Fischer, Ernst Peter; Marek, Franz and Bostock, A."
039795: - "Third Book of Criticism Jarrell, Randall"
043042: - "A Man with a Camera Almendros, Nestor and Belash, R.P."
026257: - "Pastoralism in Crisis Dasanetch and Their Aethiopian Lands: The Dasanetch and Their Ethiopian Lands (Research Paper (University of Chicago. Dept. of Geography), No. 180.) Carr, Claudia J. and Carr, Cl"
038206: - "Cognitive Development: Textbook [Paperback] Oakley, Lisa"
044724: - "Moral Hazard Jennings, Kate"
042074: - "Dramatics and melodramatics: Vicissitudes of an amateur dramatic society and an aspiring doctor/author Hywel, William"
042720: - "Collected Letters, The Lawrence, D.H."
042128: - "Character and Social Structure: Psychology of Social Institutions Gerth, Hans H. and Mills, C. Wright"
042533: - "All or Nothing: The Axis and the Holocaust 1941-43 [Hardcover] Steinberg, Jonathan"
042176: - "States of Mind: Study of Anglo-Irish Conflict, 1780-1980 MacDonagh, Oliver"
042182: - "Clovis Dardentor [Paperback] Verne, Jules"
037018: - Gramática de la lengua inglesa para hispanoparlantes (Manuales de la lengua series)
042290: - "Ten Modern Scottish Novels Murray, Isobel and Tait, Bob"
070366: - Boxing News. Volume 1 No. 37 New Series. August 29 1945 Clues to the Future
042293: - "INTERNATIONAL RARE BOOK PRICES: THE ARTS AND ARCHITECTURE. 1992. [Hardcover] Cole, Michael (ed.)."
032804: - "I. S. O. System of Units: An Introduction Walshaw, T.D."
042398: - Nazism:Historcl/Comprtv Anlysis-Pb Eulama
042392: - "Passions of the Mind Stone, Irving"
042397: - "Formalism and Marxism [Paperback] Bennett, Tony"
042410: - "Person and Persona Studies in Shakespeare (University of Wales Press - Writers of Wales) Williams, Gwyn"
042420: - "Fall of the British Empire Cross, Colin"
041925: - The Persistence of the Old Regime: Europe to the Great War Arno J. Mayer
012444: - Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 68 1916
040846: - "Listening to History Lummis, Trevor"
007854: - - Religious Education in Schools. The Report of an Inquiry made by the Research Committee of the Institute of Christian Education into the working of the 1944 education act
043039: - "Deadline at Dawn: Film Writings, 1980-90 [Paperback] Williamson, Judith"
042444: - "The Accrington Pals (A Methuen paperback) Whelan, Peter"
039449: - "Flaubert and Joyce: The Rite of Fiction (Princeton Legacy Library) [Hardcover] Cross, Richard K."
039450: - "David Jones Mathias, Roland"
037104: - "World War Two:the Personalities Davidson, David and Manning, Dale"
032929: - Man and Superman Bernard Shaw
042465: - "Consistency in Cognitive Social Behaviour: Introduction to Social Psychology Mower-White, C. J."
042521: - "British Victorian Literature: Recent Revaluations (The Gotham library) Kumar, Shiv Kumar"
042467: - "The impersonal autobiography of an economist: How you appear to me Smith, Henry"
042493: - First World Nationalisms: Class and Ethnic Politics in Northern Ireland and Quebec See
042564: - "Progressivism in America Ekirch, Arthur A."
042579: - "Rubik's cube Dutt, Leela"
042581: - "Structuring the Therapeutic Process: Compromise with Chaos - A Therapist's Response to the Individual and the Group Cox, Murray"
042590: - Narrative Discourse GENETTE
044972: - "Michel De Certeau: Interpretation and its Other (Key Contemporary Thinkers) [Paperback] Ahearne, Jeremy"
039375: - "The Decline and Fall of the Liberal Republicans: From 1952 to the Present Rae, Nicol C."
039377: - "Chartism And The Churches: A Study in Democracy [Paperback] Faulkner, Harold Underwood"
039378: - "Consensus in Ireland: Approaches and Recessions Townshend, Charles and Farrell, Brian"
039379: - "Thackeray: Prodigal Genius Carey, John"
039380: - "Big Boys' Rules: Secret Struggle Against the IRA Urban, Mark L."
039382: - "Face of the Crowd: Studies in Revolution, Ideology and Popular Protest - Selected Essays Rude, George and Kaye, Harvey J."
039412: - "Black Men, White Cities: Race, Politics and Migration in the United States, 1900-30, and Britain, 1948-68 (Institute of Race Relations S.) Katznelson, Ira"
039417: - "Theory of Need in Marx (Motive) Heller, Agnes"
039422: - "The Complete Essays Pritchett, V. S."
039434: - The Possible and the Actual: Readings in the Metaphysics of Modality [Paperback] Michael J. Loux
042611: - "Speaking of Literature and Society (The Works of Lionel Trilling) Trilling, Lionel"
042606: - Shandyism: The Character of Romantic Irony CONRAD
042633: - "Thomas Middleton Farr, Dorothy"
038186: - "Nationalism and Popular Protest in Ireland (Past and Present Publications) [Hardcover] Philpin, Charles H. E."
033506: - Operators Handbook Unknown
045215: - "Imperialism and Orientalism: The Primary Sources Harlow, Barbara and Carter, Mia"
045642: - Social Episodes (European monographs in social psychology) Forgas, Joseph P.
043618: - "Devolution: The End of Britain? Dalyell, Tam"
035908: - "Creation Was Open to Me: An Anthology of Friends' Writings on That of God in All Creation Adams, Anne and Gibbs, John"
043401: - "Beatrice and Sidney Webb Radice, Lisanne"
033392: - "Concise Marine Almanac Mangone, Gerard J."
041215: - Ysgrifau Beirniadol - Cyfrol 18 [Hardcover] J E Caerwyn Williams
026951: - "Hare and Critics: Essays on ""Moral Thinking"" Seanor, Douglas and Fotion, N."
042655: - "The Nature Novel from Hardy to Lawrence Alcorn, J.M."
042679: - "Victorian Types, Victorian Shadows: Biblical Typology in Victorian Literature, Art and Thought Landow, George P."
042686: - "The Concepts of Criticism: 20 (Foundations of Language Supplementary Series) [Hardcover] Aschenbrenner, L."
026145: - "Psychology of Language (Psychology S.) Fodor, Jerry A. and etc."
026146: - "African Politics and British Policy in the Gold Coast, 1868-1900 (Legon history series) Agbodeka, Francis"
011242: - International Affairs. Volume 65 1989
011243: - International Affairs. Volume XLII 1966
040525: - "Fin-de-Siècle Vienna: Politics and Culture [Paperback] Schorske, Carl E."
042747: - "Male Mythologies: John Fowles and Masculinity Woodcock, Dr. Bruce"
039777: - "Interpreting the French Revolution Furet, François and Forster, Elborg"
043151: - "When We Build Again: Change of Heart About Housing Ward, Colin"
042753: - "Tolstoy's ""What is Art?"" Diffey, T. J."
026551: - "Grammaire et théorie du langage au dix-huitième siècle: ""mot, ""temps, ""mode dans lEncyclopédie méthodique Swiggers, Pierre"
036209: - "The Economics of Price Discrimination Phlips, Louis"
043825: - Democracy LIVELY
042052: - The elements of social scientific thinking Kenneth R. Hoover
032913: - Where to Ride 1996-97: A Guide to BHS-Approved Establishments in the UK and Ireland British Horse Society
042810: - Elizabethan Stage Conventions [Paperback] Dessen
042825: - "Ascendancy of Taste (Ideas & Forms in English Literature S.) Pittock, Joan H."
042954: - "Thomas Hardy: Art and Thought Pinion, F. B."
042939: - "Wordsworth and Coleridge: A Study of Their Literary Relations in 1801-02 Heath, William"
042880: - "Blake's Humanism Beer, John"
042998: - "Twentieth Century Suspense (International picture library) Bloom, Clive"
043002: - "Malcolm Lowry: ""Under the Volcano"" - A Selection of Critical Essays (Casebook S.) Bowker, Gordon"
043015: - "Malcolm Lowry: His Art and Early Life: A Study in Transformation [Paperback] Bradbrook, M"
043016: - "The New Woman and Her Sisters: Feminism and the Theatre, 1850-1914 Gardner, Viv and Rutherford, Susan"
043069: - Towards a Poor Theatre (University Paperbacks) Jerzy Grotowski; Eugenio Barba and Peter Brook
043070: - "African Literature in the Twentieth Century (Studies in African literature) Dathorne, O.R."
039196: - "Evolution of Human Consciousness Crook, John H."
039218: - "Theory and Practice: Essays in Politics Crick, Bernard"
043138: - "The Improvised Play: Work of Mike Leigh (A Methuen theatrefile) Clements, Paul"
043139: - "M.Butterfly (Penguin Plays & Screenplays) Hwang, David Henry"
043075: - "Topics in Criticism Butler, Christopher and Fowler, Alastair"
043556: - "The State of Welfare: Welfare State in Britain Since 1974 Barr, N.A.; Hills, John and Le Grand, Julian"
026185: - "Middle East: A Geographical Study BEAUMONT, P"
042915: - "Puritan Boston and Quaker Philadelphia: Two Protestant Ethics and the Spirit of Class Authority and Leadership Baltzell, Edward Digby"
043217: - "Eugene O'Neill (Modern dramatists) Berlin, Normand"
043417: - "Robinson Crusoe: A Collection of Critical Essays (20th Century Interpretations S.) Ellis, Frank H."
012357: - Signs. Journal of Women in Culture and Society. Volume 26 2001 (2 Volumes)
012359: - Signs. Journal of Women in Culture and Society. Volume 27 2002
012360: - Signs. Journal of Women in Culture and Society. Volume 29 2003-2004
033420: - Writers of Wales Richard Hughes ThomasPeter
043465: - "Time Machines: Time Travel in Physics, Metaphysics and Science Fiction Nahin, Paul J."
026803: - "Cultures on celluloid Reader, Keith"
043620: - "Progress of Romance: Politics of Popular Fiction (Historical Workshop S.) Radford, Jean"
043787: - "Catching Them Young: Political Ideas in Children's Fiction v. 2 Dixon, Bob"
043648: - The Future of the word (Welsh Union of Writers register)
043923: - "Myth, Truth and Literature: Towards a True Post-Modernism [Hardcover] Falck, Colin"
043892: - "Metropolitan Critic James, Clive"
044091: - "The Glyn Valley Tramway (Locomotion Papers) Davies, David Llewelyn and Kidner, R. W."
044333: - "Notes From a Swing State: Writing from Wales and America [Paperback] Brigley, Zoe"
035113: - The Meaning Of Everything: The Story Of The Oxford English Dictionary Simon Winchester
043704: - "Psycholinguistics: Language, Mind and World (Linguistics Library) Steinberg, Danny"
044729: - "Studying Literary Theory: An Introduction: 3 [Paperback] Webster, Roger"
044589: - "Selected Prose and Poetry Emerson, Ralph Waldo"
044596: - "All Quiet on the Western Front Remarque, Erich Maria and Wheen, A.W."
042985: - "Health Economics: Efficiency, Quality and Equity [Paperback] Eastaugh, Steven"
032747: - Family in Society: Preparation for Parenthood (The family in society) Department of Health and Social Security
032743: - A Port and a Pilgrim
032745: - "The End of the Affair (Twentieth Century Classics) Greene, Graham"
043608: - "In Search of the Spirit of Capitalism: Essay on Max Weber's Protestant Ethic Thesis Marshall, Professor Gordon"
043306: - "Sleep and Dreaming: Origins, Nature and Functions (Monographs in Experimental Psychology) David B. Cohen"
040178: - "The Hidden Injuries of Class [Paperback] Sennett, Richard"
004597: - - A Second North Somerset Miscellany
041494: - The Presidency of Thomas Jefferson (American Presidency Series) [Paperback] Forrest McDonald
045083: - "Buddhist Cosmology: Philosophy and Origins Sadakata, Akira"
045269: - "Translingual Practice: Literature, National Culture and Translated Modernity - China, 1900-37: Literature, National Culture, and Translated Modernity―China, 1900-1937 [Paperback] Liu, Lydia H."
045421: - "How Much Does Chaos Scare You?: Politics, Religion, and Philosophy in the Fiction of Philip K. Dick [Paperback] Barlow, Aaron"
045558: - On the Historical Novel Manzoni, Alessandro; Bermann, Sandra and Berman, Sandra
040109: - "The Importance of Disappointment [Paperback] Craib, Ian"
045631: - Japanese and Western Literature: A Comparative Study Janeira, Armando Martins
026735: - "Homeland Gower, Jon"
043820: - "Personality in Industry: The Human Side of a Japanese Enterprise Tanaka, Hiroshi"
012443: - Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 67 1915 Parts 2 & 3
026588: - "Hapsburg Empire, 1790-1918 Macartney, C. A."
026590: - "American & British genealogy & heraldry: A selected list of books Filby, P. William"
070349: - Boxing News. Volume 1 No. 20 New Series. May 2 1945 Future Hopes
033057: - "Rhagymadroddion a Chyflwyniadau Lladin, 1551-1632 Davies, Ceri"
043744: - "The Collapse of Democracy Moss, Robert"
045423: - "The Bad Popes [Hardcover] Chamberlin, E.R."
029294: - "NOTES ON THE HISTORY OF ST. ANDREW'S CHURCH, EDINBURGH: Prepared By the Kirk-session on the Occasion of the Opening of the Church. 12th December 1884 "
031720: - "Language and Relation: .That There is Language Fynsk, Christopher"
043108: - "Advances in Content Analysis (SAGE Series in Communication Research) Rosengren, Karl Erik"
026961: - "Culture and Belief in Europe, 1450-1600 Englander, David; Norman, Diana; O′Day, Rosemary and Owens, W. R."
031845: - Welsh Place-Names and Their Meanings
043047: - Shakespearean Tragedy [Paperback]
034201: - Gardening Tips of a Lifetime Fred Loads
033656: - "The Race For Timbuktu: In Search Of Africa's City Of Gold Kryza, Frank T."
029272: - HOYLAND. BLOW. KING.
043237: - "The Dynamics of Human Communication: A Laboratory Approach Myers, Gail and Myers, Michele"
070373: - Boxing News. Volume 1 No. 43 New Series. October 10 1945 A U.S. Invader
032911: - "What Men Believe Herod, F.G."
042354: - Phil Rogers: Potter [Hardcover] Andrew L. Maske
043874: - "Key Treaties for the Great Powers, 1814-1914: v. 1 Hurst, Michael"
045184: - "Tropical Aquarium Fish Andrew, Chris and Baensch, Ulrich"
043912: - List of American Documents Scottish Record Office
034063: - "Kim (Papermacs) Kipling, Rudyard"
038919: - "Acts of Attention: Poems of D.H. Lawrence Gilbert, Sandra M."
045645: - Beginners' Guide to War Gaming Quarrie, Bruce
045544: - No One Belongs Here More Than You July, Miranda
042970: - "Encouragement of the Fine Arts in Lancashire, 1760-1860 (Chetham Society S.) Darcy, C.P."
041452: - "Psychology East and West Harvey, John and etc."
070282: - Boxing News. Volume 2 No. 44 New Series. October 16 1946 Big Bubble bursts this month
043586: - "On Living in an Old Country: National Past in Contemporary Britain [Paperback] Wright, Patrick"
043331: - "Slate Below: A Study of Corris, [iligible] and Abercorris Quarries the Tramway and the Social Life of a Merionethshire Village Eade, Sara"
034600: - Pwy oedd pwy 4
043799: - Grande Expectations: How Understanding Starbucks Demystifies the Stock Market - And How it Can Make You a Better Investor: How Understanding Starbucks ... - And How It Can Make You a Better Investor Karen Blumenthal
041641: - "Reorienting Orientalism [Hardcover] Niyogi, Chandreyee"
070386: - Boxing News. Volume 3 No. 4. New Series. January 8 1947
026884: - "Yes, Premier: Political Leadership in Australia's States and Territories [Paperback] John Wanna and Paul Williams"
026885: - "Thomas Abthorpe Cooper: Father of the American Stage, 1775-1849 [Paperback] F.Arant Maginnes"
070388: - Boxing News. Volume 3 No. 6. New Series. January 22 1947 "Live" Opponent for Freddie Mills
045650: - The Trade Secret Robert Newman
026244: - "Cromer in Egypt Marlowe, John"
043325: - "Waldo: Biography of Waldo Williams Nicholas, James"
045361: - "The Gospel according to America: A Meditation on a God-blessed, Christ-haunted Idea [Paperback] Dark, David"
034649: - New 52 - Futures End (Vo1) # 16 (Ref2009625294) DC Comics
034650: - New 52 - Futures End (Vo1) # 14 (Ref1021731744) DC Comics
034647: - Daredevil (Vol 2) # 12 (Ref-1298263909) Marvel Comics
039135: - "The Story of Carthage Church, Alfred John"
026155: - "Mandarins, Gunboats and Power Politics: Owen Nickerson Denny and International Rivalries in Korea (ASIAN STUDIES AT HAWAII) Swartout, Robert R."
042340: - "Bismarck and the Development of Germany, Vol. 1: The Period of Unification, 1815-1871: The Period of Unification, 1815-71 Pflanze, Otto"
034849: - Bishop (1994 Ltd) # 2 (Ref1829839961) Marvel Comics
034848: - Bishop (1994 Ltd) # 4 (Ref1449780783) Marvel Comics
034846: - Moon Knight (Vol 4) # 8 (Ref-1120272416) Marvel Comics
034847: - Constantine (Vol 1) # 4 (Ref1191780983) DC Comics
034845: - Moon Knight (Vol 4) # 2 (Ref-1513753738) Marvel Comics
035398: - "Nice People Curzon, Clare"
035386: - Among Poles: Polish for Foreign Students Part 2 (Wsrod Polakow: Podrecznik jezyka polskiego dla cudzoziemcow Czesc II)
035377: - "Causeway: Shadow Lands Bk. 2 Lister, Simon"
035366: - "Autorretrato de Mozart Balcells Comas, Pere-Albert"
035357: - "Identidad perversa Simon, Leonard"
035338: - Ultimate Comics: X Jeph Loeb
035348: - Avengers: Avengers World Jonathan Hickman and Jerome Opena
035351: - Armance Stendhal
035317: - Historia de la eternidad
034893: - "Touch Wood: BC Forests at the Crossroads Nixon, Bob; Travers, Ray and Drushka, Ken"
034895: - "A Guide to Manuscripts and Documents in the British Isles Relating to South and South-East Asia: Volume 1 - London: 001 Pearson, J.D."
034889: - IT'S BEEN A LOT OF FUN Brian Johnston
034887: - The Newberry and Caldecott Awards: A Guide to the Medal and Honor Books 1999 Edition (Newbery & Caldecott Awards) Association for Library Services to Children (ALSC)
034880: - Military Intervention in European Conflicts (Political Quarterly Special Issues) FREEDMAN
035107: - "Title: Popular exotic cacti in color Lamb, Edgar"
035117: - The Kamasutra of Vatsyayana Mallanaga Vatsyayana
035118: - "De schuldenberg: hoe de wereldwijde schuldenlast ons allemaal gaat raken Van Duijn, Jaap"
035122: - Montreal Unnamed
034863: - The Astonishing Spider-Man issue 94 (17th July 2013)
034876: - "Politics in Western Europe Today: Perspectives, Policies and Problems Since 1980 Urwin Prof Derek W"
043522: - "World of the French Revolution (Great revolutions series) Palmer, R. R."
022549: - A tomarse la agenda. La campaña como herramienta política
041914: - "Power in the Global Era: Grounding Globalization [Hardcover] Cohn, T.; McBride, S. and Wiseman, J."
033478: - People at Work Welsh Folk Museum
039580: - "Entertaining Mr. Sloane (Modern Plays) Orton, Joe"
045605: - Red Eclipse Reed, Jeremy
045557: - Dr. Faust's Sea-spiral Spirit and Other Poems Redgrove, Peter
070344: - Boxing News. Volume 1 No. 15 New Series. March 28 1945 Amateur Aspirants
070343: - Boxing News. Volume 1 No. 14 New Series. March 21 1945 Championship Mixture
032916: - "Llenyddiaethy Cymru: Cyflwyniad Darluniadol 2 Gruffydd, R. Geraint"
011211: - International Affairs. Volume 78 2002
042994: - "Safe for Democracy:The Anglo-American Response to Revolution, 1913-1923 [Paperback] Gardner, Lloyd C."
044229: - "The Millionth Chance [Paperback] Leasor, James"
042930: - "Recent Research in Economics Education Lumsden, Keith"
043153: - "Popular Culture and Social Relations Bennett, Tony; Mercer, Colin and Woollacott, Janet"
028596: - PERCY KELLY 1918 - 1993. A Retrospective
034329: - Books on the East | Books in Western Languages on Asian and Arabic Countries Michael Fodor
034296: - "Beware The Edge Mace, Elisabeth"
034317: - La Cantatrice Chauve Suivi De La Lecon (Folio)
044316: - "Middle Egyptian: An Introduction to the Language and Culture of Hieroglyphs Allen, James P."
013257: FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN 1951 - Catalogue of an exhibition of 20th-century Scottish Books at the Mitchell Library Glasgow
033461: - "October Men Price, Anthony"
008441: - - East Asian Strategic Review 2001
043617: - "Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man (Abacus Books) McLuhan, Marshall"
031877: - "Man Learns to Write Irwin, Keith Gordon"
070400: - Boxing News. Volume 3 No. 18. New Series. April 30 1947 The European Title Situation Analysed
040001: - Dilyn afon
026379: - "Demographic Problems: Controversey Over Population Control Thomlinson, Ralph"
041103: - "23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism Chang, Ha-Joon"
041686: - "After Empire: The Art and Ethos of Enduring Peace [Paperback] Welch, Sharon D."
043270: - "Collected Longer Poems Auden, W. H."
043177: - "History and the Idea of Progress Melzer, Arthur M. and etc."
045685: - The Gentle Barbarian: The Life and Work of Turgenev (Bloomsbury Reader) [Paperback] Pritchett, V S
045601: - Historical Transcendence and the Reality of God Anderson, Ray
032967: - "Amphitryon 38 (Livre De Poche) Giraudoux, Jean"
032971: - "Planning and Control with PERT/CPM Levin, R. I. and Kirkpatrick, C. A."
032990: - "Henry Adams,: An introduction and interpretation (American authors and critics series) Hochfield, George"
032992: - By Charles Baudelaire - The Flowers of Evil / Les Fleurs du Mal (English and French Editi (2015-01-16) Charles Baudelaire
032998: - "A New Economic Policy for Britain Cowling, Keith; Sugden, Roger and Gould, Bryan"
032999: - "Cobbett (Past Masters Series) Williams, Raymond"
043827: - "Corporation Man Jay, Antony"
033064: - The Egg and I Betty Macdonald
033020: - M.R. James: Heinemann Guided Readers: Beginner Level Delta Systems Co Inc
033032: - "Alastor Vance, Jack"
033033: - "Mystery Reader's Walking Guide: England Dale, Alzina Stone and Hendershott, Barbara Sloan"
033034: - "Transactions of the Royal Historical Society: Volume 17: Sixth Series (Royal Historical Society Transactions) Archer, Ian W."
033035: - "Transactions of the Royal Historical Society ; Sixth Series. Volume 21 Unnamed, Unnamed"
033036: - "Transactions of the Royal Historical Society: Volume 20 (Royal Historical Society Transactions) Archer, Ian W."
033037: - "Transactions of the Royal Historical Society: Volume 18: Sixth Series: v. 18 (Royal Historical Society Transactions) Archer, Ian W."
033046: - "Erotic Poems: Selected Poems (Everyman's Library Pocket Poets) Washington, Peter"
033047: - Tables in the Victoria and Albert Museum Victoria and Albert Museum
033068: - "The Limerick: v. 2 Legman, G."
033071: - "The Return of Lanny Budd Sinclair, Upton"
033075: - "Key Issues in Bilingualism and Bilingual Education (Multilingual Matters) Baker, Colin"
033111: - Berlin Alexanderplatz.
033077: - "Iso Karhu. Arkistokuvia etäisten kielisukulaistemme asuinsijoilta. / The Great Bear. Old photographs of the Volga-Finnic, Permian Finnic and Ob-Ugrian peoples."
033089: - "The Alps Irving, R L G"
033090: - Thomas ap Catesby Jones: Commodore of Manifest Destiny (Library of Naval Biography) Gene A. Smith
033124: - Galaxy Science Fiction May-June Vol 24 No 1 Various
033113: - Robert Frost Day Lewis C
033132: - "Ancient animals and other wondrous things: The story of Francis Simmons Holmes, paleontologist and curator of the Charleston Museum (Contributions from the Charleston Museum) Stephens, Lester D"
033141: - [Bourke Street Bakery] (By: Paul Allam) Paul Allam
033152: - "Social Control and Education (Contemporary sociology of the school) Davies, Brian"
033158: - "Scotland B.C.: Introduction to the Prehistoric Houses, Tombs, Ceremonial Monuments and Fortifications in the Care of the Secretary of State for Scotland (Historic Buildings and Monuments) Great Britain: Scottish Development Deptartment"
045543: - Globalized Islam: The Search for a New Ummah (CERI Series in Comparative Politics and International Studies) Roy, Olivier
045493: - "God Without Being: Hors-Texte (Religion and Postmodernism) Marion, Jean-Luc and Carlson, Thomas A."
045492: - "The Sacred Is the Profane: The Political Nature Of ""Religion"" [Paperback] Arnal, William and Mccutcheon, Russell T."
045491: - "About Religion: Economies of Faith in Virtual Culture (Religion and Postmodernism Series (CHUP)) [Paperback] Taylor, Mark"
045534: - Literary Essays of Ezra Pound [Hardcover] Ezra Pound and T. S. Eliot
045490: - "Life Abundant (Searching for a New Framework): Rethinking Theology and Economy for a Planet in Peril [Paperback] McFague, Sallie"
045478: - "Vishnu: An Introduction [Paperback] Pattanaik, Dr. Devdutt"
043046: - "Social Change in Industrial Society: Twentieth-century America (St.Anthony's Publications) Cochran, Thomas C."
045464: - "Bodhisattva Archetypes: Classic Buddhist Guides to Awakening And Their Modern Expression Leighton, Taigen Daniel"
045459: - =>NOUV.ED.9782729861971/ BRES2 (PHILO) BRES
045457: - "Religion and Magic: Approaches and Theories Cunningham, Graham"
045456: - The Laws of Manu (Classics) [Paperback] Brian Smith and Wendy Doniger
045451: - "Gandhi: A Very Short Introduction: 37 (Very Short Introductions) [Paperback] Parekh, Bhikhu"
045447: - "The Meeting of the East and the West in Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy Maitra, S. K."
045103: - "The Idea of Latin America (Wiley-Blackwell Manifestos) [Paperback] Mignolo, Walter D."
026921: - Just War Theory (Readings in Social & Political Theory) ELSHTAIN
045444: - "Thousand Lives Away: Buddhism in Contemporary Burma King, Winston L."
043305: - "The English Novel of History and Society, 1940-80: Richard Hughes, Henry Green, Anthony Powell, Angus Wilson, Kingsley Amis, V. S. Naipaul (Studies in Twentieth-Century Literature) [Hardcover] Patrick Swinden"
043647: - "Individuals, Relationships and Culture: Links between Ethology and the Social Sciences (Themes in the Social Sciences) [Paperback] Hinde, Robert"
045437: - "History of Indian philosophy Frauwallner, Erich"
045426: - "Mundaka Upanishad, suivi de Mandukya Upanisad et Karika de Gaudapada : Tomes 4 et 5 Maury, Jacqueline"
045434: - "A Guide to the Threefold Lotus Sutra Niwano, Nikkyo"
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043054: - "Rural Sociology of the Advanced Societies: Critical Perspectives [Paperback] Buttel, Frederick H. and Newbry, Howard"
034635: - Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf? Edward Albee
044664: - "Border Lines: The Partition of Judaeo-Christianity (Divinations: Rereading Late Ancient Religion) [Hardcover] Boyarin, Daniel"
044666: - "Windows into the Infinite: A Guide to the Hindu Scriptures Powell, Barbara Schieffelin"
040681: - Radicaliaeth A'r Werin Gymreig Yn Y Bedwaredd Ganrif Ar Bymtheg [Paperback] Frank Price Jones
044663: - Writing Religion: The Case for the Critical Study of Religions [Hardcover] Steven W. Ramey; Theodore Louis Trost; Steven Leonard Jacobs and Russell T. McCutcheon
011244: - International Affairs. Volume 52 1976
011245: - International Affairs. Volume XLVI 1970
041958: - Ysgrifau Beirniadol - Cyfrol 17 [Hardcover] J E Caerwyn Williams
041993: - "Women, Gender, Religion: A Reader [Hardcover] Castelli, Elizabeth A. and Rodman, Rosamond C."
038277: - "The Collected Letters: 1840-92 v. 1 Hardy, Thomas; Purdy, Richard Little and Millgate, Michael"
044661: - "The Economy of Literature [Paperback] Shell, Prof Marc"
044660: - "Contemporary Theories of Religion: A Critical Companion [Paperback] Stausberg, Michael"
044102: - "De Havilland Mosquito: An Illustrated History: 1 (Illustrated History (Crecy)) Howe, Stuart"
033505: - "Experimental Developmental Biology: A Laboratory Manual Keller, Laura R.; Evans, John H. and Keller, Thomas C.S."
044659: - "Contemporary Western Ethnography and the Definition of Religion: 12 (Continuum Advances in Religious Studies) [Paperback] Stringer, Martin D."
039790: - "The Business of Good Government (Modern Plays) Arden, John; D'Arcy, Margaretta and Margaretta D'Arcy"
044658: - "Women in Buddhism: Images of the Feminine in the Mahayana Tradition Paul, Diana Y."
044657: - Food Of Bodhisattvas: Buddhist Teachings on Abstaining from Meat Tsogdruk Rangdrol Shabkar and Padmakara Translation Group
039558: - "Languages of Class: Studies in English Working Class History 1832–1982 Stedman Jones, Gareth"
039672: - "Liam Mellows and the Irish Revolution Greaves, Charles Desmond"
032954: - "Hunting the Gugu Allen, Benedict"
044656: - "The Jains (The Library of Religious Beliefs and Practices) [Paperback] Dundas, Paul"
039231: - "Knowledge and Infallibility Evans, J. L."
039233: - "Humanism and Ideology: An Aristotelian View (Study in Ethics & Philosophy of Religion) Flynn, James Robert"
039234: - "Organizing Interests in Western Europe: Pluralism, Corporatism, and the Transformation of Politics (Cambridge Studies in Modern Political Economies) Berger, Suzanne"
039235: - "Poems 1972 Ackerman, John"
039240: - "Matter and Consciousness: Contemporary Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind (Bradford Books) [Paperback] Churchland, Paul M."
039244: - "Glory, Jest and Riddle Bolton, J.D.P."
039246: - "Hidation of Cambridgeshire, The (English Local History 2nd S.) Hart, Cyril Roy"
039247: - "King's State: Proprietary Dynasticism in Early Modern France Rowen, Herbert H."
040352: - "Between Pulpit and Pew ; Folk Religion in a North Yorkshire Fishing Village [Hardcover] Clark, David"
034711: - Neon Cyber # 5 (Ref1183401330) Image
034710: - Judge: Secret Rage (2000 Ltd) # 2 (Ref547275201) Image
041412: - "Tribes of India: Struggle for Survival (Oxford India Paperbacks) Furer-Haimendorf, Christoph von"
044655: - "Jesus in an Age of Neoliberalism (BibleWorld) [Paperback] Crossley, James G."
070246: - Boxing News. Volume 2 No. 12 New Series. March 6 1946
038214: - "The Irish Constitutional Revolution of the Sixteenth Century [Hardcover] Bradshaw, Brendan"
044654: - "Skilful Means Pye, Michael"
039025: - "Bab Ballads Gilbert, William Schwenck and Ellis, James"
039087: - "Poems 1971 Hooker, Jeremy"
011235: - International Affairs. Volume 67 1991
044650: - "Guru English: South Asian Religion in a Cosmopolitan Language: 12 (Translation/Transnation) [Paperback] Aravamudan, Srinivas"
044651: - "Twentieth Century Mythologies: Dumaezil, Laevi-Strauss, Eliade [Paperback] Dubuisson, Daniel and Cunningham, Martha"
045082: - "Born to Buy: The Commercialized Child and the New Consumer Culture: A Groundbreaking Exposé of a Marketing Culture That Makes Children ""Believe They Are What They Own."" (USA Today) [Paperback] Schor, Juliet B."
026547: - Crossed wires: Improving media relationships between the Arabs and the West International Information Relations Committee of the Arab Gulf States
045196: - "Maa028 Russian Army (Men-at-Arms) [Paperback] Seaton, Albert and Youens, Michael"
026149: - Diplomacy and Enterprise British China Policy 1933-1937 Endicott
026152: - "Studies in the History of the Near East [Hardcover] Holt, P.M."
026147: - "The Strangling of Persia: A Personal Narrative: Story of the European Diplomacy and Oriental Intrique That Resulted in the Denationalization of Twelve Million Mohammedans (Persia Observed Series) Shuster, W. Morgan"
024618: - La dialectologie et les identités régionales et culturelles en Europe (Les Cahiers du Centre d'Études Linguistiques Jacques Goudet No. 1)
026191: - Abenteuer Sprache. Ein Streifzug durch die Sprachen der Erde [Paperback] hans-joachim-storig
026410: - "The Future of China: After Mao Terrill, Ross"
042431: - "The state in capitalist society Miliband, Ralph"
044648: - "Knowledge and Liberation: Buddhist Epistemological Analysis in Support of Transformative Religious Experience - Tibetan Gelukba Interpretations of Dignaga and Dharmakirta Klein, Anne"
044647: - "God the Economist: The Doctrine of God and Political Economy (Searching for a New Framework) [Paperback] Meeks, M.Douglas"
043946: - "Like Gold in the Fire - Voices of Hope from El Salvador: War, Exile and Return, 1974-1999 Barba, Maribel and Martinez, Concha"
040034: - "The History of Germany Since 1789 Mann, Golo and Jackson, M."
040031: - "The Politics of the Soviet Cinema 1917-1929 [Hardcover] Taylor, Richard"
044641: - Wounded Prophet: A Portrait of Henri J.M.Nouwen [Hardcover] Michael Ford
044554: - "The Oxford Movement and Anglican Ritualism (General Series) Yates, Nigel"
044558: - "Dickens' Journalism: The Amusements of the People and other Papers: Reports, Essays and Reviews, 1834-51 Volume 2: The Amusements of the People - Reports, Essays and Reviews, 1834-51 Vol 2 Dickens, Charles and Slater, Michael"
044531: - "The Three Pillars of Zen: Teaching, Practice and Enlightenment Kapleau, Philip"
039634: - "Jane and May Morris: A Biographical Story, 1839-1938 Marsh, Jan"
039638: - Creative Social Work David Brandon and Bill Jordan
039641: - "British Police Holdaway, Simon"
039659: - "Rural Housing: Competition and Choice (Urban & regional studies) Dunn, Michael C.; etc.; Rawson, Marilyn and Rogers, Alan W."
039660: - "T.S. Eliot's intellectual and poetic development, 1909-1922 [Paperback] Piers Gray"
039664: - "The Work of Art: Immanence and Transcendence [Hardcover] Genette, Gerard and Goshgarian, G. M."
039666: - "Manifold in Perception: Theories of Art from Kant to Hildebrand (Warburg Studies) Podro, Michael"
026086: - "Eryr Pengwern Jones, Rhiannon Davies"
039681: - "Early Poetry of Ezra Pound Jackson, Thomas H."
039676: - "The Twenties Wilson, Edmund and Edel, Leon"
039675: - Building Democracy in Ireland: Political Order and Cultural Integration in a Newly Independent Nation [Hardcover] Prager Jeffery
039484: - "Shakespeare's Magnanimity: His Tragic Heroes, Their Friends and Families Sanders, Wilbur and Jacobson, Howard"
039486: - "The Romantic Predicament Thurley, Geoffrey"
039487: - "An Appetite for Poetry Kermode, Frank"
044457: - "Dyddiadur America a Phethau Eraill [Paperback] Morgan, D. Densil"
044415: - "Rhyfel a Heddwch a Sancteiddrwydd Bywyd / War and Peace and the Sanctity of Life (Darlith Goffa Lewis Valentine) Gwyndaf, Robin"
025608: - The London dissector; or, system of dissection practised in the hospitals and lecture rooms of the metropolis: explained by the clearest rules, for the use of students; comprising a description of the muscles, vessels, nerves, and viscera, of the human body, as they appear on dissection; with directions for their demonstration
041631: - Practical Reason: On the Theory of Action Pierre Bourdieu and Randall Johnson
044182: - "Revelations of Divine Love Julian of Norwich and Mastro, M.L.Del"
026821: - "School and community in rural Wales (Aberystwyth studies in education) Webster, Roger"
038841: - "The Future Lasts a Long Time Althusser, Louis and Veasey, Richard"
044030: - "Is There an Afterlife?: A Comprehensive Overview of the Evidence [Paperback] Fontana, David"
043976: - "Women in German Yearbook: No. 9: Feminist Studies in German Literature and Culture: No. 9 (Women in German Yearbook (Paperback)): v. 9 (Women German Yearbook) Clausen, Jeanette and Friedrichsmeyer, Sara"
042882: - "Pathways to Participation Hebden, John and Shaw, Graham"
027540: - GEORGE DANNATT. MALEREI GRAPHIK. Eine Ausstellung der Stadt Cuxhaven 15.9-7.10.1984
043915: - "Nabokov's Deceptive World Rowe, William Woodin"
043857: - "Hugh MacDiarmid (Writers & Their Work S.) Morgan, Edwin and Scott-Kilvert, Ian"
043858: - "Mrs. Klein Wright, Nicholas"
043852: - "The Portable Renaissance Reader (The Viking portable library) [Paperback] Ross, James and McLaughlin, Mary"
043416: - "Viva Mexico!: Traveller's Account of Life in Mexico Flandrau, Charles"
026574: - "Translating and the Computer: Proceedings of the Sixteenth International Conference on Translating and the Computer, London, November 1994 No. 16"
026575: - Sun Yat-sen: Founder and symbol of Chinas revolutionary nation-building (East-West syntheses)
044056: - "Register of West Coast Joint Stock Casserely, R. M. & P. A. Millard."
044058: - "British Railways Steam 1948-1970 [Paperback] Summers, L. A."
043840: - "Culture as Praxis (Monographs in Social Theory) [Hardcover] Bauman, Zygmunt"
043854: - "Clay (RSC playtexts) Whelan, Peter"
041241: - "Marx Modernity: Key Readings and Commentary: 1 (Modernity and Society) [Paperback] Antonio, Robert"
043835: - "Extreme Situations Craig, David and Egan, Michael"
026394: - "Teach Yourself: Jewellery Making [Paperback] Gale, Emma and Little, Ann"
043833: - "Conrad: ""Almayer's Folly"" to ""Under Western Eyes"" Schwarz, Daniel R."
038469: - "Bread for the Winter Birds Blackburn, Thomas"
043813: - "Opened Door: Celtic Spirituality Thomas, Patrick"
043418: - "Who Was That Man?: Present for Mr.Oscar Wilde (Masks) [Paperback] Bartlett, Neil"
045560: - Bwrlwm Byw Davies, Ithel
045467: - "Not All Plain Sailing Roberts, O.Trevor"
044003: - "Writer and Society in the German Democratic Republic, The Wallace, Ian"
043400: - "Quasi-religions: Humanism, Marxism and Nationalism (Themes in Comparative Religion S.) [Paperback] Smith, John E."
043181: - "Against Oblivion: Some Lives of the Twentieth-Century Poets Hamilton, Ian"
042549: - "Kronstadt Lenin, V. I.; Trotskii, L.; Trotsky, Leon and Saunders, G."
032750: - "Occupations (Playscripts) Griffiths, Trevor"

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