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b18008: - 40 Masterpieces: Fortieth Anniversary Exhibition
b10383: - Index of General Orders, Adjutant General's Office, 1869
b23928: - The New England Historical & Genealogical Register . . . For the Year 1847, Volume I
b36434: (JONES, JOHN PAUL) - John Paul Jones: Commemoration at Annapolis, April 14, 1906
b31302: - New Yorker (November 15, 1947))
b21978: (MICHAEL JOHNSON COVER) - Jet (August 26, 1996)
T276: - Fundamental Problems of Composing with Colors (in Chinese)
013893: - Severe and Hazardous Weather: A Cd-Rom Guide to the Literature.
b34137: - Guidebook for the Battle of Front Royal
b31796: - The Surrealists Look at Art
b9937: - Elegant Extracts: A Copious Selection of Instructive, Moral, and Entertaining Passages, from the Most Eminent Poets. Volume V (Book 9: Ballads, Songs and Sonnets and Book 10: Satirical and Humorous)
b44117: (SHAKERS) - "[Shakers] Fifteen Years a Shakeress" in Galaxy (March, 1872)
b44118: (SHAKERS) - "[Shakers] Fifteen Years a Shakeress" in Galaxy (April, 1872)
021719: (BOOTH, EDWIN) - "New York. A Shakespearean Revival. . . . Booth As Shylock" in Chicago Tribune (February 24, 1867)
021720: (SURRATT, JOHN H., LINCOLN ASSASINATION CONSPIRATOR) - "Arraignment of Surratt" in Chicago Tribune (February 24, 1867)
021721: (SURRATT, JOHN H., LINCOLN ASSASINATION CONSPIRATOR) - "Surratt. His Arrival in Washington and Delivery to Civil Authorities" in Chicago Tribune (February 23, 1867)
021723: (MEXICO) - "Final Collapse of Maximilian's Empire" in Chicago Tribune (May 28, 1867)
b30986: (JEFFERSON, THOMAS, AARON BURR, JAMES A. BAYARD, ROBERT G. HARPER) - "Political History: Presidential Election of 1801" in Niles Weekly Register (January 4, 1823)
b30987: (SLAVERY) - "Treaty of Indemnity" [Resolving Claims Against Great Britain for Seizing American Slaves During the War of 1812] in Niles Weekly Register (January 18, 1823)
020360: (MARSHALL, JOHN) - The Face of Justice - Portraits of John Marshall
b29134: [HOWES, PERKINS] - The New-England Drama, in Five Acts; Founded on Incidents Contained in the New-England Tale
b29135: - The West Pediment of the Parthenon. Fifteen Pictorial Cards. British Museum Set Lxxii
b_41199: [ANGLESEY, ARTHUR ANNESLEY, EARL OF, 1614-1686] - Reflections on That Discourse, Which a Master of Arts (Once) of the University of Cambridg, Calls Rational, Presented in Print to a Person of Honour, 1676, Concerning Transubstantiation
022154: - Bulletin of Vassar College, Catalogue Number 1946 -1947
b43434: (ROOSEVELT, THEODORE) - Inside Cover Illustration By W.A. Rogers of Roosevelt Leading the Charge Against Large Corporations and Trusts in Harper's Weekly (January 25, 1905)
b32687: - New Yorker (March 15, 1958)
b32686: - New Yorker (March 8, 1958)
b32668: - New Yorker (May 31, 1958)
b32659: - New Yorker (December 27, 1958)
b15331: (COUGHLIN, FATHER CHARLES E.) - "Coughlin and the Christian Front" in Look Magazine (March 26, 1940)
b4926: (LINCOLN, ABRAHAM) - "Lincoln and Andersonville" in Tyler's Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine (April, 1934)
b4998: - Artscribe, No. 79 (January-February, 1990)
b30449: - Days with Victorian Poets: Rossetti, Morris and Browning
b29734: - "a Savage Continual Thunder" the 1862 Maryland Campaign: Confederate Invasion of the North
b29735: (LEE, ROBERT E.) - The Lost Orders. Confederate General Robert E. Lee's Special Orders 191 and the 1862 Maryland Campaign
b32024: - "an Arctic Expedition in 1874" in Littell's Living Age, No 1535 (November 8, 1873)
b9907: - Illustrations of Sculpture, Ancient and Modern. Outlines from Celebrated Works of the Best Masters with Historical Descriptions
b19031: - New British Design
b31617: - "'the Smart Little War in Maryland'" [on the War of 1812] in the United States' Gazette for the Country (July 27, 1812)
b17311: (KENNEDY, JOHN F.) - Complete Collection of Four Issues and One Front Section of the Dallas Morning News (November 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25, 1963) Covering the Assassination of John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath
b5800: (CARLYLE, THOMAS) - Carlyle's House
b30617: (PHILLIPS, DUNCAN) - Duncan Phillips Centennial Exhibition: June 14 to August 31, 1986
z1719: - Woman Poet--the West
b6171: (FAULKNER, WILLIAM) - The Faulkner Centennial. Issues of the Oxford Eagle (September 25 and 26th, 1997) and Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal (September 26, 1997)
b41177: - Rolling Stone, No. 245 (August 11, 1977)
b24972: - Articles on Jim Thorpe, Notre Dame-Nebraska Football Rivalry, Tom Harmon and Other Topics. Allsports (September-October, 1947)
C5686: (RAWLS, JOHN, CHARLES SCRIBNER, JR., AND OTHERS) - The First Fifteen: The Class of 1943 Princeton University
b6639: - The Black Law Journal, Volume 3, Nos. 1-2 and 3 (1973)
b6638: - The Black Law Journal, Volume 2, Nos. 1-3 (1972)
b29705: - Explore Maine By Bike: 33 Loop Bicycle Tours
b32489: - Amherst in the War
b6728: - Professional Memoirs Corps of Engineers, United States Army and Engineer Department Al Large, Vol. V, No. 23 (September-October, 1913)
b32167: (LINCOLN, ABRAHAM) - "Awful Event. President Lincoln Shot By an Assassin. The Deed Done at Ford's Theatre Last Night. " New York Times (April 15, 1865)
b35262: [CHURCHILL, WINSTON] - "Colonel Winston Churchill" in Spectator (May 13, 1916)
b16461: - Washington Monument Celebration, Baltimore, Maryland, Evening of July 5, 1915
b16462: - Washington Monument Centenary, Municipal Journal of Baltimore (June, 18, 1915 and July 9, 1915)
b19522: (NELLIE FOX) - Cover Photograph of Nellie Fox in Elysian Fields, Vol. 15, No. 2 (1998)
b12151: - The Northern California District of the Communist Party: Structure--Objectives--Leadership. Hearings Before the Committee on Un-American Activities, House of Representatives (Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4)
b7642: (SHERMAN, GENERAL WILLIAM T.) - Full-Page "Map of Mississippi Showing the Field Operations . . . " in Harper's Weekly (January 17, 1863)
z1668: [FIELDS, W.C.] J.C.M. - "Alice in Celluloid" in New Yorker (Dec. 30, 1933)
b44916: - "Mason and Dixon's Line" in Supplement Tdo the (Connecticut) Courant (September 14, 1844)
b44443: (HEMINGWAY, ERNEST) - "Look Examines -- Ernest Hemingway" in Look (April 8, 1941)
b40809: - "the Automobile and Bicycle Number" in Leslie's Weekly (March 31, 1904)
b26006: - Woolen and Worsted Warp Preparation. Part 1
b8205: - The Oxford Companion to the Supreme Court of the United States
b19558: (PEROT, ROSS) - Cricket (July, 1979)
014212: (COLERIDGE, SAMUEL TAYLOR) - "Samuel Taylor Coleridge" in Edinburgh Review (October, 1885)
b19475: - Rare Book Review (April/September, 2006)
z28: - Invitation Au Voyage / Transport to Summer
b30514: (RHODES, CECIL) - "the Gold Fields" 1887-1937
z114: - A Souvenir Book of Chesapeake Beach, Md.
b43848: - The Speeches of Mr. Giles and Mr. Bayard, in the House of Representatives of the United States, February, 1802. On the Bill Received from the Senate, Entitled, "an Act to Repeal Certain Acts Respecting the Organization of the Courts of the United States"
b32462: - The What? Where? When? Why? and How? of the House of David. "a Book of Remembrance!"
b10340: - Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools Action Kit
b29159: (DIETRICH, MARLENE) - Cover Painting of Marlene Dietrich on Modern Screen (March, 1936)
b10368: - Constitucion de la Republica de Panama
b40469: - "the Oswego Centennial" in the Spirit of '76 (July, 1896)
b30871: - "Discovery of New Planets" in Portland Transcript (November 5, 1853)
b10449: (KAISER WILHELM II) - Cover Portrait of Kaiser Wilhem at the Battle Front in the San Region in the New York Times Mid-Week Pictorial, Vol. 1, No. 49 (August 12, 1915)
x1162: - Frank Leslie's Pleasant Hours
b40960: - The [Charleston] Courier (October 15, 1838)
013795: - The American West in the Twentieth Century: A Bibliography
b29757: (SACCO, FERDINANDO NICOLA AND BARTOLOMEO VANZETTI) - "Guilty" (the Story of the Crime, Trial, Politics, Alleged Judicial Malfeasance, Convictions and Executions of Sacco and Vanzetti) in Friday (December 6, 1940)
b6142: - 51 Issues of Punch (Numbers 5532-5573, 5575-5581, 5583-5584) January to December, 1947
b10748: [WHITE, JOHN] - The Planters Plea Or the Grounds of Plantations Examined, and Usual Objections Answered, Together with a Manifestation of the Causes Moving Such As Have Lately Undertaken a Plantation in New England, for the Satisfaction of Those That Question the Lawfuln
b8995: - Bishop Burnet's History of His Own Time: From the Restoration of Charles Ii to the Treaty of Peace at Utrecht, in the Reign of Queen Anne. New Edition with Historical and Biographical Notes
b10903: - A Law Grammar: Or, an Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Engilsh Jurisprudence
b10885: - Constitution, By-Laws and Standing Orders and Resolutions of the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Maryland
b25244: (WARREN, ROBERT PENN.) - Special Issue on Robert Penn Warren, Modern Fiction Studies (Spring, 1960).
b10908: - The Commune of London and Other Studies. With a Prefatory Letter By Sir Walter Besant
b10935: - The Annals of England; an Epitome of English History, from Contemporary Writers, the Rolls of Parliament, and Other Public Records. 3 Volumes
b10938: - Proceedings Grand Lodge of A.F. And A.M. Of Maryland
b10941: - Proceedings Grand Lodge of A.F. And A.M. Of Maryland
b10942: - Proceedings Grand Lodge of A.F. And A.M. Of Maryland
x1136: - Guide to Thought, Or Moralist's Text Book
b43784: - The New York Herald (July 25, 1870)
x1506: - Dart (November 1982)
b11248: - T.L. S. 1962: Essays and Reviews from the Times Literary Supplement
b40556: (JOHN BROWN) - "the Burial of John Brown" and "John Brown's Invasion. John Brown and the Union" and Other Related Matters in New York Semi-Weekly Tribune (December 13, 1859)
b11310: - The Russian Far East: An Economic Handbook
b11311: - Leadership and Academic Librarians (the Greenwood Library Management Collection)
013712: - Opera Companies of the World: Selected Profiles
013800: - British Playwrights, 1956-1995: A Research and Production Sourcebook
b43785: - "the Heavy Cannonading in Maryland: Occupation of Crederick Bky Mcclellan--the Retreat of the Rebels" in the New York Herald (September 15, 1862)
x1795: - Register of Alumni: Graduates and Former Naval Cadets and Midshipmen
b10972: - Est Marathon '95: The Complete One-Act Plays (Contemporary Playwrights Series)
b10973: - Est Marathon '95: The Complete One-Act Plays (Contemporary Playwrights Series)
b11086: - Est Marathon '95: The Complete One-Act Plays (Contemporary Playwrights Series)
b11087: - Est Marathon '95: The Complete One-Act Plays (Contemporary Playwrights Series)
b11092: - Atlas of British Social and Economic History Since C. 1700
b11319: - The Order for Daily Evening Prayer. Also the Hymn Called Benedictus, As Set Forth for the Use of the Church By the General Convention of 1886
b10365: - The Russian Orthodox Church: Organization Situation Activity
020690: (MANTLE, MICKEY AND ROGER MARIS) - New York Yankees World Champions Yearbook 1962
b23028: (CORNEILLE) - Comedie Francaise Programme: Le Cid
b40533: (HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL) - "Hawthorne's New Romance [the Marble Faun]" in New York Semi-Weekly Tribune (March 13, 1860)
b32269: - Dictionary of Spoken Chinese. Chinese-English / English-Chinese
b43701: - Anthracite Coal 'blue Coal' Huber Breaker: Ashley, Pennsylvania
b43859: (CHESPEAKE AND OHIO CANAL) - "Chesapeake and Ohio (C&O) Canal" (Serialized in Two Issues) in Niles Weekly Register (October 28 and November 4, 1826)
b31017: - The Official National Collegiate Athletic Association Football Guide 1951
b42322: - The New Life of Virginia: Declaring the Former Success and Present Estate of That Plantation, Being the Second Parxt of Nova Britannia
b36610: - Animal Tracing & Drawing Book
b34946: (DAVIS, JEFFERSON) - "Jefferson Davis. Probability of the Postponement of His Trial -- a Year of Imprisonment at Fortress Monroe -- Review of the Leading Incidents of His Prison Life, Etc. " in the Evening Telegraph (May 25, 1866)
b41215: (STEINBECK, JOHN) - "the Moon Is Down" (Two-Page, Eleven-Photograph Spread of Photographs from the Movie) in the New York Times Magazine (March 29, 1942)
b40608: - The Leisure Hour: A Family Journal of Instruction and Recreation. Volume 8. Nos. 367-418 (January 6 to December 29, 1859
b40609: - "What Killed Brook Farm" and "What Killed Brook Farm? and Who?" in Two Issues of the American Socialist (April 26 and May31, 1877)
b29575: - Atlantic (August, 1945)
b23148: G.H.S. - "the Story and Origin of Christmas Cards" in Illustrated London News (Christmas Number, 1938)
b40458: - American Railroad Journal and Advocate of Internal Improvements, Volume 2, Number 10 (March 9, 1833)
b21807: (SHERMAN, MAJOR-GENERAL WILLIAM T.; HARRIET BEECHER STOWE) - Harper's Weekly (March 12, 1864)
016732: (SUFFERAGE) - "the Next Step in Women's Sufferage" in Nation (February 12, 1910)
b22015: (FAUST, FREDERICK. MAX BRAND) - The Fabulous Faust, Volume 1, No. 1
b35235: - Modern Screen (January, 1944)
b35236: - Modern Screen (March, 1946)
b29571: (FOWLES, JOHN) - "John Fowles Special Number" Journal of Modern Literature, Volume 8, Number 2 (1981)
b34544: [LAWRENCE, D.H.] - "Aaron's Rod" (Review) in Spectator (July 1, 1922)
015898: (SHEPARD, SAM) - Simpatico
b40034: - "Cuba Libre" Cover Drawing in Harper's Weekly (a;Pril 30, 1898)
b40318: - The European Magazine, and London Review, Containing Portraits, Views, Biography, Anecdotes, Literature, History, Polititics . . . Vol. 38 from July to Dec[Embe]R 1800
b40713: (MRS. THEDORE ROOSEVELT) - Cover Portrait of Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt in the Mail and Express Illustrated Saturday Magazine (January 11, 1902)
b44482: (FRENCH REVOLUTION AND THE REIGN OF TERROR) - "Anecdotes of Eminent Persons Connected with the French Revolution" [Dumourier, Mad. Genlis Sillery Brulart, M. Printed By Goadby and Lerpinierealence, M. De Calonne, M. D'ivernois) in the Weekly Entertainer (August 29, 1796)
b31423: - The Place-Names of Cheshire. Part One
b29746: (LEE, ROBERT E.) - Born of Earnest Struggle. The Maryland Campaign: Slavery and the Emancipation Proclamation
b42333: - A Glance at Old Cahawba
b21487: - The Authentic Life of William Mckinley, Our Third Martyr President, Together with a Life Sketch of Theodore Roosevelt
b32551: - "the Baker-White-Howard Feud in Clay County, Kentucky" in Collier's Weekly (July 8, 1899)
b31425: - Essays in This Issue: "Domestic Exchange in Massachusetts," "on the Causes of the Unequal Distribution of Riches," "the State of Banking in Ireland" and Other Essays in the Banker's Magazine and State Financial Register (September, 1849)
019334: - Terrae Incognitae: The Journal for the History of Discoveries. Volume 20, 1988
019336: - Terrae Incognitae: The Journal for the History of Discoveries. Volume 18, 1986
019328: - Terrae Incognitae. Volume 26, 1994
019329: - Terrae Incognitae. Volume 25, 1993
b22373: - 1928, Twenty-Five Years Later. A Record of the Class of 1928
b31048: (MICKEY MANTLE, ROOKIE YEAR) - The New York Yankee Yearbook 1952
b22414: (DOUGLAS, WILLIAM O.) - Tributes to Honorable William O. Douglas Associate Justice of the Supreme Court to Commemorate the Occasion of His Retirement from the Supreme Court, November 12, 1975
b10236: - An Account Showing the Progress of the Colony of Georgia, from Its First Establishment
b29918: - Cover Photograph of Jacqueline Bisset on After Dark (October, 1978)
b22423: (GRANT, ULYSSES S.) - Full-Page Map: "Map of the Virginia Campaign, Showing the Theatre of General Grant's Combinations" in Harper's Weekly (October 8, 1864)
013765: - The Annual Register: A Record of World Events 1983
019277: (MARSHALL, JOHN) - Initial Report on the Supreme Court Decision, Mcculloch V. Maryland. Published Under the Title, "Sovereignty of the States" in Niles Weekly Register (March 13, 1819)
b885: - Stravinsky: A New Appraisal of His Work with a Complete List of Works
b426: - First Words: Earliest Writings from Favorite Contemporary Authors
b26037: - A Birthday Party and Other Stories [2332]
b40690: - Versailles Peace Treaty Cover with Phtoographs of Henry Cabot Lodge, Gilbert M. Hitchcock, and the Signature Page of the Treary Itself in Mid-Week Pictorial (December 4. 1919)
b35079: (JOHN BUCHAN) - "the Thirty-Nine Steps" [Unsigned Review of Buchan's the Thirty-Nine Steps] in Spectator (November 6, 1915)
018934: (WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA) - House and Garden Williamsburg Issue (November 1937)
020495: - Books in Our Future: Prospectives and Proposals
12569: - Annual Survey of American Poetry, 1986 (Granger Anthology)
3666: - Contemporary Literary Theory
11593: - Massachusetts: A Guide to Its Places and People.
11700: - New Writing and Writers
6430: - Essays and Studies 1986
6945: - Biographical Dictionary of European Labor Leaders: M-Z
8423: - Artwords 2: Discourse on the Early 80s (Studies in the Fine Arts Criticism)
b7170: (GOYA) - Guide of Goya's Works in Spain
b3122: - American Playwrights Since 1945: A Guide to Scholarship, Criticism, and Performance
021591: (GREY, ZANE) - "Zane Grey Dies of Heart Attack" in Reckless Ralph's Dime Novel Roundup (October, 1939)
022483: (LINCOLN CONSPIRATORS) - "the Murder of the President" with a Cover Portrait of John Wilkes Booth in Harper's Weekly (April 29, 1865)
b31324: - Harper's Weekly (December 19, 1914)
T343: - "Contemporary Art in France" in Harper's Monthly, Number 322 (March 1877)
b29189: - The War 1861-1865 As Depicted in Prints By Currier and Ives
b35023: - Sundry Votes Passed By the Church of Christ in Dorchester, Ann. Dom. 1773 : Previous to the Meeting of an Ecclesiastical Council There; the Result of Said Council, &C. Published By Order of Said Church
b10920: (BALTIMORE) - The Citizen Soldiers at North Point and Fort Mchenry, September 12 and 13, 1814
b31310: - New Yorker (September 4, 1948)
x1589: - Meltdown: Poems from the Core
b21915: (SHERMAN, WILLIAM T.) - "the Burning of Columbia, S.C. " in Harper's Weekly (April 8, 1865)
x1638: - Stadt Kirchdorf A.D. Krems
b11543: - The Story of the Three Bears. Little Kitten Series
b11523: - Maryland Historical Magazine Xxviii, No. 1(March, 1933)
b11522: - Maryland Historical Magazine Xxviii, No. 2(June, 1933)
b11566: - The Robert Lowell Papers at the Houghton Library, Harvard University: A Guide to the Collection (Bibliographies and Indexes in American Literature)
C1499: (CARLYLE, THOMAS) - "Carlyle" in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine (February, 1859).
b11640: - The Gentleman's Magazine, and Historical Chronicle, Xviii (January-December, 1748)
x1646: - Gotthold Ephraim Lessing Werke in Einem Band
b6747: - World War I, Camp Meade, Maryland, Eight Photographic Postcards
x1735: - Soho Square Three (Bk. 3)
b25340: - Construction of Spot Weaves
b25341: - Woolen and Worsted Ply Waves
b25173: (STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER) - Two Short Notices of Editions of Uncle Tom's Cabin in the Essex County Freeman (December 11 and December 15, 1852)
b20363: (INDIA) - "a Chart, in Relief, of Brtish India" in Harper's Weekly (October 24, 1857)
b20364: (WASHINGTON FAMILY) - "the Late G.W. P. Custis" (Stepson of George Washington) in Harper's Weekly (October 24, 1857)
b12010: - Proceedings in the Senate and House of Representatives Upon the Reception and Acceptance from the State of Maryland of the Statues of Charles Carroll of Carrollton and of John Hanson, Erected in Statuary Hall of the Capitol
b6328: - Thornberry Abbey: A Tale of the Times
b12094: (STEVENS, THADDEUS) - Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Thaddeus Stevens, House of Representatives
b12101: - Rabbi Morris Lieberman, 1909-1970
b34249: - Pennsylvania Dutch Cook Book of Fine Old Recipes. Compiled from Tried and Tested Recipes Made Famous and Handed Down By the Early Dutch Settlers in Pennsylvania
019562: - The Three Little Pigs
b12247: - Making of Web Samples
b12264: - Zzzzz: [Poems]
b12277: - American Women Writing Fiction: Memory, Identity, Family, Space
b23997: (LONDON, JACK) - Two 6" X 9" Postcards Depicting Jack London
b23998: (LONDON, JACK) - Jack London -- the Iron Heel. A Russian Glossary of English Words and Phrases Used By Jack London in the Iron Heel.
b31009: (ROSSETTI, DANTE GABRIEL, CHRISTINA ROSSETTI, OSCAR WILDE, WALT WHITMAN, AND OTHERS) - "New Poetry of the Rossettis and Others" in Atlantic Monthly (January, 1882)
b40872: (HEMINGWAY, ERNEST) - Cover Portrait of Hemingway and Essay on Hwmingway, "American Storyteller", in Time (December 13, 1954)
b25343: - Pile Weaves
b32225: (KIPLING, RUDYARD) - "Kipling Breaks Silence" in Literary Digest (May, 1932)
b12349: - Biography Today: Profiles of People of Interest to Young Readers (Author Series)
b32027: - Barber Supplies and Furnishings of the Early 1900's
b12427: - Edge Walking on the Western Rim: New Works By 12 Northwest Writers
b44543: (DICKENS, CHARLES) - 1912 Dickens Calendar: Dickens Centenary, 1812-1912
b12510: - Moma Highlights
b33845: - The World in Baltimore, Daily Program, Tuesday, November 26, 1912
b25344: - Combination Weaves
020731: (MILLER, HENRY) - The Personal Archive of Henry Miller, Part I
z1533: - Know Your Own State: Maryland
z1537: - "an Account of the John Brown Raid" in Maryland Historical Magazine (June 1944)
z1543: - "Presentation of Portrait of the Late Henry Charles Lea, Vice-President of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania" in Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography (April 1911)
z1544: - "William Penn's Account with Samuel Jennings, Receiver General, 1690-1693" in Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography (April 1911)
z1591: - Antwerp's Golden Age: The Metropolis of the West in the 16th and 17th Centuries
b32699: - The Central Literary Magazine for 1877-1878
z1622: - St. James of My Lady's Manor, 1750-1950
z1635: - People's Mass Book
z1682: - El Paisaje Churrigueresco de Mexico
z1683: - El Paisaje Barroco de Mexico
z1724: - In Defence of Literature for John Calder: Fifty Years of Publishing : Literature, Politics and the Arts
z1727: - D.H. Lawrence: The Man Who Lived: Papers Delivered at the D.H. Lawrence Conference at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, April 1979
b21656: - The American General Tom Thumb [Interior Title, the History of General Tom Thunmb]
b15286: - How to See Kansai Area: Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Nara.
b15332: (MOSS HART) - "Look Calls on Moss Hart" in Look Magazine (April 9, 1940)
b31457: (BASEBALL, MARIANO RIVERA) - Front-Page Headline: "Yankees Sweep Braves for 25th Title" [New York Yankees Win the 1999 World Series] in New York Times (October 28, 1999)
z1735: - Late Victorian Plays, 1890-14 (Oxford Paperbacks)
z1741: - D.H. Lawrence: The Man Who Lived: Papers Delivered at the D.H. Lawrence Conference at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, April 1979
T368: - New American Short Stories: Second Edition
T401: - The American Review: A Whig Journal (No. Xvii--Whole Number Liii)
b35225: [FIELDS, JAMES T., EDITOR] - Favorite Authors, a Companion-Book of Prose and Poetry
b19409: (GEORGIAN ENGLAND) - "the Social Era of George Iii" in Blackwood's (August, 1867)
T433: (REAGAN, RONALD AND NANCY) - The National Symphony Orchestra 1985 Ball Program
b29974: (BOGART, HUMPHREY) - Cavalcade
b9931: - Elegant Extracts: A Copious Selection of Instructive, Moral, and Entertaining Passages, from the Most Eminent Prose Writers. Volume Ii (Book Iii, Preceptive: As Relating to Morals and Education and Book Iv: Classical)
b23297: (FOWLES, JOHN) - The French Lieutenant's Woman. United Artists Pressbook
b19395: - "the Beginnings of the British Army. Ii. The Cavalry" in Macmillan's (July, 1894)
b19392: (NAPOLEON) - "a Conversation with Napoleon at Elba" in Macmillan's (December, 1894)
b24781: - Erosion Control . . . A Challenge in Our Time: Proceedings of Conference Xvi, International Erosion Control Association
b16092: - Persepolis: The Achaemenians Capital
b16137: - Les Tresors Des Eglises de France. Dusee Des Arts Decoratifs Paris 1965. Second Edition
b16389: - Lives of Mississippi Authors, 1817-1967
000187: - Anthropology Bibliography on Disc
b30476: - Notes on the Harvard Tercentenary
b16450: - Procopius: The Secret History
b16505: - Annual Papers of Winchester Virginia Historical Society. Volume 1, 1931
b16556: [SHELTON, MAURICE] - An Historical and Critical Essay on the True Rise of Nobility, Political and Civil; from the First Ages of the World, Thro' the Jewish, Grecian, Roman Commonwealths, &C. Down to This Present Time
b16877: - From Luababa to Polk County: Zora Neale Hurston Plays at the Library of Congress
b43539: - Cover Photographs of Ronald Reagan, Lewis Rudin, John Delorean, and Others on the First Page of the Waldorf-Astoria Gazette, Volume One, Number One (Winter, 1982)
B16921: - Photo L.A. : The 14th International Los Angeles Photographic Art Exposition
b16923: - Baltimore's Past: A Directory of Historical Sources
b30130: - The Perry Review, Volume 20-23 (1995-1998)
b16945: - The Enlightenment (Cambridge Readings in the History of Political Thought)
b16950: - The Review of Contemporary Fiction (Fall 2003)
b16954: - Photo San Francisco 2004: The Fifth International San Francisco Photographic Art Exposition
b25337: - Yarns. Part 1
b17312: (KENNEDY, JOHN F.) - "Kennedy Slain on Dallas Street" Dallas Morning News (November 23, 1963)
b21404: (JOE DIMAGGIO) - "an American Icon: Joe Dimaggio, 1914-1999. Baseball Legend, S.F. 's Own, Dies at 84". San Francisco Chronicle (March 9, 1999)
019346: - Terrae Incognitae: The Annals of the Society for the History of Discoveries. Volume 5, 1973
b16995: - Profiles in Canadian Literature
b17001: - The Best American Mystery Stories 1999
b43401: (DELACROIX, EUGENE) - Delacroix (Master in Art Series)
b32966: - Pinnock's Catechisms [on the First Principles of the Christian Religion, the Religions Now Existing in the World, Scripture History, Sacred Geography, and the History and Antiquities of the Jews]. Five Volumes with Individual Title-Pages]
016244: - -
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