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b42278: (Roosevelt, Franklin D.) - You, Mrs. County Leader
b16669: - "Special Issue: Victorian Institute Lectures, University of South Carolina, 1995." Carlyle Studies Annual
b16668: - "Special Issue: Carlyle at 200 Lectures II." Carlyle Studies Annual
b16667: - Check List of New Verse 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, and 1971
b16645: - New Yorker (September 7, 1940)
b16644: - New Yorker (August 10, 1940)
b16658: - Cumberland Poetry Review, Vol. 13, No. 2 (Spring, 1994)
b16664: - Rolling Stone, No. 71 (November 26, 1970)
b16583: - The Conradian: Journal of the Joseph Conrad Society (Volume 23, Number 2)
b16584: - The Conradian: Journal of the Joseph Conrad Society (Volume 20, Number ! & 2)
b16574: - Golf Connoisseur (Summer, 2005)
b16573: - Rare Book Review (August-September, 2007)
b16564: - The Journal of the War of 1812 (Summer, 2005)
b16565: - The Journal of the War of 1812 (Fall, 1999)
b16563: - The Journal of the War of 1812 (Spring, 2005)
b16562: - The Journal of the War of 1812 (Fall, 2005)
b16558: - Tennessee Historical Quarterly, Volume I, No. 4(December, 1942)
b16561: - The Journal of the War of 1812 (Spring, 2008)
b16512: (Elsie Leslie Lyde) - "Lord Fauntleroy at Home" in The World (January 13, 1889)
b16511: - "Television Programs May Add to the Theater's Diversions" in New York Herald Tribune (March 9, 1930)
b16508: - "The Rebel Retreat" and "Gen. Sherman's Army" in New York Times (July 16, 1864)
z1724: - In Defence of Literature for John Calder: Fifty Years of Publishing : Literature, Politics and the Arts
b16505: - Annual Papers of Winchester Virginia Historical Society. Volume 1, 1931
b42291: (Lincoln Conspirators, Mary Surratt and John Surratt, Jr.) - "The Trial of Surratt" articles in eight issues of the New-York Tribune (June 24, July 3, July 11, July 13, July 19, July 20, July 27, and July 30, 1867)
b16484: - American Education 1870-1991: A Statistical Handbook
b16471: - Feminique, volume one, number one (1987)
b16461: - Washington Monument Celebration, Baltimore, Maryland, Evening of July 5, 1915
b16462: - Washington Monument Centenary, Municipal Journal of Baltimore (June, 18, 1915 and July 9, 1915)
b16389: - Lives of Mississippi authors, 1817-1967
b16251: - Hostel Dieu de Beaune 1443 (L'Hotel Dieu de Beaune)
b16246: - A Masterpiece is Born of a Benedictine Monk's Secret
b16137: - Les Tresors des Eglises de France. Dusee des Arts Decoratifs Paris 1965. Second edition
b16134: (Tiegs, Cheryl) - Cover photo of Tiegs in Sports Illustrated (February 14, 1983)
b16128: - Religious art from Byzantium to Chagall
b16072: (Grey, Zane) - The Zane Grey Collector, volume three, issues 1-4
b16048: - Textiles in Daily Life. Proceedings of the Third Biennial Symposium of the Textile Society of America, September 24-26, 1992
b16092: - Persepolis: The Achaemenians Capital
b16103: - Hali: Carpet, Textile and Islamic Art, Issue 124 (September, 2002)
b16111: - Traditional Scottish Nursery Rhymes
b15978: - "The Euthanasia of the Ottoman Empire" in Blackwood's (May, 1861)
b15837: - Alfie. A complete set of the limited edition showcards for the film starring Michael Caine
b15825: (Lennon, John) - "When the Music Died" [cover portrait of Lennon and details of his assassination] in Time (December 22, 1980)
b15814: (Gretzky, Wayne) - Cover photograph of Gretzky and article on the "Sportsman of the Year" in Sports Illustrated (December 27, 1982 - January 3, 1983)
b15795: - Down Beat, volume 11, no. 7(April 1, 1944)
b15754: - "The American Debt, and the Financial Prospects of the Union" in Blackwood's [American edition] (October, 1867)
b15719: - "Water Issues in the Southwest" in Southwestern Review of Management and Economics, volume 1, number 1 (Spring, 1981)
b15714: - L.R.H.S. Pix, Little Rock Senior High School, May, 1946
b15713: - Battles and Leaders of the Civil War No. 18
b15711: - Battles and Leaders of the Civil War No. 7
b15710: - Battles and Leaders of the Civil War No. 6
b15706: - Battles and Leaders of the Civil War No. 26
b15691: - The Best American Essays, 1987
b15688: - Artscribe (May, 1989)
b15614: - "Furs and the Fur Trade" with 11 engraved illustrations in Appleton's Journal (December 24, 1870)
b15615: - "The Last Legacies of Thackeray and Dickens" in Appleton's Journal (October 8, 1870)
b15611: (Nolan Ryan) - Nolan Ryan: All American Athlete
b15613: - "Nathaniel Hawthorne" with an engraved portrait of Hawthorne in Appleton's Journal (October 1, 1870)
b15603: - Naomi [Campbell]: The Nudes" in American Photo (September/October, 2000)
b15524: - Thomas Jefferson 1743-1943: A Guide to Rare Books, Maps & Manuscripts Exhibited at the University of Michigan
b15506: - Mind Over Matter; Symposium Proceedings
b15464: - State Guides For Assessing Forest Land and Timber -- 1966
b15466: - From Concept to Concrete: Building Our Baltimore and From Concept to Concrete: Building Our Baltimore II
b15458: - The Hat Issue
b15332: (Moss Hart) - "Look Calls on Moss Hart" in Look Magazine (April 9, 1940)
b15268: - North American Review (February, 1882)
b12247: - Making of Web Samples
b42322: - The New Life of Virginia: Declaring the Former Success and Present Estate of that Plantation, being the Second Parxt of Nova Britannia
b12094: (Stevens, Thaddeus) - Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Thaddeus Stevens, House of Representatives
b12010: - Proceedings in the Senate and House of Representatives Upon the Reception and Acceptance from the State of Maryland of the Statues of Charles Carroll of Carrollton and of John Hanson, Erected in Statuary Hall of the Capitol
b11892: (Nolan Ryan and others) - Astros Baseball. 1986 National Championship Series, Houston Astros vs. New York Mets. Official Souvenir Scorebook
b11891: (Tom Seaver, Gil Hodges, Nolan Ryan, and others) - New York Mets 1970 Official Year Book [Yearbook]
b11860: (Mamet, David) - Handbill for National Theatre production of Glengarry Glen Ross
b42333: - A Glance at Old Cahawba
b11815: - -
b11889: - Rolling Stone, No. 65 (September 3, 1970)
b11776: - Die Olympischen Spiele in Los Angeles 1932
b11640: - The Gentleman's Magazine, and Historical Chronicle, XVIII (January-December, 1748)
b11596: (Grant, Ulysses S.) - [Ulysses S. Grant and race issues] "Doolttle Correspondence" in Publications of the Southern History Association (January, 1907)
b11566: - The Robert Lowell Papers at the Houghton Library, Harvard University: A Guide to the Collection (Bibliographies and Indexes in American Literature)
b11543: - The Story of the Three Bears. Little Kitten Series
b11523: - Maryland Historical Magazine XXVIII, No. 1(March, 1933)
b11522: - Maryland Historical Magazine XXVIII, No. 2(June, 1933)
b11489: - An Illustrative Supplement to Pilkington's Dictionary of Painters Consisting of Biographical Sketches and One Hundred and Thirty-nine Portraits; Principally Taken from the Anecdotes of Painting, &c. by Horatio Walpole, Earl of Orford
b11471: (Mussolini, Benito) - Full-page photograph of Mussolini and "Mussolini Ships" [on Italian shipping] in Fortune (July, 1932)
b11319: - The Order for Daily Evening Prayer. Also the Hymn Called Benedictus, as Set Forth for the Use of the Church by the General Convention of 1886
b11311: - Leadership and Academic Librarians (The Greenwood Library Management Collection)
b11269: - The First Emperor : Treasures from Ancient China
b11165: - -
b11086: - Est Marathon '95: The Complete One-Act Plays (Contemporary Playwrights Series)
b10935: - The Annals of England; An Epitome of English History, from Contemporary Writers, The Rolls of Parliament, and Other Public Records. 3 volumes
b10908: - The Commune of London and Other Studies. With a Prefatory Letter by Sir Walter Besant
b10903: - A Law Grammar: Or, An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Engilsh Jurisprudence
b10449: (Kaiser Wilhelm II) - Cover portrait of Kaiser Wilhem at the battle front in the San region in The New York Times Mid-Week Pictorial, Vol. 1, No. 49 (August 12, 1915)
b10402: (Grey, Zane) - The Zane Grey Collector, volume eight, issues 1-2
b10400: (Grey, Zane) - The Zane Grey Collector, volume six, issues 1-4
b10394: (Burroughs, Edgar Rice) - ERB Collector, No. 31 (May, 1998)
b10401: (Grey, Zane) - The Zane Grey Collector, volume seven, issues 1-4
b10368: - Constitucion de la Republica de Panama
b10340: - Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools Action Kit
b10365: - The Russian Orthodox Church: Organization Situation Activity
b10235: - The New Life of Virginia. Declaring the Former Success and Present Estate of That Plantation, being the Second Part of Nova Britannia
b10167: - North Dakota Historical Quarterly, Volume one, number one (October, 1926)
b10104: (Turner, J.M.W., et al) - The Gallery of Modern British Artists; Consisting of A Series of Engravings from Works of the Most Eminent Artists of the Day, Including Messrs. Turner, Roberts, Harding, Clennel, Dewint, Austin, Stanfield, Bonnington, Prout, Cattermole, C. Fielding, Cox
b10022: - The Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments; and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States: Together With the Psalter, or Psalms of David
b44879: (Kipling, Rudyard) - "Jungle Book" (essay on the first film adaptation) in Look (February 24, 1942)
ag107: - memories of andrew jackson
8590: (Nullification; States' Rights) - "South Carolina State Convention," "Governor Hayne's Inaugural Speech" and related article, "Legislature of Virginia," in Niles Weekly Register (December 22, 1832).
8423: - Artwords 2: Discourse on the Early 80s (Studies in the Fine Arts Criticism)
8898: (Crichton, Michael.) - Disclosure. Publicity kit for the movie Disclosure, based on Michael Crichton's novel.
ag118: - General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales
ag167: (Hescox, Richard) - The Deceiving Eye: The Art of Richard Hescox
ag182: (Webster, Paul Francis) - THE LIBRARY OF PAUL FRANCIS WEBSTER
ag190: - Face Of Virginia
ag193: - The Estate Of Jacqueline Onassis, April 23-26 1996
ag194: - The Britannicva Encyclopedia Of American Art
dn442: - Letter from Frderick Douglass regarding John Brown and his trip to England in New York Semi-Weekly Tribune (November 11, 1859)
7286: (Cody, William F. "Buffalo Bill"). - Buffalo Bill Museum.
x1795: - Register of Alumni: Graduates and Former Naval Cadets and Midshipmen
6945: - Biographical Dictionary of European Labor Leaders: M-Z
6531: (King, Martin Luther, Jr.) - Cover portrait of King and an interview with Martin Luther King III by William Grieder
6524: (Warhol, Andy.) - "Andy Warhol: 1928 - 1987" by Kurt Loder in Rolling Stone (April 9, 1987).
6430: - Essays and Studies 1986
6276: (Ruth, Babe.) - "Bambino Gets Three Homers" Detroit News (May 26, 1935).
b45141: - "Daughters of Perdition [on New York prositution" in New York Times (January 8, 1866)
b44875: (M.F.K. Fisher) - "Career Woman -- 1942 Style" (profile of M.F.K. Fisher with 12 photographs) in Look (July 28, 1942)
6116: (Eliot, T.S.) - "Remembering Eliot" by Stephen Spender in Encounter (April, 1965).
6112: (Lewis, Wyndham). - "'The Enemy' in His Books - A Wyndham Lewis Collection" in Library Chronicle of the University of Texas at Austin, n.s. 14 (1980).
6927: - Seven Cardinal Virtues (Mask Noir Series)
6099: - The Indian Historian, volume one, number one (December, 1967).
b43375: (Early Baseball) - "Base Ball: Irvington va Eureka" in New-York Tribune (May 17, 1867)
b44914: - "Solar Eclipse To-Day. Philosophy of Eclipses. . . ." in New York Tribune (October 19, 1865)
x1162: - Frank Leslie's Pleasant Hours
b43382: - A Narrative of the Indian and Civil Wars in Virginia in the Years 1675 and 1676
4594: - The Armchair Detective, Vol. 18, no. 1 (Winter, 1985).
b43383: - New England's Plantation; Or, A Short and Trsue Description of the Commodities and Discommodities of that Country
4423: - Biblio, 3, 1(January, 1998)
4426: - Biblio, 3, 2(1998).
3666: - Contemporary Literary Theory
b43394: (Rossetti, Dante Gabriel) - Rossetti (Master in Art series)
b43395: (Durer, Albrecht) - Durer (Master in Art series)
b43396: (Lorrain, Claude) - Lorrain (Master in Art series)
b43397: (Constable, John) - Constable (Master in Art series)
b43398: (Breton, Jules) - Breton (Master in Art series)
12880: (Christmas bibliography) - The Stanley Marcus Collection of Christmas Books.
b43399: (Whistler, James McNeill) - Whistler (Master in Art series)
12569: - Annual Survey of American Poetry, 1986 (Granger Anthology)
12185: - "Reconciling Theology and Evolution" in Literary Digest (January 22, 1898).
12622: - D.H. Lawrence, interviews and recollections
b43402: (Millais, John Everett) - Millais (Master in Art series)
b43400: (Lawrence, Thomas) - Lawrence (Master in Art series)
b43401: (Delacroix, Eugene) - Delacroix (Master in Art series)
b44908: (Thomas Jefferson and Louisiana Purchase) - "An Acting Erecting Louisiana into Two Territories for the Temporary Government Thereof" in The Repertory (March, 1804)
11700: - New Writing and Writers
11598: - The Impressionists at First Hand (World of Art)
11593: - Massachusetts: A Guide to Its Places and People.
11808: - Encyclopedia of Romanticism: Culture in Britain, 1780s-1830s (Garland Reference Library of the Humanities)
11111: (Mount, William S.) - "A Sketch of the Life and Character of William S. Mount" in American Whig Review (August, 1851).
11277: - Health Reference Series Cumulative Index: A Comprehensive Index to the Indivivdual Volumes of the Health Reference Series, Including a Subject Index, Name Index, Organization Index, and public
7644: - "The Bookstore in America: Borders" in Review of Contemporary Fiction (Summer, 1997).
10580: (Sandburg, Carl.) - Cover portrait of Sandburg and "Your Obt. Servt." (critical and interview-based biographical article on Sandburg) in Time (December 4, 1939).
10404: (Grey, Zane) - The New Zane Grey Collector, volume one, issues 1, 3-4
b10017: - Redirecting the Gaze: Gender, Theory, and Cinema in the Third World (Suny Series, Cultural Studies in Cinema/Video)
b10050: - The Baltimore Book
b10063: - A Selection of Curious Articles From the Gentleman's Magazine. Volume two
022569: - Senate Manual Fifty-First Congress, First Session
022550: - Greensboro Review, Number 62 (Summer, 1967)
022395: - Resolutions, Laws & Ordinances Relating to The... Officers & Soldiers of the Revolution
022154: - Bulletin of Vassar College, Catalogue Number 1946 -1947
b43434: (Roosevelt, Theodore) - Inside cover illustration by W.A. Rogers of Roosevelt leading the charge against large corporations and trusts in Harper's Weekly (January 25, 1905)
021951: - Famous Writers Anthology
021721: (Surratt, John H., Lincoln assasination conspirator) - "Surratt. His Arrival in Washington and Delivery to Civil Authorities" in Chicago Tribune (February 23, 1867)
021720: (Surratt, John H., Lincoln assasination conspirator) - "Arraignment of Surratt" in Chicago Tribune (February 24, 1867)
021719: (Booth, Edwin) - "New York. A Shakespearean Revival. . . . Booth as Shylock" in Chicago Tribune (February 24, 1867)
021591: (Grey, Zane) - "Zane Grey Dies of Heart Attack" in Reckless Ralph's Dime Novel Roundup (October, 1939)
021485: - "The Supreme Court of the United States. Its Judges and Jurisdiction" in The United States Magazine and Democratic Review (January, 1836)
021441: - Anglo-Irish Literature: A Bibliography of Dissertations, 1873-1989 (Bibliographies and Indexes in World Literature)
021330: (Peabody Conservatory of Music of Baltimore) - Peabody Conservatory of Music of Baltimore Year-Book 1914-1915
021169: (Updike, John) - John Updike's Pigeon Feathers
020799: (Baltimore, Maryland, Chesapeake) - Aeroplane Views of Baltimore Harbor and Approaches
b43448: (The Rag) - The Rag. 4 issues of the Austin, Texas underground protest newspaper. The issue dates are October 23, 1967, March 18, 1968, April 29, 1968, and May 13, 1968
020731: (Miller, Henry) - The Personal Archive of Henry Miller, Part I
020690: (Mantle, Mickey and Roger Maris) - New York Yankees World Champions Yearbook 1962
020685: (Hudson, Henry, Robert Fulton, New York) - Historical Souvenir of the Hudson-Fulton Celebration State of New York
020681: (Texas) - Fifty Texas Rarities: Selected from the Library of Mr. Everett D. Graff for an Exhibition to Commemorate the 100th Anniversary of The Annexation of Texas By the United States
020679: (Franklin, Benjamin) - Dr. Benjamin Franklin's Library (Signed Presentation Copy)
020610: (Hardy, Thomas.) - Thomas Hardy Through the Camera's Eye.
020534: - "Spontaneous Combustion of Pictures [oil paintings]" in Supplement to the [Connecticut] Courant (November 16, 1844)
020535: (New York) - "The Old Sugar-House Prison" in Supplement to the [Connecticut] Courant (November 16, 1844)
020505: (Lord Chatham) - "The Closing Scenes in the Life of Lord Chatham" in Supplement to the [Connecticut] Courant (November 30, 1844)
020504: (Education) - "Remarks on Common Schools" in Supplement to the [Connecticut] Courant (August 17, 1844)
020479: (Payne, John Howard) - "Memoir of John Howard Payne. In Two Parts" in New York Mirror (November 24 and December 1, 1832)
020477: (Lamb, Charles) - "Style and Writings of Charles Lamb" in New York Mirror (December 15, 1832)
020360: (Marshall, John) - The Face Of Justice - Portraits of John Marshall
z690: - Advent in Osterreich / Advent in Austria / L'Avent En Autriche / Adviento En Austria
020185: - Narrative of Events Connected with the Bicentennial Celebration of Trinity Church New York
019994: (Hawthorne, Nathaniel.) - Front-page review of Twice-Told Tales in The New Yorker (March 24, 1838)
b44911: (Baseball) - "The National Game. [New York] Mutual vs. Pastime of Baltimore" (box score) in New York Herald (August 4, 1870)
019730: - "Free Persons of Color" in Niles Weekly Register (January 27, 1827)
019727: - "Cuba" in Niles Weekly Register (May 13, 1826)
019607: - Russian Documents
b43468: (Radio program) - "Christmas Carols: National-wide Song Service arranged by the Hearst Newspapers
020478: (Clinton, De Witt) - First page portrait of Clinton and "DeWitt Clinton" in New Yorker Mirror (July 14, 1832)
020481: (Baseball, Harmon Killebrew) - Minnesota Twins 1961 Yearbook
020482: (Baseball, Sandy Koufax, Duke Snider, Don Drysdale, Maury Wills) - Los Angeles Dodgers 1961 Souvenir Yearbook
019603: - The Soviet and Religion
020495: - Books in Our Future: Prospectives and Proposals
020503: - Two essays on the French Revolution, "Charlotte Corday " and "An Evening Party at M. Necker's in 1790" in Supplement to the [Connecticut] Courant (August 3, 1844)
019593: (Versailles Peace Conference, League of Nations) - Documents Regarding the Peace Conference
019600: - Documents Concerning the Origin and Purpose of the Indian Statutory Commission
019589: - Efforts Toward Credit Stabilization in Germany
020530: - Arts in the Rumanian People's Republic
020533: - "Volcanic Eruptions at the Sandwich Islands" in Supplement to the [Connecticut] Courant (February 3, 1844)
020552: (Pynchon, Thomas) - The Complete Casebook. The Letters of Wanda Tinasky (preview edition)
019562: - The Three Little Pigs
019348: - Terrae Incognitae: The Annals of the Society for the History of Discoveries. Volume 1, 1969
019346: - Terrae Incognitae: The Annals of the Society for the History of Discoveries. Volume 5, 1973
019343: - Terrae Incognitae: The Annals of the Society for the History of Discoveries. Volume X, 1978
019338: - Terrae Incognitae: The Journal for the History of Discoveries. Volume 16, 1984
019342: - Terrae Incognitae: The Annals of the Society for the History of Discoveries. Volume XI, 1979
019337: - Terrae Incognitae: The Journal for the History of Discoveries. Volume 17, 1985
019336: - Terrae Incognitae: The Journal for the History of Discoveries. Volume 18, 1986
019332: - Terrae Incognitae. Volume 22, 1990
019334: - Terrae Incognitae: The Journal for the History of Discoveries. Volume 20, 1988
019331: - Terrae Incognitae. Volume 23, 1991
021044: - Mary Shelley in Her Times
019329: - Terrae Incognitae. Volume 25, 1993
019330: - Terrae Incognitae. Volume 24, 1992
019324: - Terrae Incognitae. Volume 30, 1998
019328: - Terrae Incognitae. Volume 26, 1994
019323: - Terrae Incognitae. Volume 31, 1999
019320: - Terrae Incognitae. Volume 34, 2002
019321: - Terrae Incognitae. Volume 33, 2001
019322: - Terrae Incognitae. Volume 32, 2000
019277: (Marshall, John) - Initial report on the Supreme Court decision, McCulloch v. Maryland. Published under the title, "Sovereignty of the States" in Niles Weekly Register (March 13, 1819)
018934: (Williamsburg, Virginia) - House And Garden Williamsburg Issue (November 1937)
018846: (Arctic exploration) - "Arctic Explorations" in The Albion (June 29, 1850)
018844: (Duke of Wellington) - "The Waterloo Banquet" in The Albion (July 6, 1850)
b43502: (Roosevelt, Theodore) - "With Roosevelt's Rough Riders at San Antonio, Texas" [7 photographs on one page] in Harper's Weekly (June 4, 1898)
018587: (Napoleon) - "Bonaparte and the Pope" in [Niles] Weekly Register (April 17, 1813)
018728: - A Primer of Etymology
018580: (Jefferson, Thomas) - Criticism of Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase in The Repertory (November 15, 1805)
017763: (Photography) - "The Limits of Colour Photography" in Nation (September 14, 1907)
017761: (Shaw, George Bernard) - "Mr. Shaw on Shakespeare" [review of One Hundred and Ninety Dramatic Opinions and Essays] in Nation (April 13, 1907)
017749: (Wilde, Oscar) - "A Woman of No Importance" in Nation (May 25, 1907)
017407: - "The 'Commentaries of Caesar' Considered as Apocryphal" [serialization part] in Albion (May 18, 1850)
017404: (Dickens, Charles) - "Charles Dickens' New Serial" [on Household Words] in Albion (April 13, 1850)
017403: (Irving, Washington) - Review of Mahomet and His Successors in Albion (April 13, 1850)
017400: (Cooper, James Fenimore.) - Review of The Way of the Hour in Albion (April 20, 1850)
017406: - "The 'Commentaries of Caesar' Considered as Apocryphal" [serialization part] in Albion (May 4, 1850)
017408: - "The 'Commentaries of Caesar' Considered as Apocryphal" [serialization part] in Albion (May 25, 1850)
017396: (Landseer, Edward) - "Royal Academyl" [on Landseer's Duke of Wellington] in Albion (June 1, 1850)
017395: - "The 'Commentaries of Caesar' Considered as Apocryphal" [serialization part] in Albion (June 8, 1850)
022028: (Hardy, Thomas) - Thomas Hardy Special Number of Modern Fiction Studies (Autumn, 1960)
022220: - Driftwind (April, 1941)
022222: - Driftwind (January, May, June, July, September, November, 1943)
022223: - Driftwind (January, March, May, July, September, November, 1944)
022224: - Driftwind (March, May, July, September, November, 1945)
022226: - Driftwind (January, March, May, July, September, November, 1947)
b43424: (Baseball) - "Annual Baseball Roundup: $100,000-a-year Superstars. Seven of the Highest Paid Stars are Verteran Blacks who Marke Teams Pennant Contenders" in Ebony (June, 1970)
022384: - The Nation: A Weekly Journal Devoted to Politics, Literature, Science, and Art. Volume LVII. July 1, 1893 to December 31, 1893
022385: - The Nation: A Weekly Journal Devoted to Politics, Literature, Science, and Art. Volume LXI. July 1, 1895 to December 31, 1895
022386: - The Nation: A Weekly Journal Devoted to Politics, Literature, Science, and Art. Volume LXVI. January 1, 1898 to June 30, 1898
022387: - The Nation: A Weekly Journal Devoted to Politics, Literature, Science, and Art. Volume LXVI. January 1, 1890 to June 30, 1890
022388: - The Nation: A Weekly Journal Devoted to Politics, Literature, Science, and Art. Volume LVII. January 1, 1891 to June 30, 1891
022389: - The Nation: A Weekly Journal Devoted to Politics, Literature, Science, and Art. Volume LXII. January 1, 1896 to June 30, 1896
022390: - The Nation: A Weekly Journal Devoted to Politics, Literature, Science, and Art. Volume LXIII. July 1, 1896 to December 31, 1896
017289: (Theatre, Acting) - "Characteristics of Actors, with a Short Metaphysical Inquiry into the Reason of Their Not Paying Their Debts" in New-York Mirror (August 15, 1835)
017286: (Shakespeare, William) - "The Confessions of William Shakespeare" in New-York Mirror (August 29, 1835)
017284: (Shakespeare, William) - "The Confessions of William Shakespeare" in New-York Mirror (August 22, 1835)
b43539: - Cover photographs of Ronald Reagan, Lewis Rudin, John DeLorean, and others on the first page of The Waldorf-Astoria Gazette, volume one, number one (Winter, 1982)
022391: - The Nation: A Weekly Journal Devoted to Politics, Literature, Science, and Art. Volume LXXXII. January 1, 1906 to June 30, 1906
017276: (Willis, N.P.) - "Professor Wilson and Mr. Willis" in New-York Mirror (September 26, 1835)
017270: (Buffalo, New York) - "The Eagle Street Theatre, Buffalo" in New-York Mirror (October 17, 1835)
017262: - "The New York Deaf and Dumb Institution" in New-York Mirror (November 7, 1835)
017236: (Arctic exploration) - "The Behring Straits Arctic Expedition" in The Albion (March 9, 1850)
022392: - The Nation: A Weekly Journal Devoted to Politics, Literature, Science, and Art. Volume LXX. January 1, 1900 to June 30, 1900
017216: (Arctic Exploration, John Franklin) - "The Search for Sir John Franklin" in The Albion (January 12, 1850)
017208: (Scott, Sir Walter) - "Original Literary Portraits: Sir Walter Scott"in New-York Mirror (November 21, 1835)
022393: - The Nation: A Weekly Journal Devoted to Politics, Literature, Science, and Art. Volume LIV. January 1, 1892 to June 30, 1892
022394: - The Nation: A Weekly Journal Devoted to Politics, Literature, Science, and Art. Volume LXXIII. July 1, 1901 to December 31, 1901
016902: (Stanley, Arthur Penrhyn) - "Lectures on the History of the Jewish Church" in Blackwood's (October, 1866)
016901: (McClellan, George B.) - "General McClellan" in Blackwood's (November, 1864)
016890: (Hugo, Victor) - "Victor Hugo" in Blackwood's (December, 1866)
016888: (Meredith, George) - "The Egoist" [review] in Blackwood's (September, 1880)
016732: (Sufferage) - "The Next Step in Women's Sufferage" in Nation (February 12, 1910)
016644: (Slavery) - "The Negro Apprenticeship System" in Edinburgh Review (January, 1838)
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