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b33683: Carlyle, Thomas. D.J. Trela, editor - "On Trades-Unions, Promoterism and the Signs of the Times: An Unknown and Nearly Unpublished Manuscript" in Victorians Institute Journal, volume 25
b31124: Carlyle, Thomas. Michael K. Goldberg, editor, introduction, notes - On Heroes, Hero-Worship and the Heroic in History
b22347: Carlyle, Thomas. James Anthony Froude, editor - Reminiscences
b22343: Carlyle, Thomas and Sir Charles Gavan Duffy - Conversations with Carlyle
b21278: Carlyle, Thomas - "Special Issue: Carlyle at 200 Lectures I" Carlyle Studies Annual
b22344: Carlyle, Thomas - Reminiscences
b22349: Carlyle, Thomas. Edwin W. Marrs, Jr., editor - The Letters of Thomas Carlyle To His Brother Alexander With Related Family Letters
b17548: Carlyle, Jane Welsh as told to Ellen Twisleton - "The Cry from Craigenputtch: A Newly Discovered Account of Jane Carlyle's Early Married Life" in TLS (August 13, 1999)
020940: Carlyle, Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle. Charles Richard Sanders and Clyde De L. Ryals, editors - The Collected Letters of Thomas Carlyle and Jane Welsh Carlyle. Volumes 1-15
014581: Carman, Bliss. - "The Vagabonds" in The Independent (December 8, 1892)
b40109: Carman, Bliss - "Olaf Hjorward" in The Independent (March 31, 1892)
b21138: Carman, Bliss. - "The Night Express" in The Independent (October 6, 1892)
b21137: Carman, Bliss. - "Marjory Darrow" in The Independent (September 1, 1892)
b21134: Carman, Bliss. - "The White Gull" in The Independent (August 4, 1892)
b21128: Carman, Bliss. - "In the Heart of the Hills" in The Independent (June 16, 1892)
021005: Carman, Bliss. - The Oxford Book of American Verse
b45072: Carmean, E.A., Jr. - Picasso: The Saltimbanques
b34362: Carnegie, Andrew - A League of Peace. Address Delivered at the University of St. Andrew AND Results of The National Arbitration and Peace Congress
022158: Carnegie, Andrew - "My Experiences with, and Views Upon, the Tariff" in Century (December, 1908)
016739: Carnegie, Andrew - "The Law of the Surplus [letter to the editor]" in Nation (January 22, 1910)
b41290: Carnes, Mark (Editor-in-Chief) - American History: Selections from the Eight-Volume Dictionary of American History, Revised Edition and Supplements (Macmillan Compendium)
016427: (Johnson, Samuel) Carnie, R.H., editor - Transactions of the Samuel Johnson Society of the Northwest, 4
015266: W. B. Carnochan - The Battleground of the Curriculum: Liberal Education and American Experience
013553: Caro, Anthony. Charles Millard, introduction. - Anthony Caro: Works of the 1980's
dn9i8: Caro, Robert A. - The Years of Lyndon Johnson: The Path to Power
ag1: Caro, Robert A. - Master of the Senate: The Years of Lyndon Johnson
020488: Caro, Robert A. - "The Compassion of Lyndon Johnson" in New Yorker (April 1, 2002)
015851: Oates Joyce Carol - "Scars" in Artes 4 (1997)
b11374: Oates Joyce Carol - "Tenderness" in DoubleTake, No. 8 (Spring, 1997)
b11375: Oates Joyce Carol - "Phillip-Lorca diCorcia" [review] in DoubleTake, No. 7(Winter, 1997)
b15307: Oates Joyce Carol - "Ballerina" in Necessary Fictions
b44338: Oates Joyce Carol - Queen of the Night
b40899: Oates Joyce Carol - "Laughter and Trembling" [front-page review of The Best of Sholom Aleichem] in New York Times Book Review (July 8, 1979)
b21598: Oates Joyce Carol, Anne Tyler, James Salter, and other contributors - Prize Stories 1972
b21144: Oates Joyce Carol - "Which 'All the King's Men'?" [reply to Noel Polk's letter to the editor printed here] in New York Review of Books (June 27, 2002)
b20598: Oates Joyce Carol, Brian Swan, and other contributors - Kenyon Review (Spring, 1986)
b20597: Oates Joyce Carol, Louise Erdrich, and other contributors - Kenyon Review (Fall, 1985)
b19454: Oates Joyce Carol - "Bloodstains," "At Our Finger Tips Are Small Deadly Faces," and "One Common Past" in Red Clay Reader 7
b17833: Oates Joyce Carol - "Geese" in Ploughsares, volume 14, number 1 (1988)
b17832: Oates Joyce Carol - "The Silence" and "The Consolation of Animals" in Ploughsares, volume 14, number 4 (1988)
b17827: Oates Joyce Carol - "Words" in Yale Review (April, 2000)
b17477: Oates Joyce Carol - "His Dark Materials" [review] in New Yorker (July 2, 2007)
b16539: Oates Joyce Carol - "Accomplished Desires" in Esquire (May, 1968)
b15559: Oates Joyce Carol - "I, the Juror" in Witness (1991)
b11337: Oates Joyce Carol - "The Present Tense" in Atlantic (November, 1979)
017738: Oates Joyce Carol - "Did He Ever Grow Up?" in TV Guide (January 16, 1982)
017737: Oates Joyce Carol - "For Its Audacity, Its Defiantly Bad Taste and Its Superb Character Studies" in TV Guide (June 1, 1985)
b19112: Francis Duffy; Vivien Lovell; Peter Carolin - Bennetts Associates Four Commentaries
b29960: Carpenter, John C. - "Fishing in Virginia Waters" in Lippincott's (December, 1881)
b29956: (Tuberculosis) Carpenter, Frank D.Y. - "The Climate Cure" in Lippincott's (April, 1883)
b16339: Richard C. Carpenter - A Railroad Atlas of the United States in 1946: Volume 1: The Mid-Atlantic States (Creating the North American Landscape)
b11836: Richard C. Carpenter - A Railroad Atlas of the United States in 1946: Volume 1: The Mid-Atlantic States (Creating the North American Landscape)
b40090: Carpentier, Alejo - El Recurso del Metodo
z1693: Carpentier, Hortense; Brof, Janet (editors); Luis Borges; Pablo Neruda: Octavio Paz; Gabriel Garcia Marquez - Doors and Mirrors: Fiction and Poetry from Spanish America (1920-1970)
r46: Carr, Caleb - "An Incident of Wolves" in New York Times Magazine (April 13, 1986)
b33701: Carr, John Dickson - "Till Death Do Us Part" in Liberty (February 17, 1945)
T350: Carr, E.H. - Michael Bakunin
b40821: Carr, William H. - Two Thousand Miles Along the Crest of the Atlantic Highlands" (the creation of the Applachian Trail) in Natural History (July-August, 1933)
b10743: Carr, John - The Stranger in France; or, A Tour from Devonshire to Paris
b37507: le Carre, John. Joseph Lelyveld, essay - "Pym Takes Cover" and "le Carre's Toughest Case" in New York Times Magazine (March 16, 1986)
b31757: le Carre, John (novel); Martin Ritt (director); Richard Burton, Claire Bloom, Oskar Werner (actors) - The Spy Who Came in from the Cold. Original Paramount Pressbook and Publicty Campaign for the first U.S. release
b40950: le Carre, John. - "In Place of Nations" in Nation (April 9, 2001)
b23228: Le Carre, John - "The Honourable Schoolboy" in Playboy (August, 1977)
b21400: le Carre, John - "Wrong Man in Crete" in Holiday (December, 1965)
b18199: le Carre, John - "The Constant Muse" in New Yorker (January 1, 2001)
b17146: le Carre, John - "In Ronnie's Court: A Son's Criminal Pursuit" in New Yorker (February 18 & 25, 2002)
4414: le Carre, John. - "What Every Writer Wants" in Harper's (December, 1965).
b44871: le Carre, John. - The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, a three-part serialization in Show (October, November, and December, 1963).
b30760: (Jefferson, Thomas) Carriere, Joseph M. AND Jessie Ryonn Lucke - "The Manuscript of Jefferson's Unpublished Errata List for Abbe Morellet's Translation of the Notes on Virginia" AND "Some Correspondence with Thomas Jefferson Concerning the Public Printers" in Papers of the Bibliographical Society of the U of Virginia,
b892: Carroll, John, editor - Samuel Richardson: A Collection of Critical Essays
b10509: (London, Jack) Carroll, Lavon B. - "Jack London and the American Image" in American Book Collector (January, 1963)
b40242: Carroll, Lewis. Martin Gardner, introduction and notes. - The Annotated Alice: Alices's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass
b34354: Carroll, Lorrayne - Rhetorical Drag: Gender Impersonation, Captivity and the Writing of History
b34355: Carroll, Lorrayne - Rhetorical Drag: Gender Impersonation, Captivity and the Writing of History
b40644: Carroll, Lewis. (Other contributors inlcude William Gaddis, Norman Mailers, Paul Bowles, Joyce Carol Oates, Carlos Fuentes, Thomas McGuane, Yukio Mishima, and others(, - Antaeus, 13/14 (Spring/Summer, 1974)
dn271: Lewis Carroll - Lewis Carroll: The Complete, Fully Illustrated Works, Deluxe Edition
b20302: Carroll, Lewis. Nickel, Douglas R., text - Dreaming in Pictures: The Photography of Lewis Carroll
b23168: Carroll, Lewis, editor. Jerome Bump, introduction - The Rectory Magazine
b23808: Carroll, Lewis. James Tanis and John Dooley, editors. Martin Gardner, annotations - The Hunting of the Snark
015410: Carroll, Lewis. James Tanis and John Dooley, editors - Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark (proof)
b40664: Carruth, Hayden - Ecstasy
b24030: Carruth, Hayden - "Apt Adulterations Artful Aid" in Saturday Evening Post (March 18, 1905)
b16742: Carruth, Hayden - "On a Certain Engagement South of Seoul" in Nation (June 30, 1951)
b44719: Carse, Robert, Frank Richardson Prierce, O.A. Kline, E.H. Price, H. Bedford-Jones, Borden Chase, Louis C. Goldsmith, Murray R. Montgomery, and other contributors - Argosy, volumw 303, number 3 (November 9, 1940)
b35591: Carson, Kit. Blanche C. Grant, editor - Kit Carson's Own Story of His Life: As Dictated to Col. and Mrs. D. C. Peters about 1856-57, and Never Before Published
dn331: Carson, Rachel - "The Sea. III -- Wind, Sun, and Moon" in New Yorker (June 16, 1951)
b20846: Carson, Joseph - Synopsis of the Course of Lectures on Materia Medica and Pharmacy, Delivered in the University of Pennsylvania with Five Lectures on the Modus Operandi of Medicines. 4th edition revised
b44971: Carson, Rachel (as R.L.) - "Undersea" in Atlantic Monthly, volume 160, number 2 (September, 1937)
b11849: (Maxwell, W.B.) Carson, Norma Bright - "W.B. Maxwell at Home" in Book News Monthly (January, 1913)
b8084: Carter, Worrall Reed, Rear Admiral. Dan A. Kimball, foreword. Admiral Raymond A. Spruance, introduction. - Beans, Bullets, and Black Oil: The Story of Fleet Logistics Afloat in the Pacific During World War II
022474: Carter, Herbert - The Boy Scouts First Campfire
b12263: Carter, Kenneth - Thomas Hardy Catalogue: A List Of The Books By And About Thomas Hardy O.M. (1840-1928) in Dorset County Library
b16216: Carter, Robert Judson, editor - Aspects of the Arts and Crafts Movement in America
b40428: Carter, Graydon, editor - Bohemians, Bootleggers, Flappers, & Swells: The Best of Early Vanity Fair
b20931: Carter, Angela and Rosemary Carroll - "Angela Carter" [interview] in Bomb (Fall, 1986)
b16106: Brian Carter - Dartmoor: The Threatened Wilderness
z1672: Carter, Rob - Working with Computer Type
019392: Carter, Elliott - "Letter from Europe" in Perspectives of New Music (Spring, 1963)
015736: Stephen L. Carter - The Emperor of Ocean Park
b17993: Barbara Kingsolver; Rebeca Cartes - Another America/Otra America
014510: Cartwright, Julia - "Frederick Walker" in Macmillan's (June, 1891)
b34770: Carvell, Clarence - The National Road: A Photographic Journey
C1038: Caroline Carver - Blood Junction
b4844: Carver, Raymond - Cathedral
b4843: Raymond Carver - Ultramarine
015475: Carver, Raymond - "The Pen" in ZYZZYVA (Fall, 1985)
015561: Carver, Raymond - "The Moon, The Train" in Zyzzyva (Winter, 1988)
b4837: Raymond Carver - Fires
b4838: Raymond Carver - Where Water Comes Together With Other Water: Poems
b40674: Carver, Raymond - In the Year 2020
dn348: Carver, Raymond - "The Net" and "The Prize" in Quarry West
b30990: Carver, Raymond - "They're Not Your Husband" in Chicago Review, volume 24, number 4
b30090: Carver, Raymond - "Elephant" in New Yorker (June 9, 1986)
b22000: Carver, Raymond - "Vandals" in Esquire (October, 1999)
b21954: Carver, Raymond and Tess Gallagher / Ursula LeGuin - Dostoevsky: A Screenplay & King Dog a Screenplay
b21141: Carver, Raymond and William A. Stull - Cover photograph of Carver and "Matters of Life and Death: An Interview with Raymond Carver" in Bloomsbury Review (January/February, 1988)
b20823: Carver, Raymond - "Hunter" in Esquire (July, 1971)
b17636: Carver, Raymond - "Deschutes River" in Esquire (August, 1971)
b17384: Carver, Raymond. - The Window (SIGNED, 1/36)
b4836: Raymond Carver - A New Path to the Waterfall
b16154: Carver, Raymond - "Lemonade" in Esquire (July, 1989)
12879: Carver, Raymond. - "Sweet Light" and "The Mail" in Tri-Quarterly (Spring/Summer, 1986).
018442: Carver, Raymond - "Kindling" in Esquire (July, 1999)
b36453: Cary, Elisabeth Luther - Emerson: Poet and Thinker
b35589: (Jewett, Sarah Orne) Cary, Richard, Paul D. Voelker, Edward H, Cohen, Richard VanDerBeets, and James K. Bowen - "The Country of Pointed Firs: A Novel by Sarah Orne Jewett", "Jewett to Guiney: An Earlier Letter", "Miss Jewett, Mrs. Turner, and the Chautauqua Circle", and "Violet Paget to Sarah Orne Jewett" in Colby Library Quarterly (December, 1970)
b35588: (Jewett, Sarah Orne) Cary, Richard - "Sarah Orne Jewett and the Rich Tradition" in Colby Library Quarterly (November, 1957)
b34680: Cary, Edward - Journalism and International Affairs
b7282: Cary, Joyce - "Buying a Horse" in Punch (December 2, 1953)
b32831: Cary, Samuel - Sermon Preached at King's Chapel, Boston, September 9, 1813, the Day of the National Fast.
z326: Cary, Joyce - "On the Function of the Novelist"
b17695: Cary, Lucien - "What the Bullet Does" in True (September, 1948)
b16694: Cary, Joyce - "Proposals for Peace - III" in Nation (January 10, 1953)
8699: Cary, Joyce. - "The Oxford Scholar" in Holiday (June, 1953).
11096: Cary, Joyce. - "The Meaning of England" in Holiday (April, 1958).
b16683: Casals, Pablo - "Letter from Casals" [letter to editor] in Nation (August 15, 1953)
z300: Casamassima, Christophe - Invoice
b10154: Casamassima, Christophe - qui / etude. Writing Through Edmond Jabes
b10153: Casamassima, Chris - Invoice
b8927: Casanova, Nicole - L'oiseau vert du bonheur
017028: Case, Thomas H.T. - "A Broadland Interlude" in Nation (February 20, 1909)
b23436: O'Casey, Sean - The Bishop's Bonfire
b16635: O'Casey, Sean - "The State Turns Red" [letter to editor] in New Statesman and Nation (March 30, 1940)
b22646: Cash, W.J. - "The War in the South" in American Mercury (February, 1930)
b30463: Casley, Catherine, Jon Whiteley, Colin Harrison, co-ordinating editors. Catherine Whistler, Cyril Mango, Marlia Mundell Mango, Timothy Newberry, Christian Rumelin, and Timothy Wilson, contributors - The Ashmolean Museum: Complete Illustrated Catalogue of Paintings
b20826: Casorati, Cecila, Marie-Theres Suermann, Maria Porges, Gloria Picazo, Lieven Van Den Abeele, Valeria Tassinari, Dan Cameron, Doris von Dratelin, Stephen Sartarelli, Anna Pavesio, Manel Clodt, Agness Kohlmeyer, Fabrizio Crisafulli, other contributors - Contemporanea: International Art Magazine, III, 1(January, 1990)
AG53: Caspall, John - Fire & Light in the Home
AG67: Caspall, John - Making Fire and Light in the Home, Pre-1820
b33507: Casper, Scott E., Sloane Stephens, Jim Burant, and other contributors - Imprint: Journal of American Historical Print Collectors Society (Autumn, 1999)
z1416: Castel, Albert - "Civil War Kansas and the Negro" in Journal of Negro History (April 1966)
b6336: Castelli, Leone - " . . . Quel Tanto de Territorio . . ." Ricordi di Lavori ed opere Eseguiti nel Vaticano Durante il Pontificato di Pio XI (1922 / 1939)
b33723: Castillo, Josge - Jorge Castillo: Recent Paintings and Drawings
b23180: Castillo, Ana - Loverboys:
b44303: Castle, Agnes and Egerton - "The Yellow Slipper" in Illustrated London News (March 16, 1901)
b16276: Castro, Fidel - Playboy Interview: Fidel Castro" in Playboy (August, 1985)
b15987: Castro, Fidel - "All For Viet Nam" in Tricontinental, No. 32 (September-October, 1972)
12648: Castro, Fidel. - "Fidel Castro Denounces Agressions Againt Cuba" in Black Scholar (December, 1976).
b23184: Catacalos, Rosemary - Again for the First Time
b7926: Cather, Willa - My Mortal Enemy
b44201: Cather, Willa Sibert - "Eric Hermannson's Soul" in Cosmopolitan (April, 1900)
b40306: Cather, Willa - "Three Women" (part three of serialization) Ladies' Home Journal (November, 1932)
b32534: Cather, Willa - "Lucy Gayheart" [conclusion of serialization] in Woman's Home Companion (July, 1935)
b32079: Cather, Willa - "Neighbor Rosicky" (part one of serialization) in Woman's Home Companion (April, 1930)
b31099: Cather, Willa - "A Chance Meeting" in Atlantic (Ferbuary, 1933)
b31054: Cather, Willa - "Uncle Valentine" (serialization part two, conclusion) in Woman's Home Companion (March, 1925)
b20270: Cather, Willa - "Lucy Gayheart" [part two of serialization] in Woman's Home Companion (April, 1935)
b20272: Cather, Willa - "Lucy Gayheart" [part three of serialization] in Woman's Home Companion (May, 1935)
b20273: Cather, Willa - "Lucy Gayheart" [part four of serialization] in Woman's Home Companion (June, 1935)
10196: Cather, Willa. H.L. Mencken, Macim Gorky, and other contributors - "On the Art of Fiction" in The Borzoi 1920.
021999: Cather, Willa. Alexander Porterfield - Willa Cather: A Biographical Sketch An English Opinion and An Abridged Bibliography
b43592: Cather, Willa - "Three Women" (part one of serialization) Ladies' Home Journal (September, 1932)
b31616: Cato - "The Crisis -- No. 1. To the Farmers of New-York, Vermont and New-England" [on the War of 1812] in Connecticut Courant (July 21, 1812)
b20390: Catton, Bruce A. - "Journalism on Crusade" in Saturday review (July 26, 1958)
AG59: Catton, Bruce - THE COMING FURY
b7784: Caulfeild, S. F. A. and Blanche Saward - Encyclopedia of Victorian Needlework: Dictionary of Needlework, Vol. II, M-Z & Supplement
b3204: Caute, David - "The Teach-In" [letter to editor] in Encounter (October, 1965)
b23179: Caute, David - At Fever Pitch
b33962: Cavafy, C.P., Janet Malcom. Calvin Trillin, Roger Angel, William Maxwell, and other contributors - New Yorker (June 17, 1972)
b20379: Cavanagh, Catherine Frances - "Alexandria--Washington's Beloved City" in Blue and Gray: the Patriotic American Magazine (February 1895)
b3732: Cavanah, Frances - Jenny Lind's America
b34580: Cecil, David - "Apple Trees" in Spectator (January 7, 1922)
b23186: Cecil, Henry (Pseudonym of Henry Cecil Leon) - The Asking Price
b23185: Cecil, Henry (Pseudonym of Henry Cecil Leon) - Daughters in Law
b15530: Cecil, Lord David. - "An Autobiography of an Evangelical" in Life and Letters (October, 1929)
ag185: Cecil, David - Visionary and Dreamer: Two Poetic Painters: Samuel Palmer and Edward Burne-Jones (The A. W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts, 14)
7347: Cecil, Viscount. - "Cecil Calls for a War on War: The British Statesman Measures the Achievements at Geneva and States the Principles He Thinks Should Govern a Disarmament Plan . . ." in New York Times Magazine (August 28, 1932).
019523: Cecil, Lord David - William Cowper
020556: Michele Celeste - Hanging the President
b22723: Celine, Louis-Ferdinand. De Roux, Dominique, Editor - Louis-Ferdinand Céline. Des témoins, correspondance, inédits, interférences, essais, études, photographies, bibliographie (L'Herne No. 3)
b23138: (Crater, Joseph Force) Celona, Larry, Lorna Mongelli and Marsha Kranes - "1930 Crater Vanish 'Solved'" in New York Post (August 19, 2005)
C1077: Cendrars, Blaise. Dos Passos, John, trans. - Panama or the Adventures of My Seven Uncles.
b21714: Bureau of the Census, Department of Commerce and Labor - A Century of Population Growth from the First Census of the United States to the Twelfth, 1790-1900
b21713: Bureau of the Census, Department of Commerce and Labor - Heads of Families First Census off the United States 1790: State of Maryland
b16555: Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center - Lewis Carroll at Texas: The Warren Weaver Collection and Related Dodgson Materials at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center
b8858: (Miller, Arthur) Centola, Steven R. and Michelle Cirulli, editors - The Critical Response to Arthur Miller (Critical Responses in Arts and Letters)
dn234: (Miller, Arthur) Centola, Steve, editor - The Achievement of Arthur Miller: New Essays
022661: Centola, Steve and Arthur Miller - Arthur Miller in Conversation
b16329: Cepada, Orlando - Cover photograph of Orlando Cepada in Sporting News (September 1, 1973)
b19132: Maria Hlavajova; Luca Cerizza - Koelewijn Job - History Future
b40096: Cerniauskaite, Neringa (Pakui Hardware). Luciana Parisi, XXRUba Katrib, and others. - Vanilla Eyes
b45103: Cerver, Francisco Asensio - Arco Colour Houses "In Blue"
b17933: G. A Cevasco - J.-K. Huysmans: A reference guide (A Reference publication in literature)
b5717: Cezanne, Paul. Alfred H. Barr, Jr., notes. Margaret Scolari, translator - "Cezanne: In Letters of Marion to Morstatt, 1865-8" in Magazine of Art (February, 1938)
b10805: Cezanne, Paul - Cezanne by Himself
b7174: (Baseball) Chabon, Michael - "Jose Canseco, Hero" in New York Times (March 18, 2005)
014825: Michael Chabon - A Model World and Other Stories
014826: Michael Chabon - A Model World and Other Stories
b36625: Chabon, Michael - "Gentlemen of the Road. Chapter 13: On Swimming to the Library at the Heart of the World" in New York Times Magazine (April 22, 2007)
b36627: Chabon, Michael - "Gentlemen of the Road. Chapter 14: On Melancholy Duty of Soldiers to Contend with the Messes Left by Kings" in New York Times Magazine (April 29, 2007)
b35617: Chabon, Michael - "Gentlemen of the Road. Chapter 9: On Anxieties Arising from the Intermissability, However Unreasonable, of an Elephant's Rounding Out of a Prayer Quorum" in New York Times Magazine (March 25, 2007)
b35618: Chabon, Michael - "Gentlemen of the Road. Chapter 10: On the Belated Repayment of the Gift of a Pear" in New York Times Magazine (April 1, 2007)
b35621: Chabon, Michael - "Gentlemen of the Road. Chapter 11: On the Unforeseen and Annoying Resemblance of a Bek's Life to an Ill-Played Game of Shatranj" in New York Times Magazine (April 8, 2007)
b35622: Chabon, Michael - "Gentlemen of the Road. Chapter 12: On a Consignment of Flesh" in New York Times Magazine (April 15, 2007)
b35613: Chabon, Michael - "Gentlemen of the Road. Chapter 7: On the Seizing of a Low Moment" in New York Times Magazine (March 11, 2007)
b35609: Chabon, Michael - "Gentlemen of the Road. Chapter 5: Observations on the Fourth Commencement Among Horse Thieves" in New York Times Magazine (February 25, 2007)
b35606: Chabon, Michael - "Gentlemen of the Road. Chapter 4: On the Substitution of One Angel, and One Cause, for Another" in New York Times Magazine (February 18, 2007)
b35605: Chabon, Michael - "Gentlemen of the Road. Chapter 2: On Payment--And Trouble, Its Inevitable Gratuity" in New York Times Magazine (February 4, 2007)
b35602: Chabon, Michael - "Gentlemen of the Road. Chapter 3: On the Burdens and Cruelties of the Road" in New York Times Magazine (February 11, 2007)
b35601: Chabon, Michael - "Gentlemen of the Road. Chapter 1: On Discord Arising from Excessive Love of a Hat" in New York Times Magazine (January 28, 2007)
b35614: Chabon, Michael - "Gentlemen of the Road. Chapter 8: On a Niceness of Moral Discernment Uncommon Among Gentlement of the Road" in New York Times Magazine (March 18, 2007)
b36336: Chabon, Michael, Kate Wheeler, Rosellen Brown, and other contributors - Essays in The Sophisticated Traveler (March 4, 1990)
b34043: Chabon, Michael - "Soul Kitchen" in New York Review of Books (November 6, 2014)
b40358: Chabon, Michael - Moonglow
b31566: Chabon, Michael - "Son of the Wolfman" in Harper's (December, 1998)
b40695: Chabon, Michael and Trudy Wyss - "Holy Pulitzer, Batman! Michael Chabon Raises the Comic Book to High Art" [interview] in Inside Borders (August, 2001)
b29910: Chabon, Michael - "House Hunting" in New Yorker (November 21, 1994)
b23210: Chabon, Michael - Wonder Boys
b22180: Chabon, Michael - The Mysteries of Pittsburgh
b22016: Chabon, Michael - Summerland
b20646: Chabon, Michael - "The Harris Fetro Story" in Esquire (July, 1997)
b19661: Chabon, Michael - The Return of the Amazing Cavalieri from Untold Tales of Kavalier & Clay
b16841: Chabon, Michael - "Gentleman of the Road, Chapter 6: On Some Peculiarities in the Trading Practices of Northmen" in New York Times Magazine (March 4, 2007)
017689: Chabon, Michael - "Mrs. Box" in New Yorker (May 18, 1992)
017673: Chabon, Michael - "Werewolves in Their Youth" in New Yorker (March 29, 1993)
b43505: Chabon, Michael - "It's in the Cards" in New York Times Magazine (Julyl 21, 1991)
ag86: Chadwick, Douglas H.; Sartore, Joel; National Geographic Society (U. S.) - The Company We Keep: America's Endangered Species
b24518: Chagall, Marc. Marianne Moore, translation - Marc Chagall
b15536: Chagall, Marc. George Waldemar, text - Marc Chagall
b19071: Chaleyssin, Patrick. - James McNeill Whistler: The Strident Cry of the Butterfly.
T301: Chalmers, Stephen (R.L.S.) - "Critics and His Enthusiastic Admirers" (5 letters) in New York Times Saturday Review of Books (August 19, 1905)
b40068: Chamberlain, Lesley (other contributors to this issue include Godttfried Benn, David Collard, Alexander Murray) - "Dreams of Displaced Men: Passion and exile in the life and work of Roman Jakobson" in TLS - Times Literary Supplement (September 20, 2013)
b36439: Chamberlain, Joshua L. - John L. Chamberlain's Battle of Gettysburg After Action Report
b36272: Chamberlain, D.H. James Garfield - Political Letters, September, 1883
b34796: Chamberlain, Joseph P. - The Embargo Resolutions and Neutrality. Texts of the Resolutions, the Treaty of St. Germain, and The Trade in Arms Convention
b24031: Chambers, Robert W. - "The Swastika. A Story of Business by Clairvoyance and Marriage by Magic" in Saturday Evening Post (March 18, 1905)
b22330: Chambers, R - The Book of Days: A Miscellany of Popular Antiquities in Connection with the Calendar Including Anecdote, Biography, & History, Curiosities of Literature, and Oddities of Human Life and Character. Volume one
12408: Laurie Champion - American Women Writers, 1900-1945: A Bio-Bibliographical Critical Sourcebook
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