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b20411: Blunt, Anthony - Artistic Theory in Italy 1450-1600
z302: Blunt, Henry, Rev. - Sermons Preached in Trinity Church, Upper Chelsea
014416: Blunt, Wilfrid Scawen - "Martha Vine" (review) in Nation (January 7, 1911).
b31662: Bly, Robert, Dan Georgakas, Galway Kinnell, Olga Cabral, David Ray, Larry Jacoby, and Karen Lindsay - "American Poets on Vietnam" in American Dialog (Summer, 1966)
b22721: Bly, Robert. Richard Jones and Kate Daniels, editors - Of Solitude and Silence: Writings on Robert Bly [with New Poems by Robert Bly]
b21113: Blythe, Bruce T. - Blindsided: A Manager's Guide to Catastrophic Incidents in the Workplace
b29618: Boas, Franz - "We Are Starving Democracy" in Friday (September 20, 1940)
b21892: Boas, Franz, Esther Strachey, and other contributors - American Mercury (June, 1934)
b22702: Boccaccio - The Decameron, Volume I
b10416: Bock, C.E. - Atlas of Human Anatomy, With Explanatory Text. . . . Containing Thirty-Eight Coloured Plates of the Bones, Muscles, Vessels and Nerves of the Human Body
b36492: (Roosevelt, Theodore) Bocock, John Paul - "The Spell-Binding Rough Riders" in Leslie's Weekly (November 3, 1898)
b29869: Bodine, A. Aubrey - The Face of Maryland
b19588: Bodine, William B. - "Kenyon College" in Scribner's (March, 1878)
b31576: (Evert, Chris) Bodo, Peter - Cover photograph and "Chris Evert Lloyd: Champion at the Crossroad" in Tennis (September, 1979)
b23906: Von Boehn, Max. Josephine Nicoll, translator. George Bernard Shaw, "Note on the Puppets" - Dolls and Puppets
b11234: Bogan, Louise - "Second Song" [poem] in Nation (September 15, 1926)
b15428: Bogan, Louise - "James on a Revolutionary Theme" [on Henry James] in Nation (April 23, 1938)
b20489: Bogan, Louise - "The Mystic Experience" in Nation (July 7, 1945)
b20487: Bogan, Louise - "Sentimental Education Today" in Nation (October 3, 1942)
b20484: (Welty, Eudora) Bogan, Louise - "The Gothic South" [review of A Curtain of Green] in Nation (December 6, 1941)
b20480: Bogan, Louise - "The Defense of Belles-Lettres" in Nation (April 13, 1940)
b20470: Bogan, Louise - "Ecstasy and Order" [review] in New Republic (November 27, 1950)
b20217: Bogan, Louise - "Verse" [review of Robert Lowell's Life Studies and Theodore Roethke's Words for the Wind] in New Yorker (October 24, 1959)
b18321: (Welty, Eudora) Bogan, Kate and Mark Childress, two essays - "Southern Graces: Eudora Welty, 1909-2001" (Bogan) and "Recalling Miss Welty" (Childress) in TLS (Times Literary Supplement) (August 3, 2001)
022290: Bogan, Louise - "Verse" [review of Robert Lowell's Life Studies and Theodore Roethke's Words for the Wind] in New Yorker (October 24, 1959)
019567: Bogart, John - "Feats of Railway Engineering" in Scribner's (July, 1888)
b43817: (Kubrick, Stanley) Bogdanovich, Peter - "What They Say About Stnaley Kubrick" in New York Times Magazine (July 4, 1999.
b29286: Bogen, Nancy - Klytaimnestra Who Stayed at Home
b30535: (Baseball) Boggs, Wade - "What a Wade to do it!" front-page headline in the St. Petersburg Times (August 8, 1999)
b22484: Boggs, Jean Sutherland et al - Degas: [an exhibition held at the] Galeries nationales du Grand Palais, Paris, 9 February-16 May 1988, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, 16 June-28 August ... New York, 27 September 1988-8 January 1989
ag163: Boime, Albert - A Social History of Modern Art, Volume 1: Art in an Age of Revolution, 1750-1800
b33712: Du Bois, W.E.B. - "The South and a Third Party" in New Republic (January 3, 1923)
T129: Bois, Yve-Alain - "Back to the Future" (review essay on Kazimir Malevich) in Bookforum (Winter 2003)
b11348: Bok, Edward W. - "The Worst Birthday in a Man's Life" in Atlantic (October, 1924)
b30175: Bok, Edward W., editor - Ladies' Home Journal (March, 1916)
019774: Nikolai Bokov, Jan Cremer, Harry Mulisch, Yves Navarre, Robert Pinget, John Wynne Samuel Beckett - New Writing and Writers, 17
b4981: Boland, Eavan - "The Death of Reason" in Atlantic (September, 1993)
016866: (Hughes, Ted) Boland, Eavan - "Ted Hughes: A Reconciliation" in New York Times Book Review (January 24, 1999)
017708: Boland, Eavan - "The Pomegranate" in New Yorker (October 25, 1993)
b22642: (Kerouac, Jack) Boles, Robert and Joe David Bellamy - "Jack Kerouac's Last Years: An Interview with Jack Boles" in The Falcon, 1 (Summer, 1970)
b16395: Bolivar, Simon. Gen. H. L. V. Ducoudray Holstein - Memoirs of Simon Bolivar, President Liberator of the Republic of Colombia; and of His Principle Generals; Secret History of the Revolution, and the Events Which Preceded It, From 1807 to the Present Time
z11: Bolton, John - The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir
b34353: Boltwood, Edward, George B. Hollister, Percy C. Eggleston, Thornwell Mullally, and Frank J. Price, editors - Yale Literary Magazine, volume 57, numbers 1, 3, and 4 (October and December, 1891 and January, 1892)
b8214: Bombard, Alain - Naufragé volontaire
021365: Bonaparte (Bounaparte), Napoleon - "Proclamation of Bonaparte, Addressed to the Saxons" in United States Gazette (December 15, 1806)
014154: Bonaparte (Bounaparte), Napoleon. - "Official Account of the State of France" in Massachusetts Spy (March 28, 1804)
015901: Bond, Nelson - "An Lo, the Bird!" in Blue Book (September, 1950)
b10231: Bond, Fred G. - "Flatboarding on the Yellowstone, 1877" in North Dakota History (October, 1945)
b12054: Bond, Beverly A. - State Government in Maryland 1777-1781
z1641: Bond, Shelagh M. - The Monuments of St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle
b22699: Bond, Edward - Summer
b22698: Bond, Edward - War Plays: A Trilogy/Part 3
b21629: Bond, Richmond P., editor - Studies in the Early English Periodical
b18043: Edward Bond - Derek and Choruses from After the Assassinations (Methuen New Theatrescript)
016243: Edward Bond - War Plays: A Trilogy/Part 3 (New theatrescripts) (Vol 2)
015900: Bond, Nelson - "It's a Fast New World" in Blue Book (December, 1950)
b24624: Bonnard, Pierre. Antoine Terrasse - Pierre Bonnard, Illustrator: A Catalogue Raisonne
b16187: Pierre Bonnard - Bonnard: The late paintings
b36296: Bonnefoy, Yves - Alberto Giacometti
b30065: (Poe, Edgar Allan) Bonner, Thomas, Jr. - The Epistolary Poe
b22774: Bonnet, Henri - Roman et Poésie. Essai sur l'Esthétique des Genres
b24654: Bonsfoux, Pascal - Van Gogh Self Portraits with Accompanying Letters from Vincent to His Brother Theo
dn435: Bontempelli, Chenov, Dubois, Duesberg, Gulette, Marin, Marlier, Mathy, de Ridder, Teriade, Tzara, & Van Hecke (contributors to No. 2); Antheime, Chenoy, Fierens, Frank, Girard, Guiette, Legrand, Marin, Marlier, Mathy, Perler, Rost, Thialet, and Van Hecke - Selection: Chronique de la Vie artistique et Litteraire, Numbers 2 & 3 (November & December 1926)
b43419: Booker, Simeon, Morrie Turner, Lerone Benett, Jr,, Van Dyke Smith, and other contributors - Essays on Adam Clayton Powell, Willie Mays, Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul Jabar), textbook bias, and other topics in Ebony (March, 1967)
z1712: Booth, Philip - "Rates" (poem) in "Field" (Number 17, 1977)
b44245: Booth, Maud Ballington - "'The Church of the Black Sheep.' An Article on the Salvation Army" in Harper's Weekly (March 14, 1896)
C5270: Booth, Philip - "August 1942" in Poetry, (February, 1963)
b31478: Booth, Commander Balington and Maud Ballington Booth - "The Salvation Army. It's Work Among the Poor and the Lowly" [two separate essays: "The Work of the Shelter BRigade" and "The Women's Work in the Slums"] in Harper's Weekly (December 30, 1893)
b31338: Booth, George - Cover illustration. New Yorker (July 7, 1980)
b30097: Booth, George - "Keeping Fit" (eight drawings and text) in New Yorker (August 11, 1975)
b29838: Booth, George - Cover illustration in New Yorker (November 26, 1973)
b21133: Booth, Catherine - "The Truth About the Salvation Army" in The Independent (August 4, 1892)
022310: Booth, Philip - "Marin" in New Yorker (September 12, 1959)
b22952: Bordonove, Georges - Henry de Montherlant
b22704: Borenstein, Emily - Cancer Queen
b10498: Borges, Jorge Luis. Bernard Dulsey - "An Interview with Jorge Luis Borges" in American Book Collector (February, 1963)
b3508: Borges, Jorge Luis - "Four Poems" ["Hengest Cying," "Afterglow," "Plainness," and "The Dagger"] in New Yorker (November 16, 1968)
b3483: Borges, Jorge Luis - "Twice-Told Tales" in New Yorker (January 1, 1972)
b629: Borges, Jorge Luis - Chronicles of Bustos Domecq
b33590: Borges, Jorge Luis - "Elegy" and "Argumentum Ornithologicum" in The Magazine, number 7 (October, 1968)
b33501: Borges, Jorge Luis - "The Other Death" in New Yorker (November 2, 1968)
b33266: Borges, Jorge Luis. Susan Bombal, translator and author of the essay on Borges - "Conjectural Poem" and "Borges -- Poet of Argentina" in Poetry (Summer, 1952)
b3231: Borges, Jorge Luis - "Metthew XXV, 30," "A Compass," "My Entire Life," "Houses Like Angels," "A Key in Salonica," and "The Card-Trick" in Encounter (May, 1963)
b25240: Borges, Jorge Luis - "A Conversation with Jorge Luis Borges" in Boulevard, No.s 40 & 41 (Fall, 1998)
b20801: Borges, Jorge Luis - "'Brunanburh, A.D. 937'" in New Yorker (April 18, 1977)
b19387: Borges, Jorge Luis with Gyula Kosice - "Dialogo hidraulizado con Jorge Luis Borges" in Ramona 43-44 (September, 2004)
b17836: Borges, Jorges Luis. - "Jorges Borges" interview with Alessandro di Manara in Transatlantic Review (Autumn-Winter, 1974).
b15958: Borges, Jorge Luis. Norman Thomas di Giovanni, translator - "John 1:14" in New Yorker (February 14, 1970)
b15583: Borges, Jorge Luis. Thomas di Giovanni, translator - "The Duel" in Mundus Artium (Spring, 1971)
6561: Borges, Jorge Luis - "To a Saxon Poet" in New Yorker (February 8, 1969)
6816: Borges, Jorge Luis with Margarita Guerro. - "Imaginary Beings" in New Yorker (October 4, 1969)
020238: Borges, Jorge Luis and Adolfo Bioy Cesares. - "In Search of the Absolute" in Antaeus (Autumn, 1975)
020247: Borges, Jorge Luis - "Ein Traum" in Sun & Moon (Fall, 1979)
020517: Borges, Jorge Luis - "A Prologue" in Review, 21/22 (Fall-Winter, 1977)
015565: Borges, Jorge Luis - "The Engimas," Luke XXIII," and "Flowing or Being" in Agni, 40 (1984)
b21743: Borglum, Gutzon - "Art That Is Real and American" in World's Work (June, 1914)
022130: Borrow, George. George F. Whicher, editor - Lavengro: The Scholar, the Gypsy, the Priest
022188: Bos, Richard - Ulpentragodie: Roman aus dem Engadin
11798: (Cheever, John) Bosha, Francis J., editor - The Critical Response to John Cheever.
b40246: Bossy, John - "After the RIsing: Lord Henry Howard and the Earl of Essex: A Reattribution" in The Times Literary Supplement (TLS) (Juy 25, 2014)
b6851: Paul Boswell - No Anchovies on the Moon: Three Score and Ten Washington Pictures and Poems
b16760: Boswell, James. George Birkbeck Hill, editor - Boswell's Life of Johnson, Including Boswell's Journal of a tour to the Herbides and Johson's Diary of a Journey into North Wales. Six volumes
016241: Robert Boswell - The Geography Of Desire
b29878: Le Bot, Marc, Bazon Brock, Michel Carrouges, Michel de Certeau, Jean Clair, Peter Gorsen, Gilbert Lascault, Jean-Francois Lyotard, Gunter Metken, Alain Montesse, Rene Radrizzani, Arturo Schwarz, Michel Serres, and Harold Szeemann - Le Macchine Celibi / The Bachelor Machines
12290: Botkin, B.A., editor. - Negro Religious Songs and Services from the Archive of American Folk Song.
ag109: De Botton, Alain - The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work
b7140: Alighiero e Boetti. Maiten Bouisset, preface - Alighiero e Boetti
b23216: Boulenger, Jacques - Les romans de la Table Ronde : Merlin l'enchanteur; Lancelot du lac; Le Saint - Graal; La mort d'Artus
019390: Boulez, Pierre - "'Sonate, que me veux-tu?'" in Perspectives of New Music (Spring, 1963)
b19070: David Bourdon - Warhol
b36399: Bouret, Jean - L'Ecole de Barbizon et le paysage francais au XIX siecle
b22783: Bourget, Paul - Un couer de femme. Edition definitive
x1605: Bourget, Paul - Le Fantome
b32557: Bourke, Charles Francis - "Court-Martial of Commissary-General [Charles P.] Egan" in Collier's Weekly (February 11, 1899)
b40253: Bourne, Miriam Anne - Patsy Jefferson's Diary
b19398: Bourne, H. Clarence - "National Pensions" in Macmillan's (February, 1892)
b12009: M. De Bourrienne - Life of Napoleon Bonaparte
b22693: Bove, Emmanuel; Louth, Janet (translator) - Armand
b25375: Bowden, Edwin T. - James Thurber: A Bibliography
b20637: Bowden, Michael, editor - Whetstone, Number 1 (Winter, 1979)
b11004: Bowen, Elizabeth - "Gusto" [review] in New Statesman and Nation (February 25, 1939)
b11012: Bowen, Elizabeth - "Horrible Dictu" [essay] in New Statesman and Nation (March 11, 1939)
b11080: Bowen, Elizabeth - "Gorki Stories" [review] in New Statesman and Nation (August 5, 1939)
b15274: Bowen, Elizabeth. - Anthony Trollope: A New Judgement
b7305: Bowen, Elizabeth - "Teen-Agers" in Punch (August 19, 1953)
10440: Bowen, Elizabeth. - "Everything Is Frightfully Interesting" in New Yorker (October 11, 1941).
019878: (Washington, George) Bowen, Clarence Winthrop, Mrs. Burton Harrison, and Charles Henry Hart - Four essays on George Washington in Century (April, 1889)
b24607: Bower, Peter, Martin Butlin, Kenneth Clark, Robin Hamlyn, Evelyn Joll, Graham Reynolds, Lawrence B. Salander, and Ian Warrell. Leslie Parris, editor - Exploring Late Turner
b34118: Bowers, William S., James A. Dickson, Elaine M. Savukas, Frederick D. Brumbaugh, Janet Z. Gabler, Charles J. Stoner, Harry L. Oyler, Frederick G. Waite, Stella M. Fries, Harry E. Foreman, Raymond G. Mowrey, Roger C. Mowrey, and other contributors - The Kittochtinny Historical Society, Vol. XVI, May, 1970 -- April, 1978
b24462: Bowers, Faubion - The New Scriabin: Enigma and Answers.
b40873: Bowie, David with Jeff Koons (other contributors to this issue include William Boyd, Jed Perl, David Hockney, and Rick Moody) - "Super-Banalism and the Innocent Salesman" in Modern Painters (Spring, 1998)
b15889: A.S. Byatt; David Bowie - Writers on Artists
014820: Paul Bowles - The Time of Friendship
015586: Bowles, Paul - "Dimension of Love" in Saturday Review (August 23, 1958)
b11620: Bowles, Paul - "Paul Bowles on Ether" in Esquire (March, 1994)
b12270: Bowles, Paul - No Eye Looked Out From Any Crevice
b30194: Bowles, Paul, Naomi Shihab Nye, William Trevor, RIchard Selzer, Ezra Pound, and other contributors - Antaeus 44 (Winter, 1982)
b21199: Bowles, Paul - "Allal: Who Ate Mjoun with a Serpent" in Rolling Stone (January 27, 1977)
b21022: Bowles, Paul - "An Interview with Paul Bowles" AND "A Capsule Autobiography" in Gargoyle, Issue 24 (1984)
b17835: Bowles, Paul, translator. - "Like the Sahara only dirty" by Mohammed Mrabet in Transatlantic Review (Autumn-Winter, 1974).
b17278: Bowles, Paul - "Morocco Perceived" in Esquire (March, 1975)
b11931: Mrs. Southey [Miss Caroline Bowles] - "The Pauper's Death-Bed" and an excerpt from "The Birth-Day" in Albion (November 24, 1840)
b11380: Bowles, Paul - Pole [bouruzu] [Anthology of Paul Bowles' works]
9078: Bowles, Paul, translator. - "The Half-Brothers" by Larbi Layachi in Antaeus, No. 4 (Winter, 1971).
021141: Bowles, Paul - "By the Water" in View (Fall, 1946)
020240: Bowles, Paul - "In the Red Room" in Antaeus (Autumn, 1983)
021024: Bowles, Paul - "Under the Sky" in Horizon (June, 1947)
014920: Bowles, Paul - "Here to Learn" in Antaeus (Summer, 1979)
014919: Bowles, Paul - "The Dismissal" in Antaeus (Spring, 1980)
014283: Bowles, Paul - "Records" (Jazz recordings) in Mademoiselle (April, 1943).
b16102: Bronzes. Edgar Peters Bowron - Renaissance Bronzes in The Walters Art Gallery
z1627: Box, Edgar (aka Gore Vidal) - Death Before Bedtime
b32838: Boyce, Daniel Benjamin, editor of the English text - Three Centuries of Russian Painting
016602: William Boyd - Brazzaville Beach
b15577: Boyd, William - "Sarah Raphael" in Modern Painters (Spring, 1992)
b37533: Boyd, William - "Cockney Christmas" in New York Times Magazine (December 6, 1987)
b36363: Boyd, William, David Guterson, David Plante, Francine Prose, Ivan Doig, Robert Stone, Maureen Howard, and other contributors - Essays in The Sophisticated Traveler (May 15, 1994)
b31567: Boyd, William - "Varengeville" in New Yorker (November 16, 1998)
b30537: Boyd, William - "Just the Ticket" Front-page essay on the Sunday Times Books section , Sunday Times (June 27, 1999)
b18157: Boyd, William - "Loose Continuity" in New Yorker (February 19, 1996)
b18056: William Boyd - The Destiny of Nathalie and Other Stories
b18058: William Boyd - The Destiny of Nathalie X: and Other Stories
11994: Boyd, William - "Frederic Manning's Her Privates We" in Tin House (Spring-Summer, 2000)
019006: Boyd, William - "William Boyd's Picture Choice" [Monet's Bathers at La Grenouilliere] in National Gallery News (January, 1997)
b10943: Richard Owen Boyer - The Legend of John Brown: A Biography and a History
b43629: (Grosz, George) Boyer, Richard D. - The Saddest Man in the World (Profile of Artist George Grosz, Part II)" in New Yorker (December 4, 1943)
b24526: (Ellington, Duke) Boyer, Richard O. - "The Hot Bach" [profile of Duke Ellington, second part of serialization] in New Yorker (July 1, 1944).
b16191: Boyer, Martha - Catalogue of Japanese Lacquers. The Walters Art Gallery
016428: (Hugo, Victor) Boyesen, Hjalmar Hjorth - "Two Visits to Victor Hugo" in Scribner's (December, 1879)
b29197: (Taylor, Bayard) Boyesen, Hjalmar H. - "Reminiscences of Bayard Taylor" in Lippincott's (August, 1879)
b19586: Boyesen, Hjalmar Hjorth - "Four Sonnets" ("My Kingdom in the Clouds," "The Lily," "If the Rose Could Speak," and "The Wondrous Name") in Scribner's (March, 1878)
b19582: Boyesen, Hjalmar Hjorth - "Falconberg" (serialization conclusion) in Scribner's (April, 1879)
d509: Boyle, T. Cohaghessan - The Road to Wellville
b44058: Boyle, Richard J., essay - Lewis Henry Meakin, 1850-1917: An American Landscape Painter Rediscovered
014867: Boyle, T. Cohaghessan - "Caye" in Tri-Quarterly (Spring, 1978)
015889: Boyle, T. Cohaghessan - "Escape from the Moors" in Agni Review 15 (1981)
b11358: Boyle, T. Coraghessan. - "The Writing Life" in The Washington Post Book World (June 26, 2005)
b15931: Boyle, T. Coraghessan - "The Swift Passage of Animals" in Playboy (April, 2005)
b5919: Boyle, Kay - "Introduction to a Modern History of Germany" in Prose (Fall, 1971)
b6160: (Moss, Don) Boyle, Robert H. - "A Champ for All Time" [Joe Palooka] in Sports Illustrated (April 19, 1965)
b6692: Boyle, T. Cohaghessan - Greasy Lake
b31966: Boyle, Kay - Collected Poems
b31569: Boyle, T. Cohaghessan - "Mexico" in New Yorker (October 19, 1998)
dn300: Boyle, Kay - "Begin Again" in New Yorker (May 7, 1949)
b31260: Boyle, Kay - "The Criminal" in New Yorker (March 5, 1949)
b31241: (Pynchon, Thomas) Boyle, T. Cohaghessan - "The Great Divide" (review of Mason & Dixon) in New York Times Book Review (May 18, 1997)
b23853: Boyle, Kay - "Isabelita Has Lost Her Reason" in Nation (May 24, 1947)
b21828: Boyle, T. Cohaghessan - "Swept Away" in New Yorker (January 21, 2002)
b21062: Boyle, T. Cohaghessan - "Killing Babies" in New Yorker (December 2, 1996)
b20970: Boyle, T. Cohaghessan - "Me Cago en la Leche" in Interview (February, 1988)
b19437: Boyle, T. Cohaghessan - "The Lie" in New Yorker (April 14, 2008)
b19156: Boyle, T. Cohaghessan - Drop City
b41249: Boyle, T. Cohaghessan (other contributors include Steve Almond, John M. Cunningham, Jean Hanson, Cynthia Hartwig, William Kennedy, David Mamet, Ana Menendez, Dale Peck, Josh Pryor, Chris Spain) - "Charlie Ossinging Goes Downtown, Thanks to Alan Parker" in Zoetrope (Spring, 1999)
b17218: Boyle, T. Cohaghessan - "The Champ" in Atlantic (January, 1978)
b17207: Boyle, T. Cohaghessan - "Heart of a Champion" in Esquire (January, 1975)
6522: Boyle, T. Coraghessan. - "East Is East" in Rolling Stone (October 5, 1989).
022686: Boyle, T. Coraghessan - Descent of Man
020241: Boyle, T. Cohaghessan - "Caviar" in Antaeus (Autumn, 1983)
020893: Boyle, Kay. - "His Idea of a Mother" in Scribner's (July, 1931)
b25143: (Howell, William) Boysen, H.H. - "Mr. Howells at Close Range" in Ladies' Home Journal (November, 1893)
b8870: Boyton, Neil, S.J. - Ex-Cub Fitzie
b7220: Bozman, John Leeds - The History of Maryland from Its First Settlement, in 1663, to the Restoration in 1660. Two volumes.
b23681: Alighiero e Boetti. Didi Bozzini, preface - Alighiero e Boetti
C5715: (Gropper, William) Brace, Ernest - "William Gropper" in Magazine of Art (August, 1937)
b19562: (Austen, Jane) Bradbrook, Frank W. - "Style and Judgement in Jane Austen's Novels" in Cambridge Journal (June, 1951)
b30057: Bradbruy, Ray, Gardner F. Fox, Emmett McDowell, Basil Wells, Bryce Walton, Ross Rocklynne, Chester Geier, Henry Hasse, Erik Fennel, and other contributors - Planet Stories, volume 3, no. 6 (Spring, 1947)
b17078: Bradbruy, Ray - "Very Late in the Evening" in Playboy (December, 1960)
b16063: Bradbruy, Ray - Twin Hieroglyphs That Swim the River Dust
z1583: Bradbruy, Ray (editor) - The Circus of Dr. Lao and Other Improbably Stories
b44735: Bradbury, Ray (other contributors include John Grave) - "I see You Never" in New Yorker (November 8, 1947)
002048: Bradbury, Ray. - "The Beggar on the Dublin Bridge" in Saturday Evening Post (January 14, 1961).
002584: Bradbury, Ray. - "Summer in the Air" Saturday Evening Post (February 18, 1956).
b44084: Bradbury, Ray - "Forever Voyage" in Saturday Evening Post (January 9, 1960)
b6241: Bradbury, Ray - The Prehistoric Producer" in Saturday Evening Post (June 23, 1962)
b11360: Bradbury, Ray - "To and from the Dust" [essay] in Inside Borders (October/November, 2001)
b15374: Bradbury, Ray - "Massinello Pietro" in Connoisseur's World (April, 1964)
b36368: Bradbury, Malcolm, David Margolick, Dan Hofstadter, John F. Burns, and other contributors - Essays in The Sophisticated Traveler (February 28, 1999)
001933: Bradbury, Ray. - "The Prehistoric Producer" in Saturday Evening Post (June 23, 1962).
b33813: Bradbury, Ray, Nelson Bond, Isaac Asimov, Ross Rocklynne, Leigh Brackett, Raymond Van Houten, Alfred Coppel, Keith Bennett, and other contributors - Tops in Science Fiction, volume one, number one (Spring, 1953)
b33544: Bradbury, Ray - "The Marriage Mender" in Escapade (August, 1958)
b44100: Bradbury, Ray - "One Timeless Spring" in Collier's (April 14, 1946)
b44030: Bradbury, Ray (other contributors include John Gardner, Lanford Wilson, Tom Eyen, Alfred Frankenstein, and others) - "The Renaissance Prince and the Baptist Martian" [on Bernard Berenson] in Horizon (Julu, 1979)
dn221: Bradbury, Ray - "The Homecoming" in Famous Fantastic Mysteries (December 1952)
b31300: Bradbury, Ray - "I See You Never" in New Yorker (November 8, 1947))
b43836: Bradbury, Ray - "The Sea Shell" in Short Stories: A Man's Magazine (February, 1958)
b44892: Bradbury, Ray - "The Playground" in Esquire (October, 1953)
Q26: Bradbury, Ray - "Letter to The Editor" in New Republic (10/3/70)
b31049: Bradbury, Ray - "The Marriage Mender" in Collier's (January 22, 1954)
dn439: Bradbury, Ray - "The Homecoming" in Famous Fantastic Mysteries (December 1952)
b30468: Bradbury, Ray - "The Trolley" in Good Housekeeping (July, 1955)
b29781: Bradbury, Ray - "Martian Musings" [interview] in Inside Borders (November, 1997)
b29474: Bradbury, Katharine L., Yolanda K. Kodrzycki, Robert Tannenwald, Daphne A. Kenyon, Michael Wasylenko, Ronald C. Fisher, Peter S. Fisher, Alan H. Peters, Patricia M. Flynn, and other contributors - Proceedings of a Symposium on The Effects of State and Local Public Policiesa on Economic Development, New England Economic Review (March/April, 1997)
b25014: Bradbury, Ray - "The Mice" in Escapade (October, 1955)
b22713: Bradbury, Ray - Ray Bradbury Chronicles
b22649: Bradbury, Ray - "Dwellers in Silence" in Planet Stories (Spring, 1949)
b44464: Bradbury, Ray, Fob B. Holden, Stanley Mullen, Theo. L. Thomas, and other contributors - Planet Stories, No. 9 (circa 1953)
b44463: Bradbury, Ray, Poul Anderson, Alfred Coppel, Margaret St. Clair, and other contributors - Planet Stories, No. 5 (1950)
b44458: Bradbury, Ray, William Tenn, Ray Cummings, William F. Temple, Margaret St. Clair, Edmond Hamilton, Murray Leinster, and other contributors - Thrilling Wonder Stories, volume 32, number 2 (June, 1948)
b17081: Bradbury, Ray - "The Life Work of Juan Diaz" in Playboy (September, 1963)
b17071: Bradbury, Ray - "The Best of All Possible Worlds" in Playboy (August, 1960)
b17069: Bradbury, Ray - "The Illustrated Woman" in Playboy (March, 1961)
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b21450: Carey, John, editor. Ted Hughes, John Fowles, Ian McEwan, and other contributors - William Golding: The Man and His Books : A Tribute on His 75th Birthday
b43498: (Gladstone, William E) Carey, Edward - "William Ewart Gladstone" [lengthy essay with 8 illustrations) in Harper's Weekly (May 28, 1898)
b41135: Cargill, Alexander - "Shakespeare as an Actor" in Scribner's (May, 1891)
b40122: Carleton, Will - "Farm Ballads" in Harper's Weekly (September 2, 1871)
b25142: Carleton, Will - "Captain Young's Thanksgiving" in Ladies' Home Journal (November, 1893)
b24653: Carls, Carl Dietrich - Ernst Barlach
018466: Carlson, Ron - "At the Jim Bridger" in Esquire (May, 2000)

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