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148544: - The Dublin Review Vol. XIII: July-October 1869
165332: - Introducing the Hymnal 1982
162403: - Cincinnati Women: Jewels in the Crown
169955: - Service of the Synagogue: Day of Atonement; a New Edition of the Festival Prayers with an English Translation in Prose and Verse
126604: - The Sacraments: The Salvationist's Viewpoint
171840: - Nelson's Quick Reference: Bible People & Places
149358: - Fortune: February 1966
168881: - The Catholic Liturgy Book: The People's Complete Service Book
168872: - The Book of Catholic Worship
167936: - Lot of 10 Quaker Pamphlets
171524: - History of the Police Department: Columbus, Ohio 1821-1945
167843: - The Holy Communion Together with the Collects, Epistles and Gospels and Prayers and Thanksgivings with Additional Prayers from the Book of Common Prayer
163879: - Spanish Grammar
126485: - The System Bible Study
174031: - The Illustrated London News, Volume LI (July-December 1867)
174445: - Scribner's Magazine, Volume 43 (January-June 1908)
167427: - Book of Worship Containing Services, Chants, Sacraments, Rites, Prayers and Hymns Prepared for the Use of the Church of the New Jerusalem
171936: - The Russian Living New Testament
141093: - Catholic Record Society: Miscellanea I, Volume 1
162867: - Gads Engelsk: Engelsk-Dansk, Dansk-Engelsk Ordbog
171004: - Prayers to St. Anthony from Approved Sources
170990: - Der Geheiligte Tag Des Christen: Mess- Und Gebetbuch Fur Katholische Christen
170975: - Saint Aloysius' Society Manual
170983: - Extensionist Manual: Approved Devotions and Prayers for All Occasions and Stations of Life Carefully Selected from the Prayers of the Church and Her Saints
171001: - The Pilgrim's Prayer Book: Holy Year Edition
170999: - Day by Day: Short Prayers for Daily Use
170994: - The Little Ursuline Manual, or a Collection of Prayers and Spiritual Exercises, Originally Arranged for the Young Ladies Educated at the Ursuline Convent, Cork
170992: - The Guardian Angel. Prayers and Instructions for Catholic Children. Compiled from Approved Sources
164348: - The Phrase Concordance of the Bible
172834: - Lot of 8 Richie Rich Comic Books
165993: - Family Home Evening Number 6: Happiness Through Faith in Jesus Christ
126242: - The Missal for Sundays and Principal Feasts of the Year According to the Latest Degrees: With Benediction, Vespers, Compline and a Collection of Prayers
174025: - The Literary Club of Cincinnati 1849-1949: Centennial Book
126795: - A Round Table of the Representative French Catholic Novelists: At Which Is Served a Feast of Excellent Stories
169868: - Likutei Amarim-Tanya
170945: - Bound Collection of Catholic Pamphlets
171196: - Indirizzo Per Recitare Con Frutto la Divina Orazione Del Pater Noster Coll'Aggiunta Di Un Metodo Facile Per Udire la S. Messa Con Frutto Oltre la Corona Del Signore, Ed I Cinque Salmi, Che Compongono IL Nome Santissimo Di Maria
165074: - Is One Religion As Good As Another
174017: - High on a Hill: The Story of Christ Church, Glendale 1865-1965
166216: - The Book of Rites and Sacraments: Prepared for the Use of the New Church, by Order of the General Convention
166069: - Deseret Recipes
172567: - The New Sunday School Manual; Containing the Catechism - Devotions and Prayers for Church, Home, and School - Simple Music for Mass, Vespers, and Benediction - and a Very Full Collection of Hymns, Including the Litany of the Blessed Virgin
171088: - Manual of the Third Order of Mary
172392: - Artlines Poster Collection: Flying
162553: - Kenkyusha's New School Dictionary (Japanese-English)
162838: - Ich Kann Pennsylvania Deitsh Laysa (a Self-Teaching Primer)
124587: - Lippincott Magazine (Volumes 1-9, 11-17, 19-22, 25-32, 34 in 29 Books)
168521: - Reader's Digest: July 1976 (Bicentennial Issue)
126412: - Sikh Religion
167862: - Luther's Small Catechism with Explanation
161665: - Damms Lommeordboker: Engelsk-Norsk, Norsk-Engelsk / English-Norwegian, Norwegian-English
113474: - American Folklore and Legends
171173: - The Small Roman Missal for All Sundays and the Principal Feasts of the Year: Containing Moreover a Collection of Approved Prayers Compiled from the Best Sources; in Accordance with All Recent Pontifical Decrees
171172: - Manual of Catholic Devotions
141098: - Catholic Record Society: Miscellanea X, Volume 17
171162: - The Sacrifice of the Mass Compiled from Approved Sources by a Priest of the Archdiocese of Chicago
171161: - Manual of the St. John Berchmans' Sanctuary Society with a Sketch of the Saint's Life
171157: - Sweet Incense: Prayers for Various Occasions in Life
171153: - The Catholic Child's Prayer Book
171152: - The Communion Prayer Book by a Sister of St. Joseph: Prayers and Instructions with Illustrated Thoughts on Holy Communion
171151: - The Pious Child: Instructions and Prayers for Catholic Children
174728: - The Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Settlement of the Jews in the United States: Addresses Delivered at Carnegie Hall, New York, on Thanksgiving Day MCMV Together with Other Selected Addresses and Proceedings
171150: - Child's Prayer Book: Prayers and Instructions for Catholic Children
173005: - History of the First Presbyterian Church of Bellefontaine, Ohio, and Addresses Delivered at the Celebration of the Thirty-Fifth Anniversary of the Pastorate of the Reverend George L. Kalb, D.D.
171146: - The Psalter, or Seven Ordinary Hours of Prayer According to the Use of the Illustrious & Excellent Church of Sarum. And the Hymns, Antiphons, & Orisons or Collects, for the Principal Festivals & Seasons; with the Appropriate Musical Intonation & Melodies, Together with Hymns, and Other Devotions, from Ancient English Sources, and the More Important Variations of the York and Hereford Uses. Also, the Litany & Vigils of the Dead, Translated & Arranged, for Private, or Coenobial Use. With Explanatory Notes and Comments
171144: - Mother Therese and the Carmel of Allentown by a Member of the Community
168739: - The New Catholic Family Missal: Continuous Arrangement of Masses for Sundays and Feast Days with Approved Texts of the Mass in English
165703: - More Than Words: A Resource Book for Church School Teachers and for Students in Junior High School Classes
172606: - The Church of Christ: Decree Enacted by the First Synod of Archdiocese of Atlanta
126799: - The Excellent Woman: As Described in the Book of Proverbs
166436: - Divine Liturgy of the Armenian Church
171908: - Babylon the Great Has Fallen!" God's Kingdom Rules!
163475: - The Teach Yourself Russian Phrase Book
169563: - Wwi Campaign and Service Credits
173883: - The Parish of Calvary Church in the Village of Clifton, Hamilton County, State of Ohio 1844-1938
169979: - Celebration: Purim
170930: - The Saint Christopher Missal: A First Missal for Children Prepared by the Editors of Jubilee
169271: - Manual of Catholic Devotions Compiled from Approved Sources
165904: - Via Franciscana Ad Coelestum Hierusalem, Continens S. Regulam Et Testamentum Seraphici Patris S. Francisci, Una Cum Selectissimis Precibus, Litaniis Et Appendice Diversorum Franciscanis Viatoribus Pro Quotidiano Usu Ac Devotione Accommodata. Cum Licentia Superiorum. Novissima Editio Ampliata
168199: - Confessing the One Faith: An Ecumenical Explication of the Apostolic Faith As It Is Confessed in the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed (381)
175112: - Life of Thomas Paine, by the Editor of the National, with Portraits of Paine's Principal Friends, and Views of the Paine Homestead and the Paine Monument at New Rochelle, N.Y. Also, a Reprint of Paine's Life by His Friend Thomas Clio Rickman, of London, Eng. To Which Has Been Added the Speech of Thomas, Lord Erskine, in Behalf of Thomas Paine, Court of King's Bench, Dec. 18, 1792
125466: - The Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
173947: - Minutes of the Provincial Council of Pennsylvania, from the Organization to the Termination of the Proprietary Government. (Volumes I-II)
172333: - Chan-Ly Binh-an Hy-Vong: Kinh-Thanh Tan-Uoc Cua Duc Chua Jesus-Christ
170622: - Gates of Repentance: The New Union Prayerbook for the Days of Awe
141102: - Catholic Record Society: The English Franciscan Nuns 1619-1821 and the Friars Minor of the Same Province 1618-1761, Volume 24
141369: - Recueil de Vies de Quelques Saints
167322: - The Welsh Churchman: April-November 1992
126265: - The Teen Study Bible: New International Version
170947: - Fire-Side Piety, or the Duties and Enjoyments of Family Religion: Containing Part I. --Come to Prayer, Part II. --Home Made Happy
124599: - Temple Bar (Volumes 91-3 in 3 Books)
170614: - The Worshiping Church: A Hymnal
126358: - Hymnal for Christian Worship
126487: - Study Helps to the Holy Bible (Nrsv)
107010: - Le Visage Vert: Anthologie Fantastique No. 6
124201: - Thomas Merton: The Poet and the Contemplative Life
168918: - Within the Sanctuary: The Mass with Manual of Prayers
126131: - Chinese Proverbs from Olden Times
126132: - Wise Sayings from the Orient
175033: - Indian Captivities & Massacres: Being the Contemporary Record of Caucasian Contact and Conflict with the Native American; Books, Pamphlets & Broadsides Offered for Sale by Edward Eberstadt & Sons
124374: - Pope Benedict XVI: The Following Christ (Spiritual Thought Series)
175168: [THOMAS WENTWORTH HIGGINSON, FRANCIS PARKMAN, ROBERT BURNS, ET AL.] - Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Volume LXIX. June to November, 1884
165992: - Family Home Evening Number 7: Strengthening Families
168529: - Ritual Song: A Hymnal and Service Book for Roman Catholics
164149: - Modern Billiards. A Complete Text-Book of the Game, Containing Plain and Practical Instructions How to Play and Acquire Skill at This Scientific Amusement
125544: - Instruction on Certain Aspects of the "Theology of Liberation
166430: - Armenian Liturgy
174867: - History of the Ordinance of 1787 and the Old Northwest Territory (a Supplemental Text for School Use)
173894: - Greek-English Phrase Book / English-Greek Phrase Book
171255: - Religious Miscellany
174926: - Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Volume LXXXVIII. December, 1893, to May, 1894
165973: - Family Home Evening Resource Book
165971: - Seek to Obtain My Word: Melchizedek Priesthood Personal Study Guide 1989
170581: - Orders and Regulations for Officers of the Salvation Army: Originally Prepared by the Founder; Revised and Issued Under the Authority of the General
169988: - Service of the Synagogue: New Year; a New Edition of the Festival Prayers with an English Translation in Prose and Verse, Under the Sanction of the Late Dr. H. Adler
126645: - Service of the Synagogue: New Year
163691: - Turkish: A Guide to the Spoken Language
171894: - Favorite Welsh and English Hymns: "Deuwch, Canwn I'r Arglwydd
175134: - The World's Most Famous Court Trial: Tennessee Evolution Case
171717: - Sponsa Regis 1945-1946
167384: - Hymns: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
169611: - The Stars of the World Order
148554: - The Dublin Review Vol. XXVII: September and December 1849
166951: - Debates on the Grand Question of Catholic Emancipation in the Imperial Parliament of 1813; to Which Is Added, a Concise Account of the Penal Statutes As Affecting the Roman Catholics of Ireland, for the Last One Hundred and Fifty Years
170603: - Mishkan T'Filah: The Siddur for Reform Jewish Prayer; Draft Services for Weekdays
170812: - St. Basil's Hymnal. Containing Music for Vespers of All the Sundays and Festivals of the Year: Three Mases and over Two Hundred Hymns Together with Litanies, Daily Prayers, Prayers at Mass, Preparation and Prayers for Confession and Communion, and the Office and Rules for Sodalities of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Compiled from Approved Sources
166350: - Nelson's Minister's Manual: Kjv Edition
162746: - Passport's Let's Drive Europe: The 10-Language Phrasebook for Motoring Travelers
172696: - Guide to the Franciscan Monastery, Washington, D.C. : A Pilgrimage to "the Holy Land of America" Together with Many Interesting Facts About the Order of St. Francis and Its Work in the Holy Land and America
1238698: - A Set of 25 Stereocard Views of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake
169951: - Baha'i Prayers: A Selection
172534: - Venerable Archdeacon Cavanagh: Pastor of Knock (1867-1897)
173958: - River Road Recipes
161405: - The Analytical Greek Lexicon: Consisting of an Alphabetical Arrangement of Every Occurring Inflexion of Every Word Contained in the Greek New Testement Scriptures, with a Grammatical Analysis of Each Word, and Lexicographical Illustration of the Meanings
126200: - Rissho Kosei-Kai
161582: - Diccionario Ingles-Espanol, Espanol-Ingles
171033: - Special Devotions Compiled for the Pupils of Catholic Schools
167622: - Major Documents on Catholic Action from the Second World Congress of the Lay Apostolate, Rome, October 6-13, 1957
165443: - Prayers New & Old
171631: - Love Poems: A Garland
167405: - Teaching: No Greater Call; Resource Materials for Teacher Improvement
162354: - Official Consumer's Guide to Nutrition & Health
173822: - Historical Sketches of the Village of Gates Mills
163979: - The Big Book of Nostalgia
171909: - 'Your Will Be Done on Earth
126323: - Marian Devotions and Novenas: From the Basilica of the Nattional Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
172475: - Saint Vincent de Paul: A Tercentenary Commemoration of His Death 1660-1960
166464: - Christian Praise
162357: - Achievement: Cincinnati's Western Hills 1932
171026: - God's Board: A Manual for Holy Communion
170698: - Youth Worship and Sing: A Complete Youth Hymnal for the Sunday School, Junior and Children's Church, All Youth Meetings, Christian Day Schools, Bible Clubs, and the Home
170708: - Gates of Repentance: The New Union Prayerbook for the Days of Awe
165646: - My Catholic Companion: A Handbook of Daily Devotions with the New Simplified Missal
171942: - Faith and Practice: Book of Discipline of the North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative) of the Religious Society of Friends
174942: - Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Volume VII. June to November, 1853
168868: - The Catholic Hymnal and Service Book
166747: - Greatest and Lasting Hymns: A Collection of the World's Best Songs and Photographs of the Immortals Specially Designed for Every Department of Worship and Suitable for All the Services of the Churches
1240446: - The Service Hymnal Compiled for General Use in All Religious Services of the Church, School and Home
167628: - Out of Many Hearts
173293: - Le Monde de Chartres
126819: - The North American Review. Vol. CXXIII
141099: - Catholic Record Society: Miscellanea XI, Volume 19
126353: - Misal de la Comunidad
166525: - Life and Action: The Great Work in America (July-August 1910)
165839: - Providing in the Lord's Way: A Leader's Guide to Welfare
172091: - Life's Roses: A Volume of Selected Poems
169748: - The Manual of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul
165489: - The Catholic Instructor: An Educational Library of Ready Reference with an Encyclopaedic Dictionary Briefly Explaining Questions Pertaining to Faith and Practice; Together with a Full Explanation of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass by Means of Questions and Answers and Instructive Readings for the Young on Each Sunday in the Year and the Days of Holy Week; the Whole Containing Simplified Instructions Relating to the Sacred Truths of Holy Religion from the Pens of Many Eminent Authorities As Indicated Throughout the Work
167397: - The Rule of Taize in French and English
166509: - Order of the Dedication of a Church
174799: - The Wyoming Cottage Poems. A Collection of Religious Pieces
168565: - The Jesuits in the Southland: A Brief Sketch of Their Life and the Nature of Their Work
172396: - Souvenir Volume of the Centennial Celebration and Catholic Congress 1789-1889
161987: - The Student's Practical Dictionary Containing Sanskrit Words with Their Meanings in English and Hindi
126377: - The All-Night Vigil for Choir and Laity
167234: - Manual of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul: Translated from the French 20th Edition
171945: - A Complete Concordance to Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures: Together with an Index to the Marginal Headings and a List of the Scriptural Quotations Contained in That Book As Finally Revised by Its Author Mary Baker Eddy
170986: - Manual of the Children of Mary for the Use of All the Establishments, Schools and Orphan Asylums of the Sisters of Charity
171199: - The Pocket Catholic Manual: Containing Spiritual Exercises, and Devotion for the Daily Use of Christians
168155: - To Love and to Cherish (for Engaged Couples): The Marriage Manual of the United Methodist Church
171784: - High Holyday Prayer Book: Rosh Hashanah
110209: - Pick-Me-Up Vol. XXIV No. 621 August 25 1900
174033: - The Illustrated London News, Volume XLVIII (January-June 1866)
148561: - The Dublin Review Vol. VI: July-October 1881
167226: - The Young Communicant's Manual
173190: - Cincinnati: The Queen City
141096: - Catholic Record Society: The Diary of the 'Blue Nuns' or Order of the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady, at Paris. 1658-1810, Volume 8
168244: - Traditional Hymns
126777: - Ceremonial: For the Use of the Catholic Churches in the United States of America
169605: - The Anglo-Boer War Anniversary 1899-1999: Orders, Decorations and Campaign Medals, Militaria and Memorabilia
126190: - Drill Regulations of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the United States of America
172026: - Kraemer's Picturesque Cincinnati
164480: - Some Suggestions for Latter-Day Saint Missionaries from the Field of Successful Commercial Salesmanship
162431: - Nouveau Petit Larousse
173878: - 1950 Executive Record and Travel Guide
168956: - Catholic's Pocket Manual: A Manual of Prayers and Instructions for Catholics. In Accordance with Recent Pontifical Decrees
1245883: - Jps Hebrew-English Tanakh: The Traditional Hebrew Text and the New Jps Translation
149956: - An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the City of Cambridge Parts 1 and 2 with Maps
124372: - Pope Benedict XVI: The Eucharist (Spiritual Thought Series)
174842: - Historical Sketches of the Missions Under the Care of the Board of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church
173195: - The Best of Cincinnati
168352: - De Doctrina Ioannes Duns Scoti: Acta Congressus Scotistici Internationalis, Oxonii Et Edimburgi 11-17 Sept. 1966 Celebrati
171835: - Das Neue Testament Unsers Herrn Und Heilandes Jesu Christi Nach Der Deutschen Ubersekung D. Martin Luthers
168351: - Deus Et Homo Ad Mentem I. Duns Scoti: Acta Tertii Congressus Scotistici Internationalis Vindebonae, 28 Sept. - 2 Oct. 1970
166435: - The Rituals of the Armenian Apostolic Church
171839: - Le Nouveau Testament Traduit En Francais Sous la Direction de L'Ecole Biblique de Jerusalem
162204: - Albanian Phrasebook
170610: - Gates of Prayer: The New Union Prayerbook; Weekdays, Sabbaths, and Festivals, Services and Prayers for Synagogue and Home
172279: - Cooking with the Horse & Buggy People: A Collection of over 600 Favorite Amish Recipes from the Heart of Holmes County
162890: - The Hymnal for Youth
167360: - The Prayer Book Containing Prayers Useful in Catholic Devotions
148550: - The Dublin Review Vol. XXIII: September and December 1847
166861: - Authorized Services 1973
164428: - A Guide to Washington Cathedral: The Cathedral Church of St. Peter and St. Paul
165480: - Lame Willie
122747: - Documents Historiques: Correspondance Echangee Entre Les Autorites Francaises Et Les Gouverneurs Et Intendants: Vol. I [Complete]
170567: - The Salvation Army Handbook of Doctrine
113624: - The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments / the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ / the Doctrine and Covenants of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints / the Pearl of Great Price
165426: - The Practice of Religion: A Short Manual of Instructions and Devotions
166433: - The Handbook of Divine Liturgy of the Armenian Apostolic Holy Church
174872: - The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine. November 1894, to April 1895
172045: - Sixty Representative Photographs Exhibited at the 1940 Convention
163676: - Serbo-Croatian: A Guide to the Spoken Language
164756: - Worship and Hymns for All Occasions
172390: - Artlines Poster Collection: Perfumes
165980: - Family Home Evening 1982: Delight in the Law of the Lord
165981: - Family Home Evening 1980-81: Heaven in Our Home
163620: - Discipline of the Society of Friends, Indiana Yearly Meeting
168864: - The Catholic Liturgy Book: The People's Complete Service Book
169549: - Vyznamenani Prezidentu Republiky - Rad Bileho Lva / the Decorations of Presidents - Order of the White Lion
169829: - Ha'Avoda She'Balev
106932: - Sixpenny Wonderfuls: 6d Gems from the Past
169578: - Patches and Shevrons of Russian Armed Forces
110211: - Pick-Me-Up Vol. XXIV No. 620 August 18 1900
171674: - Nature Magazine: January-June 1933 (Volume 21, Nos. 1-6)
170779: - Korean New Testament: New Translation
168010: - 1996 General Minutes of the Annual Conferences of the United Methodist Church
172399: - Nature Magazine Volume 34
170601: - Service of the Synagogue: Day of Atonement; a New Edition of the Festival Prayers with an English Translation in Prose and Verse
162373: - Tanks & Weapons of World War II
167746: - Missel Dominical: Messes Et Vepres Des Dimanches Et Des Fetes
169618: - Uniforms of the Armed Forces of Eastern European Countries
148549: - The Dublin Review Vol. XVII: September & December 1844
1245336: - The 1928 Book of Common Prayer with the Authorized King James Bible and Apocrypha
110210: - Pick-Me-Up Vol. XXIV No. 622 September 1 1900
124600: - Temple Bar (Volume 95 in 1 Book)
167431: - My Confirmation: A Guide for Confirmation Instruction
172148: - New York Illustrated by Camera
171044: - Maldu Knygele: Skiriama Jaunuomenei
171845: - Christian Science Hymnal: Words Only
170880: - The Catholic Record. A Miscellany of Catholic Knowledge and General Literature. (Vols. X-XI)
174447: - Franklin Square Library (2 Volumes)
171294: - Yearbook of the United States Department of Agriculture. 1897
149062: - Social Register Cincinnati & Dayton 1952 / Social Register Cleveland 1952
126304: - New Saint Joseph Weekday Missal: Complete Edition, 2 Vols. With the Proper Mass Texts for Every Weekday and Feast Day in a Continuous and Easy-to-Use Arrangement: All Readings for Liturgical Years I and II in the "New American Bible" Text: With the People's Parts Printed in Boldface Type: In Accordance with the New Liturgy As Decreed by Vatican II
124594: - Temple Bar (Volumes 1-68 in 64 Books)
124595: - Temple Bar (Volumes 74-5 in 2 Books)
124596: - Temple Bar (Volume 80 in 1 Book)
113451: - Songs of the CIVIL War
171051: - Within the Sanctuary: The Mass Revised for Use in the New Liturgy and a Manual of Prayers
171019: - The Psalms of David
170668: - The Agam Passover Haggadah
165457: - A Prayer Book for the Armed Forces 1988
124707: - La Bibliofilia (Volumes 1-2, 3-13, 25-8 in 17 Books)
141095: - Catholic Record Society: Miscellanea IV, Volume 4
169645: - Hymns and Holy Communion in Large Print
171556: - Manual for Courts-Martial United States 1951
171195: - Geschichteliche Notiz Uber Den Ursrung Und Die Wirtungen Der Zur Ehre Der Unbesleckten Empfangnisz Maria Gepragten Medaille, Mit Beigefugten Undachten Und Gebeten
171844: - Christian Science Hymnal: Words Only
148548: - The Dublin Review Vol. XIX: September & December 1845
171072: - The Basilean Vademecum: A Book of Prayers and Ceremonies for the Use of the Members of the Congregation of St. Basil
149186: - Insula Sanctorum, the Island of Saints; a Title Applied Exclusively to Ireland. Proved by Historical Evidence from the Ninth Century to the Present
167716: - Cincinnati Selections: An Omnibus; Three Local Classics of the 1870's
167451: - Concordance to the Word of the Lord Brought to Mankind by an Angel
172608: - Decreta Concilii Provincialis Philadelphiensis I: Anno Mdccclxxx Habiti
163343: - Everyday Indonesian Words and Phrases
1239996: - A Lot of 14 Vintage Dog Show Catalogs, 1933-1967
168654: - Worship II: A Hymnal for Roman Catholic Parishes
167670: - Recueil a L'Usage Des Freres-Xaveriens
141094: - Catholic Record Society: Miscellanea III, Volume 3
164118: - The Arabian Nights' Entertainments
171900: - Japanese Religion: A Survey by the Agency for Cultural Affairs
172577: - St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier: A Model for the Third Millennium
163465: - Magil's Complete Linear Prayer Book with Services for Sabbath and Festivals
168433: - The Ordination of a Priest: The Latin Text for the Ceremony of Priestly Ordination with a Translation Into English
143762: - The Mirror. In Two Volumes
167668: - Gotteslob: Gesangbuch Und Gebetbuch Fur Das Bistum Osnabruck
171095: - A Short Exposition of Dr. Martin Luther's Small Catechism
172585: - Hymn Book of Oblates of Providence
163976: - Services of Religion for Use in the Churches of the Free Spirit / Hymns of the Spirit for Use in the Free Churches of America
171737: - The Complete Guide to Calligraphy
113311: - The Little Gidding Prayer Book
162508: - Rome and Vatican
174925: - Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Volume V. June to November, 1852
132453: - Message of the President of the United States to the Two Houses of Congress at the Commencement of the Third Session of the Thirty-Seventh Congress
166370: - The Book of Resolutions of the United Methodist Church 2012
130273: - English Music [1604 to 1904]: Being the Lectures Given at the Music Exhibition of the Worshipful Company O Musicians
126256: - The Canons of the Church of England: Canons Ecclesiastical Promulged by the Convocations of Canterbury and York in 1964 and 1969
164574: - Dayton and Montgomery County Pictorial and Biographical de Luxe Supplement
172170: - Catechism of the Catholic Church
165977: - Family Home Evening Number 2: The Law
141386: - Officia Propria Sanctorum S.R. E. Summorum Pontificum Et Aliorum Romano Clero Saeculari Ac Regulari Qui Kalendario Utitur Romano Per Novissima Decreta Concessa a Sacr. Rituum Congreg. Juxta Sancitas Leges Revisa Pro Commodiori Psallentium Usu
122757: - Arte Moderno En Mexico: Siglos XIX Y XX
148551: - The Dublin Review Vol. XXII: March and June 1847
171940: - Faith and Practice (Book of Discipline) of Friends Church Southwest Yearly Meeting
165801: - Family Home Evening Resource Book
171036: - A Manual of Catholic Devotions Compiled from Approved Sources
167316: - The Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary: The Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries
172481: - Historical Records and Studies, Volume VI, Part I.
169736: - Hogmassa Med Nattvard Enligt Gudstjanstordning for Svenska Kyrkan: 1976 Ars Alternativ Till Den Svenska Kyrkohandboken / Service of Holy Communion According to the Order of the Church of Sweden: Alternative Order of 1976
163648: - Favorite Stories and Songs
124379: - Questions on Religious Life: Compiled from Review for Religious, 1942-1961
148553: - The Dublin Review Vol. XXXVI: March and July 1854
170390: - The Bethany Parallel Commentary on the New Testament from the Condensed Editions of Matthew Henry, Jamieson/Fausset/Brown, Adam Clarke
124585: - Chambers's Journal (1881-87, 1889-90, 1892-98, 1901, 1904-05/6, 1907/8-1911/12 in 25 Books)
166171: - Liturgia Da Igreja Lusitana Catolica Apostolica Evangelica
172407: - History of Logan County, Illinois: A Record of Its Settlement, Organization, Progress and Achievement, Volume II
141101: - Catholic Record Society: Miscellanea XII, Volume 22
169580: - Danmarks Riges Medaljer Og Haederstegn: The Decorations and Medals of Denmark 1670-1990
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174313: CHARLES DARWIN ADAMS - The Speeches of Aeschines
160001: HENRY ADAMS - Mont Saint-Michel and Chartres
171730: JOHN ADAMS AND ABIGAIL ADAMS - Letters of John and Abigail Adams 1762 to 1826
113359: VOLTAIRE; ROBERT M. ADAMS, TRANS - Candide or Optimism: A New Translation, Backgrounds, Criticism
62959: J. MCKEE ADAMS - Biblical Backgrounds: A Geographical Survey of Bible Lands in the Light of the Scriptures and Recent Research
145614: ALISON ADAMS - Jean Jacques Boissard's Emblematum Liber. Emblemes Latins
66196: DONALD E. ADAMS - The Truth Required in the Preces for Rescripts: A Historical Synopsis and a Commentary
113042: CHARLES DARWIN ADAMS - Demosthenes and His Influence
103690: HENRY ADAMS - The Education of Henry Adams
174676: NEHEMIAH ADAMS - A South-Side View of Slavery; or, Three Months at the South, in 1854
174196: JOHN ADAMS - A Defence of the Constitutions of Government of the United States of America, Against the Attack of M. Turgot in His Letter to Dr. Price, Dated the Twenty-Second Day of March, 1778. (3 Volumes)
142775: HENRY ADAMS - Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres
161895: WALDEMAR J. ADAMS, ED - Sohlman Conversation Guide Interpreter No. 57: Suomalais-Englantilainen, English-Finnish
132018: RALEIGH ADDINGTON, EDITOR - Faber, Poet and Priest: Selected Letters by Frederick William Faber 1833-1863
170173: JOHN ADDIS - Crickhowell Yesterday: 100 Years of Photographs
171960: THOMAS ADDISON - On the Constitutional and Local Effects of Disease of the Supra-Renal Capsules
165466: REV. CHARLES MORRIS ADDISON, COMP - Prayers for the Christian Year
166414: JAMES THAYER ADDISON - The Episcopal Church in the United States 1789-1931
163379: CAROLE ADDLESTONE - Many Paths One Truth: The Common Thread
131163: GEORGE ADE - Fables in Slang
172141: GEORGE ADE - Fables in Slang
131141: GEORGE ADE - True Bills
131177: GEORGE ADE - In Pastures New
1243388: CONRAD CELTES; K. ADEL, ED - Conradus Celtis: Opuscula
98681: SENYO K. ADJIBOLOSOO - International Perspectives on the Human Factor in Economic Development
173134: LESLEY ADKINS - Empires of the Plain: Henry Rawlinson and the Lost Languages of Babylon
169794: SAM ADKINS AND M.R. HOLTZMAN - The First Hundred Years: The Story of Louisville Male High School
102767: ISIDORE ADLER - X-Ray Emission Spectrography in Geology
107910: GILBERT ADLER AND GERARD VOGELEISEN - Un Siecle de Catechese En France 1893-1980
144732: BILL ADLER AND SAYRE ROSS - The Pope John Album: His Life - His Family - His Career - His Words

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