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126456: DR. H. ADLER, ED - Service of the Synagogue: Day of Atonement
171313: BILL ADLER WITH SAYRE ROSS - Pope Paul in the United States: His Mission for Peace on Earth... October 4, 1965
174222: W. ADLINGTON - Apuleius: The Golden Ass, Being the Metamorphoses of Lucius Apuleius
67653: ROBERT ADOLFS, O.S.A. - The Church Is Different
170808: ADOREMUS WITH THE CHURCH MUSIC ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA - The Adoremus Hymnal: A Congregational Missal/Hymnal for the Celebration of Sung Mass in the Roman Rite
170809: ADOREMUS, SOCIETY FOR THE RENEWAL OF THE SACRED LITURGY - The Adoremus Hymnal: A Congregational Hymnal Including the Ordinary of Mass, Chants and Music for Sung Masses, and Hymns for Liturgical Feasts, Seasons, Occasions, and Devotions
37859: JOSEPH ADRIAN - Seele Und Glaube: Psychologie Des Christlichen Glaubens
65042: JOSEPH AERTNYS - Theologia Moralis, Volumes I-II
173554: AESCHYLUS; GILBERTUS MURRAY - Aeschyli: Septem Quae Supersunt Tragoediae
169311: AESCHYLUS - Eumenides
169317: AESCHYLUS - The Oresteia
171760: AESCHYLUS; PERCY BYSSHE SHELLEY - Prometheus Bound / Prometheus Unbound
169308: AESCHYLUS - Seven Against Thebes
173458: AESOP; J.G.S. SCHWAB - Phaedri Augusti Liberti Fabulae Aesopiae Ex Editione J.G. S. Schwabii Cum Notis Et Interpretatione in Usum Delphini Variis Lectionibus Notis Variorum Recensu Codicum Et Editionum Et Indice Locupletissimo Accurate Recensitae
120161: COMMISSIONER OF INDIAN AFFAIRS - Fifty-Ninth Annual Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs to the Secretary of the Interior
101228: B.K. AGARWAL - X-Ray Spectroscopy
87463: JOSEPH AGASSI - Science and Society: Studies in the Sociology of Science
161453: RAOUL AGLION - The Fighting French
172759: JOAN WALSH AGLUND - A Book of Good Tidings from the Bible
162419: AGNETE HJORTH, GERD MANNE, PAR WISTRAND, AND GUN EKROTH - Leva Bland Manniskor: Samtida Svenska Texter
165379: DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - The Farmers' Centennial History of Ohio 1803-1903
168502: OHIO STATE BOARD OF AGRICULTURE - Thirty-Third Annual Report of the Ohio State Board of Agriculture, with an Abstract of the Proceedings of the County Agricultural Societies, to the General Assembly of Ohio for the Year 1878
160634: STOCKBRIDGE SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE - 1954 Stockbridge School of Agriculture Yearbook
86294: EUGENIO SARRABLO AGUARELES - El Conde de Fuenclara Embajador Y Virrey de Nueva Espana (1687-1752)
130905: VICTORIANO AGUEROS - Escritores Mexicanos Contemporaneos
161009: JOHN E. AGUIAR - Funk & Wagnalls English-Spanish Conversational Dictionary for Travelers and Students
71435: JOSEF IGANATIUS VON AH - Des Seligen Einsiedlers Nikolaus Von Flue
71204: REV. JOHN J. AHERN, S.T.L. - Eight Happy People
42472: PATRICK HENRY AHERN - The Life of John J. Keane, Educator and Archbishop 1839-1918
171507: DALE AHLQUIST - Common Sense 101: Lessons from G.K. Chesterton
163560: HAZRAT MIRZA GHULAM AHMAD - Teachings of Islam
149712: REV. IGNATIUS MARY AHMANN - Forget-Me-Nots of Past and Present
105073: N. AHMED AND K.R. RAO - Orthogonal Transforms for Digital Signal Processing
167752: SALAHUDDIN AHMED - A Dictionary of Muslim Names
164903: NILS AHNLUND - Gustavus Adolphus the Great
145724: JURGEN AHRENDTS - Bibliographie Zur Alteuropaischen Religionsgeschichte 2. Band: 1965-1969
106264: P.C. AICHELBURG AND R.U. SEXL - Albert Einstein: His Influence on Physics Philosophy and Politics
91021: DR. GEORG AICHER - Kamel Und Nadelohr
131342: CONRAD AIKEN - Selected Poems
170274: CHRISTOPHER AILSBY - Allied Combat Medals of World War 2, Volume 1: Britain, the Commonwealth and Western European Nations
113227: SUSAN GREY AKERS - Simple Library Cataloguing
161011: O.S. AKHMANOVA, ET AL., COMPS - Russian-English Dictionary
163578: SHABBIR AKHTAR - A Faith for All Seasons: Islam and the Challenge of the Modern World
98865: JAN JOOST TEUNISSEN & AGE AKKERMAN - Protecting the Poor: Global Financial Institutions and the Vulnerability of Low-Income Countries
163196: DUNAI AKOS, ED - Beszelgetes Onmagunkkal: A Katolikus Magyarok Vasarnapja 1983-As Evkonyve
94706: M. ALADEL - La Medaille Miraculeuse
163267: KURT ALAND, ED - Synposis of the Four Gospels
171752: PEDRO ANTONIO DE ALARCON - Tales from the Spanish
166113: DON PEDRO ANTONIO DE ALARCON - The Three-Cornered Hat: The True History of an Affair Current in Certain Tales and Ballads and Here Written Down As and How It Befel
168004: HAMZA ALAVI AND TEODOR SHANIN, EDS - Introduction to the Sociology of "Developing Societies
99537: AMBROGIO ALBANO - Commentary on the Rule of Life of the Society of Mary
61864: ERNEST ALBEE - A History of English Utilitarianism
102414: VERNON ALBERS - Suggested Experiments for Laboratory Courses in Acoustics and Vibrations: Second Edition
37958: DR. PAUL BRUNO ALBERS - Florilegium Patristicum #16: S. Pachomi Abbatis Tabennensis Regulae Monasticae
37957: DR. PAUL BRUNO ALBERS - Florilegium Patristicum #15: S. Ambrosii Mediolanensis Episcopi de Obitu Satyri Fratris Lavdatio Funebris
126838: ALBERT AND JANE SALISBURY - Two Captains West: An Historical Tour of the Lewis and Clark Trail
69762: IOSEPHO ALBERTI - Pars Theologiae Pastoralis
171765: CHARLES CARROLL ALBERTSON, ED - The Minister's Book of Prayers
150468: CHARLES CARROLL ALBERTSON - The Prophets and the War
39453: A.F. CARRILLO DE ALBORNOZ - The Basis of Religious Liberty
67582: A.F. CARRILLO DE ALBORNOZ - Religious Liberty
67728: DR. A.F. CARRILLO DE ALBORNOZ - Roman Catholicism and Religious Liberty
173022: MICHAEL VON ALBRECHT - Geschichte Der Romischen Literatur Von Andronicus Bis Boethius Und Ihr Fortwirken, Bands 1-2
174114: HORACE M. ALBRIGHT AND FRANK J. TAYLOR - Oh, Ranger!" a Book About the National Parks
113428: HARRY ALBRIGHT - Pearl Harbor: Japan's Fatal Blunder; the True Story Behind Japan's Attack on December 7, 1941
1230742: VERNACULAR PHOTO ALBUM - Original Photo Album of Wales, Circa 1930
68477: ST. PETER OF ALCANTARA - De Meditatione Et Oratione Libellus Aureus
173206: LESLIE ALCOCK - Arthur's Braitain: History and Archaeology Ad 367-634
148823: SR. MARIANA ALCOFORADO - Letters from a Portuguese Nun to an Officer in the French Army
174501: LOUISA M. ALCOTT - An Old-Fashioned Girl
163058: CECIL ALDIN - Dogs of Character
170611: RICHARD J. ALDRICH - Intelligence and the War Against Japan: Britain, America and the Politics of Secret Service
110946: THOMAS BAILEY ALDRICH - From Ponkapog to Pesth
164011: THOMAS BAILEY ALDRICH - Flower and Thorn: Later Poems
146477: JOSE MARIA DIEZ-ALEGRIA - I Believe in Hope
102272: IGOR VLADIMIROVICH ALEKSANDROV - The Theory of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
105605: M. D'ALEMBERT - Traite de Dynamique
38318: ADHEMAR D'ALES - La Theologie de Tertullien
166631: ADRIANO ALESSI - Filosofia Della Religione
170054: SCOTT ALEXANDER - Rhinoceros Success
174883: L.M. ALEXANDER - Candy
68502: FATHER ALEXANDER, O.F.M. - A Mother's Letters: A Book for Young Women
71719: CALVERT ALEXANDER, S.J. - The Missionary Dimension: Vatican II and the World Apostolate
62291: IAN W. ALEXANDER - Bergson: Philosopher of Reflection
161450: FATHER ALEXANDER - Honour Thy Mother
173037: PAUL J. ALEXANDER - The Patriarch Nicephorus of Constantinople: Ecclesiastical Policy and Image Worship in the Byzantine Empire
125797: JON ALEXANDER, ED - William Porcher Dubose: Selected Writings
150725: FRED ALEXANDER, ED - Four Bishops and Their See: Perth, Western Australia 1857-1957
173600: C. ALEXANDRE - Excursus Ad Sibyllina, Seu de Sibyllis, Earumque Vel Tanquam Earum Carminibus Profanis, Judaicis, Christianisue, Dissertationes VII, Insertis Graece Et Latine, Commentarioque Auctis Sibyllinorum Gentilium Fragmentis Quae Supersunt
35876: NOEL ALEXANDRE - Theologia Dogmatico-Moralis, Vols I-VII
161644: M. ALEXIEVA AND E. PAOUNOVA - Conversation English-Bulgarian
94701: AUGUSTIN VON ALFELD - Corpus Catholicorum 11: Augustin Von Alfeld O.F. M.
173536: GEZA ALFOLDY - Bevolkerung Und Gesellschaft Der Romischen Provinz Dalmatien
64955: ACADEMIA ALFONSIANA - Studia Moralia: Volumes I-VIII
43326: CULVER B. ALFORD - Jus Matrimoniale Comparatum
164960: ALFRED L. NELSON, KARL W. FOLLEY, AND MAX CORAL - Differential Equations
163105: AHMED ALI, TRANS - Al-Qur'an: A Contemporary Translation
1239997: AHMED ALI, TRANS - Al-Qur'an: A Contemporary Translation
171966: TORICK AMEER-ALI, TRANS - Memoirs of Sir Andrew Melvill Translated from the French, and the Wars of the Seventeenth Century
163559: AHMED ALI, TRANS - Islam: The Qur'an
170527: A. YUSUF ALI, TRANS - The Holy Qur'an
172326: ABDULLAH YUSUF ALI - The Holy Qur'an: English Translation of the Meanings of the Qur'an with Notes
1240448: 'ABDULLAH YUSUF 'ALI - The Holy Qur'an
1243813: D.J. ALLAN - Plato: Republic, Book I.
174060: ALLAN NEVINS, JAMES I. ROBERTSON, JR., AND BELL I. WILEY, EDS - CIVIL War Books: A Critical Bibliography
170418: PAUL ALLARD - Ten Lectures on the Martyrs
71844: PAUL ALLARD - Histoire Des Persecutions Pendant Les Deux Premiers Siecles [Vols. I-III]
141373: LEONE ALLACCI (LEO ALLATIUS) - Book 1: Ioannes Henricus Hottingerus. Fraudis & Imposturae Manifestae Convictus; Book 2: De Octava Synodo Photiana
164747: A.M. ALLCHIN, ANNE RIDLER, AND JULIA SMITH - Profitable Wonders: Aspects of Thomas Traherne
103958: A.H. ALLCROFT - Caesar: CIVIL War Book I.
123965: KEITH ALLDRITT - David Jones: Writer and Artist
123977: KEITH ALLDRITT - David Jones: Writer and Artist
149822: MARJORIE HILL ALLEE - Judith Lankester
167156: FREDERICK ALLEN, ED - Battles and Leaders: The Captains Who Gave the Orders - and the Men Who Carried Them out
166860: TOM & PATSY ALLEN - Rainbow Treasure
124115: JOHN L. ALLEN, JR. - The Rise of Benedict XVI: The Inside Story of How the Pope Was Elected and Where He Will Take the Catholic Church
113041: JAMES TURNEY ALLEN - Stage Antiquities of the Greeks and Romans and Their Influence
163176: ALEXANDER V.G. ALLEN - Phillips Brooks 1835-1893: Memories of His Life with Extracts from His Letters and Note-Books
169993: CHARLES L. ALLEN - Prayer Changes Things
147706: JAMES LANE ALLEN - Flute and Violin and Other Kentucky Tales and Romances
173441: HOMER; THOMAS W. ALLEN, ED - Homeri: Opera, Volume IV
173440: HOMER; THOMAS W. ALLEN, ED - Homeri: Opera, Volume V.
166311: ALEXANDER V.G. ALLEN - Christian Institutions
160145: BRIGID ALLEN - Peter Levi: Oxford Romantic
165800: RICHARD J. ALLEN - Missionary Companion: Easy Reference Guide for Missionaries and Teachers
172314: CHARLOTTE ALLEN - The Human Christ: The Search for the Historical Jesus
15402: TROY ALLEN - Disaster
83802: REGINALD ALLEN - W.S. Gilbert: An Anniversary Survey and Exhibition Checklist with Thirty-Five Illustrations
172835: REGINALD ALLEN, ED - The First Night Gilbert and Sullivan Containing Complete Librettos of the Fourteen Operas, Exactly As Presented at Their Premiere Performances; Together with Facsimiles of the First-Night Programmes
173085: BRUCE WARE ALLEN - Tiber: Eternal River of Rome
173684: CHARLES L. ALLEN - The Twenty-Third Psalm: An Interpretation
145287: GEORGE H. ALLEN - Complete Book of Winning Football Drills
169953: CLIFTON J. ALLEN - The Gospel According to Paul: A Study of the Letter to the Romans
169015: SUSAN HEUCK ALLEN - Finding the Walls of Troy: Frank Calvert and Heinrich Schliemann at Hisarlik
144326: RUDOLF ALLERS - Self Improvement
130547: MARY BROWN ALLGOOD - Demonstration Techniques
147745: THE SCOTTISH PROTESTANT ALLIANCE - The Papacy of Modern Times: Report of the National Convention of Protestants Held in Glasgow, December, 1886
160465: JILL ALLIBONE - Anthony Salvin: Pioneer of Gothic Revival Architecture
173345: WILLIAM ALLINGHAM; H. ALLINGHAM AND D. RADFORD, EDS - William Allingham: The Diaries
96511: WILLIAM ALLINGHAM - The Diaries
174310: FRANCIS G. ALLINSON - Menander: The Principal Fragments
113039: FRANCIS G. ALLINSON - Lucian Satirist and Artist
113213: OLAUDAH EQUIANO; ROBERT J. ALLISON, ED - The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano Written by Himself
62531: J.-J. VON ALLMEN, ED - A Companion to the Bible
43324: VINCENT C. ALLRED - The Legal Status of the Ante-Nuptial Promise Before Mixed Marriage
144770: SISTER MARIA ALMA - Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary with Life and Letters of Our Founder Reverend Louis Florent Gillet
143188: EDWARD ALMACK - The History of the Second Dragoons 'Royals Scots Greys'
148151: FRANK D. ALMADE - Just Wages for Church Employees
172623: E.M. ALMEDINGEN - A Very Far Country
168233: JOCELYN ALMOND AND KEITH SEDDON - The Book of Egyptian Ritual: Simple Rites and Blessings for Everyday
60065: HENRY ALPERN - The March of Philosophy
85705: HENRY ALPERN - The March of Philosophy
112927: EPHRAIM S. ALPHONSE - Guaymi Grammar and Dictionary with Some Ethnological Notes
43323: VIGILIUS ALT, OFM CAP - De Potestate Magistri Spiritus Ad Normam Canonis 588
1246268: ARCHBISHOP KARL J. ALTER - The Mind of an Archbishop: A Study of Man in the Writings of the Most Reverend Karl J. Alter
44082: ARCHBISHOP KARL ALTER - Fifth Synod of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, 1954
97513: BISHOP KARL J. ALTER - A Catechism on the School Problem
97514: BISHOP KARL J. ALTER - 25 Questions and 25 Answers on State Support for Religious Free Schools
123062: JOSEF L. ALTHOLZ - The Liberal Catholic Movement in England: The "Rambler" and Its Contributors , 1848-1864
171591: JACK ALTMAN - Discover Greece
98083: EDWARD ALTMAN - Corporate Bankruptcy in America
104265: JEROME L. ALTMAN - Microwave Circuits
161579: JAMES DAVID ALTMAN - Three Hundred Important Dates of the War between the States
109719: JOSPEH A. ALTSHELER - In Hostile Red: A Romance of the Monmouth Campaign
147716: JOSEPH A. ALTSHELER - The Star of Gettysburg: A Story of Southern High Tide
18543: JOSEPH A. ALTSHELER - The Free Rangers
165957: CHARLES P. ALVORD AND EUGENE H. HUGHEY - Practical Spelling Lessons: Book One
174641: IMBERT DE SAINT-AMAND - The Happy Days of the Empress Marie Louise
174643: IMBERT DE SAINT-AMAND - The Wife of the First Consul
174642: IMBERT DE SAINT-AMAND - Citizeness Bonaparte
88008: ANTHONY AMARAL - Will James: The Last Cowboy Legend
104001: ST. AMBROSE - Qua Continentur Libri
113241: H.R. HALDEMAN; STEPHEN E. AMBROSE, INTRO - The Haldeman Diaries: Inside the Nixon White House
166752: AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH (AMEC) - The Doctrine and Discipline of the African Methodist Episcopal Church 1992
122776: VICTORIO AMEDEO - Sancti Maximi Episcopi Taurinensis Opera Omnia: Tomas Unicus [Complete]
66299: ERNEST P. AMENT - Industrial Recovery Legistlation in the Light of Catholic Principles
164258: CATHOLIC BIBLICAL ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA, TRANS - Saint Joseph Edition of the New American Bible
172470: THE COLLIE CLUB OF AMERICA - The Complete Collie
168692: KNIGHTS TEMPLAR OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Proceedings of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the United States of America: Fiftieth Triennial Conclave, Detroit, Michigan, August 19-24, A.D. 1967; A.O. 849
170332: BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA - Guide to Awards and Insignia
171419: THE WESTERN WRITERS OF AMERICA - Water Trails West
170421: THE CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF AMERICA - Inauguration of the Right Reverend Monsignor Patrick Joseph Mccormick, Ph. D. , As Rector of the University; Tuesday, November Ninth MCMXLIII
169943: GERMAN EVANGELICAL SYNOD OF NORTH AMERICA - Christian Hymns for the Use of Young People's Societies, Sunday Schools and Church Services
169647: THE UNITED LUTHERAN CHURCH IN AMERICA - Common Service Book of the Lutheran Church
169848: THE JEWISH NATIONAL FUND FOR AMERICA - Eretz Israel: Jubilee Volume of the Jewish National Fund; Issued in Commemoration of the Thirtieth Anniversary of the Establishment of the Fund 1901-1931; with an Appendix Containing a Survey of Jewish Palestine and a List of American Entries in the Golden Book of the Jewish National Fund
164366: PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Manual for Church Officers and Members of the Government, Discipline, and Worship of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America [1927]
122755: HISPANIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA - Notes Hispanic: Vol. III-V [Incomplete]
112638: THE DANTE SOCIETY OF AMERICA - Dante Studies: Vol. XCV 1977
112637: THE DANTE SOCIETY OF AMERICA - Dante Studies: Vol. XCIV 1976
112635: THE DANTE SOCIETY OF AMERICA - Dante Studies: Vol. XCI 1973
112636: THE DANTE SOCIETY OF AMERICA - Dante Studies: Vol. XCII 1974
112634: THE DANTE SOCIETY OF AMERICA - Dante Studies: Vol. XC 1972
112633: THE DANTE SOCIETY OF AMERICA - Dante Studies: Vol. LXXXV 1967
112632: THE DANTE SOCIETY OF AMERICA - Dante Studies: Vol. LXXXIV 1966
112630: THE DANTE SOCIETY OF AMERICA - Dante Studies: Vol. LXXXVI 1968
112631: THE DANTE SOCIETY OF AMERICA - Dante Studies: Vol. LXXXVII 1969
146559: THE HOME MISSIONERS OF AMERICA - A Call to Battle for Christ and Souls
142157: CATHOLIC BIBLICAL ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA - Saint Joseph Edition of the New American Bible Translated from the Original Languages with Critical Use of All the Ancient Sources
110687: THE MARIOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA - The Marian Dimension of the Christian Life: I - the Early Period
110685: THE MARIOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA - The Marian Dimension of the Christian Life: II - the Middle Period
110686: THE MARIOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA - The Marian Dimension of the Christian Life: III - the 19th and 20th Centuries
110682: THE MARIOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA - With the Mother of the Lord
146378: BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA - Merit Badge Series, 7 Vols. ; Photography; Basketry; Reptile Study; Nature; Camping; Seamanship; and Cooking
169832: NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA - Nra Illustrated Firearms Assembly Handbook
164278: PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Manual for Church Officers and Members of the Government, Discipline, and Worship of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America [1950]
164279: PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Manual for Church Officers and Members of the Government, Discipline, and Worship of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America [1928]
1240780: GREGORIAN INSTITUTE OF AMERICA - The Gelineau Psalms Book One: A Selection of Twelve Psalms and One Canticle from the Larger Collection "24 Psalms and a Canticle
164277: PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Manual for Church Officers and Members of the Government, Discipline, and Worship of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America [1951]
164276: PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Manual for Church Officers and Members of the Government, Discipline, and Worship of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America [1952]
87956: CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF AMERICA - The Saint Andrew Bible Missal
44043: CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF AMERICA - The Inaugeration of the Right Reverend Monsignor Patrick Joseph Mccormick, Ph. D. As Rector of the University
44044: CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF AMERICA - The Inaugeration of the Right Reverend Monsignor William Joseph Mcdonald, Ph. D. , LL. D. As Rector of the University
39071: THE CATHOLIC THEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA - Proceedings of the Eighteenth Annual Convention
97322: CANON LAW SOCIETY OF AMERICA - The Art of Intepretation: Selected Studies on the Interpretation of Canon Law
50020: CATHOLIC BIBLICAL ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA - Catholic Biblical Quarterly (1959 Complete)
36218: THE MARIOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA - Marian Studies, Vol. XII, 1961
36220: THE MARIOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA - Marian Studies, Vol. XIII, 1962
169648: THE UNITED LUTHERAN CHURCH IN AMERICA - Common Service Book of the Lutheran Church
144446: CANON LAW SOCIETY OF AMERICA - Code of Canon Law: Latin-English Edition
163311: THE UNITED LUTHERAN CHURCH IN AMERICA - Common Service Book of the Lutheran Church
163317: THE UNITED LUTHERAN CHURCH IN AMERICA - Common Service Book of the Lutheran Church
162858: THE JEWISH PUBLICATION SOCIETY OF AMERICA - The Book of Psalms: A New Translation According to the Traditional Hebrew Text
121717: REV. THOMAS E. AMERINGER - A Study in Greek Rhetoric
174637: EDMONDO DE AMICIS - Holland, Volumes I-II
166868: JOHN F. D'AMICO - Renaissance Humanism in Papal Rome: Humanists and Churchmen on the Eve of the Reformation
162720: MUSTAFA EL-AMIN - The Religion of Islam and the Nation of Islam: What's the Difference
148033: FRANCOIS AMIOT - How to Read St. Paul
62811: FRANCOIS AMIOT - Lectio Divina 24: Les Idees Maitresses de Saint Paul
141554: KINGSLEY AMIS - Rudyard Kipling and His World
160922: KINGSLEY AMIS - Memoirs
94747: RUDOLF AMMANN - Sicht-Kontakt Mit Maria IM Gesprach
174337: LOUIS L'AMOUR - Education of a Wandering Man
142781: JOHN DE AMUNDESHAM - An Account of the Altars, Monuments, & Tombs, Existing A.D. 1428 in Saint Alban's Abbey
67657: PAUL ANCIAUX - The Episcopate in the Church
120364: CARRILLO Y ANCONA - Historia Antigua de Yucatan
120344: ELIGIO ANCONA - Historia de Yucatan
113230: CURT ANDERS - Disaster in Damp Sand: The Red River Expedition
1246003: HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN - The Little Match Girl and Other Stories
171820: HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN - Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen
98685: TORBEN ANDERSEN - Price Rigidity
166003: TODD G. ANDERSEN, ARR - The Gospels Made Whole: One Complete Story of Jesus Christ
164895: FRANK MALOY ANDERSON - The Constitutions and Other Select Documents Illustrative of the History of France 1789-1901
171140: WILLIAM HENRY ANDERSON - The Catholic Crusoe: Adventures of Owen Evans, 1739
171135: THEO. J. ANDERSON, COMP - 100 Years: A History of Bishop Hill, Illinois; Also Biographical Sketches of Many Early Swedish Pioneers in Illinois
145719: G.W. ANDERSON, ED - A Decade of Bible Bibliography: The Book Lists of the Society for Old Testament Study 1957-1966
147453: GEORGE M. ANDERSON - With Christ in Prison: Jesuits in Jail from St. Ignatius to the Present
173525: TACITUS; J.G.C. ANDERSON, ED - Cornelii Taciti: De Origine Et Situ Germanorum
168049: JAMES D. ANDERSON - To Come Alive! New Proposal for Revitalizing the Local Church
1210856: WILLIAM JAMES ANDERSON - A History of the Catholic Parish of St. Mary's, Chelsea
122952: DANIEL E. ANDERSON - The Masks of Dionysos: A Commentary on Plato's Symposium
173307: JANICE ANDERSON - Illuminated Manuscripts
161339: BERN ANDERSON - By Sea and by River: The Naval History of the CIVIL War
171607: ROY ANDERSON - The Markets and Fairs of England and Wales: A Buyer's and Browser's Guide
167911: ROBERT T. ANDERSON AND PETER B. FISCHER - An Introduction to Christianity
61951: ROBERT FENDEL ANDERSON - Hume's First Principles
63182: GEORGE W. ANDERSON - A Critical Introduction to the Old Testament
91135: G.W. ANDERSON - The History and Religion of Israel
1241160: WILLIAM T. ANDERSON, ED - A Little House Sampler: Laura Ingalls Wilder, Rose Wilder Lane
174615: JAMES ANDERSON - The Interest of Great-Britain with Regard to Her American Colonies, Considered. To Which Is Added an Appendix, Containing the Outlines of a Plan for a General Pacification
130574: CHARLES L. G. ANDERSON - Life and Letter of Vasco Nunez de Balboa
168262: ALICE PADOVA ANDERSON - Corfu Cooking: Family Recipes and Stories from the Greek Island of Corfu
113553: RICHARD LLOYD ANDERSON - Investigating the Book of Mormon Witnesses
120017: THEODORE M. ANDERSSON - Early Epic Scenery: Homer; Virgil and the Medieval Legacy
98639: ALBERT ANDO ET AL. - Saving and the Accumulation of Wealth
165248: HAGOP ANDONIAN - Beginner's Armenian
162908: L.T. ANDRAS AND M. MURVAI - How to Say It in Hungarian: An English-Hungarian Phrase-Book with Lists of Words
146934: PUBLICATIONS DE SAINT-ANDRE - Missel de L'Assemblee Dominicale
165031: SOPHOCLES CH. ANDREADES - A Text Book of Modern Greek: An Easy and Methodical Study of Greek with Exercises
161981: LOTTE MEYER-ANDREAE - Sualafeld: Bilder Um Wolfram Von Eschenbach
172408: A.T. ANDREAS - History of Chicago. From the Earliest Period to the Present Time. (3 Volumes)
161046: RICHARD V. ANDREE AND JOSEPHINE P. ANDREE - Sophisticated Ciphers: One of a Series of Five Mini-Courses on Problem Solving and Logical Thinking
162401: JOSEPHINE P. ANDREE AND RICHARD V. ANDREE - Logic Unlocks Puzzles
161045: JOSEPHINE P. ANDREE AND RICHARD V. ANDREE - Cryptarithms: One in a Series of Five Mini-Courses on Problem Solving and Logical Thinking
167840: CHRISTOPHER ANDREW - Defend the Realm: The Authorized History of Mi5
165122: C.W. ANDREWS - Hymns and Devotional Poetry
104456: EDWARD L. ANDREWS - Napoleon and America: An Outline of the Relations of the United States to the Career and Downfall of Napoleon Bonaparte
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160615: F.R. BARRY - Period of My Life
124981: WILLIAM BARRY - Ernest Renan
123915: PATRICK BARRY, OSB - Saint Benedict's Rule: A New Translation for Today
66061: REV. GARRETT FRANCIS BARRY - Violation of the Cloister: An Historical Synopsis and Commentary
125058: WILLIAM BARRY - Roma Sacra: Essays on Christian Rome
150552: REV. WILLIAM J. BARRY - The Sacramentals of the Holy Catholic Church
108183: HENRY BARS - Regina Pacis
174549: ANNE LLEWELLYN BARSTOW - Witchcraze: A New History of the European Witch Hunts
148520: ERMINNIE HOLLIS BARTELMEZ - The "Expositio in Cantica Canticorum" of Williram Abbot of Ebersberg 1048-1085: A Critical Edition
141323: MARKUS BARTH AND HELMUT BLANKE - Colossians (the Anchor Bible, Vol. 34b)
130837: PIUS JOSEPH BARTH - Franciscan Education and the Social Order in Spanish North America 1502-1821
148878: LEWIS M. BARTH - An Analysis of Vatican 30
146150: REV. CLAUDE BARTHE - Beyond Vatican II: The Church at a New Crossroads
67818: MOST REV. PETER W. BARTHOLOME, ED - Christians in Conversation
126376: HIS ALL HOLINESS ECUMENICAL PATRIARCH BARTHOLOMEW - Encountering the Mystery: Understanding Orthodox Christianity Today
39031: JOH. STRAUBINGER & JOS. BARTLE - Praktisches Bibelhandbuch
1242542: SARAH BARTLETT - The Love Tarot
65945: CHESTER JOSEPH BARTLETT - The Tenure of Parochial Property in the United States of America
160800: APPLE PARISH BARTLETT AND SUSAN BARTLETT CRATER - Sister: The Life of the Legendary American Interior Decorator Mrs. Henry Parish II
64899: BERNHARD BARTMANN - Das Fegfeuer
168067: F. WHITFIELD BARTON - Calvin and the Duchess
165371: GEORGE BARTON - The World's Greatest Military Spies and Secret Service Agents
125025: BY PIERRE BARTON - The Comfortable Pew
1241162: PETER BARTON WITH JEREMY BANNING - The Somme: The Unseen Panoramas
63924: GEORGE A. BARTON - Studies in New Testament Christianity
175230: WILLIAM E. BARTON - The Life of Abraham Lincoln, Volumes I-II
164842: DONALD W. BARTOW AND CLAIR B. KING - The Healing Service
141178: HURD BARUCH - Wall Street: Security Risk
145672: A. BARUCQ, ET. AL - Ecrits de L'Orient Ancien Et Sources Bibliques
62722: A. BARUCQ, ED - La Sainte Bible: Judith, Esther
151384: CARL BARUS - A Continuous Record of Atmospheric Nucleation
151386: CARL BARUS - Experiments with Ionized Air
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175161: NICHOLAS A. BASBANES - Patience and Fortitude: A Roving Chronicle of Book People, Book Places, and Book Culture
64107: EWALD BASH - Visit to Five Brothers and Othe Double Exposures
172305: M. BASIL PENNINGTON, ALAN JONES, AND MARK BOOTH - The Living Testament: The Essential Writings of Christianity Since the Bible
144931: JOHN BASKIN - New Burlington: The Life and Death of an American Village
102697: N.G. BASOV - Lasers and Their Applications
80681: L. AGOSTINI & J. BASS - The Theories of Turbulence
143285: BERNARD BASSET - The Good Life Guide: Saints, Snobs and Sanity
1224324: WILLIAM W. BASSETT, ED - The Bond of Marriage: An Ecumenical and Interdisciplinary Study
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71778: PIERRE BATIFFOL - Etudes D'Histoire Et de Theologie Positive
67677: MGR. PIERRE BATIFFOL - Catholicisme Et Papaute: Les Difficultes Anglicanes Et Russes
142683: PIERRE BATIFFOL - History of the Roman Breviary
120839: ANNIE JENKINS BATSON - Louis Manigault: Gentleman from South Carolina
149613: W.J. BATTERSBY - De la Salle: Saint and Spiritual Writer
126752: W.J. BATTERSBY - Battersby's Registry for the Catholic World: With the Complete Ordo or Catholic Directory, Almanac and Registry (1853)
149127: W.J. BATTERSBY - De la Salle: Saint and Spiritual Writer
165860: JEAN BATTINI AND WITOLD ZANIEWICKI - Guide Pratique Des Decorations Francaises Actuelles
1242168: CHARLES BAUDELAIRE - The Flowers of Evil
42841: DOM JULES L. BAUDOT - Le Breviaire
1232877: K. JACK BAUER - Zachary Taylor: Soldier, Planter, Statesman of the Old Southwest
122884: JOHANNES B. BAUER, EDITOR - Encyclopedia of Biblical Theology, Vols I-III
123278: CLYDE MAX BAUER - The Story of Yellowstone Geysers
162691: CHERYL BAUER AND ROB PORTMAN - Wisdom's Paradise: The Forgotten Shakers of Union Village
161596: CAMILLE BAUER - Panorama de la France Moderne
150314: FREDERICK CHRISTIAN BAUERSCHMIDT - Julian of Norwich and the Mystical Body Politic of Christ
40821: PETER BAULAND - The Hooded Eagle: Modern German Drama on the New York Stage
81679: GREGORY BAUM - The Constitution of the Church of Vatican Council II
149599: GREGORY BAUM - That They May Be One: A Study of Papal Doctrine (Leo XIII-Pius XII)
1245133: L. FRANK BAUM - The Patchwork Girl of Oz
164716: GREGORY BAUM - The Jews and the Gospel: A Re-Examination of the New Testament
1225647: L. FRANK BAUM - The Marvelous Land of Oz
67183: GREGORY BAUM - The Credibility of the Church Today: A Reply to Charles Davis
67757: GREGORY BAUM, O.S.A. - Progress and Perspectives: The Catholic Quest for Christian Unity
64775: WILLIAM BAUM - Consideratons Towards a Theology of the Presbyterate
49490: GREGORY BAUM - Decree on the Renewal of Religious Life of Vatican Council II
142412: JILL PELAEZ BAUMGAERTNER - Flannery O'Connor: A Proper Scaring
144282: DAVID BAUMGARDT - Bentham and the Ethics of Today with Bentham Manuscripts Hitherto Unpublished
172716: APOLLINARIS W. BAUMGARTNER - Catholic Journalism: A Study of Its Development in the United States, 1789-1930
123377: WILLIAM J. BAUSCH - The Story Revealed: Homilies That Sustain, Inspire, and Engage
26789: FREDERICK BAUSMAN - Let France Explain
173229: JAMES HOUSTON BAXTER, TRANS - St. Augustine: Select Letters
171198: RICHARD BAXTER - A Call to the Unconverted
146736: ROGER BAXTER - The Controversy between M.B. And Quaero, Which Appeared in the Alexandria Newspapers in the Year 1817, on Some Points of Roman Catholicism: To Which Is Added an Appendix, Containing a Brief Notice of Luther... Of Indulgences... Of the Inquisition... And of the Order of the Jesuits
174730: REV. RICHARD BAXTER - The Saints' Everlasting Rest
146716: ROGER BAXTER - The Alexandria Controversy: Or a Series of Letters between M.B. & Quaero, on the Tenets of Catholicity, Which Appeared in the Alexandria Newspapers
172695: RALPH BAYARD - Lone-Star Vanguard: The Catholic Re-Occupation of Texas (1838-1848)
149460: CARL F. BAYERSCHMIDT AND ERIK J. FRIIS, EDS - Scandinavian Studies: Essays Presented to Dr. Henry Goddard Leach on the Occasion of His Eighty-Fifth Birthday
1245673: WALTER LEAF & M.A. BAYFIELD - The Iliad of Homer: Vols. I-II
172479: REV. J.R. BAYLEY - A Brief Sketch of the Early History of the Catholic Church on the Island of New York
124919: J.R. BAYLEY - A Brief Sketch of the History of the Catholic Church on the Island of New-York
64543: HARRY JAMES BAYLIS - Minucius Felix and His Place Among the Early Fathers of the Latin Church
172810: GEORGE BAYLOR - Bull Run to Bull Run; or, Four Years in the Army of Northern Virginia. Containing a Detailed Account of the Career and Adventures of the Baylor Light Horse, Company B, Twelfth Virginia Cavalry, C.S. A. , with Leaves from My Scrap-Book
167090: STEPHEN F. BAYNE, JR. - Christian Living
173236: NORMAN H. BAYNES - Byzantine Studies and Other Essays
2446: JOHN BAYNES WITH JOHN LAFFIN - Soldiers of Scotland
165716: ALICE ANDERSON BAYS - Worship Programs for Intermediates
149904: GERMAIN BAZIN - The Baroque: Principles, Styles, Modes, Themes
67754: AUGUSTIN CARDINAL BEA - Unity in Freedom: Reflections on the Human Family
131157: JOSEPH WARREN BEACH - Meek Americans & Other European Trifles
22205: BARBARA HOUNDT BEACH - MX-5 Miata: The Five Year Retrospective of a Classic
167872: CARL M. BEACH, ED - The Students' Handbook of the University of Cincinnati 1933-1934
169477: H.J. LLEWELLYN BEADNELL - The Wilderness of Sinai: A Record of Two Years' Recent Exploration
165843: J. ROBERT BEAGLE - A Guide to Monastic Guest Houses
120488: JOHN E. BEAHN - A Man Born Again: Saint Thomas More
167580: JEREMY J. BEALE - Eventing in Focus
171797: ANN BEALS - Introduction to Christian Science
112914: RALPH L. BEALS - The Contemporary Culture of the Cahita Indians
132464: CECIL BEAR, ED - Rugby World 1964
174889: CHAPLAIN JOHN W. BEARD - Saddles East: Horseback over the Old Oregon Trail
113214: CHARLES A. BEARD AND MARY R. BEARD - America in Midpassage, Volumes I-II
121504: HENRY BEARD - Latin for All Occasions
147635: MADELEINE BEARD - Faith and Fortune
63128: WILLIAM A. BEARDSLEE - Human Achievement and Divine Vocation in the Message of Paul (Studies in Biblical Theology #31)
80297: MONROE C. BEARDSLEY - The European Philsophers from Descartes to Nietzsche
166546: E. EDWARDS BEARDSLEY - Life and Correspondence of the Right Reverend Samuel Seabury, D.D. , First Bishop of Connecticut, and of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America
1214904: F.W. BEARE - A Commentary on the Epistles to the Philippians
140816: DAVID BEARNE, S.J. - Ridingdale Stories
141059: DAVID BEARNE, S.J. - Lance and His Friends
171796: NORMAN BEASLEY - Mary Baker Eddy
151016: MAJOR-GENERAL ALEXANDER BEATSON - Tracts Relative to the Island of St. Helena: Written During a Residence of Five Years
172310: ANTONIA BEATTIE - Spells Dictionary: Everything You Need to Know About Spells and Enchantments to Bring Magic Into Your Life; Comprehensive Explanations of Spell Craft, from Magical Powders and Potions to Talismans and Charms
151414: JOHN BEATTIE - Bunyoro: An African Kingdom
164650: FRANK A. BEATTIE - Companion to the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S. A. ): Polity for the Local Church
163016: K.J. BEATTY - Human Leopards: An Account of the Trials of Human Leopards Before the Special Commission Court; with a Note on Sierra Leone, Past and Present
7035: DAVID BEATY - The Wind Off the Sea
131030: FRAY PABLE DE BEAUMONT - Cronica de la Provincia de Los Santos Apostoles S. Pedro Y S. Pablo de Michoacan: 5 Volumes
98355: CYRIL W. BEAUMONT - A Bibliography of Dancing
121615: ROGER BEAUMONT - Sword of the Raj: The British Army in India 1747-1947
108185: DR. R. LE BEC - Raisons Medicales de Croire Au Miracle
39570: ARTHUR BECHTEL - Vom Zauber Alter Flugmaschinen
1228294: ED. BECK - Karte Der Schweiz
147360: JONATHAN BECK, ED - Le Concil de Basle (1434): Les Origines Du Theatre Reformiste Et Partisan En France
170532: WILLIAM F. BECK - The New Testament in the Language of Today
168386: DAVID BECK - Flames of Wisdom: Patristic Counsels for Contemporary Life
60071: ROBERT N. BECK - Perspectives in Philosophy: A Book of Readings
46659: KARL DAEVES & AUGUST BECKEL - Auswertung Durch Grosszahl-Forschung
173641: W.A. BECKER - Gallus or Roman Scenes of the Time of Augustus. With Notes and Excursuses Illustrative of the Manners and Customs of the Romans
172462: MARTIN JOSEPH BECKER - A History of Catholic Life in the Diocese of Albany, 1609-1864
1239988: PROFESSOR W.A. BECKER - Gallus, or Roman Scenes of the Time of Augustus
102763: ROBERT A. BECKER - Space Physics at the Aerospace Corporation
122596: JERONIMO BECKER - El Nuevo Reino de Granada En El Siglo XVIII

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