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103911: ST. AUGUSTINE. - Enarrationes in Psalmos I-CLX : Aurelii Augustini Opera Pars X 1-3: [Corpus Christianorum Latina XXXVIII-XL].
71714: REV. CHARLES AUGUSTINE, O.S.B., D.D. - The Canonical and CIVIL Status of Catholic Parishes in the United States.
144229: SOCIETATIS S. AUGUSTINI - Psalterium: Breviarii Monastici; Commune Sanctorum: Breviarii Monastici
107511: COMTE DE SAINT-AULAIRE. - Talleyrand.
98473: PAUL AUMEN. - Springtime in Guatemala: A True Story of a Missionary.
40509: A. MONROE AURAND, JR. - Quaint Idioms and Expression of the Pennsylvania Germans.
141979: JOHN R. AURELIO - Myth Man: A Storyteller's Jesus
64487: ST. AUGUSTINE AURELIUS. - Sancti Auereli Augustini Tractatus Siue Sermones Inediti.
143478: NELLIE SLAYTON AURNER - Caxton: Mirrour of Fifteenth-Century Letters; a Study of the Literature of the First English Press
107128: ALICIA AUSTIN. - Alicia Austin's Age of Dreams.
132435: JOHN AUSTIN - The Province of Jurisprudence Determined Etc.
150825: J.L. AUSTIN - Philosophical Papers
150823: J.L. AUSTIN - Philosophical Papers
150821: J.L. AUSTIN - Philosophical Papers
150820: J.L. AUSTIN - Philosophical Papers
150818: J.L. AUSTIN - How to Do Things with Words
150816: J.L. AUSTIN - How to Do Things with Words
150817: J.L. AUSTIN - How to Do Things with Words
150815: J.L. AUSTIN - How to Do Things with Words
150814: J.L. AUSTIN - How to Do Things with Words
150811: J. L. AUSTIN - Sense and Sensibilia
141298: CARDINAL JOHN J. WRIGHT (AUTHOR), R. STEPHEN ALMAGNO, O.F.M. (EDITOR) - Resonare Christum Volume II: 1959-1969 (the Pittsburgh Years)
140940: THOMAS MURPHY (AUTHOR), THE XV CLUB (EDIITOR) - The Position of the Catholic Church in England and Wales During the Last Two Centuries: Retrospect and Forecast
141040: ST. CATHERINE OF SIENA (AUTHOR), ALGAR THOROLD (EDITOR) - The Dialogue of the Seraphic Virgin, Catherine of Siena
140937: JOHN HENRY NEWMAN (AUTHOR), BIRMINGHAM ORATORY (EDITOR) - Correspondence of John Henry Newman with John Keble and Others 1839-1845
141300: IDRIES SHAH (AUTHOR), DORIS LESSING (INTRO) - Learning How to Learn: Psychology and Spirituality in the Sufi Way
141364: ST. BERNARD OF CLAIRVAUX (AUTHOR), M. L'ABBE CHARPENTIER (EDITOR) - Oeuvres Completes de Saint Bernard Traduction Nouvelle (Vols. I-VIII)
141273: BRUCE K. MARTIN (AUTHOR), KINLEY ROBY (EDITOR) - Philip Larkin (Twayne's English Author Series #234)
141188: CELSUS (AUTHOR), R. JOSEPH HOFFMANN (TRANSLATOR) - On the True Doctrine: A Discourse Against the Christians
141387: GREGORY VII (AUTHOR), G. FINCH (TRANSLATOR) - A Selection of the Letters of Hildebrand, Pope Gregory VII (Extracted from Labbaeus and Cossarte's Councils)
140936: OLIVER PLUNKET (AUTHOR), PATRICK FRANCIS MORAN (EDITOR) - Memoirs of the Most Rev. Oliver Plunket, Archbishop of Armagh, and Primate of All Ireland
132251: J. GORRES (AUTHOR), EDWARD COX (TRANSLATOR) - The Blessed Nicholas Vonder Flue and Deputies at the Diet of Stantz
141307: HENRY DAVID THOREAU (AUTHOR), ROBERT BLY (EDITOR, COMMENTARY) - The Winged Life: The Poetic Voice of Henry David Thoreau
140849: JOSE DE SIGUENZA (AUTHOR), MARIANA MONTEIRO (TRANSLATOR) - The Life of Saint Jerome, the Great Doctor of the Church, in Six Books
141399: LUDWIG WITTGENSTEIN (AUTHOR), G.E. ANSCOMBE (TRANSLATOR) - Philosophical Investigations
141296: CARDINAL JOHN J. WRIGHT (AUTHOR), R. STEPHEN ALMAGNO, O.F.M. (EDITOR) - Resonare Christum Volume I: 1939-1959 (the Boston Years and the Worcester Years)
141291: EDWARD THOMAS (AUTHOR), PETER SACKS (INTRO) - The Poems of Edward Thomas
141476: JOSEPHUS (AUTHOR), WILLIAM WHISTON (TRANSLATOR) - The Works of Flavius Josephus, the Learned and Authentic Jewish Historian, and Celebrated Warrior.
140840: THOMAS MURPHY (AUTHOR), THE XV CLUB (EDIITOR) - The Position of the Catholic Church in England and Wales During the Last Two Centuries: Retrospect and Forecast
141076: SIMON WILLIAM GABRIEL BRUTE (AUTHOR), JAMES ROOSEVELT BAYLEY (EDITOR) - Memoirs of the Right Reverend Simon Wm. Gabriel Brute, D.D. First Bishop of Vincennes
132200: JOHN HENRY NEWMAN (AUTHOR), LOUIS ALLEN (TRANSLATOR, EDITOR) - John Henry Newman and the Abbe Jager: A Controversy on Scripture and Tradition (1834-1836)
141071: JOHN HENRY NEWMAN (AUTHOR), JOHN OLDCASTLE (EDITOR) - Catholic Life and Letters of Cardinal Newman
141002: ST. THOMAS MORE (AUTHOR), D. O'CONNOR (EDITOR) - The Four Last Things
144621: VARIOUS AUTHORITIES - Canada in the Great World War Vols. I-VI
122038: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Church and State: Papers Read at the Summer School of Catholic Studies Held at Cambridge July 27th to August 6th 1935
142940: MULTIPLE AUTHORS - Catholic Digest Omnibus
143997: MULTIPLE AUTHORS - El Reloj Guadalupano
140358: MULTIPLE AUTHORS - The American Common-Place Book of Prose: A Collection of Eloquent and Interesting Extracts from the Writings of American Authors
144207: VARIOUS AUTHORS - The American Ecclesiastical Review 1967
142354: MULTIPLE AUTHORS - Instructions on Certain Questions Regarding the Collaboration of the Non-Ordained Faithful in the Sacred Ministry of Priests: Ecclesiae de Mysterio
144206: VARIOUS AUTHORS - The American Ecclesiastical Review 1965
142929: MULTIPLE AUTHORS - Contraception and Holiness: The Catholic Predicament
140470: MULTIPLE AUTHORS - Scribner's Magazine Volume I January-June
144213: VARIOUS AUTHORS - The American Ecclesiastical Review 1966
141645: MULTIPLE AUTHORS - A Round Table of the Representative Irish and English Catholic Novelists
94762: VARIOUS AUTHORS. - L'Immaculee Vierge Mere de Dieu.
141520: MULTIPLE AUTHORS - Catholic Stories for Boys and Girls Volume I
121630: MANY AUTHORS - The Catholic Encyclopedia: A Ready Reference for the Catholic Home with Departments for Young and Old
120711: VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Big Budget for Girls
120453: [MULTIPLE AUTHORS] - Spanish Literary Gems: Trozos Escogidos
143671: MULTIPLE AUTHORS. - Rufus King in the Development of Cincinnati During the Last Fifty Years
142858: MULTIPLE AUTHORS - The Catholic Church: The Teacher of Mankind; for the Catholic Parent in Defense of the Faith, the Catholic Youth in the Steps of Jesus, and the Catholic Child at Mother's Knee, Vols. I-III
142859: MULTIPLE AUTHORS - The Holy Catholic Faith or the Lamp of Truth in the Catholic Home, Vols. I-II
73271: PEYTON AUTRY. - The Eagles of Warrick.
23596: EDMUND D'AUVERGNE. - The Prodigious Marshal.
1714: EDMUND D'AUVERGNE. - Godoy: The Queen's Favorite.
62731: R.P.P. AUVRAY AND J. STEINMANN, EDS. - La Sainte Bible: Isaie.
62733: P. AUVRAY, ED. - La Sainte Bible: Ezechiel.
39482: PAUL AUVRAY. - Les Langues Sacrees.
62759: GEORGES AUZOU. - La Parole de Dieu: Approches Du Mystere Des Saintes Ecritures.
62779: GEORGES AUZOU. - The Word of God: Approaches to the Mystery of the Sacred Scriptures.
121845: ARTHUR AVALON - The Serpent Power Being the Shat-Chakra-Nirupana and Paduka-Panchaka
69348: NICOLA AVANCINI. - Vita Et Doctrina Jesu Christi.
141352: NICOLAUS AVANCINUS - Orationum Nicolai Avancini E Soc. Jesu. (Pars I. De Deo Et Deohomine & Pars II. De Beatissima Virgine Deiparente Et Sanctis)
131415: MARIO L. D'AVANZO - Keat's Metaphors for the Poetic Imagination
142490: MARY AVERILL - Japanese Flower Arrangement (Ike-Bana) Applied to Western Needs
86326: GEORGE S. AVERY. - Survey of Biological Progress: Vol. II 1952.
143739: ST. TERESA OF AVILA - The Collected Works of St. Teresa of Avila Volume One
55299: XAVIER J.R. AVULA. - Proceedings of the First International Conference on Mathematical Modeling: Volume V.
55296: XAVIER J.R. AVULA. - Proceedings of the First International Conference on Mathematical Modeling: Volume II.
55297: XAVIER J.R. AVULA. - Proceedings of the First International Conference on Mathematical Modeling: Volume III.
55298: XAVIER J.R. AVULA. - Proceedings of the First International Conference on Mathematical Modeling: Volume IV.
32678: VICTOR AXELROAD. - Labor Law.
23519: GEORGE AXELROD. - The Seven Year Itch.
132056: STEPHANUS AXTERS, O.P. - The Spirituality of the Old Low Countries
110711: G.E. AYLMER. - The Interregnum: The Quest for Settlement 1646-1660.
112365: L. AYMA. - Vie Du Venerable J. -B. De la Salle Fondateur Des Ecoles Chretiennes.
141045: H.A. AYRINHAC - General Legislation in the New Code of Canon Law
141046: H.A. AYRINHAC - Marriage Legislation in the New Code of Canon Law
144450: REV. H.A. AYRINHAC - Marriage Legislation in the New Code of Canaon Law
131174: BROTHER AZARIUS - Essays Miscellaneous
144495: A.C.M. AZOY - They Were Not Afraid to Die 1775-1781
60944: P. GIOACCHINO AZPIAZU. - L'Uomo D'Affari.
120119: MOTHER COLUMBA HART O.S.B. - Hadewijch: The Complete Works
130268: DOM. ODO BLUNDELL O.S.B. - The Catholic Highlands of Scotland
42691: GABRIEL M. BRASO O.S.B. - Liturgy and Spirituality.
42897: DOM EMMANUEL FLICOTEAUX O.S.B. - The Splendour of Pentecost.
95672: REV. HENRY BRENNER O.S.B. - Examples: Practical Subjects Dealt with from the Viewpoint of the Lives of the Saints [Vols. I-II].
84950: BHRENDAN MCGRATH O.S.B. - God's Heralds: A Guide to the Prophets of Israel.
54594: REV. J.B. MACKINLAY O.S.B. - Saint Edmund: King and Martyr - a History of His Life and Times.
1215355: DOM PROSPER GUERANGER O.S.B - The Liturgical Year: Vols 1-15.
112343: F. LAWRENCE BABCOCK. - Spanning the Atlantic.
15345: GEORGE BABCOCK. - Yezad: A Romance of the Unknown.
142472: ELIZABETH AUSTICE BABER - A Modern Pilgrim's Progress
102386: PIERRE BABIN. - Language Et Culture Des Medias.
68564: PIERRE BABIN. - Crisis of Faith: The Religious Psychology of Adolescence.
22913: MARGARET BABINGTON. - The Romance of Canterbury Cathedral.
58.2: JONATHAN P.G. BACH. - Between Sovereignty and Integration: German Foreign Policy and National Identity After 1989.
98876: C.H. GRAY & A.L. BACHARACH. - Hormones in Blood.
110750: IRVING BACHELLER. - The Master of Chaos: A Romance of George Washington.
30805: IRVING BACHELLER. - Eben Holden.
35316: C. CHARLES BACHMANN. - Ministering to the Grief Sufferer.
71731: AUGUSTINUS BACHOFEN. - Compendium Juris Regularium.
123671: JAMES J. BACIK AND KEVIN E. ANDERSON - A Light Unto My Path: Crafting Effective Homilies
142088: JAMES J. BACIK - Apologetics and the Eclipse of Mystery: Mystagogy According to Karl Rahner
123148: ROBERT E. BACKHERMS - Christians Rejoice: A Biblical Theology of the New Testament
143507: ROGER BACON - Opera Quaedam Hactenus Inedita Vol. I
1213316: ASMIRAL SIR REGINALD BACON - The Dover Patrol: Vol. II
17071: EDWARD BACON. - Archaeology Discoveries in the 1960s.
98830: FRANCIS BACON. - The Essays or Counsels CIVIL and Moral of Francis Ld. Verulam.
42635: MAX BADER. - Pater Peter Paul Rigler.
63464: S. BAER. - Liber Genesis.
63545: S. BAER, ED. - Liber Regum.
130655: KURT BAER - Painting and Sculture at Mission Santa Barbara
143842: F.C. BAGGARLY, ED. - Society Register: The Society of Virginia of the District of Columbia
67547: J.B. BAGSHAWE, D.D. - The Church: Or, What Do Anglicans Mean by the Church?
97490: ARCHBISHOP BAGSHAWE. - The Catholic Church in the Scriptures.
97983: DAVID BAGULEY. - Fecondite D'Emile Zola.
86388: DR. LEO J. BAIER. - Contribution to the Physiology of the Stridulation and Hearing of Insects.
122570: JOSEPH J. BAIERL - The Creed Explained: An Aid to Catechists.
122571: JOSEPH J. BAIERL - The Commandments Explained: An Aid to Catechists.
120966: JOSEPH J. BAIERL - Grace and Prayer Explained According to the Munich or Psychological Method
144332: KENNETH E. BAILEY - Poet & Peasant and Through Peasant Eyes: A Literary-Cultural Approach to the Parables of Luke
102333: C.H. BAILEY. - The Electromagnetic Spectrum and Sound: 50 Modern Experiments.
143905: L.H. BAILEY - The Principles of Vegetable-Gardening
101026: C.A. BAILEY. - Advanced Cryogenics.
104661: JOSEPH WHITMAN BAILEY. - The Curious Story of Dr. Marshall with a Few Sidelights on Napoleon and Other Persons of Consequence.
62515: JOHN AMEDEE BAILEY. - The Traditions Common to the Gospels of Luke and John Supplements to Novum Testamentum, Vol. 7].
91951: JOHN WENDELL BAILEY. - The Mammals of Virginia.
69982: ANATOLE O. BAILLARGEON, O.M.I., ED. - Handbook for Special Preaching.
112075: ALEXANDER BAIN. - Logic: Deductive and Inductive.
121400: DAVID BAIN - Actors and Audience: A Study of Asides and Related Conventions in Greek Drama
106091: WILLIAM SIMS BAINBRIDGE. - The Spaceflight Revolution: A Sociological Study.
67417: A.C. BAINE. - An Essay on the Harmonious Relations between Divine Faith and Natural Reason.
51471: ROLAND H. BAINTON. - Christian Unity and Religion in New England.
69953: JOHN E. BAIRD. - Preparing for Platform and Pulpit.
37297: SISTER MARY JULIAN BAIRD. - The Court of the Queen.
91357: WILLIAM BAIRD. - The Corinthian Church: A Biblical Approach to Urban Culture.
130454: JULES A. BAISNEE - France and the Establishment of the American Catholic Hierarchy: The Myth of French Interference 1783-1784
92451: DAVID R. BAKA. - Media Technology for Evangelization in Nigeria: A Case Study of the Kaduna Media Service Center.
66185: RICHARDO BAKALARCZYK. - De Novitiatu.
150668: KENNETH BAKER - Fundamentals of Catholicism: 3 Volumes
150869: GORDON BAKER - Wittgenstein's Method: Neglected Aspects
131222: HERSCHEL BAKER - The Wars of Truth: Studies in the Decay of Christian Humanism in the Earlier Seventeenth Century
111213: GORDON BAKER. - Wittgenstein's Method: Neglected Aspects.
124121: ROB BAKER AND GRAY HENRY, ED. - Merton and Sufism, the Untold Story: A Complete Compendium
97266: REV. FRANCIS A. BAKER. - Heaven.
91300: G.J. CUMING & DEREK BAKER. - Councils and Assemblies.
98715: DEAN BAKER. - Globalization and Progressive Economic Policy.
124057: ROB BAKER AND GRAY HENRY, ED. - Merton and Sufism, the Untold Story: A Complete Compendium
103117: NINA BROWN BAKER. - Robert Bruce: King of Scots.
132011: DERK BAKER, EDITOR - Reform and Reformation: England and the Continent C1500-C1750
80682: TADEUSZ BALABAN. - On the Mixed Problem for a Hyperbolic Equation.
86124: A.V. BALAKRISHNAN. - Communication Theory.
94127: A.V. BALAKRISHNAN. - Advances in Communication Systems: Volume 2.
94128: A.V. BALAKRISHNAN. - Advances in Communication Systems: Volume 1.
120177: VASCO NUNEZ DE BALBOA - El Descumbrimiento Del Oceano Pacifico Y la Sociedad Mexicana de Geografia Y Estadistica
122699: LUIS C. BALDERRAMA - El Clero Y El Gobierno de Mexico: Vol. I [Incomplete].
74123: ERNESTO BALDUCCI. - John: The Transitional Pope.
112956: T.W. BALDWIN - Shakespere's Love's Labor's Won: New Evidence from the Account Books of an Elizabethan Bookseller.
141722: LOU BALDWIN - Saint Katharine Drexel: Apostle to the Oppressed
67849: SUMMERFIELD BALDWIN. - The Organization of Medieval Christianity.
19615: HANSON W. BALDWIN. - What You Should Know About the Navy.
91292: MARSHALL W. BALDWIN. - The Mediaeval Church.
142908: MARSHALL W. BALDWIN - The Mediaeval Church
141347: JAMES BALFOUR AND CHARLES KIRKPATRICK SHARPE - A Memorial of the Conversion of Jean Livingston, Lady Waristoun, with an Account of Her Carriage at Her Execution, July 1600
98909: P. CAROLUS BALIC. - Testimonia de Assumptione Beatae Virginbis Mariae Ex Omnibus Saeculis: Pars Altera: Ex Aetate Post Concilium Tridentinum.
65073: JESUS MARTINEZ BALIRACH. - Esutios Modernos de Teologia Moral, Volume I.
142258: ANN BALL - Modern Saints: Their Lives and Faces, Book One
142259: ANN BALL - Modern Saints: Their Lives and Faces, Book Two
106707: FRANCIS KINGSLEY BALL. - The Elements of Greek.
105960: W.W. ROUSE BALL. - An Essay on Newton's Principia.
144176: EUSTACE HALE BALL - The Legion of the Condemned
111788: KATHERINE M. BALL. - Decorative Motives of Oriental Art.
7135: EDGAR O'BALLANCE. - Tracks of the Bear.
141395: R.M. BALLANTYNE - The Island Queen; or, Dethroned by Fire and Water: A Tale of the Southern Hemisphere
109930: ANTONII BALLERINI AND DOMINICUS PALMIERI. - Opus Theologicum Morale in Busembaum Medullam [Complete Set].
106461: BILL S. BALLINGER. - Rafferty.
108282: BILL S. BALLINGER. - Rafferty.
49495: REV. MILTON A. BALLOR, C.PP.S. - Saint Gaspar Del Bufalo in the Arts.
143749: JOE BALMER AND KEN DAVIS - There Goes a Waco! an American Classic Aircraft
82446: DACRE BALSDON. - Oxford Life.
38862: EULALIO R. BALTAZAR. - Teilhard and the Supernatural.
112372: RT.REV. PETER JOSEPH BALTES. - Pastoral Instruction of the Bishop of Alton.
142025: HANS URS VON BALTHASAR - Tragedy Under Grace: Reinhold Schneider on the Experience of the West
143619: HANS URS VON BALTHASAR - The Grain of Wheat: Aphorisms
142999: HANS URS VON BALTHASAR - Theo-Logic: Theological Logical Theory Volume I; Truth of the World
60121: N. BALTHASAR. - La Methode En Metaphysique.
60398: N.-J.-J. BALTHASAR. - Mon Moi Dans L'Etre.
141636: HANS URS VON BALTHASAR - Unless You Become Like This Child
121989: HANS URS VON BALTHASAR - Church and World
144364: HANS URS VON BALTHASAR - Therese of Lisieux: The Story of a Mission
112727: CATHOLIC CHURCH: PROVINCE OF BALTIMORE. - Concilia Provincialia Baltimori Habiuta Ab Anno 1829 Usque Ad Annum 1840.
1213249: THE THIRD PLENARY COUNCIL OF BALTIMORE - Baltimore Catechism No. 2
131034: REV. A. HUBERT BAMBERG. - Popular Sermons on the Catechism: 3 Volumes.
70276: ADOLF HUBERT BAMBERG. - Der Katholische Katechismus in Predigten Erklart [Vols. I-III].
86423: C.H. BAMFORD ET AL. - Synthetic Polypeptides.
112528: MARY E. BAMFORD. - Out of the Triangle.
150721: G. BAMPFIELD - Sergeant Jones and His Talks About Confession
130093: FANNY BANDELIER - The Journey of Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca from Florida to the Pacific 1528-1536
130508: A. F. BANDELIER - Hemenway Southwestern Archaeological Expedition: Contributions to the History of the Southwestern Portion of the United States
131019: A.F. BANDELIER - Historical Introduction to Studies Among the Sedentary Indians of New Mexico & Report on the Ruins of the Pueblo of Pecos
15001: J. P. BANG - Hurrah and Hallelujah: The Teaching of Germany's Poets, Prophets, Professors and Preachers: A Documentation
142623: WILLIAM V. BANGERT - A History of the Society of Jesus
151047: DEBBY BANHAM, ED - Monasteriales Indicia: The Anglo-Saxon Monastic Sign Language
143839: ELIZABETH V.H. BANKS - This Is Fairfield 1639-1940: Pages from Three Hundred One Years of the Town's Brilliant History
143745: R.E. BANTA - The Ohio
86383: A.M. BANTA. - Studies on the Physiology, Genetics and Evolution of Some Cladocera.
66226: REV. PEDRO N. BANTIGUE. - The Provincial Council of Manila of 1771 (Its Text Followed by a Commentary on Actio II, de Episcopis).
92543: REV. PEDRO BANTIGUE. - The Provincial Council of Manila of 1771.
130335: CHURCH OF ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST - Centenary Memento 1858-1958
130529: FREDERIC BARAGA - Statuta Dioecesis Sanctae Mariae
80694: DR. LOTTY V. BARANOW. - Tochter-Aussteuer-Versicherung.
65137: ROCCO BARBARIGA. - Educazione E Confessione.
143580: DANIEL BARBE - Lourdes: Yesterday, to-Day, and to-Morrow
80633: FATHER E. BARBE, S.J. - Daily Communion.
121536: NOEL BARBER - The Black Hole of Calcutta: A Reconstruction
96491: RICHARD BARBER. - Brief Lives by John Aubrey.
150576: MME DE BARBEREY - Elizabeth Seton Et Les Commencements de L'Eglise Catholique
143437: J. MURRAY BARBOUR - Trumpets, Horns and Music
63094: HUGH BARBOUR. - Reading and Understanding the Old Testament.
97008: RABBI AARON HALEVI OF BARCELONA. - Sefer Hahinnuch: The Book of [Mitzvah] Education [5-Volume Boxed Set].
120244: JOSE MARIA ROA BARCENA - Datos Y Apuntamientos Para la Biografia de D. Manuel Eduardo de Gorostiza
130249: JOSE MARIA ROA BARCENA - Recuerdos de la Invasion Norteamericana (1846-1848) [2 Vol. ]
100094: DAPHNE BARCLAY. - Amedeo.
41703: WILLIAM BARCLAY. - The Gospel of Mark.
34289: BRIGADIER C.N. BARCLAY. - Armistice 1918.
46203: WILLIAM BARCLAY. - The First Three Gospels.
112114: JOSEPH BARCROFT. - Features in the Architecture of Physiological Function.
143951: MARY BARD - Best Friends
123465: OTTO BARDENHEWER - Patrology: The Lives and Works of the Fathers of the Church
37978: OTTO BARDENHEWER. - Polychronius, Bruder Theodors Von Mopsuestia Und Bischof Von Apamea.
46773: WILHELM BARDORFF. - Bezaubernde Natur in Deutschen Naturschutzlandschaften.
121407: ABBE G. BARDY - The Greek Literature of the Early Christian Church
64374: G. BARDY. - Litterature Grecque Chretienne.
68088: M. L'ABBE G. BARDY AND M. L'ABBE A. TRICOT. - Le Christ: Encyclopedie Populaire Des Connaissances Christologiques.
150363: OWEN BARFIELD - Worlds Apart: A Dialogue of the 1960's
144456: BESSIE MYERS BARGA - The Glory of Being Myself: The Distinguishing Characteristics of Bessie Myers Barga
71728: ALOISIUS BARIN. - Commentarium Ad Canones Codicis Juris Canonici Jus Liturgicum.
141075: MAURICE BARING - Lost Lectures, or, the Fruits of Experience
141061: MAURICE BARING - The Coat without Seam
141062: MAURICE BARING - Lost Diaries
141072: MAURICE BARING - Diminutive Dramas
151139: MAURICE BARING - Comfortless Memory
151019: MAURICE BARING - What I Saw in Russia
141079: MAURICE BARING - Robert Peckham
141060: MAURICE BARING - Sarah Bernhardt
130331: BURT BROWN BARKER - The Mcloughlin Empire and Its Rules: Doctor John Mcloughlin; Doctor David Mcloughlin; Marie Louise ( Sister St. Henry)
21740: A.J. BARKER. - The War Against Russia.
13929: JOHN W. BARKER. - Justinian and the Later Roman Empire.
142277: DUDLEY BARKER - G.K. Chesterton: A Biography
123737: NICOLAS BARKER - Stanley Morison
144031: SIR ERNEST BARKER - Political Thought in England 1848 to 1914
120434: ELLSWORTH BARNARD - Wendell Willkie: Fighter for Freedom
46568: A. BARNECK. - Die Grundlagen Unserer Zeitrechnung.
121634: R. MONEY BARNES - Military Uniforms of Britain & the Empire: 1742 to the Present Time
141578: MICHAEL BARNES - Theology and the Dialogue of Religion
122581: ARTHUR STAPYLTON BARNES - St. Peter in Rome and His Tomb on the Vatican Hill.
141043: ARTHUR STAPYLTON BARNES - Bishop Barlow and Anglican Orders: A Study of the Original Documents
142643: A.S. BARNES, G.J. MACGILLIVRAY, AND SUSAN CUNNINGTON - Catholic Oxford and Cambridge and the Story of the Universities
1213616: JOHN K. BARNES - The Vindication of Squier and Deeds
61654: WINSTON H.F. BARNES. - The Philosophical Predicament.
83741: WARNER BARNES. - The Browning Collection at the University of Texas.
132414: PAT BARNES - Pick-Ups
124570: GREGORY FREEMONT-BARNES AND RICHARD ALAN RYERSON, EDITORS - The Encyclopedia of the American Revolutionary War: A Political, Social, and Military History (Vols. 1-5)
123314: MAJOR R. MONEY BARNES - Military Uniforms of Britain & the Empire: 1742 to the Present Time
142169: PETER BARNET AND NANCY WU - The Cloisters: Medieval Art and Architecture
144199: JOSEPH BARNETT, ED. - Measure: Canonization Issue
80678: S.A. BARNETT. - Instinct and Intelligence: Behavior of Animals and Man.
1203: CORRELLI BARNETT. - Britain and Her Army 1509-1970.
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69992: REV. HUGH FRANCIS BLUNT, LL.D. - Homely Spirituals.
85944: REV. HUGH BLUNT. - The New Song: Thoughts on the Beatitudes.
22715: RONALD BLYTHE, ED. - The Pleasures of Diaries: Four Centuries of Private Writing.
111482: GUNNAR BOALT. - The European Orders of Chivalry.
1129: THE ARMY SPORT CONTROL BOARD. - Games and Sports in the Army.
112476: GEORGE BOAS. - Never Go Back: A Novel without a Plot.
112967: FRANZ BOAS - Tsimshian Texts.
112857: FRANZ BOAS - Kutenai Tales.
112843: FRANZ BOAS - Chinook Texts.
60228: GEORGE BOAS. - The Inquiring Mind.
62131: GEORGE BOAS. - French Philosophies of the Romantic Period.
22067: FREDERICK S. BOAS. - An Introduction to Stuart Drama.
1680: MAURITS BOAS. - Decisions and the Furies.
142202: T.S.R. BOASE - Death in the Middle Ages: Mortality, Judgment and Remembrance
144737: LEONARD BOASE - The Prayer of Faith
150958: CHRISTIAN BOBIN - The Secret of Francis of Assisi: A Meditation
123795: CHRISTINE M. BOCHEN, ED. - The Courage for Truth: The Letters of Thomas Merton to Writers
62220: J.M. BOCHENSKI AND T.J. BLAKELEY, EDS. - Studies in Soviet Thought.
62221: J.M. BOCHENSKI. - The Dogmatic Principles of Soviet Philosophy [As of 1958].
61640: J.M. BOCHENSKI. - The Methods of Contemporary Thought.
142669: FRANZ BOCKLE - Law and Conscience
65315: FRANZ BOCKLE. - Law and Conscience.
32718: JULIUS BODENSIECK. - The Encyclopedia of the Lutheran Church [Complete Set].
123101: MURRAY BODO - Juniper: Friend of Francis, Fool of God
103850: J. DEN BOEFT. - Calcidius on Fate: His Doctrine and Sources.
71872: FREDERICK BOEHIKE. - Pierre de Thomas: Scholar, Diplomat and Crusader.
55064: DR. KARL BOEHM. - Elliptische Funktionen: Erster Teil.
46748: DR. C. BOEHM, ET AL. - Versicherungsmathematische Aufgabensammlung, Vols. I-II.
132183: GIUSEPPE BOERO - The Life of the Blessed Peter Favre of the Society of Jesus, First Companion of St. Ignatius Loyola
71457: FATHER GIUSEPPE BOERO, S.J. - The Life of the Blessed Peter Favre of the Society of Jesus, First Companion of St. Ignatius Loyola.
103999: BOETHIUS. - In Isagogen Porphyri Commenta.
142392: LEONARDO BOFF - Francis of Assisi: A Model for Human Liberation
150073: LEONARDO BOFF - Francis of Assisi: A Model of Human Liberation
1210862: BERNARD BOGAN - The Great Link: A History of St. George's, Southwark 1786-1848-1948
102430: O.V. BOGDANKEVICH AND F.A. NIKOLAEV. - Methods in Bremsstrahlung Research.
61675: AUGUSTINE ANDREW BOGDANSKI. - The Significance of Clemens Baeumker in Neo-Scholasic Philosophy.
20549: ALNOD J. BOGER. - The Story of General Bacon.
101223: N.N. BOGOLYUBOV. - A Method for Studying Model Hamiltonians: A Minimax Principle for Problems in Statistical Physics.
151068: MARIAN BOHEN - The Mystery of Confirmation: A Theology of the Sacrament
64721: MARIAN BOHEN. - The Mystery of Confirmation: A Theology of the Sacrament.
130350: ROBERT BOHME - Orpheus: Der Sanger Und Seine Zeit
28591: HENRY G. BOHN. - The Works of Frederick Schiller: Early Dramas and Romances.
80447: HERMANN MULLER-BOHN. - Graf Moltke: Ein Bild Seines Lebens Und Seiner Zeit.
43233: A. BOHNEN, S.J. - Recueil de Notions D'Architecture Et D'Archeologie.
120624: GAYLORD DU BOIS - Buck Jones and the Night Riders
124291: THOMAS BOKENKOTTER - A Concise History of the Catholic Church
150601: THOMAS BOKENKOTTER - A Concise History of the Catholic Church
38359: BEN ZION BOKSER. - The Legacy of Maimonides.
122584: LUIS VEGA BOLANOS - Catalogo de Construcciones Religiosas Del Estado de Yuctan: Formado Por la Comision de Inventarios de la Cuarta Zona, 1929-1933.
106307: PHILIP BOLGER. - Space Rescue and Safety.
33376: HECTOR BOLITHO. - Albert the Good and the Victorian Reign.
103272: HEINRICH BOLL. - End of a Mission.
123142: LAWRENCE LEO BOLL - The Relation of Diu Krone of Heinrich Von Dem Turlin to la Mule Sanz Frain: A Study in Sources
42708: FRANZ BOLLE. - Die Heilige Masse Und Das Breviergebet...
827: FREDERICK BOLLE. - The Battle of Eastleigh England.
99585: JOSHUA K. BOLLES. - Father Was an Editor.
105014: MARVIN BOLT. - Telescopes: Through the Looking Glass.
1511: DAVID BOLT. - Gurkhas.
140090: SARAH K. BOLTON - Lives of Poor Boys Who Became Famous
112515: SARAH K. BOLTON. - Lives of Girls Who Became Famous.
25003: IVY BOLTON. - Tennessee Outpost.
130322: HERBERT EUGENE BOLTON - Rim of Christendom: A Biography of Eusebio Francisco Kino Pacific Coast Pioneer
120997: THEODORE BOLTON - American Book Illustrators: Bibliographic Check Lists of 123 Artists
140754: EDWARD BOLTWOOD - The History of Pittsfield Massachusetts from the Year 1876 to the Year 1916
141353: IGNATIO BOMPIANO - Historia Pontificatus Gregorii XIII, Summi Pontificis
144153: G. BONAVENIA, ET. AL., EDS. - Nuovo Bullettino Di Archeologia Cristiana
120122: SAINT BONAVENTRAE - Decem Opuscula
120128: SAINT BONAVENTURAE - Decem Opuscula Mystica
120129: SAINT BONAVENTURAE - Tria Opuscula
122592: A PATRIBUS COLLEGII S. BONAVENTURE, ED. - Analecta Franciscana, Sive Chronica Aliaque Varia Documenta Ad Historiam Fratrum Minorum Spectantia: Vols. I-V [Incomplete].
142712: P. BONAVENTURE - Histoires Et Paraboles Du P. Bonaventure
122610: A PATRIBUS COLLEGII S. BONAVENTURE, ED. - Analecta Franciscana Sive Chronica Aliaque Varia Documenta Ad Historiam Fratrum Minorum Spectantia: Vols. I-X [Complete].
144335: ST. BONAVENTURE - The Disciple and the Master: St. Bonaventure's Sermons on St. Francis of Assisi
130433: FATHER BONAVENTURE - Mission San Xavier Del Bac
38443: ST. BONAVENTURE. - The Virtues of a Religious Superior.
120151: SAINT BONAVENTURE - Tria Opuscula
120152: SAINT BONAVENTURE - Selecta Scripta
120092: SAINT BONAVENTURE. - The Triple Way
121291: GORDON C. BOND - The Grand Expedition: The British Invasion of Holland in 1809
142155: RAYMOND T. BOND, ED. - The Man Who Was Chesterton: The Best Essays, Stories, Poems and Other Writings of G.K. Chesterton
143354: JOHN J. BOND - Handy-Book of Rules and Tables for Verifying Dates with the Christian Era; Giving an Account of the Chief Eras, and Systems Used by Various Nations, &C, &C.

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