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92276: ATILA SINKE GUIMARAES ET AL. - An Urgent Plea: Do Not Change the Papacy
1245914: URSULA K. LE GUIN - The Other Wind
126016: PAUL GUINN - British Strategy and Politics 1914 to 1918
161646: G. GUISAN AND A. JEANRENAUD - Memento de Grammaire Francaise
140831: JEAN GUITTON - The Guitton Journals 1952-1955
132084: JEAN GUITTON - The Church and the Gospel
60351: JEAN GUITTON - Man in Time
67010: JEAN GUITTON - The Church and the Gospel
87527: JEAN GUITTON - The Church and the Gospel
147582: JEAN GUITTON - Abbe Pouget Discourses
1245135: M. GUIZOT - A Popular History of England - Five Volume Set
131258: CHARLES BURTON GULICK - Modern Traits in Old Greek Life
174418: CHARLES BURTON GULICK - Athenaeus: The Deipnosophists, Volume VII
94550: ROBERT VAN GULIK - The Haunted Monastery and the Chinese Maze Murders
105814: T.R. GULLEDGE - Cost Analysis Applications of Economics and Operations Research
173454: RICHARD M. GUMMERE, TRANS - Seneca: Ad Lucilium Epistulae Morales, Volume I.
113028: RICHARD MOTT GUMMERE - Seneca the Philosopher and His Modern Message
113010: RICHARD MOTT GUMMERE - Seneca the Philosopher and His Modern Message
168505: JOHN E. GUNCKEL - Boyville: A History of Fifteen Years' Work Among Newsboys
86191: JON P. GUNNEMANN - The Moral Meaning of Revolution
170642: JOSEPH GUNS, TRANS - The Form of Daily Prayers According to Te Custom of the German and Polish Jews
171581: BILL GUNSTON - An Illustrated Guide to Modern Bombers
171579: BILL GUNSTON - An Illustrated Guide to the Modern Soviet Air Force
24981: HEINRICH GUNTER - Das Deutsche Mittelalter: Zweite Haflte: Das Volk (Spatmittelalter)
91015: FRIEDRICH GUNTERMANN - Die Eschatologie Des Hl. Paulus
170291: JOHN GUNTHER - D-Day
73439: PAUL GUNTHER - Uber Einige Spezielle Probleme Aus Der Theorie Der Linearen Partiellen Differentialgleichungen Zweiter Ordnung
162039: BIDHU BHUSAN DAS GUPTA - Assamese Self-Taught
172843: ARTHUR L. GUPTILL - Norman Rockwell, Illustrator
173162: SEAN ALEXANDER GURD - Work in Progress: Literary Revision As Social Performance in Ancient Rome
166697: WALDEMAR GURIAN AND M.A. FITZSIMONS - The Catholic Church in World Affairs
174935: ADAM GUROWSKI - Diary, from November 18, 1862, to October, 1863, Volume Second
122578: COLONEL GURWOOD, ED - The Speeches of the Duke of Wellington in Parliament: Vols. I-II [Complete]
173629: P. JOANNE PETRO GURY - Compendium Theologiae Moralis (2 Volumes)
167432: JAMES M. GUSTAFSON - Theology and Christian Ethics
173656: SCOTT GUSTAFSON, ILLUSTRATOR - Favorite Nursey Rhymes from Mother Goose
68137: KONSTANTIN GUTBERLET - Der Gottmensch Jesus Christus
71831: SIMEON L. GUTERMAN, PH.D. - Religious Toleration and Persecution in Ancient Rome
168511: CLIFTON F. GUTHRIE, ED - For All the Saints: A Calendar of Commemorations for United Methodists
174166: W.K.C. GUTHRIE - Aristotle: On the Heavens
167338: SHIRLEY C. GUTHRIE - Christian Doctrine
120166: JESUS GARCIA GUTIERREZ - Apuntamientos Para Una Biblografia Critica de Historiadores Guadalupanos
130389: DON FRANCISCO GUTIERREZ - Dictamen Del Fiscal Don Francisco Gutierrez de la Huerta. .
100399: PAUL C. GUTJAHR - An American Bible: A History of the Good Book in the United States 1777-1880
126807: HERBERT G. GUTMAN - The Black Family in Slavery and Freedom, 1750-1925
166702: SAMUEL D. GUTTENPLAN AND MARTIN TAMNY - Logic: A Comprehensive Introduction
61207: JULIUS GUTTMAN - Philosophies of Judaism: The History of Jewish Philosophy from Biblical Times to Franz Rosenzweig
64185: RICHARD GUTZWILLER - The Parables of the Lord
161988: MARIA ODULIO DE GUZMAN - An English-Tagalog and Tagalog-English Dictionary
162600: L. IVIMY GWALTER, PREFACE - We Knew Mary Baker Eddy
172138: DAFYDD AP GWILYM - Nine Thorny Thickets
149617: DENIS GWYNN - A Hundred Years of Catholic Emancipation (1829-1929)
142727: DENIS GWYNN - The Struggle for Catholic Emancipation (1750-1829)
43497: REV. WALKER GWYNNE - Holy Matrimony and Common-Sense
147619: LASZLO GYULA - Arpad Nepe
143885: K.H. WITH - The Mouse Story Told by an Old Schoolmaster
162874: EARL C. HAAG, "DER ALT PROFESSOR - En Pennsylvaanisch Deitsch Yaahr: A Pennsylvania Dutch Year
162819: EARL C. HAAG - A Pennsylvania German Reader and Grammar
65202: FRANCISCUS TER HAAR - Casus Conscientiae de Praecipuis Hugus Aetatis Peccandi Occasionibus
172722: C. HAAS, M. DE JONGE, AND J.L. SWELLENGREBEL - A Translator's Handbook on the Letters of John
97548: REV. FRANCIS J. HAAS - American Agriculture and International Affairs
91032: DR. FELIX HAASE - Apostel Und Evangelisten in Den Orientalischen Uberlieferungen
142545: PAUL HABER - The House of Roosevelt
171892: JOSHUA O. HABERMAN - The God I Believe in: Conversations About Judaism with the Bostoner Rebbe, Rachel Cowan, Emil L. Fackenheim, Louis Jacobs, Steven T. Katz, Norman Lamm, Philip Leder, Yeshayahu Leibowitz, Cynthia Ozick, Arno Penzias, Norman Podhoretz, Chaim Potok, Natan Sharansky, and Adin Steinsaltz
170966: DR. JOHN HABERMANN - Morning and Evening Prayers for Every Day in the Week. Together with Beautiful Preparatory, Communion and Other Prayers. As Also Morning, Evening and Other New Hymns
142709: ISAACII HABERTI - Apxiepatikon Liber Pontificalis Ecclesiae Graecae Nunc Primum Ex Regiis, Ms. ; Euchologiis Aliisque Probatissimis Monumentis Collectus, Latina Interpretatione, Notis Ac Observationibus Antiquitatis Ecclesiasticae Plenissimis Illustratus
120148: MARION A. HABIG - The Franciscan Pere Marquette: A Critical Biography of Father Zenobe Membre O.F. M. La Salle's Chaplain and Missionary Companion
111176: P.M.S. HACKER - Wittgenstein: Connections and Controversies
124407: P.M.S. HACKER - Insight and Illusion: Wittgenstein on Philosophy and the Metaphysics of Experience
92560: JOHN HENRY HACKETT - The Concept of Public Order
162931: WILLIAM EDWARD MICHAEL HACKLEMAN - Favorite Solos: A Compilation of Solos, Duets, Trios and Quartets; Suitable for Church Services, Gospel Meetings, Conventions, Missionary Gatherings, Temperance Rallies, Sunday School and Endeavor, Etc. , Etc.
170245: MOSES HADAS, ED - The Greek Poets
2367: A.M. HADFIELD - Time to Finish the Game
173475: EURIPIDES; W.S. HADLEY, ED - The Alcestis
99951: D.M. HADLEY - Masculinity in Medieval Europe
102409: H. HADLEY - Proceedings: The Second International Conference on Magnet Technology
174994: THEODOR HAECKER - Kierkegaard the Cripple
91017: DR. LEO HAEFELI - Flavius Josephus' Lebensbeschreibung
91061: DR. LEO HAEFELI - Casarea Am Meer
101294: R.H. ENNS & R.R. HAERING - Modern Solid State Physics Vol. II: Phonons and Their Interactions
37154: PAUL DE HAES - On Earth As It Is in Heaven
91057: DR. PHILIPP HAEUSER - Anlass Und Zweck Des Galaterbriefes
167494: JOHN M. HAFFERT - The World's Greatest Secret
171416: WERNER HAFTMANN - Marc Chagall
166012: VICTOR W. VON HAGEN - The Roads That Led to Rome
1232870: H. RIDER HAGGARD - Mr. Meeson's Testamente
173871: BRIDGET HAGGERTY - The Traditional Irish Wedding
130757: BRUNO HAGSPIEL - Along the Mission Trail: I. In the Philippines
131481: JEAN H. HAGSTRUM - William Blake: Poet and Painter
131407: ELEANOR HAGUE - Spanish-American Folk-Songs
1235468: LEWIS EDWIN HAHN, ED - The Philosophy of Paul Ricoeur
71189: F.S. HAHN - Bishop Michael Wittmann
143337: SCOTT HAHN - First Comes Love: Finding Your Family in the Church and the Trinity
126561: ELISABETH HAICH - Wisdom of the Tarot
86421: REV. LEO HAIGERTY - Pius XII and Technology
172240: ROGER HAIGHT - Jesus: Symbol of God
110957: ROGER HAIGHT - Christian Community in History: Historical Ecclesiology
14308: MABEL V. JACKSON HAIGHT - European Powers and South-East Africa
113001: ELIZABETH HAZELTON HAIGHT - Apuleius and His Influence
103483: GORDON S. HAIGHT - George Eliot's Originals and Contemporaries
162826: FR. BERARD HAILE, ARR - A Manual of Navaho Grammar
162827: FR. BERARD HAILE, ARR - A Manual of Navaho Grammar
171601: PETER HAINING, ED - Great Irish Stories of the Supernatural
171132: REV. EDWARD E. HALE, ED - The Rosary of Illustrations of the Bible
1235487: CHRISTOPHER HALE - Hiummler's Crusade: The Nazi Expedition to Find the Origins of the Aryan Race
166634: HALE AND BARBARA LEE COLLINS - A New Concordance to the Book of Mormon (Revised Authorized Version)
172617: MRS. SARAH J. HALE AND LOUIS A. GODEY, EDS - Godey's Lady's Book and Magazine, Volume 49
149456: SUSAN HALE - Inklings for Thinklings
173497: WILLIAM HARLAN HALE - Horace Greeley: Voice of the People
171530: EDWARD EVERETT HALE - The Brick Moon from the Papers of Captain Frederic Ingham
172616: SARAH J. HALE AND LOUIS A. GODEY, EDS - Godey's Lady's Book, Volume 48
169697: HALE AND BARBARA LEE COLLINS, COMPS - A New Concordance to the Doctrine and Covenants
145587: EDWARD EVERETT HALE - Tarry at Home Travels
147878: WALTER HALE - By Motor to the Firing Line: An Artist's Notes and Sketches with the Armies of Northern France, June-July, 1915
169506: LUCRETIA P. HALE - The Peterkin Papers
72042: E.E.Y. HALES - Pope John and His Revolution
68870: JOSEPH E. HALEY - Proceedings of the 1953 Sisters' Institute of Spirituality
81356: JOSEPH E. HALEY, ED - Proceedings of the 1960 Sisters' Institute on Spirituality
8553: P. EDWARD HALEY - Revolution and Intervention: The Diplomacy of Taft and Wilson with Mexico 1910-1917
151142: VISCOUNT HALIFAX - Leo XIII and Anglican Orders
1224571: VISCOUNT HALIFAX - Leo XIII and Anglican Orders
169987: MARILYN HALL AND RABBI JEROME CUTLER - The Celebrity Kosher Cookbook: A Sentimental Journey with Food, Mothers and Memories
130146: MRS. S. C. HALL - Sketches of Irish Character
174297: F.W. HALL AND W.M. GELDART - Aristophanis: Comoediae, Tomus I-II
173815: DONALD HALL - Here at Eagle Pond
173464: ARISTOPHANES; F.W. HALL AND W.M. GELDART - Aristophanis: Comoediae, Volumes I-II
105301: ASAPH HALL - Group of Three Astronomical Papers: The Parallax of a Lyre and 61 Cygni - the Six Inner Satellites of Saturn - the Orbits of Oberon and Titania
175054: JAMES HALL - A Memoir of the Public Services of William Henry Harrison, of Ohio
147458: D.J. HALL - English Mediaeval Pilgrimage
1243470: TREVOR HALL - Prince Philip: A Portrait of the Duke of Edinburgh
113453: TONY HALL, ED - March to Victory: The Final Months of Wwii; from D-Day, June 6, 1944 to the Fall of Japan, August 14, 1945
45396: MABEL K. HALL - Penny the Pup or the Tale of a Dog
98564: CHARLES NORDHOFF & JAMES NORMAN HALL - Mutiny on the Bounty
142604: THOR HALL - Anders Nygren
160265: KATHRYN E. HALL - History of the Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea 1889-1989: The First One Hundred Years and Into the Second Century
162409: VIRGIL; JANE HARRIMAN HALL AND ALEXANDER G. MCKAY - Selections from Virgil's Aeneid Books I, IV, VI: Dido and Aeneas
146387: MRS. HERMAN J. HALL - Two Travelers in Europe: A Unique Story Told by One of Them
7843: ERIC HALLADAY - The Emergent Continent: Africa in the 19th Century
113593: ELIZABETH HALLAM, ED - Saints: Who They Are and How They Help You
131009: HENRY HALLAM - Introduction to the Literature of Europe: 2 Volumes
113254: ELIZABETH HALLAM, ED - The Chronicles of the Wars of the Roses
113253: ELIZABETH HALLAM, ED - Chronicles of the Age of Chivalry
131168: FITZ-GREENE HALLECK - The Poetical Writings of Fitz-Greene Halleck
146625: JOHANNES HALLER - Das Papsttum: Idee Und Wirklichkeit
172299: HENRY H. HALLEY - Halley's Bible Handbook: An Abbreviated Bible Commentary
1234432: RICHARD HALLIBURTON - The Glorious Adventure
1234431: RICHARD HALLIBURTON - The Royal Road to Romance
143954: RICHARD HALLIBURTON - The Flying Carpet
39599: RICHARD HALLIBURTON - The Glorious Adventure
1242739: RICHARD HALLIBURTON - Richard Halliburton's Complete Book of Marvels
141566: F.E. HALLIDAY - Doctor Johnson and His World
171241: BRETT HALLIDAY - She Woke to Darkness
113020: WILLIAM REGINALD HALLIDAY - Greek and Roman Folklore
61177: PHILIP P. HALLIE, ED; SANFORD G. ETHERIDGE, TRANS - Scepticism, Man, & God: Selections from the Major Writings of Sextus Empiricus
147952: BARBARA MCCLUNG HALLMAN - Italian Cardinals, Reform, and the Church As Property
168169: REV. G.B.F. HALLOCK, ED - Holy Communion Cyclopedia: A Source-Book of Suggestion, Homiletic, Illustrative and Administrative, for the Minister's Most Frequently Recurring and Exacting Special Service
146806: REV. WILLIAM A. HALLOCK - Light and Love: A Sketch of the Life and Labors of the Rev. Justin Edwards, D. D the Evangelical Pastor; the Advocate of Temperance, the Sabbath, and the Bible
126317: G.B.F. HALLOCK - Prayers for Special Days and Occasions: A Treasury of Prayers, Evangelical and Interdenominational, for All Occasions, Both Special and Regularly Recurring, and Also for Various Dedicatory and Other Ceremonies, for Certain Times and Seasons, Special Objects and Persons, Etc. , Etc. : For Voluntary Use
141314: JOAN HALMO AND FRANK HENDERSON (EDITORS) - A Triduum Sourcebook, Vols I-III
175001: MINA DEANE HALSEY - A Tenderfoot in Southern California
169147: MARGARET HALSEY - With Malice Toward Some
165618: RONALD HALSTEAD, TRANS - The Priest and Vocations
68832: RONALD HALSTEAD, TRANS - Apostolic Life
149247: MURAT HALSTEAD AND MELVILLE PHILLIPS - The Great Battle for Protection and Sound Money Led by Hon. Wm. Mckinley
173030: THOMAS P. HALTON AND STELLA O'LEARY - Classical Scholarship: An Annotated Bibliography
69: EUGENE HALTON - Bereft of Reason: On the Decline of Social Thought and Prospects for Its Renewal
131217: EMILY S. HAMBLEN - On the Minor Prophecies of William Blake
150027: DORA JANE HAMBLIN - Pots and Robbers
46653: ERNST HAMEISTER - Laplace-Transformation
171483: CHRISTOPHER DE HAMEL - The Book. A History of the Bible
88012: LEONCE HAMELIN - Reconciliation in the Church
123900: PATRICK J. HAMELL - Handbook of Patrology
148834: JEROME HAMER - Karl Barth: L'Occasionalisme Theologique de Karl Barth; Etude Sur la Methode Dogmatique
148101: RICHARD HAMER, ED - Three Lives from the Gilte Legende
160597: IAN HAMILTON - A Gift Imprisoned: The Poetic Life of Matthew Arnold
147507: ERWIN H. HAMILTON - Elementary Thermodynamics of Automobile Engines
173156: SAMUEL HAMILTON - Complete Arithmetic
160868: JAMES HAMILTON - Turner
40858: DOM ADAM HAMILTON, OSB - The Chronicle of the English Augustinian Canoness Regular of the Lateran, at St. Monica's in Louvain... 1548-1625
71489: ELIZABETH HAMILTON - Saint Teresa: A Journey in Spain
165142: ALBERT HAMILTON - The Catholic Journey Through Ohio
3: STANLEY HAMILTON - Tumours of the Digestive System (Who Classification of Tumours)
171806: KENNETH HAMILTON - The Protestant Way
40991: ALBERT HAMILTON - The Catholic Journey Through Ohio
1242415: ELIZABETH HAMILTON - Saint Teresa: A Journey in Spain
163378: VICTOR P. HAMILTON - Handbook on the Pentateuch
28972: LIEUT.-COL. E. BRUCE HAMLEY - The Story of the Campaign of Sebastopol
169349: D.W. HAMLYN, TRANS - Aristotle: De Anima, Books II and III (with Passages from Book I)
60018: D.W. HAMLYN - Sensation and Perception: A History of the Philosophy of Perception
87259: D.W. HAMLYN - Sensation and Perception: A History of the Philosophy of Perception
170362: THOMAS D. HAMM, ED - Quaker Writings: An Anthology 1650-1920
163146: THOMAS D. HAMM - A Transformation of American Quakerism: Orthodox Friends, 1800-1907
163161: REUVEN HAMMER - Or Hadash: A Commentary on Siddur Sim Shalom; for Shabbat and Festivals
112717: REV. BONAVENTURE HAMMER - Souvenir of the Golden Jubilee of the Congregation of the Poor Sisters of Perpetual Adoration
71227: BONAVENTURA HAMMER - Unsere Bilchoefe
39700: BONAVENTURE HAMMER - Der Apostel Von Ohio: Ein Lebensbild Des Hochw. Edward Dominik Fenwick
168084: SIR J.A. HAMMERTON, ED - Outline of Great Books
66014: REV. JOHN LEO HAMMILL - The Obligations of the Traveler According to Canon 14: An Historical Synopsis and Commentary
174670: JUPITER HAMMON - An Address to the Negroes in the State of New-York
130120: GEORGE P. HAMMOND AND EDGAR F. GOAD - The Adventure of Don Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
111535: NICHOLAS HAMMOND - Playing with Truth: Language and the Human Condition in Pascal's Pensees
15058: MILLARD FAUGHT & LAURENCE HAMMOND - The Care & Feeding of Executives
172196: N.G.L. HAMMOND AND H.H. SCULLARD, EDS - The Oxford Classical Dictionary
120959: GEORGE P. HAMMOND AND EDGAR F. GOAD - A Scientist on the Trail: Travel Letters of A.F. Bandelier 1880-1881
32538: GEORGE HAMPSCH - The Theory of Communism
166956: P. ALFRED HAMY - Documents Pour Servir a L'Histoire Des Domiciles de la Compagnie de Jesus Dans le Monde Entier de 1540 a 1773
34219: ELSIE HANAUER - The Old West: People and Places
170228: WILLIAM HANCHETT - The Lincoln Murder Conspiracies: Being an Account of the Hatred Felt by Many Americans for President Abraham Lincoln During the CIVIL War and the First Complete Examination and Refutation of the Many Theories, Hypotheses, and Speculations Put Forward Since 1865 Concerning Those Presumed to Have Aided, Abetted, Controlled, or Directed the Murderous Act of John Wilkes Booth in Ford's Theater the Night of April 14
24129: JYOJI HANDA - Dynamic Aspects of Brain Scanning
21994: JAMES HOLLY HANFORD, ED - A Restoration Reader
170679: DR. OTOMAN ZAR-ADUSHT HANISH - Avesta in Song
163498: KIMBERLY E. HANKE - Turning to Torah: The Emerging Noachide Movement
163276: GEORGE W. HANLEY - Reading the Bible Through (King James Version)
173985: JOHN HANLEY AND ROSE SCALIA - A History of the Diocese of Toledo
98438: THOMAS O'BRIEN HANLEY - Their Rights and Liberties: The Beginnings of Religious and Political Freedom in Maryland
113478: PAUL R. HANNA AND GENEVIEVE ANDERSON HOYT - Guidebook for the Social Development Primer Tom and Susan
142897: EMMANUEL ELKOURI HANNA - The Pearl of Revelation: The Real Presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist from the Beginning of Time
66086: REV. PHILIP M. HANNAN - The Canonical Concept of Congrua Sustentatio for the Secular Clergy
169572: HANS LEVIN HANSEN - Ordenshistorisk Tidsskrift Vol. 14, Forar 2003 Nr. 1 (24)
1223283: HARRY HANSEN, ED - O. Henry Memorial Award Prize Stories 1933
167517: RON HANSEN - Desperadoes
126279: MICHAEL HANSON AND JOHN MARONIC - The Pilgrim's Prayer Book: The Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate
173083: VICTOR DAVIS HANSON - The Western Way of War: Infantry Battle in Classical Greece
124256: R.P.C. HANSON - Saint Patrick: His Origins and Career
168882: ERIC O. HANSON - Catholic Politics in China and Korea
64309: ANTHONY TYREELL HANSON - The Pastoral Letters: Commentary on the First and Second Letters to Timothy and the Letter to Titus
91338: ANTHONY TYRRELL HANSON - The Pastoral Letters
142168: ANNE COFFIN HANSON - Jacopo Della Quercia's Fonte Gaia
147870: ERIC O. HANSON - The Catholic Church in World Politics
148107: R.P.C. HANSON - St. Patrick, a British Missionary Bishop
67631: BERNHARD HANSSLER - The Church and God's People
174014: THOMAS C. HARBAUGH, ED - Centennial History: Troy, Piqua and Miami County, Ohio and Representative Citizens
160003: CRAIG HARBISON - Jan Van Eyck: The Play of Realism
170568: ISAAC HARBY - The Isaac Harby Prayerbook
1236591: TITANIA HARDIE - White Magic: Titania's Book of Favorite Spells
1236592: TITANIA HARDIE - Enchanted: Titania's Book of White Magic
170447: TITANIA HARDIE - Hocus Pocus: Titania's Book of Spells
169030: PHILIP HARDIE AND HELEN MOORE, EDS - Classical Literary Careers and Their Reception
143863: ENS. L.H. HARDING AND ENS. J.R. LANGE, EDS - The World of Shangri-la 1959-1961
169379: PHILLIP HARDING, ED - From the End of the Peloponnesian War to the Battle of Ipsus
168148: ELIZABETH U. HARDING - Kali: The Black Goddess of Dakshineswar
170007: JOHN A. HARDON - The Protestant Churches of America
172442: JOHN A. HARDON - The Protestant Churches of America
172515: JOHN A. HARDON - The Catholic Catechism: A Contemporary Catechism of the Teachings of the Catholic Church
171439: THOMAS HARDY - The Mayor of Casterbridge
173519: JUVENAL; E.G. HARDY, ED - The Satires of Juvenal
166778: B. CARMON HARDY - Solemn Covenant: The Mormon Polygamous Passage
125647: JONATHAN GATHORNE-HARDY - Gerald Brenan: The Interior Castle
173518: JUVENAL; E.G. HARDY, ED - The Satires of Juvenal
113080: DAVID A. HARDY - Bbc Greek Phrase Book
143880: KENNETH HARE - London in Bygone Days
147415: CHRISTOPHER HARE - A Queen of Queens & the Making of Spain
1244118: PAUL BABIAK & ROBERT HARE - Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work
146368: BRIAN HARESNAPE - British Rail Fleet Survey 9: Diesel Multiple-Units; the Second Generation and Demus
113074: AKBER HARGAR AND AKHTARJAN KOHISTANI - Your First 100 Words in Pashto: Pashto for Total Beginners Through Puzzles and Games
167480: CATHERINE PERRY HARGRAVE - A History of Playing Cards and a Bibliography of Cards and Gaming
172995: REGINALD HARGREAVES - Red Sun Rising: The Siege of Port Arthur
148833: KATHARINE T. HARGROVE, ED - The Star and the Cross: Essays on Jewish-Christian Relations
70369: KATHARINE T. HARGROVE, R.S.C.J. - The Paradox of Religious Secularity
67853: KATHARINE T. HARGROVE, R.S.C.J., ED - The Star and the Cross: Essays on Jewish-Christian Relations
70368: KATHARINE T. HARGROVE, R.S.C.J. - On the Other Side
142729: BERNARD HARING - Shalom: Peace; the Sacrament of Reconciliation
147868: BERNARD HARING - A Sacramental Spirituality
142665: BERNARD HARING - A Sacramental Spirituality
142653: BERNARD HARING - This Time of Salvation
142135: HERMANN HARING - Hans Kung: Breaking Through
67575: BERNARD HARING, C.SS.R. - The Liberty of the Children of God
35694: BERNARD HARING - Christian Renewal in a Changing World
84150: BERNARD HARING - Mary and Your Everyday Life
110736: BERNARD HARING - Free and Faithful in Christ - Vol. 2: The Truth Will Set You Free
146452: BERNARD HARING - A Sacramental Spirituality
169089: JACK S. HARKER - The Birth and Growth of the Royal New Zealand Navy
120009: ALBERT HARKNESS - A Latin Reader
173628: ALBERT HARKNESS - Arnold's First Latin Book; Remodelled and Rewritten, and Adapted to the Ollendorff Method of Instruction
123419: ALBERT HARKNESS - A Latin Grammar for Schools and Colleges
131419: AURELIA BROOK HARLAN - Owen Meredith: A Critical Biography of Robert, First Earl of Lytton
173: [ALBERT PAYSON TERHUNE]. MARION HARLAND - When Grandmamma Was Fourteen
162898: A.H. HARLEY - Colloquial Hindustani
148906: CRAIG HARLINE - The Burdens of Sister Margaret
169994: RABBI JULES HARLOW, ED - The Bond of Life: A Book for Mourners
167885: ALVIN F. HARLOW - The Serene Cincinnatians
167845: ALVIN F. HARLOW - The Serene Cincinnatians
172779: CLARISSA HARLOWE AND MARY ANNA BEDFORD - The Princess Diana Paper Doll Book of Fashion
171950: F.E. HARMER - Anglo-Saxon Writs
170905: SISTER MARY FABIAN HARMER - Book for Religious Sisters: A General Bibliography
168077: NOLAN B. HARMON - Understanding the United Methodist Church
174309: A.M. HARMON - Plato, Volume IX: Laws, Volume I.
174314: A.M. HARMON - Lucian, Volume V.
174312: A.M. HARMON - Lucian, Volume IV
174308: A.M. HARMON - Lucian, Volume I.
148812: STEVEN W. HARMON - The St. Josephs-Blatt 1896-1919
174383: A.M. HARMON - Lucian, Volume III
1243836: A.M. HARMON, ED - Lucian II
1243837: A.M. HARMON, ED - Lucian IV
174227: A.M. HARMON - Lucian, Volume II
71821: ADOLF HARNACK - Die Mission Und Ausbretung Des Christentums in Den Ersten Drei Jahrhunderten
67146: ADOLF HARNACK - Das Wesen Des Christentums
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97542: REV. MICHAEL HOGAN - The Ecclesiastical Review on Morality of Hunger-Strike
146584: HENRY HOGARTH - Henri Bremond: The Life and Work of a Devout Humanist
160366: HENRY HOGARTH - Henri Bremond: The Life and Work of a Devout Humanist
131326: REV. DAVID HOGG - The Life of Allan Cunningham
173887: JOHN HOGUE - Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies
172016: CHRISTOPHER HOGWOOD - Music at Court
87453: PAUL M. HOHENBERG - Chemicals in Western Europe 1850-1914
46663: K. HOHENEMSER - Die Methoden Zur Angenaherten Losung Von Eigenwertproblemen in Der Elastokinetik
140794: ALFRED HOLBROOK - Reminiscences of the Happy Life of a Teacher
167988: MANFRED HOLCK, JR., COMP - Dedications and Readings for Church Events
162540: L.V. HODGKIN (MRS. JOHN HOLDSWORTH) - A Book of Quaker Saints
81611: HILARY COSTELLO & CHRISTOPHER HOLDSWORTH, EDS - A Gathering of Friends: The Learning & Spirituality of John of Forde
170894: WILLIAM HOLE - The Life of Jesus of Nazareth Portrayed in Colours
141430: WILLIAM L. HOLLADAY - Jeremiah: A Fresh Reading
149123: WILLIAM L. HOLLADAY - The Psalms Through Three Thousand Years: Prayerbook of a Cloud of Witnesses
140437: RUPERT SARGENT HOLLAND - The House of Delusion
1225027: SISTER MARY ILDEPHONSE HOLLAND - Lengthened Shadows: A History of the Sisters of Mercy Cedar Rapids Iowa
173739: EILEEN HOLLAND - The Spellcaster's Reference: Magickal Timing for the Wheel of the Year
174967: J.G. HOLLAND - Scribner's Monthly: An Illustrated Magazine for the People, Volume I (November 1870-April 1871)
67201: LIEUT. JEROME P. HOLLAND - Let's Talk It over
126660: EILEEN HOLLAND - The Wicca Handbook
120268: LADY HOLLAND; ED. BY MRS. AUSTIN - A Memoir of the Reverend Sydney Smith
120269: LADY HOLLAND; ED. BY MRS. AUSTIN - A Memoir of the Reverend Sydney Smith
174863: JOSIAH ALLEN'S WIFE (MARIETTA HOLLEY) - Samantha Among the Colored Folks: "My Ideas on the Race Problem
113408: MELVIN G. HOLLI AND PETER D'A. JONES - Ethnic Chicago: A Multicultural Portrait
174021: JOSEPH E. HOLLIDAY AND MIRIAM BILYEU BERGER - A History of Calvary Episcopal Church: Cincinnati, Ohio 1844-1968, 1968-1993
174022: JOSEPH E. HOLLIDAY - Calvary Episcopal Church: Cincinnati, Ohio; a History
28190: ROBERT CORTES HOLLIDAY - Joyce Kilmer: Memoir and Poems
167873: JOSEPH E. HOLLIDAY AND MIRIAM BILYEU BERGER - A History of Calvary Episcopal Church, Cincinnati, Ohio
125800: MARY HOLLINGSWORTH - The Cardinal's Hat: Money, Ambition, and Everyday Life in the Court of a Borgia Prince
124156: CHRISTOPHER HOLLIS - G.K. Chesterton
1210854: CHRISTOPHER HOLLIS - Erasmus
72143: CHRISTOPHER HOLLIS - The Monstrous Regiment
169054: A.S. HOLLIS, ED - Callimachus: Hecale
132226: CHRISTOPHER HOLLIS - The Seven Ages: Their Exits and Their Entrances
144541: JOHN HOLLOWAY - The Charted Mirror: Literary and Critical Essays
173081: R. ROSS HOLLOWAY - Constantine and Rome
165228: RICHARD HOLLOWAY, ED - The Anglican Tradition
169672: WALTER HOLLWEG - Der Augsburger Reichstag Von 1566 Und Seine Bedeutung Fur Die Entstehung Der Reformierten Kirche Und Ihres Bekenntnisses
126414: JEAN HOLM, ED - Sacred Place
172320: JEAN HOLM - The Study of Religion
162758: MONIKA HOLM AND MARIANNE MATHLEIN - Svensk, Svenska Beginner's Book: Swedish-English Vicabulary / Svensk-Engelsk Ordlista
126254: URBAN T. HOLMES - Praying with the Family of God: Selections for Children from the Book of Common Prayer Compiled with Introduction and Commentary
160129: JOHN BRIGHT-HOLMES, ED - Like It Was: The Diaries of Malcolm Muggeridge
166341: URBAN T. HOLMES - Praying with the Family of God: Selections for Children from the Book of Common Prayer Compiled with Introduction and Commentary
1245137: OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES - The Poems of Oliver Wendell Holmes
174750: OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES - The Professor at the Breakfast-Table; with the Story of Iris
174757: OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES - Over the Teacups
150472: EDRIC HOLMES - Wanderings in Wessex: An Exploration of the Southern Realm from Itchen to Otter
162176: MARY J. HOLMES - Maggie Miller
1237148: [SHERLOCK HOLMES] - Shades of Sherlock - a Collection of Seven Issues
175127: [OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES, SR.] - The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table
172085: OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES - The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table: Every Man His Own Boswell
164589: FRED L. HOLMES - The Voice of Trappist Silence
174753: OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES - The Iron Gate, and Other Poems
169212: DAVIDIS H. HOLMES - Index Lysiacus
167101: URBAN T. HOLMES, III - What Is Anglicanism
148609: OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES - The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table
174283: OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES, SR - The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table
173991: FRED L. HOLMES - Alluring Wisconsin: The Historic Glamor and Natural Loveliness of an American Commonwealth
112844: WILLIAM HENRY HOLMES - An Ancient Quarry in Indian Territory
174756: OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES] - The Poet at the Breakfast-Table
174749: OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES - The Professor at the Breakfast-Table
160554: MICHAEL HOLROYD - Basil Street Blues
173102: MICHAEL HOLROYD - Lytton Strachey: A Critical Biography, Volumes I-II
12820: MICHAEL HOLROYD - Bernard Shaw: Vol. I: The Search for Love 1856-1898
16046: MICHAEL HOLROYD - Bernard Shaw: Vol. I: The Search for Love 1856-1898
63337: GUSTAV HOLSCHER - Das Buch Hiob
55153: NIELS VON HOLST - Der Deutsche Ritterorden Und Seine Bauten Von Jerusalem Bis Sevilla Von Thorn Bis Narwa
113250: KALEVI J. HOLSTI - Peace and War: Armed Conflicts and International Order 1649-1989
113249: KALEVI J. HOLSTI - Peace and War: Armed Conflicts and International Order 1649-1989
126525: ROBERT HOLSTOCK AND MALCOLM EDWARDS - Lost Realms: An Illustrated Exploration of the Lands Behind the Legends
165334: GAVIN HOLT - Green Talons
1243236: VICTORIA HOLT - The Shivering Sands
174993: RACKHAM HOLT - George Washington Carver: An American Biography
170249: ELIZABETH GILMORE HOLT, ED - A Documentary History of Art, Volumes I-II

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