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123539: BARON FRIEDRICH VON HUGEL - The Mystical Element of Religion As Studied in Saint Catherine of Genoa and Her Friends: 2 Volumes
141793: BARON FRIEDRICH VON HUGEL - Eternal Life: A Study of Its Implications and Applications
1214711: BARON FRIEDRICH VON HUGEL - Essays & Addresses on the Philosophy of Religion: 2 Volumes
143680: FRIEDRICH VON HUGEL AND NORMAN KEMP SMITH - The Letters of Baron Friedrich Von Hugel and Professor Norman Kemp Smith
110776: PHILIP HUGHES. - A Popular History of the Reformation.
143370: PHILIP HUGHES - A Popular History of the Catholic Church
125490: KATHLEEN HUGHES - Early Christian Ireland: Introduction to the Sources
1214737: PHILIP HUGHES - The Reformation in England: The King's Proceedings
148258: DOM ANSELM HUGHES - The Rivers of the Flood: A Personal Account of the Catholic Revival in England in the Twentieth Century
101135: THOMAS HUGHES. - Tom Brown's School Days.
124856: PHILIP EDGCUMBE HUGHES - Interpreting Prophecy: An Essay in Biblical Perspectives
130130: KATHERINE HUGHES - Father Lacombe: The Black-Robe Voyageur
142628: PHILIP HUGHES - A Popular History of the Reformation
140810: PHILIP HUGHES - Rome and the Counter-Reformation in England
145071: PHILIP HUGHES - The Church in Crisis: A History of the General Councils 325-1870
131494: WILLIAM R. HUGHES, ED - William Blake: Jerusalem
147212: PHILIP HUGHES - A Popular History of the Reformation
147213: PHILIP HUGHES - The Popes' New Order: A Systematic Summary of the Social Encyclicals and Addresses, from Leo XIII to Pius XII
148959: RILEY HUGHES - Our Coast Guard Academy: A History and Guide
142103: ROBERT HUGHES - American Visions: The Epic History of Art in America
131346: JAMES L. HUGHES - Dickens As an Educator
87938: THOMAS A. STANLEY & ROBERT HUGHES. - The Letter and the Spirit: Chaminade's Letter of August 24 1839.
97290: REV. H.G. HUGHES. - The Seven Last Words from the Cross.
67439: PHILIP EDGCUMBE HUGHES. - Christianity and the Problem of Origins.
39864: REV. H.G. HUGHES. - Jesus Christ and Human Life: A Course of Lenten Sermons.
98683: KIRSTY HUGHES. - European Competitiveness.
146234: REV. H.L. HUGHES - The Catholic Revival in Italy, 1815-1915
104309: WILLIAM LEWIS HUGHES. - Nonlinear Electrical Networks.
144320: PHILIP HUGHES - The Church in Crisis: A History of the General Councils 325-1870
125339: FATHER HUGHSON - The Spiritual Letters of Father Hughson of the Order of the Holy Cross
105893: THOMAS HUGHSON. - The Believer As Citizen: John Courtney Murray in a New Context.
148685: SHIRLEY C. HUGHSON - Pledges of His Love
148244: S.C. HUGHSON - The Gloria Psalter
125340: SHIRLEY C. HUGHSON, O.H.C. - With Christ in God: A Study of Human Destiny
121332: WILLIAM MEREDITH HUGILL - Panhellenism in Aristophanes
149382: VICTOR HUGO - The Man Who Laughs: A Romance of English History
147109: HOMER B. HULBERT - Omjee the Wizard: Korean Folk Stories
125385: ARCHER BUTLER HULBERT - Frontiers: The Genius of American Nationality
1210949: ERNEST R. HULL, S.J. - Love: Courtship and Marriage
125429: EDWARD MASLIN HULME - The Renaissance, the Protestant Revolution, and the Catholic Reformation in Continental Europe
71972: FRANZ HULSKAMP. - Piusbuch: Papst Pius IX in Seinem Leben Und Wirken.
121830: RICHARD HUMBLE - Napoleon's Peninsular Marshals: A Reassessment
81091: WILHELM VON HUMBOLDT. - Linguistic Variability and Intellectual Development.
56250: DAVID HUME. - An Einquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals.
124086: CARDINAL BASIL HUME - The Mystery of Love
63475: FR. V. HUMMELAUER. - Das Vormosaische Priesterthum in Israel.
148478: GRACE HUMPHREY - The Story of the Marys
70345: WILLIAM HUMPHREY, S.J. - Mary Magnifying God: May Sermons.
146372: THOMAS J. HUMPHREY AND NORTON D. CLARK - Boston's Commuter Rail: Second Section
1210888: WILLIAM HUMPHREY - A Digest of the Doctrine of S. Thomas on the Sacraments
124315: J. EDWARD HUMPHREY - Emil Brunner
150617: WILLIAM HUMPHREY - His Divine Majesty": Or, the Living God
109022: ROY HUMPHREYS. - The Dover Patrol 1914-18.
102772: W.J. HUMPHREYS. - Rain Making and Other Weather Vagaries.
146394: ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY CLERGYMEN OF SCOTLAND - Family Worship: A Series of Prayers for Every Morning and Evening Throughout the Year; Adapted to Domestic Worship
145286: JAMES HUNEKER - Painted Veils
105863: MA YU HUNG. - Paintings by Zhao Chengmin.
20200: OLIVE WARD HUNT. - Mixed Maxims.
150998: LESLIE HUNT - From Hind to Hunter: A Short History of No. 2 (B) Group R.A. F.
1214726: A.J. FAIRBANK & R.W. HUNT - Humanistic Script of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries
142154: LYNETTE HUNTER - G.K. Chesterton: Explorations in Allegory
121244: DAVE HUNTER - Golf Simplified: Cause and Effect
145518: COL. WM. C. HUNTER - Dollars and Sense
63798: A.M. HUNTER. - Interpreting the New Testament 1900-1950.
63921: ARCHIBALD M. HUNTER. - Introducting New Testament Theology.
34637: VALANCY HUNTER. - The Rebel Heart.
146855: LUCRETIA P. HUNTER - The Girl Today, the Woman Tomorrow
143647: ELIZABETH VALENTINE HUNTLEY - Peninsula Pilgrimage
104792: CAROLYN LEACH HUNTOON ET AL. - Fluid and Electrolyte Regulation in Spaceflight.
145738: JOHN COOLIDGE HURD, JR., COMP. - A Bibliography of New Testament Bibliographies
64274: JOHN COOLIDGE HURD, JR. - The Origin of I Corinthians.
63718: JOHN COLLIDGE HURD, JR. - A Bibliography of New Testament Bibliographies.
144828: MARK J. HURLEY - The Unholy Ghost: Anti-Catholicism in the American Experience
148595: MICHAEL HURLEY, ED. - Irish Anglicanism 1869-1969: Essays on the Role of Anglicanism in Irish Life Presented to the Church of Ireland on the Occasion of the Centenary of Its Disestablishment by a Group of Methodist, Presbyterian, Quaker and Roman Catholic Scholars
144767: DORAN HURLEY - Herself: Mrs. Patrick Crowley; a Romantical Tale
97269: REV. WILFRED G. HURLEY. - Does Hell Exist?
97295: REV. T. HURLEY. - Christ the King.
64660: MICHAEL HURLEY, ED. - Church and Eucharist.
97300: REV. WILFRED HURLEY. - The Resurrection.
121928: BETTINA HURLIMANN - Three Centuries of Children's Books in Europe
125078: DAVID ABNER HURN - Archbishop Roberts S.J. : His Life and Writings
142407: DAVID ABNER HURN - Archbishop Roberts S.J. : His Life and Writings
130789: REV. JOHN F. HURST - History of Rationalism; Embracing a Survey of the Present State of Protestant Theology
121441: JOEL HURSTFIELD - Freedom, Corruption & Government in Elizabethan England
105205: M.F.A. HUSBAND. - A Dictionary of the Characters in the Waverly Novels of Sir Walter Scott.
86568: RAFAAT M. HUSSEIN. - Composite Panles/Plates: Analysis and Design.
146105: M. EDMUND HUSSEY - A History of the Seminaries of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati 1829-1979
143270: JOHN HUSSEY - Henry Backhaus: Doctor of Divinity; Pioneer Priest of Bendigo
51667: M. EDMUND HUSSEY. - A History of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.
74082: M. EDMUND HUSSEY. - The 1878 Financial Failure of Archbishop Purcell.
130836: ROLAND DENNIS HUSSEY - The Caracas Company 1728-1784: A Study in the History of Spanish Monopolistic Trade
150729: JOSEPH HUSSLEIN - The World Problem: Capital, Labor, and the Church
142443: LAWRENCE E. HUSSMAN, JR. - Dreiser and His Fiction: A Twentieth-Century Quest
100188: GLORIA HUTCHINSON. - Mary and Inner Healing.
40282: GLORIA HUTCHINSON. - Jesus and John: A Story About Friends, for Friends.
140340: BRUCE HUTCHISON - The Struggle for the Border
11921: PAUL P. HUTCHISON. - Canada's Black Watch: The First Hundred Years.
145067: DONALD A. HUTSLAR - Gunsmiths of Ohio: 18th and 19th Centuries Volume I: Biographical Data
121535: MARGARET W. FISHER; LEO E. ROSE; AND ROBERT A. HUTTENBACK - Himalayan Battleground: Sino-Indian Rivalry in Ladakh
102744: RUDOLF HUTTER. - Beam and Wave Electronics in Microwave Tubes.
131254: JOHN A. HUTTON - Guidance from Robert Browning in Matters of Faith
121062: ARTHUR WOLLASTON HUTTON - Cardinal Manning
142513: EDWARD HUTTON - Highways and Byways in Wiltshire
131591: LEONARD HUXLEY, ED - Elizabeth Barrett Browning: Letters to Her Sister 1846-1859
144581: ELSPETH HUXLEY - Scott of the Antarctic
103685: ALDOUS HUXLEY. - Point Counter Point.
28411: ALDOUS HUXLEY. - Verse & a Comedy.
141378: ALPHONSE HUYLENBROUCQ - Vindicationes Alterae Adversos Famoso Libellos Quam Plurimos & Novam Eorum Collectionem Sub Titulo "Tuba Magna...
146706: REV. FATHER HYACINTHE - Discourses on Various Occasions
62786: J. PHILIP HYATT. - The Bible in Modern Scholarship: Papers Read at the 100th Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature, December 28-30, 1964.
91570: J. PHILIP HYATT. - The Heritage of Biblical Faith.
113023: WALTER WOODBURN HYDE - Greek Religion and Its Survivals.
72223: DOUGLAS HYDE. - One Front Across the World.
146518: DOUGLAS HYDE - I Believed
94690: A. HYERES. - Notre-Dame de Consolation.
36868: ALBERT HYMA. - The Youth of Erasmus.
22008: LAWRENCE W. HYMAN. - Andrew Marvell.
146674: JOINT COMMITTEE ON THE AUXILIARY HYMNBOOK - Hymns and Songs of the Spirit
143747: CUTCLIFFE J. HYNE - Sandy Carmichael
142289: ANTHONY HYNE - David Jones: A Fusilier at the Front; His Record of the Great War in Word and Image
150770: R.W. HYNEK - The True Likeness
80391: DR. R.W. HYNEK. - Golgotha: IM Zeugnis Des Turiner Grabtuches.
97377: EMERSON HYNES. - Sacramental Protection of the Family.
72205: MICHAEL J. HYNES, M.A. - The Mission of Rinuccini: Nuncio Extraordinary to Ireland, 1645-1649.
143416: JAMES H. HYSLOP - Life After Death: Problems of the Future Life and Its Nature
141355: POPE LEO I. - De Leonis Papae Huius Nominis Primi, Qui Merito Summo Magni Cognome Iam Olim Obtinet... Potuerunt Omnes
120301: SALVADOR DE LA VEGA S.S.I. - Italia Guadalupana Y Los Papas Ante la Inmaculada Del Tepeyac
72250: QUEBEC PLENARY COUNCIL I. - Acta Et Decrata Concilii Plenarii Quebecensis Primi.
69945: ANATOLE BAILLARGEON O.M.I., ED. - New Media, New Forms: Contemporary Forms of Preaching.
151006: AHRIMAN I. - Ought France to Worship the Bonapartes?
144716: JOHN PAUL I - Letters to My Brother Priests: Holy Thursday (1979-1999)
142567: POPE JOHN PAUL I - Illustrissimi: Letters from Pope John Paul I
144311: VINCENTE BLASCO IBANEZ - The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Los Cuatro Jinetes Del Apocalipsis)
143759: VINCENTE BLASCO IBANEZ - Unknown Lands: The Story of Columbus
144243: SISTER ROSA MARIA ICAZA - The Stylistic Relationship between Poetry and Prose in the Cantico Espiritual of San Juan de la Cruz
146961: J. IGNACIO TELLECHEA IDIGORAS - La Immaculada Concepcion En la Controversia Del P. Maldonado, S.J. , Con la Sorbona
147555: J. IGNACIO TELLECHEA IDIGORAS - The Strange Bird: Brother Zacarias
150701: ST. IGNATIUS - Manresa: Or, the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius
142763: ST. IGNATIUS - The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Based on Studies in the Language of the Autograph
150349: GUERRIC OF IGNY - Liturgical Sermons I: Volume I
120381: JUAN B. IGUINIZ - Bibliografia de Los Escritores de la Provincia Mexicana de la Compania de Jesus
146031: CLAUDIA CARLEN IHM - The Papal Encyclicals, Vols. I-V and Papal Pronounements: A Guide, Vols. I-II
148770: POPE JOHN PAUL II - On Reserving Priestly Ordination to Men Alone: Ordinatio Sacerdotalis
148767: POPE JOHN PAUL II - On Social Concern
148768: POPE JOHN PAUL II - Letter of His Holiness John Paul II to the Bishops of the United States April 3, 1983 and Essential Elements in the Church's Teaching on Religious Life As Applied to Institutes Dedicated to Works of the Apostolate
148404: POPES JOHN PAUL II AND PAUL VI - Give Your Life with Joy
148763: POPE JOHN PAUL II - Lay Members of Christ's Faithful People: Christifideles Laici
125098: POPE JOHN PAUL II - Preparing for the Year 2000: The Complete Text of John Paul II's Apostolic Letter Tertio Millennio Adveniente and the Vatican's Official Commentary on How to Prepare for the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000
148761: POPE JOHN PAUL II - Redemptoris Custos: On the Person and Mission of Saint Joseph in the Life of Christ and of the Church
144673: POPE JOHN PAUL II - Laborem Exorcens (Performing Work): Encyclical of the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II on Human Work on the Ninetieth Anniversary of the Encyclical Rerum Novarum
146017: JOHN PAUL II - Reconciliation and Penance: John Paul II to the Bishops, Clergy and Faithful on Reconciliation and Penance in the Mission of the Church Today
148762: POPE JOHN PAUL II - Letter to Families from Pope John Paul II: 1994 Year of the Family
148680: POPE JOHN PAUL II - Mission of the Redeemer: Redemptoris Missio
148739: POPE JOHN PAUL II - Tertio Millennio Adveniente
111028: GEORGE P. SMITH II. - Bioethics and the Law.
148699: POPE JOHN PAUL II - The Gospel of Life [Evangelium Vitae]
1214805: POPE JOHN PAUL II - Instruction Concerning Worship of the Eucharistic Mystery
124855: KAROL WOJTYLA (POPE JOHN PAUL II) - Fruitful and Responsible Love
145859: JOHN PAUL II - Tertio Millenio Adveniente of His Holiness Pope John Paul II to the Bishops, Clergy, and Lay Faithful on Preparation for the Jubilee of the Year 2000
146027: JOHN PAUL II - Dives in Misericordia: Encyclical Letter of the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II
147753: POPE JOHN PAUL II - Fear Not: Thoughts on Living in Today's World
143066: VICTOR APPLETON II - Tom Swift and His Deep-Sea Hydrodome
146015: JOHN PAUL II - The Prayer of Jesus: Rediscovering the Priesthood in the Light of the Upper Room and Gethsemane
146018: JOHN PAUL II - Tertio Millenio Adveniente: Apostolic Letter of His Holiness Pope John Paul II to the Bishops, Clergy, and Lay Faithful on Preparation for the Jubilee of the Year 2000
146019: JOHN PAUL II - Redeemer of Man: Encyclical Redemptor Hominis
148681: POPE JOHN PAUL II - Mother of the Redeemer (Redemptoris Mater)
148678: POPE JOHN PAUL II - The Holy Spirit in the Life of the Church and the World: Dominum Et Vivificantem
148668: POPE JOHN PAUL II - Instruction Concerning Worship of the Eucharistic Mystery: Inaestimabile Donum
148667: POPE JOHN PAUL II - On the Mystery and Worship of the Eucharist: Dominicae Cenae
148664: POPE JOHN PAUL II - On Human Work: Laborem Exercens
148632: POPE JOHN PAUL II - On the Holy Spirit in the Life of the Church and the World: Dominum Et Vivificantem
148779: POPE JOHN PAUL II - The Redeemer of Man: Redemptor Hominis
147962: POPE JOHN PAUL II - Prayers and Devotions from Pope John Paul II
148765: POPE JOHN PAUL II - Letter of the Pope to Children in the Year of the Family
148766: POPE JOHN PAUL II - Reconciliation and Penance in the Mission of the Church Today: Reconciliatio Et Paenitentia
148742: POPE JOHN PAUL II - Negotiation: The Only Realistic Solution to the Continuing Threat of War
145862: JOHN PAUL II - I Will Give You Shepherds: Pastores Dabo Vobis
92400: POPE JOHN PAUL II. - Pilgrim of Peace: The Homilies and Addresses of His Holiness Pope John Paul II on the Occasion of His Visit to the United States of America.
97995: POPE JOHN PAUL II. - Breakfast with the Pope: Daily Readings.
87974: POPE JOHN PAUL II. - To the Youth of the World.
87980: POPE JOHN PAUL II. - Negotiation: The Only Realistic Solution to the Continuing Threat of War.
87981: POPE JOHN PAUL II. - Africa: Land of Promise - Land of Hope.
51160: POPE JOHN PAUL II. - Germany: Pilgrimage of Unity and Peace.
45652: POPE JOHN PAUL II. - John Paul II Speaks to Religious, Book V 1987-1988.
99250: POPE JOHN PAUL II. - Peace and Youth Go Dorward Together.
148740: POPE JOHN PAUL II - Behold, Your Mother": Letter of the Holy Father Pope John Paul II to Priests for Holy Thursday 1988
45665: POPE JOHN PAUL II. - Letters to My Brother Priests: Holy Thursday 1979-1991.
37747: POPE JOHN PAUL II. - Celebrate 2000! Reflections on God the Father.
46397: POPE JOHN PAUL II. - Codex Iuris Canonici.
149579: VICTOR APPLETON II - Tom Swift and the Visitor from Planet X
96116: POPE JOHN PAUL II. - The Gospel of Life: Evangelium Vitae.
100653: POPE JOHN PAUL II. - A Pilgrim Pope: Messages for the World.
84799: [POPE JOHN PAUL II]. - Code of Canons for the Eastern Churches [Latin-English Edition].
145251: POPE JOHN PAUL II - The Private Prayers of Pope John Paul II: An Invitation to Prayer
110393: POPE JOHN PAUL II. - Bull of Indiction of the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000: Incarnations Mysterium.
146413: JOHN PAUL II - A Year with Mary: Daily Meditations
148503: POPE JOHN PAUL II - Ad Limina Addresses: The Addresses of His Holiness Pope John Paul II to the United States Bishops During Their Ad Limina Visits, April 15-December 3, 1983
150925: POPE JOHN PAUL II - Gift and Mystery: On the Fiftieth Anniversay of My Priestly Ordination
151023: JOHN PAUL II - Pilgrimage of Peace: The Collected Speeches of John Paul II in Ireland and the United States
142884: POPE PIUS II - Memoirs of a Renaissance Pope: The Commentaries of Pius II; an Abridgement
146024: JOHN PAUL II - To All Consecrated Persons Belonging to Religious Communities and Secular Institutes on the Occasion of the Marian Year
105938: JAMES E. MCCLELLAN III. - Science Reorganized: Scientific Societies in the Eighteenth Century.
141606: BEN WITHERINGTON III AND CHRISTOPHER MEAD ARMITAGE, EDS. - The Poetry of Piety: An Annotated Anthology of Christian Poetry
123157: POPE JOHN PAUL III - Letter of the Supremem Pontiff, Pope John Pual II, to All Bishops of the Church: On the Mystery and Worship of the Holy Eucharist
147938: LOTARIO DEI SEGNI (POPE INNOCENT III) - De Miseria Condicionis Humane
105672: FREDERICK C. DURANT III. - Between Sputnik and the Shuttle.
73580: NATE GRIER PARKE III. - Guide to the Literature of Mathematics and Physics Including Related Works on Engineering.
99985: GEORGE ILES. - Flame Electricty and the Camera.
151107: JOHN ILG - An Explanation of the Rule of the Friars Minor
130210: ORDEN DEL ILLMO AND SR. DR. D. RAFAEL SABAS CAMACHO - Concilio Provincial Mexicano IV: Celebrado En la Cuidad de Mexico El Ano de 1771
150758: JEFFREY D. IMBACH - The Recovery of Love: Christian Mysticism and the Addictive Society
143032: ROBERT P. IMBELLI, ED. - Handing on the Faith: The Church's Mission and Challenge
68607: SISTER M. IMMACULATA, S.S.J. - Witness to Christ.
146926: MISSIONARY OBLATES OF MARY IMMACULATE - Share the Healing and the Hope Prayer Book
148262: RICHARD H. IMMERMAN, ED. - John Foster Dulles and the Diplomacy of the Cold War
111783: [MEXICAN IMPRINTS]. - Constituciones de la Real Y Pontificia Universidad de Mexico: Segunda Edicion.
111757: [MEXICAN IMPRINTS]. - Reales Exequias Celebradas En la Santa Iglesia Catedral de Mexico Por El Alma de Senor Don Carlos III.
147642: P. VAN IMSCHOOT - Theologie de L'Ancien Testament, Tomes I-II
112384: TIME INC. - Time Magazine: February 26 1951.
112387: TIME INC. - Time Magazine: April 16 1951.
100947: TIME INC. - Time Magazine: January 28 1935.
100944: TIME INC. - Time Magazine: February 11 1935.
100942: TIME INC. - Time Magazine: August 3 1936.
100940: TIME INC. - Time Magazine: August 17 1936.
100937: TIME INC. - Time Magazine: November 18 1935.
100935: TIME INC. - Time Magazine: September 30 1935.
100923: TIME INC. - Time Magazine: November 29 1937.
100920: TIME INC. - Time Magazine: July 15 1935.
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100917: TIME INC. - Time Magazine: October 25 1937.
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55111: [BRITISH INDIA]. - Historical Views, Delhi: Album No. 1-2.
107158: BEN P. INDICK. - The Drama of Ray Bradbury.
37923: ROBERTUS A S. TERESIA A IESU INFANTE. - De Inhabitatione Ss. Trinitatis: Doctrina S. Thomae in Scripto Super Sententiis.
121618: FRANCIS INGALL - The Last of the Bengal Lancers
148385: REV. W.R. INGE - Mysticism in Religion
124948: W. R. INGE - Personal Religion and the Life of Devotion
1203171: JEAN INGELOW - The Shepherd Lady and Other Poems
144885: THOMAS INGOLDSBY - The Ingoldsby Legends: Or, Mirth and Marvels
151447: JOHN H. INGRAM - Christopher Marlowe and His Associates
37490: THE PONTIFICAL BIBLE INSTITUE. - Liber Psalmorum Cum Canticis Breviarii Romani.
107747: UNE RELIGIEUSE SE SON INSTITUT. - Vie de Mere Saint-Joseph Fondatrice Des Soeurs de L'Assumption de la S.V.
149634: GENERAL MOTORS INSTITUTE - 1952 General Motors Institute Yearbook
123283: GENERAL MOTORS INSTITUTE - 1949 General Motors Institute Yearbook: Reflector
146065: THE UNITED STATES NAVAL INSTITUTE - Naval Leadership with Some Hints to Junior Officers and Others: A Compilation by and for the Navy
46366: DAYTON ART INSTITUTE. - Flight: Fantasy, Faith, Fact.
145807: AVE MARIA INSTITUTE - Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary
146739: A MEMBER OF THE SAME INSTITUTE - The Life of Mere St. Joseph (Marie Louise Francoise Blin de Bourdon): Co-Foundress and Second Superior General of the Insitute of Sisters of Notre Dame of Namur
144120: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION - Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution 1855-1976: 103 Volumes
143980: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION - Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution Showing the Operations, Expenditures, and Condition of the Institution for the Year Ending June 30 1926
143979: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION - Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution Showing the Operations, Expenditures, and Condition of the Institution for the Year Ending June 30 1923
144421: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION - Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution Showing the Operations, Expenditures, and Condition of the Institution for the Yaer Ending June 30 1918
143978: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION - Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution Showing the Operations, Expenditures, and Condition of the Institution for the Year Ending June 30, 1904: Report of the National Museum
142822: ARCHIMANDRITE IOANNIKOS - Themes from the Philokalia Number 1: Watchfulness and Prayer
147468: SYNOD OF THE CHURCH OF IRELAND - General Synod of the Church of Ireland: Revision Committee Report.
123198: MARION P. IRELAND - Textile Art in the Church: Vestments, Paraments, and Hangings in Contemporary Worship, Art, and Architecture
70722: JOHN IRELAND. - The Church and Modern Society: Lectures and Addresses [Vols. I-II].
123740: JOHN IRVINE - A Treasury of Irish Saints
110439: WASHINGTON IRVING. - The Alhambra.
100875: MARGARET IRWIN. - Elizabeth - Captive Princess.
62866: C.H. IRWIN, ED. - The International Bible Commentary with an Introduction to Each Book of the Bible and 25,000 Text References with Explanations.
142457: WILL IRWIN - Herbert Hoover: A Reminiscent Biography
21797: CHRISTOPHER ISHERWOOD. - Kathleen and Frank: The Autobiography of a Family.
99616: FRANK DELL'ISOLA. - The Old Testament for Everyman.
68157: FRANK DELL'ISOLA, ED. - The God-Man Jesus: The Life of Christ As Recorded by the Four Evangelists.
141459: FLORENCE CASTLE ISON - Caney Girl
148436: HELENE ISWOLSKY - Christ in Russia: The History, Tradition, and Life of the Russian Church
45582: HELENE ISWOLSKY. - Christ in Russia: The History, Tradition, and Life of the Russian Church.
124101: AUSTEN IVEREIGH - The Great Reformer: Francis and the Making of a Radical Pope
112124: LESLIE L. IVERSEN. - The Uptake and Storage of Noradrenaline in Sympathetic Nerves.
146731: L. SILLIMAN IVES - Church and State Charities Compared; with Special Reference to the System of New York State Charities: Two Lectures, Delivered by Invitation of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, New York, at the Tabernacle, January 29th and February 26th, 1857
146727: L. SILLIMAN IVES - The Trials of a Mind in Its Progress to Catholicism: A Letter to His Old Friends
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132040: CANON KEOGH - Catholic Directory, Almanac and Registry of Ireland, England, and Scotland 1867
141193: JOSEPH J. KEPES AND JOANNE LOPEZ KEPES - Philip C. Hoelle, Sm: Servant Priest
148308: L. KEPPEL - Blessed Rose Philippine Duchesne, Religious of the Sacred Heart and Missioner 1769-1852
69814: RT. REV. PAUL WILLIAM VON KEPPLER, D.D. - Homiletic Thoughts and Counsels.
67960: DR. PAUL WILHELM VON KEPPLER. - Das Problem Des Leidens.
40612: DR. PAUL WILHELM VON KEPPLER. - Mehr Freude: Ein Ostergruk.
23659: VICTOR KEPPLER. - The Eighth Art: A Life of Color Photography.
124107: IAN KER - G.K. Chesterton: A Biography
142004: IAN KER - The Achievement of John Henry Newman
141981: IAN KER AND THOMAS GORNALL, EDS. - The Letters and Diaries of John Henry Newman Volume I: Ealing, Trinity, Oriel, February 1801 to December 1826
121282: J. ORTON KERBEY - The Land of to-Morrow: A Newspaper Exploration Up the Amazon and over the Andes to the California of South America
71145: WILLIAM J. KERBY, PH.D., LL.D. - The Social Mission of Charity: A Study of Points of View in Catholic Charities.
68712: WILLIAM J. KERBY, PH.D., LL.D. - Prophets of the Better Hope.
70249: IS. VAN DE KERCKHOVE, S.J. - Manuale Missionum.
60969: GEORGE C. KERNER. - The Revolution in Ethical Theory.
147871: JOSEPH E. KERNS - The Theology of Marriage: The Historical Development of Christian Attitudes Toward Sex and Sanctity in Marriage
64763: JOSEPH E. KERNS. - The Theology of Marriage: The Historical Development of Christian Attitudes Toward Sex and Sanctity in Marriage.
147299: OTTO KERR - Sands of Time
109623: JOE KERR AND ANDREW GIBSON. - London: From Punk to Blair.
140999: LADY AMABEL COWPER KERR - Unravelled Convictions; or, My Road to Faith
122545: IAN KERR - The Acheivement of John Henry Newman.
142074: WALTER KERR - Tragedy and Comedy
145486: GEORGE H. KERR - Du Pont Romance: A Reminiscent Narrative of E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company
148411: RAYMOND KERRISON - Bishop Walsh of Maryknoll: A Biography
148335: DAVID I. KERTZER - Prisoner of the Vatican: The Pope's Secret Plot to Capture Rome from the New Italian State
150317: M.T. KERVINGANT - Monastic Odyssey
102461: I.G. KESAEV. - Cathode Processes in the Mercury Arc.
141951: EDWARD KESSLER AND NEIL WENBORN, EDS. - A Dictionary of Jewish-Christian Relations
99504: ALBERT KESSLER. - La Valeur Educative Et Apostolique de L'Enseignement.
121020: ADOLPH KESTENS - Spiritual Guidance: Fundamentals of Ascetical Theology Based on the Franciscan Ideal; Volume I
60671: CHARLES B. KETCHAM. - The Search for Meaningful Existence.
39587: RICHARD M. KETCHUM. - Will Rogers: The Man and His Time.
107074: GREG KETTER AND ROBERT GARCIA. - Temporary Walls: An Anthology of Moral Fantasy.
142769: PETER KETTER - Christ and Womankind
91046: DR. PETER KETTER. - Die Versuchung Jesu.
124031: HEINZ R. KEUHN, ED. - The Essential Guardini: An Anthology of the Writings of Romano Guardini
62921: JOS. KEULERS. - Het Boek Josue.
62920: JOS. KEULERS. - Het Boek Der Rechters.
148008: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES - The Rose and the Lily: The Lives and Times of Two South American Saints
99852: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES. - The Career of David Noble.
143654: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES - The Grace of Guadalupe
40773: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES. - Tongues of Fire: The Story of Christian Missions from St. Paul to the Present.
99851: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES. - Along a Little Way.
99708: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES. - All Flags Flying: Reminiscences of Frances Parkinson Keyes.
90993: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES. - Therese: Saint of a Little Way.
99854: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES. - Letters from a Senator's Wife.
142647: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES - The Rose and the Lily: The Lives and Times of Two South American Saints
150574: FRANCES PARKINSON KEYES - Tongues of Fire: The Story of Christian Missions from St. Paul to the Present
131499: GEOFFREY KEYNES, ED - The Letters of William Blake
112787: GEOFFREY KEYNES, ED. - Poetry and Prose of William Blake.
131493: GEOFFREY KEYNES - The Letter of William Blake
131492: GEOFFREY KEYNES - The Letters of William Blake
146927: CH. DE KEYSER - L'Immaculee Conception: Lectures Et Meditations Sous Forme de Neuvaine
121614: MOHAMMAD AYUB KHAN - Pakistan Perspective: A Collection of Important Articles and Excerpts from Major Addresses
101212: K.M. KHANNA. - Statistical Mechanics.
80688: A. KHINTCHINE. - Asymptotische Gesetze Der Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung.
122554: MICHAEL KHODARKOVSKY - Russia's Steppe Frontier: The Making of a Colonial Empire, 1500-1800.
94096: G. YE. KHOLODOVSKII. - The Principles of Power Generation.
130173: REV. D. P. KIDDER AND REV. J. C. FLETCHER - Brazil and the Brazilians Portrayed in Historical and Descriptive Sketches
26224: BENEDICT KIELY. - Poor Scholar: A Study of the Works and Days of William Carleton (1794-1869).
65758: VINCENT F. KIENBERGER. - The Way of the Blessed Christ.
65771: MOTHER MARY ALOYSI KIENER. - This Is the Victory!
130943: H. KIEPERT - Historisch-Geographischer Atlas Der Alten Welt
121622: V.G. KIERNAN - From Conquest to Collapse: European Empires from 1815-1960
150728: GEORGES KIESEL - Der Heilige Willibrord IM Zeugnis Der Bildenden Kunst
42732: CHRISTOPHER KIESLING, O.P. - The Spirit and Practice of the Liturgy.
86431: KERSTIN LINDAHL-KIESSLING ET AL, EDS. - Morphological and Functionl Aspects of Immunity.
124085: KAREN KILBY - Karl Rahner: A Brief Introduction
146906: PHILLIP A. KILDAHL - Caius Marius
112451: SISTER MARY PHILOMENA KILDEE. - Memoirs of Mother Mary Aquinata Fiegler O.P.
124179: JOHN W. KILGO - Campaigning in Dixie: With Some Reflections on Two-Party Government
71156: JAMES E. KILGORE. - Pastoral Care of the Hospitalized Child.
65944: REV. ADRIAN JEROME KILKER. - Extreme Unction.
70130: REVS. GERARD WEBER & JAMES KILLGALLON. - To Be Church: Source Material for Homilies on the Sunday Scripture Readings, 1967-1968.
132383: EDWARD J. KILMARTIN, S.J. - Church, Eucharist and Priesthood: A Theological Commentary on "the Mystery and Worship of the Most Holy Eucharist
150683: JOYCE KILMER, ED - Joyce Kilmer's Anthology of Catholic Poets
124935: JOYCE KILMER - Joyce Kilmer's Anthology of Catholic Poets
131582: ALINE KILMER - Candles That Burn
131581: JOYCE KILMER - Trees and Other Poems
122539: PHIL KILROY - Madeleine Sophie Barat, 1779-1865: A Life.
148118: FLORENCE SAU KIN - Soul Within a Peach
141778: MARY KAY KINBERGER - Lonergan on Conversion: Applications for Religious Formation
151012: CAPTAIN JOHN KINCAID - Adventures in the Rifle Brigade
1226093: CARDOZO KINDERSLEY - Mr. Eric Gill: Letters to an Apprentice
141548: FRANCIS KING - E.M. Forster
149149: DELCEVARE KING - A Life of Four Devotions
142189: ARCHDALE A. KING - Citeaux and Her Elder Daughters
150329: ROBERT H. KING - Thomas Merton and Thich Nhat Hanh: Engaged Spirituality in an Age of Globalization
149340: W. NEPHEW KING - The Story of the War of 1898
65426: J. LEYCESTER KING. - Sex Enlightenment and the Catholic.
67330: BETTY KING AND LORRAINE JULIANA. - The Wall between Us: A Protestant-Catholic Dialogue.
17382: NORMAN KING. - Here's Erma! the Bombecking of America.
87537: JAMES W. KING. - The Liturgy and the Laity.
98587: WILLFORD I. KING. - The Keys to Prosperity.
146663: HARRIET ELEANOR HAMILTON KING - Ugobassi's Sermon in the Hospital
147625: URSULA KING - Christian Mystics: The Spiritual Heart of the Christian Tradition
1225203: L.J. KING - Converted Roman Catholic and Protestant Missionary
131387: HUGH MACMASTER KINGERY, ED - Three Tragedie of Seneca: Hercules Furens Troades Medea
130292: CHARLES LETHBRIDGE KINGSFORD - The Grey Friars of London: Their History with the Register of Their Convent and an Appendix of Documents
122689: C.L. KINGSFORD, ED. - Collectanea Franciscana: Vol. II [Incomplete].
147124: J.S. KINGSLEY - Elements of Comparative Zoology
112328: WILLIAM H.G. KINGSTON. - Charley Laurel: A Story of Adventure by Sea and Land.
106351: D.G. KINGWILL. - The Csir: The First Forty Years.
112324: THOMAS KINKADE. - New King James Version Holy Bible: Lighting the Way Home Family Bible.
39375: FATHER JACK KINKOPF. - One Man's Journey: The Life of a Catholic Priest.
125474: M.G.J. KINLOCH - A History of Scotland: Chiefly in Its Ecclesiastical Aspect: 2 Volumes
123386: JAMES W. KINN - Teach, Delight, Persuade: Scriptural Homilies for Years a, B, and C
110607: H. KINNA AND D.A. MOSS. - Jager & Schutzen: Dress and Distinctions 1910-1914.
120750: HARRISON KINNEY - The Last Supper of Leonardo Da Vinci: An Account of Its Re-Creation by Lumen Martin Winter
148904: REVS. PASCHAL KINSEL AND LEONARD HENRY - The Catholic Shrines of the Holy Land
111577: D.A. KINSLEY. - Favor the Bold: Custer - the CIVIL War Years.

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