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192261: Ford Motor Company - Ford at Fifty: An American Story 1903-1953
196192: The Rosenbach Company - Catalogue of an Exhibition of Monuments of Printing 1455-1500 Including First Editions of the Great Classical and Medieval Authors: January, 1931
190813: Ford Motor Company - Ford Reference Book 1937
190812: Ford Motor Company - Details and Specifications of the Ford V-8 Car for 1935
185795: Domenico Comparetti - Vergil in the Middle Ages
147362: Gabriel Compayre - Abelard and the Origin and Early History of Universities
141402: Richard Wagner (composer), Berthold Tours (editor), Natalia Macfarren (translator) - Lohengrin: A Romantic Opera in Three Acts; Tannhauser and the Tournament of Song at Wartburg: Romantic Opera in Three Acts
184065: Henry B. Comstock - The Iron Horse: America's Steam Locomotives; a Pictorial History
113681: Enos B. Comstock - Tuck-Me-in Stories
173331: John Henry Comstock and Anna Botsford Comstock - How to Know the Butterflies: A Manual of the Butterflies of the Eastern United States
175940: Jonathan B. Conant, ed - Cochran's German Review Grammar
184874: Marcello Conati, ed - Encounters with Verdi
191920: Carl W. Condit - Chicago: Building, Planning, and Urban Technology, 1910-29 and 1930-70
63923: Orello Cone - Rich and Poor in the New Testament
186959: Bishops of the Antilles Episcopal Conference - Justice and Peace in a New Caribbean
192268: Annual Conference, Church of the Brethren - The Brethren Hymnal
193098: The Franciscan Educational Conference - Report of the Thirteenth Annual Meeting: Detroit, Mich. , July 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 1931
170416: The Franciscan Educational Conference - Report of the First Annual Meeting: St. Louis, Mo. June 29, 30, and July 1, 2, 1919
193100: The Franciscan Educational Conference - Report of the Fourteenth Annual Meeting: Carey, Ohio, June 30th, July 1st, 2nd, 1932
163932: Virginia Mennonite Conference - Christian Ideals
193102: The Franciscan Educational Conference - Report of the Sixteenth Annual Meeting: Hinsdale, Illinois, June 28th-30th, 1934
193103: The Franciscan Educational Conference - Report of the Seventeenth Annual Meeting: Garrison, N.Y. , July 1-3, 1935
193097: The Franciscan Educational Conference - Report of the Eleventh Annual Meeting: Allegany, N.Y. , June 28th, 29th, and 30th, 1929
193105: The Franciscan Educational Conference - Report of the Seventh Annual Meeting: Cincinnati, Ohio, June 26th, 27th, 28th, 1925
193099: The Franciscan Educational Conference - Report of the Ninth Annual Meeting: Athol Springs, New York, July 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 1927
300186: United States Catholic Conference - Human Life in Our Day: A Collective Pastoral Letter of the American Hierarchy Issued November 15, 1968
193096: The Franciscan Educational Conference - Report of the Tenth Annual Meeting: Hinsdale, Illinois, June 29th, 30th, July 1st, 1928
144924: Authority of Conference - Two Centuries of the Church of the Brethren: Or the Beginnings of the Brotherhood
170417: The Franciscan Educational Conference - Report of the Second Annual Meeting: Allegany, N.Y. July 6, 7, and 8, 1920
193104: The Franciscan Educational Conference - Report of the Eighth Annual Meeting: Floyd Knobs, Indiana, July 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 1926
193094: The Franciscan Educational Conference - Report of the Fourth Annual Meeting: Herman, Pennsylvania, June 30, July 1, 2, 1922
193095: The Franciscan Educational Conference - Report of the Fifth Annual Meeting: Cleveland, Ohio, June 28, 29, 30, 1923
196634: National Catholic Welfare Conference - Priest's Ritual Compiled from the Collectio Rituum
193093: The Franciscan Educational Conference - Report of the Third Annual Meeting: West Park, Ohio, August 16, 17 and 18, 1921
38972: National Catholic Welfare Conference - Treaty and Concordat between the Holy See and Italy: Official Documents
71795: Franciscan Educational Conference - The Mind of Modern Man
193101: The Franciscan Educational Conference - Report of the Fifteenth Annual Meeting: Marathon, Wisconsin, June 30th, July 1st, 2nd, 1933
188154: A Committee of the Liturgical Conference, U.S.A. - Parish Mass Book
191240: Confucius, Mencius, Lao Tzu, et al.; Lionel Giles, tr - Chinese Philosophy: Sayings of Confucius, Sayings of Mencius, Sayings of Lao Tzu, Sayings of Chuang Tzu and Lieh Tzu
188403: Yves Congar - Faith and Spiritual Life
144255: Yves Congar - This Church That I Love
144271: Yves M.-J. Congar - Je Crois En L'Esprit Saint Tomes I-III
196303: Yves M.-J. Congar - Equisses Du Mystere de L'Eglise
187061: Yves Congar - The Mystery of the Church
1250379: Yves Congar - My Journal of the Council
196997: Yves Congar - After Nine Hundred Years: The Background of the Schism between the Eastern and Western Church
1274804: Yves M.-J. Congar - Tradition & Traditions: The Biblical, Historical, and Theological Evidence for Catholic Teaching on Tradition
182370: Yves Congar - A Gospel Priesthood
188969: [Yves Congar] - Yves M. -J. Congar, Op
202184: Yves Congar - Etudes D'Ecclesiologie Medievale
1249977: Yves Congar - Jesus Christ
122006: Yves M.-J. Congar - Dialogue between Christians: Catholic Contributions to Ecumenism
1240567: Yves M.-J. Congar - A History of Theology
1250817: Yves Congar - My Journal of the Council
197203: Yves Congar - The Meaning of Tradition
187795: Yves M.-J. Congar - Dialogue between Christians: Catholic Contributions to Ecumenism
188642: Yves Congar - The Mystery of the Church
182329: Yves Congar - This Church That I Love
182610: Yves Congar - Power and Poverty in the Church
1249054: Yves Congar - The Mystery of the Church
195726: Congregation for the Clergy, et al. - Instruction on Certain Questions Regarding the Collaboration of the Non-Ordained Faithful in the Sacred Ministry of Priests
94742: Nationaal Maria-Congres - Gedenboek Van Het Nationaal Maria-Congres: Gehouden Te Nijmegen
94752: Marian Congress - Actes Du Congres Marial Septembre 1954
200183: U.S. Congress - Congressional Speeches from 1840
37931: Cologne Eucharistic Congress - XX Internationaler Eucharistischer Kongress in Coln 1909
94769: Marian Congress - Verslagboek Maria Congres 15-18 Aug. 1912
98901: II International Marian Congress - La Inmaculada Y la Merced [Two Volume Set]
1247001: US Congress - Report of the Committeee on So Much of the Public Accounts and Expenditures, As Relate to the War Department - March 1, 1817
102629: National Marian Congress - The National Marian Congress August 5 to 15 1954
174874: US Congress - Congressional Record: Containing the Proceedings and Debates of the Fifty-Eighth Congress, Third Session. Volume XXXIX
200673: 88th Congress - Memorial Addresses in the Congress of the United States and Tributes in Eulogy of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Late a President of the United States
130995: Mr. Congreve - The Way of the World: A Comedy
171371: William Congreve - The Way of the World: Comedy in Five Acts
300049: Jerome F. Coniker - Devotions and Prayers in Honor of Saint Joseph Also Meditations for Wednesdays
39132: A. de Coninck - Faut-IL En Finir Avec L'Eglise
173127: L. de Coninck - Documenten, Zegsleiden En Autopsie in de Res Gestae, XIV-XIX Van Ammianus Marcellinus
205968: Paul K. Conkin - American Originals: Homemade Varieties of Christianity
161940: E. Conklin - Picturesque Arizona. Being the Result of Travels and Observations in Arizona During the Fall and Winter of 1877
165599: W.J. Conklin - The Pioneer Doctor: A Medical Sketch of Early Dayton, 1796-1825
171353: Edwin P. Conklin - Middlesex County and Its People: A History, Volume IV
190682: Nelson Bush Conkwright - Introduction to the Theory of Equations
193690: Jim Conlon - Becoming a Planetary People: Celebrations of Earth, Art, and Spirit
172443: Sr. Mary Stanislaus Connaughton - The Editorial Opinion of the Catholic Telegraph of Cincinnati on Contemporary Affairs and Politics 1871-1921
66494: Edward A. Connaughton - A History of Educational Legislation and Administration in the Archodiocese of Cincinnati
190868: Junior College of Connecticut - 1947 Junior College of Connecticut Yearbook
190870: Junior College of Connecticut - 1946 Junior College of Connecticut Yearbook
149393: Teachers College of Connecticut - 1956 Teachers College of Connecticut Yearbook
39421: Fr. Patrick O'Connell - The Life and Work of Mother Louise Margaret
186725: Rev. Patrick O'Connell - The Origin and Early History of Man
149461: Rev. John P. O'Connell and Jex Martin, eds - The Missal Containing All the Masses for Sundays and for Holy Days of Obligation
188314: J.J. O'Connell - Catholicity in the Carolinas and Georgia: Leaves of Its History
189286: Mark O'Connell and Raje Airey - The Complete Encyclopedia of Signs & Symbols: Identification and Analysis of the Visual Vocabulary That Formulates Our Thoughts and Dictates Our Reactions to the World Around Us
188292: Marvin R. O'Connell - John Ireland and the American Catholic Church
196185: Patrick O'Connell - The Ecclesiology of St Nicephorus I (758-828), Patriarch of Constantinople: Pentarchy and Primacy
183975: Charles O'Connell, rev - The Victor Book of the Opera: Stories of the Operas with Illustrations and Descriptions of Victor Opera Records
201552: Gerard O'Connell - The Election of Pope Francis: An Inside Account of the Conclave That Changed History
188213: Marvin R. O'Connell - The Oxford Conspirators: A History of the Oxford Movement 1833-45
165631: Revs. Patrick O'Connell and Charles Carty - The Holy Shroud and Four Visions: The Holy Shroud New Evidence Compared with the Visions of St. Bridget of Sweden, Maria D'Agreda, Catherine Emmerick, and Teresa Neumann
1268691: John P. O'Connell and Jex Martin, eds - The Library of Catholic Devotion: The Catholic Missal; the Prayer Book; the Life of Christ
1255434: Rev. John P. O'Connell and Jex Martin - The Missal Containing All the Masses for Sundays and for Holy Days of Obligation
38333: Sister M. Marguerite O'Connell - The Relation between Solitude and Social Action As Lived and Taught by Saint Bernard
195095: Raphael V. O'Connell - Our Lady: Mediatrix of All Graces
69869: A.M. Connell and G.A. Lindeboom, eds - The Christian Physician in the Advance of the Science and Practice of Medicine
182717: Marvin R. O'Connell - The Oxford Conspirators: A History of the Oxford Movement 1833-45
201299: Matthew J. O'Connell, tr - Roles in the Liturgical Assembly: The Twenty-Third Liturgical Conference, Saint Serge
196274: Timothy E. O'Connell - Principles for a Catholic Morality
190844: Vivian Connell - A Man of Parts
186311: Rev. John P. O'Connell and Jex Martin, eds - The Life of Christ: Our Lord's Life with Lessons in His Own Words for Our Life Today
193687: Rev. John P. O'Connell and Jex Martin, eds - The Prayer Book: Beautiful and Helpful Prayers from Ancient and Modern Sources
150426: Patrick O'Connell, ed - The Vision of Thomas Merton
121462: John P. O'Connell and Jex Martin - The Life of Christ: Our Lord's Life with Lessons in His Own Words for Our Life Today
1242177: John Connell - Wavell: Scholar and Soldier
123735: Robert J. O'Connell, S.J. - St. Augustine's Confessions: The Odyssey of Soul
1240786: William Cardinal O'Connell - Recollections of Seventy Years
1256925: John P. O'Connell and Jex Martin, eds - The Library of Catholic Devotion: The Catholic Missal; the Prayer Book; the Life of Christ
197460: John Henry Cardinal Newman; Daniel M. O'Connell, comp - Kindly Light: A Second Cardinal Newman Prayerbook
189726: Martin Connell, ed - The Catechetical Documents: A Parish Resource
190937: Vivian Connell - The Chinese Room
188141: William Cardinal O'Connell - Recollections of Seventy Years
186724: Rev. Patrick O'Connell - The Teaching of the Catholic Church on the Origin of Man the Unity of the Human Race and Original Sin Vindicated by the Scientific Discoveries of the Present Century
125471: Thomas Connellan - Scenes from Clerical Life
170406: Rev. J. Connelly, ed - Liturgy: The Quarterly of the Society of St. Gregory (Lot of 11 Issues)
178928: Owen Connelly - Blundering to Glory: Napoleon's Military Campaigns
188224: James F. Connelly, ed - The History of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia
194038: C. Milo Connick - Jesus: The Man, the Mission, and the Message
176123: Peter Connolly - Hannibal and the Enemies of Rome
182238: Peter Connolly - Living in the Time of Jesus of Nazareth
170480: Eileen Connolly - Tarot: A New Handbook for the Apprentice
194186: Finbarr Connolly and Peter Burns - The Ten Commandments and Today's Christian
39765: James L. Connolly - John Gerson: Reformer and Mystic
182451: St. Bernard; Rev. Terence L. Connolly, tr - Saint Bernard on the Love of God
190308: St. Bernard; Rev. Terence L. Connolly, tr - Saint Bernard on the Love of God
193406: Rev. Richard Connolly - Life of St. Rita of Cascia, O.S. A.
191728: Edward Dennis O'Connor, ed - The Dogma of the Immaculate Conception: History and Significance
141340: Kathleen M. O'Connor - Lamentations & the Tears of the World
194791: R.D.W. Connor - North Carolina: Rebuilding an Ancient Commonwealth 1584-1925, Volume III
206029: Jerome Murphy-O'Connor, OP - Keys to Galatians: Collected Essays
194790: R.D.W. Connor - North Carolina: Rebuilding an Ancient Commonwealth 1584-1925, Volume I.
41263: Jerome Murphy-O'Connor, O.P. - Paul: A Critical Life
190678: Garry O'Connor - Universal Father: A Life of Pope John Paul II
193975: Rev. James T. O'Connor - The Hidden Manna: A Theology of the Eucharist
194792: R.D.W. Connor - North Carolina: Rebuilding an Ancient Commonwealth 1584-1925, Volume IV
9928: Richard O'Connor - The Spirit Soldiers: A Historical Narrative of the Boxer Rebellion
205626: Edward D. O'Connor - The Pentecostal Movement in the Catholic Church
176690: Ralph Connor - The Sky Pilot in No Man's Land
94205: Rev. David O'Connor - Parochial Relations and Co-Operation of the Religious and Secular Clergy
194937: William R. O'Connor - The Eternal Quest: The Teaching of St. Thomas Aquinas on the Natural Desire for God
65938: Rev. David O'Connor - Parochial Relations and Co-Operation of the Religious and the Secular Clergy: An Historical Synopsis and a Commentary
188695: Kevin O'Connor with Paul B. Brown - The Map of Innovation: Creating Something out of Nothing
123073: Richard O'Connor - Sheridan the Inevitable
112131: Armel O'Connor - The Boyhood of a Priest
196710: Roc O'Connor - I Want to See: What the Story of Blind Bartimaeus Teaches Us About Fear, Surrender and Walking the Path to Joy
205997: Jerome Murphy-O'Connor - Paul: His Story
187422: Peter O'Connor - Dreams and the Search for Meaning
196573: Kathleen M. O'Connor - Lamentations and the Tears of the World
193537: John O'Connor, ed - American Catholic Exodus
66105: Rev. Charles Paul Connors - Extra-Judicial Procurators in the Code of Canon Law
189092: St. Ignatius Loyola; J.F.X. O'Conor, ed - The Autobiography of St. Ignatius
196535: Robert E. Conot - Justice at Nuremberg
1261494: Charlotte Reeve Conover - Dayton, Ohio: An Intimate History
164541: Charlotte Reeve Conover - Some Dayton Saints and Prophets
172307: Sarah Conover and Freda Crane - Ayat Jamilah: Beautiful Signs; a Treasury of Islamic Wisdom for Children and Parents
181597: Barnaby Conrad - Gates of Fear: Great Exploits of the World's Bullrings
181770: Barnaby Conrad - Barnaby Conrad's Encyclopedia of Bullfighting
181786: Barnaby Conrad - La Fiesta Brava: The Art of the Bull Ring
177297: Joseph Conrad - Lord Jim: A Tale
103705: Joseph Conrad - Lord Jim
132160: George Conroy - Occasional Sermons, Addresses, and Essays
193379: Rev. Joseph P. Conroy - Talks to Parents
191884: Jack Conroy - The Disinherited
1235244: Pat Conroy - The Boo
195667: J.F. Conroy - Beginner's Esperanto: Esperanto Por Komencantoj
193380: Joseph P. Conroy - Talks to Boys
164306: Iowa Yearly Meeting of Friends (Conservative) - Discipline
188011: Robert Considine - The Maryknoll Story
188007: John Joseph Considine - When the Sorghum Was High
189204: John J. Considine - Call for Forty Thousand
192790: Jack Dempsey with Bob Considine and Bill Slocum - Dempsey by the Man Himself
189483: John J. Considine - Fundamental Catholic Teaching on the Human Race
188137: Rev. John J. Considine - The Vatican Mission Exposition: A Window on the World
205776: Bob Considine - The Panama Canal
205777: Captain Ted W. Lawson; Bob Considine, ed - Thirty Seconds over Tokyo
300032: Consolata Carroll (Sister Mary Consolata) - Pray Love, Remember: The Story of a Family
202273: Giles Constable - Medieval Monasticism: A Select Bibliography
202328: G. Constable and B. Smith, ed - Libellus de Diversis Ordinibus Et Professionibus Qui Sunt in Aecclesia
202360: Giles Constable - Monks, Hermits and Crusaders in Medieval Europe
202366: Peter the Venerable; Giles Constable, ed - The Letters of Peter the Venerable, Volumes I-II
195686: Peter Constantine - Making out in Indonesian
161879: Mrs. P. Constantinou - How to Say It in Greek (a Phrase-Book in Modern Greek)
181049: Gian Biago Conte - Latin Literature: A History
66868: Luigi Contegiacomo - With a Thousand Tongues
146162: Vincent Contenson - Theologia Mentis Et Cordis Volume 1
36476: Vincent Contenson - Theologia Mentis Et Cordis [Complete Set]
188056: William Contento - Index to Science Fiction Anthologies and Collections
182750: Leonidas C. Contos - The Lenten Covenant: A Devotional Commentary on the Triodion of the Orthodox Church
148523: St. Joseph's Convent - In the Early Days: Pages from the Annals of the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary; St. Joseph's Convent, Mount Carmel, Dubuque, Iowa 1833-1887
148524: St. Joseph's Convent - In the Early Days: Pages from the Annals of the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph's Convent, Mount Carmel, Dubuque, Iowa 1833-1887
165280: General Convention, Episcopal Church - Constitution & Canons for the Government of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America Otherwise Known As the Episcopal Church; Adopted in General Conventions 1789-1985 Together with the Rules of Order
165281: General Convention, Episcopal Church - Constitution & Canons for the Government of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America Otherwise Known As the Episcopal Church; Adopted in General Conventions 1789-1988 Together with the Rules of Order
165278: General Convention, Episcopal Church - Constitution and Canons for the Government of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America; Adopted in General Conventions 1789-1961
165279: General Convention, Episcopal Church - Constitution & Canons for the Government of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America Otherwise Known As the Episcopal Church; Adopted in General Conventions 1789-1982 Together with the Rules of Order
165285: General Convention, Episcopal Church - Constitution & Canons for the Government of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America Otherwise Known As the Episcopal Church; Adopted in General Conventions 1789-2000
165284: General Convention, Episcopal Church - Constitution & Canons for the Government of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America Otherwise Known As the Episcopal Church; Adopted in General Conventions 1789-1997 Together with the Rules of Order
165282: General Convention, Episcopal Church - Constitution & Canons for the Government of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America Otherwise Known As the Episcopal Church; Adopted in General Conventions 1789-1991 Together with the Rules of Order
165283: General Convention, Episcopal Church - Constitution & Canons for the Government of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America Otherwise Known As the Episcopal Church; Adopted in General Conventions 1789-1994 Together with the Rules of Order
130808: Rev. James Conway - The State Last: A Study of Doctor Bouquillon's Pamphlet
43885: Katherine E. Conway - New Footsteps in Well-Trodden Ways
195767: Michael Conway and Mark Ricci - The Complete Films of Marilyn Monroe
168407: D.J. Conway - By Oak, Ash, & Thorn: Modern Celtic Shamanism
183486: D.J. Conway - Lord of Light & Shadow: The Many Faces of the God
195956: Msgr. J.D. Conway - What They Ask About Marriage
1243980: Carl Flamstead Walters & Robert Seymour Conway - Titi LIVI: Ab Urbe Condita: Vol. 3 Libri XXI-XXV
1236323: D.J. Conway - Falcon Feather and Valkyrie Sword: Feminine Shamanism, Witchcraft, and Magick
124867: J.D. Conway - What They Ask About Keeping Company
1235544: D.J. Conway - Astral Love
168229: D.J. Conway - Maiden, Mother, Crone: The Myth and Reality of the Triple Goddess
58692: J. North Conway - American Literacy
164978: Frederick Cornwallis Conybeare - The Armenian Church: Heritage and Identity
197390: H. Conzelmann and A. Lindemann - Interpreting the New Testament: An Introduction to the Principles and Methods of N.T. Exegesis
167113: Tim Pat Coogan - The Man Who Made Ireland: The Life and Death of Michael Collins
195965: Msgr. Aloysius F. Coogan - Forty Steps to Easter
164095: Michael D. Coogan, ed - The Oxford History of the Biblical World
192120: Fred J. Cook - The Secret Rulers: Criminal Syndicates and How They Control the U.S. Underworld
172415: William R. Cook - Francis in America: A Catalogue of Early Italian Paintings of St. Francis of Assisi in the United States and Canda
168799: Paul E. Cook - Communion Handbook
72147: G.H. Cook - Letters to Cromwell and Others on the Suppression of the Monasteries
203805: Roger Cook - The Tree of Life: Image for the Cosmos
173294: Leland A. Cook - St. Patrick's Cathedral
192520: William A. Cook, ed - The Plight of the Palestinians: A Long History of Destruction
141471: Eliza Cook - Poems
206333: John A. Cook - Time and the Biblical Hebrew Verb: The Expansion of Tense, Aspect, and Modality in Biblical Hebrew
66093: Rev. John Patrick Cook - Ecclesiastical Communities and Their Ability to Induce Legal Customs: A Historical Synopsis and a Commentary
196836: Joan E. Cook - Hannah's Desire, God's Design: Early Interpretations of the Story of Hannah
177654: James H. Cook - Fifty Years on the Old Frontier As a Cowboy, Hunter, Guide, Scout, and Ranchman
94133: Ken Powell & Chris Cook - English Historical Facts 1485-1603
131142: Albert S. Cook - Judith: An Old English Epic Fragment
124551: Richard I. Cook - Jonathan Swift As a Tory Pamphleteer
197380: Joan E. Cook - Hear, O Heavens and Listen, O Earth: An Introduction to the Prophets
196536: J.M. Cook - The Persian Empire
200352: Richard M. Cook, ed - Alfred Kazin's Journals
182382: Bernard J. Cooke - Christian Sacraments and Christian Personality
143367: Bernard J. Cooke - Christian Community: Response to Reality
163652: James Francis Cooke - Young Folks' Picture-History of Music
191242: Maud C. Cooke - Social Etiquette or Manners and Customs of Polite Society: Containing Rules of Etiquette for All Occasions, Including Calls; Invitations; Parties; Weddings; Receptions; Dinners and Teas; Etiquette of the Street; Public Places, Etc. , Etc. Forming a Complete Guide to Self-Culture: The Art of Dressing Well; Conversation; Courtship; Etiquette for Children; Letter-Writing; Artistic Home and Interior Decorations, Etc.
190985: Richard J. Cooke - The Wingless Hour
1259183: Bernard Cooke - Ministry to Word and Sacraments: History and Theology
201379: Bernard Cooke - Ministry to Word and Sacraments: History and Theology
187560: Bernard Cooke - Sacraments & Sacramentality
1244265: Arthur O. Cooke - A Visit to a Cotton MILL
1244266: Arthur O. Cooke - A Visit to a Woolen MILL
1244267: Arthur O. Cooke - A Day in an Iron Works
176692: Edmund Vance Cooke - Chronicles of the Little Tot
200846: Alistair Cooke - The Americans: Fifty Talks on Our Life and Times
180138: E.H. Cookridge - Set Europe Ablaze
31858: Peter Cooksley - Be2 in Action
182794: William Cookson - Agenda: Autumn-Winter 1968
192777: John K. Cooley - Unholy Wars: Afghanistan, America and International Terrorism
93605: B. Franklin Cooling - The Era of the CIVIL War 1820-1876
190355: A. Francis Coomes - Mothers' Manual: A Manual of Devotions for Mothers and Expectant Mothers
187708: John Cooney - The American Pope: The Life and Times of Francis Cardinal Spellman
205748: Herge; Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper and Michael Turner, trans - The Adventures of Tintin: Tintin in America
182206: James Fenimore Cooper - The American Democrat and Other Political Writings
205906: James Fenimore Cooper - The Last of the Mohicans: A Narrative of 1757
180577: David E. Cooper, ed - A Companion to Aesthetics
160019: Artemis Cooper, ed - A Durable Fire: The Letters of Duff and Diana Cooper 1913-1950
183511: J.C. Cooper - The Aquarian Dictionary of Festivals
90347: Anice Page Cooper - Rudyard Kipling
203475: James Fenimore Cooper - The Best Known Works of James Fenimore Cooper
175841: James Fenimore Cooper - The Spy: A Tale of the Neutral Ground
195089: James Fenimore Cooper - The Pathfinder or, the Inland Sea
176324: James Fenimore Cooper - New York
195380: James Fenimore Cooper - The Two Admirals: A Tale
131313: Lane Cooper, ed - Aritotle on the Art of Poetry: An Amplified Version with Supplementary Illustrations for Students of English
181873: Philip Cooper - Cubism
143887: John M. Cooper - Religion Outlines for Colleges Course I: The Catholic Ideal of Life
124270: J.C. Cooper, ed - Dictionary of Christianity
121532: Leonard Cooper - Havelock
113043: Lane Cooper - The Poetics of Aristotle: Its Meaning and Influence
123799: David D. Cooper, ed - Thomas Merton and James Laughlin: Selected Letters
108321: Cicely Elaine Cooper - Memoirs of Selworthy and West Somerset
1162: Leonard Cooper - British Regular Cavalry 1644-1914
181965: Douglas Cooper - Pastels by Edgar Degas
204207: J.C. Cooper - An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Traditional Symbols
131291: James Fenimore Cooper, ed - Correspondence of James Fenimore-Cooper: 2 Volumes
205788: John R. Cooper - First Base Jinx
172738: D. Jason Cooper - Esoteric Rune Magic: An Elder Futhark in Magic, Astral Projection and Spiritual Development
104307: Paul H. Cootner and George O.G. Lof - Water Demand for Steam Electric Generation: An Economic Projection Model
182490: Gilbert Cope - Symbolism in the Bible and the Church
185791: A.D. Baynes-Cope - Caring for Books and Documents
195065: F.S. Copeland - Beautiful Mountains: In the Jugoslav Alps
202420: Frederick C. Copleston - Medieval Philosophy
45524: Frederick Copleston - A History of Philosophy Vol. 5: Modern Philosophy: The British Philosophers Part II - Berkeley to Hume
187775: Frederick Copleston - Thomas Aquinas
189878: Frederick Copleston - Logical Positivism and Existentialism
105212: Reginald S. Copleston - Aeschylus
103006: Frederick Copleston - A History of Philosophy Vol. 6: Modern Philosophies Part II: Kant
189879: Frederick Copleston - Russian Philosophy
173246: Frank O. Copley - Latin Literature: From the Beginnings to the Close of the Second Century A.D.
113378: DeWitt S. Copp - A Few Great Captains: The Men and Events That Shaped the Development of U.S. Air Power
132557: Charles Coppen - The Protestant Reformation: How It Was Brought About in Various Lands
171246: Armand Coppens - The Memoirs of an Erotic Bookseller
183565: Peter Roche de Coppens - The Nature and Use of Ritual for Spiritual Attainment
63192: J. Coppens - Vom Christlichen Verstandnis Des Alten Testaments - Les Harmonies Des Deux Testaments - Supplement Bibliographique
63222: J. Coppens - The Old Testament and the Critics
192482: Laura Coppo - The Color of Freedom
147450: James A. Corbett, ed - Praepostini Cremonensis Tractatus de Officiis
67546: Thomas Corbishley - Roman Catholicism
181819: Le Corbusier - The Chapel at Ronchamp
97362: Charles Corcoran - The Second Greatest Prayer
203503: Brent Corcoran, ed - Multiply and Replenish: Mormon Essays on Sex and Family
191378: Francesco Cordasco - Jacob Riis Revisited: Poverty and the Slum in Another Era
192723: Francesco Cordasco and Elliott S.M. Gatner - Research and Report Writing
184354: Francesco Cordasco - Edward Gibbon: A Handlist of Critical Notices & Studies
191743: E.M. Corder - Nickelodeon
111960: Edward Corderoy - Father Reeves: The Model Class-Leader
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194774: W.H.T. Dau, ed - Four Hundred Years. Commemorative Essays on the Reformation of Dr. Martin Luther and Its Blessed Results. In the Year of the Four-Hundredth Anniversary of the Reformation
50682: Alphonse Daudet - Tartarin de Tarascon
186430: Alphonse Daudet - Sapho
112358: J.M.S. Daurignac - Histoire de Saint Ignace de Loyola Fondatuer de la Compagnie de Jesus
25318: David and Judy Steel - Mary Stuart's Scotland
192535: David N. Ulrich, Donald R. Booz, and Paul R. Lawrence - Management Behavior and Foreman Attitude: A Case Study
178465: Rosalie David - Handbook to Life in Ancient Egypt
167504: David Remnick, ed., with Susan Choi - Wonderful Town: New York Stories from the New Yorker
176778: David Asheri, Alan Lloyd, and Aldo Corcella - A Commentary on Herodotus, Books I-IV
192504: Stuart David - How to Become a Professional Calligrapher
192209: David Noel Fredman, Allen C. Myers, and Astrid B. Beck, eds - Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
179045: Eliyahu ben David - Announcing: Judgment Day
179884: Bishop David - Method of Mental Prayer
186240: David and Iris Duke - Army National Guard Hq Starc and Military Academy Patches
188449: Vee David - The Kanji Handbook
195628: Mladen Davidovic - Serbian-English, English-Serbian Concise Dictionary
180868: Peter H. Davids - 2 Peter and Jude: A Handbook on the Greek Text
178354: Mary Janice Davidson - Undead and Unwelcome
93140: Louis B. Davidson and Eddie Doherty - Strange Crimes at Sea
101216: J.P. Davidson - Collective Models of the Nucleus
196721: Sean Davidson - Saint Mary Magdalene: Prophetess of Eucharistic Love
186804: Peter Davidson - Four Latin Poems Imitated by Peter Davidson
196707: Robert Davidson - The Vitality of Worship: A Commentary on the Book of Psalms
1210681: Davidson, trans - The Works of Virgil: Literally Translated Into English Prose, with Notes
194646: Benjamin Davidson - The Analytical Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon
176830: J.L. Strachan-Davidson, ed - Appian: CIVIL Wars, Book I.
188667: A.K. Davidson - The Art of Zen Gardens: A Guide to Their Creation and Enjoyment
186485: Sean Davidson - Saint Mary Magdalene: Prophetess of Eucharistic Love
60063: Robert F. Davidson, ed - The Search for Meaning in Life: Readings in Philosophy
172791: Marshall B. Davidson with Bernard McTigue - Treasures of the New York Public Library
125692: Philip Davies - Splendours of the Raj: British Architecture in India 1660-1947
191932: Robertson Davies - The Papers of Samuel Marchbanks
191332: Robertson Davies - World of Wonders
180063: Robertson Davies - The Diary of Samuel Marchbanks
173091: Horton Davies - Worship and Theology in England, Book II
61743: Hugh Sykes Davies and George Watson, eds - The English Mind: Studies in the English Moralists Presented to Basil Willey
181505: David Davies and John H. Elliott - El Greco
132510: Sir Walford Davies, ed & Henry G. Ley, ed - The Church Anthem Book: One Hundred Anthems
178140: Arthur Charles Fox-Davies - A Complete Guide to Heraldry
16391: Howard Davies - British Parachute Forces 1940-45
186109: Sophocles; Malcolm Davies, ed - Trachiniae
180096: Robertson Davies - Samuel Marchbanks' Almanack
202143: Brian Davies and G.R. Evans, eds - Anselm of Canterbury: The Major Works
185847: Robertson Davies - The Masque of Aesop
180058: Robertson Davies - An Introduction to the Twenty-First Toronto Antiquarian Book Fair
180001: Robertson Davies - The Table Talk of Samuel Marchbanks
189173: Gill Davies - The Timeline History of London: People, Places, Pageantry
204089: Robertson Davies - Discoveries: Early Letters 1938-1975
202545: Paul Davies and John Gribbin - The Matter Myth: Dramatic Discoveries That Challenge Our Understanding of Physical Reality
190463: Horton Davies - Worship and Theology in England, Books I-III
175503: Paul Davies - God and the New Physics
1250859: W.V. Davies - Egyptian Hieroglyphs
191772: Joseph E. Davies - Mission to Moscow
69948: Horton Davies - Varieties of English Preaching: 1900-1960

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