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73397: J.N. GOODIER AND P.G. HODGE, JR. - Elasticity and Plasticity: The Mathematical Theory of Elasticity and the Mathematical Theory of Plasticity.
163350: NINA DE LA CRUZ; R.A.C. GOODISON, ED. - Russian: An Active Introduction
163865: PHILIP GOODMAN - The Rosh Hashanah Anthology
165071: A.W. GOODMAN - Calculus for the Social Sciences
144995: PAUL GOODMAN - Zionism in England: English Zionist Federation 1899-1929
163844: PHILIP GOODMAN - The Hanukkah Anthology
163904: PHILIP GOODMAN - The Yom Kippur Anthology
37421: PAUL GOODMAN. - Three Plays: The Young Disciple, Faustina, Jonah.
163743: RICHARD GOODRICH AND DAVID DIEWERT - A Summer Greek Reader: A Workbook for Maintaining Your Biblical Greek
164834: EDWIN S. GOODRICH - Studies on the Structure & Development of Vertebrates
161175: CHARLES A. GOODRICH - A History of the United States of America; from the Discovery of the Continent by Christopher Columbus, to the Present Time
160188: LLOYD GOODRICH - Thomas Eakins Vols. I-II
67086: FRANCES C. GOODRICH. - The Third Adam.
144612: SAMUEL G. GOODRICH - Lives of Celebrated Women
64522: EDGAR J. GOODSPEED. - Index Patristicus Sive Clavis Patrum Apostolicorum Operum.
7406: D.J. GOODSPEED. - Bayonets at St. Cloud.
40867: EDGAR J. GOODSPEED. - Greek Gospel Texts in America.
161303: CHRISTIAN GOODWILLIE AND JANE F. CROSTHWAITE, EDS. - Millennial Praises: A Shaker Hymnal
108883: PETER GOODWIN. - Nelson's Ships: A History of the Vessels in Which He Served.
161059: WILLIAM WATSON GOODWIN - Greek Grammar
26903: A. GOODWIN. - The French Revolution.
163760: REASON A. GOODWIN - The Troika Introduction to Russian Letters and Sounds
71843: LEONHARD GOPPELT. - Christentum Und Judentum IM Ersten Und Zweiten Jahrhundert.
142725: PIERRE DE LA GORCE - Histoire Religieuse de la Revolution Francaise, Tomes I-V
67083: GEORGE GORDH. - Christian Faith and Its Cultural Expression.
106722: MAURICIUS GORDILLO. - Mariologia Orientalis.
162974: LADY DUFF GORDON - Last Letters from Egypt. To Which Are Added Letters from the Cape.
102134: FREDERICK GORDON. - Sammy Brown's Treasure Hunt or Lost in the Mountains.
160617: LYNDALL GORDON - Eliot's Early Years
160618: LYNDALL GORDON - Eliot's New Life
1226091: RICHARD GORDON - Horyo: Memoirs of an American Pow
92128: CHARLES W. GORDON. - Postscript to Adventure: The Autobiography of Ralph Connor.
11342: JOHN GORDON. - My Six Years with the Black Watch.
161613: CYRUS H. GORDON - Forgotten Scripts: Their Ongoing Discovery and Decipherment
165496: CHARLES GORE - The Church and the Ministry
38294: FRANCISCO ANTONIO GORITZ. - Epitome Theologiae Canonico-Moralis.
126071: GEORGE H. GORMAN - The Amazing Fact of Quaker Worship: Swarthmore Lecture 1973
145417: RALPH GORMAN - The Last Hours of Jesus
141332: NED O'GORMAN - Five Seasons of Obsession: New and Selected Poems
100203: W. GORDON-GORMAN. - Converts to Rome: A List of About Four Thousand Protestants Who Have Recenty Become Roman Catholics.
1223284: HERBERT S. GORMAN - Notations for a Chimaera
132088: IDA FRIEDERIKE GORRES - Broken Lights: Diaries and Letters 1951-1959
63459: JOSEPH VON GORRES. - Die Volkertafel Des Pentateuch.
109207: CHRIS GOSS. - Sea Eagles Vol. I: Luftwaffe Anti-Shipping Units 1939-41.
126014: MADELEINE GOSS - Deep-Flowing Brook: The Story of Johann Sebastian Bach
131233: SIR EDMUND GOSSE - The Life of Algernon Charles Swinburne
147971: SUZANNE GOSSETT, ED. - Hierarchomachia or the Anti-Bishop
162866: DR. K.K. GOSWAMI - Punjabi-English, English-Punjabi Dictionary
130959: REV. JOHN GOTHER - A Papist Misrepresented and Represented; or a Two-Fold Character of Popery
146724: REV. JOHN GOTHER - A Catholic Misrepresented and Represented: Or, a Two-Fold Character of Catholicism
61808: D.W. GOTSHALK. - Patterns of Good and Evil.
162681: FREEMA GOTTLIEB - The Lamp of God: A Jewish Book of Light
163706: ALFRED GOTZE - Fruhneuhochdeutsches Glossar
70139: REV. HENRI GOUDREAU, S.S.J. - Gleanings: Reflections on the Gospels for Each Sunday of the Year.
132091: AUSTIN GOUGH - Paris and Rome: The Gallican Church and the Ultramontane Campaign 1848-1853
64846: ARMANDO GOUGNARD. - Tractatus de Indulgentiis.
131273: ELIZABETH PORTER GOULD - The Brownings and America
147704: S. BARING-GOULD - Grettir the Outlaw: A Story of Iceland
111175: TIMOTHY GOULD. - Hearing Things: Voice and Method in the Writing of Stanley Cavell.
146612: LAURANCE GOULDER - Church Life in Medieval England Part 1: The Parishes
55361: J. GOURDON AND CH. FOURCADE. - Principes de Botanique Avec Atlas Naturel.
102396: ANDRE GOUZES. - Messe de Rangueil.
38730: GEORGES GOYAU. - Cardinal Mercier.
67170: GEORGES GOYAU. - Le Catholicisme.
43522: S. GOYENECHE, C.M.F. - Quaestiones Canonicae de Iure Religiosorum.
43629: S. GOYENECHE. - Iuris Canonici Summa Principia, Book II: De Religiosis, de Laicis.
91035: DR. J. GRAAFEN. - Die Echtheit Des Zweiten Briefes an Die Thessalonicher.
86757: J. DE V. GRAAFF. - Theoretical Welfare Economics.
140076: JUDITH V. GRABINER - The Origins of Cauchy's Rigorous Calculus
68970: BRUNO GRABINSKI. - Wunder, Stigmatisation Und Besessenheit in Der Gegewart.
38563: MARTIN GRABMANN. - Die Lehre Des Heiligen Thomas Von Aquin Von Der Kirche Als Gotteswerk.
64560: MARTIN GRABMANN. - Grundgedanken Des Heiligen Augustinus Uber Seele Und Gott.
86159: STANISLAUS GRABOWSKI. - The All-Present God: A Study in St. Augustine.
124887: DESMOND O' GRADY - Rome Reshaped: Jubilees 1300-2000
147487: A.L. GRAEBNER - Trial and Self-Conviction of Pope Leo XIII
146497: HILDA GRAEF - Mystics of Our Times
149296: HILDA GRAEF - Modern Gloom and Christian Hope
1215035: HILDA GRAEF - God and Myself: The Spirituality of John Henry Newman
162069: WILLEM L. GRAFF - Language and Languages: An Introduction to Linguistics
1226661: SUE GRAFTON - A' Is for Alibi
162379: FLORENCE ALDEN GRAGG, COMP. - Latin Writings of the Italian Humanists
124314: ALAN GRAGG - Charles Hartshorne
121057: DOM AELRED GRAHAM - The Christ of Catholicism: A Meditative Study
147139: STEPHEN GRAHAM - Russia in 1916
130191: JAMES M. GRAHAM - Dominicans in Illinois: A History of Fifty Years 1873-1923
120320: HARRY GRAHAM - Misrepresentative Women and Other Verses
742: JAMES GRAHAM. - Cancer Selection: The New Theory of Evolution.
26396: JOHN W. GRAHAM. - William Penn: Founder of Pennsylvania.
97289: REV. WILLIAM GRAHAM. - Phases of the Sacred Passion: A Lenten Course.
67299: REV. JOHN E. GRAHAM. - The Way of the Skeptic.
97527: HENRY GREY GRAHAM. - Purgatory.
96252: GRAHAM AND HUGH GREENE. - The Spy's Bedside Book.
120271: ROSE GRAHAM - The Chantry Certificates for Oxfordshire and the Edwardian Inventories of Church Goods for Oxfordshire
150664: SISTER CLARA GRAHAM - Works to the King: Reminiscences of Mother Seraphine Ireland
141945: AELRED GRAHAM - Contemplative Christianity: An Approach to the Realities of Religion
107869: STEPHEN GRAHAM. - Children of the Slaves.
1229850: BENJAMIN GRAHAM AND DAVID L. DODD - Security Analysis: Third Edition
123627: GRAILVILLE - The Paschal Meal: An Arrangement of the Last Supper As an Historical Drama
66218: MAURICE J. GRAJEWSKI. - The Supreme Moderator of Clerical Exempt Religious Institutes: A Historical Conspectus and Canonical Commentary.
141478: LUDOVICI GRANATENSIS (LOUIS OF GRANADA, O.P.) - Ecclesiasticae Rhetoricae Pars Prima; Augustini Valerii; Didaci Stellae
131055: RICARDO GARCIA GRANADOS - Historia de Mexico Desde la Restauracion de la Republica En 1867, Hasta la Caida de Huerta: 2 Volumes
130309: RAFAEL GARCIA GRANADOS - Filias Y Fobias: Opusculos Historicos
143017: LUKE M. GRANDE - Twelve Virtues of a Good Teacher
144424: RENE GRANDJEAN - Ceramique Orientale
102359: WALTER T. GRANDY JR. - Introduction to Electrodynamics and Radiation.
161671: MARCEL GRANET - Chinese Civilization
122023: DOM PATRICK GRANFIELD - Behavioral Semiotic: A Critique
1219529: PATRICK GRANFIELD - Collected Writings of Patrick Granfield 1954-1978
144210: REV. DR. PATRICK GRANFIELD, ED. - The American Ecclesiastical Review 1964
125428: PATRICK GRANFIELD - Theologians at Work
102391: PATRICK GRANFIELD. - Theologians at Work.
144323: PATRICK GRANFIELD AND JOSEF A. JUNGMANN, EDS. - Kyriakon: Festschrift Johannes Quasten, Vols I-II
108398: BERNARD GRANGE. - Regards Par-Desses la Montagne.
160100: ROBERT M. GRANT - Augustus to Constantine: The Thrust of the Christian Movement Into the Roman World
122617: W.L. GRANT - Original Narratives of Early American History: Vols. III-V, XIII [Incomplete].
121109: DOROTHY FREMONT GRANT - Born Again
1216005: MAXWELL GRANT - Zemba: The Shadow #19.
160047: PETER GRANT - The Chapel of Trinity College
67387: DOROTHY FREMONT GRANT. - What Other Answer.
94182: DOROTHY FREEMAN GRANT. - What Other Answer.
131584: DOUGLAS GRANT, ED - The Phanseys of William Cavendish, Marquis of Newcastle Addressed to Margaret Lucas and Her Letters in Reply
149168: FREDERICK C. GRANT - Roman Hellenism and the New Testament
146991: MICHAEL GRANT - Saint Peter: A Biography
145756: RAPHAEL GRASHOFF - The Challenge of Fatima
149559: DOMENICO GRASSO - L'Annuncio Della Salvezza: Teologia Della Predicazione
123605: KENNETH L. GRASSO, ED & GERARD V. BRADLEY, ED & ROBERT P. HUNT - Catholicism, Liberalism, and Communitarianism: The Catholic Intellectual Tradition and the Moral Foundations of Democracy
150547: A. GRATRY - The Month of Mary, Conceived without Sin
67219: EDWARD J. GRATSCH. - The Basis of Roman Catholicism.
105473: THOMAS COLLEY GRATTAN. - Jacqueline of Holland: A Historical Tale.
146134: C.H. GRAUN - The Passion of Our Lord (Der Tod Jesu) Set to Music by C.H. Graun
149546: REV. JAMES GRAVES - The Church and Shrine of St. Manchan
108999: DONALD E. GRAVES. - Sir William Congreve and the Rocket's Red Glare.
121498: ARMGAARD KARL GRAVES - The Secrets of the Hohenzollerns
99535: JOHN G. GRAVES. - Father Leo Meyer's 13 Years at Nazareth.
144860: ANNIE GRAY - Mary Mordaunt: Or, Faithful in the Least
141808: NICOLETE GRAY - A History of Lettering: Creative Experiment and Letter Identity
145095: MASON D. GRAY AND THORNTON JENKINS - Latin for Today: Second-Year Course
131556: THOMAS GRAY - Selection from the Poetry and Prose of Thomas Gray
146887: HAROLD E. GRAY - Farm Service Buildings
1210881: NICOLETE GRAY - Jacob's Ladder: A Bible Picture Book from Anglo-Saxon and 12 Century English Mss
1225982: EDWARD GRAY - Daniel Webster in England: Journal of Harriette Story Paige 1839
13867: EZIO M. GRAY. - The Bloodless War.
145489: ASA GRAY - How Plants Grow, a Simple Introduction to Structural Botany
132299: DONALD P. GRAY - The One and the Many: Teilhard de Chardin's Vision of the Unity
150481: DAVID GRAYSON - Adventures in Friendship
64291: KENNETH GRAYSTON. - The Letters of Paul to the Philippians and to the Thessalonians.
148427: GEOFFREY GRAYSTONE - The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Originality of Christ
162239: NIJOLE GRAZULIS, ED. - The Chronicle of the Catholic Church in Lithuania: Underground Journal of Human Rights Violations Vol. 1, Nos. 1-9, 1972-74
103676: GREGORY THE GREAT. - Dialogues of Gregory the Great Book II: Saint Benedict.
112662: ALBERTUS MAGNUS (ST. ALBERT THE GREAT). - Opera Omnia: Vol. 28: De Bono.
112660: ALBERTUS MAGNUS (ST. ALBERT THE GREAT). - Opera Omnia: Vol. 26: De Sacramentis.
112659: ALBERTUS MAGNUS (ST. ALBERT THE GREAT). - Opera Omnia: Vol. 25 Part 1: De Natura Boni.
112658: ALBERTUS MAGNUS (ST. ALBERT THE GREAT). - Opera Omnia: Vol. 19: Super Isaiam.
112654: ALBERTUS MAGNUS (ST. ALBERT THE GREAT). - Opera Omnia: Vol. 12: De Natura Et Origine Animae.
112653: ALBERTUS MAGNUS (ST. ALBERT THE GREAT). - Opera Omnia: Vol. 7 Part 1: De Anima.
112652: ALBERTUS MAGNUS (ST. ALBERT THE GREAT). - Opera Omnia: Vol. 5 Part 1: De Caelo Et Mundo.
64590: ST. LEO THE GREAT. - Sancti Leonis Magni: Sermones.
123763: ANDREW M. GREELEY - What a Modern Catholic Believes About God
151374: ANDREW M. GREELEY, ED - The Catholic Priest in the United States: Sociological Investigations
124891: ANDREW M. GREELEY - Everything You Wanted to Know About the Catholic Church But Were Too Pious to Ask
165617: ANDREW M. GREELEY - The Hesitant Pilgrim: American Catholicism After the Council
123766: ANDREW M. GREELEY - The Jesus Myth
105108: ANDREW M. GREELEY. - Letters to Nancy: New and Revised.
97888: ANDREW M. GREELEY. - Strangers in the House: Catholic Youth in America.
161434: GEN. A.W. GREELY - American Weather. A Popular Exposition of the Phenomena of the Weather, Including Chapters on Hot and Cold Waves, Blizzards, Hail-Storms and Tornadoes, Etc. , Etc.
23066: JOHN RICHARD GREEN. - A Short History of the English People.
125880: JOHN M. PITTARO & ALEXANDER GREEN - Modern Spanish Grammar
121081: JULIAN GREEN - The Dreamer
126076: DIETER GEORGI; DAVID E. GREEN, TRANS. - Theocracy in Paul's Praxis and Theology
32763: ANDREW GREEN, O.S. B. - The Love of God: Conferences to Religious.
19455: WILLIAM GREEN. - Famous Fighters of the Second World War.
146651: GEORGE WILLIAM GREENAWAY - Saint Boniface: Three Biographical Studies for the Twelfth Centenary Festival
145716: PAUL GREENBERG - Entirely Personal
162592: RABBI SIDNEY GREENBERG AND RABBI MORRIS SILVERMAN - Siddurenu (Our Prayer Book): A New and Original Siddur Text for Religious Schools
126047: SIDNEY GREENBERG - Words to Live by: Selected Writings of Rabbi Sidney Greenberg
38145: LOUIS M. GREENBERG. - Sisters of Liberty: Marseille, Lyon, Paris, and the Reaction to a Centralized State 1868-1871.
22896: DAVID B. GREENBERG, ED. - Countryman's Companion.
162466: SIDNEY GREENBERG, ED. - Light from Jewish Lamps: A Modern Treasury of Jewish Thoughts
162301: RABBI SIDNEY GREENBERG - A Treasury of Thoughts on Jewish Prayer
161611: JOSEPH H. GREENBERG - The Languages of Africa
1214710: GWENDOLEN GREENE, ED - Letters from Baron Friedrich Von Hugel to a Niece
91765: JOHN O. GREENE. - The Ke Whonkus People: A Story of the North Pole Country.
144904: ROBERT W. GREENE - Calvary in China
1210764: DANA GREENE - Evelyn Underhill: Artist of the Infinite Life
1215065: GWENDOLEN GREENE, ED - Letters from Baron Friedrich Von Hugel to a Niece
72028: MICHAEL GREENE, ED. - The Layman and the Council.
20199: KATHLEEN CONYNGHAM GREENE. - London Jingles.
1230374: HOMER GREENE - Dumman's Island: A Story of Lake Ariel
150653: DANA GREENE - The Living of Maisie Ward
161965: ERIC VIELE GREENFIELD - An Introduction to Chemical German
106944: W.H. GREENLEAF. - The British Politcal Tradition Vol. Two: The Ideological Heritage.
110570: JONATHAN GREENLEAF. - A Geneaology of the Greenleaf Family.
120222: HORACE GREENLEY - Glances at Europe: In a Series of Letters from Great Britain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Ect. During the Summer of 1851
148094: A.H. GREENLY - A Bibliography of Father Richard's Press in Detroit
160558: FERRIS GREENSLET - The Lowells and Their Seven Worlds
160005: JACK M. GREENSTEIN - Mantegna and Painting As Historial Narrative
131330: L.H.G. GREENWOOD - Aspect of Euripidean Tragedy
106628: DAVID C. GREER. - Sluff of History's Boot Soles: An Anecdotal History of Dayton's Bench and Bar.
35365: CARL RICHARD GREER WITH THOMAS BECKETT. - What a Buckeye Cover Man Saw in Europe and at Home.
112316: CARL RICHARD GREER. - The Buckeye Book of Direct Advertising.
131156: GARLAND GREEVER, ED - Three American Poems: The Raven, the Courtship of Miles Standish, & Snow-Bound
147514: HENRI JEAN-BAPTISTE GRÉGOIRE - Oeuvres de L'Abbe Gregoire Vols. 1-14
102939: A. JAMES GREGOR. - A Survey of Marxism: Problems in Philosophy and the Theory of History.
148920: ELMER RUSSELL GREGOR - Camping on Western Trails: Adventures of Two Boys in the Rocky Mountains
146127: FERDINAND GREGOROVIUS - Latian Summers and an Excursion in Umbria
74: LADY GREGORY. - Seven Short Plays.
83807: JULIA GREGORY AND HAZEL BARTLETT. - Catalogue of Early Books on Music (Before 1800).
91790: HORACE GREGORY. - Amy Lowell: Portrait of the Poer in Her Time.
67401: T.S. GREGORY. - The Unfinished Universe.
55404: BARRY GREGORY. - Aircraft of the Airborne Forces.
84960: VERNON GREGSON. - Lonergan Spirituality and the Meeting of Religions.
160503: MAYSIE GREIG - Honeymoons Arranged
149896: GEORDIE GREIG - Breakfast with Lucian: The Astounding Life and Outrageous Times of Britain's Great Modern Painter
162699: DORIS GREKEL - The Discovery of the Science of Man: The Life of Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1888)
63002: PIERRE GRELOT. - Man and Wife in Scripture.
120948: J.B. GREMILLION - The Journal of a Southern Pastor
1215118: MARJORIE GRENE - Martin Heidegger
61151: MARJORIE GRENE. - A Portrait of Aristotle.
125972: WILFRED THOMASON GRENFELL - A Labrador Doctor: The Autobiography of Wilfred Thomason Grenfell
124293: HENRICO GRENIER - Cursus Philosophiae: V. 3
38353: JACQUELINE GRENNAN. - Where I Am Going.
63446: HUGO GRESSMAN. - Altorientalische Texte Und Bilder Zum Alten Testament [Complete Set].
64069: EDWARD GRESWELL. - Harmonia Evangelica Sive Quatuor Evangelia Atique Actus Apostolorum Graece.
131179: MARY STURGE GRETTON - The Writings & Life of George Meredith: A Centenary Study
146082: ZANE GREY - Wanderer of the Wasteland
146098: R.C. GREY - Adventures of a Deep-Sea Angler
146097: ZANE GREY - Tales from a Fisherman's Log
146087: ZANE GREY - The Mysterious Rider
146096: ZANE GREY - Tappan's Burro and Other Stories
146099: ZANE GREY - Tales of Swordfish and Tuna
146093: ZANE GREY - The Reef Girl
146094: ZANE GREY - Tappan's Burro and Other Stories
146355: ZANE GREY - The Redheaded Outfield and Other Baseball Stories
146084: ZANE GREY - Wildfire
145818: ZANE GREY - The Wanderer of the Wasteland
146088: ZANE GREY - Ken Ward in the Jungle: Thrilling Adventures in Tropical Wilds
146095: ZANE GREY - Tappan's Burro and Other Stories
14516: ROMER ZANE GREY. - The Other Side of the Canyon.
19374: ZANE GREY. - Desert Gold.
149806: ZANE GREY - The Young Pitcher
19327: ZANE GREY. - The Day of the Beast.
19372: ZANE GREY. - The Light of Western Stars.
19306: ZANE GREY. - The Short Stop.
18790: ZANE GREY. - To the Last Man.
19301: ZANE GREY. - The Man of the Forest.
146080: ZANE GREY - Arizona Ames
61086: GEOFFREY RUSSELL GRICE. - The Grounds of Moral Judgement.
98912: L'ABBE GRIDEL. - Soirees Chretiennes Ou Theologie Du Peuple: Vol. I.
143184: MAJOR-GENERAL J.M. GRIERSON - Records of the Scottish Volunteer Force 1859-1908
22621: EDWARD GRIERSON. - King of Two Worlds: Philip II of Spain.
124943: N. ORVILLE GRIESE - The "Rhythm" in Marriage and Christian Morality: Including a Discussion of Practical Cases in Married Life
66279: ORVILLE N. GRIESE. - The Morality of Periodic Continence.
112241: CAPT. LOREN C. GRIEVES. - Military Sketching and Map Reading.
131013: MARTIN I. J. GRIFFIN - Catholics and the American Revolution: Vols. I-III.
145904: EMILIE GRIFFIN - Turning: Reflections on the Experience of Conversion
147343: JOHN R. GRIFFIN - Newman: A Bibliography of Secondary Studies
1227998: MARTIN I. J. GRIFFIN, ED - The American Catholic Historical Researches for 1900
1228003: MARTIN I. J. GRIFFIN, ED - The American Catholic Historical Researches for 1904
1228004: MARTIN I. J. GRIFFIN, ED - The American Catholic Historical Researches for 1906
122605: MARTIN I.J. GRIFFIN - Catholics and the American Revolution: Vols. I-II [Incomplete].
141796: JOHN HOWARD GRIFFIN AND YVES R. SIMON - Jacques Maritain: Homage in Words and Pictures
1228000: MARTIN I. J. GRIFFIN, ED - The American Catholic Historical Researches Vol. VII, 1890
1228005: MARTIN I. J. GRIFFIN, ED - The American Catholic Historical Researches for 1905
93: JAMES GRIFFIN. - Value Judgement.
1213236: WILLIAM LLOYD GRIFFIN - Moment of Vision
161168: JOSEPH GRIFFIN - The Powers and Duties of the Town Officer, As Contained in the Statutes of Maine; with Forms Adapted Thereto. Including Also the Powers and Duties of Plantation and Parish Officers, and Other Useful Matter.
130144: MARTIN I. J. GRIFFIN - History of Rt. Rev. Michael Egan D.D. : First Bishop of Philadelphia
93550: DUDLEY DAVID GRIFFITH. - Bibliography of Chaucer 1908-1953.
126070: F. LL. GRIFFITH AND HERBERT THOMPSON, EDS. - The Leyden Papyrus: An Egyptian Magical Book
123037: BEDE GRIFFITHS - Return to the Center.
132257: BEDE GRIFFITHS - Return to the Center
132260: BEDE GRIFFITHS - Christ in India: Essays Towards a Hindu-Christian Dialogue
146578: MAJOR ARTHUR GRIFFITHS - In Spanish Prisons: The Inquisition at Home and Abroad, Prisons Past and Present
151041: ALAN GRIFFITHS, ED - We Give You Thanks and Praise: The Ambrosian Eucharistic Prefaces
130969: JUAN DE GRIJALVA - The Discovery of New Spain in 1518
39174: MICHAEL SCHMAUS & ALOIS GRILLMEIER. - Handbuch Der Dogmengeschichte, Vols. I-II.
144668: M. L'ABBE A. GRILLOT - La Sainte Maison de Lorette
145674: PIERCARLO GRIMALDI, ED. - Rivoltare IL Tempo: Percorsi Di Etno-Antropologia
141224: EDWARD BREENE GRIMES - Poems of Edward Breene Grimes
162053: HANS GRIMM - Volk Ohne Raum
71920: HAROLD J. GRIMM. - The Reformation Era: 1500-1650.
31044: HANS JACOB CHRISTOFFEL VON GRIMMELSHAUSEN. - Courage, the Adventuress, & the False Messiah.
123307: V.R. GRIMWOOD - American Ship Models, and How to Build Them
121274: V.R. GRIMWOOD - American Ship Models and How to Build Them
32168: REV. CARL GRINDEL, ED. - Concept of Freedom.
161448: ELIZABETH GRINNELL - John and I and the Church
162375: GEORGE BIRD GRINNELL - Pawnee Hero Stories and Folk-Tales with Notes on the Origin, Customs and Character of the Pawnee People
147879: HARTMANN GRISAR - Martin Luther: His Life and Work
162305: JOEL LURIE GRISHAVER - And You Shall Be a Blessing: An Unfolding of the Six Words That Begin Every Brakhah
65678: JOSEPH A. GRISPINO, TRANS. - Foundation of Biblical Spirituality.
151279: ROLAND H. BAINTON & ERIC. W. GRITSCH - Bibliography of the Continental Reformation
162605: PETER GROBBELAAR - Juta Se Afrikaans/Engelse Woordeboek: Beginners
83325: WOLFGANG GROBNER AND NIKOLAUS HOFREITER. - Integraltafel: Erster Teil: Unbestimmte Imtegrale.
142920: BENEDICT J. GROESCHEL - Praying to Our Lord Jesus Christ: Prayers and Meditations Through the Centuries
99109: BENEDICT J. GROESCHEL. - Healing the Original Wound.
66787: BERNARD GROETHUYSEN. - The Bourgeois: Catholicism Vs. Capitalism in Eighteenth Century France.
162659: BETTY GROFF - Betty Groff's Pennsylvania Dutch Cookbook
124251: ANTONI GRONOWICZ - God's Broker: The Life of John Paul II
42115: WINSTON GROOM. - Shrouds of Glory: From Atlanta to Nashville.
96002: I.F. DE GROOT. - De Verbo Incarnato [Vol. IV of Tractatus Historico-Dogmatici].
146341: UGO GROPPI AND JULIUS S. LOMBARDI - Above All a Shepherd: Pope John XXIII
142780: ELGIN GROSECLOSE - The Carmelite: A Novel
63286: DR. HEINRICH GROSS. - Weltherrschaft Als Religiose Idee IM Alten Testament.
120852: MILT GROSS - Nize Baby
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122016: MARTIN B. HELLRIEGEL - The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
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12268: S.W. HELMS. - Jawa: Lost City of the Black Desert.
120241: ARTHUR HELPS - The Spanish Conquest in America
120345: SIR ARTHUR HELPS - The Spanish Conquest in America
123205: ALBERT D. HELSER - In Sunny Nigeria: Experiences Among a Primitive People in the Interior of North Cetnral Africa
149215: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE; SAMUEL BURDETT HEMINGWAY, ED. - The New Variorum of Shakespeare: Henry the Fourth, Part 1
164531: FRANK HEMLIN, ED. - Episcopal Clerical Directory 1981
164532: FRANK HEMLIN, ED. - Episcopal Clerical Directory 1983
108086: LAURENCE PAUL HEMMING. - Postmodernity's Transcending: Devaluing God.
149078: LOUIS HEMMINGS - First Kisses
149077: LOUIS HEMMINGS - Sing to Me
69312: REV. JOHN HENAGHAN. - The Secret Scripture of the Poor.
140557: KENNETH A. HENDERSON - The American Alpine Club's Handbook of American Mountaineering
112855: JUNIUS HENDERSON AND JOHN PEABODY HARRINGTON - Ethnozoology of the Tewa Indians.
160580: NICHOLAS HENDERSON - Mandarin: The Diaries of an Ambassador 1969-1982
160952: HELEN W. HENDERSON - A Loiterer in London
88013: PAUL HENDERSON. - A Book of Readings on the Eucharist: A Eucharistic Jubilee.
91317: IAN HENDERSON. - Myth in the New Testament [Studies in Biblical Theology #7].
143504: WM. J. HENDRICK - Rev James P. Hendrick: Memoirs with an Appendix Containing History of Ebenezer Presbytery and Other Papers
163202: RHODA A. HENDRICKS - Latin Made Simple
96039: RHODA HENDRICKS. - Latin Made Simple.
141774: HERMAN HENDRICKX - The Parables of Jesus
143121: HERMAN HENDRICKX - The Passion Narratives of the Synoptic Gospels
165084: MELVIN HENDRIKSEN AND MILTON LEES - Single Variable Calculus with an Introduction to Numerical Methods
144862: C. BRYANS & F.J.R. HENDY - The History of the Roman Republic
160045: PHILIP HENDY - Piero Della Francesca and the Early Renaissance
595: GERHARD HENNES. - Die Sklaven Der Marianne: Erlebnisse Eines Fremdenlegionars.
36742: EDGAR HENNESSE. - Neutestamentliche Apokrypehn.
160694: JOHN POPE-HENNESSY - Learning to Look
160718: JOHN POPE-HENNESSY - The Piero Della Francesca Trail
69067: THOMAS C. HENNESSY, S.J., ED. - The Inner Crusade: The Closed Retreat in the United States.
92670: HENRI. - Richard Heinemann Presents Original Magic.
103790: PAUL HENRY. - Plotin Et L'Occident.
161290: HENRY A. FORD, AND MRS. KATE B. FORD, COMPS. - History of Hamilton County Ohio, with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches
163387: MARGUERITE HENRY - King of the Wind
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70692: A.M. HENRY, O.P. - A Mission Theology.
62518: CARL F.H. HENRY, ED. - Revelation and the Bible: Contemporary Evangelical Thought.
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47209: REVS. PASCHAL KINSEL & LEONARD HENRY. - The Catholic Shrines of the Holy Land.
66227: REV. CHARLES W. HENRY. - Canonical Relations between the Bishops and Abbots at the Beginning of the Tenth Century.
65984: REV. JOSEPH ARTHUR HENRY. - The Mass and Holy Communion: Interritual Law: Commentary with Historical Notes.
92555: REV. CHARLES HENRY. - Canonical Relations between Bishops and Abbots at the Beginning of the Tenth Century.
33430: WILL HENRY. - No Survivors.
141326: JEROME H. HENRY - 2 Peter, Jude (the Anchor Bible, Vol. 37c)
146434: A.M. HENRY, ED. - Introduction to Theology
91501: T. HENSHAW. - New Testament Literature in the Light of Modern Scholarship.
37137: T. HENSHAW. - The Writings: The Third Division of the Old Testament Canon.
91053: DR. JOSEF HENSLER. - Das Vaterunser.
149939: HERBERT HENSLEY HENSON - Retrospect of an Unimportant Life Vols. I-III
15015: G. A. HENTY - For the Temple: A Tale of the Fall of Jerusalem
161424: J.P. HENTZ - Twin Valley; Its Settlement and Subsequent History. 1798-1882.
160446: ANTON HENZE AND THEODOR FILTHAUT - Contemporary Church Art
147676: ANTON HENZE - The Pope and the World: An Illustrated History of the Ecumenical Councils
160042: BARABRA HEPWORTH - Barbara Hepworth: A Pictorial Autobiography
148815: CHARLES G. HERBERMANN - The Sulpicians in the United States
148824: LADY HERBERT - Life of J. Theophane Venard, Martyr in Tonquin; or, What Love Can Do
148819: UNCLE HERBERT - The Budget, a Picture and Story Book for Boys and Girls
102158: LADY HERBERT. - The Life of Madame de Bonnault D'Houet: Foundress of the Society of the Faithful Companions of Jesus.
109313: A.P. HERBERT. - Helen: A Comic Opera in Three Acts Based Upon la Belle Helene.
163792: ZBIGNIEW HERBERT - Barbarzynca W Ogrodzie: Szkice Literackie
125497: LADY HERBERT - A Short Memoir of Esterina Antinori
124906: WINFRID HERBST, S.D.S. - Tell Us Another!": Stories That Never Grow Old
145744: WINFRID HERBST - Must You Really Die?
123668: WALTRAUD HERBSTRITH - Edith Stein: A Biography
125588: WALTRAUD HERBSTRITH - Edith Stein: A Biography
165527: N.I. HERESCU - Bibliographie de la Litterature Latine
131182: C.H. HERFORD - William Blake
140362: WALLFAHRTSKIRCHE HERGISWALD - Maria Immaculata in Der Symbolik Von Hergiswald Bei Kriens/Luzern Schweiz
1214899: JEAN HERING - The First Epistle of Saint Paul to the Corinthians
120960: LE COMTE D'HERISSON - Journal de la Campagne D'Italie 1859
163538: HERBERT HERKIMER - Engineers' Illustrated Thesaurus
161928: JOHN HERKLESS - Richard Cameron
72216: FRANCIS HERLIHY. - Now Welcome Summer.
164622: REV. TIMOTHY O'HERLIHY - Catholic Emancipation Reviewed a Century After
71727: AEMILIUS HERMAN, S.J. - De Disciplina Sacramenti Matrimonii Pro Ecclesia Orientali.
63639: INGO HERMANN. - Encounter with the New Testament: An Initiation.
37920: INGO HERMANN. - The Experience of Faith: A Contribution to the Biblico-Theological Dialogue.
130114: PLACID HERMANN - Seraph of Love
165145: PLACID HERMANN, TRANS. - Xiiith Century Chronicles
97382: DR. MARIA SCHLUTER-HERMKES. - The Family.
98020: D. JOSEF GOMEZ HERMOSILLA. - Arte de Hablar En Prosa Y Verso.
162040: GUDMUND HERNES - Hvorfor Alt Gar Galt Og Andre Lover for Det Moderne Menneske
124301: J. CHRISTOPHER HEROLD - The Horizon Book of the Age of Napoleon
146990: DAN HERR AND JOEL WELLS, EDS. - Through Other Eyes: Some Impressions of American Catholicism by Foreign Visitors from 1777 to the Present
43992: DAN HERR AND JOEL WELLS, ED. - Through Other Eyes: Some Impressions of American Catholicism by Foreign Visitors from 1777 to the Present.
162445: FERMIN HERRERA - Hippocrene Concise Dictionary: Nahuatl-English, English-Nahuatl (Aztec)
105872: DIETER B. HERRMANN. - Die Entstehung Der Astronomischen Fachzeitschriften in Deutschland (1798-1821).
106980: DON HERRON. - The Dashiel Hammett Tour.
143686: WILLIAM HERSCHELL - Songs of the Strets and Byways
3647: BURNET HERSHEY. - The Odyssey of Henry Ford and the Great Peace Ship.
8585: HARRY HERSHFIELD. - The Sin of Harold Diddlebock.
148816: LUDWIG HERTLING AND ENGLEBERT KIRSCHBAUM - The Roman Catacombs and Their Martyrs
163942: DR. JOSEPH H. HERTZ - The Authorised Daily Prayer Book
162718: DR. JOSEPH H. HERTZ, TRANS. - The Authorised Daily Prayer Book
131038: CANON J.M. HERVE - Manuael Theologiae Dogmaticae: 4 Volumes
165155: CANONICUS J.M. HERVE - Manuale Theologiae Dogmaticae Vols. I-IV

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