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140073: KLAUS FRITZSCHE AND HANS GRAUERT - From Holomorphic Functions to Complex Manifolds
173915: BRYAN FROEHLE AND WILL DAMICO, JOE MOONE, MIKE O'NEILL, JEFF CHUNG, AND KARL HAUCK - A Century and a Half: St. Xavier High School 1831-1981, Cincinnati, Ohio
145698: JEAN-CLAUDE FROELICH - Les Montagnards Paleonigritiques
160122: WALTER FROHLICH, TRANS - The Letters of Saint Anselm of Canterbury Vol. 1
173812: CHARLES E. FROHMAN - Rebels on Lake Erie
52288: HELINAND OF FROIDMONT - Verses on Death
54792: SIR JOHN FROISSART - Chronicles of England, France, Spain, and the Adjoining Countires. .
167548: DAVID FROME - Mr. Pinkerton at the Old Angel
113174: MYRNA KATZ FROMMER AND HARVEY FROMMER - Growing Up Jewish in America: An Oral History
99470: CHATEAU FRONTENAC - Chateau Frontenac Menu: July 13 1945
131332: THOMAS R. FROSCH - The Awakening of Albion: The Renovation of the Body in the Poetry of William Blake
149307: ROBERT C. FROST - The Biology of the Holy Spirit
172319: S.E. FROST, JR., ED - The Sacred Writings of the World's Great Religions
173741: GAVIN FROST AND YVONNE FROST - The Witch's Magical Handbook
82520: THOMAS G. FROTHINGHAM - Washington: Commander in Chief
146231: JAMES ANTHONY FROUDE - Lectures on the Council of Trent Delivered at Oxford 1892-3
1210690: JAMES ANTHONY FROUDE, ED - Letters and Memorials of Jane Welsh Carlyle: In 3 Volumes [Complete]
131505: JAMES ANTHONY FROUDE, ED - Letters and Memorials of Jane Welsh Carlyle: 3 Volumes
145432: CHARLES C. FROUDE - Right Food: The Right Remedy
125534: JAMES ANTHONY FROUDE - Lectures on the Council of Trent Delivered at Oxford 1892-3
167463: FRS. ALFRED G. STRITCH, MAURICE E. REARDON, ET AL. - The Church of Cincinnati 1821-1971
103725: URSULA FRUCHTEL - Die Kosmologischen Vorstellungen Bei Philo Von Alexandrien
172288: DR. ARNOLD G. FRUCHTENBAUM - Hebrew Christianity: Its Theology, History, and Philosophy
171312: JOSEPH S. FRUTON - A Bio-Bibliography for the History of the Biochemical Sciences Since 1800
173793: HARRY A. FRYE - Minuteman Steam: Boston & Maine Steam Locomotives 1911-1958
22260: ROLAND MUSHAT FRYE - Shakespeare's Life and Times: A Pictorial Record
125857: JONATHAN FRYER - Robbie Ross: Oscar Wilde's Devoted Friend
171379: MARILYN FU AND WEN FONG - The Wilderness Colors of Tao-Chi
164470: STEPHEN FUCHS - Rebellious Prophets: A Study of Messianic Movements in Indian Religions
126382: JOSEF FUCHS - Natural Law: A Theological Investigation
149557: JOSEF FUCHS - Theologia Moralis Perficienda Votum Concilii Vaticani II
162015: STEPHEN FUCHS - At the Bottom of Indian Society: The Harijan and Other Low Castes
142090: JOSEF FUCHS - Christian Morality: The Word Becomes Flesh
142851: JOSEPHUS FUCHS - De Castitate Et Ordine Sexuali: Conspectus Praelectionum Theologiae Moralis
132441: CLAUDE M. FUESS AND EMORY S. BASFORD, EDITORS - Unseen Harvests: A Treasury of Teaching
83308: B.A. FUKS - Introduction to the Theory of Analytic Functions of Several Complex Variables
35757: WALTER FULGHUM JR. - A Dictionary of Biblical Allusions in English Literature
169227: MAJOR-GENERAL J.F.C. FULLER - The Generalship of Alexander the Great
166853: ANNE P. FULLER, ED - Calendar of Entries in the Papal Registers Relating to Great Britain and Ireland: Papal Letters, Vol. XVI; Alexander VI (1492-1503); Lateran Registers Part One: 1492-1498
86204: DANIEL P. FULLER - Easter Faith and History
87412: REGINALD H. FULLER - The Mission and Achievement of Jesus
174819: RICHARD F. FULLER - Chaplain Fuller: Being a Life Sketch of a New England Clergyman and Army Chaplain
150563: LADY GEORGIANA FULLERTON - Life of Mere Marie de la Providence: Foundress of the Helpers of the Holy Souls
43302: REV. RAYMOND B. FULLHAM, S.J. - The Popes on Youth: Principles for Forming and Guiding Youth from Popes Leo XIII to Pius XII
172908: CHESTA HOLT FULMER - Far Pastures
173895: ALEXANDER FULTON - The Little Book of Scottish Clans
161433: CHARLES CARROLL FULTON - Europe Viewed Through American Spectacles
162492: TAMAMURA FUMIO, ED - The Modern English-Nihongo Dictionary
37809: J.P. FUNCKE - Synopse Der Lehre Von Der Gottlichen Gnade
99923: THOMAS FUNDERBURK - The Fighters: The Men and Machines of the First Air War
126587: ROBERT W. FUNK, ED - New Gospel Parallels, 2 Vol. : The Synoptic Gospels/John and the Other Gospels
66435: SISTER ODILIA FUNKE - Meister Eckhart
90235: MATT FUREY - Kick Ass - Take Names: Confessions of a Fitness and Fighting Guru
169574: MARIAN FURLAN AND NENAD BIELOS - Yugoslavia Army Insignia & Decorations 1918-1990: An Illustrated Reference Guide for Collectors
170277: MARIAN FURLAN - Republika Slovenia: Army Insignia & Decorations 1918-1992
169587: MARIAN FURLAN - Bulgaria: Imperial Orders and Medals 1887-1945: An Illustrated Reference Guide for Collectors
147737: MONICA FURLONG, TRANS - The Life of Christina of Marykate
123890: MONICA FURLONG - Therese of Lisieux
172114: BESS FURMAN - Washington by-Line: The Personal History of a Newspaperwoman
113377: J.C. FURNAS - The Americans: A Social History of the United States 1587-1914
1243829: TACITUS; HENRY FURNEAUX, ED - Cornelii Taciti: De Vita Agricolae
1243828: TACITUS; HENRY FURNEAUX, ED - Cornelii Taciti: Opera Minora
149204: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE; HORACE HOWARD FURNESS, ED - The New Variorum of Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice
149207: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE; HORACE HOWARD FURNESS, ED - The New Variorum of Shakespeare: Love's Labour's Lost
149210: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE; HORACE HOWARD FURNESS, ED - The New Variorum of Shakespeare: The Tragedie of Anthonie, and Cleopatra
149217: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE; HORACE HOWARD FURNESS, ED - The New Variorum of Shakespeare: Twelfe Night, or, What You Will
149202: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE; HORACE HOWARD FURNESS, ED - The New Variorum of Shakespeare: King Lear
149727: HERBERT FURST - Original Engraving and Etching: An Appreciation
173336: PAUL FUSSELL - The Great War and Modern Memory
173526: TACITUS; W. HAMILTON FYFE, TRANS - Tacitus: The Histories, Volumes I-II
175051: R.G., GENT. [RUTHERFOORD GOODWIN] - A Brief and True Report for the Traveller Concerning Williamsburg in Virginia: Being an Account of the Most Important Occurrences in This Place from Its First Beginning to the Present Time
125535: G. AND B. CERBELAUD SALAGNAC - Ireland, Isle of Saints
111785: WEHRLI A.G. - Das Schweizerland: La Suisse
144666: A.M.D.G. - Marie Dans Sa Vie Et Ses Vertus: Son Culte Et Ses Fetes; Meditations
151439: JOHN BUTLER GABEL, ED - John Caius: De Pronunciatione Graecae Et Latinae Linguae Cum Scriptione Nova Libellus 1574
170026: AARON M. GABER, COORDINATOR - Mizmor Shir: A Birkon Within the Framework of Halacha
124960: GLEN GABERT - In Hoc Signo?: A Brief History of Catholic Parochial Education in America
143379: SISTER MARIELLA GABLE, ED - Many-Colored Fleece
148444: HENRY A. GABRIEL - Ascetical Conferences for Religious
42882: HENRY GABRIEL, S.T.D. - Quaestiones Mechlinienses in Rubricas Breviarii Et Missalis Romani
175059: MAXWELL PIERSON GADDIS - Footprints of an Itinerant
40317: VEIT GADIENT, O.F.M. - Die Dienerin Gottes Mutter M. Theresia Scherer
69230: ABBE GADUEL - Our Anniversaries
37222: PAUL GAECHTER - Light on Mary's Life
161727: NINA GAELEN - Script Writing Workbook for the Hebrew Primer
172401: JOSEPH GAER - How the Great Religions Began
121807: PAUL GAFFAREL - Histoire de la Floride Francaise
107174: SAM GAFFORD - The Uncollected William Hope Hodgson: Volume Two - Fiction
112356: LEO DE GAICHE - Convent Chimes
143248: BISHOP JACQUES GAILLOT - Voice from the Desert: A Bishop's Cry for a New Church
144912: DOMINIC O'CONNOR & PATRICK J. GAIRE - A Brief History of the Diocese of Baker
143784: GERD GAISER - The Final Ball
165526: JULIA HAIG GAISSER - The Fortunes of Apuleius and the Golden Ass: A Study in Transmission and Reception
43645: SILVESTER GALASSO, OFM - De Cleri Collationibus (Can. 131, 591)
173965: LEON GALATOIRE - Galatoire's Cookbook: Recipes and Family History from the Time-Honored New Orleans Restaurant
163417: JACEK GALAZKA - Rozmowki Amerykanskie Dla Polakow / American Phrasebook for Poles
145341: GRZEGORZ GALAZKA AND MARIA MORETTI - John Paul II and His Cardinals
9872: ZONA GALE - Miss Lulu Bett
124154: EDUARDO GALEANO - Memory of Fire, Vol. I: Genesis; Part One of a Trilogy
124153: EDUARDO GALEANO - Memory of Fire, Vol. 3: Century of the Wind; Part Three of a Trilogy
69673: DOMINICUS GALEAZZI - De Praecipuo E Promissis Ss. Cordis Iesu
126656: YASMINE GALENORN - Embracing the Moon: A Witch's Guide to Ritual Spellcraft and Shadow Work
170240: GALINA STILMAN, LEON STILMAN, AND WILLIAM E. HARKINS - Introductory Russian Grammar
102616: ROMAN AIRZ Y GALINDO - La Virgen de Los Alfileritos
172599: CHARLES GALLAGHER - Cross & Crozier: The History of the Diocese of Saint Augustine
146735: SIMON FRANCIS O'GALLAGHER - A Brief Reply to a Short Answer to a True Exposition of the Doctrine of the Catholic Church, Touching the Sacrament of Penance, &C
131243: CHRISTINE GALLANT - Blake and the Assimilation of Chaos
69564: JOSE DE LA LUZ PACHECO GALLARDO - Corona Catolica
173024: CLAUDIO GALLAZZI AND MARIANGELA VANDONI - Papiri Della Universita Degli Studi Di Milano, Volume Sesto (P. MIL. Vogliano 258-300)
71455: PAUL GALLICO - The Steadfast Man: A Biography of St. Patrick
1242631: PAUL GALLICO - Beyond the Poseidon Adventure
174559: PAUL GALLICO - The Snow Goose
1246007: PAUL GALLICO - Ludmila: A Story of Liechtenstein
145031: RICHARD LE GALLIENNE - The Loves of the Poets
43613: REV. GEORGE GALLIK - The Rights and Duties of Bishops Regarding Diocesan Sisterhoods
112569: ALICE GALLIN - Negotiating Identity: Catholic Higher Education Since 1960
147743: PAOLA GALLIO - The Basilica of Saint Praxedes
172472: DEMETRIUS A. GALLITZIN - A Letter to a Protestant Friend, on the Holy Scriptures: Being a Continuation of the "Defence of Catholic Principles.
165227: DEMETRIUS AUGUSTINE GALLITZIN - Gallitzin's Letters: A Collection of the Polemical Works of the Very Reverend Prince Demetrius Augustine Gallitzin
1241963: DEMETRIUS A. GALLITZIN - A Defence of Catholic Principles in a Letter to a Protestant Minister
37201: TIBURTIUS GALLUS, S.J. - Interpretatio Mariologica Protoevangelii Posttridentina
171069: M.C.; FATHER GALLWEY, PREFACE/APPENDIX - An Hour Before the Blessed Sacrament; or, with My Crucifix
161332: W. FREEMAN GALPIN - A History of England
149787: TOM GALT - Volcano
38316: PAUL GALTIER, S.J. - Saint Hilaire de Poitiers: Le Premier Docteur de L'Eglise Latine
67969: PAULO GALTIER, S.J. - De Ss. Trinitate: In Se Et in Nobis
162371: GINO GALUPPINI - Warships of the World: An Illustrated Encyclopedia
174712: JOHN GALVIN, ED - The First Spanish Entry Into San Francisco Bay 1775
174955: FR. FRANCISCO GARCES; JOHN GALVIN, ED - A Record of Travels in Arizona and California 1775-1776
174954: JOHN GALVIN, ED - Through the Country of the Comanche Indians in the Fall of the Year 1845: The Journal of a U.S. Army Expedition Led by Lieutenant James W. Abert of the Topographical Engineers, Artist Extraordinary Whose Paintings of Indians and Their Wild West Illustrate This Book
174953: JOHN GALVIN, ED - Western America in 1846-1847: The Original Travel Diary of Lieutenant J.W. Abert Who Mapped New Mexico for the United States Army with Illustrations in Color from His Sketchbook
65986: REV. WILLIAM ANTHONY GALVIN - The Administrative Transfer of Pastors: A Historical Synopsis and Commentary
10141: AN OLD GAMEKEEPER - Plain Directions for Acquiring the Art of Shooting on the Wing
55532: FRANKLIN I. GAMWELL - Democracy on Purpose: Justice and the Reality of God
162032: N.S.R. GANATHE - Learn Bengali in 30 Days
53540: ROGER DE GANCK - Beatrice of Nazareth in Her Context
167472: M.K. GANDHI - Gandhi's Autobiography: The Story of My Experiments with Truth
130450: ENRIQUE DE GANDIA - Las Misiones Jesuiticas Y Los Bandeirantes Paulistas
10703: ALAIN GANDY - Royal Etranger: Legionnaires Cavaliers Au Combat (1921-1984)
1225621: POPE CLEMENT XIV (GANGANELLI) - Avis Important A.M. L'Abbe C***, Sur Les Lettres Francoises de M. Caraccioli. .
112861: THOMAS W.F. GANN - The Maya Indians of Southern Yucatan and Northern British Honduras
124134: FRANK E. GANNETT, ED - Industrial and Labour Relations in Great Britain: A Symposium
125088: THOMAS M. GANNON, S.J., ED - World Catholicism in Transition
148874: DAVID GANNON - Father Paul of Graymoor
170934: REV. ROBERT I. GANNON, INTRO - St. John's Missal for Every Day
165630: GEORGE E. GANSS - Saint Ignatius' Idea of a Jesuit University: A Study in the History of Catholic Education, Including Part Four of the Constitutions of the Society of Jesus; Translated from the Spanish of Saint Ignatius of Loyola with Introduction and Notes
168584: JAMES O'GARA - The Church and War
174853: D.W. GARBER - Wildcat Banks on the Mohican Frontier
112461: GENARO GARCIA - Don Juan de Palafox Y Mendoza. Obisbo de Pueblay Osma. Visitador Y Virrey de la Nueva Espana
112047: VERONICA GARCIA - Messages of Love: Volume II
120087: FR. MARIANI FERNANDEZ GARCIA - Grammaticae Speculativae
120088: FR. MARIANI FERNANDEZ GARCIA - Grammaticae Speculativae
130828: JOSE J. ROJAS GARCIDUENAS - El Teatro de Nueva Espana En El Siglo XVI
140944: LUIS D. GARDEL - Les Armoiries Ecclesiastiques Au Bresil 1551-1962
171609: JULIET GARDINER, ED - Who's Who in British History
108881: ROBERT GARDINER - The Line of Battle: The Sailing Warship 1650-1840
131327: CHARLES GARDNER - Vision & Vesture: A Study of William Blake in Modern Thought
173796: C.A. GARDNER - West Australian Wild Flowers
173267: R. GARDNER, TRANS - Cicero: The Speeches; Pro Sestio and in Vatinium
172736: ERLE STANLEY GARDNER; A.A. FAIR - The Case of the Worried Waitress / Cut Thin to Win
1238690: ERLE STANLEY GARDNER - The Case of the Troubled Trustee
107924: JAMES GARDNER - Encyclopedia of Faiths and Religions of the World
172171: MARTIN GARDNER, ED - Martin Gardner's Favorite Poetic Parodies
1235379: GERALD GARDNER - The Meaning of Witchcraft
35292: ALBERT B. GARDNER - Dane Data
131485: CHARLES GARDNER - William Blake: The Man
173673: GERALD B. GARDNER - The Meaning of Witchcraft
121335: V. GARDTHAUSEN - Griechische Paleographie
168487: REV. EDWARD F. GARESCHE - Moments with God
171022: EDWARD F. GARESCHE - The Sodality Manual
167922: EDWARD F. GARESCHE - The Sodality Manual
171077: REV. EDWARD F. GARESCHE - Moments with God
97561: EDWARD F. GARESCHE - Catholics in the Y.M. C.A.
168606: REV. EDWARD F. GARESCHE - Moments with God
162855: EVELYN GARFIEL - Service of the Heart: A Guide to the Jewish Prayer Book
161277: EUGENE GARFIELD, ED - Transliterated Dictionary of the Russian Language: An Abridged Dictionary Consisting of Russian-to-English and English-to-Russian Sections
146410: DENIS GARGAN - The Ancient Church of Ireland: A Few Remarks on Dr. Todd's "Memoir of the Life and Mission of St. Patrick, Apostle of Ireland.
162331: HOWARD R. GARIS - Buddy at Pine Beach or a Boy on the Ocean
169127: HOWARD R. GARIS - Nannie and Billie Wagtail (the Goat Children)
162332: HOWARD R. GARIS - Buddy and His Cowboy Pal
171986: HAMLIN GARLAND - Roadside Meetings
147101: L.V. LESTER-GARLAND - The Religious Philosophy of Baron F. Von Hugel
161388: K.E. GARMAN - A Book of Golden Thoughts to Cheer You on Your Way
173945: GRACE GARNER - Index to Roster of Ohio Soldiers, War of 1812
174905: DAVID GARNETT - Lady Into Fox
113368: RICHARD GARNETT AND EDMUND GOSSE - English Literature: An Illustrated Record [4 Volumes in 2 Books]
26336: RICHARD GARNETT - The Accession of Queen Mary
170991: L'ABBE GARNIER, TRANS - Le Saint Evangile de Jesus-Christ (Concordance Des Quatre Evangiles) Avec Les Actes Des Apotres
166285: GILBERT J. GARRAGHAN - The Jesuits of the Middle United States Volumes I-III
131345: GILBERT J. GARRAGHAN - Prosse Types in Newman: A Book of Selections from the Writings of John Henry Cardinal Newman
140729: GILBERT J. GARRAGHAN - Prose Types in Newman: A Book of Selections from the Writings of John Henry Cardinal Newman
111990: GILBERT J. GARRAGHAN - The Jesuits of the Middle United States: Vols. I-III
171881: OTTIE GARRETT - The Guidebook to Amish Communities Across America
160458: DANIEL H. GARRISON - Sexual Culture in Ancient Greece
58270: WEBB GARRISON - Lincoln's Little War
164652: EILEEN GARRISON AND GAYLE ALBANESE - A Eucharistic Manual for Children, Rites I-II
167356: EILEEN GARRISON AND GAYLE ALBANESE - A Eucharistic Manual for Children, Rites I-II
150461: HENRY GARRITY - My Unknown Chum: "Aguecheek
132077: GABRIEL-MARIE GARRONE - This We Believe
121666: CROSBIE GARSTIN - West Wind
172657: BENJAMIN GARTH WITH JEFFREY W. COWAN - Fire Eating: A Manual of Instruction
63208: BERTIL GARTNER - The Temple and the Community in Qumran and the New Testament: A Comparative Study in the Temple Symbolism of the Qumran Texts and the New Testament
131480: A.R. GARVIE - Aeschylus' Supplices: Play and Trilogy
121484: JOHN E. GARVIN - The Centenary of the Society of Mary
146937: BROTHER JOHN E. GARVIN - The Centenary of the Society of Mary
105199: S.C.B. GASCOIGNE - The Creation of the Anglo-Australian Observatory
23163: BAMBER GASCOIGNE - The Christians
174406: S. GASELEE - Achilles Tatius
107254: DAVID BARRY GASPAR - Bondmen and Rebels: A Study of Master-Slave Relations in Antigua
140909: JOSEPH GASPARINI - The Attributes of Christ; or, Christ the Wonderful, the Counsellor, God the Mighty, the Father of the World to Come, the Prince of Peace
168564: PETRO CARD. GASPARRI - Codex Iuris Canonici: Pii X Pontificis Maximi Iussu Digestus Benedicti Papae XV Auctoritate Promulgatus
140946: FRANCIS AIDAN GASQUET - English Monastic Life
167966: FRANCIS AIDAN GASQUET - Breaking with the Past or Catholic Principles Abandoned at the Reformation: Four Sermons Delivered at St. Patrick's Cathedral New York, on the Sundays of Advent, 1913
166962: ABBOT GASQUET AND EDMUND BISHOP - The Bosworth Psalter: An Account of a Manuscript Formerly Belonging to O. Turville-Ptere Esq. Of Bosworth Hall Now Addit. Ms. 37517 at the British Museum
130766: ABBOT GASQUET - Abbot Wallingford: An Enquiry Into the Charges Made Against Him and His Monks
146461: AIDAN CARDINAL GASQUET - Sacramentals and Some Catholic Practices
140908: FRANCIS AIDAN GASQUET, O.S.B. - Religio Religiosi
1203281: RIGHT REV. ABBOT GASQUET - Leaves from My Diary 1894-1896
67652: RIGHT REV. ABBOT GASQUET, O.S.B. - Leaves from My Diary, 1894-1896
140910: FRANCIS AIDAN GASQUET, O.S.B. - The Eve of the Reformation
175154: PATRICK GASS - Lewis and Clarke's Journal to the Rocky Mountains in the Years 1804,-5, -6; As Related by Patrick Gass, One of the Officers in the Expedition
66016: SYLVESTER FRANCIS GASS - Ecclesiastical Pensions: An Historical Synopsis and Commentary
99368: ROY GASSON - The Illustrated Lewis Carroll
171535: ZETHYL GATES - Mariano Medina: Colorado Mountain Man
162515: MACBURNEY GATES - The Black Pirate
14894: MACBURNEY GATES - The Black Pirate
6873: MACBURNEY GATES - The Black Pirate
163368: HELMUT GATJE - The Qur'an and Its Exegesis: Selected Texts with Classical and Modern Muslim Interpretations
15805: JEAN GATTEGNO - Lewis Carroll: Fragments of a Looking Glass
168795: DRS. MICHAEL GATTERER AND FRANCIS KRUS - Educating to Purity: Thoughts on Sexual Teaching and Education Proposed to Clergymen, Parents and Other Educators
69236: B. GATTET, P.S.S. - Explication Du Pontifical-Sermons de Retraites
95831: PATRITIUM GAUCHAT - Hierarchia Catholica Medii Et Recentoris Aevi: Vol. IV: A Pontificatu Clementis Pp. VIII (1592) Usque Ad Pontificatum Alexandri Pp. VII (1667)
69144: YVES-MARIE GAUDREAU, O.F.M. - Le Christ a Souffert Pour Nous [Vols. I-II]
174553: W.P. GAULT - Ohio at Vicksburg: Report of the Ohio Vicksburg Battlefield Commission
147880: ABATE G. GAUME - Compendio Del Catechismo Di Perseveranza Ovvero Esposizione Storica, Dogmatica, Morale E Liturgica Della Religione Dall'Origine Del Mondo Sino Ai Di Nostri
113125: PETER GAUNT - The Cromwellian Gazetteer
21256: GERALD DE GAURY - Travelling Gent: The Life of Alexander Kinglake (1809-1891)
130952: HERMANN GAUSS - Philosophischer Handkommentar Zu Den Dialogen Platos: Complete Set
70040: M. L'ABBE GAUSSENS - Instructions Pour Les Principales Fetes de L'Annee
113375: EDWIN SCOTT GAUSTAD - A Religious History of America
171704: THEOPHILE GAUTIER - Mademoiselle de Maupin
120660: JAMES GAVIGAN ET AL. - The Navarre Bible: St. Paul's Captivity Epistles
147947: REV. FRANK GAVIN - Some Aspects of Contemporary Greek Orthodox Thought
71096: DONALD P. GAVIN - The National Conference of Catholic Charities: 1910-1960
1245970: JAMES F. M'GAW - Philip Seymour, or Pioneer Life in Richland County, Ohio
1245971: JAMES F. M'GAW - Philip Seymour, or Pioneer Life in Richland County, Ohio
107501: JOHN GAWSWORTH - New Poems
109382: RIGHT REV. CHARLES GAY - The Happiness of Duty: A Treatise on Obedience
131574: J. GAY - The Shepherd's Week in Six Pastorals
71877: JULES GAY - Les Papes Du XI Siecle Et la Chretiente
149872: MARTIN GAYFORD - Man with a Blue Scarf: On Sitting for a Portrait by Lucian Freud
147699: KRIKOR GAYJIKIAN - Martyred Armenia and the Story of My Life
86091: J.H. STAPLEY & F.C.H. GAYNER - World Crop Protection: Pests and Diseases / Pesticides
173151: DENO JOHN GEANAKOPLOS - Greek Scholars in Venice: Studies in the Dissemination of Greek Learning from Byzantium to Western Europe
113658: DENO JOHN GEANAKOPLOS - Constantinople and the West: Essays on the Late Byzantine (Palaeologan) and Italian Renaissances and the Byzantine and Roman Churches
71113: DENNIS J. GEANEY, O.S.A. - Christians in a Changing World
67598: DENNIS J. GEANEY, O.S.A. - On the Road to Renewal... Breakthrough
148172: DENNIS J. GEANEY - Full Church, Empty Rectory: Training Lay Ministers for Parishes without Priests
168174: FELIX B. GEAR - Our Presbyterian Belief
173069: PATRICK J. GEARY - Phantoms of Remembrance: Memory and Oblivion at the End of the First Millennium
5248: JOHN WHITE GEARY - A Politician Goes to War: The CIVIL War Letters of John White Geary
73490: RADAMES K.H. GEBEL - The Threshold of Visual Sensation in Comparison with That of Photodetectors, Its Quantum Aspect, Problems of Color Perception, and Related Subjects
168829: HENRY GEE - The Elizabethan Clergy and the Settlement of Religion 1558-1564
161917: THOMAS D'ARCY M'GEE - A Memoir of the Life and Conquests of Art Macmurrogh: King of Leinster, from A.D. 1377 to A.D. 1417
169846: HOWARD GEENFELD - Purim
123670: CLIFFORD GEERTZ - Available Light: Anthropological Reflections on Philosophical Topics
46772: ERNST GEHMACHER - Adam 2000: Von Den Moglichkeiten Menschlicher Existenz
61797: GEORGE RAYMOND GEIGER - Towards an Objective Ethics
97278: REV. MAYNARD GEIGER - The Franciscans in Arizona 1897-1947
61693: GEORGE R. GEIGER - John Dewey in Perspective
163294: E.G. GEIGER - Swedish Self-Taught
1235434: SIR ARCHIBALD GEIKIE - The Ancient Volcanoes of Great Britain: Vol. II
109670: ARCHIBALD GEIKIE - The Scenery of Scotland Viewed in Connection with Its Physical Geography
172783: DARLENE GEIS, ED - Walt Disney's Treasury of Children's Classics
68563: EUGENE S. GEISSLER - Father of the Family
68562: EUGENE S. GEISSLER - Family Man
132422: PHIL GELDART - In Search of the Gold of the Desert Kings: A Journal of My Travels
160838: CAROL GELDERMAN - Louis Auchincloss: A Writer's Life
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98912: L'ABBE GRIDEL - Soirees Chretiennes Ou Theologie Du Peuple: Vol. I.
1244235: MARION E. GRIDLEY, ED - Indians of Today
1243993: MARION E. GRIDLEY, ED - Indians of Today
126643: A. C. GRIER, ED - The Truth: Volume IX, 12 Issues (Bound Magazines)
143184: MAJOR-GENERAL J.M. GRIERSON - Records of the Scottish Volunteer Force 1859-1908
22621: EDWARD GRIERSON - King of Two Worlds: Philip II of Spain
175178: HERBERT J.C. GRIERSON - Don Quixote: Some War-Time Reflections on Its Character and Influence
112241: CAPT. LOREN C. GRIEVES - Military Sketching and Map Reading
131013: MARTIN I. J. GRIFFIN - Catholics and the American Revolution: Vols. I-III
145904: EMILIE GRIFFIN - Turning: Reflections on the Experience of Conversion
1227998: MARTIN I. J. GRIFFIN, ED - The American Catholic Historical Researches for 1900
1228003: MARTIN I. J. GRIFFIN, ED - The American Catholic Historical Researches for 1904
1228004: MARTIN I. J. GRIFFIN, ED - The American Catholic Historical Researches for 1906
122605: MARTIN I.J. GRIFFIN - Catholics and the American Revolution: Vols. I-II [Incomplete]
1228000: MARTIN I. J. GRIFFIN, ED - The American Catholic Historical Researches Vol. VII, 1890
1228005: MARTIN I. J. GRIFFIN, ED - The American Catholic Historical Researches for 1905
93: JAMES GRIFFIN - Value Judgement
1213236: WILLIAM LLOYD GRIFFIN - Moment of Vision
161168: JOSEPH GRIFFIN - The Powers and Duties of the Town Officer, As Contained in the Statutes of Maine; with Forms Adapted Thereto. Including Also the Powers and Duties of Plantation and Parish Officers, and Other Useful Matter
130144: MARTIN I. J. GRIFFIN - History of Rt. Rev. Michael Egan D.D. : First Bishop of Philadelphia
167004: HARRY C. GRIFFITH - The Ways of God: Paths Into the New Testament
93550: DUDLEY DAVID GRIFFITH - Bibliography of Chaucer 1908-1953
172175: JOHN GRIFFITHS, ED - A Letter of Private Direction
173335: JEREMY GRIFFITHS AND DEREK PEARSALL, EDS - Book Production and Publishing in Britain 1375-1475
123037: BEDE GRIFFITHS - Return to the Center
166154: BEDE GRIFFITHS, TRANS - The Book of Common Prayer of the Antiochian Syrian Church
132257: BEDE GRIFFITHS - Return to the Center
132260: BEDE GRIFFITHS - Christ in India: Essays Towards a Hindu-Christian Dialogue
1244126: REV. JULIUS GRIGASSY, COMP - My Prayer Book: Divine Services, Prayer and Hymns for the American Catholics of the Greek (Slavonic) Rite
1243561: GEOFFREY GRIGSON - The Englishman's Flora
130969: JUAN DE GRIJALVA - The Discovery of New Spain in 1518
39174: MICHAEL SCHMAUS & ALOIS GRILLMEIER - Handbuch Der Dogmengeschichte, Vols. I-II
144668: M. L'ABBE A. GRILLOT - La Sainte Maison de Lorette
145674: PIERCARLO GRIMALDI, ED - Rivoltare IL Tempo: Percorsi Di Etno-Antropologia
173705: RAVEN GRIMASSI - The Witch's Familiar: Spiritual Partnerships for Successful Magic
1236601: RAVEN GRIMASSI - Belthane: Springtime Rituals, Lore & Celebration
173750: RAVEN GRIMASSI - Italian Witchcraft: The Old Religion of Southern Europe
141224: EDWARD BREENE GRIMES - Poems of Edward Breene Grimes
71920: HAROLD J. GRIMM - The Reformation Era: 1500-1650
123307: V.R. GRIMWOOD - American Ship Models, and How to Build Them
121274: V.R. GRIMWOOD - American Ship Models and How to Build Them
161448: ELIZABETH GRINNELL - John and I and the Church
162305: JOEL LURIE GRISHAVER - And You Shall Be a Blessing: An Unfolding of the Six Words That Begin Every Brakhah
65678: JOSEPH A. GRISPINO, TRANS - Foundation of Biblical Spirituality
151279: ROLAND H. BAINTON & ERIC. W. GRITSCH - Bibliography of the Continental Reformation
162605: PETER GROBBELAAR - Juta Se Afrikaans/Engelse Woordeboek: Beginners
83325: WOLFGANG GROBNER AND NIKOLAUS HOFREITER - Integraltafel: Erster Teil: Unbestimmte Imtegrale
171891: REUVEN GRODNER - The Spirit of Mishnaic Law: Tractate Berachot, Volumes 1-2
142920: BENEDICT J. GROESCHEL - Praying to Our Lord Jesus Christ: Prayers and Meditations Through the Centuries
99109: BENEDICT J. GROESCHEL - Healing the Original Wound
162659: BETTY GROFF - Betty Groff's Pennsylvania Dutch Cookbook
124251: ANTONI GRONOWICZ - God's Broker: The Life of John Paul II
96002: I.F. DE GROOT - De Verbo Incarnato [Vol. IV of Tractatus Historico-Dogmatici]
146341: UGO GROPPI AND JULIUS S. LOMBARDI - Above All a Shepherd: Pope John XXIII
170555: CAPTAIN FRANCIS GROSE - A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue
170031: DAVID C. GROSS AND ESTHER R. GROSS, COMPS - Jewish Wisdom: A Treasury of Proverbs, Maxims, Aphorisms, Wise Sayings, and Memorable Quotations
63286: DR. HEINRICH GROSS - Weltherrschaft Als Religiose Idee IM Alten Testament
169918: PAUL E. GROSSER AND EDWIN G. HALPERIN - Anti-Semitism: Causes and Effects; an Analysis and Chronology of 1900 Years of Anti-Semitic Attitudes and Practices
101321: LAWRENCE GROSSMAN - Themordynamics and Statistical Mechanics
161808: DR. G. GROSSMANN - Sich Selbst Rationalisieren: Wesen Und Praxis Der Vorbereitung Personalicher U. Beruflicher Erfolge
126111: WILLIAM GROSSOUW - In Christ: A Sketch of the Theology of St. Paul
148790: DR. WILLIAM GROSSOUW - In Christ: A Sketch of the Theology of St. Paul
108722: P.M. GROSZ - Brandenburg W 29
169042: GEORGE GROTE - A History of Greece from the Time of Solon to 403 B.C.
169037: GEORGE GROTE - A History of Greece from the Time of Solon to 403 B.C.
171933: EDWIN OSGOOD GROVER - From Friend to Friend: A Partnership in Friendship
173584: REV. JOHN GROVES - A Greek and English Dictionary, Comprising All the Words in the Writings of the Most Popular Greek Authors; with the Difficult Inflections in Them and in the Septuagint and New Testament: Designed for the Use of Schools and the Undergraduate Course of a Collegiate Education
169544: REV. JOHN GROVES - A Greek and English Dictionary, Comprising All the Words in the Writings of the Most Popular Greek Authors; with the Difficult Inflections in Them and in the Septuagint and New Testament: Designed for the Use of Schools and the Undergraduate Course of a Collegiate Education
15032: JOHNNY GRUELLE - Raggedy Ann Stories
108061: ANSELM GRUN - Das Buch Der Lebenskunst
167456: BERNARD GRUN - The Timetables of History: A Horizontal Linkage of People and Events
35961: HERBERT GRUNDER, SJ - De Qualitatibus Sensibilibus Et in Specie de Coloribus Et Sonis
164999: DR. LEO GRUNSTEIN - Moritz Michael Daffinger Und Sein Kreis
1243386: AVIANUS; ANTONIUS GUAGLIANONE, ED - Aviani: Fabulae
121309: OHIO NATIONAL GUARD - Historical Annual National Guard and Naval Militia of the State of Ohio 1938
161933: GIOVANNI GUARESCHI - Don Camillo's Dilemma
99633: GIOVANNI GUARESCHI - Duncan & Clotilda: An Extravaganza
170310: GIOVANNI GUARESCHI - Don Camillo and His Flock
1235405: NICOLAS REMY & FRANCESCO MARIA GUAZZO - Demonolatry / Compendium Maleficarum
106646: J.S. GUBBAY AND K.J.W. LYNN - Scientific Investigation of the Space Research Group
169495: R. DE GUCHTENEERE - Judgment on Birth Control
65463: R. DE GUCHTENEERE - Judgment on Birth Control
165181: BRUCE I. GUDMUNDSSON - On Artillery
1884: PHILIP GUEDALLA - The Hundred Days
142768: BERNARD GUENEE - Between Church and State: The Lives of Four French Prelates in the Late Middle Ages
173061: RENE GUERDAN - Byzantium: Its Triumphs and Tragedy
151022: PAUL GUERIN - Les Conciles: Generaux Et Particuliers - 3 Volumes
169520: REV. EMILE GUERRY - In the Whole Christ: Prayerful Meditations on the Mystery of the Church
71577: JOSEPHUS DE GUIBERT, S.J. - Documenta Ecclesiastica Christianae Perfectionis: Studium Spectantia
165764: P. IOSEPHUS DE GUIBERT - Theologia Spiritualis: Ascetica Et Mystica; Quaestiones Selectae in Praelectionum Usum
122906: NICHOLAS GUILD - The Assyrian: A Novel
122908: NICHOLAS GUILD - The Blood Star
140095: GLENMARY GUILD - This Is the Story of the Glenmary Home Missioners: Pioneering No Priest Land U.S. A.
44706: ST. ANTHONY'S GUILD. - The Athonian, 1939
1214746: PETER GUILDAY - The Life and Times of John England: First Bishop of Charleston 1786-1842: 2 Volumes
172541: REV. PETER GUILDAY, NOTES - The National Pastorals of the American Hierarchy (1792-1919)
72197: REV. PETER GUILDAY, PH.D. - The National Pastorals of the American Hierarchy (1792-1919)
172700: PETER GUILDAY - John Gilmary Shea: Father of American Catholic History 1824-1892
171214: PETER GUILDAY - A History of the Councils of Baltimore (1791-1884)
174520: ROSEMARY ELLEN GUILEY - The Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft
171039: L'ABBE A. GUILHAIM AND H. SUTYN - Missel-Vesperal Romain Contenant Les Offices de Tous Les Dimanches Et Des Principales Fetes de L'Annee, le Rituel Des Fideles Et Les Prieres Usuelles
1240447: A. GUILLAUMONT, H.-CH. PUECH, G. QUISPEL, W. TILL, AND YASSAH 'ABD AL MASIH - The Gospel According to Thomas
144698: M. L'ABBE J. GUILLERMIN - Choix de Discours & Allocutions Des Plus Celebres Orateurs Contemporains Sur la Tres Sainte Vierge: Premiere Partie - Vie de la Tres Sainte Vierge
144699: M. L'ABBE J. GUILLERMIN - Choix de Discours & Allocutions Des Plus Celebres Orateurs Contemporains Sur la Tres Sainte Vierge: Seconde Partie - Cult de la Tres Sainte Vierge; Traits Oratoires
85633: JACQUES GUILLET - The Religious Experience of Jesus and His Disciples
146184: ATILA SINKE GUIMARAES - Animus Delendi - II (Desire to Destroy)

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